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On Broadway
Cur. Locust Si.
Home la Imtrlca
fir fine itoli."
We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our Pearl-Handled Cutlery, and buyers may be sure
of getting first-class selected pearl at little. It any more, than tnftrlor second-grade goods. ....
Piston of the Manila, Broken in
Midocean, Repaired Through
Young Officer's Skill.
Big Reductions
i "I
Fine quality pure wool Serge
Suits, of deep, rich dye, which
we insure to he a fast color.
Sewed in a manner to prevent
pulling out at the seams
the tailoring is up to our
high standard of perfect
Here is a sure saving worth
CloUim. HabtrdaibcrM mnd Hutttn.
Rtpabllc BuBdlnz. OllreSt,, Cor. Stvtntb
Barber of Bushnell. la-, li a. guest at
the Laclede.
Eaos Walker of Centralla, HL, Is regis
tered at the Moser.
C. O. Rust of Klrksville, Mo la stopping-
at the UndelL
O. A. Huffman of Ies Moines, la., has a
room at the Moser.
F. B. Lawrence of Omaha, Neb., Is staying-
at the Planters.
J. H. Cook of Carthage, Mo, has a
room at the Laclede.
IV. D. Cox of Memphis, Tenn.. Is reen
tered at the Southern.
W. A. Anderson of Kansas City Is reg
istered at the Planters.
Judge T. K. Slay of Clartarrtlle, Ark., is
registered at the Laclede.
Colonel A. F. Fleet of Culver. Ind.. is
registered at the Planters
Mrs. E. Le Brochvvav of Sioux Falls, S.
D., Is a guest at the Llndell
C H. Pope and V U McCrea of Mo
llne. 111., are at the Southern.
E. W. Smith and George O Hart of Pa
ducah, Ky.. are at the Laclede.
Mr. and Mrs. E. & Trover 6f Venlta.
J. T.. have quarters at the Llndell.
Mr. and Mrs M. L. Gebhart of Qales
burg, IIL, have rooms at the Southern.
Mrs. E. D. McLear and Miss PIcher of
Galesburr, LU-, are guests at the St. Nicho
las. Judge James T Neville and Jerome S.
Boarman of SprlngHeld, Mo., are staving
at the Laclede.
Mrs. O. H. PIcher and Mlsa Picher, wife
and daughter of Judgo Picher of Joplln,
Mo., are guests at the Soutnem.
Chance of Time,
Train 14. leaving at 11.35 p m. dally with
-Bleeping car for the exclusive use of Indian
apolis passengers, will on and after June 15
arrive Tndianapolis 6.50 a. m., instead of
SJO a. m. r
VVaco'n Special Charter Invalid.
Austin, Tex., June 13. The Court of Cri
minal Appeals decided that the city char
ter of Waco was invalid by reason of the
fact that the charter does not clearly de
fine the boundaries of the city. The case
arose out of the saloon men questioning
the validity of the charter upon being fined
lor keeping open on election day.
STORE, and look at the CRAWFORD win
dows, you really see the whole St. Louis
how: and when you examine their super
ior goods and study their inferior prices
you really must wonder how It is that the
other stores ever sell a dollar's worth of
goodst! We do.
Institute for All Chronic and Nemos Diseases
1817 La Salle St.
On. block south of Chouteau are. Heollnr
tnta. Z-rara. Actinic ran. light, natural
oaina. water. iactxiu;
. tlbr
eleetrla llcht baths.
gymnastics, manage, vibration and electno ma-
aar, turn, curaa, cio.; ooir niwuuiwtm ' iv
kind In city; refarenew of cured In nr office.
Roan It in. to Pl m.. except Sunday after
noon. Intcrmatlcn free. Two Perm an doctor..
(Tiinefimnf-inn Cure.
Cure. Dr. Launch,
specialist. Institute
Vienna. H17La SiUo
i street, Beference,
Wedding Rings.
ItUi 1S-1 Ml, at SXM aai if.
