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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 22, 1902, PART I, Image 3

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- --I
Cheap f
Chance to
Stock A
r Cash and
3uy Ladies5 and hisses' Suits, Waists, Wrappe
ons Latest Styles ASI Boyght
50 Gents on the
rs, Skirts, Petticoats and
ollar of Regular Prices.
Wraps at Unheard-of Low Prices.
ii'1 f-iiiif j-V. IT.
M rfi F( va r.Va K'u3ra-3 Kv
W3K E& JW Jfl W t
U & XS2 H
sqpssS? s&Epr
wij3 v?"
1 ILL 1 1 IL'IHQ t H'-' S'JI j1'
Shirt Waist Suits,
Outing Suits, Rich Costumes and Tallor
fladc iuits.
All our own superior styles,
At Star Sale Prices.
New Midns ami Chainbray Suits,
Worth So to 7, Star Sale Price $2.50
Odd lot Lawn, Dimity, Sicilian and Foulard
Silk Dresses. Worth up to S19.75,
Star Sale Price $5.00
Beautiful White Organdie Costumes,
Worth S12.50, Star Sale Price SS.75
Superb China Silk and Foulard Silk Suits,
black and white, etc.
Worth S15.0J, Star S-ile Price $10.00
Rich Black and White Check Taffeta Silk
Suits. Worth 25.00 to $33. CO,
Star Sale Price $18.50
Fine Colored Organdie Costumes. Worth 823
to S32.G0, Star Sale Price $18.75
Beautiful Black and White Check Silk Suits.
Worth 535 to f 5j, Star Sale Price $25.00
Outing Suits
Tailor-made Eton Suits, of pure linen.
Worth 10 to 15, Star Sale Price $8. 75
Tailor-m.ide Eton Suits, black, black and
white, blue or tan linen.
Worth S15 to sis. 75; Star Sale Price $10
Tailor-made Suits of blue or tan linen, Irish
point collars. Worth $18.75 to 625,
Star Sale Price $13.50
Rich Costumes
For evening wear, the seashore and
all dress occasions.
These charming gowns are beyond de
scription beautiful, so we shall not attempt
to describe them. Here they are, all at Star
Rich Gowns, worth $300.00,
Star Sale Price $100.00
Worth $200, Star Saie Price $75.00
Worth S150, Star Sale Price $50.00
Worth $100, Star Sale Price $37.50
Cloth Tailor-Made Suits
One lot Tailor-Made Suits blues, browns,
castor, red, etc. blouse, Eton and flv-front
some with taff-ta s Ik lining throughout
some wuh taffeta silk drop skirts -worth
np to 18.75 Choice of the lot in this
Great Star Sale at $5.00 Each
Wash Waists.
Silk Waists, Walking Suits, Trav
elers' Wraps, Rain and Dust
Proof Coats, etc. All at "Star
Sale Prices." See the reductions.
Stylish Waists of pretty striped Percule, all
frebh, new, clean goods.
Worth 75c. Star Sale Price 25c
Fine White Lawn Hemstitched Waists.
Worth $2.00. Star Sale Price 90c
Swell Oxford Waists, pinks or bines.
Never sold under $2 75
Star Sale Price $1.50
Superb Chim Silk Waists, unlined, plain
white or fancy stripes.
Worth $4.75 and 65.00.
Star Sale Price $2. 95
Swell unlined tape striped Taffeta Silk
Worth $5.75. Star Sale Price $3.50
Silk Waists.
Star Sale Prices.
Taffeta Silk Waists.
Were always $5.00.
Star Sale Price $2.50
Taffeta Silk, and Teau de Soie Silk Waists.
Worth $6 00. Star Sale Price S2.9S
Lot White Taffeta, Peau de Chine and Louis
iue Silk Waists
That -were $5.00. Star Sale Price $2.50
That were $7.90. Star Sale Price $3.98
That were $10.00. Star Sale Price $5.00
That were $12.00. star Sale Price $6.00
Walking; Suits.
Swell Walking and Traveling Suits, worth
$19.50 to $23.00.
Star Sale Price $15.00
Beautiful Sicilian and Taffeta Silk Walking
Suits, worth $3D.0J to $37.50 each.
