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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 22, 1902, PART II, Image 18

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-n&VPTk!-" ,
'-& -v -- r
Jefferson City, Hannibal, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Mo.;
Alton, Edwardsrille, Belleville, Carrollton, llattoon, East
St. Louis, 111.; Padacah, Ky., and Vincenne, Ind.
Me rs Claud Clark and Victor lf2ar spent
last Sunday In Favette.
.Mrs i ,. wcror ana mue aiunier. iirriam.
and Miss Campbell of Columbia fnt a few days
.. . ... ... .. r . . ....
jast v.eeK wicn tne lorrutr Fims. ir. ana
airs. I. A. Uodentieiiner
Mrs IV l 1-Mllip aftsr ten rtars' v!lt
with her sisters. Jtats J T. Clark. C W.
Thomas and Alltrltain. departed for her home
In liunceton.
IJoetor and JIrs Joseph rorlh. who have been
abrrad fcr the lc-' to mesttr. have returned
home i
Mij Xartha lleekman ef TIcrnan. after s. .
pltisan' llt with Mlis rina ilorlock. returned
Mm 13 f C Hardine and chillren v. Ill kj
to- Kansas soon to s:nd the bummer with Mr.
Jiardir.,-, who Is in Kansas eurelnr: a new
Mts Vickie Morlock departed Sunday for St.
Lou.s to vl-lt fi lends ..... , . .
Mr Will 7.n ndt 5: mluated Wednesday nt tn
WashlBt'n Manual Traininc Schwl fat. IjouI'.
Miss t.dllh Uuile depart-d Fundii for an ex
tended !jU wiih teUtive in St Louis
Mrs O S Prossr di parted Tuelay for Pcona.
I1L to Kptnd several weeks with her son. Mr.
Fercj rrir. and t Ife
Mrs. Adolph Arti returnel Tueday from a
two -An-kt visit with htr tncther. Mrs. Sanizen.
iBSt tout- ,.
ft -a pleaiant-vl.tr ,HH Mrs Mor,r rnd
Airs. V m jiurpnj anu uiii.ivii ....-."". .."
an-;Kers tne .-"i"-sM-i'!;r5. c-.....-u i-..
fur ClL-iton to vl-lt relit
- verv iiolichful
. "UTitF J "'IV..!
Til- KIks OI enis "uv -
B"l"' .a iuieu,
I!.n,: .. '.ii Jrl!i, in .11 ktterKlince uo-
warB of ! There were n es of "1Rl."f "?
mi elejant supper, with rlentj of ttood thlns to
Ells iM'ltollW and roanv
"ii'il v .. .1.. -fnierlov (Tub lllV T
. e,;-. si-er. entrtnlned by Miss Kltrerino
.. ,.-t .ura nnfprtllnod hv MiSD
McHtnry "itsicrdaj at her home on "Vest H'sh
"Hirf Mr Hngh Steni Hinted the
firs" anniTary of their marr-aRe ThuraJay
inlnc bi P' iP a dinner .Dirty w IS- ni-
l?Jfin , tAi rprcmrnv-MIrs Minn!- Crann,
Msted in tnn "."..'"'."r-ri'A
Alma Gai. nnc auiutaa uu -'" - --
llw A'a"?' , "Se r w Vlster-
jufoaT men nv viinj-t-w -
rr5 I't.lmer'anSTao.hter. Mis, Pauline.
a,r!.n j1- lrtSg,?&S'rMy a
"jaf lV'Mandh SS?. In a snort time for
J'hlUCelphla la to FT--nd the summer with Mrs-
f- -ij-rt..- . . fimfh
"Mr? c C Thornton of New York City, who
ms ln v If tine nfr oaucmer. jut.
iinnh lias ?one 10 ouue. jiuuu nuu .-,.....-...
:". ' ... ....... ..... .n a.nin.ni
iillfornla to spend th summer with two otner
H'if.l "S,n. T-111. .lertalned lhe Mondav F.ven-
JS&,a& "rneXrre'ent11002"7
"Vr. Si-fi 1 PHrf enterSnedlm-. E T.
ferkt-T& " nkhardLMUs HaUle'ordon
di.iTk. Lmvm'n ?K citurdaV Club at the,
Pr cV lMaSfo? Twlveuchre w as" played
iA'T-m northA TVprlrlpkn. Zetta Martin.
r?;? TtaursdaV afternoon of MIks Roral'tie Reia.
fri vu fiMiiifed In entertaining by her fdster.
B5? ISSkrcS J BlafSni ' HISS Ad-le Koch.
i-oulae Hoe, Jiiiian ana turrie. ia.un. !
3lnttltf trntarnoil In Tfhlt reeelied the CUe"t"
0T the door Six-hand euchre was played and
ir club prizf. a plctur-. was wen by MIfs Hlrch
CfcrBtarpbVn. and the ruefs prize was awarded
to Mrn. Oiarlei Dewey The consolation fell to
Mrs. A Llton Lunen was sei-ea. me pir;
'S'ww'pmtily decorated with sweet peas and
1 . .. '
Mrs. Georp J Vaurtan entertnlneil the mem
bers of 9 Ann's Society and a few friends at a
Tcaffee' Tuesday In cel-bratlcn of her blrhdsv
A pleasant afternoon was spent and the hostess
was the. recipient of many pretty tokens of tho
occasion. .
Jn? with Ml-s Helen Mann and discussed Marlon
Crawford's "In the Pilsce of tho Klnr " Th'a
The English naslcs ciud met -iuesuny cveii-
club throush the summer months will take up in
1st novel nf nrtv r.romlnence for discussion
The Mlsse Marshall emertalned the Monday
Nlpht W'hlst Club, with the membrrs and a few
Cttests uresent. . .,
The WTednredav Whlt Club met with Mrs
.Hugo Monnlc. the twelve members only beinc
41UKJJ .I1UI1U1K. IIC lUCIli: JHCHiuiin -... .....
present. After the 1-t of July the club win holl
r. -M....rn i. k. mAMinc.
M!s Anna Lou Caldwell of fst Louis arrived
Thursday to visit her friend. Mlsn HalUe Car-
U(m Itelrn Mam denarteil Wednerdav for St.
Iyiuls to spend a couple of days with friends.
Miss Maud See denirted Thursday for Kansas
City to visit Miss Mahle- PInkerton On her re
turn sh'e wrlll be accompanied by Miss Mahle
Mrs. J. C. Fisher e,f Si Louis, en route hom
from Columbia, spc.it the week with Mrs. Jesse
W Henrj".
Mlueii Xellle. ..nd Ijrhi See deoarted Monn.v-
'or St. Alhan Vt . to visit their roi.sln. Mlsft
Mny Fitx!riK".i. and later to be. amone a hcue
party oX the Fitrhushs at their summer homer In
jvevr Lonaon. turn
Mm G H. Monohan departed Monday for Kan
a City to visit relstlves.
Mr. John T. Sears of Kansas City spent Sun
clar with his cousin. Mr James II Lav
Jira' oeorKe ijooos aeoarvii iiionuv lur
KH Ju!k to spend a few dav a wl l
Vfl.. fA..H.. . STaIIt.. I. . I.llln.
Allneral l'oirt and otner souineasiern points.
Mr. O. P Hiifipen. at marrleil Monday eventnt; -irs T It Major of Ft. Louis and son. John
at the City Hotel to Mr. Robert II Jonen of In- t nre vl-ltlne her sister. Mrs. W J W'jan
deiiendence. the Rev-rend William F Perry of , noctor and Mrs. n. L Hale left Thursday for
-f'lTn',enc fifrieMtlnir The attendants were ! miirneo 10 mhikI s-ve-al weeks visitlrp
Miss .Nellie rettlnitlll of Lupus and Mr. L-wellvn mi"- Mv-rtle Whitney of Kan-as City arrived
vlonn of Independence. Mr. and Mre. Jonei d- Wedr.esi'av tn be the ini-st of Mrs I.eo Harris,
parted on, the midnight train for Ft. Iuls. and -yiss Alice Perdue of Ft. Loui3 arrived Wednes
rrom there bo West for their wwldlnit trip, beina- aZ. y t-e cuest of hr mother. Mrs Jamca
at home to their friends In Independence after , isfdue nf East Seventh street
-iuijf a. ... .
A wediin-' took ulae WednedAV evenlnir at S
o'cJock'at the homo of Mr and Mrs. H C. Go's
berg In Kat McCartv streot, tho bride betas;
MI"s Gertrude C Gelsbere their elder daughter,
find Mr. H. Howell Letter of Thebes. RL Tti
Reyerend J. II Hendy of the Prcsbvterlan
Church officiated. The wedding, march, with A
number of nrettv selertlon. -vcti nlnvoi? . tri
R. AmiPtronff. The brtile vvoro a Kow-n of
rrench ronslin. the eklrt en tnln. with a deep
floonce of tucks. Insertion and medaU'cns: radu.
ted medallions extended from walM to flounee
en tabller. The hljth ccrsate was fashioned with
ceeri-polntM joke of tuck- and Insertion, out
llneil with 'bertha of lace, overlaid with tne
dalllen. and the elhovv eleete- were slmllarlr
trlmmcc. She rattled a bouquet of bride'" rnsrs
and wore a slnrl ro" In her hnlr. There T-ere
no aitendants. The entire house was depurated
In treen snd with tmlms. everareens. Fmllax as.
paraus. ferns and -white, roses. In the dln'n--ronm-the
same colors were carried out. the taM
bFlng covered In CTeen silk, whleh waa overbid
by a lace centerpiece, surmounted by a reflector
on which stood a huee cut-class bowl overflow'nc
with bride's roses. Fuorr whs fierved In sveral
courses Many handsome bridal presents showe.1
the popularity -of the younr couple. After a wed
Jlne trln East Mr. and Mrs Loiter will be at
home -after July 1. at Thebes. II!.. where Mr.
Lotter Is engaged fit civil enelneerlrg.
Mrs. J. D. Orcutt and daughter. Miss Mattie
visited at Centralla. their former home, this
Mrs. Clyde Jordan and children ofSL Louis
ars isltlns her parents. Mr. Frank Ransom and
Mrs. EL D Pearson returned Monday from a
il-lt to relatives In Mexico.
Miss Lillian Shedd went to Hannibal Sunday to
visit friends for a few days
Mr. C. It. Baker and wlf of Hawcsvllle. Ky..
are isltlnc J. M. Baker and wile.
Mr. Frank Bowcn returned to Crfzagro Sunday
after spending his vacation here with his parents'
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bowen.
Miss Lulu Burnett -etumed to her home at
Lewlston Monday, after a pleasant visit to Miss
J,tnnle Jtansom.
. Mr. W. J. Jaojuln. wife and daughter, re
turned Monday from a visit to Mattoon. III.
M1-S Cordelia kelson f Xew Hope is visittn?
Ber sister. Mrs. Ira H. Miller.
Mlsscs Anna and Blanche Zuzack left Monday
for a vlflt to friends In it. Louis.
Mrs. Mr. A, Engllrh Is visiting- her daughter.
Mrs. Culhertson at Keokuk la.
rMIss Moille Templeten of Salt Laks City is
visiting friends In this cltv.
Mrs. 3: K. McFIke of Omaha. Jfeb.. Is the
ablest of Mrs. Ann Klce.
