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llth a
! V
cli:arig-sai.e rudictios.
10-cent Black Ciiamilly Galloons,
12-VeeEt White Cotton" Galloons,
10-cent Venise In?ertius,
Reduced to 5 Cent".
10-cent Venise Edgs
15-ccnt Normandy Insertions,
15-eent Black Chsutilly Galloons,
18-cent Torchou Late,
Reduced to 10 Cents.
25-ccnt Veni-e Ai'plique,
25-ccnt Black Chan til Jy Edges,
0-cent Biack Chautiily Insertions,
22--cn' Wnlte Ecurlal Appliques,
SO-eent Batista Appliques,
25-cent Cotton Serpentine Laces,
25-ceut Normandy VaL Ibices,
Reduced to 15 Cetils.
45-ccnt Medallion Laces,
40-ccnt Venise Appliques,
40-cent Batiste. Bauds.
45-cent Blarl; Chant illy Bands,
45-ccnr White E.eurial Appliques,
45-cent White Silk Laces,
50 cent Normandy I.iies.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
G3-cent Venise Appliques,
fiS-ccnt Oriental Laces.
C5-cent Normandy Medallions,
Reduced to n. Ccnl.
51.00 Venise Medallions,
$1-10 Normandy I-aees,
.$1.00 BntM Ijccs.
S1.00 Venise Lnecs.
75-eent Black Chantiliy Trices,
Reduced to r.O Cent".
$L50 Escurlnl Laces,
S2.75 Venise Applique,
$1.05 Batiste Appliques.
SL40 Black Chautilly Bands
Reduced to ?l.O0.
75-cent Venise All-Overs.
Rctlnccd to 150 Cent.
5L25 Venise All-Overs,
Reduced to 75 Cents.
60-cont Black All Overs.
Reduced to 35 Cent.
25-ccnt All-Overs, Wash Laces,
Tor 15 Cent.
SS Embroideries
10-cent Cambrie Kd?es and InertIon,
S-cent Swiss Edes and Insertion,
10-cent Nainsook lMccs and Insertion,
Itertnced to 5 Ccnt.
25-eent Nainsook Edses and Insertion,
22-cent Swiss Edces and Insertion.
2S-cent Cambric Edges and Insertion,
Reduced to 15 Cents.
40-cent Cambric Edses and Insertion,
35-cent SwLss Edses and Insertion,
B5-ccnt Nainsook Edjics and Insertion,
Ilcduced to 25 Cent.
Knit Underwear
For Women and Children.
300 dozen Women's IMbbed Vesls, tape
in neck ami arms; were 12'i cents,
Ilcdxxprd to S Centn.
.Women's White Ribbed Vests, thin lace
effects; were 20 cents,
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Women's Fine White Eisle Vests, Riche
lieu ribbed and lace effects; were 'Si
Redoceil to IS Cents.
.Women's Fine White Lisle Vests, some
with fancy lace fronts, 2Ti and So cent
Rcdnced to 10 Cents.
Two cases of Women's White Knit Um
brella Drawers, lace trimmed; were
25 centB,
Rcdnced to IS Cents.
Women's Union Suits, white Elsie, lace
trimmed at knee; were 73 cents per
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Children's Low-Neck Ribbed Vests; were
12J cents,
Rcdnced to S Cents.
Infants' Knit Wrappers, a broken lot of
sizes; were 23 cents,
Reduced to 121-2 Cents.
Knit Underwear -
For Men,
'A lot of Men's Ribbed Balbriggan Shirts
and Drawers, fancy strijjed; were 23
cents a garment.
Reduced to IS Cents.
Two cases Men's Fancy Weave Bal
briggan Shirts and Drawers; were 33
cents a garment.
Reduced to 17 Cents.
Men's Fine Egyptian Balbriggan Shirts
and Drawers; were 43 cents a gar
ment, Reduced to 25 Cents.
One case of Men's Fancy Colored Bal
briggan Shirts and Drawers, bilk
bound and pearl buttons; were 50
cents a garment.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
Men's Pure White Balbrlgpan Shirts
and Drawers; were 50 cents a i:ar
ment, Reduced to Z5 Cents.
One case of Men's Light Blue Cotton
Mesh Shirts and Drawers; were G3
cents a garment.
