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I., - . S .-. ( In M. Loll. j lolm.
'RI( I' J)n1 f rrelnl.
a v ( Ontf -'v .iiil.Tt"en-ta.
Says Attsirk on .Manila Was Xot in
thr Nature of Opeiu ISoutlu
Oregon Desperado, It Is Believed.
Cannot Again Ehcajie the
Pursuing Of fuei s.
Promoter Who Negotiated Central Traciiou Deal Said to Have For
mulated Project to Build Third Bridge, Elevated and Termi
nals Approached Representative of Railroads With a
Proposition to Participate Says the City and
Lines Seeking Entrance Here Would Ben
efit Alike lv Granting of Franchie.
KfM-uiug I'artv Finds Twenty-
Three Men Alive and llrinj:s
Out Xinetv Iiodiis.
Kiht Iluudrt'd .Mm Gather Ahmt thr Station and Demand '!iail
(Inge, the Negro Captured Aftr a Mattle With a 1'olire OHim-
and Identified as th? Assailant f a Young White Wtisiian
Men Quiet I v Heiiirn to Tiieir Iltnnes and tiiiard. Armed
With I.'iol tSnns. Is riaied on Wat eh to Prevent
Fin tiler Attempts to Krleasr Frightened .Man.
' f
a v
Eains Are Watched and Theory
Grows That Fugitive May Havf
Been Wounded in His
.Midnight Kneounler.
fiEUOM-MO Oll.I 1.1KB. TO
Lawton. Ok.. July 11. Getoninio.
the noted Apache Indian thief, who Is s
now living ii-cr here, says he v. ill try
A to Dmcure the job of capturing Ccn- r
" vlct Tracy, who has been elticiug the s
S officers In Washington arid Oregon
s for several weeks.
s Geronimo. Iielug under the rules of
4 the War Department. fir.t las to fe-
ir cure permission to leae his irsrrva-
O tlsn. atnl such application hub Just
been forwardeil to Washington. He
wiil so Wes-t :i his ou account to 4
s pursue the comk-t.
Geronimo led several hundred In- s
W dbins In an ecape from Umeral
Miles In Oregon about ilftteu years t
ago. HI" rspture cot tre t.oern-
mcr.t mor.- than ,!.")..
Covington. Wash.. July lb-Sheriff Cudl
hee's nloodho'jnil s:ru--k the trail of Har
ry Tracy, the Oregon convict, here to-duy
and the caplure of the desperado is momen
tarily expected.
Tracy hil alout five hours the start of
the pafzvs and ua apparently headed up
the Palmer cut-on. Every train that
pessed was searched and It Is considered
imto;i:bIc that the fttgutlve "till again
evade hi? pursuers.
The chase of to-day came as a sequl to a.
startling midnight encounter with the des
perado. When darkness fell last night Tracy was
thought to be safely penned on the point
of a bluff where he had laid concealed all
Though the guards were ntatloned thick
ly, one being posted every fifty fret, he
successfully eluded them and traveled up
the roadbed of the Palmer cut-off towurd
Covington, flvp miles distant-
roKltlve Enconnters Deputies.
At 11:4". last night Tracy arrived at tha
sawmill plant of the Covington Lumber
Company, a mHe from this place. Deputy
Sherlffs J. A. Bunce. Fred C. Bunce. Gal
lin and Crow had been sent to guard thl
Deputies Crow and the Bunces. father
and son. had posted themselves on the
lailroart near tho sawmill, at the entrance.
f a bir cut. near a rise of ground, the
Bunces being on the outer guard Use.
They were hardly settled when they
heard footsteps aprroachlng from the Au
burn side, but remained quiet until the
traveler had almost come abreast cf them,
when the challenge to halt was given.
"Hello." responded the stranger.
"What's your name?" demanded J. A,
"My name Is Anderson."
As. he gave this reply. Tracy, for It was
he. started to run. The deputies again
called upon him to halt, but he kept going,
and thev opened fire, shooting four times
each. Tracy raa' up the track and a few
yards further encountered deputy f.herlff
j'Who goes there?" challenged the officer.
A deputy." coolly responded the outlaw.
Shooting- at Close Ruffe.
'"row. thinking It was the elder Bunce.
started to approach, when Tracy com
menced shooting at close range, firing two
shots. The bullets whistled harmlessly,
but Crow suffered slightly from th.6 burn
ing powder, as it sped from the raurile of
tne rifle.
After the shooting. Tracy turned and ant-red
the brush along the side of the track,
where he was lost In the blackness of the
The deputies mad a hurried circle
throught the woods to Covington to head
Tracy off. but on their arrival found that
he had not pastsed the station.
After his escape from the north side of
Sluice Creek. Tracy attempted to board
one of the eastbound freights. Tho grade Is
heavy at this point, but the train was run
ning light and at such speed that Tracy was
unable to board IL
Another train passed and the conductor
reports that while running near the saw
mill some one called for him to stop. There
were no deputies present, and it Is thought
that Tracy Is the man who called, and
the opinion Is advanced that he may have
been wounded.
A man thought to be Merrill appeared yea
terdey at the home of a farmer a Tew miles
east of Ravendale. near here, and wanted
food. He remained in the vicinity all day.
