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Henry Peters. Air. an Mi. A. Ila:h, and
family. Dalla. Tex.: All..- MncK.e Loina-d.
Mr. and Mr. A. Cohen. Alls L:We Cohen.
St Loul are slopping at the Fountain
House The Fountain Houtc band Is civinu
thre "concert? daily. The llret hnn of the
srnon will begin on Saturday evening.
II. W. Craig. St. Louis, is al the Coleman
Mr "and Mrs. Ka! Schwartz and children
are Stopping at the Fountain IIoue.
n affair was the reception given by the
ladles" auxiliary of the Y. M. t". A. to S.-o-retarv
Snyder on Monday evening last.
The opening ball will take place at the
Park Hotel 1 hursday evening. Jul IT.
Dan C Donahue. ISeaumont. Tex., h
stopping at the Lyons cottuge.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hremond and chil
dren. Austin. Tex.; Mrs. Duvall Wot ail
family. Mrs Eliza Gallagher. Mrs J"a
;allaghcr. Thomas Conway and Mis H"t
erileld. San Antonio, Tex.: Judge and Mrs.
A. P. AlcCormlck and Ml" Florence 11. -Cnrmick.
Miss Annl- MeConr.Irk and Ale
Jewel McCormi.k are ctojiplri: a li'
Wardrobe cottag". .
Mr W. II. Mow. S-.-arftJ. fr num
vears proprietor of th. Alrr Hou-e
which burned a fen -ars jw a popu.ar
resort fi.r SoutlHrnr. " l'"p"l '; -th..
Interment b-lng at lnv: """' -"-tery.
.M-i-vi-iH.-irTr.- rowr.
Special COrriK"iln-' Tie Sunday R.fuUIr
Boston. July ll.-Many representative- f
foreign Powers have arrived to -pend u.e
summer on these shores.
Manohcsin-bv-the-Fca has Senor Anto.-ii-.
del Viso, the Argentine Alinlter. v. ho iyii
lodg- on Pleasant street ana uuatu ai -County
nub. ., ,, , ,,
The French representative. M. d Mir
eerie. Is t tt mdermere Park, where al-j i i
Cbetik Bev. the Turkish Alln!ter with hi
mute, and the Minister from Ital. K
Mayor des Planches; the last named Has
taken the Beaton cottage on the hill.
lector and Mr.. AlcCandle-s .r.d famd
..f St. Uul" are spendin-j the snaimer in
llariwcll Neck, Carco l$a. Me. wn-
they have a cottage.
At tie J3ippiis.,tt Hotel. F.ilnv.ut i
..n iL. Cape, .ire rotl.-ed Mr and Mrj
1.. Garrison. O. K Gaiil-un. Jr . Mis- Haze
M. vlarrison. AlaMer Clifford ;.irri.-on and
govemesr. from St. I.ouN. .
Mm. John H. Siegrist of St ia-n- i" '!-"
stepping at the Slppewissett. 1-almoutli
Colonel C F. Morse and family f'.
Kansrs City, are j-iemlins the summer :ti
Falmouth, where they ha-e a cittase ...
'ioro street. , , ,
Mr. A. P. Forbes and Miss Kutli
Forbes or St. Ioul are domiciled at Nort'i
S"ituate Roach. , ,
Uve Beach. X. II . has quite a ari '
St. ' Iuin. At the Hotel FarraRiit ai.
Mr. and Mr. F. P. Edgar and Mr. r- I'
Mr. Henrv C. Sou of St. Iuis is Mop
ping at Mls Alice Jrmieo-s outtage
York Harbor. Me., has .-unie nt.iexl i-o-ple
there till- wek. anions them bt!n.i
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), the faip...u
humorist, ivho has recently been much fi
ed In his native State. Missouri. Mr. Clem
ens has taken the Furnh-. cottate. n. lr
Sewall's bridge, and will remain through
the season.
Some of the people from St. Iouls t-o-ji.urnlnc
al Magnolia are: Mt. and Mrs.
Tlioma Carter and their family of Port
land place, who have opened their cottaK
for the seaon. Mles Clara Carter, who
tvas at Smith Colltce the past v Inter, ha
le-n at Amherst College during the com
mencement sayeties. and. after twyinc a
number of visits to her school friend", will
so to Magnolia for the rest of the season.
In the fall Mls Carter will sal for Italy,
where she will spend a tour in study and
At the Sawyers cottape. Itye Beach. X.
J I., ate Mr. and Mrs. C l. Mclur- and
family of St. Louis.
Mrs. Wilcox and Miss Hope Wilcox of
St. Louis are summerli k at their cottage
Jiear Chatham IJcht". Chatham.
Mr. and Mrs. David U. Francis. Jr.. of
St. Loui are vlsitlnc Mrs. Francis's" aunt.
Mrs. Charles It. Waters of Salem. In 1VJ
nerell. where Mrs. Waters haft a ccttagt.
Mr. Francis is a son of ex-Governor David
K. Francis.
At th" Atlantic House. Xantasket. Mrs.
Alice M. Younc of St. Louis Is registered.
Miss Belle Bushnell and Mr. AIlert Bush
nn. two well-knonn St. Louis. FcopIe. an
siopplns at the Itockland House. Xantas
ket. Mrs. Georce C. Emery of Kansas. City
accompanied by her young son and daugh
ter, has arrived at Sullivan Harbor. Me..
to snend the summer with her mother. Mrs.
' S. J-"t!mon.
c. H. Bull and family of Qulncv. III., have
a citippp at Magnolia for the summer
M;-s Samuel Willts. daughter and maid,
of nan.ai City ar. to spend July at the
A'lanMc Ilou-e. Xantasket. In August they
go to Lenox for a short tay.
The r-ummlncs cottage at Mapnolla Is oc
niple.i by II. M. House and family of Aus
tin Tex.
Mrs. M. Morsan Brooks of Frbana. Ill
has tHken the Picholet cottage for July
and August.
. W. E. Morgan and family, accompanied
by Miss Mltn Burdlck of St. Louis, are lo
cated at Hopklnton. X. H.
Mrs. James Greene, with Ramsey Greene
of St. I.ouis Is at Poland Springs. Mo.
, Mrs. Bannister of Texas Is stopping at
Poland Springs.
Mr J. H. Grimes and her son. Henry
Grime, of Peoria. 111., are rpending their
Mith sca:-on at. the Sinclair. Bethlenem.
Mr?. Louis Holmes of Galeburg. Ill has
r"s.st-red at the Shlrlev Hotel. Wlnthrop.
Miss Phelps of St. Louis In ilsltlng
friends In Cambridge. Mass.
