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Browns Lose to Pliilacldpin.
Cardinals Win From Pittsburg
South Breeze Beaten By arro.
Arrangements for Block-Ryan Fight.
Herbert Won at Sheepshead Bay.
Denver Seems Closed to Pugilists.
. 1.
.. I
Five Favorites Beaten in a Row
Wild Plunges on Sweet Dream
and Menace.
South Breeze Is Carried Wide in
tlie Stretch and Cut Down
Reducer Runs a
Good Race.
Everybody Quit racing at
Grounds yesterday and looped
Every ono was stood on his head and aU
tho money shaken out of his trousers
rockets. It is hard luck, but It Is fun at
t.. e.. e .t. m..t... 1.1...1
wmb. lull ui Hie xtigic niitu. I
Such a. lav of UDsets. Tha form flayers I
began all right In tho first raee. The "p;ood
thins" hitters fro tvronjr. The dopo sa.73
Maverick. Tim pipe tpells Clato Hell, who
tats oats next to the hoodoo bruto rcttl
jihn. They get off well Mets, Clate Boll
and -Maverick. They no 100 yards and Dom
Inlck on Metz hits Clate Bell a clout, and
GIvens throws her head acalnst the sky.
She Is done. Metz did not liko It either and
quit. Maverick, backed from 2 to 1 to 3 to
2. walked homo.
All right so fat. Then tho fun ljegins. Up
jro tho prices on the second race. Som-3
book hung out 6 to 1, Sweet Dream. As tor
rents sweep across Niagara's brink, so
swept the suckers for that 6. Louie Cella let
Handsome" Cazzolo put up 13 to 1. A tidal
wave was a mere scrub woman's slopping
compared to tho rush for this grape luiee.
Out come the chamois and every mother'
ton, who Is making prices, breaks his elbow
"Come and bite it!" bawls Virginia Car
rol, chalking up 2 to L It was a good day
for fishing. They did not bite it. They ate
it, the famished fools. They forgot that
Sweet Dream was sick, as The Republlo
told them, and that she likes seven fur
longs better than six.
Ilcaiichanip Fools Singleton.
They got off. Sinfl and Santa Ventura In
front and Sweet Dream third. It looked
like It Is In for Sweet Dream with that
brace of quitters to beat.
"Sho breezes," says Johnnie Powers, who
trains her.
"Her on the bit," quoth Comto de Mar- I
cos Uumberts. who owns her.
"D'ye really think she will win. Goom
berts'f" asks Jack Sheehan, fondling a big
ticket on her.
"Win? Why, she's In." said Mr. Gum
berts. He breaks to get in line behind
Charley Cella's book, so as to get It quick
and bet it all back 6n Menace. More of
this anon.
Santa Ventura quit at the head of the
stretch. Sinfl Is looking for a chance to
stop, but don't get it. On comes Sweet
Dream like a wild horse. Beauchamp on
Sinfl leaves a j-mall opening between him
and the rail. Singleton on Sweet Dream
cannot ride except In front- He sees the
trap and runs Sweet Dream Into It. Beau
champ wept for joy and put the clamps on
him. Sweet Dream was cut off, loses three
lengths, pulls out, cornea again and Is beat
en a neck.
3r "Murder!" shouts Mr. Gumberts, running
back from the cat-bier's end.
"Well, I'll be " said Johnnie Powers.
"She's In, Goomberts?" said Mr. Sheehan.
"Aye. Is she, in the hole, bad cess to her,
and me betting the price av a whole funer
al an her."
Judge Brady has Beauchamp up In the
stand and lectures him about fouling.
Beauchamp was getting paid for winning
on Sinfl. and that Is what he did. He is
paid $3,509 a year for making suckers out
of prairie riders like Singleton. It was
Singleton who should have been bowled
out for being a joko and a mark.
Does Not Like O'Connor's Hiding.
Meanwhile. Gil Curry Is raving over the
ride Louis Wagner gets from Jerry O'Con
nor. T"agner always runs In front that is,
always, except yesterday. When a lot of
cheap dogs were making the pace ho was
running in the ruck, as if he had canal
boats on instead of plates.
"Hughey." said Gil to Hughey McCarren,
"what kind of a lido was that Jerry gave
"A divil av a folne ride, begob, Gil," says
Hughey. "He don't give nothln" no other
"Pardon me. Huehev." remarked tha
mild and miserable Mr. Curry. "But, really.
If Jerry was pulling he could not have lid
den worse. "Of course, he was doing his
best, but it was very bad, Mr. McCarren.
Why, my horse has led the best handicap
sprinters at this track. Why should he not
lead a pack of hounds like this?"
"Arrah bo nlsy man. bo alsy," cries Mc
Carren. "Llsshen to the gray-haired ould
divil, will ye? Here I glvo blm Jerry and
starve 'the poor loomp av a child eo that
lie makes the weight and thin they tell me
they don't get a good ride. Now, Jerry
med tho weight to ride Gil's barse. which I
ruther see win than me own, and here he's
ridln" Winepress and Glinwood for me an"
him as wake that he couldn't push a cat
aft a sthool. It's me that won't get tho
ride, for the child ain't strong enough,
though redoocln to rldo that bagle av Gil's
and mm roasthln me and me bhoy. Be
me sowl I'll slnd the dog catchers to Cur
ry's barn and It's Louis Wagner In the
pound be marnln.' "
Gets tho Gooda With Winepress.
Jerry certainly got tho goods with Wine
press. Mr. Fixer has Menace In here. She
seems to be out of her class, and every one
who has a dollnr left after biting at Vir-
flnta Carroll on Street Dream plays
lenace. They figuro it is another
case of Ida Ledford and Loona last week.
Off come the belts and down go the
bundles. Menace la 1 to ID, -Winepress fi
to 1.
All's well to the clubhouse turn. Here
O'Neill thinks Menace Is full of hot air. He
tries to run Audiphone through her. Audi
phone cuts her hind legs loose and bumpsj
himself out of It. Menace gets mad. Is
hurt and stops. Audiphone loses lengths,
but comes again. Meanwhile Jerry Is pollte
lv conducting Winepress in second place be
hind Ermack. When ho gets to the stretch
he sets Winepress down. She walks home.
Ermack is second, Audiphone third. Menace
McCarren had three stacks of blues nlaved
to the limit across the board. Mr. Fizer
sneaks tip in tho stand and sits down very
white, livery one sits aown witn mm and
looks white. All except McCarren. It's him
up the quarter stretch, dealing himself cards
with both hands.
Varro Is Lucky In the- Handicap.
