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Hilda Spong is a fi-m believer in a certain
teller of fortune. and those of her friends .
who know the peculiar facts in the '-cse
eharc her regard for that person's powers
Mirs Spong came to this csuntry from her .
home in Australia to win much deserved
suecc-u. Her father, a scenic artist of note. I
took her to the theater early in life. an3 j
at an age when most girls are beginning
th"lr stage careers she was a finished ac
tress ill.is fpong's work as a member of
Daniel Frohman's forces was remarkabl
good. In "Procks and Frills" and "The '
Ambassador" she carried indifferent plats
to success. 'Vhen rrohman was preparing
"Notre Dame be insisted upon her creating
the leading female role dplte her protects
that she was totally unfitted for the parL
Ker words were Justified but the New
York audience, with whom Miss Spans had
income a ravorlte. appreciated her effr s. t
and rewarded them rrohman then inflated
that the compan go on the road with Mis
Spong as practlf-sily the star The tour was j
not profitable, and Charles Frohman blamed j
Miss Spong for the failure They parted in
anger. Firmly h ma lo up her mind neier ,
to appear und-r if rrohman management ,
strain, and she tie rouIy expressed herself I
to thin effect before falling for Kngland It '
bo cnanrtii mat one rtiy ho was Induced
hy a friend to hate her fortune 'told. In
the midst of th prophecy the reader of
futures exclaimed: "You have jiurreled
with a man for -whom you hate woTked.
and you think you will never hive an
th'ng more to do with him or any one ur-
eoclatej with him. You will take a Ions I
trin over the wafr tint Yifnr m m
tick jou will change jour mind, and It
will be greatlv to your benefit." Miss
Spans afterwards laughed htartliy at this ,
prophecy. Irat sure enough she did In Lon- ,
don enlist again under the Frohman Ban- j
ner and in a letter she has confessed that
the fortune teller had much to do with her
decWon. .
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In a recent autob'ographlcal article Jlary
ilanncrins writes as follow).
hen men and women who are defeated
Jn life and come sray-halred and broea
to a soal they hid thought to ejehevr.
hew few of them ran look back and see
that their care -s iiave bePn one stra:)
wandrinc tanclo of hort Journejs In
arch of thinzg which evn. when won.
were valueless if they wre needed to se
cure anj sreai life purposes
CTession on the road to success One mHs:
lcok jonder. wh-re tho prize and the mark
or the high calling shines aloof, and then,
over every obstacle, move straight on and
This bring' to mind an occasion when 1
saw some Kngllsh lads trj'ng to walk In
straight paths In an unmarred tWd or
frertly fallen snow. There was bu; one
really straight one. and that was made by
a long-headed little fellow, who had find
his ejes on a rist In h n-n nr th. .
posite side of the field and gone straight
italics liasr Grow
I hae come to s that there Is no di- i toward IL
I This clearness nf nTirrca -ii MtnitM.
I self-denial In maintaining my prug-es to-
I .u ii nave rvn the prime factors Ir.
I even thing I have accomplished, nd se
they shall continue to be The ortf Uma
wlen I reallj wavered, but. fortunately.
I r.ghtcd myself, occurred In London eara
My pnlng i:pon th stage was almost an
f , PU X was 0,,,y " whn one dav- b-
... i rent nom- Irom boarding
eChOOL I Stateil In Rffino inJ r.n.l. .
h,. ...---T."-" "itfc .
vu mr ne rest 01 tne term. I sat for a
j portrait, at the studio I met the late Elith
1 CheM-r. who said: "Mr. ICyrle Iieilew is
looking for just such a peison as you Tho
nvxi oay. mtcout m mother's l.noAlJ;e,
I went to see him. I was ecgageu and ap
peared in "Hero ana Leander" with Mrs.
l'ottcr and Mr. Iieilew. I then ent with
Herman Vezin. The first .tar 1 placed
sixty different parts. m secund being Jtt
Cca in the Mrrchant of Venke." It was
there I learned to go straight on. for to
falter meant to fail. But I held rast and
waited no time, but studied the harder. In
a fw dajs I had "a request" to tour in
"Sowing the Wind." Mr. Charles rrohman
raw rjie in that and spoke of me to Mr.
lan!l Frohman. In November of IOS. I
was at Islington in -Tne Late Mr. Coslello."
Mr. franle! Frohman saw my came on the
bill and as a result I came to Arafrta.
