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urn. j.ts.s..i.iMsj. mr.-'-r jtw jbj
'iVrifiktfrrw.m'.1. stti3fg5'!ssss B5gL;cM
ilk (fTflP fP ! f SI H
l :
I ' 2
I. 2I
fi L
Solicits the accounts of corporations, individ
uals, firms, banks and bankers on the most
liberal terms consistent with conservative busi
ness methods.
I n-ident- Vuo President.
i&,-hAL ll
I'onrtli and
P I?!0
A llli 11
A KLH. m 8 to
iL Aiii-iiWffiAi a
CAPITAL, $500,000. SURPLUS, $200,000.
2 Initrkst Paid on Current Accounts Subject to Checks.
2T2 Interest Paid on Deposits Subject to 30 Days' Notice.
3 Interest Paid on Time Certificates for 6 or 12Months.
3 Compound Interest Paid on Special Book Accounts.
St. Louis and Other Flrst-Clacs Municipal Bonds For Salo.
Orders executed on 1,000 bushels Grain. 50 barrels Pork, 10 shares Stock. IS bales Cotton.
Write for our book of statistics and Dally Grain Letter mailed FREE.
:tl7 INn ST.. !T. LOUIS. MO.
St Louis Union
Fourth and Locust Streets,
Has for sale a limited amount of Participation
Certificates, secured by Car Trust paper, cov
ering the deferred payments in a contract for
cars built for the Cleveland, Cincinnati,
Chicago and St. Louis Railway Com
pany. Interest, four and a half per cent, pay
able July, October, January and April.
Wr ?8a A If Pays Highest Rates of i
I $ YrtJi A Interest on all i
Xn5w rfff I Inil' Deposits of Money.. Jt .
iL&r4lf i !U' Acts as Guardian, Trustee,
SrfvM i 8 f& Curator, Executor and
Wt( fOAlY Administrator. jt
r-dJJl 7 I Money to
( W COLOfllALTRUSr Loan on Stocks, Bonds and
juJvL' BUILDING-- Real Esato. 0 J
Sfloup. 1
I I "SS&ft' $3,000,000.... I '
i -
ISSUE OF S5.000.00O
S.?5 rer Ccat Tiratv-t ;r Cold Bonds.
Dated April 1, 1952. Ipril 1. 1322.
Coupons l'ajaV.e Ipril ail October in lew York or London.
We own and offer for sale $1,000,090 of the above bonds, deliverable
after June 20th, at 101 and accrued interest. Any further
information desired will bs furnished on amplication.
Fourth and Pine Sts.
Thfr BnnU.
v.-r York. June St. Clam: Money on call
t5r -at 3 Pr cent: prime mercantile pap$
Hrir rrntT SterUrjt exchange nominal, with
S actual DUjines.." faU04 u for ea-dav toll's:
Li men SSVt. Mexican ooiwa v-. w"1":
"d!uady: State bond. Inactlre, railroad
i-w ,.
' -e .j.
sssBx was? Si. i I i.
Cashier. Assistant Casblor.
Morcan Streets.
Cnist Company
300 P. Fourth St.j
t).S72.sn: halancea .S8S,t: clearinirs for the
we.k aH.3ll.J71: balances MJ.248.S30. Iloney 4
4 oer cent.
Chlcapo June ZL Clearinrs E2.29fS hal-
I aiy," $8 on demand: New Yrk fScSunTsSB
a premium
I .iltoVJSS il--Exchanre J2S.030.SM: bal
1 ances 4l.C51,7a3
Cincinnati. O.. June M. Money Je per cent.
New York exebawee par. Clearings jtVtw.
Bnr Silver.
Nw Tork, June tl Bar illver Ke per ounce;
Iadca ccceruut, S4 7-1M per ounct.
Capital, Surplus and Profit,
Trading -was extremely light compared
weather was about the only factor. There
and advices from Chicago Indicated that longs on that exchange were anxious to get
out Cables wero lower and receipts unexpectedly good for a Saturday. In the local
market there was little speculation In the flrst hour, but later selling orders came out
freely, mostly for accounts of small traders There was no apparent professional st.p
roit, certainly no concerted movement to prevent prices from slumping. The weather
map showed clear and warmer over nearly the entire winter-wheat belt. The few crop
reports received from Kansas and Nebraska were distinctly bearish.
There was no Interest in corn. The only sale of July was at rridav'o figure, but later
bids were higher.
July wheat opened "SiTlc oft and closed lHc off.
July corn opened unchanged and closed He up.
July oats closed s8c on.
Receipts of produce were again heavy, but the demand for top-grade fruits and vege
tables was good and prices were steady. Local securities were dull, with trading mainly
In edd lots Transit was easy and banV Issues in faor with Investors.
Yesterday's bank clearings were J7,r7S,499, balances $1,161,176. Discount rates were
steady between 44 and 5H per cent.
Spot cotton was quiet and unchanged In the local market.
Corn Dull and Steady, but Bidding
Shows Better Feeling at
End of Session.
Better weather prospects and the usual
Saturday liquidation caused a sharp break
in the wheat market yesterday. The open
ing was weak and there was little trading
in the flrst hour. When the long stuff be
gan to come out there was nothing to it
but the selling argument. The volume of
trading was extremely small In com
parison with the last few dajs. July
wheat opened 5jlc off and sold at:
71iC. 71H87114C. 71,c. 71c. 70,c. 71c, 7)',7l0.
Tic. 7U7.C. 7U&C 70i,6.04C 70o 7S0TOic. 70S
id c. 707iC 71c. 73 sc. 0 litnic. 70tc. 70.iC TOHc.
70i,c. 7JV407&,c 7..-.C 7.i,c. 7l)-tf70ijc. 7050.
70470?.c TOSe. 70c 7Cr. '04c 70-'c. ?c
Sept. 71c. 7U1.C. :uc. ,04c 70,c. 7021ft70'ic
70Wc TtCrf. 70. 70tC 70V.C 70SC 70V.C. 70t.&
70V. 70U&70HC
Dec 724c. 72 He. 72HC 72HC a.
