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..' v&r if -
; ,ij iSjittTJS.TVWi-.-u.
bbev Will 15e Ablaze "With Price-
f? less Gems Treasured by Iso-
sR. bilky for Centuries.
b .
Ladies Inviicd io King's Box Will
JSVar Wonderful Gowns Peer
esses Bound to Appear in Ruby
Velvet Kobes. Trimmed
- With Ermine.
, special uy cable to the sew
p york herald and the st. loui.s
. lt'2'l.l-HC.
J . London. Jane 21 (Copyright. iiwi v
( ,, Th- banquet that will be set bctoro
,,lhc Kirq ard bundn ds of other pa--
f tak-rs ol tho coronatlcn luncheon at
jUui .i'lall on July 2u w.ll bo rather a f
ili; thing. It will coairacr.ee with -P
O stvti tj-tive tureens of clear turtle O
O oup. Thirty trout will ue u;d for
ijs"rults a la ioalc." which Is to fo.-
glUow. There will he ninety-five slir&s
"Ifor "mayonraise de hoir.ard " Then
Cil come eighty dishos of quail, ror-
ty-llve d shes of ch.ck.n, f uhovv ed by &
"Sixty dlsliet. of larnh cutlets. Two 0
0,xbarons of beef will grace the groan-
S!ng board. "Saiade di-midoU" will O
$P'6.ar them comiiauy.
3 There will be thirty-two raised pies.
lilJ .vVTne "capons en uecnamome m v
if! Co.Jidmber tw cnl -tvv o. There will be
(ffi'l Jl
;j SarMly n ;ujm?'J,--m'mJuu. ii-Ly,. .
sf8j&? M JM$$ -SiA
w3 3a jP &&& P!vrf
Bricks and Mortar and Prices
"& Are' AH FaJling Together.
Diimcr uiPoiiTnns.
Trytias,we may to guard our goods from the dust and dirt of alterations ye find
there's only one way to do it make the prices so low that you'll see your money-saving opportunities and buy, taking them out of harm's
way. Seme departments must lend space to others more directly affected by the changes, so all have reduced prices. The quoted prices
to-day are only selections from thousands equally magnetic.
HT6J.l roasted Uinkeus, -IS ox tongues. V
3u "aspics do foie gr.is. 4a Jttl. 5S t
fruit salads, 7.1 d siies of meringues fr
and m pmts ot ict-s. O
JiLILAlJ-i ANU illE ST LoL.S ltl-i'uBuIC
Lonuon, June -i. euj. nsnt, lwi) Ihe
taai;n.fivenoo of the sisln that the Abb.y
will present whn U.kd nUti the cornatUii
assembly muy be iniuximd from the esti
mate that the value of the jeneit, to be
worn is cxpccied to run into m.lliona en
this memo.aule Ovcs on. 1 am not, of
course, referring to tne crowns and Jtw la
worn by the Kins and ueen or the coio
nets of thc peeis and peresss lor the lat
ter are of uominal vlu t,ut It Is the ijieat
dUp.ay of laiuhy JeneU that il coiitrlbu.e
bo largely to tne splendor of ills isen' . la
many casts peirtSs a i.ae had the.r ti.ra
reset, nhde ot.nis iiac twULut new o.i.js
lor the OtOosiuii.
Tne Jjuluii. of Portland has had a "new
crown niaae enJiely of o.d j we:s reset, in
cluding the i'urilund cii..inoi.,i, i.d the
wnuio 15 sia io i.e oith iio. us. tha.i -t0,-C0.
lue Ulk l.r.-s of n eiiiiin.v.ii hs a y ry
Kurgeuua ciuun oi diiiiioi.as, su iii.tf the
xuc4ie ot Uth.nbiie, w.iiie in jiuo'ie.
of bu, her ana ot.s the ok so idm rd at
Sat. let.rsurg, nu.le ti.6 Mi..i.b o. -lail-bprougn,
ti.e uuceis uf JJ:cWuru. tne iui.u-
es or stniiiist.r. the tiuvlus of Uju
cltiwh and vhe iucm& of ewcat.e all ls
ArKh their h sLer pee. -sej.
Alum.? ihe niar.nii.esses none will ap
Xsar In niur. bUigeeus jjcU tuan Laay
Jondocdcrr, l.dy Ijinsuuwut., Ii.jr Hi-te.
Iauy orii.oi.ue n,.d luy vv liiCieoier. nno
in l'icrnicr .Maicao-.e.s.
CollnleCM to Jlalte Btare Dlnplar.
