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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 06, 1902, PART II, Image 20

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nrtnzr T .ele v - nMir Ninth and Ex
change ate.. East it. Louis. Wednesday. July 2.
ilrturn to Coyne Urot. or Ptrca 1 & Co. for re
ward BRACELET It. old-fashioned gold brace
let Ielmar Garden. July 1. Iteturn to SS77
Hartmer. Liberal - rd.
HRAEL""T Ie-.st. en Page ave. between Aead-eir-
and Claonm. in neighborhood, or on lage
ate cars, an old-stle, He gvld bracelet. Finder
will be rewardi-d by tailing at SIS. Maple.
BUGGY Iost or stolen, a. rubber-tire norm
liairg-.. Mark body, dark-green gear, rubber cur
tain i-atched with rew strip along fa tenlng.
J!l license plt In ottom of Iiody painted over;
taken from Third and line sts July J. Ilaeral re-i-ara
If returns to livery barn. 1SG: N. Grand
aw .
COLLIE Lnt. Seotrh collie; lleene on col
lar, reward. Iteturn to 3315 Lucas are.
noo Lest. St. Bernard pup. 3 marks, dark
brown white brwist: reward. 4337 Dclmar ".
LOST-On through Olive ear. a Iale"
chattlalne bag; reword If returned IOA.I May,
3MS Washlngtoa at.
"" s57iNl"Y Lost In sbeeoekla bar. at Handlars
Park. July 3. Address on ha-- Liberal re-varo.
"pURSE Iv-st. Silt cr-roounted purse, on C"?
eve 'r. at noon Saturday. Return to O
Republ tr. .
FUHskLost. a Mack beaded purse on Olive
St through car. Thursday morning. Iteturn to
ZZ Vandcventerplac ndKet llbralreard.
' SCARF Loot at Iielmnr Garden, white ,hani
rnade starf.Writo MrJJV..Ji27 I!ellfive.
UMRRELL.V-F-und an umbrfrlla belonging to
lady showing kindness m man that fainted on
M, Vii coming from Montesaao Jrrtda. Ad
dress 437 N Twentieth st.
"ATCH-LC near Broadway and Ft. C"Vrl
Saturday night, tents g w wira. y. "
back I 11 J. front: locket attached. Iteturn
to 4C" Morgan. 1-hono C 1271- Hew ard.
n'mi-Iit ladle' gold watch, en velvet,
between Baptist Sanitarium, en Taylor aye. and
K nirn to Missouri Baptist Sanitarium
ler reward.
ttjxfKfytt --- ess"sss--s -m-- ---
BOOKKEEPr.R-Iv-.itlcn ty eperl-n'ed book
Jtiper. bet ..f references 11 U. Republic.
mN'nrnvn Tl-nntT tVAXTHD-To
done at home. E tX Rtumic
, HT.nihiii.x' "----..
-" . .. c......t.... . ee.e1fl
ntenograrher. rapid andarc-mitc. small sa.ary
'jo Degm wfcrs. A'wir-f ..-. .v.-...
errvnfin jipnrn-ai voung lady desires po-
4t!on"a etenngrarh.r .r office girl, reference.
Address 5tenograpner. 1S1I S. Ninth st.
Dresinnl'ri nnil Scnitrcsp.
DnF'MtKEH Dreimaker would like a few
more ngag'raents In families; stylish gowns
rra!- n Zl. ltepubllcu
"DRESSMAKCn rmp-tent dresfmaker wants
dremaklng nl any kind to do at home: satis
faction guaranteed 2134 Morgan.
rHAlinnRMAin-Neat nnd tidy young woman
desires pcs.tlon as chambermaid, experienced; J5
werk LE". Republic.
""nOt"SKWORK Situation ly colored girl to do
litmsewrrk ir nurse tZS OU'ag- are.
iviAir.TTiiwl German drl wants situa
tion at cooking r general housework for family
cf two. state wairos 9 .M. Republic.
LACKDRnSSSItuatlon by rirst-class laun-
dres. XtS line st.
LAUND11E: -Want wasting to take home.
ZXZ Easten ave.. rear.
LAl-NPREFS-Sltuatlon bv first-class laun
dress take washing home. Call or phene AXB't
CVuslns .
ItXPRES5 We.hlne by good, reliable
laundres can do nice work; reference Addrtxs
JKS N Twlfth.
LAl"Xrl!KSS Situation IT good. flrst-clis
laundre. to go out by day or bring home,
".am Wash St.
LArNDRESS Situation by flrt-lBSS laun
dress, want washing to bring home. Address
tillA Kcnnerly.
LAVNDRESS Situation by colored laundres".
washtre for four daya or take home. Call or
write STS SJlIlvan ave.
LAUNDRESS Situation by flrst-class colored
laundress, to go out Monlajs and Tuesdays. Cl
Sunday. 43W Cotens ate.
LAUNDRESS Laundry work or house clean
ing done by experienced and responsible wom
an. 1103 N. Twelfth. Mrs. Roberts
LAUNDRESS Washing to taka homo by god.
Tellable white laundress: nice work guaranteed.
Kindly address SB N. Broadway.
NURSE Situation as nurse: confinement cases.
ti a week: best city reftrenc. S . Republic.
Nint?E Situation by i experienced middle
aged woman to nurse; reference. 1J07 Ben
ton sL t
WETNURSn wants place where she can take
child borne cr child w'thoct cursing. ZZli S.
Ninth St.. nr Soor.
HOrsEGIRL WANTED-Wllllng white clrl
for general housework; thre In family. ZS3
Washington ave
" HOl'SEWOMAN Situation by experienced wem
an for general work la small family. J . Re
public. WORK Situation by young lady In Ice cream
cream or confectionery store. Address M. R .
care of 1800 S. Broadway.
WORK Position ty a young lady, graduate of
St Louis High Schorl; any respectable work.
Address Mln V.. 1316 Cherokee st.
WATCHMAN Situation as watchman, day or
Bight. T SL Republic
Clerk nnd Salesmen.
CASHIER Experienced cashier; now with
wholesale house, desires change, active and f
good habits; highest references and bend; moder
ate salary. R g. Republic
CLERK Position as shipping clerk; good
marker and packer, best of references. L K.
CLERK Steady, ambltiocs young man (Zl de
sires a position as clerk In men's furnishing,
shoe or dry goods department, s 9. Republic
CLERK Young married man; experienced rall
,road check and counter clerk, wants position cf
any kind, acquainted with shipping. M SI, Re
public. SALESMAN Situation wanted by experienced
city salesman: well acquainted with the grocer
and saloon trade. E S3. Republic
SALESMAN Position by a man of 14. connect
ed for past five years with a wholesale and man
ufacturing business: worked In office, on the
road; have been In business myself: want some
thing to sell on a straight commIelon to the
manufacturing, wholesale or largo retail trade
in St. Louis, can furnish bcn and reference; in.
reitlgatlon of character and habits solicited. .
2S. Republic
Indian Territory and Texas; can sell any lln.
P IZ Republic
STENOGRAPHER Position by thoroughly
competent and experienced lady stenographer,
cspable of taking charge of office, conducting
correspendence; references. M O. .Republic.
"A Business EdDcaflonand its Flaw to fetir
Ctmmtrclel Collegt. StortlKiBdcDiTtltjrafih Sckael.
300 Hortt anmdtrur. St. Letit. sort.
II cullCM ttadeati for all borlxtei psnalu. ssl p
yllea bailam hsuei. baasj, r ureal aaa t.lrrtsnk (9ai
sad prsftsitesil mtn wUk relUbls beoakerpert, rtino
grp5rt,ttlfgrphoprtors asi clerks. Failtloet ro
ara far GrsUssrts. rot cvmie revemei. -n
3. . BOIIllHI, PresidfjtC
COLLECTOR By married man. position rs
collector Or general ofnee work, can furnlshs
best of reference or toad If required E 6. Re
publlc The Trades.
