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of her little friends Tuesday afternoon at her
h.me on Uubasb avenue
mt and aj: Cuarl.. Uec'-er departed tor re-
iy last wteK.
Miss Mabel Curtis of Waterlv. Ill-, Is vlsitlnc
IIisb Lulu t'lciecbbein. , . .. .
Mrs Henry Knlekamp entertained the Ladies
S-'i-ity (if tne !,m i-im-ran Cjurch Tiardo
Mrs. S A Walton of Anna. III. is vlsltlrc
he.- daughter. Mr W. It. Merker.
tinrwTi. vi.. nf.rrnin-3 frieras at a birth-
day party Tuesda afurooon at her home .n
J ark avenue T:.ose jiieeeiii ee: Uuth Tw.tcn
11. Hush Ileb-roer. Grace Gilbert. Doris Ie-unlg.
lJflla Winker and K. Fues.
Mr- J. M QuiBl'J' and daughter are vls'.tlnc
In J"ahvtlle.
Mrs. Caroline Prhnelder. -ho was visiting; rela
tives a! St. iul. hi returned home.
Miss Helle 1-oekrr-. and Miss Anastalla Grace
r.f s: L.uls aiei spending a feu creeks with the j
tsmllr if Mr. rrar.k Uurfe-.
Mr al Mr ered .-..luscll and daughter -.r-
relia vmtd relatives xni friends at Krd Hud t
Mr fharl-s ISutti and Ml Rathryse Itoth of
ralif -rnla. M" . re KUeiis t.r Senator Jo-e-pn
V I'.irkert and famll
Mrs A li-irjiel and Sirs. C. Lain Is of St. Loul
fs nt --ral das here the r-urst cf Mr ana
Mn Oeurs. Lutl. Sir.
M-s Qnu Itis-J-ensehuh. .ie.ujcliter of Mr. and
Mr- l-Tnhurdt Rorkent.ehuh. -a. warned at ber
mm" Weilnevaay atttrnoon tu Mr. Ilenr OeI-k-n
f Renault. III. . .
Mrr ivill am llciley and -on. "wr-nan. of M.
l-.uts V lslteil relatives her." . , ..
Mi and Sir. Henry Kalroer visited relatives
a: l!ed Hud. . ,
Mr A. K. Slate -and Miss Nellie Plate of M.
Iei-I- visited relatle and frlenle her-.
Ml- Margaret etm-.re depares lo lake i
ocjrse In the lumbers Con.-ervntory of JUsle.
Mrs. Anton Rl.k ..f --t I-uls Is vi-dtlr. rela
tl' ea here. ...
At a contest f"r the most popular Iadr. j-lven
by the :llf- m Hmedy company sho here lai
ceeV Ml rran.- (.1on roceUed the rncst
voteV and reeewred a rflanH.nd rinz.
M's M:nnl IKke in.1 Miss l.era NcubrleBKc
!-: '-.-nd i Ke-i l:u-l
Mr M..rJ-:eri. ..athelm Is lsltlns relatives
in fct L'uis.
M - nni Kah'l and Miss Cora Dentlct Fiwnt
eeie.-'I dsts at Belletillc.
Mi. i -r I .. .i.a.ipt dfparted Friday Tor
St i ui' in a xlrll to relatives.
Ml Kmma Mer and Ml Joule Ilurrouc)s
'jeijarte f- r St Luls t take a ccnrnerclal col
Jae ourf e In t'irittnK cni tenoieraph .
Miss K.sa ijut vl-HM relatnes and friends
at Ited Hud.
Miss Millie JIer dejartrd Fridiy on a tlslt to
S. L--uiF trlend
Otintr surrlnrendnt of Scheols llfnrj' Klsei
lp.hrJt wit family tnt Mural days at IleJ
Mls Mamie Llilnctor. srtnt teveral das rts
lltnq relalite- In St. Luuls.
The M Pauri; ladles' f:lety held Its rnect
lnc Wednesday and elected the follnwins; officers:
J'tesldeat. Mrs -hrit!ne Klramel. vice presi
dent Mrs LJule yuernhelm: seeretarj-. Mrs.
Jeorce Iljrtmann. Sr. . treasurer. Mrs. William
iX Ktlbrarht
Mis Cnarles Mcrrlwn entertained the Ladiet'
Aid Socjety at her home, in North Main street.
edneia afternoon
Miss Annla Burns ae a lanchenn In hon'V of
her enrvii. ihe Mirse Nettle JJuckley and Ullle
Wnc of 81 Louis.
. ir Hand Voris will entertain tfce Colum
bian Cluh at he- iiorre on Tnursda). Jul 10
Mrs. Christine Ktmmel ts lsltlrc relatives and
friends at Hej Hud
Miss Sidle taucMtn nrd Miss Essa Laushlln
visited frltjiic at lied Bud.
Mr IVnaain -rnimn. .assistant Pcstma-ter.
rpeat the rourth of July In He-1 Hud.
llrs Jacob Kellhack and son Lee. and Mrs.
Frank Saner of St Louis, were the iruesu cf
Mrs. Aukusi Klcher.
Mrs. John Lues and Mrs. Andrew Lutz islted
reratlres in St. Louis
Mr. Ctrltlan Jobusrh cf New Hanover visited
relatives hen.
JIIss Tlllie needer visited friends at Red Bud
X pleasant ouUrur at Oak Summit Parle waa m.
Jojtd Tuesday art-rnoon by a party of vount
popl chaperone-l by Mrs. Morcan Uabcocif
Stri Caaltn and Mrs fe v. Hunhe.. TnTpirw
wat out en the trolley at 4 o'clock and took
wefl-fllled baskets They enjoyed luncheon at
o-cloek. The rnn-.bers of Uie party were Miss's
Harffaret Cobb. Rena Babcock. Adelaide tfebwartr.
Imlse on Behren. Eula Hayden. Man Walker
Helen Aien. Cariio Alkln. Ruth Harrison. Anna
A SUDPer was Zlven IVednesd.v mI.. k.
youns-er society set at Cook's Hark, being chap
eroned by Mr and Mrs CaoJe Malley Those
SiaK1 w're "" !y Rudd. Rachel Urlf
Jlth. Elizabeth Sonntafr, Luey HarrIon. Llbble
Henneth. Adelaide Rock. Mallle SCianklln. Fun
beom Rccker. Madse Warren. Marte Cunning
ham. Comejla Cunningham. Maude Mllllcan
Terre. Alma Woods. Rosa Rudy and Messrs
Morgan Oiandler. Herbert Lanr. Manson Oll
bert. Sam Clifford. Will Woods. Harold Van
Orman. Harry ltlerin. Charles Dawt-s. James
iia-.oon. Jo Knarp. Victor 1'uster. Joe Iglo
beart. Marlon Grfclth. Seen Roach. AlraU
Raron. Hoit Warren and John Hutchinson.
