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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 06, 1902, PART II, Image 18

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Jefferson City, Hannibal, Kansas City, .Columbia, Springfield, Mo.;
Alton, EdwardsvilleS.IJelleville, .Carrollton, Mattoon, East
SL Louis, 111.; "l'aducali, Ivy., and Vincennes, Ind.
' .ii:ri-i:itox city, 310.
line. II r "rrr and SIi- I'jn McDonald cf
XCUl Citv rlvil U"t fiV to visit Sirs. A.
II- Doekerj Sli- 'rr rwurnl horn Thursday
Sir and Mr T. G IMrlOisrdt and little daugh
ter. Dorothy, d-pait'd Tuesdav for Centralla :o
visit ft latter" fth. r. Mr. Wm S.ummrs.
SIr J 1- l'a ami dausht-T; Sirs. Ada
Knau. .1-iair t-!n f r H-gg1n-vill to s)eml a.
month with Mr Pace. Assistant .niiperlntenden:.
of U: nfrJentx Home.
Mi- rtta I.u Carter arrlvel Thur-dsy rUnt
from ft Luls t' t".d a fftv davs with her sis
ter. Mrs Itjiirv Bltt-a-dr.
Mn ! !' n "f Mexico, who has spent
ta last mcsih w.'-t. Sirs. Sara B. Ciofc. rtturncj
bom M. nl . .
Sir- Suet- I5uck.nr r.C Fu ton spent r-iinday
with hT Wr Mi San. II. Cook
Sir II. M Mathews trill at part early in tl-
vrft f..r Nebraska, i; iid the fununff with
ber ri.-
Mr A H Hit--ii ! carted Tu-sdiv for Slln-neap-lls
SIlur . to ! It her daughter. Mrs. Harry
Mr and Sir John William' ami children of I
Clint n. who Iuk Ken vl!t-ne; the. family cf
JmlK- in 11 i.anil. reiurre-j nmnf iuuit.
Mr I ult luro---. dpartl Thurd.v for
Calif trr.i t sr-rd a w-k -with Mr OIO Con
rad and tl" f.rrm of Mr. J.nh Hanwrv.
Mr 3tila Wsn.r diartd We-dn.-dav for
California to iWi a friend
Mr nr.l Mr A. C I ord of Seda Iv anlirt
here ta-M eic to make this cltv their hitii
ilrs '-h R.ackliim returned horn-- Tue.dsy
from a llt with r alive In Vaansita. Homic
wall and l-pulsl-m. Mo
Sir- Perry R-id-r and. cliillre-n wunw Mon
day from a lJt with rrlatlve !n Urunswlck,
Mr J M Martin and dan;h!ir. MIs ;tt-.
rrtcrneii Mondar frou a vllt with rIatlvr In
K t"KYlll. M'!
Mr? M J. roffiit of Roodhoug. III.. ri-nt a
tevr daw lior lth the family of Mr. M O
fter a plfant '"it with htr jwrrnt-. Mr
anil Jin. G. nttmucll r. Mi. II. K. Mue-:er v
tnrned to her Vim. In S: Law1 Monday, ac
companied by l:-r -i-tfr. Mlts Kmn.a ntcmuellT.
Mrs Sim K:i-T end a-n are vls'tlne rela
tive In IJihminl Mn
M1f UlRCrh IdK retnmed iundax from Heecn
Island. S r . wN-re sJi- lias been teachirE the
lift year
Mlase raullne and Mathllde Lallmeer re
turned jeaterdav from -, , Ilt In M
Ixula. he latfr c.m from aMnKton Clt.
where he fca-t been attending the National l"ark
em? Robert Grant. Ilxnl: MItehv. IMtntnl
Ruwart nnd Jullu Kranl: of St. Itil re -ind-lwr
the wk with thflr families In thl try.
Mr Theodore Thotnau rt Oileaito l 5p-ndlni;
a few day with hi mother. Mr-, C W. Thoma
Mn. Srohle Schwoerer of O'Fallon. who naj
fceen Tlsltlnir her brother. Mr F. AX . Koer and
family. departe-I Tuesday for her home.
Mr. M. J Fraeer will depart next wek for
Xani City to vlait her eons. Mwi. W tnthrop
aad Walter Fraeer. and their famine.
Mr. OctI Thomas left Tueday to visit Mn.
A. C rrlro and dauehter. Mies Celete. at At
lantic City, where they are -pending a few
"-ilr. Dlward Tatcs of Kanas City. Ptat In
mrnsxe Ccmmirslnner. will remove his fanny
to this cltv neat wek end will reside at No.
32 -West lihrh street, the house formerly occu
pied by Mr. Theodore Warner.
Mrs. E. C. Crow and family returned Tuesday
from St. Louis, and are araln cccupyaiB their
rasldence. . .
'The members of the Kncll.h Cla-slc Club met
Tuesday eienimr with Miss Neltl- till", and dis
cued Adara Bede. b Oeorce KHot. Several able
papers were read, after which a Ilcht lunch was
Mrs. Ijtwson Price was hots for the Wednes
day Whirl Club. Only the memb-rs wore piesent.
This club Is ddmt some good plarinR and will
soon meet with the Gentlemen's dub to decide
who are the most expert.
Mrs. Hurh Stephens entertained the members
cf the Saturday Club nnd a few other friends
Thursday morning at cards at her pretty home
In Adams street Th ams of progressive
euchre were numerous and exciting and plaed
Tilth the ardor these ladles are noted for. After
the cames a lunch was serel
Mrs. John T. noon entertained about thirty of
her friends Fourth of Jul at the home of her
father. Mr. Jcseh IX. Edaard. Tlid euchre was
played, ard the prizes were pretty trophies,
awarded after a dainty summer lunch
A chermlnc Ilitle reception was irlven Saturday
aftemoin from t to by Miss Minnie Crafton.
assisted by her mothrr. Mr Callle Crafton. for
M-s, John T Iloone of Kaiuas Citj Taere were
thirty fruests. and the hcus was prettily dec
crated in cHrdenfiowe-s Th- dlnlne table was
covered with beautiful Uattenburjr lace and al
most burled beneath tweet peas Ices ana cool
inx drinks were served. Amour MI'S Grafton's,
ruest. were Mlss Janet, Adele. Derenlce and
Frances Williams. Frances Cook. nesle Clvk.
Vary Gastt. Katherine Mcllenry. Pone. Gordon.
Thompson: Mmes. noone. Pric. Huch Stephens.
Ivi Stephen F i: Ge-lecke. Hough. Man-$Jiest-r.
W J Edwards. W A. Dallmeyer. A.
JJ Ewinc, Ila-skms. Vamrhn. Xoland. Taylor of
Ivan-as Clt-. Parker and XoUe. J
MJ Alrgtnla Allen departed -Sunday torvNew
xadnd to spend the summer with her grand
mother and aunts.
Mr. Will Tlagrvell of Kt Lcuii spent a few days
Ian week wim MrS FranV ISamscy.
Forrner G.ivernor anJ Mrs. Ion V Stephens
will depart s-jonfir the Northern lakes to spend i
iZ'f'ZL?-1"'. jontempted European trip
Sa been abandoned for this season.
A tr ereslcgs ago Governor and Mrs. Dock'rr-
S2L "v?0 ?Tn" to ihe '"tier's al.ter and
S'.Jil- & a S? n.n.d Ml,s CULn McDonald
lLr25S ?i- -B, Man-i-'" Oab furnished
SS."2L- an . 'J'1''' a number were dancing
Mlss7 .Sij.-ti. n oiinieyer, Mrs. ir. C Orr
3'ner. Kilser Carnth?iton'cfc r' m"M.
CVonei KTP trnS. f! ,fabourln. Dlsleyl
oea . !. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Mor-
ChSlLgo.rrd a -Oo'STls visiting friend. In
Sewcarah.15" mmmer th Mr. aS S". Wai
rhan'g-souUn?'61"03 ha' cooe CMiw, for a
&? rJ.m.lmK S1 .wnlch -Jfparted thl
CoUewSn-fsS ?SS- "" Oberlta
IUehr"sTo?n'er b"
luli. whei4 sJi ?.'?;. na" ""'uraed from St.
bowSlleTofka. entertaln'ns Mrs. Bar-
UtS&tSE?" MOrt0a f ""Vlton is here vls-t-na?niM,aL'?"l
being en-
i55,ilj' "Aa5J -Mr- William c.
.r... .Jvi jrn;-- oi
llllam. c. Itlggs of this
--- -; uiaiutm. W- - ..
we"ckBvcriIaOiouC0,r,1 ,,H "" d
Ct' K?" UacR ,s :,5,UaK w" Garden
ak-Pcgoirof'!1 M'"" U,0J
spfd t&a5-Ji&H8SS are to
tourtng the Nortn. "-'""T will devote to
lSueJr0,.bPhJo5?Ia,,3Jla " VUU, M"' ".
for'. 4 weeitihn-U- Kltchea m la """-
niu-ta M"- u K- F"hr m rtJl,lI -
isauraca Van Valkcnburg fca, returned from
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Blanchard and daurrhi.,
iiifkth""1 u in Jo:ila- ct
ramf" " & Uvr,aor ha" "turned from Colo-
juiss iiirtnw Urosn and Mr. Herman C. Jeike
Mr? StnT'li2ron"a,,r " " '"'cTc?
Mrs. -Charles D. Mill ana children deDartrd
ba,'-11 night for MlchlgS nwrii Tun
pain away BaTai autumn. e
iMr. and Mrs. Curtis B. Mollins and children.
C. a. and Itath. wlU au from New XorkcS toe
trntn io spend, ihs nmtr la Europe. '"
iltci tSL UnL W' T' w"e'7 .Wtlnc la
lles KuUi Jloss and aall.Poor, returned
TVscneaday from Clarksviae. ila., where tney
felili,,crll tJw t of Miss Moara aunt. MrsT
Jrtwrltt. for aerai wscks. ""
Mrs. TJscmas M. Jteoord of Lawtco. Okla.. Is
Hje.acst of Mr. and Mr. B. J. Boucaelle.
Un. -Mary Huawa iicOuaae departed" Wed&es
Cm a spcirfl tne ruurtn la tot. luuis.
ilra. Walter Williams and Mis IUin returned
tto week, atUr a. short visit a friends in Mex-
iiiiM. Cnrr Xoaatiay n-turnad this week, after
rl-illng her sister. Mrs, Harvey ITlngle, In
Forescell. Ma. and friends In Kirksvli:-.
! Mrs. Doctor Frnk Urr-denun of fcu Louis -was
Uml runt of Mn. G. C Jiroadhead this week.
v iinr. Y, c, Ijirai, accmncanieU by her sister.
MIr Nelle Dorsey- departed for her home In
Oceol3 Monday, after ilslting hr parents. Mr.
and Mrs. J. A Dorsey. Mis Di.rsy will vtlt
in Kanas City tfore returnlnc home.
Mrs. Wajland of Sedalla was In town a few
iljys thl -ek In the Interest of moWns her
family here In the ntar future.
