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-Jji7-.--'' - -I-V
II r W & 'w ' v 0
Who will sing at tho French
An elaborate programme of music has
lxen arranged for the third annual cele
bration by the Franco-American Society of
St. Louis at Lemp's Park. July 14. At 7
a nalvo of twenty-one bombs will be fired,
and tho fete will be opened at 8. The or
chestra, of twenty-five pieces wltl bo under
the direction of Professor William WeiL
The numbers are:
March from "Across th Continent," or
chestra; overture. "La. Damt i Pique." or
chestra: undress ln French and EngllsM r
the president Doctor Alexander N. De
"Salut a la France," sucg by Miss Jcoe,....
f r.i"" "' " " " " 0S. ft SI '" sS"eJter,
josepit -itrran
St Louis youtlis whoso mammoth toy ba'
Neartv a thousand residents of tho neigh
borhood of Shenandoah and Arkansas ave
nues witnessed the ascension of a. toy bal
loon by Joseph Durban of No. 2450 Shen
andoah and Charles Matt of No. 2i&. that
street on the Fourth.
Durban and Matt, who nro youths of IS, j
figured out the pattern for their enterprise
without asrfatance and purchased the ma
terial with their own money. They aro
thinking of becoming aeronauts some day.
Dimensions of the balloon aro as follows:
Height, 15 feet; circumference, 35 feet;
circumference of hoop, 10 feet; weight, S
The balloon was made of Manila paper
Arrested Eight Men in River Front
Lumber Yard.
A dog fight Jo progress In a lumber yard
at the foot of Tyler street was descended
upon by a sQuad of policemen of the Fifth
District last night, and eight men who were
watching the "sport" were arrested. The
ofllcers who raaue the raid say the exhi
bition was one of the most brutal ever
brought before their notice.
When they reached th scene, tho police
say. in response to a telephone message, one
of the dogs was unconscious and the other
so badly bitten that blood was pauring from
wounds in almost every part of the body.
Despite the condition of the animals, they
bay, the men were preparing them for
another round.
The raid was made by Sergeants Mrf
Farland and Woodlock and patrolmen
Healy, McGrath. Scinlun. Cunningham and
Humane Society Officer J. W. Wlschmcyer.
When the ofllcers were perceived by tho
irtn they tried to escape, but were all cap
tured. Those arrested gave the following names
and addresses at the Fifth District Station.
where they are held pending tho action of
the Humana Society: George Kader. No.
4111 Warne avenue; Chrlity Dolan. No. ISIS
North Broadway; John W. Borden, No. 1210
North Market; Gorse Singleton, No. HB
Mound street. Jam? Hennessy. No. ISO!
Simple avenue: Roy Kempland, No Ml
Mound street; Peter Dolan. No. 1618 Nortn
Broadway, and James B. Witter. No. 1110
Tyler street.
Ttoee arrested say they were passing by
and were ottractcd to the scene. The police
say, however, that they recojmlse in some
of the nnsoners old offenders In fighting
dogs. Toe two animals, vicious bulldoga,
aro at the station.
Bpoede School Complications In
creased by Director's Resignation.
The Spoede public school In St. Louis
County Is still without a teacher, and the
dispute over the appointment of one was
further complicated yesterday by thi resig
nation of another director.
William DIehlman was the director who
resigned. His resignation was received by
Qiperlntendent J. Will Andrae yesterday.
John Rinkel, one of the directors, resigned
about one month ago. Ferdinand Dauster
is now the only remaining director on the
board and, as he does not constitute a
quorum, he cannot transact any buslnes9
until successors are appointed to Messrs.
DIehlman and Rinkel.
The director disagreed over the appoint
aent of a teacher. Each director had a
candidate and insisted that his choice was
the one that should receive the appoint
ment Dauiter is a son-in-law of Rlnktl's,
and the two men agreed about six weeks
Sgo to draw straws for their candidates.
Rinkel lost and resigned. Since then DIehl
man and Dauiter have made several at
tempts to get together, but to no aralL The 1
controversy ha been taken up by the
patrons of the district, and they are dlvld- I
ed over the matter. . I
Alex. A.. Deichamps has been the teacher!
of the school for the past several years. J
ttince ne oouiiou ic ukhciox-s mat ne wouia
not be an applicant for reappointment there
have been three candidates for the place,
and a. discussion of their respective merits
has caused the deadlock. Mr. Andrat will
nil the vacancies Immediately.
1 a
Tf tnl want to buy CI sell a horse or
vehicle read the horse end vehicle column -
Of to-cays itepuuiic uwa Bargains arc
offered among tht oc hundred and tea ads
printed to-toy.
Fete, at lamp's Paifc. on July H.
Ludwlr;: address fin French) by 'h Consular
Agent of France. II. Louie Segueii"t: "Je Suls
Tltaala la Rlonde." sung by Use Ete:i Aetna
Barker. JiLtm. Mrr Well. "Li Marseil
laiee." unz tin the coatam of th Goddess of
I-lLTty) by Miss Rosalin Wtrttilln. "The Pa
trol." orclietra; 'The S5tar-frld Banner."
FUnc by Mltav Josephine LuJwik. Mr. Ma
Estelle Acton Barker and Mi IVisalls Wlrth
Jln. with chorus
10 r- m. Concert br the orca-Jtrx: "Grand
March da iTvnbere- n.tw trim "La. Bo
rernlccne." "The A?ik:iing of Sprinc."- scenes
from "The Fortune Teller." 'The Stars and
Sirlpe Forever '
At 11 p. tn. th-re will be fireworks. At
11.43 al frpR-o ball and skirmish of confetti.
loan attracted much attention en the Fourth.
and the process by which It was launched
was much like that of a real article, tho
boys having to struggle against Its prema
ture start. When it was finally turned
loose, however. It ascended with a whir,
and was last seen climbing into the clouds
In a northerly direction. A note telling the
finder to write to the owners was attached
and the boys expect to hear from It In a
few days.
From a scientific standpoint this mam
moth toy could not have been a greater
Enccess, unless, tho boys say. they had used
paper less brittle than Manila. They are
afraid tho inflation has caused tho paper
to crack.
Membership League Celebrates
With Feast Growth of Order.
At tho Mercantile Club last night was
given the second banquet of the Member
ship League of Valley Council. Royal Arcan
um, which now numbers TOO. Coming so near
the silver anniversary of the order, the oc
casion was all tho more noteworthy. Regent
J. P. Kershaw and Toastmaster Francis E.
Cook occupinl the places of honor with
members of tho State body near them.
