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rAH the Democratic Leaders in New
York Encouraged by the Out
look for Success.
Tammany Making Elaborate Prep
arations for Fourth of July Cele
bration, When De Armond,
Cockrau and Bailey Speak.
New York, Juno 2L 'Let the past take
care ,of Itself. We must have harmony In
the party If e care to win, and, if we have
It, I think we have an excellent chance of
victory !n the State this fall. This Is a
time when all Democrats should forget the
differences that have divided them and
work together for the success of the party."
David B. Hill spent the day yesterday re
peating these words, or the sentiment "that
they convey, to the Democratic , leaders
all over the State who remain In tills city
after tho harmony meeting at the Tilden
Club Thursday night.
At the end of tho conferences In the Hoff
T39n House last night, it had been decided
tntt the Democratic State Convention will
be held in Saratoga after the Repuolicans
have held their convention, which is to
take place In the same city. The date -will
not he decided upon until after July 1, when
the Republican programme will have be
come known.
As a re3ult of the gathering at the Tlld?n
Club,. all the Democratic leaders were
plainly encouraged at the outlook'for suc
cess this year.
Fourth of J11I7 Celebration.
There was some feeling in Tammany yes
terday over the fact that the meeting be
tween Mr. Cleveland and Mr. Hill had been
brought about by an organization that is
closely identified with its opponents. Jacob
. Cantor, president of the Boroush of
Manhattan, was credited with having; ar
ranged the meeting.
The Tammany men made no concealment
et their wish that the organization could
iav brought about the meeting, and they
"TvlU endeavor to make their first Fojrth of
July celebration an occasion of slm lar Im
portance. The plans Xor the Tammany cele
cratlon have all been arranged, but they
will not be announced for stveral days. V.
Sourko Cockran. Senator Bailey of Texas
and David A. De Armnnd of Missouri will
tnake the principal add-eseT.
There was much talk of gubernatorial
candidates among the Democrats who gath
ered at the Hoffman House yesterday. Tha
joame that was most in favor was that of
Judge Parker of the Court of Appeals.
Many Democrats did not hesitate to say
that Judge Parker shou'd be made to waive
lis personal Inclination to remain or the
bench and take the leadership In tho coming
Former Comptroller Bird S. Coier and
Elliott Danforth were much discussed. In
case Judge Parker should persist In his
refusal to become a candidate. Mr. Hill run.
lerrcd durlne the day with Charles Tag- 1
pan 01 inaiana, jonn j. sianneil. John
whalen and John T. Oakley of thi3 city,
"William Simon and J. J Kennedy of Erie,
A. A. McLean of Oranec, Frank Cam. bell
of Steuben, chairman of the Democratic
State Committee; John Flannlgan of On
tario and. others. The chief aim oft his talks
wjfn his visitors was the absolute neces
sity for harmony this fall. He assured all
wao saw him that he was in constant com
munication with nil parts of the State, and
that tho prospects for victory. were never
bitter If party quarrels can be avoided.
He had nothing to say In regard to can
fllfiatca, beyond reneatlns the decliratlon
be made at the Tilden Club that he would
ttse his best efforts to see that all factions
Mad representation on the State ticket.
lForeman Invest In Coal Lands.
Ave, III.. June 21. Ex-Congressman W. S.
Foreman has bought over 4,hj0 acres cf land
In this county. He says he proposes to
have ono of the largest coal mines in tho
Get Ready Now.
Give the brain and bodv food during the.
eummer that does ndt overtax the stomach
and heat the body.
Qrape-Nuts Is a crisp, dainty and delicious
food, selected parts of the grain treated by
heat, moisture and trme to slowly and per
fectly develop the diastase from the grain
and transform the starch into grape sugar
In the most perfect manner:' the small par
ticles of phosphate of potash found In cer
tain parts of the cereals are retained and
these elements vitalize and nourish tho
body, brain and nerve centers.
In Its predlgesttd form it furnishes the
necessary strength and energy In an easy i
"way for the system to absorb without un- ,
due exertion and removes the general feel- I
lnr of heaviness usual to hot weather. j
Grape-Nuts and cream, a little fruit and
possibly an egg or two cook'd to suit the
taste. Is an Ideal breakfast and will fully
sustain the hod)- until the noonday meal.
Delicious desserts for luncheon and supper
'can be aulckly trade and have a flavor all
their own from .he peculiar, mild but sat- .
Baying sweet, or tne grape sugar.
Grape-Nuts wilt save the heat of cooking
and the exertion of preparing food; will
Ske you feel internally ten degrees cooler
1 fit you for the summer's heat so that
you 'may enjoy the full pleasures of the ,
ion. .
Xew Jury InipaTiclfd at Eldorado and Circuit Attorney Bead Infor
mation" Against Miss Morrison Attorney Kramer .Made State
ment for the Defuse, in Which He Said He Expected to
Prove That Jlrs. Castle Struck Miss Morrison With a
Kazor and That the Accused Acted in Self-Defense.
