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za v.,.:.,:'il-Aiarti.;. ,' ygjagpa
J -' 1 - -
Exposition Company Contemplates
Inclosing Fair the Length
of Lindell Avenue.
Five Hundred Thousand o'f City's
Unfortunate Feast at the
King's Expense.
i y
Failure of Negotiations for Acquir
ing Park View Healty Com
pany Property Gateways
at East and West.
Erection of a board fence eighteen feet
high, -without a gateway, along tho entire
northern end of tho World's Pair .
where It parallels the Catlla tract, la tho
strategic plan now contemplated ty the Ex
position management as the result of fail
ure to maka terms -with the Park View
Realty Company.
As a natural consequence, it Is predicted
that with the last hop gone for the loca
tion of the Exposition's main entrance in
its logical place, at the approach to the
grand court, will els disappear the only
opportunity for the removal of tho Colo
rado road from th land of the Park View
Realty Company.
The entrances to the Exposition will be
on Sklnker road at the west and in I'orGst
Park on the eas-t. bcrveral hundred yards
anay from Llnd-ii boulevard. This would
leave the Fair completely indeed where
it skirted the CatUn tract, all of which has
been leased by its owners, the Parle View
Healty ompanj, for amusements -which
would dep- nd for their patronage on visi
tors to the Exposition.
The crowds would be diverted through
this arrangement of gateways from tne
Cattln tratj. This is tho expressed pur
pose of the Exposition management. Direc
tor of Works Taylor is preparing tne oui-
His nealth Drunk With Ringing
Cheers Prince and Princess
of Wales Present Varie
ty Show After Meal.
London. July a The following
bulletin regarding KJng Blward's
condition was posted at Buckingham
Palace at 19 o'clock this morning:
"His Majesty had another excellent
night, and he is cheerful and feels
much stronger. We are glad to be
able to state that we consider the
King now out cf danger. The evening
bulletins will, therefore, be discon-
Oi.. V...I UI.I- DI...L.J U.t.ll.. Q 1 SJ
oysi idiu-niuc meauueu muaiiu oi a n. m,
75 pieces yard-wide Bleached Muslin, very Rood, heavy
as "Fruit of the Loom"; worth 8!--c; for one half-hour,
nt- R n. m.. -vard. Clearing Snl Prir
a U.Y2V rereads ai u a. m.
H We will offer Monday morning HO pieces of very bc-t qual-
(3 lty printed Drr. lVrral-s; thee good oro of anrd
H wide, nary blue with while dots and stripe regular ivtatl
H price HV-yard Monday. In clearing sale (lla-cment. is. d i
earing sain I'rlf
: nsjtrnff?aafcjj;z ngi
25c Laoe Beading ai 8 A. K.
At S a. m.. SCO dozen yards Lace Beading, worth 25c a
dozen, at S a. m., per
?m:x. TZszxiijam :wa 4 .jm A-i'.vjrcB"
H 1
$1 Genuine Madras Shirts at 8:30 A. M.
100 dozen Men's Fine Genuine Madras Cloth Shirts,
col and finished In test poIIIc rrannrr: all now style,
slrc- 14 to 17-one pair extra cun"tocach.liirt forone-balf
hour. atS:Xa.m.. each-Clearing Sale Price ..
ine inapt, phoning the length ol the high
fence and the new locations 01 gatewajs.
The proposal will be submitted to the Ex
ecutive Committee of tho Exposition, proo
oblj at its next meeting,
air. Tarlor admits tnat the artistic lay
out of thaxposiuon 13 marred cy wnat no drai,k his valestv-s health In no restrained
in whiM tti. iitniri
bn hlwm thrburrh I enjoyment out of the coronation curM pre
London, July E. Half a million of Lon
don's fclurn -dwellers were King Edward's
gx;ests thla afternoon. They were scattered
in about 40J halls, schools and parks in
varying numbers, the gTeat number of the
roal beneficiaries being at Stepney, where
no less than 4000 enjoyed a dinner such as
they seldom, partake of. At every gather
ing was read a message from the King
signed by his private secretary, to the poor,
sent through the Lord Mayor of Londo
Sir Joseph C. DImsdale.
This morning's bulletin announcing that
King Edward Is out of danger was also
circulated, so that half a million poor folks
in.M..I. II .i.i:i.iu..Jl Li-f- n.n i 11
its tuwmeu Linen iiiuidi ndnurttiruiiiaiSiOiGy K.m,
j 100 dozen Men's Pure Linen Handkerchief, manu- fj
iaciurc-u in lrcianu, genuine uacuKiiiK linen initial,
worth 20c, at S.30 a. in.. Clearing Sale Price
KJj.ugJJ' u M2V .l ulj ii-awswi
50o Hosiery! Hosiery at 1) n. H.