Mrs. W. S. Brown of Fort Reynold. Tex..
U vlslt!n her irenU at Rockport. Massi
She will remain durins August.
Mrs. A. McXamee of El Paso. Tex.. Is
suetiding the season at the Store Haven
House. Cape Porpoise, Me.
Mr and Mrs. Mitchell Scott of St. Louis
are at Rockland. Mo
Judge and Mrs. Selden P. Spencer of St.
Louis arrived at Harpswell, Me., last week
for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. IL M. Hutchinson of Au
rora. 111., are also at the Poland Spring
House for the season.
W. B. Wise of Paris. Tex., has arrived at
i-gartown. Mass.. for the summer.
Mrs. Saunders Xorwell of St. Lou! Is vls
ltinc friends at Egartown, Mass. She will
remain until September.
Mrs. George W. Slmpkins. tje Mteses
Blmpklns and Master Harold Slmpkins of
Et. Louis are registered at the Shelter.
armouthport. on the cape, for July
August and September.
, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H Semple and the
MlB'es Semple of Ft. Louis are summeilnz
at OsteniHe on the cape.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Whlttler. Mm C Whlltlsr
and Doctor J. Cornwall or Knnsss ntv are
nt he Atlantic House. Xantasket. MasV.
The Reverend Barnes GrllDlh of Kansas
City Is vlsltini; at Vineyard Haven. M.ir
tha s Vineyard. Mbsf.
Special CorrtTDoniJence of Th SunJor Republic.
Cape May. X. J.. July II. It has" been a
charming week at this resort. Cape May
'.s so situated that It gets a breeze from off
the water when the wind Is in any direc
tion except directly from the northwest.
The women's golf tournament on .Monday
was largely participated In by the social
colony here. Including a number of Xew
Yorkers, On Thursday morning a euchre
was given at the Golf Clubhouse, which was
the most elaborate affair of the kind given
at that place this summer. It was follow
ed by a luncheon.
The number of arrivals during- the week
hue been exceedingly large. St. I.ou! has
-nt a fair auota and from the South also
there has come a larze number of guests
The Queen Anne Railroad, which coms
acrejs the Maryland and Delaware Peninsu
la, opened for business laK Saturday for
the season with Itsi handsome new boat.
Queen Caroline, and throughout the week
nearly one-half of the guests have been
from the Soutn. Yesterday the Democratic
Editorial Association of Maryland came
here bv this rente, and passed the dav at
the Stockton.
At present Cape May seems to be the
mecca of boys' brigades, two companies
having already been here. Others are
to come from Philadelphia and near-by
places In the next s-Ix weeks.
G. W. Douglas of Kansas Cltv has Joined
Mrs. Douglass at Congress Hall.
Mrs. J. M. Knott and Miss Alice H.
Knott, wife and daughter of Judge Knott
of Sioux City. la., are at Congress Hall
tor the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Crawford are
among- Plttsburgers who are occupying- cot
tages here this season. The Crawfords are
entertaining Mrs. Xewlln Chapman and
Miss Louise Chapman of St. Louts.
A. C. Respass of Lexington, Ky., has
arrived and lolned friends here.
Doctor and Mrs. S. Wilson and Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Roush of Anderson, Ind.. are
here for the month of July.
Miss Ramsay and her sister. Mrs.
CathaJme Ramsay Hill, who are sisters of
Admiral Ramsnr. who was one of the
Schley Investigating Court, are here for j
the summer.
John E. Wilkle. Chler of the United States .
Secret Service, and Mrs. Wilkle are en
loylng their summer vacation at the Stock
ton. ,
Mayor Rolla Wells Is thoroughly enjoying
hl solourn here at the Marine V.lla. H"
nd h's family will remain throughout the
rummer season. He has- beccme n member
of the golf club and Is learning to ue the
brassle and driver dexterously. He re- I
turned to St. Louis the first or the week. I
but will revisit the Caoe later. .
J. X G. Ferris, the painter of the oele- !
nraiea jxjiixhji.. -juoiin. " j with his lam-H-
hi a cottage here for the summer.
Paymaster Harry R. Sulll.-an of the navy,
who has recently returned from Manila. 1s
with ib mother .t the Stockton.
Bishop Pennlck of Virginia Is a weU
r known churchman, staying here for the
ni miner.
10m COenci of JeSezstm. Citft Usl, la
i "" -Jlpw ' j$kM tl
I I fvim "-mfBWBBf
Who.-e u;acenint i Mr. Adolph Gerals Pasquier f St IjuiiIs Jiim made known.
Mrs. P. J "uiii.ingham. mother tif Miss Cunnlngliam. aniiouiired the Intrre.tlnj; fact to
a mail numlier of Intimate famllv friends jesterday. The wedding date has not been
detlnitely set. bat will be some time early In the autumn. nftr the Curiiinsham family
return from thflr summer cottage at Mackinac. Mr... Cunningham and hr ti unmar
ried daughters d parted for the Xorth last night, where Mrs. Holiert Wll-on. who was
Mis." Grace Cunningham, will Jom them In AuguM-
The engagement or Mls Cunningham to Mr. Pastjuler can hardly le termrtl a sur
prise, since the two have been constantly In each other's ociety all the past season. The
bride-to-be It one or the city's attractive girls. She Is a musician, with a voice that has
won praise from critics. I.ast fall she decided to spend a year studying vocal culture In
Paris, and made all her preparations to go abroad: but Illness ami iodb!y protesta
tions) from Mr. Pasquler changed her mind, and she remained at home, studying with
the best teachers and occasionally singing at me private musical at the Cunningham
Miss Cunringham was educate! In a Paris convent. Mr. Pasquler. who come. of a
well-known St- IOuis famlh. is one of sex-fral brothers, all of whom live In town.
one or the mon-talkcd-of surf bathers here
because or the natty blue nttire she wears.
She Is a student at the Monticelli srhool.
near St. Ixmis. and is here with her moth
er Mrs. William D'Oench.
Special Correspondence of The Sunday Itepubllc
Manitou. Colo.. July 11. The glorious
Fourth came and went peacefully, without
any accidents, but with many explosive,
and in the evening fireworks galore. At the
different hotels there were many little din
ner parties, and at the Cliff there was a
particularly fine concert.
Among the week's arrivals from St. Louis,
are: Mr. and Mrs. Cruikshnnk and family
and Harry May. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Dono
hue of St. Joseph, are of the pt-tj, who
are all at the Cliff.
Mr. and Mrs. Alois Blann and Mis B.
