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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 22, 1902, PART I, Image 5

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SVflolr to-morrow morning the doors of Grand-Leader will swing open upon one of the most important sales
ever neia in oi. louis. owen usiuinei ana ouns, nanosome OKiris, ohk. ireiiicud.i&, aiynaxi w diais,
Wrappers and a host of Dame Fashion's best creations all from the stock of J. S. Salkey, whose short three months'
business career at 406 North Broadway demonstrated at least one fact that he carried only the very finest and most up-to-date
garments possible to procure. And now we offer you this splendid apparel at Onefialf OneThirdyes, One
Fifth of Salkey's original prices!
Is it any wonder we're enthusiastic? Can you blams us for being jubilant at the prospect of offering such unprecedented,
unmatchable, crowd-compelling bargains to the women of St. Louis? lrMail orders filled if goods are not sold out.
J Extract from Republic of Friday Juac-Otb:
Grand-LeadeF Makes
i Another Purchase.
The enwo ctoclj of J S Salkei To 46
North Hra.uln.a5, o 1 sixtinc; of Lidle";' C'loak3,
fault". Waist.", ranprn ind Pottico.it" has been
j bouRht by the CSrail-leid.r The purchase price
c uid not bo loan o-l, bu' is said to hae been
: er low. Mr S5alke had been In busincs.3 onl
a little otcr three monthb, but In this short time
J he catered t" tho er best trade and tarried a
- erj fire srac. of Rood The Grand-Leader Is
fortur to In hiting secured this stock, -nhlch no
dijwbt wll1 create a bis sensation when placed on
, rale In a few. das.
m iii .1 inni'iiiiiiri iirniKrniMiiiix iiuiiiiiimiwiiii'rrrii"v-)riirfinn rrrr-iiir--in-i-ii-v- ii-T-i-rir-'nrri-nrr-n-inrii rrnvi
Extra. Salespeople.
Kxtra bundle-wrapper" extra cashiers and 4
extra help In this department have been cm
plojed, und thorough carefi.1 preparations made.
In order that thia may be as it sure will
...A Sale to Surpass All Others.'..
Don't ml'.s It' rl the household duties wait
and catch an e.irly Morula morning car to
Grand-Leai!or'3 Rieat -ale of the dalkr stock!
Kery Karmint M.ll rotains the origlnJ? Salkey
price and our sel'lng pn e Note the tremen
dous saing on each'
$10 Tailor-Made Suits at $5.75.
500 of Salkrv's Tailor-Matle Suits, all tlji
season's styles Blouse, Eton, Reefer, tight
fitting, Gibson and Fly Front of Et3mines,
Grinite C.oth, Cheviots, Broadcloths, Vene
tians, Coverts and Homespuns, in Blue, Castor,
Tan, Gray, Red, Brown and Black plamlv
tatiorea or lancv trimmed jackets are lined,
and many of the better suits are silt lined or
hae Taffeta Drop Skirts
SslKcy's tW 00 Tallor-lUdo
Salts, at
Salkey's m.50 Tftllor-Mado
Suits, at -.
Salkey's J15 00 Tailor-Made
Suits, at
Salkey's JIT 50 Tallor-Made.
Suits, at
S.ilkej'a $20 00 Tallor-Mado
Suits, at
Falkej's 25 CO Tailor-Mace
Suts at
Salkey's $30 00 Tallor-Made
suits, at ..
Falk:j'B M5 00 Tailor-Mads
Pjits. at
Salke's 5S0 0O TaIIor-Mad
Suits, at
. . 3.75
. $6.50
.. $7.75
$5.00 Wool Dress Skirts at $1.98.
503 Salkey's All-Wool Lined and fnlined
Dress Skirts, of Etamine, Granite Cloth,
Cheviot, Serge, Broadcloth, Homespuns, Hop
Sacking. Venetian, etc. in Black, Blue, Tan,
Cabtor, Grai, Oxford and Brown some perca
line lined many have Taffeta Silk Drops
Salkey's $5 00 Wool Dress
fckrts. at
Salkey's J6 DO Wool Dress
Skirts, at
Salkej 's JS 00 Wool Dre"s
Skirts, at
Salkey's $10 00 Wool Dress
Kclrts. at
Salkey's $12 00 Wool Dress
Skirts, at
Palkej's $13 00 Wool Dress
Skirts, at
Salke's $1S00 Wool Dress
Skirts at
Salkey's $.il 00 Wool Dress
Skirts, at
S3. 98
... . $8.50
$1.50 Wash Skirts for Only 75c.
