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1-p- xrf&
Be.il Estnto Conditions Around
I Forest P.vk Show Strong Evi
f dence c(L Improvement.
Salesmen for Real Estate Finns
: Will Form Club Volume of
I June Business Excep
tionally Heavy.
The a m(! it,.- the World's Fair of 3
". cnl-n.s -- ie of Forest Park, be
tween &K nkr road arid Pennsylvania ave-
v nui . w m of trtrss.end.mt interest to real
o im n lit w e. k It was generally
m'ru hi tli I i r management had ex-
vS CCl-ed Ple-idiI aLll.tv In consmnmntinj-
this deil f r pro'erty which has been In
F.ro"g unni d
Inn elopaients in the C-itUn tract negotia
tions ar- expected this week, and the ira
rnsinn nrim's that the plan of the CiU-z-iuf
Cirnm.fte njd be carried out, asaur
S lis tho i."-c f tho p-pnity between De
' lljlifre a-nu' jrd t'oinker road for the
Pi-ir ThP r-orditun that the tracks of the
" 3tork I 'land road b- removed or placed in a
i tuha. it is lilit.td. ul be compiled
, With
J An eidence of corfiuence in the successful
f utcome of this plan was afforded bv tne
f ale of a lot JflOxlSO feet, on the north Fid
if Ie G. r,j.le avenue, near Do lliUt'cri
f venue for $ia3rti. -nhich was M per csnt
Jm'i.'i' th .n thi p-of rtv was quoted it a
f jew wtt.s hao iiinm A. Haren. mn
sger vt the Waliw-iRht Brewery, snide th
jmrcha'f rh-cucu tl Hajdcl Pcalty Com
pany, it Ii urdei 5 d that improein nt-
via the ra'urc of a i rm ment hcttl or apart
fe ment-house ml! 1 r m de
Jt Adjacei-t property has slicnn a 'is In
t ulue sin the si-he-n' to D'jee th rail
road tra Ks t.n J'r ?rom d, and build a :iiv
, lay d-pot at lie Balm- re avenue, prom "-e
fc to be adopted. Vcrv litt!" of the property
- is oJTered for :ale at all. the owners b-Iie-,
lis that the future prices for residence pur
j oses after the Fair mil make It wo'th
' Viilc to held on. icd meanwhile raal.
thort je sts at reasonabb iiU'e"
Jtitlc !llitlilcs I t;ooil.
The usual fall.15 off in th voiuroe of real
estate bu-i' ess in June ha1- n set ap-
ieaidj asi-o rrom tho worlt s I air dnl,
thO figures complied by the Real Estate Ex-
change from official records show that there 1 erection of an eight-room house,
liav-e been M4 transfers 01 prorcity th.s Lot 30x103 feet on tho north side of Ken
raonth up to and Including the JCth amount- rerlv avenue. ast of Goodfellow avenue,
lng to 5227J053 This Is J3 per cent greater . ;)0rp Geo I Prcndergait to F Dunmann,
than rn- tre corrmpondlng I'enod lat jcar for ttt) This p-orerty was purchased by
The i's "f trust fll-d amourt to $l-.43,'t. Mr Dunmann for an Investment.
Agerts nport c strorg o mand f r mar- Tho Lincoln Trust Company reports that
lifartunng sins and busin-ss prepert. as it has had a large number of inquiries for
tu ,!- iKbjiiL-nLe- iols. ine rem uses cjh-
tmue to be inadecuate to the den-an Is Tie
Mre-antile Trust Companv i qui lv dis-
- posing 01 t! e ntlre C'ompton Ht lghts tract,
VS Idts agjrregating In value $150 Oj0 having al-
rcidj been disposed of Tho Lincoln Trust
Company and other agencies handling sub-
uiuclii yiuieiij aisu it-jiuri guuu uosiues.
Wl Ai-tivltjDotvntovviJ.
ln downtown realty that has ben Inactive
jjtr the bant few jears a revival appears
'Jle u!J Western Union Telegraph building
onVthe northpist curner or Third an J Olive
tk-is was sold last week through John
Giethio- Co. from the Ppengler
futa to John F Cherrv for $27.C0a Iwo
weeks ago Mr. Cherry seemed an option on
th- proptnj, 11S1 feet, for $23 f.0 The
pie. ent imp ovements are antiquated and
a nt building probably v1H be erected
V .other eeiiuL, in w ti t h rral estate has
1 ien dull, but Is now aura ting attention.
i- the business diHrict north of Washing
ton ard east to Jefferson uenue. The
j.rtuoli Trust Company seld three stores.
' 3-p 1311 1116 and 131S FrinKlin avenue, to
William McHale for $430) Mr. Mcllale
propo.es to xperd about 520.COO Jn remod
e'lrg the buildings ana malting them at-traetlv-
Snletfinen to Form n Club.
The iel estate -a!e-rren emploved by the
varioua asei ts "oi the street." have res-
.onded to the current idea of consolidation
Jind co-oneratieii bv nrtDarinir a club to
which a 1 of the sat stieu In ;,ood Stan Un
"v th reputable firn 3 are eligible for mem
bership p W P. McCrory and Clarence C. King ln
r.ugurated the movmniL Thcj have sug
j ijested that quarters be secured In the Real
X.3.ate Lxdangi, and all salesmen who
desire to loin w 11 ;ird a list at the cx
r Uiauge to-n orron, e- tting forth tho objects
"'of thi Ciuo It Is believed that co-opera--?-.tjr
vHl servo to cut out curb-stonol brok-
tjjfs who are charted w th do'ng a "cut
uroat buslress. and will benefit the rcgu
TJvlar agents nnd servo to keep real estate
iSvprlces unj commissions upon a legitimate
" Diane
i;irlinnfit A nrk Coinplimenteil.
The 'iarufaeturer Record cf Baltimore,
last week In retcrring to real estato con
ditions, said
St Louis his a. ral estate exchange
with a home 01 Its own and a membership
of soma 1J0. a 'd. like ail other organiza
tions In St, Louis, it I kes aa acti.e part
in promoting tho welfare of the citv The
claim is made that this exchange was tho
. Srst organized bus.ness body to Indorse
the movement to celebrate the Louslana
Purchase by a world's fair, and other
leathers in it3 cap are activity in striving
10 have the last United States census
nhow the actual population of the city, in
eccuring desired legislation in the Interest
of property owners, and In putting through
other measures of benefit to the citv.
"It 13 directly responsible lor tho com
rplete end most excellent system of street
tdsns now in use. it is active in the move
ment fo- clean streets and rr.oie and bettor
paved s. rets, ai d in all things Its mem
bership Is inspnod by the common zeal and
(jiihusiastic ocerminition so noticeable
among St. Louis ms to work for the un
building and up.iftirg of the citv in whoso
' progress they toe such pride, and whose
r Position as one or the greatest cities of tho
-vorld they aro dedna tr.clr utmost to cstao-
hsh beyond dispute
Lincoln Trust Company.
Tho Lincoln Trust Company reports that
last week has been a v cry mtlsf actory on""
in the real estate department.
The company's largest sale for the wee'e
was a piece, of investment property on
Franklin avenue which was sold from,
William IL Buchanan and wife, to Wlll'am
Mcllale, for $43,000 This propertv fronts
60 feet on ths south side or Franklin
fiuc, with buildings therfon, known as
1314 1315 and 1318 Franklin, three stores
rooms above. As soon as the deeds
passed Mr McHale placed this mat
In the hands of his architect, who is
aring plans for alterations. In this dis
trict much activity ts observable and a
number of propositions to lease this prop-
A Most Remarkable Remedy That
Quickly Restores Lost Vizor
To Hen.
A, Free Trial Package Sent By
To All Who Write.
