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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 06, 1902, PART I, Image 5

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V Until Sept. 1st
f this storn Trill
I close daily at 5
h p. n. and on
Saturdays at 1 p.
I Mm iHP Pi P &Bikm ilif Free C
Great Clearance Sa.le in Our
Cloak Depi
Ladies Ta.ilor-Mo.de Suits Xearly
thousand-Suits, ail in this season's stylo,
colorsand matcr'aS Lir- and Walking units
for ladles or misM-a at prices that will clear
tlicm out In a hurrv.
Orirtl5.COTai;or-Made Suits S4.95
Our 530.CO Tailor-Made Suits
Our 3.00 Tailor-Made Salts
7.50 I
Our 3XS Tailor-Made Suits J 4 7:5
Oar H0.09 Tallor-Mado Suits
Clearing Sale of Ladies' Shirt-Waist Suits
Our COO Shirt-Waist Suits 98c
Our EW0 Shirt-Waist Salts SI 50
Oar 14.00 Shlrt-Walst Suits
Our 15.00 Shirt-Waist Salts
Our S6.50 Shirt-Waist Suits
Our $10.00 Shlrt-Walst Suits
1.9S i
2.98 I
3.98 I
4.9S I
Clearing Sale of Cloth Jackets.
This season's newest Fly Front, Eton.
Blouso and Gibson Styles-all materials and
All our f5 CO Cloth Jackets CO :n
Reduced to v-.Ju
All our 37.50 Cloth Jackets ? OR
Keduccdto ,yo
'All our 310.00 Cloth Jackets A Q;
Beduced to.
All our 12.50 Cloth Jackets
Reduced to
All our SS.00 Cloth Jackets
Keduced to
Clearing Sale of Ladies Silk Dress Skirts.
Materials are Taffeta, Net, Peau de Soie,
Molro Velour. Crepedo Chine and allover lace.
17.50 Silk Dress Skirts
Reduced to
M.C0 Silk Dress Skirts
Reduced to
12 00 Silk Dress Skirts
Reduced to
813 50 Silk Dress Skirts
Reduced to
17.50 Silk Dress Sklrs
Reduced to
f25.no Silk Dres Skirts
Reduced to .
S3. 75
. 4.95
ECSOSllkDicssSklrtj IO 7"?
Reduced to IV. O
Trimmed Hats Your choice of 400
r-a'ifiil trimmed h-its In 3 grand lots. The
work of trlmuims Uirm alone Ls orth what we
al for time hats, complete, tume early for
Lot I Trimmed Hats, regular price
was, s (i and 4.w: . ' QRr
Ciear.n? price, VCJL.
Lot II 125 stylish Trimmed Dress Hats.
not me worth less than 5."i.00; CI QQ
Clearing prlco JJ1.VO
Lot III 203 Trimmed Hats, most popular
style-, a till iine-t material, formerly sold from
$..() to 30 OH: take your pick at CO QC
Clvannj Sale price of vyo
Dress Sha.pes Choice of any colored
Dress Shap- in tho house. 1 Qn
Clearlns price lyL'
Leghorn Flats Verv fine qnality Large
Rrlui Leghorn Flats, worth 51.00; " onr
Clearlns price ...-'y
Black Chiffon Hats Latest shapes, hand
made over -.Ilk. wire frames, worth 1.50; AQr
clearlns price J
Flowers All onr flower stock divided
into 4 lots, and our assortment is the
largest in St. Lonis.
Lot I Flowers worth up to 25c;
Clearing price
Lot II Flowers worth up to 39c;
Clearlns price
Lot III Flowers worth up to 75c;
Clearins price
Lot IV Choice any Flower in our stock
worth up to 11.30 a bunch, Cflr
Clearins prl-e 7UL
Baby Caps Choice of any Baby Cap in
our immense stork: take your pick at just
one-h alf the selling priro. This Is a grand offer.
Bojs Felt Fedora Hats 50 dozen Boys'
finest Felt Fedora Hats, colors Tan, Pearl and
Mouse - everj im onn suoi Cf-
Clearing price Out,
Our Clearing Sale of
Remnants 3,000 Ribbon Remnants, in
lengths from 1 yard up to 3 yards; these
goods are all of the finest quality and all
clean goo?.s, widths from 1 inch to 7
inches; Clearing Sale price, T
per length. ...25c. I5c,I0c 5c, and 3C
Back Velvet Ribbon 03 pieces No. 1,
good Satin Black Velvet Ribbon: " j
bolt of 10 yards for jLiDC
Taifeta Ribbon 3W inch, high luster,
all colors, all silk fast edge Taffetafl f
Ribbon; Clearing price, per yard. . IUC
Fancy Ribbons Very best all silk Fancy
Ribbons from 4 to 6 inches wide, regular
price up to 40c; j
Clearing price, per yard IDC
Clearing Sale of Ladies
and Children's Knit
Children's and Boys" "White Gausa Shirts,
Pants and Drawers worth to 1fir
ZSe. at 1VU 5
ladles" White FJbbed Lisle Thread Low I
Veclc Sleeveless Vests worth
wC. at .................................