Eldorado. Has.. June 21. A new jury has
.been impaneled to try Jessie Moriison for
the alleged murder of Mrs. Olin Castle in
this city two years ago. This Is the third
trial. It will nrotably be the last. The
case has already cost the State more than
County Attorney Bees read the Informa
tion against Jessie Morrison. He said he
expected to show by evidence that the deed
v as committed because of jtaiousy, owing
to the marri.Tge of Olin Castle and Clara
Wiley 11 week before.
Mr. Kramer made a statement for the de
fense, and taid he expected to show that
Jessie Morrison went to a friend's house to
get a pattern on the day, and was return
ing by the Castle home, when Mrs. Castle
called her In and accu;ed her of makins
trouble: that Miss Morrison denied, and
that they quarreled. Mrs. Castle struck
Miss Morrison with a razor: tlu-y scuffled;
Miss Morrison got the razor, and uhat
she did was In s-ilf-defeni-e.
One week before tne killing of Mrs. Olin
Castle, the mai.iage of Miss Clara Wiley
nnH nlln fz fy.lw vj, Ptif-hrafid. MI..S
! Wiley was the daughter cf Mr. and Mrs.
I Kciana wuey. 01 .uiuorauo. inu young
! cotnle immediately moved to a hjuse winch
i Olin Castle had prepared for his bride.
I June 22, law, the neighbors were at
tructcd to this house by scieams and tha
sounds of a struggle.
Mrb. Emma Spangler. the nearest neigh
bor, first to anive on the tcene. test. Bed
later at the trial that she found Mrs.
Castle and Miss Morrison, a former rival
for the hand of Olin Castle, in deitdly con
flict on the floor. She tpsti(id that Jcs-ie
Morrison was kneeling over the prostrate
body of Mrs. Castle, clashing her throat
with a razor. Miss Morrison was cut about
thf neck and arms, while Sirs. Castle was
bleedinc from many wounds.
Tho Reverend H. C. Wharfn. pastor of
the M. E Church, to which both families
belonged, came in almost Immediately aft
erwards with other horrified ne ghbors. He
noticed that the razor ued was not the
one belonging to Olin Castle, but another.
which the urosiecutlon has endeavored to
prove was taken from the Racket store,
where Miss Morrison and Olin Castle hid
both been emp.IoyeX The Reverend Mr.
Wharton sealed up the drawer in which
Mr. Castle's razor lay.
Mrs. Cn.stlc Statement.
Though speechless from her wounds, Mrs.
Castle still had strength to write what she
believed to be her dying statement. "Jcas
Only Three Out of Eight Who At
tack "Bud" Lee Escape
by Hasty Flight.
Albuquerque, X. M., June H. Five cow
boys have been killed In a fight near Tu
cumcarl with "Bud" Lee of Dona Ana
County, and an old Indian fighter.
Lee, in watering his cattle at a certain
spring, had walked them through the water
against the protest of other cattlemen, who
warned him that If he repealed the act he
would bo killed.
The next time Lee. accompanied by an
Indian fighter, appeared with his cattle.
elKht cowboys were lying In wait.
When the battle that followed was over,
Ave of the eight cowboys were dead and
the other three had fKd.
Leo and his partner, who wcro unhurt,
surrendered to the Sheriff.
Paris, June 21. (Copyright, 1002.)
There have been till now only two
classes of people not formed Into as-
eoclatior.s for mutual protection,.
namely, poets nnd critics. This Is to
be chapped. The rhymsters have de-
cided to come Into line. )
A congress has been called at Lille
for July 13. when a union similar to
those of artists. Journalists and lit- O
ir crary men will be Inaugurated.
It Is hoped some form ot cxamlna-
fr tlon will be instituted that one may
-f be spared tho ordeal of reading the e
d productions of the would-be laure-
Modern .Chiekasaws Would Build
One to Terpetuate IName.
Vlnlta, I. T.. Juno 2L It Is proposed by
Colonel Joseph F. Swords that, when the
Sulphur Reservation shall be established, a3
now provided In the Choctaw ahd Chicka
aaw supplemental agreements, the Chick
asaw Naiicn shall erect an Indian mound
In the town on the elevation known as Bro
mide Cliff, to the memory of 1'Iomlngo, head
warrior and chief of the Chiekasaws.
It was Piomingo who negotiated with
3enjamin Hawkins, Andrew Pickens and
Joseph Martin, Commissioners Plenipotenti
ary on the part of the United States, and
Mlnga Tuska, one of the leading chiefs, and
Sotopola, who, with Plomlngo, were com
missioners on the part of the Chickasaw
Nation Thi3 Is believed to be the first
treaty with the Chiekasaws, and was con
cluded at Hopewell, on the TCeowee. near
Ineca, Old Town (probably Tennessee), dat
ed January 10, liSC.
Car-Brake Lever Struck Mrs.
