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Political as Well as Commercial
Union With United States May
lie Offered Cuba.
Hth St and Pennsvlysnia Ate.
The Republic IJureau.
"Washinf-ton, June 19 In view of the prob
able defeat of the Cuban reciprocity bill.
It seems reasonably certain that th move
ment, wl lch is now so small as to bo
scarcely noticeable, may steadily grow until
a fight will be made for the admission of,
Cuba to the United States.
It will be of greater importance and its
fleet will be more far-reaching than tha
one last winter over reciprocity. Several
resolutions have been introduced looking;
toward this end, the more prominent being
one Introduced in the Senate by Senator
Elklns of -YVst Virginia and one in the
House by Representative Ne lands of Xe
vada. Although Mr. Elklns is a Republican nnd
Mr. Newlands a Democrat, both have the
same object in view the incorporation ef
the Cuban republic in the United Slatea.
Mr. Elklns was one of the prominent lead
ers in the flcht against the reciprocity bill,
while Mr Xt lands', as a member of the
House Committee on Ways and Mean1,
voted against the bill.
The Two Resolutions.
The resolution presented by Senator
Elklns proceeds on the theory that Cuba,
desires annexation and gives the sanction
of Congress that the territory belonging to
Cuba may be erected into a new State on
certain conditions, including the ratification
by Congress of the Constitution of the new
State, the ceding by it to the Union of all
public property and the making of certain
arrangements for the payments of the
debts and liabilities of the said republic.
The President. however, is given authority
to negot.ate with the republic for its ad
mission to tne United States through a
treaty or otherwise, should he prefer that
course to the one rointed out in Mr. El
klns s resolution.
The r. -solution submitted by Mr. Xeff
lancs provides for tne admission of Cuin
s- gars at 2T. per cent less than the DIngley
tariff in consideration of a reciprocal ar
rangement on the part of Cuba and invites
the Cabin Republic to become a State of
the I nion to innude such other West In
dian is amis belonging to the United States
a-t ma be deemed advisable.
Mr Nev.l.tnds proposes to press action on
his bl.l, if the opportunity Js afforded
at this session in the hope that, if it can
b adoptfd in its original form -without the
reciprocity features., some step may be
taken toward extending the hand of fellow
ship to the new repub.Ic and giving it the
opportunity of entering the Union if it so
Alcana $25,000,000 a Yenr to Colin.
Bj admitting Cuba to the Union sugar
would come in free, which Mr. Newlands
estimates would amount to a gift of about
j,(XX,000 a year to the Cuban planters, a
prize well worth striving for. He studied
this question very thoroughly when the
reciprocity bill was before tho Ways and
Means Committee and secured a uniform
answer from witnesses to tho effect that
Cuba would welcome political union with
the United States.
Thinks He Is Immune From Bri
bery Prosecution.
Kansas City, Mo., June 19. Depositions to
determlno the home State of R. M. Snyder,
the Kansas City financier who was Indicted
b.y the St. Iouis Grand Jury for bribery. In
tho City Council, alleged to have, taken
place in March, 1898, aro being taken In
this city.
If Mr. Snyder can prove that ha was a
continuous resident of Missouri for three
jswtrs after tho alleged crime, then the in
dictment aralrut him is void under the Mis
souri State statuto of limitations, which. In
cases of bribery, runs three year The
theory- of the prosecution Is that he
changed his residence from Kansas City to
New York CUy. . .........
Mr. Snyder contends that he has lived In
Kansas City continuously.
Provide tor Sals of Sites to Blanufac
tnrers In Indian Country.
Washington, Jue 19. The Senate IU to
provide for the sale of sites for manufac
turing: or Industrial plants in the Indian
Territory, which has passed the House,
where It was amende by Representative
Stephens to the effect that the clerk ofthe
United States Cotrrt tor the Southern IMs
trict shall appoint dejwty clerks for the
courts at Tishomingo and Ada. and that
court shall also be beid at Duncan under
the same laws rtpu.tlns the holding of
courvwas passed U-dar intact.
Bill Introduced In Oensrreu to Relieve
tko Eighties.
WashtngUa. June 15. Representative
Kern ef Illinois to-day introduced a bill to
proTf&e. for the peosleamg at 50 per month.
of sU the Qfttursi klsd over 1$ years -of age
until the esd efumtr xatur&l lives.
Mlssonrion Opened State Democratic
Convention at Bangor, Me.
Washington. June 19 --Representative
Champ Clark, whe opened the Maine Demo,
cratic State Convention at Bangor, Monday,
has returned te Washington and resumed
h.a eeat In the House.
Benton OS tor Southern Visit.
Washington. June 19. Representative
Benton's family will leave Washington Fri
day for Datfas. where they will spend two
weeks with relatives. They will then de
part for their home at Neosho. Mo.
' Former St. Louis Man Dead.
Denver, CMo., June 19. Captain C. El.
Tyler, a wealthy resident of this city, died
this evening about 6 o'clock ef paralysis.
The funeral will be held from the residence,
Jvo. 2321 North. Tejon street, to-morrow.
Captain Tyler came to this city about two
years ag? from St. Louis and bsught heav
ily of rial estate In the North End, where
he erected a number of houses. He owned
property valued at $259,000 In St. Louis and
between UO.000 and 0,000 la this dry. He
was formerly a captain on tha Mississippi
Summer Schedule.
On and after Sunday. June 22nd, the Illi
nois Central Day train for Chicago, the
Daylight Speelal, will leave St. Louis at
1230 noon. No change Is the time of the
night train Diamond Special.
TTnT.n UP BT WOaEX-J. F. Leo of
polios yesterday tkat he had been held up
No. MM Laclede avenue reported to the
by two negreases and a negro man at
Thirteenth and Linden streets, Wednesday-
night. Xher toot JZ7 from him.
4W.7V-1 3"0
Reciprocity's Friends Irritated by
Course of Those OppoMii-r the
Washington, June IS Senator Piatt of
Connecticut, chairman of the Committee of
Cuban Relations, to-day was an early
caller at the White House, where he had
a conference with the President on the
subject of the probable fate of the Cuban
reciprocity measure In the Senate. He de
clined to mako any statement concerning
the Presidents views as expressed to' him,
but said that, speaking entirely for himsell,
he would force the Senators who are hold
ing out against reciprocity to cast their
vo'e either with or against the party.
"There is not a beet sugar State," said
tha Senator, "where, if tho question was
put before a Republican convention, reci
procity would not be indorsed. Where a
lot of men are setting themselves up In op
os!tion to their party, they should be
forced to go on record by their votes." .
Senator Millard of Nebraska, who opposed
the reciprocity plan, was present during
part of the conference and the President
remarked to him that Nebraska had In
dorsed his (the Presidents) course and
turned down her own Senator.
Indorsements Urutify President.
lo a number of his callers to-day Presi
dent Roosevelt stated that he hnda a sulli
clent indorsement of his stand on the Cuban
question in the aotlou of tha conventions
recently held in South Dakota, Kansas and
Nebraska. To a personal friend to-day he
said he felt particularly grateful to Con
gressmen Jiurkett of Nebraska and Martin
of South Dakota for their attitude In their
conventions, also that he took a particular
pride In the indorsement from the three
btates above named, because he was pecu
liarly close to those States.
It is known that tho President would ne
gotiate with Cuba, provided ho has the
assurance of fifty Senators that they would
vote for it, but he does not want to try
this cxpediment without a guarantte Be
forehand that It would carry.
