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,'j v ffww.-7;.juimjgT?:
'-?- '.-"-ncragag
Peers Listen lo Him Attentively
and Applaud Him for Ob
vious Keasons.
j&SgS JHH MREm &Pfh
Jfp? 9 Wtiff jSK m
Lords Care Nothing for Trice of
J ISiead. but They Are Very Much
i Afraid of the Income Tax
? Parliament Inconsistent.
; htiuuj axi mi: sr. LOCI3 iusflhuc
. Lon.loi.. July S:-Co;rrM;bt, 1KC J- L i1
aub-r. th other day. very unlike him
self, expressed mthuslastie sratitude to
Lord Goschen for having ieiaojjsran'.l the
coivn-y of Grvat Britain, which nubo-ly .
one good turn deserves another. Thar-
da. In the Uouae of Lords. Lord Go-chen '
defended the -orn tax. The Lorls u not
quite the If st pl.ue for a financial rtcUitc. j
lnamoc!i i'ters aacot constitutionally;
amfii a moni-y MIL nad. to thr-w out a
Unancr Mil without ehanglns the Govern- '
ment noul-1 t.rins the machinery f the '
State- to a full &s.p.
J.-ei-lnlts-". ti-c Hiuse contains a few
expTt flt-ancitra whos omnions are worth
hat m'
Besides Lord Gosrhen himsilf. there Js I
Lord e!b. v. ho for many years was per- ,
tnamnt Secretary vt the Treosurv. Lord ;
Weiby is a moderate Liberal, trained by
Mr olaottone. and chairman of the Uobdtn i
Club. He conetnn-U the revival of the I
duties on foreign corn and reminded the
peers tuj.. at he ciote of the Crimean
War, tiit mo .me tax a higher b a iieniy
on the pound than n w. lie lrt.w lirf in-
ference tiiat it v.ould haw liec.i better to
laiic- the in-ome tax trail to rale the price i
of bread, though that course is not the j
on) alternative. I
LorilM Hiftllkc Income Tux.
This appeal fill on deaf ears, for the j
Lords disiihe the iiicume las. and care n-lh- J
lng for the pr.ee cf bread. i
Lord Goschen saw his chance and. ac- i
companle-i 1 a gentle murmur of t-uniu- i
thellc applause, proved to the complete tat- :
lefaction of his audience that the IndiiLCt
taxes there wTe the !etter.
His ideal .-ijiparvntiy would be the tariff
as it was before 1812. under which no fewer
than l,2tw articles were liable tu customs
The great work of Peel and Gladstone
was to reduce the number, roughly speak
ing, from 1.200 to 12.
Lord Goschen is for broadening the basis
of taxation, or, in other words, of returning
to the finance of Lord Liverpool and Mr.
Vanslttart." It Is not only In medicine Inat
there are quacks. By elaborate and ex
tremely sophistical arguments. Lord
Goschen endeavored to prove that a dtity
of a shilling a quarter on foreign wheat
and flour could not be protective bee. u-e
It was not high enough to bring more land
under the plough.
To that there are at least two obvious
answers. In the first place, it rai-.es the
value of agricultural land by raising the
price of British corn, which does not ray
a duty, and. In the second place, the true
test of a protective duty is whether it
makes the consumer pay money which does
not go into the Treaury. but into private
Ppckets. This duty undoubtedly does so.
Goxchea's Inconslittency.
.Lord Goschen was responsible as Cabi
net Minister, in 1S69. for taking off the very
duty now reimpoed. on the express ground
that It was what ho now denies It to be.
The rest of his speech was devoted to
Fhowing how small the tax Is, and how lit
tle it viU be felt-
The peers were delighted, no doubt, and
thought how good It would be for the work
ing classes.
Really, according to Lord Goschen, It 1?
too small, and so universally beneficial that
the Import duty ought soon to be enlarged
until the height of financial wisdom Is
reached with the return to the good old
sliding scale abolished by those bad men.
Cobden. Bright and Peel.
Lord Goschen has had a strange career
eiDce the days when he was the Liberal
member for the city of London and Lord
Russell was thought very bold for putting
him into ther Cabinet, but he has seldom
done anything strancer than his perform
ance on Thursday afternoon.
