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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 13, 1902, PART II, Image 18

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-I i
sfefferstia Citv, Hannibal, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Mo.;
Alton, Edwardsvillp, Belleville, Carrollton, Mattoon, East
St. Louis, 111.; I'.idiicnli, Ky., and Vincennes, Intl.
Mre II "ik anJ win. IiuH IIonL lejiarte.I
! week f-r Jark-jn. MI"1'., to vlIt her itei.
Hr I" I" Tbome
.t.,-i. man I W ShatkeKord ami family
n urnej :i-t eI. f-.m Washlnston 1t jnil
.? nt a..mirl!eJ at their hanu-unie uburljti
hr-rre 50Uth of th rli
lit r T OVeer aid -..n probnU will um-
Bn at e m- f the i..liraui reeone
Mr and Mr. II. Ilne an.1 i-hlMrrn "f
J.jr." rut after a ilent lIt to Jlr aii;i
Ms. " Iallmer anJ Mr. .tnJ Mr. S. n
JI hb" rtt.rr.ed home Monla.
Mlf llrh Itevnoii t.f edaIU "ipent a week
n.tr her fn. nd Mi's Alta i:inri at the Imtiie ..
t. Innel W y Oallmeyer
Mist Tran..- t" lxlfltins her grandmother
In Warrent.m after a lew aae' eojonrn ttti
f. rnds in t Iul ,
Mi's Kana Mlier .if St. IjnjI ba been enJuMns
a 'islt t ler frimo. Miss Ul?a JIo-s.
Mrs H U Mathews dearteil s-UHday ft V-
btak and thence Sc t" Flurenre. olo . t-J
el-end ih umn-er , .
.. .. . .... .... ,.. dint a fen .lav
Wll'i tiei - -! i lat e-k. retonied to t. 1'UIS
M't inrt Sir. SliuFter t St IjouIs an.l Ml
K jneb I'i. at.i ' t n An- .ni... Teit.. prnt a f-
iis nut Mr and Mr- I llod-Bheimer last
Mr K It lallnie.-i lift lt Katurday f.r a
s eral weeks- -ojourti ltti iUtle in lxlns;-
Mrs 1 IS llolnap of MlvilIe. who has been
the suet of Mi-s llattie Cotdnn. rHurnej h'liie
tne exrl part oi the week.
Miss Mildred Itradbuo has g.ale to TIplftn for
B few eeks vlell to reltle.
MIs Ml! lml 1' ftandh-!i is ep-twiriK a f'
w-eks at "aie- Ma ultu Hi" Jam-s MO lute
of Philadelphia. IM ....
ills Mary Ienhi.m of I'.ilumbia arrlied ester
day to vi-lt M s NVIIle KHN
Mlrses Nellie and Lulu Se ate at Oeean Bearli.
Ne 1-ondon. Conn.. li"i tnelr couln. MI May
1tlhueh. at hr pannt-' o.ittaae
Mrs W M Cumcett ai'd little daughter departe.1
Tuesda f-n M. lui. wnere thev will l jinl
lr; the "formers -ter. Ml l:ar.. an.1 Koe to
lre Mai fr the remainder of the summer.
Mrs Kred.fi. k Ia-h of lemdon. Kncland. lw
lias len the cuet of her son. Mr OIHer Iah.
a-'t famll tinart.-d U.dne-do for her home,
i.llns Hiturda riom X 'i.'tk.
Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Mrt'artv of ( oneordla.
Ka hate lieen spending n n. k with the form
ers sisttr Mrs. J. II. futten
Mrs j inie Kdnanls lias returned from a
menth s nflt in St. Uiui and has resumed her
position a" Stfcte Ubrarljn
Mrs J T Heskett and children are lsltlne iel
atlxes near Marshall ... ...
Mrs II I Neef aim daughter. Ijlrlle. cf 1'a
cltlc. after a lslt to Mrs M. Neef and daughters,
returned horn. Monda
Mr. and Mrs. Waller Ilolton. Jr.. of Pt I;uN
p:nt the Kourth of Jul holidays with the
fonner's parents. Mr and Mrs. Waller Ilolton. sr.
Mrs. John M Jayne and Mils Kate ltedd of
Memphis. Mo are guests of their brother, the
neverend Mr Head and famll.
Miss Nellie Harrison cf Auxvae. after a
pleasant tslt to Mrs Kd. IJuckner. returned
home Wednesday.
The Jefferson flt Orrhfrra will commence Its
summer concerts Thursday at Krlemel's Carden.
Mr. Kdw E. Yates and family of Kansas t'lty
arrived Monday to make this their temporary
home. They are located at : W. llleh street.
Mr. -and Mr?, friaries Holtsrhnelder of St
Charles spent a fen da-s last week with the lat
ter"s parents. Mr. and Mrs "Victor Zuber
Mitses Riley Stephens and Krla Potts, who
have been the guests of the former's aunt. Mrs
ln Stephens, returned Thursday from their
home in Boonvllle.
Mrs. M. J Fraier departed for Kansas City
Frlrtay to visit her ?ons and their families.
Mrs. R. D liolman of noonville. who has been
vlsltlne MI' Hattle fSordon. departed Thursday
for her home.
One of th pleasant features jif the week was a
picnic breakfast glen Wednesday morning at
Berry Springs, the following ladles leading Hie
city at o'clock- Mmes. IJoss. Thorpe. Wood
nun. Jeffries. Mcllenry. J. R. Green. It. D. Hoi
man of Boonvllle. Misses Blackburn. B. J. Miller.
Mattle Bolton. Hattie Gordon and a few others.
A vefy pleasant lawn fete was given Friday
evening at the home of Mr 1'errj Radrr by
two of the Sunday school classes of the Meth
odist Church.
Grace Episcopal Parish will gjie Its annual
picnic next Tuesday at lierry Pprlnrs- All the
members cf the congregation and children of the
Sundav school will attend the picnic, wagons
leailns- the church at 9 o'clock.
Mrs.-John T. Boone departed to-day for her
home In Kansas citv after a pleasant visit to
her iare nts. .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. lldwards
Mrs. Mary Gantt and Minnie Craftnn leave to
morrow for Kansas City to spend a week with
Mrs. John T. -Boone.
Mr. W "R. Hall and fatnllv will leave for
Independence to reside Mr. Hall ha" been con
nected with the labor bureau but has received
an appointment In one of the city offices of
The members of the Tuxedo gate a dance
"Wednesday evening at Music Hall complimentary
to Misses Stephens and Potts of Boonvllle. Hall
and Indls of St Joseph. Caldwell of St Louis
and Reynolds of Sedalla. The Jefferson City Or
chestra furnished the music.
Former Governor and Mrs. Stephens enter
tained at dinner at Ivy Terrace -Wednesday even
ing Mrs. R. D. Holmnn and her guests. Ml;e
Riley Stephens and Etna potts oi unonvnie,
Mlrres Hattle Gordon and Katherlne McHenry-
Mr. and Mrs.'E. B. Welch announce the mar
riage of their daughter. Maude Evangeline, to
Mr. George Newton McGee at their home. No.
1JJ5 Pennsylvania avenue. July IS.
Mr. and Mrj. G. M Jordan announce lae en
gagement of their daughter. Blanch, to Mr.
Clyde Elmer Hunt. The wedding will take place
in .August.
Mrr. T. J. Templer cf IJnwood boulevard la
entertaining Mrs. Nell Adams McKInney cf Har
Todsburg. Ky. . .....
Doctor and Mrs. J. B Jackson and little
daughter. Virginia, have gone to Macatawa Park.
Mich., where Mrs. Jackson will remain all sum
mer. Miss Nellie and "Wade Boone have joined their
garenta at Nantucket. They will remain cptll
eptember I.
Doctor and Mrs. J. D. Griffith and daughter.
Miss lucte. are at Magnolia Beach.
Mrs. R A. Long and Miss Uvala long of In
dependence boulevard have left for Colorado to
be gone a month.
Mm. W. II. Wakefield and Miss Blanche
Wakefield gate three Informal mornings last
Doctor and Mrs. Daniel Boone and daugb'ers.
the Misses Belle and Abble Bnune. will leave In
August for Poland Springs. Me.
Mrs. Fred S. D.-ggett is In Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. C M. Radford are In the East.
Miss Annette Hill Is visiting Mrs. S. B. Smith
In Jcplln.
- Mr. Herman Van Quasi Is visiting In Southern
Mrs. Joseph Franklin la vl-lting Mrs. Samuel
Landaier in Joplln
Mrs. Mortimer S. Serat and children have pone
North for the summer. ...
Miss Gypsy Hlghtower Is the guest of Miss
Bohart In I'lsttsburg. Mo. .
Mrs. Oliver O. Trice and mother. Mrs. Ferrell.
are at Ejcelslor Springs. Miss Katherlne Bond
has gone to St. Joseph to visit Mrs. J. Newcomer.
Mls Julia Trent Howard will lslt a month In
Marshall. Mo.
Mrs. Hodson Wilson is entertaining her sister.
Mrs. G. R. Hunt, of Ixiulsville, Ky.
Mrs. Hugh C Ward and children will depart
this week for Harbor Sptlrgs. Mich.
Mrs. Bwlng Hall will spend Uie summer In
Rhode Island and New York.
Miss Ijicillc Carkener will go North July 3.
Mrs. W. R. Hogsett will depart to-morrow for
a month's stay at Prior l.ake. Minn.
Mlsj Ixjul'e Maltt-3-. who has ben visiting sev
eral weeks In Sedalla. Ma. has returned home.
Miss Ruth Mon and Mr. Hlram B. Mason are
visiting their grandmother Mrs. H. B. Shaffer,
of TrtKthunr. Md.
Mr. K. R. Martin will depart Augurt 1 for
Camp Hardin. Colo.
Miss Christine E. -Wlner of Fredericksburg.
Vs.. and Major K. "W. R. Twlnc were married
Wednesday night at the residence of Miss Hi
land. At home after September 1 at No rSK
Troost ai eni'e.
Mr. Ben F Wellman will spend several weeks
i Manltnu and other Colorado points.
Miss Clam Boyd will derart this week to visit
Mrs. W W Armstrong In Salt Like City
Mrs George Groe and son ol New Mexico and
Ir. B. T. Thompson of Cllcaro are the guests of
her parents. Mr and Mrs. B. T. Thompson, on
tell street.
Mr. Walter S Halllwell has go-e to his farm
n the Ozark Mountain, having been summoned
o the heds'de of Mrs. lUIllwell. who Is HI.
Mr. and Mr- P D. Ridencur a-e In Manltou.
-Mrs. S. II Velle. Jr . Is In Moll"e.Ill.
Mrs. George A Harton of No. SCI Tmot ave-
ruehas returned from a short xlslt In Glasgow.
Jlr. and Jlrs. James t. swi't and little son
rae gone to Binghamton. X. Y.. for the sum-
Mrs. E. r Swlnney of No. SK4 Harrison street
s at ExcUlor Springs.
Mr. Howard W. Btiwn Is vsltln- his brother.
Mr. Walter K Brown. In Denl-on. Tex.
Mr. and Vrs reward Itldenour are In Inde-
rendence until fall.
Mrs. T). O'Brien and little son ef St.
trbo have been the guests of Mrs. S. J.
man. retumeo; nome aionaav.
Mr". Blroie caidTreu oi st, Louis and Miss
Harrlsoa of Texas are the guests of Mrs. S. H.
Bller and daughter. Miss MabeL
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trader of Kansas City
Jure" the guests of Mr and Mrs. G. W. Trader
IrtT South Ohio avenue.
I jMss Blanche Barnes of EfBrrham III., ar-
kVA-Kj4 ifnttlav Vi ln (ll rt Xfla Tf ei Te.
tiu aiuuuaj tit as- a c v sa- aaai j.rm-
iililss Alice Miller of St. Ixjuls Is visiting her
fa'her. Colonel G W Miller, and family.
nbMIss Gertrude Moultnn of Memphis. Tenn.. and
5l" Anns SKInrer of St. Louis are the guests
or Mrs. W S. Shirk.
-Mrs Dave Emricb has returned tn Kansas Citr
Ofler a vlIt 't a 'ewr days to her slater. Mrs.
Jolios Kolbohn. .
TJlr, and Mrs. T. H. Jenkins Of Pittsburc. Kas..
arrived Monday for a visit to relatives.
, 5Use Emma and JLlma. JJrechsIer has re
nrned frrm a itry rleasant visit to irleuc's In
Qftrins and Kansas City.
-Mr. Alice Tjilrd of Kansas Citv. who has been
,-UsUlnr her mothr. Mrs. Alice Becker, returned
t"a her rore "Puesdaj.
-""Mm. J. J Steehn. returned from Kansas .Citv
.JJIondav. hating spent a week visiting relatlte
and friends.