Salkey's Wash Skirts, hundreds in the lot. of
olid color or polka clot Ducks, Den ins,
'Crashes, Linens, Pique, Mercerized Linen and
Chambrays; some plain, others trimmed with
tucks, box pleats, straps, insertion and b-aid,
all colors, including black and white
Salkey's $1.50 Wash Skirts at.. .. 75c
Salkey's 2.03 Wash sj.irts at ... 98c
Salkey's 52.50 Wash Skirts at ...$1.50
Salkey's S3 50 Wash Skirts at. . .$1.93
Salkey's $5 00 Wash bkirts at...S2.50
Salkey's SG.00 Wash Skirts at.. .$2.98
Silkey's S7.50 Wash Skirts at . .$3.9S
Salkey's S10.00 Wash SLirts at. -$.93
J. Sa Salkey's Imported Garments j
Superb Costumes for street or evening- wear, of Crepe de Chine, Taffeta, i
Etamine, Laces, Nets, Moire Antique, etc. Also handsome imported Wash 1
Costumes and Shirt-Waist Suits, Swell Carriage Coats of Taffeta. Peau de 1
Soie and Moire Velour, and Imported Skifts of Lace, Silk Ket, Crepe de 8
Chi e, Mesh Etamines, etc. An elegant lot of garments from across the f
water, priced at almost one-third Salkey's prices! Only one of a kind, so
come as early as possible.
$150.00 Garments at . .$69.75
$125.00 Garments at . .$49.75
$100. CO Garments at. .$39.75
$4.00 Silk Waists for 98c.
Over 1,000 of Salkey's Silk Waists, of Taffeta,
Peau de Soie, Peau de Cygne, Crepe de Chine,
Louisine and Persian Silks open front or
back styles tucked, hemstitched, lace
trimmed, yoke effects, side pleated and bor
pleated '
Salkey's $4.00 Silk Waists at 93c
Salkey's 5.t0Silk Waisis at $1.98
Slkey's 66.50 Silk Waists at ...$2.98
Salkey's S9.00 Silk Waists at ...$3.98
Salkey's 812.50 Silk Waists at ..$4.58
Salkey's $15.00 Silk Waists at.. .$7.S0
Salkey's S25.00 Silk Waists at. -59.95
$3.00 Silk Shawls for $1.48.
Salkey's Silk Crochet Shawls, extra large size,
beautiful blister patterns with pretty borders
and lone frinjjc Cream, Blue, Pink and
Black sold by Salkey at S3 00
Sale Price
$12.50 Tra.vciing Cojxts at $4.98.
Salkey's Mohair Sicilian full-length traveling
Coats," in Black. Blue or Gray, that C JS ff&Q
he sold for Sl-'.60-OurSale Price. . 0)t. Z?0
Silkey's Genuine "Priestley" Cravenettes-
$20.00 Silk Tea Gowns $7.98.
$5.00 Cloth Jackets for $1.00.
Salkey's Cloth Jackets, consisting of Ladies'
and Misses' Eton, Blouse, Reefer and Fly
Front styles, of Cheviots, Proadcloths, Vene
tians and Coverts, in Tan, Castor, Gray, Blue
or Black, all lined vth Silk Romame, Satin
or Taffeta:
Salkey's S5.00 Cloth Jackets at $1.00
Salkey's COO Cloth Jackets at 1.98
Salkey's 7.50 Cloth Jackets at 2.98
Salkey's 10.00 Cloth Jackets at 3.98
Salkey's 12.00 Cloth Jackets at 4.98
Salkey's 15.00 Cloth Jackets at 7.50
Salkey's 20.00 Cloth Jackets at 9.95
Salkey's dainty Silk Tea Gowns in Pink, Blue,
uaranteed waterproof -1 he proper thing for tnwmti with tuck, hemstitchine. laces and
ribbons, lined or unlined only about 50 in
traveling or rainv weither full oO inches long
Castor, Oxford or Olive Green Sold bv
SalLev at $22 5
Our price, only
. $335
$2.50 Shirt Waist Suits 98c.
Salkey's Shirt Waist Suits, in hundreds of
charming styles made of White Pique, Pure
Linen, Mercerized Chambrays, Linen Lawns,
Dimities, White Liwns, Duck9, Tissues, Silk
Foulards and Checked Silks
the lot sold bv Salkey at 515.00
to &KU.UU Uur Sale Price
75c White Lawn Waists 25c.
