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THE KEFUBLiO: bUA'DAY. dbiiJ 12, iau.
2 iHS
f I In
i bi
& (a
Has declared its Tliird Monthly Dividend of 3 per cent, payable July 15tli
to Stockholders of record July Stn. This makes a total of S',A per cent since
this Company began paying dividends in May. Its annual dividend rate is
now 34 ptr cent.
SVIAY DIVIDEND, 2. per cent, Paid May 15th.
JUNE DIVIDEND, 3 per cent, Paid June 15th.
JULY DIVIDEND, 3 per ct., Payable July 15th.
July dividend payable July 15 to shareholders cf record July S. The rea
sons for the success of the "Katy" Oil Co. a a dividend payer aie obvious
when one is acquainted with its history and organization. It was annmg
the firt companies to own a gusher on Spindle Top. It has drilled more
iriU as they were needed, has been wise and economical in management
and in handling Us oil contracts, and it nas a very low capitalization upon
which to pay dividends Ijw capita'ization, large assets and splendid
business management have accomplished these results.
1st. It is paying monthly dividends from the sale of oil.
2d. It lias the very low capitalization of ?300,000.
'.'A It has asets equal to its capitalization.
standing its large dividends, the Company has never advanced the price of
th irea-ury stock lieoud par value.
5th. It held its sccmities until it began the payment of dividends, thus
establishing a real value to the stock and assuring the success of the Com
pany before offering its securities.
Gtli. It is officered and managed by business and financial men who have
never made a failure of a business enterprise.
7th. The Company makes the open proposition to any one w ho wishes
to Investigate its holdings that it will pay the expenses to and from Beau
mont. Sth. The Company guarantees to secure for purchasers of "Katy" stock
a loan of 50 per cent of the purchase price. This Is above the percentage
loaned on gilt-edged real estate, and is LV per cent more than Companies of
like character can obtain on such securities.
June dividend checks will be cashed at the St. Louis office.
AVrite for new Prospectus and Map, and further information.
General Offices: Beaumont, Texas. 14 Laclede Bunding, ST. LOUIS, MO.
Address communications to the St. Louis office. Thone, Klnloch A 17G3.
Proceedings ofthe Annual Assem
bly of the National Union
at Southern Hotel.
The Assembly of the National Union
for the State of Missouri convnfd
In the g.ntlemen'a parlors of the
t Southern Hotel. Tuesday at 2 p. m... -flth
T fifty-two representatives present, and was
called to order by E. L. Noyes of Kansas
City, chairman of the Executive Commit
tee. Pursuant to the temporary orsanlza
r tlon. Senator E. 11. Marshall, nas elected
r ' permanent chairman and L. A. Mummert
I permanent secretary, after which the elec
f Hon of senators took place, resuKInc in the
, ' selection of Mr. George A. Gamble of Kan
eas City and George G. Hufft of St. Louis.
The grand Joint initiation will take place
on Friday evening, the 27th instant, at
Jedcrkranz Hall, Thirteenth and Chouteau
avenue, at which time it is expected 300
new candidates will be Introduced as mem
bers of the order. There is a wlaespread
awakening of interest on the part of all the
members, which gives promise of excellent
results. The fol.ow.ng named oliicers have
been selecttU to confer the degrees:
T. A. Huey of Mound City Council, presi
dent. Herman Eilsner cf Standard Council, ex
prcsldent. B. Goodloo of ruture Great Council, vice
- president.
Steve J. Harris of Missouri Council,
J. C. Marcy of Mound City Council, chap
lain. Irvln Reeves of Mound City Council,
Hugh Noble of Valley Forge Council,
oergeant-at-arms. ,
George- W. Kriegesman of Lookout Coun
cil, doorkeeper.
Mound City Council's famous double
Quartet wlU furnish the music
knfclita of the Maccabees.
i The regular review of Tower Oroe Tent was
' hW Monday evenlre with all officers present
; Considerable olfldal business was transacted and
! cue candidate nas Initiated by the banner d-cree
team. Tower Qrme Tent has been la existence
six vears without a single doath In Its ranks.
Sir Tast Commander G A. Masters was pres
ent and was greeted by all sir knights present,
fsfaort addresses were made under the good of the
At the last review of United Tent four mm-bcrs-
were Initiated in the short form, and at
ths review to be held on the Mth the members
exprct to Initiate several more. This tent Is ln
rraslnj: slowly but surely and now numbers about
1'w members.
Imperial Tent had a eood attendance At th.
meeting held Thursday evening. A rood ente--
talnment was provided by
Entertainnvnt '
Committee. The Committee on Arrangements
Tcr the celebration of the reception of the State
banner at a lawn party Is striving to make ths
affair onfr of the banner events. Since this re
view the tent has been Increased by six mem
"hri. Nine applications were presented at this
lost meeting and the Rood work of Deputy M
J King is an interesting subject for conversa
tion Thomas Jeffereon Tent held its regular m!w
on the evening of the tttli. with a ijod attend
ice of -members. The raffle for one month)
dues acd assessment was held after the regu-
The Capita!
Has Been Increased
From S2505000 to $350,000
Making $100,000 more Treasury Stock in this
Company, to be sold at
20c Per Share, '
The merits of this Company are too -well known to go
into details here. We have paid five monthly dividends of
3, and the sixth dividend has been declared.
