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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 13, 1902, PART II, Image 20

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i-jiK BOOK-U. Mercantile Trut Co. fcnk
fconk. at Grand and 1 clede vm. Juno 15. Kf
rtt and receive reward.. I7M S Jefferson.
BROOCH Lo.t. large shell cameo brooch, val
ues", as an old heirloom. Liberal reward if rv
tutaed to SIS Chestnut st
COO Lost. bls.-ar.d-:an female d : tan head.
ears and legs. JS regard C1MA EUgc at-
EOtt-Lost. nuc .1. . ..n flat-tun ro.id. near
K-e: I'i.rk. r'u.-n .. Bsrtold's U.ot. reward.
wl license
lack and tan dog white fee'.
Ret'i-n to 3731 Armand st. Reward.
DOU LnM. bu'ldog half bull and bound:
cHnped. had collar and license 3fi3. Return tj
15 S Broadwat Reward,
POO I- -osrli doc pup. ab-wt months .!d.
we-i spotted, club mascot Reasonable rena-d If
rtcrn-u tj Jefferson lob
II'IRSE--Graved or stolen, sorrel borse. 1C
hand hicl-t. blaxe face. two bind feet white;
liberal reward, Rinfcei Brc.. SK5 Easton ave.
PIN- Ln-st about tun weeks
iai-t f .-irr. diamond tar pin.
aso. in western
Initial., on back.
4:0 reward if retu iid to K16 Wa.htnston ave.
PONT Li . bla " and vellotr pon ; foreH-p
c,jt ot -hoe 'ff. 'onp tail and mane, re-nard.
Return to 2SJ1 P Jegeryon ae
I I RSB IKt. Mtjday afternoon. Jnlv T on
In" ikoe oar. fim!' farV -leather tar-e. lte
tvard If returned to n3 Sidney
JPDTCLFS Ii"t cold claoes ard '
J!a5e leac at . rtK-lan". 71J Pine ard M"l'
rr-aarl ,
VINA!HRKTTE-lt. at V- '"t IarV Hieh
lant Thu-da nicht. a slrr fmV..wI .nal
crett. mark. 1 "M r V " Suitable r-iar.l tiill
be ci-en f. 'eamc it at Wetftmoreland ll'tel.
Tavlnr and Maryland a-s
J l r"er for tVket I
i"jr at Jferin ae ail A.
Ve!cefda e en-
Nl'RFK Situation bv trained nur. XMShe
ncs!t!'-n T-ith famiK it'i children; cllllns to
travel S T'" Republic
XI"ISSfS.IRI Norvcii! i 13 wants situation
to 'ak .-a rt a cMld. miU wa?e. In a Rood
borne rw t. It-piblic.
N'n?E A -itua'l 'n a trirse: ran take -nan:e
f an Kirk ;t'i: d reVrclce. Address 1VI4
?t Arce a-1 Pt I uie. Mo
OcrL. nnil Saleitnmen.
? ALE5LA rY Tmnt - man with bulney ei
rerlenre ruld like r-'xitlon in wo!e.ale houe
faetorv r ealesUd wil'lnc worker. h!chet ref
erence :;3t rn-nfn t
3rrmakera and Scntntreo.
U" f ui ii i j rir 1 1 1 1 'i -
IRK5SMAKKK Flrt Saw work, up-to-date;
situation in rriai fam'H bj the da Dres-make-
11 ? Jefferi-n aie.
riaker pe-fect nt
hy tbe d 2T; F
Tuatkn bt competent dresj
anl sati"farti -n cuarantecS.
1 1 aw.
DRESSM.KER-"ompetcnt dre-srniker wants
dressmaking of any kind to do at home, eatts
f action ruaranteed S134 Morpan.
SEAMSTRESS Neat i-olored seamstress want
plain sewing bt dat ddre D V,. Nelmc
r's druc store. 1S10 S Rroadwat
BOOKKEEPER Position by xper'.en'-e,J book
keeper best of reiererces J T. Republic
ROOKKHEPEIl Firt-cJsss office worrat.
"bookkeeper ard stenoprapher. watts position Au
gust 1 cr earlier, czn manape office; 53 jear oie
place, salary Sli weeklt G T. Republic.
OFFICE WORK Situation wanted by younc
ladr to do office work, bas had eer-l tears'
experience, can furnish best of reference. J c.
HOUSEKEEPER -Situation wanted by widow
with dauphter K years old. as housekeeper for
widower ci to do peneral housework, reference
riven If required, wases reascnable M C. R"
TUblie. Ivtnndrcsscs.
BOARDINO p-jest may find first-class laun
dress at Tit N Therca. between Llndell ar-d
ilne. Call or snd postal.
LAl"NDRESS Washlnp to take hem.
Easton ate
KDXnREE3-Wash!nj; and Ironing to take
home 4033 Luckr st
LAUNDRESS wants ironlns
Friday. 47 Easton are.
Thursday and
LAUNDRESS Situation by colored laundre.
Monday and Tuesday. 31 S. Leonard
LAUNDRESS Washlnp to taki heme or go
out, by first-class laundres. 4SA Cottage
LAUXDRESS Situation by first-clar laun
dress, washing to bring home. 4311A Kennerlt
liAUNDRESS Laundress wants washing ti
bring home or po out by day. TTK Wash, thirj
LAINDRESS Flrst-class laundress wants
to take home or go out by the day. 49 St. Fer
dinand. LAUNDRESS Sltuaticn by f.m-clas laun
dress: washing and Ironing, to go out by day.
33SS Lucky.
LAUNDRY work or house cleanlm? done bv ex
perienced and responsible woman. HuS N Tw'elfth
St. Mrs. Hobarta
IAUXDRESS By first-class laundress, wash
ing and blankets to take home, cistern water.
alee yard to dry 4116 St- Ferdinand.
LAUNDRESS Good, reliable laundress would
like to po outfor few days esch week, best ref
erences. Kindly address Laundress. 1113 N. Four
tcenth ft.
ADDRESSER Situation bv young lady with
typewriter, would like to address envelopes cr
circulars at home, would call and return work.
O. Republic
LINZES cockroach, b-dbup. ant and flea pow
der. mada and sold at 1141 Olive st
STENOGRAPHER wishes position: -alary 33
Jo commence, hate had experience. P 47. Repub
11 c
STENOGRAPHER Sltuaticn by experienced
lady stenographer, encaged at nresnt- wishes tn
make chance. F 69. Republic
STENOGRAPHER Young lody. flrst-class
typewriter, understands shorthand, desires env
kind of office work, competent and willing. B
St. Republlc
STENOGRAPHERS competent stenographers
want work Tel. Main-lie. B1I. C 21i9 Klnioch.
St- Louis Typewriter Exchange. Ca emlcal build
ing. Remington. Smith. Oliver typewriters
lor rent, two months S;
CHAMCERMA1D Situation by German jrfrl.
experienced chambermaid Call SI? N Eleventh.
COOK Situation by first-class cook: no cb
pectlon to peneral work, no washing. SI4 N.
Tweptv-second St
DISHWASHER Situation wanted bv tniddle
egtd woman as dishwasher. Address Mrs. ay
feld. 1117 N. Eighteenth st.
HOME WANTED By a middle-aged woman
for asstrtlrx In work In kitchen. F 65. Republic.
IIOUSEGIRL Situation by joung German pirl
to assist In light housework er care of children;
reliable woman. 3SCS Evans ave.
MAID Situation wanted by girl as tnald or to
do house and dining-room work. 2713A St. Louis
OFFICE WORK Office work or envelopes to
address by an experienced, rapid and accurate
writer, reasonable II 5. Republic.
WORK Situation by reliable, colored girl Ad
dress 3330 Lucas ave
WORK Lady wishes few hours' work during
day In restaurant 1S11 N. Eighteenth st.
A. G. BRATJER. 316-311 If. THIRD ST.
-'l .-.-.- - ---- ---- ll Htt l 1.
A. PIERCE, acoiuntaat. U Sheridan ave..
er Kinloch D 59S. warts situation or office books
to adjust.
BOOKKEEPER Situation by male bookkeeper,
experienced, offers his services for evenings and
Sunday mornings; charges reasonable. X 71. Re
public. BOOKKEEPER Sltuaticn. by experienced
bookkeeper; desires e-t of books requiring few
hours' work dally: references; bond; 11 to J
weekly. M 70. Republic
BOOKKEEPER Situation by younc man. ex
perienced bookkeeper, as bill clerli. assistant
bookkeeper cr shlpnlng clerk, references gtren;
ISO start. Adrss Lyle Griffin. Duquoln. III.
