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Travel through Union Station was heavier
than la any previous year on the Fourth of
The police are searching for a man who Is
paid to hav collected small sums of money
from charitable institutions under false
Paul De DInlere. a 9-year-old child, of No.
SOS Laclede avenue has neck broken.
Ernest E. Shannon committed suicide at
his home In Winstanely Park by wrapping
sheets wet with chloroform about his face.
James Sweenev stabbed by beggar be
cause former had refued to Eive the tramp
a dime
Robert Gsltz. who was burned In wreck
of gasoline explosion on north Vandeventer
avenue Is delirious and calls constantly
for his wife and baby.
Children will be given a f'ee excursion to
Le-lalr, I1L. by the Clover Leaf read.
George Klobasa died from injuries us
tained by the explosion of a -in o' sulphur
ic acid which he carried in his pocket.
The sale of Beaumont oil stocks for June
showed that bettr prices prevailed than in
the preceedlng month, though trading was
not so heavy.
Governor Tate has severely censured the
Sheriff of Saline County. TlllnoW. for alleged
lax of dutv in failing to orotect negro citi
zens from threatened violence.
A ko-hi rain has fallen In the vicinity cf
Pan Antonio. Tex., breaking a long drought
In th nuthwest"rn section Of the State.
The 7t"vcrend lougla C. Feabndy. who
had Just reigned as rector of St. John's
Episcopal Church at Decatur. 111., because
of 111 health, killed himself by blowing out
Sis brains.
A State ticket was nominated on the
Fourth of July by th- Kansas Socialist-Labor
OKI.- In the Indian Territory are dying
with blackleg' and the stockmen are con
templating vaccinating their herds.
Cana'li-n immigration return": for the
year show an lncreaw of 15.35 settlers".
Hannls Taylor has been eletced to the
chal of English constitutional and common
law at the Colombia Fnlverslty.
The order of Elks has acquired a build
ing at New Bedford. Va.. to be used as a
home for aged and Indigent members.
Detectives have discovered new evidence
In the DIbrow case which seems very dam
aging to the accused.
In a Fourth of July speech at Pittsburg.
President Roosevelt says that reciprocity
with Cuba Is "as certain as fate."
Convict Harry Tracy again escapes from
the Immediate vicinity of Seattle, though
the entire country 13 patrolled by armed
Harry S. Lehr Invited twenty women and
twenty men to dinner to meet a dis
tinguished visitor from Slam and Introduced
a monkey who was the gue"t of honor at
the feast. The monkey got drunk and
unrnlv and threw things at the guests, who
usually pass for persons of wealth and re
finement. FOREIGN.
Tha Prince and Princess of "Wales gave a
costly and dazzling entertainment In honor
of the India Princes In behalf of the King.
King; Edward continues to Improve. The
wound is healing readily.
Ambassador Choato tries to prevent
cpeechmaking at a Fourth of July banquet
In London; then hurries away to a recep
tion given fcy the Prince of Wales. The
banqueters who remain openly state their
displeasure at the Ambassador's action.
Winners at Delmar Park yesterday were:
Pettijohn. Ida Penzance. Ben Lear. Alice
Turner. Randazzo. Larry Wilt and Terra
The Western Rowing Club crew wen the
Lemp Plate race on the river yesterday
from the St. Louis Rowing Club.
The St Louis CardinUs won both Inde
pendence Day games from New York. The
Browns won and lost at Detroit.
The Larchmont Yacht Club's annual xe
calta Is held at New Tork.
Slnrlnc Intelligence.
Glasgow. July 2. Sailed: Siberian, Bos
ton. Singapore. July 2. Sailed: Tan Tee. from
Tacoma. via Tokohama, etc. London.
Movllle, July 4. Sailed: Tunisian, from
Liverpool. Montreal; Ethiopia, from Glas
gow, New York.
Queenstown, July 4. Sailed: Commcn
wealtb( from Liverpool, Boston.
New York. July 4. Sailed: Celtic, Liver
pool. Queenstown. July 4. Arrived: Merlon,
Boston, for Liverpool.
-Crowds Yesterday Exceeded All
Eecords for Fourth.
"Union Station was stormed by travelers
yesterday. The morning and evening rush,
the Incoming and outgoing contingent, ex
ceeded all records, so the station officials
eay. Hundreds were turned away, unable
to catch their trains In the morning be
cause they could not get their tickets In
time. Tho ticket sellers were unable to
hand out the tickets fast enough to the
struggling buyers. It was a. case of "first
come, first served," and the weaker and
tardy ones wero not served at all until
long after their trains had pulled out.
