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Seeing is Believing,
Fesling !s ihe Real Thing
A Mutual
We make in our own shops
in New York all the Clothing
we sell, and it is manufactured
under the most watchful scru
tiny. We make and sell more
"lothing than any other house
in the country, and can manu
facture it more cheaply, be
cause we are buying goods and
making clothes for 15 stores in
15 cities.
Tried and True.
The oldest Summer Fabric
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Before you take the children
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some of these "Wash Suits.
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75c to $1.25.
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King & Co
Hillside Children Charged With
Destruction of Property.
Nat Vadner, a 5-year-old boy, was a de
fendant In Justice Campbell's court on the
Olfve street road yesterday, on a charge
o malicious destruction of. property. 'With
him were his brother. Emit, who Is 7.
George and Alonzo Bobb and Charles and
George Masterson. The oldest boy In the
crowd was 11 years old. They all live In
Julius Gerhart had the boys arrested.
Gerhart Is building a new house on Etzel
avenue and alleged that the youthful de
fendants got Into It one day and played
havoc with Its architectural beauty.
Little Nat did not know whether to plead
guilty or not guilty when arraigned be
fore the bar. "I had a fine time," he said,
"I busted windows and kicked down the
horses. Whee. but It was fun."
Prosecuting Attorney Heldorn lectured
the youthful defendants and requested Jus
tice Campbell to continue the cases gen
erally. This was done, and if tneir parents
keep them out of mischief hereafter, the
charge will not be pressed.
Tonr "Watch Should Be
Cleaned and oiled regularly at least every
eighteen months. Our expert watchmakers
will do It for you at little cost.
On Broadway, cor. Locust fit.
abandoneTchild in county.
Left Infant Girl Alongside Rail
way Kear Pacific, Mo.
Pacific. Mo.. July 12. A HtUe girl was
abandoned Friday night at the "tie whim"
on the Meramec, In St. Louis Count-, just
east of Pacific, by a woman supposed to
be her mother. A note Dinned to the
clothes said she was IS months old. and her
name was Viola "Wilson.
A woman, who is supposed to be her
mother, in company with another woman
and a man, had been camping near town
some time. She claimed to belong to a
Carondelet family, but refused to give her
name. Mrs. Bunion, the wife of a railroad
pumpman here, will adopt the child.
Theodore Koeh 1S0O MaKIagftroa't
Annie AlthoS 1 MaUtni&oat
Kuth Murphy H2 Trcaeaa
Clara. Rothe at TraHeau
L. C. 8helton 1C7 Gno
Clarabel A. Sailer. old Orchard, Mo
O. E. Selbert .18M South Jefferoa
Louise M. Alt Pacific. Mo
John Zartt 2SCS North Twelfth
Adela, Assenmacher. 2108 North Fifteenth
Adam Mueller 1K0 Cats
Ells. Zoll 4123 North Broadway
James B. Coleman .East St. Louis. Ill
Suite E. Long Sprlnicfleld. Mo
E. F. McBroom..". - .AVeUivlUe, Mo
Mabelle E. Touncberx ....v..Laraette. Ind
Edward Taylor. flO North Coannlnc
Luevlc Ridley SIS North Charming
W. Campbell S07 South Seventeenth
Sarah Fassett so; South Seventeenth
John E. Blake IMS Carroll
Lizzie Lynch jsjj Carroll
J- E. Reynolds 228 South Beaumont
Annie F. Craig 22s South Beaumont
F. J. Kadlec... JH South Eleventh
Mary A. Puchta- an Calhoun
J. O. Oertll 2T1S Franklin
Mollis C Hoeall I0A South Twenty-third
Patrick Gallagher. 2614 panln
Margaret Wrna 2S21 Papla
Ell Polette Granite City. Ill
Ida M. Belterton 123 South Broadway
J. L. McKenzle De Soto. Mo
Maud Tonkins 2S1I North Twenty-second
C. M. Qulrley. De Soto, Mo
Nellie Tonkins.. .2S12 North Twenty-ascond
IT- J1- Wlnohel Mount Clemens. Mich
Marie Bonday. Mount Clemens, Mich
Wedding: nines (Solid Gold).
