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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 06, 1902, PART I, Image 8

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r en ' ; w ?.
" Hi a"? 1?
F i EiC? S SSJhilia&u.eatt sJSiTB ozBaiiDafefi
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ress mms
10c to COc
Buy your Ssiks
c.rtury" 10c
I. iv. i mm
now for f ailij
Century's 12Sc
. i if r.-tn inc..
ffr ury'S Cte
Foulard Silks
ft Century's
-. 1,1,1
&ABS I O-MOnKfi W A i 8 A. id.
, ! " ' 9. trimmed Corset
ISC IiW!fXT.S?fcbt fr.Jl4Covel
n "K v-iiuivt...
CT.Pirys 75c Black Habutal
rvrturys OHC
c .fcs. 30
u clu s wide.
J J...p!:am.i....
..... i 5
ICenmrv's 121
3 Oil cm"n-."!. 32
Century's a Ulark
bilks ...-vOi i
Century's 75c Plael
heir Cri llr.ntlne. 43
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Centurj's 5c Uwas.. q
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end L.awiis OUj
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Dimities ?-JwRp(iir
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n" ' ar-1 rtAiii. -' U SI Smyrnj. Hugs, 39xr0 Q J C K tucss fa
C5entnrr3 ISc Imrortv - C-rturv's TJ Brussels re erabroidere-1 Gowns-
ed Dimities ar.d
, 54cBbest 10-T.iro
Century's So
and French
Bwlss Silks
OiltUlV O
. -
30o to oOc
Cen'arj's 10c e
Centurv's So
India Linen ZVzS 1
Century's -c TT.lt
Swl-s and Org.mdies.
ICprtTirvs !WVvrd
I Spool cotton...
Century's 19c White
754c I
F . B.A' tft I
V.U.Jf 3
India Linen...
Lcniurr s c vumt'i.c.a
Dress Braids
K. "Welts aad Madras. . s y fci
. Century's Tar
CDnicrj's 15c Lacss, c!
Century's 2-V T.ice "JI !
and Embroideries ... J 73vi
rhamois Skin
C-ntury's 51)
Century's 3Jc Li res
and Kn:broidcr.es
m-, ian tuid
Ci i.turj-s
Century's 50o All
Ovcr L,ce
uver. pearl
Sixteen City Blocks on North Side
Bought Outright for About
600,000 Sale Confirmed.
Mercantile Trust ComDanV Gives '
-. . ... -T. , . 1
Ont Some of the Details-
Settles Vexed Termi
nal Questions.
The purchase by tho Rock Island road
of sixteen city blocks between Luther and
Adelaide avenues, on tho Jsorth Side, east
of O'FaUon Park and Bellefontalne Ceme
tery, was exclusively announced by Tho
Kcpubllo several days ego. Yesterday the
deal was confirmed by tho Mercantile Trust
Condemnation proceedings upon four
"more blocks In tho neighborhood will bo m
etltutcd to-morrow.
Tho blocks sold aggregate about 20.TO0
feet, and Lorenzo B. Anderson, vice presi
dut of tha Mercantile, stated that tho
prico paid would average tt i foot, making
the total coit about tttwwu. He also said
that, while the fii-al papers have not
parsed. i.jr tha details been fuliy worked
out. contracts have been signed which ren
Scrs the transaction virtually closed.
Tho largest purt or the sixteen blocks was
bouui.it from lha Popes. O'Failuns and Coa
ncct.iut Life lnsurarce Company.
The property is la3e to a mile In length
nad is alraut o feet wide, lying between
tlfe Witaah and the Terminal Association
.racks i ue four lots needed, and which
KUiy !- coademne'd thiougn court proceed
lrKS. bcloig to tUe Le.scheli Rope Com
I iy. ::-- leenueit ertate. Julia Cullen and
Cl.arics 1' Caspar.
Ulden es now occi;ty Hie site which
:.i e c nverted into Rock Island railway
ydi 1 litre the frelglitcoustra will prob
ux.v bo built, betting at rest the cuntru-
- -7 In the West lJnd In regatd to ter-
zr '3. TUis move on the part of the Rock
Is' -t! is "ccej''ed as showing that they
.A.e already complied with tho wishes of
Vifct Lad property owners, and will not
us" m part of the Catlin-tract neighbor-l-?o
1 fir rrrnancnt terminals.
u'ho streets upon which the property ln-
A' Most Reraarkabla Remedy Tint
Quickly Restores Lost Visor
To Men.
A. Frcs Trial Package Sent By
lo All Wlio Writs.
Vree trial pctJ4:- ui a aot rmarkib.
remedy are beuU in.uicu to all who will
write the State MedtcU Institute. Thty
r1" .'.r'" 7",".SU..U"U ."
l&K5tlt?SttS&!- Consideration. J250 The purchasers
has decided to distribute free trial pck- ?ul erect n two-story brick arranged In two
ages to ail who write. It is a home treat- ! four-rocm flats, a portion of which will be
r.f -Sfxtul weakness. ruultlCK from vonth.
IUUL nail All i.cu wuu auitti tvilll iujy 20101
ful lolly preuidture lot ot strength aud
uwnory. we&k back, varicocele, or emacla
tlcn of parts uiu uow emu tbezasele t
.The remedy has a peculiarly grateful f
fict of warmth and teems to act direct to
tte desired icaliun, giing tren,jtn and
develop -ncut Just where It is needed. It
cures all the ills and troubles that coma
7ZLZZ ..ara nf misuse of tn natt;;.i fZ I
lens and -has been an absolute success In I
.,1 ...cc A t-PnilffSt in th, .flf. ITII..! .
institute. 1040 Elektron building. Fort l r,xlcs fcet " t"6."?,1111 al(5e ot l-af-Wayne.
