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'Vrc -'V -V'
Wily" JMmSi
Ik D1
I Food
Removes wrinkles and all
traces of age. It feeds through
the pores and builds up the
fatty membranes and wasted
tissues, nourishes the shriv
eled and shrunken skin, tones
and invigorates the nerves
and muscles, enriches the
impoverished blood vessels
and supplies youth and elas
ticity to the action of the
skin. It's perfect.
Manufactured only by lime. JI. Ta'c.
Health and Cornploxlon Specialist, Yule
Temple of Beauty, IK) Michigan avenu-,
Call lor JIJIE. TALE'S 3page Beauty
Book. Given free. We sell Mme. Yale's
Skin Food In two sizes at cut prices. We
an- Mme. Yale's SL L-rjls agent.
Fishing and Hunting dub. The wirty Inclulel
.i'inKuwuin uiu ..3. wuiin st.
lessor anu
Low man.
?k Mr.n.1 vi2?Fif;, Tei., iiA.'i
itoiJiin CocKreU and Miss
Nolllo Howman.
The Mis'es Mary and Cornelia Xewton enter
tained at a S o'clock dinner on Friday evening of
last week.
Miss Cornelia Drowne was a visitor In St.
Louis ut w.tk.
Mis. W. C Jones has returned from an ex
tended vUit to frlt.ds in Marsnall and Wells
ilh, Mo.
Mr and Mrs. ;j.T;croel were t lsltofe In Me
dora. ill . lht week.
Mrs. M W le-ry has returned to St. Louis.
un .'.iiii:k jirb. iaria cm.
Mr. J,im-" r)iin tins ntiin.1 ,. C.1 A.U
lln. Hfnry Orojjean has returned to St. Loula.
nfJ;r n l"-'-!e'l .slt to Jcrrerville re!atie
ii Geonte vhan cmcitalccd lira. U. O.
jiaii ul u iumi lait week.
M nn t.- - i - -
r and -1TS. ItObrt Mrf1l,r tit rrBtn tTTs
are -pending a few days at the Piasa Chautau-
An "althews of Jacknonvllle Is the curat
or..J.""te3'VllIe friends.
Misses Lillian Stpwnrt r.fi (.-- nnt. ,--. '
rrturned to JacksoniUle, III., after visitine in
Airs l M. r"iV.l- a- rn.t.n i . .
;.".-. ..
IliiI. ntll -. i wi.ajii iittn guile w au
Jlt' i; a,n "herded Mslt In JerreyviIIe.
ai-.i.' BecS"' Ia entertainlnf- Mrs. Charles
1 H"? ,,'",.tc"x roturned Tuesday from Salt
ImitSSl where she has teen -(telllnc
, Ur-.n;l Urs. Charles Klunlc have returnel
Irom LTilcnso
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Donui of Naahvllle,
.?? SI0 suea:s of relatives In Upper Alton,
of v """Me Be of St. Louis Is the guest
"' mts. J. A Kyrlj m Altou.
M ss Alice Hewitt Is vliltlns in St. Louis.
-"'" Apies lUnna has returned from an ex
tended stay m the East.
Mr. and Ura. George R Allen have gone to
Harbor Hearh. Mich . to spend the summer.
Jllses Jennie Watpon and quelle Uodgers en
tertained at cards Tuesday morning at their
nome In flard-n street. Upper Alton.
ilni. Italph rilxon Is vlsluns Mrs. C. P. Scott
in Koodl!auu 111
Mrs. o. It. Lane is entertalnlne Mrs. Charles
Vassal of St. Louis.
irs. n. F. Det-rdlng is entertalclnr; Miss Oia
Collins of St. Louis.
Mrs. E. A. Clement is visiting In St. Louis.
Mr. and Mrs Charles Long celebrated th
fiftieth anniversary of their marriage TuiSdly
afternoon with a reception at their home in
Upper Alton.
MIs Helen Taggart has gone to Chicago to
Vend the summer.
MIm Elizabeth Cox of Joplln. Mo.. Is a visitor
in Alton
Mr and Mrs. Arthur Hlbbsrd hae returned
to lie rto. Mo., after visiting Mr. and Mrs.
j"t.!gp Lo-.g
Mlis Isabel Norton has sone to Boonvllle. Mo.,
to viplt relatives.
Mrs. J. 11. Yager has gone to Upper Mont
clair. N. J., to be the guest of Mrs. E. W.
JIr. Elolae r. Karris departed Thursday for
Denver and the West
Mr. and Mrs. 3. s. Scott have gone to Musca
tine. Ia.. for a month's visit.
Jlrs. George B. Sleile of Jerseyville. HI.. Is the
guest of Mrs. Harriet Klrkpatrlck In Upper
Mrs. IL II. Tilfce is entertaining Mrs. Louis
Mrs. Belle Warner of Challacombe. 11L. Is the
guest ot Mrs. C K. IJeall.
Miss Mae Taylor entertained the "Browning
Cluh Monday evening at her home ia Middle
town. Mien Katherlne Dickinson Is entertaining Miss
H-l-n Hall of Minneapolis. Minn.
Mm Edward K. DetardlDg entertained at a
"Mranna" party tsaturday afternoon at h-r homo
in Summit etreet. The guests nere dreeied in
Japanese go-vns. For amusements the party
plaii "Blind I'edro," using Japanese, fans for
counters. Ten tables were ployed. Prizes v.ere
won by Mrs. Cleorgo Marsh, Misses Mayme Tes
win and Harriet Harb.
Mr and Uz Janwa Howell viMte-d In Marlon
Mrs. Georcn Stocki Is on an extended vitlt with
friends in Anna.
Mlci J Uian Johnston of Duquoln la Tlsltlnc
friends and relume in this cltj
Judge O. A Harker Is in Hprlnvfleld attending
an adjourned term of the Appellate Court, of
whlcn ba ii one or the Judged.
lira. O. Barbour i'.l spend the summer at
U acuta wa Tark. Mich.
Mra. Georf-ra A Crow of Cast St. Louis ia
Ttsitlnc friends in this city.
John Alexander of E.r.n. formerly a realdeut
Of this cltv spent the paft week here renewing
old acquaintances.
Mrs. E. M. Yoet returned Wednesday from a
visit with relative and friends in Mound City
and E.ansville. Ind.
Mr W C. Mitchell and dausbter. Allee; de-
Sarted yesterday for an extended islt with Mrs.
IltchH's parents in "West Tennessee.
Professor GUbeit Rundle, Surtrlntendent of the
Wat toon City Schoo.F. v ait d recently with th-5
TJevernnd Mr ard Mrs. P. L. Thomson.
iir. ana aim av. j Menrv rexu.-nea Saturday
frcm an extended ttav in Mount CaTmei.