Thompson in Mouth.
Mrs. Ella Thompson of No. 1027 North
Leonard avenue was struck In tho rnnehv
the brake lever of a Suburban street car
wnicn sne was Doaroing at the intersection
of Leonard avenue yesterday morning.
She was getting on the car by way of the
front platform, when the lever slipped from
the tnotorman's hand; Three of her teeth
were loosened and a deep cut was made In
the side ot her face.
si'mjiary op jinnnssox cash.
June 22. 1HJO Tragedy occurred.
July 10-Mrs. Cns-tle died. Miss Mor
rison was Incarcerated in jail.
July 17-20 Preliminary held before
Jus'ire Allebach. Miss Morrison held
for first-degree murder. Refused bond.
November. 19c0. term of court
First trial held. Jury disagreed.
December 25 Miss Morrison re
leased on bond.
Maih. HOI. term Case continued.
June 11. 1M1 Second trial held.
July U Convicted of manslaughter
in second degree. Sentenced to five
Juiy J Taken to renitcntiary.
September 2 Defendant released
from Penitentiary.
February term, 1902 Supreme Court
reversed case.
March il Miss Morrison Incarcer
ated at El Dorado.
March term Case continued until
' April D. Miss Morrison released on
June 10 Third trial called.
June U. Work of Impaneling a Jury
Morrison killed me." For eighteen days
-Mrs. Castle lay l.overfns between life and
deatn. During this t:me. she wrote an ac
count of tho quarrel, which differs from the
story told by Jessie Morrison.
Thi statement the court al'owed to be In
troduced as evidence- It Is as follov.-sn
i, Clara Castle, havlns lost I1 hop cf recov
ery and telievirur that my life Is of short du
n.tkn. and tfiHt my death l pendinj and very
near, and thus being In the prearance of death. I
n.ake t' e fo lowing Ltateneiit and dt cliie It to he
the truth:
I was attending to my household duties en tho
illUlllil n " W fculC ., 1.T.-J, "liru & -- cut, V- -..j
Morrlfon com? In at our pule. She came up to
fi-,. ,1mir our t.c door. Je.sle came UD to the
door and holding up a lettt-r. ashed me if I
had written iu I trld hsr I had not written it.
Je5ie then started to come in. I toflk hold of
the screen. I Invited eer in. I thousht 1 would
treat her as a lady. The screen was r.nt fastened
when ice came to the dv.r. I was standmit in
n de the door. Jesole came In as I Invited htr
t- do I opened the screen and stepped bark hi
she came In. ar.d Fat don en the lounce on the
north side of thi room. I tat down In a chair
n the west side of the room by the window. 1
Mills Unable to Supply the De
mands of Contractors on the
Exposition Structures.
Lack of steel Is delaying the erection of
Hin mnf tr-nasps nn the Palace cf Varied
Industrles, and Textiles. This work is the j nients in the ciiy government, with Invited j Washington, June 21. The House. If it
next great feat of the construction period friends, spent yesterday afternoon in a trip j have an opportunity, will vote, by prob
of the Exposition, but the steel mill have I along the river front in the harbor boat abIy two-thirds majority, to accept tho
failed uo to this time to keep pace with j 3Iark Twain. The object was to inspect the j sp0Oner canal proposition as a substitute
the building operations of the P.ountrce Con- wharves In the southern part of the city , for the Hepburn Nicaragua Canal bill, and
struction Company, contractors for the Va- ! for Information in regard to leasing cer- thus elear tne wa. for an cariy construction
ricd Industries, and J. J. Dunnavant. con- j
tractor for the T.xtile structure. . I
The trouble the contractors are havlns I
i.. .... ih .-,ii ..,. e .fi noori.i .
on the World's Fair," said Superintendent i
F.mlkner of the Goldle Cor.struct.on Com
r.my, "shows what the situation would
have been if it had been decided to put up
the Exposition buildings of Heel lnstnl '
of wood. Under the present m thod of de- '
s!sn only a comparatively small portion ot
the trmsoa are to be Gf iron, and the eiiffi- t
culty the contractors have experienced In i
gettins this Iron would have been muttl- i
pilea many times over it an tne traming j
of the buildings were of stoel."
On Monday the Rountrce Construction 1
Company will move the first traveler en the
site. 'It will be taken, under its own steam,
irom the place where It waB built to the
southern end of the building, ready to hoist i
the llrst trusses and posts. Tins win be
done when the steel for joining the trusts i
nrri on ihe irrrainel. The stepl mills t
would not consent to take the orders of !
tho contractors unless all the limlls were
removed 'which ha? placed the 'const'rue! J-
tion work at the mercy of the mills. It
was staled that the mills were too busy
to take the contracts with time limits.