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Odds and ends or Men's hlgh-clai-s Un
derwear, consisting of line Balbrig
gans, Sea Island Cottons. Llrfc Thr:-d
and Mercerized gords; were il.00,
51.30 and ?2.00 per garment,
Reduced to 50 Cents.
.Women's Fine All-Linen Unlaund-rcd
Handkerchiefs, hand-embroidered Ini
tial, witli fancy embroidered wreath
design; were 13 cents each.
Reduced to O Cents.
Men's Pure Linen Laundered Handker
chiefs, hemstitched, with hand-worked
Initials; were 23 cents each.
Reduced to 12 1-2 Cents.
Women's Fine Linen Handkerchiefs,
with lace edges, embroidered, hem
stitched in while; also colors; fancy
tucked effects; regular 23 to 33 cent
. qualities, t
Reduced to 17 Cents.
And a big lot of extra fine Handker
chiefs, nil linen, fancy embroidered,
hemstitched on sheer cloths; embroid
ered scallops, lace effects, colored em
broidered, hemstitched; were 50 to 3
cents each,
Reduced to 33 Cents.
Twice each year for Tvyefity-nine Years we have announced a Semi-Annual Clearing Sate. Determined
as ever, not to
ment and Marked Reduced Prices on all of
One page wouldn't hold all of what we have to offer, so if you do not find what you want, see our advertisement in Globe-Democrat.
Clearing Sale Reductions
Lace Curtains.
Lace Bed Sets.
clearing-sale reductions.
One hundred pairs of Unfiled Swifs Cur
tains, that were $2. .".0 a pair,
ltcitncctl to $1.75.
Fifty pairs of Buftled Iddiinct Cur-
tains, that were $2.00 a pair.
Reduced to $1.25.
A lot of "Bonne Fcmme" Curtains
That were $4.30, -
Reduced to ?1.50.
That were $7.30.
Reduced to ?2.0O.
Fancy Colored Brussels Curtains. 30
inches wide. 3-i yards lung; were
$12.30 to $17.50 a pair.
Itednced to ?S.50.
IrMi Foint Lace Curtains
i:; pairs, that were Sl.tK) a pair.
Reduced to 52.50.
IS pairs, that were $0.00 a pair,
Rcdnced to ?1.S5.
S pairs, that were S10.73 a pair.
Reduced to 0.75.
Fine Irish Toint Lace Curtains, cush
ioned, embroidery and over-lock edge;
were $12.30 a pair,
Reduced to 7.50.
A lot of Savoy Lace Curtains, that were
$4.00 to $0.00 a pair.
Reduced to 3.00.
Lot of Nottingham Lace Curtains, that
were 50 cents a pair.
Reduced to 30 Cents.
Nottingham Lace Curtains
100 pairs, 3 yards long: were 73 cents
a pair.
Reduced to 50 Cents.
75 pairs, 3? yards long: were $1.50 a
Pair, Rcdnced to 1.00.
50 pairs. 4 yards long: were $2.23 a
I'air. Reduced to ?I.U5.
230 pairs; were $3.00 a pair.
Reduced to S.2.O0.
143 pairs, Irish P.iint and Brussels ef
fects; were $3.50 a pair.
Reduced to $2.50.
Arabian Lace Curtains
10 pairs that were $8.00 a pair.
Reduced to $C.OO.
ii pairs that were $0.00 a pair,
Itednced to ?7.tJ0.
5 pairs, extra heavy, braided and
corded, that were $12.50 a pair,
Rednced to ?7.00.
Nottingham Lace Bed Sets, full size;
were $3.25 set,
Reduced to ?2.00.
Real Renaissance I.are Bed Sets
were $18.00 set,
Reduced to SI 2.00.
were $23.00 set,
Reduced to 5.13.50.
Wash Goods
(These In Basement.)
Plain Turkey-Bed Calicoes were 5
cents a yard,
Rcdnced to 2 1-2 Cents.
Best Quality Full Standard Dress Style
Calicoes were 01-4 cents a yard.
Itednced to 3 1-2 Cents.
32-Inch Extra Heavy German Indigo
Blue Calicoes were 10 cents a yard.
Reduced to 5Ccnts.
Seersucker Ginghams, all eolirs, light
and dark, In stripes and plaids were
10 cents a yard,
Reduced to 5 Cents.