The Couincsws are almost too numerous
to mention wno are laniuus for tluir Jew
els, but I must refer to uiuse beioing to
lady Uerby. lioy Polnoioiv"', tid iisse-x.
Lady Shaiiesbury. Laay jiar and 1-idy
Dftalonaid. 1-auy Spancer, lady llche&ier,
laav Carnarvon, iidv rLjiimrnn )-i.9A
Jefjels are. worth a fortune; Lidy Aanes.eyv i N
u itLcii, iauy tviiiuu, iauy ions
da,ft Lady Uradlotd, Lady Hone,. Lady
i'Btradbroke, Lady Ulesmere. Lady Dudley.
.I'whyse rub.ea are particularly llae; Lady
iLcndesboruugh, who has nad a new cro.wi
lTtlally mane; Lady t-arrlngton, Ladv Ab
.fcrdcen. Lady Cork, Lady Caledon, Lady
SGuloid and Laay Lis to v. el.
J Few will surpass Lady Galway among
thgpViscounteis for her great upstanding
crolvn; Lady Hood, too, has a tiara in the
total of a Itusslan crown, and Lady Gort
hSr nice Jewels,
fffcc liaronctufs. too, will make a brave
rfshw, when one thlriks of the Jewels be
fcloaclng to Lady Howard de Walden. Lady
jC.flurchI!l, Lidy Ashburton, which are es
ftxjf Jolly fine; Lady Carew, who has some
famous emeralds. Lady Lurgan. Lady Bel
Ptr, Lady Etury, Lady Chesham. Lady
Howard of Giossop, Lady Wolverton, Lady
Alington. Lady Gerard. Iady Wlmborne,
whose peans and rubies are almost prlce
leM; Lady Ardilaum, Lady Tweedmouth,
Lady Rothschild, who has one pearl neck
lace worth a mint of money; Lady St. Os
wald, Lady Itillingdon, Lady Burton. Lady
Brassey.- Lady De Itamsay, Lady Savllle.
lAdy Ivcagh, whose coJectlon Is probably
the most valuable In England: Ladv Llan
cattock, Iady Battersea, Lady Pirbrlsht.
Lady Farquhar, Lady Currle and Lady
Peerereie to "VVcar Itnby Velvet.
There will be naturally a great same
ness In all the dresses of the peeresses, a"
they are all bound to appear In ruby velvet
robes, trimmed with ermine; but there will
be great scope for taste and decoration In
the embroidery of these robes. All are
tc-Trear white satin. Never has there been
known such a demand for ermine. Some
of the more foreseeing peerpsses ordered
theirs Immediately after the Queen died
Some magnificent toilets are to be worn
by thoso ladies who ere specially invl'ed to
the KlngTs and Queen's box. and they, I
ueiieve, nearly ail are to De arcssedi In
& jrnls list now Includes Countess Tormy,
STJJfftOf tho Grand Duka Michael; Ladv D
JCa-aj-, whose BOld-embroIdercd drees w"ll b
Tr8rb: Lady Sarah Wilson, whose d.ess
"vmII be as handsome as cny one's present.
,asrshe always wears magnificent clothes.
uIW Uster-Kaye. Mrs Arthur 1'aset. who
lilsJB wear white, trimmed with bum. he of
ip40 grapes and diamond flowers, with a
new diamond crown, specially mane by
rBotfcheron of Paris; Mr. HonaJd G-evIle
'wif will wear white, with a suprtb crown
tjwi GuuiiiiHius muu emeraias; iay I'arKer, t
S15.1?! George Keppcl, about waose J-wclJ ,
5jn,V.dr058es J henr a Cveat deal; Baroness
hdiQWcyer. whose Jewelry and fl-esses have
created quite a sensation this season; ill s
,5Sser. who has received ths Elsml mark (
' or royal favor In recosnltlon of th r-mt I
inltk siie has done with her sister In eon-
Special opening Monday of
New Swiss and Nainsook In
serting New Ribbon Band In
serting in White and Ecru.
Barr's are showing the only and
most complete stock of Swiss
and Nainsook Ribbon Inserting
in the city.
Special Bargains for Next Week.
Itj-ir.ch wida Sw'ss and Cambric Edges
reduced from l"c to Cc yard.
tj-nch wide Xalnsook and Cambric
Edges reJiiced from It to Sc yard.
C-Inth w d Swi3 and Nainook Edges
reducid from -'5c to 15c yard.
6 to S Inch w d Grass Linen and Batiste
Edges reduced from 10c and Tjc to 2c
; to 3 Inch wide Swiss and Xa'nsook'In
serlings reduced from 27c to 15c yard.
lU-lnch wide Su'fs and Nilnsool; lnscrt
Tngs reduced f'om 17c to 9s yard.
