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vW-lKWv W.-rrasr7a"Sj- w - , - -
-ygwiaygyyqnan' iW!SfthrErwi-fi 5-s2&--
fr'o let; decamped for the "rammer to a
rnri'iderahl" decree la-t wee!. The sudden
r ih rf In t weather that came Just about
ularv In mute commencement time was
-quite -Ufirint iiducemcnt to those who
w r- making ready to leave town as ex
Urditlnu j pwslble. ami for a few livs
n'm st e.o outgoing train, espcciilly the
big larrni lints carried scores of well-1-nonn
persons The like reporters hinilv
iwr'n their northward course until the 1st
of Julv hut "mother wefk will find mot of
them settled on the shores of Michigan or
Furciiin to lri'ts have been departing it
r 1 tlTii" mam going over In Mnv. The
r.ironetnn ard a little jaunt on the Contl
li m ended -nre of them will return h
lpust nnd wind up the "edon at laketsde
pottage or liis'ern seacoast The desire-for
trivcl this summer rms wldesp-eail Last
a car mmv p-rsons staved at home
'hrot.sl ut the entire season of warm
weather and I fine their evpcrlencc has
net routed inv particular desire for a repe
tinon Hut the-i this summer we mat veer
quite around ard enjoj a pleasant coolness
Ore never Knows
iie-ufful .i- .ire the Westmoreland place
hemes n ill' erbod in that exciusiv
redem c region Ivaves town early and
prH" lat- Mr and Mrs Jacob Van Illar
f com it- e-( eptio-ns. ind so are Mr. and
! Mr? "I Klttriilt June-- Thev will remali
in St Ixnns i'l summer Mrs Van Blar
rom fin".-- tl e summer a "eason of great
resi an i q liet. spends h-r time driiing.
and a -In onee Inuvhlnsb remarked "Ket
fnr i iu.ihitcd with Mr. " an Blarcom "
I' rh i t no nthe- woman in the cit leads
s bus i sstematuallj occupied i life
durirg the winter as sh. with many sociil
jIuupm and h-r hospitable hou-e alwajs
onrn to fiic.ii The summer Is indeed a
much-needed rest time.
Mr an! 'Ii" John Hwisht I'llley and
their childnn will, as us-ual, open their
WequetonsinK cotlage earl tind take thtlr
Northern eparture the last of this week.
Mr an 1 Mr- Joseph Bascom went to
Europe pi'Ii In May and have not stajed
to tee Kins Hdward crpwned as the- are
alreaoj on the ocian. homeward bound,
and -v.ill ! nd in New "iork on Saturdaj
They fxp " t to Ro at once to their cottage
at Harbor 1'oint. to renrUn for the sum
mer Mrs Capen Miss Jeanne Capen and Miss
Ethel Captn arc now at the Waldorf, and
after Jul 1 will settle them-eUes at Shel
ir Island. Mr and Mrs George 1. Allen
and Miss Frances Allen went quite early
to Rje Beach. N. H., where they will stay
all hummer
Mr. and Mrs illiam Bixby opened their
Lake George cottage this week and are es
tablished for a seaiou of three montha at
this delightful resort.
Mr. ind Mrs. Hudson Bridge hate a sum
mer home at ulpole. in the While Moun
tains. Mrs. Bridge went Kast in May.
Mr. and Mrs 11. C Simmons and the
Mlstc8 Glenn opened the spac.ous cluimtns
home ut Oconumowoc on June i. George
Simmons has been left alone In possession
ct their town home and will go up to Ocono-
woic later Mr. and Mrs. tdward b.m-
SVina will t,tat at home this summer. Mr.
and Mrs. Wallace bimmons are preparing
to go to the Barstow residence at Glen
Uile, where they will spend at least two
4 Judge and Mrs Elmer B Adams de
i parleu last Htdnesday for Woodstock, their
- ulmer home in Vermont Tbe never re
turn until late In the autumn.
' Mrs L.ucy V. Semple Ames has gone to
the Pacific Coast and will tour Washington
and Oregon, with perhaps an Alaskan trip
Mr. and Mrs Alexander Cochran and Miss
Cochran are at. Carlsbad, and after a
bta will spend beteral weeks in the Swiss
AJp fete, rc returning home.
1 Mrs. n'lIIUm. lluse has gone to her cot-
tsge in the uatsKins
Mr. and Mrs. Isaao
Hedges will not Join her until late, remain-
ing in St. Louis until the last of August.