Though heavy business Is always looked
for at this holiday time, the fact that a
triple holiday existed largely increased the
number of tourists who, having three days
to themselves, wanted to profit by It by
leaving the city for a vacation. Monday's
incoming trains will doubtless carry heavy
leads as a result
Usually on the Fourth of July many
travelers who leave carry baskets and
fishing tackle, expecting to return tho
same night. Yesterday It was different.
Host of them carried telescopes or valises.
Indicating that their stay was to last sev
eral daysw The trolley lines also cared for
many of those who in the past relied on
Eteam, railroads to carry them to places
more than ten miles distant. Yet. with all
the electric competition, it was evident that
the tide of steam travelers was extremely
It should be borne in mind that on holi
days the cars are always taxed beyond their
capacity, and the number of pasengers us
ually carried in cars was far exceeded yes
terday of necessity. Half rates were grant
ed on all railroads within a radius of 200
miles of St. Louis, and this concession was
taken advantage of by many on the night
of July 3 in leaving and arriving.
As Indicating the extent of the business
done by the railroads the number of cars
of the different roacs brought into Union
Station in the morning tell the story statis
tically as follows: Morning arrivals Chi
cago, Burlington and Quinoy. 6 cars; St.
Louis, Keokuk and Northwestern. 18 cars;
Missouri. Kansas and Texas. 14 cars; Chi
cago and Alton. 23 cars. B:g Four. 24 cars;
Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis. C carsj
Wabash, east. 32 cars; St. Louis. Iron Moun
tain and Southern IS cars; Frisco system. 33
cars; Colorado Line. 3 cars: Missouri Pa
cific, 24 cars: Wabash, west, 24 cars; Balti
more and Ohio Southwestern, 17 cars; Illi
nois Central, south. It cars; Illinois Central,
north. S cars: Louisville and Nashville, li
cars; Southern. 6 cars; Mobile and Ohio. S
cars; Clover Leaf. 7 cars; Vandalla, 17 cars.
Morning departures Burlington. 6 cars;
EL Louis, Keokuk and Northwestern, 32
cars; Katy, 6 cars; Chicago and Alton, 1$
cars: Big Four. 20 cars; Chicago, Peoria and
St. Louis. 10 cars: Wabash, east, 1" cars;
Iron Mountain. 13 cars; Frisco system, 'Ju
cars; Colorado Line. 2 cars; Missouri Pa
cific, SS cars: Wabash, west, 16 cars; Balti
more and Ohio Southwestern, IS cars; Illi
nois Central, south, 11 cars: Illinois Cen
tral, north. 8 cars; Louisville and Nash
ville, 7 cars; Southern. 5 cars; Mobile and
Ohio. 7 carsi Clover Leaf, 3 cars; Vandalla,
23 cars.
Canadian Statistics Show Addition
of 15,2S5 Settlers In Tear.
Ottawa, Ontario, July . The Immigra
tion returns for the year have been com
pleted by the department. They show an In
crease cf 15.25 arrivals of settlers In Can
ada over the previous year. The Increase
is as follows:
Country. 1X0. as.
Bntlra .................Jl.SlS 17.000
European CoMinent ........a.l! 12, SW
United States . .....i;.CST K.CW
?CtlS ,....t....,.Mtt.3, C4434 1
Old Boat Wliich Had Apparently Been Used by the Victims May Hare Been Set Adrift With a Pur
pose Oar Locks Found Tied Under Seat Indicate That the Vessel Had Not Been
Occupied on the Night of the Tragedy.
'fik, & rnr i SxSCtfwSF i
'.--&"&-.? c' rii :'0ilr ttg&K 7?$eV; JTZrrZ&k
i- t' J
I " 1
Good Ground, L I.. July 4. What is con
sidered the most important evidence In ts
tabllshlng the charge that Louis DIsbrow
was responsible for the death of Clarenco
Foster and Sarah Lawrence. In Tlana Hay.
was brought to light here to-day. It hs
started the town talking about the cas-j
with renewed vigor, and every one Is wait
ing to hear the facts in detail related at
the preliminary examination, when It It
resumed here before Magistrate Foster nest
This new evidence. District Attorney
Smith and Detective Field believe, proves
beyond question that DIsbrow, Foster and
Sarah Lawrence went out on the Tlana H.tv
in the same boat. Even the sulriie theory
Is exploded In the fare of this evidence.
It will be proved by three witnesses that
the small. leak boat. In which, at tlrst. it
was supposed that Foster and the girl had
taken their fatal trip, was not occupied by
any one on the night of the drowning.
This will be established by the finding of
the iron oar locks, strung on a rope and
tied to a sat in the boat when it was
found on the beach the next morning In
precisely the same condition as when the
boat was tied to the dock the night before.