Extra Wide China Blue Percales. Dress
styles were 12 1-2 cents a yard.
Reduced to Cl-I Cents.
Best American Zephyr Ginghams were
12 1-2 cents a yard,
Rcdnced to 71-2 Cents.
French Percales, full yard wide, in
shirting and waist styles were 13
cents a yard.
Reduced to 71-2 Cents.
There on HaJn Floar:
Plain Solid Color Duck Suiting, navy
blue, tan, cadet, black and white
were 121-2 cents a yard.
Reduced to 7 1-2 Cents.
Fine Embroidered and Mercerized
Striped l.awn were 15 cents a yard,
Rcdnced to 7 1-2 Cents.
Genuine Imported Seetelt Madras, in
ftkirtiug and shirt-waist styles were
25 cents a yard
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Linen Foulards, in stripes and cheeks
were 23 cents a yard.
Reduced to 12 1-2 Cents.
Fancy Meicerized Striped Madras were
, 33 cents a yard,
Itednced to 15 Cents.
Linen Canvas Snitinc. la cream color
were 33 cents a yard.
RcducctI to 15 Cents.
Imported Iri.-h Linen Lawns, in white,
navy and French, blue grounds were
23 cents a yard.
Reduced to 12 1-2 Cents.
Mercerized Silk Finish Foulards, In
hinpas nnu plain .-Iiades were -10
cents a yard.
Reduced to 20 Cents.
$5 TabSe Oilcloth
5-1 Table Oilcloth in fanw colnrs
marbled and plain wliltc; regular prici
20 cents a yard.
Reduced to 121-2 Cents.
Feather Tickings
A lot of Blue and AVhite Strlrcd Feather
Ticking; rcgnlar prk-e IS ents a yard.
Reduced to IO Cents.
- B. NUGENT & BRO. DRY GOODS COMPANY, Broadway, Washington Avenue
carry over stock from
Rugs of All Kinds.
heiiicer rem n.i: using sle.
Axiniusier Buss, size 30x72 Inches: were
$1.50 each, Reduced to $r..ir
Pine Wilton Buss, hf.e 'M"i- inches;
were t5.TiO each.
Itrilnrril to JI.sa.
i Heavy W1 Smyrna Bus. size .i
feet: were $11.50 each.
Reduced to S!.75.
Fine Smyrna Rugs, size !.12 feet; were
$22.50 each. Rcdnced to 5.17.75.
Reversible Smyrna Rug, mzc 7 feet Ox
10 feet ti; were $:.5fl -aeh.
Reduced to 37.15.
ART SQIWRES-Fine Art Squares
Size KxU feet; were $3.50,
Reduced to 52.50.
Size 0x0 feet: were $5 01.
Rrdured to 53.S5.
Size 0x12 feet; were $7.75.
Reduced to 55.50.
Tapestry Portieres, Silk Dam
ask Tapestry, Tapestry
Panels, Tapestry Couch
Covers. v
ci.i:aria-s II.K RUOLCTIOXS.
Striped Tapestries, for draperies; was
35 cents a yard.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
Extra Special Tapestry. 30 inches wide;
was 50 cent a yard.
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Fine Figured Velour, assorted colors;
was $1.00 a yard.
Itednced to 35 Cents.
Tapestry Portieres, green, mo-toned, 3
yards long; were $2J5.
Reduced to S1.50.
Fancy Tapestry Portieres, two-toned, 3
yard Inns; were $3.25.
Reduced to 52.00.
Fancy Tapestry Fortlercs, in figures and
stripes; were $J150,
Reduced to 52JI0.
Fancy Tapestry Portieres, extra wide. In
green and blue only: were $4.00 and
Reduced to 52.75.
Fancy Tapestry Portieres, two-toned ef
fects, assorted colors
That were $4.50, itrducr.t to 53.00.
That were $15.00. Reduced to 53.5U.
Extra Quality Fancy Tapestry Portieres,
' either corded or fringed, all colors;
were $0.00 and $0.50.
Reduced to K5.0O.
Fine Taies!ry Panels, imported; were
$S-50 to $10.00. Reduced to 53.00.
Tapestry Coueh Covers, full size; were
$4.00, Reduced to 52.73.