B02 N. Sixth St.
nBUNN'S ft
01 2-914 FRANKLIN AVE.
Ka Dixau. We Got It.
Tbo Urtt and most oompIte stodc of unr-ti-
pledcea In th cltr, conitsUnr of Dia
monds, Ocata and IUUtr Witches. Jtwelrr -nl
tU&c at all description. Our itock wu nerer
lrrr and prices o low as at the preterit tlm,
"W bare in4 reductions la our Otnts tt4 -dl
Watches teat amount to many dollar, e
(AOM we an determined to sell tnero. Thli Is an
pport unity to procure a fine Waltham. Hamp
den. Elrln, Sprtotlteld or any other movement
for about the cost of manufacture. We also hare
tbTurest iUck of nw and cecondhand clothlnr
xn Ui citr: we are muirc nrsi-ciass weanxc an
parel at crlcei unheard of. Stvle. aualltr and Ot
are tip to data.
1 1 J
JL JL aionoy to lioatL
Bulnm CoMOdentlml.
TIT Repneli u printed with rolieri maos br
C W.
CKUTSIKQSH, No. V.-U 8. TUlrd it.
Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Guns i. ITstoK.
Lowest rates of Interest. GLOBE,
IOS N. Gth St., bet. Pine Chestnut.
Erptuad KllTt
in 93
I mtnaUi
I wtlh htad. ar
fM. S. f tftlar FfmtMi4. Knit 9n ittm,llirJJ mm Rnl1.t
IB. ssz surra, spm, s out, sl, ti. Louu, .
locis itKrcuLic nuiLDisa.
EL. MAIN 3018.
Tor soz and suspenders. Bar rejrnlarpn en
J&SO sratles of Shoes at Harris' Io,Wti0U
Parents of the Naval Officer Live
in St. Louis, and He Will
Visit Them in a
Fejv Days.
To H. J. Elson. Ensign In the United
6tates Navy, whose parents and sister re
side In St. Louis, credit Is due that the
gunboat Manila, one of Dewev's cap
tures from the Spaniards, at present does
not lie at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean
Kith its crew of 197 men.
"With the boat's high-power piston shat
tered, the vessel was helpless, 1,000 miles
from San Francisco. 1,200 miles from
Honolulu, and 1.300 miles from Bre
merton, Its destination. By working night
and day, during gales and in calm weather.
Naval officer who saved the gunboat
Manila from wreck and whoso
parents live In St. Louis.
Elson managed to partially repair the piston
and put the engines In working order so
that it was possible to make San Francis
co, the nearest port.
Ensign Elson was graduated at th head
of his class from Annapolis in 1S93. His
home originally waa at Meridian, Miss., but
three ears ago bis parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Louis C. Elson, moved to St. Louis. They
and the young officer's sister, Mrs. W. A.
Zelnlcker, reside at No. 4&S Washington
boulei ard.
At the battle of Manila, the gunboat Ma
nila, then flying the Spanish flag, sur
rendered to the United States ship Petrel.
In 1S9), the craft was commissioned in the
United States and did elective service In
the Philippines. On April IS of this year It
left lilanua for Bremerton, whero it was
to go out of commission for u time. After
a alftlcult experience at ecu, owing to a
tihortuge of coal, the Manila reached Hon
olulu on May It, departing from that place
on M.iy IS.
The piston gave way without warning,
and was shattered Into a thousand pieces.
is.n8ii.-n JElfcon ranked also us chief engineer
and upon him deioivect the apparently ltn
possiBle task of remedying the cUuaUon. He
had the assistance of brother ornceis, grad
uated of Anuapoils, but. au loid, oincers and
men were not enough for the work. On
June S. a heavy gale overtook the ship and
U drifted far from its course. Despite the
rocking of the vessel, Elson kept his post,
although handling UN-pound pieces of steel
with the boat tossing about waa no easy
matter, finally a makeshift substitute
piston was put In plaix, and the elnglnes
were once more started. The disabled ves
sel reached San ITranclsoo June 13, sixty
days overdue.
