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fourth of July -peek Is always lull. With
the exception of family parties and Jollifi
cations of a amilar kind, where children
may be both seen and heard. society makes
no special note of the dar. Then. too. It Is
always frightfully hot; and those who have
lingered In town until this week are might
ily regretting the fact. The next few days
will soe a mighty exodus; and I venture to
say that If you should thanre to pass
through the Midway nbout noon to-day.
you would .- "cores of persons whom you
know, emptjing themselves from station
wagon?, trap" and broughams. laden with
golf bags, fishing rods. tennis rackets In
their leather ca-es. and a general ready-to-traiel
otmosphere as accompaniments, and
use them hurry aboard the waiting midday
train" to the Kast.
Summer resort seasons always formally
open with the Kourlh. and everywhere at
Northern Lakes and Eastern coast, hotels
and ccttages will this week take on a live
ly air. No small number of St. Louis resi
dents, who went to Europe early In Ma.
expecting to shop In I'aris and get back to
London for the coronation, with a return
trip home b this time, are on the ocean
and will go directly North to Harbor Point
and some of the other places on Michigan
Miss Frances AIII"on has gone to Boston
and the -vicinity to spend seerat months
with her friend. Miss Nevlnn. who spent
some time in St. Louie last winter. Tb two
young" ladle.1" will -wlslt several of the re
sorts with a party of friend".
Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson Potter, bridegroom
and bride, are down at Jamestown, nt the
summer cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Henry S.
Potter. They will remain there for some
time, having changed their plans about go
ing to Europe.
Some other recent departures for the
summer are: Mrs. W. G. Ilngur and her
little daughters. Mary and Margaret, her
eon Mitchell of Bartmer avenue, have gone
to their summer cottage. "Dixie." on Lake
Champlain In Northern New York near
Pittsburg. They were accompanied by
Mica Sue Bearden of Shelbyville. Tenn..
and expect to remain until tho last of Sep
tember. Mrs. James E. Dye and her
daughters, the Misses Blanche. Hose and
Violet Dye departed last week for the
mountains of West Virginia, where they
will spend two months
Qlencoe was the scene of a pretty wed
ding last Monday, when Miss Gertrude Fra
iler, sister of Mr. and Mrs. George Frailer,
and Mr. Linua B. Carroll of St. Louis were
married, the ceremony taking place very
quietly. With only a few friends present.
The bride's brother gave her away. ?he
-jrore an attractive summer costume of
white moussellne and lace, with the custo
mary tulle veil and a spray of orango blos
soms. There was no reception, as plans
have been made for a function of that kind
when the bridal pair return from tbelr
Eastern trip.
Joplln, Mo.. July 1. 190!.- Dear Miss
Lamb: If complexion items are rot
beneath yjur notice, will you give a
word of advice to a mou afflicted girl?
It is all my own fault, too, for several peo
ple warned me when I first began to wear
very high stocks that they would Injure
both the shape and color of my neck. I
did not believe It. however, and am now
In a most repentant mood, for my neck is
83 discolored and full of deep lines that a
low-necked drew, or even a dress cut
slightly low for summer wear, is almost
out ot the question. Is there anything that
I can do? If so, please Inform me.
Tours, EMILT T.
Tea, there are things that you can do,
Mies Emily, but It will take time and pa
tience. Tho lines and the dlscoloratlons
did not come in a hurry, if you will think
a little, and they must be eradicated quite
ns slowly as they formed. Alas! You are
only one out of hundreds of girls who,
when the style said high chokers, wore
theirs as high as they could and as tight
ts they could. And now there are aggra
vating streaks of brown and red on the
sides; with deep red marks under the ears '
and wrinkles almost cuts, they are so deep
running from car to ear under the chin.
Sometimes it Is not so much a high collar
as the bad dye In collars that causes dls
coloratlons. If this happens to be your
sad plight, try vaseline. One of my New
Orleans friends fairly revels In vaseline for
almost every known ill where the skin Is
concerned, and certainly in her case It
works wonders. Take a soft cloth and rub
on the vaseline as If It were soap, turning
the cloth when it becomes soiled. Take a
rest of five minutes after the vaseline bath,
and then -with a soft sponge and warm
water wash off the greaso unt'l every par
ticle Is removed. Be especially careful
about this. Rinse in hot water several
times and cool off gradually with colder
water. Dry perfectly, and then rub the
neck gently with some finely powdered oat
meal, which will leave a fine white powder
on the neck and a marked Improvement in
the skin texture and coloring. A' few treat
ments of this kind are usually enough for
even tho worst cases. This, you under
stand, applies only to dlscoloratlons. If
your neck has become deeply wrinkled from
winding a wide ribbon stock tight about the
throat -and high up under the ears, then
patience alone can effect a cure. Get a
good skin food, not the fancy preparations
which are warranted to do everything under
the sun in the way of beautifying, but
some simple creamy preparation, or even
sweet almond oil, alone, will Uo. Gentle
msssage with this night and morning, and
regularly for several months, may take
out. or at least partly remove, the deej.er
lines. I know one girl who has kept up
this good work since Easter and her neck
1 greatly improved and the lines that were
fiercely deep and long have faded into al
most nothingness. But let me warn you.
don't try any severe methods, such as salt
and lemon Juice, as I heard one Cabanne
mlii rubbed in -with a flesh brush the other
day with the cheerful result that her neck
la now so blistered and sore that she can't
wear a collar of any kind, not even the
softest ribbon, for three weeks. And don't
use ammonia, either. You m'.git as well
apply concentrated lye and be done with it.
"Tour nck and shoulders are covered with
most delicate satin skin and cannot stand
in same vigorous rubbing which you give
to the rest of your psrscn. Therefore, go
easy, ana let nature iena a little asristnnce.