Tapestry Couch Covers, 34x00 Inches;
were $0.00 and $0.50.
Reduced to 54.75.
3&S Hosiery
Women's Fine Imported Fast Black
Hose, of lace lisle, and a line assort-mei-i
of patterns wen 30 and 03
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Women's Fancy Hose, line Imported
lisle thread were 30 cents.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
Women's Fast Black LMe Thread Hose,
with double voles were 25 cents.
Itednced to 17 Cents.
Women's Fast Black Lace LMe Hose,
line goeds were 25 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Children's Fast Black Ribbed Ho.-e,
double knee were 12'-i cents.
Reduced to S Cents.
Children's Light-weight Fine Ribbed
Black, line "Maeo" goods, with un
bleached feet were 23 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Boys' medium-weight RIbbefl Hcsc, full
regular made were 25 cents.
Reduced to 12 1-2 Cents.
Men's Fast Black Hose, fine "Maco"
goods, with double soles, high spliced
heels and herringbone split feet were
23 cent...
Reduced to 17 Cents.
Men's Fast Black Seamless Hoe j
were 10 cents,
Rcdnced to 5 Cents.
Men's Fast Black Lisle Thread Hose,
lace effects were 25 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Satin Gros-Grain Ribbons, in all colors
and ail widths
li-Inch All-Silk Kit bous-were 5 cents
a yaru,
Hedccd to 2 Cents.
5-S-inch were G cents a yard.
Reduced to 3 Cents.
1-inch were 7 cents a yaid.
Reduced to Cents.
1 1-4-Inch were S cents a yard.
Reduced to 5 Cents.
1K-Incli were 11 rents a yard.
Reduced to 7 Cents.
2-inch were 15 cents a yard.
Reduced to 0 Cents.
2 1-i-Inch were 17 rents a yard.
Reduced to lo Cents.
23-4-Inch were 10 cents a yard.
Reduced to 12 Cents.
3 1-1-Inch were 23 cents a yard.
Reduced to 14 Cents.
Fine All-fllk Fancy Ribbons; in satin,
taffeta dots, corded taffeta, embroid
ered ilcsicns. in all the light colors,
4 jo 5 Inches wide regular 23 to 30
cent qualities.
Reduced to IS Cents.
one season to another,
this season's Srpliis
Dress Trimmings
iii:i)ict:n tricks tor ri.i:iti.c:
Colored Bended Heading. Silk Cimp-.
Persian Rand-", etc.: .were 25 to 50
cents yard,
Reduced to 5 Cents.
Cut-out Applique. Persian land- and
fancy trimmings; were C5 cents to
$1.23 yard,
Redneed t IO t'ents.
Black or Colored ApJiipie. silk braid,
passementerie, PerM.111 Uiuds; were
$l.O0 to $2.00 yard.
Reduced to 15 (Vnts.
Wide Studded EiaMic RclN; were SIM
to $2.5u yard,
Reduced to 50 Cents.
Waved Satin-Stitched Rands, black
only; were 30 and 75 cents yard.
Reduced to 2"; Cents-
Black Jet Headings and Gimps; were
50 cents to $1J5 yard.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
Black and Colored Passementerie; was
$1.35 to $5 30 yard.
Reduced to 50 Cents.
Arabian Braid Collars; wcre$2J).
Reduced to 51.00.
Handsome Collars, chiffon and velvet.
Arabian lace, etc.; were $3.i. to $7.50
each. Reduced to 51 .50.
Rich Embroidered Silk Shirt-Waist pat
terns were 4.Ti0. Reduced to 52.25.
were 55.75,
Itednced to 52.95.
Genuine Ostrich Feather Boa,
were $7.75,
Reduced to 52.50.
were $10X0 and $14.75,
Reduced to 55.O0.
Dress Goods
itRDrrno ron clearing sw.e.
A lot of Fancy Novelty Suitings, regu
lar price 23 cents a yard.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Chalk-Line Etamine Suitings, regular
prlre 50 cents a yard.
Reduced to 2 Cents.
Fancy Canvas Suitings, all pure wool,
regular price 30 cents a yard.
Reduced to 2 Cents.
SS-ineh All-Wool Hop Sack Suiting, reg
ular price 50 centB a yard.
