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THE KEi'UBLiu: SUKDAY. JUNE 22, 1902.'
t V
How Prominent Men Develop This
Power and Uis It to Influence
Others Women, Too,
Adepts in This Mys
terious Art
A Reporter M fces Astounding; Dis
coveries Secret Methods Which
Charm and Fascinate the
Human Mind.
jgh Prints of the Occult Reveal
lea oujly G .ar:e3 oecrets or
"fears A Wonderful New
ook by Prominent
New York Ivlcn.
a Tra-iiTM! nr hrck er.ftlfJ "Tie S'crrt of
Sjwr." tni 1-i-t h-n l-fll-d t an expend of
ovr So "W 1"V nn o' tho tiMdlnz co'le-Ees f th
ntr r.f N York. This boolt ! from the pen of
tft tblrst np-c-all-ts "f nwlern fne The
atticrs can arc-sr th OTpvrluhl en cnAItions
that cole h-.uM be dltr!hote to the
mbUc rre of chants X o Co'-miMa S-1-itllo
Aca'l'inv Is now cmplv'nc r"A tMs CTn'rart.
ml ont'l tn- K'l-ton of lO.nO nlr Is exfcautM
you can cet n eor-v of th'sb-o abilatl '"
Tfce book N p-oril-ely ri'jrt--a'eJ with the most
xpnlv h?lr-t"ne vrv1ri:s. It Is full of
Troc4rfa! rt rod stirtl'ns rorrrls ana
tborourhlT exn'ulrs tfce rei ro'ireof the p-vwr
of pronal tnl-iore-. It ful'v ar.1 compl.-'-ly
reveals th funjan-ntal principle of ftlrt-FS
an1 Influence In eve-y walk of llr The Mili-i
tnj-Merlw of prn-.a nssr.etlsin. wl'l cower anS
nclentlCo character r-aJ'r.a a-e evplilncd In an
Jntensclr Interesting ma-rr Two eeret
KetboJs of persona' Influence are de-crlr-iS.
which positively enable ar.v IntrlllTent person
to eiercl'e a tnar-elvia In'oe-'ce and control
orer anr oe whnp he may wl'h The-e me'hmlj
ar entirely new anil have nver berore bn
made public A reporter baa trleJ f-tm rc-ron-llr
and can vriieb 'or their winier'ul rower.
The boot alo d".vrlbea absolutely certain
methods iv wMcb vf-u c-n read the character,
secrets and lives of eve-y one voa meet. No
op8 can deceive rou. Yo-i can tel' what rota
tion Is best for vou to fo'lnw. You csn know
the secret power by whl.-h minis of human
fceSnca ara chsrmd and fas-lnMel. Ths new
est, latest and best svs"em of pV'l m.l
mental culture. n1 maenctlo henllre Is fu'ly
eiplalned ard IlltutratM by beautiful ha1
tona enaTavln-s' No such b-ok has ever be
fore been rub'l'hed No such wo-d"-ful Infcr
mallnn has ever befo-e be-i p'aced In the
hands cf the. public. On account of the m'rhty
power end Infiuepre p'oc-d In on-'s h-i&H by
this bonk, the I.e!!ature of lh S-'te o' Kew
Tort iatM whether or not the State ousht
to permit Its pm-rlfc-co- ct'cilatlm: tut It
was finallv derided the rood It woull accom
plish would treatlv overcome the 111. and Ita
latrlbutlon was r.ct Interfered with.
fJot lent aao J-hn D. Rockefeller, the rich-
man In America, raid. In talKInc to a
S."fcdiv-'rhool class, that ra rec-raea nia a-ic-
In life laryely flue to his ablltv to mil inca
others Lincoln. lye N-p-!e pad A.eJtafler
tho Great oil wen fame ard renown by the'r
wcndcrful power of persemi influence Jay
Gou'd ol'.eJ up millions by this Fame power.
J. P. Mcrean orcanlred tha bllllcn-do'lar steel
trust ar.d enrlrh'd hlm-elf by mlill"ns almp'y
bv his marvelnus abtl'ty to In'uenco ot'iers.
There or to-day thnus-inds of men with twice
the brains and eincatln l! Zlr. ilorsan who are
practically paupers. They liavs tlia ability to
organize a trust, but they fcive. nit surtlclnt
power cf personal Influence. Per'O-al Influence,
will tiawcr. stamina call It what yu i 111 has
from tho crcnt'on of m:m bcn the subt'e force
that has brouxht wealth, fame and renown to
thos'5 who WiTe fortunate enough to possess It.
This stranffe. mysttr'ous li.fiuince Is Inhe
rent In evcrv human Lcl:c. Jly the late meth
ods explained by the New York specialist In
human culture any Inte'.llcent retsrn can de
velop a wonderful y magnetic personality and
learn how to read tho charjc cr. stcreta and
the lives of others In a few days' study at h'.s
onn home. You can ue th's marvelous power
without the hnowledjre of yur moat lutlmato
friends and associates. You can use It to ob
tain luctatlxo emph yment. to avcure an ad-
co In salary, to nln the friendship nnd tn-
er.ee cf others, to obtain a creater share of
apauiufcs tium life. You can bo lespectcd, hon
ored anl b.C'.mo a Uader tn your community.