Mrs. Eugene btark and children are lsltlng
Trov - " "''.
The Iteverend II C McPherson and wife ft
Tueiday for a vl.lt to the latler's parents? Mr.
and Mrs J. S. llotvard. at Hazelhurst. Miss.
jure, sann j teoveii reiurnea to ner noma at , .. --,-' - - , .- -
UHilonta Miturdav after a pleasant vim to '"', the o?1- Jtnc,.ma,ntcl.,V c5 lanKe- ami
her brother, the Iteverend E. V. Pearson, and Z?.1"? Il?ne1 Uh 1,:autlr.u.1 "" ,""';
family ' titles of dil-Ics were used In the decoration of
Sin-. Jennie Waite and Master Claude Klnley of ' lrT hall, red poppies In the libra y an I sne t
St. LcuU a vlsiUng her daughter. Mrs. B. A i P"'. ln lhe PJor and dlnlng-rooin. Refreh
Oarrlck 1 rrcnts were served and music added -very m'ich
Mrs. A. Mullet and son, who wer. the guests I to the pkasute of the Kiiests Mrs Jones was
of her brother. Doctor A. C. Lonergan. and fam- , a.",1.'.te4, ln IS51'n?,1'1 rs-u?f,e.M;lrt' M,'
It-. left 1-rUay for their homo at Slater. . - IHoadh-ad. Mrs 1. 1 Illntcn .Mrs I.
Mr. Elttrt Nunn and family visited last week ?, Stephens Mrs. J. b. Branham Sirs. Prores-or
Mr. Nunr.'s brother. Doctor Nunn. and family la JfI',,!:0,nbviIrs; Jnc- 4;M"-,Ti'",'s. ani ?!.'"
Adair Count i Knltaf. Miss Johnson. M ss Whseler and Miss
Mrs. lining of VIrden and hr daughter. Mrs. i ttonley and the Mls-cs Willis.
M. J. setoff, of Jacksonville. 111., are the I Xn Geor C. I'ratt entertained Tlnr-dav
guests of Ir. R. E. stonebraker. i morning In honor of her sifter. Mrs Duncan, ct
Mlw Jane Djer or Washln-rton was the cuest
of Mr. A mlth and family this week. ,
Miss Stella Coons of Fort Scott, Ka . who
has been tt (tueit cf Mr. and Mrs. F. N Buf
futn. left Wednesday for a visit to friends In
Chicago before returnln"? home
Ml- Hd.th Martin and Pearl Morse returned
Saturdi from n pleasant visit to the former's
Srandparents. Mr. It. Martin and wife, at 1
erado. III.
Mice riorence Stephecs-'n left Thursday for
fa lido, Colo, where she will spend the summer
with her sister. Mrt. Hampson, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Jackson of Los
Ana-eles- Gil t who were the rrtests of Mr., and
Mrs. John- Wren, left Paturdav for Demer.
Mr, Horace Lewis of Milan. MJch.. and Miss
Bessie Hancock of this city were married Mon
day evening and left Tuesday for lhelr future
bcmn In Milan.
ulss Mabel Warren, who came home frvn-n
Mont ice ilo last r1c with Miss Myrtle FUrs for
mlt Hun-Trfe! fne tiee lirvme In Mtise.ttne la r
Wednesday. 'J
At tne toTia weatner aoproccnes social atiairs 1
her. tire taklntr the form of outdoor entertaln-
1- '
ments. Two commodious, gasoline boats are kept f
In the oxcursion business and boating parties are !
th. rtnlne f th. ex.nlnfr. Tifo Dr.r- rlv.
t '
week. One Monday evenlnc by Mr. Geo'K L- J
riotl in nonor of .miss bieiia i.oon wiin if. uepanea lor ineir noii"- in r re-no. iu, .u-a-fc'lolnir
other- -ruerts: Mr. and Mrs. F. W. . day. acccrapinleJ by Miss Emma Stnwti. w"-o
Jiiifrurr-. Mr. and Mrs. C G Ruffum Messrs. -vv til villi 1n Fresno and alsu Colorado before re-
jtcfe Hardin. Gaylord Lartadone and Cain Har
din and Misses Byrda Davis. Mas Burkhcad. and
Jessie imsrey.
Another boatinr party waa civen Tuesday
venirx' by Miss Myrtle Flaes In honor or Mls
tanei- varren' otners in tne party oeinr we-srs.
Cam Hartfn. Russell Wllllarrs Albart and Cl.va
tMr-e. Johi Italev Ear- Shaffner. Pritrhett
VL yfii'.t ard Misses rina!" White Julia Gwlmir,
fct Asdlsen Tirsiey. Iearl Moras and Cieromls Rule.
I .p ,AnaU.tr ;:utst eutaoc social aSslr trta tv
u.s.'Ustl -111.. .ii-sfcs--e,- t2.cr3c.i.
&-igyffla- e?n
1 driving party Wednesday evening. with eight
cojples, as lollows: Mr and Mr. K. W Hat.
turn. Mr and Mrs. C CI Ilurfum. Mr. and Mrs.
V. - Whlsira. Mr and Mrs William Mantlplv.
u- ' and Jlra. Coon and Messrs. oby Fry I
11 fill f:..1. trf T ...r... nv... 1 .. ... T 1 - 1
C. n V" iL ""' u.u iavis ana
fctclla Conn. They left here at I o'clock and
.irove doin t.rtecn inl.es to Clarksvllle. vihera
lunch was sriend. Prom there the drive was
mad! around the splendid belt gravel road and
the return vvas mad- by moonlight. The distance,
covrred uai fortj miles and tne party returned
at midnight.
.Mrs. J A. Ware r:urned Monday from a Is'.t
ti. I. terds in M Louis.
M-- J li. o.-de- lilt Tuesday for a visit to
rt.. itl.es in Chicago, ill.
Mm j. J i' Lan,-tai of it. Louli arrived
Monday for a vl-lt to Mrs A. C. Yost.
Mr. and Mrs John C-rnun are entertalnlnc
Mr and Mrs Edwards of I'leant Hill this
Mips nila Cummlncs returned Tu;diy from a
vl-lt to friends la bt. Leuls
Miss mora Mai Jaynes left Monday for tprlnr
lleld. and will also visit (rlcnds In tho Ozanc
Mountain dlftiKt brtom returning nome.
Mr and Mrs. Frank A. Nleman of Chlcaso are
thdiruesu of Mr. nnd Mrs II Kneljnd.
iilss Nellie Lester returned to her homo In
Kansas City Tucsdaj after a visit to friends and
reU,it ? "'
Mrs E h r.iE left Monday for St, Taul.
Minn., to spend tne tu-mrer
Mrs S. J Lrnltt an.l rh.l.lrn of M. Louis are
r.Uitln- M.l. a..l ..I.... .. fci
s,.,.",," m,7s , 'TrX,. . .."
- Ils Mar " at Lnetin who has been
the Buest of Mis. s a Uawa left W edncsday
foi a vi-.t to trlcads at t I.uis
M1 Ma,me ,.Jmll r, i;an.a city Is the
-U.V:1 OI . J.,S"! '. :'V- A r-"--
M!s8 1 unnle and Ujtt.e Klunl; nf knnv..s
Clt arrivej Wetintt-iaj for a lilt to ilitlr
aunt Mn J CocJtrl!
jIIfs I-Ila Gentrv kfi Thufdaj for a Isit to
li-- friend Mt olf at Srcrman. Tex
Mioses Hose and lizzie ?ullinn icturned Tues
laj from a itit to tetalUes and friends nt
ilaneld K
. Mr-. JI l
Mr-. JI litrkhelm-r and ?on. RoverL and Mrs
, jamos 0 I'ersuson left Tuefedav fur lIqua and
! 3HI Tetla and Maslellne Nckies and Mn.
It. L Maul In and yon Itohtrt. of St. l.ouis ar-
rive.1 Tuesday to attend tho Tltsworth-Xlckels
Mr. and Mr" I. II. Nelson and Mrs. C C.
Dotv irfi Wednefrdav for M. Louis for a visit
to lrirnds and will co from there to Baldwin.
Ill for a visit
Mt-s Hutli Sh. pard left Tuesday for Manhattan.
Kafr ror a vi-it -to relatives and friends
Mrs J M Eubank of Kansas City, who ban
been visiting Mrs. W" L. Porter, returned home
1 uj-u.
Mifcs Elizabeth Fanfcrd of Mexico, who has
lea. vl-ltine Mrs M E. McDonald, returned to
I ""SSiSSTJ- P Potter of Clifton City are
JWUnc their daughter. Mrs. L. C Thoma-. of
""iV? P. Pfaff and two children of St Loul,
and Mrs. William Wlbract of Waterloo III are
the wests of Mrs. J. O. Trick of South ttu-
PniM ww oi ner aunt, -ir o ..'"
left Tuesday for her home. Mrs. Weller
companjlPi: her. ;
Ml Ifarrick rf Knn-is Cltj arrhed Monday
to,be a.piest t the Cok-Mtttheni ueddlnir , ,.
Ml? Mar Huche" left Vednedai for a !slt
to t-eneca. Mo . and lister SprinR" Kas.
Mrs Oscar M chi.ls t Port Scott Kas . ir
rlved Wednefdav f r a lslt to her mother. Mrs
Harriet Itemlrfitort,
Mrs S LoIitnt in who ba been the iruc-st of
her daughter. Mr s.Ualn Kahn. returned to her
h.... In 11 nminetiiiiiT Til .lux
nrm. In nrrenehnrir Tuesdav
1tc Tm.l. T.lffn-il ilAnai-teil WVilnes liv for
visit to friends at Cedar ltaplds and Mount'
v ermont. la
Mrs Leo IJlo'ss and son. Herman are vlsltlnc
her parents. Mr and Mrs. Herman Scimldt. at
Warrenhurjr . .
Mm vv It Huston ana aaucnirr. .111-- Jt.
dred. and Miss Julia GIbbs left Wednesday for a
visit to WjraoreXeb
vii. a P...I. nanraii i-etiirned Tuesilvv from
Ft Louis, where she visited friends and rela-
Mlss nila Bumrer left Wednesday for a visit
to friends at Holden and will go from there to
St Louis to vi-it , ....
ll. UWWJ ...... -- - ." , ...
vl-lt to friends and relatives In M. Louis
xn-- c-Vaii Mindinti nf omaiia arrived vviMines-
Miss Daisy creairan rriumeu iuc-u.i nvn. a
dav for a visit to her ccusin. 5Irs J Valdman
of West Fourth reet -n,. r- dark
jirs vv u iceic n j-?..".. r... ;
Kdna Jlorrt-. Ijic Uentry. Allie HunicKe ana
lless Hall left Mondiv fcr Sorlngfleld to attend
th convenUon of the Stale, M.uslc Teachers .s-
v"""v"- v Tlerrn-d of P.o.-nv1l'e la the Kuest
of Mr, and 3!r Clem Honkomp and will re
main several weeks ,. in
Mi-s Mav Thompson returned to her home In
WMnensburB Weonedaj. after a visit to Mrs.
EMrV c'Se'alo'ver departed Tuednvr for her
homo In St. Louis after an extended visit to
her dauahtcr. Mrs P. A Hlidon. of this citv
Mrs E. li. Darling of ICara-s aty arrived
Mrrntay to be the guest of her mother. Mrs. W.