1 Mrs Man McKittrick has gone to Bar
tatirhnr. when she will open her cottage
knd entertain during the summer. Mr. ind
Mrs. George Markham are still In town,
but will join her late In July.
Mrs. Augustus Hart and Miss Adele Hart
will remain in town until August and then
go to Shelter Island. Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Ames will be among the St Louis contin
gent at Shelter Island, and expect to de
part verv soon for the East. Mr. and Mrs.
William Bagnell, who sailed for Europe last
not stop in London, but go
Tuesdav. will
straight to Carlsbad, which nas Decome a
veritable to sting place for St. Louis per
ons this season Colonel and Mrs. Samuel
W. Eordvce will sail for Germany In two
weeks nnd spend some time at this water
ing place Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fordjce.
Jr., are to be at the Frost country place all
.Mrs. Thomas It West went to her We
quetonslng cottage two weeks ago, and Miss
West and Miss Carroll West followed her
on Wednesday of last week. The Walter
Wests will visit them later in the summer.
Mrs. "Tom" West and her children are al
rcadv established at the large and hand
some cottage. Allen West and Tom West
are In possession ot the family mansion in
Westmoreland, but will eventually gp
Mrs. Ellen Lewis and Miss Lewis and
the family of L. D. Dozier expect to go to
Of Tempi place, who lias gone East to continue her music studies.
a A
Oconomowoe the 1st of Julj to open Mr.
Dozler"s cottage, which he will isit from
time to time during the summer. Mrs. Ed
wards Whitakor and Miss Whltaker are
jet In town, but will go East the 1st of
Mrs Dai is and Mr. and Mrs John T Da
vis are at their Westmoreland icme i.nd do
not contemplate an early departure. It tncy
go at alL Mr. and Mrs Davis have only
recently returned from their leng'hy Euro
pean wedding trip, and are therefore quite
content to remain at home fo- Ine piesent
Mr. and Mrs. Goodman Klag have this
season taken a cottage at Iiddf.irl Tool.
Maine, where they will go the Jirst wcel- m
July. They will have Mr and Mis Jemes
Hopkins. Miss Hopkins and Mr. nnd Mrs.
Louis Hayward with them at various tunes
during the summer.
Miss Florence Ha j ward and Co onl and
jjrs. Mavwarrt expect to go East in Julv
I stnA l.fa. .(!,.. u j . . ... '
abroad n")"ura Prooaaiy will go
j Mr. Mrs John Schroers remafn
i at home until the last ot July, to entertain
tneir son, can Kltmrn. who is n Mdt m
West Point, on his furlough. He will have
several classmates with him. and a round
of gave ties has been planned Tor the mid
dle summer by Miss Klemm and some of
her intimate friends, to properly entertain
the visitors. Tlioy will all go down to Rye
Beach together in August, and be the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Schroers at their
cottage until the furloughs expire.
Mr. and Mrs Thomas Nledrlnihaus nnd
! thelr famll H1 summer, as usual, at Bid-
deford Pool, leaving town on Saturdav.
June 28. Judge McKeighan, Mrs. McKei
ghan and their daughters are to be home
until August, and then take a lake trip.
Mr. and Mrs Byron Nugent will spend the
summer in Russia The silled for Ejrops
on June 17. their boat, the Augusta Victoria,
bearing also Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meier.
Miss Ella Stanard and Miss Gregg, who will
variously spend the warm months on the
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bole are to sail
for Eugland on July 4, and spend several
months abroad.
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Lambert aro how In
?evv York, preparatory to sailing on Tues
day. They will summer in the Swiss lake
,Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Scott take their
departure to-day for their Rje Beach cot
rase. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Wallace sailed late In
Of Kaus.is City, lio is visiUnK Miss Eugenia
Ma for Europe, and are expected to return
on Jul 16 goi"g then to their cottage at
Harbor Point for the remainder of the sum
mer '
Mr. and Mr Charles Scudder and Doctor
and Mrs A heeler Bond will summer, as
heretofore, at the Scudder place at Ocono
mowoe. Mr. and M-s Otto Mersman !all
for Europe n the ruurth of Jul.
Mr. and Mrs Daniel Catlin and Miss Cat
lin will tee tne coronation and on returning,
in Jul, will spend the rest of the summer
at their Dublin, N H , place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ephron Catlin have opened
their Jamestown, R I, cottage. Miss Em
ily Catlin went East to Jamestown last
Doctor and Mrs Campbell Smith and Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Malllnckrodt will spend
the summer together, for the first time In
several seasons. The MaHlpckrodt cottage
at Jamestown Is to be open b July 1. and
the will all stop there for about six
weeks, then going to the Adlrondacks,
where Mr. Malllnckrodt owns a camp El
ward Malllnckrodt, Jr. will be with the
familv part and expects to enfrtaln sev
eral men friends from St. Louis anl else
where He wall take an automobile tour
througi the Berkshore Hlll. -
Mrs Kate Howard and Mis Carrie
Howard, who were not at their Northern
cottage lost jear expect to open It the first
of Jul and remain during the summer.
