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the truerts of Mr. and Mrs. Bcnhardt Koop
xnann illsa Miml- Wolf departed Monday on an
extended lslt to relatives at BlnrarJsvtlle. III.
Mr. and Mr. Jul!u Herehenroeder and Jilts
Katie HcrFchtnniei f St. Louis were the
guests of Mr Jar h Htrcr.enroe.Jer.
Mrs. lyr-a Keehenroeder. who wa vlMting her
sister. Mrs liarnev llai.plcy at St. Louis., has
returned bom. . .
Mr. an.' Mr? rharl- SI'Kel and daughter, were
the Etiejf of M-s AuKU-t i-lc;;el.
Mrs I-rrd J bt li md daughter. Cora, who
were viitlng at lld Bud. have returned hotr.e.
M.es Klla Miller l violtlng relatives and
friends at ('olumbia. 111.
The Mle Luna and Dora Dauer cf Scbullr.e
visit.-d. relatives hen.
M- and Mr-. J. hn Mentet of Belleville now
TeM at Rterl.-i
Mr Louis IlneMIng cf 2SZ& St. Vincent avenue.
Ft L Jls. hi.'I Mi-s OufFie Hirz of Waterloo,
dftuphte! of M's. Marparet Hirz. were married
Thursdav Tl.ev will reside In St. Ixiul?.
Mr. .'harles rVthey departed for an extended
visit throarti Colorado for Ins health
Miss Annie Horine. wh spent the lat raonth
here the cut of Senator A. C Uollinger and
famll. has returned home to Chirac
Mr Itobert McXally. accomnled by MI'
Emma Braun and Miss Ina IMekmann. visited
relatives and friends at Reanault.
Doctor Emll Terh'lan and Miw Clara SMiaeOr
and Mrs Oeors Ganahl of st Iil were the
caJts of Mrs. U. sehaeffer of Mill street.
Mr. M. Carerras and iUi Ida FranVe of Pt.
Iyuls uro the guests of Mr Herman Koechel.
MIs Lulu Bremser ar.i Misu KricJ Bremser
vllted relatives and friend, ai .!umbla.
Miss Macsde Wnnn re departed for ChteaRO
on a visit to friend.
Mrs Edward H..r!ne and JauKhter visited
friends at Column..!
Mrs. Anton ItK "f St. Iuis is th truest of
Mrs Caroline Kraft
Mrs. I.afavet!e fults and children, who visit
ed relative and fr r.&r at Bed Bud. have re
turned home.
Mrs. Charles Gilr..-rt. who was vllting rep
tiles in Si Iu.k. has returned borne.
Mr. Hr.d Mrs Adam Kumcf. Jr.. of St. Louis
were here Thurray attending the funeral of
.Adair Kumrf. Sr.
Mr and Mrs eoree Stopp. who were vlsit
!nc relumes and friends at Belleville. 111. re
turned home
Mr Har.lv C. Vnris entertained the Colum
bian Club at hr home on Thursday afternoon.
fekgi'sos, aio.
MrF. C TV. Salmen of St. Louis was the cuest
of Mrs. A S I"ace the early part of he eek
Mr and Mrs. Harry Jacques of Ksnsis Cltv
are the cutets of Mrs. Jaoiues's s'Ft.-r. Mr.
Eftinuel Tryor.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tatcs ef Wo.dland. Mo .
are visiting Mrs. Yates's mother. Mrs. John
Mr. Arthur Mett has been the nuest of his
mother. Mrs. Amelia Mott.
Ill's Eula I'armelee of Temple place Is the
guest of Miss Edith Seymore
M1S9 Irene Stlhbens rt St Louis Is epeadlns
the teek with Miss Isabel ;reporv-.
Iortor and Mrs. A. R-Mn.nn of St. Louis
and Mr. and Mrs Ovar Heihlncer. have bfen
the jruets f Mis B"bert Kannarl.
Miss Kllia Hreck of 'abanr.e has returred t-
her home, after a vl't to- her sL"ter-in-law,
Mrs David Breek. of famden rlace
Mr. am Mrs Joseph IHx..t of St. I5U!s have
been visiting Mrs. Dixon's aunt. Mrs. C. I.
Miss Carmine Welnejer rf Cabanne Is the
puest of Mts Lvnr.e 'rhrouchrnan.
Mr. T J. Settle of Wsima Is srendlnc s;m
time with his -runn Mr T. W. rase.