Snider of St. Louis are guests at the Bar
ket. B F. Clav of Scialla. Isaac W. Farris of
Sedalla and Herliert Briggn of Iatarette
compose the St. Ixuls orchestra, who fur
nish music for the Barker Hotel this year.
Miss Emily Cohn of St. Louis Is a recent
arrival at the Grand View.
Messrs. L T. Hlghleyman and S. D. High
leyman of St. Louis have joined friend at
the Cliff for a brief sojourn.
Mr. H. B. Peters of SU Louis Is spending
a vacation jKrlod at the Cliff.
J. F. Boyde and R. G. Nelson. Jr. are
recent arrivals at the CHIT from St. Ixjuls.
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Bostwlck of St. lvuis
are prominent guests at the Cliff. Members
or th family are frequent visitors at the
Mrs. John Vance Cheney of Chicago,
who Is well known In the tnulcal circles
of St. Louis. Is at the Cliff for the sum
mer. Mr. and Mrs. W. X. B-atlIe of St. Joseph
and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cobb or Odessa.
Mo., are well-known Mlssourians who are
guests at the Buxton.
Leo P. Vlley or Marshall. In company
with John Buchle, are storplng at the Bux
ton. . M. Perkins or St. Louis is a recent ar-rK-al
at the Barker.
Longworth Powers or Florence, Italy, ac
companied b his family. Is a prominent
guest at the Barker. Mr. Powers Is an
American s. ulptcr of note, and is a win or
Hiram Powers, whose statue of the
"Greek Slave" won him fame and fortune
some forty .ears ago.
.Mrs. A. -j". UAV.es anil Miss Pauline Da
vies of St. Joseph are iileasantly located at
the Barker Hotel.
Frank L. Ularkmoud of Ij Grange. Mo.,
k Ktoptiing at the Pittsburg.
J. Edwin Spangler of St. 1oiils Is a guest
at the Pittsburg, as Is also A. E. Selger of
the sime city.
A. J. Zlmnietinau or St. Louis Is a cuJt
at Pittsburg.
Plelal Corrr inond-ner of Th Sunday Itepubllc
White Sulphur Springs. W. Va.. July 10.
The only two "typical" resorts in
this country are White Sulphur Sptlngs
and Newport. The former Is essen
tially Southern In its character, and
has what the French call an "atmosphere"
luite Its own. but every year mere ikmi
jile come from the Xorth and West, at
tracted by the unique history of the place,
and those who come as sightseers usually
remain, or return again and again.
The "White." as it is known throughout
the South. Is one of the rew places In
America with historical associations in
old times the "qualltj" came here In their
carriages, with their household goods and
servants. The fame or the Sulphur Springs
and its wonderful limes spread throughout
the land: even Into the Xorth. for Presi
dent Adams was a visitor here. Jefferson
and Monroe both built cotages here.
The present hotel with Its huge dining
room and ballroom was built in 1555 Each
year It has been Improved, so It has kept
pace with the times, and yet 1 so quaint
In Its picturesque beauty as to carry one
back to the good old days before the war,
when the belles and beaux flirted ani
danced and the stctesmen settled grave
questions under these same old oaks and
vine-covered porches.
This year ihe visitors come from all sec
tions, the quaint cottages are rapidly beln;
taken, and the hotel Is fl'led up.
Among those already arrived rrom SL
Lculs are Mr. Marlon Lambert and party.
Mrs. George S. McGrew. Mrs. Stevens, Mrs.
Saills. Mr. and Mrs; Stevenson. Mr. Wil
liam Bull. Judge and Mrs. Jones. Mr. and
Mrs. F. AY. Bleblnger. Miss Wells Is sx
peeted in a rew days to Join Mrs. Kellogg
and her daughter from W ashlngton.
Registrations at the Antlers during the
past week include: Mr. and Mrs. David P.
Leahy. St- Louis. Mo.: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
J. Stedeln. St, Louis. Mo.: C M. Perkins,
St. Louis; A. B. Retchis. Kansas City;
Fred Gertz. St Louis: Miss Lydia D.
Crump St. Louis; William S. Simpson, Jr..
St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. O'Donoghue.
St. Joseph: Mr. and Mrs. Mar Well. Kansas
City: Miss Elma Well. Kansas City: Mrs.
A. Waltenstem. Kansas Cltv: Mrs. Chas.
N. Rlx. Hct Springs. Ark-: Miss Llla
Thankful Rlx. Hot Springs. Ark.: Mrs. R.
H. Stockton, St. Louis. Mo.: Miss Emelle
Grant. St. Louis: L F. Marz. Jr.. St. Louis: i
F W. Hill. St. Louis: L. C Hamilton. St. J
Joseph: M. St. Clair. Hot Springs. Ark.: J.
C. Lenord. Hot Springs. Ark.: Charles
Fenchter. Jr.. Cairo. III.: Mrs. John A.
James. St. Louis: Mrs. John J. Cochran and '
daughter. St. Louis: Mrs. H. Riley. Pine
'Bluff, Ark.: Mr. F. G. Neldrlnghaus. St.
Louis: Blanche Neldrlnghaus. St. Louis;
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Benkendorf. St. Joseph:
Miss Anna L. Goetx. St. Joseph; R. B
Smllh. St. Louis: H. O. Williams. Little
Rock. Ark.; J. F. Boyd. St. Louts: S. G.
WUson. Jr.. St. Louis; WlUlua A. Jty&o. St,
:mt:. v' ' i
I-ouis: Jcseph Fenby. St. IouIs: Mls Tay
lor. St. l.ouis
Miss Ohlmaa of Kansas City Is visiting
Miss Almee Howe.
I Miss Bes-Me Rhodes returned from a yeir
in isoston t-rway. on the way she visited
Miss Grace Spcrry. formerly of this place,
now at Washington. D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Tutln departed last
Friday ror a viit to an old school frlnd
of Mrs. Tustin In Mastac. Colo. The latt-r
will remain until September. Mr. Tti'tlu
returns next week.
MIs Mary E. Bonham departed Tuesday
mornlnp with several Kansas City friends
for Providence. H. I.
Miss Carrie Chase has cards out for a
lawn party Tuesday evening. Thre will I-e
music urol dancing out of doors, and about
seventy gutsts are expected.
I Miss Chase Is at present In Hillsboro
' visiting friends, but will return home to
' morrow. August 3 Doctor and Mrs. Fred
, Chase and Miss Carrie Chase will go to
l Mlnnetonka for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Bell are back from
their wedding trip. Thej are for the pres
ent in St. I-oul. but will go to Reel Fa,rnj
this week to spend several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sison spent last
Sunday at Fem Glen.