'Mlts Merthal M-Marray ft Kansas City Is the
cknest of her sister. Mrs. McAdalns.
-rMrs. H. E. Huston and daughter. Miss Mll
"jlred. have returned from a very pleasant visit
wt "Wymore. Neb.
JJ Mrs. P. c Thompson of Independence, who has
teo visiting her tnother-ln-Liw. Mrs. TV. A.
ibompson. returned home -Monday.
Jlr- snd Mrs. W. E. Bard are visiting friends
ani rejstlvts In St, Louis.
Mrs. Busselt Grelner returned to her home In
TXansas dtr Tnexd.v after a visit tn her nar-
au-. aca jus. A. i-oieeu tier suier. tuta
Lillian, accompanied her fur a visit of a few
Mrs. A. J. Dowd of Puebl.. C.lo . anlvcj
Tuesdai for u tlsit to hr wrent. Mr. and Mr".
C W. Turnbam.
Mr and Mrs. II. It. Ci-erratit of l)al!a.. Tex..
who hate lieen Mting Mr" I I" Guernint. re
turned to their home Tuesday.
Mrs C L. KIo.e returne.1 in h.r home in St.
I.ul" Tuelat after a tlit t'. her datljhtel. !
Mrs llnrv I'ehllng.
Miss Mart McMillan of Kansas 1t r the i
"Vtii- ..i. -.i.., VLm;L-,i itn...,. f.n,
vi-lt ... her , 1st. r. Jlr- Frank It Hoar, of Kan-
ur or lean-
n-d M n.lav
as I Ity.
Mr. and Mi. Damon Porles returned
frxvm n il.lt 1.1 filen.1. .1 St Jusei.tl.
tumSJ Tuedav f m an ritSrfel lit at New"
irt artf pJllfrVJb. hi K lawl?.
' mi'.. " ilt'.'!! ' -.Tf.ii "i: rt.Mb.J Srwni. r
v riinii L- vv'"ia' N vl-ltlng frtnd. ar
ui i,Vi' "i J. 1. I. .1.1. in, l- .l.t-e
vi t,il,hni"V,e,T"Hr. ii J iiiJ. l.Y
Mrs Joseph Lorenz. at J-t Jusepii. M". ,
- :-- ". .-..---- - - ... . .
Jllss Jennie uniteel return.. I nor. iiie.
Ilitm a IIU I iri-lHi in tvanvn . it,-..
T.f i-- i ... . i --. ...u.i lnn,i..f naiu -i
M. . .... .... - - .. I
"" iil I'llaiil -..- t-.aj ....... ..
!i.lt tu frlciMlit In Kbii-ji-- 1t
Mrs rumite.llavb.irn of SC Loui" is the pic.
of her friend Jlrs" JI ilejd .,,,,,, ,lf Mr an.1 Mi J II Itabo-k c-lebiateU the
i-lTn,.I-i,Mr" J.r"i 't... f r t'uu t . 'Wrteenth birthday ..f tli-Ir daugbter. Ma,. b
lvansa. Itv arrived Tuelay fr a l-it t. a nfc (ij hrJ. ,tlMll), ,,,, guest wele:
lii ' . .. -vt. .n.i vj.,.i.v fnno Mlse Jiephipe IMdlno. Alma Ilkkerw.n.
Ml-s Agn- Murray returned Wrdnee-Iav fr..in lhatluU, naw,-h. Nellie Mi Quilt). Mary'
,"" J? ,m"t?inr ki 5 -ih5 frfn.'. I. I'm. ' ''I"" ' ivwon. Emllie Hhkerhm. l..ra
Miss Mavm- Klllion Is M"UIr frlen.. In Kan- u.k .itrtn,,!,. Ha.Kth. Lee an.1 Itutb Jen-
Vti ii ..- i, M.i nmr..1 M.ndk. frTi a"nlBr'- MaBilw Honlev ami Angle Hawks ..f
M U- Helen Shepardretuniie. M-mdhv '' , .K.tknV. la; M.vt.. Howard Stevens. Frank
visit b. her btutlH-r. Harry -.-.ird. and wire, or Krh(u A,lw, Bmih-k. C.eurge Ite-ten. ilaude
'MMvTt.e Sta.t arrived Wednelay fnm. , ; "'-" V- Will lul-vk ami Abs.-Kan-as
'itv and l the gae"l : ret sisters. , - A ,u-icm n w. , , Jlr , M
Mii Hattle and t.ti-sie SBart- Ta4, Ml. haet M.t'al- in Iwhkt f their . Harry
Mr and Ml T D toJ"-l H., tMUI9 Thw, in .itHkbime wete. Jli,
from M. liai" and are guests of Miss Lnlu , w,: ,fc(Wm, Xrlhur n,anil.. j..nn jand!n.
KiV.rk- t... . ... i i r i t ..,l. arrl.e.! Wl" Martin Kre.1 Iov.e. I. .well S..ins. Charles
Mi" K.llxal-th I. vd on .t f Ml .i a."-! ,.,nn K.e- !,' lUrvey. J. hn Smith.
vVedneMlav for a tlsit to h r aunt. Mi. JuIilM , Ja(.k SamlKin w., sharp. G-orge White. Mls-s
K.illjohtL and family itetlnnle 1:1.- X. ra Mnjanl. Kreja Iv.. Rita
.Ar'-JM?.i.'bi"rr.n.,.0f.'hh:e' ,n'f.: i '-"?: ."''- Haker. Nettle an.1 lles-le N'-ber-
; . it v- ILrrC-l
tp n.t Mr." Frank V.Jratli htr
from Boonvllle." whete they w.te the
erl. n.lu tr.f n fM lllf.
(...-.. . " --.. . , ... . . .
Mle" Scott Of llOOtltlll arnveu euneuil lor
. . t. .n I.., rri.n.1 Mi. (Gertrude Jlaltbt
Mis" Itlrdle Vollmer retume.1 Wedneedav from
a ilill t.. friends at Kansas Citv
Mr Robert Olillen and Mis Kva O Rrien re
turned Tuesdav ftcm a tlIt to ftlends at Knid.
Mrs. J c Rhoades returned Wednesday from a
v lsit to friends at Ihjrb'n. Cola
Miss Kuth Sheiiard and brother. Don. returned
Wedne-vdav from a vllt at Manhattan. Ka
Stlss hel Perdue has returned Inm St. Lwl.
-h... .i.. . i.iui imp .i.tee fne h snort lime. 1
Mis. George P. II Jackson and daughter. Mies 1
Marga-et. arrlve.1 Wednesday from St. io;ui in
b. the aue.ts of friends for a few dav.
Mls Jla Jaynes returned We.lne-day from a
t lsit 1.1 St. lomis .... ,
Jlr Wm. Sharn departed Wednday for a
vllt to friend at Denier. Colo.
Mls Jiarv Stephen, returned to her home in
Bunceton Wednesday after a M-it to the Mles
allra Andrews of Bsonvllle 1" the guet of Mr.
Clias. Van Antwerp. .... .
... . .....- ......... .nt.H.ln 4 lie memtier.
of the Adagio club Thur'dsv morning at her.
.!.. t-... Vint,
' Jlrs Ned Spencer of Wet Fourth street enter-
..ir..." ih. i.!!e of the Thursday Euvhte Clu..
Thursday morning. , , .,'" ,S. ,n,.ni"15Ir f i"'- L"ui tlsltlne
The society event of the week was a dao.-e Jlr- and Jlr I. It Jlorrls
given bv the gentlemen cf the Lotus nub , Jlrs. R. ja MrClititli-. who lias been the CUe:
Wednesdav evening at the Forest Tark Pavilion or her parent". Jlr. end Jlrs. J. F lay. re
in honor of Miss Blanche Birnes of Kfnnghsm , turned to Iier iM.me In Monroe Oty. Wednelay.
Ill who I- tlsltlrg Jla Mary Temp'e. ami Mls Jlrs t- c PatadlM. of Itrookfldd 1 vwiltt
StelU Weter of St. Louis, who Is the guest of If parents. Mr and Mrs. f. Philips.
Miss Uora Jloret. . t . , i . y'n " Clark and daughter. Jll-s Julia.
Miss Nelle rriCK enieri.iii". ner nl,u-"' "
Hie K. t V vmo aim a ic.. .-. "" -
man friends Wednesday evening at h-r home on
South Lamine avenue. In honor of Jil-s Alvlna
Schenck of Evansvllle. Ind . and Hughbert Woo.1
of We-t Plains. JIo. '
Ml" Mae Vancleve Is the .gue-t of friends lrf
If. Bertie Boatman of Centralla and Stella
Boatman cf Mexico are guests cf Mrs. W. t. Car-
tPMi't Eugenia McCuIIy visited La Plata the
latter part of the week, the r-ue-t of Miss Bonnie
mTss Maty Wight returned to Moberlv Saturday
after a short visit here to Miss Lillie Brown.
The Reverend Mr. and Mrs. Ad!pn SoWan re
turned to their home In Chester. N'eh . after hav -lne
visited her a month.
Mis II. B. Wilson and Miss Bessie-Turner vl
Ited Mexico the flryt, of tile week .,-
Mr Clara Steele returned to her home In Co
lumbus. O.. Saturdav. aftcx. an extended xlflt to
her brother. Doctor J. W. llckctt.
the I
Messrs K.igar iironson ana .- - .itn;. o
Trenton are visiting their friends
.. ... .t.. ep.. ft A..e.ist the. w.ll
ends In JIacon.
w.ll go to Okla-
h a dally new-
t.n.9 .hr thev will e-tablish a daily
paper In a town to be built be the Trenton Town.
site Company .,.,.-
Mmes. Fairbanks. Res. Larralee. Theo. Gary.
P T Holman and J. A. Hudson of Columbia Vis
ited Mrs. John R LveU In Shelblna the first of
the week .
all"?c Angle and Sula McCanne returned Sun
day from a two weeks' vl"lt In Denver. Colo.
Mrs. Harry M Rubey and daughter. MI" Jlary.
departed Jlonday for an extended vl'it at Lake
Jlr. Doctor Tates and daughter. Jlrs. Thomas
Taylor, of Callao. are the guests of Mrs. W. E.
Miss N'ellc Hawley returned to CUHIcothe Jlon
dav after a vi"it to her slter. Jlrs E. JlcICee.
Mr. C. E. Ford of Ottumwa. Is., arrived here
Wedne-day to -visit for several weeks with h.r
sister, Mrs. T. A. Craig.
Mlrs Msio TanslI of La Plata was In Stacon
Mondar en route to Manltou. Colo. She was nvt
here bv JI!- Pearl Shale of Clarence, who ac
companied her.
Mr. and Jlr. J. II. "Wright and daughter. Jlis
Leah, are making pteparatlons to leave In about
a month for Colorado, where they go for the
benefit of Jlrs. Wright's he-ilth. They expect to
remain away at leat a year
Mrs. R. A. Guthrie entertained a large numlr
of her friends Thursday morning. Misses Jlse
Caldwell. Jlary Sharp and Mary Stone assisted
In receiving.
Edward WHsey has returned from Colorado
Springs to spend the summer with his mother In
this city.
Miss Nora Gregg of St. Lou! Is In St. Charles
the guest of Mls Bettle Edward".
Miss Julia El-ensteln departed unday for V.'ar
renton. where she will spend two months with
her parents.
Sir and Jlrs. Nathan Pieper of St. I.oui have
been visiting their uncle. Judge J. W. Brun. In
this cits.
Jlr. and Mr Robert Ony were at WentxvlIIe
Sunday, the guets of Jlr. ani Mrs. I. T. Turton.
Miss Mildred Whitney of Mexico. JIo.. Is a
guest of the Jllsses Edwards.
Jlrs. J J Holt ha returned to her home In SL
Louis after a pleasant visit to relative In St.
Mlss Vlnla Stephens departed Sundav evening I
for her home In Jefferson City, after spending a i
few da- with her parrnt In this city. j
air. ano aar. liowaru r.ni;iiso ii i-i Leiuis ar" I
here vlsttle.e- the fsmilv of f"-sr JI. Gray
Mrs. J. W. Brun. accompanied by her sister, of
St. Louis, denarted Sunday evening for Wlnd-or.
JIo.. where thev will spend several weeks with
friends and relatives
Jilts Delia Strathman returned tn her home In
St, Louis Sunday after a visit to J!Iv Herxog In
this city.
Jlr". Charles Kehllng of St. Loui wa In this
citv Sunday vl-ltlng her hnttiers. H. C and Her
man Sandfort.
Me and Mrs Edward Chenneworth have re
turned to their home In St Liuls after ppendlng
"ir.HInF..S!2-,Kri,0J" USr;!