Mt Katharine lil-vk of St. Louis has been
the guest of Mi BellM Itordm Pace.
air and llr V I Mrrie have rented ttelr
hrmf for the summer to Mr and Mrs. Walter
Winn of St- Louis. Mr and Mrs. Currie and
famll v vill orcupv the residence of Mrs. Cur
Tls father, the ItfV'ri'nd IKnor Bhodrs.
Mrs. hrlrtlne Hutchinson and MIfs Huth Jor
dan left on Krldav for Eutcka Springs, where
they will spend the summer.
A garden par'y vvas plven on Thur.!ay at the
home of Mrs. Mrake for the benefit of the Meth
dUt Church
The Reverend Doctor Farrih of Pt. Louis will
occupv the pulpit of the rresbytcrian Church on
3ii:.vn:o. MO.
Miss Helm Conley of Columbia Is th truest of
Miss Sue Robertson.
Miss Isiubse l-ackland will visit In Boonvllle
Mrs J. M. Marmaduke of St. Loul departed
jes'erday for her home In St. Louis after a vlit
ulth Mrs A. M. Patterson
Mrs Nellie Anderson of Monro City will no
hert- this week to visit her parents. Doctor and
Mrs A M. Pattersun.
Miss Marv Hickle entertained the members of
the West End 1ul Monday afternoon. The club
was to have spent the day In the woods, but
rainv weather prevented.
Leila Wlnans anl Frances Guthrie entertained
their your.c fnnds a a picnic Tueeday after
noon. Mrs lati IlouKhlard chaperoned them.
Mr and Mrs. I 11. CuIIen will spend the week
in Oilcigo
Mrs Jay Montague of San Angelo. Tex.. Is th
truest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John X
Brr.w n
Mr. and Mrs. John Maxvvell will entertain at
dancinK at their home four miles north ct town
Tiieslay -venlnc.
Misses Ocie and Ruth WInsc-3tt visited their
uncl. James Winscott. In Sturceon. last week.
Fred and Annie Kemper entertained at a hay
rld Wednesday for their Kuest. Miss Majmf
"ahan. of Hi. Locls. There were fourteen In tne
Mlss Maul Wallace and Irma and Minerva
Johnson have returned from a visit In St. Louis.
The members or tho Christian liJeavcr had a
picnic at Cauthora'a jtasture Thursday aftcr
nn. Miss Helen Cross Is home from a vi!t In
Miss Ethel Weatnerford of Jlemphls. Tens . Is
th iruest of Mrs. V. J. Botts. In South Jeffer
son street.
Mlses IJza Botts ard Frlscllla Miller of Mo
llne. north of this city, are visiting In Ctn
tralla. Mrs. C. C. Voorhles la the rue&t of friends in
Cairo. Mo
Mrs. C. C. Hall has returned from a. visit In
Mrs. V. L. irarper Is at Delavcn Lake. Wis.,
for her health.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R, Arnold. Fr.. who are In
Canada en their wedding trip, are expected home
this week.
M's. Leslie Terris baa returned from a visit
to Towa.
Mrs Elmer Sharp la the guest cf her parents
In Sedalln
Miss Wyatt of St. Joseph was the guest of
Miss Tinnle Ferris this week.
Mrs. W. T. Taylor cf Mar'tlnsburg visited Mrs.
J. T. Johnson In this city this week.
Mr. and Mr. Earl Brltt of St. Louis v Islted Mr.
nnd Mrs. 8. J. Buckner the first of the week.
Mies Ulllnn Carter of I'ana. Ill . Is the guest
of her cousin. Miss Mamie Carter.
Mrs. Sullinaer Is home from Louisiana, where
he visited her daughter.
Miss Nettle Roblnvm has returned from an ex
tended visit In Oilcas accompanied by her
cuter. Mts. Claire Aharon, who will remain
for a month.
Miss Ada Eldred departed for St. Louis on
Wednesday, where she will Join the farnllr of
Mr. Harry Little for a trip to Niagara Falls
and other points through the East.
Mr. C3de Llnder departed Tuesday for Louisi
ana to visit his brother. Porter.
Mr. Edgar Lav or' of St. Louis is spending the
week with his narenta.
Mils Maf cle Dav is of Omaha. Neb . is visit
lng her oouslna. MUses Amy and Mary Davis.
Mrs. Edgar Davis and Mrs. Ed Smith spent Sun
day in Kane.
MIm Mamo Robinson Is visiting Mrs. Frank
Mudce i St Louis.
Mrs Thomas Henshaw and daughter will de
part Monday for Flasa. where they will spend
a month.