Mrs. Duncan of St. Louis, a noted Bible
reader. Is spending the summer In Mr.
J. W. Sheldon's house.
Mr. Alfred Plant departed for Charlevoix
last week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plitnt will
join him there shortly.
Mr. W. A. Iwls leaves this week for a
vlu to his brother. John II. Isiwl of
Hot Springs.
The Reverend A J. Bennett, pastor of
Tuxodo Church, and his family, have re
turned from a trln to la Angeles. Cal.
Mr. G. M. Gallagher returned recently
from Saratoga, where he was attending a
railroad convention.
Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Brown and daughter.
Hazel, of Chicago, were recent guests of,
Mrs. A. B. Gallagher.
Mist Page or Old Orchard is visiting
friends In Davenport. la.
Ml" Mabel Skinner and Mis? Elsie Hew
litt have returned rrom a visit to the
Mr. and Mrs Frederick Stoddard, with a
tiurabc or St. l.ouIs Mend", recently took
th linat trh. to Keokuk.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Poulin returned rrom
their wedding trip unexpectedly Wednesday
on account of the Illness or the latter. Thev
will be a- home In a rew Iavs at Xo Z6i
InJell avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Robinson and two
children departed ror Colorado Friday
Mis. A. C. List Is entertaining her niece.
MNs Casld
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Holland or Cabanne
Place and their daughter are newcomers
In Webal?r.
Miss Grace Fuller entertained a nar.lv of
basket picnickers at htr house Thursday
rrcm 3 to 11. Some or those present were:
Doctor and Mrs. C. I a. Armstrong. Mr. and
Mrs. A. C List. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Anderson, and Mr. H.
C Waters.
Mrs. I. S Storm or Shelhwllle. III., spent
last week, with her sister. Mrs. Henry Jack
son. Mrs. W. B. Barnhart of Kan-as City.
Kas.. with three children. Is vIMtlng Mrs.
J. D. Riplev.
The N. D. Thompsons will depart for
their cottage at Green Lake. Wis., this
Mr. and Mrs. Havelock Simmons will
leave for Charlevoix Tuesday with the F.
S. Plants.
Miss Madge Steele has returned to her
homo In St. Louis, from a visit to Mrs.
Thomas Shields In Eureka.
Mrs. W. E. Campbell, her sons, and Mrs.
Louls Hamilton of No. 6147 Gambleton place,
have gene to a Minnesota resort for the
Miss Effle Peeler or Gambleton place will
spend her vacation In Colorado Springs.
Mrs. Henry L Wilson and Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Barron or Webster Groves departed
last Monday ror a Northern and Eastern
trip as the guests of George D. Barron,
superintendent of the Guggenhelmer mining
interests In Old Mexico. They will first
visit the lake resorts, then go to Montreal
and other points of Interest In Canada,
after which they will go to Albany, whre
they will meet Mrs. George D. Barron. The
party will then go to some summer resort
on the Atlantic coast and will return home
about September 1.
Misses Bessie Martin of St. Louis and
Man Martin or Callaway are visiting Miss
Wagely on the St. Charles Rock read.
Miss Jennie Fitxwater or Bridgeton has
cone to Hot Springs for the summer.
Misses Ida and Lillian Bray has returned
to their home in St. Louis from a visit to
Bridgeton. where they were the guests of
Mrs. E. B. Smith.
Miss Tillle Jacobsmcyer of Black Jack is
visiting her sister. Mrs. John Miller, In
Worden. I1L
Mrs. W. J. Lovely and her three children
from Texas are visiting In Wellston. the
guests of Mrs. W. J. Selbel. Mrs. Lovely's
Mrs. Eugene Henderson of Bridgftton is
entertaining Miss Grace Timothy of Glrard,
Miss Eugenie Prince of St. Louis was a
guest last week of Miss Nannie Baber or
Bridgeton. , .
Doctor and Mrs. G. C Egjrers and their
two children have gone to a Wisconsin fish
Ins resort, where they will remain during
the heated term.
Mrs. Joseph Van Cloostere and her daugh
ter. Irene, are YialtlnB relatives In Maa
coutab. UL M
Mrs. Fred Darian of Clayton has been en
tertaining Miss Mary Filer of Fenton and
Miss Eva Temple of Paducah, Kjr duriac
the last week.
Ml.s Kilo, and Rosa Ver Htrdon of St-
Loula wire the guests last Wedaudax of 1
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van t'Iootre In Cliv-tin.
Mr. ard Mrs. George Auport of Mo?!e
wood boulevard entertained Friday even
ing '! he Intelligence Society was entertained
by .Mrs. Ella ParzneIH.
Th final meeting of the Ladies' Aid So
ciety of the Baptist Church was held last
Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Gccrge Young
Mis Verda Scholl of Jefferson City will
?lcnl the summer Ith Mrn. William Hook
.if Arno, avenue.
Judge W. II. Wrlaht. Mrs. Wright and
miii of Atchison County are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. II. C. Xash or Frazer Park.
Mrs. A. J. Crum entertained with a pro-gressK-c
crcklnole party last Mondav even
ing Thjse present were: Mr and Mrs.
;. .rr II port. Mr. ami Mrs. Chlnery. Mrs.
CarnahrrT Mr. and Mr I lose. Mrs. Jlc
Kloskey. Mr. and Mrs. Heed. .Mls Cockran
and Mr S.1K
Mr- Lowe entertain.-.! her brother. Mr.
Ifellj. from Alton, last wtvl.
Mrs. J. I. Jy f MadrwMJ is sutr.tnt.r
iut: in Mlrlilrau.
Th. Iteernd W. I- Xash conducted
siv-tlal service- at the Baptist Church for
the U. . T. 1".
Mr. ami Mri. Oscar Siheuik, are occupy
ing their ti.- i-.Ieiiip on Manchester ave
tni. Mrs. Woodsworth ami daushter. Pauline.
v.rre xusts jf friend lu Chicago for a
Mr. and Mis. Wandas and little son have
gun.- to Chicago to resld.- permanently.
The Mai lewond Euchre Club autrrls-d
Mr and Mrs. A. J. Crum on the ninth an
niversary uf ihtlr niarriaxe bv present
ing ibent with a cut-slasw fruit bowl.
Iiactor Bates of the Congregational
'har!i has returned from a camping et
ldltl.in on th Menunw
Mr. Charles Barker 1ms xone South for
a two hh-K trip.
ki.-.-Ii irty was glxen by the MIs-s
Frj-r In Frasr Park last Friday evening,
liun.iug was Indiilgcl In and refreshments
I er..