BOOKKEEPER Man. aged 34. five years' ex
perience in clothing manufacturing and whcle
cale business, wishes position having good fu
ture prospects: can furoleh bond and reference;
bookkeeping or office work In St. ouls preferred.
R T. Repobllc.
CLERK Tour man. t years of age, wants
position In office a vlerk cr assistant bookkeep
er: best of dty retereccei!; experienced. T 67. Re
publlc. eFFICE MAN Position by orothly compe
tent, experienced olSce man, ccrrespondent and
salesman. K 65. Republic
POSITION Toung man desires a porltloo
where there Is & chance of advancement; wages
no object: Al references. T tS. Republic
POSITION Position where an honest, upright
voting man. U. can make himself penerallv use
ful; good penman: accurate at figures; gilt-edge
references. Z CS. Republic
POSmOV-Tonnr man. H. whosa character
will bear the closest Investigation, desires a po
sition. C 65. Republic-
SmjATIOX by good, honest bey: would llk
to learn watch repairing or blcyclo repairing.
U Pino St.
Stea CeTraclters.
as eHMsi s sssasWi
reraplir sad bookkeeper,
r ersose i.Bepobll-
STENOGRAPHER Tonne man wants posi
tion: Retnt agtcn operator; two years expert -xce:
saiT ct 310 per -week; -at present
Sleyr cei
r to . G 7B. Kep
COLLECTOR Situation by experlencej roan
-collector or salesman In city: references ani b;nd
famished. S1A Delmar
COLLECTOR Sltuatlcn wanted fcj- young tnsn
as collector: two tear. exi-erienr-. xood reicr
ence. can furnish bond O :. Republic.
COLLECTOR-Posltlon as collector cr orn--e
work: hatlnjc nter sen sears tsperlen': can
furnish bet of reference- and bond. C 41. Re
public COLLECTOR Pc"!tlcn wanted as collector br
raribe- of WeMem Commercial Traveltr: rvoJ
reference and bond If required. A.!dtee V.. i31
Park avF cprxHlte Iitaiette lark.
The Truilra.
COOK Situation a chief cc-k f-r r'saarant:
exj.-enenced :n management cf kltt hen in al
brancbe.. city reference. W. 1 I'., 'g S. 7th -t.
DRAFTSMAN I'oeitlun by a flrst-class dratta
rnan K Z). Republic
1!AFTS1IAX Meeharl-al .Iraftsman desire
r-!tlon. in or out of ct; waxes rcas-mable. O
W. l:epuMi
KNGIXKKR Expertn.-d til nneer Is
open for an engacnient A . Republic.
GAltOENER and flont wants situation as fore
man on gentleman's place or as Konst: German.
Ingle Tzmn: 15 vcars' exiwnence in the business.
Address Eus. Horn. f Olit st . Sn. Ie if
wartf posltbn In the Weft s me exi.'erierc-. e-1-
Ucael in nlwhaniral and elei-tlal ennneertnc
best reference, for hne.t.. h-blt. machin t.
erectlnc ensmeer a-d mnicir or men; r -al tali'-
er ard will trace! If d-sired c it. Corinth, Miss
- - -
PAPERH NGER Work bv t-jperhamter and
an rrruiru rejwir man. jw. mi HUBrtr iiuo
PLCMI1ER wants situatlrn cut of citj .
tears' experience, cr any kind or work- X
ClrrUa and iilcnicn.
CLERK Ycuny man expeneree? as dry iroods
cx, wants position, no obJectcna to out-of-town
D 41. Republic.
CLERK Vocnc man. a. wl-Ji b-t f refer
ence, desires a poi'ion a clerk; any kind of
rnercbanti.e. A . Republic
OFFICE MAN PcsiU. n wanted bT an all
around -1 ell-expe-ienced office aran. bill an- entry
tlcrk. etc ; reference G 65. Republic
"sTENOGRAPlIEIt-Ymirs " tn-n. M " years of
1 ape. desires position s. sienocrapher and cfnee
man. experien-ed; references frorr forme em
ployer Address John A. NUin. W5 N. leonard
ate . !ty.
TRAVELING man In South Dakota and Ne
brarka wants addltinil line n i-ommlsslon. ref
erences piten. M. Zwanp. si; S Main st . city.
WORK Younc Eastern mar wants position In
charre order. Invoice or cr'epnf,''n"e (Jeptrt
ments satarv or contrart S sT. Rermblic.
WATCHMAN Situatlrn as watebman; day or
night Y g. Republic.
WATCHMAN-G 0.1. s-cUr. Itdustriou. man
wants place as watchman A '". Repub'lc.
WATCHMAN Situation by experienced watch
man or Janitur. can show pne reference a J.
Lundcren. care of th Rctererd J. I. Johnson.
-731 Ran-o!ph st cit;.
DRAFTING Ilraftlnc of al! klnls.
tracings to make. B M. Repub'tc.
maps and
DRIVER Experienced and tl!able man: also
experienced tn business. wlres tesdy pOtdt'rtn
to drive dllter wagon. Pleac call or write.
M Rauch. d s. liroadwzy.
POSITION Young mai IL wi:i sceept any
kind of repc-table work: sober, reliable and
Industrious, references from last emidoter. X
64. Republic
RELIABLE. middle agd man w-tnts yltoation
in priiate place, care rf bouse, yard. etc.. no
miiKing. reirences. 1; . itepcwie.
SITUATION by man to take car of cow ani
work around the place K C. Republic.
SITl'ATI" N-Sltuation bv staple, sob-r man.
knows all w.-tk on privaie plsce: go.'yl gardener.
hanlv with catrenter tool. 66. Rcpubll'-.
SALESM VN Tourg German would lik- in-k
as salesman or work In anythlc. W H ' N
UORK-PcIUon by dot. 19. live with parents.
WT of refcren-es. D fz Reputl'.-
WORK Situation by bet 'n d -cto-'a office, or
an oiher kind of work. JT'iS Xcwstead
"A Business Equation sod li Flscefo Get ir
Comatrtiel CeZejs, Shirthsilaal Ttltjrvh Sckl,
JUH ttana Sneire. St. Lent. Uittoarl.
It qisIiSei sttidtatl f or all batlcef ( ponaiU. sad ..
yllea banarif hou ;. banki. rsllrsM sail trlemsh sBri
aid prefmisail ntn witk r-'.Itl. bscUetpera. r.i.o
gnpkt n.telerrica speriton ssC clerk.. reiUioni re-
far Gradcatti. Ar Cmwefu.'knwM.AtiH,
3. O. BOU . Pre Ctt-
to oversee and manage small boardicg-h use. Call
at 16S Morgan st.
riie Trades.
binder) girl". Apply Monday a. m. S V. Mjer
on lrte. i . Tnlrd and Ctesusut tt.
Experienced buttonhole makrr and hand ;rlrl on
custom coats at ence Sli Chestnut st.
GIRLS WANTED Girls who understand wrap
ping and labeling medicine. Call wS N. Com
mercial st.
GIRI.S WANTED-Operators. barters and fin
ishers on shop coats. .tesdy work, good pa !Ci
N Fourteenth st.
GIRI.S WANTED-Flfty sewing machine girls
to make shirts, oteralls and pantf. steady work,
pood wages. At Premium Mfg. Co . lJlia st
Charles st.
MACHINe'gIRLS WANTED-Experltnced ma
chine girls to sew on pants. teade work. 3M3
Salens at. J
hands on all parts ot neckwear: operator, turn
ers and finishers y? Columbia Theater buiMlnz.
OPERATORS WANTED Experienced operators
on custom pants: tiower machines. Apply at once.
63 Locust, rxom 14.
WANTED-On pants: steady
work, good pay. Apply Barr-Ollte-Slnge? Cloth-
lng Company.
1119 Washington.
SHIRTMAKBR WANTED-Experienced shirt
maker, to run Luttonhole machine The Paal E.
Wolff Shirt Co . si; Washington ave.
SHIRTMAKER-WANTEDnxpri.nced shirt
maker. to run hemming machine The Paul E.
