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iWfaile Digging for Poltery in ew
Mexico Cowboys Find Hu
man Skeletons.
Xcw Jersey's Celebrated Ilcrmhess Steadfastly Refused to Explain
Why She Left Home and Relatives to Live Alone Her Death
Reveals Will Reqtieathing -10,000 to Swedeuborgian Society.
$-' ''
- . u.
l E
I ion I
trac this
t Oct!
. Thef
" tlonP
' M
', Ron"
c; r
L is a
Homes ft'ere Destroyed by a Tre
tremendous Flow of Lava
"Z and a Blast of
-"' Gases.
Riwvm.ic special
SfKjta Fc. X. M July 12. The destruction
el j. Pierre has solved a mystery for the
cotrtmys of the IUo San Francisco VaII?y. In
Xi Mexico. Kver since the capture of
Oeftnlmo permitted the cattlemen to occu-py-lhe
extreme western part of this Terri
tory1, the cowboys have been disRins for
joyjbry In the homes of an extinct ra;e f
Indians that once llv -d along the Rio San
Thfcse homes were dusouts cellars with
stone walls built Into the second ainu rr
bench of the river valley. The pottery of
fers'' from that of the cliff dwellers, a"nd it
is very beautiful.
Bfal when diRsinp; the dirt from the old
dwJfin:r; the cowhoys Immediately notice!
that'it v.as not like that in which the il -linrf.i
were dufr. The soil or the Lei cli
wher many of th- IweUlns are lounl 13 a
hrokVn-dov.-n nranlte. while that used n
lllllrs the old hnmj3 v. as a soft, black l":jn
lit 'for a market ffarden. One hail to travel
farJ'down the valley to find such toil as
Then, as they climbed cut the old dugouts
the. cowboys bvsan to t'.nd skele;ini :n
nuefr Tositj'jns. An old man hail lM?en hur-
ied-pparently while lie sat leaning aJi.ist j REPrrtLir SPECLV.L
n rrou.e wail, nun a I'll? 111 ins 'nouin.
Netfr him a papooe. wrapped ami 'Jed on
n rjc of lurk in Indian lashion, had been
FtaorilnfT a;;Jinst the wall.
Uftrwhere a woman had reen buried as
rhokne!t behind a metate. r cnrr-Rrirdins
stone, on. Iiaml was on ne
Fanners Fiercely Struggle With Each Other to Get Help to Gather
Wheat Crops Demand Is So jltirh Greater Than Snpplv
That Men Are Taken Fro in Freight Trains bv Force.
3 .. -,...5 r - .. . ,.tfc..T tui.ftijA j. -. ..B
Special Camwpcndence of The Sunlar nfroWlr.
, .".tchi.Mjn. Ka3.. July !.. The .broad, w.iv-
inc. j-eemlnqly boundless wheat tlt-ld-' In the
( Southwest are chansinft color from Kreen
to ru?set. an alteration which l the signal
, for activity and ecitemnt uch as thU
. section sves only at this wkifjh of the year.
In fart, it is reasonably safe to sjy that no
other quarter of tin- ;lobe lives through a
! month In which th hubbub is so tremen
dous and Incessant as a Kansas July.
I The reasoiifi for this are the necessity of
gathering an Immerse crcp In an almost
impossible sjiace cf time If the farters
( would pr-vent hea-y loss of ripeneil sraln
I by cxptvmrc to the elements and the lack
of hands to perform tH ponderous task.
Herefrom arls the keencs and most re
markable and Interesting romnetitisn for
1 labor the civilized world has ccr seen and
' trkUh I,ob n.
..iv 1. a. ..- liu U-;U1U
Great armies of men come into Kanra at
thl signal. They com from every part of
the Northern MIslsniji V.iIIey. They are
ons. which ko rumbling ovr the oiiintrj"
roaOs toward the farnn of the jubilant
farmers. Within an hour the men are at
work In the fleklf gathering the liounti
ful harvest, and the success of the sea
son for the farmer ii as-ui-d.
Karly In the season the firmer selects
his hands with aa Kreat care as he wull
a hon-e. In the small towns In the im
mediate nelKhborhood he is sure to find
a Urge crowd of men who want work In
the fields. He can be circumsiMtt In select
ing his men then. ;
llltU for Their SerIce. j
With his neighbors he mingles with th
rrcrt. looks them over, singles out those who
loik like good workers, calls them asluc.
questions them as to experienc.-. looks nt
their hands, anil from these Indications bins
for their service.
The hands. It might lie said, are pretty
good indexes. Snow-white, smooth palms
are not conildern! favorable. Thi-y
should be calloiK. If they are. the wajse
offered Is higher. The farmer offers the
nanu. say. ji.a a day. and. of course.
!.! board and a good place t sltep dur
ing the harvest sason. A ntigh'or sees
the same man. He. too. consjders the can-dkl.i;,-
likely. The bid Is rai-"d. And tne
Sr Iff-- f 0M?mkk
m i -a .u rv-,mirrrrt"r. venrz.va hi
g&? lSiPIJ 9
Reassn Wh
Yaa Shsuld Buy
a VJ&TGH a! F. H. imrll'i en
1.4 liecaur" reu have the watch In vour poses;Icn and have a full, fair trial be
fore y.u pay for it. You pay $1 or C down on any watch up to 5. and promise
to iiay the lialanee in eas weeklv or monthly payments. Special terms to suit
u on higher ,r.ced Watches or Diamond". I KEKI A FIRST-CLASS JEWELRT
STOHK. and any arilcl- vi 11 buy or me you can KKEP THKEE DAYS, and if not
well plr.Koil return it and get ALL Y'Oflt JIOXKY IUPK. Kvery article la By
'itire t ui. Lai ! marked in plain, one-pri ti urcs. rrj -tyles V.'altham and Elgin
Wutri es .ind IS. stjles Solid Gold Kings read;- to show cu.
F. H. BflCALLS, 3223 Olive St.
i nui tmriicuiar as to tlwir mode of travel, i h gheet offerer gets the man ami wkn
t the mtwt they are furnl"iel rlrst-clas- ',,m away so that he ma lie as far re
li -K.i-: on iwsM-nser trains at a cot of a moved as posslbto from inducements to s'
m a mile. The-v af the -anguard. and I elsewhere.
thiir imuW N alnn t inconsiderable. I ut it Is altogether different a the seaion
Leer tl. y pour into the gr.iln lielt In Im- . Pfoj-resse. eseckil!y If the weather is
rrrte throngs. Thrv gather at ih rail- ! threatening. Almost any ix-rson who lias
nai siaimn and down in the van!., and. two IeSs anil two harms Is pressed Into
itirally -s-aklni.-. tanture whole trains. I "iir. u money can innuce mni to worK
i Hon the .lien Trtnrl.
"Hiey ii.Ie into Im.v rarM. fjeetiiiuslv ealle-l
I'ullrran sln-jwrs." riimb on tip of them,
and . i in flat ard e.ai cats, cling to the
lauderi nn the tlitv. 1; mi the. tender or
fllot of the locomotive, and surra, unable to
stvure m-ro favorable puces and deter
mined to get Into the harvest fields, "ride ! of the time.
at all.