Those close to the President assert that
his feeling now is that, if reciprocity Is
not granted at this time, it must come
sooner or later and that those Senators
who at present are opposing it eventually
will be led to see that our duty and obli
gations toward Cuba must be carried out
according to the pledges made.
All Hope Not Abundoned.
The Republican Senators who favor reci
procity with Cuba are not yet ready to
acknowledge that nothing can be don
The say that with thirty-five votis In th
caucus 'they do not think they need sur
render to the nineteen who declared them
selves last night against the bllL Two
methods are suggested, one to negotiate a
treaty with Cuba and the other to bring in
and pass the House bill.
The action of the Nebraska Republican
Convention jesterday in indorsing the
President's message and reciprocity with
Cuba was commented upon quite freely
about the Senate to-day and the reciprocity
Senators quizzed Senators Millard end
Dietrich In a good natured way about the
manner in which the Nebraska platform
differed from their statements made in
caucus last evening, when Mr. Dietrich de
clared that four Nebraska congressional
districts would go Democratic if the red-'
proclty bill waa passed.
Problem of Supplying: Sentences for
"World's Fair Buildings.
What shall be the inscriptions on buildings
of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and
by whom will they be supplied? were ques
tions asked Director of Works Taylor yes
terday by Ezektel Smith of Smith & East
man, who have the contract for the staff
work on the Textiles building. All the
pieces have been completed except the
blocks of staff which are to bear the In
scription. As presented to Director Taylor the sub
ject has several phases. Shall a writer or
a. scientist be requested to supply the In
scriptions? Shall the architect be the
judge of the property of the phrases or mot
toes? Shall they be all English or will
ether languages have representation? Shall
the inscriptions be selections from existing
writings, or shall they be original?
Mr. Taylor says that in his opinion par
Etas versed in the science with which the
building deals should select or prepare the
Inscriptions for them. Ho advises that the
men who have written on the various sub
jects for the Encyclopedia Brltannlca be re
quested to furnish the Inscriptions.
Contracts for Handsome Structure
May Be Let This Afternoon.
Bids for the Art building will be opened
In the directors' room of the Bank of Com
merce building this afternoon at 4. It will
be the largest contract let up to the pres
ent time, exceeding that of the Varied In
dustries building, the contract price of
which was JS04.0U0.
Fifteen contractors have plans for the
structure, and probably will make bids,
which are to be alternative, so as to sup
ply prices on brick and stone, stone only,
and marble only. They must be In the
hands of the Director of Works by 3
Trains to Forest Park.
The Missouri Pacific and tho Frisco roads
yesterday ran their first train over the
mile and a half connection through to For
est Park.
Work was begun on the connection be
tween the Exposition company's tracks and
the Taylor City Belt Line. The contractors
are the Rosedale Construction Company.
Barny Bergler. superintendent, stated that
the railroads are preparing to follow their
graders immediately with ties and steel for
the tracks.
On the Fair site yesterday a six-foot fill,
running 100 feet from the southern fence,
was made. Work was also begun on a cut
and fill to the southeast A trestle 200 yards
Jong will be necessary to carry the road
over the ravine. Very little clearing of tim
ber has been found necessary In this part
of the park.
Alolmmn and Xevada Visitors.
W. K. P. Wilson of Mobile, a member of
the Alabama World's Fair Commission, i
conferred with Charles M. Reeves y ester- 1
day with reference to wnat snouici De done
In Alabama, towards securing a liberal ap
propriation from the Legislature next
James A, Yerlngton of Carson City. Nev..
called upon Mr. Reeves and assured him
that the Nevada Legislature will make a
handsome appropriation because the people
approve of being well represented at the
fair, and the State is now ehjoying pros
perity. W. S. McGinnis of Washington, D. C.
Assistant Superintendent of the Railway
Mail Service, visited the Administration
Louisinna Buildlnc Assured.
Leonard Krower, chairman of the Appro-
priation Committee of the i Mw Urleans
Progressive Union, visited, the Admlnlstra-
tlon bulldlnr V
on building yesterday wun an encour.-g-
Ing report from Louisiana, Mr. Krower
says there Is no doubt about the Louisiana
Legislature appropriating J100.000 for a
building and exhibit at the Fair. The Ca-
Blldo, wnere me lorroai iransier or ino
Louisiana Territory from France to the
United States took place In 1S03, will be ,
reproduced. -
x r . &?.'rv-??rS &.
t-aaP""- Q
Continued From I'nge One.
the proposition, and, according to the senti
ments which were expressed this after- j
noon, the whole party in the State is of ,
j norlty party to nominate a candidate."
Major Bittinger was equally emphatic.
"1 am opposed to the proposition." he said.
"It Is being sprung on the party at a late
date, and the candidates have not a chance
to canvass for the nomination 1 am against
Republicans taking any action In the con
vention." Charlie Morris of Trenton was of the
same opinion. "I do not think It will even
be mentioned In the State Convention," he
remarked, after Mr. Rozier had cautioned
him against givlrg out the names of tho'-e
ptri-ent in the conference. "It would be
fuolish In the extreme. Nothing hab arien
to justify such a course."
Doctor M. M Campbell of Albany, .i
member of the State Committee, took the
same staid, stating that it was an unusual
proccdinf; not calculated to add any
stnngth to the ticket. And so on down the
Kcr.'tis Iltl.Iently !iitlfleil.
All of the above sentiments came out In
the conference. The discussion of the ex
act number of delegates on whom tha
bu-.-ts could count was evidently satisfje
t' rj to Coloatl Keren-..
Then? via- much that did not come out
in the
in tne con (vgace. atnee ine n
.if Co one! S55ar frcui the politic
th- situatlS fef the National Coi
con e.-33ce. Since the retirement
ir. f.ntn tha nnlfrli-. nrwi.1.
th. XTiflnnnl .'nmmittoe-
mnn li.is li -aittlp less than desperate.
Tho unexpci .J announcement Tif the pro
gramme wh),-i lie hid marked out for the
State convex .on aroused so much adverse
comment throughout th tatate that his
supporters, out.side of che Postmasters,
were slipping away frowiim.
The conference yest' ' -J' "? tlle 'o?1
chance- to save the s.&. It .s probable
that it will be successful He has u liberal
amount of railroad ti asportation which U
being distributed to eve .- man who is will
Im; to enlist under his banners.
It If .said that he has given up hopts of
installing Howard Craj of Carthage, a rela
tive of Colonel Phelps, as vice chairman of
tho State Committee. The proposed V
ecutive Committee of five members, thrte
to be nppolnted by himself, has been aban-
All of these concessions have been made to
prevent any action by the State Convention
on the senatorshlp. If he can persuade the
convention to pass that question by 1-e will
be credited with a signal victory. He prob
ably will be successful and thus be in a
position to control his share of the State
patronage, rf any man other than himself
Is nominated he will be practically elimi
nated from Missouri politics.
Fire Persons Arrested at Repub
lican Primary Election.
James Barry of No. 2231 Carr street, Rich
ard Irving of No. 4004 Fairfax avenue, Hen
ry Lewis of No. 4319 Cook avenue, and Wal
ter Tubbs. a negro, living at No. 3S26 Wash
ington avenue, were arrested yesterday af
ternoon on the charge of attempting to
cast illegal votes at the poling place. No
723 North Vandev enter avenue, of the Re
publican primary election. They deny the
A man who ?ave the name of James A.