'Free trial packages ot J. most rmarkabU
remedy aro -belnz mailed ui all who wlU
irrlta the State Medical Institute. They
cored so many men who had battled for
years agaln3t the mental and phytical suf
fering of bt manhood that the lntitjt
hs decided to distribute Tres tnal pack
r.e m alt who write. It is a. home treat-
fcmnt and all men who suiter with any form
'-. v.-rni -ropaVnoEs. resulting from youth
ni nnt. tirmatiire 1om& of strenrttf and
aerhory.'weak back, varicocele, or tmacla-
lon CI Parts cau uui( uiug luviueiv c m.
name. .., , ..,. , .-
ThJ rimecy uua -w iu.uu-o Kiaivikii k.-
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ithe desired location, giving strength and
I development just where It Is needed. It
Scares all the ills and troubles that cora
"trom years of misuse of the natural fanc-
tions and has been an absolute success In
Fan cases. A request to the State Medical
lastltute. 1040 Elektron building. Fort
f 'Wayne. fc-- sUrUnK that you deslr one bf
'their free, trial packages will be compjljd
with promptly. The Institute is desirous of
rtachlog that great class of men who ars
enable to leave home to be treated and ths
ee sample will enabje them to seo bow
ir It Is to be cured of sexual weakness
stfben the proper remedies are employed.
,-The Institute mskis no restrictions. Any
scan who writes.wlll be sent a free sample.
wrefclly sealed in a plain p2ekaga so ttat
Its recipient need have tio fear of eaibar-
ment cr puniicuy oveaueis .iv tv
to write wllnoux acuur.
,.V Vvt,, --, ge,
trty for a term of years when-completed
ia.vu uiruau. occn received. - ;
Also ttold the northwest corner ot'Von
V (ro. r 'inrt l"tl . -i m en 1A -vUt JTw-l ."W J ..
ttith iixo-Ktorv lirirt ? ifuninc- -iiitVw-ot
modern !mnrtipnnTit fr-i-wr.- ia r. it
Tatuar -who was xetrcsentStr b Cornet
Liblg. to JI. U Vrapa-focUlftW.-iThis is
en tlegant dnellinir containing ten rooms,
tiled bathrooms hardwood floors and all
Imp'-OMmtnt'-. and waa purchased by Mr.
Urupe fr a home.
No i.H"i Theodosia avenue, two modern
. (-l i- Tv s--- j. .--..' .7 .
llats c naln.iig lour rooms and bath on
tJat floor and live rooms and bath on sec-
end floor, jh J-iliJ feet. This jroperty was
told from the Lidiangc Heal Kstate and
JJalldic Compiny to Orman J. McCavlej
lor an investment. Consideration $3,75).
No. OoJ Fmnej avenue, modt-rn, seven
room dwelling, trom Arthur J. Sttdelin to
J. ilanmn fur 53.230. Jir. JIannlon has Just
rctarned to St. Louis after an absvnee of
about eight or nine jeara. and bautlu for
a home.
Lot iCxliJ feet to a 2-foot alley on tho
v-st side of Oregon avenue, ncrth of Arsc
Jal street for the account of John SL
l"rcv. to John SchuttenhWm for $!.3?J The
purchaser will erect a three-story brick
building arranged In four modern Hat?. Tnc
inqalrj for propert in this vicinity his
Iven grem during the last thirtv davs. and
a number of homes, as well as building
lots, v.ero sold.
No 121 Ga street, lot having a front "of
feet on the north line of Gaj "treofcby a
cpth northwardlj of 110 feet, with a two
jtorj brick building arranged as llats; from
v llliam H IJuchannnn to a client for $2,500.
I.ft C2xJ)0 feet on tho north ide of Wells
r-venue. trom Jl irj' Burns to Thomas 1.
Johannes and Uice Moore for J2.000 The
purchasers will erect several seven-room
modern dwellings Thi- is the third piece
of vacant property solil bv this company
In ten days Tlie locatkn seems to be very
de irable for the medium claas of dwellings
i.ml flttb.
No. SSI Kenncrly avenue, lot 23x100 feet,
with modern seven-room dwelling contain
ing reception hill, furmee. bath and all
Improvements; from a client of Nlr-holU-Ritter
Iietltv and Financial Compan to
Mrs. William Xieo'.l fo- $.'.? Mrs- Xlcoll
owns .1 number of houses in this vicinity
1.1 d brught for an investment.
No Zi'Z) Choutt..u avenue lot 2315 feet,
with tno-storj. s-ix-room brlek hoir-e. with
rll improvement'-, from Mrs KUherine
Iludaon to Mrs Barbara Soto, who pur
chaxd for a home Consideration T-SOO.
Lot ufii) feet, being the northeast corner
cf ljlm avenue and Big Bond road, also lot
1 iving a fiont of 115 feet on the soath side
tf Flora avui.e b a depth of Uu feet on
Big B ud road, being the southeast corner
cf Flora avenue and Big Bend road. alo
1st lrtKliO feet, being the northeast corner
tf riora avenuo an J Big Bend road, all be
ing in Maple'avn, from the Maple Lwn
Lnd Compinj to Irs Emma L Case, for
Jl.T-io This propctv was purchased bj Mrs
Care for an investment.
? i7i5 Clai k av nue lot 221M feet Im
proved uith Two-'orv brick stable and coal
cthse from Mr and virs 1il!iam Nicoll to
a client of Ni'holls-Ritter Bealtj and
lr ncial Companx , for $1 7 The pur
chaser will use site for busineai punwes
Iat 2CtiD) feet on the north side ot North
Market "Ireet. east of Goodfellow avenue,
from a cli'nt to J B Matthews, who will
improve uth a si-ronm dwelling, which
he will oceupy as a home, consideration,
Lot SkIC" feet on the north side of Kn
1 erl avtnje west of Clara avenue, from
Georgf P. Prendergast to Edward Vollmer.
for i&" Some time during tho month ot
I Rnntr-rnhpr Mr Vnllmpr -n.111 rnmmencp thi
warenousn anrt manuiacturing sites aunng
th last ten davs The healthy demand for
this propertv is regarded as a decided cvl-
dence that the present actlvuv In real es-
tate will b permanent and Drolonged. The
renting and leasing business is as good a9
I hi simr.lv nf fivnlinhlp hmiss .and flats will
Houses are rent 4i a fasTTated:
oud In many
cases before the occupants
nave moeu.
J. 31. Levi & Co.
J 21 Levi &. Co, report the following
sale3 for last week.
Sold to Michael Wunder a lot G0x33 feet,
on the south side of West PIn boulevard,
about 300 feet west of ISovIe avenue; from
T G Watts for $3 000 Mr. Wunder intends
to improve- nt once.
Ab-o sold to T. c Dean, for account of
Martha K. Ander-on, building No 30H Falr
mm.Lt avenue, eontainlng.two Hats of six
und seven rooms, two furnaces, combira-ti-m
gfs natures ard scrc-ns, renting "for
,i0 a ear. for $7 310 bought for an lnvest
mi'n This is the second pudding this Arm
soli for Mrs Anderson on this bl&ck.
Alo sold for account of Alfred A. San
ders, lot 10-ix:33 feet, on the north side of
Westminster place, about '.00 feet west of
ICings nlgliwaj. to tho National Realty
Company for $3,000
Also s dd to the Church of the Ascension
I ' "VIt " r; ?" V55S
from William A Helnrlchshofan for $300.
r The lot waa purchased bv the church to
mae improvements. v P Nelson rere
sert'd the church in this transaction.
Al'o soid a lot W-5530 feet, on tho south
side of Theodosia avenue, between Good
fellow and Hamilton avenues, from S.
Joseph to a client for $500, who will Im
prove with a residence
lso sol 1 a lot 130x241 feet, on the north
side nf Wells av enue lf feet east of Hodla
me.nt avenue, from C R. New comb to S A.