CARPENTER Situation by experienced car
penter to do general repair work; will work
cheap. J 43. Republic
CARPENTER Situation as hotel carpenter;
flrst-class rrechanlc; nnderrtands repair cf locks
and making keys and repair of furniture. Z Si.
COOK situation as chief cook for retaurant;
experienced In management of kitchen In all
branches; city reference. W. I. V . &S S. 7th tt.
MACHINIST Pcsltien by machinist and tool
tnaker: capable of taking charge of shop. R 44.
MACHrNIST Flrst-olas lathe hand: accu
torood to small, accurate wcrk: 53 years old; li
years' experience. U S4. Rt public
PAINTER Situation wanted by first-class carriage-
painter: no objecti-ai to leave the cltyr
long experience as foreman; good reference from
former employers. C It, Republic
RELIABLE physician and druggist wants to
take charge of drug store in Missouri: Hfteen
years' experience. Address X. Frcderlektown. Mo.
SAWYER Good rip and cross-cut sawjer
would like to change: can take charge of saws
doing light work and reralr same. R 43, Re
puolic SITUATION by sinrle German 401; very
Bandy with carpenter tools: good gardner: not
latrald cf work. 7 RrpubUc i"lcr: not
BOOKKEEPER Position as bookkeeper and
salesman In retail grocer store. II 01. Republic
BOOKKEEPER-Experienced ""bookkeeper de
elrea position, refetenec as to character, ability,
etc. K 57, lUpubtic.
BOOKKEEPER Experl-nced. romjettnt baok
keejier and cashier. dtst;es chance, active anj
of good habits; references. U-cd. L w. Hpil.ii.
BOOKKEEPER Situation bj cxrer"l'nce-l
jougg man as assistant tookkt-r-r. collector.
shipping clerk or salesman. bet of tef-renes. 1'
LC. JfpubllC
BOOKKUEPER-Young mai good iablt.
comi'etent and witling, desires jslil- n ne-letant
bookkeeper, c'llct asuut cr c.crual work,
highest references. A Jt. Republic
CLERK Young man of SO wants detlcal po
sition with chance f-T advancement ; assistant
lx.kkepr preferred, uilung to wurk. cn site
Cod reterencea. G Republic
OFFICE MAN Young man delres posltk-n as
office man: can take dictation and oierate stn-
f;le key baid: reference. Addres A. J. Mo
an, MS N. Leonard ate.
COLLECTOR Portion as cjllcctcr; best ref
trenevs L ST. Itcputtlir.
l.RAFMMAN Mechanical draftsman seeks jwsl
tlon. It X. Republic.
DRIVER Solior joung man would like to
drite team; knows city and tradespeople tbor
4lchlv. HIT Riddle st
EXAMINER Situation as examiner on ladle'
garments, waists yt skirts preferred; eperl
enced. J Z Republic.
HOUSEMAN Sober yTim man wants steady
wvrk. pntatu family or otherwise: handy with
tools, goud reference K 43. Republic
MAN Mtuatlon wanted to take care cf twrs
and cow and do gnersl wark around bouse; best
of references. G U. I'.ciubllc.
WORK Business pn.ltlon by joung man; goI
experience In LuMness Hie. Address "Business."
Ols McPhers.m ate.
WORK Midile-aced white roan wants place;
understands care horses; can milk. P 43, Re
public WORK Young man St. bw character will
tear the cloet Inveiticatlon. deres a p .s.tl n:
reference frcm last anc previous employers. X
-Jl: Republic.
OFFICE ASSISTANT GentlTmarTof co-I edu
cation wlshc sttiiaticm as oill e aiiant. bet
'f reference: ST-eaks English and U-rman. A
PAINTING Situation by an h.-nest and Indas
tr'ous rran: willing t do anything; painting
preferred. M 4S. Itepublk-.
IiJRTER Position as :1rr and to btSp Veep
bar. willing to work. XT u. Republic
WATCHMAN flVxl honest HtaUe roan wants
lusltltn as watchman. T 43. Republic
WORK Outside work Ly eclored boy. llti
Spring ate.
WORK A jnojltlon where an hoiest. upright
young mm izl) can make iimef generally ue
ful. good penman, acvurate at figures; wae no
object; ref-rence fron last emp!oer. T S9. Re
COOK WANTED Flrst-class cook; bring ref
erence tSfl Washington
COOK WANTED Gt.id. experienced woman
cock, at once. S30 N Grand.
COOK WANTED Girl to cook and assist wits
vork; small family. 4111 Dclmar.
COOK WANTED Two girls;
houscgirL 4191 Delmar ave.
good cook and
COOK WANTED Woman to cook, at ence.
Western Hotel. Third and larr sts.
COOK WAN'TE1 rsscd ck for Missouri
Baptist Sinttarlum. S13 N. Taylor ave.
GIRL WANTED-Good. white girl, one who
understands cooking. Cill at 3il Luca av.
COOK WANTED i:ipc itemed cook: ass-.M In
housework; white or clrsi. Z?34 ashlngt'-n.
Ci-OK WANTEl-Glrl to cook and do general
housework: prltate family, wage j per month.
SiC Castlejn at
COOK WASTKO-Cwd cwk. and to a4t
with housework: wags JU: keep mas: small
family. :; Clemens
COOK WANTED-Family cf two adult want
cook; wage j per week: mut le willing to d
the washing: reference required. I' C Republic.
rooK WANTi:i A competent cook; g-vl
hours and good pav. Call with referen-e pe
tween 1 and 6 p. m. Monday at llj N. TTird st.
The Trade.
COMPOSITORS WANTED Lalv compositors:
good wages: steady portion. O Sa. Republic.
GIRLS WANTED-GIrls for machine an.l hanl
work on shop coat rc?3 Gravols ate.
OPERATOR WANTED Experienced machine,
operator on fine pants, power used. 3101 Cherokee
OPERATOR WANTED For shirt factory: oper
ator for hemming machine; steady work and
highest wages The Paul E. Wolff Shirt Com
pany. SIS Washington ate.
OPERATOR WANTED-For shirt factorv;
operator fcr buttonhole machine: stcwdy w rk
and good pay. The 1'aul E. Wolft Shirt Vm
pany. SIS Washington ate.
TRIMMERS WANTED-Two quick shirt trlm
mers. one hemming machine anu one lAittonhole
machine operator, steadv wnrk and highest
wages. The Paul B. Wolff Shtrt Company. SIS
Washington ave
GIRLS WANTEDLlnlng makers and packet
makers; also girls to learn on shop coats. ZUu
Gratols ave.
HANDS WANTED Expcrlencd hanij to re
ladles' walts; gocd wages. Scbwarz it Will. 7:1
N. Hleventh.
machine hands to tew ca pants; steadr work.
3444A X. Broadway.
woar finishers and tanner. xp-rlenced .in men
neckwear. Hurst-Zueker Ne.-kwear Co. Setenth
and SL Charles, third Boor.
OPERATOR WANTEI-Opfrat-r on Latln
machlne; bovs In finlshmg room Scuc-er !& d
Shoe Co., 4333 and 4337 Warne ave.
TRIMMKR5. ETC. H ANTED Two trimmers
and two milliners at 11. Tobln's, 43a N. Eroad-
dlnlng-rxm work. 145 N. Taylor.
for dining-room and kltchn work. 3W S Sev
enth st.
Dressmakers nnd eamstrcssca.
