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pn t 'JTYvJ
m 5
sfttee, S9.oo. Chairs, $2.00
$2.25 for German Reed Chairs.
WEDDING GIFTS a Specialty.
IOOI Articles, S5 to S50O.
mm t -
Via Direct Line
Via Hew York and Providence Line.
Via Mew York and Rail
Leaving St. Louis.... 9 A. M., 8:30 P. ft?., ,I:3DP. frl.
1 fmmnmm, im.
f3 And intermotliato Stations
infill n&iunii
B. & . S-W.
Sunday, June 29
$!.50 and less
Train loavos 8:"G a.m.
6th Sl Olive and Union Station,
ilMSE"CR0W0S hi
Picnic To-Day Is Expected to Ai
. tract Fifty Thousand Visitors
- Special Trains to Run.
Peoria, 111.. June 2L The third day's ses
sions of the great saengerfest are attend
ed by a greater crowd than those on any
other day. The streets are packed with
Visitors, and additional singing societies are
arriving; on every train. To-morrow Is the
treat fejt picnic, and the railroads esti
mate to-day that they will bring 50,000'
rt rangers.
The concert last night was attended by
t.W persons, and this afternoon the Coli
seum cauld not accommodate the persons
who asked for Uckcts. There will b a
iarade to-morrow of the singing societies,
cud there will be 6,000 persons In line.
Milwaukee will send another special train,
arriving here early Sunday morning. It is
I Fulfill Every Promise and
i, . . . v .,.... ... AULE fee when a. euro is accomuU hed. and NOT
Ikus) RATHAflltl. n.KING.JAjjV) a dollar .ttu ue. iaiu c.stti. cuitfcu.
1 cure Mriuure Without the Knife or Bougie.
1 Cure Contagious Blood Poison, Never to Return.
i Cure Loss of Manly Vigor. No Stimulant, but Permanent
I Cure Varicocele Without Operation and No Loss of Time.
ViRICOCFI F-M cur ! without pain rr
inmuuuLLL surstry, and remoT8 every
drop of starnatrd b.ool and diitfawj tissue
from the afTecled lelna. The orominent irn-
i torns of ih.s dtrrase are heavy, dpacgln
pains In the small of th back, exifnillng
dona Into the atte ted cords; low plrKs
snervous debility and frffluemly a srect de
cline In health Mv treatrient removes lhee
unusoal conditions; normal circulation U
re-itahUrjrd tbrnurhrut th pelvic resign
and perff-t manhood la restored.
Jurtous medicines of iny kind. It poet to the
very bo'tom of ti-e disease and forces out
treatment contains no aanrerous anes or in-
! evfry panicle or impunty The bliod, tho
tissue, in? uesn. uie ones an i uie wnoie
ay item -are e'eaned. purified and restored to
perfect heaith and the patient prepared anew
for the duties and.pltasureaxf life,
i ii.a iir mnn i iiniin . .- w
bwww w. fn..M. ...... wta
w-ak mr nM
set tnimuiaie terrporaniy. dux renores perma
nently, stops every drain of vigor and builds
up the nervous system, purines and enriches
tbt blood, revives tha spirit, brightens tM
thteiiect ana restores un
Trastsd powec of
BOOKLET FRED 'Tacts for Men' wEl
Bocra: I a. m. to I p. m. Buodays, I a.
in Furniture.
In weathered or green oak, 50
patterns. This popular furniture
especially suitable for the porch,
lawn, summer homes and "den."
life. m f
tiiT-- .r-ii ..r. i
i$l -iV 7"
ttfa . : -3.
ftiH fcar
I f? I
estimated that Chicago will send S.000 per
! sons here for the picnic
! To-morrow morning will occur the clec-
tlon of officers. Theodore Rehrtns of Chi-
( cago was .".greed upon this morning for the i
i next president. Milwaukee will get the
i snengerfest two years hence.
A pathetic incident occuircd last night.
( Mme. Ragna-Llnne. the famous soprano
. soloist, received a telegram from Chicago
Just before she was to appear on the stago,
1 saying that her 10-year-old daughter was
'' dying of pneumonia. She completed her
! miniDcra and then departed for Chleaeo.
Bcfore she reached there the child was
I MoIIne. III.. June il Charles r. Dewend
and -Mids Minnie TIedermann of MoIIne were
maixieti to-aav.
Kl.M"0.- GinilCN'S.
Vlncennes, Ind.. June 21. Floyd B. Run
yon of Olney. 111., and Miss Catherine Oib
bens of Cincinnati, O, met here by apnoint
ment and were married this evering 'y tho
Reverend William Oeschger of the First
Christian Chu.ch.
Dent County Contention Called.
Salem. Mo . June 2L The Dent Ccunty
Democratic Central Committee met to-day
and set Tuesdaj. July I, as the date of tne
County Convention to Scien de.ega es to
the fctate conventions at Spnngflelu, St. Jo
seph and St. Louis.
Arknn&an Crops Get Xeedcd'Raln.
liia-LULac si'ccial.
Hope. Ark., June M. A much-needed rain
has been tailing all morn.r.g throughout
this section, and Is of Inestimable vaiue to
Droncht Broken nt Camden.
Camden, Ark., Juno 21. The long
drought was broken by a good rain here
to-day. and which Is in tlmo to save the
ccrn crop.
Civll-Ser lee Examination.