The mill managers claimed that other
wotk had precedence over that of tho Fair,
because of orders which had been received
some time before. The production of the
sUel structure Is a matter requiring a con
siderable degree of expertness. All of the
large steel tie rods must be tested by ma
chine at the mills to mike certain that the
welds have been properly made. The real
method of determining this certainly Is by
submitting the Joint to an actual strain.
A representative of the Exposition Com
pany must be present when the test Is
Secretary SlcreuH Is LfioUSnr; Up a
Location on Fair Site.
Secretary Stevens of the Exposition Com
pany, accompanied by local newspaper men.
Inspected the brow of the wooded plateau
yesterday for tho purpose of determining on
a tie for the proposed Newspnper Men's
Club house which the Exposition authori
ties will provide as a home for the news
paper representatives of the world.
A desirable location was found on the
summit of a high eminence on the extreme
west of the plateau, overlooking the pic
ture of the Fa.r. the Administration build
ing tract and Ski a leer road. The front of
this hill is now being trimmed down into
tlneo terraces which will give symmetry
to the hill. and arford the landscape garden
er an opportunity to develop his skill. If
the arrangement can bo made w th the De
partment of Works, that site will be re
served for the building.
The Exposition management has donated
for the uses of the proposed, clubhouse the
Louisiana Exposition pavilion which was
erected at the Buffalo Exposition and after
wards taken apart and sh pped to the
Charleston Exposition, where It stood for
the World's Fair at St. Louis. The struc
ture Is now being taken apart by Hush Mil
ler, an Exposition representative, who will
superintend the shipping of the bu lding to
the World's Fair site, where It will again
be erected.
The structure Is a commodious clubhouse
with verandas surrounding three sides. Its
Interior is fitted up In the most modern
style with eleven apartments. The lounging
loom -on the first Hoor are capable of seat
ing 200 persons at the same time. There
is a second story with five other apartments.
Ihpn n.Fkffi Jssie tn l.t m see the letter, whirh
kN refund to do. .'e-: c ti t.n as-sert jiic it
' Hin and m telf w i e f : ler.da of li i a. 1 toM
her that v,' ut-r vrtain!y not. Jesfle as-Ked
mt if 1 r(iienibert"l when she came ftm Kx-
o' trior b'pmus. that she ppcLe to me. that I
did not .-pi'i't. I KiUi I had u coad reason fcr
noi iak.ng to her at that tlm. 1 told h-r
that 1 kitu how sh- had ivn -ctins. had been
rui.uins into the store. .She sjid shp had not
- bftn in tfce hut one doxrn Mines. I to d hT
1 futther. that she had Invited Olin cut one nlRht.
' p.nd that another night she met him after he had
been at our httisc. Jessie at first denied all that
I told htr. but finding that it was of no ua
he th'it confessed U all and then sh ?ald:
"Well ou may lead the letter." A? she atd
th s she rose from the lounge, find, pass tne In
front or me and to mv rttht lo-ikinj; out of the
door, sh atked me if there was any.na about
i th. rouse.
' I saw th letter in her left hand when fhe
. aroe fiom the lounge. The next thins I knew
' Jesle Morr sen etruok n: jltoss the throat with
, a raor which -he h.id in hr r.gni nana, l no
hhe t-wk the razor from, 1
not know wnere
frlo.l tn :fn.1 misclf thA I rxl I rould from th3
blows. I rut tnv tlnp-" in trying to pet the (
razor from her. I aisi s -amed all 1 could, 1-
reotly rom? oi e was trylrp to et into the hous.
Fbe was on top of m'. hh sot ff ef me and j
cut heifelf In the throat and aim. I saw her
do it. I did "not call h-r in f'om th street I
could not ffet te razor awav from her I did !
not cut her at all. Sh- asked me so-jn after she I
hai come Into trc luu
If there wis anvune
asKed me that cuetlon
1sa nhont fhi !mus. Sie a
n FifTnrf tlrn. T rt.i rnt kmw how manv limes
J5s!e cut me or struck me with the razor but i
h irreat number of tlnio I had just rtnihed
sweeping wnen J aw jesie at tne pate, if- i ,,vnir nf , Firt AlethodKr Church He .
fore sweeping I took the ru-.n to the board walk, td nVd ntten-lons to lLl Alorrlson be
where I cleetie.3 and left them. I do not knew j had pad atten.ions to Altss .Morrison oe- ,
who fnKtened -he M'tcMi but nre-UT" 1 did. a I
usually l Ar. it closed T n-ak thK .i mv dyfnc
tateiwf. '"T-AU. wu.r:Y-csT.L.C
?.lli Morrison Tenlimony.