Mr and Mrs. Hiram Phillip of St. Iul wre
the (ruri of Mrs. I-hlllip's mother. Mrs Itorlne.
this week.
Doctor A. W. MeAll-ter was In Carthase a fw
davs thl wetk.
MU .V.lll. White of j-'t. Iviuis Is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. l.ugrr.e White on West liroadway
hatlier W. K. Hin.la'.l of ft. Iiuls arrl-ed
Vl?r.1r.,,y ' fl!1 ,n P1--10" ot Father Arthur
Iteiilj. who dejoirted Wedneday to liavr charge
of tlj (Catholic Church at Catawlsa. Mo
Mr Th.Tnaa It Gntry of IC.in-j Cltv ar-ltej
ue.lav end is tN- sunt it Mr. nl Mr. Jcrte
Colonel W. r. Kwitxler returnil Thumlav rrom
Omaha, when- he ha been -lltln-; his sih. Mr.
W arren Kwltiler.
Mr. G. . I'ratt cf Txas -in; in this wult
ta spend . fe- days vlth 'lis fimlly.
Mr. and Mrs G u winnn jami littl .laugh
ter returne.1 thl wi; fr.m Ml-ni: Mo., wh-re
they have len the cuwts ,f frl-n.l.
Uoctor STink Thllly rrturne.1 Saturday after
litlnc In Olrr-nnatl
Miss Amanda Waupm depart si V.!nes.tav to
siirnd her taratlnn with relaiv m MoTina.
Mr. Samuel AlevimleT I vllt:ni Iit isirentc.
Mr an.l Mrs J J:. Camtli.
Mr. ami Mrs ?:. T Oiit.-v and nph-w. Will
iam It G"try. weie :h Kurt of lelatites It
Iloanoke thl week
IMnln siher f Jefferi Vv anl Judge Da
1 f Marhall were here Mindav.
Mr. D. Corum of lhn:.le wa here Men-dt-
I'rnfesor Jchn K Scott I nen.lln3 i rart cf
his vacation with friends in I'-.'tna'n Countv.
Mrs. Do-tor G-rRe . H-idf.l retrnd M-n-dav
after a short viit to r-lnm- In St I.oul-
Mrs. Victor Ilartli returned Sunlty from the
On Wednesday mornlnr Vl Suie II Penham
was marrie to Mr M It IliRvnoml .if 'he
T'nlverlt f f Illlncls at th liome nf hr iir
enTs The wedding r as vrv -im t. "inly -h
rehrtlves and n w fiim!s Iieing i ter-nt. Ml-s
Katherlne Denham. lt" cf itw Iin Ift. playe.1
lihngrin" wedding march. :i. anl Mrs, Ham
mond departed fir the mountains Z Wst li
ginla to iend the summer
Mrs Martha Smith estenld her hoplt.tty
to the "A. Y I." CluV S.itu'i'..- nftmoo
Cnrils were played and refrntinits rered.
The Reverend Robert Thj-nas. w'i.i held setv-
lees in the Har.tist Chtirrh n turns J to uls htm
In Mount Stirling. Kv . Mori lay.
Ci lonel Alec Waller of M-'Wv and Jn lie r-nc
cf Frederlcktown Ixith c"n 'lines fjr Supremo
Judce. were in CoIumMa Monday.
Mr. Cicero Henderson, a grart-n'e of the Ttnl
vcrsltv. ard Mlrs Mit'le e WrUht. a formr
graduate of Christian Coll;e. wer- married at
home of the bride parrnts In St. Iouis on
MACOX, 510.
Mrs. P. J. Burton and son. Carlos, end mofxr.
Mrs. Kate Phipps. departed Tuesday for an ex
tended visit with relatives m fuii!- Cojo.
Mrs. Jenrie Dean of St. Lrfiuis, who has b.en
the guest of Macon friend euiJ Telatiies -the
past month, returns home levt wck.
Miss Julia Sullivan dpared Saturdty nirjtt
for am extended visit with It.vs in Brook-
yi!rst 'j. 'A. Hudson of Columhj.. Mo-, ca-nc
Mondav and is the guest of Mrs I alrwnk
Mrs'Orace Wright Willi ins of Cliclnna.1.
O.. Is .the guest of her .nothr. Mrs. Ella i-
Miss Ilallle Patten depart next Thursiar for
an extended visit with her sister. Mrs. A. L
Sebelln. In Deadwood. S. D.
Sir. F. C Billing rrlurn.M Saturday 1 rem an
extended visit In Chicago ard Galesb-irc. I1L.
and Salt take City. , , -,lt.
Mrs, Robert Talhot and two children and Mif-a
Emma Marion of Kansas Cltv r the gues a or
Mrs Talbot's sifter. Mrs ired "" ,,.,
Earl Stean of Wymote. 'eb.. earn Tuesda7
for a visit with his wife anl stigit-r at the
home of hi wife's mother. Mr Marv MstTi'V
Mrs J I" Kero nnd children di-arivd Uednes
dav for Stanton. Va. .to pend ?'?rn.'rT i-i.t
Mrs. Mutle Dorrell deparcd Satunlav Men'
for a two weeks' visit In Chicain. Milwaukee
"Stf'lZ A Smith ITT1 WiK
night for Lake Chautauqua N. .. to WA,
summr snd take a special cours in insiru
mental music. , .. c Is
Mr. Caroline Roberts of tos Ar.rles. ',
here, the guest of her brother. Judre J. -
nMTss"Ruhey Williams pleasantly entertained a
few fri-nds at a ping-pong rarty Tuesday even
ing in honor of her two cousins. . Jr MlMa
giewart of Txingtoa, Mo., who are visiting her.
MrTjoseph Jaejrer. Sr.. entertaLned the follow
ing frlenda at IB o'clock dinner Wednesday:
Reverend and Mrs. W S. IkTaarts-Messrs and
Mmes. J D. Smith. F Iviral.ee U B. V Li"!""
Mmes T.' F. Os-eas, Al Terrell. A. I. Mllstead
and Mrs. J. A. Hudson r-l CnlumbU.
Misses MavTO- Williams. Hallie Patton. Nellie
Moore. Icy Wood. Bonnie Biggs of I Plata,
Miss St-wart of Lxlnctcn. and Mesrr. Will
Erwln. Wallace Smith. Will Vancleve-and Frank
Grantge spent a few hflurt at cards and dan
cing in the Macon Clucrooms Monday evening.
Miss Hallie Patton entertained the A. O. S.
Club and a few friends Friday evening In honor
of Miss rannle Holroan of St. Paul, who Is a
member of the club. The -V- O S. Club was or-ganlT-d
In 1S5! and was composed of Hsllie Pat
ton. Fannie Hdman. Nellie Moore. Atlen Wil
liams. Edna Martin and Mrs. R M. Johnson of
Moberly The evening x spent with cards and
dancing, and dainty refreshments were served.
Besides the club members Miss Patmn's guets
were: Miss Bonnie Biggs and Annabelle Wood
cf Ia Plata, Aline Smith of Olathe. Kai.; Oeor
gte Ray. Chicago: Mabel Martin. Icy Wood. Em
mett "Sharp, Roy Fax. Clayton Wood. Waldo
Smith. Wallace Smith, Frank Grants. Frank
Claybrook. William Vtnclere-asd William Erwln.
1119 Aline Smith of Olathe. Kas.. was thl
gnest of honor at a reception tendered her by
Misses Dorrls and Ida Merrteles at their-horn
Friday afternoon. A guessing game was one of
the amusements that mad the hours pars pleas
antly. Mlsa Leth& Walker capturing th prize, a
bunch of carnation. Invitations wer Issued to
th. following: Ml- Haul Sto-i Mora Sa-i-tlntt.
Zelma Malcolm, Anna Brown. Curle
Terrell. Flossie Warden, Nlle Smith Dora Hol
msa, Jennie Smith. Nina Herman. Ruhey Wil
liams. Mary Gary. Gun!- Rubey. Nelle Arm
strong; Fannie rtabh. Letha Walker. Anna and
Sue Hayner. Mary McCulir. Agnes Whit. Ira
ls. Annette and Olga Hess. Amy and Xncy
Slmraons and Ruth Martin of Klrksrllle,
-ST. CK.ini.ES, 3IO.
Miss Hulda Llnnemann has returned from a
visit to friends In Alton. 111.
Mrs. Frank "Dlerker Is at horn again after
spending a week with friends In Wenttvllle.
Mr. and Mrs George P. Player rtutnd last
Monday from thlr wedding trip through Colo
rado and other Western States.
Mrs. C. B. Wocgener and child departed Men
day for their home In Chicago after a plasaht
visit to her patents. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Bruera
of this city.
Miss Daisy Williams will attend the Chicago
University this summer.
Mrs. Lizzie Smith of St Iviuls hsji been visit
ing St. Charles relatives and. friends.
Miss Nettle Furrer hss returned to her home
In St. Louis after a visit to Miss Bertha Itenno
In this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Christ SchoMer of Bonflls. Mo
were here Friday visiting friends.
. -H1. bardie McCoy hss returned to her home
In Wentzvl'le after a visit of two weeks to Mrs.
John N. Olson at the New St. Charles Hctel.
Miss Carrie Williams 1-ft Sunday for her home
in Forlstetl after spending two weeks in St.
Pariei Snr m oecompanied home by Master
Woyd Comann.
Miss' Alms, Stumherg departed Tun-day for the
City or Mexico, where she will spend the sum
mer, vlsitlmr her sister. Mrs. Wm. Ferguon.
Mrs. J. Ed -walker. Jr.. returned home from
pe Poto Mo . where she has bn sp-ndlng a
few. week. She was accompanied home by Mis
Omahundm. hr sister, who will spend a few
wks with her.
.K!?- ICTi1" 'Wnilams arrived here Friday
rjl-tht from Chicago. I1L. to visit hr cousin. Mrs.
onn N Olson.
Miss Emily JRusell of Jacksonville. Ill, Is a
guest ofMrr. E. G. Ferruon In this city.
Mrs. Charles E. Merer and-children have re
turned from a visit to relatives in" Galeshurg.
HI where ther spent, several weeks.
Ml. Grace Gaddas of St. Louis- Is In the city
vl-ltlng her cousin. Mr, XV. 8. Johnson, for a
rew weeks.
. ?"". Jaraes Towers entertained the Ladies'
H? 'SJ5- f 'J,e '"'"on Str-et Presbvterlan
Church Tuesday afternoon In a very pleasant
Mrs. Rollln Brown and daushtrr. Mi's Ruth, of
Chicago. lit. are here vlfltlng her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George Jeck.
Miss Cora -Small of SL Louis srnt the Fourth
her visiting her sister. Mrs. J. Edward Whit
Mis Blanche Earnhardt of Rock Island. III.. It
spending ner Vacat!on with her mother in this
Professor -and Mr. J.tseph Herring and little
daughter left here Thursdar for Canawav Coun
ty, where the will spend several weeks with
friends and relatives.