The ManJa is not large, having a displace
ment of LS00 tons, length of 09.3 feet, width
of 51,2 feet and only 13 feet draft. The break
ing or a piston is a serious matter, auon an
accident caused the loss recently of the
British gunboat Condor with oOicers and
men. The other officers of the Manila were:
lieutenant Commander W. ". Ualsey,
Lieutenant Commander J. A. Dougherty,
Ensign W. J. Beggs, Ensign L. E. Cotton
and inslgn J. A. uchofteld. R. C. Uolcomb
waa surgeon, and Lexter Tllfany paymas
ter Captains Charles Hill and H. B. Bls
sett of the Marines were also on board.
Ensign 3son la at present in San Fran
cisco, but will visit St. Louis when he can
secure leave of absence.
Shoe Factory
The disastrous fire at last Mondav which
burned down the Hiding Academy at Chan-
mus ana i-ocusi, aia out. angnt damage to
the exterior of the "Atlantic" factory
building of the Friedman Brothers Shoe
Company. This damage Is being repaired
now and the insurance havlnir hen ad
justed, there will be no delay in Ailing or
ders going through the works. Had the Are
oeen more disastrous the Friedman Broth
ers Shoe Company would have experienced
ery little dlfllculty In suppljlng their cus
tomers, as their large "Paciilc" factory,
corner Jefferson avenue and Modfvtn nfi-pAt.
Is In full operation, and the down-town
salesrooms are heavllv atrwkpri tm. tail
shipments. Luckily, however, the flro
sunerea little inconvenience and all busi
ness Is being attended to in the usual
prompt manner.
Correct Forms of Wedding: Invitation!
Assured when ordered at Mermod & Jac
card's, society statloncrst Broadway and
Locust; 1TO finest engraved calling card's
and plate, JLM; 100 cards from your plate, JL
Joseph Mueller Taken to Hospital
With Fractured Arm.
Joseph Mueller, 43 years old, of No. 509
J South Twenty-second street, fell from a
second-story window yesterday mornlne
and Is now at the City Hospital suffering
I r". iiaviuicu arai, xne oniy injury sus-
hiiit;u in uia luu vi over iweniy reet.
Mueller Bat down on the window sill to
cool off. He dropped asleep and feU to the
pavement. He was picked up and sent to
the city Institution where his arm was
Guaranteed Pure.
None So Good.
Sold Everywhere.
407 N
6th St.
foa'VMWiSsd t IfiEnfflyU & JAUbAnUb,
3rf.jf5y2ttaaa3fi! i. a2
&? ZjamWkmMMM: ,'-'
& ' ' . tA
Pearl-Handled Fruit Knives (as illustrated), with silver-plated steel blades and solid silver ferrules
price, per set of six, in neatly lined box, only
Pearl-Handled Dinner Knives, to match above, per set of six, ,
only -
Other Pearl-Handled Knives at S7.50, 39.00, $11.25 and up to 817.50 per set of six also carvers of all sizes to
each style-also Silver-Plated 1'ruit Knives, solid and hollow handled, in great variety of designs, from $1
set of six, up.
Sort than
20 dlffrrtnt
patltrcs of
Sniff, Spoon
sod Fork
Hare (o !(
It from.
I ill Ordfn
Carefally tilled.
This is one of our most popular patterns and is both neat and stylish, triple silver plated all over
Teaspoons, per set of six, only
Other- pieces "Louisiana" pattern to match.
Dessert Spoons, per Eet of 6 tl 0)
Table Spoon, per Eft of 6 3 &l
reaert Forks, per Set rt S 101
Table l"orks. per Set of 6 3 W
Mechanics' National Bank In
creases Dividends From Eight
to Ten Per Cent a Year.
The German Savings Institution is con
templating doubling its capital stock, which
is now $250,000. President John Wahl ad
mitted yesterday that such a step Is likely
to be taken within a short time.
"We have not perfected the details for In
creasing the capital," said Mr. Wahl, "and
I do not care to discuss the matter publicly.
