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T'at eoripty t ransw i "Ut nf town was
e nn nir.lv tb lll f the St. I.OI1I Club
g-ir.-e i pnrtv last Thursday night
summer mdomr j' there, many cf him.
but .f wlve si il daii:lt-r thrre were few
frdod. Somebody remarked In the course
rt the evening that these gardt-n panics are
a boon to the man Itft behind during the
rummer, and 1 thmK mat it muse ie su.
, re: tain that Maor Wells. David It. Frnn
' Ct. F.slill Mellenry. Norris Gregg. A. L.
' ' 3 SK pi- Ish. Daniel Nugent and a dozen oth
ers ti mpr.rari y bereaved made an o-irly np
p ra.uc in tlie bit: and beautifully deco-
r-t- 1 girdfn "ind stayed until the Mnwe
l3niei ns begin to sputter and go out. There
is s- m-thlng supremely sociable about a
rtmmir widower. He Is so unutterably
eratful for small conversational faior?: so
tVrupbly diEised to make a poud time
out : everything: t-o generally agreeable
an-1 anxious to distribute himself every
where n one and the same time that he
'made the parden party "en" like a ho'iie
atlfe the other nisht If you will i-atdon the
homei simile.
And you must als? remember that Mr.
Capen. who is both a rummer widower and
n host in himself, had charge of matters,
beirp the entertainment chairman. Mr.
Cap. n rrckes every function at the club
Tiouec ro "
Then there -was K. Park von AVedcI
staedt, Charlfs Pope OTailon. Park Ham
mar and several other single men. -who
innVeii after th:nc3 in a Generally tleasant
wai. while Francis D. Htrs;hbers. Samuel
, Dndd. laac H. Lionbcreer. Iuther Ken-
nctt and as many more were variously ui-
??? I found the mulc more than usually at
T tractive, llr. Capen arranged a propramrae
' of operatic se'ectinns tntirely, and "Tho
gerrnade" nrminie." "Tlie Chimes of
X Normandy." "The B'KBar Student." "Fra
Dlavlo." and. of coarse. "Florodora." per-vid-d
the garden all evening, with rag-time
barred fur the nonec.
A r-w club member, -who has just coma
" , to town to live, and who i f-t becom'nB
t very popular. 1 Mr. F. II McNamara- He
, Is youne. a Virginian, a gentleman of tho
, Southern school of tralnlcsr and manners,
and Is distantly related to the Iea of Vir
ginia, cominp to St. Louis to associate -with
. John A. Lee in some business relations. All
of which helps to explain the popularity.
The mnrrlare of Miss Bertha Townsend.
B '"elder daughter of Jlr. and Mrs. Henry C.
" Townsend. to Rufus Lathrop of Detroit
"', -whirh is announced for Wednesday. Ii the
only Important social affair of Its kind on
this week's cards. Weddings In July are
l rare in St Louis, and I rather fancy that
!"" some of these June brides whose day of
days proved anything but lovely and cool
" are wishing they had waited until Fourth
of July month. "We have had a topsy-turvy
- season, sure enough, and it will do Just aa
well to lay the blame on old Pelee.
JIIss Townsend'a wedding is to bo a
morning function, the ceremony at half
, patt 9. with only relatives present, and a
reception afterwards at 10, to which a large
number of cards have been issued. The
- town is losing one of its most admired
beauties by this wedding and one who Is
quite as much appreciated in other cities as
In her own. Last year Hiss Townsend was
In demand for bridesmaid purposes. She
had eight or ten Invitations In the fall, both
In St- Locls and out, and of course was not
t1& 4n a nnon mnTa thnn fiil st ttiATT
, IMI1K 14J ObbtW XUV1D AAbt. VA fcSi4
hr ' -
Dwlght Davis, who has Just won new
' jK honors at tennis tournaments In the East,
v. is resting for a short time at James
1 town. R. L
-" Mr. M. B. ailltenberger. radiant In natural I
- pongee suits of much smartness and with
b. generally sunburnt and tourist coloring
i" about him, came home last week from a
Ave months' trip through the Orient and
" had many Interesting stories to tell the
other nlsht at the Et. Louis Club irarden
X party.
j, Mrs. J. Barada Widen has Joined tho
" ranks of the chauffeur, and may be seen
H,,. these flna days directing her new electric
in stanhope through the boulevards and For
aest Park. The Widens are preparing to go
rt'TVest for their summer tour this year, and
C3 'will take their departure for Colorado early
ft-; n
i August.
pofriT The engagement of Mis3 Clarlsse Coudert
U of NewTTork and Conde Nast, whose f am-
fly has resided In St. Louis for several gen--ieratlons.
Is to terminate with an early Sep-
" tember wedding, the date being set for tho
Si. It will be a small affair, confined to
nfe.tbe two families and other relatives, with
fTuo reception. The ceremony is to be per
oailormed at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
The bridesmaids' frocks at the Sloane
Fleld weddlmr the other dav at Lenox were
: a pure and simple dreams color poems In
pale primrose and blue. Accounts In the
j,B publlo prints have called them everything
'v.. T hnrmeti to know that thpr were of T-erv
fri me silk mull In the primrose shade, with
jt a satis aot. .iney were entirely nanamaae
Ej and a perfect mass of fine tucks, real "Val"
!ra-ana ""ffl69 of prlmrcse chiffon. With the
Vtf frock were worn big fluffy hats of pale
c"" blue chiffon and sashes of nale blue louls-
iene, with long fringed ends. The hats were
"trmmAA -lt mnrd ' Vo I" nrA rtc o nil
iTTll e K1t,a 1IL- rHncnd n m.t.h tnO
"eashea. A chou of blue silk was worn on
if1"" the bodices and in their hands' they carried
iI'--the smartest touch of the sensan larsr'e
JJLpale blue chiffon parasols, the costliest by
E,jf iar evtr made in the United States, requir-
lnr several monthn for their construetlon.
They were gifts from the bride. The ribs
and fittings were all of gold and the handle
P ' of Ivory, thickly Incrusted with topazes
J the bride's stone and turquoises, thus com
: Lpleting the yellow and blue color scheme.