If yon desire any of this stock send in your orders at
Silver Dime Oil Company,
Second Floor Trust Building,
Galveston, Texas.
t.-3'afejX i.,f3.jfeafea!--,s
-- -
lar order of business wis transacted and Sir
Knight Georte Bieser piweii the lucky en?
Sunday by decoratlnc the araies of their deceased
.....vwa. .v yua a uvduiiiui BCHlce.
respect for the departed brothers.
SlDDI t Tent hpM an .nfhi ilatlln Mrlu. l.
hail. Grand and Easton aenues. Monday, the
16th. llh a fair attendance. The new by-laws
were given a second reading. Resolutions on
th death of Sir Knight B.arkwell were read
and adopted Three applications were presented
and the report cf the record keeper showed the
tent to be In good condition financially- Tr w.m
decided to have a Jubilee meeting July 7 to cele- I
btate the setenth annleiBir of the organize- I
uon ot me tent, at which tlmt refreshments will
be served and the new by-Uws passed upon.
This tent has no desire to to on the boom, but
under the able guidance of Sir Knlrhts Ilaynes.
Watson. Vandever. Johnson and Plahn. whose
official stations are never filled by appoint
ments, is making a decided gain In member
ship, and increased Interest Is mantfcet.
American Tent Initiated set en candidates at a
large meeting Wednesday evenlni. The commit
tee made a report on the boat excursion which
was held on the night of Jjno 11. showing an
attendance of l,Soo people, all having spent an
enjoyable time. American Tent seems to be hav
ing more than Its share of misfortunes, having
had three deaths thlt summer, two by accident,
the last being the death of Sir Knight Wlllam
Shepard. While on his way to Valley Park last
Tuesday morning, he was struck by a Frls
train and thrown about fiftv feet breaking his
neck. His funeral took place Friday, the 20th
Sir Knight Shepard was one of the best work
er for the tent, a man of exemplary habits and
loved by all who had the pleasure of his ac
quaintance. On Sunday, the 15th. he took an
aetive part in decorating tre graves of depart
ed members of the tent. He leaves a widow and
large family.
uniform hank. K. O. T. M.. gave a boat ex
cursion Thursday night, hAvln as guests Uni
form Rank. Knights of TMhlas.
Apollo Tent held a short business session
Thursday evening, after which the members and
Invited guests proceeded to Thlrty-fo-irth nnd
Olive streets, where a private car of the Tran
sit Company was waiting, and were taken Tor .
IroHey ride through the western part of the cltv.
visiting various places of amusement DImar
Garden. Fbrest Park Highlands and Creve Cour
Lake. Refreshments were served by the Enter
tainment Committee, and the party returned
home about midnlrht.
The Supreme officers state that returns are
being received from various tents throughout
the State In response to a call issued by the
Supreme Tent for donations toward the erection
of the Fraternal building at the World's Fair
grounds. In connection with this call the great
commander has sent letters to the different
tents asking them to donate not less than 1
cents per capita- From the enthusiasm mani
fested it Is safe to say that the Maccabees will
not be found lacking In their donations tonarJ
this worthy cause.
The officers and members of KIrkwood Tent
are continuing in their good work. Initiating
candidates and receiving applications at each
.Ladles of the Maccabees.
Liberty Hive. No. 2t. held a well-attendwl
review last Wednesday evenlnf. at which fcur
candidates t, era Initiated. Se eral ladles Jt
prtRsed their des're fcr a picnic and It -was
dclded to make arrangements at the next regu
lar rclew for an cutln? durny the encamp
ment of the Uniform Rank. K. O. T M In
Julr. Lady Mosley -vym appointed new captain
of the Liberty Guards, and excellent floor wrlc
is anticipated. Lady Barboro favcred the mem
bers with comic Fongs and an original recita
tion under the cood of the order. The Lib ty
Guards will meet for practlco Tuesday evening;
June 24 at "Warns and Kennerly aenues.
Hoj-al Arcanum.
Official circular No f? annonnr- O- -- .r
the cash prixe contest which closed May 31. The
wi. nens were: First class, Benton and Carr Line
councils, each 150: second class. Xorth Tnri rnim.
c'l, 540; third cltss, none; fourth diss. Gate City
Council. J25; fifth class. Ka-Cl-Mo-Ra. Easton
and Cabanna councils. $20 each: sixth class. Old
Orchard, Felix and Joachim councils-. 515 eaei;
seventh clam. Fedalia. Vandet enter aM SU
Charles councils. J10 each; elehih class, St Jo
seph Council.- 510. ninth clans, none, Tn net
gain In membersMp In Missouri from February 1
to Mrv 31 wa 321
Felix Council was one, of the nrixe wlnnors In
the recent contest, but unfortunately its name
Stook of the
Ei Ma
(Capital Stools.
Announces that it has acquired
have all been let for the completion of this plant, and work is underway and being pushed as rapid! v
ing capacity of the company.
soon as enougn siock is sum
Dividends are being paid from
actual tale of oil.
Our monthly dividend of 3 per
cent, payable June 15th, is now in
the hands of stockholders of record
June 5.
A 3 per cent dividend, payable
July 15th, to all stockholders of rec
ord July 1st. will soon be declared.
