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I 10 THE
Th rcn:t Urretit ! f'iin'rrd by Fslrpir. a
jctkry. hu uld ny.ac and 1rCi.luci rnlJUiilcJ
In nvinr ircublrsMne c3rmrr.
jzne wf tlir iiiut m.lcal rumiifr a-:
"FoTluw Hi" Itun Vrorn i'ooS. ' "re U-i
CufvJ Iticht." "rt.lJl.r. In thr ytV." "O'i.
1 lMr fvcirU." -n.- STlle O'tl." "Tl- S
llMlrllr." "Xct Ur Suit of Olll." n-l "
iijt. ranuu nj ma-h wli't'j ptv-"n'.nni nc
and d.inc- which "fTutcr ana Allrr ta in tli
fcond crl
Tfce mrn rrpoaltl fwr "A Kuiwwiy Glif"
er cnnctrd uh ih- cun.lrucilcn of " rl-
uf niutical ci-DdIrii Kirbd'jcrS At the G&!tt)
TbMttr. LonOon. hy Orcrie K3wanlr. Thv In
elaia "TJe Caitty GliU" "The Sacp QUI.' "Tlii
Orlsba.- "An Audi . JIoJl." "ju Tuy' nd
The JI.nxr Boy Nratlj- ill of thrte
p! have enjoyed ntntdpl iun. The "rlK
1ml Nw Tcrk cit of "A Hunanny Ulrl" In
rladrd Vlrclala Karle. Aili-1 Kllrfclr. ltachfl
Uooth. l'ul KJwjir.lr, iytll Sti aad Jm
T Power. At ivimar thrlr c.aiart'rii wilt be
lntntrted. ii-rtUrt. by Maud Villllam.
Joephln Knapp. tanl" nn.la. Illancbe Chip-"
man. Mlro lfamatta and J. Ctarenc llarvry.
One of the n5t Iatrec:l acta to be ia at
Yotrxx Park IHciilandi thl. wk will be tbat of
lyxkhart'a trained ti.phant. The thje irform-
r VllhIrnlr.a. Addl. and Trllbv. from the In
(Work Always inSight.)
List of Kxplosioifs Yirtiins. It Is
Hi-licvutl. Will Not He
Crrally Increased.
Some Bodies May Yet He Hiddi-n
in Obscure Corners Johns-
town Undertakers Have
All They Can Do.
dian Juniclra. can pla tecpins. beat drun-.r. toek J
a cradle, roll a birrrl arrou the taite oy riaou-
Inn on 11 ana io manv uintr iuing " -.
ocdrr(ul In th rlunmr nnlma'-. Nat Will.
p f -
!- KflWDUNb y "A RUB&AY QiRJ, (' fQH&T VARK.
I: XsX' JS- HlfflUWft j l
r.--n.j .-.
There I lo be an Invasion of foreign stars
K n-xt reason. Sara Bernhardt Is coming: so
IT ' ii Elcanora Duse. Bernhardt will play Mnr-
' Ion Crawford's "Francesca Ua lumini.
- Mme. Duse has agreed to extend her
American lour s-o as to include 100 per
Jonnancs As originally designed, her con-
tract with eibler & Co. called for nut half
this number, but the demands of many
cltlu were imperative. With her compar
er tlwenty-soveii she v.HI sail for Genoa on
tfUbyLliruria on September 39. Her first
American performance will be given on
-October 20 In the Tremont Theater. Boston.
The first play will be "La Glaconda." fol
lowing this with "Citta Mora" (the dead
cjfyj. Then will come her produc
tion of "Franceses, da Itimlni." with
" all the scenery and costumes which
sheused in the first representation In
Rome. The route has not been entirely
cojrfpleted. but it will" Include all the prin
cipal cities In the .East and Central West,
with a chance of it., expanding to the Pa
cific Coast. Heretofore lime. Duse has
absolutely refuse-1 to jive more than four
performances a week, but she has prom
ised to brer.lt. thl3 rule whenever possible
aiid, sive five.
"The Defender." New York's latest sun
rrer extravaganza, has for its hero a young
Krsllfhman who champions the cause of
the. American yacht the Defender, and ex
poses a scheme to scuttle her. Several or
.the central figure In the recent interna
T"tlortl contest are in the cast. Sir Thomas
Teaton being the chief. He comes to Amer
lcat -pith his ward. Hilda Shlpton. and the
Jatter'sndmlrtr. Ivory I. Queers, who repre
sents a syndicate that has wagered so much
..motley on the Knglish yacht that he has
"leen sent over to make her win at anv cost
"'He tries to use Charles Dare, an Impscum-
ous member of a titled Knglish family, who
Is a r.iilor on the Defender, to disable the
American racer. The comedians are Sam
Ivi"no, a vaudeville star. temporarily
dimmed, and Pinky Winkerton. a detective
Jlr. Tom Pinkson. the copper king of the
world. Is also prominent. In the company
raira Paula Kdwardes. Emma Cams. Blanch
King. Sandol Miliikin. Mayme Kelso, Grace
Spencer. Alexander Clark. Harry Daven-
,iibrt, Ilichie Ling and Gordon Tompkins.