Doctor J. T. M. Johnston of St. Louis
Deliver Address nt Providence
r Providence, It. L, July IL At to-day's
sesilon of the Baptist Toung People's Union
Convention the Nominating Committee pre
sented a list of officers for the coming year,
all of whom were elected, as follows:
President, John H. Chapman, Illinois;
vice president, George Miller. Maryland;
tccond vice president, Thomas Trotter, D.
D., Nova Scotia; third vice president. Sam
uel Seymour, Pennsylvania; recording sec
retary, H. W. Reld. Illinois; treasurer, H.
B. Osgood, Chicago; members of the Board
of Managers; Ira M. Pierce, D. D.. H. W.
Reld, J. W. Low, C. S. Burton, H. F. Per
ry. P. V., W. H. GeUwert, D. D., E. W.
Hunt. X. D.. George T. Webb and M. L.
Chinese Government Honors Con
sul JlcWade.
Washington. July il The State Depart
ment has been Informed that the Viceroy of
the two Kwangs. In behair of the Imperial
Government of China, has bestowed the or
der of the Double Dragon on United States
Consul McWade at Canton - for distin
guished service. He Is the first foreign
Concur to be decorated by the Emperor, ac--rding
to the dtss -
Kugene Sweeney, who wa the nromoter
j and organtrer of the Central Trac:lon Coni
! pair. Is said to be the orlshuil Doner in
i the Uuntlilng af tke Si. liuU Terminal
J Depot Company, which ask for fraiu-hNe
over sixteen miles of rlty streets, n oii
ncctinii with the propord building of tin;
bridge itow thr Miicifc-lpp! KKer nt Xlul-liiij.h-
strew. He Is twld to have ap
j.rom'hed ceitain rallio-id that nre- not In
th" Terminal Asso lallon. and whleli, he
admit!', mould be greatly lienetlted by the
franchls.3 the r. w termini! -o:npjny -ek.
The;e railroads are the Southern. Illi
nois Central. Burlington. Chicago aM Al
ton. M . K. A T the Mobile and Ohio,
and. pethaps. the Santa Fe. Which has not
yet entered St. I-oub". bat Is figuring upon
terminal loniierllon. Mr. Sweeney N
known to have approached repre.-entat!e
of these ro,ids with the view of bringing
them together In an operating consolidation
of terminal.
At the St. Nicholas Hotel Ijet night Mr.
Sweeney would not openly state that he
wan the orUlnul promoter of the St. Loul-
Terminal Depot Company, though he ex
presed pronounced Interest In the tclwme
of that lorporatlon to Increase the termlral
facilities in St. Ijou1, and incidentally
build the P.OX.0i bridge across the Mis
sissippi River.
"While I am not a stockholder In this
ne companj." said Mr. Sweeney, "I think
I have proven In the pa.t that what I ad
vocate for the good of St. IoUli 'makes
good.' For Instance, a few ears ago the
Central Traction Company, which 1 helped
to organize, was reall tespontlble for the
intioductlon of the transfer system, of
street-car tickets In this city. In the mat
ter of freight rates the city I? now In a
worse condition than It was then In refer
ence to transfers. The Idea of shippers. In
a center as big and Important as St. Ixmls
Is, paying a "bridge arbitrary' across Kadn
bridge Is preposterous. And the only way
to abolish It Is by competition."
Mr. Sweeney would not admit, as had
been reported, that he had conferred with
certain railroads who are not In the Ter
minal Association In regard to their Join
ing the "third bridge" movement, and com
ing In on the improved terminal plans.
"But I can see," said Mr. Sweeney,
"where roads like the Southern. Illinois
Central, Burlington. Chicago and Alton, the
M.. K. &. T.. the Mobile and Ohio and the
Santa Fe would find nuO arrangements of
vast benefit They are not In the present
terminal organization, and they need the
facilities offered.
"For that matter." he added, with em
phasis, "it the City Council of SL Louis
grants the franchises asked by this new
terminal company the entire city would be
benefited, the congested freight facilities re
lieved and perhaps the Eads bridge arbi
trary would of necessity be removed. But
as I have said before, I am not connected
with the company, and therefore I can not
discuss the plans of Mr. Doremus and oth
ers who are seeking to give St, Louis some
thing It needs."
Mr. Sweeney Impressed the point that this
city Is growing at a rate which perhaps
most of the residents do not appreciate.
The wonderful development of the South
west, and the prosperity apparent In ad
jacent territory, are the contributing
causes. In hU opinion the point has been
reached where In many cases property own
ers should sacrifice what they deem to be
private rights, as In the matter of the con
demnation of land, to the public good.
In railroad circles the report Is current
Citizens Are Indignant at Gover
nor Yates's Action in Send
ing Troops.
County Board of Supervisors
Adopt Resolutions Deploring
the Action of the Chief
Eldorado. 111.. July ll.-LIeutenant Dick
Cooper. In command of sixteen members of
Company F, Fourth Infantry. Illinois Na
tional Guard, arrived from Mount Vernon
on the Illinois Central train at 1020 last
night. Cotonel Ewert, Assistant Adjutant
General, arrived on the same train from
The course of Governor Yates In sending
the mllltls. here does not meet with the ap
probation of most of our citizens, who think
that this is not the proper way to bring
the guilty parties to Justice. Two or three
good secret-service men, it is thought,
would do more toward ferreting out the
miscreants than a whole regiment of sol
diers. The negro trouble here has been
greatly exaggerated by sensational news
paper correspondents, who have enlarged on
small mattenu
The normal school for negro youths
which was started here by J. D. Alston
was a commendable Institution, but it Is
not the belief of any of our citizens that
It was started by Alston for the sole'bens
flt of the negro raea.
