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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 06, 1902, PART II, Image 17

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i '
J 1
3 ..
tt I
Children's Short Dresses
y o k a embroidered trimmed
with hemstitched ruffle -sire 1
to 4 vejr worth iSc CQn
cut. uaw
Infants Nainsook Dresses
sitrfc loo? trimmed with yolc
of tine embroidery -sires 1 to
years-worth tlSZ "JT C
cnt to I Ulj
Children's Lawn Caps
trimmed with embroidered lace
and ribbons all ilics ICj
worth 2j-' -cut to 191
15c Curtiln Swiss
cat to
10c Lace Drapers' Sniss- 0 inches
wide, and rnllfcnds of Swiss "T
worth lie yard cutto.. . -Is
10c Sllkolines-3 Indies irfde-Q-mill
ends cut to . .. . J
ISC Denims and Cretonne-s-35 lf
and 9Hnrlie. wide- cut to. lull
35c to 50c Window Shde mostly
'.:hl colors ar.d sna:e E
s.lsht'.y soiledcomplete. ..1 3d
10c Brass Extension Rods
to 4 Inch draw each
SOe Wood Poles. S-loot any wood
finish, with brass trim- IQf
mlngs. complete ISC
2xZ4 Inch Tapestry 5qare suit
able for chairs or cuhlon tops
worth S5c to 50 If! A
each SUC
Toilet Articles.
25c Hair S
Brushes B
20c Tooth "7
ISc and 20c Xail Oa
Brushes B
25c Celluloid 5
Combs I&tf
13c Rubber G
Combs VW
10c Tine
Combs Ub
20c Aluminum ft
Combs SJC
10c Pocket irt
Comb ?
19c Combination IfA
Xaii Files IWC
25c Powder i?rt
Puffs 1VU
10c Best Steel S.
Tweezers VW
19c Chan:oi3 0c
15c Toilet -
Sponges 4w
10c Ivory Teething ft
Rings WW
20c and 25c Shaving t(t
Brushes IWC
Toilet Soaps.
Higb.lv perfumed Violet. Gly
cerin" Bar. Hyacinth. Turkish
Bath and other -V mid loc soaps
some unwrapped, but In QP
good condition -cut to. bar .Q
Presenting a whirlwind of bargains such as St. l.oulsans
have seldom if ever seen. Rend these marvelous snaps care
fully: White Lawn Waists Silk Waists About 50 odd
Made of good materials pure Jap. and Taffeta Silt Waists
white din front with twelve eKtrlitl. tnnccnl
narrow tucks pearl worth S2.00, $3.00 I
buttons worth 50c IU( and S4.00 cut to . .
Ladies' Nobby Waists
White lawns, neatly tucked
or insertion trimmed on plain
color chambrays
worth 75c, 81.00 and saOf
and $4.09 cut to
White Jap. Silk Waists
Of good quality Jap. silk
medallion trimmed short or
long sleeves
$3.60 value I Sh
cut to liUW
Ladies' Swell Waists Taffeta Silk Waists Fou
Fine quality white lawn
handsomely embroidered or
insertion trimmed also silk
ginghams, chambrayn and
linens 1 SO. 2fM
and 82.50 values I
lard and Crepe de Chine
Waists in fancy effects
tucked, hemstitched or ap-
nlioned black and
colors 85, 6 and up1
to $a value cut to. .
S3 Skirts.
Wash Skirt In fine ducks
blue or black and white polka
dots; also a variety of choice
wash materials $1.25 KQA
& 31.50 values cut to. U SJC
Wash Skirta lawns, P. K.'s,
chambrays, ducks, denims
and linens beantiful styles
S2, S2.60 and 53.00
values cut to
Swell Dress Skirls in Vene
tians, cheviot cloths, nets,
brilliantines and homespuns
about 25 handsome designs
all fresh and new $4.50,
$5, 86, $ values
cut to
Wash Suits.
In light or dark wash materials
polka dotted, fancy figured
or striped sizes 32 to ft
41 2 value cnt to...ft3G
Wash Suits made of chambrays,
V. K.'s and lawns fancy lace
trimmed waists and ruffled
skirts black or blue on light
grounds S3, 54 and
o values cur. to . . . Eai
Pure Silk Shoulder Shawls
fancy blistered pattern deep
lace border pick, cream or
sky blue 1.50 value
cut to
Silk Shoulder Shawls large
size deep knotted fringe
good quality pure silk cream,
pink, black and sky blue
S2.25 value I fte
cutto . lifeU
Black Moreen Petticoats.