MrTheodore Shelton of Ft. '"" l,."11
rr.. i , oi.pci nf simfts smitn ana
v,l h friends CrTtton nd Mlw V'e Jon-s of Uast Broadway
itlnc TelatlvesAia n RE Hammond of Kansas C tv 1; lslt
itern polms. ' jnJ her siter-in-law. Mrs. J P Settles of South
lJes Allie liUrlCKe leit inureuay iui ."y""
field. 111. and beforo returrlmj will visit ner
w f i. r-rttri!i T-TMIt nt lndsor
Mn J AV AVaton and danghter of Iarsons
and MIs i:da Arr.ett f Fnrt Scott arrved Mon
dav to islt Mr. R D. Thatcher
Mrf Jomes AV Dav I? returned to her heme In
Kanas City Tuo?lay. aftor a visit to her daugn-
. SI T .1 Te.B.l nf fills 1 tt?
M jf n. Williams nnil little -on. Thewlore.
nf xiimtf-nm-rrr o . left tve-inesuay for tneir
borne, altfr a three we-ks' v'-lt with her aunt.
Mr- 1 J. McCalw at Wist T" fth street
Ilrs. M. V Crawford of St Louis, -vho has
b-en vl-itirK her daughfr. Mrs. n. Gu-n, re
torf! Tuesdav to her horre.
Mrs, Georee urr and ch'Mren. who 1 ave been
cuests of Mrs J. It. Van Dvne, returned to their
Rome In Kansa- City Mo-ulaj
Mrs. G. r Bro-jks of Tellurlde rco who
has been the rue-t cf Mrs. Mllo Blair and others,
left Vordav for her tome. ...
Mrs T II Slirp.-on rf IJallas, Tex. Is vls.t
loc hir b-oth-r A N Eajne and wlf".
Mrs. Hiey Hancock and d-u;hter. Mi-s Doro
thy, of Kanfas Cltv are the cuests of Mrs.
I;lmel Murray of West Seventh -treet.
Mrs rtetta Hubbell left Wednesday for her
heme nt Conr.intllIe. Il., after a lisit here to
Mrs A K. Wh'tiev
Mrs o A Wld lr retn-ned home Tuesday
from a vls't to frrds at 1'aola. Kas
Mpv Kllznheth Owens of Kansas City aTlved
W'-lnrilaj lo vl-tt Mrs A. II. Yeattr
Mr II H. Alen ml son, Itarry nrrlvrd
Tuerday from Kansas Citj. and are tusts of her
narems. Doctor and Mrs. K C. Evans of East
Misses Maude Patterson and Sarah Vayn- en
tertained friend- Wedne-day ewnlmr at the home
of te f f-riner on South Ohio avenue
Mi-s i:ii'ott Vot entertained a lane company
nf f-lends Tuesilav evenlnc at her home on
South Ltunlne avenue In honor of Miss Ina
Mount of -t Lmils and Ml-s Nelle Hartman of
Warrensh'irc Ml.s Vo-t wa- r-s'-t-d bv her
mother. Mrs. Ttlchard To-t, and Miss Hester
Mrs. William Powell enteitiincd a company of
ynunc ncurde eiln-sill morning at rer home
on West Thlm -tret In honor of her niece. Miss
Loull MsHliy. nf Kansas Cltv
Ml-s Ulllan iearson entertained a co-npany
nf friends Wednesday even ng at her homo en
North Grand avenne
Miss Florence Fcnlt eitertalned the members
nf the Adar'o flub Thu-w'-av mornlnK at her
home on Poutlp KentueKs avenue
JIrs j M. Offle'it entertained Wednesday
moiilns: at her home en Wist Seventh street in
honor of h-r -i-ter. Miss llattle Jump of Kan
sas City, and Mrs. Doctor E. V. Yancey of this
a reception was given on Tuesday afternoon.
and e-venlrtr by Professor jnd Mrs. J C. J.neJ
'' M,"5 V51 Ie Jhon-I'on lo Mr Burt n Th mp-
fon and J"1?' ct New ior,k aJ J"
fc - prlnptteld. Mo. Mrs Flalcy D. Hubb-11 re?e
the ilrst prize and Mr. H. J. Waters the
nnd. fceen tables were tdaced on thp law
Itliili' tiCi.i, u.u. taxi a ijuiv; . m auww a a tte-r IN
Lie sec-
nwn rf
th Pratt home, where- the fcllowlne ladles rn-
joje-I the game of progressive eucjire; Mmc-. C
IL Honllng. lie O. Penn. II J P-raec, James
5ordon. Luy Shields, Stanley Smith I O.
Hockaday. Sr.. F. D. Hubbell, A V. Jarctn. H
J. Waters. J. L. Tlortcn. G. B Itol ln ntd J It
Garth of Kansas City, and Misses HthI Hudfcn.
Umma nonchHe. Nela Jacob Mad l'e Jico.
Marv Hale, neF-le Iiwon. Katberlne Guitar.
Umllr Guitar. Nellc Dorsey. Mary Gmy. I'll
Johninn. Stella tJtrawn. Helen Con'ey Marparet
Trimble. Mary Ijrlehart. Minnie M'he?ler of St
Joesh, and Loutce 1 Jerry of Paris. Tex.
Mrs. V. ). Hubbell entertained at cards
Wedneedsv morn.njr. lrljet were won be JI s
Guitar. Miss Johnson and Mrs. F. G. Nifons of
St Louie.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boyle returned to their
hom ln St. Loul Sunday after visUlnp Mrs.
Bovle'a rjarents. Mr. and Mrs. Olon Gnttar.
Miss Louise Berrv of Parts. Tex. arr'eil this
weex to vi-i. ner ?ipr, jus. v.ii;ii.ies uuw.i-k.
Mrs. J. M. Frederick eleparted Wedne-ilay for
AVatcrtown N, Y.. her former home. She will
also visit inousana isianu.
Mr. and Mrs O. O. Warner, who hive bcn
the ueu of Columbia friends for several weeks.
furnlnsr hove.
Mrs A. II. Johnson denarted "Wedn-sdiv to
visit friends and relatives 4n Richmond. Excel-
sior Sprlrcs and Kansas CIt.
Attornev Fleetwooil Gordon was ln St. Louis
cr, business this week.
The Rev -rend and Mrs. C. It. Winders departed
Tuee-liv for Cilcairo. where they will spend the
remiror ot tne sumrzor.
MIs Ariy J-ffertes deported Wedntsfjay for her j
borss la savra'dsvlllc. Ilk, atcomFinlsd by ber
.!,... .a, ul.
cousin. Siiss Iitelle IVaUop, of whom the has
been the guest for Fever.il weekB
llu.s I-ourJ a vv i.cux lit. i ia i returned Tues
dav after :i Phi rt tn In Mnhprlv
Miss hallle Ionard. who has been the ru?'
of her cousins. Sll-ex katnerlro and Emily
Guitar, left Wednesday for htr Iiome In Salt
uike citj
Mr. and Sirs Henry II Sorter of SprlngfleM.
and Mrs. UVjJtr.Fifm rr.-im.in
Mrs O W Triirble Is the guest of he riecc.
lire K It Hajdon. In Kansas v'ltj .
u. r. Lucky was In st. Iuis mis
Mr- rntter-"n nnl Mi" MIMr-1 McUalne arc
MMtlncMrs Hammitt In Huntsrille.
Mi v r. liaisue returnel lim athur
Monday, where she tloite-d relallef
Mr ( It Miller departed undiy f n m New
lork. from v here he mil sail tor lljrope to
spmt the nummer In trael
M-j it y Iikenian has reMirne.1 home after
ii'tmK in !-t. iviu ai.l Ilarnlbui
Mr and Mis Victor llartli and fin. Paul, -le-
liart-d hunday fcr Cambr dee .1 ise 10 otlenl
the cimmencement eiertifes of llirvard 1'nlicr-
tity a hen their t-on. Mr. lrin liarth.
KiH"uai ox Jan.
3Il"a Man fctephens ha- iturnM nftcr a Ia t
to yls Jn;-ff Maiiirlii In Pultun M
Profesfor and ilrs Carl T Whitmer derarteil
Mondaj to ilIt In Fprtngneld. Mo. for a few
llr. I; A Ftephens. tho Ileren.l O M
llatrher of Columbia, the He'.e.enl Mr. AdamJ
cf Frank Curd K . Jtparted Tuej-da lor HaMiI
hal. Ma. er tht y ,it-ii-l a, cement ion of
th aptit oui? i'tuple's lnin
Prtireor John H fceett UeparteJ Tuesday f(.r
St ;als.
Doctor and Mrs V G XJfons of St. Lnuls
TC the nuest of Mrs Ntioui;- p.rni.. Mr.
and Mi? SLiter Lenoir, tnls eek, returnins
homt Thurjsdn.
IVfe-'ior Kduard A'.en of THees Military
Atultm at Micon. Mo, vino hpj teen i-iii.i
his pannts. Ioetor and Mrs H A. Allen, de
partid Monday for ''H'i-so 10 in.l thej-unnnr
Mr Ira btone. accnTamtd lj nii slater, II
Sue left last wrek lor Omalu lo .itt relatue
Mis Lucy Iturru. who has been ifltlntc Mr.
John llurruts and faimlj. returned to her home
in MHmt aturda atiompanled bjher eouin.
Miss Marlon Uurru
Mrs Lot crop of bt Itula wa the euct of her
sster. Mr. Jeff Vrev. tht- week
Mrs Jiunccn of tprinsfit-ld. Mo , Is the cuest
of htr s.ier. Mip O c l'rutt
Mr- Odn Oultar !rp.uted Tliursda morulnir
to i iFlt her sister. Mrs ly'onard In Fajette. Mo
Mr- Jefferson Oarth and children of Kansas
City are iltln? Mr and Mrs W W Canh
Mivt nni ltoblrK-ii of nlbn-y i-tumed to
htr homo Uetincda, after I&uij airs. V. 12.
st. josi:im
MIs llculah McClellan Kae a Iilgh-fVve party
Tuesua eienins at l.er home No lysi hcutn
Fomuenth street. In coniplimtnt to Mr M. C.
Had of Fort icUt.
Mr. and Mi Lu!j Has ca a dancir? party
Tut?daj eeninc at the 0lumbiau Hall fur th-ir
dauRi ler. Miss Lfether Menz es Ha. and their
sun. Mr Lout: Wmston llux.
Tn ma ra -e of MIm It inn,ip WthImer.
daughter of Mr and Mrs Hamucl Weslhelmer of
this (11. and Mr nam It Kite of t ltt-narK.
Pa. ttok plam at th JmIs!i Temple Mn.i)
eenlnn at $ o'clock A shurt mu-ic piojiam.re
preceded the cerenon Tie u-luri weie nen
Msmurrtr. jock i.earman uenrv vc-ineimer.
Sam l.Krflv and Ike lElnswantr Folowmj: the
ushers came tne flrtt 1 rlueald. Miss Ad fie
fc-onbern of X"W York then Misd O.ivn "We :
helmer and Mlks Adele Mjers of m Louis. Miss
Yetta Kohn and M sj fat U 5chwub Mi--. Li
lian Wfstheliicr. the maid of honor, preceded
the bride Tie btst man was Slmund Kter f
Xew YhiK. Itabbi Schwab performed tho cere
mmj lhe bridal jart lerjiired to the Hole!
