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THJi It IS PUIS LI (J: SUA' DAS.'. JiLl 0. 11)1)3.
lllllslj I
jiTSs. ijjjt fWl lllill iM?. P .. i p i . i -'I'v
Ef yPg 31 r jhnkk ygyfx 22ss iii&A S pbsw
'SiK tsi g s? pa gs&g v gjv fa ys gs m
IB 8L. &tt& ?,' '
i Sam -ssa: ,.JS&
i hi
(Capital Stools. S2S3,O0O. :es,i- Valo C32as.2.-cs lOc. j521 Zaic3. and. BTonasscssatoic.)
Announces that it has acquired .ijoint int.-rcst in the fla-st and most complete i.h.nt for the kanillinz .in.l shiimin- of .:! in ti. Sm...ii,. T,,?. Rrvmm.mf rui i..i.i n.,.,,tc
J have all been let for the completion of this plant, and work is underway and hein- puslittl as rapidly as jsihle." The c-uuiplftion of tlii- plint will greatlv mere:.' the carn
3 in- capacity of the company. Itlirs lnvn decided by the Directoryto cominr.o s .!iK a limited amonat of stock at Il)c to assist ill pavin- for the work contracted for and .
a sjoii as enough stock is oh! for tms fund, st.itrk will be advanc"d and no nion- sIil at the present pric " '
Recent 5uits do not affect
our title.
Upon legal advice we euar
ai:tcs suit recently filed will
not affect our holdings, and
we will refund all money sub
scribzd from this data for
ward, if tfcis or any similar
suit prevails against us
gy ho'ilcrs of r.'
TiunsT. py
5. Another
San I'rancj.cti. July
Francisco art student,
has scored a success In
two flsutt-s nc-eptrd at the Paris
One. the most notable. Is entitled 'Thirst."
It is a rull-!nKth fisiire and in every iia-
the younK scuijitor has gotten the agony of
1'noffin.il notice to younc Cummlnps or
the acceptance of th- larce statue wts In
the miit friendly and encouraging terms.
It said:
"Uear Mr. Cummings: More Rood wwi
Your big ftpure also has lien accepted.
The Jury that pasted on It this morning
looked at It long and carefully. It is fine-
bmcere compliments on vour success.
i iiilngs has rer"ol recosr.ilK.n from
San ' Part;, art authorities. The tlrt pc.
Karl Cummincs, crj-.ted last ytar. was a portrait b.it of a
Paris He lni had "un? lady, tvno iiosed as If for a phnj..-
, 3,k!- t.,5.. .T J-'r:l!'- Sh vsras a. friend of th- mminKs ,
&..1.III1. I nfl.. r.,e cfndtini. ii. Iic -t tli
' j " -". r. '" "-,,'
iim Has iiiuL t,'iiiz:usiaiic :zi ::iun:
younc rrlerd.
Karl Cummln;s Is a son cf M. K "wm
mlngs. who is emp'ojed ' Ine ltjard "f
Pul Ic Works, lie v;as a ur! :i 't :'e
Mark Hopkins Institute of Art an.! --tu .. 'l
tinder Auzutrs Tlldrn. Wh-n tli.:t -i-i.Iij-tor
was working on the Io"-hm- m:non.il
statue and founta n Karl i"i:mm" ics v..i
his first as'Istant. Cunalisi n' to
Paris in 1KU and has made tl..- m-t of hit
Tim 1T hit. n ciilif.fr t.- ciiTiTn.t ttv the
! next saion. tvnicn he Hopes win ne v
This is not the flrtt time that Earl Cum- 'better than this season's succc.-. "ThirM.
Walter 15. Stevens Arranging "for
Departure of European
Tn Republic Earrau.
Ulli St, and 1'cnnsjIvauU Ae.
Washington. July S. W. IJ. Stevtns, the
secretary of the Louisiana Purchase Expo
eitlon Company. Is in Washington, repre
senting President Francis In making ar
rangements for the departure of Sir.
Thomas W. Crldler. the European Commis
sioner of the Exposition, and his staff for
".Mr. Crldler." said Mr. Stevens, "has
been looking after the Interests of the Ex
position at Washington. He would have
started for Europe some months ago but
for the raising of the question of postpone
ment and the uncertainty which it involved.