, Elmhursl. Long Island, where so many
player folk own summer homes, had a.
Fourth of July whlcn will not be soon
forgotten. John T. Kelly is the Mayor.
"Chipf of the Fire Department, head of the
rfolige. real estate king- and general Pooh
JJab, extraordinary. Tony Pastor Is his
- WPhet- He joined the Kelly cohort", and
together now they work. This explanation
leads up to the announcement that the
JCcvBr a Care Club, of which Kelly In na
turally the president, did Itself proud on
1 iQwS.'slorlous Fourth. For days and even
weeKs the club was upset over the reiljm
q'segilon of how to do most honor to M'm
LrorIe Smith, the youngest daughter of
ed-er Smith, who writes and sells Ilbret-
hnsi) At lost n children! nartv w:ir et-
SrTfeefl'upon. and the lawns of Kelly. Pastor
"arid Smith were selected. "Tony's' barn
fii&s decorated with lanterns and flags, and
here the feast was spread. The principal
feature of the affair was that all the chil
dren except Mis Smith, were grown-ups.
Moreover, no one was admitted who did
not appear in costume. In the barn were
Various games, "mumble-peg" being the
favorite, and J300 worth of fireworks were
set off on the lawn. "Tony Pastor was
cJUrttle Boy Blue, and Kelly. Little Jack
Horner. Mrs. Paster was Little Red Rid
ing Hood. Mrs. Kelly. Mary and Her Little
L.mb, and Fred Halien and his wife. Mol
Mle Fuller, were Jack and Jill. The invita-
lions were In the shape of giant flrecrack
ris. and it was the liveliest time In !m-
hurst's history.
Since Joseph Brooks returned from his
four months' visit to London In connection
with the production of "Ben-Hur." he has
related many amusing incidents that hap
pened during his sojcurn.ln the British
metropolis. One of these concerns the
Tinlghting" of Ben D. Stevens. The day
King Edward caw the play from a hastily
constructed box in the pit was one of con-
zble excitement at the theater, lie
riot signify his Intention of attend-
performance till noon. The royal
bx was not an advantageous point from
wra8 to view the chariot race and Mr.
Ktedts suggested that a special box be con
sfiaased in the pit. Then there was a
tiers hours' delay to ascertain whether or
nfejhls Majesty would sit In It, Finally
word came that he would be delighted with
such an accommodation, and It was pro
vided. After the King had left the the
ater, and the audience had passed out.
Meases. Brooks and Stevens stood at the
rcarof the auditorium while the lmpro
viscAr box was being removed. Brooks is
nl-jjrys ready for a Joke and Stevens was
rfTrwuh Mirnrised when he was com-
r . . . . f, . It.
aea to Kneei. iirooKs piciru up ns
jn pole and dropping it on Stevens a
dcr, shouted at the top of his vo'ce:
. Sir Benjamin." The Kngnsn siaxe
who were removing the "royal box,"
iheir attention attracted by Brooks's
Rtvhat boisterous making of a "Sir" of
Fl 1.1-...1.. .11 rt, ImiV
asievcns. anu tviucwjr u. w. ,w
very much In the light of a Jest, lor
ne i-howed interest exctpt Dy a acowi.
k"s ioke became known to many In
bn and now Stevens is "Sir Benjamin"
who meet him. Since Brooks's return
letters have been directed to "Sir"
imln Stevens at Drury Lane,
A. ttorr. the point of which is attributed
& llVrbert Kelcey. Is being told on Davll
Vhen Bclasca and the late H. C De Mille
wrol$ "The Charity Ball" there was a
(speech In It thai did not please Herbert
Kelcey, leading man of the company. The
yroma Kelcey oDjectea to were quoted
B&8S one of David's psalms.
Ignorant of Its origin, Kelcey said to Mr.
t-otfidon't like that line. It's bombaxtic
Its line Is not mine, but David's," rc
ijl Xe MRIe. referring, of course, to the
rlsr thought so!" cried Kelcey. trlum
lAptly. 'Td 'recognize Dave Belasco'a
rfjf anywhere."
TrSb Glaser closed her K?w York season
JtjJgJolly Tarden" Just In time. She was
Hem, out by long, steady work, and was
tely able to struggle through the final
pSfaermance. In fact, she fainted once, in
fififk: of a part of the audience. It was
eTfJal minutes before she recovered con
Mme. Duse has agreed lo extend her jl x,55ka3 && II ' '?S5lJa Ml 1
I ..-".. e vW X y- -
V'- tagfc L -v pg3
H ?? I - vy v & g$& x -
mmmb Pauk
sciousness, and then she Just managed to
struggle through the end. She i now 111
Europe and will not reun:e work before
. . .