Corn was dull, but fairly firm. There was
practically no speculative trading, though
the cash demand was fairly brisk. The only
sale made was at Friday's price, but bid
ding was higher at the close. July corn
opened 1-lGc up and sold at:
Julj 61061'4C 6lc. Cl- b
hept 34i,c, 54'ic. M'c. Clc b I
Dec 41UC 4H4C. 414c.
Receipts of wheat at St. Louis were 57.G0O
bu , of which 36 cars local and 28 cars
through, as compared with 17,0u0 bu.. of
which 129 sks and 10 cars local and 10 cars
through In 1901. Samples on trk easy.
Receipts of wheat at primary points to
day were 456,823 bu , aga nst 443.000 bu. in
1901, and shipments were 345 E01 bu . against
337.000 bu The Northwest rece'ved 214 cars,
against 323 cars a vear ago. Chicago re
ceived 4S.650 bu. and Kansas City 25,600 bu.
The clearances aggregated Ga),5:8 bu. of
Receipts of corn were 13,300 bu , of which
25 cars local and 12 cars through, against
15,640 bu.. of which 55 fks and o cars local
and 13 cars through a vear ago. Samples
on trk easy and slow.
Receipts of corn at primary points were
323,546 bu . as against 254 000 bu. last year,
and shipments were 22S.6C9 bu . against 570.
000 bu Chicago received 212.552 bu. and
Kansas City 32,000 bu. The clearances were
49.7C bu.
Receipts of oats at St. Louis were 50,315
bu . of which 73 sks and 21 cars were local
and 1C cars through, against 38,435 bu . of
which 487 sks. and 22 cars were local and 8
cars through. In 1S0L Shipments were 11,635
Receipts of oats at primary points were
337.615 bu , as against 302.O"0 bu. in 1901 and
sh'rments were 143 050 bu.. against 158 000
Tiu The clearances amounted to 18.334 bu.
New Tork Juno 21 Sa'es of bonds were nule
here to-day as follows
l-nll Call.
notl Adams Exp 4s ips'A
1000 Am Spirits to i.'
lt(VlAtch ad 4. S3CrV'
13(Kfl B ft o poM 4s ftit
20A09B & O con 4. 107't
M 000 Cent of Oa 1st Inc tnt, HZ
40 00-1 Cent of Oa 2d inc '-iw jKli
20,C00O D . Q Joint 4J f-S-AW 16
15 000 Chi Term 4s SOW '0';
7 000 c P I ten s ,(bC
lr.ooic P I con 5s 102
noon coi mm 1st 3 4s mijfr ss
S5 000 Con Tob 4s (7 6e:
:fOFrle 1st sen 4s n
3VMH V 44s in
20(fy)mt Paner 6s iott6
5,000 1. A Son (j 1KHS1014
40 000 Mexican Cen 1st Income 31V
2 000 Mo Pac 1st con Cj jji?
SOOOMo Pac 3d his?
4 000N A TV con 4s 102
JIMOJI fc W Poca 4s 13 a 3U
1S0OOK p 4s :n;i
1(1J P ren 3s 74H
11 oon Tteadlnir pen 4s i4H
B(Vine-dlnr J C Col 4s ii
r ooo n o tv 1st loni
2ooopt i, s W Jiv:
S2 0.10 ct I. fl W J7 e""4
6 000SA&AP4 9lTj
2O00KS C ; G A 1st lis
!TOi! Pa I. v
IftwlThinl Ave onn 4s I01t.
14000 1- P Cnnv 4 ir,5tin7'.
ioontvahaa'i 1st 5s 1114
i"OTVri 'leb 764"$
11 noo west Phor 4s nvt;
H 000 VV i L E l't cot 4. Jl S5'4
Ve-rr York rnrli 'Vfnrkrt.
Reported bv Q. H. 'Wallter Co . No. 310 North
Fourth street:
, - H'1 Ask-d.
Amfrlcnn Tin Can com 12 jy.
Do TiH 544 55
Ttflv cvtte Hi" is; 1-4
p.lttei Colnrrhls CoDcr SU 9
rv.nnii,l.td nefrlseratlnB & Ltr Co. 5 52
Eltrlc Ttoat com 30 34
Do n'J 40 to
Fiectric Vehicle com 7 7i
Do r,M 15 S
Fiectro Pneumatic ltj lu,
Fnsmeline; com .0 tu
Po nfd 8V 87
Ceneml Carrlse- BS IS
O.n-an Tren'iiry 4 per rent lis ion;
fireen Co--''ldVe'l Conner fsr, 2',
ITana Commercial ccm 19 70
D- nf-l (3 63
Tllliols Trnnrt.tlon tj It,
N-w Apiinlim Cas lt 5 per cent, J.
A: J 14S 11 ll'H
TCe-W VrtrV piecl'le Vehtel- Tea" ... II 11
N-w rnrlxnfl Flectrlc Vehicle Trans,. 1 m
Ot's Fivs.tor com TZ
r nM fe4 105
Tt'rsl RsWne P-wdr pfd 10-. yr
Pe'lHia Air IJne com 5ii
Tin nM 4Vi S
Pisnnrrl mi of New Jersey , SSJ 671
efi-sre Powr -... . .. 24 4
Ten.nh. Telephone and Cable 4 4tt
Ten-e fVnrver l'U 15i
Pt Tni. TVa-!! comrjsnv com '; 3'U
r-ited R'reet Tlallways of SI Louis pfd "l t"i
nn. 4. r4 rv,
TTnlrtn r-.ner 4tt 4V,
TTIt f.te of MeTi R. 1001; 10"
Vl-irtn'-e Iron C'al and Coke 114 12
rn. M FC H
Wliil. Knei CoTiner.. 21 ?T
Nn-thern "iritles Co 101S 104"i
Ex -dividend.
Government TtnndH.
New York. June 21 Government bonds:
tfnlted States refunding 2s. registered ...