Redneed to 35 Cents.
4 1-inch Fancy Mohair Suitings, were 75
cents and $1.00 a yard.
Rcdnced to 30 Cents.
44-Inch Basket Weave Suitings, were 63
cents a yard,
Reduced to 33 Cents.
All-Wool Imported French Taiulse Suit
ings, wqre 75 cents a yard.
Reduced to SO Cents.
4S-Ineh Silk and Wool Edlan Suitings,
were $1.50 and $1.S5 a yard.
Reduced to U5 Cents.
Black Goods
Novelty open weave black Pierola Suit
ings; were 50 cents : yard.
Itcduced to 2t Cents.
All-AVooI 42-Inch Black Hop Sack Eta
mine; were 50 cents a yard.
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Novelty Weave Black Brilllautines;
were 75 and 5 cents a yard.
Reduced to 41 Cents.
43-Inch Pebble Pierola Suitings; were
75 cents a yard,
Reduced to 50 Cents.
44-Inch Matelasse Mohairs; were S5
cents a yard,
Rcdnced to 55 Cents.
44-inch Black Mistral Cloth, was $1.35
a yard.
Reduced to I5 Cents.
Superb Halr-LIne Etamines; were $1.33
a yard,-
Reduced to 5 Cents.
Novc'ty Etamines and Mistrals; were
$2.00 and $2.30 a yard.
Reduced to 51.5U yard.
REnrcEi ron clearing sale.
23-cent Satin-Strlpcd Challies,
Reduced to 10 Cents.
35-cent All-Wool Ciaillks-,
Reduced to 25 Cents.
30 and 30 cent Clnllies.
Itcduced to 35 Cents.
Art Needlework
Mercerized Rope Emb:o'de-y Cotton;
was 7 cents skein.
' Reduced to 2 1-2 Cents.
Sofa Pillow Cords and T.issels, for the
comers of pillow; wen 12;i rents.
Reduced to 5 Cents.
Silk and Mercerized Taseis; vure 5
cents. Reduced to 2 1-2 Cents.
Stamped Linen Turn-Over Collars; wrn
5 and 10 cents. Reduced to 1 Cent.
Stamped Linen DcylKa and Cushion
Covers; were 20 rents.
itednced to 5 Cents.
Stamped and Tinted Sofa Pillows: were
23 cents. Reduced to IO Cents.
Tapestry Sofa Pillow Tops; were 23
Cents, " Reduced to 15 Cents.
Fancy Silk Ribbon for Sera Pillows;
4I,i-yard pieces;
were $1.50 piece.
Reduced to 75 Cents.
were $2.00 piece.
Reduced to $!.O0.
wcro !2M piece.
Reduced to 1.25.
Summer Lap Robes
(Thinl I'lwr.)
Light-weight Lap Robes of fancy
Momic cloth, embroidered craters;
were $1.23,
Reduced to S5 Cents.
we have carefully gone
Stock for this Gearing
en's and Boys9 Fisruisfil
Clearing Sale Reductions on Shirts,
Suspenders, Belts and Neckwear.
Men's and Boys" Woven Madras Neglige--
Waists; that were $1.50.
Reduced to 51.00.
Men's Elastic Web Su-pendcrs, braided
mohair ends; were 15 tents.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Men's Elastic Web Suspenders, kid
tipped cautab ends; were 25 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Men's Madras Slocks, solid and fancy
weaves; were 50 cents.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
Men's Cambric Night Shirts "French
Neck"; were 30 cents.
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Fancy Silk Shield Bows
25-cent ones,
Reduced to IS Cents.
15-cent ones.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Fancy Madras aud Lawn Band and
Shield Bows; 10-cent ones.
Reduced to 5 Cents.
Fancy Silk and Rumchunda Four-In-lland
Scarfs: were 25 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Boys' Elastic Web Suspenders, "Mohair
Ends"; were 15 cents.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Boys' Elastic Web Suspenders. "Rolled
Leather Ends"; were 25 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Men's Fancy Madras Pajamas; were
$1.00 suit,
Reduced to 75 Cents.
Men's White Dress Shirts, unlaundered;
were 50 cents,
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Infants' Dept.
Children's nnts, of Chiffon and Point
d'Esprit. lace and ribbon trimmed
were $25.