Children's Ribbed Lisle Vests high neck,
long sleeves and sleeveless also 1 7c
pants worth up to 50c, at
Children's Jersey Ribbed Nazareth "Waists
In white worth
35c. at
Ladles' High Keck Iong or Short Sleeve
Lisle Thread Vests, la ecruuinly t Or
S5c Vesta, at ! i5C
Ladles' Lisle Thread Shaped 'Vests with T
necks. In white only worth Q5r
BOc. at C.OG.
Ladled Jerssy Ribbed Cotton Union Suits
low neck and sleeveless lace 0"7t
trimmed worth Sc at y W.
Ladles' Jersey Ribbed Lisle Thread Lace f
trimmed pants French band ?;,, ?
white only worth C5c, at OOU
Ladles' Lisle Thread and BalbriEtta Vests f
hleh neck, lonp or short sleeves worth
up to JL75 Clearlns rrAf I
Sale Price "c
a 4
S 0.00 Silk Dress Sklr-.s
Reduced to
2 t
p Clearing Sa.le of x
iWiiwwtwwipmmwiwm cct o - ja , ra SBW B 49k f I 'Biff 8 9 F4 B f Is3 I H n j spvtwwsaMWsWwwummnaKtMVMamMwwweam-r
s u nnvi'Hnnv Liinnv i nnT?i nisin ninmnin unsin nnnmn nncrsn & u biiia(ima cnMu:umsttnn
I i iiellUI 6cH VBii( I IlCtiOI. LUtHd YVUillBil OdVH 0g!jif LUUHIilrUi ftlll U iU 1UI WxVM
Our time to loss money your time to 'save it! Never before such a breaking up of prices such a crushing of values! A sweep
ing sacrifice of everything; universally recognized as the Bargain Feast of the season! Reduction In all departments designated
by bright red price tickets that signify in every instance a cut in price of from one-fourth to one. half! -We haven't room for
half the bargains! Here are part of them come to-morrow and see the others! Mail orders filled if sent at once.
Great Clearance Reductions in, the
Drapery Depi.
10c quality brass extension rods
reduced to JC
12c quality 40-inch cream or fancy .
striped drapery scrim, reduced to C
15c quality 35-inch plain or fancy silk-
ol me reduced to .". OC
13c quality 38-inch white or fancy T
colored drapery Swisses, reduced to 72c
35c quality opaque window shades,
iwiunout roller), reduced to
25c quality 35-inch French Cretonnes ( -and
Art Tickings, reduced to 15c
39c quality 4S-inch Cable Net aud .
Bobbinet, reduced to IOC
Samples of Oriental and French Tapestry,
r. I
Damask and Velour, sue 25x27 inches,- ?
worth ur to 81.50 vard. at each 2.3 C i
75c quality 3S-inch x 7 f t. oil opaque
Window Shades, mounted on spring -
rollers with fixtures 25 C
50-inch Oriental and French Tapestry,--
worth 75c yard, reduced to 2JC
39c quality Sateen Mantel or Piano fo
Lambrequin?, reduced to I"c
Large reversible Turcoman Portieres,
worth 82.75 pair, reduced to, n
perenrtain 5"c
50c quality 7-4 white Mosquito Net,
(8 yards in piece) slightly imperfect, on
reduced to, per piece SMc
Silk Clearance.
Mc Wash Silks, reduced to
G3c Plaid and Check Summer Silks.
reduced to
53c Colored Taffeta 611k. reduced to
fScColorcd Topllns. reduced to
tli3 and tL0 Satin Foulard, reduced to.
t5c quality 24-Inch Poncee Silk.
reduced to
J1.00 Black Silk Grenadines, reduced to ...
$1.00 quality 24-tnch Poncee Silk.
rwlucedto ........
1 no "White Hemstitched Taffeta,
reduced to
I.(W quality 24-lnch Black Taffeta,
reduced to
Jl.no quality 24-Inch Black Crepe do Chine.
reduced to - 69o
1.00 quality 27-Inch Pongee Silk, reduced to 75o
Sl.oo quality 27-lneh Black Loulsleno,
reduced to ysc
I1JT5 Black Peau ds Sole, reduced to 8So
t! SO quality 45-lnch Black Silk Grenadine.
reduced to RKn
Extraordin&.ry Clen.ro.nce Reductions in
Boys Suits...