Ind stating that you deslra one ot ' fltt avenue, east of GoodfeUow avenue; from
their free trial cackages. will be compiled George P. Prendergast to George Smith.
with promptly. Tho Institute Is desirous of Consideration. J250. Mr. Smith wUI erect
-caching that great class cf men who are , i six-room brick house for a home,
unable to leave homa to be treated and the Lot 25x105 feet on the north side of Maf
free sample will enable them to sea how fitt avenue, west of Clara avenue; from
eaxy it is to oe curca ui sexual we&Knes
wnen tr.
The Ins!
man who writes will he Fent a free samDl
carefully seaiej m n Plain pactn.se so that l
raasment or publl-lty. Readers or re- i
(Nested to write without delay.
4- 6 UliWN
the Beniury Was in business
I Century's Win, B CORSETS 10c.
3 J hi
on the Dollar.
i" f entury s 50c ana
f, jc corsets
7tc Qlr S ..
xt.ii "4- j. 1 " Century
rvnt.in-' si w n 71. G.. feCnturv's Lncles' and Misses Urnnir-' xo4Tie!mi rnrjrra wwwt
ta-u it a- t-j t x- z ana rn.ijc ianeu ms, crtam t--i-stw hno4 t4.ji rs I'i ieii jiij HAia ic. t
m :-" .""- " r- -v - r: .-- j .. .- i r- - r.zjrm ........ ...-. j .
w T,i,A.nnn-. "..,.. 7l r? I M ir,1 lx-hitik uLn 13 1), ! .in.UV,. Stra Tlnf t
" LUr J Br.rtnn'. T,rf!n' -v T-- M Centuo's ladles QrM J trr.tui-vs inc ui to iCl
-T"' Corset Covers IOC. HTrlmmC-d AVsts. " SjHoue bllppr Ulr3jis-cho'ct. lUkf
..4 . . ,, . -
- emur a ic ui?ci v,,,
Apron ni.
w four rows lace 0 K
insertion bWW
rl f!HFM!SP IQn.
w u
- 2.' Madras
lr.rh-3 f j
ae Century's Hc Chemise,
K of fine embrold-
v s
o u
Century's 3c Muxlin Draw
ers, deep hem and lft
tucks lUu
and Draperies.
TiOc on the Dollar. J
.t i- S insertion and ruffis to OC
".:.....".. IOCOmalc11 fcwu jHosc. sizes up
uice curtains d GOWNS 22c.
B' .JfI!i ... , , . .. . li s"k embroidered Hose, ma-K. M ,
ivibv; Century's 3Sc Lalies' Klsht-re(j pjnj, or n H Centur-"a
W oll-irp .1 S gowns, yoke rufm andOOyblue iUSBlan(1 Boys'
050 KflD
Jj'ii.OUL SKIRTS 25c.
.. l: . . , ,. . i!i.niiaren lace aox. iisiom"--
rtlntinnC Century's 60c skirts. 0CeW thread, full seamless, black. 3 Felt
l.UllUl.Oi Mlaceruffle.M i. 9 6 g white, red. pink and ffio3Cent
., H Century's 75o and Jl Skirts. bb''U. a s'"s lObgStlC
on the Dollar. E rows of laeo Insertion
J 2cVS3c,48c,49c!
Cloth tn.S Century's 1150 and Jl Skirts. 6
, ...lUlii rows oow-Knot lace
. , i tlon. ruffle to match ana j
i-Jtv "."" .. !, r cw-. -
A 1.? ffk
?J?-teJ: , Vf!2?.f.lfci,5L.l,lB? iU be filled aS
lb J. "cc ss ffX 2.M and
Q l . ,.. .,. .
KnDn l'n.rnfini4" 9 m A, I tl 1UIVL lri&X I
' c 'JSKIP.TS. with ruffle....!
Men's and La- '; EltS. laco edge
dl' MerccrizeJ .Siik inure.-) rutt.nnc-sr.nwa ttS
siucr fja ' ii" !-
tlSJC : au -UM
Sl.k Umbrellas. V INFANTS' DREifaBi
or ivory in
I CCi or long Centurv's price
lrU3 J to t2- CJ)c, -10c and
avag.;u't!i - aw
eluded In the J6W.003 deal faces are Sec
ond and Bulwer, Second, east and west,
and beginning en the norlh; Humboldt.
Luther. Keber. Pltzman, Newman, Swer
lngen. Ampbeil. Morin. Bircher. Carrie.
Pope. Clarence. Holly. Athlone. Red Bud.
Harris. Fair and Adelaide avenues, with
two bl.vks betaeen Luther and Pltzman.
and Prescott and Bulwer avenues.
The Mercantile Trust Comcanv was only
tuo weeks in making the big purchase for
the Rock Island. Mr. Anderson mnde two '
trips to New York in reference to It. and
also to confer with an Eastern syndicate In
regarJ to new hotels fo, St. Loula
Hotel NeKotlntlons rending.
Mr. Anderson says that the syndicate Is
still negotiating for lots upon which to
erect one or more handsome hotels, but ha
is not ready to make public the details.
Richard A. Boile yesterday closed the salo
of 4S3 faet on Oakland and -iso feet on Clay
ton avenue, on tha south side of Forest
I'ark. for JS2.5O0. The Ideal Investment
Company, which purchased the property. In
tend to erect several World's Fair hotels.
Plans ha.vn not vtt been drawn.
Among tho apartment houses planned last
week the most Important was for the south-
east corner of Olive and
Sarah streets. Hen
ry II. Wagoner will have tne nuuamg erect
ed through the Gerhart Realty Company. It
will cost about J1X.0M.
June Transfers "Were Ilea-vr-
Statistics compiled by the Real Estate
Exchange show Uiat SO transfers were filed
during the month of June, the realty trans
fers amounting to CttiaA This Is about
per cent heavier than last year. Deeds or
trust amounting, to C719.U9 were also Hied
during the month.
Building permits Issued In June footed up
J1.614.3J2. In June, 1S01, the record was JL
3Ji. The first three days of. this month made
an excentionaUy large showing. The trans
fers of realty aggregated J711.91S, and the
deeds of trtut SW3.26. These amounts do
not Include the SfcO.ttfl Reck Island pur
chases on the North Side.