Jfo Farther Trouble Feared.
Everything Is quiet at present, and no
further trouble Is feared while the soldier
boy ere here. The Reverend P. A. Green,
whose house was attacked last Tuesday
night. Is still holding the fort and sleeps
In easy reach of his musket and bulldog
revolver. On account of the agitation he
has ault preaching during the hot season
and Is busily engaged tending to the culture
of his garden.
Colonel Ewtrt spent most ot the day In
consulting; wllh State Attorney-Somers,
The County Board of Supervisors In ses-
that Mr. Sweeney. epei l-m-ei! pronwler.
i i the "man with the Idea": lluit lie lu
j been the power ill this riitfrprii. Jui-t ast
lie a in the Cent nil Traciiou. hatha
' flamed tip. and i!hi.'J b-fure the public a
. pruiKullluii whU-h f-nibrac-s the bullJIut: of
the tliilil btldge. .hi elexateil tiuid l 1'or
! ent I'ark. and thr et.il.l!hmeiit of tetuiui
J als uikiii the ilv-r front, the luljl ?t of
j which w.iuM lr brtnrni Jlit.i.M.iv and Ii.-
It I lie rrunchtes rr KtautrU. Mr.
r-ne as. tertalu i.iiliuuUs would jump
at the iiportuult. ! take ntuck and avuli
I themselves of llie taluabh- prlilei-- tif
i feitd.
AK'tit? uf pr pert -uh in rs who liavr hcld
Iiigf ea:-t of l:rouiln:i -xpress approval of
the plans of the new Terminal Comiui.
The believe thnt by KmutliiK the Irali-
1 chie the it will add millions of dollars
lit the value of reallv In that r-tli.:i-David
W. Yuung of Nil ti .arlede UilM
Inif, whu ha made a iriialtv of liver
frutil pru;icrt. stated that Iir.xl to the eu
l mi ne of the ltock 1-lalid Into r1!. Louis
the plans of the new Terminal CcimiNiny
mean mute for the city than anything on
"Aloiis the rllcr fioiu." &ald Mr. Young.
j "proitertj that has beii idle for years
will be uelocU. Asia- from utilizing me
tiuct between Wahlugtun avenue and
Spruce street, ilaln strett and the I.evre.
the new terruluals will advance the useful
ness. 'id. therefore, the pi lee of mail)
blocks In that Section "
Lorenzo E. Anderson of the Men-autlle
Trust Company. W. J. Holbrook of the
Hulbrook-Ulackwelder Heal Kstuie t'oln-
: pany. E. W. Greer of llreer-Andeton and
j K. V. V. Rllter of the Nk-hulN-Kllier lleal
I ty Comjany. who handle a large part of
th- real eMate Interests a:ong the l-ee.
agree with Mr. Tt'ounc
It was stated last night that a mceiltif of
the promoters would bo held to-day and
officers elected, provided the Incorporation
papers were returned from Jefferson Csry.
The on!) activity shown yesterday was an
Inspection tour made on foot by W. U.
Doddridge, who went over the route pro
posed In the petition to the Council.
Mr. Doddridge raid that if overwhelming
opposition was made to any part of the
routes proposed in the petition the mm-
peny would find a change.
Particular Interest attaches to (he perso -allty
of Thomas C. Doremus of New- York
City, who is the only man named among the
organliers of the St. Louis Terminal Depot
Company who does not live In St. Iouls.
He has had an extensive career as a rail
road builder, his latest connection having
been the Tennessee Central, which was
financed in this city.
Mr. Doremun la the second son of Pro
fessor R. Ogden Doremus. an eminent New
"York physician, and Is years old. Prior
to his entry into railroad building he was
a member of the New York Stock Ex
change, tt which he was elected In 1XSV.
Liter he was associated with the firm of
Henry S. Ives, "the young Napoleon of
Wall street." who failed In 15ST.
Doremus was reinstated after the smash,
which wag one of the greatest on record.
He Instituted a suit of damages against
the exchange for unseating him after the
Ives failure.
At the time of the Ives failure the young
financier was only X. and five years pre
vious to that time he was working for Opy
dyke & Co.. In Wall street, for W a week.
His first big "coup" was selling a lot of
shares of the old Mutual Union Telegraph
Company, which was about to consolidate
with the Western Union. Since then he
has been Identified with many rromlnrnt
slon at Harrisburg to-day passed resolu
tions deploring the act of Governor Yates
in unjustly centurlng and criticising Sh-riff
Barter. The resolutions praise Barter for
his efficient services heretofore, express
confidence In his official Integrity and abil
ity to do his official duty at all times, and
declare -that he can and will fully protect
persons and property of the citizens of
Saline County without regard to race cr
Saline County Citizens Declare Yates's
Poller I Injuring- Them.
Epringfitld. III.. July 11. Goverror Yat-s
has been Indirectly advised through one of
hla friends and administration supporters
In Saline County to drop his controversy
with Sheriff Sam Barter of that county.