Charles G.trweller return-d home Sundav
alter spending a month In California, where be
went on a pleasure trip
Jlrs. JI. C Parker. In company with a numler
of St. Louts friends, departed Monday evening for
Colorado Springs and other Western resorts of
Interest, where they will spend the summer
Jlr. and Jlr. John We-thoff of St. Louis spnt
Sunday with Henry Westhoff and familv In this
city, and departed Jlonday for Wentrvllle. where
ilR. . i "a w5
with friend and
thev win spena a wcck or so
Mr. and Mrs. Adolpn Thro and l.ttle daughter I
returned home Sat'irdav a.ter pendlng two
week in Mankato. Jllnn. They report an enjoya-
Me trlr. 1
Mrs, Charles Spenc; rr of rtem-'r former-
Iv or this city. Is here vi-IUnr friends
JIIss Ida Bradlln is virlttnc rela'Kes n Rnlla. ,
Thet Misses Gallaher a-cmpvnled by Mr and !
Mrs Dan Parson" of Joplln. have returned from .
a vl.lt tn St Taints friends.
Miss Emily Ru-ell of Woodeon. HI.. hs re
turned tn he home after an extended visit to
Mrs. Doctor Ferguson of thl dtj.
Mrs Fchlendsrauer cf Chicago Is here visiting
relative and friends.
Mr. Gcodfellow and dan-hter. Mlrs Tbelma.
of Forlstell. are here vlrl'lng friends.
Mrs. Andrew Jourrey and Jlrs. John Calllsnn
departed Tuesdav- to tWt relatives at Howrll,
Miss Eddye. Smith has gone to Montgomery ;
City where rhe will spend a month visiting I
frienas ana relatives.
.J,;."" rVlr .STS?1'!-". 3Iaa"0n- "' "' I
visiting Miss Alvena Koeter. I
SJlss laitle Daugherty has returned from a
vl.lt of two weeks to relatives at Florissant.
Mrs. A. F. Rhodes of Denver. Colo., has ar- i
rived in this city to visit relstlve She former-
IJi. i'7idiiV.r;-ha,et? htnman '" " "
gisd to see her hark again.
Mr. Alois Keber. acrompanied bv his sl-ter.
$.l"t2Rl of jlaielTh",Knr- "e h'r" v,rtlI,S
sncMenuIy Vnlng at the home
C.SiV5& 7n- M '4!
clety ofth- Jfferon Stree iPre-byterlan Church ,
was largely attended and wj. a social succev. ,
The guest- were entertained on the lawn and i
refreshment were erved. The horp'.tallty of !
Mr. and Mrs. Wentx made the evening very ,
pleasantfpr all prejent. I
Miss Elixabeth Edwards has returned h'me .
,r?m.r"Tm'..fa:e,? xtf-v wJS..; ,",l.ns-. '
Misses Ijjura and Mar Wright of sr Louis
spent the Fcurth .with Friend. In Su Charles. .
v,S. ra?iSr.I,er"V,r??itcVribafI, rriV" '
..-....u .... .u , ... . .. ..a .... ..
Mr. and Mr". George Thro of St Louis, seent
Friday In this city, the guest cf Eugene Thro
and famllv.
Venerable Sister Jiarv .Macaque of Mlnnearo
lls Is visiting hex brother, th" Reverend Faih-r
WUme. She belong" to the Sitters of Christ'an
Charity. who"e mother house Is at Wllke.birre.
Mrs, Joseph L. Rauch has returne.1 to her ,
home In St. Louis after a short visit to St. pleasant social functions cf the week on Thurs
Charles friends. v ,,-.. .frrnonn. It being n six-hand euchre partr
ii!Is-., 5?"' .S"1?c,viS: ,V.ui?'" .".t- .a
ruest of Mrs. John N. Mlttejlbergec at the Gait
?ti' .. vin..ik.. in ......... .. . t '
fJH5 i i c vL. ..'KiJ. i'i h'r
friend. Mrs. A. G. McKnlcht at Eureka Ssrlncs. I
Ark. I
Mist Urxle Kvexs and Mrs. James Wfclu ra-j'
tutr.cj rrem Chicago Jlonday. utter a visit t
Mrs. While's sister. Jtmr. iSibben. who l- a
member of the Order ot the Sacred Heart-
Professor and llr. 1L L. Barton departed Si
utday for Portland. Sle.. wheic they " P"d
tlie somnitr
)In Edmund StallarJ has returned f lora .
ikli tu her daughter. Mr. Joseph Mej-er of !--
Mrs. George Ilauenstran departed Sundav tor
irre mr itui reinaiu .
i Mr ami Mr. Fred Buschman celebrated their
wooden wedding Suuday night at their home in
Fourth anJ Woods street A large number .
! I heir Memis attended unj a must tnjujst
' time kuji uutl
. "C. "i" i,n ..r. .... rl..n S.tuiJdV
...,.. .... ,..,..- .-----.-.--..
f ouiur KHiiiej. n.- iMjm w i..-...... .-
.rtr.1 Anion thus who attended were M'ss.s
Matl Me,r. Man Alartln. Irene i.Jsuai. rioi-
ence lilu-Ujuui.. Nura t.rrgg. Kettl, WsmJJ.
May Wright. Sallle John.i. Mattle Immon.
yiihin K"er Hattle Mmelbetg.r. tJUwIii-
IJt.ii.mann. olive Gray and .Thekla i Mirgnir
Mim KdwarJ and Uscar liitr. MtiJlcg and
orrhk M.Ieamion. -otfe and OnW. Jthm.
- i- -- - -- ... . .. .
Arthur lilWuni. Altln M.-hl ikutiip. Alj.h Av-
IHiThJ and I led Linker.
i Iat and May Jennings ate l-ltlng Mls
KiHtiialine Ueiben r Ilannllal.
Misses Kleanor and 'htleIn
...u!i.j. .-n." . - ..-.....- . ... - -
i !:! home fn.m Eutn- rext month. li-ie
,h'v fc- sm u veur In the study of niii-!c
I ?" ar,! 1!"- J s- ll,urr" hl- retunie.1 ruin
. "T"' ' "L"1". " rhT..
ii iui.i... iimi
M'-' Mt 'Kfe gave a U-haml euchte lr-
' ' '"da e.enlng In lHi..r of Mis" Mi-Kelina ..f
I - l" ami ML. Hani- ' Pott Arthur. T '
Mi s i:ilskl.-ih 1'erri. en'eitalnci about twimv
' V.-UKK e.Jil- Tuelav ever.il g in hunor of John
i -- and J.- i;..U of S .lalU. ami James T-iHIl
I , M... --,,-, Teirlll ..' Denver. Col...
. ,.. n... I,,. mJ n. .! t-
th r -. Hft-r
nr. i-x.. niirr
pla-ant v It-It to her aunt.
sjj,, M 11. Jt
,-j, ,',- ' tKSS. mUwU.,.., wXk
Mm l!m l-t.l f St UjuI Mi-U h-r
! Menlnt l. Ml IJI-n Ite. htcn at th Iwtne of . JIr nj M, ,, i..tMjn Mr an. i!t.. itob
J h-r lotents oa Wt Lljy Jtl- Uanclns JShl tn AnJrr iir. atlJ Mr, i,,.,, HolUnJ. Mr.
" I lean. nei-n i .iv llattie llawnrtn. l.te Rolrl-
ve returne.1 . rm- 'j!u JefTrv. Muvnie !!a"ett. JIayme Sur
.e guV"stf Kr.' "'"'I1 c'lehlln and Claudia Hendrlx.
" ""'h"!' oZ j Mi W'lKram I-alm-r. .-ircmpnnieil by Mis-
' . tl'len l".iT Hattle llawnrth. llele Rolrt
Joxphlm- IMdliig". Is visiting her ltef.
Klnesl-rrv. at New Kranklin
Ju I) K . an-titer and little daught-r have
returne.! fr-m a tw.. week. visit with Mr
Hnmback at Hannibal
The V M ' A. gave a re.-epOon Turday
Jlr Arthur 1iamier. vvlio lias Jnt been grad
uated from the law department of Washlngt.'n
I nlveisitv. hs leen vIMtlng hi .aienl. He
will pen a law ofiw In Seattle
Jlr. Will Irwin ..f K.iiiki- city Is the gue-t
of her i-ter. Mr- John 11. Jenning".
Jlrs. N " ItoU-rtsnn of Kort Madison la . Is
l! gutst of hr sister. Jlr. K. J. W.Jfe
...:m,.I",,''7 ." T?'"Wc f New York I. vls
ltlne Jlr. .nd Mr. I 1' Munger
Jllv-e" Rose DreM-her and Jlary Spalding de
parted it, ndav for an extended Eastern trip
Mis Juat.lta Kabbr ha ictume.1 from ShVlbv-
tllle. MO. whre "he nttend1 m l.m.. ..t-
rcrnrvo"e,I of "Howard Payne" girls, at the home
of Miss Nora and Edith Dlmmitt.
Jii Harton of New- York Is the gue.f of her
I brother. W II. Flvhcr
J!r W. K v'ong.r ami little daughter. Helen.
are the gu.st. .r Jlr and Jlr. II. JI. c.me.r
; "T., ....-u uwb an ni.nuej vi-u in iokj:s-
JII-.-. Julia and Kdna Drechr are vl-ltlng
then- granrtiiatent" in EI jr. JIc.
Ml" Bessie Urine- Is visiting In Kansas city.
Jin. W H. Dwcnby or Sail-bury. JIo. Is the
cuet of her parents. Colonel and Mis. W. II.
Ml;. A. G Ho--e and little sun are tl-ltlng In
St. Louis
Mrs. J P. Richards entertained at cards
W.dr.esday morning In honor of her sister JUri
1-orter. of Leadvll. Colo. Mr. Arthur Hogg of
IhoenlT Arte itrrn tit ..!.
i ... T" .-.' . "-" -,-.--
CJ11!'' i,3.xV ." u,!on' ilvZ Losan and Georgia
. ..fci7 ' V11 r?3!..,0 rav- il- Jlonday to
visit Mr. and JIr. II. W Perkins.
Jlrs. G. A Sturses and son. Could, of Sedalla.
are in the ety. the guests of relative.
Mr. Mtrgaret Dry den has returned from a
St. Louis visit.
JUsses Edith and Vivian Du!any have as their
gue-t Miss Harel Hogan of Webster Grove. Mo.
Jlt.s Iura Riley of North Seventh Mreet Is vis
iting In st. Leal.
Jlfsses Nora v.'l-n. Margaret Buchanan ami
Jla'tha Brasheors . N'ew London. Mo vlslKd in
.i citi i o-rsiay
. MIss.Lutu Dewey OIL Memphis, Moi ret tuned
Some Wednesday afterJu, vi"lt to her brace,
, I-nslgn John .-hofleld "Is vl-ltlng his parents.
J""'pr mm aire. r. ij. iKXioneiQ.
Mr J. II. McVeigh and daughter. Ml Je-ste.
are visiting In St Louis.
Mr Allen E Int arrlred home Wednesday
from a visit In Oklahoma
Jim. George W. Wh'.tecotten and daughter.
Jennl". returned Thursday from a visit In St.
Jl'sses lilna Sneede and Daisy Jacobs of St.
Louis are the sruests of Jlr. and Mr". II. JL
JIIss Grace Penneld has returned from a visit
In Clark"vllle. Mo.
JIIss Martha Guitar of Columbia I" visiting h'r
sl-ter. Mr Frank Platter, of -south Locust street-
Jlrs. Andrew Leeper entertained Mrs. Lacj' I'ui
ton of Urookflekl and Mrs. Susie McConnelt of
AvaVon on ine Fourth. Mr. Henry Leeper of
Kansas City was alw a jruest tbts week at the
Leeper home.
Mit" Dobj-ns. wlio ha. b-cn the guest of Jlrs
Will Carver the last ten da), has returned to
her home at Srlelblna.
Mi's Nell saeetx u-.lertalne.l about twenty of
her joung friends at a "patriotic party" th
night oi tiie Fourtn. The gueets were seat-d
on the veyaoda for a tlew of a fine fireworks
dtplay and afterwards adjourned to th dmlng
rocm lor refreshments. JIIss CamplU of Kan-a"
Ity and Mir Agnes Alexander of Chula wete
the out-of-town guests.
Mi-s Mtjme Mllbank entertala.d a Kourth of
July partv with a fireworks display on the Mll
bank lawn.
Mrs. AI Stockton entertained at "The Elms"
Suiurdaj afternoon, complimentary to out-of-town
visiting j-oung women and their hostesses.
Fan were the souvenirs.
Jlr. W. L. Carver sate a luncheon Sundaj
etenlnsr. complimentary to Jlls smith and
Dobyns of Shelldna a.id Shepard of Brookfleld.