The uefiiisc docs cot deny tnat Je?s!e
Morrison rnterrd the home of Mrs. Castle,
but claims that Mrs. Castle cai.cil her In.
r.aylnc that, though thtrc had been coolnem
between them there was no reason why
thev shou'd not be fi lends. On the ability
ot the defense to prove this p'Klt on may be
said to depend tho liberty of Jessie Morrison-
The essential Dart of MUs Morrison's
, to (irncn.i the III
statement 'n th Jutv f-dion-s
When I had patsrd Caatle'e Rate, Mrs. ralle
opened the doi.r. threw a iue on walk, rapped
oa the door wilh a biooi and said; "Jee. onie
in. I want to1 talk to- you " I ha.1 no' Intention
of rvdnsr ir prior to th. tinie. I turned around,
walked in the sate and to the hine Mfca, ':
tie was etan line in tlio doar. Tne STfn orr
and othr :oor v.'-re both opn 1 sat d.twn en
lounce in n thTveht a,rnr of ronm; M" Cat;e
set denn h'st in fr-nl nnd to ripht ef me :n A
rocking chair; no one else was In the room r.t
Councilmen and Delegates Spend
Afternoon on River and
Visit Waterworks.
Members of the City Council, tho House
of Delegates, and several heads cf depart-
tarn unimproved sections,
Objections have been made already in re-
l "' J.ses -"'f H was the purpose
of the Councilmen and Delegates to learn
the nature of the property and the value j
of wharf prtUlegts. An li, Ejection or tne i
city waterworks plant at the Chain of
Rocks was also made. New siphons recent
ly put in at the order of Commissioner
Flad were objects of special lnlerest.
Mr. Flad and Mayor Wells were not In
the party, though they were expected. The
harbor boat left the landing at the foot ot
Murket street at about 2:30 o'clock and
made tne run up to the waterworks in a
little less than an hour. There the entire
party debarktd and spent about a half hour
looking over the woiks. From Cham o
Rockn the boat carried them downstream
as far ae Carondelet. It had been planned
i" 8" " M ue luver eies reres. una
return to Et. Louis about i o clcck. .But at
i,1'e,11a9A 'P0,"'"!1' K Ta? F!??'
that it
.""'" . c,. . u s,cl hi v........
and tho
edoTUPinV1,';? U0f aSet
J,n;U1.ot'I,fn,Jdi?nalnB Market
street at S o'clock.
Harbor Ceimmissioner .Tos-cph P. Whyte
was on board When afloat he considered
that the olliclals were In his territory, and
ordered refreshments for the entire pjrty.
The excursion was directly the result of a
bid introduced in the Council by Mr.
Hodges, providing for such an Inspection
of tho harlior frontage.
Of the City Council, W. R. Hodges, Jo
seph Boyce, Charles E. Gibson. Louis
Schnell and August Hoffman were present
Ben VVdkins of the Water Commissioner's'
otlice,' was in attendance, and al30 License
Commissioner J. Clifford. Joseph N.
Judge, clerk of the House of Delegates,
was present, and among the Invited mem
bers cf the party were Lloyd G. Harris,
P. Heuer, George Chapman. James II.
McGulre and B. P. Bogv. Nearly all the
members of the House of Delegates were
on board.
A Pianola Concert.
An exceptionally successful concert was
rendered at the MetLod.st Church at Olney,
Til Inst Wednntrtn,. iAn!no hv Mrc TJnr
man H. BoIIman. soriano: -Mrs. Frank 1
tcniuhi 'ennimitn 'J-j - i Tii irinh i
pianollst, of St. Louis. Local talent of olney. j Germai ly; O0O to Theodo re-Wwn Swlne
conslsting of Mlcs Jo'ly. Solis, Gould. I mueride Oetmanj. S10J to V. endolin Luprer.
jonn St. John and the cho r or tho
church assisting, made the event most en
Joyable. A large and apprc ative audience
encored Mrs. Bollman's "Sang of Sunshine,"
by Thomas, heartily, she gracefully respond
ing with Smith's "Creole Love Song." Mrs.
Knight's inte.-pretatioh of Adam's "Holy
Clly" was a delightful surprise, and her en
core number Bartlett's "Dream" brought
forth an overwhelming applause. All the
song accompaniments were perfectly played
upon the piano through the aid of the Pion
ola by Mr. Klugh. His Pianola solos. "So
nata Pathetlque" and Moszkowski's waltz,
on. 34. were nlnvrd In a masterly manner.
j and but once mere proved that the artistic
when properly played. A reception, to meet
the St. Louisans at the home of Miss Effle
Hum, and a dinner by Mrs. Landenberger
made the trip as pleasant socially as the
concert was successful.
Hot IVcnlher in Texas.
Corpus Christ!. Tex., June 2L Reports
from various parts of Southwest Texas In
dicate this the hottest day of the year.
Great suffering for rain prevails at many
1 r
that time; did not se any one there prior t fie
ciunulty whVh after a aids arose; w.ien "nra
fat down. I said: "Wlwt do ou want to t.itK
w.ih ma about?" she M: "Yon know what
wjitt to tlk to yoi ahrut." 1 .ittt: "So." ?e
a.tut. "You I.now that you uit i.o frivwi tf
trtn'1." I eaid: 'Vi.ua. I knw that I :tm n ir
emv ot yourd." irht tntd: "Yiu ar-?: vfJ nr-i.-
letters to Olin from Kxct-Nior Kprm:; t'.n't tev
It. .lets. tc I saw the letters: v.u wr u-aii i ?
t" Mm n-t Ion s aso, telhrip nii-i io cttil on .uu
one -venlni: if it was as late a 10 nr u i.'cl (k.