Martin of No. 1716 Wash street, was ar
rested by the police In the poling place at
No. 1320 Washington avenue yesterday af
aternoon on the charge of attempting to
vote Illegally. The arrest was made on tha
complaint of Henry Steinkamp, a Judge of
election. Martin was locked up at the Cen
tral District Police Station, and application
will be made to-day for a warrant against
him. Martin declares he tried to vote un
der his own name, and there was nothing
illegal about the matter. t
Republican Factions to Brine Griev
ance Before State Convention.
St. Joseph, Mo , June 19 The Republican
State Convention at Jefferson City next
Tuesday will be one of the most sensational
In the history of the party in this Btate if
all the fights which are going on undr cov
er are permitted to come to the surface.
Not the least of these is the contest in
this county which will be carried on the
floor of the convention If at all possible.
It Is likely that the stirring scenes of the
State Convention In St. Joseph in H93, when
the doors of the Crawford Theater were
locked by order of Major Bittinger and a
battering ram was applied by the Infuriated
Flllejltes. will be re-enacted.
A conference participated in by Major
Bittinger of Montreal, formerly of St.
Joseph. C. D. Morris of Trenton, E. E.
McJimsey of Marvvllle, John E. Sw anger of
Milan, was held here last Sunday, at which
plans to forestall the contest from Bu
chanan County at the State Convention
were discussed. It is the avowed intention
of the SJlks to crush the other faction en
tirely and wipe It from the face of the poli
tical map.
Both factions In St. Joseph have ben
busy since the County Convention, when
fifty-six delegates walked out because they
could not stand for the cut-and-dried deal
which the "Silks" had prepared before
hand. Evidence of crookedness on both
sides will bt ready In abundance. The
whole story of how the primaries were
carried recently will be told by affidavits, if
the State Convention will stand Btlll and
Opposition to Yates Threw Senatorial
Convention la Turmoil.
Havana, 111.. June 13. At twenty minutes
after 11 o'clock on the UEth ballot, the
Thirteenth District Republican Senatorial
Convention nominated Homer J. TIce of
Menard County for the Legislature.
Tinney of the Printing Bureau, Doctor
Glenn of the Board of Charities, Golden of
the Grain Inspector's department and
Howard M. Shapp of the Kankakee insti
tution are all here, and all are working
hard for the machine.
Pensions for Soutlmeitcrners.
Washington, June 19. Pensions have been
granted Southwesterners as follows:
Mliwurl-John m. Footer, dead, St. LouI. JS;
Samuel G. vvaulk. st. Louis, J6: Adelbert A.
Baldwin. Independence, 16; Johnson Hayes. Kan
sas City. H Alexander B Johnaton. Willow
Springa. JS; William oung. Willow Springs, S12.
Jasper Handy, Areola, jj- John Hawken. Tus
cumbla, Jlo, John Y. Appllnc, no ant. JJ; Wil
liam Mcuulro. Cartbnte. !0; Charlea Brundltra.
gumansfllle. JI!; Jamea Aetna. St. Louia. J10;
ertrude Weber. Pralrla Lick. 1!; Marcy C
Spencer, Glasgow, JI; Mary L. Noblett, Hayden.
S; Lucy J. Oaruthera, Elilnore. It: Cbrlitian C.
Forater. St. Loula. 7; Sarah A. Mack. St. Louli.
IS; minors of Frank Neal Unionville. 1; Aman
da J. Wlndle. Lebanon, 112.
Arkansas-Sarah V. Bunnell, Henderson, 3:
Nancy J. Gerrall. St Paul. 18
Illinois John W Pitman. Havana. 110- Harry
Ktppe Decatur, I1J; Henry Houzhton. Peotone.
IS. William K Ilumrhu. Soldiers7 Home. Quln
cy; Charles 11. Samuels, Knoxville. IS; Ches
ter B. Vail. Soldiers' Home. Danville. I'.I;
Ellsha Hurt. Mount Vernon, 112; p. 11.
Keys, Chicago J8; Charles W. Anderson. Sol
diers' and Sailors Home. Qulncv. 110; UeorES
Hayes. Bloomlngton, 112.75: Peter Ilesch. dead,
Macombe. II!. Albert Gleason. dead. Harrington.
IS- David W. Gillespie. Maywood. Ill: Bolca S.
Hicks. Forest City, l: Ezeklel Thompson,
Mount Vernon. 112: Emtlv O. nlAaaon. Unrrln,.
ton. 18; Anna Hesch. Macomb. IS. minors of
James J. Wisdom. Normal IK: minor of Wil-
Ham Penrod. Donrola, 110; Minnie Matthew. Mat-
tlson. IS, Sarah Kent. Elgin. 16: Sarah F. Laird,
jvieiropous. m; neo-cca innrp, unanca, XJ2;
Emily S. Tewell. Mltchellsvllle. 112; Anna M.
Conover. Chapln, 111.
Indiana John H. Davie. Bennlnxton. IS; David
M. Evans South Whitley. 510; Ellas A. ! tone
burner. Sldnev. 110: Tlentnmln C Carta- l.loe
Rebcca Thorp, Onanca. 1!
i Lick. IS: William J Reynolds, Pralrict i. 2I,
Ilobert B Blankenber. Dunkitk. in: John S
Templer. Moreland. 112; William Halfllch. Mr
kle. 112: John F. B-lufhrrmn. Aher"ille. 117:
William H. McLaughlin, Porfand, 124. Adam
Goebler. Indianapolis. 112: SI!a B. OlfToril
Terro Haute. 17; James A. T.mnions. National
Home, Grant 111; Thomas W. Weth, irook
tnn. 110: William r Avery. MLhawaKa W;
Henry won. Illoomlngton 117; Itudi Frlrk.
Union City. 131; John McClure. IndlanaiiMs.
112; Emanu-1 Bur-ret. Frankfort. 112. Milton
Titus. South Bend. IS: Alfred E. Neal, In
dianapolis. 112; Herod Rlseley Westphil'a :
Benjamin P. York. National Heme. Grant, S;
Jonathan T. Kelton. WadesvllI". IS: Henry "IV
Edens, Anderson. 124; Dorcas S. Nlsbett. Cyn
thlana, 8; Ada R. Bailey, Vernon. It, Ellzab'ti
J Whybrow. Earl Park. IS: Elljabeth Renwlck.
Dcnsner. Terra Haute! j Sarah 'piling. Polhg.
is, Elisabeth J. EUls? Salern. 812-
Mate baidiers- Home. Lafayette. U: Pnlllpena.
Indian Territorv Geors-e w. Snider. Ilatipr.
Kansas Simon. 9. Andrews Arkansas cltr. Ill;
Franklin Uaitrke, National Home. Leavenworth.
112: Jesse H. Johnson. Opolls. IS: James M.
Kratim, Pltttburr. 18: Rodolph Galther. Colum
bus. IS- Smith H. Prlddv. Kingman 117: Bnan
P Colvllle. Topeka 112; Minors of Newton Stlne
bauch rnrsons. 112; Sophrona B Thompson.
Wichita, II; Anna M. Tranue. Atchison. IS; Re
becca Potter. Dodge City. II: Rebecca Copplngs.
Winchester. IS.
Oklahoma Richard J Worthen. rrancls. W;
Samuel Tlnton. Lancston. 110: Ehcn Rhodes.
Wellston. HO; Sarah A. Sheets. Cameo. 1.
Appointed to
Washington. Juno 18. Renresentatlve
Chandler of Mississippi announced to-day
the appointment of Irving E. Hudson of
'starkville as a DrinclDal cadet at the Mill-
tary Academy at West Point, Claude
Banks Mayo of Columbus and Charles G.
Dglesby of Tupelo are named as alternates-
JtS.OO Culenco and Return .J.'.OO.