200 dozen Ladies' fine full regular-made imported
Lisle Hose, in lace, Mlk cmbd . black with split so es
and fsifv stripesand finures. worth 35c to Tuc, hour
Hearing ?aie itipo
11d tfc. 'm,rcnrv
ment of Works has been placed through I
laiiura to acquue tne cauin tract ror m
main entrante. the natural point of view
along tho grand court, to its decotatlve
climax in the Cascade Gardens, 3.M feet
distant from the catewa.
One of the greatest effects of the Fair,
as designed by him, he says, will be lost
by the new arrangement the effect of tho
disappearing architecture. The ground
plan or 'picture or tne tair was laid out
by him, with regard to the natural ap-
Droaches to -he Exposition from the city, by
wa of the street rapid transit s stems. It
was Intended by the chief architect that his
fan shape plan, bowed uutward toward the
city, shoUU furnl"h the ye of the ap
proaching spectator the illusion of a
straight line of facades, one mile In length.
As the distance uas lessened by nearer
proximity the long line of facades would
begin to assume thflr real effect, that of a
gigantic bow. the eastern and western
points of which would now sweep away
from the eye. One at the Exposition gate
way, as it was to have been placed on
Lindell boulevard and resting partly on the
Catlin tract, the eastern and western ends
of the bow would be lost to the visitor,
having receded from his point of vision.
Kothlng would then remain but half of the
northern facades of the Palaces of Varied
Industries and Manufactures, In the Imme
diate foreground.
Passing along the grand court, between
the opposite facades of the Manufactures
and Varied Industries, the visitor was to
have been given a new sensation in the
architect's trick of disappearing building
lines. This sensation was reserved for his
arrival at the first transverse avenue, that
boulevard crossing at right angles his
course along the court To the left, ha
would recover the lost building line of
the Manufacturers and Varied Industries
palaces, whll ho would have suddenly
come upon the northern facades of the
Textiles and Electricity palaces on the
same aienue.
Pursuing lils way along the transverse
ftVenue toward Forest Park, he would ab
ruptly turn the angle In the building lines
of the Manufacturers and Textiles palaces
and discover the lost line of the Uberal
Arts, seen In his approach from the city,
and be surprised again bv the appearance
or an unsuspected building. In the Palace
Of AlincS and Mpt.illurrr. vhf1 In i
distance, at the end of the avenue, on an
eminence, would arise the long facade of
the United States Government building. In
a corresponding Journey on the Fame ave
nue from the right of the court, tho visitor
was to have made similar discoveries In
the lest line or the Transportation Palace:
the first sensation inspired by the hitherto
concealed Palace of Machinery, with the
Administration building and the Foreign
Government pavilions in the distance.
This deliberate appeal to the senses by a
swies of architectural surprises is the los
J erand perspectives which the Director of
works regrets. Hii plan for becoming ac
quainted with the Fair would. In the event
of tho board fence and the removal of tho
main entrance from the Lindell boulevard
aide of the Exposition, be nullified. Ap
proaches from entrances through Forest
Park and y way of Sklnker road wouM
cause the picture of the World's Fair to be
come askew, and the Impression described
in the proposed approach from the north
could never be reallxed by the visitor In its
By descending the Grand Court to the
board fence and turning about to do the ap
proach all over again, if his curiosity ror ar
tistic effects was overmastering, some of tho
grand scheme of the layout might be real
ized, but the Exposition management is
uwaro that the maiorltv of vifrftnm will
never know tho Intended impressions of the
Fair unless they were made to feel them, be
cause they could not help it. by aji approach
from the direction with which the layout of
the Exposition Is In harmony.
When Director of "Works Taylor gave up
hop of obtaining the CatUn Tract he ex
pressed the sheer desperation of the artist
whose dream has been eclipsed. "1 am
heartsick; that dors not half express my
true feelings.- were his words. "It seems
a shame that the very greatest of the ef
fects for which tho architects have labored
In laying out tho Exposition should have to
be sacrificed to commercialism. Of course,
the Fair will bo Just as convincing In its
greatness of method and Ideals, but tho
beauty of Its symmetry and the first gran
deur of Impression that was intended to be
followed with everything In its natural
order cf progreyslvo harmony cannot bs
borne out."
sented to each of them as a souvenir of
the occasion.