It you are rot rully satisfied with your pres
ent condition and circun.siancLs; If yuu lone
for greater success or moie rooi.eyi If you ai
pot able to Influence ctiieis to tha extent ycu
desire, the reporter wuuid advlso you to wills
at onco for free copy cf this i,ret work now
being sltca avtay by th co.umbld Scientluo
Sirs. n. C. Youns of 313 Indiana street, Law
rence. Kas.. tecen.ly etnt iGr ccpy of this buok.
After carefully exarainlns; It and tssttn the
methods of pergonal Influence on her Xrlen-Ja ami
Associates, she makea the loilowlng a. alcmi.nl
tn a letter to a friend: Tho instruction t;uen
by the Columbia Scientific Acaaemy have Lt-vn
worth to me mora than ail the prloua reading
of my life 1 wish ever wo-tan In this country
could read their crand book."
Fred Perkins of Ssuth Haven. Mlctu. aays:
"1 have been In jrreat demand a. nee I.rcad the
work of tho Commbla Scle'nt.tlc Academy. Peo
ple aru amazed unJ my-tlilcd at the things I
do. I bellce 1 could make ;35 ter day nljins
character alone If I were to charsro for my serv
ices. If any ona wouU have to.d I wou.d re
ceive so much wonderful Information I would
have thought hira crazy."
lira. JI. EfBa V.'otaon of Martinsville. Ind.,
ays: "Could 1 have had accea to euch lr.'orma
Hon in past years 1 could have avoided many
misfortunes. This work tt the CoIumCU Scien
tific Academy shall be my cufdlnx tar the re
maining da of my life."
If you will send ycur name and address to
tho Columbia Scientific Addemy, Dot. 7U
1351 Broadway. New Yolk City, this book will
be sent to jou absolutely fret, pjatage prepaid.
On account of the ercat expn e involved In
preparlns this bock, tho Co.umbli Fcleitlllc
Academy reqursta that only peep a who are
peclallv lntcie.-t3 write for iiee copj- only
tVe who desire to achieve greater succtta ana
betfrr their condition in l.fc.
Any Lump
fiffu a Womains9s EBreast
Bs CancerS
Any lump or sore bit the Up. face or anywhere
sir months I cancer. They never
pain until almost past cure.
Without knife or pain, at your own price, for 30
days, as every cure brings four or eve new
. patients. Net a dollar need be paid until cured.
uniyimniun'e cure ever umj". -r -- -j-.-cnncerseverprinlcd.entfree.
Te-umon tata
i7Ttf5 For 25 years we
J have concentrated
? ourcffcirtsoncancers
only, ana senu nu
worthless, deceptive
home itsjimcuu
which detain thou
saadsnntil pait cure.
We spend thousands
of dollars annually
to find you in time to
cure you. les-paca
boolc sent free.
ek Address.
"stncuy KHiaoie,
Btla Cmcss: 201-203 H. 12L"i St., ST. LOUIS, Ma
PLEASE send this to some oac WITH CANCER,
SVrTriI .-( tttoi1. Tr-aie.Furc. uww i
"r-m- "J
' 1Tvkjn' A
E prSsS'ZS&zIr fi 1 1
B.J U. f v7,J
'j- esr' ii ji
ttUOLkipw uKuijwxUMjxwaiwiwwy j
The scholarships In tho School of E-.i-glncerlnp;
ar.d Arch'tecture of V"ahlnftcn
University, founded through the Renerosity
of Mr. Samuel Cupp'.cn, w:re awarded fcr
the first time at the recent commen-.-einent
exercises of the Manual Training School.
These scholarships are Viways to bo Bi-en
to the tiiree Graduates of the school having
the best records. The members of the class
of ltC2 who received th.s recognition of
last Wednesday at the OJecn wre Charles
II. Fcfs nden, C'harl-s S. Crawlord and
Clarence W. Alien, but as th.s would have
It Is Believed Tbat the Present Kra of Good Feeling in England Will
Cause Courts to Deal Leniently With Gallant Irish Colonel
Who Opposed the King's Arnry in South Africa.
The Tn''l!!e Purcsu. i
IIS Tim; BulMlns. j
Npw York. June SI. Colonel J -tin K. Mc-
Intyre, formeny District Attorney of this
city, who suclc: s:uily defended Edward J. !
Ivory in Old UaLey Coutt. I.ondun. for con- '
splracy in a dynamite plot is conlldent tnat ;
Ctilonel Arthur Ljnch will net be qonvlcied
of the clun;e of blKh tieuson, on wnluli be
13 held, lor seninK In tho Uoer Army.
