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District Attorney Has Been So Informed by Keputnble Witnesses. Who Claim to Have Overheard Con
versation a Year Ago Between the -Man Suspected of Murder and the Girl Who. With
Clarenee Foster, Pound a Watery Grave in Sliiiinerock Bay Broken Oar
Found Friday Night Seems to Bear Out the Miurder Theory
Developments of the Mvsterv to Date DNforow Has
foJ " f!iiffvii ; ,H;i'' -4- - Jrt 38f8F
Good Ground, L. I . June 21. The miss
ing parts of the boat In which Clarence
Foster and Sarah Lawrence rowed to their
water- grave were found on the shores
of Sblnnecoek Day late yesterday evening
and brought to Good Ground and added to
the collection of grim exhibits in the case.
Part of the lost oar was picked up by
the father of the dead boy. It was bioken
In half. "I don't know how It was broken,"
raid Foster, "hut I know It was a freh
break. No. I connot say, but may be that
oar was broken when some one stuck my
son with It."
The blade of the oar Is mlbsing. Samuel
Thompson. Clarence's grandfather, says
the broken oar it another proof of th mur
der of his grandson.
It shows that Clarence was struck, no
raid, "and accounts for the cut above ine
Th nutrlff Aitornpv has been Informed
vlhat lesB than a car ago. while In Mc-
Jown's Pats Tavern, in Central Pane.
Louis Disbrow was heard to threaten Miss
Lawrence's life If she jilted him. It is
said that the threat was overheard by two
men and two women of the highest repu
tation who had spent several summers in
Gooi Ground, and knew the man and girl
The story Is that they were seated at an
adjoining table, when Suddenly they saw
Disbrow lean far oxer toward the girl, and
In low but earnest, tones say:
"If you ever go back on me I'll kill you."
Gracio Foster, 17 years old, a sister of
Clarence Foster. Is said to be near death
at her home in Good Ground. The girl has
been more or less of an invalid for some
time, and slnco the death of her brother
has worried a great deal over the tragedy.
Her grief has terminated In a serlo-js Ill
ness. Louis Disbrow- lias not yet put In an ap
pearance. He has, through friends, again
promised to return to Good Ground and tell
all he know'B. but hl3 promises are not
taken seriously.
The failure of Disbrow to return to Good
round, to tell what he knows of the trag
edy, has exasperated the District Attorney.
and he will ask that an Indictment be found
by the Ground Jury, charging Disbrow
with do murder of "Dimp" Lawrence and
Clarence Foster.
Disbrow may, with an Indictment hover
ing over him. return and clear himself If
he can.
Miss Lawrenca was the grand niece of
SftxritiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiittfiiiitiiiiiiMiiiti iiiiitiiiiiiiiiinii
2 Brooklyn, 2?. Y.
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I I with Indigestion and other stomach
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1 I my only remedy of relief. I cheerfully
recommend it. Thos. W. Christy, g
1 HOHiBHiHmniiraiMiraiiitnHHHi'HiiHiiuiiiiiin)iiiHiniiii!iimiimre
59 1 kWf
DLMrr ir cut is
Ltt'Y? rlkL.rL BE OJ8B5- d3
Developments of the Mvsterv to Date DNforow
Not Yet Tut In an Appearance.
3)Ar?AH "JJlMPJ. X- A vfPil
Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Foster,
who but recently married a well-to-do girl
after a romantic elopement, and who went
with Miss Lawrence lor a night sail en the
bay on the night of June 9.