Hi si LouIse Kirk ham har returned to this cltv
from Joblin. Mo . where she has been enrar-l
an a teacher in the public t-chool?.
XV. W. Wilson and ife of Wintlow. Ark., are
KuesU of Mrs. Schartz
rrofe-ssor Washlnrtt-n n Davis of the Normal
faculty delivered the era floating address Monday
before the Htonefort Schools.
Mrs Frank Boyd and children of Boulder, Colo.,
are rteltlns relatives In this city.
Mrs. r. L. Marshall and family departed this
week for their summer borne at Winona. Lake,
Mr. XCrau-Ocof? and daughters. Misses IlattI
and Berenice, wno are on their way from Love
land. Colo., to Bellefontalne. O., departed Thurs
day, after ilsltlnK re lathes here.
-Mm-. Loula Piper it entertaining her mother
jrom ACZ1CO, JUO. . . t
Kundav BWet 0I L""MfrW vltJtea menai hereI
Mlu Mattie Loni. who been teaching at
vvebiter bchool dcrlni me past ar. depaxteit
this week for her home in New Donglas.
Mrs. James Good-Mllle of Warsaw, Mich, is vls
ltlnc her parents, sir. ard Mrs. rtobert Reed.
Tne ladles cf the M. E. CJiureh aave a lawn
riartr June IS ar the home nf -Mr. Thnmi .Tnllf
The annual catholic bchooi olcnlc took place
inurEoay etiiernoon. I
The -1-wentie.h Centurv-Club will rire a Fourth I
A class of iwenty-eltnt boyan Rir!r received '
IUM. tire memtier. of the Kanrardsrille "depart-
Ta. H.ttle Pchleesinrer of SU Joseph i, th-
piest of Miss Estelle Cohen. "" ' -n-
Mjsses C-rudla and Gladys McCord departed
Vt dav mornirur for a visit to relative, in 5reen-
Sr. Abe Selg-I and family of St. Iul, were
eraduatlnp exercises of the Beethoyra cSS-rvi!
SL&jei.s' $3' -sa- j.ssss.,
fc.d. Tof "iK" tomcraroorp-ffi. ha. '
A IV Ajl lv .p: . .ml M
Of Hannibal, Mo., a srauualc from Howard-Payne College.
been changed frcm the ISta to the 51th of this
of Ueroautiitr. Jli. AmiuiQ, at Pit-asanl i'lJ.,?.
Mrs. Lion Wheeler al.a daughter huve returned
fr.tn a v.ar to r-ynnslit U relatives.
Mis. II Kinne. -Mrs. li. II. Kojiperl and
Jilts i'iciron spent 'InurtJay tn Jerstv v die.
Mrs. A Itanixej of fct. Liuis is a guest bf
Mrs. T. C. Hut.s
Messrs. K. tl. Fain and son. Brace, and Clvda
Stone have sone for a month's visit to Las: len
nes.ee. lir K. r. Kersher derailed Tcesday for An
kona. Fla . where he wilt spend sevtral months
lrs. .T. hn Jones of Uoodhuuse is tsitiiu Iwr
dauliter. Mrs. .. J. Sharon.
Mi. 1 A. Culver departed Tuesday for Holly.
Mr. Elmer V.'ul.am, of llardla srer-t Wcdnes
dav with I'arrdlton fr.ends.
Mis Jntft AII2 is lsinng Jacltsanxille frlenJs.
Uollin 1'enney departs ilonda for ht. lou..
wnere in w:.: make l.ls noaie.
Ms home. ,,,.. I
Jennie ItoodhousJ depart,
M.j-'.cfi A1a anl .
Tuesday for Coioiado.
utsday ror Colorado.
',";? ?;.uE',a ,K"'Mr rum"'1 Wednesday from
n ttf In Vt Tj-iiii
Col'tnel John Itobertson of Jackscnvlllo us
hte Wednesday.
il!?s tadie i.ahcncv of Chicago is a guest of
Mrs. J? i. Greene.
The new home of Mrs. Albert rtheinlander In
Upper 1'lrst street was thrown open to her
frunds We'lncMtu. when she extended the hos
pitably vf her hume for a pr. ge;ssie euchre par
ty in honor of her guvst. Mrs. John Cnatueld
voods of Cincinnati mx table were used, 'lhe
first prize, a d!h was. won ny Mrs. WeKhis. the
curst at hon.r et o i! a i l.'i'e of jrjld-dtcoraleii
klass. was awarded to Mrs, J. II Roberts, anl
tt. thirJ. a L.mit..e3 pUte, vias taken by M
trantc Urns. The souvenir was v. on bv itisi
ljvett, it bilnc a w mte-and-eauze t&n. The
-vr.hur Jlann. Kdw rd Cranlvlin s'.nith. Geo.ge
, Horton bteele. Frank liyrnes. Shelby Itcberts. 11
J. Roberts, J N. Jerome. Ojcar .IJ-euierier. CUr!
Boeillcrier. 31i"i- t.innle It.tt-1 1.. iliUre-J W. ol
ley. lllanch Johnson. Matilda- Dixon. lleln
iOk. koulse Ijoett oi Anderson. Ind.: Miss
B.rtha l)e Bruler. Mrs. 1. J. Wood anJ lllas
'lUlle Muh'.hauscn.
Miss hnm i'auimr- Frrall ana Jlr. lUnrj" -
Lasnell wer. married at 8 o'clock Wednesday
ffornms at the liome of the brtde in litst Vir-
g.nia street. ' - ceremony v, as psriormeu uy
he Reercnd C. K. Knoher. paster cf the Km
Prestjterlan Church. Hr. and Mts. LasneU loft
on the midnight train for Des M nines, la., where
thrv will ilslt friends nntU Julv 15. when they
will return and be at home to their friends at
IlowcII. a suburb of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowrv Brtelson entertained a
few friends Wednesday eenln? at their home in
w ciwiiu 'licti, iiiv; VH..ICIUU i.u iui: mnu'
.nv onnlKmn- nf 1r. TJul,, n ....(.
I euessin- contest was enjojed, after which lunch
I eon v.a. aprvp.1
. Mrs. Georee I
Mrs. George Ingle, who has been here for the
I past week as the euest of her narents.
free as tne euest or ner parents, air. and
Howard Wells returned Thursday ta her
home at indlanapoll:
Aire, jonn A eltz nnd little dans
eitz and little daughter. Isabel.
nae returned from Louisville and Owensboro,
where they spent several weeks.