Mr and Mrs Willam McRee have a cot
tage at Blddeford Pool, whither they went
last week accompnnted by the Misses
Rosalie and Mary McRee Mls Vhgtnia
Wright will remain In town until August,
then golns: North to the Michigan resorts
to vKt friends.
Captain and Mrs. Joseph Boce nnd the
Misses Sallle and Mar" Bojee ctpect to
summer at Mackinac, going up about the
I first week In July. Mrs. J. B. lohnson and
j the Misses Johnson have opened their
Jamestown cottage for the summer. Mr.
and Mrs 1 v. walker will summer as
upual. at their Kennebunkport cottage.
The went East a fortnight ago.
Ma or Rolla Wells and Mrs. Wells have
decided on Cape May Point, about two
miles from Cape May City, for their sum
mer place of residence this ear With
Miss Welts, they will go over the last of
this week. Erastus Wells, who Is a senior
at Princeton, experts to Join them with
some college friends, on his return from
Europe where he went to see the corona
tion. Mr. and Mrs Lllburn McNair will open
their Point aux Barques ljomc early In
July, and slay there during the summer.
Mr and Mrs. Daniel M. Houser are to go
North to their Wcque cottage late this
weelt. for the summer. The Houser nlace
Is one of the handsomest at this resort,
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Wickham and Miss
Wickham will reach Jamestown this week
and cpen their cottage.
Miss Julia VIon sailed yesterday for Paris
She will send the summer vHting relatives
in France. Mr. and Mrs. David D Kaime
arc to suil this week for a summer In Eu
ropean travel. They went to New York on
Mr. and Mrs Randolph Hutchinson nnd
Miss Ljc Hutchinson will reach their sum
mer cottage at Bass Rocks, on the Massa
chusetts coast, b July 1. Mrs LIndell Gor
don and Miss Martha Hutchinson are al
ready there.
Mr. and Mrs Thomas Rockwood and the
Misses Rickwood will depart this week for
their summer place of residence at Petos
key, Mich Mr and Mrs Dan Nugent and
Mrs. Bakei will spend the summer at the
Nugent cottage at Harbor Point.
Mrs Hmr . Lucas, who spent the
spr ng in St. Louis with her sister, Mrs. uuo
Forster. has returned East, taking with her
Miss Marie Oversrtolz, her niece, who will,
under Mrs Lucas's chaperonage. summer at
Saratoga and various other fashionable re
sots, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Benolst sailed early
In the month for Europe, to spend a jear.
Charles Piatt will sail for Germanv- In
July to visit his brother, Richard Piatt,
who has recently made his professional de
but as a pianist, nnd has been most, fa
vorably -received by the German musicians
and critics.
Mr, William C. Little, his elder daughter,
Mlbs Louise Little, and Miss Florence
Streett, have gone to Europe, sailing last
week. Mre. Little will go to Blddeford Pool
until August and then rail for Europe to
join the others.
Mrs. Sidney Walker, Mrs. Max Kotanr.
Sirs. Herbert Walker, Mrs. Wear, are all
at Blddeford, where they annually sum
mer. Mr. and Mrs. Will Gregg and Mr. and
Mra Fred Hawley will depart this week for
Fisher's Island..
Mr. and .Mrs. Maxon and Miss Rita Maxon
aro to go to Oconomowoe the first of July,
Doctor and Mrs. Shoemaker do not expect
.tj.- a&
Maginuis. - ,ij"
to leave town verj euly, nnd haVCirioi yet
perfected their summer'plans.
Mr ard Mrs. Jjtn-c Lawrence Blair will
1 o at their orcntry place, Airdrie. un;il late
Jul, then going t tiplneado for a mquntaln
summer accompanied lij- their two sons.
1'cc and Francis, who have been at school
in the East. ' '.' '
Mr and Mrs Edward Papln will chap
eione Ml s Sallle WalEh and' MUs Marie
Wal-li at Re Beich '
Mr and Mr- Arthnr Gale will remain
home until htte August and ma even Je
1h their trip until the early fall. Mrs L.