This shows that the boat must have been
sent adrift by some one during the night,
and the theory Is that it was done by DIs
brow. When the alarm was given along Tana
Bay on the morning of Juno 10 that Clar
ence Foster and Sarah Lawrence were
missing, one of the first things noticed was
the disappearance of a small boat from the
landing near the Ternell Hotel. The boat
was an old one. with holes in the bottom
and sides, was barely large enough to carry
two persons comfortably, and, as was
shown by tfcsts. would nU and S:nk with
two persons in It before going 200 yards
from the shore.
For about two weeks prior to the tragedy
this boat bad been used by a lad named
John Carter, who was employed la the
building of a small dock, extending out
Continued From Fose One.
and pronounced his skull fractured. Ills
condition Is serious.
gunshot wound in left hand.
tirulses caused by explosion.
Nineteenth street, gunshot wound In head.
in Clayton, sustained a bad injury to hU
right hand yesterday by the premature ex
plosion of a blank cartridge. The wound
was ' dressed by Doctor H. W. Caster of
No. 23)2 North Fifteenth street, was burned
about the eyes by the premature explosion
of a toy cannon. He may lose the eight of
the left eye.
Eleven Biases Due to Pyrotechnlcnl
There were eleven tire alarms during the
day. Thirteen alarms we.c tounded July 4.
1S0L Last night several trej were caused
by fireworks, but the lama-je resulting wa
trivial. Several false ilarms were turned in
by mlschlefmakers.
The dry goods store at No. 41CS Ea&ton
avenue, occupied by Mn. Oliver Cha-nltis,
v-at. damaged by fire las. night, supposed to
have been caused by rparas from hrcwoiks.
I he building, th!c.i w ov.'u-d iiv Mrs. Aim
Killoran of No. 11W Norm Tliar.ecnth
street, was damaged JTiXi. Tne stock "uas
damaged a like amo-Jnr.
The house at No. l;j Franklin nvenue.
occupied by Mrs. Ella C Siini'n. wjs dam
aged JStv by Are last r.Iglit and th-i junc
ture was destroyed. The lire started during
he absence of the family.
A skyrocket shot through an open window
at the home of George Merrltt at No. 3114
Easton avenue last night, setting fire to the
lace curtains.
A burning balloon set fire to the roof of
the house at No. S2H North Urondway. oc
cupied tv Louis Flnnlnger. causing a dam
age of J-5.
A skyrocket set fire to the lace curtain'
at the home of Robert Vogel at No. 4145
Cook avenue, causing a damage cf 120.
Fireworks set fire to the roof of the house
at No. 2S1S California avenue, occupied by
Mrs. Mao Neuver, causing small damage.
Fire on the roof of the hiuse at No. 1212
North Nineteenth street last night was
caused by a burning balloon.
The awning In front of the saloon of
Fritz Morris at No. 19CO Wyoming street
was burned.
Dynamite Cracker Exploded In James
Flicker's Hand.
James A. Flicker of No. 373 Wilson ave
nue probably will lose his life as the result
of bis Fourth of July celebration. The pre
mature explosion of a- dynamite cracker in
his hand shattered his arm. fractured two
ribs and Indicted ntetr.al Injuries which
the attending physicians say will prove
Flicker and a crowd of companions were
celebrating the day in a general celebration
at the corner of Sulphur and Wilson ave
nues. There Is a. store near there where
they bought fireworks at will, and so the
celebration was In nrozresa nearlv contin
uously until the accident put a quietus on It
anout z o ciock in tne aiternoon.
Flicker lighted a giant cracker with a
match while he held it In his left hand. He
intended to throw it into the nlr and let it
explode, but he miscalculated. The fuse
burned faster than he thought It would, and
it expioaea in nis nana. He was thrown
ten feet from wove he was standing and
They will figure prominently In tlie mysterious case which Is now agitating the East.
from tho Terneil Hotel landing. He used It
to ;o out to a snacboat. which he kept
anchored in the bay about 2M yards from
tn t-ach.
He knew it leaked and wns unsafe for
any considerable distance from the shore,
and It has been shiwn that Clarence
Fester knew the condition of the boat, as
he knew every beat, large or small, on the
bay. But on the morning after the couple
disappeared this boat was misinp. and as
tracks wore foumi near where the beat hiil
' be-n tlfd the nlcht before It was assumed
i that Foster and the girl might have left i
i In it
On the following day the leaky boat was
found in the opjiosite side of the Hay by ,
j tvo bov. They were Henry Jacobs and .