Among tho speakers were: Grand Regent
F. II. Bacon. President (Jus P. Huebntr of
the Membership Ixgue, Past Regent
Charles B. Cox. Regent J P. Kershaw. Act
.ng Grand Secretary Jeru li. Haldcman and
Supreme Vice Regent A. S. Robinson-
Those who attended the banquet were:
John S. And rson. F. H. Bacon, P S.
Bantx. M. F. S. BosweU. B. Bassman. James
L Blair. C. L. Barnhart, Ed W. Brown. F.
E. Cook. C. B. Cox. M. D. Clear?. D. W.
Chirman. J H Dodge. E. R. DuRosey. F.
l . Dustin. E. W. Dustln. W. S. Donaldson,
A. W. Erlkson. Charlei H. Eddlns. U H.
Fraeligh. Thomas J. Flnan. A. F. Fcttig.
M. P. Goodlett. A. Goldsmith. Jacob Gross,
J. B. Gazzam. John C. Huebner, Sr., John
C. Huebner. Jr . John C Hall. C C Hul
sart. E. B. Hull. G. H. Hazxard. W. C.
Hutchinson. Arthur Irwin. Anthony Ittner,
1. L. Jordan. J. P. Kershaw, dark Kretsch
rnar. C. L. Kretschmar. Otto Kampfenkel,
F. G. Kauflln. H. P. Krullman, J. S. Lowry.
H. Lauman. E. L. McDowell. E. G. Mo.se,
A. J. Michel. A. W. Molsc, C F. Miller. A.
H. Miller. A. D. Jlartln, J. B. Nichols. J. G.
Nixon. H. ITusamky. W. W. Purdy. Ste
phen PoUte. E. K. Pennybacker. F. X. Ro
derer. J. i: P.uidrn. S. T. Richardson. H.
W. Steel. A. Schlesrr.ger. F. W. Stunsell,
Henry Schaefer. Henry Smith. J. Sanders.
Alexander Winer. J. A. Wright
Will Depart To-Morrok and Re
turn Late in August.
ArchbIhop Kain will depart to-morrow
lor the East, for the benefit of his health.
J"11 ""tB the last week In August
The Archbishop will go first to Cincinnati.
O.. where he will make a short stay. He
vrtll then go to Wheeling. W. Va.. from
whence he will go to tho sea shore. He
has not made up his mind as to what point
aiont6 eta he W,U vUlt JIe vm traTel
RoamrSr?2 pm and board read the
Room-for-Rent ads In to-day's Republic
them! 3re Ur nucdrcd and forty-six of
Whitney, living at the Queen City Hotel.
East St , Louis, and Thomas Raaba. No.
1E7 Grand avenue. East St Louis, were ar
rested at Forest Park Highlands Friday
night charged with stealing drinking
glasses. arrants charging petit larceny
were issued yesterday.
The Caledonian Society will hold its regu
lar quarterly meeting at the Planters Hotel
Thursday c-enlng at S. Cards have been
sent out by the secretary. John Montoath,
ans The Seventeenth Ward Republican
League Club will meet In the club's new
North Market streets, to-morrow rilghtit 8.
Pnrn.F Slat. CL.n.r,. n..LlL 4i! iT.-.
.. . y..,- -vw 7"-"i. .k nutci Dull
ness of the league will he transacted. Re
XreshniHita will be served.
Ilamsey, Gould nnd Walsh Will
ileft President Leeds in New
Yurk on Wednesday.
General Counsel Mather and At
joiiiey Kvans of the Rock Is
land IJeturus To-Morrow
Tnlon Pat'ific Strike.
Terms of final settlement, upon which tho
various St. LouU railroad terminal intom?
which were Involved In the Wiggins Ferry
coisli-t will later be adjusted, will b
agrl upon in Now York next Wednesday
at a meetlns soured by Julius S. Walsn.
president of the St Louis Terminal Railroad
W. F. Evans, assistant general attorney,
and Robert Mather, second vice pr4Icnt
und genrral couni of ths Rock llaiHl, will
confer with representatives of the World's
Fair, the lirk View Realty Company and
the Wett End property owners to-morrow,
when it ii expected the West Ewl terminal
iMtuatlon nill be cleared up. Mr. Kvaiij-
nho has been in St. Louis lor a Keek, de
parted lajt night for Chicago. He will re
turn to-morrow morning, accompanied by
Mr. Mather.
Present at the New York conference will
be Joeph Rarae. Sr.. president of th
Wabash; George J. Gould, president uf thJ
Mlnuurl Paritir-Irou liouutam st.in;
William B. Lt-eos. president of the Rock Is
land rystcra. Julius S. Walsh and other:,
represvnl'ns tne principal interests. Kol
loning thl.s meeting, another meeting will be
called of the executives or the raun.-u.ls in
the St IjouIs Terminal ANSOcialian. to i-lose
up the detail! of the tlnal stiifment.
The General Managers' ummiitee. liav
icg in charge the details of terminal im
provements ut St Louis, mil meet at the
union Station July IT As the Wiggms
setUement will mean an enlarged terminal
Improvement problem, it was deeme.1 advis
able to defer that committee's nual njwrt
until tho settlement of llw Rock lsiand
terminal matters had been agreed upon.
That the meeting to be held next Wednes
day would be called in advance of the Grn
cral M-inncers" Committee meeting xvas ex-
cluively announced In The Republic; j1s
that tne at iouie jluck xsianu ii-fuiiuai
Railway terminals. Independent of tie Ter
minal Association, yards, would be locatrd
on the latter belt in North St Louis Full
details of the purchase of wa-droom appear
elsewnere in tius isue.
llticn the return of Mr. Evans to-morrow
an announcement will be forthcoming in r
gard to the pending terminal suns, me
West End settlement and the affairs of
tha Rock Island In . general. Call for a
meeting to lorroaliy maKe tne Rock Island
n rnemtior of the Terminal Association wist
be mado later. A Terminal otttcial ftnti3
that thero is no doubt but mat tne isock
Island will Join that ansoclati-n. In the
tlnal settlement, the Rock Inland will re
tain an lntortst in the Wiggins Ferry prop
ertv as well as gain an Interest In the prop
erty of the Terminal Association.
I'o.tnl Grin Illgr Wenlrrn L'nlon Itnil
road Cuutracts.