Finest qualities, S3 to CO. Mermod & Jac
card's. Broadway and Locust.
lnc is the report of the' Humane Society
for the week ending July 10: Beating or
whipping, 4; overloading. 5; driving when
sailed or lame, 40: depriving; of necessary
food or shelter. 1; general cruelty, 3;
warned, B0; cases reported at office, 17;
remedied without prosecution. IS; not
found. 1; animals taken from work. 14:
nl"rW killed, being, unfit for further use,
S; complaints regarding children. 2; num
ber of children Involved, fc
Founder of Ocesua Grove Is Dead.
New York. July 12. Uriah White, who
conceived the Idea which led to the founding
of Ocean Grove, the famous Methodist re
sort of New Jersey, is dead at Trenton.
IVv1 .n f J
&&&&&& !
r s-' ! s
H? flKV .L SlM
MM siBVl
Xovel Scheme Hacked by Xerr York
Millionaires Will Carry PasienKrn
nt Rate of Ten 3111c. Per Hour.
New York, July 12. It was learned to-day
that behind a plan to equip the Brooklyn
bridge with moving sidewalks are men of
names to conjure wllm They have perfected
a preliminary organization, and If their
proposition is viewed favorably by the of
ficials of the city who have power to act
they will organize a corporation under the
laws of this State and become practically
a local concern.
Among these men are Cornelius Vander
bilt, Stuyvesant Fish. E. P. Ripley. Gorge
W. Young, Moses Taylor Pyne, S. 8. Pal
mer, John O'ltourke and half a dozen oth
ers, all well known in the railroad and
financial world.
It has been agreed by the representatives
of the?e men that they will within one year
equip tbo bridge witn moving sidewalks at
their own expense, and will pay the city
HSO.WO a year for the privilege of operating
them. They have agreed to charge not
more than 1 cent a person for each crossing.
According to the plans drawn by George 3.
Morrison, the company's consulting engi
neer, there will be four speeds In the Fide
walks. The outer rim, on which the passen
ger will first step, will move at the rate cf
two and one-half miles an hour, the second
at five miles an hour, the third at seven
and one-half miles and the fourth and main
belt at ten miles an hour.
London. July li (Copyright. 1302.)-The-performance
of the man nho walked twen
ty miles around a billiard table, according
to the record made by the pedometer his
wife slipped into his waistcoat pocket. I
quite outdone by the dancer who goes
through the whole programme at an or
dinary ball. And how many women jxrr
form that feat!
One correspondent of the Medical Pres
comes forward with a marvelous set of
statistics showing the distance covered by
a dancer. On the basis that the wallz
averages 1W yards, the quadrille 1.500
yards, the mazurka 909 yards, and polka
809 yards, he declares that a ball pro
gramme is the equivalent of no fewer than
thirty miles on the level ground.
There la Xothlnsr Experimental
About our optical examinations. Bach eye
is tested separately by Dr. Bond, our expert
optician, and fitted with tbe lens it re
quires. Steel frame, $1 and up; gold, 3
end up. Examination free.
On Broadway, cor. Locust st.
Writifor eatalogu,s.soo tnyranngi. MaiUafrit.
Crop of Tomatoes Spoiling Because
It Can't Be Shipped.
Alto Pass. 11L. July 12. Hundreds- of
bushels of tomatoes are being left on the
vines here to spoil because of tbe tie-up
In Chicago occasioned by the strike of rail
way freight handlers and teamsters.
Unless the strike is settled within the
next dar or two the loss to fruit and vege
table growers In Southern Illinois will be
Tito Fine Offices for Rent
In the Mermod & Jaccard fireproof building,
Broadway and Locust. Bxcellent service.
Best location in the city.
Visited tbe "World's Fair Site.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Hughes of Park
ersburg. W. Va, stopped over In St. Louis
on their way to the Hibernian Convention
at Denver, Colo., to visit the World's Fair
site. Mr. Hughes is State treasurer of
the Ancient Order of Hibernians of West
Virginia. He is an enthusiast in regard to
the World's Fair and states that West
Virginia will be well represented at the
Xo More Waltlnc.
Luyties' Lunchery Annex. No. 812 North
Sixth street. Is almost completed, and will
be opened to the public within a few days.
It will be the largest and best equipped eat-lng-houso
In the city.