Mr. TV. S. Speer of No. 12 Rugby place
""and Miss Elenore M. Vaughan. 1215 Jons
,tl3Etrcet. were quietly married at the home of
Issaethe briae-s parents Wednesday at hign noon
vg by the Reverend H. Barnes of St. Charles
Irii-Kock Road Church. Mr. and Mrs. Speer
5,jdeparted for the East at midnight Wedncs-E-day.
8k1 S-s Ethel Beatrice TVhitaker. youngest
pri'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. TVhitaker. No.
fAsa202 Norfolk avenue, and Mr. Roy N. Rooks
KXiiwere married June 3. at 8-30 o'clock in the
?! 'evening, at the home of the bride's parents.
t . Finest engraved invitations for weddings
PSSpnd BIal functions. Correct fcrms and
.ytyie. Da.xxip;es nua prices lunusiiea iree on
request. Mcrmod & Jaccard's. society sta
tioners, Broadway and Locust street.
yhe wedding of Miss Adele Sowers of No
5iC3 West Belle place and Mr. Henry Shields
itook place Inst Tuesdav morning at the
Washington and Compton Avenue Presby
terian Church, at S o'clock, the Reverend
Harris Gregg officiating. The bride wore a
traveling gown of tan poncee, elaborately
trimmed in ciuny lace ot tne same snaae.
I and a large picture hat. She was attended
j" by ner sister, juss euie sowers, air. uuy
Alexander acted as best man. The couple
departed Immediately for a tour of the
Northern laucs. un tnejr return tney win
go to housekeeping in their new home on
Delsar boulevard.
r 3iiscellam:oi;s fuxctioxs.
litch Cut Glass Mermod &. Jaccard's.
Mr. and Mr3. M. A. Maher. No. 231 Mul-
liinnhv street, were given a surprise when
inenas on itic cveiiiuK ui uj vtsiicu
them in tender congratulations on the oc
casion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of
their wedding. Accompanying the party
were a string band and the Edgecomb
Quartet. Chinese lanterns and a large tar
paulin, which had been hrought for the oc
casion, were soon placed In position on the
lawn and. with vocal and instrumental mu
sic, the evening was merrily spent. Pres
ents of silverware, commemorative of the
silver-wedding incident, and a complete
p eh
:htna dinner set were mauc to .air. and Mrs.
Inner. The folio wng.gaeiu. w-ere present:
MeRsrs. and Mmes. M. A. Maher. F
Brlnkman. George Held. Tom Kirk. C Was-
serzlener. i". uoueDusn. uocior and Mrs.
Monahan. Mmcs. Rueckert. Dooley. Dotz
Jer. Brennan, McGlnnlss, Behrens, Fltzpat
rick.'Geyer. H. Geyer, Hailey. Hannon.
JTawkins. Powers. Mnlcahy, Coleman and
Comerfordi Misses Brennan. Emma Fisch
er, I. Koetter. EJla Kaut. J. O'Conner,
1 Adele yick. Mamie wesiing. Kathryn
yejjJiansr-ITorence Moss. Minnie Orban, Katb-
tw w"w. w
il. - t a J- t V m i tt s. V- " 2v-er Yl"
I iili i V -Sl
Who has exchanged her apartments at the Southern Hotel, where she lives all season,
for a charming summer cottage on the shores of Lake Chautauqua, at Lakewood. N.
T. Mrs. Price went East a week ago with her little daughter, a German governess
and several servants, and expects to spend a quiet but none the les. delightful sum
mer. She will have Mrs. Med Johnson as her guest during August, and Mr. Price will
make frequent trips to Lakewood from now until the 1st of October.
erino Wasserzleher; Messrs. Henry Diem.
George Hardy, W. Foster. Ed Meyer. B.
Bell. W. Rose. W. TJhlmeyer. Charles Held.
Joe Kirk. M. Thompson. L. Shottmiiler.
Bruen Diem. F. Beard. H. Phillips, H. Line.
W. Kaut. Charles Todebush, Peter Schwab.
W. Sweeney. E. A. Moss, J. Carroll. E.
Brlnkman, Charles Maher. Ed Wasserzle
her. John Holtz, L. Kendlck.
A surprise lawn party was given Fred
Sensenback. No. 1U3 Penrose street, on
Saturday. In honor of his sixteenth birth
day. The music was furnished by William
Krueter. and several vocal selections were
rendered by William Horn. Dancing and
games were Indulged in. Among those
present were:
Messleura and Mesdames
H. Sensenback.
F. Scholz.
TV. Horn.
E. Zirnheld.
A. Brinker.
L. Horn.
TV. Kreutcr.
F. Sensenback.
A. Cheverlot.
L. Zlraheld.
M. Gundlacfa,
E. Dillon.
L. Kuebler.
R. Morris.
G. Wachter.
G. Gerard!.
W. Gerard!.
C. Holz.
F. McCIaln of De
troit. Mich.
K. Bower.
I Bower.
D. Vellor.
Lv Heyer.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Donovan enter
tained friends with a lawn party on July
4. which Is the first anniversary of their
wedding, at their county home, Greenvtew.
Games and cards afforded amusement dur-
lng tho afternoon. At c o clock supper
' was served under a large tent decorated
with flags and flowers, wmen nad oeen
erected In the center of the lawn. In the
evening the grounds were Illuminated with
Chinese lanterns and various other colored
lights. A tarpaulin was spread on the
lawn, and dancing and singing formed the
amusement. About lW guests were enter
tained. AH the ladles wore charming sum
mer toilets. About midnight the guests de
parted for the city.
Miss Marion Bettis of Webster gave a
dance on Friday evening. Thoso present
Marlon Belti",
Edith Baker.
Frances Dawson.
Cynthain Pilse.
Myrtle Salveter
Genevieve Ander
son, Messers
James R. Bettis,
Fred Howe,
Tiz Gruet.
Herbert Balser,
P. Frank Pcrret.
Lyman Warren,
Henry Chase,
Henry Williams,
Mary Quarle,
F. Quarles.
Cherry Maginnis,
Sally Gruet.
Jessie Wail.