Keniember that this company is
paying larger dividends than any
other company in the Held and
bringing more actual Investors to
the Beaumont oil field than all
other companies combined. Our
proposition "xceeds our representa
tions and we are not afraid to
show it.
Remember, this company owns
Storage of 1,000,000 barrels of oil,
worth more than the entire capital
stock of the company.
One of the finest gushers In the
field in nnd another ready to come
The finest and most complete
plant for the handling and shipping
of oil in the Spindle Top Beaumont
Oil Field is under construction. No
company In the field Is equipped
with as complete a plant, and no
company of like capitalization has
anything that can be compared
with ir.
Remit by draft,
was omitted from the list In a tew of the earlier
copies cf offic al circulars No. . Felix has from
ls o c-ntzation had efficient officer, a responsive
membership and Its winning In this contest is
f.nli' nnnthr manifestation of the enthusiasm- and
activity which has always characterized It. U
The completion of arrangements for the eel-1
bration o Arcanum Day larrely occupied the at
tention ot the councils last week, but other mat
ters were not n c ecled. At most of. the tneet
lnpa applications were received and candidates
Initiated. .
In addition to the -roup picnics at Creve Coeur.
Grtnd View ard Raniona Park. Olivette Council
celebrated Arcanum Day by- Its annual family
"lenic at rtoins urove. tarr uw j " ""
rtxer excursion. Elk Council by a. picnic at
P.oth'a Groe. Compton Hill Council by an ex
cursion to rem Glen. North End Council will
rive a river excuralcn on Monday evenlnr and
Joachim Council will hold an open rooetlne on
Mondav evenlnc. at which Supreme Ice Ke-ent
A. S. Jlnblneon. Past Grand Rerent Jere Halde
nian and Bute Medical Examiner Doctor u. c
Blackmer will be present. .... ...
Xa-t.i-Mo-Ka Council will celebrate on -
i"ay eenlnir. A latte clas ot candidates will be
Initiated S. E. Rumbe w,uItad ,?k.orJin.i
paper on tre crti a and frowth of the Boa.I
Arcanum, and there will be other features of
Vlor'ssant Valley Council received the last otfl
clal Usl: of the anrlns series. A EOod attend
ence of memb-rs creted the visiters. Addresse
were made by Grand OfflcerB F. II. Baccn and
E. M Hake, ard ltecent Wm H. SIHJjr of
Chetaller. Atpj't H Jloeller of North End and
E F Wfcou of Benton Under the euldance of
Orator Kobert W Staley r. musloal and elocu
tlonary prn-ramme succeeded, which was fol
lowed by Ice cream and cjKc
Foret Pari Council received three applications
and cnte-talned visitors Final armnnement
were made for the celebration, the interest in
which was stimulated br a display of the prizes
to be contended for. The meeting; enter
tained with Instrumental selections by Walworth
Jenkins, recitations by It. C. Blackn-er and tead
Incs by Orator R. I Spencer.
Lacleda Council recelicd two applications and
had one Initiation. 1 J. Boerlln was Installed
as orator, and betan at once an aKcre(rivo cam
paign, from which improved attendance, is looked
for. A spelllnc b" was had. with Ben Weldle
and Theodore U Kratt as captains ot the opikjs
Inir teams. The Weldle fide won. Ice cream and
cake were f-ervtd at th close
Victoria Council rceied three applications.
nnt xil ronlsted of son's by E. Shereens.
"Icnic at Roth's Grove. Carr Lane by an evening I
p'ano solos by Doctor N Saensrr. recitations by
John H bomench. readings by G W. Keliel and
e clog- danc- by Orator r. W. Rosenthal Recent
James Clausen me a graphic account of his
recent lrtt to the effete East.
Missouri Council cave Its attention chiefly to
duty xx II. which omslsted of sonrs by Joseph
O'Hara nnd H. A Homejer. Instrumental music
by J B. Green, reciutlons by Alexander Meletlo.
readings by B. C Adams and addreseft Wy Jere
Ha'detran ""d William ftchroedtman.
Compton Hill Council had an Interesting; meet
lne with Rerent H. B. Couchman In the chair.
Fie applications were received and one candi
date Initiated. Arrangements were completed
for the anniversary picnic at Fern Glen, arter
which the meetlnr was entertained with recita
tions bv C. O. Fisher and an address by Deputy
Edward II. Elckley. The usual smoker followed.
rast Grand Recent Jere Haldeman. acting- gTand
eecretaj-. presented the council wjth a check for
svi Tne. nnA t:flrr inn nan 7on lor seiir
ine a
certain number of new members before Ju
une 1
The check was enthusiastically received. Thre
candidates were initiated and seven applications
read. Recitations by a. uaner. rouoweo, ny on
address by Part Rerent Dcctor E. F. Brady. J.
B Green entertained the council with a number
of pleasing piano solos. .. ,.
MarauUte Council had one application and
two Initiations. Prizes for securing new mem
bers were awarded to Josph M. Phortal, James
H Antram. Joeph M. Burns and James J. Mul
len. The meeting was entertained with "ones
by Messrs Hlgsln- Ward. Antram and Onva-nauch-
instrumental mus'c by Messrs re ds.