Ml.s Kjiie liolan. who has ben altetnl
I Uk ih Fry. line t '.invent at Alton. 111.. H
ltrl hrr aunt last erk.
Mrs lUrtrll and son. Kaymon.I. departed
i for S iilh lla-u. .lklu. to spend 'he um-
i M! Mablc Kubinson of Carlle. III. aft
! t a .-lt with Mrs. E B. Kopur. has r
i turned t-i hr hoin.
I Doctor O A. Smith will make Maidcwood
his future resident r.
I Mis. J Vi Prrler and Utile son have gone
to Fa-Ue to vl-lt relatives.
.lls XW.la KFr of Frar Park Bavjs a
Uuin-.- Saturday rlcnltiK in iKiiur of Mls
lb Unsiii Those ptr lit were: Mr. !
Mrs Will G.XMlln. Ml-st t'arollne Mll'er.
I Mildred I'urdle Ciitherli-f CamF'li'll. Julia
1 Ittprr. Xrlda ISuper. Fav c'unhe. Messrs.
'Ivdr IJtnlr. Frank Williams. Roj Evans.
DumooU latK. wuvue Kiugni. iian
Goolln and Claude LIvingstun of New
Mr. and Mrs. I! E L Gardner and chil
dren have returned from visiting relatives
In Sedalla.
Mrs. o. U. Fuller of Fra3er Park has gone
to Grand Rapids. Mich., ror the summer.
Mrs. W. L. XaMi and daughter. Eveln.
are vLltiug relatives In Fairfax. Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. '. II. Phelps are at home
after a plea'ant vls'.t with Colonel W. II.
Phelps of Carthage.
Mr. Ed Sspplngtun of Kansas City spent
a few .lays with his sister. Mrs. C. J.
I'rraonal Jlentlon.
Mrs. J. I. Lennerson and George I.enner
son or No. SZ7 Park avenue 'will send a
few wes-ks at Itaclne. Wis. They expet-t to
djart to-morrow.
Il Larirr Faclorlea at Battle OrrcU
nnd TrontoIaiiufarturrr of the
Celebrated Food, iinlta-Tlta.
Does the public like Malta-Vila?
To answer this question would be but to
point out the enormous plant of the Malta-
n lir fnmn nt nasHiirr' In 1iri
! ply the demand: to show the parent factory
I with a capacity of turning out two thou
sand cases of thirty-six packages each In
twenty-four hours, at Battle Creek, and the
Canadian factor' at Toronto, Canada, with
a capacity of five hundred cases In twenty-four
hours. Figures Indicate results.
I and these figures must convince the most
skeptical that Malta-Vita and the public
agree famously.
Just whv do tha grocers have to keen
handing out the attractive packHges labeled
Malta-Vita to their patrons?
And why do orders keep the manufac
tories busy .lay and night?
Well, the human appetite Is governed
mostly by its taste, and once tasted Malta
Vita leaves such a delightful memory that
the ierson Is bound to ask for more.
Then Malta-Vita is always within reach
or the purse of those of limited means.
With Mnlta-Vlta the poorest family may
sit down to a dish fit for a King. Com
bined with sugar, cream, fiult (In tact there
are nearly a hundred known combinations
to be made with this food product) it makes
a perfect dish.
Health follows in the train of Malta
Vita, for Its use insure perfect .Hgestlon.
and some of the signs which show
this are clean, white teeth, sweet breath.
:osv cheeks, bright eyes and a clear, ac
tive brain. Indigestion, insomnia and kin
dred Ills cannot stand against Its system
building elements.
A we bit of the history of Malta-Vita
may not come amiss to those who havo not
made Its acquaintance. It really begins
with the sun and the dew and the rain, the
chemical forces at work underground, the
seed thrown out by the farmer, fields of
waving winter wheat, and the attendant
processes or harvesting It.
When Dame Nature has done her best,
the finest kernels or the white winter
wheat are selected and cleaned and scoured
until no possible foreign substance could
find lodgment. The little boys and girls
who rat Malta-Vita would not like to 1)3
scrubbed as It is scrubbed. Then the wheat
Is soaked, but Its troubles have only Just
ocguii. Alter suanuiK u is tnorongniy
cooked by steam under pressure, until all
the starch sacks are broken up. Now It Is
tired" with much the same erfect that
I-. produced upon berlstrak when beef Is
Kept in cold storage.
What nrxf
Now the thoroughly prepared wheat Is
ready for the malt, and It Is thoroughly im
pregnated with the diastase of barley
(malt extract), making It what Its name In
dicates a perfect food full of vitality.
During tills impregnation the wheat Is
flaked by running- between heavy steel roll
ers. "Surely It ts done now?" some one
asks. Xo. Indeed, it is Just ready to be
baked, and Into specially prepared ovens It
goes to be thoroughly toasted.
Out of those ovens It comes, hot. crisp
and delicious. Then It Is carried Into the
storage bins and kept dry and well pro
tected until it goes, while yet warm. Into
the packages or cartons. These cartons
contain an lntlde sack or inner seal, so
when Malta-Vita Is opened In the home
hundreds of miles away from the factory.
It is absolutely free from contamination by
outside substances.
The present Malta-Vila Pure Food Com
pany was organized last January with a
capitalization of J3.CJ0.0CO. It Is the succes
sor to the Battle Creek Pure Food Com
pany. Its offlcers and Board of Directors
Include II. X. Hlglnbotham. Chicago. Presl
IJent: A. C. ntsner. Battle Creek. Vice
President; Horace x. Keys. Battle Creek.
Secretary; Xell S. Phelps, Battle Creek.
Treasurer: J. M Studebaker. South Rend.
Samuel W. Allerton. Chicago. Howard H.
Gross. Chicago, and Leinder C. Cole. Bowl
ing Green. O.: H. W. Morgenthiler. Cincin
nati. O- Directors.
This Is the history of the little package,
and as th family gathers around the dlih
of Malta-Vita on the breakfast table, the
children can have some Idea of all the
pains and labor taken with It.
Its manufacturers claim many things for
Malta-Vita, and the letters they receive
dally from hundreds of persons using It
show how well founded Is their claim. Some
of the reasons why Malta-Vita cannot be
excelled are:
It Is a delicious food. It Is cheap. It in
sures health. It Is perfect In food elements,
being whole wheat thoroughly cooked,
scientifically cured and impregnated with
dlsstase of barley (malt extract), flaked
and toasted all the food elements necai
sary to Insure perfect growth, sustain life
and regulate the system. It has been thor
oughly tested by hundreds of thousands of
people for nearly two years.