Andrews for 4.J00
llercnntlle Trnst Compnny.
The Mercantile Trust Company report an
active week's business in the real estate
department, having closed several deals of
Importance, with others of greater im
portance under negotiation.
They sold the northeast corner of Twen
ty -first nnd Pino streets, lot fronting 91
feet on Pine street by a depth of 109 feet
on Twerty-Ilrst street, with a large two
story brick residence, formerly known as
the Lucas hom for the account of Mrs.
Sarah Scalzo and others for $23 000, the
purchaser being Frank A Ruf, president
of the Antikamnla Chemical Company who
has operated very successfully In local real
estate. Mr Ruf purchases this property
for investment purposes, with the Intention
of probably erecting a large building en
the lot, nt a later date.
The Mercantile Trust Company report
other negotiations pending for property in
the d'strlet between Jefferson avenue and
Twi Ifth street, and regard tho outlook for
real estate fl tills district, as very good.
This company rport that following tho
big auction sale at Compton Heights last
Sturdaj at which actual sales of property
were mad to the extent of 5108 010, a more
geieral Interest has been shown In this
property than for several years past, and a
number of lots have been sold since the
auction, at private sale, and negotiations
pending for others The Trust Company is
now engaged In closing up the sales made
at the auction, and It is understood that
many of the purchasers are to begin at
once the erection of homes in Compton
Heights It is confidently expected that
this beautiful property will be built up
with a nice class ot houses.
Also report the sale of the northwest cor
ner of Bernard street and Spring avenue,
on which Is erected a two-story brick house,
the Improvements not being of great value.
Sold for the account ot Margaret Manahan
for $7,500 the purchaser being the Manches
ter Realty Company, which was represented
in the transaction bv Joseph Dormltzer.
No 422 South Garrison avenue, a two-story,
eight-room brick residence erected on
lot 23xlSS feet; sold for the account of L. E.
Heitzman for 51.S0O, the purchaser being G.
E Baker, who purchased for an Invest
ment. Lot on the south side of Laclede avenue,
between Vandev enter avenue and Sarah
street, sold for the account of Thomas
Bvrne for $1,100, the purchasers being John
and Herman I. Eberle. who purchased for
an improvement.
No 1009 Semple avenue, a two-story brick
building arranged in flats of four and live
rooms each, erected on lot '2x170. sold for
the account of Mrs. Ida Moller for $4,200,
the purchaser being a client of Hugh Stew
art, who purchases for an Investment.
No 4101 rage avenue, a two-story, six
room brick, with stone front about thirty
feet west of Sarah street, for the account
of Diana Hochberr for $2,250 cash. Tho
property is well rented and was sold to
Thomas King, who purchases for an invest
ment. Also lot on the west line of College ave
nue. In "University subdivision." near War
ne avenue. In northwest St. Louts, lot 30s
123, sold for the account of the St. Louis
TJnlversitv Tor SS0l all cash, purchaser be
ing Bernard Wintergalcn. who purchases
with tlie intention of erecting a house.
Also lots t and 5 in "Allen's Valley Park
Addition" in St. Louis Courty. containing
seventy-flve acres, sold for the account of
George W, Allen for $.1,359. the purchaser
lielng John H. RegaL represented by C. K.
Jones This property Is in the vlcln'ty of
the new- Valley Park Glass Works, and con
s'derabl' InteresiV'has been awakened In
real estate in the locality.
The Mercantile Trust Company also re
ports having made a. sale of a West End
tract, in conjunction wjth another agency,
papers for which are 'being signed and are
withheld this week at the. request of tho
purchaser. , .
The MTcanUIc Trust Company reports
tlist in spite of inclement weather of the
past weeJc. the Interest in "Greenwood"
nTOnertv has been well maintained. The
foSthSastcS half of th- subdivision Is;so
nearly c!oed out that the local office has
this week b-en removed to Greenwood bou
levard and Xerslngton avenue, directly op
posite theSutlon oenue station of the SIls
soOri Paclflc Hallway pn the property-.- and'
two Blocks south frorn the Mantewood -sta-&n
ofthe Suburban ipecWallwav
The list or sales auMpe - ;. u.iun.
I OC, .Provost. GOO feet fronting on B-ompton
. H-iA.7n t rtiicjhn.npr i m .nr on rvim-
1 ..... n.... ift- TiiprPM llfnrrt fti f !:
Knn ttunbHdxre aTfiue 5405: Iuellen U.
T. . -- ." . .. ' n-. -,-
vlliU. SO feet on Trtmont avenue, 11S. John
j Tonner, 60 feet on Wellington court. JJ-5.
James H. Li nch, 110 feet on Commonwealth
, avenue, $570. James II. Lneh. u) fiet on
1 Cambridge avenue. J370. William J Cojl.
I 60 feet on Cambridge avenue H70; Peter
Lawrence. CO feet on Wellington cour'
5JC0. Michael McIC-nna. GO feet on Bromp
ton wjuare. In addition to previous pui
chase. 5133. Katherine A Belli. ii2 feet on
Manhattan avenue, 51. 2M
Ilnjdcl lteull Company.
The Hajdcl Realty Company made an im
portant sale In the Worlu's Filr district,
near the north gate of the fair and oppo
site the projected Reck Ibland Railrou de
pot, belrg a lot 100ill0 feet, on the nnrtn
Bide of De GI.ervllle avenuo. 4X feet -n-l
of De Ballvlcre avenue, forJliy'), the se"e
belng Charles J. Malecek and the purchaser
William A. Haren. manager of the Y.in
w right Brewery, who bought for invest
ment. Also a lot on the north side of ?.Iark-t
street, west of Twentv third street -S073
feet, from the heirs of Margaret B Gar
land to John C. Porter.
Charles I Voscl.
Charles F. Vogel reports tho following
No 4020 Castleman av enue, between Law
rence street and Thurman boulevard, a
two-story brick resldenec, cont-lnlng fig) t
rooms, reception hall, bathroom, lurnaee
and all conveniences', lot 23121 fe-t, for
S3 4"0, from Samuel M. Engs to Harry G
Althen. who purchased for lnvc-tment.
No 3614 Iowa avenue, between Miami and
Winnebago streets, a two-storv brick duell
ing, arianged as two flats of four rooms
each. lot 3xLT7 feet, for $3,470, from Emil
Schumann to Wllitam Reckleln, who pur
chased for investment.
No. 4331 De Soto avenue, between Floris
sant nnd Carter avenues, one-storv framo
cottage, containing three rooms, and 'ot 23
120 feet, for $1,0-30. from Edward Bowcn to
Mrs. Annie Burkhart, who purchased for a
Lot 509S Tect. on tho east side of Gravols
avenue lwtween Cherokee and Potomac
streets for 51,230; from International Real
Estate and Improvement Company to An
dreas Roth, who purchased to improve
Henry Illcmenx, Jr.
Henry HIemerz. Jr., reports the following
No 1412 Fapin street, three-story b-Ick
dwellirg. eleven rooms lot ISxlw owned bv
the heirs of Amanda Lowe, was so'd for
$1.3(0 to II. A. Piednoir, Jr. who bought for
Lot on Bulwer avenue, west sid. htween
Withers and Adelaide avenues, 23x130. was
sold to W. E. Bandj. for $7j0.
Lot on ca3t side Michigan avenue, be
tween PestalozzI and Arsenal streets m
Arsenal Heights, 5il2." feet, sold for John
Ahrens to Mary Swoboda, for $300
Three lots on Adeline street, south I le,
cast of Knox avenue, and west of Cheli n
ham, owned bv G A. Newmann. 1 ixlSO. wcrt
sold to S. O. Hutson and E. Gitlns. for $Ut'3.