Washlneton. June 21. The Civil-Service
Commission announce that an examlna
Uon will be held in Princeton. 111.. July 26.
for the positions of post office clerk and
ffl L u ?larS
m l , i si-
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a wrong commencement In life? Ii your weak
ened system crying out fcr help? Or have you
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Tlcea? Buch treatment can and will never
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hae kuco faith and confidence In my continue)
uccesa of treating these diseases that I WILL
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lasting euro, what fairer business prutjo-ltion can
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convince the skeptical, as I niran ivhat 1 say and
A ...fill. a. I arHrtl 1? 1-Tf I-l If ,'t ,.,.
a FKEK offer but vou wy mi- a HEAR N
SrRlCTUREBy ,he u"e ' ' original and
J I IIIU IUUL. ctrlcliV CiaOeni tr-tmont 1
can cure the dlta-. vitiiuJi cutting t uilat
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at. ay in ttiiy or shiedlifte ftbr allai all
Irritation and Inflammatlcn, leavlhp the canal
cntlicly free frtim obatructinn The neak
enftd orsraTia become strong: nnd sturdy, and
the jos and isor e? manhood are restored.
CHRONIC fISOKDERS T h e fiufferlns
unnumu o-nutno trom Nervoaa
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S. LV Cor. fias anl Sixth Sis.
n... pl.t.. n. ....... diJ.
q vpy. uivuo-vcui.firdfe oibj.
; tntmass :: nae, hi. tons.
Developments in the Rock Island
System's Affairs at St. Louis
0 Are Expected.
Turlington and Rock Island Will
Connect With Senator Clark's
Line and Denver North
western. Important developments arc looked for In
the St. Louis terminal situation, and In
the affairs of tho Rock Island, In connec
tion with the visit of William I?. Leeds,
president cf the Rock Island system, to
St Louis this week. President Leeds will
arrivo to-day.
Robert Mather, general attorney of the
Reck island sstem. Is expected to arrive
to-morrow. II. A. Parker, vice president,
may also arrived in St. Louis to meet these
Russell Harding, general manager of the
II s,Muri 1'acille Railway and tho Ircn
Mountain route, is expected tj return fiom
his conference with George J. Gould, presi
dent of these roads., io-murio. No notico.
has bien leceived of .Mr. Ramsey's inten
tions, but it is expictia that tne president
of the Wabash v. ill arrive In St. Louis fiom
his New lork trip this we.k. Other lull
nad ollicials having connection with tho
Uunlnal situation and Rock Island affairs
In the matters of extension", etc., are le
porud to be on tntir way to St. Louis.
President Walsh of the T.'.-minal an
nounced last week that ho would be absent
from the city this week. He called no meit-
wSuid not be necessary' to do so until after
the meeting of the general managers next
octore Uipartins. anu stated that It
Uuiiiuo In connection with the change m
cont.ol of the Chicago and eastern liiinins
now mention the Ruck Island, in connec
tion with u story of two lines to the Gulf.
Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis, and tne piob
hle auiulsliion of new lines in the South
west. It lias been stated that the Rock
Island Is backing the Ho.tck tight on in
Conid Cotton litlt at Gray's Point, and that
the St. Louis and Gulf will eventually he
coma a part of the Rock I-land system.
lloelc Itilnnd Nmtie Clinnireil.
The "Rock Is. and Svsuem"' Is hereafter to
leplace the "Great Rock Island Route" as
the ollicial trado mark for tne aggregation
ot coiporatli.ns which the Chicago, Ruck
Island and Pacific Railway Company now
dominates and includes.
With tho evolution of this system the
n 'me has changed three times. A genera
tion ago the Rock Island was but a poor
line ot ISO miles in a sincle State. It has
iiuw .'"'" n in.o a system of almost 7.000
mill's, and 10 0W miles will soon be reached.
That first single track has multiplied into
a. most innumerable llne-5 stretching out
Into a dozen or more States and Territo
ries First it was the Chicago and Rock Island
Railroad Company, chartered In 1SCJ1. whoso
clugle track of 1S3 miles reached the MIs
rlsslppl in July. P3I. connecting a litt'e city
on Lake Michigan with a little vlllase on
the Mississippi. In 1SG3 (he Mississippi wag
bridged and the Mlssisslupl and Missouri
i Railroad Company's line built. The two
rotus wero consolidated in i?. as the Chi
cago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad,
and In that year Council Bluffs was
Hi vend the. Missouri the Chicago, Knnsas
and Nebraska Railwnv Company was ab
sorbed In 1S51. the combination being called
the "Great Rock Island Route." The Chi
cago. Rock Island nnd Texas and the Chi
cago, Rock Island and Mexico have taken
the system to the border. 1,163 miles from
Onu hundred and eighty miles In psil
reached 4.300 miles by 1S02. and Fmce then
almost I.7C0 mile3 have been added. Tho
aggresatlon foots as follows: Chicago, Rock
Island and Pacific, east of the Missouri, 1,
71)6 miles' wrst of the Missouri, ;,S97 miles;
recent additions Choctaw. Oklahoma and
Gulf. 1,165 miles; Burlington. Cedar Rapid's
and Northern. 1,187 miles: Rock Island and
Peoria. 1SS mile; St. Louis. Kansas Cl'y
an I Colorado, 105 miles. Total. 6,379 miles.
Completion of the Colorado and the Gulf
lints will add to these figures.
Railroads HuIIlIiik South to
Ocean-Uunnil Prodacts.
The Gulf route Is coming Into favor.
There Is a noted tendency of Central State
railroads to extend through the Mississippi
auey to r-oumem ports. j
ine isortn-boutn route is UKed so wen
ana appears so promising mat the millers
of the North and the Weft have decldtd to
experiment In that direction In shipping
flour to urop
One big shipment has been announced.
It is believed that o'.her milling firms will
follow. If this first diversion of shipment is
srccessfjl. If the expeiiment is satisfac
tory, a large amount of business which has
heretofore found its wav to EurODe via tho .
lake and rail routes to the North Atlantic
seaboard will be diverted to the South lines
for shipment via the Gulf for Europe. .
