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A century ago there was litti time or pa
tience given to the slow, unresponsive
child In school- here, he was considered
stupid and ignored eomttlmes ueverely
In the last fifteen years, the Question of
what to do with, the mentally backward
thlld im received, thought from many of
the most skilled men In the medical pro
fession. St. Louts has tho only school for unre
sponsive children west of the Mississippi
River It is know as the Compton School
for Children of Retarded Mentality, and
was organized Iat fall.
The work of such a school Is unique. Th
rc"Ult obtained under the methods of the
founder. Doctor Blvrard Scguln. a French
physician. Is phenomenal. Doctor Seguin
Kavo the earliest Impetus to developing de
fielnnt children. He define "Mental De
ficiency" a an Intellect badly -rved by
the e-ie of organ
The educational work compared with that
of a normal child differs onry in cegrer-not
in kind. The Instruction leglns on a low
er plane and the progress Is slower.
Before a child can enter such a school a
full account of Its case Is required. In
which are stated the age of the child, the
defects and ailments In detail, and tho
causes, as far as is known.
Child's Physical Development
an Important Factor.
Modern methods ad 'pted for the training
and teaching of children of retarded men
tality are nil haed upon a full recogni
tion of physiological condition., which
caus and accompany the dullness. The
child must first be put In the bes: possible
physical condition, by giving it the most
nourishing food, sufllcimt outdoor exercise,
regular slc-ep and careful attention.
A muscle s-JpplIcd r, h good blood. If
stimulated to action, will grow. The r.crve
centers of the brain are affected at the
same time, and tend to act with more ex
actness. Calisthenics, manual training, basket
weaving, clay modeling, needlework and
dancing tend to bring about desired re
sults Rules for teaching these children
cannot be fixed; they vary, and must Ix
adaptfd to the needs cf the Individual child.
Day's Programme Begins
With a Pong Exercise.
Th exercises begin In the morning with
a circle, when about twenty minutes aro
devoted to songs) appropriate to the seasons.
An attempt Is then made to Induce the chil
dren to talk, to express their Ideas co
herently. This is followed by ball-throwing
and the game of bean-bag. In many In
stances a retarded child has no Idea of lo
cality. He tosses the ball aimlessly until
discipline and perseverance cause him to
concentrate his attention. Thn follows rns
mental work. The children are taught In
the forenoon, as the mind is much more Im
pressionable in the morning. Reading Is
simplified by th word method or object les
ions, suited to the ability of tho child.
Articulation Is ono of the most difficult
branches to teach In this school. V'rlting
U taught according to either vertical or
Spencerian methods, whichever way comes
oiw natural to the child. Practice 1 giv
en them on slate. blackboard and paper.
Clay modeling, cutting, pasting and foldln?
occupy a period each day.
Child of Eight Taught
to Use Scissors.
It required four months to teach one little
girl S years old to hold the scissors prorerly,
and still another four months to place
strips of rape- in the scissors and cut them.
Tracing trains the eyes and strengthens
rr.e sense of exactness. CaHsraernu won a
greatly enjoyed by the youngsters. Th
dumbbells and Indian clubs impress ths
brain. They contract the muscles, regulat
tho general equilibrium, correct immobili
ty and give regularity to Irregular move
ments. The stall bars are arranged along the eJ2
of the wall In the gymnasium, their object
being to bring Into use every muscle of ths
body. The act of climbing tho bars re
sults In the proper co-ordination of ta
hand. arm. lower limb and foot.
The Swedish abdominal table, rarely seen.
Is used for exercises practiced In a, reclin
ing position.
The mora! sense of the mentally etarde4
Is dull. They lack power of self-denial.
They Invariably go In the direction of tha
lease resistance. These children appreciate
good treatment, however, and are profuse,
In their expressions of love to those wha
are kind to them.
xnarrnx von tub ro?nAX rkwjuuc.
So keen Is the Interest In the uprising of
the Boxers In "Washington that I htie dp
Toted space this week to three leaders of
ths movement. It Is Interesting to noto
that, without being Invidious, they are all
carpetbag Senators. Elklns of West Vir
ginia -was born In Ohio; Teller of Colorado
was born In New Tork and Jones of Ne
vada was born In England.
Just what this slgnliles It Is dlfflcuit, in
Tlew of the Intense heat, to determine, but
the topic Is referred to student' of political
science for consideration. If, by reaching
some conclusion in this matter they may
help some aspiring young politician. a3 yet
unborn, to achieve his ambition. It Is well
worthy of their thought. A hundred years
from now some worthy young person may
wish to become Senator from Texas, and if.
In order to achieve this, ho must bo born
In Connecticut or Wyoming, or some other
State. It would be n. Kindness to him If his
ancestors were Informed of tho fact.
Teller, Henry Moore, or Loss.
United States Senator, obstructor-In-chlef
of the Independent Dcmocratlc-Popullst-Re-publlcan
party. A statesman of many con
victions, which he holds at the wrong time.