Wolff Shirt Co.. M5WH!hlngtonave-
bemmer and one buttonhole machine cpera'or:
these are hUh-priced positiocs. with steady em
ployment The Paul E. Wolff Shirt Co. Sli
Washington ave.
men's fine shoes. Brown Shoe Co.. Eighteenth
and Wash fits.
waistmskers; steady work and good pay. ;JJ
Lccas ate. Isaacs and Rubenstein.
pher and clerk. Aadre-s In handwritirg. Mating
salary and references D T?. Republic
who will wort for effice experience. cool chance
for bright person. Manager, 3S Lafayette ave
raphers: dry goods 343. manufacturing. 5 A.
machinery lexpertj. J . copyist, hardware r!;
rolscellaceons. 3 to 341 Leigh Eros.. Century
Special summer rates: expert teacher- Individ
ual Instrccticn: positions procured. Investigate.
MRS. BARNES. 301 Olite st-
Corner Grand and Franklin Commercial short
hand and English departments. S. L. Giver.
Principal. Bell phone,
Last week the following employed students of
the southwestern Business Coi.ege. 31 Olive st,
as bookkeepers and stenographers: Scutrern
Pine Lumber Co.. Houser blip . VandaUa Rail
way CO.. freight dept. Wlnegar Brokerage O..
Carletcn bldg.. Great Western Tea and Ccffe
Co.. 1117-1113 Franklin ave . 3onrd Grocer Co.,
S Locust: I"awit:y A Collins Carriage Ox,
First and E. Grand ave This bool prepares
persons fcr the best office employment, and
makes a specialty cf assisting graduates to po
eltions. School throughout the summer.
Union Trust bulldlnr and 11M X. Grand ate.
Eirlmlrelr tor women, indlvldna 1 lgstntctlcn.
Special reduced rates for summer; shorthand,
bookkeeping touch typewriting, penmanship.
arithmetic, grammar, etc. Day school. 4 months.
333; 1 month. 310: night school, i months. J1S;
4 months. 315: 1 month, Ji. Individual Instruc
tion a specialty. Positions procured for gradu
ates. The largest and best equipped department
of typewriting in St. Louis; 60 typewriting ma
chines of the latest pattern. Call for catalogue.
Hartsock Jones's Business Collese. Olivia
building. Grand atenue and Windsor place, cp
poslte the High SchooL Downtown college, 715.
T-7 Holland building. Telephones LIcielL
49; Kinloch D 7S- Kinloch A ft-
GIRL WANTED Nice, neat small girl to take
care of baby In small famllj-. Apply S s. Four
teenth st
XURSEGIRD Tl AXTED Nnrseglrl to care for
two children and assist with housework. 4JS3
Pine rt.
NURSE WANTED Experienced nurse Trr
Totmr cMHren. rel erenc req.ue i
elcde tr.
HonseiTork. ' 1
HOCSKtllRI. WANTED Glr! with references
ae Meran ec
llOfSEMIRI. WANTED-Cokwe.! cirl to J
houeurk. 11 Q!ic st ,
HOI'SEGIRL WANTED Girl to do general
hourew or 11 Cass w.
1IOCSEG1RI. WANTED A r.eat. capab!-fcoux-rirl
ici KranfcUnciie.
rrefene.1 i: S. Grand ate.
HOFsEOIRI. WANTED-GItl for neneral
hou-enotk. 3M Pine et
H')CSE!IRL WANTED-Glrl to do seneral
hu .rk 4-3 lllalr ate.
r-uvwrk 4J IVlmar ate.
HorsEGlRL-Gltl wants seneral housework la ;
small famll. y tfXWt-in. '
HOr-EGIRI. WANTED-Glrl fr Keceral
housework H S. Thlri fi. .
"Tiors'EGIKI. WANTED-Glrl to do general
hucsettork 4.:3 :lben ate.
I'lii SFrtlRI. WANTSD G:rl to do sneral
b'.u.'w k JTl Jk are. 1
I.ufSKiUr.I. WANTED-4Jirl ta th genersl :
burrnrvrk 1 all S Reil are. j
llOTSFGlRL ANTHD-GIrl to do s!eral
h- ij"ework 3KS I JlcleOe ave I
Kul'SKGIRt. WAXTED-Girl fcr B-nl
bo-. .rk Apply 131C Ilid'IU
housework 3 St. Vincent ate.
il.ll SEt'iKI. WANTED tllrl to
I bouteuiTk call at Maple ate.
c nerol
do Keneral
t HOl'l-EGlRL WXrEl-G.id Elrl to do Ren-
eral housewiir tan atz uus aic.
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED -Good cl.-I to do ce'
ml housework. 4; Westminster piac.
HOrsEGtllL WANTED Girl to .to perioral
bouj-wvrk. -mail family. Rutter st.
iltili:GIi:i. WANTED 4!irl for pencral
houaev.rk pt-.l wapes 4 Fountain atg.
" HorSEGlRLWANTEI Girl to do penem!
housework, small farnll 5i llull ate
EOrSEGIRI. WANTEl-Glrl to ilo cr.eral
Juea'rk. 'wo In famrty 1TO N Euclid art.
HOFSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to do general j
honywotk. thre- In famil IJC Gratta n st.
t HOlr-KGIRL WANTED A ounc alrl for ;:tt j
housework in bakry. Tenth and Medton sts. I
HOllVlRL WANTED Gno.1 Wat's to fitrt- j
class girl fr peneral hout-ewirk. 5 rranklin. j
HOl'sEGIRL W.:.-TD Gin to do peBrat
housework. German preferred ;: l'ark ate.
TlIRlI VAXTED-Grrn"slrI f"r C'nernl res
taurant w rk. toon and r.ard 1 N. Thltd st
HOrsiTGIRI. WANTEIV-Glrl to .lo penfal
houFnork. about 1?. gid home. 3 Olite T.
TIOt'SEGIRL WANTFI Girl to do eneral
higeork. tno In family. 4I1TA Oet eland are.
HorCGIRi7 ANTED-Younc plrl f.r crn
eral housewerk. n.i nashlnc 4133A Ru"eli ate
HOl'SEGIR WANTED-Tfco puis for
hoaeewtirk. no wahinc or lrning:c "M wages.
IIOl'SBtsiRT. WAXTKDGlrFio fcOet In prn
eral tKUsewcrk In small famt!. ZSv Morpan st
IjOI SEGIRL WANTED IlrI for general
hnusewirk. small famll. ISsj Westminster
HorsKGIRL WANTED-Glrl to do gene-al
housework and washing, good wages. 3ltt lln
HOUSFGIRL W.NTED-G1 glr! for general
hcusenork. small tamllj ; god home. E JT. Re-I-vblic.
HOl'SEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to do general
housework in famll) et three. 51T3.V Kensington,
housework in 3
WANTED-Glrl tn ds general
small familt. 531 Oeveland
t ??"
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED-Gocd German Catholic
girl for general houseuor Catl 34T7 N. Four-te-rth
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general
housework, fsmilv cf two people. 4111 Uidell
"IIOUSEGIRL WANTED Clean and actlte
white girl for peneral cousetcrk. Call 4TiJ
Gretr ate
" HoFsEGIRL WANTED Rirl to d.- general
h-.-j?ui.ik small family, seed wages. 37i
Gamble st
HOl'SEGIRL WANTEI "orntent girl for
Sereral ho evork. no waging, references. Sll
I'llan ave.
HOUSEGIRI. WANTED-4Iool girl to d pen
eral houenrk. small family, good wage". ei
HOUSEGIRLWANTED-G!rl to cook an.1 do
Ter.eral housework; white or colored. 3SM Wash
rgton ave.
do general housework In family of two. S113
Minerva ave.
HOUSEGIRI. WANTED Younc Pirl frr light
housework, small family, no waehing. 134J N.
Garrison ate.
"HOl'SEGIRL WANTED Neat grl for genera!
housework, where yea 5re treated right. 31
N TaIor ava.
work ar-jnd htue. Call for two days. 5T
Ea tn a- e
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to do general
bousewTTk. with or wlth'-ut washing; sod home.
4133 Laclede ave.
IIOUSEGIRL-WANTED-Glrl or woman for
general ntisenork. small family: Co washing.
i6 S Eleventht.