M Rumse and her daughters are now at
their Minnctonka cottage The marriage
of Miss Evadne Rumse and Stanley Sto
ner will take place at Mlnnetonka In Sep
tember Mr. and Mrs Motes Rumscy nnd their
daughters usuallj leave for their Nantucket
cottage about the llrst of July Mr. and
Mrs Claude Kilpatrkk and the Misses Kil
patrick departed for their handsome new
summer place at Magnolia as soon as Mary
Institute commencement was over. Thay
will do much entertaining this summer.
Mr and Mrs Harrison Dr.immond went to
their Bar Harbor home two weeks ago, and
with frequent trips on their jacht and the
entertaining of many visitors expect to
hav e a bus summer.
Colonel and Mrs Butler are now on board
their acnt, Duquesne, and will cruise about
I the Eastern coast as the did last summer,
I with their craft continual! fu 1 of guests.
Mits Mildred Hole, who is a Wellesle stu-
dent, will be with them for part of the sum
mer Mr and Mrs. Chailes Clark are now at
their country place. CI rkhu"st, and on the
first of July will s-Ul for Europe. Mr. nnd
Mri Charles McLure Clark have made no
! plans for an earl departure from their
Hortcn-e place residence, but will probably
go East late in the summer for a visit
somewhere on the coast.
Mr and Mrs John Fowler s-ui for Eu
rope on July II. Mrs J Lawrence Mau
ran and her mother, Mrs Chapman, have
been for three weeks at their summer place
at MonadnocK. N II Mr. Mauran will go
down later. Mr and Mrs. John David Da
vis have dcpirted for Jamestown, whe'e
the own a tine cottaKe
Mrs Thcirnburgh is In Europe, having
sailed on June 7. Mr and Mrs David R
Calhoun nn Mr and Mrs. Norman Jones
will summer In St. Louis.
Mr and Mrs George Wlllard Teasdale
Who will marry Doctor Thomas Hagartv
n Wednesday.
irK , At.-jC - aj - "4g.itevv - yi'i
$ '' '' '! ! ! fr
!! , '
and their children will upend the summe- in
the Northern lako district, prob ibly li Wis
consin The will go about the middle of
July. At the same time Mr and Mrs Fian
c's X. Ban-da and Mrs Bara.la. Sr . w.ll
tako a Colorado trip of sW weeks or -lore
Mr-. David R rrancis will not open her
Jamestov n cottage until Jul 13, going East
short'- before- that tine with her sons Mr.
Francis will make 11 ing trips occasionally
to Jame-town during the summer, but ex
pects to spend most of his time in St Lcuis.
Mr. and Mrs. Baa--ent Ten Broek and
their two children will go to t'hirlevolt
early In July for the summer. Mrs. Ger
rit Ten Broek has gone East for the sim
mer, and will be with her "on and d iuqhtr-in-!aw.
Mr and Mrs Baiub'idge Coll-, en
the Iawig Island coast durirg t;e rummer.
Mr Ten Brok going East later.
Mr. and Mrs Louis Chauvenet have closed
their Calcnno home for the summer and
gone to New London. Conn, where th;y
ustallv spend the warm moath".
Mrs Louis Mullgardt and her little son
will go to Chicago the first of this week
and spend the summer north of the cltj on
the lake hore Mr Mullgardt expects to
join them from lime to time.
Mr. and Mrc. Seth Cobb nnd Miss Jo
sephine Cobb are still in town and have
made no definite plans for anv summer
Journejing as jet
Mr. anil Mr Adolphus Busch and Miss
Wiilelmlna Busch arc in Europe at their
.-ummr place in German. uh Lily, where
the annually sjiU several months. The
ailid In Ma
Mr and Mrs Bvron Babbitt have not de
cided to leave town earl, nnd ma remain
in St Louis all s-ummer Mr and Mrn.
Robert Mudd also have made no plans for
traveling, and will in all likelihood sta at
homo during the summer
Mr and Mrs Francis D HIrschberg will
be home until the early fall and then take
an Latern trip.
Mr and Mrr Dutlil"! Calianne are unde
cided on the sabjeet of their s-mmer trav
elirg ard will not leave until late Jul If
they go at all.
Mr. and .Mrs Henry Noel and Percy Noel
deiarted vesterdnv for New York to Join
Mis Helen Noel, who went East for the
wedding of hT brother, Charles Noel, and
Miss Curry eailv In June. The Noel family
will sail for Europe on June 23. taking the
Ex-Govtrnor and Mrs. Lon V Stephens
ar snendlnc the summer In the country at
Ravernood. near Pilot Grove, Mo. with
Mr and Mrs Charles Leonard, s'ster and
brother-in-luw of Mr. Stephens
Colonel and Mrs. Jams-. L Ford and Mi"s
Elsie Ford departed for the East la-'t Thurs
day ninht. mine to Phillips Academ to
see James L. Ford. Jr , complete his studies.