But I cannot deny the report current that
the doubling of the capital is under con
sideration." Richard Hospes, cashier, would not deny
that the capital stock would be raised to
J300.000. Ke simply stated that nothing was
to be said about It at present.
President Wahl, In speaking of the con
templated Increase, intimated that It was
more than justified by the flourishing con
ditions. "Our Institution." he said, "was
never in better shape, and the volume of
business far exceeds what any of us have'
expected. It Is greater than eer before.
While our oapltal at prent 13 only $-50,-004.
we have a surplus of more than $509.
000, and It continues to Increase."
In financial circles the steady rise in
value of German Savings Institution shares
has been accepted as significant. The last
sale of stock reported on 'change was at
$386 a nhare. Yesterday the bid was $113
and none was offered.
Mechanics' Increase Dli Idend.
A surprise was sprung upon stockholders
of the Mechanics' National Bank jesterday
by a notice that the dividends have been
Increased from 2 to 2fa per cent quarterly,
or 10 instead of t per cent a ear. The no
tice also advised that the books for the
transfer of stock would close to-dav. The
next dividend pavment Is due July L
c u. Austin, casnier, said tnere was no
occasion for comment upon the suddenness
of the notice given of the increased divi
dend, and added that In the past the bank
had never given any notice of increases
All stockholders whose names appear on
the record to-day wUl bs entitled to the
quarterly dividend of 2? per cent July 1.
Mr. Austin explained that the law re
quires the tranasfer books to be closed five
days before a stockholders' meeting, and
since a meeting has been called for June 'J6,
no transfers of stock can be entered after
to-day. At the meeting the question of
Increasing the capital stock from $1,000,000
to $2,000,0v0 will be voted on.
The Increased dividend, the cashier
stated. Is fully warranted by the Increased
earnings of the Mechanics' National, whose
surplus has climbed frcm $500,000 to $600,000
since the 20th of last April.
Surety Company Plana Delayed.
A hitch in the organization of tho Conti
nental Surety Company, proposed capital
tUNOCn, developed jesterday at a meeting
ui me vjisiiiizjiuon oommiuee. wmen waa
in session two hours at the office of Brvan
jt fhriofi. nttnna. c. ..- r-n-i.n ...u.i I
inir the e
fectioA of W Board of Directors I
was to have taken Dlace. hut it was an.
nounced after the meeting that more time
Is required to complete certain details be
fore the companv assumes tangible form.
The members of the Organization Com
mittee are Harvey L. Christie. C. O. Austin,
Forest Terguson, W. B. Versteeg. J P.
Bray, H. A. Dlamant, C. C NIcholls, Adolpli
Bear, Goodman King, Edward Westen and
W. E. Berger. Subcommittees were se
lected from among these members to Inves
tigate and report upon various matters con
nected with the organization, tho nature of
which were not disclosed. '
"All I can say." said Mr. Christie, "Is
that these subcommittees will report as
soon as they can, and we hope to go ahead
with completing the organization without
The purpose of the proposed company Is
to do a surety business in St. Louis and this
section that has heretofore gone to the
Take Care of Yonr "Watch.
It should be cleaned and oiled regularly,
not more than IS months apart, by the ex
pert watchmakers at Mermod & Jaccard's,
Broadway and Locust.
Question Raised Concerning Mis
souri Pacific's Privileges.
City officials are investigating the right
of the Missouri Pacific Railway Companv to
track privileges on the levee, between Carr
and Gratiot streets. A single track on this
j route has been down and in use for at
least thirty-three jears and possibly for
a longer time, but City Counselor Bates h3S
been requested to say whether tho right-of-way
privilege did not expire jears ago.
Apparently the ordinance extending the
privileges did not specify a time when they
should terminate, though old laws seem so
Indefinite that a safe conclusion cannot be
reached without a thorough inquiry. How
ever, nearly all railroad bills pased by the
Common Council In the late sixties and early
seventies contained clauses retaining to the
municipality authority to alter, amend or
repeal them at any t me.