The Rock Island, the Goulds, the Illinois
Central, the Mobile and Ohio, the Katy. tho
Frisco and all the lines reaching the Gulf
or building In that direction will make '
mienuous efforts to carry the flour of the
North nnd West to tho Gulf. The plans ot
the railroads seem to indicate that railroad
managers have no doubt of tho result of
Gulf-route experiments, and In the near fu
ture it Is very likely that rates will be tho
only Inducement to ship across the Conti
C. G. Warner nf the Missouri Pacific
FlinlM Ilenlth at Hot SprlnRS.
W. C. Stlth, freisht tralllc manager of
tho Missouri Pacific Railway and the Iron
Mountain Route, returned yesterday from
Hot Springs, where ha visited C. G. War
ner, second vice president, who went to
Hot Springs several weeks ago to recover
his health.
Mr. Stith reports that Mr. Warner is rap
Idly regaining strength and that his con
dition promises In a short time to reach
that vigorous state ot health for which
Mr. Warner had long been envied by other
railroad officials, who found it impossible
to keep pace with him in his aggressive
manner of railroading.
Mf Wnrnpr tins tne ronrnanv of Mrs.
Warner, who did not go with her husband
to EuroDe when the latter sailed a few
... uu.wlyC ........ ...- -"- . ---- - ---- .
monins ago ror an aii-summer '"P;. -";
n?llkeedfS,Unwen0asPl?hCa ISutoffin.S? 1
and It only totk him a few days to una
that he liked Hot Springs better, even next
to St. Louis.
Senator Clnrk'si Line WIU Connect
Willi Burllnston nnd Rock Inland.
New York, June 21. David H. Moffatt.
president of the National Bank of Denver.
who has been in this city lor tne past sixiy
days, has concluded successfully the finrin-
oiai iirranrtment nreliminarv to the build-
days, has concluded successfully tne nnan
clal arrangement preliminary to the build
In- or tlia Denver, Norutwestern ana t-a-c.fic
Senator W. A. Clark has entered into an
agreement with Mr. Moffatt by which tho
San Pedro. Los Angeles and Salt Lake will
connect at Salt Lake Citv with Mr. Mot
fatt's new road, and the Denver and North
western will connect with the Burlington
and the Rock Island at Denver.
Illinois Central Practically Completes
Double Rail in Illinois.
Duquoln, 111.. June 21. The second track
of the Illincl3 Central Railroad between this
city and Hallidayboro Is complete and
trains ran over it for the first time to-day.
When a Fmall gap Is clcsed connecting
thn North Duouom vards and the bridge Is
finished across a stream at Dubois, the sec-
ond track of the Illinois Central will be
rnmnlM" tn FlUnffhflm.
All that will remain to be. done to give
this company a double trackage from Chi
cago to Cairo will be to close a few short
gaps between Effingham and Champaign
and the completion of a bridge across Big
Muddy River, two miles north of Carbon
dale. -
The Blu Muddv bridge has been In course
of construction for the last twenty months
and twelve more months will bo necessary
to complete It
Missouri Supreme Conrt 'Would Com
pel Hearing- of S. 31. Report.
Jefferson City, Mo.. June 2L The Sdpreae
Court has issued an alternative writ of
mandamus at the relation of the Bonne
Terra Railroad Company against Judja
Deorlng of the St. Francois County Circuit
Court to compel him to hear the report of
the commissioners on condemnation pro
ceedings for crossings over the Southern
Missouri Railroad.
The writ was made returnable on June 23
to court in banc.
Louis, Peoria and Chicago Export
Flour Hearing; Wednesday.
TV. II. Fox of Council Bluffs, la., has
been appointed trainmaster of the Centralla
division of the Illinois Central, with head-
3uarters at Carbondale, 111., vice W. S. An
rews, resigned, who goes to Qulncy.
The RurlinRton announced yesterday
that a new schedule out of Chic? go will
So Into efTect July ti. lY.iin Xo. 1 will de
part from rrhlrnun nt S n. m.. and will rpncli
Denver nt tf:W p. m. the nett day. one hour '
uhu ien minutes iaster man ui present,
afternoon tr.'Un fur Omul a wl-I denait
Chicago at C:19 instead of nt C p. m., and
will reach Omaha at 7:C0 a- m.
Beglnnini; to-morrow, the Chicago and
Northwestern Railway will add a Pullman
tourist sleeping car to the Denver train de
parting from Chicago at ll:Su p. m., and
reachine: Denver nt 7:55 lhe second morninir.
Returning, the train will depart from Den-
ver at p.jo p m . and will reach Chicago
-TOenSio' S1te the second week
in June wero M.an increase of w.isj;
cnt. $w.Ki3.h77."aninraFe'of't2:i77.B2o.".Miie-
aci (1TMr.irn I in Kft'1 ?. 273 S3 m!l.
" , jr.-." .; .r "7vi.i; ' .
Illinois la reiwrteii as having said. In re-
Bam to tho reports or negotiations lor a
"hange of con rnl In that read to the II i'mU
Central, the Cotton Kelt or the Ioulsvillo
and Xashville, that negotiations are on for
a change that will add considerably to the
earnings of tho company.
Tho next annual meeting cf the Train
Dispatchers.- Association will be held in
NHthxille, opening on lhe llrst Tuesday in
June. These otl'ccrs have bten elected: A.