Washable Suits, fast colors, (S to 8 -n
years), were 69c and 75c, at 4Jc
Washable Suits, linen, crashes and c
stripes, were 81.00 and SI. 25. at OJC
Double Breasted Suits (8 to 18 -. ..
years) were 82.50 and 53.C0, at... $175 I
Sailor Blouse Suits (3 to 10 years) ei" ne I
were 2.50 and 83.50, now yl.Jj 1
Vestee Suits, 3 pieces (3 to 9 years)-- - J
were 83.50 and 4.00, at. $.i5 J
3-piece Suits, single breasted coat, vest f
and knee pants, (9 to 16 years) e I
were 84.00 and 85.0D, at $.zfj
Manly Suits of Blue Serge, single breasted
coat, vest and pants, (3 to 10 vears)--. oc J
were 84.50 and 85.00, now..." $J,J.J
Russian I'.'ou-es with Bloomer Pants 5
(2j- to 6 years) were S5.00and - ,n
86.00, now bJAD
Homespun Sailor Blouse Suits, c" yC
(3 to 10 years) were $5.00, now oJ.45
Sailor Blouse Suits (3 to 10 years) - -
were 84.50. 85.03 and 85.50, cut to $J6"
Double Breasted Suits, knee pants,
(8 to 16 years), were 85.00 and ....
$6.00, now $J.7a
Outing Suits, of all wool Homespun,
fO ft 1 1Ta.rB m... RA am.1
86.00, now r5'-J
I Clearing Sale Bargains
La.wn Fine imported Persian Lawn
reduced from 3)c to
Fine Imported Persian Lawn
reduced from 30c to .
Flue Imported Persian Lawn
reduced from 40c to
Pine quality white Frsnch Lawn 0(n.
reduced from 35c to AUC
Extra fine quality Persian Lawn
reduced from 45c to
Extra rim- quality white French Lawn
reduced from 5a; to
Linen Cambric 36 inches wide
reduced from 40c to
Extra fine quality Linen Cambric TIs
reduced from 33c to .
Swiss About 75 pieces of assorted genuine St.
Gall Embroidered Dotted Swiss. In dark and If),.
light colors reduced from 25c and 40c to ut-
Out entire stock of fancv checked and striped "White
Goods divided In two lots:
Lotl Former price 10c C Lot t Former 1fl
and 12Hc at....peryd - price up to 19c yd lul-
Cholce ot our entire Ktock of all-linen Etaminc and
Canvas Suiting, full lino of colors -reduced OSf
from 30c to (per yard) 'C-
Na.pkins a large lot of linen dice Xapkins, r
in assorted sizes reduced from lOctn. pwh JC
In assorted sizes reduced from 10c to. each
250 dozen of all-linen K size bleached Dinner
..,)jiii reuucea iromiiuaozcn to -per aoz.'
150 dozen of strictly all-linen bleached, :4-!nch square
uiuucr .iiiiuu-rgauxa iroo cm ci -ii
...perdozen ?''
410 dozen of lra heavy I4-lcch squaro silver bleach-edDlnnerapklns-reducedfromR50.
C Cfl
to per dozen aJ
65 dozen .of very finest U and 27 Inch sqnaro bleached
Dinner Ttapldns. former prtco up to S JO per CA O
dozen-reducod to ,.... per dozen vjrr.JU
Finest all-linen satin finish damask 27-lnch Fquara
bleached Dinner Napklns-rednced from Ct fH
532.50 and 810.00 to.. per dozen vBO.yO
Linens We havemsde special reductions in
all of our finest table- linens. A small assortment of
72-lneh trldsof halt bloached Irish sil-llscn O0
table damask reduced from JL50 to peryd. -'OC
Fastest-Growing Store in America..
hi mnonrwwxxiwwiMwxtwiw 'f
ciM Jewelry.
Sterling Silver Tfclmb'.esi. all sires
Fanej- Lockets or Charms, plain and fanay
setl!n:s. will open and hold photo
Fancy Link Cuff Buttonr
Ladles Fanpy Lace Brooch Pins
Fancy Belt or Sash Pins. Hat Pins
Gents Necktie Clasps lfl
"Worth to SOc CHOICE ul-
Ladles' Gilt or Oxidized "Watch or Fan
Chains: Ladles Fancy Lace cr Brooch
Ilns, set In rhlnstones; Ladles' Fancy
"Waist-Pin Sets; Fancy Belt Pin. sUt or
oxidized; Gents' Scarf Pins, pearl or tur
quoise, centers surrounded by rhlnestones;
Sterling Sliver Chatelaine Pins, hard en
amel. In red. green or blue worth 17
up to 73c choice i
Gents or Ladles Fancy Ribbon "Watch
Fobs: Fancy Belt Pins, for back of belt:
Ladles' Gilt Beaded Necklaces, ?Q
worth to 75c your choice i
Ladles' Fancy Bflt Tins, with amethyst
centers; Fancy Lace Brooch Pins, set la
rhlnestones and other fancv settings, all
rolled plate, well made and beautiful V-.
styles worth up to HAS choice at t.