The housewife finds there are nearly one
hundred dainty dishes to be made from
Malta-Vita, and that onn fifteen-cent pack
age contains more food value than a dol
lar's worth of meat. What the housewife
approves has the approval of the entire
family, and that Is why Malta-Vita Is pre
eminently the-famlly food of the Twentieth
Centnry.July What-To-EaL
$5,500 PER YARD.
Paris. July li-JCopyrlght. 1SC8.) A por
tion of the tunnel at Meudon. en the new
line -to Versailles, will teat the record as
rtgards cost. Thirty-five meters of this
tunnel collapsed In June. 1S00. and It was
found necasaary to build hermetically
sealed chambers to prevent farther acci
dents. This work has now been ccmplstsd
at a ccit of about 8,109 a yard.
umuo&xWa Sonimep Wares
... c&rtjuc in Ghina Store.
Water Bottles
or Carafes,
10c Each.
As illustrated, clear
glass, nice shape. They
will go very quickly at
this unheard-of price.
Handled Jreffil&lf5
Beer Mugs. 4S'
8 oz. Me clear
glas, TiUectit, jui
the thing for pic
nic gla;?s.
40c doz.
A Urgeoiid beautiful
a-Mrtment. Includ
ing 1'leniKli xtonr
ware ami celebrated
Mettlarh Stein
Prices 2uc. 40c. SOc.
75c up to $7.00.
('unitnrinuraiing the dtlruclIon of the B.istlle. 112 years ao. St. I.tuN Frjnco-Amer-Icans
will elelitat-at I.emns Park and Delraar Garden to-morrow.
At Lenin's i'ark the demonstration will begin by the firing of twenty-three bombs at
7 p. m. Addresses will be d-llvered by Maor Wells In KnglHi and AI. Louis tVguenot
and Doctor Alexander X. D Alenll In French.
At Ilelniar llif celebration will begin at 7S5I by the firing of a salute. The programme's
Include music, danrlng and a display of firework t nleht.
Itjhearsals were held j eater-lay for the
celebration of the French Fete at l.enu"s
lirk to-morrow, although workmen had
not completed the stage and booths. The
programme will begin at 7:M.
Mayor Wells will apeak in Ilnslish and
AI. I.011I Seruenot and Doctor Alexander
X. De .Mrnll In French. The stage and
booths will be decorated in bunting, es
cutcheon, fairy lamp and !Us. There
will be a concert of popular and claiilca!
trtislr. fireworks, confetti and dan-lnt.
The following committee have charge of
tr t.tertalnment:
Press. Francis Kuhn and Alexander X.
De Menll: Fireworks. Jean Jameton. Joseph
M. Layat. George FlorL and C. T. Pontul;
Decoration. Kupene Fellr. C Valleroy.
Km lie Sonuc and Ulward A. Felix; Trans
portation. Profeyyor Paul Pettier. Louis
Guyot. Joseph Mnsson and J. C. SImonet;
AluMc. I.ou!s SeKuenct. Joseph Goepfert.
Alerandt-r Alarchal anil Alex. X De Alenll:
Dance. Paul E. Julllard. J. Cressein. IxiuH
Adder. IS. K. George. Jar-quf Florl, Lo:Is
Alez. C. E. Sommers. F. Jaecueniln. E.
Willionle. Edward licyt. E. Alasson. fiu!
Ulston. Jr.. George Felix and Eugene
Floti; Gatdsn. Loulj Uaptistr. l.eon Houll
catilt. Frank Arartln. A. Cholsel. Albert
Ilruere. J. Fontaln, J. Deschaseaux. Emlle
IIre. T. H-mbcrger. J- Ualdenweck. J.
Keller. O-rar Broj-er. i:ugene Keller. J.
ltiiullcault. Ferd Klston. C Gerard. Aug. F.
Uatz. I'aul Pettier. Jr.. C. Baptisto. I
Droz and U. Bapllste. Jr.; Reception. Louis
it. Gabanl. Doctor A. Derlvaux. Professor
Iul3 Breuque. Ernest Peugnet. G. W. A.
Stlffel. C. Icontour, Ernest I. Thlsleres.
Doctor Iteml J. iStoffel. A. II. 1- Kuhn.
Alexander Atiltcnberger. Henry Loire. Ann
E. Addor. Joseph Borneque. Xicholas Fio
mang. William II. Grimes. Henry X. De
Alenll. IajjI.- Gabard, Jr.. Alarc Seifuln and
M. IWou.
I II. I.osan and Ml Ktta J. Itliler
Are Hade I'rlucinals uf the
Vlnlta, I. T.. July lt-The Cherokee Xa
tional Board of Education to-day appointed
teachers in the Cherokee Xatlon as follows:
rtienAee Malt Seminary L. M. bxin. prin
tipal. It l Jlllchell. nnt uliunt; It. M.
KuUinV.. aeruod antitant. W T. scott. third
latant. lUcbI Cx. Arculi. Ala., fourth -Iftant;
Mfr. I. 11. laxan. Cflh naslftant.
Ctxrokte Krutale ikiuuiary-ili Kta J. KWr.
blinrtpsl. lailian .lajxjrr. ar-v -3-... ...
ta ruremkn. ccud aaMstant. rlin. UluJjej.
third nlitunt. EUee Hirr. fvurth auistant.
KoMMia. Hamale. Htth as'"tnt. .Ttrrle Adair
nd i'narttle Arthrr. niulc tac&cia
fberJh-e Orphan Aajlum-W. P. Ttioine. piln
clL'jI. Bruoj Oarrett. flrat lstaat; ?. W.
Wcclall aevunJ -l9lant; EutIle Thomprun,
third aailsta&t. Mattt-Jl U Ia.gan. fuurlo a
lmr.i. i"hrrl Kmwnlin. mualc.
fooewoore Wftrlct-Vlnlla. Klmmle ltjrJ.
Anna K. I.yuna and Ltszle K. Atha. i!.rj.
ilaitrle l"aik. fatal. Son, llalheson; West
l'olnt Ulrdle Hauls. Oolagan. loli J. Justtcr.
XSata. as Phllllpr. Jusephlne llonar.1;
sdalr Jsnna Duncan; ItroHnlce Jjprtnxs. Lu-cln-la
Ballatd. Pryor Orek. Janeanna. lUltaid:
Ttir Clara E. Tyler; Paw Paw. Jrnnis Ron.
JSrrac C Alb-rty and Cora Hlckj.Ju
t lie Jennie Balnea; Siitar Moun-t. Walter tn:
Ktne. sinora Ora y. . Mte Oak. G-or.. V.
Ki.lda ColIuuTllle, K. Pearl Drew; Fteiteis.
