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Amem-iu Heroines of ihe Surf Are t At lend hit crn:itiMi:i Assock:
timi .Meeting to Ue Ilelil at Nantes tlie Latter Part uf This
Month Some Examples of Hrctverv.
3Li-fvv r"eJrt?-jJT.
H This is meant for evsry afflicted man. Records will show that Dr. King
nas had this offer continuously before the public for tivcyears. He
does exactly as hesdrcrtises and fulfills every promise to
the afflicted and never holds out false hope.
Are you cne of the unfortunates who have
mcue a wn-g commencement in i.ic i
jour weakenea system crjtns ut l',r help"
Or have jou been treated In vain bi inex
perienced phj t'clans. FREE TREAT
nr.d similar device? Surb treatments can
not and will never ctre ou. nnr will thoc
maladies cure themselves. I cannot e now
nnv man could st?nd idly by and see hl
manhood sliprtng away and Ills lf-altn
wrecked by these lns-dlous diseases. lien
1 offer jou a cure, and am willing to risk
my professional reputation In curing ou.
and have 'uch faith and confidence in m
continue success la treating these diascs
Ct'TlED and satisfied of a Lining cure.
i hat fairer bulree rroPs',lon ra" '"" '"
fercd to the rick an i amfteslT I m- noui i
lnce the aKcptlca' a, i mean wmi i
and I do exactlv as I advertise RE-
mjic-u tl,u not a I-ItEI: cfTT. but
IPJTII ( Ram -,T nnv me REASON 1U.E fee when .-
. w'i" cure is ac.-ompllshe-i ami NOT V p.iLLAR
V ' V
Iunrtrrd of mer nr' l.ad.rg a life of miserv affU'tcd with this terrible dis
ease ar. ! '- tr. tuns wl t aiu- thrm It is a d.-ea.-' 01 the return ilreulatl n of
f 1 arts ,,d i ..f'- rr.idualU implant'ng itself on th Spermat'. crd. elands
pi'd 1:rr..-:r :i..g mw, resembling to t"ie touch i bunch of earthworms. Sjmji-tom-
Hiv cragginc pains, in the small of t'.-c liack. extending down into the
port l-.v. spirit, nervous, debility. los cf mannood and frequently a great decline
in h3lti Doctor King cures Varicocele without pain or surgery, ami removes
eer drop f "itaenatea bleed and discard tissue from the affected parts. Nor
mal r- ,:lT:on is re-established throughout the pe'.vlc rejjrn. weakened organs
be, cm . :rong and s-turdv . manhiod Is restored.
Othsr discasgtxihUli reed llj yit'.i to Dr Kinz's ccvaai Improved mcthois at trcxtmcDtsrez
Kis ure fori prRiOTlipc His cure is rare, painless,
weak men nluUnt biooub-ss. free from sar-
.! r t cimu'nto temner.nlv but rt- R1- and dissolves the stricture cin-.-s
r t .iinu.a.e tempcr.iri . uui n ipi,,telv It , every ohitniftlon
u.-rs lyimaromh. It stops every drain tTazn -,hp urinnrv naEs.ice. allavs Inflam
mation, stops eer unnatural discharge.
irianu mien en-
der and kidneys.
inv:orate-. the orpans and restored
sto-s p
ani bu'lb 1'P
the nervous system, purl-
11 - an . ,nnc,, the blood, cleanses and . V ,
heals xVc I a. ler and kidneys. re-Ives , invurorate the orcan
the sririts I nsbtens the intellect and
restores the wasted power of manhood.
pniiT.'ciniic Pinnn oni?nu-His
to exerv part of the body af-
clal fnrm 1
ft trea'mnt rortalns no danserou3 Prostration. Unnatural Discharges. Sri
irjt .r injurious medicines of any kind atlca. Rheumatism. Rupture. Piles. Kld
I! .. - to the ery bottom of the dls- ne"- Bladder or Urinary Complaints
ca- I'M forces out everv particle of 1m- should consult him at once.
, .n-l purified and restored to per-lbut If you cannot call at tls office write
ffr hcilth and the patient prepared him your smptoms fully and ho wl'l
ir.w t. r fi dutbs and pleasures cflmall you a complete set of Improve!
life smptom blanks.
EOOKLJrr rnE "Fccts for Ilea' will be Mat In plain wrapper upon requwt.
Rcurs S a. m. to i p m. Sundays. S a. ra. to S p. m. CONEl'LTATION fREC
leillSnNie, Sil i 1 3VU EntrasKo221inf, M.Louis.
Honianlic Featmes of the Trofes-.-ion
Enumerated bv Sir Fred
erick in Interesting Lecture.
How lie 3Ia3 Soon Discover Per
manent Cure for Diseases
That Are Now Scourge
of Humanity.