Theij comes the handicap. South Breeze
figurcB a pipe. She is 6 to K. Varro Is S to
1. Glenwood is second choice at 3s and
Lingo had friends at ps. Bar Glenwood, It
was a good start. He gets off badly. South
Breeze hangs so close In the early part that
she seems a certain winner, for she can
close ground in the stretch. There Is a jam
on the flrat turn and every one is bumped
and Jumped on. except Varro, who Is out in
Tront. They keep on bumping all tho way
around, all save Varro, who is safe In
front, Glenwood gets hit at every step. So
does Oudenarde. who runs a bully race,
first ouL Varro breezes, beating South
Breeze a neck. The luck of it. A week ago
South Breeze comes in on the roil, cuts
through several small openings and hands
Lady Strathmore by a neck. Yesterday
Ransch takes her outside. The field swings
very wide, she Is taken to the fence and
cut down. Glenwood. with the blues down
again, and Jerry up, runs last In a dirty
slow race.
"Mav the divil fly ascay wld me." savs
McCarren as he tears up his pack of cards,
"if ivir I let Jerry rayjuee to ride agin.
Shure, If he was at himself he would have
lifted the horse through that' lot. But I
atharve the child to let him. ride Louis Wag
ner for Gil, and here ye gK the divll's own
tbank3 for yer throuble."
Bad Rldo Beats Lofter.
Found, with forty miles in 1:40 under her
corset during the last month, is tired, sore
and worn when sho comes out for the fifth
race. But they bite again. Miss. Golightly,
a sprinter, stands easy at 2 to 1. They fly
to Lofter at 4 to L Down they hammer
him to 2s. with Higglns up. How Ulggina
got up no one knows. He had an awful
time stavlnc up. In fact, he was like the
Z- .JX.t ,J
Judge, p. a. Brady; starter, O. B. Dade. Weather, cloudy; track fast.
t" First race, purse $100. for 2-year-olds, four and one-halt furlonss.
wt. s. u
305 1 In-
3S S 3"
100 6 4
105 2
100 -S '.'
102 7
10S i
105 i e
j.lack Young ...
IJean Gravler ..
IClate Hell
(Helen Hay
lnen Lear
lNettle Black ...
Start rood. Won easily; second same. Winner. .T. D. Hearing's ch. jr.. - by Tom Paxton
KIdira. iliverlck broke smartly. There was a tar.de on the first turn which threw Mctz and
elate Hell, who were contenders with ilaverlck for the le:d out of It. lie never was In danger
. thereafter. Clate Bell ran a good race after teias palled up la the tangle. Jletl Is a good looker.
had speed, but stopped.
Time :C5H. :lS5i. :J0. :H. :. :iz.
jZOki Second race, purse tlOO. for 3-year-olds and upward, siv furlongs.
Ind. HORSES Wt. S. y H i S. F. Jockeys. Open ICIoseT PL
123 IRinfl (4) 105 4 rii 5' : 115 neaiichamp. 3 9-2 2
22 Sweet Dream (41... 102 5 Sl ." 1 3' 2 Iftatleton .... 2 3 I
214 ILouls Waener (S).. 95 2 Hi tnkl 5' InoIJ. O'Connor.. 3 9-2 s-5
229 JLItty O. (5) 105 1 4 4 4' 41J T. O'Rrlwi... C 8 3
CC) Santa Ventura (O. 102 3 1" 1J 14 D O'Neill 5 S 7-2
217 Bertha Nell 7.. 102 C S M S' C PcUlly 40 O 2)
2)7 iMr. Mulkey fl).... 102 31 11 11 F" 7h Newcomb ... 3 2') 12
142 IHaiel Hujhlitt IS). 102 7 ? 6' Tl, fh Hell 33 20 7
.... Il'terp (7) 107 8 1 in" 9s ! T. Walsh.... 12 20 S
1.. Tennlson (5) 30S 11 71 7' 6h lOno W. Jone 15 4) IS
217 ll-eace OS) 107 9 8' 9U 11 11 Domlnlck ... 3? 10 4
Start (rood. Won drtvlne: second easily. Winner. J. E Dockcry's blk. m., 4. bv Loyalist
Jrrcpentance. Sinfl broke fast and was bet r!Hen. Reauchnmp made room for Sweet Dream
on the rail. Elncleton took her Into the trap and was phut off in the last sixteenth. She cam
fast on the outside then and was best. Warner ran a cood race and finished ramely. Santa
truiura una eariv speeii. out Piopp-il wnfn cnaueugeu.
Time :3S5i.
:23. :35. :.
1:01. .
2 51
Third rac. purse $100. for 3-year-olds
es Iwt.
! J m
1 S4
S- 4 H K s-
i 2' : i' 2
1 1' 1 I 1"& V
2 Ink tnkl 1 4
5 4'i 4 I 2-1 2"
3 ?nkl I' M
6 S'j 8 8
Wlneprepi (6)
Lirmark ixi
.uqipnone (2) V3
Menace m 10'.
iOrlandlne (5) 303
uochester (5) I 103
Start icood. Won cleverlv; second and third drivinc. Winner. II IcCarrrn. Jr.'s h. m.. 4.
by strtthmore romona. Wlneprcs ran a Rood race and was well ridden. Bmaclc ran her mee.
Audiphone was alraon thrown down on first turn; mide up a lot of rround and rlnished stronitlv:
he will beat better horses. Menace looked like a winner to the stretch entry, then stopped as if
shot. Orlandlne can do better.
Time :1SH. :2GV :2S4. :W5. 1.03V1. 1:15;. l'S'i. 1:42U. 1:55
Fourth race, purse K00. 3-year-olds
II netting.
HORSES Wt. S. i M B. F. Jock.ys. Open ICIoseT PL
Varro f4) loi 2 V iT I'fct 3' I 1 IB. Mathews..! 3 19-2 ( S-3
(?).!) ISouth Breeze (4)... 107 1 I 6 I f 1 2H 1 2 J. Hansen ...J 3-2 I -5 1 1-2
235 Llnto (3) M 4 2nk Snk! 3h I E I Sli IScuily .17-2 19-2 3-2
.... Oudenarde (1) 9? S 4' J4 1 :' 1 I x 'Hell I 10 I IS I 5
fK5) Glenwood (4) 103 S th 4' ! 4' I S 8 J. O'Connor..! 8 I 2 I 3-5
Start (rood for all but Olcwood. Winner. O W. Miller's ch. h . 4. by Pardee Julia Magee.
Varro was always clear of a bnmplnp field This helped him ey much. South llreese does not
rare for anything more than 100 pound: she kept unreasonably elce In esrly part but did not
reply to Ransch's vigorous handltnr- The lleld swunfc ery wide In stretch and sho came out
side. Ridden on the rail she would have won. LarjrD was in the thick of th bumplns: and was
badly rlddn. Oucenarda' Tan a Rood raco for a first out. Glenwood was oil badly and inter
fered with at every tum. .... .....
Time :06i. :19. :31i. :434. :58. lSi 1:22. l:iSS. 1:12. l:tS.