1-lrch wlio Rllibon Band Trimming re
duced from 23c lo 35c yard
1 lot of Wh tc ADpllqu Hand Trimming
reduced from Cc to K yard.
1 lot of Wh'te Applique Band Trimming
reduced from S5e to 49; yard.
12-lnch wide Ecru Bitite All-Over Em
broidery, reduced from 51.75 and J2.OT to
He jard.
Ask our Divfsion Superinlendenli
for Admission Tickets to Suburban
Park Matinees. (FREE.)
i.-U-iiV-.i J-jA
le a.noi &UU
$5.09 for Women's
i TrT ai R jncr
iiLaa&2 tpa
Fft.no fur thin ri?nn i"o-t-.r..
The iibore strong tpiotation wo are able to make fhrouh the puicliase of an iinniens'1 stot-k of hili
class Summer Costumes at just ONE-HALF regular prices. This sale will be extra -ml' nary (irt. on ac
count of the lare quantili.es, making;. t;r:ind a'-soitni nt r. m which to select; second, the high quality
of the jjarmmts, and third, the s-sib; price beinj: only on -half the iisnal jirice of such dresses.
This Iarpe pun-liase includes costumes of or.ia- di '. lawn, dimity, linen, point dVprii. foulard silk
and net in all colors and combinations all are beaut:fu.ly trimmed, all have been mad during the past
thirty days; in short, cnol, new, styu'sh summer costumes, to be sild at less than cost of material alone.
$5.00 for Women's $10.0 Summ-r Co;tum;3
50.0 ) for Women's S!2 00 Jammer Costumes
S6.5T for V. o ncn' j 513.50 iutnmer CoUumes
$7.5 ) for o.ncti'5 SIS 00 Summer i outlines
$3.75 for Vora:n'.s St6 50 Su nnier Cos'um:s
$10.00 for Woman's S:0.00 Sumni.-r Coitarnes
S12.75 for Woman's $i3.03 Summer Costumes
' vzr 1 ni.'.i
vva.sn cjKiris.
A large and complete stock of those most popular "ricated' and "Kilted"' Skirts, in all wash ma
terials, such as linen, pique and duck all styles are exclusive, being confined to Barr's lor St. Louis:.
A few quotations for Monday are as follows:
SI.s8 for "ricated" Tolka-Dot Duck Skirts, white stitching.
$2.98 and S3.50 for "P cated" White Pique Skirt3, elegantly tailorel.all colors.
S2.0S :ind $3.51 for "Pleated" Natural l.incn Skirts, materials wellshrunk.
$6.50 for "Picatcd" Genuine White Linen Skirts, beautifully finislied an 1 draped.
SH.on for Women's $30.03 Summtr Costumed
SIS. 75 for Women's 537 50 Summer Costumes
S-0.0) for Women's $10. JO Summer Costumes
$22.50 for omen's $45.00 Summer Costumes
S23.00 for Women's S50.00 Summer Costumes
5-5J.00 for Women's $60.00 Summer Cosuimes
Number you ever so many
prett- hats among: your belons;
inirs. if there be not a black one
some of your most effective cos
tumes will miss just that touch
of style that only a handsome
black hat ijivcs; therefore, a
black hat is an absolute necessi
ty. Eijjhty-six black beauties
will be placed on sale in Barr's
Miliinen- department to-morrow
morning-. Embodying the latest
and best ideas, being exact
copies of French models shown
for fall of 1902; prices ranjre
from S5.00 to SlS.OO.
"I K " Hats for outng are the correct
Idea We carry a splen lid asortmcnt
at prices ransn g from 75c to ti.00 e.iLh.
We ref'voil this wek 2S I ght lace Hats
trimmel wl h light effects; they are
smart with 1 sht summer suits. Prices
rai gt- f mm 55 0 to J12.C0 each; ask to
Fee thcte hats.
Our new Fa't Hats for traveling are now
In. We sell a ery special number la all
colors for 1.50.
l doren 45x35 Mide Pillow Cases; mill
price J2.fH); Barr's price 51.3) rer decen
or 10c each.
3.000 yards ard-wide Heavy Brcwn Mus
lin. 5c a yard.
200 lozen 43i;6 Boeton Mills Pillow Cases,
tl.ia per d-zen. 1; each.
S.OOO yards jard-wde Hill's Bleached Cot
ton, 12 jards for Jl.u).