Tlie rnairlage of Miss Lillian Leacn and Mr.
Henry Toattle to-vk place .Wedneslay evening
at 8 o clock at the home of tbe bride's parents
In l.ad street The ceremony was performed by
the Itnerend J r. Schneider, pastor ot Zlon's
Church iy th Immediate family was present.
Mr. E'lwanl H .Mer of cinclanatl celng the onlv
cut-or-town Kuesr Th cuple departed after a
wading euiip-r for a trip up Green River. Jle-taJHng-Jh'
'x111 "'"! at in Read Mrcet
Miss Theifca Mester entertained the Moonlight
Pleasure Club Tuesdaj evening at her lwrae in
urr-er Eightn .trwr At 10 o-r-ck a two-eojr
luo-heon was 'er.-M Tfr, present were MIsse.
Lnre-ia Ilntt. 1ra Koch. Anna Chamlers.
Th'kla Mesktr tl-nr Alexander. Mamie Witt
xner. Matiell HnMrr. 5Ies-rs Rnbrt Chambers.
John Stevens Frnrk Knoll. Oar-ar S:oII. Clrt
Smith. nil Tra-er snl llenrv Laufcscher.
The marriage of Ml-, (lllle prltchett and Mr.
Jehn K OM1 took tla-'e Tuesdsr evening at the
lioiae of th- Icld-'r parents in Mao trt " he
ceremony wa. performetl M the Reverend C E
Klrcher ratnr of tie rint Aenue Presby
tiinn iTjurch.
Mrs W S French ind Mis. Ida Fren-h hav
rone to Hay View. Mlcli.. to spend the nm
inT. Mrs. Arthur n Jar Is l here from Henderson.
Ky . to sjind a few days with relatives and
Mr and Mrs Adolph Schroeder hav gons to
Sulphur Springs, lnd.. to spend a few davs.
Miss Lizzie Jepner ft In Cairo. Ill . a the
guest of her sister. Mrs. Krth.
Misses Edltb and Altha Trimble are at Bay
View. Mich
Mr and Mrs J 11. Oakley have returned from
Cat-o 111. where thev Mted relatives for rev
era! weeks
Mr. Robert Douglas of New Tork City Is here
for a few days as the guest of frlenis
Miss Mary Patemo-ter of Peoria, fll . is hero
for a few days the guet ot relatltos
Mrs itohert stoiz and daughter, wnn have
been the guests of Mrs. Stoltr. In Maryland street.
hare returned to their home In Richmond. Va.
Miss Hoe Morris ha returned to Cincinnati,
after a brief visit wttb her parents In Evans
vllle. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris
Mrs. Graham Denby and little daughter are at
their country home near Newburg Ind.
. Mlas llxlUe Cablness has returned from
IxjiUarSlle. Ky.. where she was the guest of
Men 0a.
Miss Wetcbelmer entertained her euchre club
at ber hocria In Uppar Second street Wednesday
illss Lula Brutsm Is HI at her home In Chest
nut itrvet.
Mr. and Mrs- C E. Morton of Madlonvtll.
Ky were lntbe city as the. guests of relative
aai) friends Wednesday.
vrrcE..ES, ixd.
Mrs. Arabella JX McKlrtney arrived Thursday
froci Chicago to visit Mrs. Mary Heberd
Miss Catberine Ward Is boms from tbe State
JUprcnLl School to spend the summer.
Mrs. William A. CuUop and daughter. Miss
Carrie, are come from a visit with Chicago rela
tives. Mrs. Robert Glass entertained the Li Dour
Quo Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mts. John Napier Dyer cf Chicago are
tlsltlng relatives In the city.
Mrs. K. O. Moore Is home frora Richmond,
where she Mslted friends
Mrs. George Glover and daughter went to
Shawrratitown Moaday.
M and Mr. A G Meie are vl'Itlng relatives
In Chicago and Grand Rarlds
Mlaa Zelta Slocomb ts expected home from a
visit with relatives in naltlmorr. Md.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilhelm will depart this
wjek to sond the summer at Old Point Comfort.
Mrs C.JLrles H Miller and Mrs. J. T Orr are
tJ.e guests of their sister. Mrs. Scott, at Sprlng
ceia. Mo.
Mlts Anna Lou'ee CooV returned Monday from
Miss Hannah Dukate entertained Monday even
!nf..'n Joni" of Mlsa Alice Dams of t:vansvllla.
,.lMHa,t' GImble of 91. Iiuls Is the guest of
MIfrs Blanche Juinh.
Mrs. Otorge Alsop and laughers. Mlstea Jen
nie and Edith, are spndlng the summer In Colo
rado. Miss Alice Salter departed Tuesday for Terre
Haute to attend summer school
i.il?.AUr.:,.urnfr of st- I"uls Is the guest of
Jtrs Henry Wesell
L EthL V,u.T.cr). OB "turned from a. vllt
with Mrs. Franklin K Smith In Rvansmle.
Dof,0.a.n,,.. Mri William R. Rldgway are tbe
guests of Indianapolis friends
Mlsss Kthel Hogue. ijilla Purcell and Anna
fclmpsan are home rrom Oberlin College to spenl
Mrs. W. F Wh.atfleld of T-rra Haute Is visit
ing ill's Jennie Salter.
Miss Beesie Black Is hem? from a visit In
Mrs John A. Cox and daughter are home from
a visit with lr!ncS-ton relatives. m
Mrs. H. B. Taylor and children of Terre Haute
who have been the guests of Mrs G Q Mn-on-son.
departed Tuesday to visit relatives In Wash
F. W. 3. Hart, acritect of the World's Fair
bolldlrg fcr tfce State of Arkansas, has cone to
fct. Louis to confer -sltti the Executive Commit
tee In reference to the plans and strslEhten out
matters which have bn somewhat muddled
since the appointment of the new Elate Com
mission. Mrs. Bertha 11111. who has been makine her
home In this cltr the past mr-n, departed for
fct. Ixjuls l$aturda. nheie she will Join her
husband. returclOK ts Hot Sprinirs next Jan-
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Losb have returned from a.
u7. 5iy-,X.TU,, to Pleads In St. Louis.
T)?,..-3- 0Ban. secretary of the ETOltable
Building ana Loan Association, has j-eturaed
rroic a business trln to St. tools
Miss Brntlne ll'ectnr. dU'hter of E. W.