UoWa ' Birtcir- TaJala. .ella Locton; Hlckorr
rteai. C&rlna- Altxrty. Goosneck. . IL ann
iishmlnc crtk. AbMs aconr. Brainy Cre-k.
ESuwarel,SUirlct-SIitehll Sprinxw. CtiarF.y
lloor- Mlnneraiha. Libra Pairlek, tsequan. An
na Parrta; Honer Cieex. Sadie S ndrs. Grote.
renla KubanVa; Vlrtoty. Nora Victor; Eu
, a John E. BuUer: BIa Jark-t. Gean Klnler.
nilamaretown. IJule Lnrh. Aurcra. John
Sardlrr. Afion. Willie Trott; Ktchum. Frank
Cawood; Falrland. Hand Ward. Olympai. Vol.
New York
And Return.
New York
And Return.
V V v7
New Goods - How
St. Louis souvenir Plates.
KuglUIt Mnil-purrvlaln. blue undervlae
decoration Subject I ulna station. City
Mull. Kore
.t I'arL. I'accxli and
t l.onts
l'rf 25c each.
VT DKI.Mtlt CRI)i:.
At Ivlmar Garden the clebratiun of the
Frrm-h Fete will begin at 7:39 i. m. by a
salute iu honor of the French Republic by
Battery A. Exercises in the Delmar The
ater will beIn at 7:14. the orchestra fur
nishintr an overture. William TelL" Th
curtain will rt-e at 7- and an address will
be delivered In Freii'h by Kmlle Karst.
Ofllcler d'Academlc and iTeaideit if the
Franco-American s-'oclely.
;V,'S? J,HilP,l,e Knacp. tlu prlmt donno.
will slmc "talut a la France." witn orches
tra accomiianlment. Air. T. Percy rare llrt
vice president of th- fuclet. wUl deliver
an..Jd css ,n KS!I-"h. and Joseph Folk
will alJo speak. The American National
anthem win be rendered by the Delmar
Operu Company, and Air. Edwin A. Clark,
basso of- the 0env company, will sing. The
French Xatlcnal hymn will be rendered In
!oU. choru.. artillery and tableau, the
prima donna. .Miss Aland WP.Iiamr. taktr.g
the leading solo. The Delmar Opera. Com
pany will present "A Runaway Girl." the
Ferforniance beginning at 9 o'clock.
Committees having- the fete In charge are:
Executive Committee Emlle Kart. presi
dent (Otacler d'Academlc); T. Percy Carr.
tlrst vice president: Gustave Tripod, second
vice president: Frank B. Fauntleroy. secre
tary; O. H. P. Grundon. treasurer; Eil
mond Achard. Iiymond C. Karst. Geo. II.
Richey and Chas. Is. Boye. directors.
Reception Major Ben Von I!:ti!. M. A.
Jurnutl. Chilton Atkinson. C Allchaells.
Frel Junior. C Ludwig Allen. Palward J.
Alackey. Rey AlcCord, Jr.. J. V. Touniy.
l!n Kusaell. Chas. L. Boye. Jean Francois
Albert. Antolne IC Rivet. C J. llenninger.
Alex. Goodman.
Decorations Gustave Tripod. Edmond
Achnrtl. Edsnr T. Karst.
.Music and Programme T. Percy Carr. O.
II. I. Grundiin. Eugene Buder.
PilntlnK -Frank B. Fauntleroy. Rey 51c
Cunl. Jr.. Thos. W. Kavauautch.
FIreworks-AIaJor Ben Von phnl. W. A.
Jaraud. J. V. Tourny.
Press and Invitation C. M. Xapton.
Frank Chlcard. C. Allchaells.
Ganlen Juls C. LaChance. Hypollte Ala
raniion. Amedee Petlng. O. E. Goodell.
Aui;uste Alathlas. Richard Xaughton. A.
Aloser. Ernest Fourcault. Eugene Hensgen.
Victor Saunlvr. It. !-avatt A. Dussard.
i.-J III. korv Gre.-e. htole Catatlowey; Suc
ce. ijctivbl Waru. Las. Halk Onelanrf;
Mose KMre. Ivl Orltta; Alooie t.-lor-0. Mrs.
Uuth tiiacKnIt.
Tanlequdh ulatrlct Eureka. Mary Gulaajer:
I nlcn. J !t. ol. Uusnliu:. J L Manus.
tKt.U plu. A E. KobertKon. Crilteadcn.
Cevrcs o Grant. Park Hill. Ella M Corel:
Htnrli. Minnie L Parker; Kaat Tahlrquab. Sutle
fvlr. Ia:nier, Mary JUer; Ulue prlns. Emma
Linton. Mtlmroer. (vlumbla h. Gourd; lull Hill,
racnlr Mxkiilrr, Hun. Kannls V Itnu; Ganer.
An.n pera. Kuur-MI! Uraik (ruloirtll. W. H.
FlrW. Tuhleiiuah (.-uloikJl. Kannle Luwrty;
tlnt Hluce icoiored). Aery K- Vajia.
ntnt Watrtci Mro Grve. Elba Guntcr: Rock
Sprint. Olli Holland: HeUieL Mary Davis;
Buncb. Mary KUer; Cochran. XannU Water;
Round Sprtncs. Uzzle MrLmure. Chuculate. Ar
thur SanOers. Itoclwr Mount. Shorey Itoaa: Horn.
Utile Cunningham. StIUKell. tclla Jamea; Wat
nut Grute. Utlllam Gutt. Clear Sprtnx. Nellie
Scywh I'Utrict AJalr. Ncna Adair; Lone
Pine. Mr. Vlnnle lirtU. MuUror, laicy Slarr;
Hanson, r T jlkS'utmark. ICuatlncear. Htr
Mi Coy. IVIIefonte. Battle tarr: Advance. Annie
E. Sevier; Alktn. Ulidle. Faulkner; Redland. An
nie K Che
Valine tHstrlet 0eola. Morence Ross; Wyck
llrT J I Thompson, Oslar Wlurf Bula EJmonJ.
un: Spavlnaw. Kit Tun-y. ArraJU. Lucille Ar
ber. Howe. Allle Pack. Elm. Nora HraJr:
Lvneh's Irslrle. Lutle G. I)1j: Vntty. Julatt
Guin's-nake UUIrlct-Oak Groe. J. F Bates;
Hern. Mrs. oallle MierflrM: Peatlne. Mary
tVoltc: Chewle. Geurxe W Smith: Tom Devlns.
racUe A.lllr. FalrtlelJ tMlay D. Starr; Stony
Poln:. Inea Morrosr. Mulberry. Don GhormJcr:
Baptlte. ftobert W. Kleldj; Tynr' Point, W.