Ladles Nethersole and Chain Bracelet In
sterllr. silver and rolled plate: Ladles'
Gold-I'lated Lace Pins. In various pat
terns, fancy settlnpj and enameled; La
dles" Necklaces, with fancv charm
attached worth fully C.'o -1C
choice at tJ
Gents' Black Silk Ribbon "Watch Fob?, with
fancy charm attached; Ladles' GoM
plated Watch or Fan Chains, sold slldt-s;
Ladles' Gold-rented Necklaces.
lanre and Hnall l-eads. worth up CI Cft
to JiOV-ehoIce at flo3
Clea.rin SaJe of Children's Fine
Piqie Reefers
AND CLOAKS for HtUe children of 1
to .i years. Our entire stock of pretty
Heefers of pique and grass linen, three
quarter length and full-length cloaks,
handsomely trltnmeil with English cm
bmiilerles and In the very newest nuil
most fetching styles! AH sacrificed on
second floor Monday In four lots.
75c and Jl.W Beefers have been
reduced to
n.K aud CTO Reefers have been
reduced to
tZJSi and CO Reefers and Cloaks.
W.SS and &SS Reefers and Cloaks,
WWW WW wow I ,lMI
Clearing Sale of Our Finest Imported
Wash Goods,
In Center Aisle of Main Floor.
EXTRA SPECIAL-Finest SwtssTissues.
Swiss Gingham, Mercerized Madras,
French Zephyr Ginjh&m. 36-inch Shirt
ing Madras, Silk Vtarp Ginfham, etc
our regular stock that we've been selling
up to 50c a yard your choice fl P
of all, per yard C
35c quality Mercerized FoulanJ 10.
35c quality Imported French
Dimity at
50c quality Printed Silk Warp
Moussellne at
45c quality Embroidered. Dot ,-
Moussellnes at 'C
5c quality Satln-Etrlpe Mulls printed 05-
and plain colors per yard ,
63c quality Imported Mercerized "Vr
Grenadines at
tl-5 quality Imported 44-Inch Nov- AQ.
elty Grass Linen at .-'s.
Linings -All our short lengths, odd
pieces, etc. Including 35-lnch Sateens. 36-
lnch Spun Glass Tercallne. Slleslas. Skirt
ings, etc. soia reguiariy up to ;
Cearar.co Price, In basement,
per yard
iSplecrsof fine 7C-lnch wide Bleached Cl OC
Damask, reduced from 11.75 to. ...peryard P"."-'
pieces of 71-Inch wldn fine double Dam- CI tZ(
k. reduced f rom Si.00 to per yard 3 "'I
11 pieces of All-Linen Irish Table Dam
ask, reduced from tiSJ to- lieryard '
6 pieces of nonr fl'ier 72-lnch wldo very heavy
Rlracbui All-Linen Table Damask. CO OC
reduced fromE3.0Jto per yard ''
Choice of a large assortment of fancy printed
Pique Suiting. In dots and stripes, "?I t
rtducod fromSjcto 1"21'
Choice of a small assortment of strictly A1I
Llneu Hair Line Striped Duck Skirting. 1 C-
reduced trosi35cto. peryard "
Specizsl Reductions in ready-made Sheets and
IMlIow Cases. We will utquoto tie prices on ono
of tho most popular brands. Every other line has
licen reduced similarly.
42x: Blcaciied Pillow Cases, 1 As
reduced from Ub to avi.
reduced from 13b to..
54x3J Beady-ma dc Bleached Sheets.
reduced from 50c to
63x) Iteady-made Bleached Sheets,
reduced from 55c to.
72x00 Rcady-mado Bleached Sheets,
reduced from 00c to.
SliM Ready-made Bleached Sheets. "?(V
reduced from 65c to suo
90x00 Ready-mado Bleached Sheets,
induced from 75c to
Our Entire Stock of light-colored Hosse
Wrappers divided Into three lots:
Lot 1-Flne quality light-colored Lawn ARr-
Wrappers, former price 85c. reduced to "TJO
Lot2 Fins quality Batiste "Wrappers, tQr-
former price up to $13, reduced to jy.