As soon as Congress acted Mr. Crldler was
notified by President Francis that he would
he expected to leave as soon as his arrangf
xkents could be made, and to take with him
4uch assistance as he deemed necessary for
inost thorough exploitation of the Exposi
tion In all of th countries of Europe. Sir.
Crldler -will sail on the Sth. Immediately
upon his arrival on the other side five of the
local representatives of the Exposition will
report to him and a very active and ener
getic campaign will be inaugurated.
"The Exposition management has re
ceived, through the Department of Staterj-ytdoratlon cf thi
c,ii.-vuiugui nutjum Hum ecvciui ui (UU
European Governments, but it is apparent
tfeat all of them have been waiting to hav
the date of the opening of the Exposition
finally settled by Congress. Mr. Crldler,
accompanied fey his start, will visit the Eu
ropean capitals by turn, and will also visit
and consult tnc principal commercial and
Industrial Interests in the several European
countries. Ip to this time the exploitation
work In Europe has betn of a preliminary
character and designed to lay the foun
dation and to prepare public sentiment for
2ir. Cridler's more Important work.
"Through tho diplomatic and consular
channels of the Government, from press
clippings and from other rources the Expo
sition management receives the Impreswion
that the time is ripe to nccure very gen
eral participation by Europe.
"ilr. Hawkins Taylor, formerly clerk of
thf Committee on Foreign relations dur
irig the incumbency of the chairmanship
br the late Senator Cushman K. Davis,
will accompany Mr. Cr.dler as hl3 private
Kansas City Delegation Leaves for
Springfield To-Xiglft.
nrpmur firnri-vi (
ICansas City, July 3. Jackson County del
egates to the Springfield Convention will
letvc Sunday night, traveling by the Frisco
KpUroad. Following is the delcgatlan:
j-lrzt llcprtntatlve Dlrtrlct John G. raxtca,
JfiE O. f- ChrfMnan. John A. Sea. Colonel
J03f?h W ISerce.-. J. SI. Callahan. William s
rSnarnoy. Independence. Mo.: ejeorp 21. Ins
fellow, Lea Summit. Slo. ; Walter 1- CSiacey.
Uno Jack Ma Alternates A. P. satvjer. J.
Allen l'rmitt, lndepcrntenee. Mo.: CTiamp Work
mtn. Grain Vallev. Mo.: Allien M OH. Irrt
Bdence. Mo . Ua c Itotli. Uuckner, Xo.;
avid W. Wallace. W. It. Hill. J. W. Clemt'at'!
Inaepradencc. Mo.
Fecund Renres.'ntatlve Ijlstrlrt The lirnnnM.
All!.m s e-owhenl. (ieorfte H i:nsll?h. Flnli
C Fair. Itoland Iluihea. It. J. inciaham. Frank
3tr.tcl:e. KiJward J. llcflmfra, Ilank I1. Selr-.
tannsn O IonBla., V. Uliam E. llairan Sam
taslnjr. ICaaaas city. Ma Alternates Louis c
It'yle. p. II. FwearenEfn. O. K R..L.n.jr Isaac ,
H Inland. Kana .'iy. M.j ; eirritc Ifil.t. I
Ita.Moun. Mo.: M-phen SkisHit. iK.rajr-'i '
Mlll. Mo.; Arthur I'.san. Hugh J . I
IJan-el W. UruKR. u. II. lean, Kanj- Cltj,
Mo. I
Third nerresostatlic District!.. eph i; Fhan- j
nP"-, O- K Mlveraian. Hee Turpln. G. rge M. i
f'lel.ey. Uercard ConUan. IF. J Jl-ilouan. PM
Welch. J. 11 Guia'.tte. Jonn P. CIMjj AltTna'M I
...n11 J;, ha,t- A- '- "-:,er. e i: nr. aij. 1
William F. I.y.zw. John F. Warl. J La a J t 5. '
I " A.-. IJI3- Eukto KatavU. 11. . ivp-. ica- :
. sai City. Mo.