Miss Sallle rishback Is a guest of her nice.
Mrs Fred Vedder. of Rushville.
Mrs C. J. Lumpkin of Carllnvllle is a guest
of her mother. Mrs. A. 1'egram
Mr. Georre Davis departed Tuesday for a trip
to Omaha. Neb
Mrs T. S Moore and daughter spent Wednes
day In St. Louis
Miss Ruth Bolter of Brighton is a guest cf
Mrs E. S Vanarsdale.
Doctor and Mrs. O. IL Kopperl spent Sunday
with St. Louis relatives
Principal E. A. Thornhlll departed Sunday for
Miss Cecil Welraer of Mexico. Mo.. Is visiting
her cousin. SJIss Edith Welmer
Miss Ethel Davis has gone to riara. where the
will remain during the reason.
Mrs. Sneberg. bo has been visiting her
mother. Mrs G. Wlemer for several month, de-
Ssrted for her home In Mineral Point en Tues
ay Mrs. John C. Wilson and son of Chicago are
guests of her mother. Mrs S A. Vedder.
Mrs. O C White departed I"rlday for a month's
trip through Wisconsin
Doctor A. R. Tenniman of Shlpmaa Is visiting
friends here.
Mr. and Mr". H C. Kenney are guests of Mr.
James Kenney In St. Louis. ... .
Mis Edith Bui Is vWtlng S Louis friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Strawn have returned
to their home In St. Loul. after a pleasant visit
with Mrs. S. Beebe. .,... .. , .
Mr. Harold Henthaw is visiting friends In
Misses Ruth and Mildred Felmley and Mr. John
Felmlev of Bloomington are spending the sum
mer with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. B.
" Misses Abble and Meda Tegram spent Sunday
with Alton friends.
Miss Addle Hubhard Is spending a week with
Jacksonville relatives
Mr Matt Rav of St. Iouls Is spending his va
cation with bis family at the Kampsville club-
TTie" "Salmagundi Club was entertained at the
home of Miss Wllma Toung en Tuesday. After
an Interesting programme a delicious luncheon
was served on the lawn.
Vinoennes. Ind.. July J1- Mrs. Lee W. Greln-r.
cf Chicago. 11L. who hJ been visiting Mrs.
MaryGreW. has returned home.
Mm It. M. Glass Is entertaining Mrs. Anna
Bowman Rawles. who is here from raducah.
KrirK Henry Frond entertained the Terry Street
CardClub Tueedav evening. The out-of-town
riests were Mrs. Frank Scott and Miss Bruner
cf KLTas City and Mrs. Anna Rawles of Ia-
Mrl" riur Rltlerskamp is the guest of rela-
"'"Llwilohman is visIUng relatives at
MrsWin" Jenkins and Mrs-. R. E Patton of
SuUlvan. who have been visiting the Misses
Eluerc departed Wednedar for Baltimore.
MrsMan- Johnson of Lebanon. Kr. and Mrs.
James Hlckey of New Albany, are the guests of
Mrs. Eiurtne Hack.
Mrs. Louis H. Fowler and her guests. Mr. and
Mrs. Rusk of Jacksonville. HI- are visiting Mrs.
A R. Andrus In Mount Carmel.
Miss Elizabeth Yocum. who for several months
has been the guest of St. Louis, and Pittsburg.
Tex., friends, has returned home.
Miss Osa Olyvo Bland and Mr. Walter Grtfi
br were married at the bride's home In Oaktown.
Wednesday They will depart In a few days lor
Boise.. Idaho, their future home.
Mrs. Isaac Lyons is entertaining Miss Daisy
Dlnkelsplel of St. Lculs. , .
W. K. Dukate and wife of BlloxL Miss., are
visiting Doctor and Mrs. Dukate.
Miss Anna Wheeler of Indianapolis is the
guest of Mrs. Catharine LeBarte.
Miss Flora Froelke is sojourning at Mammoth
Miss Ellxabeth Scally of Tipton is the guest
cf Miss Nora Rogers.
Mrs S E. Johnscn cf Portland. Ore., Is visiting
her mother. Mrs Sarah Brown.
Mlrs Naomi Frund and her guest. Miss Ida
Mar Bruner ef Kansas departed TVednesday to
visit friends at St. Marv"s of the Vocd-,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tanisley and Captain and
London. July 12. The presence of Mrs.
