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Butticated Thirty .Cadets at Sand
hurst Because Some One Tried
to Burn the l'lai-e Down.
TJID you ever try to clean house, move and build a nw house all at ;
the same time? That is just what Barr's are doing- right now. Ij
Everv deoartment is crying- out for "more room." A nortion of our third floor, which has been devote! to reserve stock, is now to II
a - l kj i ' j i
be added to the Upholstery department. Where to put the reserve stock was the question, which we settled by deciding- to put it
on the counters of the various departments and sell it for next to nothing at all. When we say that you never had such a chance
Mr.' )roderick, Therefore, IMcr-
mined to Punish Innocent "With
the Guilty Now Tries to
Hide Behind Lord Roberts.
in all your life, it is the simple truth. Such changes as these in progress at Barr's only occur about that often.
Read Our Price Quotations Very Carefully. There's a SV9int of SVSoney in Them for You.
I paJJUA.r k:i.i ji il.i'jl gW
Is Your
A '
T t
London. July 12 -iCnpyright. lti i-The
extraordinary conduct of tlir War office In
rusticating thirty caj.ts from San-luur-t
because some person or ierson- unknown
tried to burn the placa doa has. not wit.
out sous dilESaay, tc-n brought l fnre
Questions la the Hou of Commons to
Mr. Broderick. the Secretary f-ir W.ir. hav
ing failed f produce any satisfactory re
ply, the Jiatural course would hae lwrn U
move the adjournment of the House, hut
this step was not taken soon enough. A
conservative member, one of the new Bar
onets. Interceded Vrttli n iiniee of motion
Tihlch. thougii It Trill never come on. Ire
ents the adjournment toing tnovel.
There lias, however, been a very inter
esting correspondence on the subject in the
Times. Including able letter? from Mr. Wln
ton Churchill. Lord Hush Cciil and Lrd
Compton. who is a soldier, and on Thurs
day Lord Carrington brought the matter l,
foro the Lord-. The Commander-in-Chief
was heard in his own defence.
Deplorable tntc of A nr Offlcc.
The Lords are at a disadvantage in deal
Ins, with the acuon of the executive G
erament. because they cannot control it.
but the debate drew the farts out ckarly
ar.d showed that the War Olfice had not
leg to stand on. The story is simple as it is
1-ast spring" there were several fires at
Sandhurst, and the War Ofhce stopped all
leave until the culprits were Oiscovered. A
similar course was recently taken In a much
less serious case by the head master of
Eton. In both cases it failed.
At Sandhurst It was resented, and led to
irsubordi nation, not of a very grave kind,
at Camberley Fair. A special commission
was sent down to inquire into this disturb
ance, the ringleaders in "which confessed
and were punished. Leave was then re
stored for the coronation, but on June 25
another fire, the fifth, occurred.
I'nnt.limcnt of Inifiultou Sort.
. Then the War Office decreed that, unless
the name of the incendiary was given up
within two days, all the cadets of -C" com
pany who could not prove an alibi would
ne rusticated, and the servants dismissed.
3t was in the quarters of "C" compiny that
the fire broke out.
There was some excuse for dismissing the
orderlies on tho ground that they ougnt to
have been on the spot, but as regards the
cadets the consequences were unjust and
cruel, even grotesque. Those who BMi
playing cricket escaped, while these who
were working were most severely punished,
though thy cannot all be guilty and maj ail
Jje innocent. .
General punishments are always open to
jjrave objections, but at the least they
should only be . influenced by general col
lective offenses, such an a mutiny. As n
mere method of extorting confession they
are barbarous, iniquitous and almost ai
rways futile.
These unfortunate cadets are threatened J
with professional ruin If Sir Edward Jiark
Jiam. the Governor of Sandhurst, cannot
And out who lighted the fires.
No doubt, as Lord Roberts tays, arson
Is a heinous crime, because it not only dam
aces property, but endangers life, and for
that reason he is visiting those who per-petrate-it
with exemplary penalties; not for
confounding the Innocent with the guilty.
Cadet Finally to Be examined.
Under pressure of public opinion Sir
Broderick has promised that the rusticated
cadets) will be examined this month, in due
course and shall not lose seniority if
' cleared.
But how are they tp clear-themselves?
Lord Roberts, who" was himself at Sand
hurst, has now undertaken to inquire per
sonally in each individual case.
That is satisfactory so far as it goes, but
the Secretary of State thoroughly deserves
the castlgaUon he received from Lord lloae
Derv on Thursday.