HANDS WANTED-Expriencd hand, to
mnslln underwear, good wages. Schwarx & 1d.
71S N Eleventh-
2719 Chippewa t.
MME. DE L-iNO-S evening c' of cutting
ladles" ganrert bF her superior tallorlrg sy
tem. rare opportunity SstS Finney ave.
girl to learn shirt making: pay while learmr;.
New Era Mfg. Co.. 90S. 17 Lucas at a.
Olivia 1 ulldll , room I13H Orpslte High School.
Grand ave.
Dresicuttlng. dressmaking; lalle- tall 'ring
taught, artistic dressmaking done. Udie make
their own dresses. Suite S4J Century building
H-31in-a Olive Street. St. Louts. Mo. Tr-e
largest, most popular and finest equipped institu
tion cf Its kind In America. Write for terms.
descriptive literature, elc
St. Lonis Aiillinery College,
Class now open to beginners for early fall and
winter trade. Call or address
1 m m m i i - ,-w
rcgrapher; must have experlecce In office woik
pc beginners need .'lplj. JSa) Mancbes:er ate
Jiagneiii' rouniry to
WANTED Name and address of all pers-jcs
suffering with cancer It 43. Republic.
Shorthand, touch typewriting, special summer
rate, inaiviaual insirvetin. positions procured.
Call. Inve-ticate W1 OHte.
1 Comer Grand nnd Franklin Commercial short-
nan; ano ungun aepartments. s. L. Olver.
lell phono.
Union Trut build:ng ard 1U3 N Grsnd ave.
Exelusltelr far women. Individual lnrtenctlca.
Special reduced rates for summer; shorthand.
bookkeeping, touch typewrit ng. penmanship.
arithmetic, grammar, etc Dxy scrtool four
months, O; cne month JiO: night school. Mva
months. Sit: four months SIS; one month IS, Po
sltlcns crocured fcr graduates Call fcr cata
logue. Hartsnck tt Jcne Business College. Oli
via bldg Grand ate and Wladxar pi., opposite
lilgh SchooL
Downtown college. T1S. 7M. 7a Holland bldg.
Telephones: Usdell lia. KSnloch D rTTS, KOaloca
COOK WANTEI-Glrl to do cooking and gen
eral houeework. small family, no washing or
ironing. Call Monday.JSOJtujsellave
OIRL WANTED Young girl for upstairs work.
41 Moryan st.
GIRLS WANTEIs Two competent girls: one to
oi and one fo hou.ework. Call at Ss'S aemens
etc. bisters prefemd. .
IIOI:3EGtHL WANTED Stoft have references,
4117 line
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Good gtrl for general
hvurework. ;tiS lage. .
"lIof.-!:i'HR'."'ANTEI-Good girl far general
housework. S39 N. Grand.
tOUSrXHRirWANTED-Good girl for general
h-tagewoik. SC71 'lnney.
"lloTSWHRL WANTEIs-Oood girl for g-neral
houseworii. list soaiH ave-
1IOUPEGIRI. WANTED A girl for general
housework. S131 Morgan st.
HoUSKGIRL WANTED-Good girl to do gen
eral housework. 3U3 Ohio ave.
HOUSEGIIII. WANTED Gill for general
house ork. 17a . Tenth st.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED White girl for gen
eral housework ."! N. Ionard.
" HOUSEGIRL-WANTEIe-GIrl to do general
bouM;w,rk. jiM N. Twenty-third st.
HOUSE-IIRL WANTED Ftrt-class girl for
gi-neral ho-tewcrk. St lage ate.
llulsi;i;iltl. WANTKIe-Goml girl for general
housework. Call at SKs MaiJo arr.
-HOl3EGIRLWAN'TEI-erman girl to asslt
In general housework- 33 ollt st.
"lliM'SEaiRL WANTED Girl for general
housework Call 1337A Autrt ave.
"TluLSEJlRL WANTED-Glrl for general houe-
wuik. small family 4IQCA Finney ate.
iToiSKiilltL WANTUIt Girl f-.r general house
work; jwaehlng.4Ml Wasbl-gton ave.
HiifaEUlTtt.' WANTKle-For general boun-
wcrk In smill family. UZt Clemens ave.
"TioUSnoiIU. WANTED-Glrl fcr general house
wurk; experienced. ar3?A Pendleton ate.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to aIst with
general housework. i3S Lafayette ate.
IH)rsE.IItl. WANTED A good German girl
to do general housework. 4144 Easton ave.
" HOUSEGIRL WANTED Girl for general
hou-cwoik: three In iamlJrat
HOUHEGIRL WANTED Girl for genets! hnuie
wofk. family of jour, gasd wages. I.ll Rusell
at e.
HOUSEGIRL WANTEIs Young slrl to do
hoiework. German treferred. 417 Forest Irk
buul. .
HOISEGIRL WANTED Gl girl for general
lHi-Jsework; small family; good wages. E ... Re
public. HOUSEGIRL WANTEle-OI.-l to do general
housework, small faiullj. 3K3 Lee ate., up
stairs. "linuMMIKL WANTED-Glrl for general Ltus
v.-ork, tiod borne; It to Of tears uM. 1A
Ollte ti.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED - Girl for general
housework. 3S Ctpelln ave.. near Lafayette, and
HOUSEGUIL WANTEIV-Young girl, about 11
years of art. lor general homework. Call 17N N.
IIUUbEGIKI. WANTKI-Gtrl for general
rovwnork. small family; good wagt Mis Falr
roouut ave
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general
bouewrrk: good home: lamlly of three. SJi.
apie ate
T. .7 ..... ...-, , T.
lllll LMmHLm ltA.Mr,iy-oin o ..'ii.,
wck tn family of four. Call at 1313 N. EUrn-t-jr.'-
HOuinGmL WANTED-Glrl to d.t general
hou-work: no washlrg. ironing or cooking. S3
Laclede ate.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED White gll for ger;
al nousewcrk; rood home for good glri. .1.
Lecnard ave.
"TlOUSEGIRL W-ANTED-Glrl fcr .gf-l
houewotk. family of three; lower Cat. 1 La
fa ette ate '
IK'USFKIRL WANTED-Glrl for general
housework: private farnll . no wahlng. Alply
i?s iJoimsn si.
iini'snuni. ivaNTKD-hlt clrl for general
not-ew.irk. small family: easy hours, good pay.
:K Laclede at e.
HOI'SEGIRL WANTED-Good girl for general
houewr. references; no washing or ironing.
UM Ivlmar ave.
HOI M7GIRL WAN e-tt Girt to C general
h"usewirk: small family: f t: good wages.
Mil A Ead ate
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Goo.1. willing, whlt
girl for g i-ral housework la plain family. 233
Washington ate.
Swede girl for general housework; wages
ISM Kennett place.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-German girl to d-t
h.ework: small family: no outside work. 39
Washington ave.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general
Jou-ewerk: family of two rersons. Apply 4111
Llrdell boulevard.
COOK WANTED-CompeUnt girl for oooklng
and general housework, without washing, high
wages. IS7tt CaUance.
TlOUSEGIRL WANTED While girl for gen
eral house wirk: no washing; mut understan.1
rooking 41M Morgan st
"HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Reltable girl for
housework: correepondlrg salary. SfKt Glasgow
place, corner of Wtter
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-German girl for gen
eral housework: no washing or Ironing, good
wagee 703 Stoddtrd st.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED G'rl for general nou-e-work.
with or without washing: taka Easton
ave car 14CS Stewart place.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-German preferred,
for general housework, small family: no washing,
aprlt Monday 4CA Dlrrar.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Good German girl to
do general houework In family of two, reference
required 4315 McPhersca ave
HOUSEGIRL-W.NTEr-Young girl for gen
eral housework- goi-1 pay and a good liome for
right party. 3&Z Russell ate.