The ne' day thtlr b i.it was found adrift
in the bay with a broken oar in it.
i-ouly Disbrow, who is supposed to have
been affianced to Mis I.awre;iee. wa-. with
them. It I said, when the walked toward
the boat landing near ihe Kernell Hoa-e.
where Disbrow was a gue.it. Mr. Disbrow
left Good Ground Tuesday .md nobody lias
seen him here sine
Foster's body was tir found John Caf
fery. a lifesaver. saw an object floating a
hundreds yard off shore on the morning of
June II. He rowed lei'-urelv rut to tht ob
lect and was horrified to look uiu. th. dead
face cf the mtsMng man. Saveral march
ing parties who havo been dragging the
bay doubled their efforts, and within an
hour MUfi Lawrence' bodv was taken out
of IhA nnt.p n hnrf iHstnnre nv.iv liv
Willis" Wells. I
The mystery of their disappearance wiS
intensified bv the findmtr i'f the bodies, and !
thcte who are acquaimtd with the facti !
uut not Hesitate to advance tneir tneories.
Mhfc Lawrence was an heiress in her
own name, and despite her mother's ob
jections she became engaged to Mr. Dis
brow. Her father is John L. Lawrence,
secretary of the Guarantee Trust Com
pany of'Xo. 143 Broadway.
Foster, who had been a telegraph opera
tor at Moriches during the winter, elopad
with Miss Leila Tenny. the daughter of
wealthy parents but a few months ago.
.Miss Pearsall Henril Qunrrel.
Disbrow and the dead man quarreled at
2 o'clock In the morning just before Fos
ter and Miss Lawrence went palling, ac
cording to the story told by Miss Pearsall.
a common acquaintance of all three. Miss
Pearsall and Disbrow both lived at the
Kernell House, but a few hundred yards
from where the bodies were recovered.
Their rooms were on the same floor, .ind
she says she was awakened by voices in
Dlsbrow"s room.
"I am positive." she said, "that they
v.ire the voices of Mr. DHhrow and Mr.
Foster. Mr. roster said. 'Well, good-by.
Louis. I don't suppose I will seo you
again Mr. Disbrow answered. 'No. I
guess you wont. Well, pood-by; remem
ber me to the Kid.' 'Kid' was a name that
Mr. Disbrow had for Miss Lawrence.
"Then Mr Foster left the house, but a
very few minutes later he came back. This
time the men quarreled I got up and shut
my door because their voices were so angry
that it frightened me. Mr Dlsbron was
swearing frightfully. Suddenly he said m
a tone higher than nn he had used:
" "Well. I might as well settle this now
and be done with it." I could not hear
what Mr. Foster answered.
"Then they went out together. When
they got outside the house I heard moro
titiiiMiiiitiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiwitiiiiiitiitiiiiiiiiiiitiiii iiiiiitiiiiiiiiiitiitiiiiiiitittiiinitiiiiii iiiiiitinnitiiiKtiiitiifiu mug
There are hundreds of people to-day who
are suffering from Stomach Complaints because
they believe there is no cure for them. However,
there is one medicine that will positively cure
stomach ills, and that is
Stomach Bitters.
It contains only such ingredients as will be
helpful to the stomach and no matter how Ieng
standing your complaint the Bitters will surely
help you. We urge you to try it. It has cured
these people and will not fail you.
talking between them, and this time thre
w:is a woman's volte in the conversation.
Finally it was raised, and I recognized it
as that of Mits Lawrence. She said:
" 'Well. Louis is roming. too, isn't he. if
we get the boat? Then I looked out of the
window and saw the three walking in the
direction of the beat landing, w hich Is about
a hundred yards away from the houe. The
men did not have hold of Miss I.awrence.
She seemed to be gelng with them volun
tarily. . ija
nitbron- Lost Seeu nt HrenUfaNt.
I am quite sure." continued MUs Pear
sall. "th.it Mr. Dh-broT did not return that
night, for the occurrence had thoroughly
awakened me and I did not sleep again.
Had he returned 1 must surely have heard
him. Put he did appear at breakfast. He
didn't say an thing of the night before,
and neither did I. Nobody has seen Mr.
Disbrow nce June 10. He did not havo
much baggage, and I guess he look It all
away with him."
Before the bodies were recovered Mrs.
Lawrence made the following statement:
"IjouI Disbrow came to me and asked
permission to take my daughter for a drive.