A farewell reception was tendered John
M. Williams at his home last Tuesday even
ing. The evening was enjoyably event in
tinging and music Refreshments were
served about midnight. There were about
150 friends wbo called to pay their respect
to him, on the eve of his departure. A fare
well speech was made by Mr. Ben Clark.
Mr. Williams departed for Texas last
Wednesday evening-. He will stay In FJ5
Paso about two weeks and from there go to
Phoenix. Arix.. where he wilt stay until
his health Is restored.
The Purina Mills' stenographers took ad
vantage of their holiday Saturday. July 6,
by enjoying an outing at Creve Coeur Lake.
The advertising department contributed a
number of Purina feed horse hats, which
were becomingly worn by the stenographers.
Among those present were:
Minnie Bozelle.
Ida McCormack,
Helen McKowen.
Emma Schumaker,
Lucy Bernard.
Susie Scbeck.
Martha Evans,
Genevieve Harrl-
Esteue Green.
Marie Swertheim,
Theresa Klnkel.
Lottie Thompson,
Lucretia Rose-
May Hunt,
Doris Stranghoener,
Katie Doering.
Emma Gessner.
Mamie McCormack,
Angelina Barby.
The Harmony literary Circle met at the
residence of Mrs. Charles Jacobs Friday
afternoon. Those In attendance were:
Welst, Garner.
Bucknam. Logan.
Libby. Harrison.
Jacobs, Blocumb,
Taylor. Farmer.
Emmett. Vance.
Feydon. Miss Williams.
Mix Josephine Knight of No. 25JS Finney
avenue entertained trtenO Friday evening.
I w(wU
v y
DCoeectf- '
Dancing was the feature of the evening.
The house was decorated with palms and
ferns, while in the dining-room smllax
twined the gas Jets and extended to the
table, caught here and there with roses and
carnations. After the supper, which was
daintily served, each guest was presented
with a souvenir. Among those present
Jennie Gorry.
Bertha Koster.
Mamie Ghlo.
Agnes Flnnlgan.
Jennie Moran.
Lizzie Byrne.
Agnes O'Neill.
Walter Sheehaa.
Will Gaurin.
Geo. Mcllvalne.
Charles Hoaroe.
Ed Rosobrough.
Vincent Gorry,
James Fox.
John Hennessy.
Leon Dunn,
John Danfcrth,
Clarence Swane.
Charlie Swane.
Harrv Houz.
P. O'Neill.
Ned Gray.
Society Stationery Mermod & Jaccard's.
A trolley ride was given last Wednesday
nlght by a Jolly crowd of young people on
the private car "Aerial." A ride was taken
over the entire western part of the city.
and a stop was made at Busch's Grove,
where refreshments were served and danc
ing indulged in. These attending yere:
Helen Klein.
'uofjlo.w cua-r
Nettle Cohn.
Pauline Fuch,
Stella Unterberger,
Annie Lederer.
Lillian Dreyer,
Eva Landeker,
Nellie Mayer.
Selma Epstein,
Herman Well,
Alex Landau,
Jim Hornsteln,
Joe Weisberg.
Henry Marx.
Mose Samuels.
Ben Morris,
Leon Levy,
Leo Marx.
One of the enjoyable events of the week
was the surprise birthday party given to
Miss Lillian- Schuler Wednesday evening In
honor of her seventeenth birthday. Dancing
and singing were Indulged in until 11 p. m..
when refreshments were served. Those
present were:
Lillian Schuler.
Delta Bruchy
Minnie Buver.
Mamie Burke.
Freda Gossner.
Sam Conner.
Joe Martin.
Walter Curran.
Oliver P. Link.
Martha Norris.
Josephine Yockerst,
Ida Price.
Llllle Anthony.
Amelia Schuler.
Jack Ovle.
John Schuler.
Joe Hlnes.
Gus Schuler.
Tom JIngley.
The Windsor Musical Club held its regular
meeting at the heme of Miss Tuholski. No.
1S23 Hogan street. Thursday evening. The
members present were Misses Alma Bach
man. Bertha Bacbroan. Sophia Delabar. Al
ma Drelfus. Ida Drelfus. Emily Kunz and
Victoria Tuholski. Messrs. A. Delabar. W.
Delabar. John Kunz. Joseph A. Boeder and
D. A. Tuholski. The next meeting will be
held at the home of the Misses Drelfus. No.
suzs Allen avenue.
Mermod & Jaccard's Broadway
d Lo-
An enjoyable evening was spent on Tues
day by friends and members of the Avon
dale Lawn Tennis Club at a "hay ride" to
Schoenlau's Grove. There were dancing.
swinging and. games, and a "schmlerkae"
supper was served. Those who attended
Maudo Weisert,
Mayme Selbel.
Addle Foerstel.
Ida Clemens,
Charles Welicrt,
George For,
Harry Benzen.
Conrad Selbel.
Elsa Boeck.
Martha Boeck,
Julia Schaefer.
Mamie Schaefer.
Phil Selbel.
Max Schnadelback,
John Flachman.
J. O. Roeck.
An informal lawn partv will be. given at
the St. Louis Club on Thursday. June 10.
1902. from 8 until 11 o'clock p. m.
The "Othellos" entertained their friends
and members -with a lawn party at their
home. No. 4154 Peck street. Friday evening.
The lawn was Illuminated by scores of Jap
anese lanterns and decorated In the socie
ty's colors. Dancing, as well as refresh
ments, which were served in the house dur
ing the evening, were thoroughly enjoyed
bv Hli. Among those present were:
Henrietta Busche.
Gertrude Nlebllng.
Clara Prelsmeyer.