Rested and refreshed our salespeople will be read'' to wait upon the crowd which will surely respond to the prices quoted to-day.
The determination to spare nothing, but to clear all summer stocks, is worthy of this great firm, which means to open its "Annex" with
entirely new goods, and it is to the great profit of the consumer to attend every one of the series of sales.
Medical ilen Expect Valuable Ue-
suits From Experiments.
Philadelphia, July 5. Two Philadelphia
physicians are making a systematic Kludy
of the diseases of wild animals. There
has been pracUcally no research In this dl
recUon, and medical men and naturalLsts
expect valuable results from the oxierl
jnents which have been tinder way for sev
eral months.
The physicians actively Interested In the
work are Doctor Charles B. Penrose, a
Brother Of United States Senator Boies
Penrose, and Doctor Courtland Y. Smith.
Doctor Penrose Is a director of the Zoo
logical Society of Philadelphia, and he has
taken up the matter with the approval and
the material aid of that organization.
Whenever n animal dies at ne Zoo
the body is preserved and sent to the two
Physicians, who perform a complete autop
sy to determine the caure of death. From
the data gathered in this way it Is probaTils
xnalt,'wi7l0hke MCjthology r " aal-
w!?.rnie'JfUly,5,lCopj'rlf:r.ljt' lC-The pro
JStiiS .?rroa4''n d?; E0os fitore at Dieppe
called La Belle Marquise." Is being sued
for usury and swindling a minor
Prince Gregory Stroutdza. the same who
Ea,IeSenyy wpl?l In a dull by th
??2Jn?J?aSi,?,..llrS tli? ,mInor ln lotion.
The employes of "La Bell ilarqu'se" hav
i2mnJwtycsUnff.?e,laIte "carding the sys
whi o!Ch Dreval'ed f"- raising the prices
when the easy victims cam? in.
Among tho frauds was a stuffed tiger.
r5J,iJ,waK fa.13 t0 ,have come rroln K'ns
1 P ri ' reality was manufactured
Sale Windup.
This week we will continue and wind-up our hg Curtain Sale put on Jul) 1.
The calls were heavy for these bargains the four days of last week, but there are a great
many choice Curtains left that must go this week. In the assortment are Irish Point,
Brussels, Cluny, Renaissance and Arabian Lace Curtains. If -ou have not seen these
.Curtains you cannot appreciate the values we arc offering.
S 0.75 Curtaicd 3.30
S S.73 Curtains ."
SK..r.o Curtains S UJV)
S14.C0 Curtains S (UCi
Sir.rtO Curtains $ T.ICi
S17.30 Curtains S 0.00
SJfi.OO Curtains $11.00
?i" awl ?S0 Curtains ?ir.00
?.V.00 Curtains ?20.00
5-JU.OO Curtains $22.30
$00 anil $T3 Curtains $40.00
$KL!0 Curtains $43.00
.C..C0 Curtains $30.00
$125.00 Curtains $05.00
These are all wonderful bargains
in the low as well as the finer
grades. Do not miss this op
portunity of securing fine Lace
Curtains at about half price.
Choice of any piece of Furni
ture on our lloor at one-third oif,
including Summer and Porch Fur
niture. Teakwood Tables, Tabor-
It is the most comfortable Mat- cttes and Pedestals, Morri.s
tress in the world and lasts a Chairs. Ivockers. etc.
Never mats or packs.
Never gets lumpy.
Never has to be made over.
lifetime. Made of the finest
quality of felt and best ticking.
The only treatment ever requir
ed is an occasional sun bath.
PRICE. .$10.00
Guarantee on Each Mattress.
Sleep on the air-felt for six
months and if at any time dur
ing this period you are for any
reason dissatisfied with it send
it back and we will refund
your money without question.
Other Felt Mattresses ?7.50.
100 Musiin Covered Feather Pil
lows for 20x20 size, 30c
22x22 size, 40c.
HO pair Hope Portieres for double
doors, worth ?j.00 and S'J.OO
each; choice Monday while
they last ?2.00.
50 pair Tapestry Portieres,
fringed top and bottom, worth
up to $4.00 per. pair; choice
Monday while they last, ?2.J0.
I i' ' '
Boys9 Clothing.
$5.00 for 510.00 Young Men's Outing Suits.