E'lnnr-i froker j
cmjii'am with nisiinow. i
Fcstr and Miss Lawrence were last seen '
alive in company with Disbrow on Monday '
night. Tuesday Disbrow disappeared and
th- same day the boat was lound. On '
Saturday the bodies of Foster and Miss
Lawrence were found in the bay near the
Temell House. With the finding of the
bodies more careful attention was given ,
to the unexplained disappearance of the
sntail boat from Its moorings, and the re- ;
coi-ery of It by Crokcr and Jacobs on the
other side of the bay. t
An Investigation was made and it was '
soon discovered that a second and much
larger bo-.t had i-one out on the bay that
night, a boat onned by Frederick Squlrer.
Thi- boat easily carries four or five persons.
Tracks of a woman and men were found .
about the rot where the boat had been
tied the night before, and tracks of one
man were found leading away frcm the
spot where the boat was found tixi th
next morning. The shoes cf Louis DIsbrow
fitted those tracks, and the tracks led to a
path that went directly to Ternell's Hotel.
1th this discovery an investigation of tha
1 disappearance of the small boat was begun.
the largo one. It was easy to understand '
how a fight mirht have occurred In the
boat, following the quarrel In the hotel and t
ii inw lurpp wfnz tr.tr in in n.wtnrt i-nt
tne ngnt on the oeacn. and from the tracks
it was easy to seo how DIsbrow might havo
brought back the large boat and then sent
the small boat adrift as a blind.
It was also revealea thnt when John
Carter tied the small boat to the wharf on
Monday night he strung the oar locks on
his arm was shattered. He was rendered
Some excited person who saw him lying
on tho ground thought he was dead, and
telephoned for a dead wagon. The police
called an nmbulance. and he was removed
to the St. Mary's Inllrmary, where the arm
was amputated.
snow wixdows nnoicn5.
Strny Ballets Shuttered Lurrre Plates
of Glass.
Some one fired a shot through a large
plate-glass window in the frcnt of Simon
Ftclners ticket office, at No. 112 North
A large plate-glass window In the front
of Alfred Mattbews's hat store, at No. TOO
Pine street, was broken by a bullet. Tho
glass cost $1(4.
j A stray bullet struck a show window It
I Joph Heller's grocery store, at No. 1131
urooKiyn street, maKing a note two inches
In diameter.
ninzlnc Max Fell Upon Roof of n
MnttecntU Street Rexldrncc.
A blazing balloon fell upon the roof of a
house No. 1312 North Nineteenth street,
occupied by Patrick Reagan, last night and
set the house on fire. The flame was no
ticed by Miss Mamie Brady of No. 1S31
O'Fallon street, who was passing.
Tho young woman ran to a fire box at
the corner and turned In the alarm. When
tho firemen reached the scene the fire had
gained such way as to threaten neighboring
property, but was soon under control.
The damage Is slight,
It Exploded In Dolllc Zatterlee's
Month. With Dire ReaU.
Dollle Zatterlee. U years old. of No. 171S
Division street, caused the explosion of a
Andrew D. White, America's Representative in Germany, Responds
to the Toast, "The President," at a Dinner in Leipsic Says
Roosevelt Will Welcome R esults of German Love of
Truth and Beauty as Shown in the Exhibits.
Leipsic. Gcrminy. July 4. United States
Ambassador Andrew D. White, according
to his usual custom, responded to the
toast. "The President." at the dinner of
the American Colony here to-night, at
which the United States Consul, R. H.
Warner. Jr., presided. The Ambassador
cited tho German historian Neumann's re
mark: "In what age or country will you
find so large an array of rulcrsi. every one
of them a man of Integrity, every one of
them a man of high capacity, as In the "J
care of the Ions series of Presidents of the
United States: every one even by the
avowal of his enemies a man of high char
acter and ability"
Mr. White alluded to President Roose
velt's originality, surpassing that of any
known President, except Lincoln, and to
the variety of his gifts, unequalcd by any
predecessor, except John Qulncy Adamr.
"Like Jefferson." he added, "he has a
decent respect for the opinion of man-
Referring to the Louisiana Purchase EX'
a rope and tied them to one of the seats.
as he had always done. To prevent any
one from taking the bjat away during the
night he slipped the locks beneath the seat,
so that thev could sot be seen.
Soon after the boat was found a detective
arrived, and it was known that he gave
much attention to all the facts surround
ing It. It whs known that John Carter.
Henry Jacobs and young Croker were be
ing given a great deal of attention by the
detective. To-day the whole story was
When the boat was found by Jacobs and
Croker the oar locks mere still Utd under
the eat. John Carter was sent for and
posltivelv Identified not alone the locks and
the rope with which they were tied, but
the knot tied in the rope.