Star Sale Price $25.00
Traveling Wraps
Of cloth, linen or silk, swell stules, all
at Star Sale prices.
Stylish Covert Raglans.
Worth $6.00. Star Sale Price $4.75
Genuine Cravenette rain or tlust proof Rag
lans, with .trap across the b ick.
Worth sis.75. Star Sale Price $12.50
Swell Linen Long Coats for traveling or
driving, worth $18.75 to $120.03,
Star Sale Price $13.50
Fine Taffeta Silk Ulstors and Raglans, worth
$20.00, Star Sale Price $15.00
Worth $35.00 to i40.00,
Star Sale Price $25.00
Separate Skirts.
A great Star Sale that will beat
all previous sales. Bargains that
cannot be equaled. Rich Dress
Skirts of net, lace, silk, etainines,
Sicilians, etc. Fine novelty Pique
and Pongee Skirts. Stylish
Walking Skirts of cloth, Sicilian,
pique and linen all at Star Sale
Fine White Pique Dress Skirts.
Worth $1.50. Star Sale Price SSc
Linen CUambray Skirts, with embroidery.
Worth $J.50. Star Sale Price $1.25
Walking Skirts, of all-wool cloths.
Worth $4.75. Star Sale Price $2.50
Fine Wash Skirts of Linen, Chanibray and
other fabrics.
Worth $5.75. Star Sale Price $2.50
Rich Sicilian Walking Skirts.
Worth $6.00. Star Sale Price $3.75
Superb Imported Pique Walking Skirts, sold
everywhere at $6.75.
Star Sale Price $4.00
1,000 fine Walking Skirts, made of best cloths,
plaited, tucked and other styles, have sold
all season up to $11.50 each.
Star Sale Price $4.90
Fine Moire, Velour and Etaminc Skirts.
Were $10.00 and $15.00.
Star Sale Price $5.00
Novelty Pique, genuine linen, also fancy
woven Vesting Cloth Skirts, swell styles.
Worth $11.50, $12.75 and $15.00.
Star Sale Price $7.95
Imported Etamine Skirts, silk lined.
Worth $18.76.
Star Sale Price $10.00
Rich Lace and Net Skirts.
Worth $37.50.
Star Sale Price $22.50
Superb Lace Skirts, with spangles, fish
scales, etc.
Worth $45.00.
Star Sale Price $29.75
Fine Lace Skirts.
Worth $83.00.
Star Sale Price $47.50
House Wrappers
Colored and White Lawn Wrap
pers, China Silk Tea Gowns,
Silk Shawls, Jackets, Etons and
Blouse Coats. All go in this
great event.
Stylish Lawn House Wrappers, all pretty
colorings, deep flounce,
Worth $1.23, Star Sale Price, 59c
Fine Lawn Wrappers, white ground with
black, blu? or red dot.
Worth $2.oo, Star Sale Price, $1.00
Fine White Lawn Wrappers, beautifully
hemstitched and embroidered, low neck
and shoit sleeves or long sleeves,
Worth $4.i'0, Star Sale Price, $2.95
Worth $5.00, Star Sale Price, $3.95
China Silk Tea Gowns
With a lot of lace trimmings.
Worth $12.50, Star Sale Price, $S.85
Siik Shawls
Imported Pure Silk Shoulder Sha.vls.
Worth sl.EO, Star Sale Price. $1.00
Imported Silk Shoulder Shawls.
Worth S3.00, Star Sale Price, $1.75
Jackets. Etons a.nd Blouse Coals
Silk Eton Jackets.
Worth S7.50, Star Sale Price. $3.95
Silk Blouse Coats. Worth
$10.00 to $12.75, Star Sale Price, $6.75
Rich Novelty Eton Coats Coffee Coats.
Worth S18.50, Star Sale Price, S10.00
And many other gieater reductions of
higher grade one-of-a-kind garments.
Children's Wraps
Pique, Linen, Bedford Cord, Silk and
Cloth everything goes in this great
sale of ours.
Small Bedford Cord Silk Reefers.
Were $3 95to$4.70, Star Sale Price, $1.59
Pique Reefers.
Worth $2.00, Star Sale Price, 95c
Pique Reefers.
Worth S2.75, Star Sale Price, $1.50
Pique Reefers.
Worth $4.00, Star Sale Price $2.95
Reefer Silk Coats.