Salkev's stock of Whitn ;ii?rf Waictc mn-
'tained nothing but the best known brands of
i While Lawns. India Linens, Persian Lawns,
Dotted Swisses. White Etamines. Basket
i Weaves. Pioues. etc. oo?n front nr hnplrcil,.c
Salkej's J2.S0 Shirt Waist . 9gc Gibson stles. tucked, hemstitched, 'lace
SalkVs CWSm'rt' Waist 1 en mmedl. embro!delT trimmed, long or short
Suits, at '' I " cic
I Salkey's 51 00 Shirt Waist
, Suits, at
; Falkey's $5 00 Shirt Waist
( Suits, at i
t Salkey's 56 00 Shirt Waist . Ofi
? Suits, at J JO
Salkey's $8.50 Shirt Waist
' Belts, at
j Salkey's $10 00 Shirt Waist
Suits, at
I Salkey's US B0 Shirt Waist
suits, at
. $5.98
Salkey's 75c White Waists at.. .. 25c
Salkey's 1.50 White Waists at 69c
Salkey's $2.00 White Waists at ...35c
Salkey's S2.50 White Waists at $1.25
Salkey's $3.00 White Waists at ..$i.50
Salkey's S4.00 White Waists at . $1.98
Salkey's 85.00 White Waists at .$2.98
Salkey's 66.60 White Waists at .$3.98
Salkey's House Wrappers.
All on sale in our big basement sales
room at almost half his prices.
430 Ladies' House Wrappers, of fast colored
lawns in light colorings ; Salkey's C
price, 6L'c. Our price &Q
S9J Ladies' Reedy-Made House Wrappers of
good dark colored lawns ; former C
price 75c. Our price JJG
6(55 Ladies' House Wrappers of good dark
and light colored lawns and percales, with
flounced skirts ; Salkey's 81.00 IJrtn
wrappers, at only JUC
530 Ladies' Ready-Made House Wrappers of
fast colored Batistes in light and medium col
orings, embroiderv trimmed jokes; CS
sold by Salkey at'$1.25. Sale price OZC
365 Ladies' Wrappers made of fine Batiste, with
embroidery trimmed double ruffle on shoulder
and deep rlounced skirt, worth 91.50. Q
Our price . .OC
420 Ladies' Wrappers, made of very best 12JJc
Percale, beautifully trimmed with embroider,
4-vard wide flounced skirt; Salkev's $2.00
In this sale at
28S Ladies' Wrappers of finest imported
Penang, in an entirely new style, elegantly
trimmed with colored embroidery to match
material ; 2 60 was balkey 3 price.
Sale price ,
Balance of Salkey's stock of Ladies' Lawn,
rercalc, Penang, Madras, Sateen and Batiste
House Wrappers; his very finest garments,
tnat sold up to 84.60 eacn.
Your choice now at
$75.00 Garments at... $29.75
$50 00 Garments at. . .$19.75
$35.00 Garments at... $15.00
In the Basement.
An entire ais e in our basement will be de
Toted to some of the Salkey stock. It's true,
some of these garments are too heavy to be
worn till next fall, but it will certainly pay
to buy them now when prices are one-fourth,
one-fifth or even one-sixth their actual real
value !
Salkey's French Flannel Waists, in tucked
and hemstitched effects, mostly black, a few
colors among them; sold by Salkey at
82.00, $3.00,34.03 and 85.00. Sale QQrt
price . ZOC
A small lot of Salkey's Lidies' Wool Dress
and Walking Skirts, worth up to 32.50. Ef
Saleprice jlSC
About 300 of Salkey's Wash Skirts, of good
cotton coverts in oxford, tan or blue, flounce
trimmed with four black and white
folds, all lengths; actually worth CCfc.
S1.50. Saleprice DJC
Salkey's entire stock of heavy-weight Jackets
for children, misses and ladies, short 19-inch
Coats, 27-inch Jackets, 42-inch Automobiles,
and full length 60-inch Raglans of Beaver,
Melton, Montanacks, Kersey, Cheviots in
black, blue, tan. castor, brown, mercerized,
satin or taffeta linings, many with fur collars
Salkey's $6.00 heavy-weight Jackets at 9flC
Salkey's 10.00 heavy-weight Jackets at '1.98
Salkey's 15.00 heavy-weight Jackets at 2.98
Salkey's 20.00 heavy-weight Jackets at 3.98
Salkey's 25.00 heavy-weight Jackets at 4.98
Salkey's colored waists of Zephyr Ginghams,
Madras, Batiste, Cheviots, fancy Piqnes
Tissues, Chambravs and white Lawns, solid
colors or stripes, the white ones trimmed with
rows of embroidery insertion; worth Ci
np to $2.25. Saleprice JJC
Salkey's $4.00 Furs &i 75c.