Jutz ard Peters, recltatlcns and reid'nra br
Messrs. O'Brien. Kroire. Kelleer. Ennls and
Burn. Deputy E. F We colt made en Inter
esting address, dweltlr-r uo-i the celebration
of Royal A-canum Day. and decrlptle of his
rcect trip East. .
Jefferon City Council had several applicants
readv for Initiation and confmplite. holdinc a
meeting for the conferring of the degree elect'on
aid InsUllatlon of o'flcers. etc. on Thursday
evening. Grand Oratoi Amadee Feting will be
present to assist In the meeting.
Deputy Supreme Rerent J H. Boring haa
cloed his successful work In Ml-souri. and after
a short time at Mi home In Harrlsburr. Pa.,
will re-enter the field In Minnesota.
A. O. TJ. XV.
The English Workmn'i Association will meet
with. Western Lodge, No. S35. on Ttursday even
lnc. June s. MM. Members are requested to
be present.
Banner Ledge. No. I, had a good attendance
at Ita last meeting. Brothers John E. Fo'ey.
M. A. lilcglns and J. T. Downey, the Cornmlt
te on Complimentary Picnic, to be held at
Ramona Park, on tr glorious Fourth, reported
to lbs lodge thtt all arrangements are made.
They have promised sports and amusement
and an enjoyable time to all who attend. Sev
eral applications for membership are In the
hands of the recorder and three applicants will
be Initiated at the next meeting.
Phoenix Lodge. No. 05. had a good attendance
at the meeting Thursday evening. Several ap-
frilcatlons for reinstatement wee received. This
odge will Install the newly elected officers on
Thursday evening. July J, when all member
are Invited to be present. A large time Is an
ticipated, which should not be missed.
Farmer's Lodre, No. M. had a large attend
ance at the meeting on Wednesday, at which
time three application for membership wre re
ceived. This lodge will rive a grand publlo In
stallation cf officers on Wednesday evenlnr, July
2. for which Invitations have beta sent to tne
memo-r tor tnemseives. ramirea and rnenas,
and It Is hoped that all. who can possibly attend
f will do so, a a very enjoyable time la astlci
-MSias-MWSrll "! i -jSiiJiiSii fMjafcM I -'-- '.-v-
$255,000. DFax
ajoint interest in the finest and
Ithas been decided by the Directory
iui una iuuu, hiuuk win uu au;iuceu
' sr MUKxx-MCAEs. n wKTCHKAiis house -,
v"v Cyz-ix !S"r "ElL" ' t;V
Ly--P J3S:
M ' o o ( X
ril V ' oofo X "
oXH fo 32- .V' " 0,o o. -' ?
D ''TroS'o Z.&yi' it. o x0 '-ic o &
.. 1 . " .
sn r 29 . ;b
liie abuve ui4;,ulii is j,i ii.uoiraiion "1 .lie m,t.. fia muav lu .-ij.v-t p ... .u4 .. ....i,..., Mi,w o..-k.p ..(, ,i u.t . w.-u.e
Top Beaumont OH Field. For the sake of economy this plant is being constructed Jointly by tne Success Oil Company and the
Silver Dime Oil Company. Heavy lines show the Improvements under way and which are being pushed to completion as rapidly
as possible. The plant consists of pipe lines connecting four wells, with storage and settl ng tanks, which are connected with load
ing racks on two lines of railroads, one on the Kansas City Southern and another on the Sabine nnd East Texas (Southern Pacific
sj stem). The pipe lines are laid so connections can be made with the pipe line of the National Pipe Line Company to Port Arthur
and the pipe line to Sabine Pass. Thus thia plant can load oil in cars or steamships at will. On Block H, Gladys Subdivision, Spin
dle Top, consisting of ten acres, are located six storage tanks, settling tank, pumping station, office and other Improvements neces
sary to make the plant complete in every detail. There Is no company in the field that is equipped with as complete a plant, and
no company of 1 ke capitalization has anything that can be compared with it.
For the purpose of assisting in
Least amount of stock for sale, 50
check or money order. Money deposited in any bank and notification
rated. Don't forget the place, Buehlers Halt,
Taylor and Easton axenues.
Web-ter Groes Ixdge. No. tU, will rie 1U
first ctand family picnic on sftuiuny. June 23, at
Barthold's Groe. to which all the members and
their frlerds are mint cordially Invited.
Detree of Ilimor.
Phoenix Idce. No. 16, will hold its next regu
lar meeting on next Tuesday ctenlng. June 21.
After the tegular routine of business the Enter
tainment Committee has prolded quite a novelty
In the line of lodge amusennta for this meet
In; It will be a bing-bang party. All mem-
lwr. hntiM nttenH nnd hatn a Inllv i-nnri time.
Acorn Uactc. Jo el. held Its regular semian
nual election of officers Monday evenlnr, June
s, at which time the following were elected: Mary
H. Keane u. of H.; Mra. li. Chedell. U of II.:
Mrs M. Hague. C. of C . Emma N. Melnger.
recorder; Jos. Wilson, financial; L. Scuarmann.
receiver; ilr9 ". Bressler. I. w.. Edw. ile- i
Carthy, O. ; Laura Gale, pianist. Vls.to-a
from WeiJ Erd Lodge were pieFent, among whom
were C II. Hannan. M. Gllespie. Brother nnd ,
Sister Downey, Brutl.r and hister Toomev, and I
uiuuiltb jinn fcnneiccr ana captain fallen oi
Murrell Lodgo. One appltcat.on was rcvelved anl
three applicants Inltited Under good of the
order sevoial addrc&sea were made.