HOI'SEOIRL WANTED-Good girl for general
housework: two In family: good wages; country
girl preferred. 1X7 S. Broadway.
HOUSEGIRL WANTEI-Glrl to do general
housework, with or without washing: small
Ihjuk small family. 3 Eads ave.
" HOUSEGIRL-WANTED Girl for general
hnu'ework: ro lundrv or outlde work, other
help employed. SS7 Wes'mlnstsr place
HOI'Si:GlRLW'ANTErv-Whlteglrl for gener
al hourework; ro washing, small family: will
v.ant refere mej. S3 Cate av.. Cabanne.
woman for ren-ral houework. 32 SO -r week.
Call liefore T p. m at ltl Washlngtcn ave.
HOI'SEGIRL WANTED-Glrl fo- eenenl
!i'uswcrk. family of thre: must 1- good eok:
reference required, kfep ether help. Apply 4SI7
for light houserork In family rf two. ea
work and gonj hrtnc for the right patty; no
sah!ng; girl over 17 years preferred. Call
4145 Minnesota ave.
LAUNDRESS WANTED A white wrmsn for
jJaln laundry work. MIJ N. Taylor ave.
LAUNDRESS First-class laundrce wants'
work t- tike hem or go out: Iiesi of references.
4 St Ferdinand-
Clerks nnd Collectors.
WOMXN WANTEr Toung woman. 17 to ri
tears old, for cler.ea! work In manufactory,
must ! proficient In arltrmtlc and algebra,
rtate mrunt of schonllng and exjnence. also
wa-es cxpecte.1 A IS, Itpcblic.
! " O "
4 WANTED Ton thcroughly exptrl-
A encel Millinery Salesladies and Trim-
' mcrs: gsod ralarj-. Addres 31 S i
E . . L"
GIRL WANTED Girl over 17 to care for walk
ing child, good Ivime. 4C!S Washlngtoa ave.
NURSEG1RL WANTED For two ehltdren;
take Easton ate car 144S Mewart place
NrilSnGHlL WANTED-Small nurregtrl" to
take care of one child, reference. 43 Plne
NUIti'S WANTED Experieneed nurse fbrlmlr
and young cht.d references required. 3741 I i
c'tul P.ve
WANTED-A girl It years of g as
nurse. Apply at tl Morgan at.
CHRISTIAN lady to teach music In country
heme for summer, with references. S97I Cots
Brllliante ate.
er Lunch rocm. tot N th St.
FEW ladies to do copying at home; no canvas
sing. Ineloes stamp. Warren Chemical Co.. De
pvitment "A." Detroit. Mich.
Last week the following employed students of
the Southwestern Business College. 110 Olive st,
as bookkeepers and stenographers: Cronden
Martln Woodenware Co.. 301 S. Mala St.: trnloa
Syrup and Preserving Co.. S. Secoad it.;
Siuco Furnace Co.. rj Olive su This schrl pre
pares perrrns for the tieat office employment and
makes a specialty of asa'stlnc graanate to po
siuons. School throughout the summer.
24 LBS. GRifi., SI.OO.
This sugar Is Best Eastern and full weight
guaranteed, and will be sold only with 31 worth
of other goods. W are continuing this astonish
ing Bargain because of the Immense demand for
the same Also, try a 30-pound package'of Cous
las's Celebrated Blend cf Roasted Coffee for 11.75.
This eoffee Is positively our regular Se Java:
.nJT' ?'- 2 Pounds Coaslns's Choice Tea fcr
T?1 r regular S.)e Tea. Also. S-pcand
can Pure ITtosphate Baking Powder for TSc. real
ly cheap at rLJS. The George Cousins Tea Com
pany. Sixth and Market st. Klnloca B 114X
sSeL. MBr ' Cl '
r 3
r 0l Q"l
Binv'v -vT
Hill JfsvyJkBBBs'
Increases his Business and Lightens his
Burdens by obtaining; competent help through
Republic Want Ads.
It's the part of "Wisdom to employ the
quickest, surest and least expensive method
of procuring; assistants who will ASSIST.
That method has been found in Republic
"Want Ads, which
-Man tvnnt tint little here below," r V
Hot Ttnnt flint little nlwn, A
( I'nlr he trie n little Ail O
And fill that Ttnnt for till lns. W
ft Any druggist will Q
ft tephcB- your ad V
ft to The Re;.ubil Q
eOMwowvooowvo'..i . ie.'eeee
FIVE to HI weekly fr copying letters fcr u
In your wn home, outfit anj intn f ns free
Address Lailes Heme Magatlne, Philadelphia.
GIRL WANTED-Smart girl to learn embroid
ering Mrs. Murr gfaan. Zui OHte st.
fRlTwAN'TUD-Goo-l colored girl, about IS
J ears old. 31 Pine st.
"GIRL WANTED-Glrl about 13 or 11 ss com-
1-ar.lon for old lady. R It. Republic
GIRL WANTED-Toung girl to learn taller nj
and assist with office work. 4U3 Olive.
GIRL WANTED-Glrl 1 to 15 years oM.
steady work. Inland Typo Foundry. Twelfth and
GIRLS WANTEIe-A quartet of girls fcr con
cert, play guitar, mandolin and ban J 5. City. ZJZi
GIRL WANTED-Glrl weighing about II)
pounds for theatrical vaudeville; nest appear
ance. T 9. KepuLiic.
GIRLS WANTED-Ftfty girls; steady work all
summer ana winter: gtoa pay. ppiy t u ..
Fcnstea's. Commercial and Olive sta.
GIRLS WANTED-Fllty girls to work In our
Uing department, nice place, good wages. Lnlan
Biscuit Company. Sixth and Carr sts.
HOUSECIRL WANTED-Good houseglrl; call
Monday. IS Washlngtoa are.
old for light work: white or colored. 4teA
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Young white girl for
light housework and aslst with care of child;
small family. Call atonce. ZiVt Thomasst.
girls. Southern Hotel, rail early;
la kitchen. Ca S Broadway. Call at cace.
LADIES copy letters at borne: M per l."
send stamp-d envelope far application. Monarch
Novelty Gn Pept . Chicago
LADIES1 to learn our business; on-.e wa ge
from start: short t'.n required: ptendld-payng
prrfession: comparatively no expanse to conduct
your own business: ros!t!.ns waiting Call or
write Mo'.er College. llHJlarketst.
"l.EARN proofreading: sit secure-l. US tn
weekly. Home correspondence School. Phlla.
"NINE to lis weekly: no eantantng. If not em
plojed an hour or two evenings will add JS to
to your weekly lncom: lnekee stamp: work
malted en application. Twentieth Century MIg.
Co . Toledo O
WANTED Nam and address rf all persons
suffering with cancer. B 43. Republic.
YOl'NO LADY WANTED-Toung ladr to fin"
Ish kodak pictures: n llttng In West End pre
ferred. X 54. Republic.
lt-i i iri itji.i.rxo.ri im"i 1iT1rsVlf,
Clerks and Collectors.
K av. Republic
CLERK WANTED- Hexistered drug clrk; one
with experience prefetred. Arcade Iliarmacy.
CLERK WANTED A voung German junior
diug clerk, three or four years" experience, till
drug store. Temh and jv Falhm.
IJRL'G CI:itK VANTED- ecommodatlng Ju
nior drug clerk; none but hu.tler need apply.
Vandventer and Washington aves
SALESMAN WA'NTEIt-stiM! sa!eman. 511S
Easton ave. H. R. l'r.