Metrcpole. where a iect-ptio i and ban-juet were
luld after which Mr and Mrs Klee .cf fir an
Eastern trip which wll be followed b an
Luropean tour Ihtlr horr will b In Pit lb
burp. whtre Mr Kite U In bu,ne".
Mr John Lrnest Cook antl children left Tues
day for ren Mountain Fail. Colo . were they
hae taken a cottage fjr the semmer. Mrs oOrC
was accomiian el b hr sit r. M . S ile V.-t
lhe Reverend Mr. Cook will Join hia family littr
in tl e summer
Charl1. imirl aecrrrpanied by hi daughter
Julia. left Wcdnednj for Mnnitou. Colo
Mr Thomas A Inn !- tho guest of relitUe
In Vcmint;i She will Uslt In Montana b fuie
return nr
Mrs E. V Spratt. accompanied by he" grand
ton. Ila.rj Spratt. went to Colorado the lirt if
the week. They wl I sperd the summer li the
m- unta n?
Milton Tootle and famih left Thurdiy for
Mackinaw. where thev will spend the summer.
M ljautii.ee O ..ear. e we..t iO b- rui- .eld
Tuesday to zle a leeiuie recital before tn mem
be: s of the state Music Teachers' Assignation on
' Chanson nnd Leder"
Tho marrlaRe cf MI-s Mlnne Maurer to Mr
rrank Kappel of Chicago was soI.mni7cd at tie
re'idenco of the Reverend J S bpencer TucpIiv
cvcrl'-c. The coupl itf: at ence for a b Ual
trip throuKh th- We3t. Mr Kappel ia a whole
sale hain ss dealer In Chicago.
Mies Ldlth Lrean Pox and Mr. John R. Jtn
n'rpi were married at S3) o'tlock Tuesday en
inc at the residence of tho brlt'e. No 121S N rth
N.nth st.cft Te rcremn was perform d by
the Revererd Joan ErnesDCook of the Flrt liap
tlst Church.
jimes. ttiiuam rouoch, iv. r wtuer. oi mis
city, and AV C. Jobnsm of St Louis, g-ive a
musical at the home of Mrs. Pollock Tnar-day
afternoon. Among those on the prcgramme wo:
Klcr. T iwlfl ll'nll am i-.f Vt I j-v.t . 11 t t V
Miss Ieola. Vatkrr of St Lou
M J U.
Trimble of Kansas City. Mrs F H Je3ce. Ml-.
ue Kooerton. .mi- lauae vvauace. i-nzaue'n
Robprfon, lxl Wjlilanif. all of this city, and
Mr. Lynn Banks of Kansas Cit
Messrs. and Mines Howard Uakett. Caarles
Graham, Cecil Batkctt T J Wminrns and II.
K. C. Tucker spent Tuesday afe.noon In the
Mrs Joe Rhodes of Sedalia and Mrs r. R
Jesse or this city att nded t e v ddin-r fif their
cousin. Miss Smith. In Vandalia, Tueda.
Miss IUcrardson has returned to her home In
St Loufs tfter apendlrg- some weeks with Mrs
J F GVffTee
Mrs McGinnls has returned to her home in
Kansas City after visiting her sister, Mrs. Cnas.
Arnold, in this dt
Mr. and Mrs. Butler Guthrie and con and Ml
Kota Luckle are in Aspen, Colo , for the bent tit
of Mr. Guthrie's health.
Mi- Maude Wnllace and Miss Johnson are I
itlnfr bt I-uis frltndi.
Mrs Lynn S Banl s of Kansas City Is the
cuot of her mothT, Mrs. IUdmon Callaway, In
tMp clt
Miss Cllza GIbbs entertalred a number cf her
jouni? friends Tuesda afternoon.
Oi Wednesday afternoon Mis Grace M'i-rl3
entertained the members of her club in honor of
her sue-. s. Mioses Mary and Fannie McCl.n
t'c cf Rush Hill.
On Thursday afternoon the Younc Smart Set
chaperrned by Mrs. Hou?hland anq Mle Gart
rtll. went to Guthrie's Fcrd and had a pleasant
Ml""-, Abide Llewellyn and Marv Cunnl"ch.m
of Mexico, accompanied by Mrs. Mattie li o.vn
of Fu ton. left for Boston this week, where they
will Mslt relatives
i:ies t-athiecu lwakev has rrtumed to her hems
in Pa-Is. Mo., after visiting Miss nilza G'bbs ln
bht ..(.
trtK citv
Miss Kell Brapz has returned to her home In
Troy after visiting Miss Ruth Bragg in tbn
After a short visit to Mrs Robert D Worre'I,
Mrs Henry has returned to I er heme in 'lum
bW Mr ard Mrs James N. Baskett have returned
from a short visit in -t Louis
Mr and Mm Harr Atchinon of Coffejvnit.
Kas . nr" th truest, of Mr Atchison's parnts,
Mr. anJ Mrs John XV. Atchlscn.
Miss Kate hea Is home fron a visit to St.
IrcsMent nnd Mrs J. W. Mtlllcn cf iranlln
College are home from a islt to relatives In
Brnoklvn. X. Y.
The members of Washington Il, I O. T.
M. of this citj. entertained friends Thursday
MI and Mrt J W Bran n-e the jrutsi of
their son the Iteverend Joseph Brvan, In Bes
MoIne. la.
Miss Pearl Shale of Clarence was the guet
of Macon friends the first of the week.
Miss b Angle and Sula McCannc departed Mon
day for a visit In Colorado.
Mrs J L. TIbbs and son, James, went to
Kansas citj l"rida, to visit for several weeks
with Harry TIbbs,
Charles Jergenson and wife of Hannibal, ar
rived this week for a visit with Mrs. E. Jur
genscn and fainll.
Miss Cor.nne Miewel! returned to her horn n
St I-outs after a peasant visit hero with tho
Misses Brown
Mrs R. L Sinford of St. Louis returned to
her home Saturday after an extended visit here
with her mother. Mrs Knight.
Mrs Ld Gary of Des Moines, la . came this
week to bp the guest of her relatives hery for
several weeks
Mrs J K Welrlch departed Saturday for her
home in St Paul, Minn., after several weeks
vist hero with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Ti rner.
Mt D F Scrutchfield returned to Macon
Thurdjy after an extended visit with her daugh
ter ln Atchison, Kas
Mr and Mrs. D. II, Payson ilslted In Mobr
ly the first of the week.
John A Whl'e departed the last of the week
to Jdn his wife and sn Llojd. who are visiting-
In I"ountaln Gre-en. HI
Mlas Ieah Wright went to Callio Trlday to
sn nd two weeks vleltirc friends nnd relatives
Mrs ilarl bteai. and daughter of Wymore
It ;
Nen . arnvea tnis weeK xor nn extcnoeii vt:
with Mr. Rtean's moher. Mrs Marv Miffrev
Mls Julia and Mr Ben F Oajton will sti-t
next week for Chicago to Mi several weeks,
the guest of their sister, Mrs. Franklin Pierce
Mr E D Pler&on of Loulsiani. Mo Mrs.
Ferklnson of Salisbury nnd Mrs. J B Mitchell
of Klrksvltle are the guests of the'r broth-r,
Mapr II R. Dynart, "and fimUv this week
Miss Georgia Bay of Chicago is expected home
mt ia .
Mrs. T. D Wardell and M'.ss Florence went to
Kansas City yesterday for a short visit
MLss Irene It rook bank and tittle brother. DIek.
canv home Friday from Chicago, whtre MI'S
Birx-kbank has been taklnc a course in kinder- I veCabe., daughter of Mr. and Mrs I R Mc
Barten work ,-...... I "il. and Mr AColoh S-vlIker was celchra'ed
ine nevereiiua ji r. iiuti ... -, iiciiui-i.
Vlncil Coi'lter and Misses Mabel Martin. Anna
Hav ner. Dannie itoore ana l.ucy Simmons ai
tended the annus! State Convention of the B. V.
P. l. In Hannibal the drat of the week
Mrs. W It. Compton and son Randolph, re
turned from Beltffontaine. O.. Tuesday, wh re
they were called b? the serlcus Illness of Mrs.
Ccrr.pton's motllr. Mrs. Parker. Mrs, Parker Is
now conv alescinr;.
Miss Carrie O en and Mr Richard Iloltzcnw,
an extensive lumberman of this cltv. were quiet
ly married Wedne-day n'irht at 3 o'clock at the
residence of the hrl'e's parnts the R-verend
Mr. ard Mrs. Francis M. Green, the Reverend
H E. Truex. pastor of the B-ptlst Churrh. of-flciatl-a-
Immed ately after the ceremony Mr.
and Mrs HoUzclaw repit'ed to their beautiful
new home on Jackson street.
' Thursday was the twentv-flfth weddlnc anni
versary cf Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sauvlnett and
that cvenlnir the members of the Macon Wh'-t
Club cave them an anniversary surpri-e. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Sauvlnett were awav from home for
the evenine-. ani upon their return found thir
parlors filled with cuests. Several hours were
spent pleasantly with tnrds. ani then the club
presented to Mr. ard Mi Sauvinett a hand
seme set of silver knives and forks
Mrs. J. J Davis entertained at S o'clock tea
Trlday afternoon ln hener of a number ef her
friends who are vislt'nT Macon Mrs. Davis's
micsts were: Mrs. Jein'e In, t. Louis: Mrs.
Wra. McCulIough. Ph'lvdelnhla. Pa.: M-s. G-een
and the-Misres Ori-m, Gmnvrie. Mo.: Miss Fan
nie Itolman. St. Pjui. Ml-n.: Mmes. I. S Miller.
Frank smith, 'l.-es L"t'e Crslr. C'ara Jr- I
nsin Tjlt VA llMsm. Tf.l!. 1nnr. unit tl-s
Alece Smith rf olaih-. Kas.
Goctz Hall waa taitefullr decorated and
- iZ? a?-Aa.Jt'Aaisu
briillaitlv llshtcd for trc dance given Tuerdaj
evening ny the members of tne Ctr-cent Club in
honor of the vujn, ndl s wo nave returned
irum scnom .usK was turnl hid by tre SMco l
Orcnertia. The kd sts rttnl at tnl pleasant
iccasun vvcru .V.ss.t. l.re-ie Wnrde'l. alora
i J-auvnutr, ou si . itrr i. ua.ne Stone. Sliivmo
I i:1."""- 'l ' vvii...ins. ula Heirl.ee,
lv..lent. Cnrrlnni.
newi. .Mar r-ti. ,. . 3 r.l.h of Oiathe.
I ivac . and Mt.ar- t us. tl m on. WaMo S nith
r.s Jlnrf.ev. 1 I. siattuew t. cms. stars',
i ;.ra,rk nurses. Wm Vjwlai Hunter :arj.
11 Tniitt. !.n fl 1 fn II ..!.. 'nrtl ti-n.
J, t" 1J,,''K'' 'd tiro ce bho.trhVc. Wil. ll.esi1.