Colonel J.rudi tommanccd an Itlh regl-
menc in the South At. .can campaign. White
doint; his best to defeat the tirulsli cin- iif'mySCiU,Shv'aii "?B-.'4h4'!5SlT.Ai
mabde.s. he was ebctcd to a seat In the ' &;$?Z&pZM?t4i
Englj, House of Parliament, to make taws ?t;' 'M $&$f&-i2$ JHCJ- Ki M&: -S "l , i
for those whom he opposed on tl.e oatiie- , U ' ,- ,M- $. ?i"?j '?f lp -V? ' -' ' 'C A "'ii-'.-'U 'i
Held. Kor does Lynch deny tr.a aecusailon. J !$ -1: -" $g?-4& ' -SyZixii ' . '" -'.'' "- V"1 ."f-f.-
When news of his election to the Commons 'A-':' .;-; ' "' S;'l''l:""-:f; - 'J&lS&r. ,'" , i ' -' -.""'; "-.'V
reached him be was in l'ntis. li??'-. ,; '- , &?'$$ $ ? , 4J.f ":?&. .-.;. t- .', -Xi
"No law will ba made to annul my tlec- aSrS'fei'r, xPftg ' -' S-. tfg&&-::.?z- '- - -W'sfe
tloa," said Ljneh. "I propose to take my B.fW--& '" '. ' iT!?.:
seat and light tooth and nail for the cause U.jrjcj,. , ,V,(J,fe t. . SfeCiStei - ' - ''. '-'Hfe-'
of Ireland In tplte ot a.l opposition. It Is , L'W--'3-!,f:'"Bf rvi.-.- " S'- i
true 1 fought agalrst the K,.S.Ish. hut this , !AiJlyx.i ' N ' -'
is merely the logical ean.ving out cf tho, iSSriH r;?. ?. K;:$-;tM-ftcSSvyth ."-WB"-
convictions animating the entire National j tSj .
party. Therefore, if I am excluded the rest K& $&& ' Vif s.iepfeMffiP-'S'."
of the party musi be aiso. Tho Government MfMPyi . T 1& i :? WiSSSg. -V
has not courage ciwugn to take such a step. 3JO'V '. !-
even If it were juslh.ed." . vJjSSgSi - ;" -V-S. i
Snuporlcd by Constituency. Tkiiii;MSf-.. SSS9?t ' t, . , i f
It was to carry ou. this declaration that '3- S AV4- '&P&
Colonel Lynch returned from 1-rauce to hitVsiM'-WWsi-' '' ' ,Wf -it ,'i ?? uMV
England latt week, although warned thaf tyUy&V:, .i -?' KS245 ? .'feta?; -. ; :h&.
ho would be arr.s UJ If !'e set f.oi on Brit- rA$&iTi?i: -h SSKir-'i ' ' ' faSg&skw- -T-lS 4tr?
lsas.011. H.i.icn.1, tile cjvwn officers hjped !Tp'-?V .''.. ,f I . STTJl ??&S ,,-'' 'wV 3
the threat to arloit li.in wou.d uiuado Fvr-S&liSfvf- '-'' h-ifti)f--4- -" I'-'K-Rf ' il1!?fiS&-J'-:. .,"-". ''Jff'
Lnch irom Uemptius to lake his scat. JEolii'i ."v .&. U "i'M- . ' -U'- -fe ' MV '' 'ffi'
Hiti they have mt. judged the mah. The &?& f il-M-V , j- -- T&Z.i. -.la,. '?.- -' 'Si-i:
Kngllsh tiovei-nmeni 1 i.ow coniri.n-.eti witn i: : ': V, VW r; ri. -rS '- " s-t . WellSKfii ' ' " ?S ",;. " -4--S-.
a su.-jtu, oar.j-.ng a cirtiiicate of election !.':-?. ri':i-',,; K-lvi",.,. irt'S; 'V'aTTSi5:iiri'" '' 'r '"''
to memoers&ip In' the ioer houc-. with i t , V,-2-' "' i&mtt'e- ', r J '
the vlu and voices of a tialway ccr.sf.ti5- ".si ?"! V'? ...... .. '' . ,-Af.vv5!' " ''"' jVpf
ency tiu.-id him crying: if he is. gui.ty :M? 'iv'-i-W. .-..?-' ; . .rt'V?.. ,..i. ,jiy.?ivUrfli ' ' SktST-t
of treason we are a.1 ir-Iurs! wp elected . -, I, -bj.i." " tv&Sx3&;'&,-,V-'zzi .-;,'S5,s4Vi
. . isiyfti k, .-i 5& m$?M'm&m&&, - .'r-mvii
S ftWifi SVAPFS ISJ' -.2.'Si?'iJa
V i&ffinztftPJ I, rr-. -- -.-,..1WffiWTll.(i Wkmm mr.iiTB f
v . ...v f
.-t-v r?fIma,s57irz
left nine scholarships vacant. Mr. Cupples
and Professor C. 11. Woodward deemed It
advisable to award six of tlum to graduates '
of former classes. ho have already com- J
pleled part cf their course In the School cf j
Ent'.nre.'inz ani hav; shewn themselves to
deserve this honor. The recipients from the
ci&ss of MM are Theodore Karsau, John
Laichlncer, Jr., nnd Harry J. Stelnbreder,
who have Just entered the sophomore class
of the unlvcrs'ty. Three were awarded as
fellows: To John F. Eratncy and Hans
Schantt of the senior class and Edwin A.