Young Men's Ontinjj Suits, 8 to 35 chest measure,
gray and tan crash and homespun; pauts made
with turn-up bottoms, coats.skelctoa lined; regu
lar S10.C0 vtlne (.sec cutj. ire C
..... ..... ....... H v vy
White Goods Department.
The very prettiest and daintiest garments ever combined of fine material, lace
and embroidery are those included in
Second Week of Great Sale of Muslin Underwear Samples.
Another Big Farcha.se ol t 1 QQ Womon's Tcttlcoats. urn- tt" I A Q Women's Ootvns, cmbrold-
-yj cry or lace, cambric oi
1 11- l... l...,1. .vw1w
?oneis Cjinhani ,rinimcd- rp-u,ar prt$2.3o
L J I IU IlllUltUa ll'IIILUUl-, Ulii"
k. KJ lrt'l!j
LOT 1 Womon's Petticoats, strips or
check niuzham. umlirell.t shape and
finished with three small rut- A O -.
ties, repilar price $1.00 . OL
T.OT -Women's Peitieoats. stripe or
checU Kiushaui. umbri'lla slupc,
trimmed wiih nifties anil Aft
braid, regular price $lJi3 OOL-
LOT 3 Women's Petticoats an as
sortment f jirelty colors and pat
terns of plnpham, umbrella shape,
trimmed with deep flounces
and braid, regular QQ-
nainsook, regular
S2.00 and $2.23.
a snapc. ir.mmwi tr l -i n omen s Gowns, cmbrold-
wlth line embmidfry and f ' cry or lace, cambric or
leces. resular price $4.23. nainsook, regular price
shape, trimmed P 1 7 C Wo
embmid'-ry and P ' ? cry
Other ncttieonts in an immense as
sortment, all trimmed with line (h 1 Q O Women's Gowns, excellent
laces and embroidery, tnat Bavt f a v- vain
lieen $riftti.?5riO. $;.(J). $n.0O. $12.00. re"!!
go in this sale fr $3-30. fr ...
ue. cambric or nainsook.
regular price $2.75 and $3.00
'omen's c;owns, fine
insook, luce or embroid
ery trimmed, regular price
AQr Women's Gowns, embroidery Other Gowns.all handsomely trimmed
-rUL and tucks regular price OSc. i:t fine embroidery or lace and all
- . . . , . llfV.!tfva tlint hirn ltAAn "ft?": CJ Cm
nrir-f. :i ri ui Q- womens uowns. emnroiuery - - "r",r XJw r . ' '
price i.oU yww hKp i.t o.00. SaOO. ST.00. SU.CO nriet-s now
White Petticoats, ST """ gagSSR.!.$6.00
UC vv umen s 1 etticoais. umoreiia "t vvomena uowns, eimirumcrj
OOC shape, dep tucked flounce, DC or lace trimmed, cambric or
resular price $1-23- muslin, regular price $1.1S.
QP -Women's Petticoats, umbrella OC Women's Gowns, embroidery ,Q v j t f Womcn. Drawer
JOC .hape. embroidery or lace trim- QDC or lace trimmed cambric or 4C iJe ox cmWdcrv trimmed
med. regular price M-jO. muslin, regular price $1.00. redneeil from S.1- "
reduced from l2o.
Women's Drawers,
embroiderv trimmed.
reduced from $1.50 and $1.75.
$1 OCT Women's retticoats. um- QQ- Women's Gowns, embroidery .
I. OD brella shape, embroidery OC or lace trimmed, cambric or Rr f- lot of " aniens I
or lace trimmwl, regular muslin, regular price S1.50. ' wv- Iac embroidery t:
prue$l.la fh or Women's Gowns, cmbrold- "Uulcu
(T j tp 'omen's Petticoats, um- P I .3 cry or lace trimmed, cam- QO- A lot of
iPl.TO i,re:i.i shape, embroidery brie or nainsook, regular vJv- lace or
or lace trimmed, regular price $25
price $l.tS.
Millinery Depi
ilonday .
,CO0 pair
vears, sr
select from, Monday....
1,000 pairs Boys' Wash rant, ages 3 to 14
years, several styles to OC.