WANTED A few mjre cl-rks and office people
to eat at Nonpareil Restaurant It N Fourth st
"yoCNG HAS WANTCr Young man to aisst
la effiee and eitllect. ITS week, permanent, call
to-day lir O'lve
" YOl'NG-MAN-VANTBI- Young man with
some experience la lh grocery business to take
car of two horres ZZli Licled
YOFNG MAN WANTED-Young'man to roan
sge branch ofrlce oatsrde city. ITS month, ex
pense.; csll to-lay 1S) OHte
YOl'NO MAN WANTED Young roan for re
sponsible pneltlcn: gwd pn-nansNp: night work;
no attention paid to applications made without
rtferrnce. B it. Republic.
rapreia' Deeirners. exterts. se to S4j; no ad-
vance charge.
Lelrh Bro.. century.
TARM HAND WANTED Experienced farm
fcaad. Apply 2M2 Franklin.
Cs Kalb st.
Ap-lr IJJJ
grounds. Second and Aneral sts. Burt Wolf.
LABORERS WAN"THDLaborrs to work ca
plate-glass la-tory st Valley Park. mo., on
Tuesday morning. James Stewart Co.
L.U30RERS WANTED For Wet AFordyce
quarries; wages J1.0 per day, no discount, board
3 7S perwuk. free transportation: take St. Loul
Valley Railway train t Denierslde street car
creasing. East bt. Louis, at fM a. ra.
LABORERS WANTED Fifty Italian, extra
gang: Interpreter, M nicnth; 10) men fur F. C
Webb. Bonne Terre. Mf , 1 Austrian. 11 il
day; Interpreter. , day: laborera. city. J1.7
Tim Sullivan, a very reliable labor atent. 1-S
cadatn breakers. Foot of Mound st,
MEN WANTED Twenty good men to work
for B. Lantry Sons In Indian Territory; wag-s
JL7S per day; free pass. Appy J. Brady, 33
N. Third St.: ship to-night.
MEN WANTED IS men to wne k en -I'ei
Company; work la Missouri and Indian Terri
tory, tree pats. App., j Hraa. N. i'.t.d
. 1 ... . ,.A l, ,, , v v. AVTVnPifle IraTt
laborers at Eighteenth and Clark. Monday morn
ing SLLoulsTTansit Co.
WRECKERS WAN-TED Wreckers with hatch
ets at Acseurer-Bitsch brewery. Hlll-0Meara
Cms. Co.
WRECKERS WANTED Fifty wreckers and
ten teamsters. Anbeiner-Busch Brewery, Ninth
and PestalarM. Hill & O Meara -On.tructxn
WANTED-rs foundry laborers aad help-
im er: steady work: spply Monday. 7 s. m
citni? ,t'"iR simpson: K
B Eighth to Ninth ea Park.
A-St" r -
The Trades.
HAKEI-) WANTED-Two bakers, first and sec
oad hat id. t"t country work. gwM wages, steady
work, rail between 19 and 13 to-day Flelsch
nu nn Co . Sixteenth and Market !.
BARBER WANTED-Flrst-eUs single barter.
4139 Iton.
BARBER WANTED-ThU (Sunday) morning
from I till li o'clock. S3 guaranteed. 4SS3 Mary
land BARBER WANTED-Immediately, first-clas.
sober barber. stx wages to right man no Sun
day wcrk. Apply to A. L. Meyer. Been. Terrv.
BLACKSMITH- WANTED-For welding tls
ard hub u inds: also an experienced c to run
sbaprr and other machines In wagon factery.
BrocksUth Wagon Company. Carrolltoa. Mo.
ED Apply American Car aad Foundry Co..
Madison. III.
union carpenters and two handy men on McCuno
and Iranbxe aves. Monday, tak Tower Grove
COOK WANTEDA male cock for CTautatji
Hrtel. at Chautauqua. 111. must be sober and
livW.tapd hi tus.n and a cd neat enok.
Addrers or call on m-traser rf note!. C.autau
iua. Ill , on river ard P . ' & St I- It. R.
CYOK WANTKD-ShartHirilee cook for nlrht
( lunehruom. 37- North Market.
j Cixik -Situation by Japanese: first-elass co.k
1 or t-utler In cafe, or hutel. or gnteel family.
I V 44. Iteputtlc
COREMAKERS tor permanent poattlon !n
Pittsburg, wages S3 3 ter dav. Addre-s 1L C
VanNorman. Lock Box 433. rutsburg. Pa.
CORES! A KKilWA NTEDYoungman'f'ir eere
rnaker In braes foundry, on with experience pre-ferr-d.
Ferd Messmer Mfg. Co. I7 S. Seventh
day momlng, 939 olive st.
ENGINEOIS WANTED-Frr oat of town, first
and second cless englners. with good certin-
, este. stem-wheel, high-pressure boats. Room
! Imperial Hotel.
r iiaiir.nr. r.lt.. t.t t r.te riD '.aeie ci
wrought Iron work: fitters and chlpfe's 4n rat
Ircn work, wage J: tn Jt SO per ,y. Glcoe lroa
ard Foundry CO.. tl Victor st;
granitoid fmshers at 11 ok.e-k at Kutii, ea-
j uervort irney a rwiiier-room. uotani.
i Luuta Portlind Cement Co.. lTnfrt Hill, on
j Columbia Bottom road S. C. McCormlck.
; I!LTER WANTED Young men to help blaek
t smith; must understand horseshoeing Twelfth
and wash
"" MACHINISTS Out of work, union and ncn
ur.lon. call at 131 Franklin ave ; strike ca in
St. Lou! and vicinity.
MAN WANTED Young man to learn bakr
trade 1731 Mloar! ate.
MECHANICS WA.VTED-Several good mechan
ic for assembling and adjusting machine: light
wo-k with good chance for adtancemeni B U.
BrpcM e.
n Hs'tng marhlne. experienced boys In finish
ing room Scudder-Leeaberg Shoe Co.. 43-37
Warne ave.
PAINTERS WANTCDP-inter . Arply Amer
ican car and Feunlrv Co.. Ma.Hon. 11
"rhoTOOItAPHEns WANTED-Men to wo-k
outside, callers and operators. Will rd. 1CS
Dcdier st
PIANIST WANTED-First-cUrs pianist: must
I well up In orchestra music and stsht rider
prefer one w'lh mujlc. to such will offer summer
engagement and good salary Y St. Republic
PLl'MIIERS WANTED-Two firrt-cl- plumb
ers. Qutna Srcl th. 4I Delmar b-wilevard.
PRESSER WANTEfs-I'ie-e presser on eu'tom
eoat Mill A AverlH Talkirlng C.. Broalway
an-1 line st
rRISFEEDnit WANTED-Experlenced Job
press fe-der and pony-press feeder Harford A
sons. 117 Locust st.
st-ady work: good wages. 1SCS Franklin are.
TINNER WANTED-Good jabbing tinner and
furcacs man. John T. Bxcnen Co.. Hot
La faette are.
WANTED Carpenters and car builders. Asciy
ZJCODe Kilb ft. .
ave.. East St. Lculs. III.
TOL" to bur lit) reliable Halrer' r.!itt fn.
thl price 1 for a short tlm only. R. N.'
Wharton. D N. Second st.
HOY WANTED Strong boy far stair-building
shop. 3 S fifteenth St.
BOY WANTED-Experlenced boy to feed Job
press Vltrey. Ml N. Twelfth st.
HOY WANTED-Brlght ofnee toy; good edu
cation. Addrest In own handwriting, stating sal
ary R I. Republic
HOY WANTED Quttk. bright boy to run er
rands; state sse snd give name of last em
ptoyer. I' a. Republic
BOYS WANTED-S boy, to Join World's Fair
band aad orchetra. Call at 1433 S. Broadway.
l'rcfenrOrof. Free Music School.