On July 15. 1862 a bill was passed allow
ing the North Missouri Railroad Company
to lay tracks on 'First street, from North
Market street to Howard street, thence be
tween First street and the Levee to Lewis
street, along Lewis street to Biddle street
and along the Levee to Carr street. On
March 23, 1869, a bill was passed to allow
the PacIBc Railroad, the St. Louis and Iron
Mountain Railroad, and the North Missouri
Railroad to connect there. This
ordinance is thought to be the one author
izing the track in question.
fB.OO Chicago Excursion $5.00.
Via Illinois Central, June 20. Good on
special train leaving Union Station 8.20 a.
m. and on regular train 11.30 a. m. and 9:10
p. m.
Xe President Arkansue University
T.lttl Trwlf At T..-- ,n rri -r, j -
Trustees of the University of Arkansas, ha v I
elected Harrison Randolph of Virginia, pres
ident of that institution, vice Doctor John
L Buchanan, resigned.
Mattoon Paator Is Installed.
wSi?w- Jun? "--The Reverend
Naboth Osborne was formally installed this
venlna as pastor of the Congregational
elected Harrison Ranrtninh r,t vir-inia ,.. '
nutter Knhs Each. JO 75
Supar Spoons. F&ch, 6TiC., Gold Lined, 75
Oray Ladle". Gold Lined Eich, 100
Soup Ladles, Gold Lined Hich. 2E0
Church of this city. The services were In
charge of the Reverend A. J. Sullons of
Olncv, the Reverend F. L. Graff of Cham-
Salgn snd the Reverend H. L. Strain of
ecatur. Many Congregational clergymen
from a distance were present.
Charles Sen's Balloon Inflating
Machine Burst at Highlands.
Charles Sens. 32 jears old. of No 1136 Pop
lar street, emploved at Forest Park High
lands, was burned about the hands and face
in a curious manner jesterday morning, lie
was taken to the City Hospital and his
burns dressed, after which he was sent
Sens is a maker of toy balloons. Tester
day morning, while filling these with gas,
the machine which ho used, exploded. An
ambulance was summoned and he was
taken to the city Institution.
More Than ISO New Designs
In Belt Buckles and Buckle Pins for you
to select from at Mermod & Jaccard's,
Broad-vay and Locust. Prices range from
E0 certs to JS5
O. J, Garrison and George Jones
Arrested for "Scorching."
Oliver J. Garrison of No. 4005 Westminis
ter place and George T. Jones of No. S60
Marjland avenue were defendants In the
First District Police Court yesterday morn-
i lng on the charge of speeding their automo
biles through Forest Park at speed forbld
1 den by law Wednesday evening. Policemen
Kilroy and Dwycr of the Mounted District
arrested them Wednesday evening In front
of the Cottage.
The officers testified that the automobile
was running through the park at the rate
of about thirty miles an hour, when It at
tracted their attention. They rode across
b roads ana caught the automeklle at the
Cottage. It waa overturned and one of the
wheels was broken.
Garrison and Jones testified that the au
tcmobllo ran away and they could not con
trol It. Judge Sidener discharged them.
Sulphogen relieves all rtomaeh and bowel
troubles. Writs for booklet. 1821 Olive st
Delegate Cronin's Committee Will
Report West Pine Bill.
About fifteen owners of property on West
Pine boulevard jesterday appeared before
the Committee on Public Improvements of
the House of Delegates in the interest of
bills for Improvement of the street, between
Grand avenue and King's Highway boule
vard. Chairman Cronln announced after the
hearing that the bills will be reported favor-
I Clinton Rowell and A. C. Carpenter were
I the only property-owners, who addressed
tne committee, street Commissioner Var-
iS' w" "ff "SSSK i? ?hT.
or mnvirtin iii i; v,n,,r..vJ r, 7
bonlevard oronS 5nd the S,Tr
oouievara "proper ana the other for recon-
5,1",1,0" Lt.1iL,T?adWay Uh "nlnous
macadam pavement.