The laIorrr Is a wily fellow. Those wlw
make Itinerary a bus res. and there are
hundreds In the Middle W.st who do have
learned the ground sv thoroughly tint lit
tle time is wastd. That Is. little of the
time when he wants to work, for th- Itin
erant "hand doe not want to work all
Philadelphia. July 12 In real life, as In
fiction. It is sometimes the fate of an edu
cated but misguided woman to make a m s
tcry of herself, her affairs and her family
uno and the ' to her neighbors; to weave a web nrouna
other in a bowl of corn nd the cum
though blackened, was recognizable. Plain
ly tjiis man with the papoose and the wom
an" had died suddenly 3fd unexpectedly.
Otqer- j skeletons were found showing that
death came o swiftly that no move could
be .made, while some wore piled up us If
there' had been a rush for the house en
trance when death entered.
Seeing the lava on the hilltops and mesas
roimd about the streim. It was easy to im-
ngijicf that an outflow of suffocating gases for young ladles. She prospered,
from.ome volcano had killed the Indians, j Moinl to New Jerse:
cvcn.xnougn a nur.orei square mi;es ot ter
ritory show certain proofs of Ihis remark
able slaughter, but the unsolvable mystery
was the fact that these old cellarllkc homes
were, filled with a kind of earth not found
near.nt hand If every one !n the pueblos
was killed- ard that was plainly the case
who filial 'n -.he homes?
Killed Iiy Dlnst of Gases.
If2Dd!ans had coir; from .other parts of
the -territory to fill them they would have
prepared the dead for burial in the usual
fashlsn.- Moreover, no man could havo
shoveled d-rt into the rooms and filled them
without f'isturbing the pOFe of many of the
dead, who beyond question had been buried
ns Uiy fclL
But now everybody can understand lh
matenr. A3 at St. Pierre, a blast of gases
"rune aeaa eer soul in the valley of the
ItlDjSan Francisco. A tremendous flow of
1111111-nujii.irH, aDU u uooae-I those homes, I
nnd-!i!r- likely filled the valley fuIL When I
all U?it wtis over the rains began washing- I
out-ihe valley, and in the cours- of the !
'earS and centuries 3lnce the mud haa been I
if . i 'u,l"c 'a ar!a Bramte sand; but
U4alEof?r2! ln the ceUarllke homes
e0nJi 'hl"Es for everyday use. and were
v,,V e,JLn a T?"1 as they Allowed their
irual course of life, nn vr. tt,a .i- ,
the past that, dunng her lifetime, seemed
as impenetrable as armor plate; but after
her I..ih the entire fabric is swept aside
like a spider's web by her RilL
About fifty years ago. possibly more.
Clara P. Cazlcre. a gentle-mannered, pleasant-faced
woman, e-ame from New York
State to Pennsylvania and opened a school
The will of Mis Cazier. filed in Camden,
gave a fortune of fW.ft.0 to the society and
church of which one of her executors is
pasteir and the other an active member.
Most of this ii in mortgaged farms close
to M'ss Caziere's homestead.
It has not been poes.ble to ascertain why
Miss Caziere suddenly gave up her school
In Philadelphia and moved to Merchant
viile. N. J It was not called Merchant
vllle at that time. No railroad cars or
trolley e-ars ran there. Miss Caziere told a
friend eears afterward that it seemed to
: oe tne reginntng or the New Jersev sana
J dunes, and that they would be obli'ged to
) push her forward a number of miles before
i sne reacnea the sea.
r i called because the only building there
t-ofort Miss Caz'ere moved into the neigh
txrhocd was a distillery. It went out of
busine-ss s-on after she arrived, for re-asons
that the had nothing to do with.
It transpires that the wooden carts were
overburdened with tin cans, empty all of
them, and all redolent of lobster. benn.
asparagus and everj thing else worth j u.
timt up in cans. Miss Caziere required
these cans for her experiments in medicine.
After tho cans were disposed of she had
carloads of books moved intrk IhA hnnw.
Then, for three months, she kept to herself.
the bccipets" cr crawl under the car. en
the truck and rod Then there are those
who go in wagons or on foot.
Thousands of these, if thev ara unable or
unwilling to purchase the low-rate ticket,
rtde free of cost, the railroad men by com
mon consent ami with e-ommcndablo pru
der.ee making no effort to put them off.
! Kven on pastenger trains large numbers po
in im-. .ij. usually em ice casino or on the
"blind baggage." but frequently in the day
That Is why he becomes Itin-
l'ollovr the Srnion.
In the winter he find rea'cna! ly lucra-
: Ten thousand men wanted! Three
: thousand to sftip to-night!
..jl..!.! ... ...... . . r . ,
if M&S Caziere did not "..!$ Th.'S ? ,""""' proclamation posted in
JL! 2i "eX secluded ' lToJlTZ VZ!
,,S: 'ihwinf. x? rm nl"? .ana ' row ending out hundreds of han.1 everv ' lhls work- wi,n eellent forethought they
,iVill.aoC5Ikvn arm" "ofore she "n dav. Every train cornin- Into The tV.ft .' PIan have lhta work ln th Southwet
tr.ini'-'fJi?1.."!" SS S5 't brings its quota " 'n, the Bra,n ! " or-Zer that th-y may "jump their yole."
V.-- ." ". .V." " Mr-V,i.if '"'T"- "c . These laborers uouallv
4t ..nn a
tire employment In the woods in Northern
Minnesota. The-re he work for sevcal
months, as long i-s the cold weather lasts,
hewing trees, trimming them ant sledding
the logs to streams and sawmills. IVTkii
the spring break-up comes, the lmmer.e
!ries are guided down the river to ditcnt
mills, but it takes only a cnrijnroslvcly few
men to do this. The rtat raajori'v cf men
are dlsvhargeil with the first ble thaw.
They flock Into Minneapolis. St. I"-iuI .-.nd
Dulutli. and for two or three neefcs. or
lonter. they spend their winter's wage,
which thej. have been .nafch- to jirt with
while in the woods. mol proHlrately. Thtfn
thev must return to work, und they ti.irt
several course open. Itatlroad construction
gangs are- wanted and mav "slcn" for
w-ent to see the maiden recluse.
and hurry Into the harvest fields when the
Tnntfo .n.ln.i. , -'" "1 " "'"l oeiur urn i.i
"brS-n -Vi'" -"e"wouid -corne-.o , 7 'T-' ' Then they work nort'hwrd aril .n.'ices
recVSea,,.ed.,,'1tCntUaTe no'lliSn
ake work for the
Minnesota and the Da-
ArrlrnU nml tlepartnrrt or Trnlus at ST. I.OL'IS AND HA1.N1!:VL ItAILItOAD,
Lnlun Mullno. I (Via Wabash.)
realty. :;aturday andSusdar I Train. Depart. ArrtTe.
I)a!lf xrt Paniay. only. Unit am! ItipreT. t7.-aia tl 1:10 am
:Sumiar onlr. rKurpt Mcndar. tall and Vxprtts. -tS:vai 3:15pia
ttituriLiy nalr. Illr rxeert SatarSay. t .
m &. .. 4W A.
Train. Uepart. Arrlrt.
rrl1a Umlte.1 to Nattallle.
Atlanta aad Macon :15 pm 1:JJ pa
rt MRll-Gransvilie. Satt-
elt.'e lJirmlrKhJiii. Moctjtca-
ery CtattanocEH. Atlanta.
Motile. New Orla.-. and
JaconTllle. Kla.: taiarles'
tea C. C
Southern HiprtM to Evans-
vu:? ;;zz r.vlilr. Elrmlncnam.