After a two years' absence In Kurope Jn
search of health. Brcnson Howard, the dra
matist, returned to his native country re
cently, looking much old?r than when he
departed. Mr. Howard Is still far from be
ing a well man, and after a summer In the
Adlrondacks will spend the fall and winter
months In Southern California. Ho says
he has not accomplMieU anything In the
way of making new plays during his stay
abroad, and does not Intend to work on any
new plays In the Imm-dtate future.
Mascaanl has agreed to furnish the Inci
dental music for Viola Allen's "The Kternai
City." Puccini was held In reserve in case
the composer of "Cavailerla Kusticana"
should refuse at the last moment, but his
services were not needed. Hall Caine ha,
decided to come to Amrlca for the tlrst
production, which will be given at the Na
tional Theater in Washington. October .
Beerbohm Tree's London production will be
given on probably the same night at Her
Majesty's Theater. There the part of the
Pope will be played cither by Sir Henry Irv
ing or John Hare. Beerbohm Tree will play
th Baron Bonelli. and Robtrt Tabor David
One of the young showgirls in the Delmar
opera chorus sat by the window of her
dressing-rcom looking Idly out the other
day when her reverie was disturbed by the
appearance of Maud Williams, the prima
"Why are you so ptnsiveT" asked Miss
Williams. "You look as if your best friend
had died. What Is the matter?"
The young woman drew her handkerchief
across her eyes. "Ah," she sighed, "Tom
and I "
"Don't t'll me that you and Tom have
quarreled!" Miss Williams Interrupted.
The girl rlghed again. "The end has
come." she said, "to all our moonlight
drives, to the tender whisperings beneath
the trees, to the boxes of caramels and the
baskets of flower", to the verses he wrote
me, to the rivalries and Jealousies of sweet
heart days, to the
"Say no more!" exclaimed Mis Williams,
determined to set matters right. "What
have you two done? Tell me everything?"
The youns woman came over and laid
her head on Miss Williams's shoulder.
"We were married this morning at 10
o'clock." she whispered.
Miss Williams's hands fell helpless to her
Mrs. Carter says America Is Just as good
a place to find the needed summer rest as
elsewhere and has deferred her proposed
European trip. She wKl take a cottage at
Bar Harbor and rest up there before re
suming her arduous work In "Du Barry"
next season.
Herbert Hall Wlnslow has been writln.
a play for Ezra Kendall, in which the lat
ter will star next season. Both are agreed
that It f the funniest play that has ever
been written, and while most of the wonls
are Winslow's own the situations are
largely the re&ult of the personal experi
ence of Kendall.
The enllrj King Dodo company now at
Daly's will be taken on an extended tour
next season. The opening will be In Chi
cago, and before the organization return
to New York In the spring It will have been
-en In San Francisco. Winnipeg. Boston
and San Antonio.
The sale of Georgi-i Cayvan'? warJrobe
netted her some S1W0. Only a few fri-nJ-
of the unfortunate actress attended the
auction, but the prices were fairly good anl
the dresses and shoes found ready buyers.
Charles Frohman has decided upon the,
title of "There's Many u Slip" for the new
comedy by Captain ilarhall. which Is lo be
producd at the Garrick e.irly in September.
In the company will be the Earl of Ro-tMlyu.
Jessie Milward and Lnt Dltrlchsteln.
Jerom Syl:-'- new musical comedy will
bear the title of "The lllllli.naire." Instead
of "Th- Money Burner." the name fln-t se
lected by Klaw & Krlanger. The book ls by
Harry JJ- Smith and the music by Gutaie
Clyde Fitch ha deliwrcd to Charles Froh
man manuxcrlpu of "Th- Flirt." for Ktnel
Barrymore: his new comedy. "The Girl
With the Grrfn Kyea." and a comedy entl-tl-d
i'A Bird In a Cage." which Mr. Froh
man will produce at the Vaudeville. London,
after the production there of Mr. Barrie's
'Quality Stre't." with Ellallne Terrlss and
Somour Hicks In the leading role.
Frank McKee. the day before be called
for Europe, purchased from Ramsay Mor
ris, author of "Ninety and Nine." the
American. English and French rights for
hU new play calle! "JuJIth." a modern
dramatic story. It Is written In four acts
Tno of the scenes are laid In New York
and two on the Riviera.
George II. Jessop. alino-t forgotten a an
American dramatist ami long a resldeut of
Indcn. Is to have a comic cper.t called
"My Ijdy Mi!ly" produced In New York
thl fall.
Clay Clement will be starred by L. J.