Killed Three for Vengeance. ,
Portland. Ore.. July 12, In a mad desire
for vengeance in return for real or sup
posed wrongs. A. L. Beld'rg. a bartender,
shot and instantly killed his wife, hJs
mother-in-law and a male Inmate of tne
house, and fatally wounded his father-in-law.
Swell Styles
In Ladies' Kid, Patent
Leather and Ideal,
m m0 7
See our Oxfords, Colonials
' and Barefoot Sandals, Coolie
Cloth Oxfords for Ladies and
$1.50 to $3.00
Camp Will Be Broken at Monte
sano This Afternoon.
Montesano Park, July 12. There was
very little drilling in camp to-day. it be
ing the regular inspection day of the serv
ice. The only thing of note In the military
line was the twenty-mile "hike" or practice
march of the Second Battalion, commanded
by Major Marquardt.
This battalion consists of Companies A.
B and G. The men started at S a. m. and
returned to camp at 1 p. m. In good condi
tion, notwithstanding the rough roads and
hilly nature of the country- But few men
were compelled to drop out of the march.
These were well cared for by Captain Fer
ret of the medical staff.
The afternoon was given over to merry
making on the part of the men in the
Each company had its own variety of cos
tumes, and more ludicrous sights were
never presented. Company A men were
clad in blankets and war paint of the
"Rumsey Indians." Company K. In many
funny costumes, constituted the second bat
talion, ably commanded by Major Brewer,
wearing a grass straw hat. and on his feet
were strapped tin spurs of very lnrre rlzc
He was assisted by Adjutant KomanbKI.
dressed in a similar manner.
The colonel of the "Scouccr" regiment
was impersonated by Hospital Steward
Morris, assisted by Color Sergeant Grace,
both on ambulance mules. The adjutant
of the reciment was impersonated by Ser
geant Trilby Meyers of Company D, a six
footer, on a very small burro.
The parade took place on the regular
parade ground of the regiment. In full
view of the headquarters, and was viewed
by a large crowd who had Just landed from
the excursion boat. The antic of the men
caused great merriment among the specta
tors, who cheered loudly at each movement
of the revelers.
Camp will be broken Sunday afternoon.
All Social Affairs to Be Snspemled
This Year.
Springfield. III.. July 12. Under command
of General Horace S. Clark of Mattcon. the
Second Brigade of the Illinois National
Guard occupies Tamp Lincoln to-night.
Fifteen hundred militiamen are in camp.
Including the Fourth Infantry, under com
mand of Colonel J. Mack Tanner, and the
Fifth Infantry, commanded by Colcnel J.
S. Culver.
The encampment of this year will be
notable for its simplicity For the flrst
time within the memory of the olJest of
ficer, general headquarters have not been
removed from the capital to the post and
Adjutant General Smith and his assistants
will attend to their work from their regu
lar quarters. There will be a conspicuous
absence of the brilliant social affairs that
have made Camp Lincoln a glittering at
traction for the society people of Spring
field, and have made the annual encamp
ment so expensive to the Slate. Instead of
Its being a summer society attraction, the
encampment this year will be devoted to
steady hard work by both officers and men.
The opening parade of the encampment
was given this evening and was witnessed
by several hundred iwrsons. To-morrow
the usual devotional services will be held,
conducted Jointly by the chaplains of the
two commands. Major Cabanls of the
Fifth will be Held officer of the day. Lieu
tenants Gates of the Fifth and Seibert of
the Fourth will be senior officers of the
guard and Lieutenants St. John of the
Fifth and St. John of the Fourth win be
Junior officers of the guard.
Paris, July 12. (Copyright. 12.) At the
Acadernle de Medicine on Tuesday Doctor
Dleulafoy spoke in favor of prompt surgi
cal Intervention for appendicitis.
Examining statistics, which at first sight
ieemed to militate against his views, ha
pointed out that many operations for ap
pendicitis when the acute period was passed
were wholly unnccesscry. being performed
en persons who were already on the way to
cure. Surgical treatment should be applied
immediately to prevent poisoning of tbe or
ganism. 'Westerners In IVnablngton.
Washington. July li J. C. CarvalL Jr.,
of St. Louis is in Washington on business.
E. L. Shea and wife of Carrollton. Mo.,
are here on a pleasure trip.
P. A. Johnston of Dallas. Tex.. Is In town
on buslness.
W. P. Brown of Fort Leavenworth, Kas.,
Is in the city.