United States refundlrg 2s. coupon
United s;st- 3s. rectstered
United States 3s. coupon
United States new 4s. retlstered
United mates new 4s, coupon
United States old 4s, registered
United States old 4s, coupon
United States 5. registered
United States Ss. coupon
... ii
with the earlier days In the week, and the
was heavy selling In other domestic markets
Transit Easy, Bank Issues Firm
Coal and
Testcrdaj's local stock market was ex
tremely dull, with prices fairly firm con
sidering the small volume of outside or
ders Ranges were unlformlv narrow, ex
cept In the case of the favored bank issues.
Transfers wero mainly of small and odd
Transit was rather easy with a sale of
ten shares at U1.12'i, after which 331 was
the best bid.
Germanla Trust was strong, with a range
from 3212 50 to 214. Missouri Trust was In
fair demand at 3125 50.
Boatmen's Bank at $240 was tho only ac
tive bank stock. German Savings was bad
ly wanted at 3415, but prohibitively held at
Brewery bonds advanced to 306.25 and Cen
tral Ccal and Coke was weak at Sbt.25.
Yesterday's Session.
Closing Quotations:
Bid. AkeJ
St Louis Transit t 31 w 3 31 12,
Lnltet ltailwaja pfd J 3:14 si 0
Do is s7 .4 87 62.,
American Central Trust 17& 0J 1st u
(lermunla Trust . -U.uo 213 2j
Mercantile Trust 42. (XI
Colonial Trus' 221 W
Ml'SoUtl Trust lio.V IIS 50
Mechanics' National Hank 291 W . ..
German ravines 415 00 4t 0j
Inlrd .National 313 50
Chicago Itallnay Lqulpment.... 7 'Kl .... .
UestinebouKe Aut. coupler 45 CO 4S M
Ilriwerj SL&X) i M..124 SS 2j
Central Coal und Cuke 0. On es 75
American Central Insurance .... 2M1.00 2S0 5
KlnlOi.h Telephone Is 11 0J li'S 50
tiranlte-BI-Metaliic - 4j
Ex rights and dlv.
10 St Louis Transit at J 31 12'4
23 United Uallnas pfd. at 84 Z
15 Germanla Trust at 212 50
17 Do at 213 CO
10 Do at 213 25
5 Do at 214 Ol
50 Missouri Trust at 1.3 50
It Boatmen's Bank at 211 00
1,000 Brewery Cs at 9. 25
150 Central Coal and Cokn at 60 z5
St. Lonln Money Mnrket.
Clearings were largo for a ftiturdav and trans
actions at the banks mere htavj There tan
slight falling oft on the deman 1 for call and
time loans, but discount rates held llrm between
and 6 per cent.
Week's Ilnnlc Clearings.
"Vedt.rrtnv'a rtesrtnr-hoUM .tatement .liowfd
clearings J7.J7S 4 3. balances 11,164,17$ Clearings
for the week were J13.627.S58. compared with 343,
648.222 last week
ChlcnKO Stock Market.
Bep'rted by G. II Walker Ai Co . No 310 North
iuurui stltei:
B.J Asked.
.. 37. 3i
American Strawboanl Stock
. national ejirbon com ......
! Do. pfd
D amord Aiatcn of HI noi. . ...
Lako Street Klovatecl Hauroaa jj
, Mftropolltan tleated bu It It com.. 38
Do pfd H
.. 11 lit!
105 U
1 National BlscOIt Co. com..
Do ptd
Northwestern Elevated com....
Do. pfd
"West Chicago btreet Railway..
American Tin Can com
Do. pfd
. 35
. !6"i
. HV4
Hew York Stock QnottIons.
St Iymls. Saturday. June 21. 1M2.
Tho following shows the opening, highest, low
est and closing quotations on the New Y01K
Mock Bxchango j-esterday. Corrected dally for
The Republic b Francis. Bro. & Co . No.
214 North Fourth street,
brock" Sales Open High Low Clo'
Amal. Copper 4 SCO t6H Mt M' fojs
Am C . F. com 8W 32', 31S 32V, J-S
Do. Dfd -T
.v) y -
.00 15 15 15 15
Am ice. enm
Am. Lin. Oil com
Am Loco Co
American Sugar ......
Ana Copper
Atchison com
Do pfd
B J- O
Brookljn R. T
C & O. com
C. & A
Chicago Great Vvest..
CM & St P. com .
Col. F & I
Col. bou
Con. Uas
Edison general
ule com
Do 2d ptd
Hocking Valley
Illinois Central
Louisville, and Nash...
Man Elv
M . K. & T. ptd
Missouri Pacific
National Lead
New York Central
New lork Air Brake..
Ontario & Western ...
Paelflc Mall
Pennslanla R. B....
Philadelphia & Read..
Do. ptd
Rep 1 & S
Do pfd
St L &. S W com ..
St L & V pfd
Sou, Rv com
Do pfd
Southern Pacific
Texas & Pacific
T St. L. & W. com,
Do pfd
20) 24 -4
JiO Zl 12 32 32e4
7,70i) 12jS 1261, US l.S's
100 111 111 11' 111
3'M 8iS S2H - 82U
l,6ui) luOS Wl i'S lOON
Wl lOuV, 106S 106V, 1iVj
7W 67 67 66H C6V,
701) 45, 45", 4CS 4o a
10) 33 2.1 SS 3
fOO 2S", 23', .S .SU
6 3)0 174S 174S 173S 17iS
3.l.0 S3'i 93H 52', 92S
.00 31 SU. 31 31"t
600 2.0S4 la 120 220
200 307 307 SoSti 2t5',
2.SC0 56S 37S 3S 3.
2 6TS 67S 67V, ',
li) 85 8i
SO) 157S 1 137?. 157',
2) US', 1C664 13i,l, 116S
2.100 131 131 ISO. 131
I.O11O 5Si !3S 5S4 5S',
11,1)0 lOSVs KS 107. 1IKV4
100 7 75 75 75
10) 22 22
U mH 157 lSSS 15S
100 IS.", lii5 165 18.".
700 23 33 324 324
10) 42U 424 41b, 42V,
3 700 151 132 151, IBIS
7.200 5T, 66 65 , 63',
400 84 ti, 84 34',
SO 17i 17V 1-ti 1,4
I0J 735 73H 73H 73,
SM 30'4 104, 304 304
3,0 6614 67 66VJ 67
50) 26i 2C'4 3", 36S
20) 5-, 85 a SSS 95,
3.'0) 64VI f5 641 64,
1.2)0 421 OS 42i 4."i
100 21 21
100 37 37
ei i'
3 SCO 103H lf.t4 105V, lr
Do nfd. 600 89S '9S S1S S".