Constance Broolse,
Agnes Brooke,
Ruth Stlllman.
Gene Salisbury.
Percy Wilcox.
Percy Blackmer,
Ed Blackmer.
Wm. Campbell,
Herbert Fldltr.
Walter Skinner.
A surprise partv in honor of 511s Elie
Hlet was given last Monday evening at her
home. No. 4227 Easton avenue. The evening,
was spent in dancing and various games.
Among those present were:
Mae. Blonp. Kittle McMcncny.
Maggie Folk. Nannie Hlet.
Mae. Baker. Mae. McMcneny.
John Dunn. Leon Dunn.
Chas. Hlet. Albert Reader of
Gus Reed. Cincinnati. O.:
John Blong.
Mrs TV. C. Archibald is entertaining the
j following houre party of St- Loulsans at her
borne. Fern Clin tarm. at esius. Mo.:
J. Hull.
D. S. Mullally.
J. B-Hughes,
Irene Hazzard,
John Hall. Jr..
John B. Hughes. Jr.
G. B. Hazzard.
TV. S. Love of Chi
cago. Daisy Voelker,
Philip S. Hughes
George S. Hazzard.
Messrs. D. S. Mullally. G. B. Hazzard.
John B. Hughes and Mr. John Hall Joined
the party on the Fourth.
A Jolly party of young ladles, chaperoned
by Mmes. Serring and Wasserman. enjoyed
a day's outing at Horse Shoe Lake on
Thursday. They were:
Serrinxr. JWIr Tym.
V'Anna Eckhardt, Alice TVassormann.
The most beautiful train? are those of the
Big Four to New York and Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas S. Gregory gave a
lawn musical at their home on Magnolia
and Compton avenues last Tuesday evening.
Miss Virginia Rlppe rendered several vocal
selections. The Misses Armbruster. Betz and
Sievers. assisted hv Mrs. Martin, also con
tributed music. The guests were Misses
Caroline Barl. Martin. Rlppe. Carrie Betz.
SIcvers, Armbruster: Messrs. Wm. J. O'Con
nor, B. 8lerers, C N. -Gregory.
Mr. and Mrs. C. TV. Swlngley entertained
a ratty of friends on Tuesday evening with
a trolley ride on the Suburban car Kinloch.
The trip was an extensive one. covering tha
entire western llns of tlw Suburban, endlnp
with a short sojourn. at Delmar Garden and
u. uptir ai ine suuuruau uaniui. in iic
part. besides Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Swlngley.
were Messrs. and limes. A. A. Poland. EJ
wln Piper. Wm. Heyraan, Wm. II. Wel-
Jott, Jos. Huston. Max F. Ruler and Mrs.
as. Taylor of Nashville.
Cards Met mod & Jaecard's
On Monday evening Miss Lucille Ahlen-
dorf entertained the Harvard Dancing Club
at her home. No. 1Z
St. Ange avenue.
Those present were:
Alma Lee.
Eitele Devine.
Rose Fuchs.
LUIIaa Ebllng.
James DIvens.
Lucille Ahlendorf,
Freda Arl-elter,
Fred Brauer.
Louis Claes.
A!. ItourveheM
Dolph Dieterich.
Miss Ahlendorf denarted nn Tiie?alav for
The North St. Louis Botany Club gave Its
second annual outing July 4. The club
made a trip to Spanish Lake In a largo dec
orated wagon drawn by four horses. Those
present were:
Alice Magee.
Lillian Brown.
A. Hall.
Madge Dougan,
Mae Coleman.
Arthur DIekman,
Frank Crocker.
Herbert Beardslcy,
Charles Brown.
Edwin Peters.
Daisy Dougan,
Mae Neave,
Lillian Wagner,
Minnie Weaver,
Mella lUce.
Joe Flaig.
Luther Lyons.
E. Bobbin.
Frank Hablg.
Excellent Dining Cars St Louis to New
York eveo day on Knickerbocker Special.
The Panama Club gave Its first outing of
the season July 5 at Cieve Coeur Lake. The
day was spent in fishinp and plavlng games.
Those who enjoyed the day were: Lizzie
McGlnley. Lizzie Hocan. Anna Smerclna.
Jpsle RengaU Llllie Btnish. Justine Smer
clna. Tillle Smercina. Anna Hogan. Vcrna
Trautman. AH wore Panama bats.
The members of the C. B. C. and their
friends enjoyed a pleasant outing last Sun
day with a trip to Spanish Lake, where
the day was spent in rowing, fishing and
other enjoyments. The club wa. chaperoned
by Mrs. McNamara. Among tho;e who par
ticipated were:
C. F. RnlyrtS.
Cathrine Ehmann.
Gertrude .Howard,
Mnrgaret McNa
mara. Birdie Short.
Millie Wright.
Ella Townsend.
Myra Townsend.
Anna McNamara.
Cathrine Daly,
Julia Shcpack.
kittle Kgan.
Miss Howard will next entertain the club.
Mrs. A. Rcitz. No. 4311 Duncan avenue,
entertained the carnation Coffee Club
We-dnesday afternoon. Mrs. L. F. Bent. No.
4471 Delmar avenue, will entertain the club
On Thursday evening the Kate Kimball
Class of the c hautauqua Literary and iscicn
tlfic Circle gave a successful surprise to
their leader. Mrs. R. o. Bolt, at her resi
dence. 2o. 5610 Bartmer avenue. Vocal and
Instrumental music were the features of the
programme. Mrs. Bolt was presented with
a table cover, with the autograph of each
member of the class, worked upon It in
gold. Those present were:
Mara- Buttles.
R. O. Bolt
Ida Glcseker.
Alice E. White.
Bertha Glcseker.
Daisy Taake.
Charles A. Kelly.
George L. Young.
Lilly Taake.
Winnie PowelL
Nonle Miller.
Alice Taake,
R. O. Bolt.
Roy C Lutton.
rnnsoxAL mextiox.
Fine Diamonds Mermod & Jaccard's.
3IUs. Pn,e Brown of Blaine avenue de
parted T ednesday for Charlevoix. She will
not return until late In September.