&Sor4.k-e candidate fcr Governor, has -one ta
Xrten4t ' tD """1 t--e Jnmer with
. -?rit,k'n ,f St. Louis, traveling passen
fll. V""-.0' f" Irn Mountain, is spending a
' -Sisi'Si n J? Sr.m-r on businers. vrnams a
fePof 'thV ,'$,? Jwlax Prominent mlnto-
taRe?f..Jee S5 str,u,.h- 0rb.r. Go Strauss.
T,i2?.'t',Kf H. W. 9v.Cr.-vford. pf the
SfttuSS A"1" 'bis week .tS3
Doctor and Mrs J Tr. ron-rer of Ouachita '
S011.'.? Ark.-"--r,1' ?"e -wests of MTnS
durirjc the State Teachers' Association here this
s- 1
- , "-v - eOr " sTaK3yy u
Tifliiii - . '- hi y
ft i jmBmSKtBKKE. . -h il
i...n yf;.. , mmasiBHmMMMKmnasxMamL --ss iimmi mi u... m
mm . .mmmmmm - mmi:
A 'I V'i--- iSA JSmPmS " ""-k III if
ii m?i. ?.; MWniWz: .J I
x (I V .. , . '-. - 7- ,AV rw t - .-- W-J.1. Ill
" 'I
A society aspirant for lltarr.ry honors. Mrs. M'yer. who Is the wife of Mr. Oscar Meyer. No. fill West Morgan street. Is a
Southern woman In tjre. sympathies and ambitions, with the powerful attractions of person, and brilliancy of Intellect, which
the daughters of the South so abundantly poe-s.
Ehe has Just completed two novels on Southern life, which are now In the hands of the publishers': and finds time to
pursue her literary lab-re In addition to the care of a household, a huhband and four small toys. Her friends are delighted with
this recent work of authorship, and at the opportunity to keep Intact some products of her brlcht mind and skillful pen.
If. 'rending a few weeks with friends at the
Waverly Hot I
Mrs. F A llradfield Is the gisrt cf friends
In St. Louis, and will visit Chicago before re
turning to Hot Springs.
Doctor Frank Jelks of St. Lou!. Is the guest
of home folks. Doctor Jelks was called to Hot
Springs by the sudden death of his father. Doc
tor J. T. Jelks. of Ozark Sanltarjum.
Mrs Fannie M Bonner, recording secretary
of the Sate Teachers' Assx-Iatloo. wa. the
guest cf her brother. Pro-e -utlng Attorney TV. II
Martin, here this wiek.
Mr and Mrs Mike Dawson of Chicago are
guests of Doctnr and Mrs J W. M-Cendon at
th. McCIrndon Hospital, on Cofrge sTt
Th Reverend French Thrmpson. new preach
ing at Rockfnrd. Minn . has ben called to tbe
caltcrate of the First Presbjlcrlan Church here
Mr Thcmpon Is a recent graduate of MrCor
mack ThologlraI. Seminary of Chicago and
conies highly recommended. "
Th Stat? Alumni meeting of the Sigma Alpha
week, clcred Vvednesclav evening with a recen
;:??. "5 the hora cf Ml! Emau Wlilttlngton. on
Whlttlnatoij avenue Oter "CO guests were pres
ent and Miss WWttlnaton was ai.'1-te.l In en
tertaining bv Mls.e. Slltt. Stfams. Rlsydes.
Latta and Tan Vllet- After the reception a
dance was given at the Arlington.
..rIS""1 .P 1" ,f?nM'iS the summer with
friends at Qulncv. Ill
Mrs. Alf Woodcock an! daughter. Mis Ul
lian. are speadlag the week with St. Louis
CarrolltSrtItLna Murr"r ,s v,",,n frl'nds la
Mr Joseph Wakeland. a prominent business
man of Norman. Ok,, and Mls Ha Dlcksnn for
i'T.,D ?nn rast assistant trimmer at S Men-
iTZ Kod . "nporlum. were married at the
v?S of tfc'. b,'?,. """hfr on Park avenue
Mondav evening This s th- seventh clerk at
Rm b'n marT,M ':nc' ,h first
irlv o-!c"bV,.,h u',lnc department cf the
Hot Sorlncs Western. . visiting friend. In Mis
sissippi From there he will gn to St Louis to
spend a few days on burner befor returning
L. C Parker returned Tue"ar from a busi
ness trln of several days to St Louis
Mrs. S Mendel and children who have been
Mrttlng friends in Chicago and Rt. Iyjuls the
J1" two wek- returned hcm Mondav morn-
J Lsngraft. a well-known tailor, received a
t.egram Sunday announcing the .langerou. HI-
11" 0forWheTn0b,iV.d,en S'- B"' H -"""'J
Mies Odin- Dalten drnarte! Sunday for St.
Iiuls. where sho wWl Join her .'ster. Mrs. Hill
lock. Mo . where she I. tn w.4 . KK.n.
bulnes man. " " ""-"'
Misses Mary and Lena Ell's have gone to
fbautauaun. N T . to spend th- summer
Mrs Mark Taylor of Ft Lo.:is , a .u,,, of
ber sisters, the Mlr-es Wrlcht
Mr. Clarence Egslboff cf Pt i-.uts Is soendlnr
his vacation In this tlty with hi. parents
Mrs. M TV Woods denartert Tt...A... '. i
home I.- Jacksonville ' ' " n"
Mrs. L M Ward returned Monday from h-r
visit to Vermont
Mrs. M. R. Ray Is home from a visit with her
rarents Doctor and Mrs. A. D. Penn-j. of East
St Louis.
Doctor Frailer of St. Louis spnt Sunday st
the beautiful country home of Mrs Anna f
Mi's Ada Eldred Is visiting friend, in V'-g'n'a
Mrs Clyde Sfce'Meld and on T Gr nflll are
guests of her mother. Mrs K. D nark
Mr firl Heron of East St Lonls Is spending
his Fourth with his son In this city. s
Mrs T H. Hall bas returned from a trip to
St Louis
Mrs. Charles H Eldred and son are vtMt'ne
relatives t.s Farmlrgton, Jlo.
Doctor Want Fill, nt Indiana. Doctcr nd Miss
Foreman of Whitehall were guests of Miss Orva
Wlemeron Tues.av
Mrs C. E Wllllams-in o' ArenzvUIe 111 . .
.i"1 r' F'vrent. jr ani ji- tfhvrl
Mr. O F C.ire of 'Gennlte f-ltv tea. hj.- .