D. Canlieid. Wilson, la., piesident: J. F.
Maeklin. Chicago, secretary: Alacklin also
-Lretary and treasurer and editor of tho
Dispatchers' Gazette, lltecutlve Committee
J. R. Weaver of liuffilo. R. 15. R:ichm n
of Canion. O.: F. F. Ilai'ey of .Media, Pa.,
and IZ. R. Crossman of Toledo, O.
For the second week in June the R'g
Tour earnings were MMXOTii for the lines
proper, hen.;,- a decrease nf J3j.PI3.CL The
Peoria and Lantern earned grusj for the
tecond week in June JlMSI.Su. a decrease of
A hcarlrg on export flour rates will be
held by the commiss on In New ork next
Wednesdav. from 'he gateways of Chicago,
IVoria and St. Louis.
Daughter of Senator Culloni and
I Wife of Comptroller of Currcnry.
! Kaliimore. June 21 Mrs. William I5arr-tt
Currency. dn.d late last H'ght at the Jehns
Hopkins Hospital in this city after an op-
eration for appendicitis, she was operated
on "i nun nay nignt, ami was supposed to
nave been in a vco' raorauic condition un
til last night, when a turr. for the worso
was absolved.
Mrs. K. I,cly was a daughter of United
States Senator Shelhv M. Curkm of Illinois,
who, with Mr. Ridsely, was with her when
she expired Her remains will be taken to
Sprlngil.'ld. 111., for burial.
i.rcnN c si. n.owr.n.
Medora, 111.. June 21. Luclan C. M.
Clower. aged 71 years, one cf the pioneer
lesidents of Macoupin County, died this
morning at his home near Piasa. The
funeral takes place Monday morning from
the Piasa Haptist Church.
RErrni.1.; special.
Poplar RIulT. Mo.. June 21 Mrs. Sarah
Parks of Chester. HI., who had been mak
ing her home with her dauahter, Mrs. J.
I'crry Johnson of this city, died this after
noon nt 2 o'clock, aged 73 years.
It. P. It .CoN.
Oskaloosa. la.. June 21 R. P. Bacon.
aged 7t!. died sudden. y at his home to-d-iy
from apopUx Il was n retired capitalist
and barker and widely known in th State.
BoonilIe. Mo., June 21. William E. Wil
l'nms. aged ty years, died suddenly here
this morning of heart failure. He was one
of the pioneer ct'z, ns of Roonvlllc.
j'.con iiiKnciu
Uiucoutah, 111.. June 21. Jacob
died at his home here this mornin;
at tho
age of 59 years
rnncY nuicvs.
Farmlngton. Mo., June 21. Percy Burn,
an old- and highly respected citizen of tr.is
county, died at his home at Flat Rlvr yes
terday, agtd 72. He leaves a wife and' sit
grown tons.
Jcflcrson City Mo., June 21. Oliver Fash,
a prominent young met chant of Jefferson
City, who came here fiom England several
years ago, dud to-dny. He was 2S years
of age and leaes a family.
F.ijelteUlle. Ark.. June 21. Professor A.
T. Graber. muMeal diiectnr of tho L'n.ver
Jlty of Aikansas. died in this city to-dav of
tjphoid fever. He was a native of Ohio,
but came hero frcm Jcplin. .fo . to take
charge of iho depirtment of 'music last
year, and was re-elected at a meeting of
the brard last week. He leaves a wife and
two children.
rMI v Ti-i ouni i r-r nnnryr
t.arilens ntul (rrh:ircl in nnaie
Western Suites AWrc Diiinucnl liy
Cold 1VH' niul Frigid Moisture
Omaha, Neb., June 21. The cold weather
of the past few days culminated last night
in a frost, which, in many sections, did a
sreat deal of damage. It was especially
severo In Itock, Kejcs. Doyil and Cherry
counties and In Southern South Dakota.
Sioux Falls leports a frost, but no great
amount of damage. Fruit and vegetables
suffered the most. There was a bam trace
of frost In thl city, but no daraago was
Light frosts wero reported all along the
line ot tho Fremont. BIkhom and Missouri
Valley, but they were not heavy enough to
do any serious damage. A number of other
places In Northern and Western Nebraska
report light frosts, with the temperature as
low as 22 degrees. At Deadwood there was
a light fall of snow, which extended over
the Black Hills.
sjoux uiiv. ia . june .i. ,
Sioux City, la , June 21. Heavy frosts
wero experienced throughout this section
' "iell? Se"0US damagC l crP3
has been reported.
KansnK City. Mo.. June 21. Frost Is re
ported last night in Decatur County, Kan
sas. In the northeast corner of tho State.
on the Nebraska line; at Maryville, Mo., on
, the Iowa line, and at Warrensburg, Mo.,
j two counties south ot Kansas City. No
uamaije is reported, i nis is tno latent frcst
In this section for years.
Marvvllle. Mn June 21 Thpr. n-e n
sli - ht fmt r it. . ni,, Vi.k .
5I'"a" .'" SLJ" f? e,T, cnh CeVh s.hi 5
V.."aw." ..ConPl asl """' . Th coldest
,uuiiu weatner lor many jea.s na.s prevailed
: In this section for several days past
St. Joseph. Mo., June 21. A heavy frost
here last night did considerable damage to
I gardens and small fruit.
JlJcon. Mo., June 21. A cold -wave struck
this section last night, and the thermom
eter went down to II. The same day last
year the mercury was up to SO. People have
been wearing l'ght overcoats ami winter
hats. An Ice cream social had to be pest
pontd on account of tho. unseasonable
weather. 4
Army Orders.