I refuted He said. 'Oh. why. Mrs. Law
rence, why are you so down on me?' But
I made no answer. Thon 'Dimp' spoke up
and said, 'Oh, mamma, don't bo so serious
with Louis. He is a good friend.' My
daughter seemed to want to go for the
drive so much that I finally told Mr. D.s
brow he might take her ir they wero ac
companied by 3IIss Pearsall and hex father,
friends of mine, staying at the Kernell
"Mr. Disbrow promised that hs would
comply with this request anil they drove
Disbrow and the girl, however, did not I
can ior .miss fearsau anil Mr. pearsall. in
stead, they met Foster on the mad. Fos
ter, who had supper at his home, had left
immediately afterwards, saying to his wife
that he had an important engagement.
Appeared nt Pine Club.
Just where he was nicked ud is net
known, but the next seen of the three was i
when. .at about 7 o clock, they appeared at
the Hampton Pines Club, of which Mr.
Disbrow Is a member. This club is about
four miles northeast of the Ocean View
They made a Jolly party. Steward Rog
ers declares, however, that no wines or
liqusrs were drunk and that when the two
men and tlio girl went away nobody was
intoxicated, though the three seemed In
high spirits, the girl laughing long at soma
remark that Disbrow made as they left n
For the next two hours nothing Is known
of their movements. But ..Iter midnight
had passed and her dauzhtr aad not re
turned Mrs. Lawrence began to worry
It was about 1:S0 o'clock when she heard
the beat of a horse's hoofs on the road out-
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dear Sirs I have used your Bit-
ters and found it an excellent remedy I 1
for Indigestion and other stomach 1
troubles. I heartily recommend it i
to everyone. E. T. Trotter. I
aiuaiiiiuiiiiuiii!iiiinimiiH!iiiiiiiiiiiramuiiiHaHimiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiimiir7 I
3 - ir Z.
side. Taking a small nlsjit lamp, sdic went
downstairs and u the- du.'r. Lo iking ut.
she heard a mans oice. He ius swear
ing. At the same time he was lathing the
horse, whuh seemed to be fr.ght-ned and
prancing. It wns too dark for Mrs. I.aw
rence. to he able to see who was in the.
"Dimple! My girl! Dimp!" she cried,
peering Into the dcrkness. but there was
no answer.
She had only a dresins roue .n ard
rushed upstairs to put on nn.ie clothing.
When she came down again she ran out .v
the road just in time to he-u :h swift
clattering if the horse being dri.-n at a
mad race in the dlrcct.ni or th.- Kernel!
House an-l the Hampton 1 PCs Club. If
this carriasocvnlair.oi Dl.-br..v, Foster an-l
Miss lawniiM they must have drum
from the club back to the Kcer.n View
Hotel and then for some reason turned
back again.
Her Appeal W:is Ignored.
When the came cut. of tile housi. lor tha
second tlmt the carriage was still within
earshot, ami Tor the seecr.d time she cried
out her caaphter's name as piud as she
cruld Bui no atltntion w-.s j.nl to her
Louis Disbrow came to Good Ground sev
eral weeks ago and put up at the Kernell
House. Th's Is atout two mil's frun the
Dcenti Vlei Hotel, where Mrs. L.iwrem-o
and her daughter were staving. In the vil
lage proper with his prett our.g !(
Iied Clarence Fostu. In the summer he
was skipper of a catboat. in union he tuck
sailing parties on l leisure tm'ings "n Shin
necoek Ba. He is descr.bed as a e
oeiiilnglv g.Mu-loc kins ouug fellow.
Miss "Dimple." as MIsS 1. .wrer-ee was
called, hardly more than a s iti.l girl, po
lite, slender, had blue eyes an.l rich golaen
hair. Disbrow U oldtr by tar than either
Foster or Mis Lawrence. Th- girl's mother
savs that he is a divorced man. All three
were acquainted. Indteu. tiiej had raei.
from time t" time for everal seasons D.3
brow had shwn marked attention to the
gnl whenever they met attentions that
did not please Mrs. Lawrence.
fuller-. Iludy L'xhurued.