Edna Van Lueck.
Anna Kaiser.
Mlts Grady.
Carrie Busche,
Stella Windhorst,
Theresa Allen.
Belle Lyster.
Fannie Nlebllng
Hazel Hough.
MarYcn Busche.
Genevieve Peters.
Lulu Franke.
Bertha Hornleln
Rebecca Goldstein,
Lillian Weida.
Nora Knlckmeyer.
Flossie Mulr.
Rose Lyster.
Edith Moone.
Clara Krnst.
C. Busche.
C. Wamscr.
George McLaln.
William Aubuchon,
E. P. Bradley.
P. E. Franke.
H. Schneider.
William C. Busche.
C. B. Sparhawk.
George F. Hardy.
W.P. Busche.
Ben Voght.
H. R. Paramore.
W. W. Hornleln.
H. R. Paramore.
Hy. Wiggs.
Gus Franke.
C. HMcCord.
Riley D. Mohr.
Fred Behrens.
Merritt Mayann.
M. F. Grady.
J. & Schweitzer.
George H. Powell.
Ed Stephens.
Dade Ease.
Paul Behrens.
George Crokmeyer.
Doctor and Mrs. Young H. Bond have an
nouncsd the engagement of their daughter.
Daisy, to Mr. Theodore M. Gowans of Buf
falo. N. Y.
The Misses Agnes and Elizabeth Fleming.
No. 5170 Pace boulevard. leave this eenlns
for a trip through the West. They expect
to visit se-ieral points of Interest through
Colorado and Salt Lake, arriving in Fan
Francisco about July 29 to visit relatives in
different parts of California.
H. C. Brockmeler and Miss Addle Rlchter.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Richter. No.
COS Odell avenue, will be married Wednes
day, July IS
1C0 finest engraved (script) calling cars
and best copper plate, only Jl-V). at
Mermod & Jaccard's. Society Stationer".
Broadway and Locust. 100 calling cards
from plate. Jl.
Fine Diamonds Mermod & Jaccard's.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Stephenson. Mr. nnd
Mrs. J. D. Anderson. Mr. and Sirs. F. W
Blcblnger. Mrs. H. E. Zeiss. Judge and
Mrs. W. C. Jones are all St. Louis guests
at the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs,
W. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Cohen and family are
at Waukesha. Wis., for the summer.
Miss Lena Gelsel and Miss Mary Peltzer
of Kansas City, who were vleting- Mrs. P.
J. McMorrow. have returned home after a
visit ot three weeks They were accom
panied by Mrs. McMorrow's voungest
daughter. Miss Hazel.
Society people like the Knickerbocker Spe
cial via Big Four. St. Louis to New York.
Miss Gertrude E. Petch of St. Vincent
avenue departed this morning to visit rela
tives at Gananoque. Ontario, for the month
of July.
Miss Grace Large of No. 337 Morgan
street has returned from a two weeks' visit
in Alexis. I1L. where she went to attend the
wedding of a friend.
Miss Edna Ryan of No. 1S23 Clara avenue,
vho spent the winter In Chicago, has re
turned home, accompanied by her aunt.
Miss Clara Wis, of Chicago.
"ily Trip Abroad." a handy book for the
ocean voyage. Made especially rcr taking
notes of interesting sights, cities -visited,
etc Handsomely bound in black real, only
JL Mermod & Jaccard's. Broadway and Lo
cust. French Division of Chart Club will meet
this week Monday. Wednesday. Thursdav
and Saturday 3 a. m at West End Hotel.
Mr. Louis Brenque is in charge. Commit
tee of Arrangements is: Mrs. Ms.rla I.
Johnston, chairman; Mmes. Theodore Shel
ton. Charles H. Anderson. Charles Baxter.
Frank Sheldon. F. Chappell. Misses Ella
Dcrschlmer. May Looney. Jessica Hemp
and Catherine Harris.
Take Big Four trains for Cincinnati.
Doctor Jules Mustek Brady, head physician
at the I'oorhouse. will leave shortly for
Europe to pursue his studies for an In
definite period.
Robert Bruce Bearden went to Sprlngfleld.
JIo. to spend the Fourth with relatives and
Miss-Jennie L. Do Veaux Is spending the
summer with her uncle. Mr. K. J. Walker,
in Holland. Mich.
Mr. John E. Thomson of Hotel Beers has
returned home after spending six months
abroad. He left Mrs. Thomson In Paris,
Who was Miss Gertrude
rr ranrr wfiw Ysr . T YmAWJ&y&?
J .i3f I HsrwWn3r.d fPK Hl Vi1hAbsiis1sEB9iI)iisH I r I
Jfr. Va7 ssAia. wx "" t- s7. lfc4m.x .- . sssbbTx2&Sucs. '
A VVfliJr4 wi v . ssy XTssSsSSSs
where she will spend the summer with trip
to the environs and the Normandy coat.
Early In the fall Mr. Thomson will cros to
bring Mrs. Thomson home.
Miss Nan Melser is visiting relatives in
"hlcairo. She will remain all s-immer-
be will remain all s-immer.
Miss Kate Meier Is entertaining
Corlnne Shields of Wenosha. Wis.
Mr. and Mr. F. I Kaysr and their two
daughters of No. SS17 North Twenty-first
street have gone for a visit to friends in
Telegraph your friends you are coming to
Cincinnati via Big Four.
Mrs. Martha Davis Griffith departed for
her home in Kentucky to spend the sum
mer. She visited her sisters. Mrs. Sara E.
Davis Board of Ixruisvllle and Mrs. John
K. Lambert of Henderson Ky.
Mrs. Paul Jones Is summering at Harbor
Beach. Mich.