The German Lurheian chu ch of East Illinois
street was the scene Wednesday opening of the
wedding of Mlsi Lyd a Becktr and Mr Oltj
Engelbretch of South Dakota The vows wer
pronounced by the Reverend II. Engelbretch jf
Chicago, the lather of tie bridegroom. Several
out-of-town gue'ts attended.
Miss Ross of LouisW.le has been the guest of
Mrs. J. O. Medcalf for the pa-t week.
Mrs. Hentv Ycagcr cf I lm eton, Ind , has been
the guest of friends In this cl y for several days.
Mrs. Varncy Dixon has returned from Salem,
111 . where she was the guest ot her parents.
Mr and Mrs. Oeorco Rnrban'i have returned
from Chicago and will make their future home
tn this city.
The ladies of tho GulU of St. rani's Episcopal
Church gave a lawn fete o-i the grounds adjoin
ing the rectory Wednesday evening. A large
crowd was present.
MIrs Irma Scr-aefer ard Mr Ole Ofcen wero
united in marr'age Tuesday mo n nz. the cere
mony being performed bv the Reverend rather
Dlestal of the Hcly Innrcen's' Churn. Thev im
mediately went to housekeo'ng at No. V2 Chet
nut trect The bride i th" viunreit daughter
of Mr and Mrs Joseph Sihaefer and Is popular
In social circle.
Mrs Charlis Baker "Ward ha tone to Green
caztle. Ind . where she will spend several days as
the guet of friend.
Mls Dena Kaiser Wilder of Hocnville. Ind . Is
spending a few days as the guest of Mrs. Arthur
Farmer of Adams avenue.
Doctor J. ?.. Jerome has gone to Boston to
spend several da j s.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Thompson of Bloomlncton ,
Me";.Y-T.Vr-sie !,.,,, t ..... .
ed rh MIs-m-s Reyno'ds tM. wefk.
Mrs. H. i Judd of Ch cago is the guest of his
sister. Mr. B. R Harsha.
Miss Kthe'yn Welsert bas returned from New
York City, where she spent a season studying
piano music.
Mr?. Kvlre Walker has gone to Bedford after
a visit with Mrs. Cl R. Alaon.
Mies Ellzab-th McDonald of LltUe Reck. Ark
Is vls'tic-r her parents, the Reverend and ilra.
J. N. McDonald
XV 8 Roudb"h nd fsm lv of WsMn-ton
and Frank and Harold Roudebush of Carrollton,
O.. are guests of John fc.. h.ost. iugi anj fam ly.
Doctor James E. Manchester and wife depart
this weelc for a trip through Minnesota and the
North weit.
Miss Marparet Holland returned to-day from
Winona. MIrn.
MIsp Elsa K.tterskamp srent thli week with
Mifs Clirabcth I-ewis tn Irdlanapolls
A. J. Ortenhood and family departed yrsterday
for La Vea-i. X M . their fu:ur home.
August Twltnieer and MU- Mavme Schuette
and Andrew H. Rupeman and MI Lydla Louise
Bufe- were married AVednedav etcnlnp.
Karl Malo34 cf CIeland. O., will arrlie to
rnarrow to visit hl cousin, MI Leona TewalL
MUfies Derele and Maude Grant U-parte-, to
day for a visit In St. Louis and will then bo
journ in Louisiana
Miss Hat tie Mae Goodwin and Mr Joseph Wil
llam? were marrlM at the brjde's home at Wat
nut Grov bv tho Keerend Ll B. Johnson.
Mr. TlIam Miller of Indianapolis Is the
jruest of Mr. XV. J. Nicholson.
hot srmxGs aric
J. R. Coburn. proprietor of the ostrich farm,
departed Tuesday for St Lciil. w-ere he will
spend a few day? en bul-eB and pleasure.
Ml Winifred Hyman of St. Lnula Is ilt!ntr
the family of Captain and Mrs. Maurice at the
Maurice Flats.
tJ1? EaMman. wife of Coor-ee II. naMmin of
the Hale Baths, depa-ted Tues 'ay for Chlea-o
where she will spcnl the summer with frlerfl-?'
She will spend a few dais with relamex in L
Louis. -u
Lyman T. May, rranacer of the Arlington and
Eastman hotels, returned Wednsdir from a
business trip to St. Louis. Chicago and New
Joe Dails depsrted Tu5dny for SL Lou' anl
Chicago, where he will sprd two weeks with old
friendV. He will return to Hot Springs before
joln'm: Messrs Char-.ters and Walker on the
dnadisn raclnc circuit
Mrs. KInc. wife of Doctor A. M. Klnc. deoart.
ed Toeedav nirnt fir St. Louis. w-re she wM
Kpend a few davn before troi-R to Quincv 111 for
an extendel visit with relatvrs ' ' ,or
.Mrs, L. Stone has pone to St. Lout to -m-tVe a
short visit She will spcrd a few dajn In Chicago
before return'ntr. '
Mrs. Sherwood, Inndladv of the HnM Sher
wood, li the truest of St Lonls fr ends this week
She wl'l soend the ummrr In rh'onwo.
Miss Emrra Roehl of Cape Gir rdeau is spend
Ine a few dats at the Ore-it Nrthrn Hctel
5Ir nnd Tr T .Crfirol !-- A Iir Tn t
Cory, o S Mac. In. R L. "Skldmore and J S
Anient were nmonir th St Ln is vltors rejris-
--- v "'"- 'v iiivT'ii i' ip nr iti
L?uirnSk.0 Ij"U' tT""t Suruiy "lt! Wc-id In
-flltr I'rtlr.1 i- - in , .,. ,3 .
Wbrthw. Ttr Rob rt P-nVd. '"nrt w
Don Sirhnpnfl''(1 "V r ninhm.v.1 - -.
?S,L .? Tn!"?r". all of St. Txmi! were
jmone the guests at the Great Northern ThursH
' Bi Mrs- B O. Col'ler. S. J. Harris nnd
OB. Concannop of Dordenelle are vis'tlns? ?n "Sj
1 . Mrs. "U D. Cain of the Waverly Hotel hns re.
I turned from a vl.It 1 erf. J ,j. , il i' T." ":
turned frn. 1, Ti.i. X 1 j TV 'ltJir rnr re-
SimSo. a xUlt t0 M"a ln st- L" ad
Irtok County wh.?f h7J25 " Irom
geSs lmnlfislTSl. ffi
C-rSffct toeS"tli,SS!:n,',l, "c"
T " -,J "ffJJt,51!S? w" " Tot-
Sha-dedl-V a lar? cfrUrtX Lm' .an,l wal'
ffl riiitTheces0 $??&&
WThk, 'ftrs?e?CT:3!,on , . ?