Worth 6.00, Star Sale Price, $2.95
Taffeta Mlk Coats.
Worth t7 to, star Sale Price $3.95
Taffeta Silk Raglans.
Alwavs $io.ro. Star Sale Price, $6.95
Taffeta Silk Swell Coats.
Worth $15.00, Star Sale Price, $10 00
Children's Colored Dresses
White Dresses. The largest and
most beautiful stock of Chil
dren's and Misses' Summer
Dresses ever shown.,
A'o mother of girls can afford to
7wss this great sale. It's like finding
Pretty Striped Guimpe Dresses.
Worth $1.60, Star Sale Price 75c
Sailor Blouse Suits of Lines Crash.
Worth $1.75, Star Sale Price 95c
Chambray Sailor Suits with emblems em
broidered on sleeve and shield.
Worth $2.75, Star Sale Price $l.So
Fine Madras Guimpe Dress, with white pique,
Worth $3.00, Star Sale Price $1.50
Corded Dimity Guimpe Dresses in red, blue,
Rre-n. j)ink; sold in this town, to-day as a
bargain at $5.00,
Our Star Sale Price $2.25
Novelty Zephyr Striped Gu.mpe Dress, never
sold under $5.03.
Star Sale Price $2.50
Long Sleeve richly trimmed Scotch Madras
Worth $5.co. Star Sale Price $2.50
Linen Regulation Suits, genuine Peter Thomp
son styles.
Always $6.75, Star Sale Price $3.50
Fine Linen Suits.
Always $7.50, Star Sale Price $4.75
Children's White Dresses
Lawns, Organdies, Piques, Linens, Etc.
Girls' Hemstitched Lawn Dresses.
Worth $2.50, Star Sale Price $1.25
Fine White Dresses, with insertion.
Worth S4.00, Star Sale Price $1.75
Beautiful White Guimpe Dresses, with a lot
fine embroidery.
Worth $4.50, Star Sale Price $2.95
Fine Persian Lawn Dreses.
Worth $6 oo, Star Sale Price ?3.95
Superb White Dresses, trimmed with fine
1-rench enibroMery, lace and drawn ribbon.
Worth $7.75, Star Sale Price $5.50
Beautiful Organdie Dresses, waist and skirt
riihlv lace trimmed, large ribbon sash.
Star Sale Price $7.95
Point d'E prit Dresses.
Worth $15.1)0, Star Sale Price $10.00
Fine Butcher Linen Regulation Suits, with
col.ege emblems, never less than $7.95.
Star Sale Price $3.95
Fine White St-c Regulation Suits.
Worth $8.50, Star tale Price $5.00
In Millinery Department
(Second Floor.)
The very latest and newest in Summer Millinery are
White Felt Hats. All of New. York have gone wild over
them, and we, in St. Louis, cannot let New York outdo us.
We have them are just arrived and will be shown for the
first time in St. Louis, Monday morning, at Nugent's.
They are very popular "goiug-away" hats, sre untrimmed and trim
med; among what we have are some very handsome patterns
Smooth Felt, Long Napped Beaver Felt and Hairy Felt, and all
White, White, White.
Trimmed Hats a complete line of White Duck Hats
Prices start at 45 cents.
Hats of lijrht straws in all the new shapes, trimmed with lace,
chiffon.flowers and ribbons
One table of them at $1.75.
Another at $2.95. And some at $4.95.
And a lot of Shirt-Waist Hats handsome imported ones
some that were S7.50 0n Monday for $1.95
Hen's Negligee Shirts
Fancv Woven Madras
and Fancy Percale.
25 dozen of each- C:f ft, fpnQ
a 75c quality at.... rilLV V-ClllO
"Seems an odd thing to do,"
but it's simply because the maker
for some reason or other let us
have them for less than they are
worth. They are built three ways
with collars and cuffs attached
with two separate collars and
attached cuffs and with one pair
of detachable cuffs without any
(On Sale Monday Main Floor.)
Belts, 50 Cents
Kemarkably interesting novelties,
in all sorts and kinds of Belts
Real Seal, Dongola, Walrus and
Mexican Carved Leather Pon
gee Silk, Black Peau de Soie,
Black Elastic, Beaded Elastic
and White Silk.