Full deep accordion pleat
two extra ruffles $1,5005
value cut to O C
The finest grades of calicoes and
percales with or without the
"Corsetine" attachment
elaborately trimmed 81.50
and $2 values
cnt to
Children's Wash Dresses.
Ages G to 14 years of percale
in light blue, pink or laven
der neat patterns 75c to
51.00 quality JB
catto j3G
Ladies Underwear.
Ladies' Rib Vests worth Eft
10c cutto 35
Ladles' White Rib Vests Silk
ribbon at neck and arms, Q
worth 16c cut to C
Ladies' White Vests Lace trim
med, always 19: lit
catto ...Ilw
Ladies' White Vests Deep lace
yoke back and front, f Est a
worth 25c cut to I3G
Ladles' White Lisle Thread
Vests Also Ladies Wide Knee
Pants, worth up to 35c I S a
cut to IvG
Ladies' Extra Size Shaped Vests
Also extra size Pants, wide
knee, lace trimmed, worth 35c
and 50c 5K ft
cntto ,96
Ladies' Vests mercerized silk
worth 75c "3
cut to WUU
Ladies' White Lisle Thread
Union Suits worth MQes
$1.00 cut to TOG
Ladies' Hose Fast black EA
worth 10c cut to JG
Ladies' Black Hose White Maco
foot;also Misses' and Children's
narrow ribbed hose !.
worth 15c cut to QQ
Ladies' Black Lace Hose-Silk
embroidered foot; also Child
ren's wide ribbed hose sizesup
to 9 worth 19c Ol a
cut to E&Z2C
Ladles' Imported Hose
"Hermsdorf" black fT-,
worth 25c cnt to I IC
Ladles' Imported Lisle Thread
Hose drop stitch stripes and
boot patterns; also lace and
children's all-over lace hose;
worth 35c and 60c EJ
cntto aC3L
Ladies' Imported Hosiery
beautiful novelties, all - over
black laces, worth np to
51.50; cut to
Ladies' Belts.
Ladies' Fancy Belts, pleated
satin ribbon belts, wide elastic
steel studded and other hand
some effects worth nn.
up to 82.00 cut to uOu
One let Assorted Jewelry
Brooches. Belt Tins. Rings.
Hat Pins. Waist &JtJ. Curt
Button-. Eracclrf y. E-ir-Drcrs.
Chain?, etc. odds and
ends, but fresh and clean
Fterllng silver and roll plated
values up to e e?ch
cut to
I5c ?)&-' &Pggg
Remnants of All-Silk Rlb
bors to 2 yds. In C
piece worth lie cut to..3U
Remnants of All-Silk Rib
bons 1 to 4 yds. In in
piece worth 2ic cut to.IUu
Silk Taffeta Ribbons-Highest
luster on bsth side? with
French ede all colors and
black nnl white remi- If) ft
lar IZc value per yd. ...lUC
we will inaugurate a slaughter of values that will eclipse and oyershadow any attempt ever made
by us in bargain-giving a bargain event that will be hailed with delight by every economically
inclined person in St. Louis and for hundreds of miles surrounding. Beginning in the Economy
Basement, continuing throughout every floor and department in the house, prices have been ripped,
cut, slashed and reduced to such a low level that the question of profit, and in many instances
original cost, has been entirely lost sight of.
Read this amazing list of Simon-Pure Values and mind you, all on dependable merchan
dise. No matter how insignificant the price the goods will be found right.
SUMMER GOODS MUST GO, and here's the way we propose to rush them out Read on
Sheets. Sheetings and
Pillow Cases.
The mills would not sell as
cheaply as Famous wit! In this
great sale.
45c Unbleached Sheets. 2 l-4x
2 1-2 yd. size. 3ff.
Cut to VUu
50c Vnbleached Sheds. 2 l-4x
2 1-2 yd size. QOn
Cut to UUb
53c Bleached Sheets. 2x2J yard
Cut 'to -tffrJG
58c Bleached Sheets. 2i,x2
.?!: 48c
75c Bleached Hemstitched Sheets.