Tnad!: alonL nTthhSI.2 H"Za "1'1 PT "rnr-
hriir;ntivncdrSdho?h?o?c0,rx;v ssiss! ?
Spriuls'..'91"' 0t "" "'r life ," ,,0t
Orace T. Polk has returned from s-'t.
where she has been sTienilinar the n.ist
mo ntcKs "iin ner proiner.
llajor Geciee It. UcMlng and Ooernor Dals
spent puit of this wetk in M. Loul? on liuil-ittrs-
cunncrteil with the Arkansas Coaimlss.on
to the luiM.ina I'urenase Kxpositlon. They
returned u.e Utter pan .it the week.
Mi.t Mjii lranccs Williamson entertained a.
nm.iur or jouns friends at her home on .Mai.
em aenue aturaa eeninsr. About twenty
weitf pre-ent and refreshments were an intei
esting feature or the ewnng
0. X. Jtix sjnt Sunday with relathes In Little
1 Itoch
T. .1. Cralahead has none to .st. IiOuls. Chicago
and Detroit to islt trlends nnd lelatlies. lie
will be absent several weeks.
Mrs Alee. Schwartz Is tht. guest of relatles
in Houston. Tex.
llias. JIcKm. president of the Hot Springs
, ?tret Car Cempanj, has returned to his home
In I'lttsburg I'a.
i Mi and Mrs John Gracs are idling their
I old home, uttunina, la.
' Walter Ij'lniuin. clerk nt Klsele & Hunt's
I r.huini...', is uanReiouvly in with tyrhad fJer.
M..s Knnnle c)nne.lv has relumed froni
ClHMon. :n M.. where she has been teaching
3iafea JeE.Ie and ;jinnle Law-son are lsmns
J in oklnlmtra e-ir I
'"cnST. who has been Msltirg h! '
1 rotl.ers hero the pat two weeks, relurnrd
Tuesday to his homo In rortalis, 31.
Colonel George 1 alias. Fish Cor.rmls'loner of
Georgia, who has charge cf their f imoas hatch
eries. Is a lsltur In Hot Springs this week.
Oftlcer W. W. Willey. whi has been danger
rusly III with congestion ef the brain, has re
ce.erd sufliclently to be out again.
WentzIeK chef at the Turf 'Cafe, departed th.s
mT. tnr mr f.ttiir hrmt In Wiirrfn. Mo.
Knbt Foliar, the little ton of Dootnr Robt.
PcIUr-i who was badly injure! by an exp!csUn
of jrasoline last week. I rapidly recmerinE anJ
will not lose the right of one eje, us had been
frared. ... . .... ,
aim Floret or nw iorK is in bucbi w.
t Ai-crman k K. Grenier this wc"k.
. .. -Li otn' fiw'iMM ulth the Water tym
pany at this place has accepted the manaBe
rrirnt rf th company at fine Bluff anl entered
upon his duties this week. ... , . t.
W II J.tifbr prescrlptlcn clk at Klein s phar
raacy. leaea to-nicht for St. louls to erend
hli acatlcn with frend". i-i,
Geo Ke Cunnlnnham. B. E. Hunter, rrank
Panlrtt and Edward Hunt of bt. Louis ar
storiplnrc ar th St. Charles thli month.
A&Tltaj rt the ,t. Iul, Olohe-Demoerat l;
wiitlnc for his newspipcr here this summer.
jirs V'ih n"d maid of St. Iu1". who nave
cues! at me Ariiiiieiut- . "
. '" ,,.... An .. lrs .1 Mnnnrutn ally
Sp-tnsT'ret'ined Tuesday evening" to their
hThe series of weekly dancing parties which
have been given bv the Arlington management
the pa-t reason. c!o-e.i Patu-dav night with s.
ball The orchestra ofn-lted for the last time
before leavtng for Put In-Bay. O
Mrs L. Stone is violins friends ta St. Louis
and Clllca.o.inraMrc-r cne of , Spring,',
Fotla?.'? "iX & wlll.a'a
s?end several vfK, lii.:.icasc be'orc r--tum-
'"mIss LoIH' K-):-m lu- rett-rred t B"'r
vtlle Mo? after vls.t to hr slvo . i..sdRms
Elseie and YVavr.
AVEnsTEU nnovKS.
lir J. P. Dawson and Miss Frances Davy
Fon departed Saturday nlsht for Jfew "aojK.
where the latter will visit a granddaughter
of Doctor J. J. Lawrence.
Misses Gussie and Kittle Quarles are at
home, niter a eIx weeks' vllt In various
Mlrsourl towns. Miss Virginia Smith, a
cousin, from Marshall, returned with them.
The weddinrr of Mr. James Quarles and
Mi.-s Gertrude Dunninf? of St. Louis will
take place Julv 2D. Miss Dunnlns's family
H-e3 in the South. She lives at present
with the family of Doctor William M.
Jones, pastor of Hyde Park Congregational
Church. Mr. Quarles Is a son ot Doctor
Ralph A. Quarles. and Is the orsanlJt of
Lindell Avenue Methodist Church, where
Mh?3 Dunning is alto In the choir. After
the wedding, the couole will keep house
somewhere near the churcn.
Mrs. R, A. Quarles save a dinner to a
dozen quests Inst Tuesday, In honor of the
encaged couple
Mrs. Robert G. Hocan gave a luncheon
last Tuesday for MIfs Pattle Lee Sparks.
Those at the luncheon were: Misses Vir
ginia Hazard. Nellie Marton, Amanda
Adams. Ruth Gruet, Elna Campbell, Helen
Skinner. Mabel Merrill. Katherlne Black
iner, Alice Gibson. Florerce Sparks, Ruth
Sparks, Mrs. Hogan and Miss Hazel Hoan.
Miss Alice Kceweke of No. 4E15 Morgan
s'reeucave a unique entertainment for Ml
Pattle Sparks Monday anernoon. in tne
Kh.T of a handkerchief shower. Those
present were: From Webster. Misses Alice
Gibson. Helen Skinner, Ruth Gruet, Rosa,
Brooke. Lucy Brooke and Hazel Allen;
fnm St. Louis. Misses Annie Laurie
Wright. Emma Gould. Florence Hunter,
Gmee Laneenberrr. Mabel Sindcrs. Grace
i,"av- Martha Barrere anl Mrs. John
Jlrs. T. C. Tounpr. with her daughters.
Dorothy Ruth and "Mnrjorle. dejarticl for
Svlvan Beach Wednesday.
Robert Stockbrldge departed Saturday for
a weck'n boating; and fishing on the St.