All Sa'key's fur Collarettes, Cluster Scar.'s,
long Scarfs and other neck pieces will be
closed out at the following phenomenal reduc
tions, in the basement:
Salkey's Furb worth to ?4.00 at 75c
Salkey's Furs worth to 5.00 at 1.50
Salkey's Furs worth to 7.50 at 2.00
Salkey's Furs worth to 10.00 at . .. 3.00
Salkey's Furs worth to 12.50 at ... 5.00
Children's fur sets, muff and fancy collar,
several kinds of furs; sold bv Salkey J JJ
up to $2 93, at per set " . . B DC
All Salkey's muffs and other fur garments at
equally remarkable reductions !
$7.50 Silk and Net
Skirts at 3.75
Salkey's Silk Skirts -over 1,000 of them of
Taffeta, Peau de faoie. Net, Lace and Mo.re Ve
lour, elaborately trimmel with folds, tucks
picals, s.hirrd ribbon, accordion-plejte I ruffles,
ruch ngs, etc. many hae silk drops.
SaUev's $7.50 Silk and Xet Skirts at $3.75
Salkev's $9.00 Silk and Xet Skirts at $4.98
Salkey's $11.00 Silk and Net Skirtsat $6.50
SaU-ev's 313.50Si kand Net Skirtsat $7.50
Salkev's 317.50 Silk and Net Skirtsat $9.95
Salkev's 820.00 Silk and Net Skirts at $12.50
talke'v's S25.Q0 Silk and Net Skirts at $14 75
50c Colored Shirt
Waists at 10c
Salkey's colored shirt waists in solid colors or
striped Percales, Lawns, Dimities, Corded Tis
sues, Chambrays, Mercerized and Silk Gingham
plain tailored, or pleated.
Salkey's tOc Colored Waists at 10c
Salkey's $1.00 Colored Waists at 39c
Salkey's 31.50 Colored Waists at 69c
Salkey's 82.00 Colored Waists at 98c
Salkey's $3.00 Colored Waists at $1.25
Salkey's $4.00 Colored Waists at $1.98
Girls' Wool
Dresses at $1.98
2C0 Girls' all wool Serge Sailor Snits -Silk em
broidered shields and trimmed with braid also
- lot of fancy trimmed Flannel and Cashmere
dresses for girls of 6 to 14 years Sold by Salkev
at 84.00, $5.00 and $6.00. 1 d Q
Choice Cpi..0
Lot of Salkey's Peter Thompson's Suits of all
wool Serge sizes 12 to 16 years -sold by
Salkey at $12.00. fl ) Q C
Ourprice TT.ZJ
Misses' Wash Dress Skirts, in lengths from 28
to 37 in., of Polka-dot Ducks, Denims and Ccverts
neatly trimmed and worth up to $1.75. QC
Our Sale price. OZfC
Salkey s Silk Petticoats; f
His entire stock in 4 great lots, at a
saving: of from one-third to one-half. - g
Lot 1 Ladies' Taffeta Silk Petticoats, accor- f
dion-pleated flounce, with two daintv ruffles, jf
solid colors; sold by Salkey from $5.00to$6.95y t
Choice, only while'a limited (JJ ( 3
quantity lasts, at. l$a,Jj
1.01 i neavy laneia aiiK Petticoats, witnUecpt
graduated accordion-pleated flounce, finished
with rose pleatings and ruffles, silk dust
flounce, solid colors and black; gj M t P
formerly $7.c0to$10.00. Our price.. CpS".!? J..
Lot 3 Heavy Taffeta Silk Petticoats, two deepj,
accordion-pleated flounces, finished with rut
ii-, cugco. witn two rows ol rose pleating.vj
others with circular flounce, solid, changeable
and black; Salkev's prices were (T 7 1 I
-r iu .... ic nitc vjaJ
Lot 4 Estra Heavy Taffeta Silk Petticoat.
deep circular flare flounce, finished with rows
of lace insertion, hemtitched tucks and rose
pleating:, others with Vandyke points trimmed
in lace insertion and lace flounces, all the new
colors and black; sold bv Salkey C fl 1 C
up to $18 50. Our Sale Price only. $J 3
Salkey's Children's
His entire stock of fine Reefers and j Cloaks,
for children of 1 to 5 years, sacrificed in three
lots Monday.