Washington. June 21. Army orders were
issued to-day as follows:
at" tho call of the president thereof at Fort
- uoaro 01 omccrs is uppointeo to meet
Dousrlns. Htnli-for tho examination of such
persons as may be ordered before it to de
termine their fitness for appointment as
The detail for the board Is as follows:
Colonel John Bubb. Twelfth Infantry;
Malor Henrv Hovt. Surgeon, Volunteers:
I Major Palmer Wood. Twelfth Infantry;
1 f-.n..l. a. ....1 Cf.trMe Artltlfrr. fn.nn
Contract Surgeon. James Hepburn; First
Lieutenant Adna Clarke. Artillery Corps,
The leave granted First Lieutenant Clif
ton Carter, Artillery Corps, Is extended fif
teen days.
Leave for one month is granted Captain
George Moses. Ninth Cavalry.
Captain George Burr. Ordnance Depart
ment, Is ordered to this city en 0 facial busi
ness. The extension of leave granted captain
(John Barker, Third Infantry, Is further ex-
tended fifteen days.
;''JJJ- ''
All Who Call or Write at Once Given Professional Services and Treatment Free of Charoi.
.. Dr-i.G:,M- Pranaman. the celebrated specialist, who has probably treated and cured more patients than any other practltlonlr
or specialist In the countr. makes a most II beral offer to those afflicted. Dr. Kranaman says everv person whom hecures wiu
n the means of retting from flvo to ten new patients and for this reason he offers to every person afflicted his professional scr
ubs and treatment absolutely fiee of cha.se.
No Expanse Except for Meiiicinas Used in Your Case,
SvE.S3.00 Will Parnriansntly Cure
. r 1 rr ,, . -. . .. iit
lien t-atarrli auccts the membranes of throat and middle car thev become congested and swollen,
closinff the Eustachian tube and causing the eardrums to become shrunken and thickened, the bones of the
ear become aiichyloscd so the sound vibrations cannot pass in to the nerve without the use of ear trum-
j Pet- J-'s condition Dr. Branaman cures bv applying Electricit3-
i th.n.ivl. ..11..-1.... 3, A,.i .- ,. .. . ..
Ll",u"t.". wulhuij; anu lousL-ninir
parts, thus carryintj the congestion
ti. a(jui ticairacni, which soomes. iieais ana nermanentn- restores
A few St. Louis people who liavo
been cured and now recommend the
Air. David Aigier, 1100 S. Seventh
street, ctpcd of deafness, says: "I ad
vise all to ko and be cured." Mr. O. Q.
Uevine, 1S01 S Boyle avenue, says:
"My daughter was a wreck with ca
tarrh. Is now a new girl." Air. I cuis
Freeman, 01S Manchester avenue, cured
of deafness and head noises, ftir. !J. H.
Uellnian, Ccueral Manager of the M.s
Miuri Grocery Co., 2123 North Main
street, says: "I was very deaf, but Dr.
ISranamun cured me with electricity."
No experimenting; If your case Is not
curable VOU will bo told iO
free of
, , .
charge Dr. Branaman says honesty is
the hest policy.
Home Treo-tcvcnt as Effective a. Oi'fice
O.'lice Hours: 9
Democrats Arc To'lhoi on Half
of Ticket io Up Nominated.
Kansas Clt:.. M Juno 21. -Half of the
J.icon Counti Dciivicraiic ticket Is al
rtadv forcrtia aid the rimalndcr is get
ting comparative! 1 ttlc atteMion. so Inter- i
estlng Is the light for the State Conventi-m j
delegates that Is g ring on In eight of th
fourteen ward-.. Th.- slate that Is said to
be already agreed upon includes the fol- j
lowing: '
Circuit Judges W. n. Teasdale and John
TV. Henry.
Presiding Judge County Court-U. L. j
Probate Judsre J. K Guinotte. ,
Criminal Clerk C. V. Iteniek. j
f'ounty necoraer Martin Gossctt.
County Marshal Thomas Pendergast. '
Countv Treasurer-u w.ueniry.
Sherilf-John P. Gllday.
This was the slate outlined this mum ig
by tome of the shrewdest men In the partv.
and they added a prediction that unless
tho Molin-ltecrt combir.-it'on can sweep the
T-nth Ward. Kolard Hughei; will be on
the ticket for Prosecuting Attorney.
The firs six .e m to bo safe from dan
gerous opposition, btil the last three were
named as b-ng reasonably certain only be
cause recent developments have been work
ing rapidly In their direction.
n.lllor Snv.lrr Enters Race Acalnst !
Hosn mid Roberta.
itcpunuc SPECIAL.
prinf;fi-Ici. Mo.. Jun 21. The Test Office
light has opened up hero again and promises
no tr.d of tfoub'e to local Republican lead
ers. During tho winter n s-pinteJ contest
was lnlulgcd In between the present in
cumbent and J. T. Ross, who has the In
dorsement of T. J. Akms nnd Frank D.
Itobsrts. Ross is the chairman ot the
Rf publican County Central Committee and
was styled the "organization" candidate.
Tho early hopes of the organlzat on men
were to make a clean sween when Roberts
was appointed Internal Revenue Collector j
M T- r.i Ji t . Artfl T II llitnnn r llnj
tjuv anu J ij. Duncan
s-,7a t -.!.. nr . t ninnA o Cn'tiT .
DlotlaiildaB IwtoUlbdl lilo
field, hut J. Fenton. the preseiit ro.-.tn.agter. . Canton. Mo.. June 2L At a rousing meet
continued to hold en. although his term Ins or Democrats held at the Courthouse
expired In March. i John A. Knott was strongly Indorsed for
..-. . r-. . .. -. n 1 tn . .xinrl Pflm pnleiDl iinr.11 find hm s4sfiTATa tmm
colonel n. it. snvaer. cauor or tno spring-
field Republican, recently declared himself
a candidate. He Is now in Washington.