Inopportunlst and chamrlon long-distance
orator. Bom. Granger. Allegany County.
N. X.. May 33, 1S30 More of a Granger than
New Yorker, so moved West, where the
country cculd jrrow up witn hiji,. after hav
ing studied law at Dlnghamton, u suburb
of Elm Ira.
During Civil "War served ns Major Gen
eral of Colorado Militia, In which capacity
he saved that State repoaiedly from at
tacks by bands of guerrillas operating in
Florida, South Carolina and other neighbor
ing States. By means of Ids wonderful
strategic maneuvers and extraordinary
knowledge of tactics tho enemy rarely got
within a thousand miles of his frontier line,
for which service a grateful country has
made no acknowledgment. From 1S7C to
1SS2 he represented the State of Colorado
In the United States Senate, where, through
assiduous practice and unremitting study,
he became one of the most expert verbal
marksmen of Congress.
Became known as the Mitrailleuse of
Phrases, the Gatllng Gun of Paragraphs
and the Mauser of Debate. Later he be
came, an expert In the use of the oratorical
boomerang, which ho is constantly emploj
lng, much to the delight or his fellow Sen
ators. Inventor of the Teller Sentence, a
continuous performance In specchmaking.
much used by modern debating societies, by
means of which a debater may speak for
eleven cajs without using a period.
Has been likened In oratory to the New
Tork Central Railroad, whoso line Is long
and smooth-running, but whose terminal
fecllltles are extremely limited. In 1SS2 en
tered the Cabinet of President Arthur as
Secretary of the Interior, during which
time the Indians who fell to his care were
vastly Imrroved mentally, many of them
deserting their homes and giving up their
war paint to enter the professions of plumb.
Ing, undertaking and various other Intel
lectual and more highly civilized pursuits.
Upon the election of Grover Cleveland to
the presidency was offered secretaryship of
tho Exterior, but chose Instead to resume
the Senatorial toga, to which he had been
elected by the State of Colorado. Has re
zasined In the Senate erer since as a Re-
1 publican, Ilver!te and semlpop. pnd at
present rprernts the Philippine Republic
in hnt honomMo I 'ly.
During :h- si'vr flsf.t lii principles ai a
"f-kfr cixnptllvd li'm to advn.-at th"
white mrtal caue. it having come to be
an e-tablished principle that silence ! gold
en. 'Withdrew from the Republican party
formally In I'M. convinced that It bad out
lived Its usefulness by the large majorltv uf
1C to 1. Had call""- later to change his mlpd.
but in making the change he securri in
r-tarn stveral minds of smaller denomina
tion, which in public life he uss one at a
tlmo as occasion requires.
Author of the Teller resolution, by which
the Vnlted State agreed, after nursing
Cuba Lack to health, to alandnn her jieop'o
to the tender mercies of the l-t sugar In
dustry, a promise which has lecn scrupu
loifly kept. As representative of the Philip
pine Republic has speken early and often.
Into and frequently upon "Our Manifest
Duty." "The -Water CurJ. or How Not to
Quench the Thlrt for Liberty." and "Th
Natural Depravity of the Strenuous IJfV
Author of many articles on such s-ubjerts
as "How to Make Sixteen Dollar" Out of
One." "A Scientific Method of Proving that
Fifty and 1'ivc Equal One Hundred" and
Row to Live on Nothing a Year." tho lat
ter In collaboration with W. J. Bryan.
Recreation, listening to himself and rca ling
his own peechej III the Congressional
Rcord. Address, Enormous, amounting to
Ellcins. Stephen 15.
United States Senator. CommtnJer-In-Chltf
of the Washington Boxers and Cham
pion Progressive Politician of America.
Horn uhlo. educated Missouri, settled New
Mexico, olilces In New York. Senator from
vvcit Virginia, and reside? In Washington.
S, therefore, a good all-around American.
Is CI j ears old. but is known as the "Bad
Boy" of the Senate, because of hli be
havior, which, while not necessarily sinful.
Is regarded as Incorrigible. He Is suspected
of taking an unholy Job from the pernicious
practice nf putting pins in the chairs of ad
mlnitration Senators, and Is known to
make frequent raid on the Sugar Bowl.
Ills motto i. "I may be Beet, but I
sha'n't be Bentn." His childhood was
r-issed In the State of Missouri, where It Is
supposed that he served as the model for
Huckleberry Finn in Mark Twain's famous
romance, "Under Two Klags." Subsequent
ly moved to New Mexico, where he prac
ticed law with great assiduity during the
Civil Wcr. rendering the Union great serv
ice by keeping his eye unon a Territory too
f.tr removed from the scat of Government to
be easily watchtd.
Became United States District Attorney
and later Delegate to Congress from New
Meilco. His studies In Coke and Blackstone
Interested him In coal properties, and upon
the expiration of his term In Congress in
vested largely In the mines of West Vir
ginia, the coal of which is ro soft that It Is
mined with dippers and sold by the gallon.