Qt TSM 1! IT 7 J 6?.t!!s1 P J.Z -New B&risuns
jfn jjc2.c m rflissiiSjii viiuciwcai oiiiii iiaiii(uco
dyertlng their house In G-osvenor Crsc-rt
(lntv a hospital for Invalid officers; M s i
"GSPfe- Cornwalli-We5t, Mrs. LpMa'
t-EtJthschlld, who Is expected to wear her
firlorious rubles and damords; her sl-tr.
UJIj Arthur Bassoon. Mrs. Hartmann.
flAIme. d Hautpoul. and one or two others
tThDfce names I have not vpf hpnrri
6 S$J'eral of the London papers have nn-
TOowicca mat airs, wmte Junes and Mrs
SArth-ur James have received invitatl ns fo-
fctlffe'rOVal box. hut I hnwpn in Ifnnw tn. 4
rffaWthat this Is not the case, at any rate
il UV .1W Ul 1,tlllllb.
Women's Gowns Good muslin,
cambrlc-tucki-d yoke, neck and
rleeves. trimmed with cambric ruf
fle; excellent value.
Women's Gowns Your !hoIce of
, s-everal styles, good muslin, yoke
fif hemst thed tucks una embroid
ery insertion; such as usually sell
for CSc.
Womrn's Gowns Cambric. V-shape
ncik. yoke of embroider" Inser
tions; actual value $1.00.
Women's Gowns Cambric, V-shape
rcvR. yoke or emijro:d.ry tntir-
tions and tuck, rufllea of embroid
ery around joke, neck and siUevcs.
Women's Gowns Cambric low
Eiuare neck, elbow sleeve, yoke of
tucks and cmnruldery insertion.
Women's Gowns Cambric. "Em
pire" stvle trimmed across front
and pointed collar with Torchon
lace Insertion and edge, and line
tucks fin shed with dainty ribbons;
luch as usually sill for 51.25.
Women's Gonns Cambric. V shape
neck, joke of fine embroidery and
Val. lace insert on. ruttle of lace
on yoke, neck and sleeves.
- 7C Wcm;n's Gowns Cambric,
?'-' J "C'htmlse" stjle, entirely new,
round low neck and short sleeves,
trimmed with Toichon lace inser
tion and edge, finished with dainty
Gowns Low. square
neck 'and elbow sleeves, trimmed
with tnse-tlon and fdge of "Blind
- embroidery and tucks.
Winnen's Gowns Nainsook,
round low neck, trlmmfd with
Insertion and ed?e of Val. lace, fin
ished with ribbons; excellent value.
$-j7 Women's Gowns Fine Nainsook.
J.. IZj "Chemise" style, fancy yoke of
fine embroidery and Val. lace,
tucked front, trimmed with dainty
ribbons; such as are so:d for 32.25.
Other Gowns All beautifully trim
med In fine embroidery and new
laces and all newest effects. In
prices 12.00. J2 25, J2.6J, Cl f C
il75. 3 and upwards to...v)XU.UU
pi 41 nr Women's
White Peli:coa.ts.
Wcmen's Petticoats Good muslin.
umbrella shape, deep tlounce. wun
tucks and hemstitching; actual
value $1.10.
Women's Petticoats Good mus
lin, deen kne flounce, trlmmou
with Ins-nion and edge of Torchon
lace and tucks, dust ruille; ach as
usuai.y sell lor 51 a.
Women's Petticoats Good mus
lin, umbrella 'ehane. deep flounco.
trimmed with fine embroidery.
41 -A Women's Petticoats Cambrjcc
v'-L--L" umbrella shape, deep flounco.
trimmed with tuiks and deep ruttle
of embroidery, durt ruffle.
4-1 or Women's Pettlccats Cambric or
i,-J muslin, umbrel a shape, deep
fiounc", trimmed with deep ruffle
or embroidery, dust ruine.
Women's Pe't coats Fine Cam
bric, knee flounce, trimmed with
insertion nnd deep edge of Torchon
lace and tuixs, oust ruine; excel
lent value.
Women's Petticoats Fine Cam
bric, deen Knee nounce. ilnlsnea
with vertical tr.mmlng of insertion
of lace and tucks, deep edge of
lace on tlounce and dust ruine.
Women's Petticoats Fine Cam
bric, deen knee tlounce. finished
with deep Utiunco ot Una embroid
ery, oust ruffle.
iO OZ Women's. Petticoats Fine Cam
t? -."J bnc. deep knee flounce, trimmed
with three rows of "Russian" lace
insertion and deep edge of same;
dust ruffle.