Mobile. Nw Orleans. Thom
asvlile. Jaclconvllle. Palat-
ka. Ocala aad St. Petr-
burr. Fta. :SSpgi "aaaia
!' am
her about the rental of the
iince wouiu suuice. But
heard the cutwla lell rin;
was to answer it. and bring her husband',
brother or anybody else who mlsht be
Mertu Her Brother.
One night the beil rang, the cans started
5 t'n'fnaljutotlon that alarmed the neign
borhood. The tenant, with her Kith i?d
kin. answered the viii tv... .'.;..-
ln.i n , , .?;..." " "eq eo
property. Anr ;-,-., " .ii.V.-. " "T" "i.1."' "., ." ! errd thev are rea.lv to t
mk'SUTKi i 5'?'nH a rto'r? ude7 ' a"hdHne j &'. 5f "'" V.' M.K
tlnd a man who would have measured six
5rrLtl:.rrr. Llchf? f. been able to
St. Piexra "" ""' lKVi,m ol
fsp-e; Cajjsized Boat Spreads 5,000 Bar
if?rt rels of Molasses Upon River.
VI H ""t .-;rj.e.-lAI a
ilv ? York. Jflr 12. A large
ga owrfed by the Tidewater Od
Fctf Baymne. N.
Tien Miss Caziere went to the out
ad eCer' soul in tie vnllev nr f he ' Ekirts ot what is "Off Camden, she took ' '-t three Inches If he had been able to
Francisco A 'tremendonow? ! SiS .? 25? !?e ack of an old J jad "Prigh, shaking the handle of Cth?
miieiuucui, jiiiu vi a nousc sno msncu
built to live in. She took. also, a car
penter, a man who knew all about frame
t.r.,aP .,. .t.. Mlnren .. 1... .r .1
the track by a woman who told him that . J?J- JoljpJ she esclaimed. "at last
see wanted a house "to look like iron out- I anV'Vne -n . im-clatf bouse was sh
muc. wooa ins ue ana wiin tne iron maue
to look like brick."
Built Ilnrclar Alarms.
That carpentcfa nume has passed Into
ohlivinn. HP was not even mentioned tn
Miss Cazlere's will. But he had good busl- !
ntss sense, and he built the house as nearly
as he could on the plans laid out by Miss
Caziere. He either found or invented some
sheath iron indented to look like brick,
built the house and called Miss Caziere to
look at it. But he found he forgot one
thing. When she saw the house she ex
claimed: "Where's the cupola?"
"No cupola on the plans," said the car
penter. "I will not live In a house without a
erjpola." said Misa Cazlcre. "how am 1
: Kansas Farmers Are' Kidnaping
: Harvest Hands.
And thl Is true. The demand for har
vesters Is ro strenuou that not Infrequent
ly large gangs of men who start for a
front docn lie was a much" EEViSLS! ! "".!? .?: 1" t -rrlve. Tho
i- . -. -" .....-. n... iiiiviivixni I'll rniiio rtui iirnnc.
tank barira.
fiimtwrir nf
turned turtle in the East
anvlmd,- i. V. ViVr Z", """ "i"" as . trains arc
His sister lived there i ,h.. ....' ! ! B1 rarmers. iiirnw ,-rops tand a fJlr
wanted to know. Miss Ctora an ,u,f.c '. 1S?52L ,or." -,n5.UaI5"' . y "-. "."t
, ,uura M ,,,.-:. e-arry inem on and tne
I lirt.il Iieeos on. 1 nos. tannin wh.. hit-A
I re-celv.-d t-legram from their agents In the : tra.-
and for fully ne wei: the neighbor hi V&.S, W ciTec,U. "rwo- '"'"'l " " HI
noth ng more. Then Jolm creifomnW '"'J.tL :. ''i'f "J- W." pa,ncr at u.re
ou" SrrofraLCh,aera,Tal'!- He rented j coacve.;''"" ",m are e.,M
bull outhouses in which to store the 7. !
thich to store the odds
by empty
Hungry, Tlicy I.cnve the Cltlri.
..im i inat his .s:ster had accumulated ' ,5's' n,a" f lltn iwei.t !uii.ile.s or
anu took charge of thln?'fTenei,n.- i, .. anv sort some of them hnncrv Ki-t alt
hii'wht?oa,,erIUIof a" hi creations was ' h,?pny "e""- "f glowing prospect-.. As
InVnen .eM e fenre Ue buiIt a 'wnt gav hc ,rnln r":N on through the wheat licit I
T.".Th : . cer"ooy except a man l"r ""' jokc oi tn-ir anversuy. snout.
-4 ai.pa,r or.bar,ea-wlre clippers and an ln an1 v'av" their hats at others already
"1.1 ..'PrtBhtliest cat ever turned loo l'borlnc .n the Held. T.iey have a Ions
Vi n,perTave mounted that fence. ' irit to make, accirding to :hlr schedule,
xen. eSL .?i.wi,.s Laken ,1!- Something I T"e train draws up at an intermediate
, ""thls, heart. Doctor Law- I waV station. Farmers are gathered Iook
wa.nTJI.n ,V.hs,1 cHn r -'Icrchantvi::e. ' K for men. and they espy th. small army
'.tit. e..r.. .t """' nouse. lie round " oarvesiers w-.in saiinen amazement.
rin,, '"Vi'"? laimuar with tne J
harvet are cath-
winter after the customary vacation, dur-
I Ing which thev prove themelves good
pi'rtntT-ir aim r.v ot .-jiiei iiuiu tirrj
cent they have.
There "was an unusually large number of
itinerant "hands" In this sectle n this sum
mer. Lnborer I'roni .North.
Last fall, for the Hist time, great arml?s
of m-n were Imported from Minnesota.
Wisconsin and the Dakotas. where the lum
lierjacks usually spe-nd their summer -There
is an increased amount of ral'road
e-cnrtructicii work being done in South.ru
Illinois, Iowa. Missouri. Kansas and Ne
braska. Early In the autumn the c n-
tors saw that they would be unable to
their contracts unles they went Into
Men nans tor tr.eir lanorers.
Negotiations were opened with the large
empleiyment agencies In Mlnne-apolls -V"d
D'ltuth. There were posted on the vari
coL.re.1 ivacaids In front of the labor
marts allur.ng signs like this:
II. iL' O. .V. 11. It.
Train. Depart. Arrive.
Otnrlnnatl. tui9ii:ie. Uah
llnaon. Laliimote. I'hllatlrl.
pbia ami Neu lurk Kxprex;.. :4ain
OiKiniMit. Louisville. 1:ts
bi.rg. tVaihlnstrn. lUitlrco.'.
l'nilatteli'tua. and Nci? Tcrk
Kt Mall -Srrj
Osclnaatl Aecuronwdatt.n .... t.-llaai 13-
- icrmcati. Iulviue. JMti-
t.urg. Wsfhlactcn. Ilaltanure.
l'itladlpl.U nJ ?.w Vcrk
tt-yal Illje Uroltrd 0n 5:Opin
Kloru AcvinnodatI.n ;.4pin ts JZ am
Flora A-imiifiMilatlun tsaiS am 3tm
Flora. Ac-.mmo.!atio3 .. ;iOp.-n :w. .ia 1
West HtiJrn and Krcneli Lick . '
torliirs. la. Slvnaa Uoui .. Irfioata j:tSpra
Train. Dtpart. Arrives
For Haanihal. 1!. i St J.
points, vuia. y. KtoXuw and
Iiurlir.Eien ::SSam :!?