him to represent us by an overwhelming
majority unite lie was ensag'd In the 01-
lestd treacherj' and v.-e stand by our ac-
It Is a delicate position In which England
n,,. herM'.l at coi-onntlun llniR nna all
caused by a E.ns'e lrL.jim-.n. How much
1 nofbeforelc?! hC
.Mr. MclntMO. wuo lr- well a i.iUliel to
express the sentimtnt of Irishmen at home I
Fessrnden of the junior class. This leaves
three scholarships to be givtn to members
of the class of 1S03 of the Manual Training
Thoso who received the scholarship are:
Harry J. Steinbreder, Xo. 5313 Vernon ave
nue: Theodcre Kargau. No. lUGtf. South
Eighteenth street: Jo.-.n F. Brv.ney. Xo. 173
Preston place: lilw-m A. Fesscnden nnd
Charles II. Fcssrnucn. Ko. VS La Salle
street; Jihn Laiclnnger. Jr., Co. 2111 Lcrap
avenue; Hans Schantt, Ko. SH South Fourth
street; Clarence W. Allen. ?;o. 513 Dover
place, and Charles S. Crawford.
and abroad. In discussing the matter, said: '
"It is absolutely eenain that in case of
s conviction, the Irl-h po, le as a whale
would display u must viv.u inteiOit in .he
proceeding. TMs is i.eiliais b-t a mlal ex- ,
pres.-on of the form ihat ihur ac.ions
wi,u'.d take. ' '
Ilia lrlah havo been rebels against E s-
Ilsh uuthonty for centuiles, u:.tl t.ay mo t
heartily uphove the uet.on of Colonel
Ljneh In artavti.n bimulf on f. e sid of
liberty nnd Jusih-e ugain-t the E .glUa.
"But It is alio qul.o ccita.n t-ai I.icli
will not uauoryo u tr.ui iar n.gu treasjn.
'ino eiu ot guou feel.ng trial ivt.is luwki
VII w.shas to ptevull throughout his
kingdom, ut tills tin.v is c I I y will uatur
uit itnd toward great leniency.
Lyncli'M Love of i'renlom.
"It seems likely that a gcn.ul nmne.'ty
to all nlfcnilfr.i nva.r.st t'.e Slnte '.v. II be
declared, as a fltJi.ii ilcrr.:i:.3..:it on of tru
good wlil toward nun ihat tno King wishes
to have obtain in Lngiai.d.
"Tlio lonri stri.u that n-s t-hock nil Great
Britain bus opened the Kim; h re. He
tees that the cuutitrl s tnnt il. g mi i hv
suboruinatctl by io.ee of arms uicia, I o-
UmI and the Irans.aa: ly t..e very natu.e
of the conquests, will alw(tS be re-eu.
"I''.om lather to son vi.li be pas,ed en
the hatred of the Li.gll-. ano. e i."U-t
placate ll.cm as muen u p-ss.ble front
now on.
"L.jnch'3 d!smlsnl would be a sop to
"ly Mich action toward Colonel Lynch
bs would avert a poss.ble revolution in Ire-
. land, and a probably revulsion of public
feel.ng throughout tho wor.d.
"The crime of high Inusun is of so deli
cate a nature thero must lj a general feel
ins; against the accused tliroucnoui all the
civilized world, lie must be culpable in the
eught of every unbiasfd persun, and, if not,
he is not actually a gu.ity man.
"Lynch was ac tuaied merely by that nat
ural love of freedom so cssen.i.ily a part of
the Irish cha.acier aud an inborn sniimnt
of every true rran's btan. lie illi r.o inorj
for tho Hoers tlian many an Engilslimaii
did for the Americans ilunns the It.vo.u
tionary War: than many another Eng..sli
laan did in India for the natives; and al
most nil of them we-c pardontd.
l'recctlcntM for His 'Ideate.
"Tliere Is p.enty of preced nt for Lynch'.!
release, 'iiitm has been u ataiement maiie
that Lynch, as a Mt tuber of lMrl.anie.it,
tan avail himself of tile Commons' priv lee
In his case. It must b: kept in mind, how
ever, mat tle Irlsn COiunel has not yet
i-ciually iualuled as a member.
"AlthouKh eiocted he has not yet be?n
sworn in. so that on this count he ciin
i.ot escape. Ilut before the jury of the
vrorld and the consensus of the fielines of
all light-minded people lie must and shall
Co free, and King Edward must and uoe
see that this is the only so.utian of the dif
ficulty." Papers found upon Colonel Lynch at tho
itime of his arrest were seized upon by sev
eral English newspapcis to make jm in
Urnallumil affair of it. Amona ihe dueu
itieuui were, a number cf visiting cards
bearing the' name vt Hamilton no,u iju
the reve.se were .ntrouue.ijns to three
Amer.cans A. S. JMidy. Umttd Statei
Minister at lieine. BAiiz.r;aiid; Heilcrt
V. liowcn. Cnitid St-ti-s ..liaiaier to Te
heran (now Minister to Venezuela), and
I'roiessor Ricliaidcn of the American
School at Alliens. -Mr. Holt is a lueaiucr
of a prominent liroukiyn family and cits
of the editors of toe Indtpeadent. A.I
three men are re.ated to Jill. n.it. Her
bert W. Ilowcn, the -MIn sttr to Ycntzueia.
foimtrly in erf In UruOKLn: He is a sjh
of Henry C. ISouen. Herbert . Howm.
who before becoming .Minister to Ventsuc
ia. held the maion at Teheran, is an u.i
cie ot .Mr. Holt. Arthur Sne:buri.e xiardy,
the JJlnlster to Stv.tzerland. foimerly w;ui
a piofejsor of raata mail s at Amlur.'t
and is the author of a novel entitled "The
Wind of Destiny." Mr. Hardy maii.etl a
daughter of Henry C. Ujwcii. I'rofessor
Itlchardson married another daughter.