Mr and Mrs Louis Ring, accompanied by
their grsndtnn. ance, spent several days In TJr
Jiana. ni.. the -ruest cf their luVer. Mrs. Henry
Keliar. and family.
SU7- P-. n. Husser entertained the Ladles
Guild of th Episcopal Church Thursday after
noon at hr home on Eighth street
Mr. and Mrs. William MoIlerlng hare gone
to New Melle. wher thr will spend two
weeks at their old home with frrerds.
John Anderson, formerly of this city, and now
f "t1?. was here Wednesday, vlsltlnr frlnds.
R-.. Schmidt has returnd from a trip of two
.wi.k through the West He reports a most en
joyable trip.
Oswald Weneker of Augusta. Mo., accompanied
nv Roscoe L. Tork. a schoolmate, was In town
Wednesday, visiting friends. Mr. Weneker has
decided to open a law office In Texas,
.JSIi.J?- BruP." Wl19 mmrised on Monday
evening at Ms residence on Sixth street whn a
crowd of his friends called to assist him In cele
brating his fifty-fourth blrthda-. Th matter
had been arranged very carefully and h -was
taken completely hv surprise. Those present
Wfe- 3fesr. A. R. Hunlng. Alph AymoscL nn
ry Kreiehbaum. O. J. Martin. Lawreneevers.
dSV. fweeV.Wl,nS "UUT" at Kan'
SMCnarte!ar?Irs0.r """ M U a "
Misses Lena and Anna Craner of St Lnuls are,"
to guests of Mrs, Badgalupo in thiartty?
Mrs. Loul; Ttellrleh was in O-Fallnn en iiir
-."for'weeks: ,n U ,y,oU- "'
Mrs. Sallle Bas. a prominent tevchr of Jacks-l7-JSr;-
,s r"ll"e Mrs Llzxl M. Wray of
thi city for a month. '
Miss Ellen McVl f Bloomlngtnn. HI. ha
been th guest of st Charles frlnds.
M' ??Ie Trr of Klrkwood has been th
grt of the Ml es rowelL
Mrs. O, J. Muad. gnd two children cf Klrkwood
were here Saturday, the guests of Doctor MuJJ
and family.
Mr. Thomas Crowley has returned to her
home In Madison. 111., after a visit to friends
Mr. and Mrs- C. W. Chlply cf Chicago are
here. vllting friends.
Mi-s Lillian Eraerl of St Louis haa been vis
iting Mires luise Angert In this city.
Miss Vlrglnlus Bll.l. cf Araerlcua, Mc Is a
guest of Miss Naomi Prltchett for a few days,
Mrs. M. Rust of St louls, accompanld by
her children, are hre. visiting relatives and
Mrs. J. C. Johnst-n spent Monday and Tues
day In St. Loul visiting this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Fulk'rson. Jr.. of Txark
ana. Tx.. arrlre.1 here Thursday to spend a
week with Captain Edward I Furkersoa, the
father of Mr. FuILerscn.
SnilAM.l, 3IO.
Mrs A. Raum retuml Monday from a visit
with fri".ds In St Louis.
Mr. Harrv DoI of St Lculs. who na ln
s (siting relatlvrsi here, returnil to her heme
Mrs J. J. Rett nnd llttl daughter dpartd
Moniy for St. ly-tils to tlslt with friends and
Mrs. II F. R-ese and daughter. Miss Marr cf
Kanras cjty. are visiting Mrs, A- A. Ilrnrn
and familr.
Mr. and Mr. Cliar! Mitchell deparsed en
Wednesday for an xlnde-I vllt with frlenils In
lisltlinorc. Wahlrgton. Nw York and !5oton.
Mr. nrd Mrs. Ituvll Greiner of Kansas City
nrrlteti Tu.lay to I the gr-sts of her pirents.
Mr and Mr. E. A. l'otevt of West Ilroal
way. Mrs. John Rrlckle and son anl daughter. Will
and Lurilt- of Dslla. Tex. arrived Men-lay fcr
a vl-tt with frlnd and relatives.
Mis Nelll and Margaret Eg-n dpir-l en
Wftlnesilar for a lsll with their sis'er. Mrs
Jam Rartl-e. of Itentnn. Mont.
Mis Claudia Jamison of tinjn City. Colo., ar
rlied Wdn-sday for a visit with Mrs. Carl
iisrnett ami oiner relative.
Mrs. Marv Harris dcpstW Monday for a visit
with friend In Kansas City.
Ml Mamie lmc .1-parted Monday for Rose
tirc. On . t.- spend th summr
MIm Ida S N-j'on of Taola. Ka.. arrived
Momlav to 1-- :h rtiest of Mr aM Mr. M WM
dr of Wt Seventh street
Mrs W. 11 1i.irl and danghter. Ml Maul.
Jpnrc! Tc-sdaj for a --lilt with friends in
St lxuls.
Mrs L M lln-nt-1 .lpsrt-l Wednesday f.r
Nrva Scotia to nnd th- ummr.
Mlrs Grtrud Nile. itenst-t lfin.tiv e.M- :nts
Fe . N M. when- she will I- th- e-jr for t;e
summer of hr s!Mr Mr. Illslr Gllmotir
Mr and Mrs f II Siur of lvnlon. Tx .
who har lin visiting h-r and In St Louis.
lpartl Men-lay for a visit at Chicago ami
Gl.hurg ill.
Mrs. II F Hlekman of Cnattanooea. T-in..
ho hs t-'-n the cest of hr moth.-. Mr
W K Remold, departed Tud.-i for a vlit
at IniHr ndnc. Mo.
Ml Virginia Drrpr. who has l)n -trending
KunLel Colin-, of Music In St In. r
tutTfiI crn Tu-lsy.
Mrs E IItlr of S Iyiul. who has ha
visiting with friend here, returned horn Tues
day Mr Ernet Henpev of St lyinls is th gust
of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. B ChtHacimb
Mrs. " N Strtens of St Louis arvl n
Wcdresdar for n vl!t with Mrs. II. A. Pratt
and Mr. S P Snd
MLes Gertrud- and Lucille ISlve drart.l
Monday fisr Salt Like City to spend the summer
with relatives.
Mrsi Ocorgt- W. IVnt of St lvjl. who ha
Ien visiting Mrs P F. Tarwatcr and Mr. S.
K Dent of Wet rourth street derarted Tue
dav for her home.
Mis Elliott Tort returned- Moudat frm a
-visit with frlnds st Wnrrenffcurg.
Mr Thomas E Russell deptirt-! TuMi'av for
St Ixul to vl-.it with friends nn.l reti-tlr's.
Mls Margaret Johrs dcnarteil Monday fcr a
Ms't with frinds at Fort Scott Kas.
Mrs Perry Hawes of Wahlnrtin. I. C ar
rlve.1 Mon-Inv to attend the funeral of her motli
er Mrs I-ittI Hutchison
Mr. John I.eary departed Tudv for St
Loul to visit with frlenils nnd relatives
Mrs G W Faust rtumd Mondar l-rra a
two-weks' visit with frlenr' at Parsons. Kns.
Mis Carrie Burkhart of Kanss Cltv 1 int
Ine hr rrandmother Mr K Holland.
Mrs. John W Conne- returned Monday front a
visit at McAlester I T.
Mrs H II. Alln and sen of KM -ily.
--ho have t-en vlsitirg her parents Docor and
Mrs E. C. Evars. dpart-l Tuesday f-r their
Mr Heln Buchanan and dinrht-. 5II
Mary, of Carlwndale. Ill . arrive Tuday to be
the guest of lrofeor O. V. Buchanan and fam
ilr Mr It II Halloway of St. Louis who has
bn vislt'ng her si-ter. Mrs G. M. RMdV. re
turned to her home Tuesday.
Mis Grac Raker desisrt.l Wdned,r for
vldt with friends at Windsor. Clinton nnd Et
Dorado Spring
Mrs. Oscar Tbcmas returned Tuesday from
Paola. J.s . wher was the gut of lir
cciiln. Mrs Harrv Elton.
Mr" Lwi Klbler and Istr M' rilnt
F-snfclln If Ko lav for a visit st Palla. T'X.
Mis Fiorrce Slonro dpartd Tusdv for a
vl' with rlt'- at Gr"TTi N C
Mles Mary Glass and KsthnTi Ca'sldr de-
Fisrted Mondav for Kan City to attend the
u"ral or Ma'ter Willi Koen
Mrs Jchn Flestcne f Philadelphia and her
mother Mrs. Mamie Holland of Co'orado. n
the guests of Mrs. John Glnter and Mr and Mr.
Lawrence Gintr
Mrs. Frank Garth e.f Llttl Rock. Ark., who
has ben th gu-t of h-r s'ster. Mrs. Louis Reek.
denarted Mondav for her home.
Mr. Jarre Montgomery depaned Tuesday for
a visit with friends at Fulton, ilo.
Mrs. S. P John. Sr- returned vtonday from
a two month' visit at Jtarrlshnrc Pa
Mrs John Varnon of TTarss Cltv is th gut
of he- daughter Mrs. Cla--k Longap.
Mr Harrv Wsils of Jefferson Cltv arrived
Tusday for a vllt with her mother. Mrs. C M.
Tlechsel and daurhter Mrs Liurs.
Oakie of Sillna. Kas.. deoard Monday far a
visit with relatives at- Ogd-n. Utah.
Mrs. c s IVxter and dsughrer Miss Ruth,
d'parted Tuerday for a visit st nmhrie Ok
Mlsa JwU Icklt dnattd W-lnedav for a
visit with friends at Kansas City. Mo., and Atch
ison. Kas
Mr. Wlltlam Haln and d-ioeht-. Miss Mabel,
left Tueday for a visit wltn frlnds at Poonvll.
Mr. John Lara Is visiting with frl'nds In St.
lymi this week.
Mrs E. A. Boyd and son. John, of Kans City
arrived W-lpsdar for a vlit with hr sister.
M J. G Iimpe. . .
Mlrs Mara-le Reeson departed Tnedsy for
TrinMad. Colo . whre she will visit with her sl
ter. Mr. J. R. Rurger
Mrs Robert O'Brien and Miss Eva O'Brien de
parted Thuredav fcr Enid. Ok., to visit with
friends and relative.
Mrs. D. Emrtch"nf Kansas ctly srrlvd Wede
dsv for a visit with her slter. Mrs. Julius Kol
bahn. Mr William Jo'ly loft Tu-day for a visit wllh
frtenda and re!atlrs at Tloton
Mrs. nombenr and daushter. Miss Mav. of St
Louis, who have bn vlsltlr.g with relatives, re
turned to thel- home Tuesday.
Miss Anna Rauer rtu-nt Wedneday from a
vlit with frlnds In St LouL.
Mis Msvme Shply de-rted Tuesday for
Kansas City, wher she will visit with her li
ter Ml Ssdie Sprinkle. .
Miss Emma and Alma Drexler departed Thurs
day for a visit with friends at Kansas City ami
Psrnna Kas.