2 1-4x2 1-2 vd size. C
cu: to....: y3G
70c Extra Weight Bleached Sheets.
2 1-4x2 1-2 yd size. gO-
Cut to UOU
lie Bleaxhed Pillow Cases. 42x36
inch size, Q-.
Cut to 6G
12 I-2c Bleached Pillow Cases.
45x36 inch size.
Cut to
I5c Bleached Pillow Cases. 50x35
cuttT: I2&c
18c Vnbleached Sheeting. 2 1-4
yards wide. IQl4f
cutto BW-2L
20c Bleached Sheeting. 2 1-4
yards wide, IE
cutto SUly
27fic Bleached Sheeting. 2 1-4
yards wide, extra 3Jr
weight, cutto sals,
Colored Dress Goods.
Series a.nd Cashmeres 36 inches
wide, regular 25c value IK
cntto luL
Satin-Stripe Chaillias half wool,
worth 29c yard I ft -
cutto ISC
French ChaJHes strictly all
wool 50c quality 99
cutto fiiBaC
All-Wool Henriettas, Cheviots,
Serges and Venetian Suitings
worth up to 59c yard Q ft
cntto W3C
Silk Stripe French Challies all
wool regular 65c value OQ
cutto 39C
Storm Serges 45 inches wide
30 shades C9c quality J8 E
cntto uC
Ladies' Rain Coats of double
faced waterproof materials
$2, 33 and $4 valuss C ft ft
cutto IsUu
Eclipsing In point of bargains anything and everything ever at
tempted In this vicinity.
8-4 SI.00 Fringed Table Cloths
bordered or all white C C
cut to. UwL
12-4 S1.50 Fringed Table Cloths-
bordered or all white
cut to.
10-4 S1.25 Fringed Table Cloths
bordeml or all white Qfl-
cut to OUL
8-4 S1.3Q Pattern Cloths-all linen
- sllRhtly sollvil
cut to ,
50c Table Damasks unbleached
GO Inches wide O "T -
cut to OfL
51.00 Table Damasks bleached
70 Inches wide Cft-
cut to D9L
65c Table Damasks unbleached
6 Inches wide B C
cut to. (3C
51-25 Table Damasks bleached
TO Inches wide
cut to
HxH-Inch Fruit Doylies checked 20x20-Inch Damask
or bordered worth 40c 9Q- bleached worth S1.0J
cut to. 3L cut to ... .
19x!j-Inch Dice Napkins all 22x22-inch
linen half-bleached 00- linen hair-hle.-ched or bleached f IQ
worth J1.2S cnt to. OUL worth 11.69-cut to lila
23x23-inch Damask Napkins all linen bleached I on
worth i00-cut to IiOa
Damask Napkins all
5c Cotton Barber Towels only 10c Extra Size and Weight Honey
dozen to a customer q romo i jweis
cut to..
10c Hemmed
17x34 Inches
cut to
15c Hemmed
19x35 Inches
rut to ,
cut to .
Htick Towels size
Huck Towels size
12Jc Hemmed Huck Towels size
lx3S Inches- r
cat to yc
The greatest bargains in Fine Towels
ever shown- En
Bath Towels good size and weight Bath Towels good size and weight
worth 10c J worth 13c lfi
cutto 1L cutto. 1UC
Bath Towels good size and weight Crash Toweline full 17 inches
-worth ZXc IQf- wide worth 7c a yard J
cutto IUL cutto . U
Crash Towellnj fnll 17 inches wide n
worth 10c cut to. - DC
Silks. Silks. Silks.
All this season's most desirable colorings and designs at lowest
prices ever named In St. Louis on equally wetittrlous qualities.
Printed Pongee Silks good print- Colored Satin Liberty all colors
ings fully worth 30c IKf. the 50c quality 5Qr
yard cut to IOG cutto tVU
Corded Wash Silks worth 50c per Polka Dot Satins and Fancy Taf
yard E fetas worth np to 55c 9Q
cnt to fcOG per yard cnt to fcwC
All-Silk Foulards-worth np to 75c Black Taffeta 19 inches wide
per yard 9,Q warranted all silk 69c itE,.
cut to WUG quality-cut to. .. 9C
Men's Shirts.