Rodriguez In a historical religious plav
called "David, the King." from the Dutrh
of Jan Van Ktten. Mr. Clemsnt will pliy
Absalom and Daniel Bandmann King
There seems to be n desire Just now to
go back to the old iltlep of lonK ago evi
dently ririt Inspired by Clyde Fitch with
"Captain Jinks of the Hon Marines." Two
new musical productions next season will
have odd titles. One Is called "Boys Come
Marching Home." The other. Just elected
by George W. Lederer. Is called "Sally In
Our Alley." Thle title will be applied to
the r.ew musical comedy to be offered at
the Broadway Theater. New York, and
Marie Cahlll will be the Sally and Sam
Bernard will have the Important part of a
German secondhand dealer. Others In the
cjast will be Joeph W. Herbert. May Rob
.scn. Georgia Caine and Marie Daro.
J. E. Dodson and Annie Irish will opjn
their Joint starring tour about October I.
They have nlays by Madeleine Lurette
Rvley and Mrs. Cralgie under considera
tion. ....
Hilda Sprong will have a leading role In
next season's production of "Iris." When
Tlyrses" Is given MIs Sprocg will p!ay
George Ade Is at wcrk on th libretto
of a new rati.Ieal play -ntltled "Peggv of
Pari." to be pro-lured by Henry W. Sav
age" next season.
It Is the Intention of Hen"y W. Sa-age to
open the tour of George Ads'n satire. "The
Sultan of Sulu." -arly In September. The
company will begin Its reason's work In St.
Louis and then make an extended tour of
the country.
John J. McNally hat completed the book
for Klaw & ErlangerV coming- production
for the Ro-rers Brothers "The Rogers
Brothers In Harvard" and Is now giving
his attention to the book for "Mr. Blue
Beard." the new Drury Lane spectacle this
firm will prevnt. Cheever Goodwin Is
writing the lyrics for the Roger Broth-ra'
new vehicle.
What thr Garileai Offer.
rrobably th. noil notable production to be
made thla summer at Delmar Oarden It that of
"A Runaway Girl." which o?cca for one week
to-ntctu. Ily special permllon of the Aucustla
Daly estate. Manager Klncabury was able to
reciir the pretty Encllth raiilral comedy. "A
Itunaway Girl" haa not been seen here alnce tha
Dlr production at the Centurr Theater areral
aor.. aro. Seymour It!- and Harry Jtleholi
wrote the libretto. It an Catyll and Lionel Monck
tcn the mmlc and Aubrey Hcswood and Harry
Greenbank the lytic... The action take place la
the Island of Corsica and In Venice. The plot la
rather typical cf ether muiical roxei and
cblefJr concerns the events In tie life of Wlnl-
fred Grey, an orrhan at the school of St, Plerr.
who ha been felectM as a bride for Our Stan-
ley. the nephew of Lord Goodie, an Enxil.h gen- i Reese, Braggs; James F. Petty et al iJena;
tlemvn and one of a partr of Cook'a tourists, i Clara M. Oordon e: nL. Wnlte Oak: Tennle
Neither or ih j-cune petple has seen the other. Sanders, Salllsaw: Esther Gilbert Coffey
ard the al-1. In order to ratrry the man cf her 1lle. Kansas; Muer M. Walklngstick.
ch'.ce- run. aay f.-om school. DUrulsed. sht BoonvlUe. Mo.: Henry Hayes et al.. Oche
racet Coodlr cephsw. and. urawsre thtt ht lata: Stephen Foreman et al.. Locust Grove:
was Tier Intended flsnee. fall la lore with him, William R, Mottc et aL, Muscokee.
tmorsonatlon he his eln from roat to roa.i.
Anolhrr nw turn will be cITMid by th Jiu
Bllrc Noinun. bo are nM lo hse trwt art
luwn 1 u!moi Impotalblf uilct X!imre and
V.eslr are ni-tjilrlnrr ro-niiar-a.
The bnat of the lie tail Irujsit- Aajcclathjn
In art far Turdav aflrmoon nni nisbt Juy
July i: thr- chlMrrn of th- Va-atlon IUj cnm.-iir
AsMirlalicn will t mtfrlainnl t thf lllKli
InJj. They lll l rlvn-a fnrr nun and
rii" on the xcrnic railway.
Il.nry E. Dliey. ho U knourn a une f IfSf
rnort versatile rnirrtclne.-a ot !! Anirlcaa
nice, will make hi appearance la auJelle
at the fuburbxn Garden ttl atl.mjvjc. Ilia en
gasenirat l fur one week only. ! I"'
een here to rutamm ago at the IMroar Oar
den, wh.re be touk hie old yait In a relval of
It U not herd to pies, what Dly d la
tb." way of a iaurille turn- H" ' a n"'K'"
clan of no iman acco-npll'hm.r.t. l-a-nj teea
-airr-l at en- time In tht i.rticular rale tit
l-w I'.lonm. appearlnr; In thl cty at the Ir.-ur-tenlh
?ireet Tfc'ater. Then there 1- h.a lamcu.
lmperonaltcn of He.iry Irlrc WwwlM
tracef-il furnre and unn.ual nwneiism. Ilej a
talent seem not to hae bn dlmraej by the
thatrlral vielultud's of year.