White Duck Pants,
Sailor Suits, ages 3 to 12 years, light weight serge
and crashes made very pliin, some of these suits
sold for S6.0D to 88.00; only a few of (2 TC
each kind left; all sizes; Monday. ip O . D
A grand clearing sale of White Gooi!.
comprising 42 ras'. of American and for
eign fabrics, at greatly reduced prices. . ,.
1j p:ece of special fine quality Striped lmbrOlderY.
Dimity, only Zc
o , . ,,,, , 1 . r C-!nch-uIdc Swbs and Cambric Edges re-
. ta-c. ui iiutri r I uiu inula i.iiirit m i. ,.. . ,. ,
ee those lovely Lace Pinld Hulls; a bar- uuced from IOc to - - . , , ., , ,
an. at Sc. 4-Ir.ch-wIde Xainscok and Cambric EJg-3 e will display Monday loO new
ICrt pieces Xovelty Lace Dimities reducrd reducid from ITc to 3c yd. black Hats, all trimmed in the very
to AC. ; r.i.-ij cn.i. .,...1 TT.i.t irAfn l-itAt IiImq Inolnilln? lnro nlnmw nrtit
duccd from 13c to Ijc yd. flowers.
T .ft t.lrt.V-Ti.M r-rim Tnlt 1Tit Ttntfef
i.o pieces of Sitla-Stripe Lawns, regular Vrt, rf,,Fn, , . , . .... These hats arc all marked at popular
ioc value, at cue. --mch-wld- cwUs and Nainsook Incrt- Pf'ccs. You can And here swell hats nt
j.See our White Skirting Crash, reduced to from j yd - - and $a50. all actually worth
t cas's of a grand quality cf White Ox- ' -: Inch-wide Band Trimming and nibton double.
fo.-d at 13c - Inrcrtlngs reduced from 2c to Ijc yd.
ITS pieces Mercerized Stripe Osfcrds re-
cucca to 12c
See our bargala lnlWhhe Lace Grena
dine", only 6Uc t ; "
4-lnch-vvIdc Ecru Batiste Band Insertlngs
AVe 'also show the lastcst Ideas la
reduced from Cc to 2k: yd. v hltc Felt liats for DOtn Jltsses anu
See our special bargain ln White Pique at t!nJ.h1-.rJd,era!n,brlc skMlaS3 reduced ladles. These goods are particularly
ISc. 3 ITOta IU to -C JO. . . .l ,t ...clinm this w.1.
A lot of odd suits in Russian Blouse style, washable n pieces of flnf -W-lnch India Linen at 13-tr.ch-wlde Nottingham Lace Allayer re
goods, ages 2& to 6 years; were t 1 QO iic. I ducd from :0c to 20c yd. son.
52.85 and 53.ai; Monday f ' ?JISIrrS,oe1,5t e3??'X"S$Z .? &-rWn.!f"nI?..SS.?- Wc have en hand a Hnc line of Straw
VoargMea's OetiazSnits,
2S 10 36 chest, 'S.OO.
All-Wool Bine Serge Trousers, nges 3 (t 1 CC
to 16 years, with belt straps, Monday. . P JJ
See our new Underwear Fabric. n.CS-iach-
wide ladles' cloth, worth 3c & yard, only
60 bolty of fine English Long Cloth. In
bolts of 11 yards, at J1.W a bolt.
plete stock of Salas Insertings Ribbon
hand Inrcrtincs in white and ecru and Ttcmlv-to-Wear Hats, including aU new
St and Nainsook Ittbbon Ins'rtlngs In , " , ,
the cit. shapes, at popular prices.
Paris. July 3. (Copyright. l(C)-Parts is
B00I?,toJj.'Jast ot tho I'Shtest bridge ln the
world. This Is to be constructed to carry
the Metropolitan Railway over the Seine
near the Pont d'Austerlitz. In one span.
It Is calculated that the bridge will have
. JK'J81-1 evcr' day the Immense number
tralns- carrjliig 3UO.C0O passengers.
Tho worlt Is under the direction of En
gineers Blenvenue and Bietto. The record
of the Pont Alexandre will thus be beaten.
Parls. July S.-iCopyrIght. JS02.V-M.