London. July 12. Sir Frederick Treves,
F. R. C S.. distributed the prizes to the
students of Caarlns Cross Hospital Medical
School. He raid that there had ben no
time in the history of medicine wnen th
art of healing had reached the stage which
It had reached at the present time. Al
most, perhaps, for tbe first time In the his
tory of this country the medical man had
lit come an actual factor In the state. But
there was cne point alaut the profesrlin of
medicine to which he wished particularly
found the seed of tuberculosis; It Is here
on the point of a needle." That poor. pale,
hard-working man. after years of patient
search, could isolate on one little point
what he considered then to be the seed of
this dire complaint. And If they went a
rtep further and tried to picture what real
ly was meant when Koch could isolate and
demonstrate the bacillus of tuberculosis,
they would realize that that man had prac
tically rtached the very pinnacle or philo
sophical inquiry Beyond that little speck
there was a complete mystery of life; there
was the absolute shadow on the one side,
there was the Ilpht of this world as we
knew It on the other T'ltre was no sirt
of deteciive stor that had ever been wrlt-
n-ii mat couia in any way Mirna the
story of the mysterv of malaria and the
marrer in which It was tracked down and
finally revealed.
Surserr In "War Time.
Of all scrry figures a surgeon In an apron
that did not fit him. and did not seem to
be a suitable garment, standing alone In a
ilnt operating theater, was. he suppoed.
ni little romantic as a jrirder In a rnoueni
railway station, but there mlcht b- times
wnen taat man was as much a matter of
Interest as the old hero or romance who
stood with his b.ack to a wall with his rapier
in his hand facing great odds. There were
times when a life depended upon the move
ment of a yurReon's hand. There was a
depth of romance In some applications of
that branch of the profession which could
hardly be exceeded by what were called the
romantic stories of th prccnt time. It
was a romantic Drofesslon throughout its
two extremes, with a. little illlarre doctor nl
one end of the scale and the armv surgeon
who earned the Victoria Cross on the battle
field at the other. In war It wras difficult
to say where the romance was to be found.
It mUlii be In the trenches, but he fancied
a great deal of It Uy behind the trenches.
In watchlns the advance of the army to
what was afterward the field of the battle
of Colenso. he thousht the Kreatcst Interest
attached to the four warons of the bearer
companies with the red cross fluttcripc
nbove thrm that were to co on to the field
the next day to remove the wouri'ed. Of nil
circumstances connected with the battle
field such as that of C.lenso. h thought,
when the story was told, the mou romantl-
to refer that afternoon. It was commonly
said that the calllnc of a medical man was I would be found In the hnsnltal In xrhlMi
exceedlnelv dull. He thoucht. perhaps, he i the wounded of that hittlefleld wer? collect-
would be able to show them that the pro- . n r,cIu,EloiL,Sl.r.,.rrrler1,ck Treves
Vesslon of medicine was fm-i nnv slnrd- mado a proteft aKalrst the tendency which
lefision or medicine was. rrom anj slar.a irps creeping into the Drofeion to us anv
point they lined to view It from, a proves- , thnp but the hamjR In medical practice. He
eion of romance. He supposed the exploits paja it was too much the practice to trut
discoverer belonged certainly to the to the reulti of analvsls In the i.ihomm-,-
n the use of the X rays, and to other.slm
Ilar aids to medicine and surgery rather
than to use the hands.
province of romance. A man who sailed In
to unknown ra, who weathered mysteri
ous capes, and crept Into silent bays urh
a man hao a!as 1 een surrounded with a
bright halo of romance, but the disco rria
In midicine had lieen not in a single degree
ie rorr.Pr.tlc If the thought of the .uri
ojs wondr that had been discovered bv
ir.n 'Ijje Pasteur. Lister Kcch. and many
therr. thry would imagine that no sort of
fjnts--i story that hid ben pinned onto
the trae!s or the part c-uld exceed such
dis-covorles In ir qtislitj of romance.
D2?oirrlrH of Medical Men.
If medical men liad discovered no new
Jiesperides. thev had certainlv traveled
icry far into that mysterious valley, the
Valley of the Shidow cf Death; and. al
though there mlcht lie no man there pres
ent like a new Columbus to discover a new
continent of Ameri-a. there might be In
that theater one who would discover for
there must be. such a man .soon forthcora
lng a cure for the disease known as can
dragon by-EL, ficorge and the discoveries In
connection with tuberculosis. There was a
disease devastating this country, and oth
ers, too.' and laylns low the very prlmeat
lives within it And then came the de-tcrcrjinod-
destruction of that disease, and
the manner In which It had been followed
out was Tomarilic to a degree. He did not
think there was anything in all their pro
fession more rolemnly tragic than the pic
ture of Laf inec who. after years of stu.lv
held on the point of a needle a little
minute speck of tissue and raid: "I have
Deputy Sheriff Discovers Unlawful
Distillery Near Valley Spring.