17. S Steel 18 50 234 33 3J 3Si
uo pta,
V s. Leather com .
Wahah com. .......
Do. pfd
Total sales. 180.900
11.TM S3', SSH 894 9'I
800 134 134 13 13
, O.700 23S 2SS 29 Su
. 6,100 4i4 44 4S 45
Imports and Export.
New York. June 21. The Imports of specie this
week were 318.399 cold and 337.302 silver. The
exports of (.cede from this port to all cmntrles
for this week aggregate $157,395 stiver and 314 237
gold. The Imports of dry goods and merchan
dise at the port, of New York this wees are
valued at SJOISI.Se.
"Woodmen Picnic at DarevlIIe.
' Mount Vernon. 111. June 2L The M. TV.
A. picnic at Dareville was a success. 1.000
eople being present. Addresses were made
y Judge William C Blair. Joseph Crosno
and County Superintendent J. M. HIIL
-;---?- Ttfev
Provisions Display Much Strength
and Receive Attention From
Chlcaro, June 21. Weather-map argument
was the pivot on winch grain speculation
swung to-day. But it was fair weather and
promiso of more of It. rather than the soak
ing ruln3. tint lnllbcnced wheat most of the
week. In consequence, wheat slipped duwn
Corn and oats had good arguments of their
own to sustain prices, therefore, while July
wheat closid Hg-c lower, Julj corn gained
?.c and Jui uats stood 14c nlgtu-r iro
isions gaired much attention because of
their mtJMh and closed with not gains
of -ijc to iliUWc.
t hent.
Clearing weather and lower Liverpool ca
bles b'oucht a sharp decline in wneat at
tho opening Paris was a little higher, and
tBere seemed to be some conrilct of opinion
as to the realizations and tendtncies in that
market Unwind was, haing talr weather.
American lieids weiu tnen a respite trom
rains, and tne promise was for clear weath
er. On il.ls news Julj opened rdtged, -4C to
lHc down at T3i:c to i'nc and after some
small rallies dipped to ii "tracers who
had been consis entl bullish for a week
turned sellers. Commsjon-houses Ilqu. dat
ed ireei), and man) stop-iois orders were
executeu for bulls who came Into the mar
ket as rujers only yesteraaj. bept. was
subjected to some sharp selling, but Dec
tUj supported a little.
er rioud faeaboard clearances helped In
a rallj late, but tho clue was weak. Jul
on the ra!l sold to 7i-.ustc. but clo'nl 5
IU-iC down at 73'slc Local receipts wero
21 cars, four of contract irace. .Minneapo
lis and Duluth reported 2i4. making total
for three points of 2j! cars, agalnit Si)
last week and 3V a jear ago. Primarj re
ceipts were 423 000 bu., against 417,000 bu.
latt sear. Seaboard clearances in whe'tt
und Hour equaled M7CVJ bu The seaboard
reported 5 loads taken for export. Locally
lOu.OUO bu. were worked.
Corn ended Its week's work In a lagging
manner. After the excitement of the lirst
of the week to-daj's quiet teemed abnor
mal. The lone. howeer made up some
what for the narroi. ness of trade. In eplte
of the bearish weather conditions and tho
wheat slump, corn held firmly. There was
considerable selhmr at times in Julv. but
eerj thine wis well taken Deferred op-
tions were aKo in cood demand and tvtre
well taken whei. offered. Gossip en the
floor was to tho eflcct that farmers were
inclined to run th. .r corn through hogs, be
cause of the temptingly high price of pro
visions, rather than to ship in the stuff.
July still sevmed congested This option to
day sold between 6Jc and C5ic and closed
firm sc up at 67saC Receipts have im
proved a little of late, but contract stun!
Is very small. To-day 271 cars arrived, of
wnicn only 11 were contract
uats ruieu pietty sieauy unere were
earlj d pt lu tho wheat break and the bet-
Oats ruled pietty steauy
ter weather, but the briskness of the casn
demand and the llrmness of corn Inlluenced
Proiit-taklng during the week Incuccd to
some extent uy an improvement in sntp-
menK held nrices down To-dav the crowd
was bullish, though quiet, and July sold as
low ns S9'3c. closed firm ! up at 46Ho.
Iteceipts were 20iJ tars.
Ilang;e of Future.
Articles. Opcnins
tt heat-Julr .. 73 fc"3i.
Hlgnest. Lowest. Closing
o-pt .iw -'
7 IS
10 il'i
10 50
71, W.J
Dec rji4)f72', 73
Com-July .. Kil-tM'.j. CS
pt. 5SVc5,4 CS-.iral
Dec j 4J43W 4j"
OalJuly old. 35S 3'
July new 33 40-i
bept. old ....2?H?-3 2S
bept. nen . 3t tf31' 21,
D nin 31 ZV.
MefiB Pork-July 17 8:4 1? W
bept IS OitJ IS 2
LarJ July .... 10 42'i 10 S
bept . ... 10 5) 10 1.7V,
Bhurt Ribs July 1) 7rej ;o S)
bept 10 e:i 1) 671,
10 50
10 .
10 77i
10 65
10 tfJ
Ilecelpls and Shipments.
Article-.. Bets.
Fluur. 1'blj ni
tvheat bu. 49C-
Corn bu 213.u00
Oat. bu .....112 oyi
Hie bu 4 3X
Barley, bu 13.C0
1. )
50 iw
Prov lalons.