Negligee Shirts Assorted per
cales and ginghams worth
from 2 3c to 39c E
cutto IOG
Hen's Shirts Negligee and stiff
bosoms worth 0c and ftE
75c cutto a&vG
Summer Shirts Negligees
worth 75c and $1.03 MQ.
cutto wSG
French Flannel Xegligee Shirts,
worth S1.C0 JQja
cut to "raG
Imported Madras Shirts Cele
brated Eagle and other popular
brands regular price CQn
31 and $1.25 cut to.... UuG
Men's Shirt Waists of best
Madras worth $1.25 CQ
French Flannel Shirts Eagle
brand worth $2.50, 1 Cf)
cutto IlUU
Silk Negligee Shirts ft ft ft
worth $3.50 cntto aClllll
Men's Underwear.
Derby Ribbed Balbrlrran Shirts
and Drawers worth 25c and
39c per garment IC
cnt to IOC
Bleached Drilling Drawers
Genuine Pepperell and B. Y. D.
worth 60c per gar- OKm
meat cut to bWU
Undershirts and Drawers Der
by ribbed and basket weaves
worth 60c and 69c per 0
garment cnt to Vj'vC
Imported Lisle Thread Under
shirts and Drawers worth
81.00 per garment CQn
cntto 09G
Striped Silk Lisle Undershirts
and Drawers Also linen mesh
and Crepe de Chine former
price $1.75 per garment, ft Q n
cutto 9QG
Union Suits Made of lisle thread
Balbriggan always $1 EQ A
cut to uOC
LisIeThread Union Suits Never
sold at less than $2.00 QQ-
cutto 90S
Night Shirts of good muslin,
full size, worth 60c OQi
cutto asvG
Collarless Night Shirts Made
of fine cambric, worth CA.
7c cutto UtJb
Pajamas Made of imported Mad
ras and cheviots, worth "7 Eft
$1.25 cntto IOG
52.19 Satin Derby Portieres
-full length I in
cutto lalU
53.25 Satin Derby Portieres
-Full length and width-) flC
cutto CmXJO
54.00 Bagdad Portieres Full
length and 40 Inches Q QQ
wide (pair) cut to biSO
54.50 Armure Reversible
Porllerei deep fr!n;:c Q 00
cut to.. ... OiOS
56.00 Portieres Four
illfTerent binds-(the 1 E?n
julr)culto ayiOU
Ask to see those beautifnl
l'ortleres that will be offenil
In this sale at. pair.
$5.90, $6.70 and $8
Iron Bedsteads
5 Rousing Bargains.
Iron Bedsteads, with arched
tops, angle Iron ends, bent J QQ
pillars worth tt-cut to.. I. go
Handsome Scroll-Filled Iron
Bedi Too new bent pIHrwork
- il Inches lUzh-white or Q nf
colors, worths. JO cutto w.wU
Elezant Iron Bedsteads
Stralzht ind scroll Slllnsr. colors
or white chills In contrasting
colors. jtlldrU. ThLs is one of
the Hnet ilulroa bedsteads In
thi market- C BC
cutto OiOU
Big Specia.1 Sale of Springs
and Mattresses This Week.
Choice of any of the following
for 2c.
; lirrr Tl3 T4b. 2o
4cl!inliiIE.ieVu Dir3'ct;n 2c
rj!r:Bit.M (-rit-tB 2c
4tfzki3.ttirflo.rtfJHiIrr.ci .... 2c
kriJtrtn.t. Eje 2c
JIi4al.:if 3irfrlm;tr 2c
I OilTtitt TIM. ilitl ,rhlf ... 2c
c EIt Tit ihia; BraW 2o
tittrinist areeJln 2tJ
Ic Eji!r Citvt tiff. 2C
5Elt VTsiIfbsietiriii? 2o
Men's. Boys' a.nd Children's
Boys' and Children's
Harden Hats cntto OC
Children's Straw Sailors
nil colors of braids i ft
2Sc value cut to ........ ICG
Boys' Straw Hats in
Sic valuecut to IOC
Boys Straw Hats a n
7jc quality -cnt to 4aCC
Children's Straw Sailor
Ti; and 5l.tO qualities JA.
cutto. . vG
rien's Straw Hats OC
Mc values cutto S.3C
Men's Straw Hats Choiceof
th very finest straw hats In the
hou-e. Including Milan. Porto
Klranv. Knsllsli Split Sennetts
and Manilla UrabU- Oil
w'th up tw H now cut to wl2
The greatest s&le ever held in St. Louis. The jner
chandisb quoted below is all in good condition this
season's choicest productions. The lines are broken,
containing only tew of a kind on this account former
selling prices are not stated, but each item is offered
in this great clean-up sale at 1-3 to IS of original
marked selling prices:
Trimmed Hats one
tableful choice for.