Dallas. Tex.. July 5. The following state
ment, bearing on the new situation in
telegraphic affairs, coming direct from
Philadelphia. Is furnished from the head
quarters of the Postal Telegraph compauy
In Dallas:
'Following the notice of the termination
of its contract with the Western Union
Telegraph Company on Its line east of
Pittsburg and Lrie. It is now reported that
the Pennsylvania Railway Company has
already served notlco on the Western
Union that the contracts on the lines weet
of Pittsburg, which have some time to
run. will not be renewed. In addition, the
Western Union contract along the Alle
gheny Valley Railroad, iwrthward to
Buffalo, will be cut out by the Pennsyl
vania. "In the matter of lines west of Pittsburg,
it will be. a clean sweep, and will b-j a more
nvere blow to the. Western Union than tho
loss of contracts along tUs lines east of
Itttsburg; for the reason that the lines
weat of Pittsburg have a much greater
mileage. The lines west Include the Pitts
burg. Fort Wayne and Chltago and the
Pittsburg, Cincinnati. Chicago and St. Louij
railways. Included in the general change
will be the Western New York and Penn
sylvania Railroad, an important oil country
"Details of the work undertaken by the
Postal Telegraph Company In preparation
to fulfill its contract with the Pennsylvania
Railroad were given out by E KSmmey. the
Pittsburg superintendent of the PotaL July
1 gangs of men began between Philadelphia
and Pittsburg at Intervals ot Vjj miles, to
construct a new line. Copper insulators
and wire will bo furnished by the Postal.
The Pennsylvania Railroad will furnish the
right-of-way, poles and construction work.
There will bo twelvo wires en the new line.
The old Western Union poles will rot be
pvrthased. either by the Postal or the Penn
eylvania Railroad."
It Is stated that the contract between the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the Wet
crn Union will also be annulled by that rail
read company. This. It Is stated, will de
prive the Western Unlcn of Its lad rail
route East, and will leavo It only a high
way route.
Present TV. IT. Arrangenitnl.
Philadtlphia. July C Prrddent Catrali
of tho Philadelphia Railroad Company, Su
perintendent Shaffer of the Lehigh Rail
road Company's telegraphic system nnd C.
P. Bruch. assistant general manager of tho
Postal Telegraph Company, held a confer
ence to-day relntlvo to the eftabll'shment
of the Postal Company's service over tho
linen of the railroad system. 'It was de
cided that beginning to-morrow the Postal
Telegraph Company wUI handle Iennsyl
vonia Railroad Company's telegraph busi
ness between New York, and Pittsburg;. It
is understood that for the present the
Western Union Telegraph Company will
continue to handle business over the rail
rood wires'.
IIasonrl PnclDo nnd the Knty An
nounce Appointment.
H. C Post wUI be appointed, effective nt
once, commercial freight and passenger
agent of tho Missouri Pacific system, -it
Pueblo. Colo., vice William Hogg, de
ceased. Announcement Is made by W. C
Stith, freight traffic manager. Mr. Post
has betn commercial agent at Fort Scott.
Kas.. which position will not be filled for
several days.
R. F. Campbell, tralevlng freight agent
out of Kanos City, for the Katy. has been
appointed commercial agent at Joplln, Mo.
Mr. Campbell's successcr will be Charles
L Lyons, now contracting freight agent at
Kansas City. J. H. Looney. now chief clerk
In the Katy commercial offlce at Sedalia.
will succeed Mr. Lyons as contracting
freight agent
It is reported from Topeka railroad cir
cles that E. W. Thompson, assistant pas
senger agent of the Rock Island, may suc
ceed John Sebastian as general passenger
agent at Chicago.
Rock Ialnnd-Dalla Pines.
Fort Worth. Tex., July 5-A committee of
Dallas business men were here to-day to In
terview Colonel Hovey.presldent of the Rock
Island In Texas, about tho exleselon of
the Rock Island to Dallas, and on to the
southern part of the State. Colonel Hover
said afterwards lhat the matter of exten
sion to Dallas had been practically settled.
TherO-weru a few matters of detail to ar
range and these could not be attended to
until he returned from a meeting of Rock
Island and Mexico at Dalhart which will
be held Monday. He will return Wednes
day and then the contract will be signed.
All Alton Speed Records Broken.
Springfield. III.. July 6. All records for
fast time on the Chicago and Alton Railway
hare been broken by Lake Shore engine
Nc CO. which has been undergoing a test
on the Alton with engines from other roads.
The Lake Shore engine brought twelve
heavy coaches from Roodhouse to Bloom
ington. 1 miles, in III minutes, making
three stops. The schedule time for the run
with an ordinary train of four cars Is 150
minutes. Many miles were made In 51 sec
onds each. From Petersburg to Mason City,
sixteen miles, the run was made in 15 min
utes. Kerr Hlaaonrl Railroad.
Jefferson aty.Mo, July 5.-Secrt3Ty of!
State. Sam B. Cook to-day chartered the I
". .TT. ' - to nnrww' vt1
Y'oung Man Who Was Wounded in the ITead by Girl at Target Prac
tice at Creve Coeur Lake Friday Succumbs to Injury at I5ap-
riit Sanitarium Miss Diliard Cannot Leave Her Room
' CoioiH-r's Iilquest to Re Held To-Morrow.
l' p Vjgjk 'Wy. 4111
Who wt with Lovell when L was shot.
Fred Lovoll. who was accidentally shot
by Mtes Burdette DUlard of No. US North
Iomird avenue, while she was practicing
on a target died at 2 o'clock yesterday
morning in the Missouri Baptist Sanita
rium.' N. SB North Taylor avenue.
Mifct DUIanl L so troubled over the affair
that she neither eats nor sleeps, and the
mother of the dead man, who ! old. has
fallen iU vtith grief nnd cannot Rave her
room, at 115 Papin strtet
Ab Luvell died u I thin th city limits, the
Corowr took charge of the. body and will
bold an irqust over it to-morrow morn
ing at 10. After the Inquest the body will
be turn.l over to relatives of the dead man
and snl to Kane. III., nhre It will bo
buri.J b-sid lila brother John, who also
was kilb-d liyan accident four ears ago.
Mrs. Ivell said yesterday that her son
lelt home with a party of excursionists.