H Uallentjrn; Tavlor. James Wanl; Green. Bet
lle Still. Ilallaril O k. OMtla Mitchell; IVaver.
Nora llAlt. Kar a. W. W Wnltrolre: Mney.
Ea Mrtlreior .
Illinois l-trict-Fort Gibson. "arrl OoodT
kooatt and D. It. Andrew: Three ttlver. Jennie
GUss. Msnard. Flora Thornton. Watle. Harriett
Skates; lir3-ld. Geonte Meeker. Whtte Oak. T
: I"le; Urates. Itta Cartwrlitht; Yoans;. Sarah
McCoy. M'-Kee. laillan cunnlniham; Sandtown.
Anna Luiber. Vlan. John L Ilte: TerrU.
Nannie It. 1ek-rv; Campbell. Le tJlbeon;
Griileif Lulu K. Vann; Bark. Desle Walker.
i-jraillan lilstrtct Newhope. D. M. llanrinn:
Stan-ills. Ollle Grtfnn. rralrle Gap. Gust
S-indere. Texanna. C C. Ilrottn. Bennett. Slirt
T Itussell Juliette. Calt'e Setter. I'ru"v
Mount. JuKa Una-ell; Gerren. Kate llubtunl;
Brtanown. Ha Atllllzan. fnUn mapjl Walter
s-n!th: H-ek, Anna lVyer-. We'-ber- Fall'. M.s.
Mir Sheltrm. .
l! E. Ward. A P Wt anfl Thomas Car
Hie, member Chercke National Board tf j
ucatloa. $20.00
New York
And Return.
Jaty 17 and 31, August 7 and 14.
New York
And Return.
Big Four
Ticket Office
Irsa.rray and Chestnut St.
Ukm C S. BUaill. i.fl.M..It.Utk.
y if -if. Yty
Designs- Surprisingly Low Prices
Iced Tea
2-quart size in
pressed and blown
Pitchers. sa choice of
9 beautiful new
designs one like cut, 25c.
Others 20c, 35c, 40c, 45c, 50c.
Iced Tea or
Water sets.
Choice of
1 pitcher
as above
ami sii
tumblers to match, complete sets,
.it 5!Jc, 65c, 70c, 75c, SOc, 85c
and Otic.
Dinner Set Bargains.
12 Dinner Sets some English,
some American, semi-porcelain,
all decorate'd, some very hand
somely, but each set from 2 to
( pieces short, worth when com
plete, $7.50 to $18.00, will be
sold Monday from 55.00 to 510-00
per set.
Comeearlj toget choice of theve snaps.
Stilish t f'nro for Hav Ft-vor in Cole
Storage Vault.
Xew York. July li-Frost-bltten. whlli
the thermometer struggled to reach tha
nineties, was the strange experience
Archibald Turner, a prominent Cincinnati
lawjer. who. with his wife and two chill
ciren. is spending a vacation in this city.
Air. Turner has for years been subject M
hay fver. He was told to try the freezlnia
remedy by a friend, and yesterday vislteca
a cold storage vault on West Broadway
Air. Turner was led to the vault, where th
temperature was S degrees below zero. H!
walked up and down for more than an houfl
trfsklv to keet the blood In circulation. Foa
the first fifteen minute it was delightfull
After that It was uncomtortaciy cold, duj
he bore it In the hope of ridding himself 0
Shortly after his release Air. Turner dls
covered that nu ears and cneeKs nad oe-j
come abnormally swollen and Inflamed. Ha
hail been frost-bitten, but says he has s
cured at least temporary relief from tn
hay fever.
Paris. July U.-Copyrlsht.. 1S01-T1k1
louvre and Cluny Aluseuma tare Jest
celved interesting; gifts. AI. de Vandeul luufl
given the first named six pictures two TltM
teenth Century paintings on wood, probabljl
by Pierce de Coslmona. two portraits byl
Giovanni Bellini and Antonio del Atesslnoj
a Holy Family by Bronzonl and a pIctursB
by Droza. Rembrant's pupil. 9
The Cluny Aluseum has recelvd a TltM
teenth Century carved wood statuette ana
a early Sixteenth Century carvsd wood ta-j
hie. the latter from Mr. Georga Donalsos,
spcrrai. tit cable to TTTB N1W to:
Paris. July li-(Copyrlht. ISO?.) No snuUS
nmusement has been felt In the automobile
world over the law's delays experienced by
Alme. Du Gast. the well-known chauffensea
She wanted to prosecute AL Barfconx, tWH
eminent barrister, who In a recent easafl
styled her "La remme au masque, union
is the title of a picture by Genrex reprtH
sentlne- Eie. with nothlnc but a strip ofl
black lace across her eyes. AI. Gervex there-
upon declared the model was Allle. JlarWB
Kenard. 9
Alme. Gast seeks to prosecute AL BarB
boux for llixi. Dm not a cainu. win sciic
the writ, nor will any advocate act, so tha
lady has decided to conduct, ner own uc
Paris. July IT Copyrlht. 1902.) Aa
rule. French duels resemble each other. bfl
one just fougnt between captain uc
i..iitfA .ml a Intirnallst. named Ales
was extraordinary. When the fight bees
t. i.ha. hM7in retreatlnar. and bs the a
of the third round he had covered US m
v.. k neessnf trnnlral weather the sec
onds objected to the duel becoming a foH
race, and replaced the men. warning met
If they broke more than thirty maters thf
u i....urt.if r Ulnars hrftl
again and the duel was stopped. The prajj
Ctss vemai ueciaxes. uui . tiaw .
aitoetner iu meiers.
Paris. July K.-(Copyrlght. l0.y-TbtM
are unmistakable signs of the approach: O
the "aiorlous Fourteenth." Venetian masts)
strung with eoloreel electric lights. haTej
Lceil plater awns t.j ..w.w 0. .--- h
excursion trains are bringing shoals of proSJ
vlnciai visitors. This Is the only time In UtaJ
yrar when the most Inveterate ParliliiflJ
flees from Tarls. It Is Ilk- a taste ot tMj
exposition year. ine inuiin.-ittj uaj
emulating private enterprise, and much; lnfl
mOnry "ill D ocMiinj u irw- '--i
tt tii..lsiaa lAs,ei tmaniiaiml. I
1IC IIIUUMIWIiWHi' """ m-j
New York
And Return.
New York
And Return.
-ftf-eW isfc
- --- - '- t - J. -
seSasfrWJ ,.(-,..
. -,.-laa-?--,-t -

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