Lo-al to lumbal K:il am it-m
Ferejaliur anj K-iVuIc tT:U am 155 pra
fr t-. l-aji. il.aa-apolu. via
Eaat Side Un-. IIII.no':: sn4
U"imin.n 'JSlani tas pra
The Lijrlinictiin-Nnrthem la-
ctfic Kxprei for Kas
e't'y. St. J sih. Nortawe.t
Ntrak. niaci HlEi, Wyo-
iilnc. Montana. Washinxtoa.
Put Sound. rortlanJ and
Orioa : ;:ljani
Twin eity Kpr.s. for Mlnae- ...
ajwll. St. Paul anj Iotij ... ::I3pi ia9 p-a
if braic . Cu'orado Ex
rtet for Inv-r. Oilorailo.
i iub jm facinc Coart. vu
St. Joseph
Ijcal to Iturlln:i
and Jlir-.-ap-ill. 1:0 pa UiS ara
For HUat5. i Ea.t sM line
to Uo-k IsUnd ard ertlnton.
Iowa 'Satpin TiHam
Fcr Dubwive and La Oroiie...iSl pa liTUOaai
For Kana Otv. Counclt
IIIuiTs. enMba. SL Jofeph.
1 leaver. Nebra-ka. Colorado.
Utah aid Parlnc Coast pm T: a-n
Lreal fnr Ilannttvtl 'UMam
Fcr .:t.n-Late 7: a n . dally: Sit . ta..
ially: l 3i a. m . dally; -5 p m.. txcrt iJn
'ay: 3n. tn.. exert Sondar: S:0Sp- m. xcpt
Mirday. 5 50 r. ri.. dilly: 7:0 P. m. dally: S:3
t n. . iUIH. 11:1 j ti m.. Soroay rlv.
... tx am "US pa
I II. & iT. L. KY. (Hnderaon llonte.)
Train. Depart. Arrive.
Fat itall Owfnstero. Clover- .
pert. Louisville and the Kast. i'3 aa IM pa
EaMern Exprtts Oirfnl-oro.
Ooverport. Louisville and the
Kaia t. --..;. .JSiSS paJ222E
3I., K. Jz Te-"THE KATY."
Trtln Depart. Antra.
Je?rr3n CItr. Colombia. Bocn-
vllle. E.!a!la. Fott 8cott.
Indian Territory and Texas
Kxrre JOSata Srtlsa
The Katv Flrer." for Dil-
la. Fort Worth. Houston.
Calvnton. ?an Antor.lo.
Mexico City aad intermediate '
rnlnta S22pa :iTaa
Jffrscn Cltr. Columbia. Boon-
vtlle. Odalla. Kansas. Indian .
Territorr and Texa Exp-e-s.;i:tS pa J3aa
MlsvurL Kaias Indian Ter-
rltorr ard Oklahoma Ftrer.. ttSS pm 7aTaa
2:13 pm JSpm
;:4J pm SS ara
Tra!n. Derart, ArrtTe.
Fat Mall jaDaa 2a5aa
"ew York. PMliiMshla. Pal-
tlTOre and Washington Spe- .
cl 1:11 h M:pa
Ipdlananolls and New Tork
..Lncat T:m tSit pnv
Jt Yok Umited tri cm 13 pm
Miehlran IZxzrr t-ortpm 'tasm
rdal Actjmmcdatlen Srtm 3ai am
rindOT (Ol and Eastern
ExrreT J:ISpra "TOI aa
lMlimmllj and New Tork
rr? ntiSpra 9:pt3i
I-'irarolN and Ft Lenis Lo-
eil . HiSSpm.
Train. Toart. Arrtr.
SV)Tlter Srriil 'talan
5t Tyrol arrt Fterlda TJaltd iWta
c Lenu and rto-Ma. IJm'W. SSS pm 1:Hin
Mnrrnrjbcre Prarts, fTirrter
and Perrr AToimwit'on S:1 vm 114 u
ljVirer. attent:tn! Why fr.-z?
in th. woh1 this winter? There
Is plenty of work, at go.d
irm. in the South. Ship
to-rlsht. Low fare.
The crops mut be hirvested. Men mua.
It ws something new anl taking. Large
. canes were shinned Into this section, and
be , 'lros.1 work was1 prosecuted during th
bhorlly after 3 oVJncV tn .v. -
.reVT. .. ; .l " '". "i.n"i
Sy'.'t JorVST, t"DV-,..'"!r "'.sen.
.aan , JK" tr f ""'" arxens. who were en
-rpl no'at-Kbar,Jy eBcal?el with their lrVes!
ccr S? barBB WBS aJ, about to capsS
' wea
K3lng to let my neighbors know
DJrgiars are atiout.
. "Burglars?" asked the carpenter.
r.eara or inem arounu nerc.
"Well." was Miss Caziere's response.
"Tve heard of them wherever 1 have lived.
I want a cupola and a bell."
To the everlasting patience of that long-
forgotten carpenter be It recorded that he , more than S3 Venn, nut .h.f. - -rJl!
furnished the cupola and the bell. The ' doing her own housewnririnnCii.- .."".!"
SiVSSS? 8l4rTP arrived. In thla
molaneTwhlch UJ"SSkJK2i?E ?. IS
VLE "faeries ln Williamsburg. On I remnants of the bell are now amonir a lot ! little kitchen-garden and trvlnc her best -n '
nCCOQnt of Inw erotoe , m -TT ":?., ". ' nf tlink In the nnthnlMhn nf .!.. r I .ml. -, " ... "-.'B nc "?t 0 '
moti-jnear enough to the? nilTf iT, v VSl ziere's house She made uo h mind thnt riot In snlie of " th.'fiS?.."?.1 5.uJ'lH5
she knew more about burglar alarms than give It. she collapsed.' Neighbors sett fir
V , ' .. uuv. aim uu.h &IIIT11I J1C.-
self. He drew his money and went away
Beaented Communications.
Fcr many weeks " after Miss Carfer
moved Into her country house she mad
i.... r . -----. ..j laiuuidr wiin rne i;e- i(;bi hiui oe iiirvesiii. .iien mu... oe .
". "nu.. 5!U ? ready-prepared dlae- had. To let these brawny. muscuUir fellow cold weather, in order that contracts micht
iiiisui. "ine riew7 ?. .aai '. ... . . . .. I. .. . ... .... . L . .
ne smeit. it ts sti'i tnnt the .teptetmn or
the supply In Minneapolis due to thi
cause r.mikl have resulted seriously for the
lumbermen had the past winter not been an
Utllisilnllv "Mark" nnrl w.irm one Tliw.
hat thev are to rece.ve Tlie frmerx wai little now and creat stocks nf cut lnm-
on tho platform bid higher. The contracts ! ber could not be sledded to the mills nml
are forgot I n. ! Mream. and for that reason fewer men
nosls. She knew h. .r'i,4" ""? i "'.":." "i "J 7. "'""' ,.""!"l,i'a.L " """ "
nuiut the technicalities and the Immediate tltn.
r2JlcrfhnSnn"nrt0if,heT?,e a.s.ne did- "e ! -Kotiatlons are begun. Thev are neccs-
EoS?mSn1Sdi,n'& -W2 -5Sl?Jff- W.M: "r !y brief and to the point. The contracts
-ifls..l i m 1,.;?.. .""ft "L"" "" " 'nc potkci or me leaner or tne gang
nr.i i. --v.-. ins sisier ex- sr.ow w
pressed It.