"I always tied the rope in the same trav."
he said, "ard th-n- Is no possibility that
I could be mistaken about It."
The uncovering of this evidence explain
why District Attorney Smith and Drtectivo
Field havo all along appeared so confident
that they would prove that the three wero
out In the same boat. The oars belonglnz
to the larger boat are of hardwood ard
have sharp edges. They are about five feet
In length, and from tests made In the boat
It Is seen how easy It would hae been for
a man fitting In the center of the boat to
have inflicted the wound found over Fos
ter's rlijht eye by a swinging blow of the
oar. or by a stra'ght Jab It will be con
tended by the District Attorney that Foi
ter and Dimples were sitting side by side
In the stern seat, and that DIsbrow was
in the center seat with the oars.
The finding of the oarlocks, the District
Attorney believes, supplies the necessary
link In the evidence, making a very stron?
case against DIsbrow. All along It has
been a matter of common conclusion that
if tho prosecution could show that the
three persons were In the same boat that
night and that the leaky, small boat was
not occupied. It would be very difficult for
Disbrow to escape conviction. With the
proor or motive, wm.-n win oe maae mucn
stronger when Mr. Ternell tells what be
knows about the occurrences in the hotel,
with Miss Pearsall's and Walton's similar
stories of the tight on the bench, with the
proof of the scar on Fester's head and
DIsbrow's flight and silence. It Is generally
believed here to-night that Attorney Miles
will have a perplexing task In explaining
DIsbrow's lnnocense.
The people of Good Ground believe that
there is now something which must have
a. very clear explanation If DIsbrow 'eT
capes conviction.
Percussion cap between her teeth yester
day morning by biting it. Her brother was
firing the caps in n cane, which is ex
ploded b thumping It on the ground, when
she conceived the idea of exploding one in
her mouili. She put it between her teeth
and bit It,
An explosion followed, which shook her
head until she could not see nor bear any
thing for fully two minutes. Several teeth
nerc loosened, but none of them were
blown out. Her mouth and tongue were se
verely bumed. She was taken by her
brother to tho City Dispensary, where
Doctor Scharrt attended her.
"frightened nY FIRECRACKERS.
Mrs. Alice McGratb. Falls DoTrn FHixnt
of Stairs.
While standing near the stairs on the
scond floor cf her home. No. 1215 North
j Tenth street, last night, Mrs. Alice Mc
J Grath, 10 years old, was so startled by the
explosion of a giant cracker in the hall
that sne tell to tne lioor dhow, icn ireu
After being picked up by friends. Patrol
man Rice of the Fourth District summoned
nn ambulance and sent her to the Central
Dlspenrary. where it was found that her
left leg was severely bruised. She was
later removed to her home.
Your druggist will refund your money If
Pazo Ointment falls to cure Ringworm. Tet
ttr.OId Ulcers and Sores, Plmplrs ana Black
heads on the face, and all skin diseases. sCc,
Edjrar De Itoqnr Probably Fntnllr
While playing near his heme yesterday
morning Edgar De Roque. " vears old. of
No. S401 Riley avenue, was struck in tho
I head by a stray bullet. The ball fractured
I the skull .and rendered him unconscious.
Some or his companions carneu nun nome.
positon, Mr. White said, still speaking of
the President:
"He will Indeed rejoice In the material
prosperity of our country, for It will then
be revealed as at no previous display. But
still more will he bo Interested In the con
tributions which will show the progress of
art, science and technical skill, whether of
our own or other nations. Especially wilt
he welcome the results of German love of
truth and beauty, as displayed In scien
tific, artistic and technical contributions."
After alluding to the influence of German
culture In the development of the Repub
lic and In the enrichment of American ctv
IllxaUon. Mr. White said:
"With these feelings the President natur
ally desires the best relations between the
United States and all other parts of the
world, and epeclajly between the United
States and Germany. He has more than
once uttered this Idea. In public, and those
who know him best know from his expres
sions in Private, tht fifraan Iriral. snit
I German devotion to truth and duty are es
pecially recognized and honored by him."
To-Day, Saturday,
Will be the last day of the
Clothing Sale to consumers
made by the Wholesale
Makers, The Alayfield Woolen
Mills Clothing Compan)-.
Many are buying to lay
aside till needed.
120 0LIE ST.
sv-Open till 10 p, tn. Saturday.
An ambulance was called and he was re
moved to the City Hospital. His condition
is pronounced serious.
It is supposed the bullet was fired by a
man who was sen discharging a revolver
in the street. Immediately after the shoot
ing he disappeared and the police were
usable to locate him.