Doctor and Mrs. F. E. Woodruff have
been entertaining Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Wood
ruff of Leavenworth. Kas., at their summer
home in the country.
Morning, Noon and Night. Big Four trains
leave St. Louis for Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Denison of Page ave
nue leive shortly for the resorts In Illinois.
O. A. Field and wife and Miss Lucetta
Field and O. A. Field Jr.. wilt depart for
Manltnu. Colo.. Thursday morning to spend
the suram-r.
Doctor Bond, expert optician at Mermod
& Jaccard'". Broadway and Locust, will
rxamln" cur eyes free of charge, and
guarantees to fit them properly. If gla"ses
are needed. Steel frames. $1 and up: gold.
J3 and up.
Mrs. Julia A. MofTltt and da:ghter. Miss
Nellie Moffltt. of No. 514 Spring avenue,
sailed en July 1 for a trip abroad.
They have made no plans for returning
vety soon, and expect to spend at least a
year In traveling, and In the pursuit of art'
and music. Mrs. Mcffitt is a daughter of
Mrs, George S. Beers.
Excellent Dining Cars SL Louis to New
fork every day on Knickerbocker Special.
Miss Meta Dlecfchoff departed yesterday
to vUlt friends in Iowa ajd Illinois for a
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. KIsack of the city
are guests at Hotel Beers, where they ere
occupying the bridal apartments.
Miss MHHccnt Helnzelman. No. 4r Shen
andoah avenue, entertained her friends with
a euchre Wednesday morning.
The most beautiful trains are those of the
Big Four to New York and Boston.
Mr. O. H Schersllng of Berlin Is a guet
at Hotel Beers during his ls:t In the city.
Mrs. William Webb nnd her daughter.
Miss Mary W'bb. are spending the month
of July with Mr. Hunn L. Davis of Phila
delphia In her cottage near the Delaware
Water Gip. Mrs. Webb :s recuperating
alter a severe ii.nes:
The Mlses Hobson of Edwardsvllle, I1L.
haw returned home after a visit with Miss
Wolltrlnck of Finney avenue.
Mr. George W. Albln. having graduated
from Yale, is spending a few days in this
city before joing to Seattle. Wash., which
Is to be his home.
Jamestown. R. L. July S. 1902. Some of
the summer cottagers here are not at all
pleased with what they term excessive
charges made for goods they require ln the
Frailer of Glencoe.
culinary department. The prices are said
to be about 5 per cent more than they are
in Newptrt, and that Newport prices are
nbout U pT cent higher than they are in
New York nnd Boston. In Newport about
fiei-nty-nve farrlllrs of the cottage colony
have clubbed together and are now hav
ing their provisions come direct from Ful
ton Market. Ir New- York, three times a
week, at a great saving. Jamestown cot
tagers may have to do something of this
sort finally If thf Islanders do not refrain
from killing the goo-e that lays the golden
egg Members -f tne Shoret.y Hilt Dining
Club, whn nre alt St. Louis people, avcld
this trouble by jwiylng their caterer J10 or
13 each per wc-k wh-re they haw an ac
ceptable menu and where the) are certain
to me't no objectionable persons. Not only
do they get this oAvjniur .... . ,. -,-,.
saved the trouble of maintaining a culinary l
iienl ln connion with their own I
In connection with tho Quononquot Club
there Ih a bowling alley, a small and In
nocrnt anali as one can imagine. Some rer-
SJSr-,?Jll'..,l"lr hanu ,t bowling oc
?lnli,Kn!l,,t M,ra''n happens that
they wish to do in the evening I-ast
f. im,?r rJt2eJR.ilnuSh resol faml v of
elderly people, living in a cottage of rather
close proximity ma.fc formal cnmplalnt to
...." "u,"0r'" thdt the. bowling at
right ihsturhnl their slumirs and that they
wi-he.1 to have the annoanre suppressed
forthwith Th. put a qulrtu on bowling
for a time, but thw ymr the club have
got.cn around the matter try nicely by
using solid rubU-r balls and rubber bands
around the pins whirn ha,i to importtd
from Switz-rl-imi Th!. reduces the nole of
bow-ling to .i minimum and thus every
body i marie happy The club gavo a for
mal opening ami rerfptlon with free en
trance, en the Fourth. Tea was served on
the rlazza. an orchestra played on the lawn
and thTt was a largo concourse of hand
fcomely gowned ladVs In attendance. The
affair was under th direction of the pre"l
dent. Doctor George AtrCIellund ana the
treasurer. J. B. Upplncott.
Mrs. Alfred II Jones and M!s Kate
Johnson have arrived at HeWur. Doctor
J. B. Johnson's cottace for the remainder of
the summer The John-ton hale put their
nanhtba launch. LuRr Int commission.
Mr. and Mrs. John W Harri'on and
family hae arrived at the F A. Fartls
cottage. They have with them as their
cue"ts for the summer Mr. and Mrs. C.
Iirad and daughters of Fort Smith. Ark
Mr. and Mrs. Edwnrd Malllnckrndt are
ensronced at their Shors-hy Hill domicile.
Edward Malllnrkrodt. Jr.. came on In hi"
new WInton automobile, which he expects
to find very useful on the Island this sum
mer. ..Mrs. A. Stlckncy. ML Stlckney and Miss
. Stlckney have rented the Weeden cot
tnce for the summer. whze they arrived a
few- da-3 ago. Mr. Stlckney will be here
off ami on as buslne permits
OrvlIIe Iadiiock and Miss G. G. Paddock
have engaged apartments at the Bay Voy
age Hotel, for thv month of July.
uuwarn l. w riuon ami liarow 31. Kaun
man are reslstcred at the Gardner Hou.e
for a few da. Mr. Kauffman Is nbout to
Join James T. Drummon-1 for a short yacht
ing cruise along the New England coast.