S Tourtn Iteiirercntatlte nijtrlct J. '. v iv-a i
I J IS. McUowan. Klljlh ltohir.on. John it l.-a- '
I ry. John -Grad5. Altercate- Th .maa J. s -e- '
, lom. James l'nderrat, F-ltx Iji K, re Kit-
I .,.r.S'lB?.1 Jcnney. Jutiah J. WsMaais. Kincu :
J Oty. Mo
j mil lienreserTame iqstrl t '.vmum II T. '.
dale. Krarl; . Wal .. M. A Fke. Jimt IJ a.-
tTlarence WotTord. Michael l.u. Janiea r l-jt-
rick. Altrtnater Wah Adam; Je Vinevarl
("liarles M. iroivell. Ja-iiH-s Hartn-. WLli-m T
Hickman. William II. Ilraa'w.r. John P IJ.li-Kfln-t
Plith Itenrefentatlve nift'Ict E. I sarrl't.
JbiiH-s A. Iteed. Iaac II. Kinlcy. A S I.tnn.
O G. Yiunc. J.-Nn T. lianllnc AUrantM-CJ.
ward i:. Ueil. Th..mi. A. Wltten A K GalU
encr. Clarence 1'alinT. J. A. lluaon. Ralph
Lat'havr. Kan5,i "ity. Mo.
The delegatiun i pilged to Circuit Ju-J'g
E. I'. Uates cf this county. The nomlnatln-.
convention paid the candhl-ite the hlsh
honor or first 'nstructuig the delegate-tube,
and thtn permitting the Judge to mik
up his own li-n Ae-ccnllnsly. It i a trad
ing delegation frcm llrt to last. Congress
man Cowherd, who will go eliret t to Spritig
lleld. Is to put Ju.lc Gate-! in nomination.
There is no manne-r of doubt tint Kan
sas City will try h.-.rd to have Judge Gates
named for a place on the Supreme lench.
The contention will lie raised at Sprlncfiei.I
that the city haa i-uch a great relative
amount of legal business before the court,
much of It bascl upon a charter that Is
unique, that it Is entitled to on- Supreme
State Committeeman Trank P. WalOi. on
or the delegates, three days ago. whu-n noti
fies! hV JlKlCM ftnto ,1. ,r Via, nn..ll . ,
.suit, ki; 111
lirMpiiiI are bcln;
actual .-ale of oil.
Oar monthly iIIvJuVshI of " per
nt. paraiilc Ji:n loth. :o siock-
onnl June 5, was patti
A 3 iir cent dlvMnml. payalilo
July IStli. to all stewkkoWcrs nfren
m July rrlj. h3R tice-a Icf'arctl. onil
rill ci- ffrwartl wllh Ukj nsu.tl
proinxstucs'. Ilouiomlior that Hits company Is
paving" larger tliritlpi'tls ttian atiy
.i!:tT i-oinjiany in iho liplel anel
Iiriiigiiig more? actual Investor! t
i!i.- Icaiaii'int U ficltl than all
rtlur rniiiiKIiiirS! CPlllbiniil. Our
lr-piitio:i fS"cctl mir rcprcscma
t!c as anil we ate not afraid to
thi.w It.
Ilcnipnilior. this company rMvu!
Sr.irase' of l.noo.fioo barrels of oil.
wnrtli tnnre tiian the entire capital
stock of tln company.
One of 'lie finest gtfiliprs In the
field ia and auetker readv to conw
Tlie finest and most onmvlete
plant for t!it Iinndliug and shipping
of oil in the Spindle Top Itetiunmnt
Oil Field N tinder cnust ruction. No
company iu the field is equipped
with as complete a plant, and uo
company or like capitalization has
anything that can he compared
with If.
Burt:- &&.
vni rrXKCZzrvfr
-r' V J
LJ'K.T ijC.
1 1
s r,
' I
feme lo Ile-atmiont anil Invcstl
catf nt Oar Ilxpeuae.
T1ioe who are ttlr.k'r.c cf tnying "I
Hock can - that the ll l. l.jyni; in
cry tt If "his CORibany'e t..fc i. trfk- r.
aiw w. invite ou to tniiittie:,te rr roi.r
c!f. which Ihe follt'Wl'W 1 Iter explain-.