Under instructions fiorn District Attorney
Smlth, the bodv of Clarence Foster was x
humed and a careful examination v.-.is mails
by Coroner Xugent and Doctor Benjamin of
Hiverhead. This examination should have
been made lat week," and because it was
then neglected the results are far from sat
isfactory. It 'S imposs.ble to t-H v. nether
Fustcr was struck a blow on the h.-.d ti
lore death. It Is certain, uuufiitr, that
death was due to drowning. Foster's sKuil
was not fractured, and if thre was u su
perficial injury it had been obliterated. Tho
stomach hoj lieen sent to New 1'uri. that
Its contents may be anaijzed.
Several conferences wio held by the Dis
trkt Attorney. Coroner Nuient and tho pfi
attj detective who 1 at work on fie care.
After the last of these it was announced bv
the District Attorney that just one link u
necessary io complete the chain of evidence
that will cennect Louis Disbrow with tha
death of Foster and Ml.s Lawrnec lio re
fused to sav what is missing, tut lie .'
serted his 'ntentijn of rematmt.g In Good
Ground until tho case Is cleared up In soma
At the close cf his work. District Attorney
Smith said he no longer doubts that Dis
brow and Tostcr had a light over the girl
and that they pd.-ted bad friends. It has
betn provsd that sime oi.e pat oat in a sec
ond boat after Foster and ' Dimple" Law
rence started In the boat that wa m'.ored
near the Ternell landing. Disbrow dlsap
I eared and kept in hiding for s.iine iae.
Coroner Xugent issued a subpoena calling
Louis Disbrow to appear before ir.n and
Attorney Miles statement.
District Attorney Smith and Itowland
Miles, a lawyer of Northport. visited Goo J
Ground last Wednesday Mr. .Miles knew
of the presence of Mr. Smith, but the Dis
trict Attorm y did not know that Mr Miles
was here, although the Xorthport tawer
came as the representative of the Disbrow
famlly. The two men met earlier in the
morning tt Jamaica. They are well ac
quainted, M- Miles havln,- been the Demo
cratic candidate for District Attorn' y when
Mr. Smith was elected on the. Itt-nubht-an
ticket. Mr. Miles kept out of the sight cf
Mr. Smith on the train, und did not !.ae
Ills car until just before the train was about
to pull out from Th Good Ground station.
Then he wmt alout tho village, buvinjr
forged checks that had been scattered by
Louis Dfcrbi.iw before his disappearance.
This having been done. Mr. Miles eol'ej for
the reporters to whom he mail? a statement
In which he nssrtd the innocence of Louis
Disbrow of any connection w:th the death
of Clarence Foste cr Sarah Lawrence.
"I desired to ruako my statement to Dis
trict Attorney Smith before making it pch
lie." said M-. Mil-'?, "and I don't wish to
show him any discourtesy, but as I must
leave town on the lust train. I give vr.u the
statement nr.d ask ycu.to repeat to the Dis
trict A'tarney what pf-say..and to nura
him onicially,m wrMtpffawfcat I say to
you. r i'
"Louis Dishrow is absolutely Innocent of
this crime, and he has acted and will con
tinue to act under the advice of coun-el in
all that lie does. ,JIe Is not trying to run
away, hut he will not make any state-nent
or explanation in the matter urlfss a chared
Is made- against him by the District Attor
ney. If thit is drie, he wll! tell all ii
knows about the death of Foster an! Mis3
Attorney Smith's Iii'ventlgat Inn.
Trora the moment D'strlct Attorney Sm'tii
stepped from the train In Good Ground
official activity began, and between noon
and 6 o'clock in th evening more had ben
accomplished toward clearing ud the mvs
tery than had lwn doie In all the time
since Foster and "Dimple" Lawrence dis
appeared Mr. 'Smith was met at the station bv Cor
oner Xugent and William II. Field, the pri
vate detective employed on the case under
Instructions freim the District AttorncV.