Washington Arcnne Lease.
Samuel Bowman & Co. closed a lease yes
terday for a lot on Washington avenue near
Twentieth street, where a business block to
cost JK'J.OOO will be erected. The lease Is
for fifteen years, with an aggregate rental
of JlSa.OGO. Details were not disclosed.
Real Estate Notes.
I Joseph S. Rothwell. formerly located at
! No. 721 Chestnut street, has moved his of
fice to No. 617 Chestnut street, wltn tne v.
F. Parker Real Estate Company. He re
ports a prosperous business.
David P. Leahy, manager of the real
estate department of the Lincoln Trust
Company, has gene to Colorado to spend a
month's vacation with relatives.
George M. Keeley of Keeley & Co. Is
spending his vacation at Mountain Lake
Park. Ho.
Lincoln Trnst Company.
The LinctJn Trust Company reports that
last week was very satisTactory In the Teal
mate department. The Inquiries during
the first van of the week wore numerous,
as a number of people desired to look at
property during the holidays.
The Lincoln Trust Company also reports
the following sales: So. 13J3 Union boule
vard, lot 56x125 feet, being the southwest
corner of- Union boulevard and Cote Brtl
llante avenue, from Frank Humann to
Michael K. Bree. Mr. Bree will use of
tbo 9G feet to erect another fist. Consider
ation. 23.900.
No. 4107 Garfield avenue, lot 25x130" C".
from Anthony Kilcoln and wife to Mary
Dorsey. who bought for a home. Consid
eration. 51.673.
No. 5741 Garfield avenue, lot having a front
of 30 feet on the north side of Ganleld ave
nue, by a depth of 170 feet, The house con
tains six rooms with all modern Improve
ments. Consideration. J2.COJ.
Lot 50x150 feet on the north side of
Greclcv avenue, cast of Pacific avenue:
from Kent Jarvis. trustee, to H. J. Page.
Consideration. 2322.50. ilr. Page will erect
a modern seven-room boute.
Lot 25x140 feet, on the east side of Clar
ence avenue, near Lee avence: from urmaa
J. McCawlev to Vincent J. and Fannie Bar-
wtuyiiu mj cu. w u uwu.c
Lot 25x105 feet on the north side nf Snald-
ing avenue, west of Clara avenue: from.
George P. Prendergart to George F. Ash
ton. Consideration, 1250. Mr. Ashton will
erect a modern eight-room house, which he
will occupy as a borne.
Lot 35x150 feet on the south side of Maffitt
avenue, east of Goodfellow avenue: from
ueorge frenaergasi to William T. Boone.
onsiacration, . jxr. uoone wm im
with two modern fiats, costimr about
Rlcncril A. BoTle.
Ri chart A. Boyle and J. E. For have
closed the sale of vacant ground on, the
falllllwlP wlliPwim CrO til
HT I lira JtesO& m
but a Few Months and
iLadies'&Chiidren'siQeyfy's Shges.lTrImm8iI Hats,
8 UntlPPmeai'. Hwu" M $ Century's 310 Trimmed
. tC HShoes I 3U H
white. Dink and JF J Contiirv'
Ejwue i wm Slippers
. . - -.M- SJ -
r. f."Tl... "" hnS Century's
XZ?.; Si"Ar.M--. A.T H Tennis
- ,.
! ted rndenvalst. heavy I f 6 Century's
taped, all slie? !Ulr M Uley !e
! i. n at ; GiCcnturj''s
Laoies' a unnaren-s hom
S i cnturys
rntiT-c 1rL r,nlllrin" find tri..
j .' . :.: -."-r:::" - ..i-.i-,
: iriailis 1UII ECiliilllTil 'JA'.- r.,rH , -
black Hosa ""B'J-nVq
..j o "" f- ho.
iet" last oiacK jiosc w ij-"-".i
Century's 15c MU
rib: i u ff onoes
seaml33 black Hose,
ti sizes a to S-j
- I'entMT
3 n-httd nlnV rrl "T I hi j-..... A tT..n f rj CI -M'T-lC . TtinitrinHn ,f
9Ci ' Misses'
- . Misses' double-knee
ribh-j K dren's Kals 3c.
p. in j ,
1 1 Centur'"s
t5 Ccr.turj's c Ladles' lace -mlW Straw
&w - Ccnturv's 2jC and S5c np- g Centurv's
. J Hose, oil colors '""a..,-,
W '"'303' SOX, IOC. HStraw
Scentun's 3c Infants' iiadaija"" - -
Children's lace Sox. Hslo S ""5
by cash or
inse. - r
money order
S10 I lOHir as
K tit P rnrU last.
UC J If sold OUt,
H a. . ),, - ...v .
RrtKmoneV will be
0G M11 '"
"J THEE Torrst
-I I'ark IIlRUlnnil
-.".(I i rWrfSrifnVyii
snort :,
35c d Cast
TlcUet. Fee
- taHS'.
south side pf Forest Park for SSiSCO. com:
prising property having a frontage cf lw
feet on Oakland avenue, which faces For
est Park, and also having a frontage on the
north side of Clavtun avenue of 455 feet.
The Missouri Pacific and Frisco Railway
line, known as the Taylor City Belt Line,
runs along the east lino of this property.
i ine purchaser was tno lucai investment
' Company, a corporation composed of some
cf the leading business men or St. uouis.
This ground has been graded, streets cut
through and trees planted. The Art build
ing of the Exposition Is only about one-
naii of a mile from tne grounu.
The movement alonir the south fide of
Forest Park Is quite pronounced. A four-
story hotel Is now in course of construction
facing the park and running back to -Jay-
njii lujii. umiuNiv ue Buuuicoab bni- --
1Vf!t End
l Htlsnts Amusement i ompany
has recenllv erected a number of buildings
at the southwest gate, corner of Sklnker
and Clayton roads, which, with other Im
provements, will aggregate J75.000.