Ary rer?or. loun or community i. ri ?
n ouy a muca or more than lco ' w -:i
cf St.tc eii Cenpany" i-k k m ( , t .
ni-h ni'cy in xa'lr kl bank, t., te h- i 1
ty -octi iaik pe-.dlmr a 'rip hr 'W r t t'i 1
number t tit Galveston and laum
anl fer.na'ly Inspect th oil nVM. Hi- m,
c eil e wjKttxr and Its peprt. .-nt i.p
on the cr:pan rrlD notla'd by aa. b ti t
Of ir-h dfH-rit, we ttitl forward to the ; r
en !orr.'teft fiee transportation to ttalves
t' and Deaiinwct an: return, and If. ur i
thcnHiah lnvetljratkn. the rprsentau m
made Ly n ar- found to 8e true, soea 1
eftment M Ic be mad; o'herwlse ol'
money In to be returned by the tank to the
lerttea de-rotttlng same.
The above el-Tram is an illustration of the finest and most compltte plant for the handling and shipping of oil In tha Spindle
Top Beaumont OU Field. For the sake of economy this plant ts bIng constructed Jot ntly by toe Success Oil Company and tht
Silver Dime Oil Company. Heavy lines show the Improvements under way anel which are being pushed to completion as rnplaly
as possible. The plant consists of pipe llr.es connecting four wells, with storage and settling tanks, which are connected with load
ing racks en two lines cf railroads, one en the Kansas City Southern and another on the Sabino and East Texas (Southern Pacific
system). Th- pipe Sices are laid ro connections can be made with the pipe line of the National Pipe Line Company to Port Arthur
and the- pipe line to Sablrc Pass. Thus this plant can load oil In cars or steamships at will. On Block 2. Gladys Subdivision, Spln
elle Top. consisting -.1 t n arcs. are located sis storage tanks, settling tank, pumping station, office and other improvements neces
sary make the plant complct" In every detail There is r.o cvmpany In the field that is equipped with as complete a plant, and
no company of like capitalization has arythlns that can be compared with It.
Wlint VlsIUnjr InvciloM Sny:
Catcaso III 7 Flfty-tlfth Street. Jur
T. IMC Succeyr !! Company. Catve-o .
Texas. G-nttxnn: 1 bate just re"urr.ed
from a trip to Galveston an.1 Reaumont: I
enjojc! rh trlr very much, examined v .r
title t r'rertv. sar the cuhers guh.
ximlned th'- aanly your aa-t other pr r
ertles e.n and rn-ir Splmlle Top. nit h
wjrk KOtng -n at the immenje oil reanerl'a
at Reiumot. and. In fact, am IhTouRh'y
atld yc have property of immense
alue. Yours truly. It. T. UTWIS.
rrlaeeton. ill.. Jan IS. 1KZ
Success OH Co.. Calvertrn. Texas Gen
flercen: llAv!n jiit re urned f p m a
neck's trip to the Beaumont oil field -j
your red-letter offer. 1 desire to express mv
eplnton cf tre womierful r-oir eta la thnf
e.c nttv. After examinirs te propers
hoH.ci: of th cotcpny oa Sp'n.i Tv
rd vt.-'nlfy. which are In ?he tt part i
the rrcven f !d. I consider the oaf-. k
iauh better tha- stated in cur prcs. ect a
I con ier th company manaect bv cfc-ferv-.tre
busiseii men. m the de-el - '
ntent wr.Tk that haa been done In the U-t
eicnt monta win nttet f one Timing
fieU nn.1 when they have completed ml"
rotte tankage for storinc the output of
their el! (which la la course of cflntrac
tlcn la cKe p-nxlmlty to the railroad). It
will be a nicely eqairped as any In t
field I eon'lder the ell Industry In Tex is
In .ts Inf.-.ncr aa er, and the rro"pect of
the Success Crrapany are Trr flatterlcc
Vours tery truly. C. C. Si-OTT. M. V.
Galveson. Texas. Jure l 1XZ.
Success Oil Company. Oalrcstcm. Texas-
Gnt!emen: We have lust completed a
week's visit to Gilveton and Beaumont on
your red-IMter offer: have clcwly exasiscd
every detail cf your business; have Invested
In the Success Comrany arid believe abso
lutely la the Integrity and ability of your
oiocerw ana n.ireeiqrs 10 maxo le nnanctat
success cf the hlsbest order. The Improve-
oiene now uaurr way riacc ene company xn
an Independent tmaltlon In the handllsic and
marLetina; of the product. We hare the
fullest of faith ta your uadertaklct. Very
J. IT. CODrmCGTOX Princeton. III-.
II. C CODDINCTON'. Princeton. 111.
Wellman. Ia.. Ifav 3. unj.