Vp to the present time It appears thit
Sheriff Barter has had all the best of the
argument with the executive, an;! Govern
or Y'ates's friend admits that the contro
versy stirred up by the Governor has re
(ulted In serious Injury to the party's
chances in Saline and adjoining counties
Governor Y'ates's advice comes in a per
sonal letter to one of the State officers
here and evidently was written for the sole
purpose of calling the Governor's attention
to the Injury he is wreaking the Republic
an party In Saline County. While the
writer of the letter professes sincere friend
ship for the Governor and heartily Indorses
the executive's views as set forth In the
two letters written Sheriff Barter, ho says
there Is a disposition among the Republic
ans of Saline County to criticise the Gov
ernor's letters as unnecessarily severe, es
pecially as It Is apparent that Sheriff Bar
ter has exerted every effort to do his full
duty in protecting the negroes of his county.
The Governor's second letter to Sheriff
Barter, admitting himself In error when the
first letter was written, has tended to preju
dice farther the people of Eldorado and
Saline County against the Governor's
course. It la generally believed, according
to the statements coming from Saline
County, that the trouble there was all
over with until Governor Yates started his
political controversy with Sheriff Barter.
A telegram was received to -day by Ad
jutant General Smith from Assistant Adju
tant General Ewert. who was sent to Eldo
rado yesterdsy. with twenty militiamen,
reading as follows:
"Detachment on duty. Everything quiet.
Have asked State Attorney at Harrisburg
to corae and look over the situation with
me. Send COO (caliber 30) cartridges "
In response to Colonel Ewert's request.
Adjutant General Smith sent a case of !.(
rounds of ammunition to Eldorado by ex
press to-day.
Woman and Two lien Reported
Dead at Portland, Ore.
Portland, Ore., July IL A shooting af
fray has Just occurred at Fifth and Flan
ders streets. One woman and two men are
reported dead. A man named Al Bedding
is under arrest for the crime.
Quest ion Raised by fotiniiaitdrr of
the Kililli Army I'orjis
K.'(il:iiiis Aiiiiialilo
i'hk-dgu. July If.- ;rrirral TK..ii i- M. .n
lt:sou has addre.ssrd t the It-t-ur-!-llraM
a letter. gl!tii;'lds wrIJH 6f the snrrnt-t-'-r
uf Manila In whteti he tttffetrt niitrtl
a'ly frm the stiu-nient nuiitr by Ailmlnil
D-'tt.v. Cent-rat AiHlenuii's IrtKr l. jn
ttt.-r. as folluus:
Itrpt.i In ll-t.j.
XmiUiusI ?.MirX llww. Ktl.. ittmly. t th
Julv s T.. iL.- lUlllui: AJbiUj! I ..- I-.
iuitl .- rslux In !( Hf llo-.. th- fn
lr I!ult.;tii 4iuiillr tout wto-n MwhIU j
auinfuuV'-o ii was bi sir-H'e or a t!tuH
uiiJrittcii.iI'iK !TtwteH Mm an-I ttt .-'umrh i;a,.
tritwf llrr-l
Xn . wM lifttliHC liU t.ttuent. t. .aM (bat til
t..u did n.,; . wttlfldr Kith lift...- trAi Uy
tircrtal AuJrrxu 111 a Mimulnr jr.kh. ;!
tl.-l ljj lr?tluitii tn j!ric "Mr .fifferrtl rry
MIK-ll ftBi iLr lj-s!aulHi."
.Jmlra! lrl.-Y I- m Klrst ts.iu .,M. T. II
dlJ the atjt Klar i-nl.-e Wl I iut !.'.
with nil d-rrrriK.-. thi hr Is muti.l-n In hj.
lit.Bi-m in i rt.it Ion tu the ui(ws4t-r ..t ManlH
s Mrrr I- ibyrrtjt.I fmt he 4mtrst that 1
ulU m iujiV tl! 3-ttt.m bit! la ibv t a. t
that uh Malrtiinit. tH-n uu.biitti,ll-tr.1 pj
lulu ftux
r"eral .lam lxt-1 th- aavault liaxle on lh
IJth -t .Vuu-t t-'atlirr MrKlanuu. i!i- .-...ii..
'hJiIn .: ih- rt i.llurria. i.j, itwltl-J
tu i-i- ur Hii-k aid k intu Manila, lit-
the Ar. libittMip i.u.1 to- :uirrur i:,i,-r,l anj
whrti lie irtLlirJ l,r ir..cl-.l ttut th- btttrr l.ild
Whi b wiM w.t errt "nJw iurr-rIrr ..it ho it
BiclH. a fir tiail tu flfht tar thr hiur .it Sajn
Mlol.utI llrtirxal llrtl dllrctrd n tu
dn. up ii, ta.tit i,r ttt aUj,.fc- ana hh,
a .Kinc t the a-uruH..n tiui tl.,r v. .hi Id L
fc Uwa -rid. r.l,tiiH-,. In tt sttjtl. .Bd thr
rryvd!a; ?Wlrmi-li nr lvt li; kllfr.1 und
VHIKl rd
Ak n I'olutril Uurliuu.
If ttin ll tasstpitrrrndcr-J a ,-.... ..
drnuate uudrflaiidlnr. shut the un-l.t-ilanalnic
and bun drnnite was ti r t tnat
American stjdlm vtie tu I racriik-nl fr the
lienor ut tfpafi;
Ta Admiral -ts that me dlrTrtrd rrrv lunch
fn.m tro b-KlunlCi:. I 1km- uur i-vunlijiurn uld
b-i!cc tfeat no dltfrird -ry nu'h aUrat ihl it
Were cr s uch an unJ..tarUnj I did nut
Innn It. and the armjr did rwt kiiux- n,
TH Admiral Is rcpvrtrd tu h t,.,ml that
the Spaolrti aulborl'lrs u!Trrr. aurrender u
him the nt) he d.tioed the .-nnl.h xioadrvu.
u Kfiltrn propcsais ha.e tvmt tu itsht and
the .rcbaMUtte ar that he M. .irtrtlicd t
tha tnltrrj.t--ntatloa5 of the r.irtjja UnsuK
uu wrr rixt-avorinc Ly all airani In thiir power
tu prcv-nt humbanlment.