Ftocktott. Cal.. Jul 12. That moonshlrlng
has been going; on In the hills near Valley
Springs U now a. certainty. Revenue men
have had suspicions for some time, and the
officers of Calaveras County have kept
their eyes open. A deputy who lives ncar
Valley Springs was out on his horse last
Tuesday looking for some stolen sheep,
when lie ran onto the place of an unlawful
If the thought of It. the parallel was distillery. As no one was present, he rode
close between the destruction of tne , up and Inspected the place. He accidentally
, KnocKFu ne ol mv umito ci unu was
unable to put It tip again. He rode hone.
I determined to notify the Sheriff ami then
raid the plac-e some night, but upon going
to the place n. second lime he found a dif
ferent s'ght The barrels were gone, and
all that rtmilned were some ashes anil a
few bottU".
The moonshiners had learned that some
one was Investigating and had made
god thlr escape- It Is the opinion cf
manv that some residents of tr.at section
arc Interested In the moonihinlns buslne.
j.U.ipA.1, J UMLMLCTUff
.Crowned with heavy, health) hair, free from
. . dandruff. Scalps free from dandruff, Eczema
and other ills. The number increases daily.
W. A.
COOK, ri. D.
The oriclnal Ir Ccok ttat ethers try tn lail
tste. Mi treittrest can only be tal at tsy cf-Ci-e.
iltatilHbed :5I.)
certain ailvantages and associations in life are necessarily denied, and men grow old il
spirits and bedv mn h In advance of their ve.irs. An elastic sten. clear eye and Qtilrk tty
tcllect render worklnjr hours pIMJnt instead of iritsome. and success In lit j Is cal
m.m car. make a complete success of anything when handicapped with des:
ileeplcjsniss. headache and fatigue, ami the doctor wht loses sight of these fact;
the engineer who applies full steam to machinery without knowing that all lm
benrlngs arc properly oiled anil in good concition. The reason o many doctorsStoll 1
the trt ttmtnt of cvrtain dlse.iscs Is becauo they tre.it symptoms Instead of the jKeasa
If there r- rudaih.-. pov.etfiil opute may for . time relieve the -ytnptcms. hialif thl
aie of th- b'adathe Is mt remoxe.l hfc. real condition is thereby obr;urc I. JuabI
time Icwi in tr.-atment. and damaging inro.ul-; m.ide. In the-e tlmi- grc-.it rilnilaln thl
s-utit-tii- world are conetaiitl reaching t'f's f vantage in previously unknon-Jffactsi
w.tile the average ph.vcian gio steadliv along in the beaten paths of his prfiiito
without time i,r opportunity to see how far the ship of progress has drift ed frjni hlro
v,n hit diploma, tied x.tth pink ribbon, was handed him. ears asa When aljiuntrj
jil-j.-l' Ian ftienonters a 'MHciit cjse cf .-urcerj- he usually artompanlcs It to sotad largt
hnltal under the care f a irseiin. who follow no other branch of his profession. nd
ti e ni-al tlortor If Kjrl; urht! uo.L i fmr'-rmwl luv.11! be ;ldmltH ht? is rUStV
n tn:s rrlicul.ir branch, aiwl it Is so. Any doctor who attempts to coer the entire fieW
'f mrdiiine jnl sutgery will find that his iififulnes- i proportionately lmiilred alicord'
lng to the c-pe he It requlnd to ioer and in a few jears he will observe that &4ic hi
fhl"i:le swunsr to the lkre.. he Is "mstv" in mnri branches than one I will PavSSOO la
gi'd I any phairian who ran proo that he Ls perfect. in any slngbi branch of mdic!ne t
ami tr .i min is not periect in one iiraiH-n. now can ne expect to ce rer.uct in ut.pi aii
with his thoughts ami time prop rtionately divided? .
IteabsiiK? these Imnortant tniibK e.trl in mv career I rtIceted nrlvate diseases of
n.-n as icy specialty, ami h.ivc steadfastly refuseii to divide my time in any other branch, i
My opportunities have, tnereiore ceen wonderruiiv incre3-ei. kimi m tnougnts :uici ex-p-'riviccM
conoentrate.1 In this m direcjio-. until I recocitlzc n-- -uperiAr and few-fpjals.
Mv speclilty embraces lllcud Poisun. Varicocele. Stricture. Hdro..eic. Lest Manhood
and Heflex lVordets.
These Hsease, are the mest seri-us s;nd important In th category cf allmects, ana
require the most careful ami scientific handling.