Reduced to R1.0O.
Children's China Silk Hats, trimmed
with fancy lace straw were $2.05.
Redneed to $1.25.
Children's White Organdie Hats, with
tucked crowns-wen $1.00.
Reduced to SO Cents,
were $1.30.
Reduced to 75 Cents.
Children's White Lawn Hats, with
corded brim were 25 cents.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Infants' and Children's White Lawn
Caps were 35 cent.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
were 30 cents.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
were $1.00,
Rednced to 50 Cents.
Children's White Pique and Linen Reef
ers, with sailor collars were $1.23,
Reduced to 50 Cents.
were $2.05,
Reduced to 81.23.
Women's White Lawn Aprons, with
lace or embroidered Insertion were 23
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Women's Fine Lawn Hemstitched
Aprons were 35 cents.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Women's Lawn Aprons, with tucks and
Insertions were 50 cents.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
English Madras Writing Paper, square
shape, two sizes; colors, white, gray,
blue, azure and heliotrope; was 15 and
124 cents quire.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Envelopes to match; worth 15 and 12A
cents iuck,
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Letter sbe Ink Tablet", plain, not ruled;
w ere 7 cents,
Reduced to 4 Cents.
Lot of boxes of good Stationery, several
kinds, that .were 20 to 25 cents !ox
Reduced to IO Cents.
Vellum and LIr.cn Finish. Fine Sta
tionery tW sheets, 50 euvclopes; were
35 cents.
Reduced to 2-1 Cents.
Big lot of Bond EnvcloiR-s, square and
long shapes; were S cents package.
Rcdnced to 2 Cents.
5?5 Jewelry
Lot of Stray-Lock Combs. Brooches,
etc- etc.; were 10 to 25 cents.
Reduced to 5 Cents.
Lot of Barrette Combs. Locket and
Chains. Breoches. Collar Buttons. Hat
Pins. Stick Pins, Cuff Buttons, Watch
Fobs; were 13 to 50 cents
Rednced to lu Cents.
Cuff Buttons Waist Sets. Hat Pins,
Side Combs: were 4S cents tn $1.50.
Itcduced to 25 Cents.
Rolled Gold-Plated Cuff Buttons, Rick
Felt rins. Flno Hat Plus; were $1.C0
to $5.00 each.
Rednced to SO Cents.
Fine Silk Fobs, with and without pendant-were
i o cents and $1X0,
Itednced to 30 Cents.
were $1.23 and $1.75,
Rednced to I5 Cents,
were $2-50 to $3.25.
Reduced to SI.SO.
Rich Hat Pins
were 03 to S3 cents.
Reduced to SO Cents.
were $1.00 to $1.73,
Reduced to 73 Cents.
were 40 cents,
Reduced to 25 Cents.
through everv depart
' Boys' White Madras
were 50 cpnts.
Negligee Shirts;
Reduced to 35 Cents.
Boys" Fancy Madras Negligee Shirts,
attached collars ami cuffs: were $1.00.
Reduced to 50 Cents.
Boys' White Oxford Cloth Negligee
Shirts; were $1.00.
Rcdnced to 75 Cents.
Men's Neglizee Shirts, of white Madras,
whito Bedford cord and dotted
Madras; were 30 cents.
Reduced to 33 Cents.
Men's White Madras Negligee Shirts;
were 73 cents,
Rcdnced to SO Cents.
Men's Negligee Shirts of Oxblood or
Blue Madras, with a pair of detached
cuffs, ami of white cheviot, with at
tached cuffs; were $1.00.
Reduced to 75 Cents.
Men's Negligee Shirts, of white woven.
Madras or fancy figured Madras, with
attached cuffs, and solid Oxblood, blue
or white cheviot, with a pair of de
tached link cuffs; were $1.30,
Reduced to S1.0O.
Men's Fine Leather Belts, kid-lined and
turned edges, with gold and silver
plated buckles
$1.00 ones.
Reduced to SO Cents.
$1.50 ones.
Reduced to 51.00.
$2.00 and $2-50 ones.
Reduced to 81.50.
Men's Negligee Shirts, solid white
woven Madras, with pleated bosoms;
$1.30 value.
Redneed to 51.00.
