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f 4
tfifjust the thing for outing and vacation. A soft,
pliabie, durable shot. -tands the wear and tear of sea
shore, lake and mountain. Comfortable all the time.
I fv
Jgy-Ladies" Best Tan Russia Lace and ft pi
Oxfords, hand-wetted soles, 'k 4 )
S.6.00 and $5.00 cut to UlUI
E-Ladies' Ton Kid and Russia, high ) f A
and low cut, welts and turns, Til
$3.00 and S4.00 cut to UliilUU
t-Ladies' Tan Kid Oxford turns, (ft I r ft
S3LW-S3.50- y
SS-iMIsses' Tan Kid Lace, 0 I f- f
sizes 11 to 2, $2.59 i ll
cutto UJSlUU
3!i K0RTH
411-415 N. Broadway
Own brand shoes are
the best made. The
best are always
cheapest in the end.
Women's Colonials,
$2.50 tO $5.00 j
tYlisses' Colonials,
S!.50 to S2.50
Children's Colonials,
Women's Oxfords,
$1.50 to 54.00
Men's Oxfords,
512.50 to $5.00
Men's Cooley Cloth
Oxfords, $1.50 to $3.00
Women's Cooley Cloth
Oxfords, $1.25 to $2.50
See the latest fad Barefoot Sandals
for Women, Misses and Children.
Eeverend E. E. Willett to Cele
brate First MasB at St. Rose.
The Reverend E E Willett of the Louis
ville diocese, will celebrate his first solemn
mass- at St. Ross's Church corner of Etzel
and Goodfellow avenues The young priest
la the son of Mr and Mr Howard A. Wil
lett of No. 1229 Shawmut place. He was
born In Kentucky, where he resided with
his parents until two years ago. The Rev
erend Mr. Willett Is a student of St. Ber
nard Seminary. Rochester, N T.t and was
ordained at Louisville, Ky.. by Bishop Mc
Closky June 15.
In the celebration of the mass to-day, the
Reverend J. J MeGlvnn. rector of St.
Rose's. will be deacon and the Reverend i
J. G. Schmidt will be sub-deacon. The ser- ,
raon will be preached by the Reverend EL
3. Shea, rector of St. Kevins, and the choir
under the direction of Miss Jennie Bird, will
render Haydn's second mass. The singers
are: Sopranos. Mrs. George D Barnett Mrs.
J. CahllL M-sses Constance Smith, Mabel
Hogan, Rose Brady and Bessie Gunn; altos.
Misses Florence Haynes. M L- Dickson,
Elsie Hall and Nettle Ewald; tenors James
T. McAnult Dumont Jonex, J Cahlll, John
McKtnna and F Gunn: bass, John C Ryan,
John Ellison, Edw. DIerkes, Doctor Rohan
end, Q. Z. Stanley.
Concert at Tower Grove Park.
Professor Charles Seymour's First Regi
ment Band will give a concert at Tower
Grove Park from 3.30 to 6.30 p. m. to-day.
The programme follows:
Msrcn jnvineiBU Eeitl. Sonsa
Overture Wiuuun leU ...Rossini
Animate Moraine la the Mountain AlUtro &.n
Kirch Invincible Eeitl. ..Son:
uwu mm Menu. i-ssiersj. aunsnws. ju
lAcrtt V trace Th Ch&ce.
Romftnxfc bprtncs Awakening
VaJls1 Bertram (reaue.ti MJnn Vn
(a) Mexican Dance Manzoalilo Robro
ft) Beat Anjwtr n,j-n
Qraad ftelecUon Lohencrln (reqar.') .. VVaener
lacluduur U beautiful strains of thi Wedding
gTrtur Zampa Rerotd
XteUgloso Midler of Ootixl finans (ra-
quest) Bennett
Costalntnr "Brithtly Gleams Our Banner."
"Beautiful alley of Eden " "The Home Over
There." "Pass Me r,ot," One Sweetlv Solemn
Thournt." "Triumph By and By." "Rtfuc,"
"TO the Work," ''Yield Not to Temptation."