Judge Amos M. Thayer has been obliged to
cancel his reservation at one of the hotels
for the present on account of Illness In the
Ephron Catlln. Jr.. one of the brightest
boyj on the island, having finished his 'pre
paratory course at St. Paul's School, will
enter Harvard next fall.
Mrs. Charles S. Taussig and Miss
Madeleine Taussig are at the Chandler Cot
tage for the Mason.
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Francis. Jr.. have
come Kfit from St. Iuls for the summer.
They are now vlltlrg Mrs. Francis" aunt.
Mtf. Charles It. Waters, at her country
place ln Pcppcrell. Mass.
Epecil Correspondence of The Republic.
Lake Mlnnetonka. Minn.. July 3. Fires
and wraps are still essentials to comfort
ut this lake. All the largest hotels have
had their opening hops, and the dance will
now go on to the end of the season.
Mr. Robert 1. C'arr and bride of SL
IjOuis are spendin,-? their honeymoon at
Mlnnetunka and are guests at the Hotel
la Paul. 1 hey are accompanied by Miss R.
M. Thlo and Mr W. C Nledringhaus of
St. Louis, the former having twen maid of
honor to M'a. Carr. and Mr. Nledringhaus
beist man for the bridegroom. The four
have a gasoline launch, ln which they
rpend a great deal of their time touring
the lake. They expect to make the return
trip to St. Louis in this launch by way of
the Mississippi River, and for this trip the
boat will be fitted up with a cozy cabin
and provided with all the comforts required
for the voyage.
Among the late arrlrals at the Chapman
House on the upj-er lake Is Mr. William B.
Uarnhart of St. Louis, who will spend bis
vacation at this lake.
Mrs. F. C. Durkman of Rock Island. I1L.
is visiting her sister at the S-itCerlund
Villa, Christmas Lake, a suburb of Ex
celsior Mrs. S M. Warner and her little daughter,
Emily formerly of St. Iuls. are guests for
the season at the Belle Alto. Excelsior.
Little Emily celebrated her ninth blrthity
at the Belle Alto last week, for which oc
casion there were covers for nine persons
at a decorated round table, at whk-h the
little hostess presided with much grace be
fore a handsome cake lighted with nLie
tapers "
A partv of St. Louisans who are guests at
the Bartlett House on the I'pper 1-ake and
are having a good time fishing, consists of
Mr. and Mrs. C O. Johnson. Mr and Mrs.
William Taggett and three children. Misses
Alice and Jeanette Jollvet. and Mrs. George
.uavis. jnev are nere tor the season and
will be Joined some time rooa by friends
from St. Louis. Miss Alice Jollvet landed
the other day a pickerel weighing ten
Mr. C II. Nlrlnr of St. Luls has been a
guest at the Sampson House this season.
Mr. Fred Smith of SL Louis, who has
been here for a couple of weeks, was Join d
here by Mrs. Smith the 1st Inst. They are
gsests at the Sampson House. Excelsior.
Mr. and Mrs. G. 31. Ijixers ot SL Liuls
are expected here some time soon, to spend
the reason with their sister. 3lr. Mlnard
T. Barbour, who has lately made her resi
dence ln Excelsior with husband and fam
Mr. A. Thayer and his son. Mr. B. Thayer
of St. Louis, arrived at the lake this month
and are guests at the Kalarama. Excel
sior. Mr. L. E. Riddle of Kansas City was a
guest at the Sampson House last week.
Mr". M. Washington and 3Irs. EL Oyler of
Kansas City arrived at the lake ln June
and expect to remain In Excelsior, at Mrs.
Goodnow's cottage, for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Jacobs and child, for-
merly of Dallas. Tex., will spend the sea
son in Excelsior as guests at the White
Mrs. M. T. Barbour, -with her guests. Mr.
and Mrs. John McCarthy of SL Louis, made
up a fishing excursion to the upper lake
the other day and brought back with them
a big -trim: of tizh after half a day's
angllnz for the same.
Colonel James H. Wllcoxson of Carrolton,
Mo., wbo has been resorting to this lake
for a number of years, arrived this week,
to remain for his summer vacation. Colonel
Wllcoxson is at his old headquarters, the
Sampson House.
Mrs. C. E. Dunmire of SL Louis Is ex
pected here some time soon.
There are already many SL Louisans ar
riving here and many of them are coming
prepared to remain all summer.
The first of June several hundred Shrin
crs from St. Louis visited Macltou on their
way to the national conclave at San Fran
cisco and eveyewhere they went on their en
thusiastic way they spread far and wide
the magnitude of the coming Exposition in
their native city.
Among the early arrivals are Mrs. Joe De
Volse and Miss Pauline Buddy of SL Jo
seph. A. M. Zoth of St. Louis is registered at
the Cliff, also James W. Barnes of the same
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Medart of St. Louis
arrived this week to remain for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dean and fimlly and
Mrs. W. W. Ward are a pleasant party
from Charleston. 3Io.
Mr.-. E. McMIUen of Springfield. Mo., is a
guest at the same hotel.
James Vance of Lexington. Mo., is at the
Sunny Stde.
31 Iss Nellie England, Miss Gladys Eng
land and 3!!ss Llnnle England are an In
teresting trio of St. Louis girls here.
Among the St. Louts pople are Jlr. and
3Irs. Clarence Powell, 3Its Lottie Char
trar.il and Mrs. A. F. Parrle.
T. S. CInrk and Morg&n Clark are prom
tn'nt SL Louis visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Thomas of Joplln are
registered ot the Norris.
8. H. Baum of Webb City Is stopping at
the PitLsburg.