ICnlfrhtfi of Honor.
Columbia Lr.ffi. was well attended nt Its last
meeting. One application was received. A com
mittee was appointed to arrange tor music and
refreshments for their next meeting. July J.
Brothers Rohan. Lyerlv, Green. UurgmMi and
Winter made Interesting speeches for the good
of the order. ,
Germanla Lodge had a good attendance, it
being the one trousai dth meetirg since the
lodge was Instituted Brother S. Mall In ws re
ported sick. Brother lloeoelman. M'lere. Schroe- I
t'er, Ytelterer. Nederhoff and others addressed t
the lodge. I
Missouri Lodg. with a fair attendance, spent
a pleasant evening In general discussion for the i
good of tlut order. Brothers Kelly. Stem. Case, !
Walfsfeld. IUwaril and others made brief and
Interesting remarks. I
Oak Lodge had a large attendance Brother
Boun. Miner and Hartman were visitors from
Bremen Lildfe- Two nTinllratlon irn r.lirt.
Brother Archie Oalc was elected vice dictator.
Brother Edtvard Murphy. apltant vice dictator;
Doctor W G Miners, guardian All the mem
ber, anticipate a rood time at the plcnlo on
Saturday, the 2Sth.
I'nlty i.clre had a good meeting One candi
date was Initiated Brothers Bereman. Luttmann
anrt Rcsenkrantz addressed the lodge.
Mount Olive I.odgo hid a good attendance.
Fcur application were received and live appli
cants were balloted for. Brothers Ramsey. Coch
ran and McConnell addressed the lodge. Grand
Reporter L. F. Borniraeger gave a brief synop
sis of the legislation at the session of the Su
preme Lodge
Grand Dictator F W. Brookman and Grand
Mce Dictator C. E. Hall, who were representa
tlves from Missouri o the supreme Lodge, re
turned home on Tuesday. The next session of
the Supreme Lodge will be at Richmond. Va.,
and biennial.
The Arrangements Committee for the picnlo to
be held on next Saturday at Ramona Park, to
celebrate the twenty-ninth anniversary of the
order, report all arrangements completed Tick
et were sent by mall to every member and a
grand time Is expected.
Knights and I.nilles of Honor.
The report of the Supreme Medical Examiner
for tho first fifteen days In June shows that he
passed upon S19 applications. Missouri again lead
ing with 116. PennsIvanla 1S5 and New York 130
This will indicate a very closo con'est between
th three leading States for the present month
The visit of the Grand Lodie officers to Irving
Lodre in Maplewood on Tuesday evening, accom
panied by Sliver Star and Enterprise lodre. will
long be remembered by those who att'nded. The
members of Inlng Lodre turned out In full
force After an addre's by the grand protector
the Entertainment Committee took charge and
nroved themselves to be the best en'ertalners the
cltv members ever met The committee was com
posed of Frothcr and Sl-ter Phlisert. Brother
ard Sister Cookson. Brrther and Sister Schs ani
Bro'hers Sullivan. Jacobs and Martin. From th
enthustasm displayed this lodge will more thin
dnrMe its membeiship tefore the close of the
Enterp-ise Lodre rftelved six apnllcatfons for
membership ard Initiated two candidates at the
last meetlnr. which was largely a'tended. The
usual monthly ent-rtalnment took place, consist
inr of aongs. reclatlon and raiii'c.
Inlt'al Lodre met last Tuesday evening, re
ceived five applications and initiated two -candt-dae.
A delera'lon from Bnnr T.odire w
present and Jointly they celebrated the evenlrg
In very oleasant rannr
Clover Taf Lodre had an outing at FnlUn;
Spr'nge, 111 , last Sunday, which was larrelv at
tended bv city members, aa well as members
from Belleville. ColUnsvlle and East St. Louis.
One rf th features -of the dav was the drill n'
the degree team of Banner Lodre under the
leadershlo cf Cantaln Brockaway- The excursion
wrB in charge of Car.ta.In C. M Warner. Chart's
Kllnge and Fred Bergman. Eleven coaches left
this city.
- Golden Crown Lodge held a well-attended meet
lnr Monday evenlnr and elected the followinr
ameers: froiector. eTana .icuis. ic nmin;'
tor. Harry Rlchunfi: eecrtary. Julius Gerher:
financial secretary. E. Dlenstbler: treasurer, i
I-iulsa Koehn. Several apnllcatlons for member- I
pMti :- TMa!i-v1
tamet Iydte. at the la xneeunc. ejected me
followinr officers: Past protector. Nick t,"nlt:
protector. H. P. Zlmmermann; vice nrocKior.