Tuday. ' '"
Mr John Jones of Roodhoue sjnt Motfiay
"iw mrpii. p-j.
Hoctcr E 8. Oooeh has returned from a visit
with Fan St Isml. fr"eids
The Peverend J r; Artz Is s-.endlng the Fo-j-fi
In Hsmburr. Ill
Mr Frank Meclll rf Rodhcu- spent Mon-Iav
witi! Carrol' ten f-lend'
Mrs A Vender trtnrsM o-i Ttn lav to her
home In Whltebs.ll aft-r a short vllt with be
denahter Mrs. C A. TVelmer.
Mrs F M. R-berfs ha r"nr-e ri-m s vlt
wlfb h-r daughter. Mrs. McDonald. ..f Est St.
Mr. and Mrs Thomae J. Itemolds and chil
dren are ruens or relalltes at Moberly JJo.
JIIss Marsaret I'owell nas the coet of Mis
Atkinson cf St Louis this weelf
Mr James Urolsrlllle of Warra-. Mich, was
the ruesl of Ir. and Mrs. Itohert Heed Sun
da) Mr. and Mr. Lett ami family departed Men
day f&r their future home n Terre Haute,
Mrs. Jennie iiarlowe cf Jseksonville. m was
the sliest of Mrs. II Ijsk Sunday.
.-.: '--. f- Kraft and dauihter. Marjruerlte.
visited lelatlves In St. Louis this sreek
,M1'' Theresa I-or of lJist St. Louis is srvnd
,nf.tbr w''k wlih Mrr. Tim Kane.
.I-.; P"'?-1. H"T of '-h-a-ro Is here far an
John Morrts parents. Mr. and Mr".
ii7U--5oph'? 5'1"-;""' nd children are sr-nd-'
o1e'nlC3rrr,br mlh'r- M- tt S'h'
lnJUto?rnB,hlsR,eIekro'Jb, f """"
thsweik.1-- " Krm w" St- I-ou's -"-
J.T.':-n:Trit'? Pather Ajgustl-r- cf the In-
eA..e. ny-Sa'SSL-" .A,2n. hss a..umed
diirtnr the .i.i-il ..1V;1 " -"Kl'C TlUrrri
inh.'e.-t b j".nn ctJfi' Reverend II It. tie.
?o? ependTnc the summer la Eu-
OdHiJT ?I. Ci,e?b'?','t' ?roJhIweU,rm,arr,.edM,r;
Edwcrdavllle Wedneadav. manled In
Henrr Schiller ana Miss Marr x t-im. h,.h
ssss5a,jssri.w"to " thrf .n.
Mrs. Mllo McCcrmlek, wife ef a Drotnlsent
fcmer. died Wedne.ay a V untnU&ml
Miss Dixie tVells entertained friends tmm c.
Iyrois Thurrdsy rnni rnena, from St.
KinKwoon. mo.
hav, !
feglr of st.-iu,. ta ttWiii'-BSMSS
tiln " . -
C O Evans, and Mrs. Charle. Orricl: Hvar.s. an-5
Mrs Charles Orrlck Uvars. Jr.. who has Ju't
returned with her au-band from their honey
trusjn Mies Gladys Sullivan, who Is visiting Mrs.
ocper of Washington avenue. Is 111 with scar
let fever
. M.r. Walk.r Kvans has gone to a sanltatlam
In hupes that It will b-n-nt her.
Mr Miirtf-ldt has gon to Minneapolis to
spend a f-vr month, with N son
..M''" Genrg- Illgg. gave a dinner party on
"-'"--. "i..iii; u i-w menos.
Mr C - CMtins. wbo has b-en v
ncn on th r.a.! tn rwrr-
very 111. Is
.?' ' iam., 'nrteaus. who went with th
Mlf,e. Ftanklin. to Callfomii. has retum-d to
iZL . .m n "rth Wet-ter avenue. The Mies
Franklin r-turn-l on account or the lllne-s of
their sitcr Mrs Hickman
Mr. Kdward Itirstcw. nh-. hss b en to school
J" New Tork. kas come bom- for his s-imm-r
vtP1" !& wa' c,r"' ,a5t w"k by Mrs.
MeDona'd of North Wetter av-nue
iJrJXJ?1. '"""rd "--' relumed home after a
D?n'e? nr ,l"sr- Jlr- Werthlngton of
Mr and Mrs. C. O. Eran. Jr. hir. r.tt..!
rr" tV. s?IUfc Jr' "" Jr. reicrneii
irrrn te North, where they spent their hon-y-
nariVri Jlyi!"1"' I"?'1 ot Xlrkwoo.1 has .1
Sl'w -N'w Tork. whe-e sfce will spend the
Judge atd Mrs f s WaMei it- -1 i.
Mr vin t r.,,3'1,?5.1" llu h'rr Jln,l
Jir. lll.wn t htfillda. Colo, where thev irin i
eafrsow have taken a eg,. I
iTb ti a1:"" P-"B-. Ark., for tbe fumnirr
s. Nellie Renfrow. who i. "n..- iin.Ji.S2TI '
will loin them fhr'
11 lol 9hem at..... " ""-"WW., .
tMtureka $tJ?aa' ha" rr,Urr'I tnm - ,r"
,iIr ." I "" I eon have returncl from
"""'"Jdi.trlp Ihrough Colorado anj Oregon
JH?L. ii' lT "jrron and litue son. Artnur .!e
pntted TueMsy for Grand Rapids. Mleh.. to visit
eiative. and friends
Mr and M-s. E. M MeAdam.. tetum-t Tues
day morning from the bridal trip through I'tsh
ana olorado.
.Tlrr. J It. W. Arssd'n Is In Glrnaood Springs
Colo . for the rummer
...-If Thomas C Nolan, who has been s-rlously
111 during th- pa'i aeek. is repotted better
...r-."."c,,M, V?r:r" aw o' Columbus
vls.te,: In Joplin Tuesday with friend.
Doctor John B. Cotton of Kan-a. Cltv .-ams
dawn i to spend the Fourth wlir. nls parents Mr.
and Mrs J B. Cotton
aire. :-rank hbUT.aa and Miss Grace Shnm.n
of Eureka Fprlnes are tMtl-ic relatives "in j..p- J
Miss Nona Kux of Fort ! -ott K-e. was t-e I
guest of llrs II Urt-ariv Init nlr
Mli iTsItfe PlcllT tlSS relurr.e.1 e.nrtt
vllt i
wlin frletids In M Juls '
tenJed tr at Hot -"nrlnrs. ArV.
e.i juu J.I-. neueu are at Home rrr,m an ev- I
iocior ji. i . Snellen ls etutnett from a short
vlrlr isltli hiir. fdk at ..tt.d. bin
Walter ArruUrfj will Jepjrt this eL to
JMn Mrs. Arrularlus a; Wascincton Jlo. no-re
she has been th- tst tw.. weeh- Mr. and Mrs
Arrulnrlus will return bus- atout th- Sth
lls Grace L.ter drpattnt Sintaj last for
an extended trip throc-li anaJa an.t Mieclcsn.