Mrs. W. A. Taylor ad Miss Stel'a Colvln d-rr-d
Wedresdsr fcr Plcasanton. Kas.. to vllt
until after the Fouih.
Ml Pearl Downing left Wedres-lsy for Kan
sa Cltv to vlU with friends and relatives.
Mrs. Mont Cames cf Kansas Cltv arrlvd
Thnrsday for a visit with her sitter. Mrs. Julius
Miss Mv-rtle Dunlap Is visiting with friends In
St Loul this week.
Mrs. II M Haley entertained Tuesday after
noon at her home on West SWtn st-t, comr.II
mMarv to br lc. Mrs. Joseph McPherson. of
Mount Wmon. Mo. "
An enlarahl danc was given Tueday even.
lng at Assembly Hall bv vnung ponI eomnll
mentsrv to Mis Hazel Shrlton of Ksn-as Cltv
and Ml Ida Navlon of Pao'a. Kas. The grand
march bcan at o'clok and "as IeI bv Gentry
T'-tlll "" M's Edna MotIs. Thos orrt were
Mlsss Ida Navlon of Paols. Kasi . Hsl Snlnn
of Kanas Clt-. Edna Rar-nwes Flo Glenn.
Edna Morris. Madr Glenn. Blna Mrt. Aelln
Pnlpps. Mararet McDanlsi. Agnes nalhy. Ruth
Fltzscra'd. Jesn dark. FVirenc- Floyd. Thnla
foil. Emrneron Wo-d. Ilssel nnrnspr Ruhy
RevpoHs. Mildred Tatlmer. Ress nIL Jo Mc
nonrall rd Ethel Collins. Vesr. Frsnlr Orors.
Weller Fl-mle. Gen'ry Es-lll. Jo Gold. Cha.
Ttrcwn John Hick. Chas. Mserly. DeTl Orlwr.
1 HcfTroari TTred arey. Fred Itiishes. "n
Hurl-. Ed VTurlT. Wm. Hvn-n. Emmt Hnr
lv. Harry Glnn. John C'llln Ganet Jolty.
Melvln I'nfrlts M'k Q"inn. Twrn Lnun
hlnr. Fmll Ott Chas. Kelc. Ilrrry Meusehk!
and Win Tulev.
Mrs. Walter Williams has returned to her hortwi
In Columbia after vis Ittng Mrs. R. 1. Worrell In
this els.
Misses Alice Morris and Susie Houston are
homo from Sturgeon, where they were the guests
ct Miss Ritchie.
Mrs. W. J. Botts Is entertaining Mrs. Weatber
ford of Tennessee.
Miss Mary Gartrell Is la Kansas City visiting
former schcclmate.
Mrs. C M. Uatkett has returned to her horn
In this city after visiting in Chllllcothe and
Mrs. Arthur Lee of Clinton Is the guest of Mrs.
F R, Sanford
Anderson and Renfro Gtbbs are the guests of
their grandparents In Paris. Mo.
Misses Oena ami Katherlne Rockentteln of Ft,
Louis are the guerta cf their grandparents, Mr.
and Mis. Jtcnb Kchopp. In this city.
Mrs. L. O. Redes Is In Cclaruta; ner husband
will join fcr later and they -will spend several
weeks camplrs in the mountains.
M. B. Quthrle Is home rrom a- visit In Colo
rado. Mrs. Guthrie will remain la that State
for some time.
Mrs. Willlsm H. Ith Is entertaining Mrs.
Rotsrrts of Trenton.
Mrs. Harry Lackland was tbo guest of her
father. J. M, Rarktr. In Danvlll the first of the
Mrs. Lynn S. Ranks cf Kansas. City was the
guest of her mother. Mrs. Callaway. In this city
during a portion cf the week.
Mre. E. B. Kcath has returned from a visit la
Miss Grace Toung of St IjobIs has be-n the
guest of Mrs. J. P. Morris of this city.
The members of the C, v. B- M. were entr
talned at the home of Mrs. A W. Koxendolfer
In South Clark avenue Thursday afternocn.
Miss Mary Karnes has returned from a visit
In M. Louis.
Mrs. B. S Wilson has returned from a visit
to Mrs. S. a Cook I;. Jefferson City.
Mrs. R. It, Hall lla aturgeon. preparatory to
going to Emporia, Kaa.. to spend the summer.
Mrs. A. t. Fish entertained a number of
ladles at her home In WcodUwn plack Wedns
day alteraoon. for her guest, silts Blessing
Iturkhart ct St Louis.
Mrs. W. H, L'pham Is In Massachusetts to visit
friends for a month. She will also visit In
Mrs. William P. Smith la -entertaining her" sis
ter. Miss Nettle Rels. of b"t Louis, ac ner home
In East Monroe street
Miss Natalie Mcrrls h returned from Et
Louis, where she spent toe winter. She was ac
companied borne by Mi's Gertrude -Rosenthal. .
H. L. Bickley. Pro-cuticx Attorney of Audrain
County. U In Denver, Colo., for a few weeks'
visit srtth his wife, who is there for the benefit
of her h'alth.
Miss Fannie Jacobson. formerly of this city,
and Harry Schaffenberg of St Louis were married-
In that city th first of the week.
J. G. Trimble of Kantat City spent the Fourth
with friends In this city.
Miss Mav Jameson of TulUm spent the week
with Mls Kthel Wallace.
. Mrs. W. H. Fields of Talin. narthwest cf this
city, entertained meeds isst week 'or William
Fields of Texas and Miss Enrlth Grant of Sael
Mna, Mc,
Mrs. E. n Williams ami Miss Etta Kernan are
visiting In san Diego. CaL
Mrs. It E. Elliott of Minneapolis. Minn., and
Miss Violet Elliott of this city left the first of.
th week for the tcrmer"a home.
Mrs. William Sherwood has returned to her
home In Minneapolis. Minn., after vl-ltlng her
brother. J. C Berry. In this city.
Mlrs Nellie McKee entertained a number cf
friends at a musical Wedcesday aflernor.n.
Friends of Mr. and Sir. Irvln Brown gave
them a surprise dinner Thursday at noon. The
dinner was in the nature of a farewell, a Mr.
and Mrs. Brawn leave In a few days for Colfax.
Ytssh.. to reside
Mis. C. I Malon has relumed to her home la
Muscatine. Ia after snendlne two weeks with
her sister. Mrs. J Yi- McrnT-
Doctor William Cox has returned to M horns
In Tennessee after visiting relatlres In this city
for several days.
'. .'!" Hill ha been tntertalnlns Miss
Edith Mll'-r of Queen City. Mo.
Mrs T. J. Lowrle has returned from a vttit In
Ol'umwa, la.
ilr .V- I Fergu-on of Pine Blun. Ark., after
a vlH with her tMrents. Mr. and Mr. Cvtvs
Atlrtson. departed tar her home Wednesday
She was accompanied as far ss St Louis by
her mother
Little Ml-a Julia and Matter Walton Moore of
Kansas Cltv are vlslttnr their grandparents.
Juilce and Mrs J H McVeigh.
Mrs. C. E Hlxon of No-th Fourth street Is
vlrl'lnjr her l;tr. Mls Clara Hrrum. in Int
ner Mo
. ilrs Virginia Edwards his returned to hr
il,;r:,'JLrl St Louis after a vl-lt it Mrs. George
W WhUecoiton.
Miss Luelll Wllllarison of chain of Rocks.
Mo . It visiting ber sister. Mrs GJrge Rrahnrs.
Mr. ami Mr. Ied Clark spent the F.u-th la
Canton. Mo.
Miss Ella Burna cf St Louis Is visiting rrlends
In the cltv
Miss Sail! O'Connor of Palmyrx Is the guest
of Miss Annie O'Connor of Churrh ttrt
Misses Gav and May Jennings of Moberly are
the guets of Miss Emillne Oerken.
Mrs. L. P Munrrr gave a luncheon vCednes
dsy In honor cf her gnts. Mr. Albert W. Tru
of Chicago and Mrs Howard Kemrr Oilman of
Ft Lonls Th usts wre: Mmes. R. M Cord
ltt. Kanas Cltv c T Lamb Nw Lomlon,
Mn Gorg W Dulanr. C G Prlc Charles T
Itavward W. u Prttlbone. iniztbeth Harrison
aM f. M FItte.
M-rs. James Herring. Dulany Mahan, W II.
D-ilanv. Jr. ami Miss- Edith ar.d Vivian Duls.-
nr were tn Oiitncv lVnM.1.v in.1 innt th
day at th Coun-ry Clnh plating golf
Mrs C B W'lscn cf Sr IxmiIs retume.1 home
VTcdn-sdsr efter a visit to her sister Mr P
W Iaws Master Perry Hawes accompanied
he- horn
Mrs. Mary McCIur departed Th"rdav for
Montroe. Colo to vllt relttlve Hr daugh
ter. Miss I-surj Mav McCnre. will spend several
w-Vs In Nw Franklin Mo
Th Hannibal Whist Club, composed of Messr
C. Vowbls. O. w TVhltott"n. J J Brown. S
R Cartr J B Howell. Phil Miller. II C.
Lemn and W II. D-escher. wet entertained by
th Vcw London Whist Club Tucday evening at
th Park Hotel New Lordon. and a llvlv game
of wh'st was plaved between the two clut. th
Tfannlbtl lub gaining several points on twenty
fonr bords.
Vis I.vda WMt Is vltltlmr In Si I-ou!
V-. George Hogan hss returned from a vllt
In Loult.
Th golf tournament cpend nt the Country
Clnb Friday and wilt last four dsr. It will he
a thlrty-siT-hoV hsnd'can matrb for the cup of
fJ bv Mr W B Pttlhone.
Jira nuncon of St. Louis is visiting ner pir
rt. Mr and Mrs. W II Onlay
Mr Mary Mlilet of Nevada. Mo. and Mr.
M It Hnll er Palmvrs, who wre th rusts of
Mr and Mrs J A Ttnctt left Wednesday for a
visit tn St Joseph. Ma
ST. JOSEPH, 310.
One of the social events of the last week was
th dancing party at the Benton Club Tuesday
night by Mr. and Mrs. L C Uurce. for their
daughter. Mlrs Marguarite Burnt.
Mlsa Alice M. S&lvely and Miss Emma C
Salrtly will depart Monday for Colorado Springs,
where they will spend the summer.
Doctor C A. Tyrart, Frank M. Lemmon. James
Meadows of this city and Will Wallace cf Mary
vlll have gone to the Northern lakes for a
threo weeks" llihlnr trip.
Miss Bessie Mitchell, who vlsltej friends tn
this city and Oregon for a month, departed
Wednesday for her home at La Belle. Ma
Ml Helen dve!y and Ml Jenkins returned
to their home In Chicago Wednesday after a
short viit with frlsnds In St Joeph.
Mlts Isabel Smith, secretary "t the T. W. a
A . returned twiutday from Deiwer and other
Wcttern cities where she spent the past month.
Among the St Jotph people who dirartel for
Colorado rammer resorta the past week are: J.