They Immediately drovo to the house of
William H Wells, where the detective 13
stopping, and thore held a long conference.
It was then announced that Foster's bodv
would be exhumed. Doctor James II. Ben
jamin of Riverside was sent for and the
gravo digger was directed to have the body
remoed and taken into a Ilverv barn,
where the autopsy was p? rformed. Thus tho
District Attorney had caused to b- done
that which should have been done tlve days
While the body was Leing exhumed Mr.
Smith talked with Miss Pearsall, Mr Tur
nell, Mr. Corwm and others. Then he went
to the beach and looked at the boat In
which Foster and Miss Lawrence are be
lieved to have gone out In tho bay. But
ho was not at!s3cd w'th morel examining
the boat. He wanted to know liow badlv it
leaked, and asked Coronc Nugent and Nel
son B. Squires If they would get into it and
row out a short distance. The two men
pushed off from shore in the lmat. but be
fore they had gone fifty yards the boat w.vs
half filled with water, and they were
obliged to pull sharply to shore to escape a
Then the Dis'rict Attorney took up the
story of the second boat that was put out
from the beach on the night of the drown
ing. He saw the boat owned by rr-dcri It
Squires, and talked with Mr. S'i"lre's and
his brother. Nelson. Whi e he was well sat
isfied that tho second boat did go out t
the ba- .that night. Mr. Smith suggested
that It might have been possible that Dis
brow, seeing his companions ill trouble, had
taken this boat and rowed out to their res
cue, arriving too late to save them
, Kew Xork ?rjty woma., who
But then came the perplexing question
whv did not Disbrow Immediately give tht
alarm, and why did he telegraph to Mrs.
Lawrence from Eastport the next afternoon
that "Dimple" and Foster were together
and he was trying to find them.
This part of the ground having been cov
ered, tho District A.ttorne returned to Mr.
Wells's house, and when the autopsy was'
finished asked Coroner Nugent to proceed
with the tistimony. Doctor Benjamin, who
performed fh.i autopsy, was the only person
sW'.rn. No one expectesl the second inquest
to bring out .inythrig at variance with Cor
oner Nugcn'.'s deci.-ion in the matter, am!
it did not.
Say Foster Was Ilruiliietl.
Doctor Benjunin said lie first made an ex
amination externally and found no eil
dences of violence. "But," said he, "in thf
present condition of the body nothing but .1
fracture or a lerv deeo wounl eould be
j discovered. A bruise, abrasion or irdi?ar".
I cut would be obliterated by dee'cmposition."
I Int-rn.ill 1... f nml nnrmn! conditions. CX-
icot that the luufcs wer. partly inflated
"They floated when put in water." he . ud
"If a person we-re killed and thrown Intc
the water would there be any water in rtt
lungs?'- asked the District Attorney.
should think not." sa;,l Doctor Benja
mm. "but I never held an aalopsy In s'lch (
i .lie and It has heen a long t'me slr.i i
I. eked up nny authurlti on the -abjeei"
"If ther. ha,I been any marks of viol, n e
uron the body at the time of d-vli liquid
tlu-v show now? '
"No. Any marks, such a- a --ut ' . un
luslon. would be alisoiuleli elil'Terjted. ex
i ept a i cry deep cut."
Doctor Benjamin said tli.it he did not ii
cov r any abrasion oier the I.ft eie H
gaie it as his belief that Foster e-ame ho
hN death oy drowning.