Georjrt- F. Ilcrp:folil Company.
The Georee F. Bcrgfeld Realtv Compan
erected and. about two weeks ago, plaecd
upon tho market six elegant rock and brick
front dwellines. Nos. 3LM to 5144 Morg in
street, and In the last ten davs have dis
posed of live of the houses. One was soid
last week and four on last Siondaj The
selling of four high-class residences In ona
dav Is considered a record-breaker. Thii
sales of last Monday are as follows
No. 3126 Morgan street, a ten-room rork
front residence, with lot 33'4 '-cl70. hot-water
heat and every modern Imprqvement w is
seld to R. H. Cox for a home Gladstopo
T?,,?3. t
( S 'i0"! v
-- M",51- V,
Investment Company owned tho property.
..ith lot .13x170 feet.
a ten-room brick-front, with tiled porch and
Dauiroom. nnest sanitary piumoing ana ai
pointments. sold to Mrs. John C. Craib for
" ""i!1"!1 . Gladstone In-
vestment Company owned tho property.
No. 8140 Morgan street, ten-rcom. rock
front residence, with large rorches. slue
roof and hardwood ilrish, and lot 33x170
feet, was sold for the Gladstone Investment
Company to Grove F. Newhard for $9 00
Mr. Newhard will make the house his homo
No. 5144 Morgan street, two-story brlek of
ten rooms, with lot 33x170 feet, from the
Gladstone Investment Company to H. L
Parker for $3,750. This house has hardwood
floors, mahogany parlor and quarter-saw ed
oak staircase. Mr. Parker bought for a
Charles A. linker.
Charles A. Baker reports tint there is
more Interest manifest in suburban proper
ty this season than for a number of years
past. Sales during la3t week were as fol
lows: House and eight acres cf ground lying
northwest of the city of Webster Groves,
from Horspool to Osterhaus, for $3 00
House and lot. block L, Webster Park, to
Willis Desnoyers. for $c,0no Ixt 13, Mock 1
K. Webster Park, to Lawrence Ew.-ld for
$1,400. who will build a beautiful home in
English rural style for $7,500. Alo a lot la
.veDster Park to w J Parker. 'vho will
build a residence for his own use.
William P. Nelson.
W. P. Nelson reports the sale of lot 00x137
feet on Cates avenue, north side, east of
Goodfellow avenue, from William Helnrlcs
hofen to Episcopal Church of the Asien
slon, for $3,300 J. M. Levi represented tho
seller. The church wlU erect .1 new hoj'-e
of worship on this and the adjoining prop
erty, which they own.
Alple A. Ilemmelmnnn Real Estate Co.
The Aiple & Hemmelmann Real Estate
Company report the following sales:
No. 3333 Halllday avenue an elegant two
story Queen Anne, nine-room brick dwell
ing, elegantly finished In hardwoods, with
all modern improvements, with lot 30x123,
was sold to Henry Kuhn for $7,500
No. 4336 Djncan avenue, a two-story six
room brick dwelling, with bath, furnacf.
etc . lot 26 6x150, ow ned by tho Argv le Real
Estate and Investment Company, was sold
to Marv M Tay Ior for $2 C00
No 4337 Labadie avenue, a two-story
Queen Anne, seven-room brick dwelling,
with lot 33x123. owned by C. F. Stark, was
sold to a client for $3,3C0
Northwest corner of Kienlen ard Allen
streets. Wellston. St. Louis Countv . a nnr-
3tory six-room brick dwelling, with lot 100Xi
la, ownea ny w. u itoper, was sold to F
C. Cornelius for $4,300.
No 1412 Papln street, a three-story, four-tcen-room
brick dwelling with lot 19Cxl33.
owned by the estate of Amanda Lowe was
sold to the Argyle Real Estate and Invest
ment Company for $2,5u0.
Mclnenbnch A Sehmltz.
Melsenbach & Sehmltz report the follow
ing sales:
No 2212 Menard street, two-story hrlck
dwelling, with five rooms, and- lot 23x121
feet: from Annie Hope to Matlcs Dolil for
$2 0"0
No 1013 Blow street, a one-story frame
house, three rooms and attic, witbllot 30x
2S3; from Dovothea Rott to Phillpp Vettcr,
for $700.
Love & Sons.
Love & Sons sold last week Nos. 1371 an1
1J7S Hodiamont avenue, consisting of four
fiats of three rooms each, stock brick build
ing, on lot 40x120 feet and rent'ng for $32 a
month, sold for S3 500; from H. H. Lowmelr
to John B. Love for investment
Also sold lot on Clarendon avenue south
of Falrmount. west side, fronting 5S feet,
to W. L. Balson from M. Geory. at $32 a
front foot. Bought for improvement.
Greer-Anderson Ccmpaiiy.
The Greer-Anderson Realty Company
made several deals, aggregating $12 000. sold
to a wealthy land owner near De Soto, Mo..
In exchange for -sev eral hundred acres of
land in Jefferson Countv, and 4 coo feet ot
vacant property In the city of De Soto, as
No. 3956-3958 MafBtt avenue, two two-story
eignt-room. siate-root ortcK dwellings sit
uated on lot 30x107 feet; from G W Mal
low. No. 1214 Shawmut place, two-story' eight
room brick residence, on lot 36xlJ3 feet;
from Herman Buermann. adv ertising man
ager of La Prelle-WUliams Shoe Company.
No 42S2-4284-42S6 St. rerdinana street
nnd No. 2414-2415-2420-2422 Pendleton avenue,
block of stores and seven flats, lot 53x130
feet; from George W. Mallow.
No. 2723 Walnut street, two-storv- nl-e-room
brick residence on lot 32x150; from
George B Worthcn of Warsaw, 111
No. ,4423-4427-4429 St. Louis avenue, two
three and two four-room flats; a!c five
room frame dwelling, situated on lot 50xF0
feet; from Sausallto, Investment Company.
IIosli it. Stewart.
Hugh H. Stewart reports the following
No. 5070 Maple avenue, a ten-room modern
brick residence, with lot 37x137 feetf from
Jefferson Realty. .Financial and Bulldinjr
Company to V. D. Whyte for 56,000, who
bought for Investment
Also. No. 5974 Garfield avenue, a neat
seven-ropm. modern brick, house with lot
37x120 feet, for H.400: Xrom G. r. Diel to
M. F. Wild, who bouphj; for. a home.
Also" lot on the north side of North Mar
kot street, east of Pendleton, lot 26x126 feet
for $20 a foot: from a client to J. c Sims
who .will improve same,
Mr. Stewart reports a great demand for
six and seven room dwellings in the West
During last week there has been a large
amount of inquiry for property with
Nicholls-Rltter Realty and. Financial Com
pany. They sold six modern four and five
Toom fiats, three down and three upstairs,
Nos. 4701, 47C3 and -4T0S Cook avenue, sita-
d OC..Troot. G feet fronting on H-omptan
J square. Kensington avenue ami Drur l it .
til J1.7S0 KeJb P. Learsreen, CO feet on Cam-
kv?brtds "avenue, in audition to nntlous pur-
,i testettttTrJlj ...vr-;iJ
; ated on lot .kh feet, on ine norm side or
i Cools tvenue, wtt or TaIor avenue, for the
actoui t of A . Cn!n' to Mrs Mar H.
( Allen, for JC Mr. Alien secured a bar-
train in these ilati ds tney are all runtcu,
brinii.mz in a. rt, jit.it of M13 n month. Mrs.
Allen bought lht.be lUta as an investment
I ...1 .t- ... . .11
and they av ill pay handsomely on the price
wnicn sne gave ior mem.