4f) Qr Women's Petticoats Fine Cam--J
brlc. deep flounce finished with
vertical trimming of fine embroid
ery and tucks, edged with ruffle of
embroidery; dust ruffle.
Every Da.y.
Women's Corset Covers Short
"French Fhaje. round neck, trim
med with T'jri'hon lace edge, such
as usrja.!y sell for 25c
Women's Cor.-rt Covers French
ehape or tU-l.t-llttlns. plain or lace
trimmed, rtal value 45c.
Women'- Corset Covers made ot
Na nook or Cambric; French shape
trimmed across front with four
rois of lac insertion, round neck
and sleet-. fimmed v.lth lace edge.
CXCilIent value.
Women's Corct Cover- a selec
t on of several sty.es Xalnsook or
Cambric Fieich shape, nick and
sleeves trimmed with lace or em
broidery edge.
Women's Chemise Good muslin,
plain corded band; excellent quality.
Women's Chemise Cambric, round
mck. trimmed v.lth Insertion and
edge of Po'p" de Pari3 lice, nn
Ished with nbben.
Women's Chemise Xalnsook, round
neck, trimmed with towsi of fino
lace Insertion and edge finished
with rll-bons; skirt finished with
dust ruffle.
Women's Corset Co-ers Xalnook
French shape, trimmed acr ss front
yoke eff'fct with lace insertion,
lace edge on neck. and sleeves; ac
tual value S5c. v
Women's Corset Covers Nainsook
IYincb snnpe rouUd n"ik, trim
med with Insertions nnd edge ot
Ynl. lace. fmi--iu;rt with dainty rib
bons. .'.
Womrn's Coret CoVera French
fhape. tt'mtued front and b-ck
with six rows of Vd. laie s'lOtilder
ftraps of late and ribbons culuciy
new. l
Women's Crst Covers Freich
sh.ine. Nainsook, round n-ck. trim
med nlth Insert cn a-.d edie of fine
laqe. IlnUlicd with dainty ribbons,
il Of) Women's Corset C ver-i rine
wj..uv Nainsook. Ehort French shape,
frort anc back of -fine tucks roaud
neck, trimmed with fine ombro dery
edge and da nty ribbon.
Women's Corset Covers fine
Nainsook, trlinm d with three
rows of Val. lace round neck and
pleeves. trimmed with lace edge
end fancy ribbon.
Women's Corset Covers fine
Nainsook French shape, trlm-
metl w th fine t-mbroid ry. Insertion
nnd edge, finished with ribbon.
A full line of Frr"eh "u-et Covers,
lace or embroidery trimmed rang
ing in prices from 31.59
Women's Draw'rs Good muslin,
hemsti'ched cambric ruffle, with
tuck.i above.
Women's Drawers Cambric, um
brella shape, deep lawn flounce,
trimmed with tucka and edge of
Torchon lace, usual value CSc
Women's Drawers Cambric, um
brella sharje. deen lawn flounce.
tlni'heil with hcmstltclud tucks;
excellent value.
Women's Drawers Cambric, um
brella shape, dp f.ounce of em
broidery, with tucks above.
Women's Drawers Cambric, um
brella shape, de p lawn flounce,
trimmed with two rows of Torchon
lace Insertion and edge ot lace
Women's Drawers Good muslin,
urbre In shape, dsep embroidered
ruffle nlth tucks above, actual
value Sic.
Women's Drawer" Good muslin,
umbrella shape, lawn flounce, trim
med with inerlion and edge of
lace and tuckn.
Women's Drawers Good rcjislin.
umbrella shape, deep flounce of
embrold-jry and tucks above.
Women's Draw ers Cambric, good
muslin. umbrel a shape. lawn
flounce, trimmed with Insertions
and edges of Val. lace.
fI7 9 .
In Muslin Vnderw:o.r Section.
Women's Shirtwaists, "Gib
son" stvle, allover embroid
ery fronts, tucked back, cuff and stock;
reduced from :?2.2o.
Women's Shirt Waists, made
tKjrw ot hnp whttp P mif "Uih-
son" or plain effect, trimmed down
front vi h double pleats, finished with
groups of fine pearl buttons (entirely
p Women's Shirt Waists; an odd lot
v of soiled wliifp waists. Indin linpn
and Oxford cloth: reduced from S1.9S.
Women's Drawers Good muslin,
umbrella shape. deei lawn
rlnunce. tilmmed with two rows of
fine lace insertion and edge.
41 fin Wom'n's Dra wers Cambric or
ra..v"-' mus In. handsomely trimmed
with embroidery and
piica Jl.uj.
tucks usual
,-AUTIIMM Oftl Olll !nT riimnrn
j"Ujuiii omuvju Itui I'HVUnCU.