1 now learn fur the ilrat t'm ti.at tn cor
rs.pondrnce wlih AruInalJj Has nut arpruinl
Ly the Admiral. IViroiq cm to remark that fc.
had no occasion for a reciptfndrn'e NTirn fat
took pose9lon of lb Cavlte Navy Yard h
doubled tfce lpi ooiseveral hundrtd Klll.lnu3
verklnr th-re. Thatlstld not requlra art) cor
respondence. Nor did it require ary ccrrcspond
rsca to laduce Aculnildo to rtatt his Injurr-c-
lon. It ! not dlrflrull tu Induce men tu do
Hhal th-y ,lrt to d.
IieallnKS M'ltU AKOlnalilo.
I wrote tome letters to Arulnaldo nt,K-!i aeemeU
recefar at the time, lie had arretted line of
our otneers to entrlns the toon of Carlte
mtthcut his tiermlsulon. He had forbidden his
people to upply u with lthter to land our
ram and materials. Va requeued land tnmror
tatlon and he hid all the rart.v We could only
buy feel and font? from htm.
2'lnally he forbade us to land en tha sacred
coll of Luzon. We did not pay any attrntlnn
to th".s,Iu Imprilnent-e. but In regard to th
other disagreements. I thourht a corrin'Ondnce
sea x JastlCable ireriment. If. however. I
had known as much about him then as etenbody
seems to know now. I might Ule arrested him
thn srtthout corres?ondnce
It'f'rrlrK no to my ortclnal iropoltlon. tliat
Admiral IeTy-s statement In referenoe to the
surrender ot Manila was mlsleadinc. I trlsh to
say that no doubt the Admiral and General l!r
rttt both thousht that they had made an axrse
mnt with the finish authorities by trblch th
city could be taken without Moodih-d.
Yet the fact remalrs that Ctaptaln General
Aur.unln was re!letl beeau he was wllllnr
to make ruch a capitulation, while his ucc?or
refused to d p-. As to this both th Admiral
and the General commanmdlne must bare ben
SpeaVIr; for th second dltlslon of th Kirhth
Army Corr. rerrrlt me to My that Us attack
on th def'nses if Manila was not In th- nature
cf an opera bouJTe dcraonitratlon.
Jircretrtry Hoot Also llrpllncs to DIs
rnsa the Letter.
WashlnRtnn. July 1I- A copy or a state
ment ly General Anderson was shonn to
Admiral Dewey, who declined tt comment
on It.
Secretary Hoo alsn was rll.olncllned to
discuss Oneral Anderson's statement. H
said that the matter referred to occurred
before he. the Secretary, assumed olTlce. so
that It tvas not for h'm to pass upon any
difference that had arlren helween Admiral
Dewey and General Anderson.
The War Department Is not Inclined to
hold the same strict rein upon retired
officers In the matter of dlscusslns public
questions as It does upon officers who are
on the active UL Therefore, unless this
matter tak n new turn, it will be al
lowed to drop.
William Fanlknrr Will He Brought
Here to Answer Assault Charge.
A telcKram to Chief or Detectives D
mond from San Francisco last night in
formed him cf the arrest there of Wil
liam Faulkner, alias Faster, wanted In St.
Louis on a charKe of assault to kill. De
tective McCarthy departed last night to
brlnjr Faulkner back.
Faulkner ls a plumber and lived at Xo.
ZXZ LIndell avenue. He Tras under a bond
or COM Tor his appearance In the Court ot
Criminal Correction, but failed to appear
for trial. The bond was signed by Ross
Swift. Faulkner Is charged with assault
In? A. K. Woas of No. 1U1 Temple ptace.
On the nlxht of April 11, Faulkner, while
ancered because the motormen on two
Caston avenue cars would not stop for
him. threw a rock at Ihe motormin on the
third car. The missile struck Woas, who
was a passenger, and caused a fracture of
the Jaw bone. Faulkner admitted throwing
the rock when arrested. Faulkner was go
lnc by the name of Foster in San Fran
Washed Away Dam at Pan Lorenzo
:i.-,rT Years, Old.
Kl Paso. Tex.. July ll.-A cloudburst,
which visited the Parras country In Mex
ico to-day. covered an area of fifty squire
miles, doing damage to the extent of JM.-
The big Patagonia aam. the largest m
Northern Mexico, brcke with all the flood
gates open, and sva completely destroyed
The San Lorenzo dim. which has oen
standing for 359 years, traa also washed
away. This dam was built of solid mason
ry aliout the year 1370. and was In per
fect condition.
With t'luls ain pUtul. a -uuuj of poli.e
lueii. headed by Chief lluiisy. beut ulf a
rruwtl of Vw aiixry men that gjlh-resl
ubout the I'utlt e StutiuH III last b"(. Iul;
Just after 1J lost nlKht and ilenidiided the
etutody ut CliHt. UaK. a n-gro who Is
held a prifuiier a hargeU with an a'-sautt
tiniu a ntniiient yuuiic wuiiiuii.