Your Choice 50 cents
Women's Neckwear
(Alain Floor.)
Black Silk Peau de Soie Four-in-Hand
Ties (48 inches long) that
sell regularly for 50 cents.
On Monday for 25 cents
Club Ties of Peau de Soie Silk,
Black, Royal and Cardinal (48
inches long).
Beauties for 25 cents
Ribbons A sPecial sal.e of fine a-siik,
soft-weave, high-class Ribbons
Put on Sale Monday Horning.
Fine all-silk, soft-weave fancy
ribbon, in all the new color
combinations; 5 to 7 inches
wide all put in this sale.
They are 50c and 75c rib
bons and we make the price
Monday ...J5C A Yard
High luster, all-silk, soft satin
taffetas, in all the light
shades and lots of white; 4
inches wide now is the
time to buy the ribbon that
they all want. We make the
price for . 0
Monday . 16C A Yard
(Main Floor.)
Toilet Needfuls
For Hot Weather
Nugent's Borated .Violet Talcum Powder,
sprinKier-top metal dox; most aeiicious-
ly perfumed talrum made, 2i cents
Colgate's Talcum Powder, odors, violet
or (new) cashmere bouquet, 15 cents
Babcoclc's Cut Roses, hexagon paste
board box, sprinkler top, 15 cents
Bradley's Woodland Violet, glass jars,
perforated nickel top,
50, 25 and 15 cents
Half-pound Talcum Powder, large metal
box, sprinkler top, Q cents
"Amolin" Deodorizing Powder, sprinkled
on dress shields destroys all odor,
15 cents
Nugent's Bay Rum, 25 cents
Michelsen's Bay Rum, worth 75c,
42 cents
Nugent's Florida Water, 25 cents
Murray & Lanraan's Florida Water,
49 and 21 cents
Colgate's Violet Toilet Water,
75, 55 and 37 cents
Colgate's Daclylis (new) Toilet Water,
50 cents
Hoyt's Genuine German Cologne,
69, 39 and 19 cents
"4711" June Roses Toilet Water,
50 cents
Caswell, Massey Sc Co.'s Cologne Water,
90 cents
Roger Si Gallet Perfumery, Paris, France,
$1.75, S1.35, 97 and 84 cents
"4711" Violet Transparent Glycerine,
-, IS cents
"4711" Japanese Poppies,
3 cakes for 25 cents
Roger & Gallet's fine Toilet Soap,
Cakes 21 cents
(Main Floor.)
For Women and Children, for
Men and for Boys.
Boys' Hose, good, strong ones Nugent's
"Iron Clan" (small sizes) worth 25c,
For 10 cents
Children's nose, imported, fast black,
light weight, that sell in the regular
way at 35c,
For 17 cents
A lot of Children's fa9t black, light
weight, ribbed hose the 25c kind
For 15 cents
lien's Hose, fast black, imported, cotton,
double soles 25c value
For 15 cents
Women's Hose, fancy, black ground, with
lace open work effect and line stripes
imported, to sell for 91.00 and 81.25,
For 50 cents
Women's Pure Silk Hose, in white, pink,
sky and tan, grades that sold fur $1.45
At 65 cents
Women's fast black Lisle Thread Hose
double soles, heels and toes the regu
lar 25c kind
For 17 cents
Upholstery Dept.
(Third Floor.)
China and Japanese Mattings,
Porch Awnings, Mexican
Grass Hammocks, Mosquito
Bars, Ruffled Bobbinet Cur
tains and Furniture Covers.
Clean and cool looking floor covering
Japanese Matting in Red, Green or
Blue, w orth 30c a yard,
For 18 cents
China and Japanese Matting, worth 35c a
For 25 cents
Bamboo Porch Awnings, complete with
block and tackle, (Gx8 ft.) worth $1.25,
For 75 cents
Mexican Grass Hammocks; they are rain
proof, size 13 ft., worth 1.25,
For 85 cents
Mosquito Bars for full size bed, complete,
with frame, pulley and cord,
For 85 cents
Ruffled Bobbinet Curtains, trimmed with
lace edge and insertion, worth 2.50
a pair,
For $1.25
Loose Covers for Furniture; protect your
furniture from dirt and dust. We make
a specialty of them, employ expert fit
ters and cutters and guarantee our work
Better order before going away for
the summer.