Knew Colonel Lynch.
Tho frienus of ilr. Holt were surprised
to read uf h.s connection wlih the cai of
Colonel Lynch, but when seen at nis h.mo
Jlr. Holt lausjiilng.y denied that there was
any political s.gnmcance in it.
"1 met Colonel Lnch u. couple of year.3
ago," said Jlr. Holt. "Uefore Joining the
Loer Army he was a newspaper man, hav
ing held the pos t on of l'ai is correspon J
cnt of several .W.v Vorlc papers. Soon alt
er he left tho H-er Army Colonel Lynch
came to New Yoik and 1 was intrmimvd
to him. He wrote several articles fur my
paper on the war !:i So.:th Africa, and I
treated him the same as I would treat any
other contributor. The last time he was
In Xew York was about a year ago. I
think, and he did some work for me then.
I did not then know that he was running
for Parliament.
"We became fairly good friends, and
when the time fnr h.rn u leave this coun
try enmo I offered to give him a card in
troducing him to mr relatives abroad. He
did not ask for the introduction, but ui 1
not refuse It I did not take the troublo
to write out a letter, so I took out some
of mv visiting cards and gave hint three
of them. I think, with n britf nolo cf in
troduction. I do not temember the words
I used because the matter has iiclte es
caped my mind. When we parted 1 told
him to drop in and see my relatives if ho
happened to be near where they are Io-
"Th'erc is no political significance in the
matter whatever. It Is purely a comcl
denco that the cards should be found upon
him at thte time. I should much prefer
that my name wouitl not. oe cuimctieu
with this affair, but I have written a let
ter to one of the London papers explain ng
the whole matter. If the explanation w.ll
be of any beneflt to Colonel Lynch, wlw.
all well and good. If not. they can do
what they please about it. "
Lineman Shocked by 1.200 Volts
Lives to Tell the Tale.
nnruiiLic stecial.
Xcw Ycrk, June SI. Suspanded forty feet
in the air, with both hand3 holding to a
live wire. Bert Tookcr. a telephone line
man, was nearly roasted to death In front
of the City Hall In Xcw nochclle. Twelve
hundred volts of electricity passed through
his body.
Hundreds of people on the street wit-
nessed Tooker's plight, but none couia ueip
him. because they could not climb tno
high pole, and could not reach him with a
After hanging there nearly five minutes,
wUb his body writhing In agony and his
hand blistering to a crisp, Tookcr became
unconscious and fell. . ,
a crv of horror went up from the people
below, but instead of being dashed to death
on the sidewalk the fall ng man caught in
an iron rest, used for heading a crossplece.
which stopped his ilight twenty-five feet
from tne grounu.
nam t, htinir hv nnc leer, head down
ward, for five minutes longer, until the ar
rival of Charles Van Tassell. another Hne
I man. who climbed the pole and brought
him down. , . .
Tooker was carried, unconscious, into
police headquarters'. where pltysicians
worked over him for nn hour before he wa-
rcvivd When he was able to t.i k be said
that Tn'ascendlng the pole he had nrnspvl
a cuy wlre to help h:m. The guy wire
EWUnK nnd struck the elsetric light wire.
wj in carried from 1.500 to 1.500 volts,
..jjv i;fe v.-"is saved three time?." snld
'fooker "At first, because when I grabbed
tne BU- wr niv feet slipped from the iron
cro'p!ece and "saved me fremi comoleting
tj1P circuit. It was saved again when In
fa!tr.g I cnucht mv foot insfad of fnlling
to the oidewalk nnd dashing my brains out.
nn.i i m-m sived the third time bv the ac
cident happening at a crowded comer,
where help could be had soon."
jlrs. Xora McGlue Keslstotl Own
er's Attempts at Eviction.
rtEPUBLic srnciAL.
New York, June 2b Mrs. Nora HcG'ue
seized a bouse valued at &S.C0I.1In satisfac
tion for two months' wages, and held It
ngalnst the owner, Robert Simpson, the
millionaire president of the C. A. Woolsey
Paint Works, ar.d seven policemen.
Mr. Simpson owns a handsome residence
at Ko. ES Summit avenue, Jersey City. Three
months ago he h'red Victor La Payre, a
Frenchman, who Is at present a rrUoaer
In Rrooklvn, charged with contempt o
court, to care for the house. La. Payre cir
culated a report that he had purchased the
property. When llr. Simpson heard ot it
he discharged him.
The Frenchman hired Mrs. McGlue to
do housework for him, and when La Payre
left the took possession of tho hoii3e and
invited her relatives to visit her there.