Through all those years of hard and un
requlting work I kept my ajm for th- high
est ai.d best In my art before mi. and know
ing that a fulfilment of every promise was
one essential I hjv never nllowedantliing
to stand In tha na of my going on. not
even vere illness or injuries. I had my
foot so badlj smahed that it had to be put
in a cast and the surgeons said' I would
malm myself for life by using .t, but the
same night of the accident I played It
was aw fui. awful, but I held to tnj rule and
my victory then has helped me since
SjRc-mficrto &Xtt&"UvS?p(So
.Stevens'.; o4S&lrn
m 111
Cnicxao. Jan. 30. isot.
Knowltoa Oandcrine CO. Chlraro, II1
Dear Sirs: Two of my girl friends find
mysnlf biro been using your Daaderlne for
fivoral months. We all commenced using It
about tho sams time, ana wo are seeing
which of us can jrrow the longest hair. For
a month we used It once & day, alter that
twice to three times a week. -All of our hair
ti much thicker than It was, and mine is
fully seventeen inches longer. It seems the
longer It gets the faster It grows. Are wa
using it to tho very best advantage? Kindly
answer at once. fi j Ai.mJj
Nearly Every Lady in tho City of
Chicago Uses Dandcrinc,
jndtt ypu will look at the wealth of raxnr
lanttDd. beautiful hair exhibited tn the
JiP.pit0PTaP11 von w11 see the reason fcr
IL K Is tho only remedy eTer discovered that
wfll make hair grow nnd stop It from
falling out (wo Back that statement Trttii
flro thotuand dollars). Chicago. SL Louis.
Kansas City. Jew York and Boston dealers
are notr buying it by the car load In order to
supply the tremendous demsad. which Its
unbounded roerlt has crested. Pretty sub
stantial proof of merit. It it not? Be
jure ypu got the genuine, made only by the
Knowlton Danderlce Co.. Chicago.
NOW at all druggists In three sizes. 2Ec
50o. and 3 1.00 per bottle.
PRPfT to show how quickly Danderlne
T "I"" cLs, The KDowlton Dsnderlne
Co Chlcaga, will tend a large sample free by
returh mail to anyone who send .us tub
adTerttserasit with their namo and addrwi
tsA 10c. In sllrer cr stataps to paypostsg
Male Cahill has developed a new feature
. She now ikjsos as an cxiiert in Lisolng. Mi?J
rpires the belief that she understands the
csculalory art to perfection "Through
certain, though lndeflnable, degrees of p r
fection." sie says, "the kiss has bfen de
veloped as a vehicle of sentinvnta! expres
sion, having Its rroper piice in line with
speech, gesture and music, and thtt nroi.er
piace is alnajs the conjunction of woman s
lips with man's. The touch of lips to the
cheek or forehead Is counterfeit. The k'ss
en the hand Is permissible in the case of ul
cerated tooth. Childhood's kisses are toler
ated as acta of apprenticeship AVhen wo
men kiss women they are merely idling.
"When man kisses man the wall is built
without mortar. This is because the only
worth-whlia kiss is made by the union of
man s lips with woman's." .
"Cen-Hur" will begin its fourth season
in New York September li It will be :
staged In every detail as presented at the
Broadway Theater. New York. In No
vember three ycar3 ago. when originally
produced. Tha company, which numbers
SO people, will be practically the same as
that of the past two years, but two chanses
In the principal parts being made Dodeon
Mitchell to pay aimons:aes and Mlsa Bev
erly Sltgrcaves. Amrah. Miss Sltgreaves
is playing this role in the English produc
tion, and will be brought to this country
expressly to portray the Egyptian nurse.
"William Farrum, a talented youns romaa-
tic actor, whow; physique makes him the
Ideal of General Wallace's hero, will con
tinue In the part of Bn-Hur.
New York Is to enjoy the luxury of a
"4W theater, so sas Mrs. Robert Osborn.
Many times has such a scheme been talked
about, but the proscect has ben too for
m'dable for experienced managers. Mrs.
Osbcrn has made money as a fashionable
dressmaker, and feels quite competent ahe
has u. two years' lease of the Berkeley
Lvceum, and means to redecorate that
theater In the roost up-to-date fashion Her
idea of p'.ajs is conflned to "smart" come
dies, tut sh prudently refuses to assert
that sh- will make a family tree one of the
reejUMtes at the lox office.
Mrs. Osborn haa had a Httle tiramat'c
experience In that she gavu theatrical
bicakfasts at the Waldorf for one season.