Trimmed Hats one
tableful choice for.
Shlrt-Walst Hats one
tableful choice for...
Alpine Outlnc Hats JE
one tableful choice for IWU
Untrimmed Hats one
tableful choice for...
Untrimmed Hats one QEA
tableful choice for .-.faWW
Untrimmed Hats one
tableful choice for...
Flowers and Foliages oneft.
tableful choice, bunch.. Xt
Flowers and Foliages oneftn
tableful choice, bunch.. SG
Flowers one tableful
choice, per bunch
Ladies' Kid Oxfords Kid
tid VIcI
Cle&.n-Up Sale of Household and Garden Necessities.
m v imsr
Wah Boilers cat- Scrub Broihes larca
vanueu Dotiora no worm
Ice-Chests family size
worth 15.00-cut n "7P
to O.IO
Rrfrlzcrators.worth ISO
!I0.iM-cut to 1.40
Paper N.pklns per dor. IA
worth 3c cutto
Cuspidors nlcicle plated
worth 2X: cut
to . . ...
Wire Dish Drainers
worth 15c catto..
worth SOc- CO.
cutto 00C
Tlssue-Paper Dusters
-worth 25c C
cut to .... UU
Window Brushes
worth 33c (Cn
cutto I3C
Screen Door fancy
pittcrn worth
Sl.OO-cnt ec.
to DOC
Weitern Wasnlnf
rtichlne worth
riJXh-cut l) AC
to .u
lft? ctlttn . OC "
30-ft. Clothe Lines White OranlteCupi&
Coffee mils-worth
sc-cut IC-
Bread Paos deep &
snauow wrtD m
worth 10c cut O
to .uli
Blue Decorated Odd
Cups worth Q.
Cc Cntto. ...OC
Bice Decorated Pie-Plates-
worth O
6c cut to . - OC
Blue Decorated Soup
Plates worth C
10c cut to.. .. OC
White Orenlte Tea-
Plates worth
fc cut to
aucer worth'
10c cutto..
fOC Te Pet-55 pieces- Children's Oardea
K ft worth UJ00 O JO shovel worth
" cntto.... CtO
10C ea. cut to
White Oranlte Odd
saucers worth
5c cut to-
Blue Banded Caps &
5aucer. worth
10c cut to.
Blae Banded Bowls
worth 10c cut E
to Ol
Blue Banded Tea
Plates worth C
10c cnt to. ... U C
Chopplnz Bowls
worth 10c cut JJ
to OC
orth 10c cut C,
loc cut to.
Wire Cf!ee Strainers
to ....
Gas Olobes assorted
patterns w'h Q n
iOc cut I0.....9C
aiass Pickle Dishes
wurth 10c cut ft
to. ........ a. C
OI.s . Footed Sauce
Dishes worth ft
2c cut to G
OUss Lemonade-
traw- Haiders
worth 50c IQM
cutto I3C
Blue Decorated t)la-ner-PIates
i2c-cut "jr
to ....... I C
No-Si e Curtain
Stretchers 1
73C-CUI 4Q
to.... .... ...WV
Oraters enameled
handles, worth Q m
10c cntto. OC
Willow Washbaskcts
worth Xc ft C a
cutto CuC
Ironlnt Boards 4 ft.
long worth QQ
40c cnt to..aOC
Retlnned Sauce Pans
3 and -4 quart
worth 20c lf
cut to. lUC
Potato f.iasher.s
black handle
worth 10c cut ft
to . - OC
Spice Jars-blue dec
oration wrth C
15c cut to. .. C
!' ?s3i
Mammocks worth tl
cutto .,
cut to.
Hardwood Toothpicks
worth 5c box cut to..