After the testimony of Doctor Benjamir
had been concluded another conference was
hld between tile Di-trict Attorney, the
Coroner and Mr. Field". For nn hour the
were closeted together in an upper room at
tho hotel. It is not known what was deter
mined upon. The Coron-r announced no
"There Is Just one link lacking to nnke a
chain of evidence strong enough, in in
ludgment to Jjstifi the arrest of Louis Dis
brow." said the Dis'rict Attorn "What
that link is I do i.ot e-.ire to say at this tim-
Dishrow had n motive and the opportuni
ti. two things thit must be established in
proving a charg' of murdr
-'I no longer have any doubt tha D!brow
and Fosu r had a lleht on the beacu, and I
do not doubt that some man put out ir
1'redetlrk Squlres's boat fiom th bea"h
that night Louis Disbrow disappeared ana
has kept in hiding for some cause These
thing..- cou"t against him. I say one link is
missing. When that is supplied a wamuit
wi'I le Iss-aed It may be that Disbrow
will (hange his mind once mere and v ill
".olunteer his testimony. It would b the
widest tiling for him to do"
There has beta a persistent story told In
Gcod Ground aocut aa alleged wi'nes. of
I the murder of Fester and Miss Iiwrrce.
t Alth0U2h the name of the witness! is civ. n.
the story is discredltea.
Eiitertiiiiiiuents Plauiied for tlie
Coming Week.
The sixth annual excursion of the C. F.
Blanko Tea and Coffee Company will bo
given Wednesdiy evening. June 25. on the
ste-amer City of Providence. The boat will
depart from the foot of Glive street at 7
p. m.
A lawn party for the benefit of the Holy
Tamil Parish will be glien at Tower Grove
Heights. Grand avenue and Arsenal street,
to-morrow eiening In case of rain, the
party will be postponed to Tuesday night.
The Y. L. S. or St. Agnssfs Parish will
glio 11 lawn euchre entertainment and hop
en the parish luiin. Sidney and Salens,
streets, on next Wednesday evening. The
affair is to obtain fund3 for necessary re
pairs in the churcli and residence. The
omig ladies have secured prises for the
cueiue. and the gentlemen have engaged
good local talent for the entertainment.
Frofessrr Kleins orchestra will furnish the
music. In case of rain, the entertainment
will be postponed to the following evenlny.
The lawn party, which was to haie been
given under the auspices of the "Othellos."
at ihelr home. No. 4154 Peck street, last
; Frlda) evening, was. on acocunt of bad
' ....... t...- tiK.iivmuil nitll VrW.iv evanln"
June 21.
A euchre and hop for the benefit of a
deaf joung lady will be given at Trlmp'a
Hull. No. 1412 North Grand avenue, next
Tuesday evening, beginning at S o'clock.
Mrs. IX. Hunter will glie a euchre In St.
Kevin's Parish Hall. Park and Cardinal
avenues, next Thursday, June 26. at 2:30
P. m.
Thn sixth annual picnic of the Y. M H.
A. will take place teeday at Old Normandy
Groie. There will be athletic contests and
Arrangements are being made by the
managers of the Women's Training School
fr.r the second of their series of excursions
to bo guen for the benefit of the school on
Saturday evening. June 3. on the steamer
Cl'v of ' Providence, leailng the foot of
Oiivo street at 0 p m. A training school
supper will Ve served at 3 SO p. m. to ac
commodate the earlv comers.
A lawn party, under the auspices of St.
Margaret's Parish will be given on tho
church grounds, corner of Flora and Grand
avenues-. Tuesxlay. July 1. beginning at S
p. m.
In pursuance of their plans to have some
kind of a social gathering each month, tho
Y W. C. A. will meet next Thursday In tha
carlors of the Women's Christian Home for
A Whittier -evening. Last month th
meeting was in honor of Longfellow, un
der the leadership of Miss Elizabeth
Souther. Kach guest Is expected to con
trioute .i Quotation or some item regarding
the pcet'9 life.
The lEdle.s of F V L. Nv C. will give a
! euchre partv Mondav afternoon at the Bur
lirigton bulletins. No S10 Olive street.
NUiA&Lt rritrcun wtuuir.ii;.
Two of Oldot Families of French
Aristocracy to I5e rniuit.