Including his sweetheart. Miss Carrie
Prot of No. MC Chicprwa street his
brother Wllttem and Mrs. William IvelL
pa.?r ,of- rfn"l- The company li capi
talized for rtX. and intends to build a
line from Ukscu Landing in Ralls County
to Hannibal, in Murion County, a distance
of eight miles. The incorporators are: J.
Rodg. rs Maxwell. Alfonso lie Navarro. Ily
orave. Jr.. and others of New York.
17. I. Department Workers JuinlnS
Strike Against Piece .Njtetn.
Omaha. July S The blacksmiths and their
helpers in Ilio Umou-XUcillu fcbopa. number
ing about seventy.-flTemen, went on strifes
tils momiee. and Joln-d the boilermakcrs
and machinists In tooig'deciniida for an abo-
lultn of the pIiccwoiTi tys:-m. White the
walkout U against the pi-.-ctj system, tha
Immediate "ause is tn Importation ot nw
men Into th machine shop.- A :ruce of
three do-. whi li was to have rn.ied to
tilcat. vlu dfftared Thursday morning, but
the Wacksmith.- dt.egarded It with th ar
rival f a. new detachment of nonunion men
lat evening.
The masons and helpers on the new shop
refused to go to wjrk this morning, and
work on the new Injfldlag is nt a standstill.
The work Is ling dvne on contract and the
strikers art empKes of the Union Pacific
lull road. Otner oropll-mtions came up to
day, whn the electrical workers' btaaaio
dissatisfied with the conditions and pre
pared to walk out In case tho strike is not
sttld. A lar-e number of them are in
stalling an electrical plant In tho new shops.
A numlicr of swlt-hmen havo also de
clared they will not move any more coaches
which carry nonunion men to the shops.
Seven of tho men who arrived to take places
of th strtkera, Joined the latter racks to
Itnllmnds Kefnse to Meet OBlcera of
lpclcbt IlnndlerV Union.
Chlcaco. Julv S. Nearly 3.000 freight hand
lers will decide to-morrow nljht whether
they will strike to enforce their demands
for higher wag. ,,.,.
President Curran of tho freight handlers
called on Chairman Job of the State Board
Jail Delivery at Belleville Pro
vented by Policeman 3or
win's Prompt Action.
The keen r of Policeman James Corwln
of Belleville prevented Georgo Bell, a negro
confined In the dungeon in (ho bzrement of
the police station, from escaping early yes
terday morning. As a result of the negro's
attempt to escape, he was fined ti and costs
and a man who gave him assistance was
sentenced to thirty days in Jail.
Bell was arrested about midnight He tvaa
In a highly intoxicated condition and In
stead of buing locked up in a tv)I cage was
placed in the dungeon celt This cell Is built
of brick and has a brick floor. The negro
dlscowred that if he had a hatchet he could
dig the bricks out from under the door and
escape. He bribed Henry Miller for 15
cents to get him the hatchet.
Miller has been an Inmate of the "home
less" department of the Belleville police
station for over a year and bo Is given
his clothing and food for doing the chorea
about the station. Miller departed with the
IS etinia which he Invested In bid whisky
and got drunk. In the meantime Beil
worked on the brick. They were old and
gave way readily tn his hatchet
The grating sound was heard by Police
man Corivin. who investigated. As ha
looked Into tho corridor on which the dun
geon fronts, lie caught sight ot a man's
Head nrotruding under the door of tha rlL
Two hands followed and then Officer Cor
wln shouted to the nigra to get back In h:s
cell or he would blow his head off. at the
same time rushing up to the coll. and plac
ing the cold muzxio uf his revolver against
the negro's ear.
Bell cried out with fear and hurriedly got
back Into his cclL Ho was transferred Into
a sle! cage on the upper floor and there
told how be got boll of the hatchet When
Miller came back to the station be was
placed In a cell. Justice of the Peace Car
son fined Ilell 13 and costs and sent Miller
to the Workhouse for thirty days.
Alton Notes and Personals.
A special nietUng of the Alton Commercial
Club has been called tar Xloadoy tnlng-. at
which a cumndttee from th Alton Lodge of
tae Denewteat and iTotecttve Order cf Eli
will lx in attendance and confer with the clua
In reeort to holding i strut fair ia Alton.
Should the Cccirr.erclal Chin decks not to bold
the fair urder tfcelr auspices the Alton Lodn
er Elks will take chars ct tho acair. At
present it Is propcst-i to hold the fair socio
tan In September.
William Nixon cf Alton departed last rren
Inr for a tour of the rreat lane, aftsr which
be will pca a few weeks at the Mlchlcaa re
sorts. -The funeral of Mrs Mary Jonas of North
Alton tor ptace ytsterd- afternoon from the
Jonea home to th Alton City Ctmetery.
The Reverend Doetoe c O. Kimball cf Ed
wardaTiUe was a Tjaitor la Alton yeaterday,
Kaznparine Camp cf th Grand Array of th
Republic will fir an excursion on the City
of Peoria and barge I'earl to Altca to-day.
tin. Michael Jnr!er of Alton died Friday
nlxht at the nrder home. No. nil v.n..
road, with typhoid fever Mrs. Snyder was a
native of Germany and O years old. A husband
and air children survive. The funeral win tax
place Monday morulas; troa St Mary's Church
In Henry street
Th funeral of Mr, mien It Clement of
Alton look slace last ereaicr from ; nemo
si Bex roa. s-Milium, m ussstassflL
Who accidentally fired the fatal shot
They left the house about half past 3 in
the afternoon for Creve Coeur l.ake.
The accident Is the second fatality to
visit th Lov!l family. Fcur years ago
John, the eldest of t children, while
digging a trench, was caught ' and buried
under falling dirt.
Mbn Carrie Probst stated that Ixivell
was sitting in the same t.eat with her when
the accldunt o?currxl and that his head
sack In her lap. The blood flowing from
th wound covered her dress nnd she
fainted. After she was revived she was
snt horn'' and did not learn of Livell's
death until S o'clock yesterday morning.
Miss DUlard Is hysterk-al over tho ac
cident and does not ret know that Lovell
Is dead. When members of the Diliard
household go to her room her first and last
question is an inquiry as to the condition
of the man whom she accidentally shot but
thev have not told her that he is dead.
Mir Diliard. who was one of the party,
stales that she fears the incident will
blicht her daughter's life She stated
that the girl has scarcely slept slr.ee the
accident and cannot be consoled. Iter con
dition Is such that she will have to be
sont away for several vvfeks from the
scene and talk of the accident
this afternoon and demanded that he take
Fomc action toward settling the differences
between the men and their employers. Mr.