-I?Vl,.WA7:lvr!-h, po"1 x- '- "
??- nlmeeif useful In grain and stock office;
referenced required. C IS. Repubtle.
civil Strvlre Coternment pcit!or.t; T.S7J ap
polntments made between July 1. In. and April
- aly c-anoon school educatlcn requlre-J
" '".mlnatlon: cauicxue of Intorrnatlen free.
Co,iroibIan Correspondence College. Vashlngtan.
TOl"NO MEN WANTED-Graduates of
grammar school, to learn wholesale mer
chandise business, an exceptional epper
tunltv for bright. Intelligent box; busi
ness experience not necessary: state age.
and give reference if possible P 43. Re
public Mercantile CoUege. Lincoln Trust building. See
entb and Chestnut sts. individual Instruction
given la Bookkeeslcg, Penmanship. Scailhaad.
TyrewTitlnr. Arttametlc Cram iar. etc Tela,
SaU Mala 43: KJa. A 70. Open all rummer.
I ev,,,,,,,ii.n. .'
For stake wagon. 713 Morgaa st. .
COITLE WANTEDAa oM Germaa eoip!- to
go to the country, a good home fcr the right
one. C 43. Republic.
DETECTIVES WANTED-Rellable parties In
all localities: exirienre unnecessary. sef-a.t-drctsed
envelope for particular. North Ameri
can Detective Bureau. iTilrago. IH.
DRIVER WANTED Experieneed man to
drive uptown waxn. 33 S. Sarah st.
FARMER WANTED-Slcgle mWdle-aged prac
tical farmer to work id 7U-a.re farm, live mites
from city limits, gnod tace f'r i,-hi trty. Ad
dresa I. CUilll. route No. i. Ralsioru
FOREMAN WANT rID- Fnrsmar. in" larg- grain
and stock farm In North Texas. mut I h.net,
active and rtrlctlr sbr. and undirstaid the
handling of all farm Implement wife mu.t b
g-sl nok: grown children ro objection: refer
ences require.!. For particulars address Herm.
pecht. Iowa l'ark. Wlcalta County. Tex.
WANTED KVERYWHERK-I'ustler to taek
signs, distribute circular, samples tr : no ran.
vassin; guul pay. Sun Adtertflng Bureau.
WHISKY and all klnJ of ll-jor. hew-to
e an Al article itr , ' per gal. . nin:ng
like It; formulas complete by mi'i . agent
wante.1. Prof. W II. Berg. luck b..x It Arsenal
Station. St- Louis. Mo.
YARDMAN WANTED A gxed yardman. 1SS
S. Jefferson ave.
YOL'NO MEN WANTED-Seten young men f
run on paesengtr trains, goo! wages; call tu-da.
1330 Otlte.
YOL'NO MAN WANTED- Vung man ti
tratel. experience unnet-essc-ry . & month and
ef ensea. F Zt. Republic
pointments to be made; examlnatl ns soon tn ev
ery Slate, hundred prepared by u hate beea
appointed: circular VSv. giving full particulars as
to nosltlons. salaries, dates aad phtcts of exam
inations, e'c. mailed fr- National Corspcnd
enc Institute. Wsstd ngton. D. C
grant Vild finishers at 11 o'rIMk at Scruggs. Vaa
demort X. Barney's boiler-room. IHino.
HOL'SEMAN WANTED-Steadr roan to tend
horse snd ccw and help around hou-e. call Slon
day. 33 Washingtcn ave
IF you like a nice homelike place to eat. go ta
the Nonpareil. It N. Fourth st
LEARN proofreading, alts seeu ,1. Jis to l
weekly. Home e,ffIe2pondeace s-'hcnl. l-.llla.
MAX WANTED A good man to assist In lunch
stand. Ca 11 ie llr.lun nt.
MAN WANTEIe-Ojmpeter.t man fo respml
ble posltlcn. cash or l-nd required. C S. Re
public MAN WANTED-Middle-aged or .M man who
wants a home and Is willing to do some wrk.
Y It. Republic.
MAN WANTED !!iest reliable, colored man
to make himself useful around h.-use; referenrtj
required. Cull Monday. 3711 line st.
MAN WANTED Man who has an arqualT
ance among street car men f thla rlty. if you
can furnish us satisfactory referro tl,
character, ability and rf.ne-ty. we can furnish
you a position and a fair sary to ta-t with,
an opiirtunlty for advancement, permanent p.
sltlon X SS. Republic.
MANAGER WANTED Manager andraustctaa
fer medlein show, city and country. 3S Mor
gaa st.
MECHANICS qualified for advanin'nt. our
free Iwoklet. "Are Your Hand Tied-' tells how
thousands have doubled or largely lneresM their
earning capacity through our spare-time Instruc
tion bv mall Write to iw Interoatlial Curre
spondence Schools. Box lt Scrantoa. ra.. or call
day or etening St. Louis of Bee. ln st butld
lng. H37 line tr .
MEN WANTED-lmmedlately. men for office
work. S3 a day In voar spare t'me; uarantee.
full tnstnictlons 31. Oleander life. Co.. Galves
ton. Tex.
MEN to learn our business; splendid profe?!on
for poor rran: short time prepare for position or
conlue'lnc your own business, tools presented;
sne wages frjm start. poltlns guarantees.
Call or write Sloler Barber dllege. Iltl Market.
NOTION ail dry goods store; Wert End. .V
43. Republic.
PENMAN WANTED-Good experience and
rapu pens n to address envelopes. 48t2 Foret
Parkalee block south of lAclede.
19 N. Broadway
POSITIONS secured fcr Illustrators, ai. writer,
ioamallsts. bookkeepers, stencgraphers and procf
readers. provided they are members of our Insti
tute: ray u no tuition fee until we cave secure.!
you a position: write at ones, mentioning the sub
ject yeu wish to study Ctrr-sprndence Institute
cf America. Cox Clt. Scranton. Pa.
SKINNERS WANTED-S skinners Monday
mernlng; new Washlngtoa University: wages
S1.7S. isoutnern Paving and Court Company.
TEAMS WANTED Team: 40e per hour. Jf
feroa ave. and Gravois read. Bcehler-Coocey
Construction Co.
TWO handy men around place; 1I.S;. room and
Hotel yardman. IT,, houseman. 333; fireman.
Single night watchman, in. room aad boanl.
Two order clerks. 113 week, grocery clerks. S3
Flrt. s-cend and third cooks; city and coua
trr. Bridge foreman. 3 pile driver foremen. S3. 31
Hostlers. It. IM week: delivery drivers.
Married stable man. -tarried farmhands. t-
Farm hands, milkers are! gardeners; steady
SO laborers. Ind Ter. cmmlary work: free
J5 laborers and tea trs. yardmen, company
39 lalwrers and teamster. Oxark Mts.. S3 .... T3.
1D laborers and teamters. N Arkansas; free
14) handy factory laborer, tl.73. Jl); steady.
Men fcr prltate places, ys. rocm and board.
R. R. nws agent on W Cannon Bill train.
Two bandy men around butcher shops; J3S. J3S.
Store porter. Ill week; barmen. St. !4 wee"-.
2S brlekyanl lborers. Jl to Jl.SJ day .
0 Greeks. Polan!ers ami Hungarian. Jl ..
Bellmen, busmen ami bllllard-hsll men; steady
All pple out of wcrk call en the rlJet and
Iarget emrlorment comnony In St. Louis.