Fifth race, purso $400. selling, for
Wt. 6. U H
Ti 5 V
KQ Z Snk S'lj
I 301 1 2' 2
S4 K 4 4
100 4 S 1 E
(241) ISIlss GoIIsbtly (4)..
240 ixiiter (s
225 (found (7)
2(0 (Ken nullum (3) ...
E1 Moran (5)
Start fair. Won driving: second easily. Winner, llzer & Co-'s b. m.. 4. by Loyalist Taran
tula Hiss Gollshtly assumed a lone lead and stood a drive camcly. Lofter was much the best.
bJt was badly ridden. He was eff badly, cut oft by I ound at three-elchths. ewunir wide in
stretch and the boy was failles oft all throush the stretch. Found la stale and worn; she has
hadoOen,uchof:it.i u
Sixth race, purso 400, for - year
S. U H i B. F.
8 2 2' l'H I1
5 4'4 S'4 2 2"4
1 1 1' 2 S"
7 6h l ..-... 7 ii
3 ' Cnk S4 5'J .
S V 6i 4h C
4 V 4no 6' 7'ii
C 3i, '.' f f" (.
10 30 9 9 9 !
2 Snk I II
Reducer (8) ....
... 104
Jake Weber (5) ....I 112
Moms voumer wjt iuj
Ijj-j Ann (6) I 104
I)e nialse (6) 1V
Randazzo (7) I 309
Thrive (5) JO?
Kre,l llesslc (41....1 ivs
(I!el Apple 4) I 110
tart mod. Won easily: second dolnu her best. Inner. N. It. Tlch'nor's b. r.. 6. by
neclstcr Solitaire. Reducer, well off. was cherry rlre and won as ho pleased. Loose v. as badly
laterferedwlth when Apple fell: came very fast at finish and probably was best.
Time :12'4. :21. SC$t. :. 1:02. 1:15. 1:2S.
Irish hodcarrier, when he wasjn the middle
"he was nayther up nor down. .,,. , -
Miss Golightly sets tho pace, a block in
front of Found, who stops at the three
eighths. Lofter. running easll. Is 'Ght
behind Found. There is a smalt hole on
the rail and of course HIgglns is like tho
other Prairie State Express Singleton. It
1 thB hnls for him. O'Neill, who can do
more harm In a race than ten persons.
mutt: nam. .-.-.. ----- . i. ,..a
slings Found in on top of him and ho loses ,
live lengths. Lofter .comes again and is ,
winning wnen inef.w '"', "5 iS
w. fn wirte arnln and Hlggins almost
falls off. Again he comes
..;. ..."0- .---- -w . tt
and wants ta
I l.l. n t.nn ,Ma nilt 1
butHlggln, will not
.,.. .i ,.. ., TTti--tn irnes for his b:U.
Who commits the crime ot giving Higgln-J
a bat? Lofter's head drops and he cant
'.run. HIggins lets go ine accurecu s.
again picks up txiuers neau. " "";;,.
comes .and is winning. Again Higgins lets
go his head and grabs the thrice accursed
lad. Down goes Lofter's head and Miss
Golightly wins, quitting all over by a head.
A good boy on Lofter and he wins by m
lengths breezing. Found is third. What
a break for the books.
The carnage was about over. All of them
to Jake Weber in the last race. Reducer
has friends. So has Randazza and Red Ap
ple. Weber breaks In front and runs like
Voter to the half. Reducer gets going.
rates easily to the stretch then comes on
and cops.
Red Apple gets away badly and runs over
his horses, he has too much speed. He butts
into Loone and down he goes, throwing
Domlnlck under the fence without Injury.
Loone loses ground here, but comes fast
under a duck shooting rldo by Beauchamp.
Jake Weber is third. May we never seo
such another day.
To-Day's Fair Gronnds Entries.
First race, purse. 2-year-olds, five furlongs:
.... lias d'Or. 107
Belle of West
port 107
.... Lytalls 107
Noweta 107
24S Pathos 110
251 Araxes 103
Martin Brady.. .107.
231 Robert O. Lall-
slnc 110
.... Deer Hunter 101
.... IJaht Opera 110
211 Floyd K 103
237 Dark Mystery... 107
225 Frank Bullock.. 103
.... Gas Ushter.....ll0
Second race, selllnc six furlongs:
48 Edna Kenner... S3 111 Nellie Dawn 91
158 Lynch 6 22S Blue Mint 91
96 Aline B 108 .... nrlgand Queen.. 17
.... JIazel H li .... Fugurtha 91
170 Hurry 100 2! Macile Clopton. 94
229 Broodier 91 .... Accolade 110
2SS Has Qlft 34 1.48 Thltbe 303
Third race,
steeplechase, about s. mile and a
Sherwood ....
239 'Hesitate 12?
2S Buck O'D0wd...l27
210 Wall 337
.... Countess Clara.335
Dick Dwyer..
Pat My Boy.
John S. Bratton's entry.
Fourth race, handicap, six furlongs:
246 Soundly Wi 197 Odnor 303
221 Frank Bell 10S 192 Laura G. G W
1M Mynheer 103 1S2 Fitzkaaet 110
221 St. Cuthbert 1131
Fifth race, selling, mile and a sixteenth:
138 'Frank McDon
nell 10C
199 Pirate's Daugh
ter 105
S47 Ida Ledford Ill
33 Terra IncognltjL.111
203 Deloralne 101
223 Tenny Belle 105
218 Joe Doughty... .Ill
215 Jim Winn 105
230 Eda. Riley Ill
245 omena ..... ivi
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Sixth race, selling, seven furlongst
232 Ben O'Fall0n...lM
Dorallce 104
213 Wild Katie 104
224 namui Ia6
HI Kunjs, j..... 106
.... Eva'i Dirllng..l02
170 Macon 106
199 The Golden
Prince lei
219 Revoke 109
19S Prince Plenty... 109
237 Belle Simpson.. 108
217 Sem Lazarus. ...106
226 Joe Lesser. 107
Tha Republic's Selections.
First Race Pathos, Robert O. Lansing, Martin
Second Hace Has Gift. Acoolade, Fugurtha.
Third Race BristcL Brattcns best. Dick
Fourth Race St. Cuthbert. Fltzkanst, Frank
Fifth Race-Edx Riley. Ida Ledford. Omella.
Sixth Race Kunjs, Revoke. Prince Plenty.
Hnra Won Cincinnati Hotel StsJces
From Adelaide by a Head.
Cincinnati, O., June IS. This was the
closing day of the spring meeting of the
Latonla Jockey Club and a large crowd
was in attendance. The farewell was the
Cincinnati Hotel handicap for 3-year-olds
and up at a mUe and an eighth. The race
went to St. Hera, who was oounled with
Uledl as the Pugh entry, in a driving fin
ish. He boat Adeiante a head for the
money. The latter was undoubtedly tho
fastest horsa and would have won with a
good rider.