G. A. Radford of St. Louis la here on
business. He will depart to-morrow for
New York.
Gamit Crebs of St. Louis Is registered at
nn ft ttif. lBrf(np hn!ts
P. B. McCarty and wife of 8L Louis ro
in the city on their way to New York.
Several Eyewitnesses Testify to
tin Killing of Hujro G. Doel-
in Last Tuestlav.
Says Gordon .Came Into Their Con
fectionery. Cursed Her Son and
Then Stabbed Him in the
Fight Which Followed.
nnrrnuc special
Columbia. Mo.. July 12. The preliminary
trial of Fleetwood Gordon, charged with
th murder of H. G. Docllng last Tuesday,
took place In the court of Justice J. E.
Boggs to-day. Gordon was represented by
Colonel S. Turner. E. M. Bass. Webster
Gordon, M. R. Conley and Wellington Gor
don, his father. Prosecuting Attorney J.
H. Murry appeared for the State.
H. M. McKee testified tliat he was in the
employ of Doellng and was In the rcMnu
rant at the time the dlKIculty occurred.
Shortly after noon he heard some one come
in and Docllng went toward him. He 'H
not hear what was first said between them.
The first he heard was an oath from Gor
don, and when be glanced at the men thy
were fighting. Doellng was betwtcn th
door and Gordon, and put his hand to his
side, saving: "He has stabbed me."
Witness 5-aid he saw the knife raised In
Gordon's hand and IoeIlng Jumped through
th door into the street, with Gordon fol
lowing. Doellng cried "Murdcrr" and went
up the street and then turned across It,
while G.rdon continued up tbe street along: '
the sidewalk. ,
The Mother's Mory.
Turner Hamilton. George Burroughs. Joe
Flood and M. 1". Parker were also called as
Mrs. Dot-ling was the princlptl witne
for the rrosecution. In brief, she testified as
Gordon came to the door of the restaurant
and met Doeling about half way ba;k In
the room and presented a hill to him. say
ing: "What are you going to do about thl
Doellng answered: "Walt until to-morrow."
Gordon then ui an oath, and s-ald:
"I won't vait another day" Doellng then
saii. "How dare you come into my housj
and call me such namesT' Gordon "ed an
other oath, and said "I will kill you. be
tides." Gordon and Doellng both struck :tt
each other, nnd Doellng turned and ran
tnunnl t!i door, with Gordon following.
When Doellng got near the door he put ni
hand to his side and said: "I am stabbed.
Doellng anil Gordon loth turned up the
s-treet, but Doellng crossed over after going
a little way, and Gordon went on up the
street. ... ...
The State closed Us cae with Mrs. Doel
IngV testimony. The defence did not intro
duce any witnesses, but reserved their tes
timony for the trial proper In the llrcuit
Court. After the testimony was in tfcif
court adjourned until Monday, when the ar
guments will be heard
.ot Yet Admitted to Unit.
The only point Involved in the preliminary
trial i the questlan whether Mr. Gordon
will be admitted to Itall. It Is believed by
hh attorneys that he will, since Doellng
admitted In his dlng statement that he
struck Gordon before Gordon drew hb
knife. Gordon has made no statement re
garding the affair since it occurred. -Gordon
stated to-day that several of the best
known lawyers In the Slate have offered
thMr services.
Sheriff Bradford sa. he has never nau
a better prisoner. Since being In Jail he
has received many letters and gifts cf fruit,
flowers, book and delicacies.
Fine Stationery and Kntrra Ing.
lHO cards with copper plate 31 d". Com
plete line of ladles' and gent-' pocket book",
card rates' and leather g- ods.
AH the late popt-lar books at cut prices at
SIS locust St.
O. D. lllerrakD. i jesrs. SIC Rrooklyn:
Daxld O'CocntU. 31 jeirs. 1C3 Kianklla; tubfr
culotls pulmona.!.
Louis troamorth. 4i jr. Id: Linden; heart
tjiurraee WlllarO. : rocnths. !M De Kalb;
J. Q llurpby. IS years. 41l Finney; heart
!rttr Dillon. year. Alrx!an IlrothtrV Hos
pital, ron'urnptlon.
A. L llumrr. 1 year. 4iM South CbmpUn:
r. H. Troy, z month. 1M Tejas; tnterlUa.