Tell Me the Old. Old Story." "What a KrleaS
VTs Hais in Jesus' "Whiter Than Snow."
nsj Act I La R-ls de Saba (re-
qn.stl . Gounal
QrosFroin The Fortune Teller Herbrrt
CatUUm Danes Manaca (request) .Ulcaud
Oliop-Blty Farm .. Ross Flyna
Ilaals 6iar-Spanxlod Banner. .Francis Scott Key
Every Household in St. Louis Should
Know How to Resist It.
The back aches because the kidneys are
Help the kidneys with their work.
The back will ache no more.
Lots of proof that Doan'a Kidney Pills
6q this.
It's the best proof, for It comes from St.
Mrs. Fred Henson. of No. 1022 Mullanphy
atreet. says: "I doc.ored st"KV ' . a
year and in addition paid out considerable
money for sure luica s .....
hut In spite of It all I was scarcely able
frequently to stand the pain across me
loins. In addition to It, the kidney secre
tions were not right and were particularly
active during the night. When the attacks
were at their height I was annoyed with,
dlxziness. my ey pained and ou.cr 3j,,s
toms clearly proved that my health w as far
from being good, I went to "Wolff-Wll-ton'av"
corner Sixth street and Washington
avenue, for Dean's Kidney Pills and took a
course of the treatment, it very promptly
disposed of the last attack. My daughter,
who was also compla'nlng of backache,
tried Doan'fl Kidney Pills and received just
aspCEltlve benefit aa I."
For sale by all dealers. Price SO cents.
JFoser-Mtlourn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agents for the TJ. S.
Remember the name Doan'e and take no
Heroic Work by Captain and Crety
of British Steamer JJouk-
barnes Is Effective.
San Francisco. Juno 2L That the British
ship Monkbarnes, which has arrived here,
1 days from Liverpool, arrived at her des
tination is due to the gallant light against
fire made for four days and nights by Cap
tain McNeeley and his crew.
The Monkbarnes left Liverpool, January
2. All went well until February 21, when,
at M a. m , smoke was discovered coming
out of the ventilators leading to the fore
hold. An Investigation revealed the fact
that the cargo was on Are.
Four holes were cut In the deck, and wa
ter was pumped on the blazing merchandise
until the flames were subdued sufficiently
to allow the sailors to descend Into the hold,
fix tackle to the smoldering bales and hoist
them to the deck, from which they were
promptly thrown overboard. Nearly all tho
cargo in the fomard hold was jettisoned
before the fire wa3 extinguished. Little
harm was done to the hull of the ship.
The cargo jettisoned and In which the Are
started by spontaneous combustion. It Is
thought, consisted of oakum, felt and chem
Chicago Couple Arrested in a Dry
uooas store.
A warrant charging forgery was Issued
yesterday against William Poll and Eliza
beth Hoefer. who were arrested Friday
afternoon on the charce of attempting to
pass a forged check for J2S In Nugerit's dry
goods store. Tho check purported to ba
s gned by the A. Moll Grocery Company.
At tho time of the arrest the couple gave
the names of Wll.lam H. Lewis and wife,
representing they ver married. Chief of
Detectives Desmond put them through an
examination and Induced them to tell their
right names. She Is the daughter sf a
Jeweler whose home :s at No 293 Illinois
street. Chicago. 111. Poll Is the son of a
gas-fitter and plumber living in La Salle
street. He says-lie Is studying law la the
office of Congressman Hess
On June 10 he saja he obtained a vaca
tion. For more than two j ears he has been
keeping company with Miss Hoefel and so
they decided to come to St. Lou s together.
It was their intention to get married, but
the strong arm of the law caught them be
fore me ceremony naa Deen performed.
I Three das ago Poll says they ran out or
money ana ne signed the checks, hoping to
be able when he returned to Chicago to re-
mlt the amount under an Assumed nam p.
In that wn he thought the dry goods house
would loose nothing and he would not be
Miss Hoefel was In tears aU day yester
day and begged that her parents not be
notified of the affair.