Arthur laee anJ 1. u 11 etke iKcr of li-vler,
ilo .. Jw. Dub-.s l.ojd MICe uid Me-i-rf.
urd Mine,. lUrn i ,;ulit . Theo Il-lchel. O:
tbo Miiuun and I; i L-anfonl.
Ml Mabtll GriLsbyt who las beeif the sue-l
m liljud n.tn t. 1 I " reiurueu to ner uonn
jjr llaro.d stilh ell deiiarted this w.ek f..r
Uuupe to be Bonf several months
Jius vvunmiim Ilay cnterulmd TursJ.y even-
IPS at hr c uativ l-ome li honor of Ml sjullv
UrChCher of St trills A Ijrer .l.tncln- iviviI.i.Ti
was eretti .n tm lawn and th joans pewd
hpent inoit of the evtrunj danilrr.
Mrs 1 K UreckenrldRi. departed Wednesday
fcr Lel.'urlde. i lo i,( Mn.nl th s-ummtr.
Mkt-. li;h. tea. her (f th. utioi lit Ruchinm
JiC,!?B, nt lr,n. Mo. was t.o uifct of Mn. T.
C Wilson ctintil3
Mioses Anna and Ellzabet'i Roulwa-e hae rr
turned t thPir how In Monme I1t a't'r a
MTprt ii t with Missefc Ilaltli and Mar .Vic. it.
Mis Maiparet Urv.it n depjrtet Atiir.eiay
for ht Louis on a islt to ner son, Uaur R.
Lirji tn
Mioses Iella Hlckok. Hrnlc StuiRli and
E.IZaLtth Knott w -n- i!t- ginn-is cf M.M. Luther
Mriv.tj it p-ilnivra Monda.
Mr.. GI man jf m. Louis is in the clti on a
Mw3 Man MtrtinowU. who ha be. n iraeh
Irs music at Howard l'ajne ColleK. I horn. f.r
the bur.mer
Mrp C l: W.Irn of St. I-ou's I the j;ue.t of
her si-ter Mr p llauc.
Mis. Irank liuntN cntertalred a numb-r of
her friend Mcndu, exeninK in honor of Mrs IX
V Rackaiack ard Mr" tecrt,e bnder of Chi
cago Mrs TV II Haves entertained the Monday
WnM Club at her home in llroadw.ii
Miss VIma Luno of lalm a lt the cuest of
her sister, Mrs J-d Ue 'tar!1
Mr and Mr Dale Haraian returned to their
home In M Joseph, attv a visit with Mr. and
Mr- j H Miller.
Mr. C H. 1 row budge ar.d drui;hler. l!r.
Rov I'urlon, elt for fcouthrrn CalifuinU. wrier
they will tinnd the numrwr
Mrs 1 C. W'iUun de.uhirulty rntertalned in
honir of her Kuet. M. lvita Hi Kok of fat.
Ixais Those pi eent w rt e M ii J. J u ni 1 1
K u bier. Lidi Vhli pranklin E 1j s eatoIu
Nt'Ie DitHcher llc-e lref.hr (ilanyi Nepr.
Helen Hauaid. Ldith lluni(hrer Mabel liar
il. cd.th Snider, i llfton Hu.an. Irvin Uu'anv.
Ed.th Uulany i:hzab-th Knott. iSrace tmltn.
IJUll'i Jji'fc 'i il 1)U1" .uaitr aiviivr- sj-i,j
o ta'I bu v"a d Mav R llf Jri ,tbv of R -nJU-s-
iHIi. Id Messrs Jake !lurri. ieier vvuit,
l.eorge Hrmui, I.ulanv Mal.an f'harl.c CJtlett.
eMgo Thlc, Will Lmlanv. Al i?emvur. Morris
Hodtidon Phin T'Hher. Altert fcmith Weathrbvfc
Joo Porctran. luLtor Raund- Willie Sprague.
H. Un l av d mi. Ouintius ftlumphrejv, Lhar le
A'ger. Ra bmlth and Parka Aicfer
.vug l-a i, ..i-ivbun, und v.aUMi'r f JetTerpon
Cltv are th guitta cf Mr and Mrs U. A
Misei Mama Holme and Elizabeth Ppragru
cnuitained t: Nlckrli lu ulwam wedding partv
at a luncheon Wedntsdav at the home ol the
Mri J P Hotn-1 entertained a few f her
friend, at cards Prlday even.ng in honor of Mlw
Illckik (f fat Lmi. Tnoe pien-nt wen? M.s-a-j
Lis t. Hon Ntdli lJrtaer. Id Ureseher. J.cnie
Craft, luanita Kabler tjuten Huan-,. El th lu
iiny. Elizabeth K .itt Una hlt. Cara liy
turn, and Mao Rel e uwenly of Sal tuiy.
Mesr? Jake Elawi i. Ch tr Wolfe, diaries
A'gr. Park Arcr-o- Jo Fbrimin. pa-n-st D ahe.
Al i-ejmuur lit -. Iavlon Will 1 i any.
Weathtrbv. Dfrtor Biunds. ptilanv ani Ma'nn
M.sct Angellne and Resale Pin b U eiierUinJ
the ..(.keii Roulvv re weeding iart at a unch
eon iliu MiA r i i . s
Anna and Cl.sab-th Roulwcre cf Monrco Cl(.
Mi.s Rewi t j Jia.. ol St biw, i is tt-ton.
El.zaleth M.rcgue. Man.e Ho.rus Arse Prindell
and Mary Nicke I
Mr and Mr- J V Ri-d. Jr. hnve as their
ri'tsts Mr. and Mis 1" K Porter f Leadville,
Co o
Mr and Mrs Dnlpf Carter and MI Virginia
Carter were at horn t their filiJ? "J ut-raay
evtring. it being the twentieth cnnlver-aiv of
Mr and Mrs Caiter s nd ng da
Mrs Geoig Carre, who "has been the niest
of Mr? Ileltn K. Garth, rctumtd to her hi mo
In fat LpuU Wednpdav
On nf thA j.rltp pntn of the nfl was the
marriage cf Miss Eva Lemmn tie aeci rap.lhcd
dauxhKr cf Mr and Mrs Am. s S L inmoi of
th's citv. and Mr GejrgeP Plavcr o M Louis. 31, CiariChe SwWier departed Tuesday morn
son of Cit Ccmntr I'cr PIjr ef the du of St ' nBr Xr Mouerlr Mj.. to spend a month with
LruiF The m rr a e tcck pl3-e nt the home of . r'iatI,e3 iTer sister. Miss Pearl, accompanied
the b ide en West Cay s roe Tu dav evening a t npr
8 o'clock, ani the brdal I partv left in the 9 M.s necca Edwarls and Mr Trestcn Gardner
ocirck train for Denver, Col., and other points I nm attend the wedding "f Mr AA'nlter Simp-
r,.t.he Wen . r. i. ,. ,, ! ron nnd Mli Lavest Atkinson of faheldon. on
M'ss Amarda Grur. daughter of Mr and Mrs. .s - nf inn n ShPii'cn Mr. and Mrs.
Hf-nr. Gruer. a d M-. John -cn Itz were mar-
rlml nt ih hnmi o" t o h Id s n rent on Second
i ani jener on strops vea.fs:a e em g ni .;.o
o c'ock Slxtj-ilve guests wee prient Tie
ceremonv was perfermed bv the Reverend J A
i Fre derich", pastor of the Luth ran ChJrch The
-.! . ... ri Tl .!.. C.Ki.U. (. n.
! attendants were Mips- B rtha S"hultz. i?.trr of
the bndceroom. .ind Mr. Alfred Gruer. brother
of the bride
M! Mattie Travis of St Louis has been
spending evrral da s here the guest of Miss
imn iiaea'fier
Mrs I Grlfiln of MHeola. Tex. was here
i Thursday to visit tt- siter at the Convent of
x fcacrea iienrt.
Mrs Vm Uecke- entertained the Indies' Aid
Focletv of the Madison Street Presbyterian
Church rilda a't-rn en
Mlres KatV a d Liuls- Feberle entertained
their frfrnd Thu""1av evenlrc it their rn-me on
Weft Jefferson st-cet Th e-eilnc was spent
In rcial cames and refre hrrents were i-ervd.
MIsf Jul'a i:i"ensteln ha feturrcd to this city
after a week's rl'lt to friends In Warrentor.
Genrr:e W M-K hi (y has arrived here from
O'd Mexico to vllt hl fan Vy
MI " Ceil and AVH-e Nitrl rt Mi'-tbasill
spent Sundav with their unrle, Fred NaIe. an!
othr relatives in thl cl'
Mr ani Mrs IMwird Gut chaperoned the fo
lowtntr vounir rer m who spet Pundav at
Orchard Fa-rn- Mis Almi ve er L- da Ut ani
O'ra Geret o' tt clt' Mist 3 j rjo, n -md I3l
pilne Hadcn of St Paul Messrs Will MeVtee
cf Pi Paul Frank Gini vvav rf St T-ouI Doc-to-
,'eh pd Firk B' ker rf th's cl v
Mls Nellie Va'er, tho mulc teaeher has xone
to her home In Nevada. Mo. to spend the sum
mer Vls Miml Mirtln hns lei v-litlnjr her
coti.lp. Mi's 1IR7H WhlttPr of Pt Tenuis
:.'lis Bertha GoeVel left Monhv fr Chlcatrn
nnd Milwaukee, where h will spend several
w r ks.
Mrs. G A Kerchlval nnd children n spnd
Imr a few weeks with her sister. Mis uelme, ln
yu'niy in
Mr "and Mrs Adolph Torn and little dauchter
-lA.-s,v.....t 1. a .n.. ,rA -vTyBttts-iktSi Aflssirs ..Iaa
H7,ij itI lur-uni li" ""nil"! .-nii . .tn'-isr
thev wll Einrnd a few weeks w th relatives, a"d
f ri- -i's
Mles Bjlah nrd Ruth ICerchlval are visiting
friends In H ns n Kv
Ml Katberlne Rtmre left Wednes3ay for St.
Lntils to lslt friends
Miss IMmonla IMvards his returned frcin
F -l.trp
LPutenart W W Fdwarls hi arrived horn
from West Ptlit H'1 vvllt rend the summer
IVx-tor llert Pte'rir-'u. rr'vite secre'nry of
Governor Taft of the Phll'ppln, arrived hon
in t e vVeiTes av n a fur'ou'-h to vl It
his parents. O-vtor ard Mrs w Ft-'Inrauf. He
hns ien in th- Ph!llppln."fl Iwi ears.
'- J"' Cr-t bn retuird from Mherv
Ml'R .Tnlta Walker of St Louis Is Msltlnc her
1 friend. Wn Neoml Prltrhet
Mrs Kihert it evts ipit .Morniiy to spenu tne
futnrar In Northern MIehlftan
Mrs Mirv I?ho-lcs of Denve-, Colo, is a
guest of Mrs Mir. Pirkc
Mrs. Rofer Khrhard aI M Tulta Rrucker
heve returned from a rleasant visit In Louis
ville. Ky.
SI,IUGni:LD 3lO.
The Sunshine Club enjojed the hospitality of
Mrs. J. B Mack Tuesdiy afternoon. Rcfresh
mrnta were served to Almes. G W Hackney.