Job. who has had the matter in hand for
nomo time, at once sent word to the gen
eral managers of the rnllmads. and was In
formed that they would nv.-ct committees of
their own men. but would not meet any of
the officers of the union. When this reply
was given to the men they decided to hold
a meeting Sunday night to consider the
advisability of going -m strike.
President Mason In St. ItooIs.
Alfred IHhop Mason of New York Cltv.
president of the Vera Cruz and Pacific Rall
roHd. passed through Union Station last
night with hl. son. Macdonneil Masnn. and
two college friends. Thomas King and Mor
gan Goetrhlns. Tho party will go to Vera
Cruz. Mexico, ti be there at the opening of
the new road next month. It Is 270 mllrs
long, and is being built entirely with Amer
ican capital. Macdonneil Mason and his
two friends are all Juniors In Yale Col
lege, and expect to take part In the work
of completing the railroad.
Snntn. Fe Bays Eighty Acres.
Guthrie. Ok.. July i. The AtchKin. To
peka and Santa Fe bos purchased eighty
acres of land in addition to much property
in Paul's Valley, I. T.. the alleged purpose
Leing to establish a division there on the
new Eastern Oklahoma extension. The
Atchison has bought the Gulf. Colorado
and Santa Fe tracks from Purcell to IMol's
Valler. thus making Paul's Valley a center
for the main lines running at right an;ls.
If you want rocm and beard read the
Room-for-Rent ds In to-day's R.-publlc
There nro four hunured and forty-six of
Rock Ialnnd Appointments.
Topeka. Kas.. July 3. The Rock Island
system to-day announced the appointment
of E. O. Cole master mechanic of the Ne
braska division, and D. D. Robertson, mas
ter mechanic of the El Paij division.
Reverend George R. Cebauer. paster of th First
Unitarian Church. ofOclated. After th serr
Icss the body was ahlpoed to C&ren&sb. Vt..
for barlal.
Th Itev trend II. K. Sanborn. pa.tor of th
First PrestyterUn Church at Alton, returned
yesterdaT from Calhoun County, whsre bo lee
lured en Thursday evening In the Mrst Ire
DTtertan Church at Rardln on "Missionary Llf
la Turkey."
Board of Improvement Met.
The Bellevtlto Board of Improvements
met yesterday afternoon and discussed the
proposition for the construction of the con
necting sewer around the town, the plans
for which had been advanved by the City
Engineer. The first estimated c-st for .i
good portion of the sewer is R5.r7. The
proposition Is being favorably considered by
the taxpayers of the "tj.
Bought by Mayor Stephens for nill
mIo for f4J5,KK.
The Obelke property, fronting on tho
northeast corner ot Broadway and Coliln;
vllle avenue and running Lack In an L
sh.pe to a frontage of S) feet on Main
strtet was purchased yesterday by Mayor
M. M. Stephens of East St Louis for a
syndicate composed of St Louis and Bast
8t Louis financiers. The price was JSiuM.
whlcb is JW.CO) more than tee property was
sold for at public sale about two years ago.
The property ha been held by Eistern men
who wanteu more than the price named
above, but who were finally Induced to sell
at S&.VX0.
The sale of this property clinches another
argument of the East St Louis teal estate
men as to the rapidly growing price on East
St Louis real estate of all sorts, especially
that north of Broadway and alomr Colllns-
ville avenue. The corner of the Obelke
property adjoins the Adele builuing. in
which the Southern Illinois Nation;-1 Rank I
is ioca.iec. inc coiisvllle avenje and i
Suburban street cars pivs around tbU !
corner. j
It tras reported yesterday that the prop
erty had been purchased for a site for a big
department store. Tha property Is d-emen
very valuable for a purpose of this sort, as
one frontage would be opposite the Post
Office, the other on CoIllnsvUle avenue and
another fin Broadway. The deeds to the
property will be Died with County Recorder
Charles Haefele on Monday.
Paper Will Be Served Monday In
YVII1 Be Ser-red Monday
East St. Louis.
Bookmakers In East St. Lou.'s will
served with warrants Monday, citlcc- tl
III ba
them '
Peace ;
to appear beloro Justic of tha Peace
Wangenlln of Belleville to answer charges
of couducting gambling bouses. The In
formation wns made before Jmtle Wange
lin yesterday afternoon too late for a notice
on the bookmakers.
Ve te cj.f.1 ffie hinVei.lrl. I. t . t:
".. --,-"--'" " v r"
ijuu iu una ,oiiis on uninterruptedly ror
a long time and it was rumored In the city
Ust night that word had been sent to Gov-
It was Inferred that since he had ordered '
Sheriff Klckhara to prevent nrlxe flehtlng t
s SBj-nislrl nlsiA rrtnf ftnKtu. , .. !
.s- evss. .w A-.HB. s,Hiuui,uk . VAs7
State. Recently Sheriff Klckham arrested
several negroes charged with shooting
craps. Thev were fined and given a thirty
days sentence each In Jail.
Mrs. Shannon Says Her Husband Con
fessed to Doable JIarder.
According to a story told by Mrs. E. E.
Shannon to Deputy Coroner George W.
Brichler yesterday, the reason for her hus
band's suicide was remorse. He confessed
to her that he had killed two young men In
a card gome at Clayton. Montgomery Coun
ty, O.. ten years ago, when Shannon was
less than 15 years old. He said a friend of
n:s was naugea lor tne crime.
JULY 5th to 9th, Snclusive.
Via Boston and Rail S28.00
Yta Montreal 28.03
Via New York and Rail 30.00
Via New York and Boat 27,00
Via Boston and Boat 27.00
Leaving St. Louis 9:00 A. Kl., 8:30 P. M., 11:30 P. M.
Ticket Office, Eighth and Olive.
Arrlmls anil Oeprtnrs f Tralus at
Union Malion.
Dally. iJaturHy and Suaday
tDally excert Saniay. cply.
eSun-iaT only. HLaeept Mos-Hy.
MHaturday only. "Dally except aatureaT-
li. A. O. S-W. It. It. .
Train Dtsart. Arrive.
Cincinnati. Liatsrllle. YVa'h-
Instoc, Falllovre. i'hlUOel-
poia and New VwU Kxpre". I.Can lp:a
Cincinnati. Louisville. Iltt-
turr. Waanlnstcn. tUItimore.