National Employment Co.. 113-11 K Sixth at-
A GOOD representative wanted In every tvsr-j
la United State; excellent ray an.1 bright future
to right f-rtles. Addres The United Co-j.-e-a-tlve
llnaie Co 714 Holland building. St. 1-juIs.
AGENTS' can make JIS tn Jl per week seltlng
Victoria Air Sweeper. 31 N Fourteenth st
AGrNTS WANTED Two good agent, lady o
entlemea. aew specialty: Jl guaranteed, l.-l
AGE;.TS-J1 dally made br agents slll-j our
claim file, use by every merchant and iwysi
eleu. ?v-ra Co- D . 1 OI've. St. Louts. Ma.
ini'vro u'lvrrl ? .h.elt and cat -eye Jew
elry, sample "lc: aluminum and leather card
casts. L. Bocllert. St. Louis. M'-
AGENTS AND FAIR MEN - Lucky pocket
piece; lit sellers; sample lc. doien other red
hot Miter; send for price. Kneeland Supply
Co.. Harvey. Ill
AOENTS wanted for Keld's celebrated llne-hold-rs:
sell at sight, sample and terms 3Sc.
Gem Mfg. "o- Parkersburg. la.
AGENTS. J13S monthly, metal bread boards;
new premium blaa lnure sale etery houe;
work hard, but S12S sure, plans and samples free.
Forshee Mfg. Co- B S3. Oncinnatu O.
ACTIVE agent to reoresent best J4o typewriter
ever made; exclusive, pern ncnt an.l lucrative;
largs discount: unusual oi.rr'rtunlty. Sua T. W.
Co.. 33 Broadway. New York.
AGENTS WANTED-Blg money to live agent
selling our contracts, territory an) where tn the
United States, see our plan. Oxark Home Co.. 31
Oxark building. St Louis. Mo
AOENTS. get our offer, best ever made by a
reliable house, large profits, advancement; sam
ples and terms fre. Lewi Medicine Company.
- N. Third at.. St. Louis. Mo.
AGENTS wanted for entirely new and nca
sary hou-'hcld article, fast seller, proflta large;
exclusive territory given Address Mountain
Stats Mfg. Ca, Huntington. W. Va.
AGENTS WANTED by Home Guarantee Cera-pajiy-aa
llllncls corporation will provide a home
quicker than any ether; write for terms. W.
1?. Hass. general agent. East St. Louis. III.
OENT W'ANTED-Outside St. Louis: IM per
cent crofit: tells at sight: Con't accept aa
agency until you get my free sampler and lib
eral crtr. sarman. 3121 Franklin ave. St.
L euls. Mo.
AGENTS on salary or commission. The great
est agent' seller ever produced, every user nf
pea and Ink buys on sight. SO to 80 r-r cent
profit, on agent's sales amounted tn JC? In six
days, another J33 In two hours. Monrce Mfg.
Co.. X 13. La Crosse. Wis.
AGENTS WANTED Mall-order men and
agents, handle line of goods, egg and doughnut
lifters- big profits; sample lee. rlurn this .-?-vertlren-ent
with order. Agents' Supply. 41$
Victor st-
"AGENTS Ee Independent: manufacture and rell
orangeade, the great summer drink, at fairs,
picnics and to-es; SOD per rent profit: formula
with full directions for making- 2Se. Sandoval
Specialty Co.. P. u. pox Je. sanaova. in.
rMnur.ti. woiie .. uimuuu onu .
samples, etc: no canvassing: good pay. Dlstrib
nters' League. New York.
LADY agtnts tn sll the most practical snd
best skirt and waist adju-ter on the market;
large prrfita. Dorothy Q. SUy Co.. SO. 3 La
Salle st.. Chicago. 111.
and women la every county In the United States
tt repr-eent a reliable flaanelal lastltutton. Ad
dress Box 3. Nevada. Mo.
WANTEDTo pay U. tA J3.0M. J3.000 a year to
cne man In every city and town In the United
StaU to go Into business for himself; we furnish
plans, capital, giving such complete Instruction
that success guaranteed; our patent la an abso
lute nee-salty, bought la large quantities by big
corporations, city, village councils, manufactur
ers, farmers and all kinds of public and private
buildings, street railroads, school., colleges, asy
lums: you are not required even to make collec
tions' business Is permanent and good the year
round: If you have ambition and are determined
to accumulate a fortune and be la business for
yourself, write us: we will start you In the way
to make J2.0W. J3.0M. and scon you will make
JS.CC0 to JX.&X i a year above all expenses: experi
ence not required: simply determination to wurfc
and make e, big succea. we have thrt-e In our
emptor making S7W a week, many make end
few less than SIS0 a week: writs us promptly; ws
will glva you the opportunity of a lifetime and
TWENTY-TWO dollars weekly aai all expenei
fttr men trltti rlr to introduce tiOUlirv ram.
leiuml. straight sa ry. Imperial Mfg. Co.. Dent,
St. I'arscns. Ka.
WANTEDEveobcdy to know that the Nonpa
lell. H N. Fourth st.. serves rib roan bet at 13c
WANTED General agent to handle sub-agenu;
a iinn experlenc 1 In selling flat Irons; nothing
ui.erior to -ur Ircproteil seir-heater; prices right,
Aetna Sad Iron Co.. Dept. 11$. clnnatt0.
WANTEIsI'ortralt'agents; lxi Orlco portrait
and mat. whI-ale 43c: retail S3: no extra for
groups, betrer tnan eraon. Chicago Copy Co..
447 ogden ave . Chicago.
WE send twelve dUmnnds to examine; writs
for our new .at.Wtcue and liberal offer; traveling;
case fre. carton Diamond Company. Syracuse.
N. Y.
WE pay $33 a week and expense to men with
rig" t1 inirJUU( e l ouitry iTJmpounu. imer
Hattonal Mfg. "o "ir-un. Kas w
SOLICITOR WANTED-Go"d solicitor for city
and country: S3S per week, b t seller en tho
market. Call or write 3I i-arter ate.
r-oLICITORS WANTED On alary or commis
sion, f tt city and country, to call en business
ami professional men, 44 Laclede building.
"SOLICITORS WANTED A few young ladles
to Introduce a high-class breakfast fund by so
Heltinc fKJUse to houe; must be neat, honest and
willing to work. Apply at JHchlgan Cereal Com
pany, onvr Broadway and Poplar sts.. Mon
iay. between 8 ami 12 a. o.
Ladr Asentu nnd Solleltors.
r.iniry . Aoriate with well-to-do laile
to recommeid a reiuble concern, no canvaasicg
or -Jl'itlng K M. Republic.
TWO ladles to sll tickets to a fimt-class popu
lar entertainment, liberal compensation; refer
rnes reiutre F 43. Republic
rXiLr"-ftrOrrirtiirTrrr ir sn ' i . .
man to gi to country who can dress windows
and card writer. T S3. Republic.
REGULAR dinner served by the Nonpareil
Itestaurunl. 16 N Fourth St.. at 3Sc
SALESMEN WANTED With a small amount
of capital. Call or address 2fS S. Main st.
SALESMAN WANTED Show salesman. H.
GU-ar. 301 Kastin ave.
SALESMAN WANTED Well-dressed experi
enced man; J3 weekly. SOT Market St.; after 9
at 3i.
SALESMEN WANTED At once, experienced
traveling salesmen for Missouri, we want sales
raea: no notice need apply Box 311. Chicago.
SALESMEN WANTED Two hustling house-to-hout
salesmen: experienced men preferred; we
furnish horse aad Call Monday. Conroy
Bros.. HIS Olive.
SAIJniEN WANTED Eellabie parties. ra
cr female u sil teas and coffees to families la
Mo nd III : steady work at good pay. Athletic
Te Company. 317 Franklin ate.