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to do general
housework: who understands cooking, no wash
ing. K"i eitesav"
HOUSEGIRI. W XTED White flrl f'r gn
eral housework. Apply after S. private family.
sf7 N lcnard ave
HOUSEGIRI. WANTEl-Glrl to da gen-ral
bo ework. IW Arlington ave. Take Cass ava.
car to Arlington ate
IIOUSEGIRL WAXTED-Go-d white girl fcr
peneral houework: pocd wares; reference rr
culred 17e9 Goode ave.
"HOUSEGIRI. WAXTED-Girl for general house
work, cooking and assist in laundry; German pre
f erred. SW Shaw ate.
HOUSEGIRI. WANTEls-YewTng cirl for gen
eral housework, pood pay. pcud home to right
party. 3!A Ru-sell ate.
"hOUSEGIRL WAXTED-Girl for general
housework. vasMne ard Ironing; smaH family;
ea hours O 66. Atepublic.
Hul'SEGlHl. W AXTEI Girl to do general
hmi'rw rk. n wns.tng Applt Sunday afternoon.
Srtle en'rance 41l Mclhercn
HOl'SEGIRL WANTi:i-Girl tn d general
houiafwork with or without washing: pood wages,
good tome 3. Falrmourt at
HOI'SEWOMAN WANTED-A woman to assist
In general housework: cooking: pucd hom for
steady woman 3S37 Lucas- are.
class girl for general housework, small family,
no children. Call ig N Tat lor ate.
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED Girl to do general
housework: family of two. 3SU I.afatette ate.
Apply Sonda between 3 and o'clock.
ilOUSEoTRI. WANTED-Glrl for ' general
housework, small family, no children, refer
ences required Apply XJkZ S. Broadnat
HOt'SKGlRl. t XTED-Glrl for peneral
housework: poxl wages Apply Mrs J A. Pal
can. 4C1 R-vk m.d Eai St Louis. Ill
HOl'SEGIRL WANTEIs-German glr! a" cooic
and do cenersl Iwusework. small family, refer
ence positiiely requlrwl Apply 4ril Washington
IIOUSEGIRL WANTED An experienced glr!
for general houswork In small hcus ard sn-all
tarniij . tioi wages and nice home for right cri.
Apply 4IS7 Cleveland ate
cascse' for rtall grn-ery store, give references
and state salart expec"d O 43. Republic.
Dressmakers and enroatresses.
tallrricc. will pay some wages whlie learning
SIS Sarah.
Designer for ladles' skirts. 614 Locust t
DRESSMAKER WANTED-Samstrer exprl-ence-1
with Singer machine. 3S Bell ate.
GIRLS WANTEDExpriencr girls" to alter
cloaks. .Singer Bros . cor. Xlnth and Lucas
GIRLS WANTED-GIrls to sew -n coats.
Martin BlumenfeM & Itro.. 1114 N Third st
GIRLS WANTED-UnlngmakTS an.1 pocket
makers ao g'rls to liarn on shop voats. 31
GIRLS WANTEIs-Machine giru on tls and
medium pants: good pay and stmdv wtrk. also
ltarner want-d. p-twer maehlnes 3bl Cherokee.
also seam presr Call at 3719 Chlrpewa st.
enced shlrt-wais makers; ruaranteed blgnest
prices in St. LuSie; slady work. Olian Brcs.. 717
Lucas ave.
SKIRTMAKER5 WAXTED Experienced sklrt
rsakers. good wages; power machines 614 Locust.
Experienced zklrtmakers and batters en dress
skirts: good pay M17 Lucas ave.
WAISTM4.KERS WANTED Fifty walstmak
ers on silk and flanr.e.1. steady wcr Queen
Waist Co.. S N Eighth st.
Olivia balldU-p, room 1U. Orpctritc lllsh School.
Grand ir.
INDIES' tailoring taught, artistic dressmaking
dr'rie; ladles make their own dresses. Mile,
Claire E Lael suite 84 Century bolldlcj.
lo-I!12 O'.lve Street. St. Louis. Mo. The
largest, most popular and finest equipped Institu
tion of 1U k.nd in America, Write for terms.
descriptive literature, etc.
2GOT Olive Street.
Ladles wishing to prepare far fall positions or
business shosld loin the class at once; thoroush
tcsiruci' cs given in all branches of th trade.
Fcr r-ir'.turs, call cr write Miss Ea
jTsxklln. nanartr.
1 " it Vlwti
Over thi' difficult v of proriirini; office hi-lp; whi'n
Tii"n worried alxiut voiir wife's inability to get a cook
or a domestii-; wlien ymi "n liotliered about your proniis
in yiin!i shi""5 failuiv to pet a position, just remember
the ma ;;ic of a Hejiublic Want -d.
Some trouble, perhaps, you will always have, but
you need not be burdened with any that arises from a
lack of success in filling your Wants if you will but re
member that
on ran nlrr.i-. tret an answer
Tluit ttlll nnrrls xntUfy.
If when Tnn're trnnltlril trllh u want
A Maul Ail jnn will tr.
OOK WANTED-Glrl ta to. 3 lentens
iVIK WANTED-Good competent white cook,
t Lucas ate.
I'OOK WANTED Goo, steady woman to
iwll Call at once. 131 Ie.srat.
iWIK WANTED-G.to.1 cook, no cufslde wrk.
upstairs girl kept, references 4V Washlrgton
ate ..
COOK WAXTED Large -.. C. M-Pher-srti
ate. "lite si. and Claj'.on cars stoa at
COOKWANTED-Cook and general hcus.rV:
competent wimn wanted at U Cook; gaud
wages, references Call Monday.
GIRL W VNTED-Girl to 00k. was), n 1 Iron;
small famll-. other help P 7. Repuoltc.
dlnirg-room girl 14 Urii. st.
3i Chouteau ate.
ferrej 38 Folsom ate.
WITRrFES WNTED-Mcst b ntt an I
a tlte. steady work Ij a. good girt : N. I'corta
FINISHERS WANTED-Flve fi-.t-c!as Cnlsh
ets on new work, apprrstu-es taken; steady wctk
and good wages guaranteed. Ftrguson-McKia-ney
Loundry. K0 I ca.
LAUNDRESS First-clas. lanndress
washing to take heme. 3i3S Mills st.
IJkUNDRESS WANTED A laundress for
Wednesday". Thursdays snd Fridajs. ,.7 Easton.
LAUXDRBSit WANTED-Wojnan U wash for
rent of laundry and Uting-roomi. ) Morgan
t 4l'NDRK:i WANTED Competent launlres: 1 MEN WANTED-Exprlence.l In taking reeas
luVt know how to Iron shirts snd collars. 3417 1 uretrente fr taiKrtnc flrmr to tratel. extensive
must know how to Iron
Cook ave
HUN'ORES. WANTED White ls.undr.ss fer
fanllv washing: ad :4ace to right partt I..!
Co'tige ave
"iIaUNDRESS WANTED-Flrst-cIasn. white
laundress, steady work: rood wages. Call to
day Pnrlty cleanlrg Co.. 735 N Vardevecterave.
It'NORESSESVANTED-i.,10.fV.r laun
dresses to use stauffer's Laundrv Tablets. raaks
cb tbes as white as snow. wasV.rg a pleasure, at
your grocer's
at aw
APPRENTICES WANTED-Glris to learn mil
linery trails, paid whlls learning Western
Trimmed Hat Co.. 17 N. Fnurth st.
MIIJJNEIIS WANTED-Experienced makers
for trlmmtr.i: hats. Wetm Trimmed Hat Co.
r N Fcurth st.
FEW ladies to do eupylrg at home: no can
vassing. Inclose stamp. Warren Chemical Co..
Department A. Detroit. Ml.h.
Ssju De Kalb st.
w.rk In small re-
taurant J7D N Bn-adway
GIRLS WANTED GI'Is rf 14 vears and over.
St Louts Patr Box Co-. Tenty-nrt and la
dolth sts . five blocks s-uui of Market.
GIRLS WANTED Flftv gtrli: steady wcrk all
summer and winter; good pay Apyly at once,
Furster.'-. Commercial and OHv e's.
GIRL WANTED Yourg girt warned fjr re
frehrrit stand. IS So ind board, call at once.
De Ballttew and DImarate A Stephens.
GOVERNESS WANTED-French governess for
ore child, one not speaking Knt!lh preferred.
4474 Mcpherson eve
KITCHEN GIRL WANTED Girl for kitchen
work. ni cooking 1373 S Broalstay.