N. Combs. ;orge Mack. Mis Mam e Ji-s-phs.
Miss Maggie Drysdale. F. R. Grucb. O. O. Weak
icy Mies Myrtle. Carroll. F W. Pruett O. N.
Cib. 1). llou.vh and T. T- Armstrong and wife.
O. E. Maple, assistant s-cr-tary of tn T. M.
C. A, la -pending hi vacation In North Man
chester, ltd. ,
Mls Helen Edgar gave an evening reception
Wednesday for her guest. Miss Irroa McKay of
New York, and the other out-of-town vi'itors.
Miss Lillian Tootls gave a ping-pong party at
the Country Cluh Tuesday morning.
Mlsa Helen Enrll'h of Kansas iptty anl MJss
Elizabeth Lodd cf New Haven. Conn., sp-ol th
week with Miss Ethe. Welty
Mrs. H. A. Smith eatertsfned her sister. Mrs
li 1k Chapman, ami children of Kansas City
the past week
Mtsa Adele Endres .of -St Louis Is a guest at
the heme of llerry krot Jr
Miss Bernlce Wyeth. has for her guest Miss
Mam Klchanlson of Kansas City. Mrs. -harl
Kahrhoff of SfLouls Is -pending several weeks
with Mrs. Henry Krug. Sr.
Mrs. R. S. Graves and h-r sons. Elmo. Opl.
MelT" aid Jean, are spending the -ummer at
T'Mom-in departed Monday for St
ISls: where h met Mr. K. A. Tresfc and i Mrs.
A. Sergeant and teg-ther I dej-iried t or tne
East at once. They will mate a tou- ox ew
E?rlnd and. New ier-ey lde "TT1.
Sirs. Sam A. Goodman of Kansas t " T" '
lng here. Mrs. Goodman was formerly 3U'
Annie Weinberg cf this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip VorTpbul. Jr.. of St Louis
bMr arts'El'lVAJe artdVe'diy for Charle-vot-
Sch. w"ere bewip.pend the -ummer
CnlcaVofw'here1. lillTx-
"jdrlnd Mrs T. B. Obesr of St Loots ha.
her aunt Mrs. C. V Ederbe. spending
Mlsa Laura Tbomure f St l""' . spenuma
scro. wkTwlth Mr. H. E. "b"L.nt , ,
Mlsa Lynne Thoroughmar. Is " -rjg'-ler
SSavf tth-Re?!
,re10ilne-s. Calhoun, Mo. and MU.
Lnr'lhaferemarrled A- SS
bride's f Jg,Sitlosi -?? liS.'ed S
rh:nroen,Url o'bfth L,V,"l7,?l.Ta
Reverend Oiln Boggess. pa'tor "-.
Chufch: South. ir"0JnSri,-U,MO.
couple will reside la Calhoun. Mo.
sl Curd of Denlson. Tex,, who will visit several
jftKp$&n" " ,eT'
.i !k.ir knm In South Locust street by tn;
Royal Neighbor wS brought filled by" and
spent the .v.nlng., Th. occs'lon "as thj eight
eenth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. N.
"atSSut fortr Baottst Ud-'es held their annual
p-cnlTolnt th0; horn of ? ""- Stcn
in the northeast part of the lPS. Asso-
The Apollo danc. rtvenby the Athltlo Asso
elation at Its cluhrooms Thursday night was a
pleatant affair and Urrelv t-ended.
Mrs. E. M. Fwartx Is visiting relatives at Sa-
MisV Sella Gulnn of Macon l the guest et
JjCl TtJC' Mclnturff and children returned
Cawrday froto Two weeks' visit to Brofeen Bow.
NMl'ss Blanche Sherman was ho'te cf a Urge
daSclngwrtv atElks" IU11 Torrdav vnlng.
Tre guesu of honor were Miss Shepard of Jk
field. a ccustn of Ml- Sherman's, and Mines
Dobvns and Smith of Shelhlns
Doctor and Mrs. R. Barney. Sr.. are home from
an extended Estrn trln i,. tn
Mrs. M L. Coad Is spending several weeks Io
KTrreCerini social 1en bv the Altar Socl'ty
of St Jcrh Church .5. the victory Uwn Thurs
day was largely attended. ..- i
Miss Ida Spears of Carrollron Is visiting rela
tives end friends hre. immiw-w.
Mrs. Sarah Allen Earland. rnef Chinicoth
mest estimable residents, srss given a rornrls
Wrthdav dinner Sunday In honor of her seventy
fourth birthday
ire. iiain is nnniiioi'" i r.
Dalh. city editor cf tb St. Inila Star
Mrs. O. F. Fess Is visiting la Salt Lake for
several weeks
srnixRriKLi). mo.
Mrs. A. B. Lovan entertained at ping-pong
Thursday In honor of Mrs. Maliel Woolleyllut
ton of St Lonls. Refreshments wre served to
Mrs. Huttcn. Mrs. Henry Schneider. Mrs. Ren
Todd. Mrs. Slm Cope, Mrs. Otis Patter-on.
Mrs. Tree. Jtrs. Ignace Gla-r. Mrs. Chtrll- Rose,
Mrs. Richard Olvey. Mrs. Frank Bennett Mrs.
U O. Lnvan. Mn. Mary Lovan. Mrs Mlltcn
Baker, Mrs. Wsre. MUs May Waddill. Miss Bes
sie WooIIey. Miss Lucy Waddill. Misses Berta
and Nell Ress.
Mrs, Thomas Kendrirk entertained at cards en
Thursday in honor of Mrs. 8, A. Ryan of 'St.
Loul. Those prerent were Mrs. Ilyan. Mrs.
Oorg Reed. Mrs. Chamberlain. Mrs. George
Raymond. Mr. Frank Bnnett Mrs. Harry
Lloyd.Mra. Harrison. Mrs. Gorge Thomrawn.
Mrs. Waldo Gideon. Mlts Hlgglnbctham of Bowl
ing Green. Mo.: Mrs. Lon Rohberron. Mrs,
Fletcher Mack. Mrs. St. I- MIddleton. Mrs. Mar
tin Hardwlck, Mrs. Cbwan. Mrs. Eugene Phillips.
Mm. H. O. L Blane. Mrs. George Culler. Mrs.
Oeorge Stephens. Mrs. Lincoln Haseltlne. Mrs.
Keele. Mrs. Harry Vauxhan. Sirs. Corriran.
Mr-, Robert Keliar' Mrs. Meyers an.l Mrs. Hall.
Mrs. Emma A. Chsmbllrs entertained at cards
Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Mueller cf Colo-
isw spring, jar. ami Air, enn umracj?. jits.
It L. McElhany. Mrs. Frank Bennett. Mrs.
iionirr Aicrvioany ana 3ir. KirK lisxxer.
Sirs. P. II. Martin spent WednesdSy in Carth
age. Mrs.. w; II. Wade was the guett of relatives
at Joplln Thursday.
Mlts Jilnnls Hirsch Is visiting in St Louis fcr
two weeks.
Miss Berta Ross gave a T o'clock luncheon
Saturday In honor cf Mlrs Bessie Woolley of fcL
Lonls. The table was droratd with sweet pea
snd fms. Cover wer 1st roe !! WnftlTv
MIs Nell Tucker.- Silts Mary Rigg. MUs Dimple I
Kirkpat-lck. MJrs NeU Ross. Miss Uolse Mitchell. J
Miss Louise Bennett Miss Sylvia Anthony. Miss
Staud Stent Miss Edna Iladglev. Mies Hum no
tion!. Miss Jennie Kenton, Mist L-ona Link.
Miss Mary Kearney and Miss LoulM Crenshaw.
Mrs. C W. Chaprn U entertaining Miss Lula
WUIU of Kansas City
Sir. Hanklnt of Carrollton. HI., W the guest of
Doctor and Mrs, C C ilanklns.
Miss Eula Callahan has for her guest MUs lies
tie Haines nt Fort Scott Kas.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Slilllgan were the guests of
Carina te friends on Wednesday.
Sir. Henry Ruff of El I-aso. Tex.. Is here min
gling with tils numerous frl'nds.
Sir. II. C Sprinkle and son. Sir. Curtis Sprin
kle, returned from ft Louis Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank FeUiwa are home frvtn a
zhort visit tn Chicago and Alton. lit
Mrs. C Gottfried Is entertaining her daughter.
Mrs. George W. Duncan of Kansas City,
Mrs. Gray and Mlsa Fancl Gray were amecc
the visitors to Carthage on Wedmnlay.
Stlss Sue Stewart sp-nt Wednesday In Thayer,
th guett of Mr. and Slis. Ihns.
Sirs. John Crenehaw and Sties Lnitr Crenshaw
spent Wednesday with Carthage friends.
Mrs. G. D Slorxan d-partnl Thursday for Sal
isbury. Mo., to spend several we.
MUs Ida M. Whltett of ltutler. Ma., was the
gut of friends hre this wfc.
Silts Clarm-r Hunt '!-p,rt-d Tuesday fur
Montgomery City on a visit to flillln.
Mr. ami Mrs. Jo M.-Ad return-- Saturday
from Slointaln Grate.
Mr. and Sirs. Chart-s N-vatt departed on
Thursday for an evtend-M trip through the North
nnd East
SII.s Matt Pxi'h and Sir. Will Phtlley spent
Satunlar tn Carthag-. th rui of Mrs. Smith.
Mi. SI. Ktarney has r-turnrd from New Or
Mrs. Orth has returned to ber hem In Cllntan.
Mo.. aftr a vLlt with Sirs, c A. Hi In ley
Miss tnma Powers has rurne-t to h-r home
In Gainesville. Tex . after a visit with the MI-
Sirs. Martin Hardwkk ha retu-ned from
Shreveport La.
Sirs. Victor Coltrace Is vIMtlcg relatives In
Can Springs,
Mist Addle Dixon of Kantas City Is th guett
Of Sirs. CI A. BailgUy
Mr. and Sirs. W. J Madison have return-! to
their home In Fort Waynt. In-L. after a visit
with Sir. and Sirs John Illai-k.
Hr. and Sirs. II W. htmth departed rbr their
hem- in Tmle. Tex . nftr a visit with Sirs.
tn Bowman.
Silts Julia Harper, Ml- nra Dolln of Ne
vada. Slo.. and Mr Sl-nnis IJrhtaer of Green
nekl. Mo. are Ik gutt of the JI!.ss Badsl-y.
Stls Clara ' Black n(-rtaine.l on McndUty
evening Slis Black, SIIss I'atrUk. St! Susie
filthy. MUs Slary Fo. St.rs Stutzman. Mr.
Grant. Mr. Iledg. Doctor Ucatnrr. Jlr. Goods
nd Mr. Hawkins.
ts Amelia Marshall cf Oth-r. 111.. Is the
gut or relatives nre.
Miss Nellie Ilbert of Kansas City Is th guest
cf her sister. Mrs. 1 S!r;j!re
Sirs. Frank II. Dd ami .a. Frank, departed
Wedne-dav for Detroit where Mr. Deed Is em
ploy ed.