Lot3-Cholco of our entire stock of light-colored
Percales, Lawns, Batista and M adras ORr
Wrappers, reduced from 12.00 to 7Ul'
Blankets About 190 pair of fine Wool Blan
kets, consisting of 10 and 11-4 sUe fa whlta and gray:
sold daring tho season as high as I&50 CO A A
cholcoof all, pair Pfi.O
Broadway o.nd Washington.
Clearing So-Ic of
Mea's Wear.
Neckwear Silk Teck Scarfs, some
slightly tolled, worth 23e, at
White Piquo Puffs and Flats, worth JQC
Silk Shield Bows, worth rcsularly
15c, at
Beverslble Silk Four-In-IIands.
worth sic. at
All Silk Four-ln-nands and Teck Scarfs, -jr-worthJOc.
at A-
Shirts Madras Negligee Shirts, sligbtlv
soiled, worth regnlsrly up to fi5c. s"
ClearlnSale prlco J3
Men's Madras ell?ce Shirts, cuffs de- OQ.
tached. rcxulsr f 1.J0 blrts. cut to ai.
Plain or Pleated Madras NegHsee Shirts, cuffs
attached or detached, were CI "JC
tl2 now Jl.AJ
Box Pleated Madras Xtcllceo Shirts. CI n
cuffs attached, were SI.Ti. cut to pi.JU
Underwear Odd lots of Balbriggan Shirts
and Drawers, worth regularly up to 3Sc IO
Clearlae Sale prlco l-'C
Men's Fancy Colored Baltirijsran Shirts and
Drawer. rrRular JOc garments. 5
cuttoonly Ji
did lots of ItaJbrlcsan. LUle and Mrrcerled
I'laln and Fancy Colored Shirts and Urawers.
worth up to JJT. Clearing Cf
Sale price JUC
Clearance Reduction on
fjdlo' Tlaln White Hom-.t!lchri
Handkerchiefs. ' quality, at.
Ladies" r Linen IIcmtiti'lied Hund
kerchleff at ... . ... ,
rjdU-x'Cn.- SnePwKs Handkerchloh In
Irish t'olnt effects, reduced to. each
Mcn' largo I.Inen IlandLcrchlefs with taped
borders worth fully Tij Clearance fi
Price each alC
Ijdle" IlandkrrchlcN. with puro linen centers,
trlmmrd with V.tL Insertions tnd edges. 1(1
worth fo Scat 1WC
Ladles Sh'eor Linen IIandkerchlcf. trim-
1 med with lace and footing. ZSc quality, at-
ammtaMMMa tcftAArf wMMiMa mmm waaa mw4
t. k
I Radical Clearance Reductions in the
Shoe Bept.
Infants Fancy Shos. Hue. black and red.Q-sIzcs3to4S-
Clearing Sale price. To
Mlises'and Children's Strap Slippers,
sizes hl4 tot. worth!l.i0tofl.7S.at....
Bors' Solid hoes.sl2csl0to3, worth IL50 no
andM.73. Saleprlcc OL.
Mlsscj- and Children's Fine Shoes, sizes 84
toi worth iI-VUo:: 0. button orlaoc, Q2
choice at -L
Ijd!esS3.on Tatcnt Leather Cf to
Miovs. coin toe list, light weight, palr...?1,1-
Ladles CM s-strap Sandal, kid or patent
leather vamp. Ies up to 6 Clearing C! B
Fate price .?.. 0
vljdlrs" Shoes fro-n our regular 23.03. tStSO and
M(U lines, assorted styles. tiand-turnedCf OQ
and welted soles. Clearing aloprIce...S,10
Ladles' S2JT. ITeavy and Llsht Sole Ox- Cf Q
fords, all sizes, clearlns Sale price sJI.tO
In Baement Old Lndles" Easy Slioes and Ox
fords, slzt-s up to 5. worth J2.W and tZZO. QQ
Clearing Sale price yut.
Broken lot of Ladles' Oxfords, reeular 110
SSrS"?. cearlr a" 69c ami 98c
Specia.1 2 cases of assortel qualities of
slllhtly imperfect white Crochet Bed Spreads C,,
-reduced from itJ5 to J7C
CC0 of thf very best and largest size, fino whlto
Crochet Bel Spreads former price Jl-50 OQ.
reduced to -'sJi.
India. Linen Fine white India Linen
reduced f rom 10c to
sj-lnch sride white India LInen-rrduccd
from 1ft; to
12 Kc
FIno India Linen, former price 20c re
duced to
line imported India Linen former price
25c at
Fine 35-lnch wide Imported India Linen 1 0-
-'c. reduced to -"-
Our entire stock of Print : divided into 2 lots:
Lot 1 Consisting: of shining prints, dress and fur
niture prints-worth up to Gc 2 1 '
at pcryard -'721.