Charles T. Yerkes in London has given an
added Impetus to American society in the
English capital. She recently crossed the
Atlantic with her husband, who Is planning
a comprehensive extension of the under
ground railway system here. Mrs. Yerkes
has been for years a society leader In Chi
cago and New York. Her latest dinner par-
Mrs. William Willis departed Thursday for Colo-
MI-m5 vfvia Ebner. Irene Belnbold. Llxxle Ra
ban. Adolph Thuls and John Wlnlnc compose a
varty who are spending the summer at Mammoth
Cave. Kv. They are chaperontd by Mrs. tcaei
del of Mount Vernon.
Miss Oretchen Crook and Miss Bsle Hill have
returned from a visit with Bloomington friends.
Miss Lvdla Campbell entertained at ping rong
in honor of Miss Sophia McCord of Washington,
who Is her guest. i... v
Mr, and lira narence i'a'r, '".'. '"" .'.T.
Isltfng her rarents. Mr. and Mrs. chart's Bl-r-us.
have gece to Indianapolis, thflr future
haus. have gene
The marriage of Miss Nettle Fisher of this
city and Mr Charles Brill of Milwaukee. Wis..
took place at the home of the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs EmanuI Fisher, at No. u Wash
ington avenue. Tuesday at noon. The ceremony
was performed by the Rverend William Francke.
After the wedding a. dinner was served. In the
evening Mr. and Mrs Brill departed for their
home In Milwaukee Mis Fisher was one of
the leaders of society in this city, and had a
host cf friends Her husband Is a prominent
business man of Milwaukee
The festivities in honor of MUs Dixon. Miss
Rudy and Miss Klmmel of Henderson. Ky. whj
have been the guests of friends tn this city for
ten dais, were concluded Tuesday evening with
a river party on the steamer Taraeccn. The boat
went up the river to Owensboro. Ky . where the
steamer Thomas was met. and the party returned
en the latter steamer The feature of the even
ing was dancing. Mrs. II. II. GrUfeth and Mrs.
S W. Douzias chaperoned the party. Among
those to take In the trip were Misses Klmmel.
Rudv and Dixon of Henderson. Mies Mamls
Cobbs cf Paducah. Ky . and Misses Lucy Harri
son. Rachel Griffith. Amev James and Maude
Mllllcan of thl city, and Messrs. Charles Dwes.
Sam Clifford. Martin Griffith. James Harrison.
Joe leieheart. Herbert Lahr. Carroll Emery.
Keen Roarhe and John Hutchinson.
Mrs Perry Blue of Sullivan. Ind.. Is the guest
of friends in this city.
Mr and Mr-. E. II. Roberts and daughter. Cor
nelia, have returned from Dawson Springs. Ky..
where they soent two weeks
Mrs. John Gilbert, accompanied br her sister.
Mrs. S, J Ogdon. of Galesburg. III., departed
Wednesday for Denver, where they will be Joined
by a party cf relatives and spend the summer
there. A family reunion of the Gilberts will take
place at Denver
Mrs W. L Wheeler gave a surprise to her hus
band Tusdav evening at their home in Adams
avenue. Supper wa enjoyed at 6 o'clock, after
which the evening was spent In games and mu
sic. Covers were laid for fourteen.
A supper at Oak Summit Park was given Tues
day evening In honor of Mrs Elizabeth Relslnr
Beecher of Denver. Colo., who Is the guest of
friends In this it. Mrs. Beecher will return to
her homo tn a few days
Miss Laura Hanklns of Mexico City. Mexico. Is
here for a few weeks, the guest of Miss Lucy
Mrs. W S. Pollard and son Walter have gone
to Bay View. Mich., to spend the summer at their
summer cottage.
Mr and Mrs. Samuel Curnlck have returned to
Cincinnati. O . after a few days' visit In this
city. The father cf Mr. Curnick recently died in
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Griffith Thompson have re
turned from Portland. Ore., and ether points of
interest In the West.
Mr Robert McAfee of Csawfordrville, Ind.. was
in town several days this week
Mr. Lettr Hadley. accompanied by Miss Julia
Hadley. visited relatives htre Sundav.
Mrs. J. I. Dtllard. who is convalescing rapidly,
has returned to her borne.
Mr and Mrs. James Combs are spending a
few weeka in St. Paul, Minn.
Mrs. Herman Busse visited friends In O'Fallen
Mis. ltoe Barnes of Atehlscn. Kas.. is Found
ing the summer with her parents. Mr. and Mia.
John Saner.
Miss Mary Henninger of Greenville and John
Dltpold of Edwnrdsv Die were guets if Mist
Rebecca Wllpelm Sundai.