The Sunshine Club njtrd th hospitality of
Mrs M A I-apt-am Tueday morning. Refresh
ments wer- served to Mrs P H .Martin. Sirs
Htanley Booth. Sir, it W Hackney. Mts. Tom
Moore. Sir. A. M lipham. Sirs SI. L. Middle
ten. Sirs. J II Bench. Sirs '. K. I"ultun. Mrs.
Slorrls. Stra Will W'-l. Sirs Gorton. Mrs. It 1.
lialdeman. Sir. J'ff Hans-ll. Mrs. T. J. Whit.
Sirs 1. It Mark and Sirs A Mehl.
Mrs. Jame ledd-s of Joplln is the guett of
Mrs J. r Crenshaw
Mrs. Henry S;hnldr eave a picnic at Doling
Park Tuesday In honor or her gue. Mrs. Mabel
Woolley Hutton of St Iju!s Tr-o- present were
Mrs. Hutton. Sir ami Si's R L. SIcEthany. Mr.
and Sirs Homer SIcElhir.y Sirs. Frank Bennett.
Sir and Sirs. Joe Sheppcr.l. sir and Sirs. Ignace
GLaser. Sirs. Ware. Mr K.ithrtn TA'ilco-T Mr
and Sirs. Ralph Holland. Mr and Sirs Jerome
lUarman. Sir. and Sirs J ' Cr-nahaw. Sir and
Mr. Charles Brooks. Mr nnd Sirs Waldi Gid
eon. Mr. and Sirs loul Sleyer. Sir. and Sirs.
Jack Russell. Sir and Sirs Ivan IJak. Sirs.
Frank Weltin. Sir. ami Sirs Harry Johns. Sir.
snd Sirs. II. Clay Tompkins. Mr. and Mrs T. J,
Detaney. Mr. and Sirs User Headley. sir and
Mrs li S SHnard. Sir and Mrs. Charlie Rote.
Silts Oeorge Mls Uiulte ttenshaw. sils Lnjl.
Ilennett. Mlse Slay ami li-y WaddtlL SIIss
Berta Rots. Miss Bessie WooIIey. silsses Cleona
and Eleanor Bnoks. Sll-s Slaml Rose. Miss
Vt.l"r' ,Klwro?.n- 1,'' NIvon. Mr Ralph
McHJhanr Sir Math Adams. Mr. Slatt Wal
ters and Mr. Pr-shody
SIIs Slamle EIv of Carrollton. Slo.. Is the
gu-st of Sir and Sirs. Casly Ely.
Sir and Mrs. Harry Cr.p-r and llttl ilaueht-r.
Katherlne. hove returne.1 from a Irlp tn Atlantic
t ity. New York City, the Thousand Islands and
Niagara Fall.
JIts Anna Itic has returned to her home la
Joplln after a visit with Miss Bertie short.
Members of the Via Chrlstl Studi Class met
Slomtar afternoon, with Mrs. V. T. Lindsay. The
grnrral rublect tor discussion was the Alexan
drian School of Tricolor- and the principal
events of that period It was the last meeting
of the class until next O-tob-r.
pupil of Mr. F. J. Ilreuslng gave a piano
recital Monday evening. Several cf hr advanced
pupiis itrtlclpatnl In th pp-grammr.
Sirs K. D. Glnnavln was hotet to th Queen
Ann Embroidery Club Slondsy afternoon.
The ganlrn party which sai io have been giv
en at the home of Mrs. Frank C Alley for the
Monday Club was postponed until next week,
b-cauee of inclem-nt weather
Th clcnlng exercls of SS Peter and
raul's School wer held Sunday night In th.
school halt The Reverend Father Itiesen. pas
tor of the church, nrtsentcd dlrlnmas to Nicho
las Amrheln. Carl Knget ll-nry Mi-Men. Bertha
Asbaur. Catherine Grursch. Anna Hank- and
Anna Trutter. ,
William Kllratrick. secretary of tb SUt
Railroad and Wareh-u CommIl m. departed
Monday for Chicago, to l"tn the National Asso
elation of Pure Food Commt-skiners on their
trln to Portland. Or.
SIIss Katherlne A Palmer departs SlrnJay for
Put'lrv-Bay. O . where she will attend the
meeting of the National Music Teachers Asso
ciation. SIIss I-almer will visit tn Cincinnati be
for returning home.
Silt Helen Webrr has returned from Parkers
burg. W. Va.. where she vL-lt-d friends. She
was accompanied hv SIIss SIcGregor. who will
visit h-re several weeks.
H. Leslie Correthers has gone to Sewanee.
Tenn.. where h will enter the University of the
South, preparatory to entering the ministry of
the Epi-ccpal Church.
Charles H Valentin. Suprlntendent of Wa
terworks, departed TueMa for New York, to
spend three weeks with relatives.
John W Sudduth and family have moved to
their country home f-.r the summer.
Thirty friends of Miss Frances Thoma were en
tertained at cards at hr home Tuesday after
nocn. Prizes wer captured bv Mis Slever of
lenver. V.o.. silts Pauline Klahclt and Silts
Elolse l,augeinann.
Mls Frank Sillier entertained th members, of
the Cheerful Worker" Circle of King's Daughters
Tuerdav afternoon
Dorli.r T W. Dresser addretted the memter
nt the Woman's Home and Foreign Jllsslonary
Society and the Elizabeth J. Brown Society of
the First Presbyterian Church Tuesday after
nocn. Mrs. Lee SL Fee and children-John. William
ami Helen accompanied by Stlsa Lvda Ward,
left Tuesiey for Albuquerque. N St . when?
Mrs. Fen will Join ber husband ard remain. Mr.
r was compelled to -emove to New SI-xlo on
account of failing health.
Deltert C. Odell. chief clrk lr. th dlvltkn of
fices of the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern
Railway In this city, arrived horn Tuesday, ac
companied by his bride, wto was SIIss Clara
Htr.es of Covin; ten. O. They will go to house
keerlrg at once.
Sir. Jchn Walker of New York City, who was
visiting his parents, the Reverend and Sirs. E.
S. Walker, here, departed for Chicago, where
he Joined, hie brother. Robert The two will go
to Seattle Wash., and from there to Nome.
Alaska, to spend the summer. They will return
In th fall to Sprlrgfleld.
Mrs. Richard Yarea was "at heme" la the Lx
ecutlve Mansion Wednesday afternoon, the af
fair proving tif exceptional platute. Sirs. Yates
was assisted In receiving by Sirs. J. Ferd Ku-ea-ler.
tn Misses Susie Jayne and Resale Kuechlcr
of trts city and SIIss Lillian It ! .roan of Mus
kercn. Slicn.. who 1 a guest of Silts Kuechler.
Th Rathhone Sisters gave a card party Wed
nesday evening In Knights of I'jthUs Hall. Tho
attendance was large and much pleasure was
Sirs. Harry I Hampton entertained the Ham
ilton Whist Club at her bom Wednesday aft-r-noon.
MUs Katherlne A. Palmer has resigned her po
sition as organist of th Second fretbyterian
Church and nas been succeeded by Albert Guest.
Mlrs EaLes Letcher cf at. Liuls. who has been
visiting Miss Vera Siulkrv. returned home
Wm. slack and family, who have been visiting
Mr. t lack's parents, ilr. and Mrs. (Lltoa Slack,
returned to tneir home In Texas Thursday. Mrs.
HUck and children tmve teen v lilting here, while
Mr. Slack was being operaud on In tit Louis fcr
seme jaw trouble.
Miss Marie Dye of St Louis arrived Thursday
for a visit with ber auat and uncle. Mr. and
Mrs. Euaece Laiont
J. T. Kimball and wife are visiting relatives
In -L Louis.
Mrs. Chsrle Willis, her two sons and grandson,
all of Tclcdo. Ill- are !aitlr.g Sirs. YUllu's fa
ther, the Reverend It. C Hwan. D. D.
Geo. W. Mathews departed Thursday for Logan-port.
W. S. Rand of St Louis was la the city Fri
day. Miss Matue FrtxzU. who has been visiting
relatives here, returned to ber home la Vlenca.
lit. Friday.
Mrs. Urecnwood of Padueah. Kr.. who has
been visiting the family of Captala Samuel At
well, returned home Saturday.
Sirs. Will James returned Saturday from Gol
conda. lit. wheie she bad been visiting rela
tives. She was accompanied home by her cousin.
Mlts Mae Dalrmaa. woo will spend some weeks
The Reverend J. T. Knowles. 'pastor of the
Presbyterian Church, returned 8turday from
Cairo. 111.
Mlta sophla Feus of Anna. Ill- a former
rt ..tut .u Air:rtAio.ls and intimately acquainted
here. Is In the city, tte guest of SIIss Emma
Doctor Elmer Llndlev cf Tlut-onvtlle. I1L. Is
th guest of Miss Beetl L-rech.
Mrs. Sarah Lunbeck and cnildren of Chirles
ton. !o . n tb city Monday for a visit
with Mrs. Belie Everett
Misa Lucy Allen, who, has been attending the
High School here the past winter, returned ta
her borne tn CarUcndale Monday, where she will
spend the summer.
James IL Morris. Jr.. of Dongela. 11L. is In th
Mlrs Clara Kimball returned Saturday frcro a
visit tn East St Louis.
E.I Benlarrrn of Chattanooaa. Tenn.. a form-r
resident or Metropolis. Is In the city visiting nW
brother W. W Benjamin.
Ballard Flanagan returned this week from
several weeks stay In Havre. Siont.
Mrs. Sllnnle Abner returned to h-r home In
Carrsvltle. Ky.. after an extended visit tn this
Mrs. Matilda McCormlck and children of To
peka. Kas.. are the cuetts ct Mr. and Mrs. An
drew Davlscn,
Mrs. W. It Sillier departed Tuesdar for her
former home In Streatcr. III.
Mr. Travis F. Parkrd'l of Mayfie'd, Kv.. who
has been visiting his cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Val
le. returned home VI ednesalay.
Ed Ellis detailed Wednesday for Cairo. lit
Mrs. Alice Buna of line Bluff. Ark., will ar
rive this week to spend the summer with her
mother. Mrs. M. A. Shoemaker.
Miss Ma-xie Schulte of Cincinnati Is visiting
Mrs. St GoIiBhtly of this city.
Sirs J. G Willis and little daughter. Francl.
left Wednesday for Cincinnati, where they will
spnd the summer.
Master VerUe Kerr. yo-jnejt son of Smatir 3.
R. Kerr, celebrated his flfta anniversary with a
party to his little frl-r.es Fridvy afternoon.
Master Kerr was the recipient of many handsome
and ueful presents. i
Master RoswcU Cochran cf Marbl. Falls. Tex..
who Is visiting his grandmother. Mrs. Mary T.
Jones, gav. a party to his friends Thursday even
ing. Mlsa llettle Leech pleasantly entertained sev
eral young people Tuesday evening from to 1?
o'clock. These present were Misses Alice Willis.