She also managed the Japanese actor. Ka-
waKami and his k-ading lady. Sada Yacco.
5he Intimates that she rcn. alternate an
operatic with her dramatic companv. and
speaks bopefullv- of hav'r.g Henry E. Dlxey
at the head of the latter, while the opera
will be Intrusted to Isabello Underwood
Tho greenroom will bo a receptlen parlor,
and here the audience will be allowed to
meet the artists after the performance.
Wacenhals & Kcmpter have Just signed
coniracti ror o pcruw or three years with
Blanche Walsh Her first appearance un
der her new management rill be in a new
play from the pn cf Stanislaus Strange,
nuttier of "Quo VadSs" and other succe".
Th subject of the play i- rounded on Flau
terts' famojs book. "Salamrabo."
Wilton Lackaye recently made his ap-pe-arance
In public In a very secondary
part He dkl not seem to mind It much on
this occasion, although It was for the first
vime n many years. All he had to do n.at
to look happy and take his cue from the
man who filled the role of the minister at
the christening of Wilton John Lackave
Jr. "
Lulu Glaser sailed for Europe July 1 on
the Kronprlnz Wilhelm. She will go to
rarls for a short visit and then to the Sws3
Alts and to Florence and Rome. She will
fn1"?? f.arli'- ,a S-Wwnlwt and will reoptn
In Doily Vardcn" In New York.
.iV1 u,f the.,atest successes in London
?Z ,'Ch WUI Protab'- le seen In Amer-
1? t35l Ecasn i "Tone Little Maids." a
musical comedj by Paul Itubens. Kdna
M?.J lLr'"J.,n': ,he Principal parL She is
cal.ed Edna It the nL-ir .ir.,1 i,-,n,. . i.
is said, since she played the part of Edna
-lay In her accustomed fashion. It Is also
said with regret that the voice she once
pes-ssed has shown no wearing quality.
During the current London engagement
. , .It Sa:ah Btrnhardt It has been de-
? ,, .that J !s to Prod"ce "Borneo and
Juliet during her American tour, which
beg.rs next October. Maude Adams will
take the r-art of Juliet Mme. Bernhardt
and Miss Adams will piny l French white
t?.C suPPcrt,nS company will speak tho
E: gllsh language.
Lcd'rcr. Edward Bedway and SIlss
Katherine Pearl, lwth members of "Tl"
Chaperone" company at the New York The
ater, were married by Aide-man Joepn
Oataan. who was ha.tily summoned for the
purpose by Mason Miirhrii i-.. ...
was performed In the private offlce of Ilenrv
B. Sire, owner of the theater.
Lewis Morrison closed a succesjful season
In his production of "Faust" last week!
After a flying visit to New York he crosseJ
the continent to his San Francisco heme.
where he v. ill rest till the opening of his
next sea-wn's tour of "Faust" which Is to
have a new equipment
The rooncgram ehirt waist made Its
umiat iijjpearaace on uitve street recently.
It was worn by Maud Williams the prima
donna of the Delmar Opera Ccrrpany.
Since then every matinee srlri has been per
fCt ,n i!Le IMUei of Donogram' shirt
waist They are seen everywhere. The
carrying of bamboo cans by the fair sex
has languished. But the embroidered
monsram on the shirt waist sleeve can be
seen on every hand, it is also considered
permissible to wear the college Initial of
the best fellow, or any letters a show girl
chooses to select from the alphabet to
show that she know her P's and q's. Bat
illsa WlWaias. claims that to wear cne'j
heirt en or.f's sleeve wo.il! be a woeful
Mrk Of faC- "IT-l! ! ,';!, n . -ron'
iTlie adVJIe- il st. K . , i i- I . j's
of the name she tf.ir- r,r t g- as far a
wearing the Initial or th one she may love
best "In this cae." :ays Miss WHilamr
"when a girl gets a new aw. the-art she
can indicate the fact by getting a new
shirt waist with the rww initial. The
wearing "f the mtter outfit will indicate
plainly that a girl Is off with the old love
and on with the new. Eventually a code of
mongram pignals may sprlrc up. The girl
T?ho wears none will do so to indicate that
she Is willing to take another name. The
emmroer cirl who rolls un hr ivm mnno.
pram and all. wlil do o to indicate that
the monogram Is turned un and some young
nin is turned Jown. Gras widows work
their nr.noKramj In creen. hofi!es "pinsfrs
mav adopt liluf and so on through all tha
various shades "
In the production of "The Lat Days of
Pfmp- II." at Handlan's Psrk. J Pa n. "Th
Frencrt, King." preterit wm. irn.!l
ternfing features of -nlcinlc trurtl ns as
seen In Mont Pelee'.i action. In "The
Lost lays of Pom:"!! " ;ww-ftor, pv. fp.