Sir. Broderick, as usual, tries to shelter
himself behind Lord Roberts. It is true
the Commander-in-Chief must be responsi
ble for tho discipline of the array, but he
Js responsible to the Secretary of State, not
to Parliament.
In this Instance a definite question of
public policy is raised. These cadets have
the right to be reinstated if they declare
on their honor, as they should have, bun
asked to declare before, that they had noth
ing to do with the fires and were Ignorant
of their cause.
It must be remembered, as Lord Itose
lery pointed out. that the last place where
the criminal wot,1d have been likely to ope-
Ta? J1?8 the part of ino 1'ulldlcg with
which he was himself connected.
London. July 12. (Copyright. I902.)-Consul
General Evans, who has settled down to
work, is becoming very popular In all
classes, but one of the waiters at the Hotel
Cecil is an exception.
At a recent Masonic banquet Mr. Evans
was the guest of honor After the dessert
Js served, and before the coffee is brought,
the waiters, contrary to the rules of this
hotel, always take the opportunity, while
clearing away the crumbs, of remarking:
Tm going away now. sir. I hope every
thing was satisfactory." at the same time
exhibiting symptoms of an- Itching palm.
Mr. Evajs, who was busy talking with
his neighbor, took no notice of the waiters
remark. The waiter repeated it in a louder
nnd a more Insistent tone, whereupon the
Consul General turned, fixed the servant
with a keen eye and remarked In a perfect
ly nudiblo tone:
"Yes; everything was very satisfactory. I
am sorry you must go so early. Good
Needless to say. the waiter retired precip
itately and.x.. Evans finished his conver
sation uninterrupted.
Paris, July 12: (CopS-right. 1902.) French
Deputies during last year used $12.flW wrth
of note paper replying to tho constituents
who bombard tliem with lAtfAr ilamnnin
various, services. Some country electors be
lieve a. Deputy is delegated to Paris to do ,
odd Jobs. They ask tnelr Deputy to find
a good wet nurse for the baby, to purchase j
t fresh fish at the Halles, to buy the newest
style of bonnet for one's wife, and lately
a legislator received an artificial arm which
Delonired to a rhllri nf nne nf M. vinctlt.i-
ents. The child having died, the father re
quested the Deputy to dispose of the mera
, ber at the best price obtainable.
Midsummer Sale- of Linens.
The "Gold Medal" Brand Linen.
Warehouse Samples in Short Lengths
Lot X". !-(; inclirs wlilc. tun yanls Ions: 91.58 for the plere.
I.it Xo.' H-n; incln-s tviilV. l'1'-.. yarK Ions: $1.1)7 for tlie jilrcv.
Lot No. :: ihi imh"s wiilo, - yanW Ions: $1.03 for the nlrw.
l.ot Xi. J 121 incut's vili. j yas-.ls Ions; $2.37 for ilie niece.
r.ii ::is irv-im-li Tnlih- Toil, 50c oa.-h.
7." h1i1 T.lile ri.itlis. ::-. ::. ::' :nnl 4 yards Ions prices tnarkctl to sell them at
oni-'. ami all are t-h-iii t pattern
Tt5 tluzeu 3-S Napkins, pure linen. 75c per dozen,
liti dozen oild Napkin. 10c each.
Htm Tr.i i'liiths. 29c eaili.
2ix0 janls All-I.hion Holler Towrlins. 12ic a yard.
rm rnion Linen. IIem-iitrhd l'illow Cases. 35c eneh.
:17-1 I,"iiion Linen. Ilein-tltehed Pillow Cae:. 33e each.
-!fi0 pairs Linen. Ilemstiii lied Pillow Cws. $1.40 a pair.
l.DOti dozen Iltitk and HauiasU Towels, $3.00 per dozen: 25e each. Tlis beat
value ver olft'red at that priee.
IdOO dozen llu-k Towels. $3.50 per dozen; 30c each. Sec them.
Domestic Department.
3.."i00 ir.xni; Made Pillow Cases, 7-in each.
1.B00 AZxVM Made Pillow Taxes. 8 l-3c each.
.fiOO -ir.sry: Mak Pillow Cass. 10c each.
2.r!0 -irix::t; Made Pillow Cases. ?2'.;c each.
1.000 SlxW) Made Slicets. 49c each.
A Ruffled Curtain Sa.le.