Provisions, while only fairly active, at
tracted considerable attention from the
fact that top prices for the jear again pre
vailed. A stronger hog market and with
packers buvlng .ill products offered, erj
good advances were registered. Traders
tay the pit 'has le-ichcd n point where it is
almost impo -sible to secure stuff w.thout
bidding conMdernblj over the market. July
pork iold at 313 10 and closed strong 5c up
at S17.W!,; Sept, pork closed at J18.iu; July
lard sold at 310 55 and closed 5c higher at
310 50 July ribs touched 310 SO and closed
2hc up at 510 TT'i
Keceipts for Monday, estimated: Wheat
"5 cars: corn 190. oats ISO, hoga SiOX) head.
Hogs for the week 165 OuO head.
Boston. Siata Jar- 21 tijotatlona oa money,
bords. stocks and mining shares.
Call Icars 3'5a4 per c.nt. tlms loans 405.
Atchison 4s
Gas 1st
.10-" I
Mex ean Central 4s S3
N- K Gas & Coke 5Jt,
SI ncki.
Atchlfon .
S2 I Am Tel &. Tel ...17C4
Iio pfd MOS
Ronton - Albans ZA
Boston & Maine . 201
Boston Elevated. 165
N . N II II 2J0
ntrtburg pfd .. 143
Union Pacific ,lu5
Mexican Central . 2
American bugar 125,
Do nfd .. IIS
General Electric 303
Mass E'cetrtc. .. 43S
Do pfd .. . . is
N E Gaa . Coke 3
tnited F-ult im;
V S. Ste-1 3S'
Do pfd 9
Wcstlnghouse com 105
Jllninc Shares.
Adventure 2;V. O'ctola si'i
Allouiz .... 2-4 Parrot .............. 23
Vmalgamated . . 61Vi Qulncy 133
Blrghaui 21 banta Fe Copper .. 2
Cal .1. Ilecla 5i03-3) Tan-kiack 175
O-ntennlal .. 1 Trlmountaln 95
Corner Barge . 5. Trlnltj 12S
Dal West .... 41 United States 2J
Dominion Coal . 137S Utah 21V1
I ranklln 11 Victoria s
isle Boyale 12S VVlrona 4
Mohawk 41 Wolverine 514
Old Dominion fAj
alinluc Stock In Ttevr York.
New o K Hire 21 closing quotations on m'n
Ing stocks follow:
Adams Con 20
Alice 40
Breece 5
Brunswick Con .... 8
Comstock Tunnel... 64
Con CaL . Va....l2
DadT.ood Terra . 100
Horn Sliver 131
Iron Silver 75
Leadline Con .. 5
Little Chief 12
Ontario 750
Ophlr 10)
Phcenlx 3
Potest 17
Savage 5
Sierra Nevada It
"mall Hopes........ 45
Standard 300
Loans: Are Growing nnd Snrplas Re
nerve Shows Decrease.
New York, June 2L The weekly statement of
avcragei ot the a.soclated banks show,. Loans
45&9.O1. 10Q lnuejse JJ.944,700 Deposits J93u.t52.
OjO. increase 33 uSI 000 Circulation 331 20.100 re
crease SiA.700 Ltgal terders L, b01.70n. ,leac.9e
S42.1J". brecie Ili-32,7i0 lmrelse S919.0u0. He
serve 224.i,M,.4M. Increase 3io.9o0. iteserve re
quired i:li.T.Ml. Increase !2,021,COo Surplus (12.
ir.. -,n a ptpiwp si 11L100
The New York Ilnancler this week sajs: I
Tho official statement of the New ork Ac- r
claied Banks last week showed, as the most itrlk.
inc feature, an increi-e of 3 .S44..C0 In leans This
was not altogether unexpected, for ths sp-culat on
on th- bto k txchnge was active during the
week at generally advancing p-lces. thus calllrg
for Increased hank accommodation. Morrovcr.
there was the beginning of the accumulation of
money prcpnratory to the July disbursements,
which natural j affected bank loans to some ex- i
tent. '
Th net caln in cash was o muh relnw Iha
amou-t estlmared from he ra.2aIe movtincrita
of monej uurinc tne week as to is dlfliiui r
explanation The specie increased 3JW.100. whlls ,
the legal tenders fell orf 1(2 .). making ifce ret
decrease In rash rom-vc J37KU0. tlM e-tlmate.1
gain was 32 S )0 The ntrrUr bin movement
was quite uniform throughout the wee't. as jl.o
were the Subtreasury operation in.1 the .11 er-
enrc btween the official and im estlraa-.-.l ga'n
In the previous week waa slight, .o thnt It 14
altogether improbable that 'he ariii?! enanges
in that week could have been refle-ted in tha
rc'itm last werg.
Poss biy the discrepancy between the actual and
he estimated gain in cn.h It. last week's tntr-
rccnt was partly due to foreign exchange opera-
tlon Is that the trust companies during the week
probably drew considerable amounts or cash f-cm
the tanks In order to strengthen the reserve.,
preparatory to the making up of their semi
annual ptaterrent to the State Banklnr Depart
ment The deposits were Increased $S K5S 000. or
8737.000 lv than tho amount called for by the
Increase In loans and the net gain in cash: there
fore the statement was not entirely harmonious,
nn.. -n,itrr1 reserve no, Inrrea.nrt t tl fktn. .,.
durting th'-cfrom the JS76 900 net gain" in cash.
durting tb-.efrom the 3S76 M net gain n cash, nelthborhood of rae But 'a o a iso -rv nwea ga'n
as above, leave. 31.114.101 d-erease fii surplus re- going to 3J.C Dlv Wen 1. with ' .re
serve making this Item 312.153 250. agalnl 18 611.- shares, led in amount of rales. The d i Iran
35) at the corresponding date a year ago. actions we-e: rw shares Ground cor at $1, J
Th dsilr avemg of clearings for th wee
was $213CO0oo again"! $182 000.0fO in the pre
vious week, reflecting the larger volume of buI
nees on the Stock Exchnnie. Comparing ex
changes In the Item of loans ot soma of the
larger banks. It Is found that six lntltntl'-ns
Increased their loan bv a net amount of S7.'00.
ooo One of the shows a gain of 32 fOO 0W two
$1 9 W etch, and one $1 100 000. There was only
one of the six banks which showed a decrease la
Treasury Statement.