Infants' Department
(Second Floor.)
Embroidered Flannel
Shawls and Long Flannel
Skirts a sample line at about
half the original prices.
Shawls Worth 85 cents-for 35 cents
Worth 81.00 for 50 cents
Worth $1.75 for 85 cents
Worth 82.00 for $1.25
Skirts Worth 81.00 for 65 cents
Worth 81.75 for 85 cents
Worth 82.00 for $1.00
Worth 82.60 for $1.25
Worth 83.00 for $1.50
Also a sample line of Children's
Trimmed Hats, in lawn and or
gandie and leghorns at prices
that are about one-third regular.
50-cent values for 15 cents
75-cent values for 25 cents
81.00 values for 35 cents
81.60 values for 50 cents
82.25 values for 75 cents
82.95 values for 51.50
83.50 to 84.00 values?.. .. for SI. 75
Laces and Embroideries
(Main Floor.)
Special showing and spe
cial prices on Serpentine Lace
Galloons, in white, cream and
black. Embroidery edging,
flouncings, insertions and
double-edged beading.
Serpentine Lace Galloons, in
white and cream color good wash
ing qualities
Worth 12 cents for S cents a jd.
Worth 15 cents for 10 cents a yd.
Worth 20 cents for 12 'A cts. a J'd.
Worth 25 cents for 15 cents a 3d.
Worth 40 cents for 25 cents a yd.
Black All-Silk Chantilly Ser
pentine Galloons all Fast Black
Worth 8 cents for 5 cents a 3rd.
Worth 15 cents for 10 cents a yd.
Worth 25 cents for 15 cents a 3-d.
Worth 40 cents for 25 cents a yd.
Wcrth 75 cents for 50 cents a yd.
Embroidery Edgings, Flouncings, In
sertion and Double Edged Beadings, some
that are worth 50 cents a yard
Your Choice for 25 cents a yard. I
Clothing for Men and Boys
(Third Floor.)
Men's Suits
Swagger Summer Clothes, nobby Home
spun and Crash Suits. Trousers are made with the "Nu
fangl" patent waistband, to wear with or without sus
penders, and have the bottoms turned p s r
up (like illustration) $12.00 Suits fon.wp i .50 per Suit
Men's fine All-Wool Blue Serge Suits, all
cut in the very latest and up-to-date
styles every Suit in the lot a big
Worth $15.00, for $10.00
Men's and Youths' Summer
All have "Nnfangl" waistbands special
prices for the week's selling Men's very
swell Flanuel Trousers
Worth $6.00, for $4.00
Men's and Youths' nobby Homespuns,
Crash and Flannel Trousers
Worth S5.00, for $3.50
Men's and Youths' Flannel and Home
spun Trousers
Worth $4.00, for $3.00
Men's Flannel Trousers
Worth $3.50, for $2.50
Men's and Boy's Fancy Odd Vests, Wash
able and Cloth Vests, worth up to 82.00
To close out Monday, 50 cts.
Boys' Washable Sailor Suits (sixes 3 to 10
year-.), all fast color
Worth 75 cents, at 25 cents
Summer Neckwear for Boys
Worth 25 cents, at 5 cents
Boys' Colored Linen Shield Fronts, to be
worn with sailor, vestee or blouse suits
Worth 25 cents, at One cent
Boys' Vacation Suits, made to stand the
hard wear of the rough-and-ready boy
(all sizes, 3 to 16 years)
Worth $3.00, for $1.75
A Baseball Catcher's Mitt Free with every
Boys' and Girls' Straw Hats
Worth 50 cents, for 19 cents
V Jl
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li &! at
ran VV '':
VH nluj-
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t& XdsA sub
t o as
v-" nco
B, NUGENT & BRO. DRY GOODS COMPANY, Broadway, Washington Avenue and St. Charles Street.-
Men's Blue Serge Feather-wei;
Summer Coats (all sizes)
Worth $5.00, for $2iSP
; -T"VV ts3C-s-.. v- -FX-iu
vWiA-i-fe ga -ys.T6.f-;-t jrflj. va
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;feij;-ay vyisj-'.i w. j
-tt Jfig try-.;?- A-K;.

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