M1FJtDcsnard Doubts Its Success
-'31. Flameng Frankly Hostile.
lfis. June 21. Copy right. 1302.) Two
"CTojw painters. M. Francois Flameng and
Vt. Albert Besnard. have been interviewed
lt)nthe subject of an autumn salon. M,
3(tmard has doubts of Its success, but sees
o.jx;ason why It should not be tried. He
yy. ho believes the Petit Palais could be
xic wo ma noi jiiznsen ex-
up to
Other Drawers All lmndsnmely
trimmed with Iaee3 or cmbrolilertes
in prices ranging from J1.25 ."A
51 75. J2.00 and - -n
upwards to D.DJ
m sr3a
"Nemo Corsets.'
We will display and fit these perfect-fittinrr
Corsets, this week, in Summer materials.
$1.00 Nemo Summer.
$1.50 Nemo Batiste.
$2.25 Nemo Batiste.
$2.50 Nemo, forv full figures, in Batiste.
$5.00 Nemo, for full figures, in Batiste.
Ba-rr's. St. Louis Agents.
Corset Dept., 2d Floor.
ale in joslit
Big Bargain In Dinner Sets English Porce
lain Dinner Set, neatiy decorated In pink,
grsen and blue t'OAir.f. contlilng of 112
pieces, worth $1150; Clearing Sale Price.
Austrian China Dinner Set, In dainty deco
ratKno, with gold-traced hirdles, conslst
lne. of 1C1 large and useful pieces, worth
J1S50; Clearing-Sale Pilce 91IJ13
English Porcelain Dinner S't, upderglazed
border of tlue deco atlons, consisting of
112 pieces, worth $15 00: Clearing Sil
Prlce $10.73
1 . . ;' LJa
p ' OS ' 1 c. " '--,i-'gl:rSS'-.
S Ol$
House Furnishing Defrt.
Nickel-plated Towel Rods, suitable for bath
room 18 Inches long, worth fr-c: Sle Price. ..-tSe
IS Inches long, worth 90c; Sale Prlcei..7:io
24 inches long, wor.h Sl.io: Svle PrIce.Oe
CO In. long, worth JLE0; So e Price Sl.l,"
Nickel-plated Sponge Hclders, to fit bath
tub, worth 45c; Sale Price..
Hardwcod BolIIng-Plns,
nnisnea i
SteI Blade Slaw Cutters
Towel P.cllerj. hardwood, varnished.
wasawws esuTTsrsraxi.
H 'W
H d?2r?'Cr jbi BMBt mnJiA
m ; n iar i jy xi
Fancy colored Pictures, as
sorted subjects. In polished
wood frame, size lOxi:.
worth 50c; Sale Price.. .23e
Fancy Imported Metal
liound Plaques, richly col
ored, s're 15 Inches, worth
C9c; Sale Price ft'Jc
Engravings In black and gilt
frames and 3-Inch white
mats, size 16x20. wor:h
11.50; sale Price M)e
Genuine Etchings In black
and g It frames v. I h fancy
corners and heavy white
trats. s Zi 14x28; worth
JL73; Sale Price 91.00
Genuine Etchings, mounted
on white mats, framed In
ornamented oak frame,
ilze 21x30. worth $3 00; Bile
Pilce 9S.00
Colored Photos, framed In
oval Florentine gilt frames,
size 16x20, choice subjects,
worth $3.03; Sale Price.
Hljth-grade Improved Cha-np!nn SVw'ng
Machine, 3-di-iwcr drgn h ad. w.th full et
of steel nickel-plat d attachments, fli
lshed In golden oak. for Pl5.)f
Samp es of hlch-inde Sewing Mach.ncs at
less than half price.
Tanqy Decorated ..' h 1 n a
Clock, pucelam d al. An-tcn-a
movement, elght-tlay
strike ruthedral gong,
wo.th $50; Saic Price.