Nicholli-Ritter also Mild No 29.l Kenncrly
avenue, being a modern two-story detached
triek reslaeree containing six rooms, lot 23x
lOo. nnd loeated in Chouteau plaee, wheri all
Improvements are, made, sold for account of
A N Craig to William and Mary Mcoll
for $'A9 This, house is rented for $J2 GO
a month and pays very handsomely on the
price paid fur tne property. Mr. Nie-oll will
make this placo his home In the near fu
tu They alo sold for account of Arthur Wy
man. u nonr. ident. the nine-room brick
house. No 3933 Matlitt avenue, on the north
side ot MaSitt. between Vandev enter and
Warn-, lot 31 feet 3 inches by 142 feet 6
inche". fur S.1J0, to Cornelius C. vleehan.
Serjeant of Police. Tnis house was pur
cl o d bv Mr. Mf than for a homo and will
b e upied by him very shortly. Mr Mte
han made a good inv estment and scared a
bargain in this house, having purchased
f im i party who took it unler detd of
trust and secured It at cost price.
rl ney also sold ior aceount of Professor
'Henry Allman. lot In Rosedale Heights, in
the County cf St Lous, Just west of the
citv limits, 30 feet front, on the north line
of Klrgsbury place, by a depth northward
ly of -it) feet, for $. a front foot $1 OeO. to
J C Nieholl3 ThU property v-us
bought at a very low fgure, the owner
leaving the city and desiring to sell at
one for cash, and was willing to sacrifice
the lot This lot Is Just north of Wash
ington University property, and one block
vest of Suburban road, and of the tract of
thirty -liv acres which NichoIIs-Rltter late
ly sold to tlie Park iew Realty Company
AIso sold to M." Ona Putnam six-room
brlek hojse and lot 23x11). No. 3349 Kennerly
avenue, on the north side of Kennerly avc
nu. between Vandventer and Warne, for
$-' 1 ) This was also sold for account of A.
N Craig Miss Putnam noticed this house
advertised In the Saturday list of the Nlch-olls-Rltter
Realty and Financial Company
and purchased it late Saturday afternoon
ThN Iioue is rented for 522.30 a month.
They aUo sold for account of C W
Gause. a nonresident, 50-foot lot on tho
north side of V estminster place between
Kings hishway and L-ike avtnuc, 17j feet
dup, for $M) a front foot, $4.t) ca-h, to
Fiaiicls A Fllnn Mr riinn regarded this
lot as being very cheap and purchased to
bu id a handsome house.
NIeholN-Ritter also sold a large block of
property to the Sehool Board, particulars
of vhidi will be gUin next week lhv
have also taken earnest money on a deal
"Sb'e-gating $15.0j on Delmar boulevard,
v,r.n.h .ley expeet to close next week, and
v.hich Will bo repo'lcd then
"lhev hive eloed loans for various
nmojnts (ijm 51 tfK) up ta 512(0, amount
ing to Jf-Vvi, for the week.
Quite a good deal of attention has been
oe-asiored bv the lease of tho southwest
e r-er of Fourteenth and I.jcas place
' which NIcholIs-Ritcr perfected some time
a,jo. a numoer or parties owning propertv
outside o' the c ty have corresponded with
Nicholls-KItter with a viw of leasing their
The Holbrook-B'aekw elder Repl Estate
Tru-t Company sold for Thomas Farrelly.
spciil eommissiyner. to the Exce!-i-r
Realty- Company, for $30,000. property known
as Nos 30J2 24--G Olive street having a
front of (fr feet and running through to al
le improved with a good two-story build
ing eoverirg the whole lot, and under lease
to the O.'liee Men's Club.
They also sold to Bertha N Hess the ten
roi m dwelling No. 4343 Fountain avenue for
They also sold for the Arlington Invest
ment Company, to Amelia. Norris, for 53 000.
a vacant lot on the east lino cf Lake ave
nue, hav lng a front of 24 feet and 2 Inches
by a depth of 1S3 feet, adjoining the north
side of the alley between Mcpherson and
Westminster avenues. Hess Realty and Fi
nancial Company was associated in the
above ales
Holbrook-BIackwelder Real Estate Trust
Companv nlso sold, in connection with the
Haydel Realty Company, to Joseph Rossler
for $9 30", premises Nos 4J0-2I South Second
street, 42x100 feet, improved with three
story building used for restaurant, saloon
and hotel of thirty -six rooms.
Holbrook-BIackwelder Real Estate Trust
Company also report a good demand for
loans and rentals during the week, having
placed 5tiC0J in loans, mostly- at 3 per e-ent,
and almost exhausted their rental list on
dwelllrgs and flats, besides leasing 10 001
square feet of floor space in the fireproof
building at tho northeast corner of Olive
and Fifteenth streets for' a term of years
to Rombotls Sheehan Tailoring Company.
This is th property which the McMillan
estate recently bought for $300,000, and
every foot of spaco to the whole building
Is now under lease.
Real Estate Transfers.
2C 32 acres and othr propprts w
3S:e. t- D Groat to Clark P
al ate .1
1 surv ey
13 J to et
M RQUETTBa ft In citi block 1773.
tamusl H rrazrr and wife to Daniel
I NORTH Jt VItKET-5) ft w. s. bet Clare,
ard trtwdfello-v Jean F naerveljt and
vrlf, bv trustee, to Henry Mejer
test 1 . .
MARQT-ETTD-Cl) ft., in city block 1773.
ljanlel Cary ana wife to Gertrude L.
Fraz'eT tv ii . .
MiriHG-a ft. a. s bet Caarltca
and OsreoSa Gjtave Wehman and wire,
to I errilnan Schult: anj wife w il . .
LITO--s; ft n. s. bet Emllj and
North Twentieth Jcsrh J rtolfes and
vj'T to John Conrad VV ilbelf man w d
I'INL-SI ft . n s . bet. Thirl ani Foorth,
Jeannte G Donovan to tew Is D. Dozler
TC d ...
CAXTERIimT-SO ft, in cits blo-K it-;,
iiiKtrn lleillv Co to AUffjst H Berg
man and wife w d
OHIO 1 A ft In citv Work 11B. William
11 Halt to Jesse V. twins w 1 . ..
livniov--) ft a. s bet Third and
Brc-iiwa Jot-n V Pezolt et al . by
letial commissioner, to M J. vvalsh
spec-'al com. d .
C-s-5 ft n s. bet Ttwntj -fourth
and Jefferson. Georee H Noraian and
wifi. to llmi-i vveeiie et al 1'.
SEajMy-M ft 4 in 8. . bet, Iirlbard
1 nd Grati it Fretlerl;k -angraln to Will
iam r Volker w d . .
nUVKIJV-S ft n s. bet Tent
thlnl nnl Jeff-rson James M Graves to
t- ' " 'cht-w- d
LOCI-ST-o-y ft. 3 In. Dwltl t Durke- s ex
e uur to John U Illalro et al fee d ..
Rnllilinf; Permits.
CHio lnprovemnt league, r.crthwist coi ier
Flsnth and Uuteer. frimo bullllnir to be used
as batlihcue and shelter J-V). wet si,i cf
Tenth between Orr and Bldai- fram- bulldirg
to b us I as batbhi u. !5W northeast corner
Collins and Vs'iltv. frame building to be used
aa bathbouze. jfi
September 11 chosen us Date for
Marion County Gathering.
Salem. Ill . Juno 2L The Executive Com
mittee of the Marion Countv Old Settlers'
Reunion Association met here this after
neon with President Jacob W. Fyke of
luka presiding After a lively contest It
was decided to hold the annual reunion In
this city on Thursday, September 11. As
these reunions are largely attended several
county towns asked tor the meeting, and
Saltun was selected on the flfth ballot.
The following olllcers were selected for
the ensuing year. President. Jacob W.