The event of the season will lie our Ituffled Curtain sale. Our Curtntu buyer
was fortunate in seeurins the stock of Unfiled Mtiflin and Kufflul Net Car
tains from n leadiu? manufacurer at about Wc on the dollar. W put th"tn
on sale in our Curtain Department, third tloor. Monday, July 1-1. This Is a vlianeo
of a lifetime to sei KufHed Curtains at less than manufacturers' cost. Some
of the styles shown in our Olive street windows. Some of the prices quoted
below. All Cuiialns in this sale are well made with an eye to durability.
White Dress Goods.
Grand Clearing Sale of "While flood
at greatly reduced prices beins the
entire reserve from third-floor toek-roiiin.
im pieris of "White Stripe Ilmlties,
New, Seasonable Laxes at HaTf
Their R.ca.1 Va.luc.
Z.fK jariN White. Cream and Krru IJand
Lite; 12r to 13 x.ilui gidng at Zc.
j.i0 y.irCi V.'hltr. t"r. am and z.-ru latnd
l.ir: Is- altir. giilnc at T yard.
Muslin Underwear.
ino I-aiv Strtxx. riaM ImlU IJneiM ami .' "anu rut, c rrani ani i-?nj. o-r- f lt,.nti'- i
20 piece Strinetl India JVnons. a crcat alut-si. cinc at W. vv siiai?, Uccp
harculn. Cc. 2& yjnl White. Ciam ami Ecrti. &?r- recular price l.i5
ritT HI I HUT- IJ UUII I Uft I'-IIIVII M HU a-voaac'u - . -HI". V w "'
Third week of ;reat sale of Muslin Underwear samples, and we
expect it to even exceed the jrrc;it weeks that preceded.
White Petticoats.
ctticoats. umlirel".-i
tucked flonacc.
MK-clal fln. nunlltv
unen at i;"--.
Pee those fine White Shirting OxforCs
selling at l.V.
A rpeclal liargaln In White Cord PIjue.
reducnl to 15c.
2.7ii yards of fine French Organdie;
very cheap, li-.
A special bargain In cur Tlnln White
OnforCr. with stripe effe-'ts, fur sl:lrts and
waists; only ltr.
2T" pieces of Importeil White Indian
Madras, only 23c.
Set- our 26-lnrh IjdleV fkth. the new
fabrlr fur ladles' wear; worth 23c a yard:
this week at Ho.
Ruffled Muslin Curtains.
A Few Extra SpeciaJs for
Shoe Bargains.
Short Itepartmrnt ron-l llror. nrth .nX
Hroken lot of Children's Shoes, bice or
button; SI SO. reduced to 4So.
Mife' Tan KM Sho-s. I.ic or button,
spring heels, broad t6es; J2.TJ. reduced to
Womn's Patent Leather Button Shoe,
kid tops. Gnodyrar nelt. extendetl soles;
JiM: reduced to Jl.I-S.
Women's Kid Tip. Kxtended Sole Ox
fonls. military heels: J2.i): reducrd to
Jl.SS. Some Patent KM Oxfords In this
Misses' Kid Ttutton Shoes with patent
leather tips; $2.03: rtduced to 9Sc.
Women's AH Patent Leather 0Yos
Strap Sllppet: French heels, hand-turned
soles; $3.t: reduced to Jl.Si
valtlrs. eiitlii; .it lt varal.
2.(0.1 ynls Put V.iVenci. nne. Duch
nnd Paris tj-es. 1- i. 3 inches wl'Je; lc
atucs. Koine at "c vard.
2AM ynrls Plat VHlriii-iennes Ducheys
an.1 Paris I.--e. 3 to j Inches wide: 23c
values, milnc .it ! ard.
3.oi yards Plat Valenrlnns. Uuehess
and Paris I -arcs; 23c anU Sic values, culm;
at 13.
All our Black OiantHIv Itand Liccs; U:
to 2V' alih-s. .it Se jarl.
All our Itlat-k ChiniKlv lml. anl
Wave l.acc; av to ic value', at IS-- yari.
All our llla.k r-hintilly ItanJ. Waves
nnd Motifs; e to T3- values, gnlns at
23e -ard.
23e values In Mark chantllly Kdges. at
13c yard.
Wcsh Fabrics.
We are .-ellins sit ler.st Hirer Hrm
sind ysiriN of Lnvn ta-Ii day. You
will readily see that i veil Rtrr's s-"e.it
AVash Kabrie stotk will oon be picked
over and the bet disisus m1I.
10-) rlcees Fine Itatifte ami Curded Dim
Itles. llKht and dark uork; ull go at
5c a yanl.
4) jrfeces licautliu! new jwns. narr s
le-t selection'. jiit re-ve-l; Wc yard.
l.MCtt v'eces Hanover Per-ale. nhite and
blue sroumls. with mall flS'Jrcs. entirely
new: 124c ..
t. pievrs American Swts" Muslin.