Paceess on Co.. Galveston, Texas Cf 3
tlemen: I accepted your red-tetter offer and
came to visit you on same. I have made a
tboreuxh examination of your books, deeds,
contracts, etc., and find them entirely sat
isfactory. I have met your officers and
directors, and find them to be men cf hlxh
buslceta standing. I visited Beaumont and
aw your irusher turned on. and the Cow
was powerful. I And your proposition to
be entirely up to representations- Yours
truly. E. F. SMITH.
For the purpose of assisting in paying for this plant a limited amountof stock is offered the pablic at
Least amount of stock for sale, 30 shares, or ?."j.00 worth. For further particulars, prospectus, stock, address
t Piifi U?
efts fg I&k wf. a
lied by Judge Gate th.if he
f Second Floor, Trust Building,
$ Galveston, Texas.
veb iii k n Galveston, Texas.
Remit by draft, check or money order. Money deposited in any bank and notification sent to Secretary, Galveston, Texas, will reserve stock
ir. Tinllnnnl nftlro of the association at No.
rv Xass.iti street New York. I
A virv Important prevision of the ruli
governing this burva-i which have alread
been adopted requires that every meai!r
suliscrll.lig to the fund will, when lie
Iodm-s a claim wltli tbl bureau. -xecut" a j
written asrevment lietween hlm'vlf and the I
national asociatIon. he or they binding
t!. mw.lrM ,it in fitter Info nne" cnmTir,- 1
mie. agreement or understanding with a i day. charged with kitting her uncle. George
t.li.i., nftAv li.l'lni. Im1r..tl a lll Trtfll I w . . . .
th.- llureau
Shoot llrr rticK for Heating His
Padueah. Ky July i-Susan Krazier. M
yean old, wa arraigned In the court to-
r tiavlng lodgeil a claim with ! jon. ja9t nb-ht.
for Investigation and Prose-cit- I . - , .
hlch. ngree-ment -hall lie coni.'d- 1ne '
ti.. ' end which ncreement
e-"' as In full "force until such time as the
bureau s.hall ilechle not to procee-el with
criminal prosecution or that e-lalm.
eluded In his list notified h! friends "that l.'r.,l- llitllitic" tM-ieo on T'iliili
they must drop all wort: and talk of his own i -1 r',nl t illtllJlS S I IJ e On l-.lglllll
tstreet I'aided.
ngnt ror the State Committ.--e.-hip. "In con-
Miii'iauon ci ine lace tnat I in reejuirj to I
"" i"r u irienu. me committeeman s no
tice read. "I feel In duty liouiil to suspend
my own movements. . far as thev con
cern myself. I am cnt-'relv anel solely in
terested In Judge Gates'" candidacy."-
Accordincly there i.t almost no talk here
to-day of the Walsh light.
Credit Jlen Will Prosecute Case?
of Fraudulent Failure.
The movement projectcel some time ago
by the National Assejciatfnn ,f t"iv.iit Mn
under which the Su Iiuis Crtdlt 51 n's As--
tociaeion n organizni. ror the creation of a
bureau, through which fraudulent failures
The nw gambling squad, organized after
th.? prr motion of lieutenant Jans" John
tun. X'.hlch is now in charge ef Detective
Tom 'IcGrath. made lta first arrest yester
t!;iy. Frank I'hlllipn ami twelve m -n were
arrested about 1 o'clock at No. 107 North
Eighth street.
Phillips. It Is charged, was making a
handbook. The others, charged with Idling,
are: J-hn Gallagher. Urnrv Greenstone. Ed
V. Riley. William Winn. Ed Marks. George
GUJaspy. Arthur McChemey. Walter Smith.
Arthur Arhl'V. Freel King. William Hum
mel and William Garmon.