SEP iSIX- AVnJltl TiT P H-,Merran Stan- '
S,?1!?-.11? fmVn5; wirnJr fmnhidi I
ltM.5?5ih' .A 5U ohS;e?S2:r'Mp5S
Harry BIssett, Jeff IIanelI. Arch Dlgglns. T J
Wr.lrner. .T. n. 1. romDt. lorn Moore and
'Will Wood .
Mlsee. Marie and Noma Ileffcrnan have re
turned from Tort bmlth, .rk.
Mrs. Jennie Matthews departed Tuesday for
tVlnfteld. Kas. , . .
Little Miss Marie Thompson celebrated her
seventh blrthdni Tuesdiv hv lovltlnc ln aboJt
twenty of her ifttle frlrnds for the afternoon.
Miss callle Clarke of Sedalla la the euest of
Mrs J Montgomery ".Vilson.
Mrs. James Carncj of Old Mexico Is vlsltlnr
friends ard relatlvrs in the eily.
Mr-. Julia II. Cnllir and Mr-. Stephen TV. Mc-J-mnhlin
have salleii for Kurope They were
i'lred In New York bv Mr and Mrs O. II.
Clark anu family of Iowa. They will be away
three month
Mrs Spilker. Mr nnd Mr". Koerner. Miss An
nie Lalor. Mr. Harry f!r-her. all of Ht I;ul,
Mr. and Mrs Su-h of Fort Smith. Arlc. and
Mr, and Mrs. Ilenrrnan ot ionelt
are vne
cuests of Mr. and Mi- J I! Met-an-.
,,ffw'I2S,f"h1,i.?; & Vhe''Vecfh?tD0.lSr
ffiSff 15Co?eTerf .iMarl
I raret McCabe. Mr Adclnh Sullker. Mr and M'a.
I Koerner. Mrs tipllker Mr. and Mrs. j. r Mc-
raret McCabe. Mr Adclnh Pullker. Mr and M'a.
er. Mrs tipiiker Mr. ana Airs. j. it aic-
f tiiiie.
M",..-Tir' Rule and Ml-s loii Mccaoe. ..
Mlrs llettle Havdcn In the euest of Miss Estelle
Rs-sleur In St. Louis
Mrs M J. Oreen and prandu'vUFhtcr. Miss Ma
bel McLftiahlln, of Winchester III are ucst
of Mrs. Green's sl-ter. Mr- J. M. Iyditerwooil
M's. Chris Rule entertained at dinner Wedns
rtnv Mr. and Mrs. J n McTMhe Mrs Spllker.
Miss Marraret McCahe Mr. end Mrs. Joe Taul.
Mr. Adolph Snllker and !'"' Lou McCahe.
I ..... .,-..... t.. mult.. f Xfl-. l-ll.K.Il.
wei-ne-jay even nr the Iteverend rather For-
lure of the Church nf ihi. Sacreil Herr offlelot
inr Mr Irfo Taul plaved the weddlnT march
and durlne the ceremonv Ml-s Noma llefternan
sanr Trn only attendants were IlttI MLss Hor-ten-e
llelTercan. thf flower alrl; Mister John
McCabe th rlrrbearor; Pan'in. Rib-cIL Flor
ence and Georce Rule, the rihhon-bearers. The
cnrnle left at once for St. Lculs. where they
will reside.
Mrs Obcrla Chr'-hclm of Fort Worth. Tex., is ,
the euest cf her sister. Mrs. T W. Moore. I
Mls Re-sle Dnnneinn of Bolivar Is the cuest
of MI-s Hazel AVak-tleld.
MI-s Marv l'ohv is is.ttnz In St. Louis.
Mrs II D. Raker, ac.orrpanied b her s'ster.
Miss Linda Martin, departed Wednesday for
Louisville and Eastern tolnu, to spend the sum
mer Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Srmlley are visltln?
friends In the citv.
M-. and Mrs. c 13. "perry Ml Tuesday night
for BrL-tolvillei O
Mrs. J. H L Compt and little son. Julian,
hnve returned from a three weeks'- visit with
relatives and friends In St. Louis and Kansas
Master Jack Holland celebrated his third birth
day with a party Saturday afternoon.
Miss Killth Osbom of Humboldt, Kas . 1 the
ra"-t of M' Jen-le Itarter
Mrs. M. Holbrnok entertal-ed the Busy Wom
an's Idle Hour Club with a number of guests at
Wlnoka I.od;e Saturday Thote preent were:
iirs. j. it. vanrhan. Mrs. J K. Jewell, Mrs.
3inrle ph.nm.rrf -lr- .Timm Ahhntt. Mrs. l-lnr.
nce Hunt. Mrs. 'Frank Fellows. Mrs. M. Cool-
tinnirh VTt. Will ill... -..-. T.Ititi Afr- IT
Clay Tompkins. Mrs II. S. Jewell. Sirs. Emma
A. Chambllss. Mrs. G. W. Horton. Mrs. Harry
llorton .drs. C II Baldwin. Mr'. Charles Iff
ham Mrs Cook, Sir-. A Q Campbell. Mil
,L.nh i.,,,ny?, " Cook. Miss Eleanor Hal-
brock. lIL-s Lula Cal'alai and Mr Frank Clem-
ilm. John Itlce la visiting In. St Louis.
cm L,rc,l,y B- alllls tierarted Saturday fcr
j lia llHi a t tia... t .- .
' the summer
-Miss Marj c Shea Is itsltlnc friends in Iyb
ancn Mre. Harry Ilcfiresor Is visltlnjr her relatives
In rajettcvllle. Ark
Mrs. A 1" IV-ter and Mrs A P. Woodruff
are lsitlnir relative at Wlrhlta. Ks.
Miss Kotha Hjn.r Is In West rialns. a cues:
at a house party Kln bv Mln Ethtl Kvans.
Mrs. Ca.anthi I.-indrum (i.yartrd l"ridaj ror
her home in Pierce Clt. alter a visit ltn M.
W II. lam W;nlt
Mrs Charlis w Mi'chcil nnd dm-hter left
Friday fcr Na'lnlUe. Mo. to M'lt relitlves f . r
M. una j,, 3vnmv. I!oarmaI, rctutnrrt Fr.aa
".'! I'ntr
JiK 1,m Uankin Society was entertained fiat-
.. llCChl
"Wri iil r i.--UV,-y,-.V. --".V3 '-"r.
I h.f'"-,jM..Vn1tcn Ifft r'Mv mornlnB
for ber
norre In Mount er.on, mo afur a
id-t WttU
i .ars vviillan. VhaIP.
Mr and Mr llarrv Cnorcr and little daughter,
j Katherlre. dt parted Tt.urtt.uy for havimnah, i,j .
Atlantic n. ,-sew lurk ( n and Canada on a
thuw wecki' trip
Miss fctcl.a Mitchell departed Friday for Xash
iile. Mo. ci h visit o rJative.
Mrs Italp'i Ortliuein cf m Lau's. M sen Lna
anu ic.ui wnairv were the guests of Mr an
jiip. rranK i-eitovv" at mnner on 1 rlda even
Irg at the Commercial Club
Mii Ralph Orthi.vln 1-aa ic turned to her home
In St. Louis after a visit with Mla L-na and
fctel.u hale.
Mr. James Relaney nnd Mr IJvron Smith de
rurttd itiirdav for a week's tiihirg on the
White River
Mis I -.nil. Pellows is the guest of h.r alster,
Mi Ooge Hop'iins. In Alton. III.
Miss ioui e Johnson has return-d to her home
In Iebann
Ml.. Jei nie JohnFun dirarted Ttiday for ber
homt In Mt'int Veiron. Mo
Miss Victoria McHiiJp departed Fridaj for her
homo In Gn-nlield Mo
Mrs Rert I-e arl children have returnei from
St louis.
MI-s Elizabeth Dcnildson of St. Louis Is the
gnet of Misd Haiti Cuckretl
Mrs Mary r Robinson, her guest, Mrs.
Leavltt of Minneajolis, and Docior Lucy Scott
are in Ljrtkj fcpnnss for a ghort vlst.
Mrs. iian K Dugan drarit.d Ia"t veek f-r
13 1 Joreh Mo., u l-lt her pa.ent From
there Ilo will go lo IincoIn Xeb . to v'sit her
Mter ana from there to Colorado faprinKs lor
an extended tummr outing
Mi h faej mour Klsch, w ho has been v tslting
In .cw loik with her daughter. Mrs. W'atkins.
is expicted home this week.
Mr and Mrs Cluil8 G. F. Tcepper have
taken Bpartmeuts in the Aldrlch building at
Fourth Hnd Wall ftreets.
Afr ani Mrs A. V. Rarnhill departed last
v.tk for Gulnrle. Ok. where, they will make
i ii fir im ore rio'ue
Mrs Jack Majors spent reveral dajs of last
Hk with Mis Frank W'hlffen.
Mr I lav w ood hcot t re tui tied Thursday morn
ing from a mx dJjs' trip to Colorado Spring.,
Colo, where he went on business.
Mr Walter Anularius departed Thursda
mi tning for Waslungtcn, Mo , to pnd tne
summer with relatives. Mr. Arcularlus will
Join her In a couple of weeks.
Mrs. W'ear-Pnrsons departed Thursday rrorning
for ulonido springs, where she will spend the
Mrs M R. Pearsons of Lamar. Mo. spent
past week In Joplin visiting her brother, Mr.
R. L. Fink
Misses Mary Heady and Ella Helpenstlne de
parted Tuesday evening for Kansas City for a
shcrt visit, after which they will go to Ex
celsior hpnnzs to spend the summer months
Mr and Mr-. C W Nunn and family re
turned Tuesdav from an outing near Weir City
Mr C. V. Petrcaus of loll spent the first pat
of the week with Mr and Mrs. Westy Petreaus.
Mr A li Wilgu- U confined to his home In
Jopl.n as the result cf an accident received tn.
a sireci-cur .cuitiui ai ruicsi iuiiv itibutuua,
M i.oui..
Mr. Harry nogers li home from RIees Mili
tary School for hi summer vacation
Allsa Georgia Callison ftj home from Holden,
Mo, where she has been attending school the
past vcar. for her summer vacation
Mits Elizabeth Dwjer Is spsnding the sum
mer with relatives in Tiffany, O
Mlrs Clara tcheeleabach Is spending the sum
mer with relatives In St, Louis and Ohio.
The Criterion Club cf Webb City gave a
dime at Lakrside Park Wednesday eenlng. to
which the following Joplin voung people were
Invited: Mises Ha Free. Marie nwjer. Myrtle
Hlnkson. Etflo Hmkson Etta,, Fillmore, Ress
Wllco-c. Susie Freeman. Lizzie Swlnsberger Til
1I Muller. Lena Muller. Alta fawearinper.
Mensrs. Clias Maulsberrj. Jim User. Ed Stan
ton, Clark Cnlvin. Omer Maulsberrj. Frank
AVadleUh Atchle Freeman. Ribe Latour, John
-a : ,......" -
I A.",Jr-6'
Aiariin i-aitersuu aim aiw.
iinp"on will return to Joplin ImraeJIately after
.(.a numnnt Irt i-As)i1a
I Mlfs Susie Maupln will depart this week for
an exten-lve visit with relatives In irglnla.
I Mr. and Mrs Thos Sawjer have returned
from a i?it In SL Louis.