Via Illinois Central. June 20. Special train
leaves Union Station 8:20 a. m., regular j
trains uso a. m. and sao p. m. I.
H jOg, a--CsV.-
t ' $100,000,000 SAID TO BE BACK OF THE COMBINE."
Chicago, 111., June 19 Despite tho repeated and strenuous denials of Harris,
Gatei & Co. that John W. Gates is the central figure of a gigantic pool operating
in July nnd September cqrn, persNtcnt rumors on tho Board of Trade to-dav- cred
ited him with such actl.-ity nn-1 had it that a va-t sum some place the figures as
high as JlOO.OOO.iW-is behind the deal.
Denials for Mr. Gates were repeated with emphasis by his commission repre-
$ sentatives. but the crowd would have none of those The same rumors that con-
v noct Gates with corn bring in the names of Colonel John Lambert. Colonel kaac
Ellwood, D. G. Reld and John Dupec, each rf whom is financir-lly a giant. The
I Moore brothers of railroad fame anil a number of New York wid Pittsburg mil-
Honaires, whose names have nevet been hinted at publicly, are accredited as huv-
Ing a proprietary Interest in the ileal
YouUi From McLeausboro, 111., in
the Toils on Account of a. .Cheek
for Sixty-Five Dollars.
L. J. I'laniugan, a v outh of McLeans
boro. 111 , and a son of a prominent politi
cian of that place. Is. under arrest in Iast
St Louis on a warrant charging him with
forging the name of W. A Rodenberg to
a cheek for JSJ. which he presented at the
Union Trust Gompanj, I"a.t St. Louis, ves
tcrduy mornirg to be cashed The cashier's
sufpniuns. c.iu:ed him to telephone to .Mr
RoUenbtrz who denied th.it he had signed
or indorsed the check and the vuung man a
arrest follow id.
On June 3 oung riannagan secured $'0
from Mr. Rodtnberg and .0 from Judge
Crow of East St Louis. He complained of
being in a hard row and referred to the
prominence of his father as a politician and
got Messrs. Rodenberg and Crow to indor-o
the checks on which he collected the mone.
Yistterday morning joung Flannagal ap
peared at the Lnion Trust Company's oflice
and asked that a check for SG5 be cashed.
It was made out in favor of Mr. Van Camp
bell and was signed by H. R. Campbell.
Cashier Hahn told th joung man that he
would have to get it indorsed before he
could cash It. Flannagan departed and re
turned in half an hour with what purport
ed to bo the signature of W. A. Rodenberg
on the check. Mr. Hahn did not think that
the signature was genuin. end he called
Mr. Rodenberg up over the telephone. Mr.
Rodenberg said that he had not Indorced
the check and told Hahn to have the joung
man anested. Chief Hauss was called on
and arrested the voung man. Liter a war
rant was issutd charging him with forgery.
He will bs siven a preliminary hearing this
morning. Mr Rodenberg taid that the in
dorsement on the check waa a forgcrv.
Louis MebllK. n Jinilchman, Foil Un
der the Wheels.
T .... ....1.11,. ..t.t,mnn An.ntne.i i.t.
tlm Louisville and Xahviile Railroad, was
run over at 7 o clock a. m yesterday by
Blg Tour snitch engine. Both hH legs were
cut off and he died at the Henrietta. Hos
pital nt noon
Mehllg's home is In Plnckneyville. where
he has relatives.
He had been in East St. Louis only a short
while. He nas on his waj to work at the
time of the accident. Ho attempted to board
the Bis F0"1" engine when he slipped and
fell beneath the wheel".
Deputy Coror.er Gcorgo W. Brichler held
the Inquest last evening at Kurrus's morgue,
the Jury returning a verdict of accidental
Genevieve Canninehsm Dies.
Genevieve Cunningham, 10 years old, died
at her home. No. SU Pennsylvania aavenue.
East St. Louis, Wednesday night, the re
sult of injuries received accidentally in a
game of baseball last week. Genevieve was
playing about the school yard when she
was struck with a bat by a little boj who
was battling in a game of ball Brain fever
resulted from the injury and caused death.
The funeral will be held Saturday morning.
Services will be held In St. Tntrick's
Church. Tie burial will be In Calvarv
Cemetcry The Reverend Father Sneeney
will ollictaate.
Will Organize nu Association.
Spanish-American War veterans of East
St. Louis will meet to-nlcht at No. 302 St.
Clair avenue at 9 o'clock to organize an as
sociation. Lee Phtlpot, son of a famous
Kentucky family, is among those interested
in the movement. He said last night that
he expected a good attandance at the meet
ing and that several St Louis boys who
served in tho war will be present.
Bast St. LouIn Kenix.
Jarres Fitzgerald was fined J25 jesterday by
Justice Boyne for slnpplrg his wife
. Frank L Francis Med ault for divorce from
his wife. Julia Francis
Helen J. Wllaln8 died jesterdvy
Miss fcttlla Launtz of St. Louis avenue is
visiting In Kansas.
Grafton P Molen and Lillian Klmrnel wero
married at Clayton vrsterda.
Mrs. Philip Strenger dlel yet-rday at th
family residence on St. Louis avenue.
Jcriej vllle otes.
Much Interest is being taken In the Jersey
County Teachers' Normal at Jersej vllle, under
the direction of County Hunerlntendent of Schools
J W Roberts Amonc the out-of town vl.ltors
are Trofesser II VV Temple of Carbondale. Ill ,
and Professor Thomas F Tucker of Rockbridge.
111. The teachers relster-d to date are: Julia
I Bane. Minnie Barron. Minnie Itartlett. Cora
Barton. Ivy Barton. Virginia Borer. Mrs. Dorothy
Bingham. Annie Sott, Majo B Barnes, Mrs
Mat'.le J. Cain. Ruth Cook, Ida Cotilthard, Alvlra
Cow en, Marsraret Curran. Qussle Lanham,
Rosa Montaaue. Daisy Mulligan Cornelia Mew
ton, Ora Owens. Minnie O Donnell, Charles
O'Donnell. Mas I Peters. Mary Paul. Kllzabelh
lurinton, Lula Plummer, Katie Ralney. James
A. Reeves. VVIlhelmlna Schneider. Bird Crull,
Amy blaten. Nettle Dodson, Anna Spencer. Nel
lie Dodson. Mary P Scott. Jesle C. Dav. Alice
Swretzer. Harriet Erwin. Krnest Schlanpker. J.
A Kslehoff. Thomas J. Shaw. Edna Henderson.
Thomas F Tucker. Jele Iloughtlln. Mary
Wurtz. letta Heldmann Lucia M White,
Frances Hasfett. Flora Wedding. William J.
Holmes. Cora Weddlnir. nlizabeth Keller. C. C.
Worthy. Mae Kltbj, Jostc Klncston. Callle Le
reche. Ella M Randolph and Julia B Laurent.
Thomas Wedding-, assistant cashier of tha
Btate Bank in Jersej-ville. is spending- the week
in Calhoun County
Official bonds of the following town'hlp
school treasurers of Jersey I'ountj have ben
filed for record with Clrru't Cl-rk L Laurent In
Jersejvllle. VV. 11. Lemmkuhl. 7-11. J7.C00; W.
Former Superintendent of Jackson
ville Asylum Elected Chairman.