Doctor Mnyflelil'n Son Wns Serlonalr
William Roy Maydeld. the 12-year-old
son of Doctor W. H. MayficM of the May
field Sanitarium, at Taylor avenue and
West Belle place, was dangerously injured
by an explo:on of powder yesterday morn
ing. He was burned about the face, hands
and body.
He was firing a toy cannon In front cf
his father's home, at NV. 1013A W.dton
aenue. While loading the cannon he ac
cidentally dropped a match tnto a can of
powder. Instantly there was a lorrttle ex
plosion, which blew him backwards to ths
ground. He was taken to his father's of
fice, where his burns were dresed.
Mnnile Lmvrelirp Hurt !y Accidental
llKchnrsp if Illilr.
Mamie Lawrvnce. 7-year-old daugter cf
Ednard Lawrence, who lives on the river
frcnt. near Loughborough avenue, was ac-
, cldentally shot las: n'.t;ht by her father.
The bullet, of 22 caliber, passed through the
girl's left arm near the wrist. The wound
Is not serious.
Iiwrence was In the yard at his home
shooting at a target with a cat rin. The
rlfln dropped from his hand, and, striking
against a stone, was discharged. The lit
tle girl was ten fe-t away at the time. Tne
bullet passed through the fleshy part of
the arm and no bones a ere fractured.
Miss Burditt Dillard Accidentally
Wounds Fred Lovell at Creve
Coeur Lake.
Miss Burdette Dillard of No. 112S Leonard
avenue while shooting at a target at Creve
Coeur Lake yesterday afternoon accidental
ly shot Fred Lovell of No. 1120 Papln street
In the back of the head. Inflicting a wound
which it Is feared will prove fatal. Lovell
is a trunkmaker, 22 years old, and lived
with hLs mother.
Miss Dillard and a party of friends npent
the day at the lake. Shn took with her a
22-caliber rifle, which thoy u-n.-d to shoot at
a target which was placed on a telegraph
pole nenr tho terminus of the street car
tracks. At the point where they were
shooting the cars run In a deep cut so that
they could n" be seen by the party shoot
ing at the target.
Lovell. with hli brother and hls brother's
wife, waq on a car passing through this
cut on the way to the lake when Miss Dil
lard fired. Tho bullet missed the target
and struck Lovell In the back of the head,
about an inch from tho left ear. He MI
back In his reat unconscious. Doctor Har
ris, who was at the lake, volunteered his
sen-Ices, but a glance at the wound con
vinced him of its seriousness He onlered
Lovell removed to the Missouri Baptist
Sanitarium nt Taylor avenue and the
Suburban tracks.
When he reached the sanitarium vitality
was so low that a. salution of salt-water
was lniected Into the brain. It was decided
that his condition was too critical to under
go an operation, and so it was deferred.
Lovell's brother kept vljil oxer his
cot last night. While hopeful of re
covery he Is prepared far the end at any
Miss Dillard. when seen at her home lost
night, was almost hysterical with grlif.
When Informed that there was little cnanco
fot Loveb's recovery she wept bitterly.
E. W. Grove.
This nnme must appear on every box of the
genuine Laxative Urorno-Qulnlne Tablet
thw remedy that cures a cold in one day. 23c
Score of Spectator Are Ilnrt nt Fort
Smith, Ark.. Uaaehall Game.
Fort Smith. Ark.. July 4. The grand
stand at the baseball park near this city
collapsed to-day during a game between
a club of Springfield. Mo., and one of this
A score of people were Injured, several
sustaining broken limbs.
Five Injured at a Crossing;.
Montlcello. Minn.. July 4. Five presons
were injured, some of them seriously. In a,
crossing accident here to-day.
The Great Northern pas.-enger train
struck a double-seated bulcgj. Harry Evers
-aged 15; Willie Evcrs. 11: Roy Sutton. 10:
Andrew Hall. C3. and a boy named Nyga&rd
were Injured and taken to a Minneapolis
hospital Sutton and Hall live In Minne
apolis; the other In Montlcello.
Tno Counties Celebrated Together.
Klnmundy. UL. July 4. The nation's an
niversary cay was celebrated by 6.W0 Ma
rion and Fayette County citizens. The
principal speaker of the- day waa Theo.
G. Risley of Mount Carmel. III.
American Vccl Make Display of
Flao t Uaccnton.
Queenstown. July 4. The Massachusetts
State training ship Enterprise and the
United States training ship Alliance have
arrived here, and, with the. Unlttd Stales
traln.ng ship Monogahela, which has been
here for several days, they made a profuse
p!uy of bunting In honor of the Fourth
of July. Salutes were fired, and there
were boat races and other sports.