Engraved Calling Cards.
Engraved plate (script) and 100 Finest
Calling Cards from same, JLM. or 100 cards
from your plate, 51. at Mermod & Jac
card's, Broadway and Locust Mall orders
promptly filled. Write for samples.
Charles R. Simpson of Detroit, Mich,
was at Horn's yesterday
II. E. Halllday of Cairo, HL. registered
at the Planters jesterday.
A. W. Shaw of Boston, Mass., la a
gtest at the St. Nicholas.
William T. Grosfe of Pittsburg, Pa., has
rooms at the LlndelL
S. P. Brownlrg of Maysvllle, Ky la reg
istered at the Southern
W. H. Miller of Jackson, Mo, la one of
the guests at the Laclede.
William K. Olnev of New Orleans, La.,
Is stopping at the Moser.
Mr. and Mrs. S K. Bullard of Sedalla,
Mo , are at the Planters.
M Rledel of New York was among yes
terday's arrivals at tho St. Nicholas.
Waller Romans of Phlladelplha, Pa.,
has quartern at the Llndell.
W. a Blake of Denver, Colo, Is at the
Mr. and Mrs L. C Koenlg of Mil
waukee. Wis. are at Horn's.
wuimm v;. uovene.
chant of Ste. Genevieve,
William C Boverle, a prominent mer-
Mo , Is at the La-
Frank M. Llojd of Springfield, 111.,
ftLcai ui uia Closer.
John N. Simpscn of Dallas, Tex.,
rived at the Planters yesterday.
R. E. Roberts of Detroit, Mich.,
rooms at tne unueii.
. H. F. Tourtellot of Providence, R, I.,
Is registered at tho Southern.
W. H Dagger of Topeka, Kas, is stop
ping at the Laclede.
Jules Baumann of Prescott, Ariz., came
to the Planters jesterday.
P M Carter of Boston. Mass.. was at
the St. Nicholas yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. E Taylor of JacksonUlIe.
Miss . arc at the LlndelL
P. J. Mlllett of Knoxvllle, Tenn.,
Istered at the Southern.
Is reg
E. L. Richards of Memphis. Tenn
is a
cuesi mi me jjacieue.
V G. Apple of Dayton. O., has rooms
at the Planters
Mr. and Mrs. r. M. Jacoby of Anaconda,
Mont., are at the St Nicholas
W. R. Peete of New Orleans, La., ar
rived at the Llndell xstcrday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Randolph of Aus
tin, Tex., are at the Southern.
J. E. McKewen of Olney, 111., Is a guest
at the Laclede
Thomas P. Macey of Chicago arrived at
Horn's yesterday.
L. G. Avery of Montgomery. Ala., is a
guest at the Moser.
Corner Broadway and Locust.
BvytTt and itllirt ofjlnt peartt.
Dead Branch of Tree Fell on His
Macon. Mo. June 21. Word came this
morning of a singular accident, resulting fa
tally to Lee Icenogle, aged 60, who was
working In a forest two mile southeast of
Callao. Macon County. He had cut a tree
and stood out of the way for It to fait In.
coming down the branches struck the dead
limb of an adjoining tree, which bad been
banging ready to fall and It came down on
the woodsman's head and literally split It
open. Icenogle leaves a wife and Ave children.
We make and sell more
Good Clothing than any
other house in the country.
Ask the public in any
of the fifteen great cities
in which we have retail
They know where they
are best suited.
Suits that wear lightly
and are no burden to the
lO to 3S
Serges, Homespuns,
Crashes and Flannels.
No end of patterns,
right in fashion, perfect
in construction.
Ma.de io Mea.sure.
We have a Custom De
partment as a convenience
for those who prefer it,
but more men ever7 day
are graduating into
Ready-made Clothing.
Ours, in fact, is Made
to Measure, and
"No Clothing Fits Like Ours"
All Who Are to Take Part in Coro
nation Ceremony Will Prac
tice at the Abbey.
They Find Carrying the Royal
Canopy to Be a Matter Requir
ing Both Skill and Muscle
Great Choir Is Rehearsing.