,.1,rvi"?1,?,.r8- c- v- Collins and family of
p. jjKJ cates avenue have removed to
Waverly place and Gore avenue. Wcb3ter
Late arrivals at the Chicago Beach Hotel
are Jame T. Sands. St Louis: J. M. Deery
yen St. Louis; Mrs. Richard L. Shclton and
family. St. Louis; c. A. L. Johnsrtoa. St
Louis; C. S Clarke. St Louis: B. I Wln
chell and' wife. St Louis; A. S. Dodge. St
Louis; B. F. TVcod. St Louis; Haider Mll
le.r' sh. "'i1 Mr8- Lyeld. St Joseph.
Mo.: T. E. Lyends, St Joseph. Ma.; Mrs.
i", vie 5iv,i,r'rwn "ttie Rock. Ark.; Mrs.
Hr M. TVlseman. St Loctiit Miss T. H.
Wiseman, St Louis: Mrs. B.' H. Foreman",
St. Joycph. Mo.; A. A. Wi'eman. St. Louis:
R. :. Heed, St. IxHils; Mrs. M. II. Heed.
St. Ixnils.
Mr.i. T. M. Kearney of West nlie plnco
will spend the summer at her cottage on
the Menunec blufff.
Mls Natalie GetslI of No. 3RW Cleveland
nienue is kperxllnt; feveral weeks at a
Southern resort. Cooper's Well. Ml., with
friemln. She vill lstt New Orleans and
other cltlck and return In Au?int.
Morning. Noon and Night. Big Four trains
leave SC Louts for Cincinnati.
Mr. Jxnis Aue rbach of No. r.W. Well- ave
nue deparleil last night for New orK on
a pleasure trip of two weeks. Mr. Aucrbncn
will 1slt the watering piaccs and summer
resorts near New York.
Mrs. William Hughes and daughter. No.
4 Grer avenue, departed last week for
Springfield. O.. when they will visit Mrs.
Hushes"s sister. Mrs. Marc McCormack.
Mis Catherine Lawrence, accompanied by
her grandmother, departed Wednesday for
the Western resorts.
Mr. Malcolm Macbeth has rented the Gilt
place. In Kirkwood for the summer. Hi
children and hi. mother. Mrs. Agnes Mac
beth, are with him.
Miss Lotta A. Lester of No. 3007 Kossuth
avenue, has Just returned from a trip to
Salem. 111., where she attended the Salem
MI.; Annie E. Trescnrlter of St. Louis. Is
spending tht summer In Cape Girardeau.
Mrs. rranU X. Grosrhan and family and
5!!w Carrie Fortune. No. 3S10 Page boule
vard, have taken a cottage at Bay View,
Mrs. .Scott and family. No. SS1S Finney
avenue are spending; the summer at Bay
View. Mich.
Miss Ida Wolf. No.30 Glasgow avenue,
returned last week from a two weeks" -visit
to relatives in Edwardsville, 111.
Mrs. J. S. Esson and four children. No.
Zfi Dickson street, Mr. and Mrs. K. J.
McDonald, baby and nid. of Baden, and
Mrs. J Phelan. No. 17 North Garrison
avenue, formed a party which has Just te
turned from a boat excursion to Cairo, III.
Mrs. Margaret Ryan and her granJ;
daughter. Mrs. John N. Straat. No. 375
Finney avenue, have departed to visit
friends In Washington. D. C-. and Phila
delphia. Pa. They will return In about two
Mis- Mabel Brownell of No. SSU Kfsf1
avenue has Jut returned froma Mslt to
relatives in Jlliwaunee mm "- m-..
j yi
Mr. and Mr. Charles P. Field pf No.
Zp'Vi Sheridan avenue will depart for the
East on Monday for an extended trip, vis
iting friends at Buffalo. Niagara Falls.
Botcn. Portland. Old Orchard and Wash
ington. D. C
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Joseph departed last
week for the East
Mcrmod & Jaccard's Broadway and Lo
Miss Kathryn Healy of Lafayette avenue,
with Mrs. TV. J. Kennedy and children.
Jerome and Francis, departed on Wednes
day to spend the heated term at the Healy
Farm In Cooper County.
Miss Julia Creedon. accompanied by her
aunt Mrs. Katherine Walsh. Is spending
tb summer In Charlevoix. Mich.. Petokl
and Mackinac Island, where they will re
main until late In the rail.
Illir Fonr Train to Cincinnati.
Morning Noon Night
S:38 1I-C0 S 1130
Ticket ofilcs. Broadway and Chestnut
Tho French division of the Chart Club
will meet at 9 a. m. Monday. Wednesday.
Thursday and Saturday, at West End Ho
tel. Professor Louis Brcr.que Is Ip charge.
The Committee of arrangements Is Mrs.
Maria I. Johnston, chairman; Slmes. C. II.
Anderson. Theodore Shelton. Charles Bax
ter. T. Chappell. Louis McCall. Misses Ella
Dorscheimer. Jesica Hemp. May Ijoney,
Gertrudo Ballard and Katherine Herman.
Doctor John C. Murphy of No. 42S3 West
Morgan street, has returned from New
York. Mr. M. E. Lcnnon departed Friday fcr a
month's outing at Detroit. Buffalo and New
York summer resort localities.
Mrs. William M. Lashnn and Miss Petra
Wahlgreen departed Thursday for Califor
nia for an extended trip.
Telegraph your friends yoa are ccraing to
Cincinnati via Big Four.
Mrs. Malcolm Robb has returned from
Chicago, where she attended -the Elocution
Teachers' National Convention. Doctor
Robb Is visiting his relatives: Mr. and Mrs.
Cale. ot Seneca. Mo. Mrs. Robb will Join
him soon.
Mrs. Thad Sm!th.No. 403 Pine, has not
yet decided on her- summer tour, which will
either be Denver or Seneca.
Doctor and Mrs. Arthur H. Bradley, the
latter formerly Miss Gertrude M. May. No.
633 Vernon avenue, are at home, after a
five-weeks' wedding tour of points In Col
orado. Utah, California. Oregon. British Co
lumbia and other places of Interest In the
North and West
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rosenthal and little
daughter. Rena. of West Belle place will
depart this week for th North. Mls.i Min
nie Hussman will accompany them.