Snvder, before entering tho race, was a
fuprorter of Ross. It Is elnlrned that
charges recently made against Ross at
Washington were inspired by him.
Contention Selected Delegates
Three Comeiitlons.
Forest City. Mo., June 2L The Democrati
met in convention In this city to-day and
el cted the following delegates: To :Lo
Judical CLnventTon . B. Hlnklo. C. M.
Chllders. R. B. Rrldgeman. II. B. Williams.
To the State Convention Doctor J. M. Mln
to. Henry Meyers, W. P. Drake and Divld
Kennedy. To the Congressional Conven
tion. St. Joseph Sam Kahn. W. C. And's.
E. F. Wcllcr. George Penny. A. O. Wil
liam?. Doctor Thatcher. S. J. Schultz. Hush
B'ohan and Andy Hacr.
The convention adopted resolutions in
dorsing the State administration and AttorN
ney General E. C. Crow for his efforts to
uphold and enforce tho laws of Missouri,
wild Instructed delegates for C. F. Cochran
for Congress, Judge A. M. Woodon for Su
preme Judge and" Tom Tarks of Platte for
Railroad nnd Warehouse Commissioner.
Two Sets of Delegate Will Go to Jef
ferson City Convention.
KIrksvIllc. Mo., June 21. There Is a split
in the Republican rank3 In Adair County,
and two sets of d?ler:atfs will go to Jeffer
son City next Tuesdas-, claiming seats In
the convention.
About th middle of Mav the Republicans
held n. convention to select delcgnto"'. Tho
Kerens faction, headed by S. M. Picklcr and
M ih the utest designs ahd ihprovehehts- 1 1 '
I Third and St. Gbirhs Sfi., ud 6H Washington An. I , -
.y--fciVrfVfs. v ., .v.."-v r?vZ&-i f?.-:--?: yyvtyvr.-?w; z
Thousands None Will Exceed
iiie Dones, siimuiacing tne circulation, erivinjr Detier nounsnment to m,i
away and opening the middle ear
Hiss Slensle Van Sill, fared of Deafness.
' corroborate this statement at any time.
Treatment. Write for Home Tren-tment Symptom Blanks vnd Book of TestimonUU.
A. M. Jo 6 P
Wednesdays end Saturdays, 7 (o 8 r. M.
. s. p r-r i s Mire! Dt rr
a B E
Ol a C.J.
..iivor Dockery. dominated the convention.
at" .i-'jjurned the meeting sine die before
the delectes were legally elected. The
Akir.s facih.il gave the Keiens crowd to un
d. -.! ind thn and there that r.o election of
dclr'.ati a h:.d taken phiee. and on June 4, in
compliance' with the mandate of the Repub
lican Slate Committee, the Akin 111' ti. by
ami with the consent of the I'h-.irman ot
tl'i- Count:- Central Committee J. II. Kin
liar, met and elected another set of dele
gates I'rrclntrt Coiiventloiin in l.rTrls.
.Mi.rticello. .do., Juno 21. Prctnct con-i-ptions
wen- Ii-M In Lewts Coimty to-day
tu e'ect nclevati" to the Democratic Coun
t rtnvcn ion MoirUuy. A majoilty of the
dVl. ,ttes eleitcd aic Instructed for John A.
in ti fcr It.ulrcid Commissioner, Insuring
ir..-trt.'.iIoas for h!m in the County Conven
tion. Monticello elected tho following dele
gates to the County Convention: F. L.
Marshand, W. It. Holilitcr. Tiiomas I. John
on. William H. Turner nnd Willi tm Lass
weli. Instructor tor Knott for Railroad
Ct.mmiss.oni'r and Wagner for chairman
of the State Committee.
I'riniai'lcs in LIinstni County.
Chill.cothe. Mo.. June 21. PemocraUo
tcwnIup primaries were held In LlWngston
County Saturday to eiect delenatcs to the
: county Convention to be held baturaay,
June 2S. to elect delegates to the Stato
Convention. The vutc.s a.so expressed their
' preftrence for United States Senator. In
tjniincotno jownsmp. u. o. sune got an
: the otts. and returns from other nre-
clncts ind.cate that he was the unanimous ,
choice of the county.
Delegate to ltulln Convention.
SL James. Mo.. June n. The Democrat
at the City liall
close of an en-
.i..',:h,.A,t2 fia
of St. James Precinct met
this afternoon, and at the
thusiastic met ting e.ected dr legates to the
County Convention, to be held in Roila.
next alor.uay. to elect delegates to the Ju
dicial and other conventions. The follow
ing were elected: Captain R. P. Goodall,
Captain R. IX Barber, 11. E. Emory, Frank
Schneider and R. H. Schenker.
ICnott Indorsed at Canton.
iv-t KjtAtM aL.v.lAu
.yi x,.,u......w.. m- ..-0.
selected to the Democratic County Conven
tion to bo held at Monticello, Mo., on Mon
day, June 23, were Instructed to use their
Influence In the convention to procure In
structions for him for said office.
Pension., tor Sonthwesterners.
asrungton. June 21. Pensions bava been
granted to Southwestcrners as follows:
Missouri Charles Wlntir, St. Louis, JS; Wm.
11. Pucltt. Koaz, J(: James A. Beat, tCaasas
City. ;; Lewis J. Doll. dead. Hamilton. Jut;
Benjamin P. Mlson. Sceldoa. JJ; Wm. P. Dun
lap, dead. Suuunersvihe. JU: Warren Davts.