Fyke luka secretary William J. Tweed,
Salem, treasurer Thomas S. Marshall. Sa
lem, vice president Seymour Andrews,
Centralla. N B. Morrison. Odin, John
Dodd, Sandoval, S R. Carrlgan. Carrlgan;
Abner S Gray Patoka, J. F. I"yke, Rac
coon, II C. Feltman. Salem. J. W. John
son Tonti, James Arno'd, Foster, II. B.
ham, Haines; Noah Brubaker. Stevenson;
W 9 Rysa. Alma. W. B Eagan. Kln
mundy Milo Daggett. Rornlne, W. J.
Young luka, Blackburn Brown, Omega,
and Claiburne Cockrell. Meacham
The arrangements for the reunion at this
place In September were left in the hands
of the local Citizens' Committee, to be se
lected by the vice president of this town
Southern Illinois Penitentiary and
Insane Hospital Inspected.
Cheater I1L, June 2L The Fish Commis
sion steamer Illinois, having on board Gov
ernor and Mrs. Richard Yates and a, party
of friends, arrived here at 2 o'clock today.
The Governor comes fo inspect the South
ern Illinois Penitentiary and Hospital for
the Criminal Insane, located here.
The party will remain until Monday- morn
ing A reception largely attended by peo
ple of all classes is being held at the War
den's home at the prison to-night
tthcat Hnrvcst Is Over.
Duquoin, 111. June 21 Wheat harvest
was this week finished in Perry County.
The crop Was about half the average, and
the grain Is not as good as that of last
year. Thrashing will begin next Monday. A
good rainfall all over the county Thursday-
and Friday of this week, and the pros
pects for a full corn crop was never better.
The farmers will harvest an average crop
of oats.
Laborer Ends Ills Life.
Farmlngton, Mo., June 21. Charles Talley,
a laborer in Elvlns. committed suicide ihls
momiCR by shooting himself through fyhe
head. Domestic troubles are supposed to
be the cause.
i ated on lot xll feet, on the north side of
Petition in Circulation for Release
of Bert Mueller and J. W. Uy-
nura From Penitentiary.
Petlllons aro being circulated in the Trl
Cities for tho release from the Chester Pen
itentiary of Bert Mueller of Venice and J.
Wcstly Bynum. a negro 'of Kahokla, who
have been Imprisened eight years for steal
ing chickens.
Mueller was arrested eight ycara ago by
Marshal Bennett of Venice for stealing four
chickens from a neighbor. Mueller was sen
tenced, and since then the Marshal has
not heard from him. The otDcIal was much
surprised to learn that the man was still
Bynum was caught about the same time,
and, as he had the reputation of being Im
plicated in most of the roost raids that at
that time wero ot nightly occurrence, he
was convicted of stealing three fowls and
sentenced under the habitual criminal act
to twenty years In the Penitentiary.
The negro, thore who remember him say.
had a. mania for taking chickens, more for
the sport than the value of the fowls. On
many occasions. It N fcalel. he would give
the booty to some friend. He worked for
a doctor, and while the phytfclaff ws at
terdlng a patient Bynum would be busily
engaged in capturing otray chiekens.
When it was learned that the men were
still incarcerated, a movement was started
to have them released by getting up a pe
tition to bo presentee, to the Board of Par
docs of the btate.
Rise anil Full of the Rivers
For 24 hoara erdlng at . r m .
June Si 1502
Daner. Gaue. Cbnge
:! 3 .... -) S
Cincinnati . ..
Oiattanooga .
ivanstUu ..
M Paul . . .
Dubuque ...
Davenport ...
D" Moines .
'I'eoria .
Grafton . .
Kansas City .
ltoonvill" .. .
Hermann .. .
s-t touia .. .
Cairo . . ..
Memphis ....
t'tile nock .
v lckburs . ..
SI reveport
New Orliars
Illse. -I-alL
7t 0
w 0
: 0
-1 u
5 9
1 1
1 7
- t
3 3
-1 0
-0 1
-0 1
-0 1
-0 2
-0 3
is 0
:t 0
H )
15 0
15 0
15 0
1 0
Z 0
Is J
II 0
30 0
JU rt
45 0
4j i
3 0
li 1)
S i
4 3
11 1
Id 1
1J 2
IS 1
13 i
13 7
-0 2,
0 1 j
j) 5 !
-0 5 i
-0 5
-03 I
"2 I
U 6
tocal Forecast Official.
River Forccnst.
The river at St. Louis will show slight change.
River nnd Ilnsiness.
Harbor gauj,e esterdai marked 19 2 feet. In
dicating a fall of 5 ot a fot- Uurins trs last 24
e'j alont tha Levee yesterday was only
Weather fair and cool.
To-Day's Weather.
Generally fair.
Spread "casle '. ;JiU.m
Columbia -....Chaster
Chester Cap Girardeau
Uald liesle ,J'rta
t.ldneyT Burlington
Bells ot Calhoun..
Ore Eagle . ...
....... ...... .Keokuk
Ca;a Ulrardeau
Departures To-Day.
Katie A1'on
River Itlalto Brevities.
The Grey Eagle departed yesterday evening
on her Brst trip to Cape Giraraeau anl Com
merce are took out a large number of excur
sionists Tbose who caanot remain from the
citv longer than Sunday will be transferred to
the cat) Girardeau at GrarJ Tower and reach
St Louis lu tbe morning In time for wcrK.
The Sldrey departed jesterdaj evening fo
Keokuk with a heavy passenger list and good
cargo She will return and go out to Burling
ton Tuesday.
The Bella of Calhoun has been equipped with
electric fans and lights in ail the staterooms,
tine departed yesterday afternoon, going larough
to Hannibal
The steamer Kennedy will go out Tuesdav in
the Missouri Hirer trade in puce of the VV II
GrareWne. which will be overhauled and possi
bly go out next Saturday In tbe same trade
All tbe paekets going to lower river points
are taking heavy shipments of empty wheat
sacks to be used In moving the crop, which Is
reported as belrg even larger than last season
Tho T II. Davis arrlied from the lower river
yesterday with a tow of lumber for three loial
The Columbia arrived frsm Chester and St.
Marys yesterday evening and departed In the
afternoon on tne return trip bbe took out a
large number of excursionists, who are making
the round trip, ard good freight patronage.
The Bald EVgle depaited for 1'corla yesterday
afternoon with a fua cabin of passengers and
heaw frelgrt manliest,
The Ches-er arrived from the Cape yesterday
mormrg and departed on the ft-turn trip la tbe
afternoon with good patronage.
Among the uasengtrs on the Sidney that
went out yesterday afternoon for Keokuk was a
party of twenty-tlve. who are making the round
The Cape Girardeau will arrive to-morrow
morning from Comn-erce and the Cape and go
out en the return in the altemoon
Tbe Chester took out a number of engines for
tbe harvest on her trip yesterday to the Cape.
ny Telrsrapli.
Cairo. Ilk, June 21 The rtv er fell .$ of a
foot during tre past twenty four hours The
gauge reads 1 feet The weather Is clear, cool
anu windy the Avalon. from Memphis, with a
fair trip, conlstlng of cotton, paper, stock and
sundries arrived at 9 43 a m , and. having dene
but little business departed for Clnclrnatl at
10 a. m The Heaver, having arrived llgnt at
11 3) a m.. departed south tals afternoon The
Clt of Memphis, from St. Louis, with a mod
erate trip, arrived at noon, discharged a few
undrie". and departed for the Tennessee River
i i p m sue n&s ner camn run or people, rhe
Dick Fowler arrived at 2.3) p m., with a gooi
trip, lncludipg 3W sacks of wheat, and returned
on schedule time. The Kees Lee. from St. Louis
with & moderate trip arrived at 3 30 p m ,
discharged Svrt packages added 40 ton and de
parted for Memphis at a p. m The City of
Clifton from the Tennessee River, arrived at
5 p m . w 1th a moderate trip, including 4) 000
fex of lumber. SOO sacks of peanuts, a lot of
cedar posts staves and hogs. Having done her
usual business, she denarted for at. Louis at
6.30 p. m. The Peters Lee from Memphis, and
the Fritz, from Friar's Point are due.