Lot I Children's Reefers and '-length
Jackets of light-weight Broadcloth, made in
the lateststyles, with square and circular collars
of white Pique and Grass Linen, nicely trimmed
with embroidery insertion and applique lace
Salkey's price up to $3.53 ff A
Our Price pi.7tj'
Lot 2 Children's a-length Bor Jackets of
fine all wool Broadcloth, made with large col
lars and cuffs, trimmed with all-over Lace and
Applique, finished with ribbon ruffles and Sou
tache Braid Salkey's price up to fl " C
$4.50 In this sale t.tD
Lot 3 Children's -length Jackets of fine
Venetian Broadcloth and Black Silk, made with
lare fancy collar and turn-back cuffs, beauti
fully trimmed with Applique Lace insertion
and fancy Silk Braid Others with bands of
Silk and Stitching Salkey's price 'Z "JJ
up to $6.50 Choice in this sle..C J. 3
$1.00 Girls' Wash Dresses at 49c.
Salkey's entire stcck of Children's Wash
Dresses (ages 6 to 14 years), comprising one
piece Dresses, two-piece Sailor Suits, Military
and Peter .Thompson Suits; also Confirmation
Dresses; materials are Percales, Lawns, Dimi
ties, Piques, Crash, Dnck, Linen, Ginghams,
Chambrays, White India Mull, Point d'Espritj
Silk Gingham.
Salkey's $1.00 Girls' Wash Dresses at 49c
Salkej's $1.50 Girls' Wash Dresses at 75c
Salkey's $2.00 Girls' Wash Dresses at 98c
Salkey's $2.50 Girls' Wash Dresses at. ..$1.50
Salkey's $3.60 Girls' Wash Dresses at.. .$1.98
Salkey's $5.00 Girls' Wash Dresses at... $2.9 8
Salkey's $7.50 Girls' Wash Dresses at. ..$3.98
Salkey's $10.00 Girls' Wash Dresses at. -.$5.98
$5.00 Woel Walking Skirts at $1.98.
600 Salkey's Rainy-Day and Walking Skirts f
in this season's newest styles. Bleated, box ?.
pleated, corded, tucked, straight or graduated -,
flounces, plain tailored or strap trimmed and
heavily finished with stitching; materials are f
Meltons, Beavers, Broadcloths, Cheviots, Hop'"?
Sacking and Men's wear materials; colors arevj
Black, Blue, Gray, Castor, Brown and Oxford; OS
3 5
Salkey's $5.00 Wool Walking Skirts at..$1.98
Salkey'a $6.50 Wool Walking Skirts at.. $2.98,?
Salkey's $7.50001 Walking Skirts at.. S5Jls
Salkey's $10.00 Wool Walking Skirts at. -$4.
Salkey's $12.50 Wool Walking Skirts at. .$6.501
Salkey's $17.50 Wool Walking Skirts at. .$9.95 I"
Adv&nce Cle&rLice of Strictly
Laces, Robes, Etc.
For the benefit of those who are
leavlnir tha city and must, therefore,
miss our great July Clearing Sale, wo
Inaugurate) to-morrow this special ad
vance clean-up of our tlnest imported
Lacea. Robes, etc:
R.obea Closing out all our im
ported Ijaco and Wash Robes, in four
splendid lots: made of Russian, Ren
aissance, Point Venice, Ernbro!dred
Chiffon, Point d'Esprlt, Embroidered
Batiste, Grass Linen, etc:
Lot I Wash Robes that we've
been selling up to J30.00 7 rrt
Choice at $i.3V
Lot 2 White, black or black and
white Lace Robes, worth Cf A Afl
to 25-Cholco at .?HU.UU
Lot 3 Handsome imported Lace
and Wash Robes. In black, white and
chXeI"V.?..;?:. $i5.oo
Lot 4 Superb Robes Black with
colors, white with colors and pure
white formerly sold up MC OO
to J5-Cholce .J.UU
Appliques of real Cluny, Russian,
Point Venice, handsome Chantllly
and Carrack llcCross Lacea, etc.
worth to $3.60- qa.
In th'j sale, per yard 'Ui'
45-inch Batiste and Ponginette,
beautifully embroidered In black,
white and self color worth to $5 00
Sale price, 49
per yard pi.'W
All our fine imported Lace and
Embroidery Collars, garnitures, tc
worth to J5.C0 some are slighilv
soiled and mussed while CI "JS
they laat, at, each pii.