Hal Darin and Inez Macjuley will b en
in a new aketch hi F-dnunJ Day. emitted "The
fnejp-ted " McPhee and Hill, who have be-n
ai.iarlnr the llritlacera with their trlp'.e bar ei
hlbitlon. will furnih the jyrnnanlc iirt of th
ahow. Two children, called the Pack., will offer
a character act.
In th new production of "rernpell
tee-son Pain Introduces tome rnanelnu.
rccsprurlc effect " Ju.l prec-ains
.L-... ..,.Hi,.tA nn.1 volcano
the cltj'n iropendlne 5a "il
uemendous' Internal exnlouon "".-f" "
become louder ana wuotr. .- - - -dull
rrey. cau.d by the shower of ashe from
the apex of th lolcano. while th. "?-''
assumes a blood-red hue. caued b the Ilcbt
..blnlnc Ihrouch the ckmds -f flylnr ashe, and
clniHS Vivid Rash, of MaMnSng dd a welrf
effect to the rcenc. and when the nn e,uv u.
bunts forth In all Its fur -orient of arc
seen aowlne down the volcano fide Jtitoj the
Ill-rated cltv. Terrific mock ertrwuak bo.ks
U law the stately laloce. temples and "
of the town. These effect are all produced by
an insenlou combination of eleciilclt. and pyro
technic mechanism. The flow Ins; lava scene l
one of th- rnctt realladc "effects" of the per
formance. There art- twelve expert pjro:chnltf
connected with the prlm-t!.n f i-ompell" at
Ilandlan'a l"arL. and each h.v had a tnoroufri
chooltnc In the rtn tact-, ana know, bow
to make rirevi.rk a. well as how 10 tuu-a
tbem off. ....
The prccraxsroes anniuno-d for this wek
series of evening: ccncert ai me .oiiAce in rw
t 1-ark b !-.mou KltauBralmenl IJnd in- I
elude. maa tuneful numbers? -jome : the lead-
Inc ruuslcca of tie urEaclxat.ua. anions; thm
HanJrcaster 2eymour hlmsef. are to be heard In
soioa. Thr concert arc eivea eacb ctenlna from
J) to WA) o'clock.
In I'cmpetl Garden at lUcdlan' fark to-nichl
a musical prosirunroe will Lx sivea b Well'
li.nJ. The suiolst ir the celiac will be Miss
Kmma Weston, mesxo toprsnj. rha au IaiuIs
Lantonc. It. J. T. White, wll: sins; ome of his
favo.-lte relectlou. The p.ramme Is ii fkliows:
Overture Media CheruUnl
lntltatlon to the Dance - Wsber
a) Ccrnst -?.lo Lost Chord Sullivan
3ir. iirrfoa.
L llarjtone Solo-AsW, lu tae Deep.
Mr. l"oIr.
Gm Krum the Fortune Teller
Popular bongs
211s Kruma WeMou.
atlection Luhenicrin
Descriptive In lcf-tee .t Ulr rlac ..
Oero r'mni the Uobrmliu Olrl
Tem.r slo
ia) Tha I'alm
i 1b llolv 111)
It J. T. While.
.Wstcer .
..Ualbey j
luiie I
.Adsrus ,
Fanta'te on Sc-ich SlljJlea
Kzterpts Krom the Jolly Mukee-r.
"oncrt Walrx Sjrotola
. .Kdnarda
UsndU I"
Idji .unri.e in fcurcmer Tnlere
GalopOnr Un-at Show Palo
Eva Mud(F will remain another week at West
Had Hctchts. Other performers to appear In the
nw bill bctflnnlnr to-da are Kefca AuLre.
v-allct: the Tiire Kealoc-. in a comeiy sketch;
jinour and Dupree. acrobat., the Ule.t North
ern Quartet. Delmre Sisters and Kocartr and
llrown. The regular oifnlnx -t the rsrdfn ulil
lake plac this week, a the eleciric plant is
now In frpcrallon. itiouteau avenue cars go di
rect lo th main pavilion.
TL Buehler-Kemble-Ulslnx s'k Compane
wUI revlre 'The Count of Xoate f'rislo" this
week. Ulllan Kembl will be seen a Mercedes
te the Edmond Dante of Hlehard lluchler. "An
tltonj and Cleopatra." which was to have l?n
pruluce-1 this week, will be the next offering.
Ilallle 'lmm McCartlir will sins; at Mannlcns
I'srk. She ha been appearing in crsnC opera
for the last two seasons and will sing selec
tions frem "Martha." "Tarmen." "II Trova
tve' and "Ulanon." Tlie recular vaudeville per
formance will be liven by Lecna Thurt-er. Craw
ford and Mannlnx. Ucrrte OliDert. J. Jr Ileitis
and Wihtoa and Wlleon.