General i vvarrcn anu unmy w ,an ".--
! tlon visited In Joplin Monday of last week with
' friends . .
Mexico. Mo . now pa?tor of the Baptist Church
of this city, is at home at 103 Bjers avenue,
Mr. Henry 2C Halrd of Fdwardrvl.le and IWta
Man-l White daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
C White nf No 5743 Vernon a-.enue.St. Louis.
wire married WedneMa evening at the home or
the br'de There were no attendants Miss Fan
ny fethulze rendered 'he wedding march, and
the ceremony was performed by the Reverena
Doctor C O Kimball of F-lwarrtsvllIe. Mr. and
Mrs Ralrd arrived veiterday and have apart
ments at the Inland ey depart the middle of
July fcr a visit to Chicago and n their return
will co to housekeeplnr. Guests ..V the wedding
frcm this cio were: Mrs R. t. Balrd nnd
ron- ltrbert. Will Clarence and Homer Mr
an.: Mrs A P Wolf, Miss Carrie Wolf and
Chine WoU: Mr. n Mrs K. A K'er Mr.
imd Mr" Jimes T -'ker. Mr and Mrs. T. W.
Tunrell nnd Mrs. o. F Isensee
A mornlrg retllal was given at the residence
. j -.. 1- sk fMi-hlla WW Kf
The iteverena J. J. i-orier A i it.r; "
Loul- -treet. Thur-il'ny bv Miss CTara Tuxhorn
ifd hit maslc Scholars, assisted by Charles M.
i.j. .V.A..S. --. t T mila Inllnlct.
MIs Amy JefTress has relurned from Colura
biT. Mo.
Mlrs Clan Kvans of Chlcairo Is being enter
talned bv Mr and Mr. M. Warncclc
Mr. and Mrs D E. Barcalow of St. Louis
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Barcalow
Doctor ' W Caldwell of the St Louis Social
Settlement entertained a -xirty of joung people
at I-eialre Hall. SunGav.
Mr. Frink Head snd Miss Fdltb V Monk were
mfiDed Mort'ay bv the Reverena W. F. K. Ash.
Mrs AV. n. Wheeler is entertaining her sis
ttr, Mrs. J W Smith of Auburn. Ky , and
Mr N. C Fklnner of RidKley.
Invitations have heen Issued bv Mlses Frances
pnd Berth-. Trares for an evening party at their
Vpndalla street home Tuesdiy.
Wnrren. Robert nnd Alvan McKec gave a
larrely attended evening mrty Frldsv at th
residence cf their parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. N.
Mi's tIU Ilonnts of Alton was a guest of
Ml-s Rosalia aid Cmma Martin Sundav
Mrs. f. J Wright has returned from Charles
ton Mlses Daler and Bird NIcodemm f Taylor
IV ar guests of their brother. W. I Nlcodc
mtis. and wife
MIrs HIM Weber of St. Louis Is a guest of
Miss Anni Fisher.
Mr and Mrs T. C. Iee and Mrs Knilev of
Ft luls were entertained bv Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Lee Sundav.
Miss Aln.s. Freeman of Alton Is visiting Miss
Frances Helstertaum.
srniGFiELD, 111,
A recital was given Monday Afternoon by tha
mutc pupils of Miss Katherine A. Palmer at
ber studio. Several persons contributed to tho
excellent programme, which was enjoied by a
JtaVmOeiii of the Via Christ! Study Class met
Monday afternoon with Mrs. V. T. Lindsay. The
Pgramme was participated In by Ml Mary
large nemuiaie.
roleman. aire K. l.. Mimlln. Mrs. Alex rnnsie.
Mrs Situart Krown. Mrs. A. L. Oonver-e. Mrs.
Glen Scott. Mrs V. Campbell. Mrs K. R. Itoli
erts and Mrs Georee H. Souther. The class will
defer Its stud'es until fall after the nest meetlnz-.
Colonel ard Mrs A. J. Bibcock left Monday for
a two months' vl-lt In the East. They will visit
llrFt In Rochester. N. Y.. solngr from that place,
to Newport. Uoston and Concord. N II.
Misses Nettle and Sadie Sale of San Antonio,
Tit., are visiting at the home of A. W. Sale.
Ioctor Edard Million and little daughter have
Kone ti the Northern Lone resorts to spend tne
Mr and Mr- Charles Ulrlch have tono North
to temaln throt-h the heated terra.
At the annual meetlna- of SDrlmrfleld Chaste-
Fons of the American Revolution, officers were
elected. 03 follows: President. General J. W.
Vance; vice president. W. II Bradlsh: secretary.
A j, riroeks. Executive Committee Charles i.
i jane. a. ji. jj-wks ana tioclor c ! uartiett.
lKxJi ?,.& W siV
al J vv . v ance.
sii. r.. I v. r . .inns ant. n u. uoose. itecruiLius .fin
illss Mar- I TnUtfVrnnV 1 Itnteb V ATM!- nn.l W TT
Ilradish. The annual banquet will be held ln Oc
HowaM R. Smith left Mm,bv for Woods Nole
Mass.. to Join the United States Fish Commls
sioneis. who are in summer quartern there. Mr.
Smith his received ar. appointment In this de
partment. The wedding of Sidney Owen and Miss Nellie
Dolbins was relerrnted Tuesdav evening In the
First M E. Church, the Reverend D. F. Howe. I
the pastor, officiating Miss Luev Dobbins, sis
ter ef the bride, served aa mnld of honor and
Leivltt Owen, brother of the bridegroom, as best
man. The ushers were Rlton Church. II. H. Ber
ry. RalDh Owen and W. A. Dobbins. After the
ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Owen left for Chlcaco on
a v.eddinz trip.
A reception was givn at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Hetnden Tuesday evening for the
Udlcs of the Conversational Club, their husbands ,
and friends. Vocal numbers were contributed to
a music programme oy jirs. F. w. weiiman
and M1-.3 Jocie Nodine. and instrumental selec
tions by Ml Nellie Grant and the Misses Orr.
Miss Tearl Herndon euve readings.
The Mrn's Club of the Seconi Presbyterian
Church h-ld Its flnnl meeting nf th- -easnn Tile-.
dav evening.
Members of the Pekoo Temple were guests ot
Mrs. Fannie Pmlth Tuesday afternoon.
Slxty-flve guests were entertained Wednesday
iftemcon at the home nf Mrs. Harriet Taylor.
The reception was for Mrs. SI. F. Kimble, for-rcerlv-
of this citv. who now resides ln Chicago.
The vounger pupils of Mls bertha Fisher av
a recital Wednesday afternoon. Numbers were
contributed bv Mlsse Kate Lewis. Marguerite
Sell. Mary Calvert. Katherine Ilunn, Marguerite
Berry. Miss Streckfuss and Miss Bostlek.
etuolnetaolnseeetaoln sh sh shr shrdluaunOaaa
The- wedding ef Miss Alice Shepherd to Mr.
Albert Sydney Mitchell was solemnised Wednes
day evenins In the Second Prebtorlan Church.
The Reverend W Francis Irwin, parlor, offlcl
ated. in th" pre nee of a large asemblage of
friends and relatives. Miss Mary Shepherd.
-sister of the bride, was maid nt honor, and
Doctor G. C Chrrothers served the bridegroom
as best nan. The ushera were: Messrs. Rich
ard A. Guest. John a. Stoa-t, Ti F. Rogers.
H .L Relnbsrh and Virgil Officer. Misses Slaud I
Shamet and Bertha Kessbereer were the brides
maids. I
Mr. Noble Reed Hudson art Miss Mary Stuart
Condell were married Wednesday evealns at
i k : - -. .. .- : nB
SHI I'1 ' --v " Wa
HI V'h'L, 'rt-R!SL25Kiv rv s si-Si
real mW&i Wi f5?OT v wdKaMsFis ''' n'-?
.th kv n m NBP'-rfV;-i'.5- ,
sH pSm P m jEbp :iii?vr . .J -.H
) FSaT ' H SBBBBBBBS&' &'K 1 1 ' tS . . - VifS 'ITbIbBb!
TC.H TliIT( bsFHI rJHBasssssQr 1, .j. .' Si t slrsVi.aKT' . ''.'". Z. V..Taj I lialsssssssssS
iVrSSt " ' i?iPrT .JBHHBLE Ja...SBala.Btl LMa.vallRt WtBL'S-1 JB
BafeaHBPwX' " I, r" ' '. ' ' ' tla.si jijJa.iWiw -jJs m. " M-yW
the home, of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
N B Condell The Reverend T V Logan, pas
tor cf the First Presbyterian Church, per
formed the ceremonv, in the presence of rela-tivt-s
and Intimate friends of th couple
The Hamilton Whist Club was entertained
Wednesday alternopn by Mr and Mrs.
The Modern. Prlscll las enjoj ed a t Icnlc at
Mildred Park Wednesday afternoon and evening.
The members were accompanied to the pleasure
ground by quests and at b o'clock the husbands
and male friends of the members Joined them.
airs. i. a ixnstant was nostess as a meet-
ing of the Women' Missionary Society of the
Baptist Church Wednesday nlternoon.
Commencement exercises wee held Friday
evening bj the g-aduatlng class of th- Spring-
tield High School, at which sventy-on joung
men and women received tieir sheepskins A
programme cf orntions an I essays, inte perse
with music numbers, was given, ten inembe
ef the ria3 participating.
The four irraduutes of St. Agatha's School
received th-Jr diploma at a sfrvlce Thursday
ninnliin In Ct U sIs li.i"e.il.inl lllthnn t-'
; niornlng In St. PJnl'a l'ro-Caihedral tlhoo F.
W. Tajlor of Qu ncy dtllv ered an address to
.ur- ....fa aim bruiTldl .11 Mllilliiiuli
School Alumni Association was h-ld Friday
evenlns In the auditorium of the Ilish School
There, wre addresses by members of ssveral
Mr O n. Caldwell nnd family and P B.
tVarren and family have gone to Nantucket to
spend the summer. Maj-r niufcrd Wilson and
farr.IIr will leave for the -ame place wltdn
two weeks Their son. Arthur Wlls-n. Is et-
pected homa on fu-lruch from West Point Mil-
ilarv Acadcmv at that t'me. and upon his ar-
rival the fanllv- will stctt fcr th re-ort.
Colonel and Mts Henry Davis left for Mack-
inac. to occtmv their sjmmer cottage.
Mr and JIrs W W Trtcv will -pend the
summr In their cottace en Lone Island. Mr.
and Mrs r W T acy and -" lonel an 1 Mrs.
A J Leter will so to llarbcr Point for the
J L lTud'on and family will -pend the sum-
mer in AVc-que-ton-flnff. Mich., where triey hava
aeottsEc. ...... , ,. . ,,
Mr Locan Hav ani f-imtlv have left for Old
1TI..I -.h..lA.J a.m.. SVC ai.si,4 Afpa .
jil ?H II Oil Oil CJHI-IIU-ta l-J -a "" rf.ac-.
Lwis H Miner. Doctor O. N. Kreider and
family and Mr. John Cook and family will visit
the same resort.
The Reverend E. A Caty and family left on
Wednesday fcr Carbandaie. he-e itey will make
th.l. hum. In Ihn future
Mr. and Mrs. J B Kimball returned Sunday
from a visit to Olmr-teac, id.