IJIe.1 nt Akc of Kt Yeara.
riuaiij ui-r .summons came. A few weeks
The men are hutled into waiting wag- were needed.
cmcvcii rnncit ad st. i.ocis
Train. Dnart, Arrive.
F!hrnin's Ppee' ::liam Trm
fovmutenV Bipress Hitpm t.uoam
Peseta i-rrlnRfleld and Grafton j
f 5iilfBfM-. ?r. .i"a I''. U pm am n M,H -?eolS WaS
A'loe rilRon Terrare and I Ieal Expreea TSSim S:&)pa
.Wften ........;.... ........ tirfSamtttOiSpm rw TTrs Kara. nty.
S-rncnM J'rservllle and i PueMo. Pht"-. Fait Lake
Grarten J pit W-K asn ' 1tr and Snn Fmrefen ... "J-Mara XtftJora
CHICvOO AMI M.TOS. .c, J-.ph. JTHIf. WlcHia snd Tm
I'hlcaco Trains. I Kane United, and South-
iiepan ATTiT-. i wt .iii.ri .. ":npm "7 ara
. rsit am T:tS pra F-e... r-' yrr"- 1iV vm T-to am
...etlirm e-llnm J CreeCoor Lake trains leave Union Station at
-m r 'Jti am , -s:ts a. ta. ?: a. m.. aso p. m.. 635 p. m..
T-e Atll Limited
rnlr'i' itt Hxv.fr
Tslic Exres
t.iH!Et pe'-lt ...
Ivuima City
!Unrl Fute rjxp-'S
Kansas City LlnltM...
Train. uepart. Arrtte.
Prr.nna.'d A.ermmdilca .... i m ........
Jacknetre A crmmtdatlon.... tJJt am W:ll p-n
l-eerlx Unilte.1 ...---- -- - t2ii2 .&, P
spri-enein. eanuai nv rit. .v- v .v.' u
JatkMnville. via Knodhouse... .5 pm lA:SSam
Flrln:ni.i an: jacicsontii.r... i..w im ......
SDrtrzlHliI Sperlll -"- W:35
Alton Ppeclal tuaipa
t:nm :sm
Demr Arrtre.
' am s: pm
"S4pm ;Sam
7Jt r. m.
Oafe Hill train leave TJaien Station at tSOS a.
m.. tta-M a. ni.. t5)A p. jn. and -Wa5 p. m.
Klrlewond trains leave Cnlrn Station nt TTrtO -n,
a p. nu. t:43 p. m. (Saturday only). rt:U
p m.. tR-;s p m.
no e.e !.,.' .-.;r.-"".'" .""u "
fi$fftntr TfdeerIlmpSy SS
-was; fearf. quarter and No.'t ontho port bow
'herl Slft!f11?,e?JTre and tte tanks bel
1 r1' IKin to fill TXilh rnn.ficrtTM
P .-N'o.txplanatlon can be offpnv rrt v .,
Ufe4 ciderit, unless It bothTt the aQo im
Mo lty o the molaasea being Seate? thSnS
.a 1084-111 Io- 4 suddenly heaved over to
iel Sa-pe bargo beian to list Xe "Sen who
M Wf i'" i""" on tno tanks sturoect-d
Lrtl trouble and Jumped overboard. ThVmo-
Hoi lasses, flowed thickly around themT nni ?t
-I'.!! i m boara "d with the thick
.fisi Captain Henry Mclatyre of tho tmr Snm-
'hl4cr ot the Tidewater Company aucceeSl
fia setting a Uno on the oVerturned I blre
Sf B,niowcd 3t o thB f0t or East Rirtr-
1 elgMh, street, where it lies mtbmenred. Thn
-.1 ntlw. contents of the tanks were lost
w!.f The..inolaBBes covered thrface of tS
ri atej- for a few momenta and then slowly
pen disappeared. snijr
con er
iW Popficate GaTe Andience to Bus
iI jipW Is'nrse Anna Moroni.
uoctor Lawrence. She tried even with her
last breath to explain to him the use of
drugs that were in medicine bottles all
around the housedrugs that he. as a voun?
phvslcian of the modern school, had never
no attempt to communicate with any of r the old rnMd-Jho. ?n.lc,tj' Js .d,v,d!nc
n-Ighbore. and resented all forms of com- ' house SieShn??iniai,- a"?.,r.ienn?Pt
municaiion irom mem. Several wagons im. .. ";iv "V'"" ""' l"!W
luueu wiin nuije wooaen crater were ob- trinh hno t now i.-ii.U -J . "v,u
served to rass along old "WhisUy road" . r n, VFSJL n,tl ' "SS-1?!3.-1" lh myrtery
the Posrse. The Field
of two lives Is burled ln thn' grave.
Utt Bo!
.-TeJ an
Jury 1Z The Podo recenUy gava
to Anna. Mmwnl n .nn.H zi
ftl -Ji. J 1 WAAiA uiu
taa tv JPfj"' " "uo a young k-L acted as
J35 nis Htse.
not Bb5flTra? ctcd over the Voyal atalr-
SSft113?! pf12,1 Ior sovereigns-
... "","- "wim 1 o rope in a mg arm
vld. cnal&xalso an extraordinary fayor. much
ate again-; Vatican etiquette.
3le . TheKPope smUed benignly on "Signora
rca' AnnjL " rationing her to rest -well before
vl't syke.
." Aftef a while the old vrnnan rtrmmtmnrnj
to iitBc of old time- and olfl friends: -Do
JIS ember 'wben good old Annie
Prottftti saned yoit from the bad boyo on
the jtrSfket in BelletrlT They would have
Yrhipjjea yon. sure, if anntle hadn't Inter
JeredTJfor rou were not a strong boy." The
two fAa friends talked for over an hour
t AfwiuK aj4v uvuiiuudiif 1 lerpreitng
ha for Jfoth Anna and Pope Leo are hard at
so hearln. As she hobbled away the old
Bjg woatt excused herself for having given
,jb me owwr to icuca ironoie.
ims- i nsni, -ufflina." saia tne Pope,
"botjreiof as have heard so much ln our
Jong life no wonder our ears refuse to
Anna left the Vatican ln a papal carriage
holding in her lap the golden rosary Leo
-had.Sfiren her and a document granting
u. uu uuyie ajiu vvuswu. (jayaoie cy tne
Vatican Treasury.
-r. Kefper Charged With Sending
Sairs to Take Strikers' Places.
ujj itniiaCBPciA
I Ntrfl York, July li A crowd of about for-
JoetfiS Henry Eenger at No, 72 WIUo arfi
nucr.foboken, and attacktd the proprietor.
It rt alleged that be ha been Bonding
aUor out of work to tho Pennsylvania
cUaespiro take the places cf striker, the
men .being known a "ftrike-breakara."