1 of fine Brussels Net, ilaline. Chiffon
anfl WDeny siik sum wn jiuw ujj .
which wTfierVt:eh7.r-..ipIO
Imported Boleros. Garnitures, Col
lars, walat patterns, etc many
hand made end worth to S3.49
in-vnur choice at J1J
I Hand-Mo.de Lace Waist Garnitures
j also a lot of fancy Appliques; worth
10 w.m ?". JU,UU
In this sale at
9 0.J
soys dims.
Hot Bo.rfio.ins in Cool rVo,sh
Sulta Third Floor.
Boys' (S to S years) BIoum and
Pants washable neat pattorns and
plain colors, having collars ana
shields' well trimmed will retain
their colors when washed 5C
usually eold for Jl-Cholce "v
Boya C to 8 years) Russian
Blouse Suits, with bloomer pants
detachable shield and belt to match
.....ral Tttm-a in ftplf.Rt from fl'"
ways aofd for $2.00- CI CQ S
Monday ?' g
Boys O to 18 years) Norfolk a
oouWbreaBted and Sailor Blouse J
Suits, of Serges and Mottled Che-
viots the suits have always sold for J
SOD and $4.00-while they $2,25 I
it. Monday v fr 7
Airy Draperies.
These splendid values are on our
third floor:
60 pieces 40-inch cream or fancy
striped drapery Scrim, JS
worth 12c at, per yard TT C
85 pieces Simpson's best 36-iuch
fancy Silkoline, 71
worth 15c at, per yard.. 8 C
2( pieces double border Scotch
Sash Lace, worth 19c
at, per yard
600 yards 50-inch fancy colored
imported Madras, worth
39c at, per yard. .
50-inch reversible Oriental Tapes
try, worth 59c at, p:r JSJ
yard JfC
Bamboo Porch Curtains, size 4x6
feet, v.ith cords and pulles com-
pletc.cWorth75r , 3
150 pairs reversible Turcoman Por
tieres, worth $2.50 pair CJj J
at, per curtain 3 JC I
Large reversible Madras Portieres,
wuu mercenzea ana silt stripes
worm up to 54.UU pair
at, per curtain
Hosquito Bars, made ol fine white
gauze net, on square frames, with
cords and pulleys, worth
$1.39 at, each
Adjustable Awnings, for windows
or doors, size 27 to45 inches, worth
85.00 We'll hang them g-)ftD
free at, each $.JQ
Summer Silks.
Exlro. Wash Silks Corded Silks
in the summer shades, all silk and
launders perfectly; a recent lucky
purchase enables us to offer this
50c Summer Silk J
Monday at, per yard 3C
63c quality 27-inch white Jap Wash Silk
$1.00 quality 15-inch Black Silk Grena-
Sibwbaa Garden
Given with every purchase! No
scats for those without tickets, un
less you pay regular price at box
office, so be Mire and secure one free
before going to the Garden
Special Sa.Ie of Ladies Stylish New Oxfords.
Shapely glove-fitting Oxfords of vici kid and patent leather, with light hand
turned soles some with French heels others of Ideal patent kid and vici
kid, with extension soles for street wear. All made in the newest and
most attractive shapes, and, best of all, there are sizes and widths to fit
everybody! To make this offer still more interesting, wc add over a thou
sand pairs of Sample Oxfords from the Brown Sho Co. made right here
in St. Louis, ana wortn -'.ou, 33.UJ ana gi.uui bizes zjj to
4. and widths A, B, C and D. Extremclv stylish, hand
some y made Oxfords, and we offer you full choice Moil. at..
fr W3te 'iwwnwwwuttTwtfi tt im rjWMm w 111 it
Entire surplus stocks of the "Monarch" Hosiery and Underwear
Mills bought by the Grand-Leader at 40c on the dollar! A chance
I that occurs only twice a year, when these mills have a general clean
up of small lots, odds and ends, etc. Here's your opportunity if you
haven't secured your Summer Underwear and Hosiery an opportu
nity of the greatest money-saving importance!
Fly Screens.
Some very interesting bargains
in these indispensable articles
4th Floor.