Ilcavv Tin Wash-Bol'crs.
c pp r rott-m. No.", worth
Jltu; Sale Pnce Kic
Nc. S size, worth J1.23; Sale
Price Toe
Hcavv Galvanized-lron Wa
ter Pail, strong ba Ud han
dle. 10 quart" tfc
12 quarts lUo
te,A 1
Granite Tea and Coffee Pots.. 29c
Granite Rice Boiler, 4 qts 75c
Granite Colanders 23c
Fancy Japanned spice cab- Sad-irons, polished, per pound..3c
t iPi M
wood handle . -,
Fancy Decorated Bohemian
G'ass Water Set. 6 Tum
blers, hilt gallon Jug and
nlc e'-pia ed Triy, nil com
rlotc. worth $1.25; Clearing
Sale Price 7!c
Travelers. At'entlon! - Dress-Suit Ca-s.
made of so Id Ira h r. Ilren 1 nd shl-t
fold, brats Io:k and catches, size 21 incli-s.
worth M.W; Stle l'r ce u:.o-i
So'U Ivather Drcsa-Sult Casei, llnen-l.rel
sh rt fold, b-ass lock and catches, s'ze 21
incr.es, worm ji.ou; sale I'rice
Extra strong Hcus-hold Am-
mcnla. pi it sijie tc
Half-gallcn size 12c
Scourens "c
Electric-Silicon ,.c
Nltkel-rlated Soap Dish,
lift ton. worth J1.0: Sale
.l.ti'j Price .r.c
saie Price c Polished Steel Frjr Pans, jno. ,
Imported Wood Salt Boxes,
slightly soiled, worth 6c.
bale Price
Ban's p.eady-Mixcd House Hard wood Coat and Hat Racks.29c
niirl Floor P.ilnts. nil rol-
ors- iU3rt 4e Butcher Knives, steel blade.
Eathtub Enamel. Hp:nt.J--
p,nt -" Steel Cake Turners
Varnish Stain, all colors, 'j
;,"' JS Cake Cutters
Qulrta :wc Tin Scoops
I! 1 u - K a n Ftoor Wax. for
Wdwood floors. 1-pound pover Efrer-Beater
N!c'.cel-plated Itbe Hooks,
like cut. woith 25e; F"li
Price lc
Complete line of Taint and V;r Snfin-Tlisll
Vcrnlsh Brushes. V ire OaP -L'tSU
Parker's Coffee Mill. Iron Ty:rf, CofFpp-StrainPr
hopper, double grinders; ViirL vuucc OUdlULr..
enn easily be adjusiei;
worth 0c; Sale Price.. S7o
Corper, nlckel-platetl Tea or
.-onee t'ots. i-quart si7".
1U1L1I lif., CU1U A 111.C
Wire Coat-Hanger. . ,
Wire Fly-Killers . . .
Sixlii, 0liv3 and Locust Sis., St. LciTs.
i MBscttxns sx&tr.ijr si egg.
vc7 ex mnJj
Sifli, 01V3 and Logos! Sis,, St, Lcuis.
xs&oums csztTzsrsmiee,
Vtifnw? tnr It
lOIFIfcmeng Is frankly hostll4- He says
It would be n failure, but be thinks that
J&JPfJon In February would have, a good
IChahce. It limited to a. hundred painters of
thoBbest clasa.
Every year the city of Paris buys a cer-
yvujuuer oi piciures ircr
crasderlng tho municipality
. i
number of pictures from the salons.
.acrinn tne municmnlltv t l.irnlv
.composed ot Soclalista or Badieala, Its
i3wB are nnguiany eclectic ,. -
sr year the biggest purchase Is "The
tarnation of the Republic of 18(8." hv
eanfaul Liurens, ut other pictures
lOiUllt are 'VRlehn'Ioti " h Aiionor- in
otre Dime." by Glllotr n necnllHr nl'rtur
Vrt Artml . T H -K--V , Z "i I !"." "T
-. j ca tct,.urQuier oi ina reels.
Paul Neber. and various household and
ru,ul subjects. These will be hung In the
pclodlcal municipal exh bitions.
Thc summer exhibition of the American
Art Association, was .opened Saturday
evenlng by a reception, at Hotel Coade.
Many American and French artists were
present at the charming dance. The exhi
bition is open until September 1.
American Methods of Angling Dis
place Spearing-for- Trout '
srnenAir bt 'fc.e't57Tcr1TnE 'Scw-tokk
Pns. June 21. O5iJyf;si.J'la0iJ The
American invasion ha just- extended to
cngllng. Conservative. Methods of spearing
fur trout, salmon nod chub have been revo
lutionized by the Introduction of the Amer
lc n ir- i-otis of casting with the aid of an
extremely light rod and multiplying reel.
Messrs. Wjcrs of Paris. tHo first Euro
pean tackle firm to appreciate tBC ad
vantages Of the American mrthnri r Tina,
doing a brisk business in appropriate rods
Tanker Were Expected to Full Over
One Another in Their Desire to Pay
Tile Prices for Seats and Goods.
. Iondon. Junei 2L (Copyright, 19 2.)