Tarklo. Jiu; Jacob Decker. 8u Louis, J10: Robert
T. Butris. MeadvlIIe, JH- Wm. D. Cordry. Mont-
a; juiuea u. r. uiuuci. s-aiiocsuurs;. 11. :
John James, Ccncordla, M; JIarlow v. T. Gull-
toru. sc i,oui3. u; jiiizawtn wuiums, Utai
more. $S; Mary A. Dunlap. Suramertvlle. J8:
Luclnda M. HaJey. Needsiore. xiz: LucrsUa J.
Capps. Stahl, 12; Melissa Duncan. Butler. JU.
ArKansas L, B. Younr. Newport. JS: Colvtn I
Porter. Marv ell. JW; Jaza.s Kenrletf. Kudy. U; I
Nathan Peopl-a. Western Grmv JS
. luiiiuis ct-j mour . anyacr. jiourn. jb: ' "?'"-,. , ... . .
Joseph N. fmltb (deceased). Colfax. JU- James The followint; Uectlons ars oonflrmed: Elshth
T. Bonn. Darwin, MOj Jaiper Hooker. Rush- Infontrv William D. Ilcdce. to be Captain:
vllle. J17; 8amil Grim. Mount Carroll. JU: Richard C. Rom, to bo First Lieutenant, and
Gcorgo D. Wrirht. WlnnebaEO. 110: James H. ' John Farmer. Jr.. to be Second Lieutenant. Cum
Jackecn. Soldiers' Home. Qulrcy. JU; James P. I Pny H: Julius C Wltherspoon. to b Captain;
MfDBlnR. Batarta. Ji. Joel w. Llvermors. Sol-;
fliers' Home. Qulncy. JI0: Charles M. Leckbes.
Mendon. JS; Jcseoh c Atberton. West Jersey.
J8: Joseph Palmer. Waultetan. JID: Denton O.
Daniels. Blui. Mound. 110: Charles C. Slych,
ucr.r). as; itorace iuarsu. ivataru. lu.
R. Gollehur. Rctebud. SH: Theodors P.
lara. JU: Jamss
Theodors P. Brlxrs. .
Aurora. Jli: Horace Orubb Itushvllle, Jll: Henry
Black. Midland. J10: Benjamin P. Groves,
Brcchvllle. JC: Ma-le Hafele. BushnelL JU:
Rosa Estill. Greenvifcw. JS; Jennlo A. Jerome.
Snrlnguel.1. 51: Isabel Callmess, Camarxo. JS;
Huldah J. Clinton JIoLeanslicro. JU: Christens
Irwin. Lawre.ncevIHe. J12, Caroline sirair. Bel
vliSere J12: Sarah M. Bower. Clinton. J12:
Rachel C. Hancock Stonrfort. J12: Mary J.
AtracK. rr.amocss. J13; Mtiinda A
Glttlnrs. '
ztnicin. 31:1
Indiana Wnsh'nrton Reeves. National Home,
Grant. J'.O: James F. Sands. Huntlnrton. J12;
Jrwrh II ChlsTi Kokamo. 512: Georee Gilpin.
National Home. Grant. j:2: Benjamin F. Berry,
S5.00 for One Whole Month. J
to the ears; the current is passW
-" tit , a-- xt-flfl
so it is thoroughly massaged by tH I
tne Hearing, nu tusc ut utat,
.v.lss GI:nnl9 N. Van Kirk, ES13A Delmar
avenue, aged nine years, had catarrh all of
her life, and became very deaf on account
of it. Mrs. Lou Van Kirk, her mother.
-Mis: "My little daughter. Glennle, was so
doaf that she could not hear ordinary con
versation. I had to tseak to her teacher
and make special arrangements for her at
school. It was so difficult tor her to under
stand anythlrg that was said. I knew that
If the catarrh could be cured her ears
would open, but I had come to consider
that an Incurable disease, having tried so
many remedies, In vain The past three or
four years It was getting worse all of the
time and her hearing accordingly duller. It
seur.rd hard enough for her to be afflicted
with the dit'ease if it had not affected her
hearing, and 1 felt that something must
be done at once to save it If possible. I had
but litt'e hope of its ever being bett-r. but I
resolved to make one last effort to save the
hearing that remained, for I could not bear
the idea of having her educated away from
home. I am happy to say that after taking
a course of treatment from Dr. Branaman
Glennie has not a symptom of catarrh and
her hearing is simply perfecL I regard the
cure, after eo many years of suffering on
h'r part and despondency on mine, as but
little less than a miracle and am ready to
Soldiers' Home. LnfaiMte. J13: Martin Hool.
North Vera. n. St:. Georce Smith. Nappanw.
JI: Warren K. Shoemaker. Bluffton. JS:
orren Jnent. Natlunal Home. Grant,
tt: Isaac II Rowland. Paris. J;
(fri:e ITOps. Greentown. Is; Jama Howells.
Richmond li: Benjamin M. Stephenson. Indian
apolis HI; Milton it. SuIroe. Indianapolis. tM;
Tobias llatthenscn. LakeUIle. JS. n.Us Washlns-
tcn. National name, urzac iu. ,uwnu. jsnowi
trn Port Wflne SI2: Lewis Thornton. Elkhart.
S17; Thomas S Hlestand. Marengo. K: William-;
Watson. Richmond. U: GUbert Mackey. Wln-
rh-sttr. Jli: Peter Heeter. fallcr Lake. MO: Leill
ilanna. IiloorollPla. 111. josepn Conner. Auajun-
Jt7. nilnore or nuuim tkipiman. rranKiic. ji;j
Jack IIIU. Jlaaiana. fa: saran i-Tiiiuove.
ennes. j: irmima usnonff. inaianapoiis. js:
Anan Web. Muncle. tS: Maria iluller. CBji-n
l'olnt. Si; Elizabeth Cofrman. Brownabure.p::
Arranda MrGlllem. Oakland City. K: SartU J
QuUev, L'eLonr, JS; Catharine A. Halderji?n.