Weather fine; track fast. Summary:
First race, six furlongs Orla, 103 (Bonner). 7
to 2. won; Pompino. 1C2 (H. Wilson). 9 to 2. sec
ond: SUlf. 99 (Dade). 13 to 6. third. Time, 1:H4.
Weird. Btnhello. Maggfe Felix. Flop. Sky Flyer.
Little Rita. Margaret .titeele and Ben Mliara also
ran. King TaUus fclL
Second race, one mile Nugget. 99 (Dade), 2 to
1. won: Jessie Jarboe. 109 (Minder), 4 to 1. sec-
?.Krf. fr-yVr3sW4& -.?.- -5 -.gy.'I Hit :
OncnlClosel rl.
V jCV.Veill
? J. O'Connor..
3' Hell
4' Idlver.s
. INewconuj ...
6h IWatKOn
7' IKomlnlrk ....
8 IT. O'lirien....
and upward, cr.e and one-eighth miles.
! Dettlni;.
Open ICIool PI.
l"j J. (VConnor..
S lO'Nefll
4' IT. Wnl'h ...
r." J. Hansen....
C Hlirens
and upward, one and one-sixteenth mile?.
S-ycar-olds and upward, ono mile.
2' IHIqcins ..
3" lONelll ...
4' IPrulli-
5 lller
- olds and upward, seven furlongs.
Close! PL
T. O'Rrlen..
OponlCIoseT PL
S-5 31-5 I Ts
9-2 5-2 4-5
1 S-2 3-5
5 I 7 i 2
SO I 100 1 3)
1; 5
2H e-3
10.) 3
9-3 S-2
e 2
6 2
20 30
J. O'Conasr..
. Kansch ...
iven I
ond; Remp. 113 (Akor). 5 to 1, third. Time. 1.41
I oundllng. Suecassunna. Heven Belis Water
Ed,-re and Francli Kels also ran.
iiJt,?.t?cJ',ian'Ut:ap' ifurlcnEs-Jack Rat
lin. Ill (Dade). c en. won. Traxcrse, 3C0 (Castro),
f to L sfcond; Our Jessie, as (JI. WilMn). ; to jj
third. Time. 1:14- Autumn Ltaves. IlJee. Flr
lns; Line and Premus also ran.
Fourth race, the Cincinnati Hotel Handicap,
mile and an elshth (net value to winner. 11.51oi
ft Hera. 87 (Cattlste). 5 to 2. on; Adtlante. 101
'.". -" J i n. winjau; vitrei varcrave. li:
(Troxler). 3 to 1, third. Time, l.ssiv St. Hera
"J addei starter and IHedi coupled a, the Push
,....u-..,. ,j kv tf wvi.-.jau; Auroi varcrnve. liz
ii n.n- iM.ii . . rLv: "-'. ui.il
! Fifth ra. n r,rt;j h"i, "V ,1,";..
,''"1, race. Ave farlong.
w.i,. ...n. .. irui au, ah iue alio ran.
nrldal iiarch. 100 (I'irrman). 20 to
'SFK? S 'Vl'sV of IM. &
K-,H;. T,',me-1:?.v Fl3El1 of Llehtn'lnir. Not
W iElr AIIS4, flrmM Cf t. i-s-l.., ST TT11
Bessie Settle and DocUr Carr also ran.
,tF .... 5"c.e' six furlonss Sir Christopher. 107
'?"'' to 2. won: dales. 102 (Dade). 4 to C.
second; Optimo (9 (QJmore). 5 to 1. third. Tim.
vjii:.-02'' vJlm. "J?r" " JI1" iIae Way. "
Baker and John Mcniroy also ran.
Ha In
Srrtft Stakes
Gift to
New Tork. June 10. The rain of tho earlv
mornlng ruined what promised to be a gcod
day's sport at Sheepshead Bay. With Yan
kee and Old England scratched, Hatasoo
had only to gallop to win the Swift Stakes
?4 w?Ishths of,a mile. Herbert, with
126 pounds up, receled In the sloppy going
I , i: "i" Huu liie iiuru race Dy three
1 lengths. Summary: '
n S.'-"1,- ,"J.X furIog" on main track, selling;
R&lh.mJC?ct,.rn- ; ' W0I: Fcmesole. 101
IHedfern). 13 to 8, ee-cond; iillltarj- hi To'con
nor). 20 to 1 third.. Time." 1:11 3-5? The Dancer
Telescope, llinry clay Rye and Silver Plish also
e,,?? race fll'les. 2-year-old maidens, last five
furiar.es of 1-uturUy course-Gold Money no
(OCnorL U to 6. won. Blrchbrcom. 110 cSha ")?
. t?JlJ"e??.'1: Ladr Jos-phlne. no (Odom) w to
v n5,-. Tlme- 1M Uoundlne- Beauty. Bonce.
?nMett2fA.Qun ""., CWNluIlty. Sweet Jf":
r?,V 'Mif.m? ""nd Maintain. Sadie O.. WI1
Ind Er?r'a I'lS.,?' . gflr. JTklr Las.
Third race handicap, mile "and a furlonir
Jt1a?jR! 34? ' "1: lle !.. 9S (Wado).
i.1.-.Lhlri Time. 1:55 3-5. Vlncltor alio ran.
lourth race, the Swift Stakes, for 2-year-olds,
?y?.n '"I0"'- . stralEhtaway'- Hatisoo. 118
iKt?nn,or',' 1 t0 s; "n: E Mot. "I (Wonder
l's.'flit I!'S2n,: TruraP. "I ! O'Connor), 10
,,J;thl?i'Tiinc; ir- nl' tnre "artir
Trump on added starter.
Fifth race. elt!nt. (r etAnw . ...- . ..
7carSi W ''" f K7va!"iB..ic0.
v-.(ih7 or AT"' ".".-:. -""".iiB'..nime,
..-... VUB .ui,io. iittauio and a
(JOS. ChOIltA ltnsittn an.l C.t
. . wu UA.l.B
Sixth rac 2-year-olds, last five -"and a half
furlongs of Futurity coarse-Torcan. 117 (jf Mar
tin). 7 to 2. won; Alsoniv 114 (Wonderly). C to 5
second: AUielroy. 322 (Landry). 32 to i third
SJSS'.Mt5- .iHue Wbbon. Hackensack. Kick:
shaw aod Ringdove also ran.
oienin race one amj one-sixteenth mil.
tne.turf-The Rital. 305 (J. Martin). to 5 won
!2r?uSc,ei "i Odom). 8 to 5. record: Einshee
I'f.tanaK if to 1 third. Time. 1:47 i-5. Oral
and Fair Knight also ran.
To-naj-'a Shcepshend Bay Entrlr-s.