Street Railway Construction De
layed by Litigation at Dallas.
Dallas, Tex , June 19 -Judge Edward
Meek of. the Federal District Court to-day
granted Uhe Consolidated Electric Street
Railway Company a temporary Injunction
?Ba,P.wt A- K- Bonta, restraining him from
building or constructing the Metropolitan
street car line on Main street, between
Market and Peake streets, until the de
fendant shall appear in court Monday, Oc
tober 13. 190-'. to say why a permanent in
junction shall not be granted.
Mr. Bonta, some davs ago. paid Into the
city treasury $71,000 as'a franchise bonus.
Both corporations are Texas concerns
The controversy between the old and the
newv street railway companies involves
privileges estimated to be worth $2,000,000.
Repeated Ej e Headaches
Sap one's vitality and bring about a ner
vous breakdown. Consult Dr. Bond, ex
pert optlclan.at Mermod & Jaccard's, Broad
way and Locust Examination free and
a perfect fit guaranteed If glasses are need
ed. Steel frames, $1 and up; gold, $3 and up.
George Eaton and Clarence Gold-
smlih were committed to Jail vesterday by
Justice of the I'eace Eugene Hansmann of
Maplewood, on charges of assault and bat
ten, preferred bv Alfrnrl H. Lanenhorir An
additional charee of disturbing the peace
was placed against Goldsmith. Both men
will be tried July 1.
Slnrrlagc licenses vrere Issued In
Clojton jesterday to James Mason and
Lucv Wise of Klrkwood, Phil H. Sheridan
of Kansas city and Ann E Dozler of
Columbia. Mo.; Alpha Q Ely and Marie C.
Goodman of St. Louis and Edwin Paschall
J""" Loula G. Wampler. both of East St.
Jncob Smith, alios Wilson, vras ar
rested In St. T,AMlt vPftterHnv An n rharra
of stealing two horses In Tuxedo Park, Tues-
".uv y"e OI the norees taken from that
place Tuesday belonged to Nelson Winters
and the other to a man named Benson. A
warrant, charging grand larceny, was Is
sued in Clavton jesterday against Smith,
and he was removed frcm the Four Courts
to the Clayton Jail last night.
Xerr Members State Dental Board.
I jenerson city. Mo., June 19 Governor
?"'Mk"7 i.u-uuy appointed jyocior o. tj. au
be' of Clinton to be a member of tho State
Board of Dental Examiners, -to succeed
Doctor W. W. Blrkhead, who has resigned
on account of 111 health. Doctor Rubey waa
unanimously Indorsed fonthe appo ntment
by the State meeting of Dentists held In
Jefferson City last month Doctor Rubey
in also Drestdent nt th Htntn rient.it An.
soclatlon. Doctor J. R. Megram of Fay.
teJ'?8 a,s0 appointed a member of the
"0," r a term of Ov
term of five years from June
20. 1901
Bold on an absolute! gctnatee to Rattan any
Ulr to its iVetoral rd Orltftuti Color. Your
aaey back II It mis. $100; all drug atores.
50 per
Oranire Spoons, per Set of 6 si 75
Gold Lined .. . 2H
pern jpoons. mch. Jl K Gold Lined. 1 "5
ri KnUes .... KiU.ni j ;0
Alliance With Populist and Good
Roads Parties Considered at
Clinton Convention.
Clinton, Mo , June 19 The Prohibition
State Convention met In the Courthoue at
Clinton to-dav, with an attendance of 1B0
delegates. Under tho call of Chairman
Stokes, nil Prohibitionists are entitled to
seats as delegates. Forty counties are rep
resented. Charles E. Stokes, chairman of the State
Central Committer, called the convention
to order at 10 DO, and after the singing of
"America" and praver by the Reverend
Doctor Dalton of Anderson, the chairman
Introduced as temporary chairman the Rev
erend E II. Price of Hamilton, whose
speech was the feature of the morning ses
sion C E. Betts of Fayette was temporary
secretary. The Committees on Credentials
and Permanent Organization were named
and this concluded the business of the
morning session.