Their address lor the summer will be King s
Beach, Lnn. Mass
Mr. a"nd Mrs. Edward Preetorius are oe
cunvlng the Douglas Cook residence in
Delniar boulevard, while Mr. and Mrs. Cook
are abroad. Dicksor. Cook is with them.
In August Mr and Mrs. Preetorius will be
guests of Carl Schurz for a time at his
Luke George cottage.
Alfred Robn will remain home until late
In the summe". as he etpects to collaborate
with Henry Blo-som in an operatic produc
tion, and will work with Mr. Blossom for
several weeks. Later he will take a West
ern trip Mr. Blossom is expected to arrive
in St. Louis this week from New York.
Mrs William McMillan and her family
are settled at their Magnolia cottage, and
have made preparations to stay until fall.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Harrison have
taken the Farls cottage at Jamestown for
the season, and departed for Rhode Island
last Tuesday. Miss Florence Harrison will
summer with her sister, Mrs. George Hob
Htzolle and her family, going to Spring
Lake. "Mich, on Saturday. June IS.
Mr. and Mrs F. A. Steer and Mr. and
Mrsu. Jack Leahy will spend the summer on
the Eastern coast, going there some time
after the- Fourth of Julv. They will prob
iihlv ba at Block Island for a time. Mr. and
Mrs- William Steer will also go East, but
are undecided as et on n.tir nn....tt
plates. SERENA LA11B.
Cards are out announcing the wedding of
Miss Qlaia Hagemann and Mr. George W.
Marsh, to "lake place at "the homei of the
bride's sister. Miss Bertha Hogemann. No.
301 SButn Jefferson avenue, on Wednesday
afternoon, JULe 23, at ? o'clock. Miss Edna
Hagemann will be bridesmaid, and Mr.
Hugo Krebs will act as best man. A large
rcceptlcn will follow, from 8 to 10 In the
evening About 200 Invitations have been
sent out.
The marriaee of Miss Martha Lee Sparks
and Albert J. Poulln will tako placet
Wednesday evening, Juno 23, at the country
home of the bride, in Webster.
Finest engraved invitations for weddings;
correct forms and stles. Samples and
prices furnished on application. Hess &
Culbertson. corner Sixth and Locust streets.
The wedding of Miss Bessie Lawoes and
Doctor George Gorln. Jr., took place last
Wednesday evening in the presence of
famll relatives, and a few friends, in
cluding a bev of pretty girls, comprising
the Literary Club, of which the bride is a
The rooms were simply decorated with
palms and cut flowers. The bridal chorus
from "The Roe Maiden." was sung with
fine effect bj M-ss Gertrude Greene, after
which, to the strains of Mendelssohn's
"Wedding March," the bride and bride
groom enteied the Darlors and stood before
the aged father of the bridegroom, who
married them with the simple service of the
Presbyterian Church.
After congratulations, and nn informal
reception the bride retired to don her
traveling dress, after which, amid showers
of rice, and the good wishes of their
friends, the happy pair left for their honey
moon tour.
The bride received many pretty gifts of
silver, cut glass and choice porcelain, also
somo bits of embroidery and lace worit.
The gift from her mother was a necklace
and locket of garnets
At 0 o'clock In the evening. June 23 Miss
Nanc Virginia Knox and Doctor Thomas
Iiagari will ue muiiieu U luw ahjv;ii
J. J. Hartv. at the residence of the bride's
2723 Mieridan avenue The wedding will be
a verv quiet affair, owing to a recent death
In tho bridegroom's familv. Doctor Hag
arty will take his bride for a short trip
East, and will be at home to their many
friends on Wednesdavs after July 16, at No.
-fA nwhipil iimnMo VAacf fit. Trfvntn.
4W vyn.iiui'i ........... ..-. ....
Correct forms of wedding invitations as
sured when ordered at Mermod & Jaccard's.
Broadwav and Locust; 100 engraved calling
cards and best copper plate (script), $LCu,
100 cards from plate, Jl.
air R TT. Sullivan. Jr.. entertained a
party of young St. Loulsans at his home
in Sullivan. Mo. last week. They rode ten
miles 'cross country and visited and ex-
nlnrert the famous Saltpeter and Bat Caves,
securing specimens and taking many phono
graphic Mews or tne surrounoing counvry.