Miss Gertrude llorst cf Belleville Is a guest of
Miss Louise I'erslngcr.
Miss Tad Perryman cf Blllvllle was a gu.st
of Mrs X. O Oatman this week.
Mlsa Fortune of Pana was a guest of Miss
Jnnle Klnnegan Sunday.
Mlsa Jennie Stanley cf Ft. Louis Is the gre.it
of Mire jeanette Miller, who rfceently returne.1
Im-n school In Saa Jose. Cal
Mrs Henry Poettgen Is visiting friends In
Iceland Joseph returned Sunday frcra a visit
to his parents in Indian Grove. Mo.
Mrs Margaret Johnson has returned from a
two weeks' visit to her son. Mat Johnson of St.
Tho Italian Society. Dogall Lodge, No. 3S, will
give a picnic and dance at Memorial Park. Sun
day. Julv 13.
Mrs, William Kane of East St. Louis Is spend
ing the week with her sister. Miss Kate T.erney.
Mrs. Horace Look and Miss Look were the
guests of Mrs, J. Axtell of St. Louis this wek.
Mr and Mrs. Junghaus of Southwest Mlsso-j'l
are guests of relatives this week.
Martha Watson Asks Justice to
Find Husband for Her.
New York. July li SIIss Martha Watson.
13. a gloromaker of GloversvIIIe. N. Y..
couldn't find her affinity In her native town,
according to the story told to Justice of ths
Peace Livingstone Conkllng of Hoboken.
justice ,onn.iing says ne was confronted
in hit office a few days ago by the young:
woman, who informed him that a police
man had directed her to him as the most
likely man to find her a husband such as
she had pictured In her mind's eye.
Miss Watson, says the Justice, said she
preferred a husband of the brunette type,
tall, of Rood habits, a nonsmoker of cigar
ettes, a total abstainer and a nontheater-
Provided the Justice could make her
acquainted with sucS a paragon, the latter.
she said, could communicate with her by
addresslnc letters to her at Hoboken.
Justice Conkllng said he didn't mind mak
ing: couples happy for life, but that he
could not embark ui the husband-procuring,
The younc worain, he said, then took her
tv was one of the most brilliant affairs of
the season. It took place In the Charles II
room at the Carlton Hotel. Fort) guests,
including many of the most prominent
Americans in London and members of tho
EngllPh aristocracy, were present. The dec
orations were almost entirely of orchids and
were arranged In a most artistic manner.
In personal appearance Mrs. Yerkes Is
generally considered a handsome woman.
he Is exceedlnglv bright, artistic In taste
and commands attention and admiration.
departure after expressing her disappointment-Justice
Conkllng said she talked well. He
described her as a mest attractive jrlrl with
dark brown hair, hazel eyes and clear, fair
complexion. She was becomingly dressed
ami very ladylike and earnest during; her
conversation with him.
She was about 5 feet S Inches tn height
and welched about li pounds.
Christian Science Leader Comes of
English nnd Scotch Ancestry.
The Growth of Christian Science. Hero
and Abroad." Is tho title of an article In
the Era Magazine which Is found to at
tract widespread attention.
Or the founder he writes:
"Mrs. Eddy began to win di.iclpUs In 1C7,
the year following her discovery of meta
physical healing. In 1S75 she published her
Science and Hralth, with Key to the Scrip
tures.' which has now passed through more
than 3J editions of l.om copies each. In 1573
she founded the Hrst Christian Science
Church, and in 1SS1 she opened a college for
the teaching of Christian Science, called the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College, where
she personally taught over .0 students
who passed through this college.
"In Mrs. Eddy's) personal history there Is
nothing mysterious or concealed. She has:
never made any miraculous claims. 1er
life has been simple: her girlhood, nave for
Its eager religious questioning, not unusual.
She was bom In a little village in New
Hampshire, sheltered by the hills that rose
to tli soft blue skies and sentineled bv oak
and pine and hemlock. Here the fiaker
homestead stood, and here Mary Taker's
girlhood davs were spent. To this charm
ing New Hampshire village, now greatly
changed, come small parties of Christian
Scitntists ilurln; the summer months, eager
to tread the paths familiar to the beloved
founder of their faith. These visits are a
remarkable evidence of the love In vvhlch
Mrs. Eddy Is held, and bespeak the power
cf her Influence over to raany hearts.
"The old red schoolhouse which she at
tended has disappeared, but at Concord. N.