New Tork. June 19. Sheepshead Bay entries for
First race, selling, six furlongs, main track:
Tchula 11.9 nay j...
. 96
t?.'" iu weilltlon
Vcsidora. ...
Sweet Clover
Lady Holyrood....
Ohio Girl ,
Early Eve...,
Stella W
Secsnd race, mile and an eighth:
Squire Qulnne.
E&fit Kelston ..
Tho Beggar ...
White Crest ...
Anna Darling...
C. Rosenfeld...
The Guinea ...
Lady Appleby ...107
Lady Ooni 107
Adelaide Prlnee 107
Third race, five and a half furlongs of the Fu
turity course:
Wax Candle ..
Irish Lad
Blue Banner .
Colonel Tyler
Ada Nav 115
Daisy Green 115
Lady Albercraft ..'...115
Rene 113
Iml Touchwood 132
Fourth race, handicap, one mile:
Monungstda ..
Belle of Troy.,
Highlander ...
Francisco .
Keynote ..
Janice ......
Operator ..
cours? raC9, flV niJ a half furton. Futurity
Glennevls 312,racu. 112
AthL Ill O'Eelliy 112
tTiuf.r 11Z Northern Lleht ..Ill
,lli .MI1Z10 HZ
r.S J5e?v -Cil-V "2 Wienerwurst
Earl of Ytarwlck HiiByrondale ...
Sixth race, selling, mile and a quarter on turf:
.1061 Adelaide Prince...
The Regent
Prince Richard.....
Jack Demund..
Sheepshead Bay Selections.
S,ew. ?,ork-June 33.-Selectlons:
First Race Early Eve. Tchula, Musldors,
Vyivjyfh'11. 5i.
eond Race Itnnus. Remorse. Watcrton.
rhlnl Haco Wax Candle. Lady Albercraft,
Blue llanner.
J'Jorth Itare Argregor. Dublin, Bellarlo.
Lc de Xma,m l-'Eht. Wienerwurst.
Sixth Itace Fatalist. Caithness. The Regent.
Coburn's ;rpnt;,inlli on liermencla
mid .er Yorkers Killing.
Chicago, June ID. While two lengths in
tho load, 100 yards from tho wircln the Aus
tin Stakes at Harlem to-day. Jockey Helger
son, apparently believing that victory was
his. cased up his mount, Eth"l Wheat, and
lost a $.1,0(1 purse. Hermencia came with
(in unexpected rush and won. Coburn
brought Hermencia to tho front with such
suddenness that Hermenica was a length
in uie icau colore Helgerson realized wiiat
was taking place. Hermencia won easily
by two lengths. Ethel Wheat beat Louisville
by three lengths for tho place. Hermencia
ran it sensational race. He was tenth at
Jbe head of the stretch and looked like a
lW-to-1 shot, but Coburn's desperate et-
iuns janueu mm winner. The second race
furnished a big surpriso and was the
medium for heavy winnings by several New
iorKcrs.who came here to attend the Ameri
can Derby.
ine race was a seven furlongs event for
3-year-olds and upwords. with eleven
starters. Gonfalon was the top choice at 3
to 2. with ltulius second choice at G to 1. the
others being quoted at fancy prices. Luke
2rd opened at 20 to 1, but was unnoticed
and his price receded to EO to 1. When that
figure was reached, the New Yorkers be?an
to pour their money into the betting ring
and pounded the price down to 23 to 1 at
post time The race belonged to Luke Ward
ald ho led from start to finish.
The weather was clear and track fast,
tir'rSinr "X n.d one-halt fnrlongj-Hora-iii
Vii ?. ,non"''l-. 12 t" 1. won: Gallant Smith.
(Dean). 9 to 5. third Time. 1:CS 2-5. ImSj,,.
iiuTS? .iVS-J""- KlnK Hsroon. North Pule!
""I'x. and Tho Cnunselor also ran.
riri.TVV5', " n riinonEs L.uke Ward. 134
to " '.'Jh,iu h won: Oonfalon. lf (Churn) 3
thVii r?mell:,1iJn.r? "- " (J- Walsh). S to 3,
ir,,?,;14mf' ir & LMt Nlht. Major Dixon.
S,ij " an,i Palrburj- also ran.
v. . .u racS- ml,e and quarter, celllnc
Trentham 93 OValkerson). 4 to 1. won" Safin
in- r .S!c""3'''y- s to second: Chcrl-h"
aAS ran t0n' Sardoalc anJ L'nden Klla
i--Nev.u:InJk: Sff: S'S&oTT
1 Ifth ra-e. fire furlnn.t.-ir.'. t ......
(Coburn). 7 tn 9
I 9 .pnn . ,1.... ... .. J
i. , . ' , - - """ -n:mnrr. III
won; jjiranee. 110 (Lvnel 11
Time. l:il
L ""UL lopsnii. 105 (Meade), a to 1 thlr
Queen Piir
a- rarmfr Jim. Pennant n.a
JlalJ also ran
waie. Clans-a Belle and Parlcr
race, one mile Tlmini-. n t. - .
Ti4 ??t:, ,;n,t- ,,: (Coburn). 6 to 1 th.rd
SFa'KV'ran "' Abb0"' "" ';
seventh race, mile and lxty nrd mn-.
To-Dny's Hnrlrm Entries.
fo?.o-am?-rrow:8 19-FuI"Jn'" Harlem en.rle
First race, four and a half furlone.-
Mallorr ....
Lola L
i!n!Krince. Porter..
llOIDobrouck ..
i' Uhoia ;;;;
102 Dundee's Petm.',"
Second race, six furlon ta :
lc Kins
Irish Jewel
Tom Klncsley.
Tom Wallace
-Mary Pine ...;,
Dlla Fonso
Nellie Waddell.;.:-.;
The Cedars
Candidate ss
Third race, steeplechase handicap, short
i'?a ' ?"?J Paxtoff
globe n.::::::::::::;;:i5
Walter Cleary 119
Ourenshlp lir,
lalella 155
.Mazo ..
Alice n.
Anchor .
Sea Sonc
Fourth race, handicap, mile and an elghtht
"The Ladr lis
Doctor Stephens 91
I'-J:. Dtb.?? 98
Searcher io
Nitrate 9J
Sclntlllant inj
Marshal Nell S3
Scarlet .Lily..
rranzible .....
Hlldreth's ento
Fifth race, mile and a Quarter:
Sclntlllant .
Articulate .
The Iidy...
searcher ...
Compass .....
Hildreth's entry.
Sixth race, selllnc.
cne mile;
iommr FoBter 112
I.mathlon , 109
Mackoy ios
wsbv Ben ...."jo?
Illowaho lo,;
Chickadee jo5
Ernest Parham 104
Alma Girl
Matin Bell
Lucr locket
banta Teres.