Snlrni .Street I r.lr Closes.
itKrrcuc srKciAi
could be thorouchlv invest Icatnl rmi nni. ' -a'ciii, in., juij- n.-inc merccanes- -nrc-i
cuteei. has I, brougn to uS-Sfiil comt ' Mr antl mival, which has been running
Pletlon, fbr at the convemlon that a"- ! t 'his ph,ce alt thin wek. clo-ed to-nUht.
roclatlon. held in Ioul--vIlIe. Ky.. June 16-U, 7h( t&J "success In every way At
1SL2. sir vvini.i f. Mr-,H,. J ' t.lT least W.O50 Tersoni from a distance visited
Burke. FItz Simons. Hone A Co.. Rnchesto- r '" '? wk- At the- Iloral parade
N. Y.. and the chairman r the Inveatlga- I lr,z .wfr; awarded rs follows: The bst
tionand Prosecution Committer, announce.1 U'-oraled double carriage. Misses Kagy.
lhat the required SW.ttW fir th- ma'ntenatice i:,3 IJa i-ewt1 and nss Feltman: second
or the bureau had len M-ure-tL TH!i t-- M!s Nance Martin: best eiscorat'!
amount is now on denosit with the Vourth '. fingle buggy, first premium. Mrs. U, W
National Bank of the Citv of New Ynrk.
and Is availahle at any and all times for
the purroses of th bureau.
The fund of 19.'M In" been ralsd by stll
scriptions made- by certain of the loe-al a
sooiations and manv inellviiluals. but the
jirl Hoses of the l.-jreau are open nly t
those h are repr --r.ted by rubscrlption.
e-liher from their local associations, or those
which hae lieen made individually.
The fund ! ia eb irge eif n buare! of tru
tees. consisting eif the preI(Int. Mce prerf
ilent. sttt- t:irv-ttea(r r and chairman of
the Investigating and Prosecution Commit
tee, which eifiiccrs serve an Injbtws of t'.e
fund eluring the term of their official life
In the ansoeiation
It is provided that at the !eg!nnlng of
each year. If the fund shall have been ile
pleleu ti the extent of JiK0. notice to that
e'ffect shrll lie - n to all uhscrlrt rs. and
sniliMTlptions snlicited to reimburse it to the
full sum of Jifl.OiO.
The work of the Investigating anJ Prose
cution Bureau is to be looked after from
T'llows; second premium. Mrs. H. IV. Far
ron: lest decorated bicycle. Miss Maud
Snnn storm In Colorado.
Denver. Colo.. July 5. Specials from sever-"!
towns in the mountain portions of Colo
rado report snowfall rnnclng from an inch
to three Inches. Ieadvillo reports a Unht
fsll. while nt Aspen more than two Inches
fell during yesterday and last nleht. Ttie
lemperrfture has been low nil over the State.
Is claimed, saw her uncle
ln-ating his wife. ami. obtaining a pistol,
isiiit him through tjie etomach. InllktlnB
a wound which on used his death.
Y-rk r"tv w a -o-fel z- !' tt-u-r RarracV".
N i. t r II - " -.tat Mrs n 1r-.m-.ai
II, Ji- dm irlcr. I t K-t ovr.". Ml. K
f : ina Wlllian l.irr.lrt) -irj T,rr. V - Kel
e)-p j aymaf tprs r. te at San Krar lc . arc re
l.r. i frjn Cjiy ti ih Iierarernenj f ."il ttt
and will fjil s or at ut turj'. KO tfc- I
tipir f stan Is wT -e ur n c-rt a) tr. y wJ r
ll- ilat r Jer t al- a ur 1 e".-j:a!n Itrr
Snitt! wh . w.'l l" --1 ta s'aa I'nme'. a c-id
aw.t ordern
Th- xp rattan cf the app- 'ntment cf ft til I
Ueuteuat Frdric K. Co. Ttrenty-Crat In-fant-y.
on July I Is announced.
Claplatn William Anlerson. Tenth Cavalry,
nla join his reslment at l'art Itoblsaon, Neb.,
his si.-k leav? hatlnc exrlred.
Sick leave for tw mtaths Is uraated Second
IJect nant Wlnjta Illchcr, Fourteenth ttvalry.
Fee rd IJrutesast George Brady. Fourteenth
Irf.ntrv 1-s reyeve.1 from further treatment at
('ie I'nlted Statef General !!"pltal. Wahlnitoa
I'arraekis and w.ll return to his proper atatlan.