Washington. June 21- Available cash balance,
3202,043,231; fold. SM.91S.lta.
The Richmond
lien of experience Ln& Judfnrent. who bate, Hon a. rapldlr- as n-ter'at and imehlnery
mad- the produi it&n ol oil their builness and an l-p oLtaineii from the lunibr and supply
kltn it sirs or stuH, anJ lae eLsewh-re huuet
rile fortunes in thU ndutr are nov isit to Rculdtr impres.es you with the
riiiivel eceaed In the Uoulder. Ctlo . oil fact that t! i 1 no t'eetui? " bocm " but
(nit Is but an acknowledgment, on their -t ueal.h steady natural develoj meat of
pirt that lhe consider th. outlook extreme- the 0-ifit t'l recu-ce
iv p--mi!nx and And here an opynriunlti fr j The oil is the h'lhe-t crad ever d!scoe-el,
the profitable lnestment cf capl'al 1 in I tmlnent rellnrs tatc. after careful
Jlil-crts and piactlcat oil men from everv inl that there is ats lctely no waste
pan of the t'ntted falatcj have lvted and "lhij lomiun cuns 10 acres of Unl in the-
-xainineu tne jiouiaer ii-ia anu prruiri ror
cJttlocm-nt tint win place it
econJ to
nn ut'd in the country.
X t slnte the d.ooerj of oil In the ArroM
w ell has therw been uch actli It In tt-e
IktUldtr field, and to-li there is dee!op
ment Tvork being prosecuted In every tlirec-
W e are now offerlns 100 030 shares of the T-easury Stock or this Cnrapan y at 5 cents
per hare the proceeds of which are to be ued for deelorment pmro'.s only Write to
day for prospectus and full particulars. Remit by draft or money order to the authorized
Laclede Investment Company,
707, 709, 711 Pine
Ml V MU FT I Ja, i
Whole List Turns LTeavy on Ap
pearance of an Unfavorable
Bank Statement.
New York.June 21 To-day's dull and pro
fess. lonal stock market cal's for little com
ment. An advance of over a point in United
Slates Steel was a sustaining force In the
opening dealings. The demonstrath e buy- I
infr by the brokers usually employed by fie
syndicate helped this movement. The South
' western railroads made some show of
strength. Gt. Louis Southwestern preferred 1
rising 1 1-2. Tho effect of these movements
never exterded far. The whole list turned j
heay upon the appearance of the bank
statement, jnd the closing was easy, with
prices fcllghtly below last night's for the
most part. The bank statements showed
a gain of cash of less than a million, while
the estimates' had been for nearly three
millions. The deposit liabilities were in
creased bj a loan expansion of nearly
, ,h. ranifon The net result was an eh-
' S" ?h2etsJS?h Sn?5 at .
M l41 1C0 0n ,,,. eve ot ureearatlons for the
j,ij 'ttieSenw toe anwtaz was consid-
, "mln. "fi..3?1! .ichankth9
continued firmness of foreign exchange.
Cumpalcn for Hleber Prices.
The organized campaign to advance prices
of stocks, which has been in evidence for
soma time Dast. eathered volum and force
J this week, and carried prices up with a
I general s eep on ednesuay. with the lar
gest dealings tor one aay since tne eariv
liart of May. On Thursday there was a
movement to take protits bv the bulls, and
an aggressive attack b the bears, which
caused a sharp raction and a pause The
unexpected Increase In the stock of the Il
linois Central and the granting of rights to
stockholders to subscribe at par gave the
whole market Its fill up on Wednesday, and
holn.t th Imlli to tnlce their nrollts with
...1.... ..... -- -- -
the hrst appearance 01 senernt ouisice m-
ieiest in me n-aihci ii..ii. .ac uii u.w'-".
t ih Tnrnnpr in which unfavorable news was
' Ignored on the rise is shown by the promi
nent place taken oy tne xveuuius mwiw .
the advance. In spite of the miners' sinks
and the continued naralvsls of the anthra
cite trade. Professions of confidence In the
success of crops and suggestions of proba
ble Increases of dividends on railroad stocks
were the ostensible motives of the buying of
the grangers, which were prominent In th
upward movement.
Gonld Stock Conspicuously Strong.
The Gould stocks as a group, led by Mis
souri Pacific, were also conspicuously
Etrcng because of an appreciation of the
improved strateg'c position of these prop
erties in the raliroad world by reason of
recent acquisitions and extensions, and the
belief that financial plan for consolidation
ot operation Is being worked ouL There
were rumors of a contest for control or
Heading, on the part of the Pennsylvania,
end Its subsidiary company, Baltimore and
Ohio. The ranking perpetual of an Injunc
tion against the conversion of JJ.O0O,O0O of
bonds has had a depressing effect upon the
c..iriiipo nf that corporation, and upon
the general financial sentiment. With tos
Northern Securities project already con
tested In the courts, the shadow of judicial
disapproval is thus thrown oyer the two
most important financial projects of tho
recent era of expansion.
Money Market's) Future Sot Clear.
t .t.A wtnnc. wnri.t .vtll laftnn hav e been
easily negotiated, but the outlook for the
future Is not felt to be clear. The demand
for time loans has been a feature as It was
the week before. The advanenc tendency
of sterling exchange here end its decline in
Paris has called renewed attention to the
large obligations ot this market to foreign
lenders and the coming effect upon our
money market of the maturing of these
obligations The d scount rate has advanced
at Paris and that center has withdrawn
funds from London, which in turn has sold
securities here, creating a demand for ex
change to pay for them. The foreign trade
statement for Mav Issued this week by the
Bureau of Statlst'cs shows the smallest
trade balance In our favor for any May
since 1699. owing principally to the heavy
falllng off in the volume of exports of an
clas-es of agricultural products. The ex
hibit Is disquieting on account of the ex
panded condlton of our foreign credits. Of
domest'c requirements the week has been
the announcement of -various new bond and
capital Issues. Including the opening of sub
script ons to the ship company and Metro
politan Street Railway bonds arid var.ous
other projects. The July settlement re
qulremerts arc yet to be met.