Carles, the well-known sculptor, has Just
returned to Paris from t'trt-cht, where he
had been sent fcy a pro-Boer committee to
obtain sittings for a bust of the former
President of the Transvaal. One of the pe
culiarities of Mr. Krugers life Is that he
gets up at midnight, works for two hours
and then goes to bed again.
.B 1
Go Bant
"Via Vandalia-Pennsylvanla Lines. Three
through trains dally, with sleeping and din
ing cars. Ticket ofllce. Seventh and Olive.
Parle, July E. Copyright. 1KC In the
duel for fashionable pre-eminence -betweea
tho twin resorts of Deanviilc and Trouvllle
tho former seems to- be making a final bid
ior victory this rear. Smart Parlalans are
now talgiiticr to Deasvjlle, which prom- 1
ittt a comprehensive programme ot at
tr&etlossf taclsdicg polo anil Jj.li.
Wash FaLbrics.
Never a better time to buy washable tex
tiles than now. Non of them, especially
In the patterns desired for Children's wear.
Is affected by fickle Fashion's changes, and
a supply fcr rchcol dresses, etc.. can now
bs secured at one-half early-season prices.
a pieces Printed Dimities and Batistes.
both light and dark, were 10c yd., now 5c yd.
ICO pieces finest quality American Dress
Gi.igham. ln blues, pinks, reds and black
with white. 10c yd.
&M pieces Cl-lnch S-otch Madras: plain
eorded 1 nd embrolJned csambray, ln fuU
range of colors. lZc yd.
L0OJ pieces 2v-lnch Hanover Percales
white and hlue grounds, in autumn print
ings, lovely little patterns, lTHc yd.
CO pieces Lorraine Shirting Madras; choice
iM!mi nf lieautiful Dattern- especially
f desirable for shirt waist suits. 2)c yd.
S 1.(03 pieces Whitman's flnest Scotch Ma
dras, ln blue. pink. b"ack and green
rtrlpcs; for pleated skirts and blouses, Sc
(. yd.
10 pieces Imported Jlcrcerlzed oxfords, in
Ascot, emerald, fawn, shell, reseda and oth
er popular dyer-, C3c yd.
31 new combinations ln Silk Dot Em
broidered Armurrs; white with black dot.
tan with green, rose with black, pink and
Ascot with white. These were made ex
clusively for Barr5, 7; yd.
1.(0) pieces Printed American Embrcid
erd Sis Muslin, fully as pretty as that
brought across the sea to sell at 50c yd.
This lot goes at 15c yd.
This 1 our last offering of McBrlde's
Insh Dimities, advance styles for 1303. all
registered patterns and confined to Barr'a
for this market, Sc yd.
A Shoe Szvle,
Shoe Dcpt., Second Floor. North End.
Women's KJdskln
Oxford Tier, hanfl-
turned soles, patent
or Kid tips. H00
reduced to JUS.
Women's Swiss
Kid Oxford Ties.
extended soles, kid
tips, military heels.
I3.C0. reduced to JLSS.
Mises Ton Kid Shoes, lace or button.
Broad toes, npring heels, sizes 11 to 2, JiOO,
reduced to SSc.
Women's Tan Kid Oxford Tics, broad
toes, hand-turned roles; decant houss
shoes, not all pizes. JX50, reduced to iSc
Women's Patent Leather Cress-Strap Slip
pers. French heels. C00, reduced to SL9i
Women's KIdskin Cmrs-Etrap Slippers,
medism heels, J2.0D, reduced to J1.4S.
Sketched at BMrr't.
aurr'i' Cloak and Suit Dept.
Is "right on the firing line" in the very vortex of the alterations that mean lime, dust,
etc. and we're going to keep on reducing prices until the last garment is out of harm's
way. You couldn't buy the trimmings for our prices, to say nothing of material and work.
Women's $10.00 Summer Dresses for $5.00.
The large lot of sample and broken lines of summer dresses that are to he cleaned out still contains many
very beautiful costumes of linen, organdy, lawn, net, point dVsprit, pique, duck and dimity; made in this
season's latest styles; to be sold out at just half price. A great opportunity to secure a high-class sum
mer dress at less than cost of material.
$5.00 for Women's 10.00 Summer Costumes.
$7.50 for Women's ?ly.C0 Summer Costumes.
$10.00 for Women's ?20.00 Summer Costumes.