Doctor F. E. He Loccy and family tiave moird
to thtlr country home. "Idealvvllde." where thej
will remain through tee heated seaon.
Jlr. W. G. Goodrich d-parted Wednesdaj for
Colorado Spr.ngs.
Mrs. i'aul Kltt 1" home from a visit to rela
tives at Boonvllle She Is entertaining Miss Tay
lor of Columbia.
Vtr. .rali it Williams ha. heen ar...ri.1nl-f-
ihi. Cm.tr i. fidlnirlnp rel.tl.e.- vr. i v
Austin. Jlls Frant Is Auitin and Flo Au-tln "of
, -arroiucn. and JIr. E. B. Autln of Denl""n.
V.i-e Rose Steplienson of Llnneus will be th I
guest next week of her si-ler. Jlrj. P. T. AbSI j
Jlrs. Itacrri iiairis is entertaining Doctor and
Mrs. Drury JIcMH.en of Kansas City. Doctor
JlcJIIIIen Is dean of the Western Dental College
at Kansas Citv.
Jlr. Chnrles Arper Is entertaining her Iter,
Jlrs. Phillips, and diuguter. Jlls JIaty.
JIIss Margaret te.la gate a "porch party" Jlon
day etenlng complimentary to tne following visit
ing young women: JLases Ju la Water and Ethel
lvaze of Nevada. Rose Tavlor and Jfsrthn Gui
tar of Columbia. Nell Mlrlrk of Carrollton. Alice
I'oV' 'k.i!-. ."'-. ' of --helblna
anil aianna neparu ox isrooxneia
Jlr. J. S. William gave a S o'clock tea"
Tuesday afttrnocn complimentary tn Jlr. Jcseph
Watcn of Kansas City, who 1 visiting Jit
Clark Wells.
The marriage of Mr. Charle. Kirk and JIIss
Tina Campbell is announced for September 1
New lias lust reached here of the marriage at
Denver of Mis" Jlrrtle JIannlnr a well-known
Chllllcothe young wbman. to Mr. Harry G. Crouch
r Rock Springs. Wy
A dancing pativ wa given Jlonday evening at
v-iv.- 11.11 i-nmnllme-irare tn Mi . r-....n
t Kansa. oti. It was given by the "C ti C
-..,... cUh for social amu-ement! conuii-eTl of
the follow Irg young ladies: Jlltre." Alible Spencer
Msrl,n sotham. M.rv Platter. Kathleen McNaT:
v. Alice Cullen. Kllth Isherwood. Hlrdle Iiarton
i-,, itsrtrn Nell Sheetx. fcthel F.tr,,inr! ItiH:
grfl Grave- About twen,v''c,rJhl weV
present the lallroom llng Drettllr jJ.niti;
sweet pea ard nasturtiums. The cha.wr.ins for
the ocea-lon were Mr. and Jim. Sam Sheetz and
JIIss Mayme McNally.
Jlr- Scott J. JUIler entrrtaine, the Industrial
Society of the Km Street Methodl-t Church
Thursday afternoon
comna-v II Is planning to give a Mg ball at
E'K Hall In the near future.
Mrs J. W Bott ind her Sunri-tr.sehnrLt .t...
j gave an afternoon and evening reception and
fancv work bazaar at the Bott home T..a.
evening. A nw musical waTa t,l,aT?rTe il
of the "entertainment: TrfSw.nnX.if?i5
the cla: Jtlse Flcrence Bolts K i. .i nln:
Moor- Ioilu Miller Berth" Nagel. Settll Cl.rir.
Far.nle Baxter Ethel Suttee Jei' Ti.hJ.5"
vSl Cor!" G S !?"" CSrin7g$:
jji., Mason and Jlrs. Lair. 'nrnne -wran.
m- bj)(j jtr, I p Ynnev snd ehitir... .t
parted fSVunllJ f CcdoradoTprtncsMd 'Sinvl?
5lr " -lrs- ra n"n" nd nephew. Ben?
turned Tuesdiy from a visit to Meadvllle
Miss Carolyii DIder Is In Kaasa. City vl.ltlrc
Mrs William II. Wakefiel.t. who ravZ threS
TsKaW SleSff ?!?,!?'!,
sheV.nVgoneTtn:- K" "nJ "
jr T C Cimpb.il and children arc spending
3 ,ea-on at Moort-vllle Spring. "
Misses Kul-lla and Slavme Conway of Kansas
citv are vlslUng JIlxs lailu JIar Mansur.
jlr Harrv Plerct departed Mondsy for h-r
p fcm,, at ;- Joseph after a short visit with
chllllcothe relatives. '
A 'n """Pi" lrty I" spending two weeks
at Roach IsVe. Amonr the nnnW are P. W.
Harun.n and family. B. A FuM and family;
'JST ' WM Scruby and farJl
iir 3,nn niners.
The Beefsteak Clrth had a. he.fste.V tre nrul
Picnic Tuesday at Rocky Fon. Thee In at
tendance were Misses d"oag, lilt?. Grace. J-n
Gn.ee and Rnblnn and Messrs. Mansur. Gill.
M'ller Sbelton and McArthur.
"Jlsses May and Ida Romelser are visiting In
Miss Alb? Bargy Is 1Itlng her Isler In St
LestJ". who Is a nun In St Joseph' Convent.
complimentary to Mr. Will Scamptcn of Mober.
jty and Miss Pollard of St Louts. The house
n beautirullr decorated In swer pes and nas-
turtlums. there being fifty guests brides a d-xen
... .nn. -M.tiine- rmnr wr-m.r, -o,- nri..
-r.M k. t.itiwnrir ur fl. TV.li.e wh. i. nt. i
an artist. Thar were: First prlx?. a burnt wood
ito Izaisr. won by Mr. Fred Hawley. and a
Une-harrd pits, a Japanese air! panel, awai.led
to Jltn. J. F. Hawley. After light refreshment,
the afternoon clud with a rau-ieal. In which
solos were tendered by Jlisers Alt Grace.
Mavme Jlllbank. Ml Smith of SheiMna and
infef h-htikw oy itias it&anrh snerman.
Word ha fat ti rHira,i kM ..r th our-
iias ui mm juik-u- Krxran. funnc-xiy -.1 xri
i ciir. to air. t-nari-, Painiale of Dalton. t.j.
." -- m nimmu ri ipiuhk -
ur. iM.on utile.
M'iti.M;i'ii:i.u, mo.
,.i. i.. .t. ... .i.ii ... ..i
, .V"V".'S. . -. "' . """ '"r V2" "" - "'.-'":
neii."uu e.eiiing JIHe Hnrai ':
i Kate ihtirtn. iir. 3ia va1dlll
Mr. M.. H-..im Ml.. Mabel
I .-.nviin vn ..-iT ..'.'... ..".'. ..... w.ih.
i --- " aai-ai .lis- jiar lutwrrii. n
erlrir Itolbruuk. Ml fomeiia uttrrson. JIIis
. tlorge MI- Jihuu K- with Mr. evi imk.mg.
Mr 1Ulkm. Slr Ralpli M.-Klhatli. Mr Wash
! Adam-. Mr. .'ail liuin. J r lin Crat.-. Mr.
j.,n ,.ar. i)r ivt. , Wagstafr. Mr. Arthur
, .akia(I and Mi 'hatlle llmh
. ji, Mau-le M-an- Ml.. "b-ia Ilru.4. atel
aii i.rac- toie entertalnrU at Uanclns Thurs
oa etrning in h..nr of Miss latlabeth Ihi
uMsun f r.t liutr. Tt.e guest" were met ai
the ,v,,,r i.j M."-v Katlierine Ur.iokr. Emli
INgl;lna and Katherlne :.. Mirees Ikirl" l K
Kins and I-lt Giai-e Smith ieeMe.1 at the
IHirirh le.wl. Iterr.shiiiius n. served b Ml
flella H ram.. Ml. , ll..n.. Ml... flat
j ..hi. ..111 ,i.. .anii! iiaikn-v
j lie.., lx;t..n entettulii-1 a immWr of
, fiend. inf..n.iall yHe..u, evening Itefteeh
; in.nt- nr eervi ,.. Mie. Mail" liati. Mls
J' r",..-Ln,'.,-!.i'"- --
i.rier. Ml Maud- Cole Mb.. Marie tik.
rjliui li I2r.re i.i. . ... n..
... , L. .. -".. .... j ir . . tw. ,. . .
w-iw vtngni. air Jlyer.. Mr. M Uvsart. Jlr. A.
2i.7j,?- wm ?,,- "'"'t-n- Mr ,iM,n" ""
Mr Iluiph Hoiiaml ami Mi- Waldo Glde.n
fj,.'.a "",1," WVdmdiiv at the ju., Klter
ii l?:'1"". '" ,,''Kor "r Ml. tltgKHil'othaiii ..f
lliglni..tham Mrs Ja.i- :M.-ell. Mt". leads
S..S;'iJ,""'..M1' xv,"-v Hutton. Mr. Henry
iJ?iatVrr' .?'" . ,;"w" Wll. Mi IJncoln
Li ?" JJ" l:' " Civen. Mi. Joe Itruwn-
K.:.i,.r ib.5b,;sr- OMh",M- M ,o' ,!"- M'"
.iIm"T . J."'!'' ''" '"" ""v erk-brated her
f .... ,V.l',''da " a wit Julv 4 In a ter
Jf i i . Hianiier l.j invltiug In a number ..f her
il ."" '"" afteim,,,,
,ii JE. tf1 r"rn,J!!La- "" -ne of a pleasant
aii-dav ptcni.. ,n Thurrda. Th.e ub.. en-
M'r.L t.il'u,'."',e """" 'r- ""d Mr I"-'"'''
villi P" ilb$ A'"B'" HuMs-ll. Ml- Kanuy L..rit.
; ,.T 'if."?.. X "" HI" Kate 1,,-vl. Ml. Vlr-
mn. Aiming ifeeN- .t.."."'.'"' "."'.'.
IlNuklne. Mrs w. arder. M.". Alb.', ue.
urula Flanr.ei
Frank Wjitml. Mr- A" it Mcix
l.i.tr .T'" . -Mr. IteenhWr
Mrs. A. N. Town-end. Mr.
JlrDmakL Jlr. Kr.l
IL Jt ltot..r.l. Vtr.
Vim i., i.. j..ii 1-i-miis-r or Aurora ami
Jir K.d-rt .lark of Joplit, here fcr a few
rUt;,K,,na Xte,,t '" ,B atnr- Ka. vWtlnc
daJvr. J ' y' in """ "- "k"1 " f'f
Wieke,'U'Ba"' '"f Jo,,,"' ,s Miss Joe.
frJeSf.: ,!'', ot A,- . ' '1""
f..rl.',&V"..me,."HaB L' ltoKU te """
Lew'" ra T3rnlnt k"s rrturaed from Green-
r.litu'"iS '""U1 hemr tnm a '' t0
riiatives in Kansas tty.
JIIss Nettle Filbert of Kana CHy t" th guest
of l.er tter. Mr. P. McGulte.
..r;ani i,, '. " " " Antonio. Tex..
"'?. ,lw" tv3 of friend, here.
,r V,hJ of Tevas is visiting Jlrs. 1. C
JJr J It. JluriJ.v is home from an extended
tljlt to relative" in Fulton. JIo.
.1JJj,,-.Hu'I1 M'ller of St. laMlls 1" the gvte-t
of fri-n.ls here
JIIss Jlvtlte Mnesueller of I.eUnon Is the
kw.1 01 aim teita Thrall
Aurcra. after a visit to Mr. J It Hawkins
Mr. Guv Rk-hanKon of Oklahoma citv visited
friends here tht week
Mr and Jlr. John Given ami family hate i--tiim.il
from a visit to relative. In Douglas
Jlr. and Jlr W. U Myers and Frank and
Mary Chaml-rs returned Tuevdav from a trip
ta Chicaso and Milwaukee.
Mrs. John I. Parks of I -a redo. Tex., is visit
ing friend here en route to Chicagu.
Jlr and Jlr J. II Parkinson are entertaining
Mr. and J!r". A. D Jiyer and family of Crdum
bu. O.
Miss Rhoda Mit. h-II, who has been th guest
of JII- Edith Ame. departed rtstunlav for her
Lome In Seneca
Mr Alice O'Day I home from the Indian
Jllr Ullle Looney of Walnut Grove has re
turned to her home after a visit with Mt"S Jlay
Mrs. Walter White departed Wednedar for
her home In Bolivar. JIo.. after; a visit with
Mrs. J. It. Hawkins. .
Mis." Rena Geotge departe.1 Monday for her
home In SjvrlnctVeW. llL.'-wtter a visit with Mr".
Miss Sadie Craig ha r'torn.l tp her horae In
6t Louis after a vilt with relatives here.