The Prince and Princess of Wales traver
sed tho metropolis from end to tnd in semi
state, the carriages being escorted by a de
tachment of the Horse Guard., and ap
peared at central gatherings In several districts.
LIpton Presladed Over One Fmit,
The principal dinner was at Fulham.
w'jere Sir Thomas Llptcn. who organized
the whole feast, did the honors of the day
to H.000 of the poor, aided by a. host of
tilled and untitled volunteers, including
Timothy L. Woodruff. Lieutenant Governor
of New York State; Vice Commodore
Bourne of the New York Yacht Club, and
other Americans, who banded around
pl3tes of beef and pudding or filled bfer
mugs with an enthusiasm, emblematic of
the whole spirit of the occasion
The Prince and Princess of Wales paid
their visit to Fulham. They entered tho
park of the Bishop's palace through a
triumphal arch and were received by tho
Mayor of Fulham, Sir Thomas Llpton and
Mhers. Their Royal Highnesses were en
thusiastically greeted by an Immense band
of scholars who sans "God Save the King."
The Prince and Princess alighted and
walked among the marquees, where guests
were assembled around two and ene-half
miles of tables, evincing the utmost lntefest
In everything.
At the bead of the table. In the Central
marquee, the royal party stooped, acd the
Prince of Wales' read this morning's bulle
tin regarding the King's health. This was
the signal for a tremendous outburst of
Dinners Followed by SboiTK.
Before leaving, the Prince of Wales ex
pressed to the Bishop of London, the Right
Reverend Arthur Foley Ingram, and Sir
Tboma3 Llpton his great satisfaction at the
completeness of the arrangements, and em
phasized his regret at the fact that the
King was unable to be present.
This was a sample of all the other din
ners, which were followed in every case-
by variety shows, upward of 1.V) operatic,
theatrical and music hall artists and 413
pianists glting their services for the oc
casion. During the course of the afternoon, a
second message from the King was read nl
the various gatherings, saying his Majesty
was very glad to feel that they were his
guests and hoping that they would all be
happy and comfortable and spend a pleasant
Accompanying the Prince and Princess
of Wales were the Duke and Duchess of
Coonaught. the Duke and Duchess of
Fife, Prlnco and Princess of Charles of
Denmark, the Duke and Duchess of Argyll,
Princess Henry of Battenberg, Princess
Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, and the
Duchess of Albany.
'rt.u'fy-n-'i-'n vw
EEE3&? ysr
cj r5 n la t J
aui: a h
am 3 n
n I j
SJSMnie, wa s m' j wiyaHdvagyAKjaAuu jgj. Js.
$4 Lace Curtains at 9:30 A. H.
Scotch and Nottingham Lace Curtains, odd lot of 2
to 10 pairs cf i kind, 3'i yards long and up to 60
in. wi le, worth up to $1, Monday, each, at 9:30 a. m.
f IcarlcgSalo I'r.-c ..
h 60cf,i:n's Balbriggan Underwear, 9:30 A.M.
j'l 100 doz Gents' very best crade French ribbed Bal-
tj 1 nsstn lilrt and lira wen. shirt French neck, silk front
H aru ptnri CJt.'.is, drawer" haro extra double gusetcd
2 rat. satin band. Mnpender tapes, etc; per garment;
ttt"ltartrr:Si!c Price... ..
20c India Linons at 9:30 A. M.
f Special purchase from a large importing house 150
5 pieces verv fine quality white India Linons, combed
L . il I .1 f:a . ... 1 nt i rt-,1
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nm i mii rf?
$6.50 Ladies' Silk Jackets at 9 A. ??.
Assorted styles, new goods -the kind that 'old fin
at SC.0 9 a. m. out they Jp
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300A11-Stlk Shawls with 4U-inch fringe border
in colors black, bice, pink ana white; worth
$1.65 each, at 9 a. in., Clearing Sale Price ....
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49c Black Silk Mull at 9:30 A. H.
For one hour on Monday we will sell 500 vanls in
gins irom 'J to 10 yarls of best quality Black Silk
worui -tjc main noor, at S:30 a. m Cleannir
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ij lengths
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i CJ.
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m. : Clearing sle Price....
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warranted pure si'i- of the pliable, good-wearing
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$3 Ladies' White Petticoats at 10 A. M.
.$3.00 value, cambric made, with deep flounce.
trimmed w Mi mw of Valenciennes bvo InertIon--lace to
match on bost.Ta wi'h iare tr'-nmedUatt ruffle: CCO value.
tft at I0 a. m. fjr Clearing :! Price
n--irfr -tfm m.