Quincj, 111., June 19 Doctor Joseph
Robbins, whose resignation as superintend
ent of the Jacksonville Insane Asylum cre
ated a (-ensatlon, was to-day elected chair
man of tho Adams County Republican Cin-v-ention,
held at Clayton, by tho anti-Yatea
Otherwise the convention was harmoni
ous and nominated William 13enson for
County JLdge, James Robbing for sheriff,
H. H. Thompson for Ttensurcr, Charles
W. Collins for Superintendentof Schools
Much significance Is attached to Doctor
Robbing's selection as chaltraan of the con
ventian by local politicians.
Invitation to Judge Gantt of Mis
souri Supreme Court.
IlEPURLIC SrCCIAI.. ,. .,. .
Jefferson City. Mo.. June 13. Th Vir
ginia State Bar Association has invited
Judge James J Gantt of the; Missouri Su
preme Court to de'iver the annual address
before that body at the Hot Springs of
Virginia on August S. Judge Gantt has ac
cepted the invitation. .
The extent of the compliment will be ap
preciated when It Is recalled that on pre
vious occasions the association has heen
addressed by James- O-Carter of New York.
Prendsnt Woodron Wilson of Princeton
University and Senator Georgo F. Hoar of
Massacht. setts.
Fayette. Mo., June 19. Charles H. Tur
ner, station agent at Burton. Mo., and Miss
Esther Moss of Higbee were married in
this city last evening by the Reverend Mr.
Bloomlngton, 111.. June 19. Among the
weddincs here to-dav were those of Charles
Larry, of St. Louis and Miss Lula Dicker-
son vj Xj Roy, UU3 counvi i"w
j -t;
vt -v-.; -tjA 4Z.
M Brown. 7-13. KW. D Q Trottfr. S 10. J10
f. I" J Slatrn, 6-1i J1S.OO0. J i: UjraonJ. 7-11.
JIIOOO. Joeph KallM. S-1I. C,0u0: Chris L?hr.
6-11. JS.000.
A W Cross, president of the Natloral Bank
of Jersej v file, ami Mrs. CroM departed ester
da j for Nebraska, where Mr. Oro's will look
after hli landed InttrfvtK
Circuit Clerk I.. I.aurent of J-rpeyvllIe has
applnted GeorKO it. Eaton chlif deput. to suc
ceed l'red J Laurent, who has resigned to ao
tept a po.ltlon with the National Bank of
Commerce in M Louts.
Th rpworth Leamii of the Klrt II E
Church at Jerseyvllle caie an enjojabla social
latt tvcnlng on the church lawn
The Grafton Red btockinjts and the RoiedaU
Cadets lasebalt team will plav a frame on Hun
daj at Hosedalo fcr a puree of $100. The teams
have met twice before thl season, each win
ning a s;aine by a single run
A platform dance and picnic will be given
at Maguire's Ford, southwest of Jerseiville, on
Saturday evening.
becretarl (Jtorue II Seaco of the Jereyvltle
Building. Loan and Homestead Ahso'l-itlon has
Just issued the semiannual statement of the
condition of the a-soctatlon In which the assets
aio given at J37.173 33. and profits at S15.4J2 3).
with due accounts amounting to $1,Z12.2S: con
tingent fund of 31.0W. and untamed premium t.f
J1.4i it.
It.-ipid : row tli of the Trl-CItlcs Made
This Step .VeceMiarj.
The real estate dealers of tha Trl-Cities
yesterday formed a Real Estate Exchange
to better facilitate the increasing business
of the town?.
The exchange will Inaugurate a sjstem
of exchanging information in reference to
tenants for the protection of the respective
The officers elected were: J. G. Shelton.
president: Frederick I'lerce. first vies pres
ident, Htnry Robison. second vice pres
ident; George E. Cloudy, secretary; Thomas
F. Lev den. treasurer.
Mwnbers of the different cities are: Ven
ice, Henry Robinson. John Ffchte, Jr.. and
R. J. Brown; Granite City. W. H. NIed
rlnghaus, Thomas F Lev den, C D. Mc
Casland. J. C. Relntges and WHIoughDy
ic Whltten; Madison. J. C. Hlndc, Fred
erick I'lerce, J. G. Shelton. J. L. White
side, Frank Thomas and Cloudy Brothers.
Improvement of Watervrorks.
Exten-ive improvements are being mada
at the Waterworks at Granite City. Th
settling basins are being overhauled and a
10-lnch line is being laid to Madison and
Venice to re-enlorce the supplj of those
Xrsv Lodge Oi-Kimlzed.
A lorize of the Itoval Arcanum was or-
Klhizfrd labt night at Tulley's Hall In Gran-
ite Citv. The new organization has a mem
bership of about fortj M. C. McHugR.
past Grand Regent of Chicago, was install
ing officer. The lodge was organized by W.
S Elliott of St. Loui
Real dilate Tramfers.
Real estate transfers filed for record with
County Recorder Charles Haefele at Belle
ville yesterday were.
Louisa Muskopf and huiband to C L. Efchuff.
lots C8 to 70. Randleman s first addition, MHI
stadt; warranty deed. 51.
A. M. Beckwlth and wife to J D Date. lot
Its. block 4. Lovlngstoo'e addition, East fct. Louis,
warrant j deed. ISiJ.
P. VV AM and wife to Kats V. Grtffen. let
K. block 210, East bt. Louis; warranty deed,
G J. Kobuich nnd wife to East St Louis Elec
trio Railway Coir.parj. lot 2. block 3. Beacon
Heights, Wlnstanlej Park: quitclaim deed. SI.
Same to L. C Hajnei. lot 4 southeast quarter
section 35. township 2 north 9; quitclaim deed. Jl.
Same to Fat St IxjuIs and Aiburban Railway
Companj. block 10. Beacon Heights. Wlnstanley
Park: oultcla'm deed, il
Same f St LouU and Belleville Electric Rail
way Companj-. strip in lot 4, section So. town
ship 2. north, quitclaim deed tl
Ilelra of Barbara King to Margaret Schen
meizler. part of lot 2u. block 17, Eerrj division,
Eat St. Louis; quitclaim deed. itvO
Marj" C Lovlngtton to C E Gennez. lot SI
Ijorlnzston's addition. East St Louis, warranty
deed. Jl. tuo
R, W hlkking. trustee and wife to II. R.
West, .lot 4. block 2. Efflnger place. East St.
Ixtuls, warranty deed. S1.G00
Same to E J West, lot 6 and 7, block L same
addition warranty deed. 1700
VV K. Murphy and wife to Lelghton-Howard
Steel Compan), part blook 31. Clarem's addi
tion. New Brighton: wa.rantv deed. 510.000
Mary C. Lmlngton ti. A M Beekwith. part of
lot 15&. Lovinrston addition. East St Louis; war-
rant deed. zw
Peter Voelllnfter and wife to Emll nreehnitz,
lot 2. Voellinrer place, warranty deed. J2W.
&ime to G Brechnltz. lot 1. as above, warran
ty deed. $:n0
J D Gednev and wlft to Julius Flemlnc, part
of lots 8, 3 and 10. block 2. Lln-oln Place, East
St Loui warranty deed. S1.S0..
Peter Theobold and wife to G W Ltsoher. et
al . part of lot ft section 31. township 1 north 6.
warranty deed. 11.000
Nellie Codv an.t husband to William raj-. lot 4.
block 27. Ent St Louis, quitclaim deej. Jl.
Harriet Monk and huijand to ame. lot 11. 12.
bloek 27. Kat St Iouls warrantv deed $4 uOO
Nellie Codv b; n- to ot 4. b'ock 27,
Eat St. Louis, mast. deed. 7S7.I1.