James River.
Mis Addle Wilcox departed Monday for
a visit ln Tennessee.
Mr. and Mra. Frederick L. Stoddard en
tertained at dinner. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.
l.ouis Muilgart. Mr. Jack Cunnlcham cf
St. Ixiuis and Mr. nnd Mrs. U. A. Allen.
A company of picnickers. Including Misses
and Mmes. II. ('. Sal'sbury. M W. War
ren, F. L. Stoddard, F. G. Howe. A. H
lrooke. C. W. Clarke. Mrs fochenower and
Mrs. Fldler, spent Thursday at Fern Glen
Mrs. Charles Knight Is at home, after six
wteks at the St. Louis Protestant Hospital,
where she had a serious operation per
formed. She ls apparently ln perfect health.
Mr. Krnest R. Kroeger spent most of the
week at Springfield, attending the Missouri
Slate Music Teachers' Association. His
Wagner lecture recital was one of the fea
tures of the convention.
Mrs. F. H. Knlcht snent several ilavs nf
the week In Olney. 111., stngins at the
pianola concert given there by liollmaim
Mr. and Mrs. Mulleardt, who have b"en
with Mrs. Charles Maclnnls for stveral
months, will leave Webster this- week, rnd
does not expect to return. Mrs. Mullgardt
goes from here to Chicago and tho North
ern resorts.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Onrdlnrr nnd MUi
Katherlne Smith denarted Wednesday to
make their home in Minneapolis.
A little son was born to Mr. and "Mrs.
Walter V. Scholz Monday mornlnrr
MIs-5 Harriet Austin returned from two
weekB In Keokuk on Thursday.
M!fj Lucille McCrellls came to Webster
for the summer last Thursday.
The Monday Club held a special mee In.?
Tuesday afternoon at the residence of Mrs.
J. R. Bcttis. Only club members were in
vited. -
Essays were writen by Mrs. L?ta1s W.
Lacy, Mi's Kate K. Jones and Mrs. Olivia
Race. AftT the proeramme refreshments
were served ln the dlnlnc-room. Xew m tin
ners just admlt.ed to the club arc: Mmes.
F. H. Below, Louis nry. Wm. C'csg. Jr..
Alb'rt Hungerford, Charls Ma?lnni. Hen
ry Sal-vet T. Charles H. Tudkrr, H. a W.it
rous and Uises Elizabeth Corzens. Fannie
Delano. Loslse Gltscn, Ellen Herman Ora
Per-y, Marfrarct Tlehenar and Franc Wild'.
Miss Pattle Lee ffparks's marriage to Mr.
Mb-rt Pou'ln takes place Wednesday even
ing at 7:30. It will be rather a quiet nffalr.
owing to the rcent death of Mrs. Sparks'3
brother. Mr. Robert Lyle. Onlv relativs
wl'l attend the ceremony, which will hi fol
lowed ty an Informal reception. MI-es
Florence and Ruth Sparks will h th-
br ccma'ds: Mr. ames Kinsella wTl be
beit min nnd Mr JVlhert "jnilii. n.T.ttri- , !
PhiiXnfn win h?'1leSi,S?,!tJ,P..? I
J"n'J3delDhia will De groomsman. T itti
Grrgory Tupper and Robinson Strickland
will be flower boys.
The Every Oth r Week met Tuesday night
wl'h Jlr. and Mrs. James R. Bates.
The Wednesday Cub gave a hand?cme
reception Wednesday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. W. D. Blgg'rs. ln Webster
j-arK. in me receiving party with M's.
Riggers were Mmes. Oeoree Andrew. Chas.
M. Avery. William V. Taylor Alfrl K.
Price and Charles N. Warerhouse. At -th
runch table. In another room, were Jlr.
Euirene Booth nd Mrs. Charles Kfndrltic
and Serving at the dlntng-table were Mmes.
Edward A. Clayton. Albert JI. Frllows.
Burton S. Gterand Louis F. Rooth Amnn,.
tho guestn present were: Mmes. Geo. W.
Senders Wm. C. Dyer. W. Cornelius Dyer,
H. L. Wilson. W. A. Sifson. R. A. QuarTes
Jnrtln Kendrick, Fred Chase, SL W. War-
' t,
ren. Chas. Dyer, F II. Gore. Walter A1W.
George Watson. Rous.. C. L Martin, C. W.
Clark. Harry Allen. I'almer, Uoser Annan.
K. M. Cushlng; Jllwes Marjory Dau-Mjn,
Ruth Grunt, Canle Chase, E-ther Watson,
Lilian Graves, Katherlnu Aveiy, Sarah
Avery, Kathcrlne Kndrlck. Jlyra and
Helen Skinner.
Mrs. Jiiitin Kendrlck and Miss Katherlne
Kendrlck returned Thursday fiom La Salle,
where the latter recently was graduated.
Mla Joel Laposkey of Texas leturned with
A large party of Welisterlans. with sev
eral St. Louis people, will depart Julv 3 for
a fr-umner at V.uup.ika, Wis. Amonr them
are: Mr. nnd Mrs. George W. Sanlers and
Jilts Mabel Saiidcrn. Mr. and .Mrs. Frank
Canter, with their children: Mrs. C. -M.
Skinner. UIs,h Mvra. Helen and Julia
Skinner. Walter and Sidney Skinner; Mr.
C. M. Avery and her family nf children.
M-" Sarah Avery and JI sr Ruth Grant.
Doctor Fred Chase s mother is visiting his
! family for a lew days.
-Miss Carrie Chase returned irom a visit
to Columbia Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorg D. Barron and chil
dren departed froul -Mexico Wednesday for
New York, where thry will spend at least a
Mr Vinton SI--on. w! o has been in South
west Missouri with a lunoins irty, has
just accepted a lucrutie lositlon In Alie
Sheny Cltv.
Mrs. Alfred K. Prince--. sSUr. Mrs. Iy-lsh-ton.
of Chicago. Is visiting her
Mrs. J. I". Grtit-t and daughter. Esther,
returned from Newark on Thursday.
Judge MiKtlchun. who has purchased the
old SylveMtr Walls place. Is making exten
sive changes in It. pre:arator to Its occu
pation by his faml'y.
Mrs. Marrhall 1 nker and Mrs. George
Morton rt turned Tuesday from a house
party at the countrv home of Jlrs. Thomas
Metcalfe at I'lasa. III.
Miss Lucy Xickervon of St. Iouls 1-r the
guest of Miss Hilzabeth Cherboniiier.
JIlss E.lse Jams is speiKiing lilt- week
wltli her cousin. Miss X.inine Ciiasiang.