Si Children's Dresses at 10 A. M.
We will clear out 20O Children's Dresses in all ages
np to 14 years; prices have been up to 81.03; they
go, 10 a. m., at Clearing Sale Price . . ...
tre.-J'-WSH-H- -Mi
was sentenced to the Workhou-w a f.w
months ago on tne charge of tnking goods
from the Frank Llr.d Grocery Company. His
Identity at the time was betrayr.1 bv his
wife, who went to the Carr Ptreet Police
Station in Exarch of him.
Mammoth Building Was Total
Ruin Within an Hour After
IJIazc Was Discovered.
LOSS IS PLACED AT $500.-000.
Firemen Battled Hard 1o Keep
Flames From Spreading to 'Pur
rounding Buildings, Which
Narrowly Escaped.
Unidentified Man Got Beyond His
Depth in Biver.
A man whose Identity has not been es
tablished was drowned In the river at tho
foot of Gratiot street last night while
bathing. He was wading and got beyond
his depth and was carried down with the
current Several persons on the Levee saw
the man sink, but were unable to rescue
From a registered letter found In the
man's clothes, tho police believe he was
Joseph Peters of No. 1X2 Franklin avenue.
The letter was addressed to Mrs. Anna
Peters of Toledo. O.. and was signed by
Joseph Fetera of No. 152 Frankllr avenue.
The man gave Walter Alexander, a ne
gro boy, 5 cents to watch his clothes.
Osteopaths Meet.
Peoria, HL. July S. Tho second day of
the State ConvenUon of the Osteopathic
Association opened with a ride through the
city. At the meeting In the afternoon pa
pers were red by O. Q. HUdreth of the
American School of Osteopathy of Klrks
vllle. Mo. S. S. Still of Des Mclnes, la.,
M. E. Clark and Charles Hazxard. The
nert meeting will be held In Bloomlngtoa.
Armour's Bepresentative Identi
, fied With Third National Bank.
P. A. Valentine or Chicago, vice president
of Armour & Co., of Chicago, was
yesterday elected to the directory of the
Third National Bank, succeeding Edward
S. Orr. The accession of Mr. Valentine to
the board adds a business man and finan
cier prominently identified with the great
Armour Interests. He represents the Ar
mours In all their outMde enterprises.
Mr. Valentine is a director In the Conti
nental Bank of Chicago, the Central Trust
Company of Chicago, the Farmery Loan
and Trust Company of New Tork and the
Continental Trust Company or New York.
He Is also chairman or the board of direc
tors of tho Metropolitan Street Hallway
Company of Kansas City and is Identified
with other Armour enterprises.
The election of Mr. Valentine Is signifi
cant In the local financial world, because It
foreshadows extensive Investments in and
near St. Louis by outside Interests.
Gcsttfse stacped C C C. Item said fa bzSk.
Bewzre of tie dealer vho fries-to sell
"SCGsifclrg jast u gocd."
Skyrocket Causes Disastrous Blaze
in Illinois Town.
Paris, HL, July S-Oakland. H.L. a town of
2.000 Inhabitants, located west of Paris, was
visited by a very severe fire Friday night
as a result of a skyrocket falling on the
Tibbs furniture store. That building and
the others on the east side of the square
were destroyed, the Are burning all night.
The loss is large, considering the size or
the town; partially covered by insurance.
Books Stolen From the Booms of
Guests at Lindell Hotel.
A sneak thief with literary tastes ab
stracted three books from two or the rooms
at tho Lindell Hotel yesterday and the
police ore watching the secondhand book
stores, nosing to catch the culprit.
A. F. Shrlner or room No. 117. and Louis
Hellbroner or room No. 12S made complaint I
that thrr had ben rnhhArf tv ct..,.
lost copies or "Modem Arty and .Tou lon'orXianrey'feo1
Through Kurope" and Mr. Hellbroner "The ts clothing and defled tfie Humane Societ?
Hound of the BaskervUles." ?,ffl.iei to. J tro the house in an un-
""'" f ""J- rne iar. nowever, produced
a. shawL which she had brought along for
the purpose, and, wrapping it about the
baby, she carried It from the house before
Mrs. Courtney could interfere. A Deputy
Sheriff from Clayton accompanied Mrs. Cal
klns to the Courtney heme and stood by her
while she procured the infant.
Walter Courtney, the woman's husband.