Wlitwt tin- rrowd Ilrs't I'-kii tu saltier
about the station there' were only two or
three, men in indie, ami IJeuteiiant Klu
lley had dlm ulty in K'rplng them back
mull he .-unlit sumtuufts re-enfun enints.
The pokrman lKldly went Into Ihe jtutljll
and aiMiesnlnc Hie ufflirr In i-liurge- nald:
"We cunie- after llint iief-n. t:aje u:id we
ure si-Ins tu jret him " The crowd outidde
backed up the Iem.nd with ugly murmur
lug uiid Ukuii to surge toward 111- duor.
At llils Ihr utticsT al two patrolmen,
who were the .tnlx .vciipuntK of the sta
tion. puli-d the leaders Imi-L. uud wattled
the i rniiil tu tutne no further
rum: vi i:.m:h tu miout
"Tho neKru la a prisoner la our vlr.re.
.itd Lieutenant Kinney, "ami you will not
get him without walking over our dead
lHjdkr. The tin-1 hum wh.. attempts lu
tome in here will be shot dead."
Tills had thr eff-il of uu-llltis lb- crowd
fur a moment, but j- It tmtrj-d fn num
lrr. Hie iMHly le-cjme Kgresle acaln and
tliero were I.Mid i-all.- fr an altark iioii
the jail.
Just then Chief Hau and a small Mtuad
of men. he had gathered uti m way to the
Mallon frum hLs home, wli-re he had re
crivcsl a telephone mo-.iKe of thr disturb
ance. ruhrd up to the door of the station
to the; side of the Lieutenant.
The Chief and his men drew their clubs
and pistols and ordered the crowd to dls
lerse. In a few moment? order had been
restored and the streets were clear of per
sons, those composing the crowd having j
gone quietly to their homes.
Precautions were then taken by the po
lice to prevent the negro being taken In
castf thr was another attempt, and an
extra guard wns left at the station all
night. The men are armed with heavy
rim gun, and are capable of standing off
an army ro stronsly are they fortified.
Charles Oage. alla. Itussell. a negro, was
rroresslon Will Dr Simple and Ore-
tnou) Will Lnst About an
London. July ll.-The text of the official
announcement concerning the coronation of
King Edward was Issued from the Birl
Marshal's oHce. and Is as follows:
"The King's mdlcst advisers report that
his Majesty's progress has been more
speedy and less complicated than was
at first anticipated. His Majesty's
excellent constitution ha? played a
conspicuous part In bringing this about.
"If the present rate of progress Is main
tained and if no complication arises, the
King's medical advisers are of opinion that
his Majesty would be able to undergo the
fatigue of the coronation ceremony on a.
day between the eighth and twelfth of
August. The exact date will shortly t
The rrocession through London, which
was to havf taken place the day following
the coronation. Is canceled."
It l. understood that the general outline
of the programme or the procession to
Westminster Abbey, the route to be fol
lowed, etc.. will not be changed, but the
pageant will be shorn of some of Its mag
nificence Thr details of the programme
will be settled by the King himself, who
will also decide to what extent the actuat
ceremony Is to be curtailed so a. to avoid
fatigue. The King's physicians advise that
the cerrmeny should not excred one hour,
and this could be managed by sacrificing
the sermon. th litany, etc.
It Is expected that Queen Alexandra and
fir Francis Laklng. physician In ordinary
to the King, with hi Majesty's nurse, will
accompany the King on board th myat
yacht Victoria and Albrt. It has not yet
been decided whether his Majesty will go
to Portsmouth by rail or whether the yacht
will be brought to Sheerness to shorten the
railroad Journey.
Enthusiastic Reception by Citizens
Deiivered Brief Talk.
Frcdtrlcktown. Mo.. July II. J'idgo Fox
ami delegation returned to-day from the
Springfield convention, arriving at 1U! p. m.
A large crowd, accompanied by the Fred
ericktown band, met him at the train and
greeted him with shouts of "Hurrah" as he
stepped upon the platform.
He addressed the crowd as follows:
"My Friends and Neighbors: I would be
false to my nature If I failed to give some
expression ot my appreciation of this gen
erous, hearty and cordial reception. It Is
a source of great pleasure to be surround
ed by friends and neighbors, all ot whom
sincerely share with me the Joy of the vic
tory at the Springfield convention.
"To be named as one ot the Democratic
candidates for Supreme Judge Is an honor
at -which any citizen should feel proud.
Should my nomination be ratified by tho
people In November. I shall surely give
to the discharge of the duties of that Im
portant position that careful, earnest and
impartial consideration they so Justly de
mand. "Accept my heartfelt thanks for this
cordial welcome and expression of your
confidence In my ability to perform the du
ties of the high office for which I have,
been named. To my friends In Southeast
Missouri I tender my most grateful tbanfcj
for their earnest, sincere and successful ef
forts In securing fo- me this nomination.
"However, we must not be unmindful of
the kind assistance and aid of true and no
ble friends in other narta of our good State.