At the afternoon session permanent or
ganization was effected with W. S. Crouch,
formerly of Carrolltcn. but now- of Kansas
City, as chairman; E. E. Betts as secre
tary, and the Reverend C. H. Wlnberly of
Shelblna as assistant secretary. The Com
mittee on Resolutions was announced as
consisting of Captain J. N. Richey, Neosho;
James Curd, Palmira: W. M. Godwin,
Clinton: J. M. O'BHen, Shelbvville; Judge
Orr, Holden; R. F. Stone, Green City. G. J.
Hunt, Lebanon.
Talk among delegates Indicates that an
attempt will be made to take the Populists
an Good Roads parties Into camp, with
strong planks appealing to their respective
An afternoon of speech-making followed
the organization. Major A. L Armstrong
extended the civic hospitallt'. the Reverend
J. R. Crawford welcomed the convention
on behalf of the local Ministers' Alliance
and Miss Eva Jones performed a like serv
ice on behalf of the local W. C T U
H. P. Farris. candidate for Governor Plx
years ago and Mnjor of Clinton this spring,
extended the glad hand for the local Prohi
bitionists These addres"es were replied to
by the Reverend Ray Palmer of Chllllcothe,
whe speke for over an hour, his eloquence
arousing the delegates to the highest en
thusiasm. Miss Clara Hoffman, president of the
Missouri W. C. T. U.. spoke briefly and the
afternoon session closed with the reading of
various telegrams.
To-night the convention's guest of honor,
Valney B. Cushing of Maine, addressed a
large audience.
Two Oil Paintings and Two Etch
ings Donated by Friends.
The Dozler School, of which Miss Sallle
W. Griffith Is principal, has been the re
cipient recently of several notable works
of nrt, the gifts of donors Interested In the
school Piofessor F. O. Sjlvoter of the
High School, has presented to the school
two oil paintings one of which represents
Eads brldgsj and a view of the grain boats
pllng back and forth, and the other set
ting forth a view looking towa-d St Louis
At tho same tlmo that these gifts were
received came the announceuint that Mr
F. W. Kaiser had donated to the school
two handsome itchings to be placed in
the rooms of the upper grades.
These gifts are tspeclallj gratifjlng at
the present time, following the presentation
to the schools of several paintings and
drawings by the Western Artlstrf Associa
tion. A special effort has been mud of
late to render the schoo's more inviting to
the children by decorating them in this
It's In the MnLe.
As long as thej last. 117 $10 suitings at
$30. Hesse. 617 Pine See window.
Outing of Uniform Rank, Knights
of Father ilathtw.
The annual reunion and picnic of the
Knights of rathtr Mathew, Uniform Rank,
j will be held Sunday, June 22. at Grand
View Place, near Meramec Hlgh'ands For
the entertainment of those attending there
will be athletic sport" games, music, dan
cing and Jubilee xlngers
The full member Up of the Uniform Rank
will be represented at the Total Abstinence
Union conclave at Dubuque. la.. In August,
and the members are drilling carnestlv In
the expectation of capturing the honors In
the competition.
e. jACCAnD jnwELnv co.'s office
Corner Broadway and Locust street.
Importtrt anditllert efjlnt diamond)
or Thunderstorms Pre
dictedTemperature Stationary.
Cool weather Is still In sight, and for to
day and probably to-morrow little change
Is expected In temperature. Showers or
thunderstorms are pred'eted In the next
twenty-four hours and It Is not likely thnt
the mercury
up immediately
Rain was predicted for yesterday and
Doctor Hjatt felrdeeplj aggrieved Wien
it did not appear on the scene, but during
the afternoon the clouds gathered and his
spirits rose. "Don't get discouraged." he
said, "there w'll be rain In St. Louis be
fore many hours."
Boys' and
Children's Clothing
To-day and To-morrow.