Chicago. July S. By a fire, which broke
out In their plant at the btock yards to
night. Swift & Co. suffered a loss which Is
estimated by the officials of the company nt
I3n00C0 The fire was confined to one
building, standing at the Intersection of
Packers' avenue and Broadway.
This structure was four stories high, built
of brick and was SCO feet squarf. The fim
floor was occupied by the wholesale meat
market of the company, the second by the
shipping department end the third and
fourth by the general o Glees of the com
pany, rhe latter nrc raid to have been
the largest single offices In the United
States, more than S employe working on
one of the floors In a slnglo rcom.
The cause of the fire is not known, but it
was discovered near the nsin"-rojm. It
spiead so rapidly through tho bulMlrc that
it was found hnposslbls to save sn thing in
tho strurttire.
The first arrivals of th Tiro Department
weie unable to ch-k the fiie and tequisted
calls were sent In for assistance, but all the
engines that the department could gather
were not able to prevent the entire destruc
tion of the building. Within an hour after
the Are was discovered the building was
ruined, although it continued to blaze for a
long time.
The burned building adjoins portions of
the plants of Armour & Co. and Llbby. Mc
Neil & Llbby. and for a time the fire de
partment had a desperate light to keep
these buildings from the flames. The wind
was blowing hard from the southwest, and
at times the flames were touching the side
of Armour's building, but tho firemen man
aged to confine the flro to tho building In
which It had broken out. AH the books and
office records of Swift & Co. were In the
burned building, but they are thought to be
fare, as they were in fireproof vaults.
W. J. McGonlgle. the suDerintendent of
the plant, said to-night that the loss will
aggregate fully Jl.CO3.000. There were, ha
said. 3.S23 beeves in the building and great
quantities of green hides and tallow. The
general supplies ot the company w ere ptored
in the meat market and In the cellars, and
everything In and about the building was
Superintendent McGonlgle. telephoned to
Mr. Swift, who was at his country home
near Lake Geneva, that the loss would be
total. The Insurance carried by the com
pany will cover all losres.
Toreadors Tormented Beasts, but
Uitbout Effect.
Lawton. Ok.. July R The trains coming
into Lawton yesterday were crowded with
persons coming to witness the bull flbt.
About 15.0K) person? were here. The arena
is on one of the principal streets. less than
half a mile from the Courthouse Square. At
4 o'clock it was packed. The Indians were
there, led by Quanah Parker and Geronl
do. their Chiefs.
The three bulls broueht Into the ring
would not make a fight, although the six
Mexican bull fighters flaunted colored
scarfs and tried in every way to make
them angry. Mayor Ross asked that the
admission money be returned. A fight
could have been had by the use of usual
Mexican bull-fighting method, but these
have not been used at any of the bull fights
nere, owing 10 opposition or the Law and
Order League, which tried to stop the
The two previous fights had given satls
facUon. Bclh were lively. Ten bulls were
received from the Texas range last night.
Neighbors Make .Charges of Mis
treatment Against Mrs. Courtney.
Mrs. Mary L. Calklcs of the Golden Chain
Humane Society yesterday took possession
of a 3-weeks-old infant which was In tho
custody of Mrs. Geneva Courtney of Maple
wood. St. Louis Countv. and which. Mr
Calkics claims, was being mistreated. Mrs.
Courtney stn-s the infant I. hr nxen mi
Sirs. Calkins declares she has affidavits to
"'&SiS fflLEe.S" a ?ndllng.
Guest Commented on Matter and
Died Three Hours Later.
nEPtBiJC srnciAL.
Charleston. Mo.. July 5. James B. Mc
Mullln was one of a party of thirteen
ladles and gentlemen living here and at
Cairo. UL. who celebrated the Fourth at
Big Lake north cf Charleston.
Mr. McUullIn Jocularlv remarked that as
there were thirteen or them around the
board it was to be expected that at least l
ci or them would die within the next fifty
dead of apoplexy.
wealthy lumberman,
porarily at Cairo.
st fifty 1
illci fell J
years. Three hours later Mr. McMul
Mr. MoMullln wa a I "-nniit street The persons mad deposits
J 1
! In ike City.
3' s
Melxell. an aerona.it. reporteu to Cjptatn
Cteccy of tho Grand Avt-nue Station, that
a balloon, valued at J1W. wa stolen.
Melxell sent up the balloon Friday night
from Hashagcn Park, and it came doan
in the vacant lot at Grand and Chouteau
aenues He declares a crowd cf men and
bojs followed the balloon, and when it
dropped, folded it up and carried It away.