Cars In J Knife. Fork and
Steel worth JI.C0 MQm
cutto 40C
Toilet Paper 1,000 sheet In
package worth 10c C
cutto ill
worth eScftQM
flexible soles sizes 4 to CfJ
8 worth $1.25 cnt to..Uuv
Ladies' Chocolate Kid Oxfords
all stvles sizes 2 to 5 worth
$2.00 to $2.60 cut
Ladles Dongola Oxfords and
Prince Alberts sizes 2 to 3
worth $1.i5
Ladles' Patent Leather and VIcI
Kid, oar strap slippers, leather
and trencn heels an sizes
$1.50 and $2.00 shoes,
Ladles' Chocolate Vlci Kid Lace
Shoes broken lines all styles
$2.00 to $3.00 valnes ft Q
cntto vGG
Ladies' Slippers 3 straps and
cross straps vici kid and pat
ent leather leatheraad French
heels $2.00 value I
Cut KO
Ladles' Vici Kid Lace Shoes.
Patent leather tips, flexible sole
sizes 2J to 7 $2.00 I QQ
shoes cut to IiMw
Children's VIcI Kid Shoes
Broken lines lace and button
red, blue, brown and black
sizes 4 to S worth $1.00 "5 JT
and $1.25 cut to. . . . OG
Children's and Misses' Red
Qoat Shoes and Oxford Tie
sizes 8( to 2 $1.75
and $2.00 value cutto
Children's and Misses' Patent
Leather Fedora Button Shoes
Sizes 5 to S-tl.00 Talue cut to.-75c
cS to 11H-J1J3 value-cut to..(5c
15 to 3-IL50 value cutto 1,00
Children's Dongola Shoes lace
stvle, kid tips sizes 9 fiE
to'll $1 value cut to.. SOC
Infant's Soft Sale Lace Shoes
assorted colors sizes 1 to 3
25c kind cnt
Boys Lace Shoes chocolate
goat aud casco calf braken
lines sizes 13 to 5t
S 1.50 shoes cnt to....
Men's Gloves.
Canvas Gloves
10c cut to..
Lisle doves in black, tan
grey, worth 25c
cut to ..... .........
Leather Cloves with
wrists, worth 35c
cnt to
Offering some of the most
marvelous values on good,
serviceable, well-made, perfect-fitting
garme nts ever
Men's and Youths' 56.50 and
$7.50 Suits ft 49ft
cutto fJ(yU
Men's o.nd Youths 58.50 a.nd
510.00 Suits E f E
cutto ValV
Men's &nd Youths 511.00 a.nd
512.50 Suits 7 7
cutto fla 11
Men's and Youths' 51330 and
$15.00 Suits Q Aj
CUttO ygfU
Men's and Youths $16.00 .nd
$17.50 Suits Jft QE
cutto SUaOU
Men's and Youtha 518.00 and
S20.00 Suits (including a
number of Rogers. Peet a Co.
fine garments) Jft 7R
cutto Itaallw
Men's $1.50 and 51.75 QEft
Pants cut to wOG
Men's 52.00 and $2.25 S ftC
Pants cnt to IbImW
Men's $2.50 and $3.00 I gf?
Pants cut to laVV
Men's $3.50 and $4,00 ft
Pants cut to fcl1 U
Men's$5.00 and $6.00 j ftE
Pants cnt to w03
Boys' C!ethin
Boy Wash Pants Well made,
high grade Galateas, 17 a
worth 35c, cut to 1 1 C
Boys' Wash Sailor Suits Ages
3 to 8; our entire 50c ft I
line, cut to AalG
Boy Knee Pants 3 to 16 years,
every pair pure wool, splen
didly made, regular 50c fiB.
quality, cnt to vG
Boya Knee Suits, Vestee and
Norfolk Suits.
worth $2.75 I Mf!
cut to liTW
Boys Double-Breasted Kn ee
Suits and Vestee Suits worth
$1.50 and $2.00, Ofa
cutto 3U6
Boya Knee Suits. Norfolk and
Vestee Suits all sizes worth
$5.03 ft ft ft
cutto tfcawU
Steel Type of Office Structure Is
in Great Favor
London. July C There Is a building now
being constructed in Manchester, Enclani
for thi British WestlnshosKe Cornpanj
which mrks th invasion o American
builders Into Saglasd.