Ijot2 Choice of the entire stock Dress C
Prints former price 7HC at pcryard '
Our entire stick of Perczvles in two lots:
Lot 132 and 33 inch Percales. Former price 10c, C
at. pcryard w-
Lot2-3C-inch Percales, former price up to 15c Q
at per yard -'i.
Our entire stock of Summer Wash Goods di
vided into 4 lots
Lot I- GikmI qnality fancy printed Dress Lawns ?
reduce! from Ic, at pcryard "C
Lots-Fancy printed plain and Corded Lawns and
fcatln Striped Lawns reduced.from 10c c -
at per yard "-
Lot3-FlneDlmltlcs, Batistes, Lawns, etc. 7r
reduced from 15c at peryard J yzl
I-ot 4 Choice of our entire stock of fino Imported
Dimities, finest Batistes. Dotted Swisses, etc in
reduced from 19c and 25c to .poryird i,Js.
Our entire stock of Gingbtvms divided in three
Lot 1 Staple ginghams reduced from 7Ke C
to pcryard "
Lot 2 A largo line of Zephyr Ginghams. Madras
Cloths. Cheviots. Chambrays. etc, 7 1
reduced from 12Kc to peryard 73 1
Lot 3 Choice of onr entire stock of Glng- 1 o 1
hams worth up to 3c at per yard " 72 s
i Clearing Sale of
I Toilet Goods.
J Ebony Military Hair Brushes, with sterling
i silver moantlncs worth 11-3 in.
5 a pair at. each ......1"'"
I Fancy Celluloid Salve and Powder Boxes
I cho?creshatn.p..5,:- 25c and 10c
Celluloid Manicure Trays worth up
iotjc wnue tney last, at
Aluminum Hat Brushes, slightly
soiled wortli 75c-at
Fancy Hanging Mirrors, in leather r
cases, for traveling, at c
Pocket Mirrors in celluloid cases,
at ,
Borax half pound 5c, one pound Se
Odds and ends of Bath Brushes, with
straight or carved handles worth CO
uptoWc at
Venetian Glass Powder Boxes, fancy is
decorations worth to K!c at..... JG
Pure Castile Soap, green or r in
white largo cakes, sold at Sc-at. .J Ior uc
Large cake of Toilet Soap, -j c
many kinds sold at Sc-at Ior JC
Famous Lemola Soap (in the shape e
of a lemon) sold at llHc a cake at. ...'
Large bottle Household Ammonia,
Koodstrecgth at
German Almond Soap sold at
12Hcabar at
Eastman's Sachet Powder, in glass
bottles sold at lie at
Clearance Sale of
Leather Goods.
Leather Belts many styles all soiled or
muvted from handling 1 -
while they las;, at "'
Odd lot of Purses several styles and j
kinds. many values choice ..............'
Odd lot of Pocketbooks many
styles worth up to 3:-at
A lot of Combination Pocketbooks, plain,
sterling silver and fancy metal comers T C
black and colors worth up to iffc at.......'c
Opera Bags and Silk Shopping Bags, with
Jeweled gato tops, many kinds worth LQ.
up to tUiQ - choice OJU
Wrist Bags, several styles of leather or-
regular price 9c at AJC
Odds and ends of Card Cases, Combination
Pocketbooks in many styles some with larga
silver ornaments values from CI nfl
JLMtoSlJOO-choIco at i?LUU
Clearing Sale in Our
Lace Dept.
Embroidered Batiste Our entire stock of
Embroidered Batiste edges. Insertions, bands,
beadlmrs. silicons, allovers. etc, sacrificed In
elcht lots:
1-: and 3 Inch Embroidered Batista Edges C-
formerly sold atKx.- per yard ......"
2 Edces.3K to 5 Inches wide worth np Hl
to3iV at. peryartl 3c
3-Edces. 5S to 7 inches wide worth up 1 0-
to 5t'c at, per yard 1-"'
4 Edce.7to9Incheswtd9 worth up "?5e
toTJc-at. por yard... ....."C
5 Edces. 0 to llinches wide worth up Jtin
to li"-at. pnnyard tJ
6 Bands. Galloons and Readings AQ
worthiptoS1.75-at,peryard TJH
7 2Mnch Embroidery Batlsto worth 7C-
up loC.ro at. per yard ''c
S 45-Inch Allovers and Flounces CI IE
worth up to fiCO-ar, per yard ? "
All Our Handmade Linen Chemise Yokes
worth up to JiS 7C-
clearance price, each v'
Bl&ck Drcpery Net. also white and cream
Lace Flounclnc worth to CJ0 7.
choice, per yard, 'c
Drapery Nets Balance of our black, white
and ecru Nets. Embroidered Moussellnes. Grena
dines, etc.. that formerly sold up to Cf AQ
Osa choice, per yard p."T.
la Basement.