Mrs. H. B. Schrocder of Page boulevard,
departed Tuesday to visit her sister. Mis.
De Weeae in Philadelphia.
Mrs. William C. Eagan and Mr. Barney
Eagan of West Pine boulevard will depart
this week for Lake Park Hotel. Lake Min
netonka. Wo correct all defect of the human cyo
that glasses will remedy. Dr. Bond, our ex
pert optician, will examine your eyes free
or charge and fit them properly If glasses
nre needed. Mermod Jaccard's. Broadway
and Locust Steel rrames. U and up; cold.
ii and up.
Mr. George W. Gunnison will depart this
week to Join her daughter. Mrs. Albert En
gel, who is summering there with her Infant
Mrs. Albert H. Engel. with her baby
daughter, departed last week for Bank
Lake Lake. Minnesota, to remain until the
middle of September. Mr. Engel went with
them, but will return In about ten days.
The Mlsse Margaret and Helene McCus
fcer departed Friday for Eureka.
Mls Laura Melcher has pone to Chicago
and Milwaukee for two weeks.
Doctor and Mrs. J. H. Westaver of the
South Side departed last week for an ex
tended trip North.
Take Big Four trains for Cinclirantl.
Mr. TV. S. TTnlKmnV of Motel Beers' de
parted on Friday for Denver. Colo., where
Mrs. Holbrook la awaiting him. From
thert they -rill so to Yellowrtcne Paxlc
and to California with a party of friends.
They expect to be gone about six weeks.
Doctor E. Chancellor returned yesterday
after wveral necks at the resorts alonp
the Atlantic Coast and visiting relatives
at the University of Virginia.
MJ Blrt Nelson of the South Side anil
MLsa Jeannette Stergel of Kvans avenue
have departed for Colorado, wherp they will
remain for a few weeks with friends.
Miss Mollle Waldron of Sonncnfeld's
wishes to sny au re-olr to her ninny friend
mill patron.t. She rails July li m the
steamer Kaiser Wilhelm for I'arfs and Lon
don. Doctor John Tonny Brown ha returneil
mm Kentucky, where he spent the Fourth
with his family.
The Misses MaLel Iters and Florence
lile departed Thursday Mr a two
months trip through Denver. Colorado
opnnKS anil oilier Western cities.
Mr. and Mn. T. Walh of New Orleans
are. occupying apartments at Hotel Beer.
Society people like the Knickerbocker Spe
cial via Bis Four. St Louis to New York.
Mlsf Bolle Mitchell Dudley of Versailles.
Ky.. I tho guest of Miss Frances Morris f
No. 41X5 Washington Ijoulevard.
JAiii'yro'w.v n. i.
Jamestown. It I.. July 11 -To say that
tt louis people are more delighteil wifi
JHmestown this tummer than ever lielorw
Is drawing it mildly. They go Into ccstacie
ocr even that little mt eall-d Shoreby
JIIII. where the house stand In a semi
circle lacing the water as well as each
other. Tho cottagers declare that such a.
eomioct little hamlet I nowhere eltc to bo
found on the New England eoa.it
The Golf CJub Is n success and has met
the iopu!ar demand. It lias proved to b
a rend-zvoui for all the voung people who
much enjoy tennis, golf, pins-pong and the
Mglish panic of howle
.x.1-1' ,n .iho Prt'" ho club applied to
the Town Council for an appropriation ef
toy for the club on the probable Deneflt
such a club was destined to be to the
place. whlci Is undoubtedly correct The
Council was well disposal to the club and
Its aspirations, and recognized the hn!t:s
the club was likely to be to the Island lur
lnit the summer. Some one oppo.il the
appropriation, however, on ilie ground that
it would establish a bad precedent, and bo
lead other clubs to ap;ly for financial rs
sbitance. The money aj not appropriated,
but the club is already a howling success.
There Is a sri'at demani for cottage here
this season. Nearly every one wuh occu
pied or rented weeks ago. and cottage life
is on the Increase, at tlrst. perhap. to the
detriment or the hotels, but nowadays those
who like to pasa the summer In hotels do
not cure mucn for cottage life, so the mat
ter has remedied itself.
The reception at the Quononoquot Club
proved to be a pleasant affair. From 4 to
t p. m. the grounds were tn fete. Liveried
turnouts, automobiles and other klnrfj nf
venicies not quite so pretentious arrive!
one after another In rapid succession.
Doctor McClellan's praclousne-ss made one
and all feel that sutely the president of th
club was pleased to welcome them. lemon
ade, tea and wafers were served on the
lawn, while at the clubrooms something
more substantial was to be had. Monday
and Thursday will bo the regular dancin?
nights, with admission free to members.
Twenty-five cents if with a member, or 10
cents If alone.
Saturday of this week the Conanlcut
Yacht Club begins Its series of weekly
races for the summer, and there are a
goodly number of entries. These in lude
those by the Mesrs. Potter. Catlin. Davis.
Malllnckrodts and Taussig. These race? are
among the most Interesting, and sometimes
the most exciting, features of summer life
ex. Jamestown. It Is here that the youns
college student get sunburnt, as well b9
n lot of Ilfe-glvlnp strength to carry them
through the winter month of student life.
Mrs. Davli It Francis Sidney It Francis.
Thomas Francis and Charles B. FrancU
have arrived at their cottage. D. It I-r-sn-cls
Is expected occasionally as the TT or.d s
Fair matters will permit He ha talked of
going to Europe If conditions permitted.
Arthur B. Barret. Mrs. Annie F. King.
Mrs. Sweringer and maid nre at the Bay
View Hotel.
Julius D. Abeles. who was here yme
weeks ago. has gone to Paris to remiln two
months. He is expected at Jamestown be
fore the season closes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bailey, who are
repainting their handsome coloilal houe a
snow white, arrived on Tuesdav It I tho
first house after entering Longfellow rnd.
and the large white pillars give It a ery
Imposing appearance. .. .