I'al i!Iu:rraIior of 'he erition a: S' !1-rre
and Pomperl. Cluu-1-s of .lain-, -n.-kf aisl
ashes are shown. Flocds of red-ho: mimic
lava are beKhl from the volcano's rar.
The thunderous co'e of the mointaln the
!nrnnt earthquake knocks. anJ the falling
oi immense quantities or mat-ral mm
pletelj burying the doomd city mak the
scene hitorirally accurate. Gaily dr-see.1
multitude"? nih hither and thithr la a
raid, but Ineffective effort to -cape.
This Wrfli' l'minimmr.
The 1" nr n51t. dupil.-a'irt th fe tt
rriS a' y.urt Irtc Hirhbin-ts hst rs n. t
rsta rA as oe th e '-!'nr rtrart.is of
this tt k rrrn:T?. Ur rpr'in! r ,uw h
l't r-r:th rl will lw tri u. r 'My
La"- Hottentot" a ns nhleh was mf Ito
rr -.!- t rofsriar by tr3i Th hwullicr of
b ' ar Kalke .t SrHU ml ra k
wh- aiikf cochfJr t prtaelpal lavrntlrr r
tfc r art TNt are rJsVIc thlr Brt psr-ar-e
h-e &f:r a foor nw ran it -
PU TN-iter In Iyrxtnc Uttl r 1 r-'trt w
wit a ?ira of fannialirs fr a su?rw- rat
a J"-!- Pe WHt art t5or- J. r. 'h
v - ;i' ht "wt het a-e rtiln ! It
F '- w "1 a tre.m aatBer wk. Il t "
c -v Tot.!tr sacg it th sm of his
A ' - - F"ra rMaTolc" will tie vi to-tna'-t
I s- Osrden. Xlto Dsri--t3 wl'l 'b- Ts
i'! r ! Kiivts A. Clartt wW spnear s A 1
. .-h ..J MsaA W nuau as Zr-lim itlit -fartcaa
k II nine IVJdr ACcatk. Ftaa R nrr.
I-rnc actf Clareocv Itarrey w II be krar4 as
C Rs.d'raLte lBl'et attaches ta th- fortenm
Irc iiwtlca by ttie Usimar Opnst Cc-nrwy cf
tho AwrtJMta iMly pivdocUna ,( "A Ranuway
Ctrl." XnmttatiuiH wre eotEjiietJ la -w.-'k
Khv'rhr the lilu mnrieal eocs'dy t t h i r--Matnl
at Ixlmar for a wtek foiluwjii "Kra
For th weic I'Sicr'Ifcg with to-day s rait net
UanaST McNeary of I'htic'i Oav olln a n-ir
prrmc Ti Brt Mnkeiue iu t "Tu
Silitto Trial." The Uan ate jatd to b ve-y fen
ny. Tlie c-4nc burk9 I tsslttd "KMello. cr
Ut Prlen of Ieaee." It la an alrv trta. fo4 of
nnmcie. citfp movement m-5 and nol
dacet'. I: is lnundJ t diseaii the aod.-nce
in a good humor and n-tpa-e ttsu t . f j- t"
ofebettia cmeett tta oImii all LbtJ' uv
shows are elowd
The living pl'ar- are "The Vaarlf." a Iir
lrar ijllcat!rr of Hotae-J' rm-n omxt.
"Good Jtora.n. Cairie." c imc lrw, and "Tho
XMuce " in the vaud-ril wl I a: r N't- o
EyiTt'r. atvion l Tearl la a sw acntatic
fpeicltjr. Ie Rm iod Vtisw. the fcatr;lo3ils.