Certain Chicago capitalist hate been ne
gotiating for a large tract of ground In
the vicinity of the terminals of the Missou
ri Pacific and Frisco railroads.
The Nicholls-Rltter Realty and Financial
Company's sales for the week amount to
Sold to Doctor George Jl. Phillips, a we;i-
known physician, lot on the ou:
u:h side of
t of Sarah
by a depth
Ullve street about zjz feet east
street, fronting o0 ret on Olive
of 1521 fecL for F. Goetxman of Goctrrmin
Bros., at J110 a front foot, or iXtfi. Ioctor
Phillips will Immediately build a ret of
stores and bachelor apartments on this lot,
putting up a three or four story bu'ldmg.
The building will be a handsome ne and
rhs rooms handsomely finished and aupp'.ed
with every convenience. Bachelor ajmrt
menta are becoming very popular in the
city. The Pendcnnls apartments, which
were built through Nlcholls-Rltter Realty
and Financial Company, on Washington
boulevard, are in great demand and the
stock In this company has
much In value.
Nlcholls-Rltter Realty and
panv also sold for account of
den and Georgo Warren Brown
north-side of Scott avenue, 50 feet front by
IIS feet deep, to a client whose name Is
withheld at present.
They also sold to H. P. Taussig and M. F.
Watts two handsome lots on the north Ide
of West Cabanne placo, west of Hamilton
avenue, being CM fet front bv S3 ret
r. " ..... ..,.. ui u.vv. im-.-re
lots were sold for tho account of Frank Wy-
deep, at JG5 a front foot, or JlXefO. These
man. who purchased the property through
.iciioiis-.uiier neaiiy and financial com
pany several vears ago. Messrs. Watts and
Taussig will Immediately commence the
erection of two handsome houses on this
They also sold for the account of Arthur
Wyman of Philadelphia, to Sergeant Cor
nelius C Jieehan. who has Just teen ap
pointed to take control of the Broadway
and Olive squad, the eight-room brick ri
dence. No. 2855 Jlaffltt avenue. Tor C1M.
Mr. Meehan wUl make this house his borne
In the near future.
Nlcholls-Rltter Realty and Financial Com
pany also sold for the account of Jlrs.
Mary B. Allen the set of flats known i.s
Nos. 4701-1705 Cook avenue, for fS.HW; to &
B. Smith. These flats have a front of 5)
feet by a depth of 125 feet; four rooms nnd
bath, and rent for JU3 a month. Mr. Smith
secured a bargain In this property.
Nlcholls-Rltter Realty and Financial
Company also closed the deal fer a large
block of ground on Washington avenuo.
particulars of which they cannot give until
next week.
They also closed the sale for the Wash
ington University to the Washington In
vestment Company, property on th south
west corner of Seventeenth and Washing
ton avenue; 2u5 feet front by 150 feet Jeep
through to St. Charles street, on which It
fronts afc.S feet, for JKS.500. This is tbo
property tnat nas been heretofore occupied
by the Washington University students.
The large building upon this property now
will possibly be changed Into a hotel.
Greer-Anderson Realty Co.
The Greer-Anderson Realty Company sold
the modern nine-room house and lot. 12Sx
130 at Old Orchard, on the south side of
Newport avenue, price J4.5.-3. from J. T.
Ixng to J. S. Lapsley. who leave Jeffer
son City to make St, Louis his home. Jlr.
Long accepted forty acres of land in Lin
coln County. Missouri, at JU". first pay
ment on the house.
Aso sold No. 4151 Olive street, seven-room
brick house. 23x152 lot, price J3.775, from
Minnie H. Chapman (represented by Brad
ley & Quinette), to William Deucke. who
will remodel the present Improvements.
Also sold No. 1027 Whittler street, modem
eight-room brick residence, between Belle
and Fairfax. lot 21x13). from Wright es
tate to Charles H. end Mary Dodge.
Comet A Zelbic.
A lease for five years has been made by
Cornet & Zelblg on property on JIarket
street, at the southeast comer of Twelfth
street, which promises an entire change of
the old landmark now situated thereon.
The property Belongs to the Christian Pe-
tv was leased to the Kr Tiuls Tinas. M.inu.
facturing Company for the purpose of man
ufacturing, gas and electric tlght.Bg fix
tures on a Urg scale. The buUdinxs to be
A!! goods &re Now and
tun s IZ
Hats. ladli's or children's. 51'
atyUa to select
- . $1 69 Men's
Il iWI-TIrC; Thontin
lunrhs of every description
Sr?.arb3SS ..10c & 5c
T5e Uoys"
Shoes O
JLJ Jlen's Q K A
1j) Mlrses'
ICentur-"s IJ.it v
a -
iwo yanls.
szmi Mens e? 5 ? n
..... r all-cfllr
J t Ji I11UJ a wv. aa-0rw
AWiincn wjup,
wIo6Usi-,cr ,anl
., l M.r,'.
ra iV ruiury 3 ivrr au-siiK
lli and 2 In.
f,riM.-.Ai mi.
wide, per yard
.- .,.. tt
ttury's all-s'lk satin lUb-t2Kelt.cs
r-n. 21- to 3 inches
Century's 35c Gfiil-
jwliie, iier yard
AVntury's 2c to SV;
C l.lafn ,,, fin.r TTIhSrtf,
6 ",wW'-
36c Children's
per yard
Ladies' Handkerchiefs.
69c Men's
Straw Hats
Century's Jc fancy
uanaicer. c
113 Men's r7
j. .i om Mnn-.
" I ' " Blt!
Century's 5c Heraslltche,. Jj
Handkercnieis. wnite
" - """" - ". - 9ljrUU
1 rltred
Centurj-'s 10" lace
ilen MQ
Century's 3)c and 3c SwlstJ
tntrr i'erel Handkerchiefs S
15c, 10c and 7 l-"c. )
- V U J
:r50 Men's
bori iiats .
V.41'-'. J! ",.'. J -J.