Mr. and Jlrs. G. H. ..rutln and fsmily of Se
dalla are the guest of Mr and Mr. Lnul Illn-
,C"lr rteorre Jlclhvnlel and daughter: Ellrabeth.
will drrt W"edneUy for Nantih-ket : Island.
Mri. "jr IlollamJ and Miss Vtata Holland have
gone to Masarbnet for th somroer
Ir J B- Ih-daon ha gone to Colorado. Art
nt ami Jlex'c on a vWt to friend.
Mr Bob MeElhany -.id little on. lilwln. of
Omalra Neb . are visiting Mr ami Mrs. E. I
MrV Mabel Wealey Hutlon ha. returned to hjr
home In St Lovls after a visit with friends
Ml's Julia Harper and Mir.. Flora Dulln or
Net-i.la. JIo.. are the guest, of Ml lima Bad-tier
Miss Ellrabeth TVnab!sn and Mr Frank ear
mark departed Mnmlay fnr their home In St.
Lnul" after a vllt with friend" here.
Ml Nellie Randall departed f. r an extemled
v l"lt tn frieml" and relatives In Jrkon County
Momlav night
Mr U F Haln. ami children f Galena.
Ka... are vlsltlne Mr. Geerge s Rathbun.
Slessrs. Iurges ami Ralph Snyder are visiting
frend in Ohbv.
Mr ard JIrr Cnnnlngham ef St. Lnul. are
guerts of Mr and Mm. J W Gilbert.
Mr. and Jlr. Kroe-t Schnlten Knve returned
from a visit to Mr-. Sebolten's mother. Jlrs O.
B W". Jennlnc. of Wet lHln
Mrs. Charle Broe entertained the Young
Lndles' Soctal Clob Saturdav aflernoon. Those
present were Mr. Han Link. Mr John Far
rlncton. Jlr Charles Il.dlaml. Ml Blsnche
Dalr. 311. Alice Kearney. Ml Lillsh Daly.
Atlr. r.eorge or rpnngnei.i 111 air jrnn. ami
Mis. PorterfleM of Fairfield Ml-" conk of Seat
tle Wash, ami Ml '"en Horlne
Ml-. pnrte-Jel,J e.f Falrnebl. 111. I. the gue,t
of Jlr Ivan I Ink ... . .
Mr". Ivtn Link cave n .l.rve Monday night In
honor of her rnests. Mir. George. Miss John and
Mis pnrterfieid Thee rree.t we: Ml".
Kale Brvar SI'" cr Hnrtne Ml", rhov. Ml
I.lK-r W.WH1 Jlls Katherlne Hclheook. Mlrs
Blanch alv Jll Alice Kenev vt... ,.i.n
Dalv Mis. .l.'a RWrsoei Mis. Ele.nr Craw
ford Ml" Willi trie., ills Clan SloUf. Ml.
Dot Le. lit Ml Nell Ie with Mr Bert Hnl-
l-ec Mr Va" Wslter" Mr J. S tklnron.
tr R'nh Mellbanv Jlr v.tm Jte Pe-ey
Wa-rstsff Mr Le Wilson Jle vi.trher Jte.
nwieht Newton D- tnr vixo-t Me Geerg
r-,,h - -h.rte M"ler Jlr Carl Eaten, "iir.
Kugen Beer. Mr E ". Psrment -r ami Mr. and
Mrs Char" Bro-k"
Mr.. John Wl-e. Sir". Mollle Calvin sn -Katherln-
Jlo-tgorrerv spent last Sunday In Sal-rJ-.e
Sp'lre. the gitests of Mr Hamilton.
Kls Mhel Matehssnn ami Mrs. s-irah Jen
nlnr. cf IHgelnsville Mo.. r "pending a few
wei-. p joplln v'"ilng relative.
Mt Alvlna 71ken departed Tuesday for
Cea.rv-iKe Ka" . fcr a vl-lt with friend".
Jti- Vttl tJvnyc-i of rittsMirg. K . th
rr t of th Jlt"-e Anna -n.1 Cla-s I-nm-I
tips, wiiils-n Creech and ".-. Poren and Tay
lor and " daueht-r OHdr. have returned
frn a visit with rel.llve In Aurora
Mr- Geeirse Dennl of Vena. Atk.. 1 visiting
Me IVe T)-nsl end f-rcllv
W r. Grav ' Chleaer, Mr vt Grae ant Ml"i
lyet. fir-r of c.rthare visited Joplln Mondar.
vtl I en." Ivrv ha. returned tn OvIumbU"
aft-r a "hot 'lsit will. e.:.tee. tn this city.
Mr" W U. Dunwcsitv left Mcn-tav eveninr Tor
n esler-te.1 ii o relative in Bo-fen. Jll
Ml. Fee-In Vel-tler who h. been vlsltlne
Vr C it Phnr-r relume,! to her home tn
K-e-sa. Clt- Mo".lar
Mr. and Mr-. G.rge -w-he"toei i.- return-!
frn a month'" v'll to the Psclfic Coast.
te. C . IVw.t. I. ir. Ch-ag.t vl.ltlng Ms
rreher. sh h. lep nulte Ill
Mr sti' Mrs T w t:i ar eTpeetd ho-n -0-eerTCW
fenpl thele wcOlrU tone Me nr. Mr..
IT.n vl-Ite.1 In Veer Ve-kl T'nn. fu-ber..
Ve-hleeter .nd r.the- mct cf Interest
Jte .ni" -Mr. Fr -tc Myer. retiirne.1 Tue-sr
i -lrg fera - visit In -'atlv'.
J'rrir John Grace and Jhn Cnv who ha !
v-"ltlrr Vrr tames King of Anrora. r-
tr e herr XIOTWlsr
fr and M J. M MeA.Uf. relurrM Men
.'.v from a short vl-lt tn relative at Channte.
"f . J Tt Aln an.1 f -.p.' M- J. A. Hay
c"' c Wl CHv vl'trd TiHn Mcmlar
The vi.vercx.t rn(1 M-". R. "rnrpee p.-f Ml,
let. Otburn dratt-l tst we Manltcu.
rs hre her wfll snet a p-onth
-The Ml e Ttorf!' M M"n. Bnv xu!lr have
t-ken a cottsr at Rurekn Spring, fer te rest
of i ummee.
Ml C-.ee Tbvewe" of -pt t JRII ! vl.tt-
lr- her .l?er. ir. George Flcvr.
St Ttumwr Faker th" Jop'in Globe fr
I vi.U'ne with hr l-tr. tin, Mathls at Kx
cct"ir Cre-in. for a few dtvs.
v'i. TVI11 Halyard havreturne-I from Kansas
M- ar.. Vr A. K. iron a. ML. M-rtl
Doolln erairid la-t wv fo Colorado, where
it wi" nv"k 'hel ftutur horn.
'. char. F Trr-- has returne.1 from a
r-1 l-'t 'n K"na. citv.
J end M Jnlii." rteeker. JI- and Me- C
Welden. ' Jehs-nn Becker n Mer
Mnhertr ml r John c.lo. jme.I Slomlar
fr p three-'"-.' camn a No'.
tit.. Tenor Fink rttd In honor nc he
.te- Jtr. Walter BH o Menu. . .r- Vrtlir
eee-lr st e l.wri fete. T rlst. InvItM fn
reet jrr Bell w- irilv .errher. e.e the
rvn,,,rv cinn rC whlh M . vi-ii (. . charter
rne-her. ami- a mest enjoyable evening wa.
Mi Sue Slone returned Tuesdar after vi-tt-lnc
friend" In Omaha
Jlls. Ida Howard departed Monday for Iowa,
where ah will visit a few week" befor tearing
for New York, at whiehrolr.t -he will1 be Joined
bv her uncle. Doctor Paul Schweltxer. They
will salt for Hamburg. Germany, on August ii.
and will spend a year In study and travel in
England. Scotland and Ireland.
The Reverend W w. Elwang-wllI depart Jon
day fcr .tichroend Vs.. to spend his vacatlm
with his wife and daughter. Miss Abbie. who are
visiting there.
Mr. Henry T le. oe-iartea Wednesday to
visit relatcre. In St Louis.
Professor Everett E. Basa of Greenville. Mtsa..
I i . ",,.": "'" Kllmlth Waddlll of St
iti.T r-o ' ..'ir, .''"- ili" ""' Rnbud.
Tin, W?. I";!-. "I. ..t-B"-- ."-Wr.'l. r.
mh LTr,,..,r,. ''rg- e.th. Mr Hany Urlf-
talilt .r"T.n'r 'l?"'.. ""' nl.rjr.l the ho.pl
!""i " J!" '.' Mwrww.l WedneMay aflir-
.... r....u...M ..... ... ... . ... . .
i.... .Ii.n. i. t- Z TL J2 I Y . " " i an, riaiener. ni ine nmw. i'i ..'wir r rt. .....
ill., i-fte.1 JU" vv'-'iLm '"i J"V" 'SI"?' ... ' " -1" " nste.. at a rhlblren" patty Friday
guJe, J Pi!? tn..-i '' Urt"" L ,h' -l from sack
si,, i. L :v.?l . iSf '... , . ii .. i Ml e Bessie ami Mildred JliConathy were at
HH &.SSLJ-J; SV'i" 5 W?stnJf' '- T : Four-haml euehra was ptu-d. Jtle. Jlary Sic
Xr- IlalnhlSer left saturdav for her home In i .. ..... .. .i'.. i ..i. !..
arrived thi" week to vWt Ms mother. Sirs.
William IUiw. on Bast Broadwav.
Mr. Ilenrv 1. Hurtwn I. yiemttn-- th sumtrer
In Lenox. Mass. She will I Jolnr-l la a few
rLi ly the HeerenJ II. p. I lor ton
Mrs. I.nn Bank of Kan citv has returned
Dome atier iiMiinc air. 11. 11. nanus.
I Mr nl Mr. IS. K. 1.4-nofr at- tHltir their
ujusnirr. wn. rwn m. mf.
Jltsses Ethel and JUllle V itolmett denarted
Ibis week for a sojourn In Ji.cltou. Coin.
Mrs. Mary McCuce retume.1 Satui.kiy affr a
sliort visit to friend In St. I.il-.
Jlrs. A. A firming of St. Iamb I" the gu-"t
f Jlr. K. It- Jr-r.ln!: on iTn-rjthvi t'olh-Ke ave-
or j
I Hue.
i Ml
i airs. ii. at. -tn-ivrwin aim .ktuxuief. jn-es
' vrali anl Jtartalet. departed TueMtar .- 'ak-
itinla. IILrr. Ihe. will .1.1. M a..u.n-.
el-ter. Mr". Dent.
I '-'-. 1 ' .V ..""r ' I"-., .n ....
I 'Kr." ."""T. ? fi-rv.
Mr. W II lturkr retorne.: f.. St l.tit ues.
dai ttftet limiting 111" famllt here.
Jlr ami Jlr. N. T Centre irtutr.! W-Mr- i
lav tter .l-ltln; Jlr ilentry's uirent. Jlr.
ami JIis. Ib-nn. in Kuunuke. JI...
Mr. M.m I' l-ntk.r ami .laughter. Ml" Mar-
gain, are visiting rrlemls in t o.per county.
Mr Itor Paul Srhweitaer detmrted Moo-
day for J-rTersoll. la . where she will tk her
Mter durlrg Doctor S'hweitier uy aK.ul
Jlr. i.lu.tI-3 Jtalthevva was in Qulm . ill. tl.lv
r-nator C. J. V.alk-r Is in M. lejul.
IhMtwr D K lankj .leinrini Tueda f.o- ."ar
rullton. where h- lent a few ttay" oa . ulnee.
IK.ct.M- W. l"ope Yeanwn was in Kejtesvilie.
JIo.. this week.
Jlr. D. W. Kaulkner of lloilvar wj -be guest
of Jlr. Doracy Jlw ami famllv. amli vf town.
tliU week.
Jlr. Join Overall of SI. loons is the guest of
l.er muil.er. Mt Jt. K. I'.i.llln-
Mi. c. U. U-wlIng ami enildren v-i- tho
CUr-t. of Jlr S. Cope and family in Spruigucld.
. im sett
Mr. Ira Stoior re'urr.ed this week, alter a ielt
to otnalia, and other i"tnt in Nebraska
Jlrs. J. II Itlnsle ot Konsteil j, vi.l'tlsg her
mother. Jits. It S. Muuntjoj.
Jlr. T Hocka.Uy wa the guer-t of her urn.
Mr Rollic M. Htvckaday. n Kansa- Cliy this
.".lor 11 J. Water, is in Cdurulajs. O. wttrs
h I. rVllvertng a c-our-e uf lecture. iu tb um
nier school In agriiulturv.