Thn Misses Annls will entertain the party
at their home Thursday evening. June 23.
The party consisieu oi.
Cecil Annis. Frames McCord.
Maud Annls. Louise McCord,
Nlda Sullivan. Elizabeth R an,
Viola Bersch. Carrie Malone.
Frances Bauerman. Martha Kunz.
S H. Sullivan. Jr. Kdward Appei,
H P. Sauer. Frank Ungart,
Walter Drake. W. D Boyle.
Arthur Keller. James Bamher.
Oscar Keller. L. J. Frederic.
A verv enj0able day was spent b7 a
crowd of oung folks on Sunday. June S, at
Mcramec Highlands In the morning they
p!aed games; after dinner thev went
through the tunnel and to the spring After
supper all went rowing on the river. The
voun,r folks were:
Will Schlegel, Clias. Va Trouba,
Ed Gulnnrr. Ed Jasse.
Theodore Bech. Dan Leahy.
Alex Fleming, Al Va Trouba,
Oscar Smith.
Thn marriage of Miss Reglna Ros Gay,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John P Gay, No.
?fC9 Finnev avenue, and William Sheldon
Bacom. Jr, a nephew of Joseph D Bas
ccm. will take place on Tuesday morn'mr.
June 24, at S o'clock, at St A!phonas's
Church. Miss Florence Gay will te her sis
ter's bridesmaid, and George Bascom the
best man. A breakfast to the bridal party
and members of -the families will follow,
and In the evening there will be a reception
ot the Gay residence.
Miss Amy Holland, daughter of the la-a
George H. Holland, and Clarkson Potter,
elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Potter,
were married very tiui-tly yesterday at the
residence of the brid's mother. No 3323
Washington boulevard. Owing to the re
cent death of Mr. Holland there wer no
guests present, and the ceremony performed
as quietly as possible. Mr. and Mrs. Potter
departed last nlarht for New Tork, whence
they -will sail this week: for Europe. )
On Tuesday morning at 7 o'clock, at St
Teresa's Church, the marriage of Mr.
John Edmund Carroll. No. 36S2 Olive street,
and Miss Anna J. Meagher of No. Z12S Cok-
- -v &-V -S '!-?s?a. , -y
Jihe r IAIN (J
i mmtt i sL6
m rflHrtHXF- VJ I I I t'-'iSSi fc
imrni ir p
riiil Hi 1 1
1 Ll i in
sA j& flfVJr V-f7- k Alp' it
There is only one "PIANOLA." (Others are imitations.) No
home should be without a Pianola. Can be purchased on moderate
monthly payments.
Bollmaa Bros. Co., R0eprenSve3.
Take your own paper, eivvtlopes and Isltlnr cards on your
sinnmtr trip. You will irant to write to your friends and will
aTOld much annoyance by taXinc your own materials with you
125 sheet of our flne Snow Flake" Bond or Silver Gray CI IE
WrttlnK Fa-per and 125 envelopes to match, per bjx. only ...t)!ilU
tedding Jnritaiioits.
The latest correct fashionable form, executed In our own sta
tionery shops by the most expert engravers and primers. Samples
and prices free by mall.
(Tailing (foris.
100 Cards and flnet engraved copperplate (script) i 31.30
100 Cards from your pUte. only 81.00
man street, was solemnized, the ceremony
being performed by the Reverend J. A.
Connelly. The altar na decorated in
white and preen, and fiurlnR- the ceremony
music epeclally prepared for the occasion
was rendered. The bride was attired in
white embroidered mull, over white silk. A
long tulle veil fastened with pearl pins fell
to the end of the train. Only one ornament
wa worn, a fleur de lis of pearls. The bou
quet was of bride'B rosea Miss Millie
Dlensbach acted as bridesmaid and wore
white Paris muslin, made with Valenciennes
trimmings. She carried a bouquet of white
Mr. Williams Carroll, the bridegroom'
brother, was best man. Immediately fol
lowing tho ceremony a wedding breakfast
was served at the home of the bride's pa
rents. Jlr. and Mrs. Carroll departed for
Chicago and after a few dajs" there will
take u lake trip, returning to St. Louis
about July 15.