The town was decorated and tlie British
warships drescd ship In honor of the day.
Banquet at Coptnlincrn.
r.,,nt.nnan MA-m,L' Till.. A Tha AmfT-
lean colony here celetrated the 1-ourth ot
July wiin a oanquei m ine jioici i-iiw;..'.
to-night at which L. S. Swrnson, the
United State Minister, made an address.
Patriotic music wjh plaeii and tho room
was appropriately decorated.
Day Is Celebrated In Colombia.
Colon. Colombia. July 4. The thmia to
day celebrated the Fourth of July. The sn p
Slng and public and private buildings were
ecorated with flags. A reception was held
thlo morning at the United States Con
sulate. Boy Stabbed by Playmate.
Hlgbee. Mo July 4. Frank Chrlstenscn. a
boy 14 years old. was stabbed by a play
mate here to-day. His recovery is doubt
ful. ?22 AshevIIIe. X. C, and netnrn ?2S.
Via. Southern Railway. Oince. 1V Olive
This Store Is Closed To-Day.
.Wonday, July 7. is the Opening Day
ofihr. Great
July Sale of Household Linens.
Many thousands of dollars' worth of Table and Bed Linens,
Towels and Towelinj; for your choosing-, at even lower
prices than those for which our former linen sales have
been distinguished.
V.'e want this to go down as the "great" sale of linens.
For price lists see Monday's papers.
Other events of interest icill le our
Summer Clearance Sale
Of all surplus stocks of Women's Shirt-Waist Suits and
White Shirt Waists. Also a special sale of all broken lots
of high-class washable fabrics at half price and less.
See Monday papers
blKiaMm osi
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Throughout the State there are good hotels, boarding-houses
and ranches, with extremely reasonable
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Colorado is full of delightful outing places, and Sum
mer life among the mountains, with their clear and
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Yerj Low Rats Excursions lo Colorado All Summer. Maks Inquiries.
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Let us advise you the least cost of your Summer trln throuch the West.
C"l?v T1rkt Offir S- W. for. Ttromlurnv
S. W. Cor. Broadway
Pine St.
Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo .----$21.00
Glenwood Springs, Colo 31.00
Salt Lake and Ogden, Utah 36.00
The Wabash Line Runs Magnificent Through
Sleeping Cars Between
St- Louis and Denver, Colo.
Leave St. Louis 9:0O A. M. Daily
Arrive Denver 11:00 A. M. Next Day
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Arrive at Pueblo 11:50 A. M. Next Day
Ticket Office - Eighth and Olive.
.Vsutnnldo Expects to Mnlir Visits lle
forc Leaving Slnnlla.
Manila, July A. President Roosevelfs
amnesty proclamation was read at noon to
day In English and Spanish, from a flag
draped stand on tho Luneta. after a parade
of 6.(0 Americans and Filipino.
Arthur Ferguson, secretary to Governor
Taft, real the proclamation In t presence
of a small iMthcrtn,. ine heat navlmt dis
persed the crowd when the parade endeu.
The prisoners freed by the proclamation,
estimated to number CW. were released
without ceremony. Many military prisoners
had preiloualy been treed.
Axulnaldo remained i.i the house which
has sheltered him since his captivity. He
Is expected to visit friends brietty and
then deuart on a trip. Hla destination is
not announced. The exiles on the Island
of Guam, are expected to return here on a
tpeclal uteamer. , ,
The observance of tho national holiday
was general. The city, was decorated and
the ships were flying nil their IUr- The
celebration was typically American even to
the firecrackers.
J. Irvlni Penrce Snccnmbs to Brltf
Illnoa In Chlcazo.
Chicago. July 4.-J. Irving Penrce, pioneer
of Chicago, widely known hotel proprietor
for half a century and head of the Sherman
House for twenty years, died suddenly this
afterooon. alter an illness ot two days. He
STr,ai?2rS 1. born In Tates County.
New York, in 1KT. and came to Chicago m
isS; lie was once a nnat-clal power inChl
cago: was one of the rounders of the Third
Vatlonal Bank, a leading spirit in the old
rVi.tat TExDOSltion Company and was a
JeadTnmembefand rresident of the Illinois
b,. Hoanl of Agriculture. He gave much
Ume and mony lor charity, being especially
mres?ed in friendless boys and girls.
31 r. Laroir Wns Standing In Her
Yard WntcblnjS Firework..
Farmlnxton. Ho.. July --Mrs. Larose.
the wife of n well-known citizen at Flat
river near this city, was shot and killed
to-n cbt by a stray bullet from the pistol
of some one who was celebrating
The woman was standing in her yard,
witching a. display of ttreworks.