H . still rises the spire of the Old North
Church, In which she was the youngest
communicant, and where she attended tub
bath pchool
"Sho comes of that mixed English and
Scotch Puritan ancestry which formed so
much of the liest of New England's slock.
Some of her forefathers were men tf mark
In war and statesmanship. General Cox of
Revolutionary fame, was a relative of her
father, and among ethers of her ancestors
were Sir John Macnell. a Scottish Knight,
and General John Macnell. who fought at
I.undy's Lane. Mary Hakor's father was a
man of sturdy piety and strict probity. Of
Mrs. Eddy's mother the little that has been
recorded leaves tho impression of one of
those New England mothers whose strict
notions as to propriety wer tempered by an
Innate sweetness of temperament. From
rer mother the young girl derived her ar
dent love for scripture study and from her
brother. Hon. Albert Baker, nice ongress
man from New Hampshire, her krowledge
of Hebrew. Greek and Latin. Charity and
benevolence ruld the household. Mr?. Eddv
sneaks of her childhood's homo as 'one with
tiie open hand, where the needy were ever
welcome. From such a family and such a
home, full of the beautiful simplicity of the
rural life of early New England, ime the
only woman In history who has ever ftund
ed a great religious order."
Possibility That Bowie Knife Will
Hc't'lace Hevolver.
Columbia. S. C. Julv li Owing to the op
eration of the law against pocket plotoK.
which went into effect on July 1. South
Carolina gentlemen ore deprived of an In
heritance. There Is a possibility that the
bowie knife will replace the six-shooter.
The smallest sized firearm now allowed by
the law must be 30 Inches and weigh three
Nothing In the law bars knives', and the
sawed-off shotgun coming within the
weight limit, armories expect a lively busi
ness In that line. Pistols may not be kept
in -stock by dealers, the fine for possession
of one being J3J0 and Imprisonment, the
same as with those carrying them. It Is
expected that within a year this law will
result In the dlsarminc of fully 19.000 per
sons in South Carolina.
The watermelons served at the Delicatessen
Lunch Rooms are cold and very fine.
Entertainment in St. Kevin's
Tarish Hall Thursday.
A lawn euchre party will be given by
Ransom W. R. C. No. S. at the home of
Mrs. Ella Hooper. No. 337 Kennerly avenue.
Thursday afternoon. July 17.
The ladles of SL Kevin's Church, at Park
and Cardinal avenues, will entertain at eu
chre In the parish hall at 2:30 Thursday
afternoon. The proceeds will be used to
complete the halL There will be prizes.
A euchre party will be given by Missouri
Lodge. No. 151. U S-. of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen. Tuesday afternoon.
July la. at the hall, at Park and Jefferson
Leave St. Louis July 17, 31, August 7 and 14, 1902.
Twelve Days Limit.
Ticket Offices. 7th and Olive and Union Station.
Champion Life Paver of New York Increases His Unique Record of
Rescue of Drowning Persons to Eijihty-Xine He lias
Piloted the Steamer Kefugc for Forty Years.
The rpobll Bureau.
Ui Times UWc.
New Tork. July 11-Wlthin the last f.-w
days Captain Inini; Grace of New York has
lncreared hlj unique record of rescue of
drowning persons to elclitv-nlne. In this
his latent rescue the Captain succeeded In
saving simultaneously four boys from wa
tery sravej. an mportant "haul" for even
this veteran life-saver. Even without this
recent addition. Captain Grace's record was
unapprosched In the United States, at least.
Every seaman In local waters knows Cap
tain Grace, and among them his fame is
great and ars'ired. The Captain has Iwcn
guiding- the little steamboat Refuge, which
ferries pufwnKJra across the E.it River
from the foot of One Hundred and Twenty
fifth streal to Ward's Island. Two genera
tions of New Yorkers have made this little
trip with the Captain, who has stood at his
post in a. diminutive pilot house for forty
even years. The Captain has worn out one
boat' In the service, and hl present boat I
now counted a veteran among the river
craft about New York.
The Kcfue leaves the foot of East One
Hundred and Tn cnty-tlf Ui street every half
hour, steams to the landing on Ward's
Island, less than half a mile distant, and re
turns fifteen minutes later. The cruise i a
very short one. but It Is proliably as- for
tunate a one as is to be found In New York
harbor for life avlnc purposes.
Shore Lined With llout Claim.