William Taj aim wilt .. . & St L. Ry
Co. lots 11. 12, block 27 East St. Louis; war
ranty deed. II
Same to amo lot 4, block 27. East St Louts;
warrantj deed, Jl
C E Hull and wife to me. lot 1, 2 an I 3.
block 27 Fast St. Louie, warranty deed. S.enO
Rosa Pendergast to same. lot 9. block 27, East
St Lou!. quitclaim deed, St GOO.
ame to ane undluded 3-C irterest let b. block
27. &st St Louis warranty deed. JI.S0O.
Louie Vadden Ellen and wife to same, lot 6.
block 27, Eat St Louis, warrarty deed. S2 0oo
Ellz Vanrten Elzen to fa-ne. lo 5, blo-k 27,
East St. LouU. warranty deed $3.00"
Michael Cunntneham and wife tn stme. lota 7
and 8. block 27. East St Lout, warranty deed.
IlellevlIIe cvvji oles.
The engagement has been announced of George
Kloess and Miss Bina Scltaab
MI.s Emma Bishop 1 visiting her sister, Mrs.
Ward Lane, of Alton. HI
Doctor Harris and family are entertaining
the Reverend and Mrs. E. W. Clews of Fischer,
The Helnzelminn Carriage Company of Belle
ville has incorporated with a capital stock of
The Young People's- Society of St. Paul's
Church gave a musical last night
The Board of Education held a meetlne last
night for the purpo-t of allvwing the saliries
of teacher and emplojes for the month of June.
The member of the fct Louis Florl.ts' As
pociation wete the guests of the Bellevlhe flor
ists yesterf'ai.
Springfield and Mis Delia Allmoml of lood
luiu.se; nnd Chnrlts Reynolds and Mi.'-9
May Stewart both of l'ekin
Marshall. Mr.. June 19. Mr Charles II.
Wilson anfi Miss Martha E Williams, both
of Napton, were married here to-day.
Monett. Mo., June 19. Miss Helen Kreycr
of Tjerce City and Mr. John Saxe ot Monott
were married last night at the home of the
bride's parents, the Reverend J E. Rabb,
offl elating.
Duquoin. III.. June la Mr. I.. S. Leonard
of Carbondalc and Mrs Lula Rodman,
daughter of Doctor D. W Dunn of this
cltj, were married at 8 o'clock this even
ing at the home of the brldf's father by the
Reverend G. E. McCammon of tho Metho
dist Church
Fayette, Mo., Juno 19. Mr. R W. Thomp
son and Miss Ethel May McKre. living at
Fayette, were married by the Reverend L.
r. Sicoleff of-Fajette.
Evansvllle, Ind., June 19. Mrs. John
Smith died to-day nt her home at Posey
vllle, Po3ey County. Her husband was
formerly Commissioner of Posey County
and one of the best known Democrats in
Southern Indiana.
Mattoon, 111.. June 19. Joseph Tavlor. 71
years old, a pioneer former of Whitley
Creek, died yesterdaj-.
Pana. 111.. Jure 19. Rumsev STnithson. i
wno oreanizea anu ount tne -vtetnoaisv i
Episcopal Church, South, In 1S59, died to-day
in jaansnem.
Mattoon, HI.. June 19. Mrs. William,
Cooper, wife of a prominent Illinois Cen
tral engineer, died last night. The burial
will be at Grandvlew, Ind.
aj.-.-i -.-v--,,"-E.-.'.,s
5 mum tusp,
PP fill
Good Returning on Trains Including Sunday, Juno 22.
Arrivals and Departnres of Trains at
Lulun Mntinn.
.Saturday and Sunday
tDaily except Sunday
(Sunday only
tt3aturda only.
liFxiept Monday
Dally eiceptaaturday.
II. A U.
S-W. R. It.
Train. DeDart- Arrive.
Cincinnati. Louisville. Wash
ington. Baltimore. Philadel
phia and New York Ezpre-s '2.05 am 'ltSS pra
Cincinnati. Louisville. Pitts
burg. Washington. Baltimore.
Philadelphia and New Voric
Tast Mall "8 05 pm I:2? am
Cincinnati Accommodation .. f7.44 am t'- pa
Cincinnati. Luu!. vllle. Pitts
burg. Washington. Baltimore.
j-niiaaeiphla and New YorK
Roj-al Blue Limited "1 CO am
Flora Accommodation t5 4d pm
Flora Accommodation lS-o$a-n
Flora Accommodation JC Uora
5 43 pm
;10.32 am
vest uaaen ana rrenen u:ck
Springs, via Monon Itoute .. 9 00 am "SMS pm
For Hannibal. H A St.
Depart. Arrive.
point-. Qulncv, Keokuk and
. 2:33 am J 3 P-n
Local to Hannibal -7: am 's:za pm
For Qulncj and North f-4lam fS-25 Pm
For St. Paul. Minneapolis, via
East hldo line. Illinois and
Wisconsin 'S 01 am 'llMpm
The Burlington-Northern Pa
cific Express, for Kansas
Cltj, St. Joseph, Northwest
Nebraska. Black Hills, Wjo
ming, Montana, VA ashington,
Pttget Sound, Portland and
Oregon 00 am 7:lam
Twin Cltj Express, for Minne
apolis, at. Paul and Iowa ... -lopm -lOp-a
'ine icDraska - Colorado Ex
press for Denver. Colorado.
tah and Pnelfl.. f-nn.t via
Bt Josenh . ... . . . 5-tS nm 5.33 nm
Local to Burlington 7.40 pm 4:S3 am
For Northern Iowa, St. Paul
and Minneapolis 7:40 pm I 6 ZS am
For Illinois via East Side Una
to Rock Island and Clinton,
Iowa S:2I pm 7-10am
Fcr Dubuque and La Crosse .S::l pm U7:10 am
For Kansas utj. Council i
Bluffs. Omaha. St. Joseph,
Denver, Nebraska, Colorado.
Utah and Pacific Coast S.OO pm 7:19 am
Local for Hannibal . n 1J am
For Alton Leave 7-41 a m , dallj ; S 01 a. m ,
dally, 10 3 a. m.. dallj: 1.30 p. m.. except Sun
day; 3.00 p. m . except Sunday; 5:05 p. m , sxc-pt
Sunday; 5 50 p. m . dally, 7.40 p m . dai'.j. S.II
P. m . dally: 11. IS p m . Sunday onlv
RAILWAY (.C, F. A. ST. L.)
Train. D-part. Arrive.
Fishermen's Special JS:k am 7 3) pm
Commuters' Express ti.tfipm 17 5-) am
Peoria. Sprlngdeld and Orafton
Express . . S:Ham 7:21 ptn
Alton. Chautauqua and RIehl..JU.46 pm Jtl.27 pm
Springfield. Alton and Jerej-
vllle 14.36 pm 10.53 am
Alton. Clifton Terrace and
Grafton 17.35 amttl0.55 pm
Sprlngtleld. Jerseyvlile and
Grafton t6:45 pm 10. am
Chicago Tratim.
Train. Depart mtIv.
The Alton Limited J:04 am "7-23 pm
Prairie State Express 112:02 pra t 12 pm
Palace Express : 0) pm T;liin
Midnight Special 11:40 pm S:10 am
Kansas City Trains.
Train. Depsrt. Arrive.
Missouri State frvpr-ss '5:04 am 6 41 pm
Kansas City Limited 10:O0 pm 7:0S am
Local Trains.
Train. Depart. Arrive.