Hoy. urorrned While Celebrating.
Hock Isiand. ltL. Juiy 4. Emll and Edgar
Llndberg. 13 a.nd B. years old, weru drowned
this afternoon. The lads were celebrating
the Fourth of July on a ratt, which cap
sized In u ravine, which had been fliled
by the recent rams.
Westerners In Xctt Tork.
New York. July -L Among the arrivals at
the hotels here to-day were the following
St. Ial-lIUs H. C. Clubb. Ed Taylor aad
Jtrs. Taylor, d. C Divlf. Holland; A. C Poctu.
Cantata A N". Wttwr and itrs. Vber. HoCmin;
J. D. jlrtJulre. F. v.". llacKEtn. lmpcrUI: d. C.
JxiKir. '. fc. Ateuaier. Xaldcn: J. 1. JMctnn.
1Uj J. L. Whitman. .Alter; K. il. Heroer. '.V.
U. llunir and Jits. Hcrctr. J. K. Urar. U. Fath
and Mrs. Fata. St. OraU: J. Jtltaea and Mrs.
Miuon. tV K. Llncley and Mrs. Ucdler. aturt
Tant. A. XV. Conner. Manhattan: tfte Rereread
F. IL lllcher. Ftfth Avenue: A. lllrarh and Mrs.
Hlrvcli. (lerard; MUses Sw!n. Grand Union: C.
Miller. Metropolitan. C. L. Bacon, Ashland; J.
IlraUi and Mrs. Heath. RaleUh.
. Kaasas Clty-K. H. D Weese, Aster: 8. H..
f-navelr Volcn Square. R. M. Hartley. Grand
Unlcn: J. T. Boone and Mrs. Boone. Crlterlos.
Gala Day at Lebnnon, Mo.
Lebanon. Ho.. July 4 This has been a
gala day for Lebanon. The city ha3 b?en
full of visitors to participate in the Fourth
of July celebration. Larktn Wise of thU
city aros the orator. The afternoon wa3
ilvea over to athletic contests, doslnc with
for full price lists.
and OIIva Rf. nnrtl Tnn
and Olive St. General Passenger Agent, 604
Round-Trip Bates
a game of baseball between the Lebanon
and Sullivan teams, resulting In a victory
for the former by a score of U to S. About
!" reisTs witnessed the display of fire
works to-night.
Grand Army Veterans Hade PlLxrlB
Bsre to Lincoln's Home.
Springfield. UL. July 4. The Grand Army
of the Republic Post and athliatcd bodies ot
this city chartered a special train this aft
ernoon and went to Old Salem, near Peters- .
burg, the first home of Abraham Lincoln '
after he removed from Kentucky to 1111
nols. The pilgrims ppent the day with the Bonn
of Veterans tn a drill, gold medal oratorical
contest, music and addresses. Colonel
Charles V. Mills, commander of Stephenson.
Post. G. A. It., presided, and addresses were
made by Profesxor Alfred Bayllss. Stato
Superintendent of Public Instruction, ant
Colonel V. E. Hull, fcrmer commander o
the Illinois Division of tbe Sons of Vet
erans. Large numbers were also presea:
from Petersburg and Athens.
Flower Parade at Xerr Franklin,
New Franklin. Mo.. July 4. Never In tto
history were so many people seen upon th
streets as were here to-day to celebrate
the Fourth. All businees was euspendeu
and tbe boslness houses beautifully decor
ated with flags and bunting. A flower
parade through the principal streets under
the auspices of tbe Woman's Club of tho
city was the leading attraction of the day.
Addresses were delivered by the Reverends
E. N. Richmond of Fayette and A. N.
Lindsay of this city. A display of fire
works was given at night.
Fourth Hnd Many Attractions.
Virginia, IlL. July . A large crowd en
joyed the celebration here to-day. An ad
dress was made by L. B. Stringer of Lin
coln, and there was a parade, babv show,
gun-club tournament, baseball game, horso
rrce. all sorts ot athletic events, and a con.
tlnuous vaudeville. The band contest, which
held the crowd In the evenlcir. resulted In
a victory tor Jirenzruie.
Modern Woodmen Glva Plcnlo. f
8L James. Mo.. July . Independence Day
was celebrated here tp-cav by a bl picnic,
itH en bv the Modern Voodmen of tha
wona. The day was spent hi epeeeenmax
lng and athletic games. A fireworks duw
play to-night concluded the programme.
Royal Warrant
is supplied to
His Majesty,
The King of England
and to
H. R. H.
The Prince of Wales
and served at all
the Court Festivities-
- V
3Kr-j.-., .;-

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