' Lcndon, June 2L (Copyright, 19tC) Coro
nation rehearsals have been taking place
dally this week at Westminster Abbey. On
Monday there will be a full-dress rehearsal
by all who are to take part in the ceremo
ny, with the exception, of course, of the
King and Queen.
One day tins week tho four Knights of
the Garter and the four Duchesses who are
to carry the colden canoDies over the Kincr
and queen hau a rehearsal, but It was found
no easy matter.
More reheatals will be reaulred. It Is an
absolute necessity that tho bearers should
want in moat exact step and Keep tne whole
thing quite taut, otherwise It would fall
down about their Majesties head3.
At their first rehearsal ihe Duchesses
were not at all succcbiful. They found tnelr
canopy not only heavy, but a most cum
bersome and awkward thing to handle.
The Kings organist, Mr. Alcock, and the
chelr are rehearsing hard. Tho musical part
of the service Is to be magnificent. Tnere
will be an orchestra of mo. e than seventy
nieces and a chctr of more than 400 voices
I have heard some of the music, which
Sir Hubert Parry has composed for the oc
casion, and It Is perfectly lovely. The or
gan will begin to play about 3 o clock, and.
with tbo band, will give selections of music
until tho arrival of the rojal procession.
Yesterday all the choristers of the Abbey,
In their bright scarlet cassocks, were re
hearsing their part of the ceremonj.
It Is rather Interesting to know that, as
the queens procession, which comes In a
few minutes before the King s, passes under
the screen they will sing "Vivat Reglna Al
exandra." And I may mention here that the
Latin will not be pronounced In the Italian
fashion, for such is not the custom at West
minster. It will take some rehearsing, too, to time
the Interval before the King arrives, when
the Elmo chorus will hall his appearing
approach by singing, "Vivat Rex Eduardus ,
Septimus '
The music that Sir Hubert Parry has
written, and which will bo heard as their
Majesties proceed up the nave. Is singu
larly beautiful. It is set to the words. "I
Was Glad When They Said. We W.ll Go
Into the House of the Lord." Stalner's
sevenfold "Amen" will be sung more than
once during the cermony, and the music
of the "Nlcene Creed" is grand In the ex
treme. The music for the cemmunlon ser
vice Is principally plain Marbeck. and the
effect of Wagner's "Kaiser March," at the
end of tho service will be simply magnifi
cent, the choir Joining in with specially
written words appropriate to the occasion.
The wonderful march from Gounod's
"Relne de Saba," will also be heard during
the ceremony.
As to the seating arrangements In the
Abbey, the number of gold staff officers
reaches ISO. All of them will be In full
uniform or court dress. Lord Edmund
Talbot himself wearing the uniform of the
Eleventh Hussars. The Knights of vari
ous orders ought to present a very fine ap
pearance, aa thev will all wear the cloaks
j of their orders Among them will be seen
1 fl'r Rerivivrs Rlltr Ttrhn fa n TTVitphf tt the
Grand Cross.
Chance of Tlne,
Train II, leaving at 11:25 p m. dally with
Bleeping car for the exclusive use of Indian
apolis passengers, will en and after June IS
i arrive Indianapolis S.EO a. m.. Instead of
I ju a, m.
King & Co.
it II Iff ,lli Hi And we'll wind it up in a blaze of Barerain-Givind: Glorv. We are eoiner to make this 3
MM M 'fin h0 banner "June" in our commercial history. We are creating: prices that must and I
will bring
fhese prices
rtment in our
every department
iM il h WJ J' J
Tor this Oak Finished Ex
tension Table Six feet long
and very strong y raulc. It
lsavalno beyonil the urdi
narr. Tho leea are well
braced: tho arrangement Is as near perfection as
any US) table sboim anywhere cm 1h Standing
In a row of KJC tables von would pick this one as
quickly as sn7 other. wc'Te made this price to
create a demand. '
$7 7S
For this Go' den
Oak Mnished
Drcser. It is a
perfect clothes
receptacle, and is
fitted with n neatly
shaped pattern
late mirror. Do
not draw con-
lusious from the
price we quote.