1-ADIES to copy Dtters at home. to $13 weex
ly Address Medium's M3gaxlne. St. Louis.
ladles and girls can secure emplojment Apply
Amerlcen Mask- Syndicate. Burlington bull ling.
I.ADIES Copv l7"ers at bevne. Jl pee 1,IW;
srd stampel envelope f.r appllratlon. MoBarcb
Novelty Co.. Dept. 3. Chicago.
LADIES tn do ideeewc-fc a" th-l hornet: wj
furnish all matertaLs and pav f-om J. t ICve..--
Snd stamped enteltwe t Rojal to.. 31 M-a-roe
st. Chlcag". Ill
INDIES WANTElwro tearasplendld paytnc
trad-, only rcur weeks required tisitlons guar
antee,! graduates. $1; to $li weekly paid. Wr.ta
Moler College. 1141 Market st
I.EARNroofrirtaing: sit", secured. 31S t o J
weekly. Horn correspondence S'oool. Phlla.
IJNZES cockreaeh. bdbur. ant and Ilea pow
der, made and sold t mi oMve st.
YOUNG LADY WANTED-Youcg lady, neat
write-, of good appejrance. wno i unincum
lred anl ciuM tratel arter flrlshins buslness
here. give age etc T . RepuMIc
to $IS weekly: no canvassing. If no em
plored an hour or two evening" will aJd $4 to 14
ti "your weekly Inc .me. incl. - stamp; w"r
malle.1 on apnllcatloir; Twentieth Century Mfg.
Ct, Toledo. O
24 lbs. mm., si.
This sugar l Best Eastern ami full weight
guarantred. and will be 'd only with .1 worth
of o:.r goods. r are continuing this astonish
ing Bargain bcaue of the Imm ens demant fcr
the nice Also, trv a 19-isjund package of -'-.'
I'elebrated Blend of jtoasted CViffee f- $t v
This coffee Is posltltely our regular 3c Java;
and trv. a!o. 1 pounds Criuslns's CUclce Tw for
31 This l" our regular sac Tea. The George
CbUslns, Tea Company. Sixth anl Mt st.
Kinloch B 134S.
"DRIVER WANTED-Expert driver and
handler, rsferecces requlrei Louisiana Stor
age Co all Morgan.
De Kalb st.
"LABORERS WANTED-La borers. Apply Amer
ican Car and Foundry Co.. adison. III.
L. BORERa'NTEDFour laborers; ApNv
Monday morning. Hetf Frerichs Ctem. Co.. 433$
t. Broadway. ,
"LABORERS WANTED-Flve laborers to dig
posihds: good wages. Wo. 1L Austin. 3D Ex
cha pre ave.. East St Lcnls.
.BORERS WANTED-Labore to w c
buildings at Anhecser-Busrh'K. Ninth and Pests -loxxl
sts. HIU-O'Mem Cons traction Co.
MEN WANTED-3i men with hatchets at
Levee and Rutter sts. Colmnbla, Wrecking Co.
MEN TVANTED-17S men to work on Frisco
Company: work tn Missouri and Indian Terri
tory, free r Apply J. Brady. D N. Third
st. Skip la the morning and at eight,
WANTED-W) railroad laborers; good ca!:
steady work, free pase: fee deducted: Jl.TJ per
day. 5W laborers. XI 7$ and . ship vrr nitht;
pass. Missouri. Arkansas and Indian Terri
tory IrJlenU Eplsymt C-. lib X.
3 .
rr M. if S!
vR . vk;
.JLIlUsA, -iw II
Anv dmrg'et w!H
te'eptcn- your ad
to The Repub 1c
The Trades.
BAKER WANTED-Tenng man as pjstry baker
in a resttursjnt. must be mpetent and tome
well recintmeri'led D 7?. Republic
li.RBEK"W ANTED- iMi ber fir thU
Sunday o;sieen 7 and 3 l-.-k. $3 S.t Carr st.
I4a k.mlths. ". ach carpenters and p.inters. at
machinists ind repairers, for ut of town. Can
11 ma 'g Imperial Hotel.
blank bo.k finisher Gerrltzen Bros. A Co..
g N Third st
BRICKIE VERS WANTED-Forty bricklayers
at Suburban pewer-bocre. East St LocD ,
btetkers and rollers, good wages steady work.
I T icker. 1M Krankun ate.. s--cnd floor
carriage an-3 wagon smith II V. I2c, 14-' 1
Cass ate
tUmoi! setter. eov.d wages and steadt wore, w
t. u': ubile
ENGINEER WANTKD-Msc.mnleal eneireert
Ts:em experience Referred. saWu ' JIC to M3J.
V i Republic.
"FOREMEN WANTED-Fwar bl.ch-clas coo
structkn foremen; $lw
l-7 Chestnut st-
hm- collar stufTer: iteadt work tear round to
good hand P. Burns a: Co.. 7 Lucas ate
LEATHER can case and noveltv eritt-r. Sitn
mons Saddl.ry Company. 1 S Ninth s:
3IACHIXISTS WANTED-Fo- out ct town.
Call at room 1 Imperial Hotel.
MACHINISTS WANTED-Three first-Cas. a'"
ir url mhlnls'J at Setastlan Math. O.. 1 vi
X. Broadway
MACHIXIST WANTED-Good machin:-.. com
petent wtth punch, press and disc work, chance
for adtancemnt. gite fjll partlcuUrs. A 7").
I'mico- -trpiy wun rejerence. 1 .viur.-
Walker Co . ;h Pine St.. St Louts
PAINTER WANTED-Good wagen palntsr.
Aptly to Lanxan Talor. Wahlcgten ave.
RAILROAD mechanics for out of town: ma
chinists anJ bUcksrallts. Sic rer houi. coa.h
catpenters. "Jc per tour; esr enrpente-s, ISc.
transtnrta'Ion free. C CI. RepuNlc.
ROOFERS. ETC. WANTED-Stais roofers,
stalrbuilderr. romlce tcn
10u7 Chestnut st-
SCAUl MlNTEDScale bulMers and
s-calerrakers. steady work. 0".l pay. . Loula
Scale Comtan
SUOEMAKER WANTED-Sboemaker to work
on Jack: steady work ard goud wage Call a
SHOEMAKERS WANTED-Four first-elass
shcemakers. ore god cobbler an.! custom fitter,
stesdv men wages no object MrNamara. Shvs'
and I st Ca. Si Lou!"
"TRIMMER " WANTEl ". f.rt-H" tr.n-mer
for yearlt tritl-w In Kansas Cltv. . god
salary M ' Republic
Call at II a Ionlrjn Upholstering and Bedd'Cg
Mfg. .-. IS:: Ollve
"WANTElt Railroad blacksmiths, coach carpen
ters and painters, also machinists and ear repair
er", for cut-cf-town. Call at room 1. Imperial
WAIT-!. WANTED Good waller. 31 rta-
yjfJJ-lnjtJfWtf se)e4ttssJ1aisS..aa,i
ItnOKKKEPER WANTED Elteelenced book
keeper, mcii I. competent and well recomniend
rd M Republic
B4X)KKEEPER WANTED- BoeVkeerer an.1
cashier must have good references and caa
t.rd II C7. Republic.
HnoKKEEFER-Exreri-ced bookkeeper de
"tres ro"ltloi references as to character, ability,
etc Z tS. Republic
IF you want a nice steak, go to the Nonps
rul Restaurant. 1 N. Fecrth St.
Clerks and Collectors.
MAN WANTED Young man assist In ofn
and collect. US week. Call to-di) . permanent.
US) Olive.
CLERK WANTED Experienced yeunr grocery
clerk. ato boy wtth some experience J7S4 Rus
sell at.
CI.EItK WANTED Vonni man clerk en
steamlnt. ta month and boinl. call to-day.
permanert W Oltte
T:RK WANTED-German grocery clerk 14
to 3 j-e.rs old. brlrg reference. S. e cor. Nine
teenth and Sullivan ave
nj:ilK WANTED An "irier-red rroc-ry
clerk and meat cutter: references reau:red.
Kicker's grocery. New'tead and North Market
DRUG CLERK WANTED-Expert drur clerk,
experienced an! reelstrrrd. must speak German;
references l.afayette and Jefferson ave
IF you want to feel at home, eat at tb Non
parlel RestaurJnt.l N Fourth st.