UlllUra Utoiie. SZ ear?. Cllj- HcpIUl; con
sumption. f. K. Forrester, 1 year, an Ccte Brilliant-;
Fitter liary Ltemanllna. (Christina Mtarl). il
years. IS l'apin: n)drot borax.
llaby Ilorle. 1 day. 4ST lMt; Inanition.
Lout R. Wadkins. ' mostbr, iJH Wise: en
teritis. Alonzo Brown. 6 years. 14U Whlttler; taber
cular sponljrtlt!.
E. illchaUkl. -2 rears. ll Dillon; pneumonia.
3Iary J. Curtis, ui ear-. CnLt LXuk; cancer.
Margartt Kllcull-n. (C )ear. SKA MclW;
It. C. Foster. 6J jtar. City Hospital: Orel
dent. Robert ileytr. C ycdis. ml Missouri; aecldent.
II. J l'owem. months 2CS7A Lee; dntltls.
ItaritarTtha. Kutscber. 11 years. 5HI Codese:
typhoid feer.
Carolina K. Schmidt. 1 year. 1ES Blair: entero
colitis. J J. McCarthy. S jears. 35 Ecotf; dlrhtheria.
llatuslfn Hunt. IT days. 13 North Tenia;
M.nK'n'.ta! lttliy
Joseph Clark. 1 month. 133 North Tenth: mi
rasmus. Special Offer In Fine Stationery.
M iheL and 30 envelopes' of "Highland
L'nen" writing papr. stamped with two
letter monogram, XLZi; VM finest calling
cards, printed from jour plate, only 7S
On Broadway, cor. Locust t.
Projected Structure Will Cost
About ?10(,000.
Beaumont. Tex. July li The execution
of a deed from Marth WIess to the Thread
needle Hotel Company covering a part or
block 17 in the city of Beaumont marks
what it Is hoped will prove to be the first
definite step toward the construction of a
modern, centrally located hotel.
It is to be called the Threadneedle and
will be located on the property back of the
prerent Threadneedle bullalng. It will front
on Main street and on Broadway nnd will
cost In the neighborhood of J1W.00O. Mr.
WIess has Just returned from New York,
v-herc he his been for several weeks Inter
esting capitalists of the East In his hotel
corner Broadway and Locust streeL
Writtor tatalogt.3.zoo rnjrarlnji. ilailttifree.
W. O. and Bessie M. Hopper, SU9 South Broad
way; rlrl.
W. T. B. and Mary A. Crelghton. HO Cla-row;
V. A. and Elsie Godwin. East St. Louis. III.;
Louis and Asca. Krceccr, 1WS South Compton;
Joseph and Mary Farnmeyer. 411 Clarion; boy.
John and Christine Vaccaro. Jit North Boyle;
Thomas and Ellsa. Tehan, KM rapln: boy.
William and Kate Sump. 379 Chouteau; alrL
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meren. 1S1CA Lemnrvell;
X. and !na Earnl. 4111 Chouteau: boy.
F. and Joslena, Centlnle. Ill Sswth Fourth;
Edward and Anna Fohnnas. 19W North Thir
teenth: boy.
Claude J. and Clara W. Culbertson, 3445A Hen
rietta: boy.
Harry and Lizzie Ocks. C13 Pennsylvania; girl.
M. and Mary Dally. JOJ West Stetn; boy.
F. J. V. and CunelU J. Krtbs. Sli North
Fourteenth: gtrL
Iult and Mary Demartlne. 10U North Jeffer
son; boy.
Joseph M Asnle Sehmleder. Deaconess Hos
pital: girt.
Andreas and Mian! Sctuob, 312 restalozzl;
John and Emma Uanley, u Udmond; alrL
1L J. ard Lata Barn. SD3 South Broadway;
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JJeattionary Opposition Opposes It,
but t?eixes It as Lever to
Overturn Ministry.
Reasonable Persons Would Accept
It iu Place of One or More of the
Existing Taxes 31. Kouvier
Plavs a Star Iole.
Paris. July li (Copyright. lMi A finan
cial week. In which M. Kuuvier hai played
th- leading role.