IxL- .'eyj - - ai77ra -
I" J"ll -- ' Jf 1IHJl ,J ! '.I '.'J1 -.' ' '" ' "
YrUkiZr Pf-aS J -?v- V .' f Sv -sS.i'ia7H csv-
-itwr" ri 'rT-i
oc-upied are tv j aid three stories in hclRht
with deep ba.-cm. ntr
Itnynl Inteslmrnt Company.
The Roal Investment Company reports
the sale of No. 37$ Walton avenue, a new
nine-room house In Berlin Heights, for
tv" to J ill? stli Wart. This house is the
.ivc 't nf ,lu, ,l,p yn t&t, nimwlalad4
liv lh TlnvAl Invinwnf Cimnnnv front-
ing a private place running from Walton
a-nue to "Euclid avenue. The house 13
verv handsomely finished with hardwood
ft ,.e tn imrt Ttttm,infT Mr WnrA
iwught for a home, awl has moved Into the
i -
The" Royal Investment Company nlso sold
I ?( Ui aTui ,,jj Carr ine aenue. two
. comparatively new eight-room houses, fori
, sii.i. xo IJille J. llurKe. wno
who was repre-
Burke bought for
nted j.- d, HeMe. Miss Burk
Hngh H. Stcrrnrt.
Hugh II. Stewart reports the following
No. 1 Semple avenue, a two-stoo" brick
house, arranged as flats of fite rooms each;
all modern eonvenienct: lot 12x17: from
Mr. l.:.i Morll.r f a cl'.nt for JIJC0. Tne
Jlercanule Trust Cointmi.y represente.1 3I:s.
Moelltr In the tranfae itoru
No. S57. Wells avc-nur. a two-story brick
houe. with reception hail. gas. bath, fur-
' nace ami cemented laundry and cvliar; lot
, &3B. for SZMJ0; from Jefferson Real.y.
I Flninclal and Building Company to J..hn
: .....a. . a. s ,.
K. MclVlltidiiu and wile, wbo bought for a
home. i
Aim No. 4129 Blaine avenue, a one-story
brick houne. containing four rooms nnd
flnihol Iwsement: lot -Kxl. for J1SW;
from Rosa Spaunnorrt t" J. J. Heuer.
Siattery & Heuer assisted In this sale.
Ilrnry Hicmeux, Jr.
Henry Hiemenz. Jr.. reports the following
No. Sill Mnramec street, nine-room tint
and finish, lot 2xl23: built and owned by
William P. Sharkey and o!d for J3,e. to J.
M. Bergfield. who bought for a home.
No. -MS S uth Eighteenth street, one-story
brick Iioum1. throe rooms. lot 25x123; owned
bj Catherine Brenner and sold for $1,209 to
John A. Brockliaus, who will occupy it.
. ,-0. 3ju ita avenue, new seven-room
I brick 1 welling with all modern conveniences
and finish, lot 2xl23: built and owned bv
Willlam P. Sharkey and sold for COM to C.
F. Bauer, who will occupy It.
I. II. and C. II. Gerhart.
The F. II. A: C. 1!. Ge-hart Real Etate
Company report a splendid week's business
up to Thursday even ng. having consum
mated two Important sales of Olive street
Sold the property at the southeast corner
of Ollvo and Sarah streets, lot 152 feet 6
Inches on Olive street t 152 feet 6 inches
on Sarah street for the sum of J-O.O'O to
Henry H. Wagoner, the well-known under
taker. This property, at tte head of the
Ull. west of Vanderenter avenue. Is con
sidered by real estate and business men
generally one of the finest corners In the
West End for business and apartment
hcuse purposes. In the heart of a high
class residence and business district, stores
and apartments here would draw patronage
from nil sides. Mr. Wagoner will shortly
Improve his purchase with a handsome Ave
or six story apartment building, from de
signs and Ideas gathered In New York and
Chicago The building Is to be handled and
erected by the Gerhart asency. The Arling
ton Investment Company, represented by
Holbrook-BIackwelder Real Estate Com
pany and II. Hrss Roalty Company, were
' the grantors In the traduction.
Also old tu the Arllnston Investment
Company the Ijou-e and lot known as No.
228 Ollx-e street, lot 75x121 feet, for J20.WJ
cash. This property was formerly the
LafUn home. The company will make alter
ations on their purchase, by adding addi
tional rooms, etc. to the present building,
nnd lease for hotel and apartment pur
roses. Also for the account of Mrs. Kate II.
Wilson the two-story flat apartment build
ing known as No. 4512 and No. 4545 Lucky
street. lot 50x127 feet, containing four flats.
to Adolph PfanstieL who purchased the
same for J5.0M. for investment,
Thla company reports an excellent In
quiry for West End unimproved corner lots
und residence property.
Charles F. TorcI.
Charles F. Vogel reports the following
Xo. 4J51 Arsenal street. Just west of Tt.w
cr Grove Park, a new two-story eight-room
slate-roof brick residence, with recep
tion hall, bathroom, cemented laundry and
cellar: lot 26x1X4 feet; for P.6W; from Jllch
sel Mummert to Jliis Jula JIack, who pur
chased for a home.
No. 3710 Iowa avenue, between Winnebago
and Chippewa streets, a two-story brick
dwelling containing six rooms, cemented
laundry and cellar; lot 25x125 feet, for J);
from Phillip Holler to Jacob Ehrhardt. who
pechased for a home.
No. 31 Fox place, west of Virginia avenue,
a two and one-half story brick bidding
containing three rooms and bath, on tne
first floor, and five rooms and bath on the
second floor; lot JfcxUO feet, for 32,43; from
, .u. . f .,.., ?ci.ain.v u...... v. aw.. i ,...,, , ... ............ ...a.,. ..Bh. .,..., .vn. a...
s... ., r..,lll.ks fanMtA ,.ntmn: r,nr. .
enhanced vec Ing for 85 a month, lot SX125; ; owned by - ThT lb?ar ls nn shed n rnagany.