Paducah, Ky . June 21. Plver tauge reals ( 8
Tre Dick Fowler left for 3lro on tune this
morning The City of Clifton arrived out of th
Tennessee Klver at I o'clock this evening and
left for Ft Louis at 2 13 p ro Tht John 8.
Hopkins from Evansvllie arrived Ms evening
at 2 5 and left on return trp at 44 p in. The
Avalon from Memphis wire! to arrive at 4 o'clock
but has not yet shown up. The City of Memphis
from St Louis wires to arrive at 6 o'clock en
her way to tre Tennessee ltlvr. The Victor
left this evening for the Tennessee River.
Vlcksburg. Miss . June 31 Gauge reading nt
thl9 point is 22.5 feet a fall of 2 of a foot in
24 hours The Valley Juen mtItc! this roon
nrd put ofT 41. sacks seed for Lever Bros mills
and went on up the river she ts iue down to
morrow afternoon. The Belle t.f tho Bends came
in on tlm this afternoon with a goal trip The
Elk arrived from Davis Ben-t The D-Ita arrived
last night and cleared on :ii-e fir Memphis this
afternoon The Elk had 10 "ulea ot fln hay to
day from Major Bedford's pla-e. It Is a One
grade, almost like timothy. MaJ-jr Bedford ex
pects to handle 2.O04 bales this tfeason
Grand Tower. III. June 21 City of Memphis
down at 4 Vt a. m Beaver with J empty down at
S JM a. m Peters Lee dowoi at 9 4-) a. m Russell
Lord down at 4 p. m. City of Sheffield In and
out late this afternoon Russell Lord up at 5 p
m The saure rends IS.l feet, and falling. v earn
er clear and warm.
CThester. Ill . June 21 Down: Peters Lee at
12 30 a m . Cap Girardeau at 140 a. m. Sh'f
fleld nt 8 a m . RusH Lord and tow at 2 p m.
and Illinois with Governor Tates on board down
at 2 p m Up. Chester at 9 last night Weather
clear and pleasant Gauge 15 9 feet and falling
Memphis. Tenn . June 21 The river here rtands
33 T feet on the gauge, a fall of .1 of a fot in
the last 24 houra The Kate Adams arrived this
rvenlne from Arkansas Citv and returns Mon
day No arrivals or departures or trans'ent
steamers to-day
Warsaw. Ill June 21 5tuge reads ji feet 1
Inch, a fall ot 4 In oast 21 hours "Weather
clear and cool Kit Carson ard Merle J with
steamer fcprague. uass'd dowi Pllver Crescent
down ard up Dubuaue. ut at 7 o'clock p. rn.
Cape Girardeau, Ma, June 21 The Citv of
Memphis down at 7 a. m , the Peters Lre down
at 10 a ni and the cape Girardeau down at 1
p m River rising Weather clear and colder.
The Care Girardeau Is due up.
Louisville. Kr. Jure 21 Riv er rising: In canal
E feet C Inches: on falls 3 feet 3 Inches: belovr
locks 8 feet 9 lnch"s. Weather clear and pleasant
New Orleans-. June 2t We-tther partly cloudv:
bowery. Arrived and departed: Imperial, the
Wheeling- W. Va.. June 21 River S feet s
Inches: falling Weather clear and cooler.
Pittsburg. Pa.. June 2t River 4.4 feet falling.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Ctndnnatl. O. Tune a. River M.8r falling.
Weather clear and warmer.
Evarsvlile, Ind . June a. Elver stationary.
Weather clear and cooler.
Oil Inspector for Centralln.
Jefferson City, Mo.. June ZL Governor
Dockery .to-day appointed Robert L. Hope;
tn Iw. rVwl CM Tnsriwtni- nf fTmntivlla "Mrt
. -. ww - --,-. , vwH..HHH, .U.W,
aor- a term u. two years.
Dressmakers' Shears Heavilr nickel plated throughout a
patent nut and bolt prevents working loose have just the
right balance and cut true. 85c, 90c and 1.00.
Button Hole Scissors With set screw adjustment nickel
plated, 50c and 60c.
Lace Scissors Both blades sharp pointed, nickel plated, hand
some finish, several'Sizes, 40c, 45c, 55c, 65c and 75c.
Manicure Scissors With either curved or straight blades and
side file, 75c,
Robert 'lfberecr sued out a writ
cf attachment in the Circuit Court yester
day against Jesse Mort and Kmll rrltsch
to satisfy a judgment for 5236 rendered
against them In his favor in Justice Rob
ert Walker's court in St I.ouis. Septem
1 er 17 1901 Goods of the defendant
Frltsch were attached m KIrkvvood by
Deputy Sheriff Bellalrs but were after
v.ards released on the filing of a bond for
The reculnr examination nf pnlillc
school teacher? In St Louis County will
take place next Friday and Saturday in
Mrs. Peter HencLcn of Fox reek
was stricken with paralysis at her homo
last Thursday, and her relatives fear the
-vill not recover on account of her atl
vanccd age fahe is in her sev enty-sLxth
Jacob Scliiulilt YTiis held for the
Grand Jury vesierdav bv Justice Greens-
; felder on a charge of stealing two hor-is
I In Tuxedo Park last Tuesday The horss
belonged to Neil Benson and Nelson il-
Mrs. Loni Gartner, tbe wife ot n me
chanic v'ng in Meacham Park, yesterday
applied to Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
WarflelJ for a warrant against her hus
band, charging him with nonsupport. She
said he gavo her $13 last Wednesday- and
told her it had to sutlice for her wants
until next October Mr Warfleld said he
could not Issue the warrant before an of
fense was committed.
Daniel G. Tavlor, president of the
Suburban Water Supply Company, vtaa in
Clayton vesterday making arrangements
to extend the mains of the company
through Henderson and St Ferdinand ave
nues In Clayton The pipes now run along
Meramec avenue, and the people living in
other parts of the town have been clamor
ing for water for some time, Mr. Taylor
said an offer for the purchase of the com
pany had been made by the Missouri River
Water. Power and Light Company, and
that the offer would probably- lie accepted
after tho pipes of the latter company had
been laid and the water turned en.
Theodore Weber not n -verdict for
$300 Friday night In the Clayton Circuit
Court in tho slander suit thrt he Insti
tuted against Aldermen Lane. Ricker. Cro
rln. Bopp, McCullough and Kendall of
Klrkwood Weber kept a saloon on Main
street, and the Aldermen adopted a report
at one of their meetings to the effect that
the place was not kept in a proper man
ner. Weber alleged that the publication or
the report was injurious to his business
and character, and asked for Vindication
In the courts
Enterprising; American Company
Is Using the German Idea
la Auierlca.
Considerable interest has been excited in
America over the Tnubenkur or Grapa
Cures located principally alorg th River
Rhine and thousands of Americans have
flocked to these resorts where DvsneDsla.
Liver and Kidney troubles and wasting dis
eases are successfully treated bv the uso
of grapes, followed with suitable treatment
of the bowels Admirable results have b.en
lttained by this treatment In these and sim
ilar aliments. An cnterpri-ing Ameri.an
company is now extensively manufacturinir
a cure along the same lines, and virtually
Iv lng a Traubenkur nt home for 50 cents a
ottle. The preparation Is called Mull's
Grape Tonic, and lt is now- on sale at Rabo
teau s drug store It Is said to be proving
quite as popular as the Grape Cure of the
Fatherland, especially ns It Is not every one
that can take a trip to the Rhine for a
stomach disorder or a "lasy" liver
It Is peculiarly cfhcaclous in cases of dys
pepsia, liver and kidney trouble and con
stipation It Is a centle fru't laxative, and
Is as pleasant to the taste as It Is gratifying
in results It is made from the Juice of
the grapes, combined with medicinal herbs.