I-M1adelpfcla and New Vorlc -.-
Kat Mall .J?'1 rlSS
ClMinnati AerommvlnUn .... 1,:laai -t3.,ia
Cincinnati. L.uullie. I'ltts-
bnrg. VVaaiiinct-in. lultlmore.
PhlladelpMa anJ New Yeik
Hoyal Hlae lamltej rJ-Wars .5-jpin
Flora Accuoimcilatlct ..4rni 15J
Flora Accomm. JatKin ;sam satm
Kara AcccmmoiUthia ..- jjipaatiw
VI t lUden and Kren.-h Lira
Srrin. via iienoa Itoot .. ej:eoao nuyex
uurTiS gt7niiu LTE-U.N lO.V STATION.
Trata. Deaart. Arrtse.
For Hannibal. II. ft. J-
points. Uuincy. Keofcuk and ..,
Loeal to HarnlNil :. 'Jpra
For Qulnry and K-oicak i;:il aia t35 psi
l'"r . liul. Mlnnejpolli. via
East Kkl lite. Illinois aeJ .....-
Wueon:a laan iS pta
Tbe Uu; lioxton-Northm 11
eiflc Expreis. for Kassaa
City. tv 3 -ph. Norttwest
Ke&roaaa. HUck Hllia. Wyo
ming. Montana, Vvakhinstun.
I"urt Sound. PortUnJ and .. .,.,.,
Oregon j:C0sia I:lam
Tln City Exprs. for Minna- -...
apoiU. St iCnl and Iowa ... : P i:llpra
The Ncbraki - Colorado Ex
press for tH-irer. Colorado.
Utah and 1'aello Coast via ....--,
St Joseph 'IiUpci j.P
Ixw.al to Ilarllsirton 1:41 pa : am
For Northern la. St Paul ...
and Mmneap .ii J:4Jpm K:Man
For Itun-U. via East SMe lino
to Rock laland and Clinton. .., ..,..
Fr Dubaae and La Crei...,i2t pta J,.Uam
For Kisui City. Council
Hto2. Omaha, at Joseph.
Denver. -Netra'Sca. CMoraUo.
Utah and Padre Coast 3:W pn ; J
Loral for RanslNvI - ...... MPMani
For Alton Ltave 7: a. m . daily; IS . . m-.
3aay: l J a. nt.. dally: 1: p. m.. except &M'
!ay; i: p. m exctpt Sandar: S:nS p. n7 xePt
Sucday. ZM p. rs.. daily; ;: P. m daily; Sui
p m.. dally; U:U p. m.. Sunoayrnly.
Train. Depart Arrtre.
Flshenr.en's Speeiai t"a'3 n'-f?1"5
Cotnmutera- Kipress ltapm t.-JOam.
l'eorta gprinraeld and Grattcn
Kxprew ejjjan, T-p-a
Altrn rnnuniira and mht.JU: pa tti:Ji pa
Errl"!SIJ. Altec and J5rsy-,
Vlllo i-Xvm 144.aa
Alto, Clltton Terrace and
Grsiten t:i.amMlflJSpta
SprlncBeid. JerseyvlUa and -.
Grafton ;C:Upm 1D:aia
Chicnco Train.
Train. Depart Arrivs.
The A'to-i United .n3 35 JJ
Frslrte State Exprers tSSr''1 ii.:J.?S
PaUc Express n:pr3 H:JSSm
JtWnlsht Sreelal . ... ..HjHpm "SiWcm
Kansas City Trnlns.
Train. Depart Arrive.
Mlssoort Plate Exore-s .?Jara Iflii vra
Kansas Oty Limited. ...USHptn !ra
I.iH-nl Train.
Train. Depart
SpriRiaeM AceonimodaUon .... Ji' ara
JacVonvtlle Accominedattan.... vj4 am
l.4. Ilmll tlSHlQ
t:4i pa
tT:li pa
SprtnsOfct. CaoUal Cltr Flyer. - pin 10JH am
Jarxscnvlllr. via noodhouse... tSrs'pm nOJaa
SpMRKfleld nd jKkjcnvllle... JTdS pm -----
PprtrjcIteM Hpeeis! OOSS pm
Alton Special ,.....1I: pm .........
Train. Depart Arrtve-
A-kansas and Texas Espress
tvts Bismarck and Dlu) . S.-CO am .OSpm
Arkansas and Texas Fast Mall .
iv la Bismarck and Peltal S:43am .JOtn
Train. Dspart. Arriv.
Viy Park Accommodation... am tlOS am
Valler Park AecosnoiO'latlon... tJaa llru am
Pacific Accoramodatiftn tSSam US5 pm
Tjas an.1 Kansas Mall, for
1'arK. Dal-a. f-anlt. Hous
ton. orrn. Carthac. JOP- .. .. mm.
lln anJ WL-hlla li:!ina eTi'tJ tr:
Paciftc Acconsircdatlos . - tM Pn JJ a
Valler Fark Ace mnvrfatlm...ttl3 pm H-J pm
Metear nd ttiild Fair Spe
cial, for Sprl-Ktleld. Csrthaajf.
Jop'ln. Wichita. Vtnlta. Okla
hvtna. Denlson. Sherman. Dal
las. Fort Worth. Waco and
Mre-rnwonil . -39 rm 113) am
Valley Park Accommodation... t4:lpm K:t)in
Pacine Affima!i:lnn .-.... tJ:II pm r?:iam
Valley Park Acemmo.lt!cn... ?J:t pm . H:tt pra
Valley rark Arcontnodatlon... fist pm 'ttupm
T'sas and Kacsaa Limited, for
Eureka Srr!. Fort limlth.
Paris. Dallas. Grrenrtlle. En
nla. Corten. Ilcustoc Oal
ve.ten Austin. Ban Antnlo.
Carthaxe. Joptln. Wichita.
Tlorrten and th West I3S pm 79 am
Wetrr Espres. fcr Srrinc
(V'i Vlnlta. rxnlsen. 5Sr
rrni. Oklat-en-s Carthage,
JctvIIt a-4 Neeiehs ... . TtOlpni TaSa-
Train. Depart Arrive.
Tss Fast Malt to Mltfe
nock. Texarkans. Dallas.
Fo-t Worth and Abilene I.tteam 7:S5pra
DcU. Columbus xrd Cairo Ex-
n-ts SUSOam 1M pm
Ft Day Express Dallas.