M Mil :r-J Itsward dc Crry. the OrtcsuU bare
foot cU&CAr.
r"r snows are rlrn a Crave Curjr I-iie
Til Sosrraitt Ilrothos. in an act th' c.U
f.heeKEg the Wbett." is t!ie cn-reot oCtiSS
John W Wortd. erceatrte eonwsllaB. -d MT.l
and Has'lncs are the fc""3fi"1ar at MarnU-r'j
l'uk. Otaers n tko till Lie Ta JUci. r're.l
an-1 Any Gottlob. la a Ge-man CTned"- far-I-al
act call! "A fkrawd Dauhaun"; Kra."' c J
Dras.1. eomedy aerobats. and Adam and C.sZntj
in lllm'rat ! aenct. Matiners ar- Kln OS
Wedae&tey. Saturday asj Sunday
The I"aia prod'Ktlos cf "Kj Ijit Days "if
lHtplr" wlU rTBln at Ilacdbuia i'jik until
Jcly 2T. Durlrc the seawn a numbe- of e
etal nlcVs have 1b arrafed. as fotV): Joly
T. chtl'irrn's alcht. July S. army vtran
sJcht: Juiy 3. 9t LoaK eicht: Jaly to. raUnnd
C.:W; Jaly It (tneaa nVht. Joly 14 i4te'
and chUdres'a nlzht. July 15. Irh nisst: July
IS. retail c-ocr' nlrht. July IT. Mwk ntrht;
Jnly tS. bbor ultht. July it. enlMrn r Etebt
Jclr ii onlvrsHy nfeM. Jaly a. 0 Frilcwa'
nlRht: Joly II. Ka!htJ cf rythtas' nliht: Jaly
H Eattea nlrht
rtasdncaftrr Synvsur at Fr-ft Psrk Ottac
has arra-jgrd a erl' of sftwrammea fT 'bJ
wek that include- many ela-Scal Kleetlons-
The JtjeoJcr-Kftrtbfe Kislnc Stock Oonipany
will revive "Ttfcaa-d HI" at Kwfi G-4fn
t!s stek- ItlcnarJ Bnblw till appear in Un
title roie.
Th West EnJ lll(Mi If rren to the rse.
In tiotat of location tt has tin adranuce otrr
many card'ni. t-rl"c ritoatd en a tract of land
tvat l tn Mshert in M. UrrJ. Mnte th
VforH'a Fair Dlrwtors havo ta!cn tne tract of
land west of Skinr ral the nr ranWr. ts
adloinlax; tne World's Fair grounds. 0sfau
atntM rars run dlrert to the rert The via
niton, which if enUrHy coser. Is erected off"
a rri of a ULe of atet thrte aerr Throeeh
a-ehes rotra-n are adrnlttM to the pavrttan from
tho rars CVnraencin.: to-da. tb foUowinc;
vandrvIlM attlfts will J,iw In the tn.ter:
Rrothrrs IUI. iomedy acrobat: Warren and
IHanchard. lUany and Arno. in th-tr iww r
cUlly. ly-ona Thnr!r lMca:el. Mexican ym
rat. Blilh 0KtUy and KatnrriB Manauif. vo
rallsti. ad ll Uesste Glibfrt. eorn-t . In
the card'n Ilrrr Gtanata and Aima rsjara will
eihlb.t a trick eiptiat
Well's Military UanJ will trivo tha fullosrlcg
r-ri-Kfimme at i'umpeit Garden to-slcht la Hand-
iMa a i-ara
Oreituio-Kieozl Waan
Sdortlis The Sian.PX Girl H-ibrrc
(a) Caprlct Th tenn of Love Indic
(b t-exut from Lucia. D-nia:ti
Geres from Fauat Utanod
Coraot tJo Inama!u tabat Mater.....Koainl
Selections from KiiHt IXido Loders
Cat Grand March irom Tananaaser Wagaor
(t) Groop of ropnlar eoi
Swret Fsntaale i'rorldence.. Tobaai
swan from Carmen ...HUet
&lctlona from IToroiira. .Staart
MInoet I-rTrrtJ
Galop Golden Sn,- pata
Tie f.lrilart. tor the srrk brlnning this
afiersocn. offers a variety of talest BtNy Van.
who has always ln a Csrorlte In thla cHy.
cotE flrt. In "aiiwrf trne by Van. a nmea
as bny on els-, hrlpnl nuke the m.Bs(rel rnows
at th SuliBibm a u-i- Se rj. -. popotarlty
are IIo.Kh Starto-i anl Fl'rfnc- Modem, nkuna
tar In their I.lUe satir- on the , f the over
rr.thusliiHie ncnun 'o u tlicrt rer own none
la an effort t reform nl'ors and cab ditrns
Jm Coutncal. well kiwwn menourue artlne.
anruneea poraetblrg: sew. Vijhhrran"- cifa'
bearr. iiut ovr f n in Koasta, w.ll be the ojvt
strtklng norelty. This u Ih-Ir only envav'inent
In th4 West. Another Importation U t Five
Noose. mslcai -ntert-taers. who furnib tVr
on staso ctttlng Vecl In the otdea tlmce
and costuts the act with root than oi itf.ary
So Says Mrs. Rose, of New York City, And
Tens of Thousands of Other Women.