Mr. Ib.yal Swltxhrr if it IaaiU si-nl a few
daj with his parent. Jlr. and Jlrs. livlu &wtz
ler. this week.
Jlr. G. K. Winston and little daughter' of
Stephens I'ollftc ate sojourning In ticelslor
ii famllv of Protrsevr Grumruel.who is teach
ing in the summer school, will arrive In Colum
bia from Un.-oln. N'rb. Sumlay tu remain dur
ing the recond term of the summer school
Jlr. J. S. Uranium came In front SprlngSeM
this week to spend a few days with bis family
Professor It. II. Embereon Is In Minneapolis
attending the National Teachers' Association.
Mr". Krrderlck returned Wednesday after a
visit of reteral weeks to New York.
Jlrs. F P Miller departed Wednesday for lira
Kat. She will vl-lt relatives In Vermont. It hod.
island. Ik-ton ami ItrtsneM. JUx.
Jlr. IX JI. I "rice returned Wedn-eday after a
few day. spent In St Louis on bulrww
Mr W. JI. Willis letumed We-Ioeeduy from
Doctor and Jlr. W. It. lUrklrs of Lexington.
Jto.. were the guests of Doctor and Jlrs. Itankj.
west of town, thi week
Mr. W. K. Stone was In Weston. Mo-, on a
visit with relatives this w-ek.
Mr. ami Jlrs. Mike Bright of St. l-nul were
recent visitors at the home of Jlr. i.Tkirl-s K.
Turner. outh of town.
Jlr. Kaiser Pratt. whoe h-a.Kiuarters are in
Tea. has bven kdtinc bis father. Judge W.
S Pratt.
Jlr AdoliJi Johnson came in from Chicago this
week to visit hi. family.
Jlr. Garland liroadhead of- St. Iaviis H-ent a
few dav with hl parent". Colonel and Jlr G.
C. linadheaX thle iHk.
A reception was given by the parishioners of
the Sacred Heart Chu-eh to their new pastor.
Father W. K. Randall, formerly ot St IsaU
Jlls" Grace Williams of GaUstturg. ill., has
acepted the position of Instructor In Roman
languages tn the stale l"nlverlty. Jtrea Wil
liams come" highly recommemlfd frorr Knox col
lege. Columbia I'nlversitv an.l from unlversltlea
In Pari. Klorence and Madrid
Dtor J A Dungan is vl-ltlng his br.ah-r
In SprtngttekL Neb.
..... ... ...I. .. I,... . C I ...1. ark 1...
I I.lllir J.II- ,IV . M " ... .-. .- .. www am
I lie-n spending several weeks with h-r cousin.
Mr. ami Jlr-. N. W. Morrow have retailed
from a visit at Mater
Jll Margaret Knight drparte.1 Wedn -lay for
Cando. N. D . where she will visit h-r brother.
Mr. W. .t Clement departed Tue!ay tor a
visit to his mother and other relative, at La
Jlr William McEarhran returned Mondiy
fmen an extended visit In Canada.
Jlr Philip Lew of Chicago was the guest ol
hi. cousins, the Michael brother", last wk
Jlr. and Mrs. JI. J. Crow drpart-d Krlday r..r
North Jlanttou Islands. Mien., to sreml the sum
mer Mer.. W ! Stark ami U. M. Stark,
with their families, will depart next week ta
join mt m.
Mis Mabel Thsrnton of Ottumwi. la.. Is tlIt
Ing her grandpatenls. Mr. ami Mrs. Dan Thorn
ton. M! Edith Primmer ha. gone to PetrorU.
Canada, to visit her parents.
Mis Pearl lalterson departed this week for
Chautauqua. N Y . where she will spend htr
Jlls. Frantic Davis of Mnberly. who wa. ths
guest of her sister. Jllss Chri-tirte Davl". re
turned home Monday
Jll-" Ne'lle Stevens departed Jlonday for a
vtlt with relaUve. at Uoston.
Miss Annie Carkner and Stuart Catknr. Jr..
of Kanste. citv are the gue-t of Jlr. and Jlr.
Charle G. iPirTuni.
Jll Emma Jean May departed Saturday for
Glen Haven. Wl . where she will spend the sum
mer. Doctor Charles Meriwether or Whltesboro, Tx..
I spending hi vacation her- with his parents.
Jlr. ami Jlr". K. T. Jlerlwrther.
. Mr. and Mrs Gorge L. MrLane and son. who
hate been visiting her father. P. II. Balrd. de
parted Jlonday for Hock I Hand. III.
Jlrs. It. A. Harnett anl daughter and Ml-s
Grace Rowley of this city and 111-- Ona and
Kate Black of Texas departed Krlday for a visit
with Jlr. Sallle Cloe ami family at St. Joseph.
Jlls Janb- Yates of Richmond Is the gust of
Mr and Mr-. J. JI Word
Jlrs. J. W Jump and unughler are tlstticg
at Canton
Jlrs Fannie Griff! ha. returned to her home In
Omaha, after an extended ttlt with her father.
Judge w. T. Hill, and family.
Jllxse Llltle ard Kittle Welts cf Troy and
Jlargl Jnkln of Klsbrrry are th gusts of A.
K. huhle and family
Jllsee France Atkinson of Nevada, and Ethel
Carttarrben of Jeffer-on Citv wete tne guts
of Jlr. and Mr". A Ion so Ery thi. week
Jllvs Kat Murphy. Emma rt'oxera and Liz
zie Cullen of this city and Jlary Butler cf Ash
ley departed satunlav on steamer Sidney for a
river trip to Si I'aul.
Jlle. Jlaml JacQUc. teacher In the High
School of St lend. Is v I tiling Mr. and Mrs.
J. ! Jlerlwrther. Jr.
Mi. 1-cooa Breckenbaugh of Qulnry III . la"
returned tn her home after a pie. -ant vrrit with
Jlr. and Jlrs. 0-ci.r Rose.
Jlr. John J. Haley and son. Clark, departed
Saturday for Salkla. Colo., where they will visit
fcr several weeks.
Jlr. J. It. tigden and JII" Nannie Scholl 6
pnrted this week for a vacation trip tn Colorado.
Jlr. Caroline Z-azak has Issued Invitations to a
large numter of friend to attend a rerpUn at
her home following the marriage of ber daughter
JU Anna, to Jtr Isaac Haas of statrberry.
Julv 16.
Jlme. . C Ivmergan. A. U Ialne ami Lena
Baiter departe.1 We.ine-.Iay for a visit of sev
eral week at St Paul. Jllnn
Jlr and Mis. E. A. Dodge ami children. Ralph
ard Allc-. left Tuesday fer llouhlrr. Colo., where
they trill loin Charle F. Ihlg and family of
rremont. Neb., and go on a camp for several
Jlr. Tlioma Cuneen and Jlrs. Mfchle Walker
were marrlej at St Joseph's Church In this dtr
A numt.er of IMwatd-vIlle society f.dk departed
this week to pend the rummer at the Inasn
Chautauo.ua. Amotuc the number wer Mr JI
Boa snd son Frederick- Mr J. A. Vance ani
th Misses Ulna and Viola Vance. Mr J N
JlcKee and Ml. Jessie JIcKee. jlrs. J R s.n.
ner. Mr. O. C. Dak. Jlr. M JI. Smith Jp.
R. D. Ollll-Ple and Jlls Alice Gllleple and Jllss
Alice Newsham
Mr. John IIbon and Ml Saydee Hobmn left
ycterday on th Sidney fcr a visit at Northern
Jlr. II Groppe ami daughter. JIIss Emma
Oropp of Chester, are being entertained b Jlr.
and Mr. R. . Staben.
JU. Etta Schwarz I visiting J!is Daisy JIul
Ivrry In Taylorvllle A reception was given In
her lienor Thurrdsy
George W Ibtn. a member of thi ycai's
graduating class of Yale Clnlleg. ami who car
ried off th athletic honors of the year, visited
Kdw-anivvllle friends this week before leaving for
Jlr and Mrs. James R Dal. Mr. II. J.
Sorlngr ami Mr. It A. Phillip, departed last
night for Eureka Spring Ark.
Jllsses Birchle and Ltlll Kremer have gone to
Sir. W. K. Wheeler leavi ih first of th week
for Charlottevllle. Va.. to neml th summer
Ml Henrietta Vog I visiting a? Oak Glen.
Misses Mary ami Kdna J f (Trees gave a kirn
party Thursday evening in compliment tn their
guest Jlls Estlle Watson, of Cdumbls. Jin.
SI! Irma Springer and Jll Genevieve Keller
have gone to Douglas. Jlleh.. for th summer.
Mlse Lnra 11-ve.ehenst-in. Alice ami Jennie
Latxer vlsite.1 Edwaidsvllle frlemls this week.
MIs Ula ami Blanche i;herl of Xn. -r
Hartford street. St Louis, ar being entertained
by Jtl Pearl Bernle. A party will be given
In their honor Tuesday.
JIIss BsI Bamsback la entertaining Xllu
EIna Donoho of Troy.
Sir. and Mrs. W. II. French entertained a
number "icf guests from St. Louis this week
Mr. and Jlr-. H. W. Sherman. Jlr. ami Mrs.
Fred Richardson. Stirs leola Conkllng and Mis.
Maude Glover.
Jlrs. J. T Cullen and Jll Maud Cullen.
have returned from Springfield, where they vis
ited Sir. G. A. Lytic.
Jlls. Dorothy Jost of No. eVl BrigStrm place
h. returned from a visit In Duquoln. lit
Mis Hazel JL Carroll or Brighton p.re de
parted Thur-dav tn nend the summer with tela
tlve and friends In Chlcag-i. ill.
Jlls Jlargarst Cain has returned tn her home
In Sandoval, after a vltlt with Mr. C. L. Raney.
Jtr A. Prendable ot Carrollton'is the guest of
Mr.. J ITendsble.
Mr. JIark Bird of No. taa North Eighth trt
I entertaining th Jllsee. Putllff ot Fred'vnla.
Sir. II. Swltzer Is entertalmng her sister from
Mis. Florence Evans of Summit avenue Is vis
iting In Jlurpbvsbom.
Mrs. Jlary Roberts is visiting In' Carbon-tale.
Mrs. F. F. Seavers Is vl.ltlng In Oregon. III.
Miss Flora Perlmutter at St. Louis Is the guest
of her sitter. Mr. M. Jacob.
Mrs.' J. C. Lange Is the guest of her daughter
In Alton. 111.
Ml 7-elln Begulln has returned to her home
tn Woodlawn after a pleasant visit with Jilts
Hyltla. Young.
Mrs. B. Scannell of Colllesvllle. Ill . Is the
guest of Mr. C Clifford of Cleveland avenue.
Mis Leah Tolln at Glrsrd. 1IL, Is the guest of
Miss Genevieve Hamlin of Illinois avenue
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Toner and sot. Muter Jack.
i .M.:.. . --..4 H -Ml... ..-.......
pet Monday In East St. Is vteetluB friends
wi llo-watrfme. ... ootin
Ml Aim CHssey or t-WM'J. ' " "
her fltrs. Mmes. Haiy and McLesn.
Jll Nell White has returned from a peeasant
vWt with friends In Jerseyvllle.
Jllise. Luello. ami Ethel Van Ctete have re
turnrd from Gillespie.
Jlrs. John J. Jlarsb and son. Dave, will depart
next week for a trip to th Noch.
Ml Agnes Ke.--an has retutnd from a trit
In Alton. Bl. . .. .
MK Alke Craic Dawn iHt Vt Moestay
St lew's vMtln..- frUtd".
JIr. J. Reeves I. visiting In Cwiarw. ..
Jlr. ami Jlr- John Wrong of Kansas City. Mo.,
are the guet. of Mr. and Jlr. K. Kawtetman or
Ninth street.
Mr :. White of Mtiri hylor... III.. r visiting
JII- liiintz .f St. leMils avenue
Jlr. V. Wlthauer has returned flora a tWt In
CJilcara. III.
Nd .lam. of No. Ml Howe avenu- H in Knox
tille. Tnn.
Jlisse" l-:th-l ,n.l Mantle Krllehte of Mlefetean
i avemie St I.ui. Jtit. iint tat week In f"a-t
j St. I. Kit-.
I Mrs llvrser D. Hi deb-a ltd and daughter Neil
llte.l 1 1 v Ire av-rw TUexray.
I .. Mksa Ma.hte Kia-r of N... J avenue,
"- laaiK and her gu-i-L. Ml Nell K'Wi'.lv .if
' Jai-k-jMiv le. m.. were tn liiet M. Iis vMtlng
i iid lt week.