White Dress Goods
Hundreds of yards of White India Lin
enwas 0 l-l cents a yard,
nedueed to 3 Cents.
White Fancy Lace Lawas was Sl-3
cents a yard.
Reduced to 8 Cents.
Imported White Lawns, with openwork
effect was 12 1-2 cents a yard.
Reduced to S 1-3 Cents.
White Plain English Nainsook. Striped
Madras and Jacquard Muslin 10 to
25 cent values,
Reduced to 12 1-2 Cents.
Beautiful White French Etamine. Mer
cerized Madras and Fancy Oxfords
35-cent ones.
Reduced to IO Cents.
Mercerized Wasliable Grenadines. Mer
cerized Madras and English Madras
40-cent goods.
Reduced to 25 Cents.
3,000 yards of Beautiful White Em
broidered Piques, with fancy lace ef
fectswas 30 cents a yard.
Reduced to 2S Cents.
Pocket Books and Belts
Real Seal Coin Purses and black Lizard
Misses" rocketbooks; were 23 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents:
Women's Genuine Alligator, and Real
Seal rocketbooks. Cigarette Cases,
etc.; were 30 cents up to $1.50 each,
Reducert to 35 Cents.
Women's Pocketbooks, Real Seal, Wal
rus grain, sterling silver, mounted and
plain; were $1.00,
Reduced to SO Cents.
Women's Fine Pocketbooks, Real Seal
ami Genuine Alligator; were $1.23 to
Reduced to 75 Cents.
Rich Pocketbooks, Real Seal and Genu
ine Alligator; were $2.00.
Reduced to 05 Cents.
Real Seal rockctlooks, sterling silver
corners; were $2.00 and $20,
Reduced to 81.25.
Lot of Wrist Bags. Real Seal. Gennlno
AValrns. Monkey, grain leather; were
75 cents to $1.75,
Rednced to 25 Cents.
Lot of Shopping Bags, that were $1X0
and $1.15,
Reduced to 75 Cents.
Lot of Women's Leather Belts, black
and colors: were 30 cents.
Reduced to 10 Cents.
Lot of Moire and Tucked Belts, fancy
buckles; were 39 and 50 cents.
Reduced to IS Cents.
Lot of Women's Belts, some of satin,
others silk and leather combined; were
U3 cents, $1.00 and $1-50.
Reduced to SO Cents.
MuIe Rolls, handsomely made; go cheap
In the Clearing Sale
were 75 cents
Itednced to SO Cents,
were $2.23 aad $2.75,
Reduced to ?1.50,
WarnerV Rust-Praof Corsets regular
$L5J and $1.73 qualities.
Rednced tn 75 Cents.
Sonncttc Corsets were P1.50.
Reduced to 75 Cents.
R. G." $2.00 Ccrsets, ".I. B." Linen
Corsets were $2X0.
Rcdnced to Sl.OO.
"P. N." Silk Corsets-were $3.x.
Reduced to 81.50.
-J, IV Satin Corsets, In pinks and
blues were $1.30.
. Reduced to S2J.
EatMe Summer Corsets, white, pink
and light blue wer. 30 eents.
Reduced to 20 Cents.
"R. & G." Summer. "C. IV Summer
ard Coutille ar.d "Warner's- Summer
aau uoutllis Corsets were 75 cents
Reduced to 3S Cents. 1
and St. Charles Street.
Household Linens
Heavy quality Brown Toweling, that
was 7t. cents a yard.
Itcduced to 5 Cents.
Fine Bleached Scotch Crash and
Checked Glass Toweiing, that was 9
cents a yard.
Reduced to 71-2 Cents.
330 dozen Huek Towels with pretty
scalloped lxrders, nice for stand or
bureau scarfs; wvre 25 cents each,
Reduced to 15 Cents
A lot of Bleached Hemstitched Lunch,
Cloths some slightly soiled: all very;
fine goods; some that wn S2.00 each.
Reduced to Cents.
30 pieces of very heavy and lii!1 quality
Homespun Table Damask; the "old
fashioned kind," that wears almcwS
forever; was 09 cents a yard.
Itcduced to 4S Cents.
Fast Color Turfcey-Eed Table Damask,
that was 23 cents a yard.
Reduced to 19 Cents.
72-inch Cream Irish Satin Damask Ta
ble Linen; was 75 cents a yard.