B Tart rPBsnTVSr ' SUyf" sat'XT' j90F33BsPSWBs0tl 1
r - -wv 3i.-v 5 aiv-TrT -r jr s iwra aoci
', rSr is.., - -Spj fsm&S- j-j ih'
MA ITiltfesC-
i 1 BSm&r&mii
. Kit t1 i . "5SJ -i-J' 'W T': J L 'e'y'WP-
-iir-; Jennie Hose. 7.62 H' Tv.csty Second Street A"-v Ynrk Cttv n-r,v.,.
The Pervne Medicine Co., Columbus, O.: Y' WnSS- cMrs' Qv
A7.Mr. .--
Uw,..n.-re i'tr,txz tt oiessla? ri sulteriax wsxen. 1 suiter d with
iftrfei;r,n,-7;V . 7 . ' arrsnS" - wori sad duties to as lo bs
in net. every mor.ln far t -o tfiys at esst
n i 'J? btrot!lsr cuf t Brlgtt's Dlsecse frsm the use o Piruns. aad
so I determined to tr it f?r .-ny tnuttls.
.,. "laSia- tpr zrest iy u hen I found that it relieved me quito e bit the
?, 6 ' aBd,t'Lssc":'y without pam durinz that perUd after bavlag
used Perusa only tour noma. u's
ntn ",'5 'Jj-oout mo years ego and all during that time I have sulfered no
and rWcA TthVr . T-V 7t Z, S ' "C aaC CM,W:f Pen as u Oman's best friend
inuh?hi2LnrZiatfef!aJ: ?'aaa"XlH L" tCat she can lind relief
tnrcuzh the uac of tbi medicine." Truly venr Hit ipvvic once
r nr -
M'r?. Ellen Thompson. Battle Tcwrj. Ky.,
"When I woJe ou for aivic- I wa very
bad off. Whtn I received your letter i
caramenccd c!n Peruua and it did Jus
what z-e: said It w -jZ.1. I have had a cough.
for ahct fifteen jear. and your medlcino
ha? d-n ns mo-e a;nol than anj thing I
hav ever used. I am so La-kft to you
f:r your advice to me." Mr K'len Thomo
Mi-. Jim-s Elgfamcr. Grape. SI'ch.,
' I hav.- been tron-Ied w!ih pein before
al during my monthlies ver since I was
IT I wi alo TC"M-d with ether fernal
vrrakitr 1 tnok your trearrrrt and am
n.-.r well, ond think von for your kind ad
ilcv"Slis. James &frhmev.
Mrt John Meyer. Krhaf. O . writes:
' I have been a cfferr fr m chronic ca
tarrh for year3 an.1 have thereby lost tha
scs of invl! ntlrely I had fcr of th
tst physicians in this vicinity without re-c'v-i3
any bnflt whatever.
'.Voir lam once more a veil woman.
I find Peruna to be the best medlcino
In tits world, cs It has done me man
&od than my physician could havo
done for me. My friends say I took
ten years younger. I tell them that
I Peruna did It. I can't thank jou
enougn for your free advice." Mrs.
John Meyers.
V- IZn Eakr. Po-t-moctb, O . writes:
"I i.cj glad to say that I am welt. I hava,
tak.-n Peruna and feel better than I have
ir n yet-s; have gaine- twelve pounds
cud am roll gaining. When I wrote to yoa
r . i. loo I had given up all hepe of being;
v-ell cgain. and I fel that It has saved my
life. "-Mrs. Ida Baker
Alice Bcott. of Franklin. Ky., In a letter
to Dr. Hartcan. says:
"For seven long jears I have teen a con-
slant sufferer from catarrh of the peMa
otgzrs which resulted In displacement of
the uterus. I wrote you telling you all my
complaints fra the beginning to the pres
ent, made happy and much encouraged.
ev-.ry time by your kind and fatherly let
ters erf advice and Instruction. I am now a
-reng woman, weighing Its pot-nds." Alice
A Senator Wife,
erona E. Roich. wife of United
Stales Senator Roach, from North Dakota,
"I can cheerfully recommend Peruna- In
detd. I know of no other remedy as good.
It Is a grand tonic, and many of my friends
have used It for catarrh with good results."
Verona E. Roach. Larimorv. N. D.