When I dtclare that mv iccord as a speclallet of male maladies is a series of splen
il d sucec-res. I am not boasting or making any false pretenses. I am s.mply statlnjj a
fact which i known to be true by legions of men whom I have recentl cured and ma do
hapr- What I have done for them I can do for you.
wniTTEX mn the scndat t.i:pltilic
fused by the person to whom It was offer'd
i fu
Women will be represented at the Con- Ellth Morgan, of Hamilton. Mich. There
or ure Severs, wh ch Is to be held at I - "" tt i ;-ii;ul -S":i" ";' ",c 'f.?.: "i
4. France, in the latter trt of this Hr ?int" "L!- ??d L steamer tit J r of
loieoo was ariven asnore. it was S3m;
Nantes, France. In the latter part of this
month. The l'fe-saxlrg work of Ameri
can women particularly will receive atten
tion. Inasmuch as they contribute not n
little to the efficiency of tbe Life Sat inn
Service of the Vnlted States.
Xot only does an association of wemen.
known cs the Blue Anchor Society, supply
all the llfc-saIng stations with clothing fir
shipwrecked people, but the wives and
daughters of the station keeoers frequently
do heroic work In th- r-scue of drownias
The annals of American heroines of the
surf have yet to be properly wriuciv but
when a capable pen takes tip the task tiwy
will compose a fascinating volume. In a
number of Instance!? women have received
medals of gold and s.Her from the Govern
ment. In recognition of their services, and
in more than one care Uncle Sam has lie
stowed such decorations upon little dris.
The famous Ida Lewis was only a ilttlc
girl when she made her fir.t rescue. She
was 12 years of age at the time, and
her mother was the keeper of the Lime
Lock lighthouse 'n Xewjort Harbor, her
father being a hopeless c-tppie. Uoe day
hard, and the shl; was scon transform
into an iceberg ny waves breaking over it
Communication with the shore was etib
Ushed bv a rope, and the girl, assisted by a
number of men. succeeded In rescuing the
crew of eighteen nn The medal sent to
tier was of t!ver. because she had not act
ually risked her life, hut she decl'ned to ac
cept It. saying that if her pcr'ormance .111
no; merit a gold medal she did not want
One little girl who received n medal was
Marie V. Pardons. She was onlv M years
old. ami lived on the shore of Ling Island,
at a place called Fireplace Village She was
watching a man hoist u sail on heard a
lwat some distance from shore, when sud
denly the boom flew over and knocked over
lioard a child of 7 years. The man Jumped
In after the'chfltl. and the- boat, drifting
away. left them struggling In the water.
Marie, seeing that no time was to be lost,
got Into a sklfT and. Ly rowing 3X) yards
witb all her might, got there uulckly
enough to sav both
Mnml King; Saved TJirrr.
A gild medal was betiwed upon a little
girl named Meu'd King for a deed of iLirinK
dene In 159. In the harbor of Charleston. S
! C She. her mother arsl her uunt. Mary
'elng a hopeless c-tppie. Uoe 'Jay -lie V... ,: ; ' L " A.- 7.. '.. '" -'. i..r.
saw a sailboat une: in the harbor an I ""'"-"?."" "" "" y' f ."""" "V,.".Y
) rowed out to it In a little Rkift. I " '"f. "P"1?! LZiK' . "a"",: ,,".'..
reaching it in lime to sae four juung men
wno were struggling in tbe water.
Later on. under slmiLir drcumstarces. he
aVed a soldier from the Fon Adams garri
son and the roan was restored to life at th?
lighthouse. On another occasion thtee men
were swamped in .i boat near IJrae Jtoek
while trying to pick up a valuable sheip
which had fallen off a wharf. She resc-ioi
them and the sheep kIso. Soon afterward I
mph a man clinging to tne sp'ndle-Tihica
Plncknrv whn-!t vawl as caps'zed alwut
a quarter of a-'mile from the wharf Three
men rnd r. l" were en board of her. The
Ikiv swam ashore, one man clung to the
Isjct ard the twu others managed to reach
the wharf where they hung on for de-ir
life, the st a that was lunnlng making their
position one of great danger.
Maud, who wes the grand lawthter of th
Captain -t th- lighthouse tend-r Wistaria.
ran to the wharf and lowered a boat, the
All T ark you to do. my afflicted fellow-ir-an. is to in.-e-tlgaf
tl-e truth cf what I am telling on. Come to my otBc and let
me explain to you my original and strictly modern methods of
treating Varicocele. Stricture. Specific Blood Piison. Nervo-Sex-ual
Debility and" associate or reflex dLease? and weaknesses. You
will then not wonder why mv cures are safe, rapid ami perma
nent, ami why I am successful In cases) where success whs befcre
and by other doctors deemed Impossible.