Jlr. Simpson learned of th's. went to the
house and ordered her to leave.
"Not much." declared Mrs. Mc'Slue. "ThH
Is La Pay re's house, antl lieie I stay until
he pays me my wages."
jlf Simpson attempted to enter the house,
but was thrown out by Mrs. McGluo. He
then summoned Pol'crn.an Prat.
In the meantime Mrs. McGlue had be?n
re-enforced by two other women. W aea
I Ct tnea to lU.LO ma .? ......j mt uu....-
1 ln Mrs. McGlue se'scd him, and Pollce
I man Post left hurriedly, with a soiled uni
i form. .. .. . . , .
! Mr Simpson, ilnding that two men would
rot be sulllclent to cop? with the women,
ummor.ed police reset ve3. Six of them
roi-nonded. Flrdlng the doors locked and
barricaded, they broke them open and
fousht the women from room to room, un
til finally ttey succeeded in overpowering
m i-r:itir. Thev carried her screamlts
nui' still llght'n.e; to the patrol wagon ;-nl
tot-lc her to tn: sisi-ij. . i'iui
Ihe-r women weru nui miraicu.
! Women Faint in Effort to Escape
From Burning Trolley Car.
1 nnruiiLic stecial.
New York, June 2L As an Eighth avenu
car was darting past Seventy-seventh street
In the afttrnoon a woman shrieked
and leaped Into the air. A heavy cloud bf
smoke followed her and Instantly all the
rest cf the women In the car were shriek
ing and leaping. ,
Flames burst from all carts of the ve
hicle, and several of the women', almost
fainted In the frantic struggle for the eloor
after the car stopped.
Before the engines arrived the ear was
almost destroyed, but the women were
quieted. .
Massachusetts Society Formed.
v York. June 2L The Massachusetts
Cnrfrtv of the State of New- York nt a
meeting, held at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, .
organized en a permanent basis. Herbert L. !
Bridgrcan was chosen -president and F. I
JL Dowd secretary. A number of commit- I
tees were appointed, including one to ar- J
-t?5 rrsriv a
4 iNgas
f -SiSI t-,.'y cctj
1 iUm?
The orijinsl Dr. Cook, whem
others try to Imitate. My treat
ment cn on y be hJ t my
c.'Iicc. (iisubils .c-1 ISS-I.)
in their health and cf little damage
I dolHrs allowior.ditiocsto continue that they know will sconer or lat;r deprive tliera
J of u.ash.od antl make them a sexual ami raeutal. wreck. Life is short at the best, and
' there ars no pockets in a shrot d. .Good h -a!th U better than a small piece of money,
and the men who succeed in the world are the men inUl.igent enemgh to see this;
men who have carefully ob-erved the laws of nature, and who do ta tigs at a timet
wheti it is of the most import u:cc. In business they will invest a few dollars sonie-
, times when inconvenient to spar-, in ordcrthat profit may accrue ia the future.
1 When their health is s -ghtry impaired they utlcnd to it promptly, so that after
' awlli.e much ucaiment may not be necessary. The engineer of a train may be ever
so cemj eient, but if a bridge is out just rouu'd a curve, all p ssem;ers and h,melf
are apt to meet wj li wreck nd disaster. The future ol all who depend upon you, i:j
wcil as your own success, depen is upon health and good mentality. A carpentt'r.-
' m.y as wel. cspect to pioduce a smooth surface wiJt a rough plane as lor a dtzlL
intc.lcci to ai.h. eve brilliancy in busiccs-., labor or a social way. The man who
tares liity cents at the expense of his health is "penny w.se and pound foolish." '
In al! the important cities we find medical concerns with pictures in their advertiser
I ments which puipori to bo that of the man talking. Kor years il has been my custom;
to uckoin.Kiuy iii!uuriceir.ents througn the prrvs v,i:h an accurate picture of mysc.f.
and in aticii.ptir.s t" copy my forms of adverting most imitators luve gone so far as
I V act.uiniiau invir auvert.temi-iiLn with a picture us referred to above. Tncugh. ase
! tbc.e is really no suth an indiviuual. ttey have hesitated t furnish a name for thy,"
: "ilnlaetit Doctor." and the creat.r of the piece of mytuoiogj" has allowed him to appear"
In nu Uwt clothes v.ithuut a name- Wh'ti you &ce this form of an advertisement with
' no nme um.ur so 'Lm.r.eat a. Specialist" it la because he has no name. He Is as lietl
I t.oua as' the claims m th,,r aciveriisc.tunis tnemteivej. and the il.'ture is only an unln
; ten.ioi.al po.tiayl in zinc plate of the untruthfulness uf the statements that accompany
I the .e i,n. If my treutroent is not superior to tl.eirs in every way. why do they copy after
' me and imitate my system? I regard it as one of mi be adverti.-ements that this li
tlot.e oal y. and su does any thinking poison. You know the statements ab.ve are true,
and if v u Iiave been so unthouyhttul as to treat with any of them, jou know it now
le ter ih.m ever before. What do ihe test citizens of this town think cf their state
ments, ttiat, because thv cannot pron'Ise a de.itnto cure cf tht-mseives for var.coceia
vi h.n a given lane, no ne else fan do so. when some of the be-t business men know
tli.t I have ured them quickly and safeiy of the worst firms of varicocele without tho
kn.te. without the old method of tying up or choking the veins with silk thread, without
drawirg a drop of bicod .r opcnin.T the sack by unjustifiable surgical procedures antl
without an hour's I'ss of time frem business. I CL'ItB VAIMCOCBLK TO STAY CUR EI
i-'OItKVKn. and when "pecla!lsl.-" idvertise to cure as "coon as practicable," or "X
soon as tho nature cf tn- ulse-j:-e w.:i permit, you unovv yourseu now soon "it win
permit" If you don't, let rce cite you tu a few cases-wao have tried it to their sorrow.