.. 99
uiesypq Damoze) SO
Seventh rnceelllne;. mile and a sixteenth:
juarsnal Nell ill
Ltmellrht fa
Vlncennes i,$
Gjilden Scepter.. ...'.".'los
Ilenrvof rranstamar.lCS
Iteseda 103
Miss Lisa .'io5
Carl Kahler. 107
lAdv Meddlesome.. ..10.;
llalrd loo
Artena i joe
Iledno la
Kdlth Q ....."."mJ
Tammany Ciilef 104
To-llny'a Hnrleru Selections.
Chicago. June 19. Selections:
Filaej0ctte' Mallory. Stemwlnder.
Jewef R:lce-Tom Klngsley. Meneymuss. Irish
Third Race Fallela. MacLarcn. Darmnr
rif?hT,J!iiS!?S- J-'boeflinathntry.
KiH; i$!tZ'Jid?,.h cnt"'- Articulate.
ter Itace-rJmathlon. Chickadee. Tommy Fos-
Kevcnth Race -Tammany
-Limelight. Lady Meddlesome.
Americans In Evidence. Alone; With
-Nobility of Europe William III
Captured $20,000 Stake.
Ivmdon. June 19.-GoId Cup Day, the most
Important from a social view point of the
wholo Ascot week, attracted an lmmenso
concourse of spectators to the Heath to-day.
The royal procession, which was Identical
with Tuesday's, arrived on the ground at
about 1 o'clock in tho afternoon.
Queen Alexandra, the Prince and Prin
cess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of
Connaught and other members of the royal
family and the Windsor cuest nior,l
royal carriages, which, attended by a mount
ed cavalcade, drovo up the course to the
loyal pavilion, greeted on all sides with
salvos of cheers from tho brilliant gather
ing of people.
Tho array of coaches and motor cars was
unusually great and the club tents In the
royal and other inclosurcs were filled with
ladies In dainty summer costumes, oriental
Princes In varicolored ralnment and dls
tlngulshed visitors from all parts of the
Among those present were Whitelaw Reid,
the special Ambassador of the United States
to the coronation of King Edward, and
Mrs. Reld; Ambassador Choate and Mrs
and Miss Choate; Henry White, secretary of
tho United States Embassy, and Mrs and
Miss White; John R. Carter, the second
secretary of the embassy, and Mrs. Carter;
i luituii v-urcoran .custis, lormony third
secretary of the embassy; Commander Rich
ardson Clover, the United States naval at
tache, and Airs. Clover, and Mrs. Mont
gomery Sears.
The all-aged stakes were won by a French
horse, Relne des Fieurs, ridden by J. Relff.
tho American Jockey.
The gold cup (valuo 1,000 sovereigns, with
8,000 sovereigns In specie in addition; about
two miles) was won by the Duke of Port
land's William the Third. Osboch was sec
ond and Santol was third.
R. S. Sivlers's bny lilly. Sceptre, won the
St. James Palace stokes. Flying Lemur was
second. Rising Glass third.
Results at Fort Erie.
Buffalo. N. Y. Jimn 19 Result, at Pa r-..
Ilrst race, six furlongs Hie Away wen: Af
ghan, second: F.aneur. third. Time. 1:15.
becond race, four furlongs Rlaneo won: Steel
second: Reservation, third. Time. :50.
Third race, one mile Wire In won; Nobleman
second: Orcntas. third. Time. I:40"i.
Fourth race, four and one-hair furlongs F. G.
Good wpn; stand Pat. second: Mlda. third.
Fifth race, mile and one-sixteenth Zonns
won; Maple, second: Obstinate Simon, third.
sixth race, six furlongs Lithium, won: FrlvoL
eecond: Competitor, third. Time. 1:14!,.
Dlxlana Ycnrllnjrs Arc Sold.
New Tcik. June 19. The Dlxlana yearlings
property ot Major B. G. Thomas, were sold toi
day ax Sheepshead Bay an! the prices rule!
small. Jimmy Rowe, acting for James R. Keene
bought the chestnut colt by :.ietor MacBrlde-
Ouesale. halt brother to Tommy Atkins, for 15 -W0.
The other sales -of 11.000 or more were
Bay colt by Doctor MscBrlde-Hazena, A. il
Aste. J1.250: bay colt by Doctor MacDride Ala
bama. G. H. Whitney. SZ.VO: brown Ally by Doc
tor MacBrlde Grace Lee. J. L. McGlnniss, jlmj.
The Amerlcnn Derby
Will be run In Chicago June IL 15.00 round
trip rate via Illinois Central. , Tickets good
going June 20; trains morning, noon and
X-agss-jWj sj
George Block and Jack Bulger,
Pugilists, Have Same .Cast
of Countenance.
Latest Reports Are to the Effect
That the Feather -Weight
Championship Fight Can
not Be Held There.
One of the most striking instances of
facial resemblance In the local prlzo ring U
that of George Block, the welter-welsh t
boxer, who meets Philadelphia Tommy
Ryan at the Business Men's Gymnasium
next Monday evening, and his manager and
trainer. Jack Bulger, also a welter weight.
Although the men are entirely unlike In
By a Republlo Photographer.
Welter-weight pugilist, who fights Phila
delphia Tommy Rynn at the Business
Men's Gymnasium Monday evening.
build, their striking likeness in feature has
often caused comment.
Block is a tall and lanky boxer, and ap
pears unduly thin for his height, Bulger U
of medium height and is more heavily
constructed than Block. But In features
both men are so much alike that they are
often mistaken for brothers. Both have the
same cast of countenance, the same shaped
mouth and chin and tho same typo of
head. Their resemblance Is accentuated by
both men wearing their hair In pompadour
Probably the occasion when their similari
ty in appearance caused most comment was
last winter when they fought before the
Et. Loula Rowing Club. Qn that date
Bulger really put Block out. but the latter
arose at the end of twelve seconds and
continued the fight. DWpute as to whether
Bulger struck him on the forearm, jusUfylng
Block In going down for the second time,
was lively after the fight. At that time
Bulger had net assumed tho management
of Block.
Philadelphia Tommy Ryan will reach the
city to-day and probably will go through
' t sjp ,si . s
8(5 V -.-.,--
S'fe ., ' r.ffH'ii'3
By a Republlo Photographer.
Manager and trainer of George Block. Al
though no relation, the men bear such a
strong resemblance to each other that
they are often mistaken for brothers.
light training at the gymnasium nt hours
whin Block is not at work. As a prelim
inary to their fight, M. Michaels and
George Eater will tight ten rounds at 133
Dispatches from Denver indicate that
Johnny Corbett and Young Corbett are in
a quandary over the attitude of the Fire
and Police Board of that city and that they
are at a loss to know what to do. The
latest report is to the effect that the board
has positively prohibited prize fighting and
that there Is no chance of a light being
pulled off in Denver.