A private consultation, a careful pergonal examination, to
gether with an honest and scientific opinion of your cesr. will
be absolutely free to you: and a lgal guarantee of a perfect
cure. If you decide to take It. will not cost yoj more than you
will !.e wiring to py-
SPKCIFIt' Ml.txil) lniM-I cure Specific Hlood Poljon to
sta cured forever. I challenge the medical worM fcr a -is in
any sage. hereilltary or contracted, that I cannot nosittve'y
cure. never to return. SIv treatment for thht d!sia is indoreej
Ly the lest physicians of America and Europe. It l purely
vegetable In composition and perfectly harmless In effect. More
than 1.CC0 men. many cf whom have tried hot springs and nu
merous specific remedies In vain, have been completely and for
evir cured by me during' tho part year.
Physicians baffled by stubborn cases are cordially invited to
consult me by special appointment.
M-:it o-i:i M. IHlllII.ITY It Ls sad to contemplate 'the
unfortunate condition of so many men of our day and genera
lion. At 30 they feel . at 1 they feel ). and at in or W. when
they should be In the very prime of life, they are most ready for
the srave The fire of ojth has gone out, the fountain, ot vital
lty Is exhausted. Premature M age.
Xo matter what hrouR.it It on. tbe one thing for yoa to do la
to get back the !m. the vigor ami the vivacity cf youth. Don't
Ioe your grip on life There are yet many happ, golden years
lor you If jou only get help
1 can and will not only help o-i. but cure you to stay cured.
Curing diseaset and weaknesses 0f the sexual and urinary' sjs
tern has been my exclusive- business for the past twentj -threa
ean. during which time I have lifted up enough fallen men to
make an army.
My treatment will restore vou to what you have lost your
precious manhood. It sups all unnatural discharges and drains
of vigor, and glvei perfect am! permanent piwer to the sexual
organ. It makes the bb od pure and rk-h. the complexion clear,
the eyes bright, the flesh flem. the muscles solid anil the nerves
slrons and steady, it clears up the clouded breln. brightens th.
intellect and dispels all dpondencv.
I t I RK VAIUCOCnt.K by a strictly crlglna! method to star
cured forever. There N no snrgery or Injury to the parts In any
way. and no loss of time to the patient.
Iinm: THKlTMKVr I prefer that each patient deslricj-
my curr pay me at least one persona! visit, but if you cannot
conveniently do this write me In jour cwn language a plain; and
full statement of our rymptoms. .-
Many cases can be cured by my original system of itfyret
spondenee. which is so nearly perfect in lis operations that satlss
factory results are alwavs assured. 4
. A. C
9 610 OLIVE ST., St. Louis, Mo.
Ticatmtnt can be taken atheme. requiring onI jin cccasional viilt to office.
A or k rat!"!'' Ire in eur nfn" to city pitlcntx nr by mall ti those
out of t urn. Lady .ttenda-t In Womin's Lcpartraf nt 5end for Itocltlet.
consultation: fp.ee-- office orEN et:ninos and Sunday.
marked a reef near the Hirhthou.se. and. ,! l""Inc.or.e or no llttl- dlhU-jlty onms
towmc out. she brought him In. . to therougti water, into It sne sol. ac-om-
ItcBcnrd Thirteen I'rnona.
In a gale on another day she saved two"
soldiers from n swamri bat. and azain
foe pui:eii oui two meniDerp or ine Mirt j
through the ice between the l'chthnuse .-in,t
tianieil l.v her aunt. aid th two. ejeh tak.
Ins an ocj. rTrcJ to the men. rescuing :dl
three of them.
In Aujrui-t. 1S74. the Catherine a Xor
wecjan vis-sel rr.n asliori not far from
"Ponvacoln. Fl: At that "nson the crews
me iuiu in au sue rescueu tnirteen per- ! or tre lire-savins stations are off duty so
sons from drowning and earned for herself few wrwks occurring, and thmr It happcnol
the title of the Grace Darling of America . that there were onlv- two men In the near
? i i?ur ears oW and keeps the Lime by trtatlon. on Santa Ttoa Island-the Cai
Jtock IlElJt. ' tain, whose name was Hroadbent. and one
The geld life raving meJals. worth Sin assistant,
epch Intrinsically, are granted only In cases Forti.nnteIy howe'tr. the Captain had
where the recipent has risket! his or her three young daughters, who promptly vol
own life. In one cose a medal was re- unteered. helped to haul the Hve-savlng np-
The only genuine eradicator of dandruff and scalp
trouble. The only guaranteed or money back remedy.