Ollta Vail holds over at Ilasha'fen's Park.
Her repertoire thla wiek will Include new soars.
Helen Ooldin llarte and Howard J. Dobvn and
tbs Haiel sister are- the it her on tlie list.
Tte Cherry Kilters are appearlag In their own
(lavlllon In Delruar Oardrn. The are a-.fhtei
by rianlit 3. It. Orcen of St. Iyj!?.
There will be a myontUbt excursion on the
steamer 1III1 Cltr Tiwiij nlfht for the beoeat
of the tbtatrlcsl pro(eslon. Th: boat will lrve
the foot of Olive street at ll:!9 a. ru.
London. July 12. (Copyright. 150t) The
Frohman-Grau season of French plays has
been quite 3Jccesiul. The Idea of Drtcgtns
the three Coquelins together on the stage
for a series composed mainly of Mollere's
works wax a novel one and pitued the
public Immensely. The Coqueun engag-
ir.ent ends to-night.
Beginning Monday. Mme. Jeanne Grauiar.
supported nr JI. Gullry. M. Brasseur and
the entire company of the theatre Ue
Varieties, from Paris, who will give two
l'arl-Ian successes by M. Caput. "L
Ktetne" and "Ls Deux Ecolesu." a week
of each. . . ...
There Is still a possibility. L i said, of
the entire Varieties company being seen in
New fork next season.
The watermelons served at the Lf l.'catessen
Ivinch Hooms are cold and very an.
Paris. July li.-(Copyrlght. 1SU2.) M. Mll
lerand's democratic ways are revived In the
present administration of M. Peiletan. The
gravity of the Navy Department has been
considerably rutflrd by the hirsute suc
crsor of the aristocracy. De Cannesan.
V.'htn the asperity hour comes round M.
Peiletan sends one of the pompous usher
of the navy bulldlnc In the fine Royal,
acrois the strict to Maxim's bar for a tray
full of appetizers, which the Minister Im
bibe with his friends. The empty glasses
Are carelessly trvwn over the magn'neent
table at which Colbert, the founder of the
French navy, worked.
Admltted to Cherokee Citizenship.
Ylnlta, I. T.. July 12. Th I'nlted States j Hean Senatorial Ccnventicn of the Twenty
CommlFxIon to the Five Civilized Trlbti has second District, which meets at Cabool Au
rendered judgments In the following Cher- ' gust 6. will be elected by a delegate con-
OKee doutJifiil-cltlzensbtp cases, decldlnr
that they are entitled to be listed for en-
i rollment aa dtizenii of the Cherokee Na- I
ilnn nn reiii.e. rh.MVu mHc Vf..t
Johnstown. Pa.. July 11-On- hundred
and five- f-re now known to li dead from
Thuminy's explosion at the Rolling Mill
mine- or the Cambria SteW Company.
It is not poveible that this record will be
swelled to any great extent, and In no cae
Is It expected that the list will exceed 110
or IIS.
The mine workings, which It naf danjirr
ou to enter etTd.iy. were thoroughly
explored by a senrchlng party during 'he
At S o'clck this morning the ciiarreil and
mutllnlnl bodle.. of fifteen victims were
brought to the Wertraont pit mouth ami
taken to the morgue.
Threes death occurred during the night
at Cambria Ho.pltal. Thee were among
the last living victims who were brought
out of th mine yesterday afternoon In an
unconscious condition Another of thee Is
In a precarious cciiottlon.
It was learned at the pit mouth to-day
from mire cfllcials that every heading and
chamber, both to the right and left of the
main Klondike heading, were penetrated
during the night, and Ihat not a trace of
nny dead or living victim" were found.
It Is admitted that some mlcht have
crawled Into obscure working In their flight
from the afterdamp which followed tin- ex
plosion, and thfe succumbed to the fatal
Influence of the gas.
Many funeral tcok place to-day. Every
undertaker In Johrstonn has as- many on
his hand a he can well attend to. In
quiries were mado at the mine offices and
the morgue by relatives of four missing.
They are foreigners. Mine Superintendent
George T. Robinson says It Is probable the
men are lost In some pocket of the mine,
where thev went to escuoe firedamp, and
when escape waa cut off were caught by
Compelled to Answer Humiliating
(jiiestions for Immigrantr.
New York. July li The French liner iji
Tuutalne. which arrived to-day. Undo J
-"- "M "" f"-'"'' '
sixty-nine no less Indignant second-cabla
ta.-engri. In venting their feelings on the
cock tnev iienounced as tyrannical tne new
Interpretation of the old law. which sub-
jret!' an immigrants, no matter or uuat
class, to mi oral examination as to their
Utile to land. They characterised th!
cntechlslnx as Impertinent and humiliating.