Fart Wirth. Atsatln. Fn An-
tonlo. Itcuston ard Oah eston 1S1 pm IS8 pra
Tesss. Meslen an.1 Cu'lf.-rnla
Fneeial Dallas. Fort Worth.
FJ Pase. Los Annies. Oal-
vestnn. Fan Antonio and La-
r-V J:S)rra Tam
ye eieit rjxrres : pm Trnm
De !"oti and bixmarck Accom
nodstlon ............ 50 pm tiloam
Northern Line.
Train. Depart Arrlv.
Northern UltncU Express
Sprlsstleld. Freeport and Du
buque 7:32am i:49pm
Chlesxo Darllght Special Peo
ria ard &'Drlncaetd. 121 nra
529 pm
10:tl am
74 am
FprlnsjSeld Accommodation... tlllSpm
C'rar" Diamond Speetaj.
... :iim
... 17:3 rm
I FpH-efl-ld Aerommcdatli-n
Southern Lines.
I-a.lacah Mai: and tUpresa
ilurphys boro. CartoaCale and
Marten !... e;:9.r3
New Orleans Fas: Mall Cairo.
Mempfel. Jarfcroa. Tenn..
and Trias Kxptsu. Nash-
Vll.e. Atlanta, and Jafkun.
24 pm
St.Luui Special Cairo. Mem-
:i:am .C
24 pm
pfiis crei .vrv orieana
Aiisjio!ulailoa Murpaystero.
l.liam :
?:I pm
Marion. Cairo. Sparta uad
Chester - ttOpm
Atv n.ibolatlon Murphysbero.
Marion and Crest Sonnits.... 3o pm
;. Orleans Limited Cairo.
'le-nph's. IMx.'e Flyer Nash
ua. AtUnta, and Jaekaoa-
RSI am
11C3 am
V.'-iWia.XbT.TO?N and "auias?
A-f,1 REs-aplake and orio rtiiiAvCV:
tSle.e.M. P,h,M.
iO!.-.e:t..ker Special New ,-aln
. o-if-CT, vvasaington.
lisltli.-.- en.1 Phllarteltihl..t-B( eoon .r-.
Mattton ard Alton AcceSSSC cocn 'B'
Is, .-..n ;. v rsneTe.,;'
W.f'-.ngVVS. teltlnlete ad
Pi.li.!efppj ...?!:" ..
t42Spm :lam
729 am
AI"n lnITn. ' - o. -: d.tL
nxo " m- X:' P- n-
sxsj pm
?i,.nJrI.bJh,? ,ra5edies all the time. She
said ht before she retired Thursday even.
!SK S.iJ!,r,ln r-"'0 hT story of
l-e is.WelmiUr.1',i wjn next sho saw him
wuh h.rofoVm1 h,Ch bc ba
The tMy of Shannon was buried FrlJay
afterncon at the expense of the county.
Athletic Clon oX Eojit SU LobU Gives
Yearly Affair.
The Pastlrne. Athletic r-inw .1 -c... ur
(Via Wabash.)
Train. Depart Arrive.
Mill ami Ejpr?...... t:'n tll.llaia
Mail and Express. iS.Upci -toipa
L. S. N. R.
Flori-ta Limited via Nashville.
Atlanta and Macon
Fast Mall-Evansvtlle. Na-'h-vtile.
lUrrotrsbam. Moctstm
ery Chattanoos. Atlanta.
Mseile. New Orleans and
Jacksonville. Fla.: Cbarles
trs. C. C
tS am VSt ca
viiie Ns:bvllle. Birmingham.
Motile. New Orleans. Thcm
asvtile. Jack'onvlll, Palat
ka. Orala and St Peters
burg. Fla. a:8S pm 739 an
L II. A ST. L. IIY. (lienderaon Route.)
Train. Depart. Arrtvt-
Fa-t Mail-Owe-storo. Clover- ..,.
port. Loulrvlll and the East iS am 1-M pm
Eastern Expret Owensloro.
ttorerpoit Louisville and th
Eisi .. aa pm iJi am
'iC'kTjl T.-"T1IE K..TY."
Train Depart Arrtrs.
Je?eron City. Columbia. Bocn
vllle. S!alU. Fort g.-'tt.
Indian Territory and Texas .. .-,
Express .3:Lam Hinprn
The Katr Flrr. for Dal
las Kort Werth. Routon.
:a:vston. San Anionic.
Mexico I3ty and Intermediats , tt ,
points S3;pa na
Jefferscn Cltv. Columbia. Bonn-
vllle. SedalU. Kansas. Indian .,.
Terrltnrr and Texas Exp-es.ll:4S pm t33m
M!sourt Kansas, Indian Ter- ,
rttorr and Oklafaima Fiver MSI mi 77 am
-nuna-i'ENNSTLVANiA railroad.
Train Derrrc. ttt.
Fast Mall i:t3am 1:15am
New Torfc. PMladelphla. Ral-
tlmore and Waiinetcn ?pe- ..
clai S:4i am 'fiiOpm
Irdlarapolls and New York
Local e-:ara l!:2t,nl
New To-k Umlted frtpm "133 om
Mlclran Expres I-Wpm 130 pm
Vandalts Aeeomrnedatlcn 339 pm J:l am
Climbus (O) and Eastern
Erprese ins pm 7:tt am
Intanarfllls ad New Tcrk
Pvrres ..ll:2Spm 9:4 pr
Imfisrapoll and Ft Louis IJ-
esl .............................. .......... ms pn
Train. D'oart
Fouern Snlil S:ls am
Ft T-u!s ard Flerlds Limited
Fr Iuls and Florida limited. S3 pra
74 pm
Mumnrjiyire Sparta, meter ...
nnd Percy Accomnod.stl.-ii. - 3:l' rm llstsn
Train. Depart Arrttt.
Fa.t Mali SIO am "fSS pm
Local Express 73Sam 3:pm
Day Express Kansas City.
rueblo. Denver. Salt Laka
Cltv- and Ssn Fnscleo 340 m S:n9pm
Weshlnaion Aercmmodatton..-tSSSam TToam
St. JfPh. Joplln. Wlcnlta aid
Kanss Llm'ted. and South-
west M!onn t:ispra natio
Kansas snd CAtn-do ETPrs..ll)rtl) pm T:10 am
Creve Coeur Lake trains leave Union Station at
J:1S a, m.. 9:U a. m.. II iO p. xo, SOS p. EL.