SALESMAN WANTED Salesman to fell sta
ple realt!es to city do goods trade and vicln
lt) . liberal commission to good maa; must bo
""li recoramthded. B 17. Republic
SLESMEN WANTED Salesmen, city and
cwiiry. esperlnce unnecesary: IIS week; ele
girt'elde line. Inexpensive outfit; references require-.
Holland Cigar Company. St. Louis. Mo.
SALirsMEN WANTED To sell JLOOO accident
lnsuran- e f'.r Jl a year: can be carried as side
line investlgatlen solicited. Address the Germaa
Registry Company. S3, Holland building. St.
SALESMEN WANTED Hustling saJesmsn fcr
Missouri by well-esublished wholesale house;
high commission contract with S3S weekly ad
vance while traveling. Jess H. bt Ca , De
Uott. Mich.
SALESMAN WANTED Capo. bl men to han
dle th new encyclopedia, la 1( Tcdumei: Just
out; absolutely up to date; Sou eminent American
contributors, sold at less than hat; the price of
any standard encyclopedia; liberal com-lss:o.
F. C Bickers, fourth Boor. 7U Pine st.
SALESMAN ISO per week snd expenses guar
anteed selling chemical refrU rating machines
U hotels, restaurants, butchers and merchants:
cvol all kinds of refrigerators cheaper than Ice;
alro chemical Ice cream freeier. works auto
matic, write for territory; free sample. Chemi
cal Retiigerator and Freezer Co.. Station U.
SALESMEN We will pay yon a cash salary
of 30 a month In addition to the salary you
are now making, your house carries cur goods
In stock; If net now they soon will. They are
staple aad pay your firm a net profit of S3 per
cent. Ws pay your salary out of our profits.
Send fcr sample as side line. Weighs two
ounces. Write at once. Dept. S. Castor . Med.
CO Kansas city. Mo
STARK NURSERY pays cash weekly If you
sell ytark trees. Louisiana. Mo.; Dansrille. N. T.
WE want salesmen in every state: sell dealers
medicines, hitters, stock and poultry remedies;
splendid advertising: salary er Urge commis
sion. S-9 Marshal! Med. Ca. Kansas City. Mo.
BRIGHT young man wanted who I not afraid
of work, to rerrr-tent anai lufacturer; 3S0 c
month and expenses; chance for advancement.
Inclose addres cd envelope. 7 Star hui Idlag.
HOME WORK Sixty dollars roonthlr copytne
letters. either sex; send two stamps for particu
lars. Hick's Supply Co.. SuSl Hal-ted st-. Chi
cago. LADIES WANTED Four ladles; three days
work each week; JS; no experience. O S4. R4
LADIES for stamping: steady; good pay; take
rVrne; experience unneceeary. Room 4vC 831
LADIS at home; steady or evenings; 34 to St
week, experience uanccessry. light, clean work.
M Si. Republic.
LADIES and gents can earn from JS to J1S
weekly copying letters for us evenings. Address
with stamp. Champion Mfg. Co.. Chicago.
TWELVE dollar weekly copying letters at
hem, either sex. send stamp for particulars.
King Mfg. Co.. S Warren ave.. Chicago.
E3IP.OYME.-rr agexc.es.
ALL those desiring nerp er sektg altnat s
ma y reslster with the Free Employment Bureau.
cf the State Labor Bureau of Statistics, tl 34
Chestnut st : situations and help fure ires
- -.-. .. .iu , Ji.
itir. rarpemers ana pile-driver men frjf
IndUn Territory, free pass: ship to-night. Koe-nlg-s
Labor Asency. I Walnut st.
T,50..f.F-R.S WANTED-For new railroads la
Iowa. Illinois. Missouri. Arkansas and Indian
Territory Kcea!ga Labor Agency. OS Walnat.
. TWHSTT"r-VE '-J1- J"-"-'1, gardeners, driv-?rT;vI'iii'r,i-
m?n. -f vP'lt p'ce: men to
pitch hay. Koenlg's Labor Agency. 1S WalnuL
AIISOLUTELT highest price paid for ladles
-u. gentic-nea o,, cictnins; mall orders
-er0tn-ii,-rJlJ.l',"?. to" s- Gord""-. Vl7 N. Eighth
HIGHEST ca.h price paid for ladles and gen-
llarn fl' t " .!.. - a- . .
sws..xta-i .--. -civ-.iuif; emu or 1-rzM DOa:LZ
Mrs J Miller. t37 Walnut? Kin. A .; no branch!
Trtv. epr nn . . . ..
-wt. ....-. v uee ajr amo ai or gentle
mtn . clothing; pay twice ss much as anybody
because need them badly: send postal. a Carr.
i. ... - -.-.-.-.- ih.,ii i-i i-i i n.i-, n n..
BORGES SpaaUh School. 1I Missouri Trust
Bldg.. Seventh and Olive Sts. Classes formed .t"
any time, send for circular: translations sol Idtcd
MISSOURI Coller- of Law. Century bulidlngT
s I-iuls. Mo., midsummer term now coa aea
clng; call or send for catalogue.
PRIVATE school for summer pupils; may pre-
Kre for fall promotion; tuition moderate 4S33
line; best la the city for railway work: come
now and be ready for work this fi L
SCHOLARS Fall examinations; teacher with
experience: In class fifty or singly. 75o each:
West End. K J. Republic
SCHOLARSHIP'ln leading school-. commerclaL
military, musical and collegiate, at liberal s
count. F SS. Republic.
SUCCESSFUL tutor coaches backward Pupils la
all subjects: Jae hour. 8 44. Republic
SUMMER School All grades; J1-2S weekly;
preparation fall examinations; cubit: school
teacher. 34A Olive.
SUJIMER- School. OXonnell's Hall. Marcus
and Easton Children prepared for fall promo-
TAKE a course In St. I-uls Watch is ig
Scu-ol. "3SS Locust st., snd become a fl-sr. as
Jeweler: send for circular
West End School of La nituages. Llnmar bdr..
Vsndeventer snd Washington, begs to Inform his
friends and the public that he will open a down
town branch In Sevtember. headquarters to ba la
the Llnmar building.
IVeat End School of Lnncanr-es,
Llnmar Building. Vandeventer and Washington
Katabllshe.1 1-99. Rapid conversational method.
Thorouxh native teachers. lowest terms. Coach
Ing a sreelsltv A. HOLLWITZ . Manager.
Made In all language at Latln-Amerlean Clubs
catalogues and legal documents a specialty.
Commercial classes rtartlng now, J3 per month
also SPANISH and GERMAN, new t-rms begin
ning now. Conversation fmn start. Trial lessons
free. chool open ill summer.
Odeon. Mcrmod fc Jaccard Bldg.
AMERICAN Verdlr Steam Carpet Clean tnr
Co.. cor. Nineteenth nnd Pine jts.; best process;
lowest prices. Send tostaL Kin. D 70. Main Q9.
EMPIRR Steam Carpet Oeanlng Oct Carpets
tsken up. cleaned, made over and laid: best
work: lowest prices. J Lucas are. Main 3133:
c st.
ENTERI-IUSE Sttam Carpet Cleaning Ca
SnecUl attention to altering, e-w'nr aad rtevlnr.
Easton and Pendletca. Lin. 374M: Klnloch D SS3.
. DAxcixc TArrJirr"
-eeee,ee.eoe.e.eN'w..,i m mi ).oeeees
FPOF PARKE grurantees walu and two-ate?
for J3: prlvats lesser- any hour. 1330 Olive St.
TRIMP'S Academy Private lessens, all hours.
Ttltshona -aloch "-. 11X3 N. araa va.

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