The East River at this point hklrts a very
densely populated district of the city, and
the shore Is lined with several boat clubs
ana boat-renting establishment.. The w-ater
seems especially Inviting to ameteur boat
men. On Sundays and holidays the river is
frequently full of pleasure Imats filled with,
mora or less clumsy and inexperienced boat
To the south of the pier on Ward's Island
wbero Captain Grace makes his landing the
treacherous channel known as Little Hell
Gate Is a constant menace to tho unwary
while on the north of tho island the Bronx
Imperial Counselor Opponheim Is
Enthusiastic in His Admira
tion of Yankee Enterprise.
New York. July li To study methodi by
which Americans have opened up to civil
ization vast tracts or arid land In the West.
Uaron Max Oppenhelm. n well-known ex
plorer and Imperial German Counselor of
legation at Cairo. Egypt. Is In this coun
try under a special governmental commis
sion. The Raron has already made a tour of the
West, t-tudyln? systems of irrigation and
iallroading.nrd Is astounded at their huge
scale. He says he has gained many Ideas
which will be of use In perfecting the rail
road systems of Germany.
Baron Oppenhelm made hosts of American
friends at his home In Cairo, and will visit
many of them this summer. He will s-nd
the greater part of the season at Newport.
The Baron has left New York for Lenox.
Mass where he will attend the marriage
of Miss Lila Vanderbllt Sloane to Mr. Will
iam Bradhurst Osgood Field.
His book, entitled "From the Mediterra
nean to the Persian Oulf." Is considered a
standard work en the Interior of Syria and
Mesopotamia. In Assyria and Babylonia,
through which tha new Bagdad Rsllroad.
controlled by German capital, will pass, he
has made extensive explorations, reopening
to. the world those classic countries.
When seen at the 'Waldorf-Astoria, the
Baron said:
"Your hospitality Is boundless. The roval
reception which you accorded our Prince
t v I
5 u , j J !
I - ill
t " f3"i n ?
1 Of K I I
$ ' O I m
Kills are often scarcely less dangerous. Add
tn this the traffic contan!y patting through
this narrow stretch of water to the Harlem
Rlvt-r. and th possibilities of a fearle and
alert man making a record for saving lives
mar be considered very hrlcht.
Captain Grace stands In his little pllot
hrti(. with a keen and practiced eye. scan
ning the waters In all directions during
every hour f daylight. He it on duty
fmirtten hours a day. Sunday and holi
days Inrluded. And he has been keening
thl same close scrutlnv for nearly half a
centurv. All thing considered, it would
he difficult to drown within a con3lderablo
radius of the Captain's boat, even If one
With so much varied experience In the
llfe-savlnc business, the Cintnln has lnnir
I since grown to be very skillful In the cpera-
tlon of saving th drowning. Many lives
nave ifn lost inrougn tne ignorance or.
tho who have gone after the drowning.
To know from which ride to approach the
unfortunate man struggling In the wa
ter and what will N the quickest and most
effectual method of helping him require
experience good judgment and the ability
to think and art very quickly.
Familiar With niter's Currents.
And the Captain, besides, knows this
particular stretch of water as the saying
govs, like the hack of his hand. He can tell
to a nicety which way and how rapidly the
many currents of the river will push or
draw, and where U the hidden daniten.
Tha record of the champion life saver of
America. It will be seen, has not been ac
quired by luck or chance.
It Is probable that few persons can define
ltft what constitutes a technical saving of
life from drowning. The societies which
make It their business to record such feats
of heroism and reward the heroes with
medals have an entirely different Idea or
what constitutes life saving from the public
at large.
Captain Grace. frr example, has saved a
number of lives by throwing n rope at Just
the rroper time or by lifting a person over
the gunwal of his boat, but such rescues
are net considered technical "rescue' by
the sccietles. and are not rewarded as
Henry seems almost to be duplicated In the
case of myself
"Your arid dltrlcts are like these in Asia,
and the secret of your success has been
your oerfectlon of Irrigation. The excellent
work of your Government experimental
stations must be highly commended. It Is
such Institutions that make a nation great."
Hohemian Educator Is to Deliver
Two Lectures Here.
Professor T. G. Masaryk. the Bohemian
educator ami a former member of the Aus
trian Reichstag, will arrive in the city this
afternoon owl deliver two lectures before
Bohemian organhutlons.
The tlrst lecture will be given this evening
at the Bohemian Gymnasium, Ninth street
and Allen avenue, the subject being "The
H'story of Bohemia." At the Natknil Hall.
Dolman street and Allen avenue, to-raorrjw
evening I'roteor Masaryk will speak of
"The Alms of Bohemia." The lectures will
lie In his native tongue, their object being
to give his people a better Insight Into the
rustcms and history of their Innd.