One reason adduced for the board's atti
tude is the sentiment that has been stirred
up against the game by bitter criticism of
xoung uorDeti on account or his late light
with Kid Broad. That there Is some ground
for this belief seems evident from the fact
that Johnny Corbett has come out with a
protest against the lack of support accord
ed the champion In his home town.
Sporting men of Denver are said to be
Impressed with the fact that Young Cor
bett did not do his best in his light with
Broad, and the decision probably stirred up
considerable feeling. In a fair-minded com
munity of sporting men there is always
great objection to decisions which clearly
benefit an undeserving fighter, and the de
cision favoring Young Corbett probably
made him unpopular even in his homo town.
A similar attitude was noticeable hers
when Slier called the Regan-Forbes bout
a draw, although Regan clearly had the
best of It. Forbes was always a favorite
here, but he lost much of his popularity
through the belief that he was saving him
self by a draw, which he did not earn on
his merits.
As a result of the hitch, the Southern
Athletic Club of Louisville has come for
ward as a bidder for the bout, and Charles
Haughton, who Is now In Denver, Is un
doubtedly trying to secure the contest for
this city. Such a match would be a paying
Investment in St. Louis, whether it was
between Young- Corbett and Dave Sullivan
or Corbett and Attell.
Although Fitzslmmons has come out with
tho announcement that he prefers the date
cf his fight with Jeffries to be unchanged.
It is thought that August probably will be
selected as the time for the contest, which
may bo postponed from July 25. Conventions
In San Francisco In the middle of August
would, It is thought, materially Increase the
WM&-' '-ggeA-4. ii&ht
'V-' " ''BjWsPv'naS ' W'
Fr"!" ..VifSs-i
Ly" ,s ,'Of ' i''-Vf"'.r-Hf.r',ii
MSBBBBib-L' - 8
- asssssssssssssssssssssssssssaV'
attendance at the bout, and this considera
tion may cause its postponement.
Delegates Decide to Snid President
Schnnb to Qalnsncumoii.
At a meeting of the Southwestern Ama
teur Rowing Association delegates last
night at the St, James Hotel, arrangements
were made to send President J. J. Schaab
of the body to the National Rowing As
sociation convention at Lake Qulnsagamon,
Massachusetts. August o and 9. President
Schaab will present the claims of this city
for the national regatta of 1WL
Business matters pertaining to tho coming
regatta of the Southwestern A. R. A. at
Creve Coeur Lake were taken up and a
uniform was decided upon for the repre
sentatives. Transportation matters for the
benefit of the North Side and South Side
clubs of Qulncy. III., both members of the
association, were ako taken up at the meet
ing. Westerns to Hold Excursion.
Members of tho Western Howlne; Club xvlll hold
tht-lr annual excursion and picnic one week from
to-morrow. June 29, at Red Bud. III., several
features havlnr been arranged for the occasion.
Atnlettc contests have boen scheduled AK a
feature and a baseball came will be played by
the Collectors and Westerns.
LonlsvIIIc 2, Indianapolis 7.
Louisville. Ky.. June 19. Indianapolis touched
up Kerwln rather lively to-4ay and won a dumb
irame with comparative ease. The locals could
not hit Williams when hits would have pro
duced rune. Attmdance. 4.200. Score:
Louisville 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 02" t' 1
Indianapolis 3 110 0 0 2 0 ..7 IS i
Batteries Kerwln and Spies. Williams and
Toledo 4, Columbus fi.
Toledo. O.. June 19. To-day s came
hanl-fouaht battle in which Columbus came out
victorious. Poth Mock and Vassblnder fcepl their
hits welt scattered. Attendance 1,000. t4core:
Toledo 0 2 0 0 10 0 1 04 9 i
Columbus 0 1300010 05 9 3
Batteries Mock and Kltlciw; Vossbiader and
Mllirnnkor 3, St. PnnI 9.
Milwaukee. June 19. Manager Kclley of the St.
Paul team was put out of the game to-day for
assaulting the umpire In the first Inning;. Tne
Saints won from the locals by a score of 9 to 3.
Atienaance 4w. score;
R. II. E.
1 0 03 12 9
10 3-9 9 3
1'rlbben and
Milwaukee 1 0 0 0 0 1
St. Paul 0 0 0 3 2 0
Batteries Olmstead and Speer
Mlnnrnpolla 1, Kansas City 1".
Minneapolis, Minn.. June 19 Gibson was In su-
f-erb form to-day and held the locals to two hits
n nine innings. Kansas City hit Spcrer hard
and the loosa playing of the locals gave them 13
runs. Attendance 550. Score:
Mlnneaaslj l 000000001 2 7
Kansas City 0 0 3 4 0 0 0 5 012 11 2
"atterles Sporer and Byers; Gibson and Se
Denver 3, Des Moines C.
Denver. Colo.. June 19. Des Moines msde the
locals look like amateurs In the last game of
the home series, outplaying them in the field and
at the bat. Attendance. 2.0CO. Score:
R. II. E.
Denver 1 10 0 10 0 0 0-S 9 2
Des Moines 0 0 0 0 4 10 1 0-8 S 0
Batteries Eyler and McConnell; Wllklns. Mor
rison and Hanson.
Colorado Sprints ft, Omaha 7.
Colorado Spring. Colo.. June 19. After bringing
the score to a tie three limes this afternoon.
Omaha, lost out by reason of Hemphill's two
bagger in tho eighth. Opportune hltUng by the
locals made It three straight to-day. score:
R. H. E.
Colorado Springs. ..2 12 0 110 1 ..9 8 S
Omaha 1 0 0 0 4 10 1 0-7 11 4
Batteries Newmyer and Bacrwald; Graham
and Gondlng.
Milwaukee 4, St. Joseph 2.
Milwaukee. Wis.. June 19. Milwaukee took an
other game from St. Joseph to-day. The contest
was without any particular features. Attendance,
109. score:
R.H. E-
0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-3 5 2
2 0100010 -.1 6 1
Glade and Roth; McPhersoa and
St. Joseph.
Peoria 1, Knncaa City O.
Peoria. III.. June 19. Peoria made It three
straight from Kansas City to-day In a pitchers'
battle. In which Hart played lucky ball. Letotto,
who scored the winning run, got his bast on
balls. Attendance, 1,070. Score:
R. II. E.
Peoria 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0-1 i 2
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0-0 ( l
Batteries: Hart and Wilson: Welmer and Mes-
Horss Show at Virginia, HI.
Virginia, 111.. June 19. The horse show hare
to-dav. under the manacement of Messrs Thnm.
borrow. Rexroat and Salzenstem, was so success
ful that a permanent organization will be effected.
r irst money tor tne oest anvmg team went to
Will Sudbrlnk of this city: for the best single
outfit, to Lloyd Strlbllcg of Ashland. All ex
hibits were Hrst-class, and no accidents marred
the day's oleasure.