Paris. June 2l.-(Ccpyrlght. ISO!.) The
m.'st interesting wedding of tho week was
hat of Mile Bertha Youttenolre de Toury
to M. Gerald Tabvler. which was solemn-
i?..t Ulro ,nrf lit tit.. fnsh!nniili Tr.petl
i ni.ptials. at noon at St. Pierre de Challlot.
the Paris cnurcn or ine cnamps i.iysees dis
trict. Tuo of the oldest families of the French
arlstoc'icy are to be united hv the mar
riage cf Mile Klizabeth de Montesqulou
llnunsac. dauchter of the late Marauis.
i and Comte- Jean de Ijevish-Mirepoix. whose
engagement :s just announceo.
recently made her fltagedebut.
Ose Fs-ru-na as a PrQfe&f.sn Ugains! Summer
Oolds and Their Disagreeable ;;',r
! A Society Wo- p-r-rjpyis
( man's Pro- ; pil )
longed 111- tfeJTO
Airs. CUas. Steinecke, a popular j-oang society matron of Sloujhtoo, Wis.,
writes :
"My experience with Peruna has been most pleasing. By care
iessly leavins a heated ballroom I got thoroughly chilled and caught
a heavy cold, which settled os my lungs. I wore a protector, took
many remedies for colds without success. With my other troubles I
had catarrh of the bead. Peruna was recommended to me, and I
bought a btttle, and soon began to Improve, and kept en taking it and
it cured me of all my troubles. 1 am most pleased to testify to its"
merits." Mrs. Chas. Steinecke.
Vis Harriet F Klmbro. Prairie View.
Tev.. Preceptress for the Prairie View State
-ormai ana anuus
trial College of Tex
a write1- "I .zn
Pleased to state that
Peruna. has proven
of great lalue to
me. I often found
that my duties
proied too much
fJr my strength and
if It were not for
Peruna I could not
continue to do rny
work. It is a splen
did tonic.invigorator
and the best rem
edy I know of for
women to talte. It.
acts quickly !n rid
ding the system of
cold and catarrhal
affection--" Misi
MUi Florence ilan. 71
Walton Place. Chi
cago, III. .recommend
Peruna. "
II. F. Kimbro.
Colds are considered one of the necessary
Ills of life. One 1 liable to catch cold both
summer and winter Very often summer
colds prove fatal. They are always, dan
gerous. A cold is the beginning of catarrh. It
may cause catarrh of any of the internal
organ the head, throat, lungs and stomach
or pelvic orgars A remedy that will cure
a cold then would cure all these direct ef
fects of colds. Peruna Is sucl a remedy We
have letters from all oier the Fnited States
attesting to this fact. The peer and rich
alike use and recommend tt. A book of
testimonials in tho exact words of the writer
GorxeooB Furnishings Are ia Place
and Hull Where Ilual Pruccsluu
Will lie Formed Is Complete.
Lemdon. June 3. (Copyright. l!W2.)-Coro-naticn
preparations in Westminster Abbey
are now very forward. On June 2S the ab
bey should present a. ery gorgeous appear
ance The new temporary hall which has been
erected in front or the west door Is really
superb. Here are to be en trophies,
devices of all kinds on the nails. It is here
that the roial proe-eIon will be formed,
ooming from thi. point in the nave, whuh
Is carpeted w ith gorgeous carpet In apphlro
blue, with the roaI cipher and crown in
troduced. The carpet Is of great thlakness
and softness, and is. of course, specially
made for the occasion.
On the right side will be eeated all
the Judges und military and naial people.
On the left will be found the elder daugh
tert and some of the peers and peeresses
and the members of the Privy Council; that
Is to say. those under the rank of Cabinet
The galleries above will e-ontain repre
sentatives cf arious public bodies, but tho
left will again be given to the elder sons
and daughters of the nobility. The front
of these eeate aro hung with "blue and gold
en el!ow embossed veliet, trimraetl with
gold cords. The screens are hung with
the same colored velvet Here are to be
stationed the orchestra and singers.