Springneld Accommcdvtlon .... S.04 am
Jacksonville Accommodation., .t3.ll am t:44 pm
Peoria Limited tslol am t7 25 pm
Sorinafield. Capital Cltv Flyer. t50 Dai '10 35 am
Jacksonville, via ItooJnouse... 15 oo pm 10.3 am
Springneld and Jack.cnviue. 2:i3 pm . .. .
bprlngneld bpeclal J10.3S pm
Alton Special
..:U:30 pm
Train. Depart Arriv e.
Arkansas and Texas Express
(via Bismarck and Delta) .. . 8.00am 7.1Spm
Arkansas and Texas Fast Mall
(via Bismarck and Delta) ... 8:40 am 7.00 am
Train. Depart, Arrive
Vahey rirk Accommodation... t.5i am 110:30 am
Valley I'aik Accommodation... J! 3J am J!:15 am
Pacinc Accommodation - .8.30 ara tl:3pm
Texas and Kansas Mail, for
Paris. Dallas. Lnnls. Hous
ton, Galveston. Carthage. Jop
l!n and Wichita . . . . 'S 45 am 7 00 pm
Pacific Accommodation . . 11 10 pm 110:23 am
Vallej Park Acommo-latlon.. . Ill JS pm 114.30 pro
Meteor and World's Fair Spe
cial, for sp-lngfleld. Carthsa-.,
Joolln. Wichita. Vlr.lta. Okla
homa. Denison. Sherman. Dal
las Fort VVortl. Waco and
Brownwood , ... 2 10 pn '1V-A am
Valley Park Accommodation 14-10 pm t:4) am
Pacific Acccznmocatlon . ... 15 24 rm 17:43 am
Vallej Park Accommodation -. 1fi:3) im tc-15 pm
Valley Park Accotrmodation . 1720 pm IZJopui
Texas and Kansas Limited, for
Eureka Springs. Fort Smith,
Pixls Dallas. Creenllle, Bi
ns. Corslcana. Houston. Gal
veston. Austin. Stn Antonio.
Carthage. Joplln. VAlchlta.
Burrton and the West . .. 'StJopm 7:23 am
"W estern Express, for Spr ne
field. Vlnlta. Denison 8her-r-an.
Oklahoma Carthage
Joplln and Neodesha 10 0V pm cT.ISam
Train. Dtpart, Arriva.
Texas Fast Mall, to Little
Rock. Texarkana. Dallas,
Fort Worth and bilene.. .. 3 05 am 7:35 pm
Delta. Columbus and Cairo Ex
press . .'S-OOam 735pm
Fast Day Express Dallas,
Fort Worth. Austin. San An
tonio. Houston and Gaheston 3.21 pra -lOpra
Texas. Mexico and California
Special Dallas. Fort Worth.
El Paso, Los Anreles. Gal
veston. San Antonio and La
redo i 'StSOpm 7:20am
Memphis Exrress . 840 pm 7-fom
De Soto and Bismarck Accommodation-.
- ... 530pm 8:10 am
Northern Lines.
Train. Depart. Arrive.
Northern Illinois Express
Springfield. Freeport and Du-
buaue 7:"2 am :40 pm
Peoria and Springfield UI:30am 17.00 pm
Chicago Daylight Special ll-3'l am -iWpm
Springfield Accommodation. ... 4:45 pm 10 40 am
Chicago Diamond Special... . 910 pm 724 am
Soathern Lines).
Padpcah Mall ard Express
Muiphysboro, Carbondalc and
Marion 7:20ani
7.24 pm
New Orleans Fast Mall Cairo.
itempnis. jaciiwn. Tenn .
and Texas Express. Nash
ville. Atlanta rata Jackson
ville .. .
St L4u-ji Sp-clal Cairo. Mem
8.12 am 7:"4 pra
phis and New Orients . . 8.12 am
Accommodation Murnnvstoro.
5:16 pm
Marlon. Cairo. Sparta and
Chester 14.50 pm 11:32 am
Aicommodvtlon Murphj sboro.
Marlon and Creal Sprim-. . 'LSOpm 1132 am
New Orleans Limited Cairo.
Memphis. Dlx'e F'yer Nash
ville. Atlanta and Jackson-
H'e - 10.15 pm 6.52 am
Train. n.nD.
Indianapolis Express 17.3 am
New York and lio'ton Limited. S .Man
Knickerbocker special New
t-3 pm
8.4 pm
lork. Botnn Washington,
Baltimore, and Phlladelphla..l2 noon :4S pm
Mattoon acd Alton Accommo- v
aation . . .. .... , .... 14E5nm
9:46 am
xjos-on.. ,ew iwr vancinnati. ;
vvasaingtcn, Baltimore and
t-t-'ianeipni-. 1130 pm 7:30am
i.incinnau repress C nm (list
Alisn-lrfaves IO-.TO a m .j.c irrlte.
8:eo a. m.. 1:43 d. m.
persons were wounded In a fight at the
meeting; of the Richelleu'Club, n neCTO or
tanization. at Twenty-second and Market
streets, last nichL Edward -Pniu. anri Ahe
Tolliver are at the Cltv Hos-oltal MifTerimr
rum vuunus wnicn may rt'Ult fatally.
The affray gTew out of a jealous quarrel
ttuu uuuii t-cvuine general.
CASTOR I A rerfefaotsandCfcidns.
Ihs Kintl You Have Always Bought
-tf5,w -:- , a Ss-.-
Trains of Friday, June 20th.
(V la Wabaah.)
I Train. Depart. Arrive.
M-ill and Express ti-4'ara tlltlOana
i Mail and Exuress T5.05 Dm 6:lDca
I -
Tnln Depart. Arrtn.
Florida Limited via Nashville.
Atlanta and Macon 4.16 pm 1.30 pia
Tatt Mall Evanavllle. Nash
ville. Birmingham. Montgtm-
erj Chattanooga. Atlanta.
Mobile New Orleans and
Jacksonv Hie. Tla . Charles-
ton CC t.2Jam 7a! pm
Southern Express to Evan-j-
Vllie, Nashville, Birmingham,
Mobile. New Orleans. Ihori-
aevllle, Jacksonville. Palat-
ka Ocala and St. Peters-
burg. Fla 5j pra 7.20 aim
L.. H. & ST. L. RY. (Henderaon Route.)
Train Depart. Arrive.
Fan Mali Owenstoro. Clover
port. Loulsv die and the East. S.23am 7a5 pra
Eastern Expres Onenhoro.
uioverport. i.oulsvnie ara in
Eusa 'S.ljpm
7.23 ara
M., K. A T.-"T1IE 1CTYV
Train Depart. ATnva
Jefferson City. Columbia. Boon-
vllle. Setialla. Fott Scctt
Indian Territory and Texas
Exrres ... 'S-lSam -llpn
"The Katv FIjer." for Dal
las. firt Worth. Houston.
(lalveston. San Antonio.
Mexico City and Intermediate . ....
points S-32pra 77 an)
Jefferson Cltv. Columbia. Boon-
vllle. Sedalla. Karsas. lndisn
Territory ard Texas Exp'e-s 11:45 p-n Joans
Mlwourl, Kansas lrdlan Ter-
rltory and Oklahoma I'lifr... t:32 pm 7:27 ata
Train Depart. Arrive.
Tr-ilrs No 2 and 21. New
York. Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Wa.hlnston Spe- cal . . S:44 am 6:40 pia .
Indlarapolls and New Yo-k . I
Locrl :;(! am 75:00 pm
New York Limited . ! 0V pm lJ0pnx
Colunbus and Eastern Expres. 8.15 pm 7:12 am 1
Vardalla Accommcdatlcn . 3:C0pm S:18am
Indltnipolls ard New York
Expre.1. HJSpm :40pni
rait Mall 2-40 am 2-0Sani
Indianapolis and St Louis Lo-
cal. Sunday onl 7r23 pm
Train Depart.