"WANTED A thoroughly competent str n-l
energetic man le take charge of silk .partinent.
end to be capable of assisting tp the tsarlnx for
this and diess givide department in ne . f the
largest and most np-ta!a!e steer In Uitl Rock,
selling tne letter crades of goods. Addre Dox
V. Little Ibick. Ark.
BOY WANTED Boy to drive wagon for retail
grcr 4?Cg Ilmar.
BOY WANTED Boy to learn horseshoeing, ex
peritneed ptferrcd. D 73. K.putllc.
"BOY WANTED Good, strong boy. 17 or 13. ta
tern! horre and deliver grorerie". 3 Franklin.
BOT WANTED Strong boy for stair building
shCP. 33 S Fifteenth st
: liMt iiA.tiras.nwi'q dot imuiaitoi: pnvwit
' family, board and clothes and small wages, x
ti. lteputiic
BOY "WANTED Strecg boy t helo Ln Mack
smith shoo: two blocks west ef Six-Mile House.
Natural Bridge road.
BOT WANTED-Sman colored boy. U to 33
years ok, work ln alnory. 4U S. Second St.:
good place for giod bgy.
BOY tVANTED-Good ofSc" boy. aboit IS. ex
perienced. Address in handwriting, wi'.h ref
erences. J 7. Republic.
BOYS WANTED soys to )nn Wot Id's Fair
hand and orchestra. Can at 14M S. Broadway.
ITnfessor Crot. Free Music SchooL .
U"i ttAMMi-Mmw boy who has hadsonse
experience In cigar factor-. Geo. Fshl Blue Rib
bon Cigar Factory. 1343 8. Broadway.
Manufactcrltx Company. Elghth and St. Chatles.
HOUSEBOT WANTED To assist with hjos
and dining-room work, refetences reejulred. 3114
ts BUroarrk st
to feed Job press. Vltrey. 1 N Twelfta st-
errfrTrFrf atjiUMB Bovs and rlrts set
for a dime, with fine lot of atlckers. St. Lobls
SUcier Co. . 123 Locsst ftt,
i-rw '
tiTtvni;uitMlrl5 tv: t vrKI 3tjTe SteHOC'
rapner. fceKinnera. exp-rts. P??,,rrd',,,nr !
I srr-m an.1 iner. aritlle-Mls-ourl aaTlusS
rt-oiir.ianr nrr.i t 4ri4ft. j v .
. I?-'"'"-..."'- .Ti"SS'i
! tin. Ceuturt
CIVIL S.rtlee Govemrrent nl ns: T.ST- AV
polttiT-nts td between J-I L ll. and Apn!
12. !-: oey emmutt i noi eviration refiuircl
for etarrlnatlon; catalogue .,r iittwrmattun xre.
1 Columbian CorreaiMOdscc Coll EC Wasblnstwi.
!B C
r.; third ..-ck. Si. board;
Ijir.rh counter men. 1
K hot I. IW. b-jard.
Man fcr pritate plo '-' f-1- bvs.:"-!.
: laborers teamster's N. Ark. . free pass.
Grorery crerks. 1M. . board. rom steady.
Saloon port.r. IS. aslstani bartender. !C
Storeroom man. 33. 335. board and ri-om;
T. yardmen for stimnr rtsort. IB. .
Raker, reuintrr. tK.S r r we. fre. rttss.
Farm hands, rallkero and gardeners. 314. IS; t
Wareitetneii and frefeht handler. 11.73. 1.
Flte hxndy m-n aroond fuctoile.. i. 5U ".
Hns. be al billUrd-room men. 3B. J,
Delitery wagon driver. Sl. $13 week: store
t rx.r'er.
t Helpers er l"e wasotu 314 Sit week steadr.
Tn meetunies bHt-ers on sai.r tnk. $1.75. $3.
iMarrtmen j j fr .ay labof-r il.ZS. ti.
.wo l.horers. ism.t.r. iiurk Mi : free pasH.
Man with family, for st ck fa.m SK. 3d:
All people out tf work rill CR the oldest and
larsesf employment cieniny in St. Imii.
Natlvnal Emploment j . 113-113 X. Mxth st.
DRIVER WANTFD-Slngle ma to" haultna
radam: man acquainted with city: ccl home
mnq i.3i n JV ss l-ace
EARN mon-v during vacatKen: collejre an.j
high school poptli: either "t SI Pine st.
FARM HAND WANTBD-Pra-'H-al Mm: band
single, flte mlres from cltv li- it nermanen?
place fo- rignt party D. W. Cahiil. W-'Iston.
Mo . Route 3
ferred; must also care for i-"w and boree ad
do general work about place in suburb" f!rt
class refererces required. J. y. Ickw.o!. sii
S-curlty building.
GOOD rhysicltn at once
Menden Mln. Jin.
Address Box 31.
pointments tn be made, examinations seen In evert-
State, hundred prepnred tv us have been
appointed: circular lUi. giving full particulars as
to positions, salaries, dates and places of exam
inations, er mailed free National Correspond
ence Institute. WasMneton. D c
HOSTLER WANTED A good sober hrstler;
r'e that ran drlt- and knows city. 331 Easton.
HOSTLER WANTED-Expe-ienced he-tier It
Kere.-Marsh.nll Bros. Stable. sj Delmar bculs-
HOUSEMAN WANTED-Good. steady white
hcuseman 'k around Sous anl in kltche.
1-31 I.-r-.S
LEARN proefreidlnc: sits, secured. IIS to JCS
weekly Home correspondence School. Phifci.
MAN WANTED Young man to help t-h-.t-e-taphr.gw!
tlkT. M Gravesis ate.
MAX WNTD-Mtddle-age!"nn-whn can
tske ear- of bosses and deliver for grexery. st
MAN WAN . EI-y. urg ntn to run popcorn
ard Miidv was--n must have DS deposit. X 34.
MAN U AN 1 Kt Younc rran to ma rage hrancn
efftre outside .ity. jtj month, expenses. Call to
dav. 1330 fHt.
MAN WANTED-An evperle-ced mts to takej
charge of undertaking e'tabMstim-nt. 314 Easton
MAN AND WI-S WANTED-To go to the
S.T.,rvfor 'ry and hous-nork. no chltdrex
It fS. Republic.
MAN WANTED Man t w. r' ar?un-liotel'
mo- for b' me than wage,. Welters Hotel. Third
and Carr sts
MAX WANTED-In far'ory. a vonng man hav
ing experience In dranghttnc: one having tech
nical edU"tton r experience p-eferrest: state ex
perience, references and stagis expecte-l. E C
MAN WAXTED-Yean; mac 31 1.- S yearsToit!
ln large wholesale hue. to kr sf-k bocks:
must write g .i hand and be accurate, at Sgwes:
weild prefer on- hat.ng rxpe-enc- in drt gTc-ie
bu:ae"": salart $33 month to eeramence. wtll
advance ac-orSing 10 ability, must furnish refer
er.ee. S t Repabllc
SIAX AXD WIFE Vi NTKD U hlte or colored
couple, not ver IS years old. without chlldrn:
UMn to care Vx . harnee, and tehlcles and
general per ter wi.r: woman to do wasalng. iron
ing snd cleaning tvr. day weeklv; wage. $ia
per month, thre- rwm". light and faei free;
reference" mulre.1 il'e-tme ib. tall between
II and : a. m onlv 31 ?ranktm
MEN WANTED-Two hus:lers:
stablemen. 1132 Chestnut st.
MEN WANTED Men tn work on coal and Ic
w.gon Inquire; at 3W La Salle st-
MEN WANTED Seven young rrea to run on
passenger tr!: g-I wages. Call to-da. 130
MEN WANTED-Young men to jell c!;ar.
k e-. on passenger trains. Apply a.
Twentieth it.
MEN WANTED Tweatv-Ove men to dig
trenches fir water pipe Forest aad Manchester
aves jonn r jirjix.. n
MEN WANTED-To Dad In f!re clay pi:
steady work: married mm preferred Room Hi.
crtoeatt comer Ninth aad Plae sts
MEN WANTED To Darn best trade, in ex
istence for poor pep. eight weeks completes;
$13 to 3 weekly paid when com-etent; light.
clean. Inlde work comparatively no expense:
particular" mailed free. Moler Barber CoHege.