In fact, tho entire conveption were our
friends. To oil of them I tender my sin
cere thankt In conclusion Join me tn
three cheers for the good commonwealth
uf Missouri."
arrrMrd Ktl! e-t-rdnV lilurilitig b l'u-
, ih email JuoJi Fade, after u hard MruKxIe.
j III which Ihe negro attrmptej tu shoot thir
policeman. (Jnwr wns last evening iilentl
j lied as tl.r lies i. who heM up Valie I5r
;:mt ii nU his fclrter. ills-' Hrjant. us th-
were returning to their hwiie fruru jn rii-t
riidr auriimer garden. The roble-ry wa
cummlttrd ou Truth ftrn-t. south of :h
Air Line trat-ks Thr plu there l darli
and thr street Is Ilal.td b tall we-ds. Ill
whlih thr lirgru made lit- hiding pla .
2ugc. It I Said. .ek u gold w.ilih from
liryant. rnarchrd liini.iiowii the street and.
returning, tubbed Altwi Mrvaui of ?m.- an
ger rings- und then ussuulled hr.
When thr news uf the Kryarit hIJiii and
-.-au!l wa- glteii. Chief of Holiie llausx
lrnmedlatl detailed half it d.izeu i.mi-er.-to
fullovx Ihr negro and effect hi raptutr.
SeXettl iMjIlceiiirn fe 11-suI-hiI as women,
but the negro did not make his appeantn.-r.
although the policemen changed dlsguljo-s
attuust huiirl The p-ilU-r were gwtl.ig
suiiiewluit dlsvonraged. li'n Poll.eniau
Jack Fuhey gut a lip uu the Mentlty uf th
lirgro. Kahrv a furmerlx a prize tight- r.
and. although u small matt lu height, he
has brstrd many matt weighing much morr
than hr doer. Fahrji patrollrtt thr scr-ie
of the negro's -rlme from duk Thursda
evening, shortly heforo dawn jestrrday
morning he was rew anted by a sight f
Uagr. The latter was walking along with
his hands In hh trousers pooket. Police
man Fahev deJgrd Into the weeds and
Ah thr negro passed in front of him
Fahry ordered him to throw up his hands.
The negro failed to rompty and Fahry
prr.sed thr muzzle of his icvotver t thr
tark of the negro's n-ck. This had the i!e
Hlrrd erfect. In thr negro's trovers pocket
he carried a revolver. After taking thrje
voHer away the negro showed light and It
tequlred diligent work on the part of Fahey
to compel him to accompany him to the po
lice station. There hr refused to talk. HU
address was learned jestrrday afternoon
and thr poller found a gold watch and two
rings In bin bedclothes. Thr watch was
Identified an the property of Bryant and bis
Inter identified the rings. When brought
before the nrgro. Bryant and his elsur Iden
tified him as the man who held them up.
Two small boys and several women alsa
Identified the negro as the one who held
them up about tffo weeks ago. Gage will
be given a preliminary' hearing this morn
11 :C
For St. Louis anil Vicinity General
ly fair and sllchtly nararr.
Missouri Fair Saturday. Sunday
Illinois Increasing cloudiness and
Tcarmrr Saturday and Sunday.
Arkansas Fair Saturday and Sun
day. East Trias-Showers. Saturday soil
West Trias Fair and -irnrmrr Sat
urday. Sunday fair.
1. Soldiers Patrol Eldorado Strewn.
General Anderson Criticises Dewey.
Deeds of Heroism In Johnston Floods.
;. Bloodhounds on Tracey'a Trail.
Rules and Cour-e for Airship Contest.
Doctor Is Charged With Shooting Girl.
3. Chautauquans Will Hear Sam Jones.
Railway News From All Points.
4. Alice Turner Won Delmar Handicap.
Republic Form Chart.
Cardinals Win From Chicago.
5. Browns Loe to Chicago.
C. Editorial.
7. Book News and GosIp.
Beaumont Oil Well Spouts Jia Feet
Negro Home Claims Preacher Is a
Pensions for Southweterner.
S. News of the Churches.
Nurses Give "Tackey" Party.
St. Joseph Girl Scalred.
5. Mexico Is Stirred by Clay Tragedy.
Brush With Japan May Re In Prospect.
President Refused to See Colcock.
Acquitted of Vagrancy Because He Was,
Worth H0.C0O.
10. Rockefeller May Invade Jvimonf.
Popularity of Silk. Pongee and Linen.
11. Dun's and Uradstreet's Wckly Trade
East Side News.
U. Republic "Want" Advertlscnvnls.
Birth. Marriage and Death Records.
II. Rooms for Rent and Real Estate Ads.
Weather Bulletin.
Cuba Will Exhibit at World' Fair.
II. Missouri Pacific Makes !-- Ad
Weekly Bank Statement.
Wall Street Gossip.
15. Summary of the SL Lcul Ma-Rets.
Wheat Rallies Strongly In Cblcaso.
River News and Gossip.
IS. Gaynor Counsel Makes Accrsitlap.
Inventor Bcnbow Criticises Santos.
Joplln Convention Will Name Judges.
Dyer's Indorsement for United States
Fined fcr Striking His Wife.
Love Had Beginning in Quarantine
SAN RAFAEL. CAL.-A headless body
found on the bench near Fort Baker Is
believed to bo the body of Captain Ward
of the steamer Jlk de Janeiro, which sank
at the entrance of the Golden Gate Febru
ary n. lsoi.
One .Man. Iuxuie From Terror and
Suireriiijf, Fiithts Thoe Who
Would Save Him Fire
Add, lo the Danger.
j J-litteiuHn. Pa.. July II Tins has been
! a day of htrole rrscuts- at the- fated rolling
I mill Hiitie of thr Cambria Steel Company.