Scrota? Vancocels.
Scrotal Varicocele lias been described as a crcping disease. It silently steals upon
Its ixiin line it thief at niyht. and uetr.ro lie !- really aware of its presence great and
damaging inroads ate made upon lit constitution. The veins surrounding the spermatic,
cotd feet-nu- enlarged ar.d engorged wiiii impure- blood and diseased tissue. At times thl.1
rendition may be accompanied with a dull, heavy, draeging pain in the small of tho
back, extending down Into the parts. low spirits, .weakness of tho body and brain, ner
vous debility, partial cr complete less of the sexual power, and not infrequent decline of
Hit; general health. All then; disagreeable ryniptoms soon disappear, completely and for
ever, under my Varicocele cure-, which Is safe, painless and bloodless, and therefore free
fn m surgery in any form. Kvery clot of stagnant bl'cd and every fiber of d.seascd tis
sue aro urlvc-n from the affected parts, nnrmal circulation ia re-established throughout
the pelvic region, the weakened organs become strong again, and sturdy manhood la "
Mj- original and strictly modern treatment' for Urethral Stricture cures the dlscasa
without cutting or dilating, thus avoiring the horrors of surgery. It is the only treat
ment that shouai ever be usi-d, aud the only one recommended by the legions of men
who have recently been cured by It. It-acts immediately and direcily upon the Stricture,
dissclvitig it completely nnd d sledging ail diseased tissue, which comes away In. strips -or
shred. ike fiber, nllaying all irrltaton and inflammation and leaving the urethral
canai entirely free from obstruction and in a sound and healthful condition.
Fviervo-Ssxua! Debility.
It Is sail to contemplate the unfortunate condition of so many men of our day anrt '
genciatlon. At SO they feei 30; at ) the feel CO. and at 50 or 60. when they should be In
tl.e very prime of life th-y are almost ready for the grave. The tiro of youth has gone
out, the fountain of vitality is exhausted. Premature old age! No matter what brought
It on, the one thing for you to do is to get back the vim, the vigor and the vivacity of
youth. Don't Use your giip on iife. There are yet many happy, golden years for you
If you onlr get be.p. I can and will not only help you, but cure you to stay cured.
Curing diseases ar.d weaknesses of tho sexual and urinary system has been my excluslvn
bu-iness for the past twenty-three years, during which time I have lifted up enough
fai en mm tn make an army. My treatment will restore to you what you have lost,
your prcciius manhood. It stops all unnatural discharges and drains of vigor, and gives
perfect ar.d permanent power to the sexual organs. It makes the blood pure and rich,
the complexion clear, the eves bright, the flesh firm, the muscles solid and the nerves
strong and steady. It clears up the clouded brain, brightens the intellect and dispels all
drspordency. In short, my treatment for weak men build up the physical and mental
as well os tne tesuni man, anu prepares mm anew ior tno amies ana pleasures or coin,
married and single l.fe.
Specific Blood Poison.
L'ke leprosy of old. Specific Blood Poison was for ages supposed to be Incurable.
This ancient Idea is not yet altogether extinct It still exists in the minds of many old
fogy ph slcians who cntinue to salivate their patients witn potash, mercury and other
dangerous mineral mixtures, which, instead of forcing the disease out of the system,
drive It deeper In. where It lies dormant for a time, and then breaks out again in tna
form of some frightful skin, blood or bane disease. I cure Specific Blood Poison to stay
cure 1 forever. I challenge the medical world for a case In buy stage, hereditary or con
tracted, that I cannot posIt;vely cure, never to return My treatment for this disease Is
Indorsed by the best physicians of America and Europe. It is purely vegetable In ccm
por'.tion and perfectly harmless in effect- More than LOCO men. many of whom had
flid Hot Springs and numerous specific remedies in vain, have been completely and
foicver cured bv me during the past year. PhysUians baffled by stubborn cases aro
cord;ai!v invited to consult me by special appointment.
Moms Treatment.
I prefer that each pitient desiring my cure pay me at least one personal visit, but It
you cannot conveniently do this, write me in your own language a plain and full state U
ment of your symptoms. Many cases can be cured by my original system of corre-
spr.ndence. which is so nearly perfect in Its operations that satisfactory results ara
always assured.
iSK fei fet Bat li
tf-SJ V)SEy 32
Gr Gcok FiGviiCrJ Go,, 0(0
rang for a dinner to be given In the fall.