Kiar ff
Basket Comp
Open Statement - o
Arrangements are being concluded by the officers of the j
Mergenthaler'liorton Basket Machine Company for the sale '
of baskets far next year amounting to over Three Millions of
Dollars. This business wilt net at least Twelve Hundred
Thousand Dollars profit, or twelve per cent an the entire
capital of the' company. Shares purchased at present price,
75 cents (par value $1.00, full-paid and non-assessable), will,
on this basis, earn sixteen per cent the first year, and the
second year the earnings should surely be doubled. The price
of shares advances direct to par S1.0U) on closing of the 75
cent ailotment. This may occur at any moment.
asket Machine Co.
Subscription Agents: BANKERS' FINANCE CO.,
sent to any address free of charge bjr Th
Feruoa. Medicine Co.. Columbus, Ohio.
Mrs. F. B. Henderson. 632 Grand Ave..
Milwaukee. Wis., Treasurer of the Schiller
Club, writes: "I never had any faith la
patent medicines until I tried Peruna. but
my experience with this reliable medlelna
has taught me that there Is one which cart
be trusted and which will not fall In time of
"For the Dast few lears I havs found that
l caugnt coia eas'iy
which would settle
in a most unpleas
ant catarrh of the
head. I had to be
especially careful
about "being out
evenlrgs and not to
get chilled when
dressed thin for
nartles. but since I
have used Peruna
my general health Is improved, ana my.
si stem is In such good condition that evert
though I am exposed to inclement weather.
It no longer affects me.
"I have a splendid appetite, and enjor
life, being In perfect health." Mrs. B. S".
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factor" results from the use of Peruna.
write at once to Dr. Hartman. giving a full
statement of your case and he will bo
pleased to give jou his valuable advlca
Address Dr. llartman. President of Tho
Hartman Sanitarium. Columbus. Ohio.
AH the foreign envoys will bet placed In
this section. Here tt Is that Mr. and Mrs.
Whltelaw Iteld will be provided with seatr.
The entire south transept Is given up to
peers, for whom Chippendale chairs ara
provided. Four seats in the front row aro
reserved for Lord Rosehery. Lord Cadogaa
and the two other Knights of the Gartar
who are to carry the golden canopy over
the icing.
The north transept, -which is exactly th
same size, is reserved for the peeresses.
Peeresses who have been privileged to In
spect their places were dismayed to flneX
that the Chippendale chairs have cana
seats, which will, of course, mark the velvet
of their robes, besides being rather hard for
the mtny hcurs they will be seatad there.
1 have heard that one or two ladles Intend
taking cushions with them, but a peeress
blowing out an air cushion would be aji ex
tremely ludicrous sight on such an occaslo'i
In the gallery of the south transept Is th
King's box Corresponding with It, on th
north transept, will be Queen Alexandra's.
Above those of the peers and peeresses
long rows and tiers of seats are found for
the members of the House of Commons and
their wiles, who will Indeed have a tetur
view than those below.
The tiqoritvr where the two thrones are
now arranged has been raised nearly fifteen
feet. In order that their Majesties may bo
seen by all All the flooring here Is rovrd
In the same beautiful blue carpet. Altbeuxh
the tpacs U very big here. It U doubtful
now whether there will be room enough for
thoie taking part in the great ceremony.
Almost beneath the King's box there Is &
beautifully decorated box for the Prlncea
and Princesses of royal blood. Behind them
are seats for the members of their house
holds The entire scheme of decoration Is In olua
and gold, and here and there tanestxles
taken f-cm the Jerusalem Chamber are
most skillfully Introduced.
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3 nrt
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,. . ! . '- .- . tk.ftl: -...3..1i.-. .vA-'rf-.",&. lil'C-. .U.J3.VirJ.Jt-',-'i
W- "i-f.c-.---I-"3 ,lfrfS5?rS&SSiP.-J r'-&Ei2Jdm&iJ3&--JK

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