I bequeath to my children Scrofula with all its attendant
horrors, humiliation and sutTerinij. This is a strange legacy
to leave to posterity; a heavy burden to place upon the
shoulders of the young.
This treacherous disease dwari3 the body and hinders the
growth and development of the faculties, and the child born
of blood poison, or scrofula -tainted parentage, is poorly
equipped forlife's duties.
Scrofula is a disease with numerous and varied symp
toms; enlarged glands or tumors about the neck and armpits,
catarrh of the head, weak eyes and dreadful skin eruptions
upon different parts of the bodv show the presence of tuber
cular or scrofulous matter in the blood. This dangerous and stealthy diseasa
entrenches itself securely in the system and attacks the bones and tissues,
destroys me rea corpuscles oi ine oiooa, wnen uecay oi tne oones tates place,
resulting in white swelling, a pallid, waxy appearance of the skin, loss of
strength and a gradual wasting away of the body. 1
S. S. S. combines both purifying and tonic properties, making it the idea!
the lost properties to the blood and quickens the circulation, bringing a healthy
color to the skin and vigor to the weak and emaciated body.
Write us about your case and our physicians will cheerfully advise and
help you in every possible way to regain your health. Book on blood and skin
diseases free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga.
Ollici C ". )uis. aio, raomao, ana Offices 2d floor EmUle Bid.
JUVG OX. Hours: s,m. to 7 p. m,; Saturday to S. Sundays to 12 only,
-rs. ai7 -W J"1 VTV tJJi:'ba practice since 1165 See hack cumbers of
Tne Republlo; be contlnced. You see OIL WII1TT1KU In nirSn. w
For Honest Treatment.
Cuts all
r n
21"'""?. "vvrr -i1. "
nip' raiuiri cii srrriiTai. irtar
nets, etc
Power restored and a radical curs
Blood Poisons-
?r . jw. --..-. yivsrs,
. Urine: a so private d eeares which obstruct
Irluary and Bladder aliments quickly cured
a Doth iexesu Aci-tobs Debility, Lot
Ide-r ailments quickly cored for lire by safe means. Asic for blank tx.
tnf diseases cured. Modern methods, no cuttlpg. 6I1 or wrltefor adslcs.
Lter-rja.7-&lJ?i".,r. ? ynrfcoo?!, l" dart '
i-iies ana all iircta
m 'fi".'."!. wneuier cd'-s-i"i-i ruirwa.
'""' uieuonary ana anvurr o-e si
Future Books on Amerlean Derby,
Brooklyn and Suburban Handicaps.
Write for quotation. Commission haaJleu on
all racea, Lcni-Dlitanc Telrpbono Yard CI
ntj (54.
4183-4189 S. Halstead St, Chicago, III
without excep
tion, niipcoccful
Want" page advertisers in
St. Louis use The Republic's
"Want" pages.
kaakeea or sayerll, reralUM from roMaSi,.,..
aSSSyK. L"e.T"lk.'- I"...d eon.,!:
:"'"! '..',M ft ? .!' Ll orj, forty yesn.
&i sever tailed la cu
ns;iu inmcilM. Pries..
Btrttt, Et. Leali, Mo. Prlrste Oreulsx TREE.
.Combination of nits and Errors in
Seventh Inning Brings Dis
astrous Results.
Harper Is Effective in All but the
One Inning None of the
Visitors' Runs Are
American League.
Club. W. L Fct-
Chleago 23 IS .H4
Philadelphia .25 21 .513
Boston 27 2J .540
St. Louis 23 23 .500
Detroit 22 24 .49
Washington ..23 27 .400
Baltimore ....22 27 .4(3
Cleveland ....10 31 .332
National League.
L. Pet.
Chicago ..
Boston ...
St. Louis..
11 .761
New York. ...19
Philadelphia .2'.
Cincinnati ...20
Yesterday's Games.
American League.
Thlladel. 6. St. Liuls 3.
Chicago 2. Baltimore 0.
Wah' ton 5. Cleveland 3.
Boston 4. Detroit I.
National League.
St. Ixiols 3. Pittsburg X.
Brooklyn 6. Phlladel. L.
Chicago 7. Cincinnati I.
Boston-New York Rain.
To-Day's Schedule.
American League.
Phlladelp'a at St. Louis.
Wash'ton at Cleveland.
Baltimore at Chicago.
Boston at Detroit
National League.
St. Ivu!" at Pittsburg.
Philadelphia at Boston.
New York at Brooklyn.
It took the .Philadelphia Athletics some
thing like fifteen minutes to tie a bunch
of crepe on the Browns yesterday. One bad
inning was the undoing of Jack Harper. A
collection of hits, sandwiched with St.
Louis errors, was tha dope that figured
him a loser.
A3ide from that sexenth Inning, the gam
was well pitched on both sides, for Pete
Hustlng was on the firing line for tho Ath
letics. It was played In jig time and was
a relief after tho slugging exhibitions of
Washington and Baltimore. The Athletics
Ecored In Just two Innings, but five runs,
put together In the seventh by the Ath
letics, proved too big a lead for the Browns
to overcome. The score was 6 to 3.
Cloudy weather again put thumbscrews
on the attendance, but It was an enthu
siastic congregation. The Athletics im
pressed the crowd with being a more even
ly balanced team than either Washington
or Baltimore, and steady fielding "behind
Hustlng kept the score down. Manager
McAleer, no doubt, regards Hustlng with
a covetous eye, for the Wisconsin attorney
certainly looks good. The St. Louis club
made one big mistake when Hustlng was
allowed to get away through a little differ
ence over the terms of his contract. He
has a nice, easy delivery, and apparently
lobbed the ball3 over the plate, but the
Browns didn't succeed in bunching their
hits to any damaging extent.
Harper appeared to have poor control
High balls are considered Injurious to ball"
players, but th Athletics became happily
wiiVAii.aic-1 iu .nunc ti.ai -a.i(-ti ?ci ini u-. ',
Still, the blond pitcher -.trttng the hits out
pretty well, both before and after the sev
enth Inning. In that round everybody
seemed to go to pieces, especially Harper.
Tho Athletics picked out the lnflold crevices
and shot blngles through them at a rate
that expanded the countenance of one, Cor
nelius MacGllIlcuddy, otherwise known as
Connie Mack, Into a broad smile. The vis
itors paraded across the plate at the rata
of about every three minutes, and as each
counted, the mercury In the St, Louis ther
mometer of hope sank lower and lower."
The Athletic procession to the score sta
tion was all the more galling because of
the flag of distress which was run up tho
Brown masthead. Padden and Anderson
contributed costly misplays.
Browns Away In Front.
The Browns broke in front after the first
Inning, and for four rounds held a one-run
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