To get a proper
dca of the value
of this dresser
-xatninc the usual
$10.50 ones,
then come and
sec ours.
Buys ibis IS 00
Music Cabinet
It Is finished In
mahogany and L-
fltted with
separate music
shelves. Thelcj
aroneatly he'it
and we conslde
It an ideal
cabinet for the
J "
13 7&g$&0
nm I I,, I iiw i , fiSCl r
l P-r"i I rr-' BsT"-- III HTr
For this ST0 00 Tarlor Suit An excep
tional viIuh, one that must and will ap
peal to those who apprei'l.ito extreme
value. The frames are madi' of mahoK
anized hlrch. miri art, invftri.ti wif.li un
excellent grade of velour in choice colorings.
Asserts That He Will Make the
New Yorker Take Back Some
of His Statements.
New York, June 21. On the authority of
"a well-known turfman," who saw Mr.
Croker at Wantage last week, and'who has
Just returned from England, a local paper
Eays that Richard Croker Is coming to New
York, and will be here from August 23 to
September 10.
"I'm going back Just long enough to
smash John Sheeban's face," Mr. Croker Is
alleged to have said. , .
Sheehan rprvntlv declared that Croker was
a partner in Naughton it Co., contractors,
and shared tn the a.MO.000 that Arm was
alleged to have made out of the contract
which wrecked the Third Avenue Street
&k& ipya Buys this 112.00 Ooiich-Artlstlcally shaped H Ei, 3k A C4 cm , Buys this $13.00 Parlor Suit-Comprises ' ,
vSrfrff fl fov oco frame, hand tufted, top coverc,! in BeSHS&mv Gi M AH B t l'a. Arm and Side Chairs, frames fln-
JSilSTs Jfa throe-tone velour. Previous values hire tjgS"- "KS3CS!J':SSVSr 9B B S H M bhed In mahogany and covered in com- .
JirVBS'a B W J'.reu "c-"- this, one tjxee's tlitm all. aaiiP-lSfcsSir tS8 B 3 n H 9 blnatlon colored velour. We've 25 other
.X. i .,. oucannot possibly Mual It elsewhere by SLksS NrB B sty le i hree-plece suits on our parlor
even paying M2.00. Try It. if3oa'vo doubt. S floor reduced in the same proportion.
, ,p-MiirreaEEgsawi m , . m mmaamimmaaammssaBaaBmamm0
And we'll wind it up in a blaze of Bargain-Giving Glory. We are going: to make this
the banner "June" in our commercial history. We are creating prices that must and
forth a constant stream
tell a story of extensive
entire house, i hey are
Buys this $2.00 Center Table 24-inch square top, substan
tial constructed of seasoned material, finished golden
oak. $2.00 is the regular price here and elsewhere. As a
special flyer, for this week only, we offer onty one to a
customer. It is a value you cannot overlook.
vzrxx7rr,y7T"rzsf? rwjt;.i.n.-wyto-tjej-.t.. iL-f?i&;r.vjZArrsLi
I Sterling Rug and Carpal Muss
Your choice of our 37c Ingrain Car
pets, in the' newest patterns 3i
for this week .... Csl&S
e offer for the coming week any Sic
Itigrim Carpet on our floor, iuclud ng
the very choicest fall fiQti
patterns for fe?04f
We offer an exceptional crade of B us-
se's, in fact, a quality well
woith 6Cc for this week....
Stove. The same style and
quality that sell at other
stores for S3. 75. There are
four hundred to be placed
on sale Monday. They may
last a week, but we have
our doubts. If you need one
best come early.
Railroad. Mr. Croker is said to have de
clared to the turfman:
"It's a lie and Sheehan has pot to answer
for It to me. I'm going back to make him
eat his word. I won't do anything in poli
tics at all. That's why I'm going to get
away before the primaries. But I'll make
I Sheehan take back what he said."