Mrs. Msr ijiiazstm has returned to S-ir.nn-field.
afier u ehiirt visit sim, i,.r . j.; t
Mr. and Mrs Waller uand-rsvrt a.e at the
borne of Mr. rin-letsun's fatnrr. . II Saaderr-n
for the summer.
Mr and Mrs J. s Given 4-piMrJ Uejnri
y for r'UTfrk i-trlr.E--. Ark. fr (Km weeks
ty. and uiwn their return will be at home at
tre Ket.tnne.
Miss llje Price, daughter of Mr and Mrs.
N I'ri.-e. ord Mr Albert S lUker ere united
In raarrtsi-e Thsrsday venl-g at : o'rlnek at
the home of the btbie's parents In Jackson ave-
jiur inr i;evrer.l I- A. V eej. teetin- Of St
j fit;
lhur. n-rfie'V.J ih -r-u nr In i"li
ji- riw. at thr Immilat r-itlf and frir-nW I
ci ;a iiniw ana Lrtj-rrrnorn 2im Ilak-r U m- 1
Of Jfrilln'S mCSt CUtnelar V.Mt-e rmn Ae..t .l.
llaker :s a member of the InterMvle Ororry
( omjany Mr an.1 Mrs laker will be at home
at rvo 41. Jaron avenue
Mls A Walt ..f Xrai'i. Ka . sh Ms it
nn!.he. a ewirse at Xittrnsl 1'i'V Pn'versltv.
vvashlncten. I f. is tve inie,t of Ur J. -el T
Mr and Mrs Joel T Llvlnsstno entertslne.1
vvednes.iay ! ng in h-nor ef jrs Uv melons
guest. Mls Walt of Xetttun Kas l"reierelve
whist an.1 lanrlne we-e the amuemntr. Misses
Nell Itennlek. Itel-eeen l-'dnanls. Klta -e--r.
Uallle lhilyard and Its Itee acl Mesrs John
Cosrls. Pre;on Ovrdner. Ila- wnml ? ott. Joha
Ammrtnan. Obe Wltmr and I!roe Iennls were
The folMv-lnr jnt th- natlrnal VOW.iy at
featlBrd Sr-lrrs: Mlrres Dot llenn's. tyivetta
1IBU". Clara an.1 Jane I'a-il. Floeene- an J Mae
caret Stevens Messrs. Jlmmie Vounr. lilllr
Mann. Brose Dennis, m loirk. Gus Mattls and
Oeorge I.arid.
Mr. end Mrs. Arthur Miller rhstTonil a crowd
rf young folks who sfnt tte Kcorth at White
-unn- w. fi; tne partv Here jir and M"S.
Arthur Miller. Mm Nell Itennlck. Ulpt fooic
Ileberra rVnanl.. Ola Ila-k. Me-srs Charles
A.ie It. tt. .emsn. Johi Covrles and llob
Kobert Stockhridpe has rctumetl frora his
trip down the SL James Itlver.
Miss Atble Campbell Is vMttnp; friends In
Mim Martha Darrew of St. Louis is
ei 'nd:ns a .week with Misses Caroline and
Catherln Annan.
Miss Gertrude Ccen departed thlt week
for a visit to frien-Js in Canada.
. !I-r"..1s'-,,Ti. E-tHnb-,m of Kansas City
Is visiting the N. II. Allerr. on her way
Harry Sleber irot home fmm a t-n b--.v'
nittlne on tH fft Ste.Kw a...i i-
-",-,"" .-i V... ",..t:'.u"-'-1 -""!-.-. .
.eNor'the'rerS." 1TOUn "C Vl'lUnS J
ii?s ivainenDr liiarkmr o vtA i
euchre and luncheon Wednesday in honor
ifffiiS n??esr?cenandThR0u?h p?ffi. i I
Paaln. Edna Campbell. Helen KtlmTeV. I
Hf ten Baker. Huth Granu Jennie Hodir-1
and Katherlne KaufTman.
Charles Sleber has recently returned
LITERARY HONORS.: there are 284,886
latter Is encaged- In drafting for a larce
mining company.
Browne Marlow. ron of Mr. and Mrs.
George Marlow. was recently one of three
to pass the examination for the Patent Of
fice. He d-parted Saturday night for Wash
ington. The Georre Martins and Marshall Rakers
had a family picnic on th- Martin grounds
Miss Fannie Goodwin was with the J. F.
Aliens, who had a large family party.
Tht- Every Other Week keeps up Its
meetings through the summer. It met
Tv.,!,Iav. wl,h the R. A. Aliens.
airs. Horac- Raker and four children from
Kreeport. 1IL. spent Thursday and Friday
with the Man-hall Rckers. From here they
went to Charlotte. N. C.
""alter Mills. wh has been 111 for a month
with typhoid fever, has recovered sufflcicnt
Ir to sit up a few moment at a time.
Miss Helen Raker returned from a Ion?
visit In Colorado Saturday night.
I .."'i :rv" """. a s ster 01 uorioi
. Marshall Haktr. with Misses Kdna and An
' ntl Iltinblln ..t.ta 1 !.. aa. -
.r uuni uunKim. a s'ster of Doctor
nit Dunklin, visited Webster this week
Miss May Held of Toronto Is visiting'
M sses Katherlne and Edna Siddy. Mi"w
Catharine Siddy and Miss Held visited the
Metcalfes at Pln-sa. III. this week.
Mrs. Lou Harp'r. formerly of this plare.
with Mrs. Al Harper and children of East
fct. Louis, departed for the summer cottage
of Mr. Harper's mother. In North CaroKru.
I-riday. where the various children and
Kntndchlldren. taenty-one In number, are
invited to spend the summer.
The M. Skinners. Charle.. Avery. Frank
Comers. Grorge Sanders and Mitres Ruth
t"1"1 a.nd Sadl' Avery, a company of twen
tv-slr .!T. !-.-! fe U'ninl. Tki.i..
SIZ L E$?&. I
i "' ti,iV . . V. , ..ir,..",u w joinru
by the J. A. Vnlls from Hamilton. O
.f r. fTtll . ..