Young Men's $10.00 Suits
reduced to
and $12 00 and $15.00
Suits to
Boys' $6.00 and $8 00
Knee -Pant Suits, with
vests, reduced to
Boys' $5.00, $6.00 and
$7.00 2-piece Knee-Pant
Suits reduced to
Juvenile Vest Suits, $5.00,
$6.00 and $7.00. reduced to
Russian Blouse $5.00,
$6.00 and $7.00 Suils re
duced to
ing & Co.
Broadway and Pine St.
Child Died After Treatment With
"Watercure" by Playmates.
Guthrie. Ok. June 19 The authorities of
Potawatomle Coucfy are Investigating the
death or Arthur Pecore, aged 4, near Shaw
nee, which Is alleged to have resulted from
attempts of several companions to treat
him with the "water cure."
He was submerged In tho Canadian River
until his lungs and stomach were filled with
water, resulting a few days later In his
Call for 3forsnn County Convention.
Versailles. Mo . June 19 The Democratic
County Central Committee met In Versailles
yTWVh xtmedf
You do not buy Paint
everyday. When you do want
Paint, get good Paint. You
will be sure to obtain good
Paint, Varnishes, etc., from
the Mound City Paint and
Color Co., Nos. 811 and 813
North Sixth Street, St, Louis.
NORWS B. GREGG, President.
v WH. H. GREGG. JR., Vice President.
E. H. DYER, Secretary.
Window OImi, Urge stock, all s, always on liand.
C0-foot Hose, Reel
ft and Nozzle, only
M 1 tptJiOOa
"Uood Enough
Hose, 5-ply, made for
hard usage, suaran
teed not to leak 60
leet, only
Good Grass Cutters... $2.50 to $5.00
White Rubber-3 dozen for. IOC
Swan Brand Red, pure gum, packed
1 dozen in each carton IOC
And Intermediate Stations.
On Sundai, June , Waia Line -will eU x
curalon tickets at tne foJowIng ratea: To D
SturflSO. TalorvlHe. J100. MtchHetd. Jt.00:
Edwardivllle. Kta: and corre-ponclng ratea to In
termediate station, goad golrg on train Kavlnc
8t. Louis i S a m.. returnlns on tra'n leaving
Decatur 5.15 o m , arriving St. Louis S p. m.
to-day and issued a call for a county con
vention to be held In this dty August 5
to nemlnate a county ticket. Precinct meet
ings will be held on August 2 to elect dele
gates to the convention snd to elect com
mitteemen to serve two vears.
Ttto Oil Inspectors Appointed.
Jfferson City. Mo. June 19 Governor
Dockery Thursday appointed W. F, Potts
to be Coal Oil Inspector of Fayette County
fer a term of two years from June 23. and
C. S Orcutt of Kirksville to be Coal Oil
Inspector of Adair Countv for a term of
two jars from June 30, 1SQ2.
Death From Injury In a Runaway.
Rr.runLic spbciaIa.
Butler. Mo . June 19 Mrs. W. T. John
son, who was thrown from her buggy yes
terday, died here to-day.
-(5- $5,00.
nis air t Is a ovary hex of the genuine
Laxative SroM0-0uIilneTieu
it i 14 la one don
For Friday nd Saturday.
Here's a. Shoe
Bargain for You
150 pairs Misses' Box Calf. Oxford
Ties, spring heels, fh 4 Pfh
size. 11 to 2; $2.25 Jll.SII
quility.for pV
Ladies' A
Kid Oxford Ties, patent leather tip.
rd Ties, patent leather tin.
turn soles,
unusual values:
$2.50 :
5n311 North Broadwav.N?
if r
.."'-- -
-" .iff;-aCrV-. Sv-T
Hsmfefcgfefajtt - ;
, a. - CWw.
??"'"- -v;
-frjfr'-M7 ".Tygy-- jfto.aMwfc
.i i
.- J !" -1. . r ri .
.t ? i,itV-.
."" H r-
i-"-s- JV' "

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