"Where are, the Americans? Is the question
'London shopkeepers have been asking them
selves forvthe last two Weeks. There are
pew tho other day. "Over on our side of th '"But an Ambassador's residence is surely
nS, 2 dea P'evail"i taat accjmmo .atl si his own private property." I ventured,
will be hard to pet. and if they are to t,e "That makes no difference." was the re
had a man would have to buy out the hotel ply "If an Amrrcan cUIzen were fleeing
where he stopped befo e he gut away. i from arrest he would be as secure at the
Americans, somehow, dtn't like being residence of his Ambassador as at the of-5-tucK-.
f. have talked with stearrsMp men. flees of the embassy. Both are regarded as
They tell me ocean traffic Is smaller tn s American territorv.
j ear man in tne past. Where peopla U3d
to come direct to Emland. not oi-e In ten
Is doing so this season, but. on the con
trary, tne majority are sp-nUns their whole
holiday on the Continc-1.
"If. however, a eni nt th. Ahhev could h
sold, I have no doubt there are a hundred Correct Number of Star?.
Who "Wouldn't mlnrt tnonrtlnn- XIO.M0 to "ret biH3".II,.JF'iS!:-Z0 JJp' "E1. TORK
TH u i
which are correct are those comprised In
tho consignment recently received from
vv ash'ngton 'by the Amtrican Embassy and
the Consulate General. On tne flags one
sees In the streets the number of stars rim
SSTtfiYSS SOSES'- n ,hB new ; yofBkI
' Pew of Them. However, Have the! STeSSL" ,AS?rSS 'i!!.'
"- -" .vx; m iu, nuv, me Ameri
can flag is strange y unlike the one that U
-" " - '"'"mil "i mu wvuanuc. lor In
Y. tnrt tVint n 11.- Jt ..- n tTiA rtni
-piles of summer fabrics, on thc counters I at tho American Ambassador's last week"
waltlnir the bargain-hunter. Every squire Si1 tDe Americans including Jlr. J. Plerpant
iooi aions "i route or tne coronation pro
cession Is covered with "stands which the
Tankees were expected -to fAti ,,,. AnT.
other in their eagerness to .reach, and with
the goods and the seats are, still Unso d.
"Ton cannot get Americans to sucmlt
tamely- to betaij robbed," said Senator De-
London. June 2L (Copyright, 1032.) Hun
dreds', perhaps thousands, of American fligi
ftrY. flv!nr In F .rtnnri Hm(i this jmvnnntlnn
Morgan wore regulation, knee breeches, FeSson. but there Is hardly one nf them, so
long silk stockings and court costume seems Tar as I could discover, that Is the genuine
to have caused! considerable- discussion article. Ptrnaps not many Englishmen rcal-
among Americans In London. A gentleman lze that the number of stars in tnn rn.iim
who knows something about. International -of the Republic Is fixed according to the
C . """ cu i"c umcr uay iiwi uie i;i nraioer oivine states in tne union, cer-
that this costume was worn at the Ambas- taldy thenags seen hereabout would Indl-
""' "r same as 11 i were iivm n r cato sucn a qegreo oi ignorance.
American sou. J in fact, tho only 03gs seen In. London
the corner at the top, where shou.d bn
glorious constellation ot-forty-nvetarJi T
counted but twenty-Bve. while myJ"vvft
eves and thore of the gentlemen whri worn
with mc eould And only ten stxincsTt ,t
instead of the original tbirte-n st"
I notice that some Americans In London
rlo not seem to be qulto up to the news of
their own country. For Instance, at V din
ner given last week, when the toast ,
Prt-sfdent cf the United States." ? wks Dro
PO'cd, one geaUeman got up and shouted
enthusiastically. "McKlnley! McKJnleyr
fcpeaklns of flags, hc-wever. an Amerlean
trent Into a UU18 shop near Rccay
cus the other day Thinking- to have some
fun with the shopkeeper, he pointed to an
American Hag which was displayed In the
1 beg your pardon," he said, "-'but can
one of the colonies."
Nevr Clinrch to Cost 5CO.OOO.
New York. June 21. Plans have been filed
at the Bureau of Buildings. Manhattan, for
St. Aloyslus's Church, to be erected on One
"uiitira ana inirty-uua street.
Is estimated at $30,000.
The cost
For Infants and Children.
Tfie Kind Yoa Harc Always Bought
Bears tho
SSgn&tweof 4
i -vVn:?"J4;&2r.riiijSvi-;
a -J- ..-5.-
.iT"-iL'M'? i",!', lffi?'''-',&&-3fS'Xi- '

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