The July disbursements and the repeal or
the war taxes are looked to for relief, both
here and abroad As to this relief It Is tr b
considered that July 10 the London market
must provide for a 15 per cent Installment
of subscriptions to the 060 000 000 consols
i-sued. followed by two successive monthly
Installments of 20 per cent each. In this
country the month of July Is likely to wit
ness the beginning of the lnter'or demand
for money to move the crops. The repeal of
the war taxes Is expected to afford some
relief from the requirements of the surplus
revenue collections. But last year's con
tinuous relief by means of Government bond
rrdempt'ons is no longer open by reason of
the withdrawal of the Treasury's offer.
Last vear the reduction of the Government
debt by this means and the resulting con
tribution to the money market, amounted
from April 1 to July 1 to J16 000 000 par value
beside" the premiums paid. w Itnout
counting the premiums, the Government
.i,. rniii.tinn in .Tiilv was 31 664.9S0: August.
J2S33.S70; Seotemb-r. J15 673 370: In October,
35943020 and tn November. $11 SO 7T0. The
j Vrnrnslon nf denosit liabilities by
iarSp cxpr nsion J Jh rnunti rv over
banks and trut compnnles the country over
han often been pointeci
out In current
finnnrlnl rllsctuslon The above facts are
corroborative of the ned ot conservative
nol'cy ip 'he use of credits.
The market for bonds has been quite ac
,!.. hnt mther snottv and irregular.
United States 2s advanced ,. the Ss and old i
4s registered M nnd the old 4. courons. 4 ,
.,.. urn 'rp new 4s declined t-i per cent
eomnared with last week s closing call.
a3 cIHrta wienjjjs
n.,mn nil Stock Sales.
,,,,'"!LVin .V s,oc' s"'"'
I'mi-ton Tex. Jun'.r.'-TSf. ,,3 tVTr?ih thi
to day, though not well e'"?J 'Fil?", 4?
lift, b'ales- Export tW and I ipe. 100 nt 3c.
Ground Floor 1J0 at , 'a"tVrV- rSi
at '.- 5 00 V 1c 5.-M at 1c 10 too at r.c: Peau
mont Confcdented. O0 at 6c tW at 7Uc. 500 at
7'.c 1 OM at C4c. Buffalo 1 000 at 4Sc. JOO at
- American Oil and Refining rompnnv (new).
j) nt ".c 25l at 3c. American Oil anJ Refining
Comrinv '(old) 100 at 12ijc: Angl-Am.rlcan.
1 rJ at l'.c, 1 11 at lSe: L-uHlana Consolidated.
1.10) at lSc; Hlgglns. 5 at $n SO.
Beaumont Oil Stock Snles.
Beaumont. Tex . June a Ground Floor showed
unusual strergth to-Ca. 101 sha-e set Ing at
1110 200 at $105 For several wee.es p-evloua to
the la.t few .lavs the bids have been In the
nelthborhood of c Bufa a also -howed ga'n.
shares rto. at $1 CS. 1 snares do at 31 10. "CO
...a., nufraln nt Stic 200 shnrert do at 4c. 7 40)
shares Contlnertal Nafonal at l"c. 23.5M share
Dividend at lc. 36 sha-es IIIgIns at 362. 3.00
shares Gold Eagle at 10c OH quotatlcns nn
cnonced at 30c rer bbl for No. 1 f. o. b.: 2214c
per bbl. for No. 2 In tanks.
New York Curb Market.
New Tork. June 21 The curb market to-day
opened firm and with a fair demand. Early
trades, however, were restricted to a few issues
and the bjylng was held to be almost wholly
nwifMalrrnil TrSjjt r-nrtfat lilM frt fewisiisTart In
the- later session, and, on th whole, the two.
zdLsjl! iv-Ja&-sMltSl?
- Boulder Oil Co.
Full Paid and Nenassessab'e.
it pruen ciiriet. wnicn lie. imneatalely ncrtn
th T-Titi, veil i.rt fi . nrim.Hi 1. ., fi
fert ir-m the p tit at winch the Kinff well Is
tclnr d U'ed The Kmir well is now i-owtn?
"il T.ie compan alo has a lv-ear leae on
.M acret on the WilliamKn r-ncft, which Is
er HiuaMe prosettj
St., St. Louis, Mo.
imEmmn mum
B faring 4 to 6 per cent per annum
:o COO St Charlr Mo . 4 per cent water bonrji.
JW-tj Gaiut'In mit 11 1 tols re'undlnif 4."
j:iV Ka-t bt Louis ard S iburban Co. flrst Z
J30 I . of Mexico ccrecl sold 5.
!l)01v Loils U-fulns A"!n flrt 6
K" C09 K nloch Tel. phone Company flrst 6s.
IX"T;STlinNT oo .
HI AND ill N KOritTH ST.
Dealers in municipal 4nnd local stocks, bends
and notes Order at o'her exchanges promptly
execute.J by pritale wire Monet to 1 aa.
Phones: Klnlocn A IjIS Bell Main ItlO
Nttianal Hber and Cellulose Co.
To be aolil nt ?l.n a Nliarp nntll
June 21 faus been overxulitcrlbcd.
"Watch the&e cohnrns for important an
nouncements reljt rg to the progre-s of the
Comparj s ncrk in e-ubl shire the New In
dustry of con.erttng the enormous corn stilk
wate of the t s. arpcunting to over 75.
OOOrfK tons anrutilly Into
Paper ulp. Feed and Cellulose Products.
and rcakiiir the great paper supply of the
U. S independent of einidlan timber
For descriptive illustrated prospectus and
subscriptions address
Long Distance Phone. 151 IIarrion.
Mi AD4 MIEs For Information concernlrs
th; mines of -Nevada, which have produced,?