The steamshiti people explained the mat
ter bv r-aiiax the new Commlsoloner r.f
Immigration had Instructed them to ri!dl j
enforce the law concerning the making out
of nianircst. Thl directs that every Immi
grant tu thin country, whether flrst-cias.
passenger or ateerate. b compelled to .
ansvwr a st of questions tending to estnb
llrh his or her ritr.csn to land.
There was mucii Inulgukiion. therefore,
when such questions us "Can yi read or
writer- -Ha. your ilckt been aid Tor b
tourself r by a corporation. suci-t. mu-
nlctpHlIti or Government?' "Have you ally
rcancyT' "Have jou mive than JSiT' "Have
jOU ,v,r j.etl ),, prison or In a voorhouiet"
-Arc you a polgamlt7" "Ale you a con
tract l.borerr .re von onormoi or inr
The Baron and Hatones Selllerii and the
Count de rsibnac ' ani"l!g tl:jc lo
whom these questions were put and an
!weretl. A number of the pussengets refused pini
bliu.k tu make responses.
Xaiioiml Convention Holds :in Kn
tlmMiistk' Session.
Providence, it. I . July 11 After the morn- .
lug prajer meeting the convention of the
Uaptl.-i. Yung people l nion of Amenra
was addressed by the Kevereml i P. Fuller
or Iietrolt.
The exervlses at Infantry Hall began with
a piaL-e service', followed by an addressv
"Salutation of the Flag." by tho Ileverend I
Ixctor F. U. Wllklns. Gloucester. Mas. A '
patriotic exercise which aroused uti unusual
drgrre of enthusiasm waa begun Immedlnte
ly after the close of the adilre.
In the presence of nearly I.X person
Doctor Wilklns read the- roll, and one ly
one the standard of each Stutr. In the hands
of a specially selected bearer. accoropaniol
by a sp-nker. was udvanced to the platform.
While each banner was held nloti. In an
swer to questions by Doctor Wilklns the
speaker reifondrd. giving the development
of the young people's work In his Btate. II
methods of organization and the plans and
expectation, for future operations.
Adjournment wa taken at noon and the
entire bo.1v of delegates went on an excur
sion down'Nnrraganett Bay.
Priests on Their Vacations Other
Parish News.
The Reverend R. Healy. who has been
stationed at Louisiana, Mt.. lias been
transferred to Macon. Mo.
The Reverend Father Godfrey of St.
Lawrence O'Toole'a Church has departed
an a two weeks" vacation, which he will
spend In Hannibal. Mo., and Qulncr. III.
The first regular retreat of the Sisters of
Lorotto for the Western Provinces was
concluded at Florissant. Mo., last Thurs
day. It was conducted by a Jesuit rather.
The next retreat of the order will com
mence Auxtut & next and end August 15.
the feast of the A'sumptlcn.
The Reverend John A. Tracy, pastor of
the Church cf Our Lady of Good Counsel,
will depart to-morrow for the Kast and
will spend a few weeks recuperating on the
coast of New Jersey.
Fathers Coyle and Taylor of (he Old
Cathedral are working hard to assist the
members of the Young Ladle Sodality of
the church to make a. success of the Uwn
party and euchre to be given next Wednes
day evening on thr Christian Hrnthers
campus. 1-iston avenue and King's high
way. Professor De Lisle, orgnntst of the
Cathedral, will have charge tf the music
for the occasion. Many handsome prizes
v-lll be distributed among the successful
euchre players. The game will begin at
9 p. ra.
Paris. July 12.-(Copyrlgbt. ISO )-"Craps
Is the latet American Importation to und
n footing in Pari, and for some time past
"Come teven; come eleven" has resounded
hre with such dire effects lo Paris work
men's households !. the police are begin
ning to Interfere. This week fomrlsarle
JLeproust raided an establishment In the
FtuNiurg Montmartr-e. where twci.ty per
sons engaged In the same were arrested.
Wright Conwty to Choose Delegmte.
vtr-IMMIf It lf'lMAT-
H.rtirll!, Mo.. Julv it.- ...n ...-
nates from Wright County to the Kenub-
venion at lunrwe, juiv rs.
Hitter Rot Attack Apple.
RErrnuc special
Xenla. III.. July 12. Clay County had a
prospect of l.COO.00 barrels of apples this
searon. Now the bitter tot fcia made Its
appcaranie sxd wM take a large portion of
the crop. If not all.
The Largest Single Order for Type
writers Ever Given In St. Louis.
WifPil TWPWfli1Fll?
307-3 SSorih
W. H. BEARDSLEY, Managsr.
Miss Anguatin" ninuVl Was A'
tnsfd of Kolil.i'iy. hut IMain
tiff Hidn't Apiivar.