-me. iiutt ... iiiiiuiHti win leave xor Mar
tha's Vineyard this week for a long stay.
Islle and Dave Thompson returned this
wsek from attending the Yale festivities.
Mi's Marie DIerkes and aIIs FIorerc3
Cooper of St. Louis have encaged fcr ttc
rummer In the Congregational chol'. MIs
Mabel Voctl of tft. Iulsj will tak? Mls
"arolyn Allen's place at the o-gan lor th?
morning service, while she plays) nt tne
West Presbyterian Church.
Mr. and Sirs. Charles Todd have a Htfe
daughter. Ini last Saturday.
Mis Frances Dawson !? heme from a
Tirlt to New York.
Mr. i:rnst Plant fct spcnd'nj a few days
with the Rhodes family at Kent Glen.
nle wa held at J
wmie a large afternoon and evening ple-
jacason i-arK inars-jaj. A
5,'c,fcrn- ', reeled for dancing, and
Mr-- s- M- ilnrtin and Miss Olive Murtl i
left for Eflipgham. III.. H!nl,v
l'rnrr.n. -in.l te -.--...1 It Sf . ...
ucparieu .vionuay lor fcuvrintv". Tenn.
eILs Mnvmi Toat tif S I mii -.mi -vtie
Clevla Forbe of Kmngham vlt'eU Webster
Mt. i: n. Pane is vlltln.-c frien-'s In
The Het-.-r-nd C. I Klo;s will preach, be
ginning :--nl-:ht. a series of ave c:mo.in
on nature studlrs. The subjects are: Jul
6. "Ihe MI'sMnn uf Flower V; July 13 -Tn
Story of a Tree"; Julv r. "Sudo"; July ;7.
"Water"; Autut X "H-at."
PIA rilllT.UQIA.
Jmlte and Mrs. f '.V. Lvere:t of Upper Al
len have .pse.l their rattaxe for the letison.
xti i5-,.J,n'; JV- U .-J,"0'1 n:-': -Isushter. Miss
!' nk r.cl .11 rrnulii .at nuiiiMi.sn, ..-..
PmM. "
,e vr; 1;Bd,-'rs Ituseell KL Gardner nr-I family
cf .. L,4ii. ate h.te fur th- saec-i Mr. t'anl-
r. and Hr
3 "" ."" ar-i- -vnnie iitn--l-." at the
cs-k ati sites lall j-u-t.tlg partlej ta his
Chiutauqua friends.
ricte-n r. uri-ihurt. th- .colbtcr. an.1 fsm.
I!v of j-t. l-.uis are here "ecupjing "their catln
!5 ;L L;;"1 -ue -Mr. l!rlnhimt is another!
of the haulaUitusr.s wh- has his launch and I
-.' -- ".. in- nine- mi iae il'sej-lppl
'ti-ut- bulldlnx seems to be the "fad" at
Chautauqua thl reason, and no l-ss than flv--'n.!.,.-,r
u" l-eln itshed to completion. All
utUiua' SJi,-.ty 'nMT"Ui -"-- W. when Chau-
Mr anj Mrs. G. W. HllllarJ cr nrlthtcn
III - hv-e or-en-d their cettaite fur th- s-a-Sa
Sllss Amanda Womt of farrollton. IlL his
o-s-ned her nittsr.e. "Gler.rroe.1.-'
Th. Iteverind and Mrs It. r. CSotT'iu-tcn ef
frt IxmiIs moved Into Ihdr .-ott-is-. "OaV. iVif.-'
Th- Itevtrend riocter C. O. Klmhall. nsst-ir of
f.:W-.-,'-,,..i-- K .fbuwh t IMrd,v"le; FAd
fsmllr nlll snen.1 the seas-.n tn th- lmen
CCttsee , j.,,,,, nT.nu.. " ,n- tn'O
Mtr. Alh-e Ksvinl ar..l famllr of St Loul will
'f-nd the season at the Woman's lieli-r tv,rys
Mts. Chandler and family rf St. leiuU are her
fcr the mircn and will occupy "Hm Cottare'
In Jersey avenue.
The tjarty of St. Ixals Illh l-chocl alrls who
have linn spendlns; a fnrtnlsht at the Klna'a
Uauxhiers' rotu-e in -prin'llelj cven-ie will
uetart for home to-morrow evening.
Sirs. Abbv Flint and ratnlly of St. 1xils have
opened tli-lr rotta;-. "Tramp Irn." fcr the
Mrs C". F. Wr.neker tnd dacahter. Miss Ada
-IVenneker. of .u Louis, arrived thut week and
?'!! !.?!' "" "cn In Johnson ccttate In
Fprinsfield avenue. e in
li Carrie Flneh of Jers-rvllle Is a CI-.au-
taunua visitor.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ljmeh sr;i orcupr the
Marh cotla-:e in Bluff avenue tlartnc the sea-Sir-
T. n. Hmerson of Cpp-r Alton has ar- !
rlred for the reason. I
Mi., Slllh n( T-.ll,.n III ..
Xj BoAC airiof CiVfoIl".".''?
c xf.int. - t--. s t .i . '
handn - m crtuir Is 8prtn;rti-?ia iwaoe. i
$-T' " ,l" "" "f .,,0" " ,
enjoylne tent life at Chautauqua.
-K5-i"."',.f'V.-V5"2."-i--e-r are
ritlESTElVS Cafe and neitanmnt.
rnnino ir iiiioouuin.
linvrrnrarnt riiillrtln Shows Arlcal-
turnl I'roprrtlrs of tlir late
Arc Uorlh .f i,o.o::,isinT.
Tbe P.-ouMIc BU'enu.
lllh St. and -ennylvanla Ave.
Wa'hinKtim. July i The Cenus 0:rtcc
this mcrnms tmivx bulletins. Klvlnc trie
agricultural statistics for tc States of
.Missouri and Ml.l-!irtl.
Th- farm of Jllseojrl. Junr 1. I?. num
brrrd rjlX ami were valud Jt JS3.9TS.:iJ.
c: wh:cn uinuunt Jltt.i.l. or 17.6 jxr
cent. repn:viits the vaiue or buildlnss aii'I
YXtfL:t&. or XM pr tent, the valu- uf
the la-.n ami improvements other than
cutMliiK!. JH me Mm' iiaie.trur value of
farm i:.ii4einenls nnit macair.ery was -S.-vriArv.
awl ol hVf ftnek. !l!v.3fcl.4. Tlivso
vatuvs. aiai to that 01 farms. Kie Ji.-vU.-Ul.eI
tn- "total vaiue -t farm rropcrty.