Don't accept imitations. Get the .genuine. Two
sizes: S1.00 and SOc
L!" , i' "HTinTTnT iiiTff
? till b, -' 'Bfc SP59Kwm. yi aJ -
naratus a distance r,f two miles, fired tne
life line from the shore over the stranded
sMp. ringed the brioches tucy an3 rescued
nil of the crew.
Seven vears ago three oung women were
staving for the summer at Point Lookout,
on 'Long Island Sound. Thev- were guests
of the wire of the keeper of the life-saving
station at that place, and their names were
Jennie Rhodes. Mrs. Cella Raynor and Mrs.
Rene Southard. A gale sprang up and n
verel came ashore about n mile west of
the station As sunseouently ascertained.
"ie was the Marina P Tucker. loimd from
Port Tompa to Carteret. X. J . with a car
go of phosphate rock.
Helped to Operate Apparatus.
Owing to the season, the station was
short handed, ard the twelve men on board
would have been drowned Inevitably but
for the efforts of the young; women, who
helped In transporting and operating the
apparatus. thu saving eleven of the crew.
The twelfth was swept overboard an
Tn January. 15K. a vessel was blown
ashore at nlsht on the ccast of Washington
State in a lonelv region where there were
po life-saving stations. It was a terrific
storm, and all night long Mrs. Martha
White-, the wife of a local sttlcr. patrolled
the beach with a lantern-. She thought she
hc'lnl runs at Intervals, ami when day
broke she saw tbe wreck. Taking off hsr
petticoat she waved It as a sign?!, but the
situation of the vessel was evidently hepe
Icss, Xearly all of those on hoard were lost,
but three men "he succeeded, though her
self a very little woman. In pulling out of
the surf, afterward restoring thtm to life.
For this service she received a gold medal.
Only three years ago. In April. JS9?. the
steamer ChllkaL laden with lumber, went
to piece en the bar In trying to enter
HumboMt Bay. Cal. A lifeboat was sent
to her assistance from the Iife-avirg sti-
IJnp a ccurle of miles away, bit It was
too late, the ship having capsized.
Dnthrtl Into Ilrnvy Surf.
There were twenty persons on board. In
cluding half a dozen passengers, and most
of them were lest: but three were saved
with the utmost difficulty, and under cir
cumstances of Uie greatest dancer, by wo
men from the sititlon Mrs. Hennlg. the
Vetvf's wife: a girl named Shumway nnd
JJr. McLean, who was the wife of a surf
ins r. Tho women dashed Into the heavy
t'rf and dragged the unfortunates ashore,
all -three of them Lelcs afterward resusci
Shipwrecked rersons are like'v to come
ashore almost. If not entirely, naked, owing
to the fury of the elements, and hence the
necessity of hiving on hand plentiful sup
plies cf clcthlmr for them Xo soonrr are
they fetched to the life-saving stat'Cns than
tlvy a-e put to be.1 jnd furnished with
every possible comfort by the women, who
In this way contribute verv Importantly tn
the benevolent work. If they did nothing
ise their services wruld reserve to be eon
s'dereil most valuable, but. as already ex
plained, they often lake an active part In
the actual business of saving lives.
It Is a fact worth mentioning Incidental
ly that the first lifeboat service on the At
lantic coast of Xorth America, was estab
lished bv a woman. Dorothea Dlx. who
built and equipped a station on Sable Is
land, off the shores of Xova Scotia.
set myself a time limit. I am governed ea
Miss Celeste J. Miller of Chicago Is
America's Best-Known Woman
List of Foreign Lands She Das Vis
ited Includes Every Country
of EuroiK?. Asia and
South America.
Chloago. July li Miss Celeste J. Miller
of this city has achieved the distinction ot
being one of the best known women travel
ers in the world. Her long and perilous
Journeys have been made unattended by a
companion. At an early age she conceived
the passion, .for traveling which has since
dominated her life.
"My mother died when I was 11 years
old." said Miss Miller before her departure.
"A more timid child than I or one mere
lacking In self-reliance could scarcely be
"It Is to my father, a man of strong and
determined character, that I owe the train
ing that has made me amply able to take
care of myself unCer any and all circum
stances, and to make my long journeys en
tlitly alone. I rely solely upon myself and
have no fear cf meetlns any obstacle which
I have not the power to overcome.
"Aftr I had attained womanhood the de-
Oofce Oream Foam
FOH IlAVIfi. In tuie.. A bra-h Is .11 ran
need Antlsept'c Save tlm- ltks tliit la'h
cr Iraned .aiely. Leaves the k"n s ft and velvet.