A fsunber of these men, nome of -hem
.l.lU.ll AM 4.A ..HstalA M K .k f
159 left Jt Benger for xafekeeping entered
tJS the 'hmos" 3d proceeded to aemollib the
515 BeBBer ran out of a rear door, wJtb tho
jar crowd after lilm, Jut aa chief of Detoelive
TJ.?ieleOn and Detective Borono oatereo. They
Tries to Kill a Berkeley Butcher,
Then'Makes His Escape to
the. Hilla.
, ftrrejt4 Scnser, Charles Englo and Her-
Trvsstnrco men were arrugnca encra no-
VMC eAeil0sraitRnon. Rftnirep mis acmiiAd of nh.
ii wwBr.raoney uter fal? prttemeo and
t cl Tho otheri were cold itnef.
Berkeley, CaL, July li An unidentified
maniac armed with a butcher knife six
teen Inches long, attempted to kill James
Stevens, an employe la the meat market
of "William Pfaff; terrorized the residents of
Claremont and disappeared In the hills
back of tho town within the brief space of
a few hours. The Town Uarshal and his
deputies are searching the country in the
vicinity of the place where the elemented
man was last seen, hut nave not yet lo
cated him.
At a little after 9 o'clock In the morning
when James Stevens was alone in the
shop, a middle-sized, well-dressed man
entered the vfront door and without a
word turned' to a counter upon which
lay some long knives which had Just been
sharpened. In a flash he had seized one
and waa cpon the unsuspecting butcher.
Stevens thought It was a Joke until the
madman gave vent to an unearthly yell
and began to come over the counter after
him. Ihe temfled butcher made for the
backyard with the maniac close at his
heels, attempting to knife him In the back.
Stevens attempted. to escape through the
barn door, but finding that locked, was on
the point of turning and having a desperate
grapple with bis pursuer when the appear
ance of a third person on the scene saved
Mm from serious injury and possible death
at the hands of his Insane assailant,
William Pfaff. the owner of the meat
market, was scrota the street at the time
the assault was made, bur hearlna- the
maniac" scream he hurried over to the
bop Just on tho madman was plunging
down tho tack stairs In punult cf his
ruaiitant. He hurriedly seed a revolver
frcm tho drawer of bis desk and runr.lnz
out into the back yard ordered the crazy
man to surrender. Instead of obeying, the
maniac, still holding his knife, broke
through a side gate and started up the
street ln the direction of Claremont at a
dead run. Instead of following hint single
handed, Pfaff telephoned to ths Town
Marshal end notified him of the affair.
Shortly afterward several persona who
were coming down Claremont avenue no
ticed the wild looking flcuro approaching
end cautiously got out of the way. They
say that ho was mumbling to himself and
seemed to bo very violent. He waa last
seen going along the road known c the
Fish Bunch road, which leads over the
Speaking of his narrow eecape. Stevens
"It all happened so suddenly that I do
not rcsscsibor very much about tho nan's
appearance. He seemed to be nbaut 4Z
years old ar.d looked as !' he had Jaat
got out from long RlclracH. The m:n
Ute I sow Ilia eves l knew that he was
a madman, for ho had a tneriMe inn;. n
them. I thouifjit I wag gone when J, got
2UL . Y B!,1 JwcuTd havo beta 10
had Pfaff not cotno nhen ha did." 1
San Francisco Authorities Find
Silk Concealed in Garments
of Infant Japanese.
nEruBLic sfectal
San Francisco, July li Two Innocent
looking Japanese babes were made the in
struments of an attempt to rmcggle a
quantity of silk ashore iriiri the steamer
Doric. The attempt was 'mstratcd by the
vigilance of the custutni o.llciab and the
silk was se cd.
S. Tomlta Is an enterprising Japanese,
and when his family was landed by the im
migration offlclilc lo iousnt to trlng seme
dutiable household goods ashore wUh them.
Around the bodies ot his two Infants be
wound two bolts of Bilk. The Innocent
looking babes with the Innooect-looklng
garments looked suspicious to the customs
officer at the gang plank of ttc Doric. A
search was ordered and bcneVi the Jacket
of tho children were found twenty-four
yards of silk. S. Tomlta lost his goods,
though he was not arrested.
Man Is Seen Digging for Gold and
Praying for Success.
Hagerstown. ild.. July li TV. H. Hcffie-
flr.ger, a live-stock dealer of Hageratawn,
was discovered on top of South Mountain in
the vicinity of the gravcllkc holes, digging
and praying by turns. Between S and 9
o'clock he was seen driving a bay horse
attached to n mlck wagon up tae rough
mountain road, through which the team was
tracked. Arriving at the home of William
Wclf. he Inquired for a lost lap-spread and
rawhide whip. When told that these arti
cles were now In the possession of the Ha
gerstown officers Hefnefinger drove on. and
was followed up the mountain by Mr. Wolf
and his son Charles. When Hefflefingor
reached a pclnt about a fourth ot a mile
above tha place where the holes were found
last week he hitched his horse and. taking
a crowbar that was wrapped In sacks, be
gan digging. When the news of Hefflc
licgcr'a queer actions reached Smlthsburg
Cons ta bio Charles Slgler, JoSn Beck and
William Kinder left at ence for the moun
tain. UDon their arrival at the nlaee where
Hcffleanger was at work tbey found he had
aug a nam oeep cacugn to oury a horse. Of
ficer Slgler and the others kept in the back
ground nnd watched Hcffleflnger, who
would dig a while and then stop and pray a
while. Finally Constable Elsler asked him
for whnt he was digging. Ho replied that
he wan hunting for gold. Heffletnger was
taken to Smlthsburg before Justice Fergu
son. The latter conferred with State. Attor
ney Poffenberger nnd then directed Heffle
flngor'B releaso. there being no charge
cgalnat him. The Impression is that the
man is wholly or partly demented.
Crowd Thought Woman's Screams
Meant Fire and Thieves in
Her House Escaped.
New Tork. July li Ixnc Islan.I City has
just bad a burglar scare thJt resulted In
the calling out of four fire companies and
the entire police force. Mrs. lle'insn Stow
ler. who lives over a tailor shop, was awak
ened, during her husband's' absence, by
burglare who were ransacking the tailor
Without stopping to dress. Mrs Slowler
paled her children out of th.dr beds and
dragged them through a wlndo.v to u rocf
that projects Hki an awning over the side
walk. With her little ores about her and
clad In night clothes, die wonun sc.-enmed
lustily for help. '
Trolley cars stopped at.d wcro quickly
emptied of passengcrr, and a Urse croAd
collected. Under the supposition that the
house was on Are an alarm was sounded
for engines, und from half a dozen tele
phones requests for the p!ce were sent to
headquarters. In a few mlnutec the prin
cipal thoroughfare of Long IsJttid City was
When Mrs. Stowlcr finally explained that
burglars were in the store, a seirch shawed
that they had made their escap? from the
rear. Bundles of clothing, readv to be re
moved were found.
Total Number of Hills Presented to
Last Congress Was 22,022.
Washington. July 1 The total number of
bills and Joint resolutions introduced ln
Congress for the season Just closed was
". The total number Introduced In the
House was K.S72; the total number Intro
duced In the Senate. 6.tM. The number of
bills sent to the President was 1.581. The
per cent of bills which became laws was
less than T.
These are the Interesting statistics which
bnve been mmnlletl bv Renlamln S. Piatt.
enrolling clerk or the Senate, regarding the
work of the past Congress.
Of the House bills, K?. or C.17 per cent
of all the House bills, were sent to the
Of it own tills the Senate passed 1.139.