Mr and Mrs. Edward Malllnekrodt. who
are at their cottace. are Ju now entertain
ing for a few weeks Mr. Malltiekrodf 3l
ter. Mrs. Jchn Campbell, nnd John H- llMay
Is also with them for a visit Edward. Mal
llnekrodt. Jr . will have tho Edythe for hi
knockabout sailboat thte season. The boat
has Just arrived from Boston.
The roster at the Jamestown Club, a
pure'y social Institution for mn only, con
tains the names of the entire St Louis con
tingent on Shoreby Hill. Here the news
papers may be read, affairs both at home
and abroad dlcused.
Dwlght I- Davis, the tennis player. 1
registered at tho Gardner House for a few
Mr. and Mra. Clarkson Potter (Miss Amy
Holland), who were here for a short stay.
sailed for Europe a week ago Friday on the
steamship Celtic from New York. They
expect to remain abroad at least two
months before returning to St Louis.
A new locomobile has Just arrived for
Ephron Catlin and his family. Several
trial trips have been made, and It worked
highly satisfactory.
The social affairs have not been verv
numerous as yet although by another week
there promises to be something doing in
the snrtnl trorld.
Edward Malllnekrodt. Jr.'s. automobile
has arrived and It Is handsome machine.
Special Correvondenc of The Sunday Iteputillc.
Charlevoix. Mich.. July 11. Under the In
fluence of gentle breezes and bright skies,
succeedlns the cold and damp of the last
two weeks. Charlevoix and Its tesorts are
beginning to put on their summer clothes
ami to enter with ome zest Into the prep
arations for the social season.
The cottages of C M. Crlsty and Charle
R. Blake are among the most attractive
here, and all the centers of the social ac
tivities or the season. They are old summer
residents or'Charlevolx. and their families
have spent their summers here for a num
ber of years.
Mr. and Mra. II. F. Lanccnburc: were at
the Belvedere awhile this week, but are
now located at the Inn. Their daughter.
Miss Ida. accompanies them.
Mrs. H. C- Gilbert and Miss Nina Gilbert
are guests at the Inn.
The Misses Gertrude and Lucy Rockwood
of St Louis are visiting friends this week
nt the Chicago Club.
The MIes Laura and Helen Terpenlng
Joined their friends this week at the Belve
dere. Jame E. White and Emmet R. Williams
of Kansas City are guests at the Inn.
Mrs. A. S. Barnes of St Louis i at the
Inn. but expects to go to Emmet Beach a
littlo later In the season.
The Misses Ora Bethune and Irene Will
iams arrived yesterday for the season at
the Inn.
Mrs. William M. Koln and family, consist
ing of Masters Marcus and Lout and the
Misses Eva nnd Clnra. are comfortably set
tled here for n month or more.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M Simons. Freda M. ana
Jack Simon and Miss Binder compose a
pleasant party at the Inn.
Other St Ioulsans who have recently ar
rived are: A. R. Harvey. C. L. Harvey.
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. Davl. Roger E. Hard
ing. Miss Mary A Harding. M. -S. Trelevan.
Mrs. J. B. Case and Mr. and Mrs. Kent
Dancing parties at the Tnn and Belvedere
will begin this week-
Special CDrTrsrmtfene cf The Sunday Republic.
Wcquetonsing. Mich.. July II. Though by
no means as numerous a last year at this
time, the summer guest I beginning to ap
pear In numbers, giving the quiet walks and
shady nooks of Weque on animated appear
ance. The Misses May Foster and Elizabeth
Bishop had a lively experience upon the
bay yesterday. While out for a row their
boat In some way suddenly capsized, and
but for the timely assistance or Mr C. Wig
pins Foster serious consequences might have
followed. Mis Ethel Stegnall. another skill
ful young oarswoman. lost control of hor
boat in a stiff breeze and took an Invol
untary dip.
The Misses Ethel and Mabel Riddle are
visiting friends at the Point
The college boys at Wequetonslng propose
to give a genuine college smoker, with
liquid attachments, at some time In the
near future. Such "doings" are suppoed to
he contrary to the rule of the association,
but the bovs are pretty certain that they
wlll meet no serious obstacles. There Is.
however, a good deal more doubt about
the proposition of the vounger element to
establish a bar on the golf grounds In con
nection with the refreshment department
of the clubheuse. The wiser head don't
favor the proposition, though there Is much
sentiment In favor of It
Nine holes have been added to the golf
grounds thl year, making the links here
an elghteen-hole course and superior to any
links In the North. Two new tennis courts
have also been laid out.
Among the young collegians who are
spending the summer here and who are
adding life to social and athletic affairs
are: Ed Little. Yale: Alex. Gait. Princeton;
Anthur and Oliver Clifford, Yale; Roy Pro-
Mpw Ynrlf
Slop-Over at Detroit and Niagara Fails.
Ticket Office Eighth and Olive Sts.
MJJ Printed from your own plate,
jjP I MsltOnlrr j
li CnrrfHllj Killed.
E! j- SHEETS and SO ENVELOPES or Sn "ITtehland Linen" gf Y J5
I rj 9 9 writing paper (tho beslquality of paper manufactured , 79 jZ.1
1 - v and latest :tjlc. stamped with a two-letter monogram, on!y..k' mxr
f r f SHEETS and M ENVELOPES of our "Imperial Vellum" T V
I it I writing paper, stamped with three-letter monocram. ,T&
" In Ute,t style, only IJS I 1 J
Mermod Jaccard's,
On BROADWAY, Cor. Locust St.
Wrlto for Catalogues-3,500 Engravings. Mailed Froo.
Itt Princeton; Thomas tSraydon. Howard:
Clement3 GIan;ow Washington. Graydon
was full back en Harvard football team and
also played In the all-America team.
EU I.ewis. of Sheffield Scientific School
of Vale, captain of the ball team. Is also
here for the reason.
Mrs. Arthur C. Carman is a guest at the
Mrs. F. V Ilnmmar. P. F. Hammar and
C F. Ganssen are staying at Hotel Weque
tonslng. EUward S. Little registers from Sque
dunk. but his family say he is a very popu
lar St Louis voung man.
At Colvnial Hall. West Wequetor.slrg. ore
a number of new arrival from St Louis.
Doctor Glaepow and family are settled in
their cottage near by.