' Oak Hill trains leave Union Staticn at tsOS a.
m.. tW:M a. m.. tSrfO tt. rn- and tsao p. m.
Klrkwood trains leave Unlen Station at tJVO a.
m- :i4 r. m.. 1:49 p. m. (Saturday only). tia
p m.. ts:ts p. m.
Train. . . Depart Arm..
The Blt Special... .... tsSfam T5S1 pm
Princeton. Louisville. Lexing
ton and way stations. Chat-
tanocm. Reme. Atlanta. M--
eon and point In th Soma-
east ..-.-.....-----". ":4" am "saBpn
Mount Vernon Accnrnmodatlcn KM pm V-H am
Princeton. LouUvIlle. Lextcg-
ten and war stations. Knox-
ville. Axhevllle. Chattanooga,
Rome. Atlanta.. Augusta.
Charleston. Macoa and all
points tn Florida and the
Southeast Intpra TSim
(From Union Station.)
Train. Depart. Arrlv.
1st and 1CI Malt and Express
Belle, llo. and lntermedlAts
point Satan HMva
Ka and K4 Acccmmodatlos
Union. Mo., and Intermedia
points . ..................... ...i. Swo po rJ45ec-
105 Aeeoromodatlon BU. Mo..
and intermediate points. Fri
day. Fauirday and Sunday... 45 pm ..........
ICt Accommodation Bllr. Ho
and lntermedUt retrts. Bat-
urdar. Sunday and Monday.. 7:45 Ka
107 and 1CS Creve Coeur Local.. "1:43 rm Saspra
(See C. P. & St L)
Eastbeur-d Iave Elrhth and Grjitiot streets.
"nlty-fti S-.1L a p. m. Except Sundav. 4.-04,
4:15. 7:17. S2L KM. 11:13 a. ro.; I3XI. 2:4S. 45X1.
S?"l p. m. faturdar ard Sunday onlv 11:41 p. m.
Sunday only S-4. 7SS. 99 a. m-: 152S,
LeHve Washlnirtnn Avenue, dally 1:45. SUS. SM
p. m. Expt Sunday. 4SJS. SSI. 7:41. -JZ. W:C.
1121 a. m.; u-ir. t-m. 4:04. IS p. m. BatnrUav
in Sunday only IPC p rn. Sunday only S2S.
7?. S:tl a. m-: II2J n. m. .
Wetbeund Iove Granite Cltv-. calls 1:1.
J:1J. -V.5S. 7:11 p. m. Except Sundar. 1:1$. t-7-J7.
-H. S2S. H:C a. r.1.: 3:M, 4:3. 7dX S:lt
p. m. Saturday cnlr 12:is p. m. Sunday only
71:15. S-JS ). 1C '0 a. m.: Sunday and Monday
nntv 11:1. a. ra. Except Saturday nnd Sunday
s' p. m.
Leave Md!n. dslly 1:15. 2:17. 2. 7:17 p. rn.
Except Ssnday-S-.w. tx. 7:". S:IJ. :H. 19:
a. ra.; 527. 4:49. "! P- m. Saturday only li:),
p. n. Sandar o-ilr lt-W. K. ?)S. 10S6 a. nu,
gnr-day nd Monday nnlr-U-a a. ra.
Train. . . .... Depart Arrlv.
The OommrclI Trareler
Toledo. Iiuffilo a-d New Tork I) pm 7: ara
Toleilo and NesrYork Express. t.0Oam SM pra
Itamser Accomnclatlon.... ...... 4J3 pas "Taianv
W.iD SH.
Eastern Line.
ConunentalLlmlted Detroit
Ntarara. Falls. Buffalo. New
York ana lwston j.-nio TOSpca
Toledo. Detroit. Niagara Falls.
Buffalo. New Tcrk and Boa
ton Express 820 pm 723act
Toledo. New Tork and Boston
Fast Mall I:U am jaOira.
MMntcM Umlte,! -Detroit Buf
falo. New York and Boston...!! :3S pm 'tpm
Toledo Ical Rsr"s "724 am 9C put
Chicago Line.
Thinner Express CMcao..... a am "1-X3 pm
Iisnne- Ltralted-Ch'cixo el pm 7:23 am,y
MldnUht Lttrited Chlcro......,U2Ipm M.1J am
Kmmi City Line.
Kansas Cite Express 1Wm
Kansas Cltr Fat Mall ej.jj m
Kansas city Limited 11JS pm
Northwestern Lines.
From Un!-n Station
Centell Bluffs and Omaha. Ex
43 am
press ........ e7; am
Cannon Ball Omaha. "720 pm
150 am
w.iw.mm sou i-j Moinn djl-
Dta .-Wpta
Otteraw. De Motnes
Minneapolis Limited IdOpm t.-fatio
Loral Trnlns.
'i" - Moherly and Kansas
I ..Ctty .Lneai 7: am -npmT
jiooiriy iicai Mpm "11:10 am
East-Decatur Ls-nl ........... M:40 pm 11$ .ra
Snhiirrinn Train.
St Charles 11120 pm JJ4S pa
Klnloeh r-rk tS:lSpm , .
Ferguson ..... ....ettii, pm 4:0pm-
Fersusrn . ........ 2:4 pm t5:1 pm,
I erxusoa ........ ..... vS2oam
Fersuson ... ...... ...... ... 21029 am .
From OIlv street Statlsn I
Ft Charles IlKOam "iMScra
St Charles ..... tS:49 pm v4:90 am
ivir'och ........................... ....... t:49 ut
Itrtcefen ........ ItilSpm i9:40am
ltrldceton (:43 am H:I0 pn
Fencuson ..-...... :&9 am is29 ans
Klnleeh Park .............. M:5Spm
Fersuson t20pm -"ptn
programme was made up of athletic events
of various klwl .Music and dancing were
Indulged tn. The winnvrs In the athletic-
events were:
JeraeyTlIle Notes.
The younv tecple of St Anslem'a School at
KampevIlM will eir uchr and ameker on
Saturday rvenlnr. i
The census of the Hardin school distrietii
bJehi.il.1 been eompleted. shows IX mtUasii
and II female undsr 21 years of ax. i
Farmers in , th vletnltr of JttvBI arsri
rethneklller thefe he.t .7 - ?V w..'"
"Th's U Eeceaxitated on account of thS hivry

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