Ben Frollch: Bnanclsl seretsry. .Charlotte Link;
treasurer. Henry Buettner: chsolaln. Anna Sar
tor!. After the roeetlnr an entertainment took
place. Two candidates were Initiated.
n-iu i . .a .r. Inifl MalahHtal 1
v sum . . .--e tf MnTiAav v-nlnr I
with an entertainment anrt reception. Ten ar-J
plicaticna for m!mterhhi ict rwcelTed. At th
r.-rt rn-t!ra tis.v 1-ntmnA hvinr an tnltlailim t
twer-t-r.rtv- nmrMhmr I
TTnirm tm at th meetlna- TCednendaT rrn- I
tr. had ue uiraU entertainment, participated In
7"sjL-ul S3b.a,a?os lOc.
most complete plant for the handling
to continue selling a limited amount
;inu no more soiu at me present price.
paying for this plant a limited amount
shares, or $5.00 worth. For further
by Brother Ehler anu several members. Several
applications were received.
Protection Lodge elected the following; offi
cers at their last meeting: Past protector. TV. R.
Crawford; protector, busle Ware, vice protector.
Mao Foster: secretary. Elvira Crawford, finan
cial secretary, Matilda Read. After the election
an entertainment took place.
Sller btar Lodge had a well-attended meet
ing last Saturday eiening. One candidate was
Initiated and two applications received. This
lodge expects to Initiate fifteen or more members
before the close of the month.
Magnolia Lodge had a lively time at the last
meeting Wednesday evening, at which two candi
dates were Initiated and several applications re
ceived. A music and literary entertainment fol
lowed the meeting.
Chouteau Lodge nau a large turnout or mem
bers at tho last meetlnr and elected the following
officers: Protector, John J. McMahon: vice pro
tector. Thomas htantun; secretary, Maggie Crook;
financial secretary. J. J. Kenn d) ; treasurer. An
na Mulcahy. After the meeting an entertainment
and hop took place.
Banner Lodge at lis last meeting had a very
large attendance Oue candidate was Initiated
and the following officers elected: Protector,
John C. Kelley; secretary, II B. Culbter; finan
cial secretary. Katie O .Smith; treasurer. A. i
Culbt; vice protector. K. Newman: chaplain.
Mary A. Kelly: guide. J. Trimble: guardian, K.. ,
ncanii; Ermiuei. v. ti ncii. ijus iuus -
peels to have Initiations at every meeting hence
forth O l e Branch Lodge at Its last meetlrg re
celved several applications. Sister Mary Fox Is
determined to that before the close of this month
Magnolia Lodge, which has been its closo com
petitor, will not be heard of
Monogram Lodce. through Its secretary, J J.
Fitzgerald, has started In to double Its member
ship, each member promising at the last mel.ng
to bring In a member before October 1.
Humboldt Lodge, the home of Grand Vice Pro
tector Johanna Feldman. expects to Initiate ten
members at the next meeting and duplicate it at
ech meeting henceforth.
Imperial Lodge at Its last meeting initiated
fifteen candidates and received several applica
tion"'. Alter the meeting an entertainment fol
lowed, conducted by Sister Hamblty and Brother
Martz. This lodge 1- meeting with remarkable
success, attributable ta esch member mine to
outdo the other In bringing In new members.
Oak I.odge at Its last meeting Monday evening
Initiated six members and received the tame
number of applications. The meeting; of tins
lodge are very Interesting becauee the entire
membership turns out at erry meeting and par
ticipates In a music entertainment, tl 1 provlrg
tn the older lodges th wisdom of encouraging
the -.wial feature .
St Louis Is arranging for a monster picnic to
take place In July. The undertaking of this i new
lodge is bound to bo a success, because ever
member thereof Is a hustler. .,.. u.
North Star at Its last meeting re-elected Its
.j .m.wN Ttmtner Tjumftnt. secretary, wno
ha been laid up pick for some time. Is again "
able to be around which will Indicate that
Ncith Star Lodre le bound to have candidates
to be Initiated at Its future meeting-. I
Rising Sun Lodge, under the leadership or Lnd- I
wic Martz. has In two months Increased from 6)
to 100 members. The latter number thi brother
was d-termlned to have at the close of the I
term. June !0. ., .,....'
May Pell Lodge at Its last meeting decided to
mtctlni In July. The Grand t-odK offlcer8Jjtf
sromlMd to bo present and conduct the ceremony.
Myrtle Lodr Is nreparin for a monster cele
brfttton nt the next meeting. Sister Turner Is
ftotklnc hard to sret a class of twenty members
to initiate. The nature of the celebration which
thin lster Is contemp.atlnic i known only to
herself nd few memhers. but It Is bound to
prove Interesting for those who are fortunate
enouph to be nreent. This week' circular will
contain more names than hare appeared thereon
in the part. There will be between 120 and 130.
Knlsrkta of Fyhln.
The Knights of the Middle Ages used to be
freouenters of forests and loiers of tne tree
thru the DruUs onco -worshiped All sorts of
nccms and plajs have "seen written about the
io"nrs of nohle knUhts "am'd, forest rlades
and bosky dells." and so It Is likely to be large-Is-
a matter of Inherited sentiment that will lure
thouands of Pvthlan Knights to the big tree
-roves of California In August, next. The
Knlihta of Pitclas of the United Ststes and
Canada are go ng to hold their annual gathering
In Pan Francisco. August 11-3). There -fill be
business aplenty to transact, but after It Is over
thera will be Dleaeurlngs all about the big Stat,
that offer irore un for tourt'ts to the a ' uire
mile than any other section of this round old
earth. Trips to tho big tiees of Marposa or
Santa Cruz are planned -and such Journeys ara
the ImrreeslTe events of a lifetime. Plctu-ea
-rill be made on memory's pages that can never
b effaced. Th. traveler will say with the poet
Wordsworth, after such a visit:
tine Impulse from a vernal wood.