Complaints were made to Captain ncnclds
of the Central Dhurict vesterday by several
persons, who claim to hav been nVeced
out of money by an employment agency ..n
who has resided tern-
Charged With Scalping Indian
Near Fort Sill.
Guthrie. Ok., July 3. Sevora! Apacho
warriors have ben arretted by the Feleral
soldiers atFort Sill, charged with M!l!-.g
and scalnlnir another member nf ih. lrlh.
j ami vabbing his ikjuiw to death.
! Tills Ic the flrt lime la recent years that
; y.al4nr has b-n rprtod among the .-etnl-
Ici" IIIzhI Indians The Apachf s wre only
rttrntly released Nm the Fort Sill ltes--rvalion.
where ihey were prisoners or
j war fcr fifteen years
Two Tolicemen and Six Citizens
Have Diflicult Task in Sub
duing the Disturber.
For more than an hour last night Luther
Helnholt terrorized the neighborhood In the
vicinity of Thirteenth and Mcnroe streets,
holding a crowd of citizens at bay. He
finally retreated to the saloon of August
Borgmeyer on the corner, end waa not cap
tured until he had wrecked the place.
Two patrolmen and six citizens were re
quired to overpower It'lnholt and take him
to the Fifth Dlstrlrt Station, wjjere he was
juciieu up. Jtcinnoit can oeen unnklrg
heavily all day. the police say, and In the
evening began to create a disturbance near
the saloon. HH loud fries soon attracted a.
crowd, and then he btcjrae surly and chal
lenged a number cr men to fight. About
eight of them started at him. but he re
treated to the saloon. The proprietor or
dered him out. The request omy angered
hlra the more. and. selzir.g s. bottle from tho
bar. he hurled It through the window. Th
occupants of the rla b-rame frightened
and ran cut. Iteinhoit then wrecked the
Patrolmen Healy ar.d Cunningham of the
Fifth District arrived on the scene, and
finally, with tho aid of six citizens, over
powered Kelnbolt,
Women in the Tyrol Find Relaxa
tion in Stringing Beads.
In the parishes of Mieming and Hletx. la
the Tjrol, the members of nearly every
household are engaged in the preparation
of rosaries, through the stringing together
of beads. Every prsoa of the female aex,
old or young, spends her spare time In this
manner. The worknomen are paid by tho
piece and receive for stringing a dozen
rosaries of the ordinary kind frcra 10 to
U kreutzers to .3 cents), while In the
t j.. "" wn:cn require more delicate
handling as much cs kreutzers 03 cents)
supplied material has been deducted.
Wednesday and were promised situations
tt.iua-,. Sney say whrn they went to
the nice yeMerday It was vacated.
In a runaway yesterday atfemoon an un
identified man was thrown from .i wasm
in a collision near Main and Mullanphy ,
streets with another vehicle, and rendered
unconscious. He it as taken to the City
Hospital. The vehicle was taken in cuargu ;
by the police or the Fifth District and ef
forts made to establish his Identity.
Application for a pro forma decree of In
corporation for the McKinley Itcrubllean
I-cague Club wa made to the Circuit
Court yesicruay. The directors are" (wear
Wofcsttad.eck, Henry C. Schrcwe, Louis Hu
lier. Louis Plnger. R Gcttemyer.
Fricke and Frederick Thles. The club owns
a home in the First Ward, bjl voters liv
ing in any 'part of the city are eligible to
ICOnionATIOAS The following
companies filed article of incorporation
yestenlay: John Caster Manufacturing Com
pany; capital. COCO, all paid. Stockholders
Arralnda C Caster. John Castr anil
Ilcrnard Greensfeldtr. Holloway-Bremser
Merchant Tailor Companj ; capital. JT.Srtl.
nil paid Stockholders H. E. llolloway. J.
W. Ilremser and C L. Moss.
K.-VOCKEU moil CAIl Meyer rtart
nlck of No. 113 North Seventh street w.is
knocked from a Keltefontaine car by .v
board projecting from a building In course
of construction at Seventh and Washington
.avenue. Friday night. He sustained a deep
gah under the right eje and severe scilp
wounds, which wero dressed at the Clty
July 7, 8 and 9.
Via Direct Line $25.50
Via Wew York and Providence Line. .$25.00
Via New York and Rail $26.30
Leaving St. Louis.... 9 A. H., 8:30 P. M., (1:30 P. M.
To Eureka
nrirxrvn fl rh AND RETURN
liJIHigd, ftlft.