Ml. Iawise Krrkh.m. who i Mending the
summer with her parent, entertained a Mrtv of
ladr-s Saturdav tn hoiiur of h-r Mter,
Jlr. ituc-
iw ..iu.ru or Anna. -
JI!". TskfasfV l!rsnnui hn,a .jov,,.-..! aA Wa.aa
home In this citv. aft-r a lx months' sojourn
at Denlson. Tex.
Mayor J. T. McAnally I steading . few days
at Albbol. ill., the gue-t of Ihsrtio- Muaa
The famllv of Ck-hler Edward K Mlt.-het ha"
u.k,n a tyl'-f at Macatawa lirk. Mich, and
will spend the summer there.
Albert Chllders will .Kit for two week, at
lenver. Obj ,
Jlr J. K Comst.Kk ami rhlblren are visiting
reUtlveji at Advance. Mo
I II. Caldwell .r I'aduh is spending a few
davs with hi ihildr-n Ir. this city.
Mr I. N llakewell of Normal., aged .) year,
a sister-in-law ,.f Ate-xumier Campbell, fiiimler
of the iTirl-tlan Church l. the gue-t of her
daughter. Jlrs. W. S. Errant.
Jtls Iluddlesion of St leMlls Is the guest of
Mr and Mr. E. R. Putnam.
Jlr. Potaml ami daughter. Ida. who have been
vi-itlng Jlrs. It K. K-nnb-ott. returued to their
home In Fre.r..rt Jlondaj.
Ml". Dal"r Jones spent la"t week vlltlrs
friends In Jlurphystovro.
Sirs. J a roe. k. Waltcn of Cobden 1" vlsltln;
h- mother. Jlr.. K. II. Storm.
JIr. Robert H. Knrro I" the guest of Cobden
Jlr. Henry Rruhm departed for Anna Tuesday
on a two Week" visit
Aft-r an extended visit in Ava. Mr. Nellie
Roe lut" returneigtio her home in tht city.
MI Iaota Ku-Ie. director of musle at the
Stat- Normal I'nlversity. r. vWtlnar In Chlcagrj.
IVK-tor ami Mr. II. C. Mitchell and family
have gone to Chautauqua to meet their son. Ed
ward, a cadet at Wet Point.
Jlr. Gall S. Huag. who ha been the gtjet of
relative, for several week", has returned M her
home In Denver. Colo.
JIt- Kre. Allen, arcorapanied by Mis. Jlary
Brooks ami Alfred Allen, has returned from a
two week"" vllt In Calro.
Jlr. ami Jtr. Frank Ba-che have gone to
Grven Hay. Wl ,. .
N. S Welk-r returne.1 Monday from St. loul.
accimfne.l bv hi" mother. Mr". Genetl-ve
JKIIsi:vl'ILI.K. II.I-
S1I-. Roever has returned to St levuis after
thvttir.e the Je. Greatbous In Jerseyvllle.
Th Jlls . Jlae ami Myrtle- Wllliam-on of St.
I.iU ar vMtor. In Jerseyvlll.
Sir. SI V. Hamilton has gone to Gcdfrey.
III., to visit her daughter. Sir J. R- Stevenson.
Jllss Mary Fox has g m to Ioiami. IIL
Th Slls-e. Gusie ami Isora Ib-aty ar visitors
In U'jiKtr III
Jlrs. Jo-tali Vaughn has gone to Bb'omlng'on.
The Misses T-ssi and Rnth Smith of M.Ior3.
Ill . are visitor In Jerseytille.
Jll.. Kat Ring ha returned from an extended
alav at Chautauqua.
Mr. Gorge JletzKcr and daughter. Sllss I.acy
Jtetzger. returne,I to Wlncbeeter Thursday, after
vlsltlne Jlrs. Jletzgefs ancle, the Reverend Fa
ther I. Fallon.
Sir and Sirs. Gu. Chrl"ty of Jerseyvllle enter
tained the Social Club Saturday evening In hon
. r of Doctor ami Sir.. Ambro-e WycRoft" of Al
ton. Mrs. Lurinda lovfion has returnel to Ladmtla.
M.t. after vl-ltlng Jerseyvllle relatives.
The Jlfewe. Rce ami Julia laturent and Mh
I.vttle Jacot-s have returned from an extndd
vl-lt In CentralU. III. . ,
Jll Then Dodnn of Jerseyvlll entrlaln.l
on Wednesday la honor of Sit Slabel Dutton of
bt Louis.
Sllss Crone I entertaining Sir. Annie Shank
of Kane. HI. . ....
Mr. and Sir Oil P. Chnv departed Monday
for Denver, to rnd the summer.
Jlr. II. JI. C.ry of CorsKana. Tex.. I tho
guest of Jerseyvlll relative. , .
Jlr. George Core returned Saturday to Gold
Hill Col, after an extemled visit to Jryvllh
Slim. Harriet Pegu has gone tn Peoria. III.
JIIss Christine Jlcde I. a visitor In Edwards-
Mis Emily W.r entertained on Tuesdav even
inr in honor of Jlles Illldegard Palmstrom ef
Hastings. Minn.
Str. and Jlr I. JI. JIatthew. and Sllss Katie
Heller returned to St IohjIs Slondav after vis
iting Jerseyvlll frieml". . ,
Th JIIe Costelln of Jersewlll are entertain
ing Ml. Gussle Jlaiouey ef St. Iyvurs.
Sir L. Wllscn depatte.1 for Arkk-v. la., en
Tuesdav. after visiting her mother. Sir. Frt-d
Webber. In Jerseyvllle
SII. Ada Brown I" the guct of her sister. Jlrs.
Johnson of St. Lnul.
Sir. K. R. Rruce of PI. Iynils I. the guest of
Jerseyvlll relative..
SI' Beulah F. Besse ha. returned from
Oirange. N. J. . . - ,
Mr John A. Shephgard entertained at catds
on Tuesday morning In honcr cf Sirs. Clarence
Jllle. of Hasting". Neb.
Sir" William G. Doyle and daughter. JIK
Sudl Doyle, of St. Iuls are speadlBg the sea
son at the W. C T. C. cottage.
Mr It D- Smith, of Waverly. Il! has a cot
tage on Bluff avenu Jlrs. smith ha" for her
guU Jllsses Irene Tr'bble and Nellie Bradfonl.
both of Waverly
Th Reverend C. D Shumsrd. pastor of First
JI K. Church at Belleville, and Mr-- ShumarvL
ar at th Nelson mttage for the season.
Jlr. ami Jlrs. It. W Roplquet of Ilelb-vllle are
at the "Fox Den" with a party consLtlng of
Mr Annie Konbittet ami Miss Berth Ropbjuet
Jlrs. Hilt ani. Jli-ses Lulu and Florence Wis, all
of Belleville, ami Jlrs. Waggoner of Iowa.
Th Ml". lailu ami l.la Kunkhouser of Chi
cage arc the suts of Jit. C. D. Schumard at
th "Kog lieri."
Jlr. F. A. Uehymer and ilaughler. Mis. Ruth
Ilehymer of Belleville are here for the season.
A party of Belleville society f.dk. cons.stlng
of Misses Clara Krepp-lt ami Jtaude and Ieiura
Slkksma are "laving at the Grange Hall.
Jll Amanda W"n,.l I. entertaining Jll". Nookl
Butuji of Otrrollton. III., at Grecnwt-id Cot
ta. Sir. and Mrs. JI. G Rlclwnnnd of St. Iawil.
ar at the Yerkes cottage In Blurt avenue for th
Jll-". Mae Klrby ami Emma West of Jersey
vllle are visitor, at Chautauqua.
Sir S. JI. Wilhlte and itauaBler. Jlls. Neltle
Wllhlte of Grecniteld. IIL. are at the W. f. T f.
cottage fr the , ason.
Jtf. Edward Wenneher and ihtughter. Jlls.
Hop Wenneker. of St. IohiI. have taken room.
at the Plasa Spring Hitrl for th season
Sir and Sir. G.rg Sveen and daughters, th
Mis Georgia ami eta S!een. f St. lynil..
ar "pendlcg th season In th Stafford cottage.
Judxe O. B. Hamilton and Uughtr. the
Sllse lUhel ami Maggie Hamilton, nf Jer-ey-ville.
have taken the Coxe cotlnge en Tabernacle
Square for the season.
1). J. Slurphy. cashier of th National Bank
of Jerseyvllle. acd Sir. Slurphy are tentln; en
St lowil" avenue.
Sirs. loicla I. Priest of Alton 1 chaperoning a
Krty of Alton young ladle. conltlii nf Mt e"
rtha Imogen BWnop. Beatrice Ferguson and
Olive Gitlham The party 1. staying at ihe
llasa Yacht Club rouse.
Sir. and Sir.. F Van der IJppe of St Loul
are here for the season
Sir and Jlr. T. II. Perrln ami daughter. JIIss
Grace Perrln. of Alton have opened their cot
tage for the season.
Colonel and Jlr. A. F. Rodger and daughter.
Jttss sara itouger or i;ppr .vhod, are -pemi
Ing the seawn at Chautauqua. I
Jtr. and Sirs. Thomas White of I "peer Alton
ar her ttr th season. Their will .tenser fnr I
Chicago on Jlonday to atteml th- wedding of I
Mr. White' brother. Sir 11. May White, to Miss
Jlary Stratton on T.i.ly ev-i.lrw.
Gtccral and Sir C. W. Pavey ami daughter.
Miss Alice l"avey. arrived from Mount Venvw.
Ill . on Satcrlay ard till remain the rest of th
sea-Tv. Among th j'her nident" of Munt
Vmon who are spenllng the aann her are
Mr and Sirs. Norman Moss and Sir. and Sirs.
Samuel Casey.
The Beverend and Mr". I. Halkh-k arrlw.1
from St. Louis Saturday end will recupy their
cviiiace inr in niHnmirr oi ii.e s-;i"ori.
Th Reverend and Jlrs. J. A. I.arge f Shln
rmn. III.. ap bre fnr the eason.
Tli. Vila... Vt.r - lw.l.. . n.l t.r,t.. 2.,.
. arrived frani Jerseyvlll on Futav mn-nlng and
jntr.1 ineir pirems. air. mi jtr. witlta.H L.
Scott, at the Scott cottage The ,'owl."
Jlr. and Sir. Too-nas :. I"mersn ef ITpper
Alt..c are here f,r the eann
Slme. J. A. Vane ami J. N MeKe nf EJ.
wnnlsvllle ami .lauahter. ih Mli.. IrMmt and
Vmla Vane ami Jlls. Je I McKee. are at
Dw Drop Inp" for the s-a-on.
Sir and Mrs. John K. Clark of -t. Lnubt will
nccu-jy ih-Ir new c.ttage tn Talraace Stuare
this week.
SII NettI Sheppard. gu t nf Mr.
Will Shennard. returned to Danville
ami Mrs.
Ml- Aila N'obt hi. returned front a vHIt of
five week. In 311. Nellie lledg. In Cedar ISap-
jils' Elisabeth Elliot has leturrcd from a
VWt In St. Iwil. JIo. "" a
Ml TavK Butnett of Xeh-a.ka Citv vr.
I- .o-i.in., .....-. iii mc nil
aiies .vmv t lersefii is
Lnngootre. lml.
visiting relatives In
Jlls Jarrcs lullentlne I. vlsltlne In Alton
Ml es Carrie Smith of Jluncl. Ind. ani Kin-,
McCamml"S of Wlneh-t.r. ind.. have ?eturnfi
to their home, after a visit tu their uncle ?u--verlnte-ident
It Starbuck of the Peorti di
vlslen of the Illinois Central. i-eona oi
.is tr tt ra-i& t ..i.iti. i ...
Mi. W ii. vra?ft 'rWuSi'V'rAen, "
yl.it to hr rlster Sirs. Cannailay. In Wabash, i
The elght-n young matron, ami maids com-,
pnsing the Unique club wer guests at viirt-
wii ..a.-ry ic riisurraKi nan jicmiav night,
lev's afterward. T nanqueteii at Had J
' wf'tSaiinsteIi. Mis?" Du"!' are b-,e1, tnm '
Ml-S Lutle Hvrt Is snendice . mnnth en .
ranch near Denver. Colo.
SI-s. Shlnn and daughter S1I-. Eliza. hv re-tcrn-d
frem an extended trln. tir"ugh the West.
MI Ida Peck, guest of Mls Bs Morgan,
ha returned tn her home In Chamna.gn,
Sir and Mrs. IIrry L. Kendall are tpendlns
several weeks In Colorado.
Jlls rarl Goruch of Cherter I. the guest of
her sister. Mrs. B. T. Breckenridge.