He acquired such wealth In this project
that he was soon able to spend his winters
In New York and thus qualify for the
United States Senate.
In 1S31 was appointed Secretary of War by
President Benjamin Harrison. In which po
sition he learned the manual and became
proficient In guerrilla tactics, which have
slnco served him well on the floor of the
Senate. 'Went Into beet culture with such
l success that it has become a national Issue.
a.d bids fair to raise Cain with his party.
while disrourapJng It with consumers. En-t-red
Senate in U3J. wher' he has since re
malne.1. nrgan'ze.l the Itxcr v-lng cf his
i.im in !'". vvlih the avow.! oljw! of d'e
couragii.i.1 love of 'Weets among the Cu
bans, it Having been deilnltely proved that
sugar 1 bad for the teeth, and the Senator
having a philanthropic notion that the baby
Republic should cut Its molars upon some
thing less dttrimental to Its health.
Wants "ul-a annexd to the United States
In time for the next presidential election in
order to give the Democrats a rhance. Is
pf genial disposition, and In the redecoratlon
e.f the Capitol will probably tie chosen as
the model for th painting of "Innocence,"
to It? placjtl in one of the panels of the
Senate Chamter.
Junes. John I'ercival.
Un'trd State? Senator from Nevada. The
Rip Van Winkle of the Senate, and promi
nent member of the Itoxer Society. An Eng
lishman by birth, hnt American by profes
sion. Born H refordshlre. ISM. Came to
United States In Infancy and dec ded to
settle In Ohio because of the inability of a
British taby to secure anything but an
Irih nurse 'n New York at the time eif his
arrival. Absorbt-tl politics with his food In
the city of Cleveland, the home of the free
and the. Hanna element, and In ISO went to
California as a gold man.
Devoted his attention to gold and pol'tlcs
until 1&57. when he moved to Nevada, ac
quiring shortly a first mortgage upon that
State, which be has held ever since. Orig
inally a Republican, he became a sliver man
during the Bryan agitation, and was e'ected
to the Senate In 15T1 Has remained there
ever since. Is now a lieet Republican, ad
vocating the free colrage of beets on a ba
sis of 12 to 1. In order to enable the Amer
ican laboring man to compete successfully
with the pauper labor of Havana. Was
among the first to recognize the menace of
Cuban prosperity to American Industries,
and has worked unremittingly to protect
his own weak and defenselesj people from
the threatened supremacy of the Antilles.
He takes sugar In his tea. and such Is his
devotion to his financial convictions that he
insists upon receiving his salary In silver
dollars. There he mejj and puts back Into
his mines In Nevada, devoting the vacuum
thus created to char'ty.
wniTTEN Fort Tim si-n-dat republic.
Highballs don't always make one hllatl
ous, One who has never been tempted de
serves no credit for being good.
The deceltfulr.ess of woman Isn't In It
with the deceltfulness of man with woman.
The less some people know the more they
have to talk about.
The man who believes In letting well
enough alone hat, little business with the
"Misery loves company." is why some
people lcye to spak of the faults and sins
of others.
A servant can Impart more Information
In an hour about a family's history than
a genealogical tree can tell In a year.
It Is better to attempt suicide In shallow
water, so that If you change your mind you
can wade out.
In their journey through life some go
down dry. dusty highways, while others
travel through cool, shady, lanes bedecked
with flowers, while from the foliage of the
trees upon either side come the songs of
gay plumaged birds.
Some pecrJe do not believe In ghosts, yet
the world Is full of them ghosts of blight
ed love, ghosts of shattered hopes, ghosts
of heartbreaking failure following ev.iy
honest. Industrious effort; ghosts of thwart
ed ambition, ghosts of what you once con
sidered friendship, ghosts of ill treatment
whtro you expected kindness, (hosts of
frowns where you looked for smiles, ghosts
of tears wh:re you looked for laughter.
Ghosts! Why. the world is full of ghosts!
Memory does not "fall" except In loss of
all the faculties; simply gets weak and lan
guid for want of use-Just as the physical
organs do.
People often say "My memory Is falling."
when It Is really as good as ever. If they
would give It a chance. A word, a date, a
name, an incident comes up or. rather,
falls to come up when you want It. There
seems to be no possible way of remember
ing It. You make two or three efforts, give
up. and says:
"There's no use: It's gone from me."
Nonsenss! It hasn't. It Is there Just as
much as It ever was. only there are a lot
of things over It. Keep at work; bring
your will to bear upon It, try and try, and
after awhile you can get It.
And. better, you will find that the exer
cise required In remembering It will help
you next time, and that a little toll and de
termination put together will accomplish
wonders In the whole range of the facul
ties. Look over your memory, see where
you ar- most deficient and exercise It In
that respect. You can do it at any odd
time while you are walking, rlatng, rest
ing after a day's work, or listening perforce
to a dull speaker. Don't let a few failures
discourage you. The long corridors of
recollection, lined upon both sides with val
uable material, will be opened for you be
cause of your Importunity, If you use It.
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