Tickets will be good only on train leaving St- Louis 9:00 P. M. above date, and
will be good to return any time within fifteen fays.
TICKET OFFICES S. E. Cor. Eighth and Olive Sts. and Union Station.
Mr. Frank White, assistant ticket agent
for the' Burlington Railroad at the Broad
way oKlce. ha resigned to accept a position
with the A. G. Edwards Brokerage Company.
JirtS. JEWBTTS VII.LtIr. A.lrlo
Gardner Jewett. by her will filed for pro
bate yesterday, left her estate to her hus
band. Eliot C. Jewett.
In Cistern.
Girl Dro-rrned
'Paducah. Ky.. July S.-Octave Blaine, an
near EddyviUe and was drowned. She had
gone after bneket of water.
Strike Threatened on Hock: Island
Became of A"ew Order.
Kansas City. Ma. July i-Unlesa the de
mand of the firemen on the Hock Island
Railway system are granted In the next ten
da.??tor a C0I"P-tmls 1 effected, a strike
will be ordered. Some of the nremen take
a hopeful view of the situation, and believe
'Z. "" oe a settlement. Others see only
.K01!1 of a strike.
The grievances of the firemen originated
L". ..lr tat wen 'nt effect recently
by Z$cil .?ach Hreman t required to work
as wlper for his own englat?. What tn
firemen demand is that the task of wiping
tho engines b eliminated, or that they bs
s7fl. nfreascd paj commencing with the
added labor.
-.-2 Principal part of the wiping required
2 ? "l11' to on the running gear under
neath, it can be done only when the en
gine Is at rest. There are innumerable
corner and steel rods and bars rrom which
ino dust and grime must dp removed to In
sure the smooth rsnning or the machine.
1Vnbo.Ii niver Itlslng.
Grayvllle. DL. July 5.-The Wabash River
i m:i point is mii rising, considerable
low land is already under water and much
damage has been done to crops.
Carthace. 111.. July 5. Mrs. Luelnda Gor
don, mother of Circuit Clerk William M.
Gordon, died at her home In this city to
day. She was 73 year old.
Vienna. 111.. July 5. Mrs. I!nk Williams,
living north of this cttv. died Thursday
night of spinal meningitis.
Mount Pulaski. III.. July i Mr. Samul
Downing. G) years old. a wealthv retired
farmer, living here, died Thursday night
from consumption.
mhs. jiilo Mccormick.
nEPcntic special
Colllnsville. I1L. July t The funeral cf
Mrs. MHo McCormlck. wife of a prominent
farmer and ex-County Treasurer. MHo Mc
Cormlck. will take place Sunday. July 6,
at - o'clock.
Jacksonville. UL. July C. Jon Scott, a.
well-known resident, fell dead while seated
on his lawn this evening.
Peoria. UL July 5. John II. Francis, on
of the oldest and most prominent citizens
of Peoria, passed away shortly before noon
to-day. He had been falling for two eiT3
and his death was not unexpected. He was
th bulkier of the Monarch distillery and
also organized the Great Western Distilling
Company. He leaves a wife and Ave
Virginia. HL. July 5.-Joseph Zelgelmeler,
ag-d al years, died here to-day. Deceased
was a native or Germany, emigrating ln
Evansvllle. Ind- July 6. James W. Stln
ecd died here to-day. Ho was U rears old
and hnd been a pilot on the river for
more than sixty years. He leaves a large
jlicbncl Brcnnans Death Is Due
to a Missing Guard Uail
Plunges Fortv Feet,
Michael Brennan, a laborer, fell from the
Chouteau avenue viaduct, whlcn spuns the
railroad tracks between Spring and Van
deventer avmucs. last night and dtsl as
a result of his Injuries. The distance was
rorty feet.
He sustained a, concussion of the brain,
which was the direct cau-e of his dath.
His right arm was brckon and the left
shoulder was dislocated. Tho accident har
dened at 6 o'clock and the man died at
his home. No. ZTvl Hickory street, at U
Brennan was on his way home from
work. He was walking on the bridge, and.
hearing, an approaching car. stepped to ona
side. The viaduct is being reconstructed.
and the- guard rail was down.' When liren
nan got out of the way ot the car ha
stepped too far and fell headlong from the
bridge HI read struck the ground.
Workmen en th bridge ran down the em
bankment, and whn thy reached the man
he was unc nsc.ous. An ambulance was
summoned and he was taken to his home.
where Doctor Fleming or So. XS Manches
ter avenue, attended him. All efforts to
rtvive the man were futile, and ho died
without gaining consciousness.