Philip HoblltezIIe and Mrs. C. L. Hollt
zelle are at Colonial Hall for another sea
son. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ferry and MI
Marguerite V. Perry are at Colonial Hall.
Also Mrs. John Waterworth. G. Templeton.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wyman. Mrs. G. JL IL
Special Corrmrondenee of The Sunday IteroMle
Mackinac Island. July 11 Sunday started
tho first spell of seasonable weather the
Fairy Isle has seen this season, and the ef
fect on the spirits ot reporters wa notice
able. Gloomy faces and winter wraps have
leen succeeded by smiles and summer at
tire, and Mackinac begins to look like a
summer resort once more.
AH boat are now making regular trips to
the various points of Interest around and
near the island.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William W Parker and
daughter of St Louis arrived at the Crand
this week.
Mrs. Leonhard Roos I. at the Island
House: also Mrs. C J. Leppert. Miss Lil
lian Leppert. G. A. Rrom-on and wife. Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Eddy. Miss M. Eddy. Er
nest Kvldy. E. M. Webster. Mr. and Mrs. S.
K. Robinson.
f pecUl Correspondence of The Sunday Itepublie.
Lake Mlnnetonka. Minn.. July 11. The
cool weather that has prevailed at this lak.
since the beginning of the season has m.i.ti
fires n needeI luxury In the cool evenings,
and at the Hotel Lake Park, where then
ar grate llres In the parlors, something
entirely new to summer resort life has been
Introduce-! by the lady guest, and thin U
something- that pop?. Popping corn Is a
pastime that now vie in popularity with
the Impromptu musicals, which hive tven
an enjoyable feature at the L.ike Park Ho
tel since Mrs. Twombley. formerly of C :
tagewood Hotel, has had the management
at thl hostelry
Mr. Robert L. Carr. Sr.. of St Louis has
been visiting his son. Robert I- Carr. and
Mrs. Carr. Jr.. who are guests at the Hotel
La Paul Excelsior.
A party of St LouIs.ns who were at the
lake last week nnd registered at the Hotel
St. Louis. Deephaven. conristrd of Mr ard
Mrs. G. A. Bergman. Misses West. F. F.
Eergman and S. A. Reml.
Kansas City will be represented at tn
Hotel La Paul this season by Mr George
H. Sclthers ami family and Mr. C. A. Miller
nnd family. They all arrived last wees, xo
remain until the close of the season.
Judge nnd Mn. Arfolph Wlslizenus of St.
Louis, who are on their way to the Pacific
Coast to take a steamer fcr Manila, havo
been visiting friends In MInneapolI n
route, and spent a day or two at the like
last week, registering while here at the Del
Otero. Spring Park.
Mr. Malcolm W. Matchan of St. Loul
spent a few day nt tho lake last week and
was a guest at the Hotel La Iaul.
Mrs. I. L. Priest of Alton. III., entertained
a party of eleven ladles at luncheon the
other day nt the Hotel Del Otero, and after
luncheon they made a tour of the lake on
the steamer Victor. Among the ladles were
the following from Alton. III.: Mrs. H. S.
Ttlhop. Misses. Bertha. Lillian. Beatrice anJ
Margaret Blihop. M!es M Pi-Ce'ie Holden.
Edna nnd Grace Glllan and Mis Beatrice
Ferguson. Miss Stellu Bishop of Hairls
bitrg. Pa., was also among the guests.
MIsse Sadie Conton and Bonnie McAllis
ter or Hannibal. Mo., have been guests for
a week or more of Miss Harriet Rarnard at
Cascos Point, where they have been havlm;
a delightful time, both on land and water.
Mr. O. M. Bonner of Lexlngtcn. Ky.. was
a guest last week at the Hotel La P3uL
Mrs. Steven H. Vellc of Mo'.lre. ll, l vis
iting her son and daughter. Mr. end Mr..
Charles Deere Velle. at their I .a'ayc'te Club
cottage. Mlnnetonka Peach.
Mr." and Mrs. J. T. WIckersham of Kan
sas City have nrrlved at the lake and are
domiciled ror the season at ShaiTy Isle.
Mr. C. A. Anderson of Fort Smith. Ark.,
arrived last week and Is at his old head
quarters, the White House, where he- ex
pects to remain for the season.
Mrs. W. R Martin and children of Fort
Smith. Ark a!o arrived last week, to re
mntn nt the White House for the season.
Mr. Martin will join hi family In August
The MIse Sadie Conton and Bonnie Mc
Allister of Hannibal. Mo., who are spending
some time with Miss Barnard at Cascoe
Point, were entertained at luncheon Inst
week bv Miss Gertrude McGee. at Wlld
hurst Covers were laid for ten. The after
noon was very enjoyablv spent In a trip
around the lke on the Mazeppa.
Mrs. Mlrard T. Barbour and her guests.
Mr. anil Mrs. John McCarthy or St Louis,
ppend mot or their time on the lake flsh
Insr. and have learned where the biggest fish
are waltlnr ror them. They made a fine
catch this week, bringing In a string of
fish weighing reventy-tlve pound. Mrs.
Barbour hauled in a ten-pound pickerel and
Mrs. McCarthy a six-pound bass. When
not on the lake fishing. Mrs. Barbour nnd
her guests are in the lake bathins- Mr. Mc
Carthy I so delighted with Mlnnetonka
that he 1 looking around for a permanent
summer residence at this lake.
Major nnd Mrs. A. W. Clancy were also
among the first arrivals last week.
Mr. Fred L. Smith or St. Lnul. who" has
been enjoying n outing of several weeks
at Mlnnetonka. has returned home. Mr.
Smith's mother has arrived and will re
main for some time.
Mr. W. B. Pendleton. St. Louis, of the
passenger department of the Missouri Pa
cific St Louis, arrived this week and la a.
00 Hound Trip
S.q JL1 AM
HilufllsO ulljf.
hsz , A
On nilOAnWAY.
Cor. I.ocnst St.
Special Offers
Fine Stationery.
To keep oar entire staff of expert
engravers and printers busy in oar
Stationery Manufactory, we make
the following special offers
During Month of July.