Financial Com- Xl2ZXniSaZ&. S1' l ,tS i& Parlor nn.srfe.1 in buff and white, and
Sarah M. Hoi. V? ,:K, vi.V, ,"....., .." ;i ..;...,m a the room on tne nrst iioor are in water-
, i,.. ,i; , ,', t: "',.,'." ," ..."i. " i color decorations. The dining-room opens
55G.gG8nturyvS House R
Hats. H ' f
Almost Given Away.
Century's 81,
J--I.JO ana i.,
t1Np. . S and 9.
- 'n f
Loprer Ilottcai
Wah Boilers-some O
with copper nni VOb
KiblKns. all
Century's 75c
. . Ic
No. 7, Granite
Ccntnrv's -SI
qn JV JP t) "
Xo. S, Granite
""" lea
Century's 25c and
33c Window Screens
"? trt
slightly damaged
'y moving
10c- & 5s
bordered I
fr c
Century's 60c
and 60c Gran
ite Tea and
Coffee Pots
and ctn- 4
j" - v
3J5 ft
3 30
faiJ j Ice Cream Soda,
two glasses,
Ice Cream,
, Ky-TT.-i-sY ;
. . 29el
KT 3rs!r
m&m i
three flavors, f Century's entire stock, m-st c!:.turjs jjj Pea ae sole
V "?"?fcS5??!:.t.,tS!S?.f Taffeta Silks and .? OS
asrSiIiSi - fci3
McCAM.S L.VT- b.
Alois T Waldo to Robert J. Kn-ebe, who
pureharcd tor investment. ,
Ljt OjxIm feet on tlic south si ot Man
chester atmur, between Marsh.iU and Sut
ton avenues. In Map!w-od. Sohl to Chas.
S. Baker of Frarer i'ark: from 5Iaplewood
Raltv Co: iiucy. renirsented by Messrs.
I'apin & IVntruii. Mr. Baker will Improve
StT (ItW. ! . I
llrst-claai modem building
! for Lusiness tturiKSe3.
I At old Or--h.ird Park: Northeast corner
1 of Summit and Oakwo. d avenues, a two-
I story, seven-room frame dw.lhng. with lot
luixl ftt. for 260: from Martha J.
Ouics of Cincinnati. Ark., to Ueorse W. Jlc-
jj&ue aim wixe. tar a nume.
1'l.hcr Jt Co.
Fisher & Co.'s sales last week were Ave
i m number, aggregating J'3.0.0. us fo!low:
jjo. ;m Wa-hlngtun boulevard. lot 5 X153.
a modern douwe. tnirtecn-room gray oricn
houe. with beautiful terra-cotta trim
mings, large reception and staircase hall
In center: tirst rloir nnlsh-d In hardwools.
with rxillsOied hardwood floi-r throughout.
A pwlal reature is the third story is ac
cefHble from main t-talr halL First floor-
Parlor, library, dining-room, kitchen. Sec-
onS aoor-FliP extra large, light bedrooms
and four on the third; tnree baths, witn . r . . , .,, VJ.IV 71. ,
tileil fiuors and mjrble wainscoting; hot- she was separated in childhood. Jlrs. As
wuler heat, 'lhis housw Is a duplicate of new says that her father. Henry Juche.
No. 5116 Washington boulevard. s'd by . kept a saloon and boarding-house about
Kisiicr fs to. last week to air. joaepn
Glaer. for the sum of J1S.W).
j lusher &. Co. am sold No. 1S23 Carr
j stre-et. lot 25x1.. ten-room tenement in
I ritas ..liuru.m ti.nam.in la .rkt fnlol
It In
front, tie-lve-room tenement In rear, total
rental fete a year. Property of Mrs. cain-
erlne Bucklry. i-uld Co Iasii Iutncy for K-
A imiyhad as an investment.
two-storv-. seven
Evans avenue. lot 25x120.
room brick house, hot uml
colli water. Inth. etc. Property of Patrick
Benson, sold to It. G. Marndou for Ti.t'fX
i'urchai-etl for a. home.
Fisher A: Vo. also sold No. 5103 Washing
ton boutevnnl. a fourteen-room house, built
In the colonial Renaissance stvle. crav
brick, with whke trimmings, the central
uion a large screened porch. Bedrooms on
second floor are arranged en suite and also
open Into a central hall. Four rooms are
on the third floor. Three bathrooms, hot
water heat: imperial Alter for all water
used in tlie lrouc. Proirty of Adttl Sher
wood, sold to Mrs. Celeste Plm for HS.6M.
Jlrs. Plm purchases this property for her
future rertdence.
Alo a piece of business property, east or
Broadway, for J17.t. renting for 1125 a.
month. Purchased as an Investment.
Jlerrnntlle Trnst Company.
The auction of lots In Allen's addition,
conducted by the Jlerontllc Trut Comrany
yesterday afternoon, was successful. Iho
lot were nearly all sold. While the pneea
ruled rather low. there was conslderaole
spirited bidding for some of the choice lo
cations. The Rursell avenue lots were d-pot-ed
of in short order, and e.ich of the,
other lots taken up In turn. On a few of
the lots no bids were accepted. The crow!
was large, considering the hot weather, and
stuck manfull to tho auctioneer's vtn
throughout the afternoon. L E. Anderson,
second vice president of tha rorapatiy. ad
vised Auctioneer Sutton to dispute ef the
lots as quickly as possible, and there vas
no delay at any point. Assistant Secretary
Jloberly was busy on th- ground In charge
of the once force. Following were the
J. Handell CO feet, Allen avenue. 223.75; J.
A. Fitzgerald. 2 feet. Allen avenue. J28.30;
W. F. Langluhenlng. 20 feet. Ann avenue.
$31.50; W. H. Seifert. 20 feet. Ann aienue.
: Clemens Jastes. 30 feet. Allen avenue.
327 t0; Fred L Lath. 90 feet. Al'cn avenue.
J2TJS; F. Jlatoushck. to feet, Gejer avenue.