:;he said 1 saw the rule. I sa d: "I hue knoxn
for ft lorn; time the hitter f. ing yu hi! for
n't and I thought .v:me time Uf,o i v j d cit o
d-j-n to year troUiet't and talk to you a J v ir
motht-r aliout it." Sh faii: "It la a pood thl-nr
you didn't pi. my mother would l av- torn ou
to pieces; fh would tuf tali n th ht'ie ,ff t
yu " I fad: "Oh. lara Wllev Castle," a"d
started to t. &hr hay?: "Ju-t wall a inliut,
Olin will r hern In a minute." I ?ahl: "I.-.n-t
h- hre now"" S:. sas: N.i; h irn't In n w.
!." he will be in a minute and I v.culd 1"K to
have you wait until he cmncs.' I. t'aid: "Y-:
Just run alter that ioor toy; I Know you und
j-iiir p.Tits are continua'ly watrhir.i:." I "a:
I I am down town hir.Uy jt io the tla k-r
till lie comes." Sh tald: "Why do you o
ti-ere?" 1 aI1: S!mplv brause I have a rUh.
to so where I pleas.-. I said: "You kmrn i i
is the nu that cattl ou to be so bitter against
me." I said: "I know ju-t b-w h talkr about
me. he l'ks to torment tu and in.ike you jral
)us." She said: "You ha be-n tryiric t -arate
u for a lone time, and yr u ar try'n
now." I said: "I am iuit." She sJd: "You ar
n liar" I raised up ar.d said: "Don't you call
me ? liar."
Then we both mi?e3 rlp"it topthr; my hand
kerchief Rat lyinir in my Up and when I f t up
I dioppd it rnd stt oprd to pick it uii. Jx.ni
aw I ra.Fl up I heard Clara move quickly m
ri.me ulrert on and tlin she struck me atra
the th: ..tt with a rast-r. he struck me twice:
tha wnc th tlr't blow struck b eiher of u.
I crabbed at her and Mreamri: "Oh! Oh! Oh'"
tr.ra -.uahfd ni hack c.tn the iouns-. I (rot
mv kne? up. kind of kit-kin? her b'ck; she
s;.k me several time-, with the raznr. then
v.e both rolled cfT he lounge on the rlocr.
The tostiinony at Miss Morrison's former
trial show that after she was found by
Clara Castle's bo3v. in the lattor's home.
Ii?s jlorrlron nva- taktn to her own nome,
where she threw herself on a lied crying:
well. I have Kii'ou ner at last.
This was testlfltd to by a carpenter then
vrorklm; on th M irrinn hnus.
Convlcteil of HanMunKlitcr.
Prev ous to the tragedy. Olin Castle, the
husband of the unfortunate woman, was the
head mlesman in the Racket Store, where
" suiu kwiwui imreiiaiiuie anu wiiww.
Jessie Morrison was a clsrk In this store
he sola general xmrchanuise ana notions.
ana inny v. it1 ianiwa ir.ucn i-sciai'i.
At that tim Castle was courting auss
i Clara Wiles, who was the soprano In the
: iore ims iinie. sue auirmeu. un tu eve ui
; the CssUe-U iley wedulnjr. a receiition was
iven bv the lianuv counle to which Miss
Morrison was not bidden.
A week ialer the tiuiet little town was
startled by tile news erf the assault at tho
Castle home, and Miss Morrison was nr
rested. Unt'l the death of Mrs. Castle, how
ever, she was rot removed to Jail, but was
guarded In her home. When Mrs. Castle
died, July 10. Miss M-jrrison was locked up
In the Jail at Eldorado to await her prelim
inary trial. This resulted In her belnR held
for murder In the llrst desree. Her tr'al re
sulted In a "lump; Jury." She was released
on a J10.W3 bnd. and the case continued
urtll June 1). 1331.
At the second trial she wis convicted of
manslauRhter in the serond desree. ar.d sen
tenced to live years In Ivir.siiiK Penitentiary
at Leavenworth. September 1! she was re
leased, pendir.e n hearlrj; by the Supreme
Court, which reversed the case In February
of this year.
Two-Thirds of the Members in Fa
vor 'of Action on Canal
Matter This Session.
nErrrnue special.
of an isthmian waterway.
Four different canvasses of the member
ship of the Hcue agree on this point. Thero
Is now little doubt felt that within the next
week the agreement between the Senate
and the House on the canal bill will have
been perfected end enacted into law.