Boton. Mass.. July 12. Miss Florctta
i Vlnlng. known as the "Miyor of Hull,"
whose strictures upon the jouthful society
weman have set staid Boston by the cam,
has included Xcw York in her disapproba
tion. Miss Vlnlng sild: "I have 'been In a po
sition to Mew Xew Yo-k s-H-lety equally
well with that of Roston. I am a member
cf the Sorosls Club of Xew- York, and I al
way stay at the Waldorf-Astoria when 1
am In town. The sir . -cf whom I spak ore
uot working girl8- They are society folk.
1 have traveled abroad considerably, and I
do not rwalt.te to nay operdy tnat social
condition." here are worse than abroad."
By preventing tie appointment of Francis
B. jlitcheU .j keeper of the I'otnt All-rton
Itr- saving station. ML-s Vlnlng, who ls
krewa as the -.Mayor cr Hull." has corns
pmnlnenlly before the public again. It Is
said that the res-on for Mis Vlnlrg's Influence-
being brcucht to .bear na!nst
Mitchell was that Mrs. Mitchell had snub
bed the dull woman.
Xew York Ladder Expert Caught
Heat Victim as lie Fell.
Xew York. Ju! lZ-renr.ed In by flames In
a Prince stre-t building. Joseph Spetzel. an
entry clerk for the firm of Dearlerg Brcs..
had a narrow escape ficm death. He was
posting books It the offlre. on the third
floor, at ! o'clock In the evening, and did not
totice the btc until the elevator shaft and
Halrway were a m of llame. He climbed
to the window ami was alwut to jump to the
treet when Hock and Ladder Company Xo.
3 rrrlv-ed.
William Sythe. a member of the hook
and ladder company, ascended a ladder and
caught o petrel as he fell, exhausted from
the smoke and heal. Wllh the man on his
Issck the fireman descended the ladder, amli
the cheers of a large crowd of spectators.
Irom the second floor, where the Are
started. It swept throuth the entire build
In?. Uolni da mace estimated at 1S1.0W.
The origin of the lire is a mvstcry.
Machine That Will King lp Shop
pers Expenditures.
Minneapolis. Minn., July 12. A cash reg
ister to be carried li the pocket Is the latest
novelty to be added to the list of Minne
apolis manufactures. It ls a device by
whlch a shopper may rlns up the nickels
as she spends, them, and thus keep eract
tab on her flnanciil status. Alo the coro-rne-e'at
traveler, by a simple wagging of
the (inner when he pays a hotel bill, may
avoid the traln-racklcK ordeal of filling out
hl extense account.
The pocket cash register was Invented by
Kit Zimmerman, a salesman.
TheT register will record In amounts not
less than cents each up to a total of
J1C0 befote resetting. In dimensions It Is III
Inches Ion; and i' wide and ' inch In
It Is made of aluminum and weighs little.
Or the face Is the teetster. the first ixrn
ImllcitoTs blrg for dollars and the third
for tents' oa the reverse side ls tbe key for
Q . .. . .0 3 t
Q . . ' O .. 0
sire to travel, to Lccome thoroughly fa
miliar with this pl-.net on which we live,
grew- upon me until now It Ij the rutins
passkn of my ll'e I simply love It. and am
never o huppv us when startlnifafrvsh
up-in t Journey around the world.
Ton red lulled Mates Flrat.
"At the outset, however. I determined
that the stigma of not knowing my native
land should never rest upon me. therefore
I have made It my duty and pleasure to be
come ecqualnld with every State and Ter
ritory lr the I'nt'vd States. I have also
visited every part tf Canada. Mexico and
Central America ard have recenfy traveled
throcgb every country In South America.
"A list of the foreign lands I have vis
ited Includes every countrv cf Europe, alto
Asia Minor. Smyrna. Syria Palestine.
Egypt. Xorth and South India. Burnish.
Ceylon, far Singapore. H'ng-Kong.Austra-11a.
Xew Zealand, the Philippines and many
remote Islands and rezlcns which I should
weary you y enumerating. Miny of the
Important countries I have visited twics
ami some tnrec times.
"My next trip arouzd the world, for which
I leave t hica.o at once, will tie- through
Sltertn. ami I ehall tw the first American
woman to make the trip alone by the great
SUerlan Kallwsv route. From New York I
sail to Bremen, thence to Mi -'iir. to St.
Petersburg and thn around through Rus
sia by the great Siberian Railway to Pekln.
Japan. Co-ea. t k again to Cain? and Jap
an ami then lnn:e by the Empress boats to
"How low; ihall I be son? Oh. I never
I--- -...t... t,.c in.., a . uiciucu en
tirely by the attractiveness of the country
, I am visiting. Sometimes I enjoy Ungerins
u.c:tiuiicj. auu HKain una mue laav in
duces me to prolong mv stay at some ona
point, so this time I may be away from'str
months to a year.