Miss Florence Tush was the guest cf Mrs.
George I'- fce'jmour lat week.
Mis. Har-y an. htr sun. Hugh, of Can
ton, HI., are guests of Mjjor and Jlrs. J. T.
Jlrs. Pricilla Tta-dale of St. Louis has
lcen visiting Mis. Ocar Iteld of Aslibrook
Mrs. Charles A Cunningham and her
sons hac departed for the Gulf Coast t
remain the re'st ot the summer.
Mrs. William II. Tiflln has returned from
u visit to lier parents in Kansas.
Mrs. T. L. Curr.o and her daughter. Miss
Maude, of New York City, are; the guests
I of Mr. and Mrs. William I. Currle.
Miss Martha Garth lias returned to her
i hurne in Manchester after a visit to her
grandmother. Mrs. S It. I-iton.
I Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Blow have ifiven up
' their residence- on El.zahelli avenue and
moved into their new home in Larkln
I M.ss Marlon Uesloge lias been the guest
of Jlrs. Thomas 'H. c-.poniser.
The ladles of the t-re'-uj teriati Church
gave an ice-cream social on the chlircU
lawn Friday eenlng to the chlldien or the
Sunday school.
bT. LOI IS C(ll'.TV.
Mis. Joseph C. Draily, who has been vis
iting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ap
pier, has returned to hit nume in .run
Hrown. Tex.
Mrs. Gorman CrevelliiK. who hns been
visaing relatives in Clav ton the last two
months, will depart to-ni'irrovv evening for
her home In. San Luis Potosl. Mexico.
Robert GreentMder entertained the mem
bers ot the Clavtun Public Schuol graduat
ing clans with a lawn party at lii3 father's
home in Olivette Thursday iiirjht. The
members of the class, accompanied by their
teacher. Mr?. P.orence Stephenson, and
their principal. Ml.ss Murie I Turner, went
to the Griensfelder home from Clajton in
a hay wagon.
lwanl .Minor and 5IIs3 Minor, both of
Sprlngiield. Mo., were visiting their aunt.
Mrs. EI Henderson, in Bridgeton. last
The ladies of the Methodist Church In
Clayton will held a missionary tea at the
home of Mrs. William C Wengkr. In Clay
ton, next Thursday afternoon.
Ml.ss Maud li.-.rnes of WelIion was visit
ing Miss ltuth Harris in Clavlon for sev
eral davs last week.
Miss Florence Higglnbotham of Kinloch
Park has gone to Denver. Colo., to visit
her parents. She will remain there the rest
of the summer.
Mls Theresa Pondron of St. Louts was
the guest last week ot Mrs. Jesse Moynl
han. in Florissant.
Mrs. Josiephlne Graham of St. Louis has
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mar
nultz in Meramec Highlands during the
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corwln of Meramec
Highlands havu mo'ed to Granite City. III.,
where they will make their future home.
Mrs. Kathcrlne Parneii of Chicago Is the
guest of Mrs. W A. Dill, in Hall street.
Miss Addle Carr ls visiting friends in
Decatur, 111.
Mrs. James Bradley is visiting her daugh
ter at Salem.
Miss Mildred Tate departed last week for
Mlsi Lela Launtz Is vlsitins In Kansas.
Misses Hattie and Kdna Murphy are vlsit
Inc In Louisville. Ky. '1
Miss M. Lunev has returned to her home
In St. Louis, after a -visit to Mrs. M. J.
IZddy. j
Misses Delia nnd Vera. Breneke have gone
to Nashville. Ill
Miss Xcliio Foster of Illinois avenue Is
vlsitins- n Odin. 111.
Sirs. r. F Sams has returned from a
visit in Granite City.
Miss Adda Mendith or We'.lston, Mo., is
vlsltlnc ber sister. Mrs. J. D. Aden.
Miss Odessa Shields of Kansas City, Mo.,
ls the guest of Miss Ophel.a Fekete.
Mrs. Robert Manley of Indianapolis, Ind.,
Is visiting ln this city.
M'ss Ruth Stephens has returned from
a visit In Flora. 111.
Miss Jess.'e Gralnoy departed last night
for Edwardsvllle to spend the summer.
James Allen and daughter of Webster,
Mo., are visiting Sir. and Mrs. Lon Harper.
Miss Emma Teacu? of Duquoln, III., Is the
guest of Mrs. E. Freeman.
Mrs. C. Jennings of Kansas City. Mo., Is
visiting Mrs. T L. Fekete.
Miss Octavla Hiward has returned to her
home In St. Louis, alter a pcisant visit
in East St. Louis with Mrs. Jav Howard.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Sevand cf St. Liuis are
the guests ot Jlr. and Mrs. C. R. Hessrlch
of Chartrand avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Charle3 F. Marker of Mis
souri avenue entertalred friends Thursday
evening in h-nor of their first wedding an
niversary. The parlors of their home were
decorated In cut flowers and notted palms.
At S o'clock supper was served. The guests
were Messrs), and Mmes. F. Deutschmann.
L. Merkes. Messrs. Fred Deutschmann,
Henry Mcrker and MIs- Ida Deutschmann.
MAPi.r.w oor.
Mr. W. Sells of Indianapolis. lud.. ls vis
iting his daughter. Jlrs. Ed Chrnery, of
Ana pve"ne.
Mrs. Francis Wood of De Soto. Mo., and
Mrs. A. Halle ot Farmlngton. Mo., were
guests of Doctor and Mrs. L. W. Cape last
Mr. Eugene Pound will spend the summer
In Falcom. Colo.
Mrs. Slodwell of Sarah nvenue left the
latter part of the week for Kentucky, where
she will srend several weeks vlsitins rela
tives. Piofessor Lester Major haa accepted the
position of organi3t in the Fountain Park
Mrs. C J. Hewitt of Lanham nvonue.
Mrs. Liman Thomas and Mr3. M. Marshall
of Manchester avenue vls-Ited Mrs. Hewitt's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sapplngton, in
Sapplngton, Mo., last week.
Mrs. Wiedmer of Elicndalc avenue has
returned after a pleasant visit with Doctor
John Stewart In Holstein, Mo.
The Mls.s?9 Margueretta and Helen Sear
ing of Flora avenue, are home from their
trip to Carbondalc, 111.
Mr. Harry Ayres will spend the summer
In Piasa Bluffs.
. Mrs. A. J. Crum spent part of last week
In St. Louis.
Mr. George Lydford has gone on a busi
ness tr p to Chicago. III.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Stuckey have returned
from Lexington. Mo . w here they went to
attend the commencement exercises of Lex
ington Military Acad my. from which In
stitution their son. George, Graduated this
Sir. and Mrs. Jchn Carnahan will summer
In Southern Slissourl.