French and English Torchon Laces
"worth SKc-reduced to, per yard C
Choice of our entire stock of fancy col- OC
orcd Linen Madras reduced from 33c at, per yd. 'C
Choice of our entire stock of Silk Ginghams.in
plain and fancy colors, dotted, etc reduced O C
from 33c aud 45c, at peryard 'C
Our Entire Stock of Bleached Muslin will be
divided Into 2 lots:
Lot 1 Bleached Muslin, reduced from THc C-
to peryard "
Lots All the best brands Bleached Muslin 7 j
formerly sold up to 15c peryard " -'
Choice of a large lot of solid colored Sateens
and fancy Skirtings reduced from 12Kc and 15c C
to per yard
Toweling 2Q0 pieces, consisting of the heavi-
estand best 15 and 20 Inch all-llnea Barnsley's Q
Boiler Toweling reduced from 15c to per yard
Towels A large lot of all-linen knotted fringed
Damask Towels reduced from UJJc n
A large assortment of extra heavy all-linen Q t
Ilcmmcd Huck Towels -reduced from 12Kc to "TJ c
250 dozen of very Cue Hemmed Huck Towels.1 Or,
size 20x40- reduced from 2A: to 'iC
10 dozen assorted styles and qualities of large size
hemstitched all-linen lluck Towels reduced 1 o
from35cand3fcto liC
5,000 dozen Turkish Bath Towels consisting
of bleached and unbleached, divided Into 3 lots:
Lotl Turkish Bath Towels, former price 15c-
reducea to
Lots Turkish Bath Towels, former price 25c lls
reduced to ..... .... ..... ,C
Lot 3 Turkish Bath Towels, comprising
Ono gooos tormer price np rawc-at .
wwwlw.ii,Wi.ITO.lwW..WWnW. -rr-r.,-. yTimfi ,,-,-mm ... Jmu. ;
25c I
Ctea.rin Sale of
i Hoise Funiishings.
Screen. Windows Extension Screens of
: best wire Cloth, broad, with center metal
; bars
' lS-lnch high, extends 2 to 33-lnch 7-
i worth 13c. at
21-lnch high, extends 3 to 33-lnch 17,.
wotxb Sc at C
; 30-Inch high, extends 3 to 23-inch J
worth 39c. at A1-
20-lnch high, extend. "I to 37-lnch C
worth )c. at AJ
Screen Doors Walnut Stained 3 panels
Ti-lnch beat wire cloth AQ
worth 9Sc. at tJC
Natural Wood Finish, varnished 3 panels
4 corner braces Ti-lnch thick Clinton wirs
cloth worth $!-S gq
Natural Wood Finish 2 coats varnish 3
panels hand-turned spindles m-!nch fiQ
thick-worth .. at OJC
Wire Cloth Best Quality Wire Screen
cloth all widths odd lengths left from our
season's business, worth up to COc C
per yard ..."-
Brooms I sewed parlor brooms
worth "3c, at. "C
La.wn Mowers "Monarch" 15-inch
steel blade S-lnch drive wheels Cf go
worth C75. at 1QJ
Coolers- 2-gallon Japanned Gal- qa
vaalred lined worth 3L65, at ZOC
Tubs wood tubs.bound with iron hoops
Extra large...... 59o Medlnm....39o
Large 49o Small 29c
Galvanized Iron Tubs all sizes
slightly Imperfect to close.............
Pails wod wxter pails iron
hoops -worth 19c. at
Ladders 6 ft. Norway Pine step q-
ladders with bucket shelf worth 75c, at ..'''C
Carinin Stretcher "No Sag" ctr
nlckle-plated pins worth L. at. "t
Porch Seats Strongly made "?IZ.r
of sxraw...... H...... ........ .....K.....a..'2"
Croquet Sets Clearance prices
-Bsll Set-3trlped Ballst 27o
-BaU Sefr-triped Balls--. .. Sg5
9-Ball deft-etrlped Rii.TTT -B9o
Hammocks Colored Cotton 75x33 e
Inch concealed spreader worth 63c. at.'C
Colored Cotton 78x3-Inch concealed Q
spreader.pUIow and valance w'thlLia, at-'t
Ga.rdsn Hose "Leader" 5-plv guaran
teed Garden Hose SO-ft. lengths, com- Ct -CJ
pleto with couplings worth J5.00, forSA'-'
I Cle&rinx S&Uof 5
I Chinaware, Etc. I
I Cups and Saucers Plain white n
I handled cup and saucer for,. ..jC J
I PlcLtes Plain white dinner and n 3
? breakfast plates, each.... 3C
Vegetable Dishes Plain white r f
a TandS-lneh. each . it I
f Chambers Plain white covered . 2
s Chambers full size sJjC J
j Glassware Odds and ends sugarbowla, S
J cream pitchers, fickle dishes, spoon holders.' I
open butter dishes, etc worth O.