There were about twenty-live members
present at the meeting.
Laura- Bijigar Takes Action
Maintain Claim on Estate.
New York. June :i A bitter legal fight
la In progress In Freehold. N. J., before
Surrogate Crater over the will of the lata
mlllloniare Henry M. Bennett of Farming
dale, under which will Miss Laura SI. Big
gar, the actreso. is the principal beneficiary.
The will Is being contested on the ground
that Miss lllggar exerted an undue In
fluence over .Mr Bennett and thereby !n
ducrd him to leave the bulk of his prop
erty to her. The contestore are Emma
A. Beekwith and Siary B. Conant, nieces
of Sir. Bennett, and Samuel C. Bennett, a
nephew. The probabilities are that tho
case will be a long and bitterly fought one.
Violinist Gets Divorce.
Phlladelpuia. June 2L Jan Koert has
been granted a divorce from Sulma Ko r .
Koert is a well-known violin st an-i is now
playing at a local roof garden. Madame
VL rr..A Jo i Tw-ir en!v;tirnt-f fnr Ipto nnei nffortls a VCtVc;
1 1
V inconvenient and tiresome mode
pathetic eight than a person slowly and painfully moving- along tne...
street supported by these artificial limbs.
When Rheumatism settles ia the bones and muscles of the legs;V
it is safe to predict that the victim will eventually become helplesj?
and crutch-bound. The corrosive irritating matter that is deposited
in the joints and muscles causes the most intense pain, the knees anil
ankles swell, and when the natural oils and fluids that lubricate,
these parts are completely destroyed the joints become locked and
the innsclK drawn ad stiff, and crutches a necessity. 3s
The acid poisons taat produce rlicumatic pains lorm in me diocki, auti arc
distributed through the system, and lodged in the arms, shoulders, hands,
back and feet, or other parts of the body resulting often in total diffi
ability. A permanent care of' Rheumatism can he effected only by a complete'
cleansing of the blood, and no other remedy so surely accomplishes this a.
S. S. S. - It neutralizes the acid effects, purifies and . w -. -iK'
invigorates the stagnant bloodr and the gritty cor- (H4 lO CC
rupt particles arc washed out or dislodged by the i JS fc
new rich blood, ar.d relief comes to the pain-racked -? CV fc" '
sufferer. S.' S. S. leaves no morbid, irritating matter v V
in the blood to reunite and produce another attack, but expels every atom,
of it from the svstera. S. S. S. is a purely vegetable remedy, and does not;
impair the digestion or general health like alkali or potash remedies. -
Write lor our special iree oooc ou iuieuiuai.ibiu, uuu u u.uy mcai&in
ice or other information is wanted, our physicians will gladly famisHl
... Tur niiiirr onrninn on HTfltlYll r -Sic?
j tyithont charge.
rt3 U ta V5S7 Ck3
r-i tit ei w wri
"?3 PrT?5j Araw
VSa tg) &m '& L2 & W f"
Vhen rt lam behind which a large' body cf water
is confine! commsnce-s to cut through in small places,
prompt repair is necessary to prevent serious inroads
ami final bre iking awav of the entire structure. A
little repair here an ! there, amounting to, perhaps,
30 minu'.cs in all by one man bcorc serious damago
ha been dene, will prevent what a thousand men auct
teams cou.d not remedy sometimes if allowed to go
front 1-atl to worse. Thus a lif.lc labor saved ia tha
beginning is often months of labor lost in tht end.
jlen who inow ot leaks in their vitalitv, of inroads
that need repair, will for the sake of a few
S3? m ZkU
Olive St., Si. Louis, Ko.
Koert was the prima donna of Gustav Hla-.
rich's Ojera Comtany, which played for
many seasons at the Grand Opera-house,
Her stage name is Selma Kronold. Madams-
Koert did not contest the suit.
Novel Sight-Seeing Scheme for Vis
itors From the Country. ,
New York. June 21. The initial trip of th '
"Seeing New York" coaches, under the man
agement of the American Sight-Seeing Car
and Coach Company, was made In the af
ternoon, the tally-ho and party leaving- th.,
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel at 4 o'clock.
A lecturer, who stood In the rear of th
coach, with the use of a small megaphone
called attention to points of Interest along
the route, told Interesting stories connected
with various localities, nnd on the long rida
up Fifth avenue and through the Central
Park drives recited enough facts and figures
about the city. Ita area, population, govern-,
meat, railroads and other public convey
ances, wealth and prosperity to make ona
Similar coach trips have long been an Ins
titution In Denver. Washington. Sal Lak
City. Boston and Charleston, S. C.
of locomotion there is no moreui
?- "jirt re . 'i,--t. V
S-V-r-- r -"ie- :Zyt-zfr -
,-Vr . -yjy-u-ii.Sg:i-at.a if
iCt--jv'ilVA Cv,.
2gg--V--?yy-.'"-frA-WS..- -r.r.T..-r'TPtgTjjgtap.-
--"V?tJ'J-g---it..-V-.-,i. . .-y-Sg.jV.iv'jfeyUSsg?3;

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