Window Screens Extension
screens, made of hardirood, braced with
center metal bars
13 Inches high exterds Zi to 33
Inches worth 23c at
24 Inches hlfth -extenda 22 to 33
inches worth 29c at
30 Inches high extends 22 to 33
Inches worth 35c-at
30 inches high extends Si to 37
Inches worth Cc at
ie white
es. with
Ladies' o.nd Children's Underwear.
Fovs', Misses' and Children's Gauze
Vists and skirts hljli necks, lone or short
sleeves Mzvi Ii!to34 alto p-ints and drawers
wurtli upto.Oc In thlssale, per ffl-
gjrment ... . lvC
Ladies' low neck, sleeveless and low
neck, wini;.lcs e vests iilk taped necks and
arms, straight or shaped era and whlto
niortliuy to JSz Monday Salo lfl
Price . aUC
Ladies' low neck and sleeveless and
low neck, wins-Merve lisle thread vests- silk
taped, white and ecru- also tine Jersey ribbed
lisle thread ecru Union sulta really worth
ud 10 ,jc cioice
Liht-Weijhl Hosiery.
Ladies' Fast Black Cotton
Hoe t orth Sc and 10c In
this sale Jlonday, per pair ... .
Ladies' 21c quality black cotton.fancy
striped, solid color and dropstltch hoe
Men's 21c quality black, fancy and fig
ured half Hose Children's 13c
black ribbed and fancy H033
ured half Ho?e Children's 19c
Sale Price, per pair
Men's Summer-Weight Underwear.
Men's white gaure and plain and fancv
tiliiebalbrlppan Shirts and Drawers worth
resularly up to 35c Monday, ptr C
garment ML.
Men's blue, brown fancy striped and
plain balbricjan Shirts and Drawers also
white and Jancy honeycomb S-hlrts and
Drawers, worth up to 5Sc your cholc. OC
per garment AL
Jicis lancv sun striped jersev
halbrlKgan Shirts nnd Drawers, fancv mot
tled lace striked Shirt and l)ramrsaIso
Ladies' Socqualitv black cotton, fancy nlalnandfaucystripedlialbrlgan Milrtsond
" 1 ' J Drawers Tcnrth mi In !H.-i-liln, V.,n. IP
up 10 .jc-fiiHi-e jioauay, per 711- iici. striped and uropstltcn Hose iiens aayac
cirnitnt ZiWL - ...., ., ,. ., ... . ., ..
3ac iancy iisip. uuitn, uiupmiu-u tijju aur
Ladics' all-silk Vests low neck and "1 color half Hose-Children's 25c quel
slceveless plain and fancv crochet yokes, ity black ribbed and colored Hose your
fnuiv. u.iii uiut: aiiu latiuucr also mercer- nhnlrv. In this sale
i nxn in ntr,r n,.!., i.i.. ..,, i.i .. cnoice in ini ":
.. .... - . -J ... .un. ,(.iu u.uu I111U niAJli; 1. I
raents worth up to JlJi cho!coat3 "Ii
for Jl 00 or. each
Monday at S pair for 60c,
or. per pair
MenU fine blue, pink and fancy striped
silk me-ccriied Shirts and Drawers, fancv
Mile striped Jersey ribbed mercerized bhlrts
and Drawers alo plain and fancy lace lisle
thread hlrtsiand Drawers and many other
small lots that are worth rcRUlarly up Zfr
Screen Doors Walnut stained,
VIn. thick (-In. stile well braced
best wire cloth worth rn.
I1.00-at DVC
Natural wood, varnished X-ln. thick
4-in. stile black wire cloth 7ft.
worth tl.25-at 7t
Natural wood two coats varnish 1H
ln. thick 4-in. stiles best black wire
cloth very fancy- wort h ft Q r
J150-at yOt
Radical reductions on fine imported
Wash Goods.
Ilalf-orice for the finest fabrics
cf the season Main Floor.
Inch All-Linen Warp Grass Linen
n-shrlnkaule worth resularlr 23c
Monday sneclal 1tl
per jard 1Z2V
SO Piece-. Imported Scotch Zephyr Ging
liaras re2ulur25rand Xc values-solid
color Mercerized Chambrays ir
lucluded also Choice, per yard.... I J L
Silk Warp Gingham, with Embroidered
Dots and Stripes regular SOc O Cr
quality Monday Special, per yd.. -3 L
Our entire stock of finest Imported
French Dimities. In exclusive designs,
that we've been selling at 3.1c 10r
a yard marked down to 1VL
A Wonderful
Our Basement J
Offers these extraordinary values f
for Monday: ' x "
From 8 to 10 Monday Morning:
i 12Sc quality. 36-lnch New Tork '
litieacuea Jiusiin,at,per7ri' '
. a
j I2-In
f non
B A M.