Fannie Farrow. Fannie Morris and Resile Leech
and Messrs. Will Kraper. Thelbert Hamilton.
Wm. Wtllis and Elmer Llndley. A most enjoya
ble evertnc was spnt by alt Th affair was In
honor cf Doctor Elmer Llndley of Hutsoovllle.
lit. who Is the guest of Site Leech.
Mrs. Henry Watson has gone to Chicago to
lttt Mrs. William Urat-am.
Slbs Gertrude SIcGlnnt of North Alton enter
tained Sli-a Marie itintx of Bunker Hill last
sir. and Mrs. John King have gone to Ellen
ville. N. Y-. lor the simmer.
Sirs. J. K. Ilutler haa returned frcm Falroaks.
Mr. and Mrs. John Berry departed Tuesday
for Dner. Colo.
Siraes. Charles Levis and George Marsh de
rorteLl Thursdar for Washington. It C
Mlrs Margaret iluJ-U Is entertaining Ml-s Ma
bll Richard of Springfield
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrews departed
Thursday far Pittman. N. J . where they will
ape ml th summer.
Miss IMi Coat Is entertaining Silts Edsa Mor
ris of CarllnviUe. 111.
Mr. and Mrs, William I'.au-r returned Tuesday
tram an extended visit In Ualney. Ill
SII- Brtha SctimoeUr returned Thursday
from a fortnight's visit tn Chester, lit
MIsk Slinnl- Ilch or North Alton is entertain
ing Silt Susie I'eck of St. Iiuls.
Miss Minnie Sachteleben has return-2 from a
visit in Dallas. Tex
Stlss Bertha Howard Is enfrtalrlng SIIss Kath
erlne Churchill of Godfrey. Ill
Sir. ami Sir Benjamin Powell, accompanied
by Mrs. Inv Crofton have, gon tu Gracevllte.
Stlnn.. to spend th summer
Mr. William Slsnnerlng ha returned to St
IxhiI after a fortnight's visit In Cpper Alton
at the home cf Mrs T. It Coop-r.
Sir. Hos-a It Sparks has returned frcm Lin
coln. Ill
Mrs. A. J. Howell hss gene to Colorado
Springs. Colo., to be tb. gu-st of Sir-. Thomas
Sirs II. N. Llnaller ha relumed to Sdrhlgan
after being the gues: of Sirs Edward Sherwood
In Alton.
Sirs. Katherlne Sver.cy cf St. Louis Is a visit
or In Alton.
Sirs SI. C. Thord departed Tuesday for GTass
horo. N J.
Mrs Thomas Harper hss returned to Chicago
after a fortnight's vllt in Alton.
SIIss Clara Dunlop returned Thursday to De-r-ttur.
III., after being tb gues; of SIIss Caro
ltn Cunningham
Mrs. It K. P. Kllre cf Ottawa. Ka . Is a vlt-lu-r
In t'pn-r Alton.
Mr and Sirs. Ollle Imrn have gone to Park
ers" Ijndlm.-. Pa.
Stlss Slalielle Clement I entertaining Misss
Jsl Clmnt and Alice Hiiynes of St. Louis
Sir and Sirs W. L. BeitLon are visiting at
Council Hluff. la.
Mrs. Arthur Bates cf St. Ivki's Is a visitor In
t'pp-r Allen.
Ml Octavla Doilge departed Thnrsilay for
S recuse. N. T.. where she will spend the sum
mer Mrs. James Wilkinson cf Dallas. Tex., ts a vis
itor In Alton.
Sirs. Louisa Bork and daughter. SI1 Emma
Bork. are- guests of the Reverend and Mrs.
George Gebauer In Alton
Sirs. M. A. Hamilton has gone to New Tork
City, accompanied by her grand-daughter. Miss
Ells Leverett.
Silt Vlula Erbeck has returned from a week's
visit In St luls.
Sirs. W. II. Heath has returned to St I.ouIa.
alter visiting with Sirs. Frank Grrtn In Upper
Miss Amanda Johnson of Upper Alton has gone
to Medora. 111., to vttt SIIss Phoebe Johnson.
Sirs. Joseph Berner of Bloomlnxton. 111.. Is the
guest of Mrs. It F. Anthony.
Mis Eva Cook Is visiting Mrs. Samuel Cook
In East St Louis.
Sir. ami Mrs. Clifford Norton have gone to
Ilcston. Slas.. for a month's visit
Mr. ami Sirs. J. S. Jewett have returned to
Sattl. Wash., after visiting with Sirs. St. J.
Mrs. Willis Falrman cf Upper Alton Is the
guest of friends In Jerseyvllle.
Sir. and Sirs. Valentine Wolf of Pektn. III..
ar visitors tn Alton.
Mis Starts Burgess Is entertaining Miss Llla
Will of St Louis
Sirs. Ellzab-th Pates departed Monday for Cin
cinnati. O, after visiting Sirs. Charles Rode-rm-rer
In rppr Alton.
Mr and Sir E It Heyward were visitors la
Burllnston. la , lat week
Sirs. s. It Taggart ha gone to Carthage. Ma.
to I. the gutt of her .laughter. Mrs. A. J.
Mr. II. E. Cnllwell Is entertaining Mrs.
Charles WIILur of Eureka Springs.
Mrs. Frank S. Ulertaum haa gone to Mllvllle.
N J . for the summer.
Mr. John James Is entertaining Mrs. James
Lmfuoro of Kane as City.
Sirs. Anthony W. Toung has gone to Om11-.
NeK. to visit retvtlves.
Sirs. E. A. SlcCHrthy has gone to Jackson. O..
to spend tii Himmer.
SIIss Grace SIcAdams of Wichita. Kas.. is ts.
guxt of SIIss Bessie McAdams In Alten.
Sirs. L. T. Castle Is visiting la Carltnrtll. lit
Sirs. Ann-tt R. Cheney of St Leu!-, who Is
spending the summr at her country borne In Jer-
-lvlll. departed Thursday everting fcr Omaha.
Neb,, to soml a few days with her son. Lieu
tenant Charles Bridges.
Silts Grace Simonds of White Hall. 111.. Is a
visitor In Jersvllle.
Mrs. C. V. I'rrtn Is entertaining her sister.
Mrs. A. Edwards of Sprlngneld. III.
Mlrs Mae Nelson entertained Mlts Anna North
rf Webster Groves. Slo- last week.
Miss Slary Shortal of St Louis Is the guest of
Jerseyvlll relatives.
Mrs. llattle lyivall is a visitor In St, Louis.
Mrs, James Lnry ami daughter. Mlsa May
Larv. returned to Beatrice. Neb., last week
after an extern! . I vl.lt with Jerseyvllle relatives.
Sirs. John Fox Is entertaining SIIss Hagel at
llAto. Chnutnunua.
Mis Theo Harry has returnd frcm a, visit
with St. Louis frl-n.li.
Sirs. J. Jt Campbell has returned to St. Louis
after vl-ltlng with Mrs. John Powell in Jersey
vine. SIIss Fulkers-m I entertaining Sirs. Horace P.
Dibble of St Iula.
Th Slisses Gertrude and Valeria Greathouse
entertain.! at cards on Thursday afternoon in
honor of Miss Hicks of Plttfled. Hi., ajid illss
Hi'dccard Palmstrom of Hastings. Minn., who
are the guests of Jerseyvllle frlen Is Miss Maud
Webstrr won the first prtte and Mlrs Elizabeth
Katon the tecond prize. Bouquet cf carnations
;;.?.'? TUl"- " wded to Mine, Hieki
visitor reS.Cf B,"n"1t I"--
eiSH. 'fMenTa.0' St U" " ,ne Mt
atv'stoL' W" I'-nl"'nnln h-u a33 to Kansas
Slfss L. LarV-n of Sr. iuls U the guest of
Jerseyvlll relatives.
Mrs. Gltlfcam has returned to Klrkwood. Mo.,
after visiting with Sir. John Lamb
The Slltsea Bowman -nterulred Slisses Man
and Florence Rlls. of Medora. III., last week.
i,?U'..LaeT. I??"1"" .hI."'n.V, to Carrcllton.
lit. after visiting with Jerseyvllle relatives
Mrs. E. S. Wells has returned to Lake Fcrtt
lit. after vlltlng with Mrs. B. a Harbert In
West Pear! street Jerseyvllle.
Sirs. H. N Wyckoff entertained th Wednes
day Afternoon Club last wek In h-nor of Sirs
Flint of St. Paut Sllnn.. Mrs. Knapp of nnnker
IIIIL III.: Sirs. Annette It Cheney of St Loult.
Silt HIckr of Plttsfl'M lit. and SIIss Hllde
garI palmstrom of Hastings. Minn.
Silts Emily War was th guest of relative,
at CarllnviUe. lit. last wk.
SIIss Lou Doenges has returned from Dur-nt,
Slls Nina Wsggener has returned rroi-i Chi
cago. Mmes. Gu Christy and A W. Christy were
visiters In St. Lecls last week.
Sirs. N. V Hamilton entertained Mrs. 3. It.
Stevenson of Godfrey. Ill- latt wek.
SIIss Delia Love of Hetttttk. III., was a visitor
In Jerseyvllle lat wek. '
Ml-s Ids Miner has returned from Huron.
S. D.
Th Misses Elizabeth and Jennie feott of
Reodhouse. 111., wer visitors in Jerseyvlll last
SIIss Emma Sndkr has relumed from a
vllt with St Louis relatives.
Mrs, H. II. Albert has returne-t to St. Louis
efter vltlttng with Sirs. A. K. Florida In Jer
sewtlle. Sirs. P. naer has returned to St Louts after
v'-itlnr with S'rs Fred Sheffer
The Misses Greathouse ar entertaining Miss
Rnever of St Louis.
Mlsa Te Maltlmor of Chicago la the gu-st
of Jrsvvll! rIaltvs.
SIIss Theo. Harris has returned from Chlcaro.
SIIss Emma West teas a visiter In Medora. IlL.
on Srnday.
rmfesscr and Mrs. Samuel G. Cook of East St.
Louis were the guests of Jere-yvllle relatives last
Mrs. A. W. Iwe ef Jerseyvlll entertained
Tuesday rooming In honor ef Protestor and Sirs.
II SL Hart or Pueblo. CWo.
Irofc-or and Mrs. E- B. Shafer and the
Ml Newton entertained at th Shafer home
on Tuesday evening In honor of Mrs. Horse P.
Dh,l'- . . .
Miss Emllv War entertained at a C o'clock
dinner en Wednesds- in honor of M! lllld.
sanl Palmstrom of Hastings. Minn. Miss Nell.
Bowman alsi sntertalned at a c o'cvlock dinner
on Katurdav evenlnr In honor of Miss Hicks of
lilt-field. Ill and Miss Palmtrom.