$15.00 for Women's $30.00 Summer Costnmes.
$20.00 for Women's ?40.00 Summer Costumes.
25c So Wash Skirts. $1.00 for Women's $4.00 WslsK Suits.
25e for JL50 Wash Skirts.
50c for COO Wash Skirts.
Clearing of all odda and ends ln Wash
Skirts. Crashes, Ducks. Denims. Piques,
also many Polka Dot Duck Skirts all
fresh and clean, but broken ln size not
many of each style, but many styles to
be cleared as follows:
75o for COO Wash Skirts.
81.00 for JITO Wash Skirts.
50c for Girls' $2.00 Wash Dresses.
Large stock of Girls' Wash Dresses and Suits, ln sizes 4 to 11 years, to b
cleaned up at once-alI this season's latest styles in both 1 and 2 piece suits and
dresses, sailor suits. Russian suits, also new sleeveless and culmpe effects all ma
terials and colors to be cleared as follows:
GOo for Girls' CC0 Wash Dresses.
9So for Girls' CS0 Wash Dresses and Suits.
S1.25 for Girls' COO Wash Dresses and Suits.
Sl.SO for Girls' CSO Wash Dresses and Suits.
$1.75 for Girls' J4.00 Wash Drcsjcs and Suits.
$1.08 for Girls' COO Wash Dresses and Suits.
All broken linen ot Wash Shirt Waist Suits to be cleaned up on a quick Monday's
ale brand-new, stylish suits and dresses fresh and clean made of duck, linen,
chambray. pique and madras many styles to be sold at one-third and one-quarter
regular price?, as follows:
$1.00 for Woraea' Jt.00 Wash Salts.
$2.00 for Women's COO Wash Suits.
$3.00 for Women's CSO Wash Suit.
50c for $1.50 WslsIi Wrappers.
We bought out a wrapper factory that Js, Us large overproduction there are
thousands of bright, new. fresh wrappers, made of lawn, dimity and percale, ln
beautiful patterns and designs-full flounce skirts neatly trimmed waists In short,
the best values ln high-class wrappers we have ever been able to put on sale. They
will be sold as follows:
50c for il.50 Wash Wrappers. S1.49 for COO Wash Wrappers.
98c for COO Wash Wrappers- S1.75 for CSO Wash Wrappers.
SI. 19 for $130 Wash Wrappers. S1.98 for C7S Wash Wrappers.
$1.29 for C73 Wash Wrappers.
csa!i l - -v cv
SicwcvsvX " J"
SS ,
Just arrived, a Jo.000 purchase of new
reasonable LacJs. to sell at halt their mar
ket value SerpenUne Bands, ledauions.
Waves and Motifs.
Plat Vals.. Point Paris and Duchasa
edges, with insertions to match.
1 and 2 inch Fancy band Laces, Iflc values,
at fc.
: and 3 inch Fancy Band Laces. 12s valnea.
at 7c.
2t. and 5 Inch MedaUlon Band Laces, 15c
values. 19c.
3 and 7 Inch MedaUlon Band Laces, 25c
value. 13c.
4 to 9 Inch Band Laces and Motifs, 45c
value. 25c.
2 to 3 Inch Plat VaL and Parts Laces.
12c values. 7c
3ti to 45 Inch Plat VaL and Paris Lace
15c values. 10c.
3 to 5 Inch Plat VaL Parts Laces. ISc
values. 12c.
4j to 7 Inch Plat VaL, Parts and Duchess.
22c' values. 15c.
1. 2 and 3 inch Insertions to match, cf
12c. 15c and 23c values, at 7c. 10c and 15c yd.
We hava lust re
ceived a "Job" of
SaaioI corsets,
which we place on
alo Monday at even
less than half usual
prices. For instance:
At 4Sc. Somnwr
Corsets that werJL
At 75c. Summsr
Corsets that were
At tl.00. J. B. and
P. D. Corsets that
were COO and CSO.
At Jl.50, J. B.. P. D.
and C. B. Corsets
that were COO.
At COO. Corsets
thnt were Jt.00.
At CSS. J. B. Fan
cy Corsets that were
At COO. Fancr Silk
Corsets that were J10
and $12.50.
Men's Furnishings.