Insurance Company Licensed.
Jefferson Oty. Mo.. July EL State Superin
tendent of Insurance Ed Yates to-day li
censed the National Annuity Association of
Kansas City to do a general fraternal bene
ficiary business In Missouri. The officers
are as follows: J. H. Hushes, president;
D. R. Mcsher. vice president, and U. S. G.
Hughes, secretary and treasurer.
If you want c"M watermelon, go to the
Delicatessen Lurieh 1 looms.
Cnliati Cnstoma Ilccrlpts.
Havana. Julv r.. The customs receipts for
t .iln fox the month of June amounted to
Jl JM3.
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W"ashu:gtia. July i. Pensions have btcn
gr.muil euthwesteri. i as fliows.
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is. Jacob i livens, itawer. Jt.. l'oli p 1! -eJirir,
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Wm. II. Pontius. O-jett, J. M-'fCi Meaiost. llace
donta. Ji: Samuel KlctcocT. Glcs.uri;. til: .'.on
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5-s- ehartea K. Kirtley. Roswe.I. i: 1 fc- nai M.
A'Aoon. Indlanao.K : Wm. I". Wclrly. i'a
inon'a. I; Andrew steie. IJ-irwi-unr. $il: J'lin
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.erm. J17; Josrph f Wei-. lVrklrslll. J:.;
Crte 15. MaNOil'. if m nd. tit: II nry c.
Adam. Ann It. Js l!rjm I'mtlcs. KKInrt Jl
(larW Vmiw. star Pra.rl.-. Samiel K."
,""".'.!:-.Trrr If' Jt?: Wm. A. .---it. Indhin
aiIU si; Fimuei X. Ta-!. Tcrre Hanie. j;;
IJavId Il-.-. Amlercnn. W: Cn-a.I s-r'"i. ,o
C'T" ".. ': . ,J-n K- I"H'- "hlo Fals. i;
J.n . I I VrM. fi, ri . t;4- :iarr' II! lull
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esHj i.i I sgr ll.Vttrl
Never before was such an opportunity presented. Take advantage
NOW, before it is too !ate.
A, L. STEINHEYER, Secretary. - JM1ES L. GfiRL.SLS, Treasurer.
Ssnd for Prospectus. x&'OUlce open till 7 o'clock ever- eveniaz 959 Chestnut Street.
,-oTin. r-cir. r. r,ii"p. i.v r.SM..
t?X''Al .1,rT- Orlenirs y: Xlr.nj K. Pln-Flai-
i's Rnl'n' K'- Ilanser. Tcrre
t K?.r'V'" H"" Pla'". Jnlnrs !: ni hlas
t, ,.',k'r..u'y:"w"n'' Wl'Iiun Irvine.
S v kTi. "Z- s- Austin K. W1b Ksnras '.ty.
" hMlp Bed. IHiswa. W: Th-.ms v-Cor-
ls,-,'.".I??. iF: 'l"" fi'-Wt. lvrranoe.
;? ',.1 J 'lerrinc. North Torsha. f!l: Awwt
ltan i-.. v illiam Cat'. Vrsnt.Ti. ?l: J.re-7J-.
'?v- Ji.",'"-' Hora.. Learenao-.h. Jn
K,", "."i" "V 1r"'.ia'?, '": llli-.m II. Dnl lv
nam I rrtr l- Jhfwr.ljMUin-! HuteV
In'on. l. . -l-r cf .tern 3 Ila-ris. SaUna. :i
Msri.a.M Ptmivr. Porr Scott " ' '
Mtaheni-j hn ' riler. l-amell. it: IMiu
I-Wis. J, r "
cxas Arsa'rri Cm, lnlm . It-r v.
rTt' '.': J's J"- " AJao-a. rs"
' J(hn I " ti te-. a :
'ITe. JS-
1 .erniy-Orilers.
. Waidiinetnn, J- j- iArmy orders am.
tsruci to-eJny as fo" w-:
J'"'1- -e n-r I.' -'r-s-.t Fil-ene
E3 lj";vrr ;" v: v -1 c1r-y S1 re-
, . , .., - ,- ;, ,., ;, ,,.,. ,. ,.,, , .