If you want to buy or sell a horso or
vehicle read the horse and vehicle column
or to-day's Republic Good bargains are
offered among the one hundred and ten ads
printed to-day.
Was Well Known as Credit Man
for St. Louis Firms.
Thomas K. Layton, well remembered ln
commercial circles or this city, died last
night at the residence of his mother, Mrs.
Susan Pw Layton. in Ferguson, after a, lin
gering illness of one year. In thai Interval
Mr. Layton spent much time In Arizona.
Colorado and Texas. In the hope or regain
ing his health. He returned recently pre
pared to meet tho Inevitable with fortltuda
and resignation.
Mr. Luytcn. who was 32 years old. was a,
member of one or the oldest and most re
spected families or Versailles. Ky. His fa
ther. Doctor T. K. Layton. was a. leading
Physician or that section, and of the larga
family of t-.n children whom he reared tho
death or his son who has Just passed away
marks the first break In that circle.
Mr. Layton camo to ft. Louis twelve
years ago. His services a credit man for
nearly all of the most Important wholesale,
business houses In the city will cause his
early death to be mourned by. a large clrcl-j
of rriends. It Is probable that the funeral
will take place Tuesday, although definite
arrangements have not been completed. Tha
Interment will likely be at tha family rest
ing place ln Versailles;
Mnrdcred While Celebrntlns.
Catlettsburg. Ky.. July 5. Jesse Rule, a
"M1"?1. merchant of thbi citv wa ftnbs.!
and killed at a Fourth of July celebration
nere yesterday. Fred Brechett. a tlmber
roan. has been arrested, charged wiuj tne
Delicatessen Luaca Rooms.
If you "want ccld watermelon- on In th
.n...... .. . -
There are three hundred and five "Help
Wanted" ads printed In to-day's Republic
If out or work or looking for a btter po
sition it will pay you to read them over.
Alton. HL. July IL Barton Shaw and Miss
Mannta Reddish, well known In Jersey
County, were married this evening ln
St. Charles. Mo.. July 5. Benjamin A.
Sitiow of Philadelphia. Pa., and Alice E.
Marltz of Ava, Jackson County. HL. were
married ln this city this afternoon. Justice
of the Peace Fred Knoop performed the
St. Charles. Ma, July S. W. A. Riley cf
Burlington. Ia were married here by Jus- I
tlce Fred Knoop this afternoon.
When yoa hare a lot of dead weight la yoar
umiu.iiismeaseoi Indigestion, ise ser
vos sjstra become so Irritated and unstrung
that It prevents your sleeplnr. Yon are not
really suffering from Insomnia, as some will
tell yon. bot froa isdirrsticn. the primary
cause of yonr sleeplessness. Now. there aro
many ways of getting yourself to sleep. Yoa
can Crick or smoke yourself to slrep. or yoa
can use powerful drags, narcotics, sach as
opinsz and lasdaama. Bnt tha natural way to
cinrt slamber. for a man suffering from la
digestion or any other stomach trouble. Is first
to correct the disturbances in the stomach, to
remove the fetid debris that Is dogging tha
machinery ot yonr body, and this U best and
most nnlckly done with
A Clifton Heights School Janitor Says:
"I faaTC been afflicted with indigestion for
fire years. I could not sleeo at night. I
hasc tried erery known remedy without ef
fect, and am pleased to say that Enp-psia
Tablets hate rireo me immediate relief. an4
I feel cared. Ton can sse this letter in any
way yon see fit. so other safferers can be
equally benefited."
. . Jos. Cassscax.
Japitor Clifton Height School. Su Loals.
EUPEPSIA TABLETS will care every
disease that affects the stomach, as well as
all diseases that are cxnsed by stomach
trochlea, such as Indigestion, dyspepsia, nn
easlnes after eatis?, nausea, foul breath,
bloated stomach, heartburn, obesity, thin
ness, weak blood, loss of appetite, sleepless
ness, sallow complexion, and all other ac
companying ailments. EUPEPSIA TAB
LETS help the stomach to do its work. It
Is the caly remedy sold under a guarantee
to cure or money reiunced.
fwo weeks treatment at yonr dragglst's or direct for 50 cents. A treatise oa Stomach
Trouble and three days' treatment mailed JBZE.
Picsota DIgetfflg. Cbtb Bjspcp.l2.
j.i.umi" 'I- 'JiiB ij u iu iw
Your Money Back If They Fall.
jjjjjfctjjjjj. "Sskui
rjf ili.r
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