J27.50; Anton I"a!acek. 30 fcet. Geyer ave
nue. I2J.73: George W. Hell. 25 feet, Seyer
avenue. SJ2; H. Schumacher. 43 feet. RuskII
avenue. $32.50; II. Schlueter, 40 feet. Kessrtl
avenue. Stt.Su: Jlrs. M. Klener. 4 feet. Rus
s11 avenue. 32J: JIr. H. Ludwlg. 20 feet,
Ann avenue. 323.75: 1L Schumacher. 20 feet.
Ann avtnue. S2S.75: George Alibagc 60 feet.
Ann avenue. X2S.75: George W. Mehl. 20
ftct. Ann avenue. 32S.75; -V. W. Beckmann.
21 feet 4V, Inches. Jules street. 125.75: F. I.
Luth. 60 fcet, Jules street. 525.75: J. K. Gib
son. 27 feet, Russell avenue, C7J0; John
Dummager. 40 feet. Russoll avenue, t37in:
Thomas Tuffy. 76 fcet. JIIsjl-slppl and
Gercy avenues. J37; H. B. Geer. 30 feet.
Geyer avenu?. $23.,: John T. HodgiTp. 24
feet. Geyer avenue. 121.75; Austin Smith. 5
feet, Ann avenue. 33? 50; Michael J. Tuffy.
25 feet. Ann avenue. 325; E. B. Geer. 25 feet.
Jefferson avenue. JSS.75; Austin Smith. 41
feet. Ann avenue. 323.
Real Eatate Tranafera.
BARTMER 5 ft., n. a., bat. Cocdfellow
and Clara; Potcstac Itnlty Co. to Jos.
EL'TCSTON&-S tt.. w. t b Rld
and Minerra: Wro. McKalt to Qui
CAS: II ft- 5 In., s. a., bet. Frances
and Cras-J: Mary Cartrn to Thss.
CAfTl-KilAN 25 ft.: Asa WllMa to II.
Laumlrw. l......... ...... .....,. .
C.KTLEMAC 1 ft.; Aw WUion to n.
Lauraeler w. d...... ...... .
FRONT :t ft. 1 la- e. fc. bat. Vine
and lxvtl- Frxncla Fcrmay to Ce-
1L& Tloniari a' o... .......-. ......... .
trNDrLL-7 ft. l.la...a. a, bat. Naw-
:aa ana laTicr; .Aiica argcamin w
Cm. Scbrtibfr w. d.....
Man's Furnishines. OefltliflfS
, w jt ut , M WUIInUlf J
(Cfnturvs 13c Neekwear.fancy
j silk shield C
bows UL,
end Waists.
I Century's 15c Seamless Six. 55
jblack. tanor Cn a
reu wwa
I Century'" 3c Hemstitch -d 5j
10c to COc on
HRniU.ercmel.". fancy 7J
borders I w
Century's $1.15
duck and 1 K.
Centurv's 15c Half Hos. lace
and fanc ' 1Lr
colors f21'
Century's C white I K.
Sk ns. embroidery Q Q m
trimmed 9Uw
enturv's 3V? Su-menders I ft
mohair ends tUl
Si Century's IW
Century's ScNeckwear.fanry
grass linen rancy
si!k string ties and 191
shield bows Ifa2C
Century's 25c Suspnders. nre Centurj''s J5 lawn
ponce I K r id
Dresses, all hand
somely trimmed
....................... ,. v ip
ssssss? .yasssE'-'ioT a w-mr2 A
Centurv's SSc Cbll
LMonrc K dren's Dretsea
Underwear, 10c. gooiEtonjscke'ts.
..... - ..
... . . Y-.l..- aS B -;.k 3 J iw.Aii .J u fe t" o............. ,waa,ww
-.'"''" tr--" lll M StIK -lOQS
..,..- KV Silhrlc- -emury s jliw
Shirts or Drawers. IQ Q " "re"
H double seats IS
Jrmiiin'i nlam and fancy
Century's T1.C0
Laundered Waists
balbriggan unuersmris jgr, M
- T - - t. : zr . r. . vi
Century's 11.23
Men's Shirts, 25c.
Century s 60c unlaunderea
drrr Trimmed
Shirts, reintorceu
Century's !L0O
bosom, double
21 Cfi Dot Skirts
rA. vrft,.. shirts A Century's n-W
Shirts. B
Percale Wrappers
two separate coliarsQQIir'Ei
and cuffs to match..uQ0'?J
Century's 75i Negligee Shirts, J
Tcnvrn irtadras. bedford .1 i, aJ
Century's Jl Gingham OQn;
Pet .coats, flounced fawwi
and flsa percales JtL. ft giighUy
i so.iei
I JnOn P.nllare hP Century's SS Corded and Side
UII1UII UUIlUlUj uuj. plated Dress
t Skirts
f down? lsTzVri2 tTior'all vodS Bru,s-ls Net Skirts Ol.wU
t want per dozen 5". Cp ; Century's JS Etamine ?r.d
1 cr. each ..........JW ' linm.-'sTmn and Senr, S 4tr
i ivps' CfFrS. all m It B13"
il. ir ..." IOC 2 tailored -
.s.U. ,.- . fc
--.-T- jgi.wtJ.lXilJgg:-UJr3-------
HAFFrrT-H ft. 1 In., n. '- Jyit. Vaa
dJvinttr I?.d Warae: -trthur Wyrcan to
Oixelnts Jtftliaa wr- d "-:
JfAIBKV LANE---; t- a. fc. tet. Tvra-tr-t"trd
a.1 Teaty-flflhi Siary Burn,
to IuU JItl'r w. S j........ ....
VFflRAoKA S ft., w. s.. bet. Juniata
wd wronrtatf- &. ItaomeUr to llry
"and Rani-en: Taos. Baraea t Walter
lttm w. d.. ... .....................
BNlTSr .STATES srilVEY-K It. . m.
Richard Mrk to John Kaln k. d. .. -.