It Is classtd as a wonderful nerve tonic and
builder It refreshens and strengthens those
who lack vitality.
Prosecuting Attorney Clover Dis
misses .Charge Against Her.
Bertha Welner the pretty 17-y ear-old girl
who was arrested Friday afternoon on the
charge of stealing $S from her employer,
John Hamm, a grocer nt No 1531 Frank
lin avenue, was released yesterday Sha
declared she took the money because her
friends laughed at her clothes and sha
wanted to buy new ones. It was her Inten
tion to return the money to Hamm as soon
as she could get it
When he heard her story y esterday morn
ing Prosecuting Attorney Clover was
touched, and he dismissed the case by nolle
Death by Gasoline Explosion.
Bloomlngtcn 111.. June 21. Mr E. P.
Bass wife of a commercial salesman, died
to-day from the effects of an explosion of
Elks' Fair Closes With a Wedding-.
Madison. Ind . June 21. The Elks' Street
Fair closed to-night, having been a sacccas
financially and otherwise Mrs Samuel It
Carly sle drew the $700 automobile. At S J)
to-night Mr. Austin J Adams and Miss
During the past twelve years Dr. vT.
A. Lew in has cured nearly six thoasand
cases of rupture. While many ot those
whom ho cured reside In St Louis, the
lisp of paUcnts cared Is by- no means
confined as residents to St. Louis, but
reside in all parts ot the country.
Dr. Lcwln's national popularity as a
rupture specialist Is the simple result
of his unparalleled success In the treat
ment of this most dangerous and terri
ble affliction. Case3 that have been
abandoned as utterly hop-less by tbe
most skilled medical practitioners have
yielded to Dr. Lewin's treatment, and
In a remarkably short time those who
were supposed to be doomed to life-long;
suffering have been restored to health
and comfort without fear or relapse.
Distinguished members of the medical
profession have frankly confessed their
amazement and have not only Tccom
roended their cwn patients to go to
Doctor Lewln. but they themselves have
sought his aid.
Doctor Lcwln's unrivaled ability Jn the
- v--esg-sM,
EViealsand Berth included.
Every Saturday to Keokuk,
Iowa, and Return, 56.00.
Every Tuesday To Burlington,
Iowa, and Return, S8.OO.
A delightful three and four days' outing
, . lor l'opietcn Hamburg. Mozier .
Ji.i;-tvj Clarksvi It Louisiana. Hannibal.
VT iiTiTV i . i Qulncy. Keokuk. Nauvoo. Fort Mad
ison and Burlington.
Leaves Tuerdai. June 21. at 4 p. m.
Ard Intirraediat- Points
VII!. QlCz. Wednesday. June 23. 4 p ra.
NIK. ULIUQLE. sunda June .3th. 4 p m
Prom wharf beat, foot of Washington avenue.
I't n- Main 2H7v I P Lt My. Gen. Act
Icr Loulstaca. Ctarksvble. Hasi
barg. Master's. Foppleton and all Cal
houn county landings. Steamer
BELLE OF CALHOUN leaves wh.rrboat foot of
locust street every Wednesday for Clarksvll'e
and all way landings. Round trip. $3.50.
Saturdays at 4 p. m.. for Lo-lslaca and all way
landings. Round trip. $4
Phone Main 23. General Agent
M.l OWM.!
To Memphis, $7.00 Round Trip, 910.00
including Meals and Berth.
Fcr Chester. Grard Tower. Caps Girardeau.
Cairo. Memphis. Helena, G-eenvllle. Vlcksburg
and Natctez. taking freight for all way landings
this side of N'evr Orleans and landings on Arkan
sas River to Pine BIlS.
BEES- LEE Tuesday. June 21 5 p. a.
PETERS LEE. Friday June 27. 5 p. m.
Prom wcurtboat. fool of utlve st.
Phones: Main 1005. Klnlocn A 7as.
W. Ii Alblu. Com. Agt.. D. M. Connors. Oen.
St. Louis anj Tennsssea River Packet Co.
Great Tennessee River Ronte.
Excursion Season Now Open.
Only $12 round trip.
Will leave wharf boat foot of Pine
street Wednesday. June 25. at 5 p.
in for Cape Glrardau, esirc. metropolis, i-a.-di,cah
and all landings on Tennessee River, to
Waterloo. Ala. jxq r massexgale Agt.
Phone Main 44 V. and A 112.
The Only Sldr-V beel steamer for
And all way landings, steamer Cape GlrarOau
Uaves wharfboat toot ct ! st Mondays and
Fridays. 3 p. rn. .
Illinois River.
Str. Bald Eagls for Peoria and all way landtags.
Wednesdays and Saturdays. 4 p. so
Pbcne Main ta. H. W LEVtLLI. Jursnt
The Only Sldr-Wbce! Steamers For
And all way landings L-pve wharfboat foot of
V ln St.. tr CAPE GIltRDEAU. Mondays and
Friday s. p m -
SHr GREY EAGLE. Wednesdays and s-uair-dav
s. 5 p m .
Round Trip to Commerce, $6 05, I Includlnr-
Rocrd Trip to Cape Girardeau. 15 CO. J Berth.
M.-iVl-i!- .-i .oertaf pvcur-ion on Saturdays', ex
changing brats at Grand Tower returning by
Mr e-ape Girardeau, arriving at ht. Louis Mon
day mornirg Round trip, including meals tend
berth, -v-l-UO.
Str. Bald Eagla for I'eor-a and all way land
ings. WeiUies.tev-3 and Saturday-.. 4 p nj.
prcne Main 233 H. vv LEtHE. Agent
St. Loais - Ghsster-Cips Birardaaa Un3.
Daily Service.
Will leave wharfbeat foot ct Phis street -ton-csys.
Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 XX rn. for
Grand Tower and all landings.
Will leave Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays at
4pm for Cape Girardeau as- all prlnctsal
landings. ' Quick time, best aot-ommodatioaa.
Phon.s. Ma.n 43A and A 112.
The only regular- Sta. Genevieve. Et -larr. and
Cbestsr packtt
Leaves every Tuesday. Thursday and Sator-ay
at 4 p. m.. from D'arooad Jo wharfboat
Phons Mala 2M7A.
SU Louis and Hermann Packet Co.
Leaves foot of C-rr st Tuesday. June 24. at 4
Sm. for Washington. ew Haven. Hermann,
efferson Citv, Wolff's Point and all way land
Phone Main 233 General Agent
Vela Leona Hinkle were publicly married
In tho presence of thousands of spectators
on the midway, receiving many costly pres
treatment of rupture has been acquired
by- a life's devotion to the study of this
class of ailments. The range of his ex
perience has been unique in Its extent
and in the variety of cases which lt has
affordeet for his investlgaUon. He justly
claims, therefore, to have an unprece-.
dented knowledge ot all the phases and
developments of rupture, lt may be
truthfully asserted that no man ever
possessed the remarkable skill evinced
by Doctor Lewln In the treatment ot
n.-ptjrp ana this Is proved by the fact
that no man can show such a brilliant
record of astonishing success, ,
Dr. AV. A. Lewln occupies the entire
building on Sixth and Washington ave
jiue. His reception room always being;
crowded, he advises those wishing to
consult him to make special appoint
ment cither bv mall or by telephone.
Ladles car- be assisted by lady attend
ant. Phore Kinloch D ISIS; residence.
44 Morgan street: Kinloch r jjj;
Hours: 10 to 'B; Saturday and Sundays..
10 to L Send for booklet -jg.

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