I up to ata, each ..OC J
i Glasses Plain crystal thia f
1 blown water glasses . 4C
5 Punch Set of Crysul glass 15-inch footed 3
S bowl with 12 handled punch C1 flO S
glasses-per set ,sPl.yo 5
I Water Bettle Perfection" water m,. f
bottle and decanters worth 49c at I"C 5
X CUT GLASS. J4 off.
Dinner Sels 7 sets, with a few pieces i
j missing from each at quick selling prices
f 90-Plece French China, Set C1 fin f
was 553.00-now . lO.UU
I lOO-Plece French China. Set CI? fin
3 waa C2.83 now .JJ.UU
I K-Piece French China. Sot CI Q fin
was 0.00-now - ?10. VU
1 9S-Piece Havlland China Set OH nn B
j waa J3iOO-now ..: J)U.UU 5
( J9-Pieco White and Gold Set coe nn
J was CO.00 now . pO.VU
j 109-PIece Austrian Gold Set Cl" 5fl J
I was J2J.0O now . ..vpl.JU 6.
I K-PIece Austrian Gold Set Cin flfl t
vras CLOOnow. S'''"' j
Full Sels 100-Piece American Porcelain i
border decorations Cc no s
worth $10.00. at ...spJ.-0
113-PIece English Porcelain "Crown Dar- 5
by" decorations worth CO QO I
I 115.00. at jJO.O 5
I 102-Plec Austrian China prettily C QE
f decorated worth jaOLCO. at, .?. JJ f
I eie&ranee Ba.rgains in Our
carpet wept.
Short lengths of Brussels Carpets from 10 9
to 30 yards In a piece worth from. A f J
75c to S5c per yard l& 9f K
Salo Prico tJ I
Armlnster Carpets from 10 to 25 jp
yard In piece worth JX33 "Jf if
Bale Prico 9 J
Axmlnster Rugs 9x12 feet fls o tf .
a0chll..!?.!!.,...!!: P o. U u I .
f 9x12 feet Brussels Rugs IPfl' fi tn-
I worth C0.00- vfliZ Til It
I Bale Price SA.JU X
I 104x12 feet Brnastls Rugs gp j lt ft
f worth C2.00- vDlD.yil $
BalePrtc IJJ1UUU J?
4 Door Stats n f ft
f worth 75c ii f f,
I Sale Price - .sv' jj
""nnrinr'nrmrrnTr "i rriTrr"T
i Clearance in our 4lh Floor f
I Furniture Dept. 5
$ "Wall Pocketspicture fronts 1Q. S-
were 50c. now - iy. i
Oak and Bamboo Tables "I0r
C were 50c. now . 17V. J
5 Umbrella Stands Oak Qr
c were 11.0), cow J;zt
I Clock Shelves Solid Oak O Cf
j were 60c. now ...Jv. I
5 Hall Racks with illrror 7 Cr j
i were tL50, now Js. g
I Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors 7 Ce- i
I were J1.50. now JL 1
I Plate Racks Oak and Flemish 0 Cr f3
C were S5c, now AJU
Music and Paper Racks Oak A Or 1
f were JLOO. now ry,
e Reception Chairs Upholstered OQr f
a were KtOO, now "OL S '
f Ladlesf Rocker-Box Seat Cl I) r $x
I were COO, now I'J f
f Ladles' Rocker AH Reed Cj-l n r J
I were COO, now BI.J a j
I ChUdren's Tea Chairs Oak 7Cr
if were SVZ3, now Jl
I CbUdren's High Ckalra Oak OQ. y '
J were .4S. now 7 OX. j
f Lawn FirkllnB Chal AQr I '
8 were 83c. w i-7l. S
I Go Carts All Reed Upholstered C A Q C f J
f were ITJO. now P-y3 J
f Refrigerator La. Belle make C7 rn C
were 0J0. now f'OU
I One-Light Gas Fixture 3Qr Sa
were 75c. now t '"' 6
i Two-Light Gas Fixture QRf 1
r were $1.75. now ,......? Ow tt
I Three-Light Gas Fixture C n ft r 5 Jl
I were K00. now $.3 j
j"rr irjunwu'iiiiniu
- -t - w- "tj s vr. V SSv1.-.- v's
i&' i-jO-Sj
i3r4iaa- -g- -
"'.-f--.-"Jii-. . 57

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