1141 Market st
proffsstsaal photographers far outside war Call
14 Dod'.er st WiUyard.
POSITIONS secured for Hlastrators. ad. writers.
Jcsrnal'st. bookkeepers, stenjgrsphers and proof
readers, provided they are members tf our Insti
tute; par us no tuitkn fee until w nave eecursU
ycu a position, write at once, mentioning the scb
Ject vou wish to -tudy Ct-r-spcndence Insutats
ef America. Box (44. Scrantoc. Pa.
TE1-EPHONE Leigh Bros.. Ij Certury. for
competent, experienced stenographers, tookkeep
ers and ofSce help
" TEMTERS WANTED-Wag Jl"tJ per day.
Inquire .; Iowa ate G Eyermaan. Jr . X-- tiro.
TF.MS WANTED Fifty-foot beds. Seventh
and Olive i:. Day aad night. !S oent per load
and dump ticket. Ja. Black M C. Co
rienced man. wlta wife to work truck farm, care
for cow and team. A. M. Buchanan. Moberly. Ma
WANTED Nurserj men for buiding. etc:
steady work. Stark Nurserle". Lonlalaca. Ma
"WANTED-Colored cuple. not over 3S years
old. without chlkiren. man to tak" care of horses,
harness and vehicles anl general pirter work,
reman to k washing, ironing and cleaning three
days weekly: wages !e) per month and nx.m.
llsht and fuel free, references required, lifetime
Job Call Mondat. 11 to 13 a. m only Sayman.
313 Franklin ate
WANTED vcung men and women to write
for our rte. boklL "Are Your Hands Tie!"
It tells how we hat helped thousinds to jp
cort tbemlves wblle we qualified them for
hlgh-sa'aried position In enln-tlng. r at-M-tectnr.
Write the Intematlonel Correspondence
Sotools. Bax lf. Scranton. Pa : or call day or
evening st tbe St. Louis office. Beaolst btdc.
g7 line st.
WE requite a coraretert draughtsman; tdy
r-tsitlorc Vddress t.v wire o letter Excelsior
Terra Cnt.ta Company. R-cky Hilt. N J.
dreer and card write-: also cacao' "f selling
goods and genml hustler, for first-class dry
gooi store In Texas, only hustlors nd apply
to II. W. Sleling. Iranters Hotel. Monday be
tween ! and 13 a tn
den 373i S Grand ate.
S teams with large dirt beds Monday at Me
Klniet Hleb ScN-l Rusell aad Missouri. Itues
V n Moek.r . Bn
Mertactils CXliege. Lincoln Trust building. Kor
ectn and Chestnut its. Inilvldual Instruction
given ln Bookkeeping. Penmanship. Shorthand.
Tvpewrttlnr. Arithmetic. Grammar, ate. Tela.
Bell Main 3C4. Kin. A 70. Open all summer.
t"" siiw s stfc s m m -u-J-J1j
MAN WAXTED I want a man of, extenslvo
acquaintance In the city to solicit accident In
surance on a very attractlte plan: will pay the;
top commission to the right man. or a salary, as
juu ma pref-r m!y first-class men who can
furnish tfce proper credentials r.e-d apply. It
y-u can prcluce the business I will pay th
salary and In .- It when you dem-'tutrate
yexir ability S 7". Republic. usiraie
paying prspcsltloa. X U. Republic
SOLIC1TOR WANTED-Advertlslng scllcitor
weekly publication loe circulation: must be
experlecee.1. Call 39 Security building.
"SOLICITORS WANTED-On solarr or commls
slon. fer city aad eountr'- to catT en builarss
and professional men. 44 Laclede building
SOUCrrORS-W- want Hnt-cUis solicitors
everywhere, we will gite you the. nsraes snd
sddresses of acnts making from to 339)
per week, and can show you how to ea the same
absolutely new and very attractive; for "writers
of las'irance and -emea of ability It cans them
all. and It has a future. Is backed by m-iTor
national reputation tn th Caanclal wo-'d- tate
Street Trnst Co. of Boston. Mass.. trustee:" flrst
come. B t served on territory; write us or calL
Mutual Rubber Production Co.. OM Nelsoa bldr..
Kacsjs city. Mo. -.
.T?2f.conVc, ,0 toai ma- lty man
r . M5.. 'r le'". mi?-1 PfOpoHtlon offeeesL
j-rd SSSUfa IM' " M --
Lady Attests aaa Solicitors.
1 nj-ki1n4i
elS5 rtr7T2Sv!VAXTE?-L"1'' Weltor en spe-aS-lgaggl-.'S
Js".Eii""v,,,' U4T atenu. -omethtnr new:
aniXtoJar betwetn 5 aad T. -7JS Stod-
ACTIVE r,eraoii to work at heme SZK paj f,r
i: days' trtal. permanent If atisfa--tc-j Al
dre.s Manaser Enxwall. Lakeside bul.iUns. Ct:-
ciai w-jril. m'si o nftniT-; riwu i-v e -.
lllcken. fourth fl&r Holland annex. :u Pine st.
AGENT3-II3 da !iy made by agents sli.rs ou7
claim tile, used by every merchant and pc.-si
ciaa, j'ajers Co D 43 Ol've. St. Lonis. j.
AQEXTd WANTED III iwiney to lite ag-rti
IlLng our contrai t. territory anywne-e .-
United States, see our plan. Ozark Home ', . ;$
uzark building, st I-i.ule. M
AGENTS, get our effer. I t ever mad b, a
rvllable house, luriie profits, advancement. am
nie an.1 terms fr Iwts Medicine Cmjrr.
! Vsi N. Thltd st.. St. Lome. X-
.Gr r wantet tor ent.reiy new ami re -s-sary
h.iue!jld article, fast seller, profits 1 Tt
cxciusltr territory given Address Moun'a
Mate Mfg fV.. Huntington. W. Va
AGENTS $1 monthly; metal bread boa ds;
ne premium plan Insures sale every ho..e.
work bard but 3 S sure, plans ami samples fre.
F.rsh- Mfg Co. B 396. Clnciet tl. O.
AGENTS WANTED-Outside St. Louts: 15 pr
n. .rAPr- .eilii at slzht. don't accent a
agency until you gel mv free samples and libertl
aer. Satn n. 3131 Franklin ate., at Lruu.
AGENTS WANTED Agents, stores and ree-r
rtrn. sell the latest selllrg novelty ever Inverted,
seils ui sight, every one u'es. large pr.fite A.
Fcell. Manufacturer. 33 U C llfutnU ave . -:
AGENTS-Be independent; manufacture and sell
oeangeade tt.e crjat summer drink, at fairs,
plcnlca nd stores. J per cent rrotlt: for- a
with full directions for ma king 3S& Sindr-.al
Spec Ity Co.. !. O. bog SS. Sandoval. lit
AGENTS on salary or commission; the grat
e"t agents' seller eter proilucd. etery user
pen acd Ink boys it ca right. 3"- to 5pr ce-t
pmrlt: one agent's sales amounted to J-. ln s's
lays, another SK in two hours, Jtcnrce S!:
'o . X 43. I Crosse. Wls:
AGENTS and cthrs. If you are acqualn'e,: 13
vour town ou can sell our goe-ls to every famf'v.
all of our agents are rrklng roor.y: no books
or medicine scheme -nrnple to start vc-u f -r
rents, silter .r s'amps Adiress Crecnt
Supply CO.. !it gt Louis. 111.
AGENTS To handle as sld line, the r.t
ch-s-k hook oa the market, no competitor; se'n
at eight- our agents hate made a success w -n
this nook: samples on application: tho- ca:i!-.5
on harr.-ts and hardware trade sreferred. Clin
ton Check Ho-ic Co.. Clinton. Wis.
ALERT tersm with bules talent wanted for
genteel local wotk: bookkeeper or accountant pre,
ferred Address, wtth tljmz). Bee Supply CO.. U -x
I. Scu'hbrMge. siass
FINE rib-roast beef. iSc. with ccfTee. at Non
pareil Restauran. IS X. Fourth st
IDY agent" to sell the most practical anl
b-t skirt and waist adlost on tn marke'; lare
pr Bts iv.rothr Q. May Co-. &T5. 3 La Salle st
Chicago. III.
OLD Maid In Lore, funny, but she ! and o
's every ine In lot" with our Iyvter's Puixle;
It t-ate anything out. agents wanted- snt ")
for sample. Itn-Money Sreclalty Co.. Room l&i.