"I am looking forward with much pleas
ure and Interest to my coming trip through
Siberia. It ls n wonderful country, with; its
huge forests, the Lena River, which Is lar
ger than the Mississippi, and many other
features of Intense interest.
"A surprising thing to me Is the cruda
ideas held by many untraveled persons re
garding the more remote countries ot the
globe. I am often asked questions which.
Indicate that the questioner Imagines that
dwellers In distant lands are a set orsav- !
ages, wearing feathers a most ridiculous
"I rode nil over Palestine and Syria tin
an Arabian horse. It was midsummer and
the heat was simply unspeakable. I stopped
In the native houses and In the Greek; con
vents, which were so full of nil kinds ot to
sects that existence was a torture. 7
Experience In 3Ioroco. ,
"Manv a time I have slept with geese; and
sheep for roommates. During this trip X
was ill and had only a dragoman for an at
tendant. I rode 500 miles over Morocco On
a mule, and lived tn a tent, findings tills
much pleasanter than the experiences' Just
alluded to. as we could camp on a-clar
piece of grass and thus get away from tn
dirty natives. J -
"I can assure you that It was faUxulnr
to ride seven and eight hours dally ,Qirer
pathless country such as Morocco. , ? -
"I have penetrated China to the Great
"Wall and to the head of the YaruMie
Klang River. On this trip tny convesaee
was a mule palanquin and my only attend
ants were Chinese servants. My etopUS
places were Chinese hotels, where the tloora
and windows were made of rice paper and
the door-ards every night were filled with.
caravans from Tnmet anu tne oonu .,
China. . . i
"In the Land or the aiionient sun x dm
LOCO miles of Xorwegian travel in a. carry- J
alL My latest trip was to soum Amen, i
and I am, I believe, the only woman who
ever traveled through that country aton.
In fact. I was evidently looked upon aga
curicsitr. for South American women oo
not even walk the streets alone, much, Jess!
travel by themselves
" i -
mm ... n-ii-. n. ..A .. -.1. f-
To MIchlgar. resorts ls via Vandalla-PeniH
svlvanla. Through sleeper to TVequetpn
.1.. -viol-lnj.Tv nnri other Traverse tiY
points leaves 1 p. m. Dining cars. Ticket j
office. Seventh nnd Olive. '
Skull Fractured by Car.
Xew York. July li Schumel SchutJ. 53
years old. was knocked down by an elrctrlo
car at the Bowery and Bleicker street. His
skull was fractured.
A BilHl Oi itiC P3SL
The town crier is a thing of the yV
but medical methods as old and as feseti
lete as the town crier arc still practised'
in many a country town. Women Jp
feting from womanly diseases ghBfflc
from the offenstTe - p
examinations, in- LPesKe b-.s.
delicate question- Jiz)J!r isi
ings.andobncxxion3 flv of rslf
local treatments,
still ia -vogne with
some local practi
tioners. Any side
woman is invited to
consult Dr. Pierce,
by letter, free, and
so avoid methods
trhidh are offensive
to her modesty. All
correspondence" is
held as strictly pri
vate and sacredly
confidential. Ad
dress Dr. R. V.
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription
Is peculiarly and
particularly a med
icine for the core
of wpmanly dis-
ra-n, 4k csiau - lUwH 1
lianea regularity, nt A
dries wealceeiBg drams, heals innsStHBr
uos asa ricerauoa, and cures leaftie
weakness. a?'
"Ton fcxrc my betrt-fcH tfcaaxs Cx thcfc3s4
advice yoa seat me. writes Via. Florcpca
Archer, of vm Macon Ox. Tcbsl Worf
Cdl to t-itims, what I e-mlmeil for boct yWJit
Jtars with: fcmale trooblc. Theawftlisia&
I had to " each irnrrth. no tcczqejf
expresa. Tbese bearhdova rghw. tan 1i Tfce
beadxehe, c&trcs In ray ttrgrura aad sorcar4
xajr breast, ciup in Hmbstbcy tare aU,fet,
sac aad beaKa ba takes the peace of tbcac,'-,
treaanttrcobJa. Vbat czraed tbea to JciJet
It was Uw best meiScioe on eartb Or. Picjper
Ptrreritc rreji;loT; In.oce pteJ.'s titftJ
brcaatoSrelbrttrr. After taicixbcttJa erf
UWPrrorSe rrrscripooa ' and raias tic Iccar
trat3ctyocdTttcdIIdtlr3iMi mvaitwA
Dr. Pierce's Plcsssnt Pellets iTiortli
always he' TeH trilh "FaTorite PresoiW
S "VllmlllllllllllllH
9IHH LtlllllllllllllllV'
Vm r Wh .
t -fcw. A..Ji KJ.
-i -tfrS-. - , -Wta,
, -f JKjfct -. -b-.'fl.J"'

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