3I!s Julia C. Fife, who for several years
has spent the summer In 3fanltou. arrived
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Just. Mr. and Mrs.
L. J. O'Reilly. 3Ir. and 3Irs. J. H. Martin.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Byrnes. Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Rust, all of St. Louis, registered
at the Cliff on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Noaller. C J. Harold
and 31. J. McEvoy are St. Louis people late
ly arrived.
Special Cet-re-ponde-ire of The Republic.
Cape May. July 3. ISO. Minister Wu Ting
fang of China will again be a visitor at
Cape May. He has engaged apartments at
a leading hotel for the summer. When here
two years ago he took an active part In the
social life here and entered about alt the
social events which took place.
Henry cnanes i.ce. tne noieo litterateur
and author of many historical works upsn j
the lives and times of the Middle Ages, has I
setued down cere ana is occupying a coi- i
I tage on Grant street for the summer. Mr.
Oa Brosdway, Cor. LecasL
If you're undecided Jut wht kind of stationery you want, our suggestions
wilt probably prorc of value, as our styles of forms, wording, lettering, etc, are
after the latest London and Paris models.
Calling (Cards.
100 Calling Ccr-ls and Engraved Plate (script) Sl.50
10) Calling Cards from your plate, only $1.00
liall Orders
l-arefullj- F11M
Lee Is. although well advanced in years,
very active, and as a pedestrian he Is not
to be outclassed by any visitor He takes
long walks on th beach strand and en the
roads out Into the country, often walking
fifteen or twenty miles a day. He still is a
prolific writer, notwithstanding the fact
that he has the care of more fan Ji'.O.CO)
worm or property In Philadelphia and Is
the heaviest individual taxDavt-r In that
The Countess de Kermi-t will again visit
her mother. Mrs. Kearnv. widow- of Gen-
eral Phil Kearnv. during the summer at
their Beach avenue cottage The Countess
lives much of the time In Parl. nnd Is a
social favorite both in Washington ad the
American cflony at Paris.
Mayor Ilollt Wells of SL Loals wilt head
a party of SL Louisans. who will spend the
summer here. Mr. Wells has engaged a
Assistant Postmaster General Robert J.
V ynne Is here for a rhort vacation, and is
enjoying the golfing season.
Walter an- Edgar Lewis of SL Louis are
at the Lafavette for the summer.
Jlr and Mrs. S M. Highlands and Miss
II. L. Highlands of Qulnton. In., have ar
rlvvi at the Stockton to pns the summer.
The Countess de Kermel of Paris wilt be
a visitor here this summer
Mrs. Mildred S.tandtsh of Jefferson CItv
is at the Baltimore Inn for an extended
Special Co-reipondJnce of The Sunday rtiwibHc
Mackinac. July 3. IS-!. Resort arrivals
here are almost at a standstill owing to the
unprecedented cold and rainy weather of
the la.st two weeks. Last season, one of the
most prosperous in the history of this re
sort, opened in a very similar manner, but
the rain this year discounts all previous rec
ords. The Crnnd opened Tuesday for lunch
eon and barely a score of guests have reg
istered. A few cottages are occupied and
the smaller hotels have some guests, but
"society" Is decidedly not here yeL Indica
tions, however, point to a full season by the
lflth or 15th. the advance engagements sur
passing these of previous years. With even
moderately good resort weather, the close
of the month will easily redeem its begin
ning. Mr. F A. Nagel Is the first St. Louis man
here this season. His cottage has been en
tlrely rebuilt and is now a fine example of
the adopted colonial style, with wide veran
das, artistic pillars and tower. He is ac
companied by 3Irs. Nagel. 3Ilss Marie E
Nagel. his daughter, and by Miss Lillian
Henry Weaver nrrlved the early part of
the week with Weaver's special train of
eight cars, filled with furniture and em
ployes for the Grand, and at once set to
work preparing to open his doors for guests
Numerous Improvements In the Internal ar
rangement or the house have been complet
ed, and the Grand wilt enter on its twenti
eth seascn in better condition than ever to
minister to the needs and pleasures of the
wuwj.t nulla,
E. M. Webster and Mr and Mrs. L. K.
Bobbins will spend the month at the Island
The Keyes-Jfarshall Bros, of SL Louis
arrived this week with thirty-nine of their
finest roadsters and riding horses for the
Grand livery stables. The drives on the
island are sunerh nnrl aw tUm. Da.V r-vtm- I
mission keeps all the roadways ln excellent
..iu,iuii. ftutcrc ui :"iefiis7 wui tacK noin
inp thst could add to their enjoyment.
Mr-and Mrs. James G. Betl are guests at
the Windsor. The Mlses Bessie and Julia
Cudahy are also at the Windsor, pending
the opening of the family cottage ln the
Fred J. Herzog and wife are at the New
Mackinac They will take a cottage and
spend the season here.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan of Wichita. Kas.,
have been at the Island several days.
S-wclat Correspondence of The Republic.
Fetoskey. Mich.. July 3, 1301-Even the
recurrence of th natlonnl hoIMav has not
suSlced to clear up the atmosphere and dis
pel the damps tbst have hung over Petos
key and her brood of tributary resorts the
past few weeks. Resorters were never
slower In coming, but the attractions are
here, and a few days of favorable weather
will doubtless work wonders ln the resort
William Lockwood. one of our oldest nnd
best-loved summer residents, arrived this
week from St. Louis, with Mrs. Lockwood.
and will spend the summer here. In the
course of several seasons la Petoskey. Mr.
and Mrs. Lockwood became so Interested
In our city that last year they presented
the city with an endowment for hospital
purposes. A committee of leading- citizens
pushed the matter and as result Lock
wood Hospital opened for pitlents last Mon
day in a rew building, excellently equipped
and located.