In the House SC of the Senate bills fa:Ied to
pass. The House passed 1.3W of Its own
measurer, of which 430 failed to pass ibe
The number of bills nnd resolutions intro
duced breaks all previous records. The
nearfst approach was during the Fifty
first Congress, when 13.fJ till and Joint
resolutions were introiuced. counting both
Exhausted Rescuer and Boy Towed
to Safely by Mrs. Simpson.
New York. July li A woman of slight
build and fully dressed Jumped Into the
North Blver. Hobokerr, and rescued a full
grown man and a little te-y from drowning.
The woman waa Mrs. Thcmas Simpson,
who conducts together with ber husband.
a bathing pavilion and swimming school
near the scene of the rescue.
Mrs. Campbell with her little son was
xl'Iting frieni's on the Itlrmingham. anJ
the boy was enjoying himself romp:ng
' atout on the dk. when suddenly he got
I too close to the rail, lost his balance, and
fell into the river.
1 McDermott was In after him like a
flash and soon reached him. He got a good
ho'd and tried to swim back to the barge.
but the boy was too frightened, and. strug
gling to fre-e himself frcm his r-ouer. was
strong enough to exhaust him liefore he
could swim to safety.
About this time Mrs. Simpson appeared
on the scene, and without even removing
j her bonnet brunded into the water and
swam to where the exhausted man was
struggling to keep the boy above water.
She yelled to McDermott to hold to the boy.
. nnd then making fast to McDcrmott's port
shoulder, towel him alongside the Itlrming
ham. where willing hands hauled all three
aboard. A .lector was then summoned, and
i little John, after an hour's shaking and
pumping, was pronounced readv for an-
otr.er romp on tne iiecK. .Mrs. bimpson as
soon as she saw that both man and boy
were all right, hurried back to the bathing
navlllon. chanced her clcthlnc tnLt her
I nnH9nft Tchnt she hnil done nn.l then
called the 10 o'clock swimming class to or
der. .
Mrs. Margaret Guillon Fatally
Burned by Explosion of Lamp.
nnprnuc special
New York. July li-By the explosion of
a, kerosene oil lamp which she as carry
ing. Mrs. Margaret Guillon. a widow,
years old. was burned so severelv In her
apartments on West Twenty-sixth street
that she will die.
Mrs. Guillon lived with her three children
Susan. 13 years: Margart. 16 vars. ami
v Ictor. U years all of whom are employed.
It has been her habit to keen a small lamp
burning dimly In her sleeplng-rcom. At 3
o clock In the morning she arose to prepare
breakfast. Taking the lighted lamp in her
hand, she went Into the kitchen to see.
what time It was. As hn mi..i ne i.mn
toward the shelf on which the "lock stood
she knocked It against something and It
exploded, the blazing oil being scattered nil
over her clothing. She was only partially
dressed and tried to beat out the Are. bu: In
Her three children were asleep and were
aroused by their mother's scream They
ran Into the kitchen and w hr ablate
from head to foot. As they rushed tsward
her she dodged them, as If desirous of pre
venting them from being Injured by the
flames, and ran Into the hall and down the
Her screams had been heard by Mrs.
Staub. who lives on the floor below with
her- son, Charles. The latter went Into the
hall to see what was the matter and met
Mrs. Guillon descending the stair-. He
pulled a blanket frcm his bed ami ln an in
stant wrapped It about the burning woman.
Her three children appeared at the samo
moment with blankets and the flames were
finally extinguished. Mrs. Guillen was fear
fully burned. She soon became unconscious.
In the meantime Mrs. Staub and ether
women In the house got palls of water ami
extinguished the tire, which had communl
cated to furniture in Mrs. Guillon's kitchen.
Xir Depart, Arrive.
Arlana and Txa Express
ivu Murnarck and ivitvi ... S.M am .U;n
Arkar ard Teaa Fat Mall
ivia lttjmnrrk and Dlta... - :Oara ..-OP ara
fJT. IjOL'IIuisvi LINKS.
Train. Doart. Antra.
The Drlt Special rCIC am ti:! pa
T !. T 'Tit i-1 If T i
in."i"". i ton and ay sta tun. CTat
I3S pra I taneeiea. R"tne. Atlanta. M-f-.........
s aD5 nnints In the Souva
et 7:40 am 33tp
Mount Vernon Aecommodatten t(A4 pm IS I am
rrtnerton. Ualsvllle. U-jln-
ton and war stations. Knox-
vllle. Ashevillr. Chattanooga.
Itnme. Atlanta. Auxiuta.
Charleston. Maroa and all
taint In Ftxlla and the
goutreaM . ...... ... 9;lSpm 7S ara
Train. uepa rr. mre
al r Park Accommodation... . am tt am
vaii larlc Accommodation.-. tJ-J am tttlaam
pJclftc AcS-modatlcn -,- SMam 5 pm
Tni an-1 Kano Mall, f-r
Paris. UUa. Ennls. Hou-
ti'X Oatrester. Cart lac-. Jcp-
tin ab-t Wichita ;?:K'"n e!i2 pm
I'ielHc AecetaniodatloB il.rma3jni
Vallev rark Accommoiatl n...?il I'm til 'J?
Meteor and World'. Kalr Fre-
rll. for SprlnafleM. Carinas-.
Jonlln. WU-fclta. Vlnlta. Oala-
hcroa. ITenUoa. Sherman. Ital
ian Fort Worth. Waco and
lirnmiv 1 t-armllalan
Va'ley Patk Accommodation .. t:lrm tc:Mara
Pae-lne AcmmmodaMin ?5r U:iJ"m
Valler Park Aecen. 'alien - i2Jt i:;I"a
Vler Tark Accosimodatlon .. JI20 r JI P
Ta and Kri t-lmlt'O. fcr
Vureka Srrtngs Fnrt Sml'a.
rar! Pallvs. Orenvt.le. En-
nls. Cors'enni. Itom'on. ual-
vtna Au'tl"!. Pen Ant-mlo.
CarttoKe. Jrplln. Wichita. mj
Tinmen and the vsvt frm ,)a
Vtrr Eirre fcr Srrnx-
r.et.1. Vlnlta. ivnljen. 8her-
ma. OHUiwirre Carthage
J.!ln aed Ne'dena M BV p CT:tar
tSee C. P. i St. LJ
Train. Depart, ArrlTt.
Texas Fat Mall, to Little
Roek. Tevarkana. Pal'a
Fort Worth and Abilene 1:CTara 7:BPTn
Delta. Colum'ius and Cairo Ex-
prr t 'JJam lUS pra
Ft Diy ExprrM Dalla.
Fort Werth. Austin San An-
tonlo. lteuton ard Oilee-ton l-l pra IM pm
T Tn. Met'" sal l"afornl
PnerlalD-ilUT. Fore Worth.
El Paee. I) Anrele. Oa-
Ttcn. San Antor.lo and La-
redo -rra 7S1-
M-hi n r l:Opn TWacv
D Sntn ar.d bitmarck Acoora-
liutboaMl Leave Eighth and Gratiot stree-ts.
'ally l:C 5:11. S0 p. m. Except Sunday. 4.-04.
1:18. --.r:. Sl. 10:. n:U a. m.: ttxs, 2:, i:0uL
:ic p. m. Aituntav scd Sunday onlr-tl:el p. m.