The Lad es' Assoc'ailon of the Congre
gational Church held the final meeting of
the session Friday afternoon In the church
Mr. Charles Baker departed last week for
tho South on a business trip of two or
three weeks" durat'on.
Mrs. Lulu Roper Tatum has returned from
New York, where she was studying for the
fiage. a severe tnroai irouwe necessitated
her return.
The mothers' meeting of the W. C. T. U.
was held Monday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. W. A Colby.
. ' T' ' noKn nas rtiurnea to Ills Dome
'"ITyler. T... after a vsit with Mr. and
Jlr. j. -jv. Hogan has returned to his home
Mrs. W. A. Celbv
Jlr. A. E. Stone ls snendlng a few days
at his home in Eraser Park.
Jlr. William Hayes has returned to his
home ln Vlcksburg. JIIsi after a. pleasant
visit with his aunt. Mrs. N. B. Stewart ot
Mar'ctta avenue.
Special services for the W. C. T. V. will
be held in tho Baptist Church June 29. Tho
Reverend W. L. Nash will preach.
Jlr. Barnctt's mother from New Jlexlco
ls visiting at hi home on JIarshal! avenue.
The Ladles' Aid Society of the Christian
Church gave an Ice cream sociable Friday
r-venins on the Itwn nf the church, which
proved to be a very pleasant afTalr.
The musical and literary entertainment
given for the benetit of the Jlaplewood Con
gregational Church recently, under the aus
pices ot'Mrs. Charles Baker, was n great
success. The handsome sum realized was
r7 rf
The only RUST-PROOF CORSETS made. Look
on the belt. Ease and good figure combined.
$1.00 to $3.00 per Pair. SOLD BY
Mtfflclent to clear the debt for which the
entertainment was given.
The Reverend Doctor Hoffman is building
a handsome residence In Ellcndate Home
place, and will be joined by his family, now
in Columbia, Mo., as soon as the house la
Mr. Merrltt Marshall will replace the
building lately destroyed by fire with a sub
stantial brick structure as soon as possible.
Mr. A. J. Tufts has taken a hoJse on S
Arthur avenue.
Mip. Uhr.g has rented the Jackon house J
umi win remain uieir uuiihk liic nuiiiuict.
Mrs. Charles Green, formerly of Maple
wood. Is lying- beriously 111 at her home In
Syracuse, N. Y.
Mr. Eugene Hunzlker was graduated from
the Manual Training School of Washington
University this June. The graduating exer
cises were held at the Odeon, St. Louis, on
Wednesday evening, June 18.
.Mr. and Mrs. M. McCrady of St. Louts
are being entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Ames
of Sarah avenue for a few days.
Irving Lodge, No. 253. Knights and I.a- I
dies of Honor, gave a successful entertaln
mtnt on June 17, at May's Hall, In honor of
Grand Protector John D. O'Keefe and nis
staff of officers. A number of choice musi
cal selections were rendered by Ml$s-s
Freda Kleinsmlth. Rose Goldman and
Dorene Myers. Litle Mis. Victoria Ph'li
bert's piano solo and Master Jake Liber
stein's violin selections almost brought the
houe down. Miss France" Bearman re
cited "The Maniac." with fine effect. Re
freshments were served during the evenln?.
"after which dancing was Indulged In until
the wee sma hours of the morning. All to
gether. It was a most delightful affair. Ir
ving Lodqe feels quite elated over the ac
quisition of Its new slano.
Miss Harriet Whyte of Washington ave
nue deDarted Monday for Indianapolis.
where she and her mother, Mrs. J. G.
Whyte, will make a short visit with Mrs-.i
Cotter (nee Whyte)) before going to Bos
ton for the summer. They have rented
their house to Mr. Shallcross and family
of St. Louis.
Miss Mabel Bawn gave an original
"linen shower" last week for Miss- Fanlta
Mitchell. Many beautiful pieces wer
brought. Sirs G. L. Edwardsj also enter
tained Miss Mitchell with a yellow-and-whlte
luncheon. The refreshments were
most artistic. Miss Mitchell having placed
before her a yellow ladles' slipper, with a
white bow.
Among the early goers ls Miss E"oise
Skeele, who departed on Friday for Colo
rado. Miss Skeele will probably spend the
summer there, visiting friends and' rela
tives. Mrs. J. S. Lowry of No. 423 North Tay
lor avenue, St. I-ouis. gave a tea to the la
dles of Kirkwood who attended the Cincin
nati festival. Among the number were:
J. L. Blair. J. H-Rlcker.
Randolph Mitchell. D. S. Brown.
u. ij. tAiwarns. u. M. iicLean,
Th Misses Franklin, with Mrs. James
Porteousi as chaperon, have gone to the
Pacific Coast. They nil! not return until
Mrs. F. II. Rlcker of 1G Parkland place,
St Louis, gave an afternoon tea for Jllss
Fanlta Mitchell of Kirkwood. The guests
were entertained by some playing ping
pong, while others proved their knowledge
of geography ln a guessing game. The
first prize, a fan, was won by Miss Mitchell.
Miss Flo Livan won the second prize.
Other prizes were won by tho guests. After
most elaborate refreshments-, the Kirk
woodlans boarded the car for home.
The First Presbyterian Church gave their
Rnnual Sunday-school picnic at Fern Glen
on Saturday. The usual p'cnlc games
amused tho children, while the Meramec
River afforded a splendid opportunity for
rowing. Three cars were attached to the
M. P. train at Kirkwocd. leaving at 8:10
a m. and returo'ng at 5'10 p. m. Mr. G.
L. Edwards and Mr. C. O. Evans. Jr.. ha
the picnic In charge. And It was one ot
the best on record.
The Kirkwood MU'tary Academy held
tl elr commencement exercises on Thursday
night. Professor Haight had the excr
clfes In charge and It was a pleasing en
tertairment The graduates were: Cadet
Harry S. Scaling, Cadet Rob-rt H. Thomp
son. Cadet George W. Scaling, Cadet
George R. Whltmore.
Jllss Laura JIcDonald cf New Tork Is
now at M ss Jlttchell's. whose bridesmaid
she expects to be next week.
The BBlscocal Church had their Sunday
school picnic on Thursday at Meramec
Highlands. The day being a perfect one.
many attended. Rowing was the chief
feature ot amusement.