Mrs. M. B, Mania-Id has relumed to Indlaa-
The r..ib wing from ;hb city are in aitendani e Is no catch about th!t offer. If you have
ioie "oton'1 ,i;"rn.lk,f, ,"" !?ut 'u,n, ! Kheumatlm. don't fall to send for a free
llraach Mr Til Mr, 'ftmr.VJr..-"!1 L!. ' ,ral of niy Rheumatism Cure: I know It
Jlr!WK",1ceai,,,,n: imtZ vHn-y a'asi M? ' cure you. If you suffer vrith Indlgest on
t-rt l'ancii. n' """ n """ ' "" ' ( or any snomach trouble, be sure and set a
fflunyon Remedies
Given Away
1 want every sick person to send me their
name and address and full particulars of
their complaint, and I will eend by return
mall, freo of all eharEe. the remedy that I
believe will cure them. Remember, there
t fre vial of my Dvspepsla Cure; It tvlll en
. abb- you to eat what vou like and all you
j uije tj you j,ave, a cough, send for my
I ;."." V....7 t ".?? i.ra. ... .., n
ordi. no matter how serious, my Kidney
Cure will prove a blessing-. My Headache
Cure utop- any headache In 7 to 10 minutes.
My Diarrhoea Cure correct all bowel com
plaints In a few hours. Xo matter what
your dfceas-- K write and tell me all about
' your complaint an.l I will send you my
i remedies free I will also send you a copy
or Jiunvon's Magazine ami Munyons iiuiae
tu Health.
Prof. Munyon. 1505 Arch SI.. Ph. He... Pa.
ai'li. after a visit to her slsSer. Mrs. John J.
Jlls. Anna Irwin of Btltroorr. N. C. Is visit
ing relative" tn thi ci
Jlls. Pearl Matlock gave a slumber party
Jt.oi.Iav night to twelve girl frier.!. The out-of-t'.wn
guests were JHes Zeita K.'nsley of Shel
byvlll ami Ada Brown of HlUeboro.
Sll-s Alma Ham of Fnnkr.irt Ind.. Is the
ru-t of Jlr. ami Mr. William Itc.inger.
Jlr. Isuls Katz i" vl.ring in Cincinnati. O.
Th Reverend and Mr.. W S. Hooper have re
turned from a vl.lt In New Harmony. Ind.
Ex-State Senator and Sir.. Isaac B. Craig and
Mr and Sir. George S. Richmond have gone ts
Jtseklnac llacd to spend th heatil months.
Sir and Sir" S W Phillip are visiting at
J. kern. J' ieh . ami lake resort. !a th North.
Mr B. T. ITeckenrtdge e-tertalned the Thim
ble club V.lne!ay morning.
Miree. Jlaud and Lanra Slkkema and Laura
Kreppelt are at the Pias. Chautauqua.
Mrs. John JIaurer and daughter. Jlls. Jose
twine, or Kansas City. Mo., are visiting; relatives
Mr. and Mr". K B Smiley are summerlnr at
tu Northern resort".
Th Miss. Angu.ta and Kate Xeubaus will
depart b for Oregon to. .pend the summer.
Slb-s Kat Korman of Summit avenue Is tea
guct of Mi-s Lu-lla Flelschbein.
rb engagement l annoranre.1 of Sllss Carrie
Ivfch ami Jo-ejh Buchler.
Mr. ami Mr Wlil-im c Buchanan cf Lcs An
CHe. CaL. are visiting In Belleville.
Mr. T. Manning and crrtldren of Wheeling. W.
Va.. are In Belleville visiting relatives
Jtls. Barbara II"bm Is visiting In Chicago.
Mis Frieda StephanI Is in Denver. Colo.
Jll. JIarie Becker ha returned to hr home In
Kat St. Louis after a pleasant visit In Belle
ville. F. A. Rehvmer Is visiting In Pr. Jos.pa. Mo.
Jlr. ami Jlr. Joph Kue-j- and children are at
Colorado Springs. CoLi.
Th- Jlisse. Klorence and Stella. Smith ere visit
leg in Marlon. III.
Ml Anna Gart-lde ha. returnM frtm a visit
In Iiarrisonviiie. lit
Jib. Olga Hoeber -f bt. lerwis is th guest -of
Jlls. Cella VIerheIIr.
Ml. Lydla Sllrhler is visiting In the East
Jibs Le-ota Scharfer ha. r-turned from Salem.
Jlls. Lena Llrse .ieparted last week, to spend
the summer In th West.
Mr and Sir. Ernest W. alerts acd ton ax
visiting In Nile County. Wisconsin.
Jlr ami Mrs. i" V. Klel-chbeui departed Tues
d.v for a river trio to Ilurlin.-t.jn. la.
Al.TO.V. II.I-
Sir and Mrs. Bruce Gilbert are visiting la
SpttngAeM. HI
Sllss Ail Kelser I" vliltlag In Chlcago.
Jlr. and Mr. William Hack are guests of
frlemls tn Springfield. III. ......
Jlrs. Mary Mlnsaugn. accompanied by her
niec. Mies Mary Kalley. has gone to St. Paul.
Jlrs. Charles WaJ Is entertaining- JIIss Id
Cook of Jerseyvllle. III. .... . . .
vtr nn.t Mr. t s. Jtetcalf hav e returned to
St. Louis after visiting- Mrs. Mary Baker In Mld-dletown-
.. . . .
Mr. Mrchaet Riley has gene to Columbus. O..
to visit relative.
Jlr. Lyman Bunker of Jloberly. Mo.. Is visit
ing la Cpper Alt".
Jlr. Green Parker is vlsltlne relatives In Oak
land. SIo. . . ...
Sir and Sir. Fred Pieper have gone to Cpto
raiM for the summer-
Mis Sue lonw Is entertaining Miss Grace
Swettenham of Indianapolis. Ind.
SII.. Anna Booth Is entertaining a house party
consisting of Sllsse Grace Warner. Amelia Lrt
wlch. Verena Hogan and Delphlnei SIcMany of St.
Lnul". . . ,
Jtl. Sllnnle Boals ha. gone to Chicago for a
two week visit
Sir. Lucie Meriwether N oatertalnlng Mrs. SL
J Pope of St. L.HJI-.
Mr Jlary Drum ha" returned to Frederlak. S.
!.. after being the guest of Mrs. Ella. Smart la
d-'tr Alton . .... ....
Jtr. JI. C. FkHimor departed Monday for lr-
Jlr. Jame Lewis Is entertaining Mlrs Minns
Lewis of St. Louis. ,
Jlr. w. 11 Porter Is entertaining- Mrs. TV. J.
Eaton nf St. L.KII". .
Jllss Edith Bell ha returned from Chicago.
Jlr. ami Jlr" Frank Levi have gone to Chi
cago for a month" visit. ....
Jlr.. Carl Ventree of Decatur. III.. Is the
guest of Jlrs. Herman Cole in 1'pper Alton.
Jtr- J. R. Foreman departed Jlonday for a
fortnight's visit In Fulton. JIo. ....
Sir. I K Slurphv hit., returned to Murpcrs
bom. Tenn- after visiting Sir. Edward C. James
In Fpper Alton.
Sir. G. EL Swl.her haw gone to Wyoming- to
"pend the aummer.
Ml Birdie Hcffmelster ha. gone to Kansas)
Citv for a month's visit.
Sir and 5tr. Daniel Citric ot Taylorvlll. IIL.
vl-lt-d In Alton last week.
Sir. an.l Sir. Fmnk Fruah of Knoivllle. la.,
were guests of Sir. and Sirs. Dan Miller last
Jlr. Jf W. Carroll ha. gone to Philadelphia
for the summer.
Jlls. Bertha Waterman i visiting In Litchfield.
Ill th gu"t of Sirs. D. C Blunt
Ml I-MiLse Clawmti of California Is visiting In
Jlr. ami jir. George R. Hewitt gave a lawn
Pnrtr Frldav at their hom In Liberty street.
Mr. ami Sir. John King have gone to Harleys
vlll. Ia.. tn visit relative.
jtr. Wa...n S'anlev entertained a house party
last week at her country home east of I'ppe
Altnri. Her gue"t. were Mr. I JI. Castl of
Snrlngfleld. Ill Jtr- Jiarv Austin of St. Lnul".
Ml Jan lloblit nf Carllnvllle. 111., and Ml9
Rnbv Rnesr of Butler. Sin.
Ml". Su Newell ha. returned tn I ppr -Alton
after a visit of several week In S? Louis.
Sir and Sir". Jame" Prelee hnve gon to Pitts
burg. Pa . tn spend the summer.
Mr )nd Sirs. tohn Cauner nt visiting in
Scranton. Pa. ...-.,
Ml.. Carri Slavln I" visiting In St Loul.
Jlls. Sarah Rodcer or Cnrer Altrm returned
We.lnt-s.lav from St. Paul Jllnn.
Sir. and Mrs. D. B. Klttlnger have gon to
Sl.nhatt.n Beach to pend a mnnth.
Sir ami Sir W II. Wl-eman departed Thur-
dv for Ilicn. Tex. .... .
Jl-s. Cathrlne Jenkins of Slancie. ImL. I. th-
rnet of relative. In Alton
Miss Emma Harris Is entert-dnlncth-Ml.se.
Kat Mcrgan of Rlchrooml. lml.. and Jlary Ire
hml cf.ChIc-gn.
talnlnc Sir ami Mr. Scott Bll nf D-nver CMf-.
Ml IJ1 Duilley I visiting In St. Iul". the
.. tt.. tin-All.- Tlekr.
vie" vv. ii. vvrisn- ni . "i-- ........ .. - .-
Mm, -v't. A JarVn avl Geo I. E-tnn en-
feVt-ined a rVtrtv Frld.v nt the Western Slllltarv;
Acodemv Their gu.s were Sir. Robinson of
Mnlirlr Sin. Mr. St--nrtr-v of Con-mbi-. O ;
vtr. St-II ef Marine III Jlr and Mr Tt. W
Tt.ier. Jlr ami Sic N. f. lu.ld Mr. and
jtr Blarnl. Sir- Dnhson and Jlls. Nelle Judd
0fA?MrtvUtwl-t!ne ef Jlr. and Mr. JVIHsni
Vbe-lt.-n of Allen JH Emma SlecIneV- nf Llt-h-
fehi Ri ami Ml A"n AMckeb-vner " SIouii.
O'lve. Ill dmrt-l lest wek for Sllnnesota.
wher thev will speml It wedi-.
Mr ll.nrv Wahtrrann. St. "" R"l ''"d.
w. the Ti-"t of Mr.. Char!- Gllber'.
Ml Fran-!. SehmWt vhdte.1 refcitlves
fr'e-nl at St. te-Ub. - ,
Sir. ami St Fr-I Frenann o' St. Louis were)
th guest, nf Jlr. JiiH Wl-math.
SI- am! JI A-iam Hammer wer th guest
nf Mr Grr- J'ndl .... . .
Mi. Thi-a Sehllngnai f Indl-inapnll.. Ind..
1. h-re TM'lng her parent. Jtr. ami Jlr. Am.
SehHnmaanp. w .. ...
Sir. IXi Vert wa th guest of the editor
r th wterbn ReraiMkan. Mr. Hardy C.
V-. rnd fara'b- .... . . t. .
Mr ad Slr- G-g Sle-itl and daughter of
t iotl T-r th cu"- nf Mr. and Sirs.
Jeent, t Milter of Xrrth Main street
Me A'ntt Baum t'-'ted relative In St. Iyuis.
Ml. Cl-n Mr.t- cf SorIrsrflM. Mo.. Is vlslt
lr Mr- V.rln J-bnson.
Mr amrntiir. Cn nf Co"lnvilI wa the
ee.t ..r ?'- Sim FranV- '"'anen
v 3 F l"vs ad nf St Louis were
th- rut. nf SI Ihll'-i P Brr-"r
and Str. Frtnk Kchlet of St. Lnul. were
in th common-sense crusmle In favor oa
cereal food-, many people lo.v right of th"
t-'t ' rv cannot escape all th flesh-
nttcc "IS If 'hev arc carelrsi about the.
I : of starch finds. Partly cooked cereal
w , slan" ." .X.'WKr' V"Z"LZ
n dancerotts. They enter the stomach tt
a conuuicn ncnt ior ttrsimiiatlTn ana ytei.
n..urlhmnL A properly dextrlnted
brownr)n fov furnishes, enerr-v nn.l hullda
UP thp system. It fleds an enthusiastic re-
-c,i.iuu ill .iiv ijui.iv;u. wnign re.(olcc-l ii
the lUhtenlnc; of It. load. Toastr-4 Wheat
Flakes Js sucn a fnoo. It Is sweetervil with
Malt Hcney. Nature's health sweet, and !a
delicious and at!fyins- Imitation! mar
deceive you. but rol your idcmach. The
eenulne Toaatad Wheat Flakes pack-urea
bear a picture ot the Battle Crtek Sast
tarium. .
siTSsTTpsjissrTniiMiwiii'i'i I'H

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