Sunilax rrly 5t. 73. 9rf a. m-: ll5,
Ix-ave Washington 'Avenue, dally l:t 5aS. J:3t
p. m. Except Sunday. :. (t. 7:11. : . 10 w.
11J a. m.: -.il. !A). 4:94. SM p. m. Saturday
ami Sunday only litis p m. Sunday only Ss
". :IS a, m.: li o. m.
VVeMbnuEd LeaTe CJrailte dtr. daily 1:19,
Stir. S:5S. 7:tS p. m. Except Sunday. B:lJ. M.
7 J14. S. 19: a. to.; JJ. 4S. 7aX SJT
p. m. SAturday onljr 12:U p. m. Suri'lay only
lt:15. S-JS. !J. l!o a. m.; Sunday and Monday
only 1Z:IJ a, m. Except Saturday and Sunday
5:K p. m.
Leave Madlroa. dally 1:15. Z:17. 4:0 7:17 p. m.
Except Sunday 5:t. tt. 7:"!. 8:1s. 1, l:t
a. m.; 3T. 4:40. 1 P. ra. Satur-iay only U:
p. m. Sunday only ). rf. SrtS. 105 a. m.
Sunday nnd Monday only li J a. m-
(From Union Station.)
Train. ., . Depart. ArrlTC
Ul and 1 Mall and Express
ttatconada I ver and Inter
medials points S$ara S5prn
1 and W. Accommcdatlon
Belle. Mo., and Intermediate
points ...fS:S0pra tSJ4 in
tCIAJV 1( Ai- 1LUUIE.)
Train. Depart. ArrlTa.
The Carnmercial TraTele-r" ....
Toledo. Uuffato and New Tork 7l cm 7:4.1 am
Toledo and Nw Tork Exprejs. J.-on am "ssa pm
Hinner Aecommndatlon. ........ 4?pa latm
I: pm S:tam
Northern LInea.
Train. Depart, ArrlTt.
Ntrthern Ullncts Expreaa
Sptlnsceld. Freeport and Du-
buqce 7rf5aai '1:H pa
Chicaco Davllc ht Soecial Peo-
rl and SprlncflelJ liro pra Spn
SprlncaeH Accommo!atl:n... '4:45 pra 10:40am
e-hlcarn Dlanwmt Sre-elil :lpra 734 ara
Sprinsfleld AeTomm-datlen- ... T7:M pra ......
Santkern Lines.
Paducah Mall and Expreu
Murphyiboro. Carbori ila and
Main lijira 7 I pm
New Orleans Fast Mall Cairo.
Memphis. Jack-on. Tenn..
and Texas Express. Nash
ville. Atlanta and Jackson
ville tUiia ilura
Et. Louis Sprctal-Calro. Mem
phis and New Orleans l.ltB , 5:lt pm
AceomnHKlatlofl Muiph) storo,
Marlon. Cairo. Sparta acd
Chester .. .- 143 pra lltam
Accommodation 5turp. jstoro,
Marlon and Crral Sprin .... J pra llSam
New Orlean I Joined Cairo.
Memphis. Dixie F!jer Nash
ville. Atlanta, and Jacun
vllle 19 Icra Cs
Eastern Lines.
Train. , . . . Depart.
Nlmxari FsIIr. BuSalo. New
York aad Boston UK am ij.ji r
Tolerto. Detroit. Nlacara. Fallt. vc"
Tlusa!o. Ntw Tcrk and Bea
ten Exnr s 123 era 723 art
Toledo. N Tork and Boston
Fast Mall.. 2H5 ara 31 s.ei
MMntsM Umlted -Detroit. Buf-
faIo. New Tork and Boaton-..ll! pra IM pm
Toledo Local Exprees. 74ara SrtCpm
ChlcaKo Line.
Banner Kxpresj-Chlcnxo . 1 am 7. pQ
Mllnlxht'Llrntied-Chlcaro. 'tlIrra S-4S
Unman City Line.
Kansas aieKirreu -axitn
Kansas atr Fast Man '2-M pra
Kansas City Limited : Em
Northwestern Lines.
From Union station
Council ni Ts and Omaha Ex
L'n ;." ISOam
u n uau umani lajpra 1in
Ottumwa rA n. Mai.m - " ,.wam
ISO ara
3:00 am 5K)0pra
Indnlls Exprrss J? S'Sn
Ntw York and Boston Limited. 13a am 5US fcS
Knickerbocker Special New .-Pia
York. Botrn Washlnttoa.
Baltimore, and PM'alelo!ila..lI J socn C:Gdti
Jtattoon and Alton Acccmoo- -
ttat n .......... .. . ...... 145 pra 9:44 am
Btn. New Y'erle ClndnnatL . -a
Washlritrn. Baltlrcore and
Phllaileiphla IldOpm islam
a . al rwnaa m
wi" "'"" Mpm noiin, rnraon ....
Alttn-Lea ti ioj B. 5: p. ra. ArrUea ; Klnloch Pari
net a. ra.. l:ts p, m. j Terraton ...
Pet Lives in Poultry Yard ami
Sleeps Under Hen's Wing.
Gcrmantown. O.. July li. Four months
ago two kitten -were left In Dan Klndlg's
yard. The family paid little attention to
them, but when scraps from the table and
kitchen were thrown to the chickens the
youac felines shared In the feast. One of i Reddlntr. Cat. July 12. Sixty of the re
th kittens was killed, but the other one ' mainlnc braves of the old warlike xvirTt,i
remains with tho chickens, never leavlns Indiana are holdlwr a bis war dance on the
the poultry yard unless the chickens are j McOoud River above Balrt. and word
turned out. Then the cat goes with them. I comes to Reddle?; that t wWtej la the
Ottumwa. Dea "Moines "and
illnneapolU Limited......... -j -- -Oa,,,
Local Trains.
West Moserly and Kansas
,,ci,',LcJ, 1:Bin :Rcbi
J5;S" r ,toca.1 t5:fl5 Pm 11U0 im
Moheilr Local jsj em
East-Decatur Local t4:pm Kj"am
Decatur Local IS-lSnra "u
Snbnrbnn Train.; pm
M. Charles ".................jllraOpm rtiaTrm .
Klnloch Park 4as pro ..7..ZT
Fenruson ...... .......2:4S pra M Vm
rxusen 1:40 pra :4 pm
Fer'SS .. TS.1S am
FF?!rnliV.""lriTsuC " "
St. tAarles .............ltrtOajn l:4Srnn
S:",,S!rU 15:40 pra ;
nq, on ........ 14:15 pra tsin.
tiriaseion ........... i3fl am icno nm
. 8:50 am 10 5 ara
.. Tt Opm TS-Opra
When night comes on and the chickens bo
to roost the cat itoes alonjr. and sleeps un
der the wing of a large Plymouth Reck
hen. which seems to enjoy the strango
nelshbcrhood are afraid they -win become
so Intoxicated that trouble will ensue. They
have i whisky in abundance and are drinklns
as they dance. The few remalninjr Win
toons are .practically speaking, a quiet and
peaceable lot, except when crazed by liquor.
, , . Hard Luck.
.B'SWhard: '."My ancestors had bluo blood
In their veins.
Blffer: "Too tad! I suppose there weren't
jo many blood purifiers on the market in
those days as there ara now;" Coho.bU3
. -1 it jeiwww

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