4C Elm St.. Clnclcnat', O.
farmers, all-rrund hardy combination tool, sells
tt sight; $3,010 10 $4 90 veirly pr-2t-. s furalsn
capital Rcm 313 Baltimore building. 17 Qucy
st . Chlca,cu.
THE Mutual Home Company will furnish yon
the morev to bay a hom. purchase a farm or
other real estate and allow you to pay bacst
amount borrowed at the rate of II 11 per weu
oa each $1."jC- Agents wanted throughout tho
United Stat" Adlress a' once. The Mutual
Home (nrany. IsM-Jf-lJ-H Chemical bslldlnr.
bt. Louis. Mo
THERoval Pneumatlr Pump dra-"! water frcm
well or cistern to the k!'cnn sink or bathroctrt
bv comrressed air after d)inr work the air
escapes Into the water. makcg the greatest cD
tera curifl,r known: very cheap, wrtte for pri
tate term to agents; g"ed commlsl"n. Address
the Roval Pneumatic Pump Co.. Box JK. Kansas
City. Mo.
THE Mutual Home Compary will furnish yea
the money to buy .& home, purchase a farm or
other real estate and allow you to pa back;
ars-jum borrowed at the rate of $1 SI per week
on ea-b $1. Agats wanted ta ughout ih
United States Address at once. The MutU3l
Home e omr.ny. IS S-S-l-ll Chemical building.
St D-ul Jlo.
WANTED General agent to handle sub-agenu;
a man experi-aced In lltnc flat Irons, notnlr.g
eiir1or f. ojrtmproteei self-heater prices right.
Aetna Sadiron Co . Det IIC Cincinnati. O
WANTED Portrait agents. lx trii rortra:t
and mat So'saIe v retail $3. ct extra f(.r
gnips. eTe than -rason. Chicago Copy Co..
47 4g len ate. Chl--at-
J.jT1jTjTfQj--j-yYs'Lj"'LJ"Xj""l-'' "
SALESMAN WANTED Experienced salesman
for calendar and adtert-slnc novelty line. A S".
SALESMAN Educated man; 33 to 33. as sties,
man; permanent pesithra; saury and eomnusslon.
M. Beattle. 311 Ctraraerrial buildlns
SALESMEN To coter MIrnesa and Soaia
Dakota, wtth new proposition frota factor to
dealer; salarv. expenses or ccmml lea ta right
man. B Republic.
SAI.ESMEN WANTED-Rellabln partler. ma's
or female, to sell fas and coffee" to families In
Missouri iad Illinois, steady wore at good pay.
Athletic Tea Co MS Franklin.
SALESMAN' WAXTED With rig. to sell sta
ple store fixture to merchants, salary or com
mission: no application considered unSt ac
companied by references; bond required. H CJ,
SALESMAN WANTED Salesman amuatatM
with retail dry goods trade of city aad vicinity.
It wholesaler of ktaple specialties; liberal com -mlssicn
tu first-class, reliable man. Address wtth
references. R CI. R'puMlc.
SALESMAN WAXTED Traveling salesaiaa fcr
Kansas and Nebraska, one familiar wlta fur
niture and hardware specialties preferred; mast
glv satisfactory- references: state ags aad ex
perjence. D Sa. Republic.
SALESMAN visiting; machine plants to sU as
side I'ae en commission our raw sine wipers:
cheaper and better substitute for cotton waste;
mall ampl": sales unlimited. Address Amer
ican Silk Mfg. Co.. Philadelphia. Pa-
SALESMEN WANTED $ per week and ex-
peutss guaranteed, selling chemical refrigerating
m&.ns to hotels, restaurants, butchers scd
merchants: coui all kind of refrigerate rs: cheap,
er than ice: ntso Chemical Ice Cr-am Freexer:
w irks automatic. Write for territory. Free sam
ple. Chemical Refrigerator and Freexer Co..
Matlcn U. Cbcl&zo.
SALESMEN We will pay yoo a cash, salary
of S a month in addition to the salary yon
are now maklag: your house carries cur goods
In stock: If cot now they seen will. Thee
staple and pay your firm a net profit ef per
cent. We pay your salary out of our rrefits.
Send tcr sample as slds Ilae. Weighs two
ounces. Write) at once. Dept, J. Castor Med.
Co.. Kansas City. Mo.
STARK NURSERY pays cash weekly if you
sell stark tree-- Louts ca. Ma.; Dansvllle. N. Y.
TRAVEUXG salesman for Missouri to sell re
tall trade, attractive, salable lire, established
hlgh-ratM hous. Box 4. Detroit Mich.
"WANTED Iirgh-class specialty -alesm-a: lib
eral contracr Box S7. Cedar Rapld. la.
WANTED At once, experienc-d traveling sales
men tor Missouri, we wact salesmen; so novice,
need apply Box SI4. Chicago.
WAXTED One experienced salesman by man
ufacturer of perfumery, toilet article", flavoring
extracts, etc.; no fake scheme. C C. Republic
WE serve the coldest waterrneica ta the city
at Nonpareil. 1C N Fourth st.
WE want to engage flte gnoj saleraea perma
nently; finest "e-lllni proposition en the market;
gocd pay guaranteed. Tie Holland building
WE want salesmen tn everr State: sett deslera
medicines, bitter, stock and poultry remedies;
splendid advertising: salary er large commis
si ts. S-9 Marshall M-d. Co.. Kaasas City. Mo.
YOUNG MEN WANTED--Two yeunc men cf
gcod appearance ftr circulation work; liberal
Ercposlttrn. Collier' Weekly, fourta tkvr H-1-md
annex. 711 Pine t
BOYS' -AND GIRLS' watches, rirgs. bra el-ts
free for distributing cards and. other wo-k;
write quick. Super! t Co.. North Adams, Mm
HOME WORK-$ monthly cepjing lettersl
either sex seed twa stamps for particulars.
Hick's Supply Co. SOC Haltted st. Chlcage.
LADIE3 for stamplnr. steady; good rat- take
home, no experience. Room 404. S31 ChestnJt st.
RELIABLE women or men to sen our goods
to the consumer tn communities frcm 1.0W ts
D.cev) populstton permacent employmeat at good
ray Address the Great Eastern Coffee and Tea,
Co.. 30t a. Tenth St.. ST. Louis. Ma.
LAD!ES WANTED-Ladles t.t sell Mote. Soil-
Stanley's face bleach, skin foods, corsets. axnt"
wanted to take thl as a side lire, ts to JW a
day Call er write for terms, 3037 Laclede. Free
samples Grand Leader Toilet Dept
WAXTED EVERTWHERE-Hustlers to tack:
signs, dlstrlbu'o circulars, samples, etc.; no csn
vai.lnr; gocsl pay. Sua AdvetUslcg Bureau. C
cago. 31J weekly copying letters at home: either sex:
nd atamp for particulars. Kiss Mfg. Co.. $
Warren ave Chicago.
$ weekly ana all expeasi tn men with rtrs
to Introduce poultrr compound; straight salary.
Iroper I Mfg. Co.. Dear. St. Parsons. Kas.
ALL thoes desiring hslp er seeking sltttoas
may register w.th the Free Employment Bureau
of the State Labor Bizu of Statistics. I1H4
Chrstnst St.: attsatlons and help furnished free
of charge- Tel. Kinloch A SL
penters and ptle-diirer men for Indian Territory;
Dee pass: lni0 to-nishi, Koealfs Labor Agency.
C13 Walnut si.
hands, gardener-, drivers, milkers; man for -rt-tate
BUce. men to pitch hay. Koeolg-s Labor
Atency. C13 Walnut st
IRORERS WANTED 303 laborers for Kaa
sas. Nebraska and Iowa; all free oass: ship eTtry
ilay. KcenlCs Labor Agency. C12 Walaat sf,
"LABORERS WANTED-M0ral!road men: Mls
sorirl, nilnou. Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Tim
Sullivan, a very reliable labor agent. 1 Market
LABORERS WAXTED Laborers for railroads
In Missouri. Arkansas. Indian Territory, free
pasi, good, lens Jebs gnarsntd Interrstlot l
Employment Co.. 10H X. EUn'.h at .
,V7E furnish help of all kinds, free to the eta
P'Ovrr. gneh aa waiters, cooka. paatry sea,
c-e lCj x. Hshta it.
-- - .

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