I ,r'teJ5 " Id- block, fcalt Lak-
Cits. Utah.
tour session was marked by dullness until the
cIoe, and the major'ty of active ls.ues made
nt advances Total trades were estimated at
about 6.VJ0 shares
Northern Securities was firm and sold early
at lOa'431,-, ant later at 104'. again, with 5.H
shares charging hinds yan Francisco Traction
preferred told at 63 ,361 for several hundred
I'tare" Ten Lnlted btates btcel new 5s sold at
93u Greene Consolidated Copper told at 29 for
-uu share
The earnings ot the St. Louis Trans Company
fcr the first sixteen dajs of June show an in
crease of 33S230. or more than 14 per cent, over
the corre.pondlnv. days of June. IWL being at Hit
rate of atK31ir SI. 1405 ftm nhnie th. Inrere., liiftM.
ul llM-
of the underlying and United BaUna) Com-
pany f & Vauu nrst general mortgage 4 per
ni si. iouis rirst general mortgage 4 per
bends Thee earnirgs are gratifying to
Interested tn the securities. esDeeiaUv in
1 vein wnua inte earnings are grauxying to
le.e Interested tn the securities, especially in
view of the pcttponement of the Louisiana Pur
chase Fair frcm 1S03 to 1M It Is maintained,
however, that this postponement will be of m
estimable valL to the securities of the com
pany. giving them greater length of time for
actlvlti on their own intrinsic merits, ulta th
benefits to be il-rived from the St. Louis Fair
assured, but slightly deferred.
Output of Missouri Mines Shows
Big Increase for 1901.
Jefferson City, Mo , June 2L The annual
report, covering the jear of 1301, now In
preparation b George K. Will ams. Inspec
tor of the lead and zinc mines for Missouri,
has advanced sufficiently to furnish the fol
lowing information relative to the output
ard value of the lead and zinc ores pro
duced during the year.
The report will show a decided Increase in
the production of both lead and zinc. but.
owing to toe better price obtained during the
period covered by the former report, the
value of the zinc product falls short $417,172.
Lrad shows an increased production of 30,
S33 tons and an Increase in value of Jl.liS,
316; deducting the shortage in value of the
zinc ore. leaves a net Increase of 3722,144 In
the value ot the two ores.
The output of lead ore for the year
amounts to 109.370 tons, as against 7S.E3S for
tne period cov ercd uy the last report, show
ing an increase of 30.S5S tons. The average
price received this last vear for the ore
was $14.30 per ton. as against $17.47 for the
former j ear's, and vet the value of last
j ear's product w as J4.SC3.518. compared with
$5,726,202 for the former ear an Increase
over tho fiscal year ending June 30. 1300, of
The output of zinc ore for the year
amounts to 216 233 tons and of silicate 16.083
tons, or a total of 232.322 tons, as against 1&
296 tons for the former J ear. an Increase,
of 46.028 tons The average price received
for zinc ore was 52X28. as against $3L76 per
ton for the previous jear.
Tho zinc product of the year sold for $3,
294,'59 and the lead product for $( 865,618. or
a total of $10,153,977 for both ores as against
$9 437. M3 for the period covered by the last
report. If the average prices had been ob
tained during the past year on both lead
nnd znc that are now beirg paid for the
ores, tho value of the product would be In
creased $1,644,921. and had the operators re
ceived during the past jear the same prices
received during the fiscal year ending June
30, 19e0. the product would have brought
them $2.1S0,42S-64 more than they have re
ceived. There are 111,484 acres of mineral land
leased and owned by operators In this State
and $18,202,506 claimed to be Invested In .
equipment, etc. There were SS3 shafts op
erated the past car, not Including a. great
number of shallow shafts.
The lead and zinc producing counties
make the following showing: Jasper County,
as usual, heads the list with an output of
1S6.965 tons of zinc. 677 tons of silicate, 24,
2S7 tons of lead and 318 tons of dry bone,
and $5,430,737 a the amount received for the
product. SL Trancols County produced 72,
423 tons of lead, valued at $3,119,389. showing
a very large Increase over all other Jears
in both production and values. Newton
County produced 17 144 tons of zinc, 7.154
tons of silicate and 3,503 tons of lead, with
receipts from the sale of the product
amounting to $S97.S6S. Lawrence County
produced 10.463 tons of zinc. 5.603 tons of sil
icate and 605 tons of lead, with proceeds
from the sale of the same amounting to
$35L738. Madison County produced 3.500 tou-
ot lead, worth $155036 and 42 tons of nickel
and cobalL worth $3,634, or a total of $190.
TTiS The value of the output In the re-
i mnlnlng counties producing lead and zinc
ores Is as follows: Washington. $84 749: Jef-
rerson. 357.391: Franklin. w.Ka; .vioniteau.
SSSlrf; Dade. 313,553: Greene. $13,164; Benton,
$9 5S9; Crawford. $S,S; Howell $8S32; Hick
ory, SS073: Christian. S.055; Morgan. $6,413;
Wright. 15 319. Cole. JI.7C0: Veh
Camden. 32.860; Millet, $2,711, and
CVSICi, o,.,..a
Barry, $L-
The current year thus far gives promiso
of much better prices than those which ob
tained last year, and, all together, the con
ditions existing are much more satisfactory
and encouraging than they were one year
There were S2.3S3 tons of baryta. 140 280
tons of Iron and 3,600000 pounds of tripoll
mined and shipped In Missouri during the
period covered by the report.
Expert Telegrapher Receives Con
gratulations. REPUBLIC SPECIAL.
Dallas. Tex , June 21. P. 11. McClIntook
of Dallas, who Is the Texas agent of the
Associated Press, and winner at the Inter
national Telegraphers' tournament last
March in Atlanta, of the Carnegie medal,
awarded to the most expert telegrapher In
the world, to day received an autograph
letter from Mr. Carnegie, written at his
home !n the Scottish Highlands, as follows:
"Sklbo Castle. Artlgay, N. B., June 9,
1302. Hearty congratulations, my dear Mr.
McCllnlock. upon your great victory. I'm
glad that It's a "Mac" that, won the medal
Must be Scotch blood In the victor. 73."
Yours alwavs. ANDREW CARNEGIE'
"Seventy-three"' Is the telegraphic symbol
for "my regards."
Mr. .Mcuimiocic is ot scotcn descent, ana
highly prizes Mr. Carnegie's letUx.

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