The following article from the Boston
Herald last Sunday will be of interest to
graduates of women's colleges, and particu
larly alumnae of Smith:
"The play presented by the seniors of
Smith College on June U and 14 was "Romeo
and Juliet.' this making the eighth In tha
cycle of Shakespearian plajs 'Midsummer
Mght's Dream,' 'As Tou Like It.' 'Mer
chant of Venice.' 'Much Ado About Notn
Ir g,' Twelfth Night.' "A Winter's Tale' and
The Taming of the Shrew' each has helped
early to contribute to the enthusiasm
which the fritnds of Smith College feel for
the work wh'ch Is done in the department
of dramatic expression, and this j ear's play,
although it ventured into an untried Held,
that of tragedy, adds one moro success to
the list.
"As Juliet. Miss Piatt of Chicago was a
charming and winsome girl. In the first
scene, and after the potion scene she ex
pressed the womanliness of the character
with a simple dignity which was moving.
"Miss Althelmer In voice and make-up
suggested the imaginative Romeo, which
is so difficult a part, and one rarely so
well played by professionals.
"Mercutlo and the nurse,whlle neither ful
filled the conventional conception of thse
parts, gave a distinctly Individual and ar
tistic flavor to the performance. Mercutlo'9
Queen Mab speech had all the humor and
fire of that popular stage character, with a
poetic Interpretation of the lin'B which is
more often lacking. The nurse was espe
cially good in tne quiet: transition wnicn
she showed in the scenes with Peter, the
"If there were time one would like to gj
through the list of performers In th cast
and roles there were ninety-feven anil
commend each for the care and enthusiasm
which she put Into her part Suffice It to
say that the whole performance was worthy
of the enthusiastic praise which has been
bestowed upon It.
The entr'acte music was furnished by
a local orchestra. This was taken from Ed
ward German's "Romeo and Juliet." while
the Claude Fisher Quartet of Boston per
formed the incidental music from Gounod's
"The following was the cast:
"Chorui Edith 'JVlwl'r Vanderbllt
Escalus. Prince of Verona
Ida Gertrude H!nemann
FarU a oanic nobleman, kinsman to the
Prince llalda Pulrce
Montague Loule Woodbury
Capulet Margery Ferris
neads of two houses at variance with
each other.
Rnmeo, son to Montaeue
Stlma Elsenatadt Althelmer
Mercutlo, klrsnun to the Prince and friend
to Romeo Mary Macdonald Bohannan
Benrollo nephew to Montarue ard friend
to Romeo Mhel Hale Freeman
Tybalt, nephew to lair Capulet
Blanche Elizabeth Barnes
Friar Lawrence, Friar John (Franciscans)
Jessie a Wadsworth. Edith May Wells
Balthaser, servant to Romeo
Frances Mary Gardiner
Sampson. Cteory Iservanta to Capulet)
Myra McClelland. Margaret Welles
Peter, servant to Juliet's nurse
...Eda von Leska Rruns
Abram. servant to Montague Loulie Krapp
An apothecar... ..Constance Raltonstalt Patton
Uidy Montacue , Vlrtlnla Bell Tolar
I.ady Capulet Edith Warner Brown
Juliet, dauihter to Capulet Edith Grace Piatt
Nurse to Juliet .Rachel Brren-Sen
Miss Selma Althelmer Is a daughter ot
Mr. Ben Althelmer of St. Louis- Mts Fer
rlss. who plaved Capulet. is Judge Frank
lin Ferrl's's daughter, and Miss Louise
Knapp, who took the part of Abram. serv
ant to Montague. Is Mrs. Anna Speck's
A crettv weddlrg of Thursday was that
of Miss Clara Simon to Mr. Dare Stein, who
were married at 5 o'clock in the evening at
the hojie of the bride. No. 4206 Morgan
streeji' The wedding was a very quiet af
fair,; only relatives being present-
tAsx Elizabeth Heinz, daughter of Mr.
ar,d Mrs. Franz Heinz, and Jacob Kbling
wjro married last Wednesday morning at
7a. i : v - s
icl's. ji-ss,J-is
Has solved the
READY in a
minute's time.
Plays any and
all accompani
ments for voice,
cello, violin
and in fact any
The Pianola is
4 ci Inctrf f mnf
f?y, by means of
which ANY
ONE can play
the Piano. It
loots like a
small cabinet, having short felt
covered fingers that rest on the
keys of the Piano and, operated
by pneumatic power, strike the
keys with a pliant, yielding and
remarkably sympathetic touch
that is almost identical with that
of the human fingers. When not
in use, the Pianola may be easily
rolled away from the Piano and
moved to another part of the room.