. ...i -.i..vti vi i'is r
;t leave he wJl Join
Contract Ssrge-a ditW Orertoa. csw la Ne
Firs! 2 .Monthly Dividend Paid June ISfh.
Second Monthly Dividend Will Be Paid -July 15th.
TSilrd 2 Monthly Dividend Declared, to stockholders of record August ist.
OL'K OIL CKRTIKICATE OFFER of one barrel of Beaumont oil wlta each share of. stock has been
Stack is now 10 cents per shart. Oil Is quoted at 25 cents per barrel.
We will sivo one Irarrel of oil with each TWO SHARES of stock purchased at TEN CENTS PER
SHAKE. When our ofTer was first made oil was quoted at 10 cents per barrel. See what stockholders have
made that purchased before July 4th.
VOr ARE TOO LATE to Ret in on the July dividend and the one barrel of oil offer. BUT YOU ARE
NOT TOO I.ATE to pet in on our present offer. There is a chance to make big; money yet; If yon buy before
July lth you can Ret a barrel of oil with each two shares purchased. You will also set In on the AUGUST
Our Great .nslaHrnent OfferWrite for Terms.
Any person wishing to buy stock to the amount of $23.00 or more can Ret in on the following plan: 20
per cent of the amount of stock subscribed for cash, 20 per cent cash each month until the entire amount is
laid, mtikicp: f'.nr ro nilis.
YOUR OIL CERTIKICATE-one barrel for each two shares will be reserved. Your dividends accrue
from the time you reserve your stock on the entire amount reserved.
NO FORFEITURE OF STOCK At any time you fall to make payment we will issue you stock for the
amount of money yeui have paid.
OUR TRANSPORTATION OFFER is still open. On deposit In your own bank of ?300.00, we will wire
you a round-trip tkkot. The next excursion will be July loth. Get ready to come and pet into the oil busi
ness. More money will be made from oil Investments In the Beaumont field than In any class of Investments
the wcrld has ever known.
It. U roSTKIJ. Wlnfirld. Kan., snys: "I went to Beaumont and was there shown th different properties onU
wrl'- of the Compary. which I may well &y far exe-ecel my greatest expectations. I believe no Idea can conceive
without sei in the ort! r f th- oil llelil. I firmly lielleve It Is the best proposition offered br any Company, and in
my opinion th oil certificate tbey hwue will And a ready mancet for from 40 to M cents per barrel."
II. J. MIM.S. Mtt Ilarvarf rtre-r;. rievelrrid. O.. savs: "Without .doubt It tea .treat Investment. I have swen more
than I exnected. The C'-ntin-ntal National is a great Investment. I am sorry more of my friends hive not bought
stock. 1 slf'l buy r-Kire- myself "
T. a. SKlKv.i: . Plfth .iA-miie. New York City, savs: "The half ha ynt k.- .t.t r .-..- -n-ii. ,..t. i- c. ,
the air. pure oIL I siw a well mrne In and Driller TrammeU temporarily asphyxiated In cettlnc the well closed. The
Continental i all it has bc represented so me ami more." '
Our outside holdings are good. Our gusher No. 1 Is on Acre 4, Block 3S. Our gusher No. 2 will be on
Acre 2. Block 3S.
When we have sold suffle-lent treasury stock we wHl contract for a million-barrel tank. OH at .TO cents
per barrel will make an ast-et of ijOW.000. What will our dividend be then? If sold all at one time, 200 be
sides our regular dividends. ,,
Our present offer tinder present conditions is Just as good as our old offer. Buy now. You are getting
closer buying a sure thing. OH was cheaper when our Company first started. Wc weren't earning dividends
No subscription taken for less than SO shares. Including free oil certificate for 10 barrels of oil. Install
ment plan. least amount sOO, with oil certificate 120 barrels of oil, four months to pay for It.
For full particulars address
Desirable agents i'il be paid liberal commissions. Our special agent's trip and offer is nncqualed. W
send agents their own stock immediately.
"-TJitStf";r3',a'- ""-"if' 'l--?--'
t iJ i ij-Wii i tT j irj Ti ii hi .1 ; mmtfm L;.Olfc.Jifccttc--,
C a,..

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