This IjuIldlcK Is teles put up to wupply
the eloctrio ntUngs for m-s of the undcr
arounS railways Uiat Atmrtcan capitalists
art butidln? In t Snsllih p:elrcpolIs. It
'aba tha, lntectlon o ths moneyed men ot
the coiupatty. which o all tatnts aud pur
poea Is a British concern, to ai'vo British
crjr-U-JictorK the Job ef bclHIas one if ike
Crat cr the trp of Amsrti.'j ekelston steol
Btruslurssi to he put up m Orejit JKitaJn.
A c-jropany In AlanchiKJter jrat the contract
for ie foundaUon acd a L.vnI;a cospAny
for the steel work, the contracts being al
lotted In MAy, 1300.
Both concerns raid that they could not
"see. their way clear" to ay w!ien the work
was likely to be done. Ic November the
foundations were In shape to carry en steel
construction, but when thi American capi
talists looked into the matter they found
that It would take at 1-ast live yeair. tc
cordlcg to ths English methods, to com
plete the work. The contractors raid that
"no man on earth could do it Ir less time."
The failure to complete the Westlnghouse
structure In two and a half vearc misht
be disastrous to the plans cf the cjpltclb-ts.
The result was that an American construc
tor was brought over .ind soon "rush wotk"
was belns done. The buildings are now
S radically completed, and the English
ulldrrs and capitalists are now anxious to
adopt American building methods.
31arka the Pint Step.
The work on this building in England has
been watched with Interest by .American
architects. Skyscraper contractors claim
that ti marks the first step in th zpre&d
around tho world of the ?iel-skleton type
of building-. They predUt that In lra than
five years In the heart of London and on
the Strand skyscraper will be built without
Interfering with the laws of "ancient
Hght3." which now prevent skyscraper
buildings in England. ..
Tho English law of "ancient lights" is
most peculiar. About London may be seen
placarded on houses sljni bearing, the
word "Ancient Lights." Many American
visitors believe that this is an advertise
ment of some kind cf matches. In reality
the signs prailtlt you; cclghbir from put
ting up a. building -rhlch Kill cut off from
ycur house light and nlr.
Theodore Starrett, an American engineer,
has predicted that It would not be many
years before steel-skeleton buildings would
be erected In all the great centers of pop
ulation In the world. Ho satd:
"My nrat work as a. very young man was
to design the construction of some cf the
first steel-skeleton buildings, or so-called
skyscrapers, ever built In the world. Of
course everybody knows that the skyscrap
ers were first built In Chicago. It was some
time before the conservative capitalists of
New York would take up this method of
Iiulldlns Code Itevlaed.
"Then, again, the building laws of New
York practically prohibited such construc
tion because they required that the walls
of high buildings should be very thick. The
commission appointed several years ago re
vised the building code In many respects.
The first time that rolled steel columns
were used for a business building was In
Cleveland. O. The growth of the skeleton
type of construction was gradual and ex
tended to Milwaukee. Cleveland. Buffalo.
Srraeuse. Philadelphia. Boston and Jiew
The next step will be In London, and
then I am sure that the Parisians will adopt
this method of building. The spread of the
American skyscraper around the world Is
Just as certain a a law of nature. Peo
ple congregate In cities, the population be
comes dense, property becomes valuable,
and then follows the need of going Into the
air to find room for offices and living places.
"In London the law of "ancient lights"
rrotlbivs the construction of bulldisgs over
eighty fet In height. Even with this law
In force. It will be possible to design build
ings of the American typ which will sat
isfy Londoners, it may take some time to
educate the British labor unions m th-
American Idea that it Is greatly to the
wnrai cr ine woncingman to uo a nam
day's work and receive hlcher wages.
Slow English Methods.
"At the present time the methods used
In putting up buildings in London are
slow, from the American standard. The
fact that at the present time there are In
course of construction C0.W0.03) worth cf
tall building in New York may lead Eng
lish capitalists to adopt. In a measure, our
Ideas. If British capital takes up the mat
ter In earnest, it will not be long- before
American contractors will be puthtng the
British bricklayers, carpenters and build
ers to adopt plans for quicker construction.