1 Thrilling experiences attended the efforts
of the 'Orty daring fellows who went down
iulo thr baieels of earth. tirred by a ery
filnt hj,r"that Mill tl.ry misht br In time
I t rej-torr t l'fe yum- of thor who are en
Th- rrnard of their efforts was the sav
ing of the li.-e ' tweuty-thr. e cf their
rrli.m-mtit a:id brittitin tUm ..g-I-i Into
the .suiilivhl and La.-k to lovHs: families.
l-'lrat Efforts to Sasr the I.ltliijc.
I'.ad and maimed lxl!s wre Ioca'ed.
but no effort as made to bring them out
of the at theater of U.ath until :vry
human enerj va.v put forward toward see
ing that ro living s-jul might escape their
That Joiir. the dead werr put In cars and
brought u. then transferred to wagons in
whlvh to Le token to the mortrtte. Ninety
seven uVmi bodies ure rwoverrd
Still a Imrtj of olflt-lnls and miners bat
tled on. three miles In.-Idr the mine. Oc
casionally word would come to thr surface
that another heap ot belles had been ex
posed tu thr lsion of the searcher.
There remain dangerous beading in the
Klondike se-tlon of thr mine jrt to be e-x-plor-d.
No one knows how many more
dead will br found fherr. The mlnr officials
refrain from guuswork on the subject.
The miprtsslon prrails among the outsld
rs and certain employes of the mine that
15 is a ery low estimate of the casualty
llorrur-SlrlcLrn Cronda at Mine.
Fated Johnstown spent the day horror
struck. Great throng surged about the pit
mouth, thr improvised morgue at the ar
mory and about thr ytricken homes of the
Exaggerated reports of all kind prevailed.
Gnu report gained urcuUtion that disaster
had overtaken the reculng party which
entered the mine shortly alter 3 o'clock.
This was not disproved until word flnally
cainc from the men In the mine.
Along lu the early part of the afternoon
cheering word came- "rora the innermost re
cesses or the mine tjat life yet lingered In
zoraH of the bodies four 4.
The rescuers made An . for No. 4. the left
heading, which they Had been unable to
reach the previous night. (
Drsolate even for th scene ot a mine In
terior was the heading that stretched out
before them. Walls cf roofs almost choked
the beading, but through and over tho
debris thr brae men pushed their way.
Rescuers Encounter Slanlae.
In the front, young Patrick Martin, 'hla
brother Peter. Philip White and several
cousins of the Martins made their way.
Suddenly, in an open space, -they wers
startled by the maniac laugh which ema
nated from a blackened form that rushed
at them out of the darkness.
The man grasped firmly a plckhandls
and tried in his frenzy to beat down hla
rescuers. He was overpowered and dragged,
back to the main heading, to the cars.
Thirteen other living men were found la
this chamber and physicians were quickly
taken to the spot. One man brought out
with this crowd died Just as bo reached,
Bodies Heaped on Coal Cars.
At that time three mere headings, be
lieved to be filled with tha d"ad. were un
searched. Thirty-nine bodies were lying
In reach of the main heading. These wtro
brcught out at 45 p. m. The bodies were
piled high In the coat cars and covered
with canvas.
One of the Volunteer rescuers who camo
out with this load of dead taitl that flro
was raging In parts of the mine. Most of
those who were brought out alive this aft
ernoon had saved themselves by crawling
Into a chamber and turning a. valve on tho
compressed air pipe line which runs along;
the entry.
Police Board Sustains Charges
Against Two
The Board of Police Commissioners, at Its
meeting yesterday afternoon, assessed a lino
of JSO against Patrolman George Burton o
the Seventh Dbtrlct for neglect of dutr
and ordered him reprimanded by Chief
Patrolman Burton was charged with be
ing absent from hla brat without leave.
Patrolman Charles Mansfield of the Third
District was fined IS and reprimanded for
insubordination in not obeying the orders
or his superior officer.
Patrolmen James J. Harrison and Wil
liam Stinger were reprlmandt'J Tor neglect
or duty.
The board awarded the contracts for fur
nishing winter caps to M. Goettler Hat
Company of No. 1260 South Broadway for
JI.M and the contract for helmets was let
to the Goedde Hat Company of No. ISIS
Franklin avenue for "LSa.
The contract for furnishing sausage for
prisoners was given to the St- LouU
Dressed Beef Company at 6 cents per
Uody Arrived Front Xew York and
Was Buried in Family Vault.
The body or Frank Lawrence, son of
Doctor J. J. Lawrence, arrived In St. Louis
yestrday from New York over the Vanda
lla Line, and was taken charge of at tha
station by the George N. Lynch Undertak
ing Company.
From the station the body was conveyed
in an ambulance to the undertaking rooms,
at No. ICO Locust street, where a funeral
party, consisting of six carriages and a
hearse, awaited the arrival of the body.
The funeral proceeded to Bellefontalno
Cemetery, where the body was placed la
the Lawrence family vault near the north
end of the cemetery.
Doctor R. C. Cave preached the funeral
French Financial Institution Is De
clared Insolvent.
Tarls, July IL The Tribunal of Commerce,
to-day -declared the "Calsse Generate dea
Families" to be insolvenL The liabilities
are said to be 4O,0fiO,00O franca 03.000,000k
-I--.- -.a ,
- . - -r

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