Mr. and 3Irs. C. A. Stevenson and daugh
ter arrived a few days ago and are at the
Imperial. H. B. Opp and Mrs. Frederick
Opp are also at the Imperial. Near tne Im
perial Is the summer clubhouse of the Jim
Lewis Fishing Club, whose official head
quarters Is SL Louts and whose official head
is Mr. J. F. Storm of SL Louis. 3Ir. Storm
hs not yet arrived, but wIl spend the sea
son hro as usual, resorting and Inventing
fish stories. Mr. D. 8. Wright Is a guest
at the Cuahman House.
Special Correspondence of Tit Republic
Colorado Springs. Colo.. July X At the
Antlers are the following Missouri people:
Gray Warner. St. Louis: Eugene W. Lewis.
SL Louis: Mr and 31 rs. Peter McIIugh.
Kansas City: 3Ir. and Mrs. C W. Flower.
SL Louis: Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Campbell. SL
Jorepb: Mr. and Sirs. John 3IcKenlff. Kan
sas City: Mrs. S. B. Hull. SL Louis; 3Ir.
and 3Ir. G. W. Gladding. SL Louis; 3Ir.
and Mrs. Frederick Hornbeck. Kansas Olyt
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Roy. Kansas City: B.
C HamilL Kansas City; 3l!ss Lillian
Ilamlll. Kansas City: B, V. Graham. Kan
fas City; W. B. Osgood. SL Joseph.
As usual. Weeuetonslnc leads the other
resorts In the number of St. Louis people.
The Delafield cottage has been open for
some time. The Misses Delafield are enter
taining '3Iessrs. L. Eaton and Thomas D.
Gilt and illsses Bertha Semple. all of St.
Louis, and 3l!ss Ethel Lean Tllman of
Boston. Wallace Delafield was the first Bt.
Loulsan on the ground this year.
Miss Gertrude Altken and Mrs. J. Ait ken
are also here for the season.
Mrs. T. S. Foster. C. W. Foster and Miss
Virginia Foster are the guests of A. u.
Prewitt. They have taken the new Howard
cottage and will soon occupy It for the
3Irs. P. A. Orrick and Miss Orrick are
guests at Hotel Wcquetonslng.
jir-j r. ocnih wju -iiiibezi Ailiten
nre late arrivals.
Doctor F. F. Prewitt. Mrs. Prewitt and
M!ss Beth Prewitt arrived last week and
niunul lh, ?!tmll f-ntfr. a, TT. TY..a
. ,.,.-.... ...v .-..., .-..- -v ..cat ..tH.c-
' tonslng.
3Irs. Franic h. Kemper is the guest of
Mr". George Pratt at the tatter's cottage.
3I!ss Carrie Howard. 3Itss Post and 31tss
31. S. Pc-st arrived yesterday for the sea
eon. trs. Benjamin Gratz and children and
Mrs. Carv Gratz are at the clubhouse.
3Irs. John G. SIcNalr. Miss JHldred Me
Nalr and Mrr. Ellen S. Kins have come for
another season at Weque.
Other SL Louisans here are: Mrs C n
Robb. Mrs. K. M. Howard. Miss E. Howard
and Miss Mary Howard.
The Wequetonslng Ball Club will be. or
ganized next week.
El-hco Turtle and his family, who are
among the leaders In the arrangement of
athletic sports, arrived yesterday for the
reventh season here.
.Mr,-i.IfnrJ0C.Jack,onrI I"-- Mrs.
Ann Bellattl and Miss Ruth Rellattl. also
of Jacksonville, are guests at Hotel Weque
"Charieyotx the Beautiful" never looked
prettier than this year, and never were
prospects fora brilliant social season more
airenng. ine. Belvedere has been open
a week receiving guests, and the Inn
opened yesterday. Sl Louisans are nnmer-
ous on tne Belvedere side cf the resort.
and cottages are filling rapidly. Around
Our Stationery Department possesses
every facility for the execution of Engraved
Invitations, Announcements, "At Home"
Cards. Calling Cards, Monogram Writing
Taper, -etc., in a manner that is at once
highly artistic and faultlessly correct.
Cor- Broadway and Locust St.
the Inn and at the Chicago Club resorters
from the Windy City predominate.
Mr and Mrs. Charles R. Blake and thir
family were the first to arrive, and are set
tled in their cottage near the Belvedere.
Doctor Henry W. C. Bork. accompanied
by Henry W. Remeters. spends a few days
Mr. and Mrt Nicholas R. Wall havd
ooened their cottaire for the summer.
j Mrs. Iiaarent Ten Broek. Miss Maurine
I Ten Broek and Master Barren Ten Bruk
' are registered at the Belvedere,
I Mrs. A. S. Barns. Jr.. Mis Ana Berhlno
ami Miss Irene B. Williams comprise, a
happy group at the Belvedere,
! other late arrivals are: Itenedlct Farrar.
Mrs. E. F. Obear. Mrs. S. C. Farrar, Mrs.
W. E. Barns. 3IIs Helen Barns.
3Irs. Theo Rassieur and children havs
been at the Elston a few days, waiting: the
opening of the Inn.
pcla! CerTesponden'e of The Fondar Republic
White Sulphur Springs. W. Va.. July 3.
HO. Some of those who have arrived al
ready for the season are Mrs. L B. Stevens.
3Ir. and 3lrs. P. W. Bieblnger and child.
Judge and 3Irs. W. C. Jones. 3Irs- H. E.