Mb- Ausuftlne GIrobel of Mt-lroe. St.
Iy)uls County dc-lar. that h-r mother"-
splriit prevented her fri.m m.nliiB X. B
Valla, a I.o Angeles iHwlnesrt man who t-
boartilni? at So. 2S0 Olive street, and who
swore- out a warrant analn-t Mi- Clmbel
Julv T. charglns her with robbing him of
Mis Glmbel wa a defendant yesterday
In Justice Caniplerir Cmrt en tb. Olive
Street riid. When th.- cu wa call-d .i
tertlay Vulln t'.ld t upi-ear ami thr charge
v.-.i dlmlsHl.
While- waiting In court for Iwr accu-er
to put In an ap;earane Mls Glmbel said
fhe had tlr-l if untry life and curae to
St. Loui to learn the- nilliln-ry traiW.
While here -Ik- bvJided at No. 2w' Ohw
street and becitms lntrirted In s:Jrltual
Irm. She met a medium who gave her les
sons, and says it wa but a short tlrm
before she was. able to communicate with
the dead. Four weeks ago Valln met her
at th Olive stret boanling-hou-. He
was also Interest-! In splrltuallhm ami
suon found ML. Gimbcl a congeni.il com
panion. The two attended -everal se-aiice
About till time Ml"s Gimbels mother
died and. she went home. When she re
turned hr ay Vulln told Iter he had
found a new mtdium on Compton avenue,
who wa u past grand master in the art
of as-'embllmc the dead. He also told her
that she wa hi alllnity. ncxiirdlng to a
message that he had reu-lvcd from the
spirit land.
Mls Gitntel was interested and the two
visited the Compton avenue place. They
were only In there it sliort time. sh sly.,
when the room, became tilled with spirit.
The spirit of her dea.l mother was among
them. To the spirit MN Glmbel told tin
proposal she hid received from Valln. Jlls
Glmbel say her mother told her that Mr.
Valln was personally a clever gentleman,
but that there was an Insurmountable- ob
stacle to their union. Valln wax very much
BBmVaBLaBVdV?rei jjiBBpfjejBljPyqJrVVy "v. yj. farjjtf
'K9aaaaaiHleal.:Vlil SsaaR JS..MBltr'J7XSiaHMMiK
HBSw'EsrWKV ' lY5vJJ5SPtC" j V?jg MaM
H T laT ia- ?- i' Vlt T. " , " j 'aaaaaaaaaaaH-laaaLaalB
-"iyy JUZCZ 23Z.IGMT
Iwthcr. Charge d'Affalres at the V
was the bcjle of the last Horse Show.
linth Street.
Phoae, Main 317.
disappointed when he heard of Mrs. Gim-l-i
, About tin- 1st of July Mls uimoei weni
I liorc fr a vacation and says that Valln
f..:iw.-l uninvited. While there he pressed
: with all the ardor at nte commana
ten m"t with a positive refusal, de
rii.it ih hil lievn rubbed. Miss Gtm-
I !-t ar-- that !- had JC30 when he came
' li lief hu-e. Iei-aute she saw the money.
! but ! I at a loss to account for the dis
i uMKriraii' e of the mon-y with the excep-
tion of T-
Mr. and Mrs. Whitelaw Reid Plan
l.iiM" Two Weeks.
London. July 12-Whitelaw Reld. the
Atnerhar. special amb.tssador, and Mrs.
Held wl'i i.tj a week-end visit to the Duke,
ard Huchess" of Marlborough at Blenheim,
returnlrs Monday for private engagements
for several day.
They will go to Liverpool Thursday, where
the lard and Lady Mayoress will hold a,
reception for them, and where Mr. Reld
will make a short speech at the banquet of
th. Ametlcvn Chamfer of Commerce.
They will be In Scotland four or five days,
vi-lting Amir-v. C'arnegK-. They will return
to Isndm for Lord Roslie-y's dinner on
July St and are now expecting to sail oil
the Ktli.
Prepares for National Convention
of Coal Miners.
Wilke-barre. Pa.. July 12. President
Mitchell of the Mine Workers', Union will
leave here late thu afternoon for the West,
lie will go direct to Chicago, and will b
In Indianapolis by Tuesday.
The national president wants to be at
national headquarter before) the conven
tion meets, so as to confer with the lead
ers In the soft-coal regions.
Headquarters will be closed here, but will
be reopened as soon as the convention is
Tt-day closes the ninth week of the strike.
The .-Iluatlun remains unchanged and tho
region Is very quiet.
HOY'S IX.iritlKS FATAL Fred Schae-
j fer. It year old. of No. XZX Missouri ave
I ue. who was run over by a Jefferson ave
nue car at Arsenal street ana JetTerson
avenue Wednesday night, died from hi
Injuries at the Ale-dan Brothers Hospital
late Thursday night.
. i.
' ' ' ' ' ""
f H

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