Mar teach you more of man.
Or moral, evil and ot good
Than all the saaes can."
Th. overland rallroaji. are " alreadv OUOtlng
absurdly low rates fcr this 'cross continent trip, f
and It Is estimated taat fully 100.004 people are j
gotnr on this Pythian pilgrimage. 1
Wabash lodge. No. iW. held Its regular meet- I
me with even- officer In his resnectlve station. !
During the evenlnr District Deputy Dteckman
Installed Brother H. I Benslck as prelate for
the unexpired Iterm. Members from Red Cro-a
uu vu-;u Liunu -nets; (iicauui iu twaianjj
In the conferring of the rank of Esquire, on
Fare belnc elevated to that rank. The pood
wont Lomi nas ceen cone or aoasn win
them to an additions! rem-esentaihre oer
vear. and lt wu with nrtde that th
Keener or recoraa and aeaia notinea tna arana
orncen inn uy neeaea
in rttticnal cerlin-
cate. JU nve
recr9tntative would represent
rahjuh thla vear.
Ther w;i-e "tap" at Bed ftw Companr
Na. 4. Uniform Bank, of the KnlsMa cf Prtfa'ai-v
vhen It met for reanlar drill last Tneadar -even-
Inr Captain Isaar II. Keefer was aitoclsh'd f
find flfTthre members In lina and eont em elated
mi railing -to Um Fair Grounds, wbera bo couU
1,-uiH IlPalca. q,23lc3.
and shinninir of oil in the Snindh- Ton
as possible. The completion of this
of stock at 10c to assist in paying
of stock is offered the public at
particulars, prospectus, stock, address
sent to Secretary, Galveston, Texas,
drill truer, a company. th Armory be In if too Email
for many evolutions. But his surprise did not
end there, for he had Just brought the company
Into Una and. folloninc bla command. "UiRht
dressi' 'Front 1" Lieutenant Snjder stepped for
ward and with a fev proper remarks referring
to the senlce that Captain Keefer had dene for
the company, as an appreciation of the tratitud
of the bms, presented htm with a macnlflcent
sword. Sir Knight Brother J. McLaughlin, the.
oldest In ears of the company, was designated
to step forward and hacd the sword to the Cap
tain. The addreM of Brother Snyder ended
with three cheers for their comrade and cap
tain. After properly recelvlre; the beautiful pres
ent drill wa out of question, so the company
marched to the music of twenty instruments ta
the messroom, where they and their friends were
-nell served.
Order or Scottish Clans.
The ermine week will find the rojal treasurer.
John Hill, hard at wcrk checking; up and bal
ancine his books preparatory to the semiannual
examination ny the royal auditors. From
financial standpoint ttt rntsent term. .hlch end
June 30, will show a larger cash balance on
hand than the previous term, with all claims
against the bequeathment fund raid and no out
standing accounts asalnst the general fund.
Past Chief Munroe. chairman of the Executive
Committee in charge or the twenty-fourth an
nual picnic of the Scotti-h Clans of this city, at
Normandy Groe. on July 4. states that all mat
ters In connect ion therewith hal been completed
and that prizes to the value of il would be dis
tributed amonr the succeful contestants of th
different event. Mr, Guerre Is chairman of the
Athletic and Games Committee and entries for
the different events can be made with him on tho
5 rounds. The prizes will be nlaced on exhibition
wring the coming week in the show window of
Iypvwnnfl UriR Oil Hornnrst ion S
Capital One Million Dollars Shares One Dollar Par For
Treasury Purposes, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.
Property in Jennings' Gusher Field and at Anse la Butte
and Bayou Bullion, La. Those desiring- to subscribe for first
allotment of treasury stock at
Holland S. Beavis- Sole Financial Sgen., Beaumont, Tex. I
umoaa uopoer uos mm
Will Soon Advance to 1,00 per Share.
On sale for a short time at 50 cents per share.
Our Ores like Senator Clark's United Verde, which -1
pays over One Million profit per month.
$1,000.00 Invested in United
S3?1 Why not ours in the same length of time ? 23
Send for Prospectus. Make checks or drafts payable to
919 Chestnut Street.
Dividends pajable in July. Price 30 cents per share, and may soon be with
drawn from sale.
12UJ or write ior parucuiars.
i b & t
ossafole.) jgj
Beaumont Oil Field. Contracts
plant will greatly increase the earn- 9j
for the work contracted for, and is gj
Conie to Ilennmont anil Iiiestl
(jntc at Our Kxpenno.