257 dozen Men's Fancy Madras Ncglljee
Shirts one pair Unk cuffs to match, worth
73c and COO; July bargain 50c each.
These Ba.rga.ins to Be Found Only in Ba.rr's Busy Basement.
Sk Hi
North Sfa.r R.efrigera.iors.
Made of hardwood seasoned lnmber,
packed with granulated cork. This Itc
frlgerator has seven walls, including
air chamber, has rcmovabte Ice cham
ber, patent drip cup, zinc lined, with
heavy galvanized Iron shelves, Tnls
Is absolutely the best Refrigerator In
the market.
No. StiWIdth 27 in,, depth 17 in., height
43 In., worth J10.E0 Sale Price $7 A3.
No. lO'.t Width 30 in., depth 19 In., height
43 In., worth JliiO-Sale Price $3.37.
No. 35-Wldth 3S In., depth 23 in., height
El In., worth J2L60 Sale Price lOSO.
No. 41 Has front door to let chamber and
lifting lid. which makes It very conveni
ent to nil and get at Ice; width 33 In.,
depth 22 in- height 45 in., worth Ct-60
Sale Price I51UJSO.
No. 42 Width 43 In., depth 24 in., height
:S In., worth 315.20 Sale Price ?10.O5.
No. 43 Width 47 in., depth 25 in- helsht
0 In., worth J2tS0-SaIe Price ?21.CO.
North Star Ice Chest
Made of seasoned hardwood, cork
filled, zinc lined, galvanized Iron
shelves. This box has seven walls and
air chamber, patent drip cup.
No. 11 Width 25 In., depth 17 In height
2 in., worth U-Sa!e Price $4.oO.
No. 12 Width 31 In depth 19 In., helcht
2S In., worth CO-Sale Price 5.KI.
No. 14 Width X In., depth 23 In., height
32 in., worth CCO-Sale Pr:ce $7--.o.
On all our North Star ReMccratoisTil
Lined we will give a discount of 23 per
Trunk and Bag Department.
We are showing a larger assortment ef
Trunks. Bags and Suit Cases than all
other stores put together.
Canvas-Covered, Flat-Top. Water-Proof
Traveling Trunk, steel bound. 4 hard
wood slats on top, 2 all around body,
sheet steel bottom, strong handle. 2 solid
leather strap.. Monitor lock, deep ?st sp
itiicrcu ittiy aru Hat Ofix.
51 In.. 34 in 25 In.. S3 In.
95.0O 90:; $LSO 90.75
Indies' Drers Trunk, flat top. canvas cov
ered, brass bound and bolls. Excclrlor
lock. 4 hardwood slatn on top, 2
around, cloth lin d throughout. deepst
up tray and hat box. covered; extra
skirt tray, sheet steel bottom, strongly
32 In.. 34 In.. 3 In.. 2S In
- 910.00 911.00 9I2.0O 913.OO
Steamer Trunks, water-proof, canvas cov
ered. Cat top. 4 hardwood slats on top.
1 all arcund. steel bound, z leather
straps. Ftcel sheet bottom, good lock.
31 In.. 3S. In ,
9U.T5 97.73
Grain Leather. Club Shape. Traveling
Bas. leathr lined, steel frame, brass
lock and catches, solid leather handle.
13 In.. II In.. 13 In.. IS In..
rs 9sjm) 92.75 93.00
Other styles from 9X50 to 925.0O.
Solid Grain Leather Dress Suit Case, steel
frame, l.nen lined, shirt fold. hrnes
stitch, hand riveted, spring lock and
brass catches: a big bargain; only 9 1.75.
Heavy Web Trunk Straps. 50c.
Leather Shawl Straps, heavy handle, 23c.
La.wn. Swings.
A special lot cf 1"0 new large Jiwn
Snin?E. 10 feet high, will seat four p'r
sons, made of hard seasoned wood, neat
ly painted: one of the best swings mads:
usually s-rld nt 37.50: our regular price
JiSSMh's let only, while it lasts. CS nfi
Extra Special, each JJ.UU
fr masses S 'onxnarsroaCj ' jfLi frA;JlWttwyaggn!rm
QlJP 01ivi.an(I Locilst s!?,! st ' &f.CillM 0livs ani1 Locils s,s" 8t'
y... . --:.:
- ---frw" - .-

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