Orcetilo IS; farah E. Mlddleton. Snla. JU;
Almlra D. I". Day. Donaldson. iZ: Ludnd
Jnr.e!. Bedford. I12, Sarah B. Burnett. Mltchfll.
IlJ: Rachel L. Parker. Indianapolis. JU: Dorev
Tcmperly, Indianapolis. J17; Emma 6. Ilanna.
Indianapolis. J12. ,
Indian Tfrrltory Thomas J. CaTlck Rih
SrrinBi. SIS. Luclnda Clifton. Centr. 5J.
Kansas Jams IX. Norll, National Home.
Leavenworth. JS, Robert H wrar. Stantra. JJI:
Joathin R. Tripp. Fort Dodsa. Ill: Gecrge T
Winters. Chapman. Sll.IS: 'Jrorts Ittttlni. r, Na
tional Home. La enworth. JS: sn.il'1 TaTlor
I Armed. $12 Ollxer R Br-iwn. Troy. Jit Louisa
Clothier Mcran. JJ; Harriet Uarl" Staffcnl. M:
Nancv J Trober. Meade. : LdU A. Rar.
sopher. Weskan. fJ: EUzaeeth H. Cole. Hutch-
OVhthoru Gibson G'll. Jefferson. HI: B-nJamla
Keller. Osceola. JS; Wlll!a-n partrl.lse. IjInB
ton. J1S: James H w. Sumroen. cherok. JtJ:
Allen Hart. West Point. $10. minor ot James M.
Lee. Guthrlo. J10. .. .
Tetas-Jacksen P Carother. Whltesboro. J1I:
William Wolfson. Denton. J12: Marv Allen. Ty
ler. JS: Frances J. Abrcrcmhi- SS.
Brldjje Acro. Missouri Illver.
Washington. June 2L The Senate bill au
thorizing the construction of a brides
across the Missouri River at a point to be
' selected within five.ml!e3 north pf the Kaw
'River In Wyandotte County. Kansas, and
It - lav Countv. Missouri, and to make the
mme a post route, has passed tho Sena e.
Illinois National Guard Orders.
bpnnisi.elJ. HI . June 2L Upon thy recommen
dation of the commaaillns; Central. Adjutant
General Smith has ap-jotnted Mas W. Barbour
ot Areola to bo Assistant Surgeon General ot th
Illinois xauonai uuaxo, to raax ma ucaiuauii
Colonel. ,
Tba companies of Infantry mustered Into ths
military eervles of the Stato at tjpriugna'd Juns
t. 100;. anu at Bloomlngton Juaa 2, lsel. are
asslcned to the hlKtith lntahtrr as Companies
II and O. resp:tlvely.
Elections to nil all exlsttns vacancies are or
dered In the Second Infantry, us follows: Com
pany A. 9 p. m.. June IS. Major James H. Stans
tleld to preside: Company B. S:50 p. m., June
S. Major ttantfield to preside: Company G, S
p. m., June SI. Major John J. Oarrtty to pre
side: Company L. S'3i p. m.. June 28. Lieutenant
Colonel James J. Healy to preside: Company J.
9 p. m.. Juna t6. Lleutscant Colonel Healy to
Elections ar ordered la the Third Infantry as
follows: In Comrany K. p. m.. June to, for
Captain and to nil such other vacancies as may
exist at that tlmo. First Lieutenant Walter B.
Taylor to preside: In Company L. SS0 p. m..
Jolr I. for First Lieutenant and to (111 such other
vacancies as may szlst at that time. Qjptaja
James T. Burns ot the Third Infantry to Pte
le. Other elections ordered axo: In Company D.
Sixth Infantry. & p rn . June 30. for e itst Lieu
tenant and to fill such other vacancies as may
exist at that time. Captain James K. Bacon ot
the Sixth Infantry presidios: In the First Di
vision, second ship's crew. Naval Mllltla of Illi
nois. S p. m.. June 20. fcr Llentenant and to fill
noli. & p. m.. juno ju. icr u
snch other TacBncirs as may
Uustanant (J C.) O. Allsoo 1
:ner vacancies as may exist at tnat time.
Marshall. N. M.. to
iat aiearies. to oo rirstcutenani. ana tnas.
ej. smiin. io oe otoiia Lieuienam. campanytj
Fourth Infantry Paul fct. John, to be Seionl
Lieutenant, Company L. lce Barnard.
in rericnatinn or James w. Breen as First
uemenant 01 company u. Tnira intantry. aao
of Samuel II. Becx as Captain of Company K.
Honorable dlscbare.s from the mllltsrv irv.
tea of the State are Issued to the following en-
itsira lurn.
First Infantry Privates Martin W. Burns bjk
janies ji. diarsnaii. jr.. company ti lTlrar
nAtitmln Slav., .n Arfnlnh Tl. i nm.anir I
............. .......' ...... .......... ..w.s,. ..v....'.u ....
intra intaniry Dcrsrant aiajor l.riarie'a.
Car... nn.1 lfnanl.nl C..k. ...lit.... c n..
noncommissioned staff.
tourui intantry ordnance Serceant Artnur t.
Washburn, noncommlss oned staff; Private Ros
coe Lewis. Company C: Sergeant Fred MltclM'l
nnd ITIvates Fred I. Mills. Edward Steers and
jonn irini, vompany v.
' -.i
I &
ft dsPHHL
t m i
'-A4...Vtf.J"'' '

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