Those who are thinking of buyics o'l
stock can see that they will be buvln th
very best If this company's stock Is taken,
and we Invite you to Investigate for jour
sflf. which the fcllawlng letter explain:
Any perscn. town or comTiunltv desiring
yo buy as much or mo-e than IEWW worth
cf S-cces Oil Coinpanj"s stock mjy d rosi
etch morey In their loca' bank, to b htlJ
by such bank pending a trip by one of tn li
lumber to visit Galveston and Bea tmon.
and rersonally Inspect t;e oil Held, the Sue
cess Oil Company and Its popertv.
nn th. inmnan Iwlnc notlll d bV SU
Dertv. una up-
; by su h bank
v.. .... -r-v- -- -7,:: - ,i , ... .-
of sucn deposit, we win iumnu i ivi"i-
ard to the lT-
. uitiwt ffee ir-inst)onuton to GalveN-
ton and Beaumont and return, and If. upon
thorough Investigation, the representations
made by us are found to be true, e-iicb. in
vestment is tc be made; otherwl-e all
murey is to be returned by the bank to tha
parties depositing same.
What Vlsltlnp; Inetor ay:
Chicago 111 . Ci Fifty-fifth Street. June
T 193Z. Success Oil Company. Calvrstor.
Texas. Gentl'men: I have Just re-unwd
from a Uil to Galveston and Beaumont; 1
enjoyed th tilp very much, examined your
tit es to properts. sa the gushers gush,
examined thoroughly your and other prop
erties on and near Spindle Top. saw the
work going on at the immense oil refineries
at Beaumont, and. In fact, am thoroughly
satisfied you have property f ,U55K?se
value. Yours truly. B. T. LEWIS.
P. G. RIedes-1 & Co., Bankers.
Associate Business
Ral tate, Grain Live Stack and
Hardware. P. G Rledesel. Tree.
Oto. la . Mar SS. 1C
Eurcees Oil Co . Galveston, Texas Gen
tlemen: I have just returntd from a trip
to Galveston and Beaumont on your red
lttter offer. Lbave examined your proposi
tion thoroughly and find It fully as repre
sented I raw one of jour gushers In ac
tion, and it Is far beyond description. T
find your officers and directors are men cf
high bustnes" standing, and the company
seems to be absolutely sure of tlw brightest
success. Yours truly. R. P. 1UEDESEL.
Galveston. Tex.. May 3. M S.
Success Oil Co.. Galveston. Texas. Gen
tlemen: We have visited Gvlvest n and
Beaumont on s-our red-letter offer. We nav
met your officers .and directors, and find
them to be men of high business standin?.
Upon an examination we find everything
connected with vour company In proper
form and your affairs managed In a busl
resllke manner. In view of adverse re
ports, we were surprised to see th Spindle
Top gushers powerfully active. We have
Invested heavily with you. and are entirely
satisfied with our holdlrgs. and Intend to
Increase same Very truly,
J. K. HAZEN. Princeton. 111.
J r KAl'FFMAN. Princeton. 111.
Till. R, SIIUGART. Princeton. 111.
Wellman. la.. May 58. 190i
Success OH Co.. Galv eston, Texas Gen
tlemen: I accepted sour red-letter offer and
came to visit you on same. 1 have made a
thorcugh examination of your books, deed.
contracts, ttc, and find them entirely sat
lfactory. I have met your efflcer- and
directors, and find them to be men of hlh
business standing. I visited Beaumont and
saw our gusher turned on. and the flow
was powerful. I find your proposition to
be entirely up to representations Yours
truly, . E. F. SMITH.
will reserve stock.
the A. J. Jordan Company un North Broad
way. Clan Douglas. No. 3. had a large and en
thusiastic meetinic last Tuesday eenlnp at Its
hall. Grand and Easton avenues, with Chief
Charles Mackenzie in the chair, and the other
officers In their respectle stations. Piper P., C
Ounn was present in full Highland costume and
played see.M selections on the pipes, which were
hiichly appreciated b the clansmen present, and
a lote of thank tendered him. The commltteo
of the clan on the twenty-fourth annual plcnlu
of the combined clan- of this city at NormanGv
Grove en July 4 announced that everything; hail
been arranged: that the programme of the day
had been decided on and the nrlzes to be award
ed to the successful contestants had been pro
cured. The report of the committee was dis
cusied at lenath and met with the approval of
eery one. each one present pledging himself to
make the picnic a success.
Woodmen of the World.
Arrangements for the Fair Grounds celebration
on Sunday. July 13. made great progress during1
me last wet-ic ana announrrmrnr can oe maos
a ( or ons novelty which should take every "chop
per oi bi. IjOuis ana icinuv to wiiness. -A
handsome prize for drill teams will be the, featuro
of the day. and among the contestants will be
tne crack teams rrora iort Scott. Kas - SDrtn-r-
field. Mo., and Rich Hill. Ma An automobile
race and a relay race between "sprinters" of th
local camps have also been decided upon. Camps
iuk suoTcrioej nearly ivi in casn ana pnzee.
to which Central Camn will add a lareer sum.
The Sovereign Camp of Omaha will have a large
de'egatlnn here, including Sovereign Commander
Root, Clerk Yates. Sovereign John W. Craft,
Sam G. Smyth, TVoolIey and other-. Rcclcts of
Invttatlon-t to be present have been coming in
daily to Chairman Urian from camps In tho State
and large excursions are being planned.
Silvan Camp had an excellent attendance lat
50 cents per share address
Verde in 1885 now worth -j
fleenritx Bldr St, Lools, Mo,
an "ft
Soil 1
x t
ro I
- i
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