"It will be necessary for the English con-'
structors to learn that la modern building
operations alt the various processes should
be started sufficiently In advance of their
requirement to enable the assembling of the
rtntshed product quickly and easily. Build
ing a sky-scraper Is exactly the same as
constructive work in a modern factory,
where the different partis of an engine, we
will say, are made, at the same time in the
various departments, and the assembling
is done in quick order."
"Do you think there will be any radical
change in the architectural features of sky
scrapers?" was asked.
There will be marked Improvement along
certain lines. I think that many New York
office buildings erected during the last
twenty years with solid walla of masonry
frsm foundation to top win t tern down
to make way for steel-skeleton buildings.
The advantage of this method of construc
tion Is that In an eighteen or twenty ptory
building the conditions of the whole build
lag are tboso of a one-story structure."
Sixteen-Year-OItl Boy Central
Fignre In Strange Komance.
Cleveland. July &. A life romance. In
which a lS-year-old Wllloughby boy Is the
central figure, has been unraveled through
the boy's own efforts, led on by his curi
osity to discover his own identity.
Fourteen years ago a 5-year-old boy was
taken from the Children's Industrial Home
by W. H. Dunsha of Wllloughby. The boy
grew up In Willoughby and immediate vi
cinity under the nme of Jay Dunsha.
After the death of TJunsha'a wife and
mother, some years ago. he has shifted for
himself, and ihree months ago he began
work in the I'er.fleJd machine shops, with
the Intention of learning the machinist's
Becently he learned the story of his
babyhood, and out of curiosity came to
the Cleveland Institution to consult the
records. There he made the discovery
that he has a father, two brothers and
two sisters living. The father la John Broad,
and the older sister Is Mrs. Jacob Zimmer
man of ColIInwood. Tho younger sister.
Bessie, is a teacher in the Predonla Insti
tute of Fredonla. Pa., of which institution
one of the brothers. Harry, is superintend
ent. The other brother U "Kid" Broad cf
pugilistic famt.
$500,000 HOPE GEM
Famous Blue Diamond Is Cushion-
Shaped and Weighs 4-i o-S
New York. July 5. Negotiations for the
sale of the famous Hope diamond to a rich
American have been In progress ever since
the big blue gem was brought to the
United States last November.
The price of the diamond Is JSOO.OOO.
It is known that the Hope diamond was
recently sent to Senator Clark's office, at
No. O AValt street, and that he examined It
with interest. While he has never been
known as a collector of rare gems he Is
known In Europe and America as a large
purchaser of paintings and costly works
of art.
The Hope diamond came to the United
States on November 5C, 1WL It wo brought
over by Siraos Fraxkel cf til flrs cf Jo-'
speh Frankel'j Sons of Na.au street. The
diamond was brought in the safe of ths
German liner Kronprinz Wllhelm In a pUla
pine case screwed to a shelf.
The Hope diamond is one of these rarest
or gems, a perfect blu dlamunu. It welgha
44?a carats, and I cushion-shaped, reflect
ing a deep sapphire blue llsht irom nearly
Xr facets. As to Its origin, that. like tha
hlatory of many other famous gfms. Is
fthrouied In mystery. In Its present size
and form It dates back only to IKS. but
there Is good reason to believe that It Is
half of what was once the celebrated Taver
nler diamond, one of the crown Jewels of
King Louis XV the Kohinoor of th
French crown.
The Tavernler diamond was bought in In
dia In the early part of the Eighteen Cen
tury by a French traveler. It was said at
that time to have been one of the rural
Jewels of the Pharonhs of Egypt. At any
rat". It was brought to France and sold to
the King.
In 1732 it was ?p:cd by the revolutionists
along with the other crown Jewels anl
placed In a strong box In the Gnrdemeable.
From there It was stolen more than 10)
years ago. and no trace of It has ever
been found. In 1830, however, a trader
named Daniel Kllason appeared in London
with a blue diamond about half the size
of the missing Tavernler gem. of which ho
could give no history. This was 30ld to
Henry Thomas Hope, ancestor of tho pres
ent Lord Hope. In 1S7-4 there turned up In
Geneva another blue diamond, exactly
matching the Hope diamond in sizo and
color, and experts believe this gem. known
as tha Brunswick diamond, and the Hope
diamond, are tha halves et tho lou T&Ytr.
sitr Jtwel.
:iiHT)irrin i fin ,'t-rr',."ad6nafls'Kr--ag.. . .-
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