Reduced to 57 Cents.
1,000 dozen Hemmed Linen
Dojiies, some are bleached,
some are half-bleached, the
prices were from 6c to 10c
Reduced to One Cent.
Bed Spreads
(ThlrJ nocr.)
White Crochet Bed Spreads, 11-4 size;
were 73 cents.
Reduced to 40 Cents.
White Crochet Bed Spreads, size 77xS3
Inches; were $1.00.
Reduced to 70 Cents,
White Bed Spreads, Marseilles patterns,
12-1 size; were $L23,
Rednced to SO Cents.
White extra heavy Crochet Bed
" Spreads, 12-1 size: were $1.33.
Reduced to OS Cents.
Fine White Satin Marseilles Bed
Spreads; were $2.30.
Reduced to S1.5D.
Extra Sue Satin Marseilles Bed
Spreads; were $3.00.
Reduced to S1.S3.
Ls Flannels
Plain and Fancy Printed French 'All
Wool Flannels, regular 30-eent quality,
Rednced to 25 Cents.
Cream-White Wool Silk-Embroidered
"Flannel, hemstitched and scalloped,
regular prices S3 and 00 cents a yard.
Reduced to SO Cents,
Celluloid Finger Shields; were 5 cents,
Reduced to 3 Cents,
Patent Hooks, Invisible Eyes, black on
silvered, worth 10 cents card,
Reduced to S Cents,
Stockinet Dress Shields, sizes 2 and 8
were 10 cents pair,
Reduced, to 71-2 CentJk
Nainsook Dress Shields, sizes 2 and 3
were 10 cents pair.
Reduced to 71-2 Cents,
Hold-Fast Hair Pins, aluminum; wera
10 cents,
Reduced to 5 Cents
Fancy Round Garters, fancy buckles j
were 33 and 30 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents,
were $1.50, Reduced lo 75 Cents,
Frilled Silk Elastic Side Stocking Sup
porters; were 75 cents.
Reduced to 40 Cents.
Satin Belt Hose Supporters, In pretty,
colors: were $1.C0,
Reduced to C7 Cents.
5 yards Colored Velveteen Binding; was
25 cents bolt.
Reduced to 10 Cents,
Mohair Brush Skirt Facing, fancy colors
only; was 3 cents yard.
Reduced to 2 Cents,
Buttons and Buckles
Fancy Metal Buttons, were
to 50.
cents a.dozen,
Reduced to 10 Cents,
White Pearl Buttons. 2 dozen on a card!
no cards cut; were 5 cents a dozen.
Reduced to 2 Cents,
Ball Pearl Buttons, two holes; wera
5 cents.
Reduced to 2 1-2 Cents,
Lot of Plain and Carved Fearl Buttons,
divided Into 3 lots
were 12 and 14 cents,
Reduced to 10 Cents,
were 15 and IS cents, ,
Reduced to 121-2 Cents,
were 20 and 23 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents,
Lot of Rhinestone Buckles or Slides;
were 12 and 15 cents.
Reduced to 2 Cents,
Belt Buckles, fancy metal and cameo;
were 50 cents,
Rednced to 19 Cents,
5Sss Dolls
Bisque Position Babies, six varieties In.
each size
were 10 cents,
Reduced to 71-2 Cent,
were 13 cents.
Reduced to 11 Cents,
were 23 cents.
Reduced to 15 Cents.
Pink Body Dolls, with china head, feet
and bauds; were 10 cents,
Itednced to 5 Cents.
Wasliable Doll, pink muslin body, com
position head, hands and feet; fine
curly wig; were $1.30 and $1.75.
Reduced to 05 Qents.
Dressed Dolls, jointed lodies, bisque
head, natural eyes; shoes and stock
ings were 30 cents.
Reduced to 35 Cents,
were 73 cents;
Reduced to 50 Cents.
Were $1.00, Reduced to 75 Cents,
were $1.50 and $1.75.
Reduced to 1)5 Cents,
were $2.00 ar.d $2.50.
Reduced to gl.25.
were $2.75 and $3.25.
Reduced to S.LS3.
t . 5V- ,
-VV-V. -
t.-V?'. l-S- ,
ZTr- J -
- -.'' - .
- 4- .--,-.

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