7 'SZ
only CsLs
guest at the hospitable home of Mr. and
Mrs. Mlnard T. Barbour. Excelsior.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Claphamson of Minne
apolis were cut at the lake this week to
visit their mother and sister, Mrs. Poorman
an-1 Mrs. Gill of St Louis.
Among prominent St Louis educators
who were tlrst to arrive last week to at
tend the N. E. A. convention In Minneapo
lis and the tlrst to visit Lako Mlnnetonka.
were Mr. and Mr. C I. Ingerson and wlfe
W. J. Bryan and wife. S. A. Douglas and
Ml?. MulforJ.
Mr. Ijoro B. Teck of Sterllnc. HI., headed
the procession ot N. E. A. folks from Illi
nois. Mrs. M. R. I'dcll and Mrs. S. B. Parsons
of St Louis surprised their friends at tho
Sampson House last week by suddenly ap
pearing on the scene.
Mr. and Mrs. Wultlng of St Louis moved
Into their cottage at Casco Point last week,
to remain for the season.
A runaway last week which might bt
ended fatally for Mr. H. B. Morgan of St
Louis, as well as for his wife and a party
of ladle with whom ho was out riding:
near Excelsior, resulted in painful, though
not serious. Injuries for only Mr. Morgan.
He got out of his surrey to gather som
clover for his horse, and Just as he was
offering it to the animal It became fright
ened at something and. starting to run.
knocked Mr. Morgan down and trampled
on him as it tore down the road at a
frightful speed. The reins were dragging,
and the ladles had no way of controlling'
the horse, so they clung to their seats ana
waited for the end. But after running1 for
fully two miles the excited animal becam
exhausted and finally came to a standstllL
Es"r' Cterr:nie3c of The Sunday Recabua.
I Asbury. Park. N. J.. July 12. With Ideal
i seashore weather, with the fines: surf bath
ing Asbury Park has seen for a aec&ae, an
to the shore emigration of the sandbar;
with golf links and the finest golf clubhouio
in the State, with 2X hotels and bcardlnc;
houses providing all sorts of indoor enter
tainments galore ping-pong, dancing, eu
chre n 1th these and other attractions this
resort finds Itself In the middle of July
with not far from as many guests as it can
! comfortably handle. The crowd Is apparent-
, ly larger tnan it was last year on July ,
i and still the weeks for the really heavy
j arrivals have not yet corns around; they ara
j In August
The new style or earning suit upon
which the Czar of the beach. "Founder"
James A. Bradley, has put his stamp of
approval. Is attracting a deal of attention.
In the earlier years of Asburys history.
Mayor Bradley was anathematized by tho
oung folks for his unusually Puritanical
notions of what was modest In bathing at
tire. The new style or suit Tor tho Asbury
summer girl is rather shorter in sleeve,
neck and skirt than It predecessor, but
the material Is no thinner. Against gauzy
bathing outfits, whether for men or wom
en, the "Founder" lias set his flinty wilt
Ho has warned his police to drive from.
the beach any man or woman nppearing
in a wardrobe that falls within that cate
gory. For every youngster entered In the bahr
parade this year his parents must pay bo
cents. This 1 the new regulation announaed
, py tne A.oury i-arK tarnivai Association.
which Is being Incorporated with leading:
hotel proprietors as leaders. Each child en
! tertd. however, will be presented with &
souvenir worth more than the 50 cents. For
i the parade Ocean avenue will be covered
wim Z.U10 yarns ot moiling, me carnirai
date has been fixed for August IS. 19 and 20.
President Roosevelt has expressed his re
grets that he will not be able to come over
from Oyster Bay nt that time to se the
most Interesting event of Asbury Park's
The nnnual tournament of the Asbary
Park Tennis Club Is In progress on tha
Coleman House courts. Of the largo num
ber of entries the most are collegians from
the University of Pennsylvanli. Cornell and
Chicago. The contests are drawing largo
crowds or spectators.
The Coleman Houe announces a scries of
Thursday evening concerts during the sea
son. Mrs. Clara Henley Bussing, the ora
torio soprano of Chicago, was the star this
A St. Louis party at the Plaza Is com
posed of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller. Miss
Joslo Freed. Miss Fulda Hoyt and Miss
Frances Jameson.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Camp of St Louis
arrived at Asbury Park last Saturday, to
spend n month by the seaside.
Among the St Louis guest of the Colon
nade are M. Lipthlt and M. Llppman.
The Coleman Houe Is entertaining Karl
Kimmel of St. Louis.
XAnn.icANMETT rinn.
Special Correspondence of Tie Sunday Republic.
Narragansett Pier. It L. Jnly it With
the closing of the second week in July at
Narragansett summer galtles have been
fairly Inaugurated at this popular seaslds
resort, and now at noon time the beach
is thronged as In tho days of yore, and
many and attractive are the varied cos
tumes here displayed. Many of the fair
bathers wear silk caps and handkerchiefs
with their bathing gowns, while now and
then a bather may be seen with a piquant
outing hat on. as she takes her moraine
din In the briny.
R. A. Torrey of St Louis Is a guest at tho
Mr and Mrs. Theodore G. Meier of St.
Loul arc registered at Greene's Inn.
Arthur Sinclair. Jr.. of St Louis is at tha
W. F. Glesecke of St Louis Is at Creenes
A. G. Bolms and D. E. Chancellor of St.
Louis are at the Mctatoxet.
Guy Wetmore- Carryl or Paris, France. Is
at the Mathewson.
Speeial r-orres&nmlf nee of The Sandar nepobile.
Waiikeha Wis.. July 10,-Doctor Charle
iJTh-?,".?n of St Charles. Strother Johnson
and Wllt'am DIckherber from Dardenne.
l?r aT, topping at the Walbridge House.
L,c"vlalc.In,a' Clt" are stopping at the
aerrace Hotel.
tjH.??"?-8: IJ?.n Welt. Fort Smith: Miss
Bennett Seosti. Little Rock: 2dr. sad Mrs.
it I
-t- ii..
frtfv MSHfttW ii3-ni'i--'ifir i
t if t i.i.mn i ,

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