I The class of '02 of the Kirkwood High
School gave their closing exercises- on Tues
day evening. The hall was tastefully deco
rated with daisies, the -class colors being
yellow, white nnd green. Those comprising
the classi were: Jllss Edith Alter. Miss Ed
na Bat run. Jlirs JI. Brassard. Jllss L. Liu
termllch. Jlr. II. Brashear, Jlr. Lee Monroe,
Jlr. H. White. Jlrs. E. Winter and Jllss E.
Jludd. The class motto was "By Virtue
and Labor."
Jlr. Charles Knapp of Chicago Is now at
the home of Mrs. C. O. Evans of South
Webster avenue.
Jlrs. John Hamilton of North Jlnln street
Is nuite ill with fcarict fever.
JlrT ar.d Jlrs. Joe Jlatthews (nee Jones)
are visiting Mrs. Captain Jonc3 of Taylor
Jlr. and Jlrs. E. C. King have rented their
cottage to Jlrs. Havre, of St. Louio and
have gone to Joplln to visit Jlrs. King's
mother, Mrs. Rogers.
2sew Orleans Story Offers Explana
tion for Diseases Among
Uritish Animals.
New Orleans, June 21. It has developed
about the boarding-houses where the sail
ors and muleteers were recruited for the
British during the South African War. ac
cording to a story printed here to-day 111
the States, that the diseases now raging in
South Africa among the live stock there
are dui to Inoculations made at this port
by Boer sympathizers and disgruntled mule-
icrrs piayiiijr. even wun tne Bruise.
It Is said the virus used was secured from
a Philadelphia chemist and that It con
sisted mostly of charbon and glanders.
It ls also stated now that the British sus
pected that this Crime was belnir eonaranrlr
cimmltted and for that reason removed
their headquarters from this city to Jlcn
treal. The Incoulatlons. it Is stated, were also
made in Lathrop, Mo., so that It was neces
sary to oreai; up mat camp as well.
The British are now retaliating, so it Is
Intimated, by refusing entrance of Louis
iana cattle ln South Africa.
Are n specialty with
Corner Sixth and Locust Sts.
Marcus, 13 years old, who lives with her
parents at rc. am ivortn rwenty-nrst
street, reported to the police yesterday
that she had been assaulted by a strange
man In a vacant lot. on Newstead, between
Carter and Anderson avenues, Friday
night. She was on her way to the grocery
from the home ot Joseph .H. Strotjest. at
No. 4121 Anderson avenue, where she Is
employed, when the stranger seized her.
She was afraid to cry cut, because he f
threatenea to Kill her 11 she did. No arrests
have been made.
Warner's Raist-Proof Corsets
New batiste models of soft but firm texture. Models of
net and cotton tapes, all as diaphanous in wear.as the Sum
mer frocks.
Stand the severest rust-proof test in the warmest tem
perature. Looked upon by corset experts as the best expression of
corset art shape, materials, finish, trimming.
80 Cents Each io Cents.
V.l "sK-PX l
IiiS& I v
I eSse? 1
1 rOfSS-SSe'Vj? 4 T!
Waist 32, 34, 36, 3S, 40 and 42 inch bust.
Skirt, 22, 24, 2 23 30, 32 and 34 inch waist.
122. 21. 26, 28, 30, 32 and 34 inch waist.
TUP rcpiiri IP; nnncp ni
Send 10- cents (one silver dime) to The Republic Pattern Department. Republic
building, for EACH pattern ordered, and Inclose this blank, properly ailed out -with
juui jiaiiic, uuuii;3 anu uusi ur waist measure ior eacn pattern oraerea.
Xo. SC55. Ladles' Waist, with elbow sleeves. Price 10 cents. Bust measure ta
No. S313. Ladles.' Matinee. Price 10 cents. Bust measure .1 Inches
No. SHi Ladles' five-gored Skirt, with circular flounce. Price 10 cents. Waist In.
No. S34J. Ladles' tucked Waist. Price 10 cents. - Bust measure .Inches
Five Men in a Boat Upset One
Could Not Swim.
New York. June 2L Struggling desperate
ly in tne swm rusning waters or Little H"U
Gate, between Ward's and Randall's Island,
fivo men who had left th.s city In a round
bottom rowboat. fought for their lives late
ln the afternoon when their little craft
was sunk. Fcur of them were good swim
mers and they made heroic efforts to save
a tlfth companion, who could not swim.
Eac" took turns In trying to keep, him
above water, but their strength failed them
and they were finally compelled to let eo
and watch him drown. Then, after a des
perate swim the others managed to get to
ward's Isiand.
The five men were Nell Relllv. Michael
Touhey. Thomas Walsh, Joseph Gucrslns
and Herman Wllklns.
Grand Jnrr Selected.
The Bonn! cf bupervlsors of Jersey Coaity has I
appointed the members nt the Crand Jury for I
the Seotember term of th Jenwv fnnntv- --..!.
tjourt. which will be convened at Jenej-ni:.- on
for the Guarantee Stamp
e-WH-Ladifi' TucVtd Wiirt.
8205-Ladiet' Circular Sfcirt.
Waist, 32, 34, 35, 38 and 40 inch bust
Skirt, 22, 2i, 26, 2S, 30, 32, 31 iacli waisi.
i S2, 34, S6j 33 and 40 inch vsC
hixv fou ajt PAOTEnxiAM)
WLrd Itliltoul. Petpr Jarahun. -ci.ittu m
Ajdelott, Garrett S. Craig: JtrJey. MalSf f E
Carlln .Tchn t Shnri.i Mr ix."t." J- f?
Carlin. Jchn JI. Shortai
. jiuuivr. uavna
.iccirooaa. laui luu.r rrni.m tj......i .
dale. Charles Cteason: Kuyle. Samuel J. 'hb(a
New I'ork Lad Resists Attempt to
Send Him to Scotland.
New Tork. Jun- 2L Jlr. Jo'm Miller
of Greenpolnt brought his 11 year-tMd
nephew, Robert, before Surrogate Church In
hIS?1"- Th.e bo' .uo In his oitS
right. The uncle wished to -"end hint to Uto
with relatives ln Scotland.
I don't want to go to Europe. Judee"
said the boy I want to be an American
J,.z.en ?" I.?ro,w ut- Ir yu sent "e to
Scotland I won't stay there. I'll wprk hard
to get money enough to pay my fare back:
to this country, and I'll come on the, first
steamer. The Surrogate was' pleased with the boy's
"Pint, and said he. would try to arrnmrnr
7f v-
iiunr inn. ,a n..f.. am-.
hitr"Erc:-Gibnro.'r csss: iir rl?r
J1 Ilfnsnn: l'laa. Charles Lone Jam.' Ku.
f-ent: CJuarrv. John Watson. Joseph Ket-vn,"
U-r .'i-WfeSv-si

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