Tlier Trouble Ton at AH Yon
Should Have Them Tested.
Dr. Bond, our exptrt optician, will test
your eyes free of charge and tell you
whether you need glasses or not. MERMOD
& JACCARD'S, Broadway and Locust.
Steel frames, Jl and up; gold frames. IS
and up.
Gelaser Piano School of Music.
The annual commencement exercises of
the Gelsser Piano School of Music will be
held in Memorial Hall, Nineteenth and Lo
cust streets. Thursday even.ng, June 2S.
Professor Carl A. Gelsser, the director, has
prepared an excellent programme In which
the graduates will assist
of Furniture and Carpet
money-saving interest
prices you can't resist.
For This
patterns to
9x12 Insrain Rugs, neat
choo-e frbm, for
bed or dining room
Another value for the coming week is
our 912 Wool Ingrain Rug, richest "
color produced tui:, (r-"3 Cffa fiS
season for 3 8st3f K
Room-size Brussels Rugs, in the new
est patterns CJi J"
16.0J values $iJtliU
for this EST
Gasol ine
Vtv S aj m Jmfek Cj n
0 SM
Judge Clark Takes the Matter Un
der Advisement.
Judge Clark of the Court of Criminal Cor
rection listened to arguments yesterday on
the motion to quash the Indictment against
Councilman Schnell. who la charged with
misconduct In office. The charge against
Schnell Is that while a city officer he was
Interested In a concern known as the South
Side Supply Company, which procured nu
merous contracts from the city for supplies
for the different city institutions.
Judge William M. Kinsey, who represents
Schnell, contended In his argument yes
terday that a city Councilman was not a
cltv officer within tne meaning of the law
under which Schnell was lndleted. .Prose
cuting Attorney Harry Clover maintained
that all members of the City Council and
House of Delegates are "officers" and liable
to prosecution for malfeasance In office.
Judge Clark reserved hlg decision until
some time next week, probably Satm-day.
Schnell'a case Is docketed for trial July i.
Buyers. We are forcing,
thatvabound throughout
Buvs this SH.OO Iron Bed
Made with as pretty a
head and foot board as
were ever designed. The
mntprlAl Uhpst malleable
Iron, baked white. Our iron bed Boor is filled
with other values equally as good.
Buys this tl2
Tls made of
material, fin
ished colden;
the drawers
and cupboard
and the mir
ror Is neatly
If you've a
sideboard to
buy vou can't
afford to
overlook this
For this 81
made of solid
oak, has a. full
spindle back
ana close- It
woven cane
seat. The base is
firmly braced,
and the con
struction is
Buys this $15 00 Couch Perfect In make
covering, solid oak frame, covered
ed t
with French relourln the choicest col-
orlngs. The base Is fitted with a bed
stcel-temBered spriars.
Father Long's Summer Festival
Will Ulose To-Night
SI UesejKSJf
WA 59c r j
A st 'al,ta
SI t "' 111 " Qgp
8 - L
Archbishop Kaln win administer conVl
flrmation at S this afternoon at St MaridsT 1
......... .,o Bvij.jtru ua Academy ve
" -? "sui. at iiner iioxur
summer festival, Delmar race track, waa
largely attended. The atendance In the
three days which the festival ha been la
progress has been good and It Is expected
""t a neat anm will be realised with
which to reduce the debt on AU Batata
Church. Politicians have been amonsj
Father Long's beat patrons at the feaUvai,
Thls evening Doctor P. D. Conaony wot
SerTEritul lUnatrated lecture on tho
"Cathedral of Europe." There will bo a
cencral reunion after the lecture.
The members of the Sacred Heart 1esupio
of the Church of St John of NepomuSc .
win give an Ice cream party in the parochial t
school yard Elavmth anil Rnnlnrrt frtnvitx. 1
k next Sunday afternoon, . 1
v t 1
"-" rb.-1fc
tr2riiS Vl
. ...;y-.3ei&iU
v.1 -W JM
jg--.i-Jia,Sfe!s&a.jPS-j-A?ai r-.
..auroaa cor

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