Sirs. Frank Heller and Miss Edna Heller enter
talced at prosresslv uchr en Friday venlng at
th home of Mr. M. S. Hllr In West Pearl
stre-t In honor of SIIss Heller's guest. Miss
Hlld-gard Palmstrom of Hastings. Minn. Miss
Slayme Lamb won the first prize and Slits Emma
Slatn received th second rriz. Th. surst'a
prize was awarded to SIIss Hicks of Pltttfleld.
SIIss Mabel Hunter Is a visitor In CarllnviUe
Sir J. G. Campbell has returned to East St
I?li' ifttr. v,,,i,lnr ",ui -J't-'rvllle relatives.
Sir. C M. SIaxelmr has returned to Ship
man. III., after visiting with Sirs. Charles
Vaughn la Jrseyvllle. ..
Sir. A. W Cress egtertaln-d at dinner on
Tussdav in honor of Protestor and Mrs. Ill M
Hart ef Puehlo. Colo. u- iu
Mrs. Lincoln Rlggs has relumed to Morrison.
of Je-niirrltle"" W"h M' 'KUgs
iiuu lisrweik. DtktT T,,Itor ta BU
Genrg Warren Krall of th Manoal Tratni.
rTchool of Washington Unlveralt'fVstoii'w.;
a guest or Mr. and Mrs. U il ttS 7f
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lasmln this weVjL kM
Mlrs Emma Wharff haa gene to Olney to t-.-u
her coustn. Miss Edna Wharff. """T - -
Olnton Chamberlain returned th flrrt f the
rlM2i?3f"i.icp 0 the nuhile 'hoo?s
at Motrat ernon three years, but has with-
wcrk d S tl Lonta!" f nr,a "'
Man1 Mrl- Ftak X. narnett spent !unday
BarSbstckf mt Ct Mr" ' " 1v""
mJ? ': " they attended A
ESVi?" of ""tr-thre members of the -Buen
Mlss Edna and Bessl Dlpp-jld and li-ilti
Raver srenr ia r!,-.ni. c IJ.T "rl T '. . I
couple erf wVks with "reUtlVesV ' '" '
SjJJW. R. Kearney Is a guest of Chlrtgs
"Mrs. rtosalla. Mania rrroroed Friday nnralns;
tasi -SLtassssssssssssssssssssssssssssk S "
Mme- Yale's
Removes wrinkles and all
traces of age. It feeds through
the pores and builds up the
fatty membranes and wasted
tissues, nourishes the shriv
eled and shrunken skin, tones
and invigorates the nerves
and muscles, enriches the
impoverished blood vessels
and supplies youth and elas
ticity to the action of the
skin. It's perfect.
Manufactured only by lime. II. Tale.
Health and Complexion Specialist. Vale
Temple of Beauty. 1E9 JllchJgan avenue.
Call for MMLV YALKTS M-page Beauty
Book. Given free. We sell Mme. Tale's
Skin Food In two sizes at cut prices. Wo
are Aim. Yale's St Louis agent.
from Alton, where she was entrrttin-d by Stirs
Nina Freeman.
Doctor and Mrs. Clar-nre O. Klmtull ana Sirs.
Fanny Bonner ITice hav goie to toe Piasa
Chautauqua for the rummer.
Mr. ami Mrs. George McGry ef St Louis ore
guests cf her parents. Mr and Mrs. O. E. Wolf.
George B. Bickelnaupt of the: hasia-ss office of
The Republic who 1ms been itiagerrjslv sic-.
1 convalescing at the heme of J. it Jcnes, In
Edwards llle.
Doctor and Mrs. J. A McFall celebrated their
twentieth wedding anniversary Saturday night
by an old-fashioned six-hand euchre party- There
were seventy guests. Mrs. McFall was attired in
her wedding gown. The refreshmnts were la
the nature of an old-fashioned lunch.
Mr. Lewis Stubblns of Wheeling. W. Va.. Is
the guest of bis parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Sirs. David DeLay has returned from a months
villi in Minnesota
Sir, and Sirs. A SL Ehaw have removed to
Louisville. Ky. .
Sirs. H. L. Luby Is entertaining her sister.
Mrs. Nina Rogers of Stillwater, uk.
Major Charlea Dole of Washington. DC. Is
spending three weeks with his paren-s. Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Dole. . . ... ,. .
Mra. O. W Ferguson and daughter. SIIss l esta.
ar back from a visit to Indianapolis.
Mr. and Sirs. Walter Fye are spndlrg several
weeks In Topeka. Kas.
Mrs. iiacon. srueai. or uim nn v iw -v
weeks, has returned to St. Louis.
Georg N. Buck will leave the middle of Jury
with a party rrom Peoria for a tour of Germany.
Professor a..! trs. Gilbert of Olney hav ar
rived la th elty to reside.
Mrs J. W. Folk of Joliet Is the guett ot
Mrs E. C Craig. ......
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aye are visiting la In-
S?rVJ. "a Soauldlng has returned from a visit
In Chicago and Cotton Hill.
The Omega Club gave a dance In Fitzgerald.
Hill Wednesday night It was a shirt-waitt
llrs" T O. Freeman entertained Slondsy night.
Sirs". Paul Rldr Is visiting in Akron. O.
In honor of Sir. A. St Shaw, who has !
removed to Lnuivil!c. Ky- tbo Thlmbl. Club
tendered a fsrewell rcptori at the helm ot
Sirs. Gorge L. Statthews. Monday aftemoon
It was one of th pettiest -.vents of the season.
Mrs. Charles Lnhart entertained a large rar
ty of friends Wednesday evening.
Stlss Mabel Bates gave a party Wednesday
evening In honor of her birthday.
Mrs. Clinton Hllliard ot Easton. Pa., la thtj
guest ot Mrs. J. O. Rudy.
Miss Ella Kratz of St Louis. Mo.. Is the.
guest cf Mr. Emma. Schllcher.
Mrs. Warren Goodell Is visiting la Louisville.
Miss Julia Walsh Is spending several weeks tn
P MrsT'carson. guest of the Slisses Miner, has
returned to her home ia Chjroke. Kas.
SIl-s Slay Adair Stiles of Texaa Is the guest c
Sir. J. A. McFall. , .
Sirs. Anna Van Dalen and son. Charles, and
Mt Anna Westrup have started for New TorSt
Oty. whence they sail for Europe on the IJ1
eanla. They will visit In Germany until Thanks-
Mts Kittle Phoupe entertained a party of six
teen friends Tuesday night.
Joab Goodall and family of Marlon visited I last
week with with Doctor and Mr. H. C. Mite beU.
Mr snd Mrs, Mitchell Wood have been the
guests of W. IS. Wood ami ralmly.
Mrs. Mlhta Stewart of St. Louts Is here and
will spend th summer with Mr. and Mrs. Wll-
a"? O. Sfceppard and wife departed Thursday
for an extended visit tn Colorado.
Mrs. Georr Bowyer and daughters Hsttir.
Emma ami Stabel. arrived In the city Saturday
from Chicago. They will make this city their
prmannt horn. .... ..
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Zetchl of Rlchvlew spnt
Sunday with Captain and Mrs. Simeon Walker.
Mrs Slonro. Hays and daughter of Albu
querque. N. M- are guests of Mr. Cynthia
Edward Doty and Fred Coffee of Camp Creek
are vlsttlng William Underwood.
Sirs. Bullock and son will spend the summer
months at Trenton. N. J. ...
Mrs. Ducobu has been on an extended visit tn
Austria, near Trtrte. wilt salt from Europe about
August 1. reaching this city August 13.
Mlts llattle Elliot Is home from ParkvUI Col
lege. Missouri, to spend her vacation.
Mlsa Ella Llghtfoot ot Chicago Is vitlting rel
ative! and friends in this city.
Mrs. William Jenkins returned Sunday from an
extended visit In Iowa.
Mrs. Curtis Hickman has rt turned home from
an extended visit in Murrhysboro.
Mrs. Philip Martin Is vlslung her parents. Mr.
anr Mrs. Philip Burton. In Slurshystoro.
Nesblt Held cf this city and Miss Ira Taylor
of Murphysboro were married at Jonesboro. Sir.
Kude his Just returned from the Philippine-,
where he served three years as a soldier.
Guy Winfrey la home on a furlough. lie is a
member ot Troop B ot the Twelfth United States)
Mrs, C W. Smart Is visiting her husband at
ai.mpnis. Tenn.
John T. Galbralth. editor of the Farmers Institute-
Installed the ofneera or Pride o Sado
Lodge. Knights of Pythias, at Sato.
Mrs. Louis Edwards of Kansas avenue enter
talaed the members of the r.eur-de-L-ls Eucnrm
Club. Cards were played and at o'clock lunch
eon was served. Those present were limes. O.
Ascer. J. Hult Q. Paptaeau. IL Webrt. L. Hal
sey, C Marec-rx, J. Loughlln and W. Wtfclams.
Mrs. SpeocerEllswcrth has returned frcm 1jl
co-3-1"- . ,. .
Mrs. C Trank and son. Howard, of Cairo,
nt, wer. In Bast St Louis last week.
Miss Eat. Huegle has returned frcm Bed Bad.
Stlss Ruby Manfcer of Enfield. 13.. Is v
guest cf Mrs. E. G. Maelaek.
Mis Lillian Higgles ot CSevelaDd avexrasL ts
visiting tn Hilltboro. III.
Mrs. Edna Lane ot Klrkwood. Mo. Is the guest
of Mrs. T. J. Canaran.
Miss Irma Marquardt Is vtsiHcx ta Eawzrds-
Mlrs Clara Wright has retsrce.1 rrom Madlsca.
Sirs. J. IL Potts U etitertztnlas: Silas Bstbla
Bummers of Central!..
Mts. E. J. Lehman Is vlsftlar tn Locd-crUta,
Mlrs Pearl Eagaa ot IIUdoIs avezrse haa rs
turned frcm a visit tn Murrhysbom. nt
Mrs. James Joyre Is vtzltu-a; In Urdyka.
ilr. and Mrs, p. J. Schlele of Dearer. rji
are vtslUnc tn East St. Lrrots.
Sirs. E1U Chapman cf Pine Bluff. Jfc fa
visiUnr Mrs. C LrRoney.
Mlsa Lllll Cata U vlaiicg In Chester TTt
Tenn" " Kra'a,,ua " "faltlos ta Meoshta.
Mlsa Anna Altrrgg Is vtittlag tn HaW-mrr.
.-JKJi1i5rT. Charct ratet-taiaS! rd LoStsf
Novelty cluh at dlaocr Wednead---. x"w
nrLFn-iLLn socrarrr xotes.
WeSfocnr7 W
S4h,5rsd.,fiterle5nttSr Ct ,B Pw-aa
Al5;e JS "T wJ,n ttvughter.
eM.S vMara"-!Jr tl tVUtenber-r ts the, .-ft
of,J5? Hu,a" J? ot South Jackson street.
. U- C,p- Rcn'x Is vlslttag tn Chlcsgo. Ji.
Arses Morn gat. a hlrthcay Jsvrty u MTtisi
- ,-?: :
" - "" -',,"-v-''-J''
-!?. -t- .,
,4 w-, -(V- -,,. -,.

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