To begin with, he made his debut in the
Chamber apropos of an lnconv? tax. Th
Radicals and Socialists want a globat ami
progressive income tax added to existing
taxes in the case of the wealthy. Reason
able people aecept a proportional Incoate
tax in place of one or more of the existing
taxes. M. Ilouvier belongs to the reason
able people.
As for the reactionary opposition. It tloes
not want an Income tax. Iwt .t seizes It '
an Implement of warfare: eggs on the Ra 1
icals to call for one, and, when She Radi
cals show some discretion, the oppo?iti-jn
accuses them of hyjocrfcy.
Lever to Overturn Ministry.
The Opportunists' tactics are to usj an
Income tax as a lever to overturn the Min
istry. Nevertheless, It Joined with the ma
jority In applauding M. Rouvler when he
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a bid substituting an Income tax for some
of the direct taxes.
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Minister of Finance was the vote on tho
conversion of the 3$j per cents to 3 p?r
cenln This affect the Hans raised In 1S7I
to meet the war Indemnity. France was
then In a sorry condition. She borrowed it
5 per cent, wish SI francs the price of Issue.
During these last thirty-one years the In
terest on our funds has been reduced. It
was yesterday 3f iX-; to-morrow It will be
If. and this operation will leave u an an
nual profit of SS.(W.(Csf. which will go to
reduce the deficit.
The combination planned by M. Rouvler
was at once sober and elegant. He ex
pounded It with eloquence and authority,
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a;plaud. not merely his eulogy of the Ionr
and laborious efforts of this country, which
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was only natural, but also counsels of
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a lesson.
This success by M. Rouvler Is a well-deserved
revenge for the foul calumnies of
which he has been too long the victim. It
proves that if Justice halts It still keeps
its engagements with those who have pa
tience to wait for it.
Problem for Next Chamber.
The Deputies are going away. When they
return, in October, they will hae the de
bates on thfc budget of isy3. which will
serve us the ke stone of the whole Legis
lature. There wculd be nothing a&tonl-h-ing
If they should find themselves In con
tact with a bill to revive the fjmous nrivi-
!e.;e or the "Bouiileura de CruV that is to
say, the right enjoyed by eve:y landed pro
prietor to turn nis iruit crop into alconol.
There are perhaps xiiVO.O.O.O to gather In
here by a stroke of the pen; but such a
measure would advise lamentations and in
flict temporary annoyance upon the elector.
Will the Government have the courage to
face this? Why not?
Another flnanclnl problem of considerable
Importance b- raised by the "Cilsse des
Families." 'the Cause des Famulus Is no.
a small Insurance company like the "Rente
Vta.ere" of the Humbert family, it Is an
insurance company that affec'eil Sj.f Per
sons. It miscalculated Its premium rates
and has no more money to continue Its
Politicians have not yet made capital of
this disaster, because the personages who
managed the Cal .se des Families belong to
conservative society. The Reactionary pa
pers do not dare to exploit the catas
trophe against the Republic
The first session of the new Chamber Li
ended. The Cabinet comes out of It
strengthened. General Andre, who plays
an Important part in the 14th of July cere
monies, as ne noius ino review wnicn is
tbe feature of the day. also scored a suc
cess bv rrttinr the Senate to adODt the
principles of the reducUon of military serv
ice to two yeirs.
The naturalists, in accordance with old
habit, continue religiously to call him
'Canaille." but thev are visibly wearying
of a method of defending the army which
consists in blackguarding Its head.
Paris, July li-(Copyrlsht. ISO A feat
ure of the International Lawn Tennis tour
nament, going on this week on the ground
at the He de Puteaux Club, has) been tho
wonderful play of Mr. R. F. Doherty, who
won the championship for singles with
Mr. Doherty was only beaten once In the
handicap for the men's doubles, when he
and 31r. Norrls. an Englishman, were
beaten by 3Ir. B. S. De Garmendla and 3Ir.
J. Ellis Hoffman. The Americans receive
four-sixths of fifteen.
Mr. Doherty played an exhibition single
with 3Ir. Thomas Burke, an English pro
fessional, beating Mr. Burke by 6 to 4 and
7 toi .
Thin Li Mr. Doherty'i last Important
match before he meets the best American
players next month ut Longwood. New
port. MnnlRoinery City Jetyerion Clab.