If you do not derive prompt 2nd sat
isfactory results from the use of Peruna!
write at once to Dr Harunan. giving a
full statement of ycur case and he will ba
pleased to give you his valuable advice
Address Dr. Hartman. Preidnt cf The
Hartman Sanitarium. Columbus. Ohio.
rianniiifr Renewal of jlrillinnt Fes
tivities Interrupted by King's
American Latlies Will lie ia Ev
idence Koyal Concerts 3Iar
Take Place After All
Coronation Talk.
HKRALD A.VT. THK rr. Lot 1 ivRrSUAr
London. Jul i-lCotiyrlght. IMO-It fct
surprising to many tiat no mention is made
of the King's lllnstw in the Court Circular.
This fcs a relic of the medieval custom cf
keeping from the public for political rea
sons any reference to the King's health.
The secrecy that surrounds the court Is a
custom aandeu down from generations,
when the sovereign and rcval family were
not so secure In the aftoctiems of the people
as at J he prcst-nt time.
IF .ion ? only now beginning to throvr off
the sturWictlcn of the terribfe blow of Juns
M. to wowr from its -xcitemnt arxl to
settle down to 't humdruit. e-eryday 'If
King Edward is get:nia; well again, slowlv.
I: ffiij be. ,t more quickly, according to
the public Idea, than was to be expected,
and 'hat I enough for the public
I'ractli-ully VII Anxiety -Is Over.
Dj-iaipolatmerit at (csirg th great ra-gf-tr.t-
which for . many months had been
eagerly . ke-i fuiwsri lo thre hasi teen,
beii there has tc n no grumbling heard
oienl at the pe cn-ary losses which the
postponement en ah-d thouKh It brought
many face to face with absolute ruin. But
thLi is not reaJzed yet It will take a good,
deal of time to get accounts square. Then
well, there's no saying what tho bankruptcy
court may reveal,
JileantUne. everybody feels light-hearted
that the danger now sctms over. As the
Lancet to-day says: "Tie King's t rnipera
ture has been normal since the second day
aftrr the operation. Iiis constitution is ad
mirable. He l. moreover, an extremely
good patient, and is absolutely loyal to his
physicians. A!I thie thirgs bode well for
the restoration of his health at no distant
The BrilLh Medical Journal hints at the
intMy rlt at Hrst Sir Frederick Treves
Et going to bed for the first seven nights.
Hut this, lead of anx'ety has now been Lght-eut-d.
It it has not diapprbreiL
Of course all this exiltes talk ab"ut when
the coronation may be. Some wiseacres
have already fixed It as earlv as August It
I hardly necessary to say that Is quite ab
MirJ The earliest time possible would be
three months afe- tie oreratiort That
would mean the in! of September. If all
goes as well as it Is now going, the corona
tion may take place In October, as has al
ready been stated.
Put even that may prove rather rly.
The King is leavng evervtn-ng to na aoc
tors. Thy are h!. rulers for the present
'i r- the give tuer word the King wiU not
delay passing It en to his Ministers.
Society' Store Cheerful Tune.
As to the cutloik for the remainder of tha
season, pecple are .baiglng their minds.
1au turir ii ir i-iivcm fc ch.i,j
rr.ents. Whether or not thev are besinnlrjg
to feel BShtro' r" tlelr arrectat'on or ae
spslr over the Kim's Illness, whlcl was so
much overdone, there h-u ben so'e en
tertaining th latter end of this week than
it was at flrt thought would be the cane
It even looks n w as If there ra'jht be a
brilliant fl-Jsh of the season.
It Is wtfl. nrw fint a royal garden
party will take place at Wlnd'tr wbicn the
Queen will attend to receive the guest?,
ho wiH number about 5.0ft. There W.ll, or
course, be no court balls now. but there is
a. livelihood of the royal concerts taking
place after alL
Elaborate Coronation Dasaar.
As th time approaches for the cpcnlnjr
of the corocatlon bazaar, which Is to be
held Tbnraday. Friday and Saturday oJ
next week at the Botanic Gardens. Re
gents Park. It becomes raoro apparent that
this function Is to be on a scate that has
never been reached la the history of bazaar
work. On either side of the broad wait
there will bo erected picturesque arcades,
uader which ther stalls will stand. Each c
the stalls will be faced with green lattica
work, covered with flowering- creepers, tha
wuo.e tlvirg the etlect or an old English
trellis garden rather than that of a bazaar.