to 11.50 choice Monday at.
cquaHtylO-lnchBl3ck Taffeta Silk
IftySt-inch Figured Satin Fon-
L25 quality 2t-Inch Crinkle Mourning
75c quality Sl-inch Black Foulard Silk
Sc quality 35-lnch Shantung Pongee
65c quality 19-lnch Black Peau de Sole
J1.0O quality SO-inch whlto hemstitched
tl 26 quality 24-lnch whits Grenadine
with colored stripes
8Sc quality 27-inch white figured China
tl2S quality 20-lncb hemstitched plaid
ana sinpe laneia
Tour choice Monday,
per yard
iinriiiinin-iirii-mnrii urmninxTiWiiiii-iifnimin vminmtmiti mmm-imnimumiHimmmMtMiiintnniimmamuwnmimmtmmMnwiku
Jewelry Offer.
Nearly 14.CCW pieces the entire
summer sto:k of Pichel H. Weber,
of Providence, R. I., and New York
Cityon sale at a price that's al
most no price at all!
Gold Plato Link Cuff Buttons, plain,
engraved and with pretty settings Sash
Pins with plain or fancy rims, set with
large turquoises and other stones
Jeweled and Fancy Shaped Hat Pins, In
mam-new styles Immense lot or 1ew-
led enameled and fancy set Brooch
Pins wreaths, knots, etc Also, odd
pieces of other Jewelry of many kinds,
really worth from 25c np to Sac Take
your unrestricted choice here f i
Monday at the absurdly B 1 1
lnw Ttrfrfi of. xch . W
Fancy printed Batiste Lawn, ,
worthluc: at, peryard C ,
Amoskeac Apron Glnrham. nil
. ., . f . .. " ZT .
' sijk ana colors, tor s Hoars, c '
per vara
Best 36-Inch 124c Light Colored e
Percale, at, per yard C i
Flpe Imported 32-Inch IVhlte India I
Linen, tho25cquallty;for21'T'.,i
hours, per yard. IAC
lS-lnch Sanitary Cotton Diaper, put)
uxiuivjuiu uuiLs. worta Due:
rors nours. per bolt..
he Suitings 3
32-inch fancy woven Etamine
white with black stripes, worth
iuc; at
2,009 genuine New Yerk Mills 9-i readxlS -
Monday each 3yC0ii
2 cases finest fancv nrlnled nirl''v
ized Batiste, really worth 20c; at, ivi?KS
if 5
-., . i .--, ... ..- . . "a
tiurst. impurctii -lacn sona 1'iniC OTrtt
Blue Batiste. regular2TH: qual- IJiA-P
m, lrjaiu ..
. jjoi;
w.irth 1(1" t iiic'r.
" Ttrtirj
Heavy all-linen Silver Bleached Tahiti t3
Linen, would bo cheap at 73c: A. Si
ourprice Monday , . ,TUln5
SPECIAL 100 dozen extra hea'vyrfjf
linen. 24-lnch viinro Damask DIniwrattt
aozlZV. . "?'.$ I. SOB'S
Bankrupt Booki
Two splendid specials from
purchase from the bankrupt Clii-
cago publishing house the Geo.
M. Hill Co. -STfj
"Famous Copyrighted Ficiion'VMI
Just about 40 titles, nicely boujiaj
in attractive cloth cover thejen5r,:ii
doocs are oy sucn autnors as ranlwK
Leicester Ford, George W. Cab1;.Si
Miss Atherton, Max Pemberto&'S
Mrs. Burnrtt, Norns, Amelia riiUi?"!
Barr, etc. your choice at...&3Cf.$ 'll
"Field Flowers" This dainty littls,
book contains many of EusreriarfJ
Field's most popular poems, such1 5 "
as "Seem Things," "Jes' Before
Christmas," etc. The book.ciaoli
beautifully illustrated and "haE?V?
never before been sold for less thainc3.'W
1.fM1 small nnarln rlntri hl-T'
bound each .'Jjfio4-
iwmim"" " "' '
- 3tf-Vr-'rf" 3V-2r"i5v--uc"
ij,Vv?v.'VS;-"x,iF -sSw
t,ii?Hi W'Jofe z.iz&.P&Ki.rZiZ;
h Sftir.,.. wjf-a-jgy. ,, v2--.-.-j
Vr " -Ci?

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