'inr t-.dl uiU'i ot larm yrciucis lot iaj3
wa.- J-i j aeJ.i-'. of .vhich 4tnuunt $J7.Sll.?H.
,r ui. H.T inr rti..nt tnt; alUc ot
animal products jiiU ul.4iS.ni. or -1.4 rxr ;
cent. in aiuc ot crops, jin.iuv.mi iu.c-
product cu, or proiUceu on lartns.
Vtin total value o lamj prauuvi.- ii -
execvu that lor ltKi by l'?.itaMX an -crcaso
of Vi.2 per cinL but a part of this
Knlii l U .ubtlest- clue to a more detailed ti:
uunrailon in 19ft' than in osi.
Thr ros farm income ' Is ohtatned by
j..i...tt -.. v,a t..r i iiti. tit mrtti
uruui liilK aw; -v . ........ ------
jiroOut-:- the value of the prclucls fttl to
live Mock on the farms of the nrtvlJeers.
In lOS the teportsd va:u of uroducm fd
was 45T.i3?f. leaving lbuii.av J? '.v
nrors farm ln-ome. The ratio which this
latter amount bears to the -total value of
farm property" is referred to as the 'Pr
c.niage f cross incKiie upon Investment.
For Missouri In 15 It w:i 1J.S per cent.
Th farm- of Mississippi Juue 1. w".
numl-'re.l -VU0J. nl were v.ilu.-d at Jbxi
J7.f0. tif this amount 2T.U-t.3W. or Z i
ler rent, represents the vjlli? of build n5
arl .UI.SK.W). or TiC per rent, the value
cf the land and mptovemenis other tnati
b'jiktlnzs. On the same dote the vh!u of
farm Implements and marhlneiy wns .
iZA.&C and of live s:ock JirKSTTT. These
vaiusr. ailded to that of farms, give IM.
"Jf.CT. the "totsl alue of farm property.
The pnsltkts derived from domestic ani
mals. K'Ulirj and ls!. lnc,ullnc: animals
roW anil enimals sjRuhtered rn farms, are
referred to In thlft I ulietm as "animal prod
ucts." The total value of trjch products.
together with the value of all crops. Is
teamed "Total value of farm products."
Thii value for 1S9 wa" SIOHSiTG. of which
amount JlT-iiS SOT. or 1T.I per cent, repre--
rnts the value of anlmil products, and
JSI.iSS.7TS. or SiS per rent, the value of
crops. Including forest products". The totnl
value ot farm prn.lu--t.i for US3 exceeds that
of ld by TZ HS.SS. or 39.7 per cent.
The "gross farm I'.come Is obtained by
deducting from the total value of farm
products the value of the products fed to
live stock on the farms of the producers.
In lfc the reported value of products f-d
wa.t Jll.7-li.CS. leaving S.TtJ.fcS as the
gross farm Income. The ratio which this
amount bcarp to the "totnl value of farm
property" !s refe'red to In this bulletin as
the "m-reentage of gross Income upon In
vestment." For Mississippi In 1E33 it was
4M p-r cent.
Christ inn Brothers' Campus Se
cured for Event Parish Items.
The Young Laales Sodality of the old
Cathedral will give a lawn party and eusht-o
on the campus of the Chrlst'an Brothers
Collrge. Kaston avenue and King's high
way. Wednesday evening. July 16. Tho
music for the occasion will be under the
direction of Professor De Lisle, organist
of the Cathedral. The members of the
s-vdallty w'H endeavor to secure the co-o:-cration
of the trlends of the Cathedral
throughout th cTty. In order to make the
affair a success Valuable prizes will be
distributed among; the successful euchra
players. The game will bej-ln nt 9 p. m.
The Heverend W. H. Treutminn. 8. J.,
who was recently orda!ned. celebrates hbt
first mass to-dy In St. Francis Borgia s
Church. Washington. Jlo.
The Heverend Thomas If. Miles. S. J., of
the SL Louis University, has denarted for
the Jesuit retreat at Waupaca. Wis.
The Sisters of Mercy. Twenty-second and
Morgan streets, began their annual retreat
yesterday. It Wit last until July 14. The
Heverend Joseph Rlelag. S. J., is conduct
ing the exercises.
The Reverend Jcseph Tettcmer of the
Church of the Holy Name has departed
for Europe. He jvlll return In three
The Reverend James J. Ccnway. S. J., ot
the faculty of Crclghton Unlversltv. Omaha.
Xeb.. Is making a short vls't to at. I-ouu.
He Is 'topping at the St. Louis University.
Grand avenue near Ltndell boulevard.
I'atriotir TIipiups From 3Iany of
ths Pulpits To-Dav.
There will tie patriotic services In a num
ber of the churches to-day. The Reverend
Doctor Dorchester of the Llndell Avenue M.
Ii. Chutch will preach this morning en 'The
Di'-'n Element In American History-" The
Heverend Di-clor C. H. Patton of the First
'onyr.r.itlct.al Chutch will speak on "Cer
tain National Tendencies." The union
Christian Endeavor services at the First
Christian Church thLs evening will have as
a feature talks on "Every Christian En-
deavorer a Patriotic Citizen."
Special ordination services wilt be held
this afterncon at Howard's Halt at ZZX and
the Heverend W. F. Peck of the First Spir
itual Unity Churrh will officiate. The meet
ing I- held under the auspices of the St.
I,miH Progressiva fnlon.
The Wagoner Place I'nlted Presbyterian
Churrh will hold its services this evening
on th" lawn beside the churrh.
The Federated W. C. T. V. will hold Its
next business meeting at the residence of
Mrr. J. T. FlelJ. No. 7MT. Hlendon place.
Uenton. next Tuesday afternoon at 2:tS.
Evi'iftt (Jrpi-n Is Ari-iil-.'iitaHv-Wi:ihiiIiiI
Ijv Frank Kiickcr.
Ex-erett (ri-n. M years old. cf Xo. 123
Hunt aretru. was accidentally rhot
through th left leg hy Frank Kucker. S.
of No -Si. Hunt avntie yesterday at
not a.
While 'he boys" were pliying with a pis
tol In tlie lsment of ncker's home It
was dlscharKt-il. Doctor T. J. Harvev of
X. 19 Old Manchester road attended the
wounded boy.
.Tmlgi- Sm1 hit Kflased Thost
Who Fiml Hlank Cartridges.