Some of the Nicaragua Democrats con
ceived the Idea of holding tho party to a
support of the Hepburn bill by means of
caucus action, but a little Inquiry demon
strated the futility of that policy, and the
caucus was abandoned. Mr. Davey of
Louisiana, the conferee representing the
minority; Mr. Hepburn, chairman of tha
House committee, and Mr. Fletcher of
Minnesota, tho third House conferrce, are
nil on record as favoring conclusive action
by Congress at this session.
Senator Morgan and Representative Hep
burn jvere together eome time to-day, la
consultation over tho canal bill, and when
they separated It was stated that tho con
ferees would meet ot 2 p. m. on Monday.
Remembers Friends in Germany
Liberal Charitable Bequests.
The will of Barbara Brenmehl was filed
for probate yesterday by Charles F. Vogel.
executor of her estate, which is valued fit
CtA tuft ffcYl tnv tnmlialnna In St Tar-
cus Cemeterv and $ for keeping her burial
lot In order: $3M to Albert Grahl; $1,500 to her i
niece. Katie Niemann. Los Angeles. v,ai..
SI, 10 to Joseph Doerlinger, Wachenhelm-an-der-Haardt.
Rhein Pfalz. Germany: SI.MM to
the widow of Helurlch Wcrgin. Berlin, Ger
many: SW) to Theodore Herwlg. Stettin,
Cerm.inv; JTOO to Clara Schmidt. Stettin,
Germany; $500 to Wllhelm Haack. Berlin,
Germain,-: SoCO to Adeline Haack. Stettin,
Germany: WW to Anna Buegler. Stettin,
et. x,ul!-' -'";.' ' ,'V. . . A.t,VTi."
I iiiv .. ,,,., j. ;m . !,
Home. iaiurui .oriuKe ruau; i..wv iu
Rormnn Protestant Orphans Home, ht.
Charles rock road: J1.00U to the Little Sis
ters of the Poor; SM to the Good Samari
tan Hospital, and J5W to St. Vincent Ger
man Orphan Asylum.
She left the rest of her estate to Albert
Grahl, of whom Charles F. Vogel Is guar
Takes Oath of Office Before. United
States District Judge Adams.
William L. Morscy, former Assistant
United States District Attorney, yesterday
became Unlied States .Marshal for the
Eastern Disttlct of Mlsourl, taking the oath
of office before Elmer B. Adams, United
Stales District Judge.
Mr. Morsey received his appointment
Monday to succeed Lduls C. Bohle and
Bave bond for J20.CO0. He stated yesterday
thnt fnr the rjresent thera -would b m
I change In the office force
i - iAimTirrrrrsTpKmT
rra rzo (zS r r ?P)
I up
(wSS33 3S. SB zt&& jj-rsatSv
& fe fe
fa W fell
'rTrmi'i r-lm r-'A rJ''" ? TTZTTTJr7r7-jrT7J?S7Z
fW-f-?T7 cy s'-'K X fjjrri Y- -i TkrA
tS OS ?N "- 4. Zi Oi 1 r C O, 52$
11 -3 3 5? &, ) S J 3? 25 St ? rl
On a cheap, unclean Bed Spring:. It is not neces
sary, for I will sell you this one for your full
size bed it has 117 springs at this unheard
of price
Hy five-story building is full
of Furniture of every descrip
tion Carpets, Lace Curtains,
Diskes, Refrigerators, Quick
Meal Gas and Gasoline Stoves.
All marked in plain one
price and fair-price figures.
My easy-payment plan
will suit you.
Mrs. Mamie Kecnum, Seventeen
Years Old, Quarreled With Her
Husband and Left Him.
Soldier's Brass Buttons Captivated
Her, Separation Quickly Fol
lowed Marriage and She
Swallowed Carbolic Acid.
Events have followed, each other with
llghtnlnslike rapidity In the life of Mrs.
Mamie Keenum, a 17-year-old bride who
lies at the City Hospital suffering from a
dose ot carbolic acid, self-administered
about 9 o'clock yesterday morning.
Married June 5 to Gus Kecnum. a returned
soldier from the Philippines, she left him
... .
I ! ' ...
:;'.'.. !
T t.'sarM?! ;fw.-. m- i!ire:
!i;l ' -. "JitSv... JUt. 'v -ti-.. JScASfH I
tr k"M
Bride of 17, after leaving husband, on ac
count ot n quarrel, attempts suicide by
taking carbolic acid.
three days later, going to llvo with her
sister, Mrs. Walter Kumesmueller. at No.
2319 Olive strest. She took the drug
at her sister's home while In a fit of do-
spondency caused by a quarrel with her
husband, which resulted In their separation.