The center of the bazaar will be occupied,
by what Is called the great fore court It
Is divided Into the American court and th
Court of Five Arches. It is worthy cf, men
tion that at least sixty American women,
under the leadership of Mrs. Arthur Paget.
ilrs. Adair and Mrs. Choate. wiU take part
in tending the stall. Through Its length anJ
breadth it will be festooned with loops of
The Queen, on her arrival, win proceed,
along the crimson-carpeted aisle, flanked;
oa both sldej by coronation guests tn tha
number of SM, to a special data, at the en
trance to which children from the Maryle
botvi OrySanage will be grouped and sin?
the national anthem.
The contents of some of the stalls will ho
of the most beautiful and precious descrip-o
tion. Tor instance, there will be sevenv
stalls occupied by seven of the most fa-)
incus Jeweers of Europe. It Is estimated.
that the value of the contents of thess.
stalls will be bstween XttOOO.CtiO and Ci.XO,-
In the evening, the gardens of the bazaar
will be brilliantly Illuminated, and dinners
at a coat or 710 a plate will be served. The
Idea has proved very popular. Already
many tobies have been booked, one for a
patty of forty persona.
Automobiles, lent by private owners, -win
ply all day between the gardens, the House
of Commons, the Stock Exchanges Lords
Cricket Crounds and Hyde Park corner for
the benefit of people attending the bazaar.
Raffles will b a new feature, a new
twelve-horse-power Daimler automobile be
ing amor; the many Interesting articles to
be raffled.
JIF.ltAtD AMI Titf T LOl lit ItKI'l'DuK
Paris. July 3 Copyright ! The Acad
emy of MedlUnc Is purr ng all the weight of
its influence into the campaign against the
multitudinous appetizers with which Pari
sens wear out the r stomachs In their tf
rorts to create an artificial appetite.
Doctor Laborde has drawn utt a sweeping
report, the conclusion of which Is that the
public health demands the prohibition of the
sale of all alcoholic beverages except wine,
beer and cider.
The academy found the report tco drastic.
All agreed In condeinn.ng- absinthe and tne
various concoctions of bitters, but they were
not unanimous concerning vermouth.
Doctor LabordcHmail). In the hope of ob
taining some practical result consented to
direct his anathema against so-called appe
tizers only.
Mile. Elie Mtot Inventor of a vegetable
oil which worked miraculous cures of tuber
culosis, has enlisted Ihe efforts of a strong
committee of the leaders cf Paris society,
who gave a Breton charity fete to provide
funds for a fre-e iLspensarj". The affair
proved a tremendous success, and may
prove a useful hint to New York society
leaders who are Interested In the promotion
of philanthropic Institutions.
Railroad's 2New Orders in Interest
of Traveling Public.
Medora. I1L. July 5. Station employes cf
the Chicago. Peoria and St Louis Railway
received orders Thursday trdm Trainmaster
W. H. Calvert that the practice or tmoklrar
while attending trains or while selling tick
ets for trains Cue must, be cUscosted.
Mull's -Grape
The Famous
Grape Cures
of Germ
located along tfco River Rhine, havo
established a world-wide reputation for
tlrsir wonderful cures cf Wasting Dis
eases, and for diseases of the Stomach,
liver. Kidneys and for Constipation. A
scientist writing ia Johnson's Cyclopaedia
03 the Grape Cures of Europe says:
"Admirable results are attained especiailr
when th "Grape CuTe' has followed
suitable treatment of the bowels; but tha
usefulness of the grape diet is beyond
qce'.tion the main factor in the cures-'
On account of the great expense of
traveling many cannot go abroad to avail
themselves of this treatment, but with
Mall's Grape Tcsic, at a nominal cost.
A large bottle for 50 cenls
yoa have a "Traubenkur" at your door.
All the best features of this celebrated
Grape Cure are combined, after years
of careful experiment, in
...I iie Fenect Laxative...
The most qaickly effective thing en earth for nature's " house cleaning." It relieves the dogged system cf the impurities
which poison the blood and drag down the vitality. Physicians and druggists who are familiar with these facts, and ail the well
informed are. do sot-hesitate to commend Mull"s Grape Tonic, the basis cf which is the juice cf the grape in all cases where a
mild lasative is needed and in diseases of the Stomach. Liver Kidneys aad Bowels, and for convalescents cr whenever a teals
anJ. builder is needed, ncnufcclured tn America Only By
Sold hy Kaboteau & Co,, Broadway ana .Lucas.
ni,"i ieii;

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