Montgomery City. Mo.. July li Demo
cratic Club Organizer Dan Frazer Thom
son of the Versailles (Morgan County)
Democrat was here last evening. The club
Here is the snap, the Trim and vigor of yoTtSjj manhood. Any man who
wears mj Elecric Belt can be a. giant la mental and physical development.
Thoutands of men are mere pigmies of what nature intended them.
Backward, oversensitive, fearing to venture, lacking the grit, the Msand"
which is the possession ' vigorous manhood.
They need Electricity, which is animal vitality. It it the foundation
of all vigor. It is the fuel to the engine which rnns the human machine.
Electricity, a I apply it, is a source of new life to all part of tht body.
. i -m i wak, have yon
pains in your back, varicocele, weak stomach, constipation, lumbago, en
larged psoJtate. gland, or any of the results of early mistakes, excesses or
overwork ? ily method of applying electricity while you sleep at night
will cure you. It fills the nerves with the fire of life. Yon wear my Belt
while you sleep. You feel its life-giving power and can regnUte it.
For twenty years I have studied Electricity as applied forthe upbuild
ing of manly strength, and my method of treatment, now tried and uo
cessful. ia the result of my study and experience.
Electricity is life to the weak parti, to the nerves of the body. They
cannot live without it. Get bck the power and stake yoarstl! a man
among men.
Dr. McLaughlin's book is published for free dfatributloa to thoie in
terested in the development of vigorous health la m and irorien. It i
profusely illustrated and describe my method of trestraeat and appU-
.ut.es. , seaica, iree on rexroest.
for $3.50.
here has changed Its name to the Jefferson
Club of Montgomery City. President.Whlte
law Duey; vice president. E. 31. Hughes:
second vice president. Forrest Britt; sec
retary. Charles Wilson: treasurer. Thomas
J. Johnson: sergeant-at-arms. Reve Hop
kins. The next meeting will be held Mon
day evening. July IL
Members Meet and Protest Against
Divorce Laws.
Indianapolis. Ind.. July li Indiana boasta
of the only matrimonial union In the world.
In this day of trusts this urdque crgant
zation, or corporation. It might be called
would attract little attenUon were It not
for the unusualness of the scheme and the
peculiar character of its founder.
The Reverend William F. Meese. tho
"marrying parson." of Auburn. DeKalb
County. Ind.. Is the originator and promo
ter of tho matrimonial union, which num
bers some thousand persons.
The sixth annual reunion of the associa
tion was celebrated at Auburn. The work;
of the year, which tends entirely toward
the betterment of the marriage and di
vorce laws, was reported, the resolutions
of the society were reaffirmed, and a Jolly
good time with the gray old fatherly pres
ident was enjoyed by all present.
Here Is a copy of the resoluUons:
Be it resolved by the Meese Matrimonial
Association. In annual reunion assembled:
That we reaffirm the principles and alms)
of this organization as heretofore by reso
lution expressed.
That we deplore the alarming Increase in
divorces as compared with marriages la
our community, and that we view with dis
gust the evident insincerity with which
many of our young men and women enter
into their marriage vows.
That we assert that marriage is a di
vine institution, and Is Instinctive In alt
humanity. That marriage is not a failure,
and he who declares the contrary questions
the rectitude of the creaUve scheme of Al
mighty God.
That we believe the strength and safely
of the Republic are dependent upon the.
morals of the people, and that no naUon
whose people show fidelity to their mar
riage Institutions can far depart from tho
principles or iiDerty. justice anu equaiiu.
We therefore Invoke the aid of aU patriot
ic and Christian men and women In creat
ing a senUment against the present looso
divorce laws and the lack of solemnity
with which the marriage state is invested.
College Contract Let.
Bentonvlllo, Ark.. July li The contract,
for the new dormitory for Baptist Collegei,
was let to-day. The building will be brick,
two storiei. containing twenty-one rooms,
parlor, dining-room and kitchen. Professor
S. c. Parish of Texas has been chosen
principal and a competent faculty en
gaged. Soldiers) and Sailors nennlon.
Nashville. HI.. July li-Colonel LouH
Krughoff. a member of the Executive Com
mittee of the Southern Illinois Soldiers' and
Sailors Association, announces) that tho
committee has decided to hold the annuat
reunion nt Carbondale September 10. 11 ant
li Extensive preparations are being mada
for the meeting.
&ea,a lor it to-day.
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-lit -;
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