Society Stationers,
half after 7 o'clock by the Reverend Fathee
Garthoeffner. Miss Lena Heinz was brides
maid and U. J. Klsllng the best man A
reception took place in the evening. Mr.
and Mrs. Klsling will ro to housekeeping
at No. 1S00B Arsenal street.
The marriage ot Miss Viola Robinson,
voungest daughter of Doctor P. G. Robin
son, and Mr. Willis J. Powell. Jr.. son of
, Mr. W. J. Powell, will take place on Jun
' VX ni at PVar(l Vflvl.r". rhiiToh. thn
Reverend Father Bronsgeest officiating. Mr.
Guy Alexander will be brs.t man and Mlsa
Alicia Chambers the only bridesmaid A
breakfast will follow the 9 o'clock ccre
monj. Miss Lily Frank, daughter of Mrs. Anna,
Frank of Michigan avenue, and Robert P.
Thebus were married last Wednesday at
the home of the bride, the Reverend Mr.
Gauss perform ng the ceremony. Daisies
were largely used In the decorations, and,
the bride carried a large bunch ot the sama
flower. She wore white Paris muslin,
trimmed in old "Olnt lace, with a tulle veil,
and was given away by her brother, Arthur
Frank. There were no bridesmaids, but the
bridegroom's brother. William Thebus. ot
Belleville served as best man. A reception
followed the ceremony.
The marriage of Mrs. Mary Vohs and
Mr M. J. Fleming took place on Tuesday
morning at half after 7 o'clock at St.
Liborlus's Church. MIs Louise Unlinil
was bridesmaid and Thomas Fleming tho
bet man. The couple will reside at No.
1337 Clinton street.
.Miss Emma Winters and O. "W. Karlrk
son were married vestrday by the Rev
erend Doctor W W. Boyd. They will he
at home after July L at 2630A. California
av enue.
Mrs. Henry Saeger entertained friends
last Thursday for her nephew. Master Will
F. Nahllck, who was graduated from th
Monroe SchooL
The "Ka Wa Or Kl's" were entertained!
by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Garvey of No. UXl
Westminster place laiit Saturday evening.
Progressive euchre was played and Mrs.
Samuel Kelffer won first ladles' prize; Mrs.
James Gatewood, second; Messrs. Chris
Garvey and John Warner, the gentlemen's
prizes. Those present were:
Mesdames and Messieurs
Frank Orvls. Kdward Garvey.
Samuel Kelffer. John Warcer.
Christopher Garvey, James Gatewood,
Mr. James A. Wllllnir and daughter. Mlsn
Hazel, of Webster avenue, entertained
friends Tuesdav afternoon from 3 to 6. in
honor of Mlrs Kathryn Lee Bell of Fulton, j
Mo . and Miss May Bradley of St. LouIM
The pretty home was decked with carna
tions ami rerns ueneatn an arcn of now
ers Miss Julia Blankenmeister perved
punch, after which the guests were ushered
Into the parlor by Miss Willing, where they,
met Misses Hazel Willing. Bell and Brad
ley. A Jolly party of young folks gave a bas
ket picnic at Creve Couer Lake last week.
Mrs. George Smith chaperoned the party.
All kinds of games, boating and dancing
were Indulged In. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith.
John J. Judge,
Koh Baumann.
Harry Bacon.
Hubert Le Fralre.
A Braun.
M. Miller.
Virginia O'BrUn,
May Ogle.
Katie Carey.
Mamie O'Brien.
Orie Meyer.
i". F. carey.
P. D. Carey,
Harry Pryor.
Henry Smith.
Agnes Mesmer
Dodlc Anyslu.
M. Irwin.
Jessie Nolan.
Sadie Basten.
Nettle Llv Ingston,
Miss Agnes L. Owens of Webster Grove
entertained friends Friday evening In honor
of her eighteenth birthday. Dancing was
Indulged In, and several vocal and instru
mental selections were rendered.
A pleasant surprise was given to Miss
Blrdte Lewis In honor of her visiting friend.
Miss Bertha Kugel, of Farmlngton, Mo., oa
Friday evening. These were present:
B. Kuitel.
Stella Lamb,
Lillian Erman.
Margaret Harris.
Etta Levy.
A. Lewis.
Jac Wohlugemutb,
Gene Cohn. ,
R. Palmer.
H. Swartr.
B. Lewis.
J. Wohlgemuth,
M. Erman.
Marc Harris.
J. Glueck.
J. Nusbaum.
One of the enjoyable events of the wertS
was a tally-ho party given by Mlsa Estntc
Morgan ox No. 573 Gates avenue, to bQ
.-i -aW
Ssto-Ssc iA.r

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