Percy Roberts of M. Louis Is visiting his
parents In this city
Robett Cropper went to Terra Haute. lad ,
Will Rose and wife of Springfield, 111. are visit
ing relatives ln the cltv
William Mack and family of St. Louis. Mo.,
arrived Sunday for a vl-lt to Mr. Slack's parents,
Mr and Sirs. Gl son Slack.
Edward Lutkmever of Cleveland, O., la ln the
George Corlls of St. Lojls Is visiting Ms par
ems. Mr. and Sirs. Edwin Cor.ls.
S. S. Shoemaker rcturne I Saturday night after
an extended trip through Missouri. Arkansas
and Tennen-ce.
George Kerr of Cincinnati, O., Is vlsitlns his
brother. S. H. Kerr of this city
Masters Ruarel Corlls and Harry Sha'er -of
Anna, HI. who have been visiting in Metropolis,
returned home Thur day
Sli-s ollle Gore cf Vien a retumed.h-m- Satur
day after a pleasant visit to her friend. Miss
Blanche Slorri-
Sirs. C. C Roberts returned Saturday from St.
Reed Green. Democttlc nominee for Congress
ln the Twenty-fourth Distrl t. this State, was in
the cltv Saturday
auss riorence tncmas ot eeamore. ivy., 13
visiting .miss unnia ltagiand.
O T. Ragland returned t-aturday from a busi
ness trip In Western Kentucky
Sirs. R. li. Thompson return-d S-vtunlay from
a l-it to her mother, Mrs. c. L. Hoewlscher, la
Goleonda. 111.
The Reverend D. W Hork'ns nnl famPy of
Clene. Ill are In the city They wilt l!!-!y s-t-tle
In this countv, as the Reverent Sir Hopkins
haa been compell-il to abandon tho ministry on
account of 111 health.
Stlsi Belle RKvemakcr of Kdlv-vllle. Xj . is in
Metropolis visiting her sister. Sirs. J. A Jones.
SIlss Florence Parkman la visiting in Mound
City. III.
Cltv Clerk Colfax Morris and wife are visiting
In Mr.rn III
C. E. Veal of Caruthersv tile. SIo . Is In the city
spending a few iiav with leat vts.
STrs Joseph Bruner returned Slonday from
Dav ten, o . where she had gone to s-e her sick
Miss !'sSe L-ech returned Tu'dav from Pa.
dtvah. Ky . whe-e she had ben visiting friends,
SIlss Jessie Ellis rf ivulu'ah. Ky.. I vlstng
her grandmother. Sirs. Ami. Baker. Miss El.ls
was a 1902 High-school graduate ln Paducah.
Miss Oma Purceli gave a platform dance to
the members of the Unique Club Thursday
Miss Una Stubbins entertains I Satnnliy af
ternoon for Mi-sea rem and Haxl Illi-iheck
of Wlndsrr. Cinque was the divers on. Out-of-town
guests we.e: SItSF-j nella -lolson of Con
cordia. Kas . and Lillian S-haw cf Trent n. SIo.
SIlss Gertrude Scott gave a grderr pu ty
Thursday night for SIlss Elizabeth Uugg of St.
Louis. SIo. '
Mrs. Willis Walkcn 1. the ini.st n. s.rr r
G. Peck ln Champa gn.
Mrs. P. N. Kelley has returned from a Tirlt
to Newton.
.Mr-. J. A. Rosehoom entertained at cards at
the Dole house Monday afternoon, ln honor of
Sirs. J. H. Rosehoom of Duhniu. la. Kalhrvn
I'owers gave a dinner party Sunday evening in
honor of Sir. and Sirs. D. w. Bunting of Cal--tcn.
SIlss Edith B-nnett of Ottawa is the
guest nf -city relatives
Doctor and Sirs. W. B. Sims of Urbana are
the gueets of Sirs. S SI Clark.
Honorable ami Sirs. St L. De Slotte have
returned to Valparaiso, ind . after a visit to
Doctor ami Sirs J. H. Wilson.
SIlss NV11 Williams attended the wedding of
Sir. John W Johnson of this city to Miss Madee
Caleb, a society belle nf Jacksonville, which
took place at the bride's home, Wednesday
evening, at S o'clock. Doctor Harker, president
of the Woman's College, officiated.
Mrs. Horace W. C.ark entertained at cards
Thursday evening In honor of Mints. Russell
Clatk and W. B. Dunlap of Chicago.
Mr. Harrison Josepn Is back from aa ex
tended visit ln Ohio.
Mr. H. J. II oa l and returned to Anadarkth
Ok. after a month's visit to relatives.
Mrs. A. C. Crockhlte is visiting tn Indlanap-
Mrs. C. R. Mason of Flora Is the guest 1
i her sister, Mrs. j. G. Hawln.
Mrs. Thomas Alford of Indianapolis, after
. visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Gould
( went to bt. Louis to Isit friends.
Miss Kate Cramer Is visiting ln Colorado,
i Frufeisor and Mrs. Edward Morton of Bloom
ingun, ind.. attended the wedding of Mrt
Charles W. Morton and Miss Emma Eilensteln.
which took place Wednesday afternoon,
Mmes. Frank Kern and Nreff Henley ard
' back from a visit to Chicago.
t Miss Mabel Guild of Kankakee. Is tha guest
. cf her sister. Mrs. Philip Cola.
,M, J?Ah'?bUn Ls " 0WTin. m.. visit,
lnf, Miss Sula Marracks
! ." and Mrs. Charles Frlck. Jr.. of St. Louis
, tW bJnaay hera tha meats of Mrs. Charlsl
fik. ,-w.
t-harles Hlrti of St. Louis was here Tisltina;
rf'jt1?-. . ..
The Misses Ava and Mellsa Hardy are vbttlnst
Ml- Mamie sorrel In Cuba. Mo.
, Mrs William Ditch of St. Louis Is vlsltlnaj
Mr. and Mrs. George Ditch,
Mr. and Mrs. James Brlckey visited Red Bu3
, re.atlves Sunday,
I Mis Katie Itosemann of St. Louis Is here vlslU
ins her aunt, Mrs. J. I). Sendelbeck.
Mrs. Edward Hortne enterulned the members
of t!-e Ladles' A.d Cub at her home Wednesday
, afternoon,
1 Mrs. Sophia Bersche of Salem. O.. who wa
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Urban Berschs here d
, parted for Murphsboro "Wednesday
I ?"'" J1 Holmes was visitinjj her toanr
' relatives and friend, nt Tied nn.v mi. iv
a - . . -.. .- ---. .m.v fc .-s.
A most entovabls event hern this week ami th.
wedding of Mr. George Kuhn to Miss Barbara.
edel. They were attended by Mr. Michael
edel and Miss Bertha Kuhn and the ceremony
was performed at the bride's horns by the Rev
erend J. Nollan of the Evangelical Church.
Mr. Mike Reltz was vl-ltlng at Cairo.
Sll-s Annie Carson visited relatives at Slarpi'ysw
bcro last week,
SIrs. Elizabeth Schneider was visiting at New
Sir. and Mrs. Teter 2aus visited at Red Bud
this- week.
SIlss Slaggl- Schoen-berg of St. Louis ernt
several das here visiting Mrs. Slargaret Deu
drcke this week.
Mr. Peter Scheldel. who spent several weeks at
Sprlngfeld. III., relumed home Thursday.
Sirs. Valentine fcl-iel. who was visiting rela
tives ln St. Louis, have returned home.
Captain D. D. Anthony of East M. Louis is
here tuning Mr. and Mrs. Edward Horme.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff T. Pajne were Msltlnc at
Sir. and Mrs. Henry Penzhorn of Red Bud. III.,
were hem this, week visiting Sir. and Mrs. Jacob
Mr. and Mrs George Lutz. Sr.. Sir. and Mrs,
Charles Lutz. Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Lutz ana
Mrs. Ernest Wolf were at -t, Louis Wednesday
to attend the wedding of Miss Sadie Klmmel to
Mr ocar Mejer.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Slurphy and daughter. Miss
Slay Murphy, and Sirs. Frank Durtee attended
the commencement exercises of the Beethoven
Conservatory of Music In St. Louis last Monday
evening, v-hcre Mr. C Emmet Slurphy was on
of th- graduates.
I'rofra-or James W. Jackson and Mr. A. CL
Duglas attended the Odd Fellows' memorial
service at Red Bud last Sunday.
Peter I'. Goetz and family of Bartelso. nj..
are here visiting Mr. and Sirs. J. A. Saelz.
sirs. K. c. .Kuenner ancr son. itoianu. or Cin
cinnati. O.,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Pallia
Sirs. S-vrah Fisher of IJtchfleld. IIL. Is, th
guest of Jer-eyvltli fri-nds.
Mrs V Van Horbeke is entertaining Mrs. X
A Rice of Plncknejvllle III.
Sll-s Susie Kirbv is a visitor In Taflulo. III.
Mrs Robert Clark has returned to St. Louis
after an exterded visit to Jerseyvlll friends.
Sirs. J. G. Matston and Sirs. J. N. English e
Jersejvii'e have gone to Chicago to visit Mrs.
Miss Ruth Vinson was a visitor In St. Louis
last week . ,. . . .
Sliss Annie Mode Is a visitor in St. Louis.
Mr. and slis. WUiam s-c.tt oie sp.no.lng a
few da at their cottage. "The Roost." at the
l'lasa e."hautauqua. ,
Mrs. Clarence, Dodson was a visitor In St, Louts
last week . .
Sirs C. C. Daly haa returned to SL Louis after
a visit :o Jersevltle friends.
Sirs. SI. Corzlne has returned to Lo, Salle. II!..
after an extended ilt In Jereeyvliie.
Mrs- .V. W Christy and Miss Ressin Christy
wci" the guests of Mr and Mrs. Harry Christy
in Jersevvr'e Inst week.
Sirs. Ctjrge Wocd has returned to St. Louis
after a visit to Jet-eyvllie relatives.
Sirs W. II. Clatworthy has returned Is Evan
rton. Hi . after visiting Sirs. Roy London la
Jerseyville. .
SIlss Clara Nish has gone to Carbondale, ni.
SIlss Emma J. Catt arrived In Jerseyville last
w 1 rr 1 1 non i--Ia-ii, fi nav an erxtend-a
I't to ter rme'e. the Iteverend Stenhen Cttt-
Slme- C. Cooper and John Christy were visit
ors In Roodhou-e. III., last week.
Miss wir.nie peaeo was a visitor in (Jarrouton,
lit la-t week.
Sirs. Slarv Alward ras gone to Medora. 111.
JI'ss Nellie Slaltby of Brualltr. 111.. Is th
guet cf in srisses KlTby.
Miss Lucille Gary has returned from Medora,
Sirs. Sliles snj dantiter. Miss Clara. Miles,
have gone to Peoria. IIL
Sirs. Edwani Cross entertained the Eachrs
nub i.n Thursday evening of last week at htr
heme in oodlawn.
S"rhi?l. fni,re wa,ae guest of friends
at Plalnilew. 111., last week.
r,Mf;t T?mi Henderson Is entertaining Mrs,
K.royf'Y.'c-ksJlfiV. ft.1 Mls Hl?rt
last ss? j, sssasrs grt&?&&

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