Judne Sldtner lchargeil all tut thre? de
fipdants who appeared in the First Dl-
trlct t-ourt yentrruaj to answer to dlsturh-
ance of the peace charger preferred by the
lioUc-. who arresltsl tm for making too
Nine oat of every
tea persons whe
suffer f rota back
ache have weak
kii!nrTS. They
'. Biilers.
It will ttrengthen
the kidneys,
open n p the
cJogxed bowels
ana enre
Nausea, Headaehs, Belefehg, Bjs-
Ppsla, Indigestion, Hr0H8n$8,!ii-
sinnla and Malaria, Fever asi Agae.
1 iSt?
1 Pvsle!l9B' '
I ll"V'-- -"" mt LJJ
One Lottie will convince you of its
Basket Shares
Advance to
Monday, July
Shares of the fllergenthaler-Horton Basket
Machine Company advance to par ($1.00) on
Monday, July 14th. No shares will be sold at
75 csnts after that date, and all Intending sub
scribers should act promptly. Liberal subscrip
tion terms are obtainable upon application.
c,s,r-,r .-.
2UD!CnptlOn AgCnlS!
Bankers9 Finance Co.,
507 Union Trust Building ST. LOUIS, MO.
, .
! much nl on the Kou;h. The thre who
were not dt. l:arc-5 had requested contln
ii.incr.i 01 me.r caser.
! Thf iJefer.iljntR. who arre charceil with
( dlvrharct-R firearms, were releafeti. follow-
Irg a precedent of last year. In which he
held that It was nece-'-'arj" to show that the
P'stt-Is wer naded with bullet--. When the
policemen an-werrd that the offender only
had his reviver ! ided with blanks the dis
charge followed. Alxut Ilfty were dlj
special nr cr.i.n to the new yop.k
Paris. Julj. 3.-tCory right. lij Thlt Is
Hmen'si busy time and the scent of or
ange" Liiw-nm vies, with that of Incense in
the fnahl.-inable churches.
This week's prin-lpal marrlag that of
Mile. Sabine de Montgermont and Rarcn
n.ranl a MftnMttiifli. IJfUl.An.int of Tlrs-
j ccons. was solemnized In the Church of St.
Pierre te iiatnot Alter tne ceremony tne
leading mclers of Pari!" society tvho were
still In town went to the reception at the
Comtes de Mr.nlgermonfs. where the
very numerous wedding pres-nts were dis
play d.
The marriage of Miss Terry, daughter of
the late Antonio Teiry. to Prince Guy da
Faueleny de I-uclnce will be celebrated at
St. Philippe du Reule. The sponsors for thi
bride ere Mr. Terry, her unci, and Comte
Stanislas d Castellane. brother of Com'e
BonL The sponsors for the bridegroom will
be Prince Aymon ie Fauelgny de Luclnge
and Comte Jean de Kergorlay. his cousins.
An American sculptress, MIs.s Isabelle
Corbley Minor, was married to Mr. Harold
Maurlc- Vernon at Chantllly. Daron Rotlis-
(0 Cents Each 10 Cents.
AsKmki l m l vT TsaS !wwwftV
1-mM . 1 fli-9 i ;
lf4Hi Ummmmm
' I e 4mk jwyitin hi
"-"-"ji -
e-nit V k et .(- eiv- -.. .H.F.W. e.. ...r.
iiv-utuiM nu.v. riiAiir.u dluud-.
K9;-iDiESTRFU:giGORED pedes-
Blouse. . 31. :. 3S. o and -13 Inch bust.
EWrt. S. :t. 35. is. 30 and 33 inch waist.
1!, 14 and 16 yesrs.
L iSvVICwjAV ft ska s&flSi 1
Mi &
-fi " mp
TUH RCDiiDi into nonco di
1 hi- 111-1 uuliu j uuutn
.'", 10 centJI 'ne silver dime) to Tbe Republic Pattern Department. Republic
bul.dlnir. for EACH pattern ordered, and Inclose this blank, properly tilled out with
yo-jr name, address and bust or waist measure or age. for each pattern ordered.
Ko. Slid. Ladles' Box-PIslted Blouse. Pr.'ce 10 cents Bust measure inches
No. 8717. Ladles Fancy Waist. Price 10 cents Bust measure Inches
No. S71J. Mlrsrs' Plaited Jacket. Price 10 cents A(te years
No. S7C9. Girls' Dress. Price 10 cents Ate years
No. S7. Ladles' Skirt. Price 10 cents Waist measure :..lnches
No. ST9. Ladlca' Skirt. Price 10 cents-Waist measure inches
. .
child cave the bride array, and Sir. "liou"
Waterburr was- best 'man. Among tho
fashionable people 'n atten-lance- I noticed
Mrs. Porter, wife of the American Ambas
sador, the Comtessv de Chambcnl. Mrs.
Nat Goodwin. Prince Mumt. Mr. Louis
Sherry and M. Maurice ISernhardt.
Attorney and Sculptor Kelations
of Mrs. Hntvhinson.
Mrs. Lottie Hutchinson, who died In Se
dalla. Mo.. June 2T. and whose body was
burled In Kellefontalne Cemetery here July
2. whs a sliter of the late It. S. McDonald,
the well-known St. Louis lawyer; James
Wilson McDonald, a New York sculptor,
and EmmPtt McDonald, the original of one
of the characters depicted by Winston
Churchill tn "The Crisis." Sh was the.
widow of Isaac Hutchinson, who has been
dead for many years. Three children live.
Iseae M. Hutchinson. City of Mexico: Mrs.
Perry Hawes of Washington. D. C. and
Lillian Hutchinson of Sedalla. Mrs. Hutch
Inron was sick about two months.
E. M. Hughes of Montgomery City arrived
at the Laclede Hctel yesterday. With him
was former Representative O. H. Avery of
Troy, who Is managing the candidacy of
Judge Hughes for a Supreme Court nomi
nation by the Springfield convention. Judg
Hughes has done nothing himself to secura
Instructions, but has a large number of del-
ecates who ar devoted to his success. Aslde
from his own congressional district, be has
delegates pledged from manv counties In,
other parts of the State. Jud:e Hughes is
retarded as one of the ablest Jurists in Mis
souri. He will leave SL Louis for Spring
field this mornlnr.
ni-r t inrcci trAXTrv itriier
Ol ---uu rxv-svei wnun
Waist, 32, 34, 36, 3S and 40 inch btut.
skirtf 04, 26, 28 and SO inch mist.
r . ti rrrl !T,rs-
aiii for a.v patterx axd
M.vv5aW3r in-ofSm Tg&vzcze" p ' SMS&.SS'1"11
- - -

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