Zeiss, from St. Louis; Colcnel and Mrs. Kel
logg. 31Ns Kellogg, of Washington, who
wilt be Joined later by 3Ilss Isabel Wells of
SL Louis, who will bring her horses and
automobile, and Is booked for the season:
Colonel W. J. Cotton from Arizona. Judge
end 31rs. 3Ianey (Judge 3Ianey is on the
Spanish Claims Commission), and Mr. and
31 rs. D. Potts.
Boston. 3Ians.. July 3. Henry Elliot and
family, prominent SL Louisans. have ar
rived at their Eastern Point Cottage.
Gloucester, for the season.
Mr. and 3Irs. Llndell Gordon or SL Louis
are at the Bass Rocks. East Gloucester,
where they will remain during July and
August, with the Randolph Hutchlnsons.
Mr. William F. Kotan and family of Wa
co. Tex., have artrved at their summer
home on Hill Crest. East Gloucester.
Doctor Richard Dana and family of
Qulncy. 111., have taken the Rutler rottace
at Magnolia for the season.
Mr. and 3Irs. William E. Gray and their
family of SL Louis are at the Wllmot
Hou-e on Cambridge avenue. Annisquam.
There Is quite a colony of SL Louis people
at this charming resort.
3Irs. G. W. Kimball George K. ConanL
Mr. and 31rs. John W. Nute and Harold
Nute of St. Louis are all domiciled at Mag
nolia. Mr J. S Ford and family of Kansas City
are occupying the Ford cottace on Fuller
Jtreet. 3Ia--3nlla this year. They will do
a great deal of entertaining.
. Mr. Philio B. Warren and family and
Mrs. Stuart Brown and family of Spring
field. III., will this vear occupy one of the
co.MaKt nt Bch s'ilP- NantuckeL
Mrs. C Dillon and family of T3L Louis
have taken the Bennett cottage. "The
Pines," at Annlaquam. for the season. This
is one of the most beautiful spots overlook
ing Ipswich Bay and the Rockport quar
ries. Mr. and Mrs. Amor Moan and daughter
of Polo. IIL. are vis.ting Captain and Mrs.
H. W. Ttefethen on Whipple street. Kit
tery. 3Ie.. near the navy yard.
Colonel and 3Irs. D. B. Scott and family
of Burllngtcn. la., have a very cozy cot
tage at Kitten". Me.
3Irs. L. S. Ayres. India nap-dls. Ind.. has
taken the Rust cottage, Lexington avenue.
3Ir and Mrs. George A. Dickson of In
dianapolis, are srpendlnc the heated term at
Old Orchard Beach. 31e.
-Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Kennard and the
Mlc" Kennard of St. Louis are again set
tled at their cottage on Fuller street. Mag
nolia. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Faust of SL Louis nre
staying at the new- 3Iagnolla Hot'l. 3Iog
nolla. and 31 r. and 3Irs. Faust are often
seen on the driveway In handsome turnouts.
31 r. and Mrs N. R. Nelson of Kansas
City are registered at the Hesperus. Mag
nolia. Colonel Nelson, who Is propri'tor of
the Kansas City Star. Is supervising the.
finishing touches being made on his fine
yacht Hocaier. recently launched at
Gloucester, in which he proposes to crulsa
this summer to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Kllpatrick and Miss
Kllpatrick of SL Louis and four servants
now occupy their handsome cottage on the)
Shore road.
Okaw River Bottom Country, Is
Under Water.
Vandalla. 111.. July 5. The great flood o
water which has poured In upon this sec
tion from the north has wrought almost In
calculable damage to farmers in the Okaw
River bottom In this county. North, cast
and south of this city for many miles-hundreds
of acres of corn are still covered with,
water rrom one to four feet deep, and thou
sands of bushels of wheat have been carried,
away by the currenL
So great has been the volume of water
north that every tributary of the Okaw Riv
er was converted Into a miniature river,
congesting the Okaw to proportions cot wit
nessed here for years. Owing to the vast
Increase or acreage seeded to corn and oth
er crops In the bottom this season, the loss
will be great It Is estimated at fully J1C0 -000.
which will rail largely on renters.
A Mai ( iipse.
Airy man can produce a total 'eclipse,
of the sun, so far as he himself is coa
csrned. by holding a dollar close to Ms)
-q uc weal eclipse
of health is often pro
duced in much the
seme -way, by letting
the dollar shut out'
from viets- all other
thiturs and interests.
A. great many people pay for --eauh trithJ
health and admit at fast that they have.
Pr bargain. In the chase ofl
the dollar people are too eager to take,
tome to eat regularly or choose prcrperi
lood, the stomach becomes disordered on
diseased, the food eat
en ceases to nourishj
and physical breath
down comes.
Dr. Pierce's Golden!
Medical Discovery)
cures diseases of the)
stomach and other or-.
eans of digestion and)
nutrition and so enables!
the strengthening of the
body, in the only -way byj
which strength can be ob-l
ny way oyi
perfectly sis!
tamed, by food
digested and
ImI. a
V mltnmA for foarvtxTi-mblA
pain in my stomach so that s3
tines I conldnt -work nor est."
writes Mr. Frank Sralth, ofl
Granite, Chaffee Ca. Colo. li
wrote to you about ray sickness)
and was told to ttae -roar medl-i
cine, which I did with goodj
ties of 'Colden Medical DUcov-l
try,' and mast say that I aral
tJ?"."!.1 -5Lhi-:Mr recommend tobtI
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, iooS pegts,w on receipt of
stamps to pay eri-pense of mailing ettfy.
yd al one-cent stamps for the paper--covered
edition, or 31 stamps for the
;bcdsTohsn-e to Dr. R. Y. KsaeJ
7" sv
m 1
K 'It,
.1 -
nVy-i a!xr
7ii"75,-Ti 'r'-"--;-ATTi-i'r-rr

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