WAItNli-ltl ft.. tbt- rurii?n,t
snd Cartr; Bn Psctoaan to Chaa
BJeker w. d .j. i
nulldlng Ptrmlli.
Gottlieb J llanjr. 2e3 Dalton; on ory brlek
dnelilpx: C0d5.
R T.eettKXr. ail ta JKS Nawttcsd: trro-atory
trick Bats: 13.&y.
Mrs. Ella Agnew Anxious for News
of Laura Mielie.
. ,. ,.,,?, -'- h .,. fmm whom
i twenty years ago at No. 22 North Broad-
' .-,... H
I .u'0 j,.,
I r.ountJ. j
. .
c failnl in business ami later nis
wkiiitim fnsan nnd was fient to the
I r,n,.. v-rm f TTv1T.irll?A T,Ar Tim rifL.
' Th couple had two children. Laura and Ella,
vt,n were 3 na,, 4 vears olll- re-pectively.
, --.-.n the home was broken ut by reverses.
EUa -.g adopted by a family in Lltch-
I fltM jjl anJ jjura was adopted by an old
, CoudI who lived near Thirteenth and Jlon-
roe or Thirteenth and Clinton streets, and
who conducted a small bakery- Later
Lnnra wns taken away from this coupl by
her father, but he was compelled to restoro
her to them by lesral process.
Jlrse Agnew says she has neer heard of
her alster since that episode. She doe not
know th. name of th- couple that ...iopted
I.iura. but knows that the adopt'on papers
were made out by a Ju:!?e of th,- IVace on
North Market street, near Broa?way. Her
father died In the City Hospital n March
22. 16. She Is extremely anxious to flml
her sister, and expresses a h- pe that every
young woman who was adopted In fct. Iiuis
about twenty year ago. anl who is InJS
norance of her parentage, will communicate
with her.
Plans for Immediate Construction
of -Church and School.
The church of the new parish of Wells
ton, the charge of which has been assigned
to the Reverend C F. O'Leary. will be built
about one block west of the Suburban
track and two blocks north of Easton ave-
Nature always tries to repair
damao-ed hair. Sometimes she
succeeds, very often she doesn't.
She needs a little help Ayer's
Hair Vigor. It repairs the hair,
brings back the old dark color,
and makes it soft and glossy.
Cures dandruff, too.
" I used only one bottls of Ayer's Hair Vigor and h com
pletely stoppeAmy hair frcra falling out." Mrs. C Leasenfeld,
New York City.
US. Aaautlttx,
tannV Rnue
n,.:..sfi"""' j
' 10c to COc on the Dollar.
K Century's Se Boys"
i.nee ltnts. ...
the Dollar.
Century's 25c Boys' C.
Waists . ...... ww
Century's 75c Boys'
Knee I'ants
Century's 25c Brownie IO
Overal-s IfaC
Century's Boys' JL50
Organdy ana
0 QE
Century's Boys' '
ikusii fruiia. ......
Century's Boys'
and dimity
1 bulls...
- ft I Q J? g Century's Boys' CO OQ
.... viiSwRX Suits CCivS)
- . sa.95 e sa1,3?! 49c
- nn. tl S:l"f JJ.C" 1u hUO
j y q uiue oergo .wo www
rl enturv's Men's iliOnn.
Si RQ rt Summer Vests www
- -.- ..P.,7 SV-- --- SI. MM
Century's Men's Blue 0 Q a
Denim Overalls CwG
Century's Men's S5c If.
Jumpers.. ........ Iww
Century's Men's (Q Cfl
17.50 Cheviot Sults.wOlOw
Century's Men's fcTf CG
15 SulU d IlDw
n C !
O fi M
trlmme1 oau3 Jowalrv
Century's JL50Eznbrol- A Q W VwIfwIIVi
13 rAY,t.-va Ra T4t1V Ti?1S
Polka. IQnflsetwith ) f.p I.
''n.tonM . .. ' lu
Century's 5c Collar Buttons,
or pointers, gold U
QlleJ. celluloid back. lb
Century's 5c Stick
Century's lOo Q
Brooches .... .fab
Century's 10c Jeweled shak
CI X Q i
ing Mat
Century's 25c Bslt
Century's 25c Band
Century's 25c Link
Cuff Buttons
Q7 GK 51 Century's 25c patent
O I . w i leather belts. ladiesr.
- "'" "
0. S-W. g
1 9:00 A.M. 8:05P.M. 2:05 A.M.
Vh and Olive mad Cnlon StatloaJ
nue. on Kennerly avenue. Steps are beta
taken for the Immediate erection of a
church and school. Three car lir.es run witn
in a frw blocks of the place the Suburban.
the Boston avenue line and the Olive stre-at
tl '-ouch cars. The time and place of serr-li-es
will be determined at a meeting ot the
parishioners some time in the coming week.
Kef uses Permit to Prospect in Bur
mah Fields.
London. July 5. Replying to a question
of Andrew Bonar Law. Jl. P. (Conserva
tive), as to whether he could allay the anx
iety of investors In the oil fields at Burmah
by giv.ng an assurance that tha Standard
oil Company, whose representatives wers
see'king to obtain Government concessions
for oil lands, would not be permitted to
obtain a footing In those fields. Lord Georgo
Hamilton, the Se-cretary of State for India,
says he has ascertained that the Standard
Oil Company his not obtained the prospect
ing license which It sought from the Indian
War Veterans Organlie.
Litchfield. 111.. July- 5. Francis E. Greea
Camp. No. 273. Spanish-American War Vet
trans' Association, was organized here Fri
day evening by Colonel H. C. Chacey of
Hilbboro. The otneers elected are: Cap
tain D Davis, commander: R. E. Lee. senior
vice commander; M. E. Davis. Junior vice
commander; P. J. Rose, adjutant: H. C
Poulk. quartermaster; Horace Smith, chap
lain; f L Cave, officer of-the day. and 3L
U. Allen, officer of the guard. The camp
has a chart r membership of eighteen.
J. C AYE3 C&, LcrtB. J
I 0 OT

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