Professor Masaryk comes here from Chi
cago I'nlvrrslty. where he has been deliver
ing hi lectures In English. The local or
ganisations had intended he should speak
lefore Washington Vnlversitv. but the
shortness of bis fty makes this Impossible.
While In the city Professor Maaryk will
1-e the sui-st of Dcctor F. J. Am of Twelfth
anil u-imi streets, who is chairman of the
Ilrrcptlon fommtttee. l-rofesor Masaryk
will depart late to-morrow night for Cedar
Rapids. Ij.
Police Ivequt'sted to Find New
Haven, Conn., Man.
The police are looking for Joseph Dela
ney. a. riverman. who runs between fet.
lyjuls and New Orleans, to Infcrm him that
he Is heir to the estate of his brother.
Michael Delanej. who died last week.
Gvorgc II. Cook, a New Haven contract
or. In a letter to Chler Klely. requests th.it
Drlaney be found. Cook says Delaney
sometimes goes by the name of Murray.
Mrs. Gontcn 'Wells of Memphis. Tenn..
formerlv of No. -IU7 Olive street. In a letter
to Chief Klely. says she gave her hus
band J7) on which he was to go to the
Klondike In search of wealth. lie was to
remain In St. Ixnils a few- days. but. not
having heard from him. she fears he may
1 111 or the victim of fctl play.
i. E Shenk of Strasburg. Vn.. requested
the police to find lassa Shenk. who recent
ly cam to St. LouU to engage In the gro
cer's business.
Plans of Chairman Griggs of Demo
cratic Campaign Committee.
Washington. July li Chairman Griggs of
the Democratic Congressional Campaign
Committee has decided to make a tcur of
the West during the coming campaign and
expects to go as far as the Pacific Coast,
Before making this general trip he wilt
confer with party leaders, and especially
with Ben T. Cable, who will have charge
of the Democratic campaign for the entire
country west of the AUeghenlea
10 Cents
Blouse, 32, 34, 3(5, 33 asd 40 inch bust.
Silrt, 22, 24, 26, 23, 30, 32, 31 and 36 inch trxist.
111 ItiiSlfJ&i
ill wllifl
ml WMMm
22, 24, 26. 25, 30 inch waist.
"Waist, 32, 34, 33, 35 acd 40 inci bust.
SUtrt, 22, 24. 25, 23. SO and S2 inch waist.
Send 10 cents (one silver dime) to The Republic Tattern Department. Republic
building, for EACH pattern ordered, and inclose this blank, properly filled out with
your name address and bust or waist measure or age for each pattern ordered.
No. SS95. Ladles' Tucked Gibson Blouse. Price 10 cents But measure... -Inches
No. S5SL I-adlcs.' Sevm-Ccred Flare Skirt rrlco 10 cents Waist measure
incn oS
No. 7J. Ladles' FW.ed Skirt, rrlce 10 cents Waist measure !sche
No.iTlS. Ijidies' Fancy Y."alt. Price 10 cents Bust measure Inchei
No. STtO. Indies" FIve-Gcrcd Sklit. Price 10 cents Waist measure Jnchefl
No. 8XS. Boys" Russian Suit. Trice 10 cents Age year
The largest sailing vessel In the world,
the five-masted, full-rigged Prussia, was
recently launched In Geestemunde.- Ger
many. The Prussia has the unprecedented
carrying capacity of 10.CCO tons.
The PotosL heretofore considered as tha
largest and fastest among the big sail
ing ships of the world, has frequently at
tained a speed of sixteen and one-halt knots
an hour under favorable conditions on her
route between Germs ny and the harbors of
the west coast of the United States. Her
last round trip between her home port and
Each - IO Cents.
4, 6 and S years.
the American harbors was made In a little
lens than two years. This remarkable
achievement the Prussia Is expected to dis
count by far.
The Prussia, with her full spread of tails
on five hollow steel masts and booms and
spars, will show forty-three, separate pieces
of c&nves when completely clothed. The
total sail area will be S.C0O square yard.
The highest point of the mlzzen mast wfll
be 204 feet above the deci of tha vessel;
the largest diameter of her mainmast is
three feet. Spars and yards now building
for the Prussia will be the largest on any
TesseL Her lower yards will measure J3
feet: her upper ones 43 feat. Oyer an tits
length of the vesssl win be 496 feat: beam,
23.5 feet: draft. ZU feet.
Sm . i ' agiJawiax...
MW Myis3?KiTYL
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