Southern Fpeppii 8:16 am
St Louis and Florida IJmlted
t Louis a-d Florida Llmlt-d 'S 23 pm
7:04 pra
7:56 ami
jiui viii swru. Sparta v nerer
and Percy Accommodation . 5 JO rtn IlaT4 am
Train Depart. Arrive:.
Fast Mall TOO am '10 K pm
Ical Expre-s . . . :. -7J3am 5.50 pm
Daj- Express Kati.ts i-v
I'u-blo Denver Salt Lake
City and San Francl'co 9-00am CO pm
Washington Voeommodttlcn 1323 am 7:5J am
St Joseph Joplln. V Ichlta and
Kansas Limited, and South
west Missouri . . . S:10 pm 72 am
Kansas and Colorado Expre.s .10:10 pm 7:10 am
Creve Coeur Lake trains leav e T7nfon stAtlon at
C15 a. m. S.U a m. 11:20 p. m.. S35 p. m..
7-31 p m
Oak Hill trains-1-ave Union Station at 16.18 a.
m . 110 10 a m . 15.00 p m. and 6 Jo p. m.
Klrkwood trains leave Union Station at 1700 a.
m. Jl ' p m.. l.ta p in. (Saturday only), 1I:W
P m C 25 p m
Train. Depart. Arriva.
The Beit Special 16.16 am t5:5p-n
Princeton. Louisville, Lexing
ton and way statlcn. Chat
tanoozs r.n tlnnta Ma
con and points In the South
ast . '7:40 am '6:38 pm
Mount Vernon Accommodaticn 16.04 pm 1931 ara
Princeton. Lvjl. vllle, I,-lne
ton and way station". Knox
ville Asbeville. Chattanooaa.
Rome. Atlanta. Aui-u.ta. (
Charlestor. Macon and all
points In Flirlda and the
Southeast . 3-16pn :X tm
(I'riuil Ilniou Station.)
Train Depart. Arrive.
101 and 1"2 Mall and Exprf
Belle, Jlo.. and lnterm-dlate
points .... u:16am 6.S5 pta
10.1 and 104 Accommodation
Union. Mo , and intermediate
points C-0S pm 7:4S am
105 Accommodaticn B-'le. Mo .
ard Intermediate point.. Frl
daj Saturdaj and Sundaj .. 6 0 pm
10R Accotnmoitatlon I e If, Mo.,
and intermediate rol t. Sat
urday, sundav and Monday 7.48 ara
107 and 103 Crete Coenr Local. ! pm '5:15 pra
(See Q.. P. A St. 1.'
Eabtbourd Leave Eighth find Gratiot streets,
dslly 1 ti 5 11. 6:23 p m Except Sunday. 4 01.
6:16 7.37. 8:51 1).0 11:19 a. m.; 12:08. 2:46. 4:00.
8:02 P. m Aiturdaj- and Sunday only 11:41 p. m
Sundaj onlj 5-1. 7 05. 9.C9 a. m ; 12:3. 11:41
p m
ave Washington Avenue, daily 1:46. 5.15. 6
p m Except Sund-iy. 4-ns. 621. 7:41. 8:35, 10:0.
11-23 a m . 12 12. 2-V). 4.1'4. 8r)6 p. m. Saturday
and Sunday onlj 1145 p m. Surday onlj 528.
7.03 913 a m . 12-. 11.45 p. m
Westbound Iave Granite Cltv, dally 2:12,
7:12 p. m Except Sunduy. C15 t..OI. 7 02, 8:14.
9 23. 10.42 a m . 110. 3.23. 4:35. S--5. 7:12. s:17
p m. Saturday nnl 12:15 p. m Stunday only
iz.ij. 5.do. s.ou. lja , m.: iio p. m alonday
.do. b.w. ui -i. m.; i iu p. m uonaay
2:ls a m Except Saturday C:42 p m.
e Madlon. Dally 2:17. 7:17 p m. Except
-C.13. 6 C8. 7:06. 8 :1S. 9:22. 10.45 a. m.; 1:15.
only j.tja
2.17. i.27. 4 40. ti 02. 7:17. 9 21 n m. Saturday
only 4:58 p m Sunday only 12:20. 6:00, 8-05
10 .b5 a.
1.15. 5:46 p. m. Monday only 12:20
Train. Depart. Arriv.
"The Commercial Traveler"
Toledo. Buffalo and New York 720 pm 'Itlo am
Toledo and New York Express. 8 00 am V-CS pnx
Ramsey Accommodation.... ... 4-S2 pm 3:3s anx
Eastern Lines.
Train. Depart.
Continental Limited Detroit-
Niagara Falls. Buffalo. New
York and Boston 300 ara 7:15 pta
Toledo. Detroit. Niagara Fall.,
Buffalo New Tork and Bos
ton Express 830 pm '7:23 813
Toledo. New Tork and Boston
Fast Mall Iiisa-a Mata
Midnight Limited-Detroit. Uuf-
taio. ew vorK ant Boston.. . '1132 pm 2:00 pn
iweuu UKat x.xp-e-;-(............ -i24 atn -Vwpta
tuii-BKn -.me
Banner Express Chicago 9 22 am 7:03 pm
Banner Llmlte d-Chlogo OS pm 7:2J am
Midnight Llm'ted Chicsro UJ2 pm 'S-Mmm
Kansas Clt-v Line.
Kansas City Express "i-HOam
Kansas catv Fast Mall 2:15 pm
Kansas city Limited iiis pm
Northwestern Lines.
From Union Station
Council Bluffs and Cmaha Ex-
Pre-. 7:40am
oo pm
1 50 ara
6.50 am
Cannon Ball-Omaha -l-SOpm 705ai--i
Ottumwa and Des Moines Ex
Press 3 00 am 00Bni
Ottutrwa. D. Volnes and
Minneapolis Limited "-7.S0 ppj 't: sra
Loral Train. '
West Moberly and Kansas
City Loca '7:0 am 6:Snpra
Moberly Local '505 pm ll:10ara
East Decatur Isal '4:18 pm 11:M is
snnnruan i rains.
St Charles
.11 1:30 pm l:0Spia
t '-.iniorh parK
, Ferguscn ...
I Ferguson ......
1 Ferguson
1 From Olive S'l-eet Station
I St. Chsrles
id. is. pro ..........
"2:45 pra 4-OKpmt
2:40 pm tS:40pni
18:20 am
210:20 ara
.'11:00 am l:45i-ra
. 1J: pm 18.00 ara
St. Charles
Klntn. h
ts.vi am
.. 14:15 pm
1140 am
Brldgeton t6:4S am 46-lODra
Fervu.on '850 am "lOtsa am !'
Klnloh Park '1-K lira 1
Tsani.r-ln . .. ' 4 . s-sm 4e-M IHIIW '
s.ts 1 f.u UU tf
living at No. SlrJ North Fifteenth street, wu
Injured by be"nR thrown from his won
yesterday afternooh. His horse tecama
frichtened while standing in front of Con
nell's home, ran away and crashed into
the fence or Carr Park. Connell suffered a
fractured nose and several bruises about
the head.
Boars tha
,i - ,jt; ,?Tf-iar j-w".
t jf-C--'- J-,' sV-3o-31'?W''
I f
5 i ?
Me X. '
4 Ef
T 1
,3 o
i r
" r
1 ' f
A? i
Wl L

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