Mamie Brcightcnbach of No. 4314 Oregon
avenue, an attractive lG-yenr-old girl a year
and a half ago, while visiting Jefferson '
I Tb lis yK!fei4LL&9 idtS UinE&i
A--. tt.it. n ti A -t . ti f
l ' - i- . t. ,-'-" '.B
! V5' -lii
3$$&i" - '-;':
;-.'.. iv-a - amiim&' . -..?,
she looks torward to the hour when she shall
feel the exquisite thrill of motherhood with indescribable dread and
iear. Every woman should know that the danger, pain and horror
of child-birth can be entirely avoided by the use of Alother's Friend,
a scientific liniment for external use only, which toughens and renders
pliable all tne parts, and
assists nature in its sublime
work. By its aid thousands
of women have passed this
great crisis in perfect safety
and without pain. Sold at $1.00 per
bottle by druggists. Our book of priceless
value to all women sent free. Address
- .
cs r? f- r. '7j2-Z?ii-d
Hava you ever seen my Watch
and Jewelry Department? If not,
you should lost no time. Watches
that ktep time sold on time
$1,00 Pjr Week.
and all elsu that is reliable In the
watch line. Carry it and try it be
fore you pay for it is one of the ad
vantages of my time-payment plan.
''Follow the Crowd."
Barracks with friends, met Gus Keenum, a
pnvate in Company L. First Infantry. Her
heart was cuptlviated, and a month ago.
when he returned to St. Louis from tha
Philippines and proposed to her she ac
cepted. No parental objection was offered, and.
Thursday, June 5, the young couple was
married. They quarreled; the husband
I could not obtain employment and their out
, look was anything but the golden dream of
oitss wnicn tncy had pictured, faunaay,
three days after their marriage, Mrs. Keen
um left her husband, and went to herBlster,
Mr;. Kumesmueller.
Mrs. Keenum seemed In particularly low
spirits yesterday morning, and told her sis
ter that she wanted no breakfast. Later
she v sited a neishborlng drug store and
purchased an ounce of carbolic acM. Re
turnii g to the house she swallowed tha
contents of the vial.
Her sister found her soon after, uncon
scious. Physicians were summoned and the
city ambulance conveyed her to the City
Hospital, where ohyslclans worked over her
all day while her sister sat ot her bedsides.
About 3 p. m.. six hours after taking tha
poison, she regained consciousness for a few
momenta and pleaded with the physician
to allow her to die. She then buried her
face in the pillow and tried to smother her
self. The doctors held her hands and In
a few seconds she lost consciousness again.
Doctor Rassieus. Assistant Superintendent
of the hopital. stated that if she did recover
from the effects of the poison, complications
probably would follow which would result
In death.
Mrs. Kamesmuellcr said: "A quarrel with
her husband was respons'ble for Mamla
taking poison. She was captivated by Gas'
brass buttons and thought It would b a
fine thing to be the wife of a soldier. Three
days of married life was enough for her.
She left him and came to live with mo."
His Bride Was Miss Jennie Mo
Nulty of 2sew York.
New York, June 21. Miss Jennie McNuIty,
sister ot Patrolman Frank McNulty, and
of James. McNulty of Engine Company No.
4. was married in the Church of St. John
tho Evangelist to William W. Delaney, bet
ter known as "Willie wild Wave," author
of popular songs.
Xctt Illinolsi Corporations,
Springfield. III., June 21.-Certtflcates ot
Incorporation were issued to-day hy Secre
tary of State Rose as follows:
Tho Furniture Exhibition Company, CMcan:
capital. ;.'; manufacturing and dealing la
furniture anJ other merchandise. Incorporator
Kdirar L. ZieRlcr, Frank W. Wheeler and 3. H.
The Standard llocklnit coal Company. Chica:
capltRl. J-Ww; mlaMK and sale of coal, incor
porators Albert L. Lettermann. Robert C Flahr
ar.d Arthur t? la.
The Kllpfel & Thomas Company. Chicago; cap
ital. SIO.'V); to manufactore. buy, si;ll and ex
change inachtnery- Incorporators Richard EL
Tliomaa. William D. Kllpfel and Frank J. Kllp-
The Reese Hardware Company. East St, Louts:
capital. tt.4!; to do a general hardware buM
nesi. Incorporators if. Sonda?. O. K. Wilson and
II. A. K-ese.
The Porter-Motter Manufacturing Company.
Chlcatro; capital. J22,onO; manufacturing and
dealing In picture frames, etc. Incorporators
Oscar E. Porter, Francis M, Hotter and Herbert
l?. Duncorabe.
Oil in Rnllnrd Coanty, Kentnctr.
Pnditcah, Ky.. June 2L Oil has been dis
covered on the farm of J. T. Ozmont. two
miles cast of Benton, in Ballard County.
He detected the strong smell of oil In a
spring, and. having the liquid analyzed,
found that It contained oil. A stock com
pany Is being organized to at once sink a
Is the joy of the household, for without
it no happiness can be complete. How
sweet the picture of mother and babe,
angels smile at and commend tho
thoughts and aspirations of the mother
bending over the cradle. The ordeal through
which the expectant mother must pass, how
ever, is so full of danger and suffering that
, cl
) ;
. -mi
e. ' 1

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