Primrose Ilimlty anl other leading sura
TfT textiles. 15o a vard
2.i pieces Imported Irsh Dimities in
new work. pink?, blues, buffs, etc: 25c a
yard. . .
K nieces 22-im-h Scctch Madras, prinel-
.... . ..
uiue stripes; cu'sani
p.illy In the new
jnwvls: Ijc a yard
W) Tiieees Imuo'tcl Seotch SMirtmcs.
KK!f worth V nnd 10c a ard. all re
duced to 20c a vard.
QQ-, Women'-. Petticoats, umbrella
' 'JV- hapc, embroidery or lace tttui
me 1, regtt ar price SL50.
$t "r Women's Petticoats, um
1 ,jJ brlla l:3p.. cmbroidcrvor
$lace trimmed. reRlar irice 51.93.
1 O Wotneii Petticoats, ttm
1 ' '-' brel.a h.ipr.cialToidcry or
$lace tria-mtd, re;:ul ir price 82.25.
1 QD Women'-. Petticoats, titn
1 . U hrella slmiic. handsoniclr
trimmed, resular rice $2.50.
?) QO wtmen-. Petticoats, um--
JyJ lirc'U shape, trimmed w.th
fine cmbroidiry and laces, regular
price 4.25.
Other Petticoats in an immense assort
ment, all trimmed with fine I.tce and
cmbroulcrv. that have Iieen 83.00,
85.50. 86.C0. 49.00. S12.03. ." "n this
sale for 53.50. 4.t0. tt r rr
4.25 and Jpj.UU
A Q. A lot of Women's Grawers, lace
"tUL, or embroidery trimmed, re-
duced'frost Soc.
'7Qp A lot of Women's Drawers, lace
' ul- or embroidery trimmed, re-
deced from $1.25.
QQp A lot of Women's Drawers. lace
''-'- or cmbroidcrv trimmed, re
duced from $1.50 and $1.75.
QQp A bi lot of ladic3 lonjt Kimonas, made of fancy colored lawn,
- trimmctl with white border, reduced from $1.75 to 93c.
t 1 QO Women's I Jnwns. oxcelli-nt
p 1 O value. i-:nibrie or nain-
od;. resu'nr jirico ?2.7." ami So.
$ O Women's Conin. 11
-i.CiO nainsook, lace or c
trimmed, resular
Q- Women's fiiwis. enibraidery VJ
'OL ard tucks, resular priev ie. M
.Qr -V.'omen's Gowns. embroide-
UOL i,r iatf trimmed, resular
priee i?."e.
j Z Women'.s Gowns, embroidery
JL. r hue 1 rimmed, cambric ir
mt:liu. resular price si. Is.
8Z Women i iowiw. embroidery
Jt- or l.-u-e triuiuuHl. ratubrle ir
muliii. nsular price 51 3T..
QO Women's Gowns, enibmitlery
OL or 1-ti-e trimmed, eambrie or
muslin, resular prici- SIjj.
d" t O Women's Gowns, embrold-
P 1 mj cry or !a-c trimmed, dim-
brie or nainsook, resular price $1 !.
t I tp Women's Gown.-, embroid-
tp 1 "HO cry or laiv. rambrl or
mipsook, resti"ar l rice .-fJ-t'O and
T " Women's Gowns, embroid
ery or Isn-o. eambrie or
resular price S2.G(.
Values are much greater fha.n quoted.
Curtains worth J2.03 Sale Priee I.no
r"iTWln mirth J53 Sale Prire 1J".
Curtains worth S2.r'J Sale Price ljno Metal Hat and Coat Racks, with 7 hooks;
Curtains worth J2.73 Sale I'rice m..n
Curtains worth J3.23-Sale Price.. ..... "
Curtaics worth J2.T3 Sale Price $S.on
Curtains worth Sl.r,)-Sale I'rice S-.l
Curtains worth J3.W-SaIe Price .fj.uo
were K.23. Monday, ?1S
Flemish Oak Plate Racks;
Ruffled Net Curtains.
All with lo.ee and insertion, some in the
Arabian color.
were .$1.50;
Monday. 73c.
IComo Porch and Lawn Seats; were Kc;
Monday, "ioc. "
Shirt Waist Boxes; worth $2.l3. nt ?lil
Ruffled Xets. worth J2.73 Sale Price..l..S
RufHed Nets, worth J3.23-Sale Priee..stS.M
Rufned Xets. worth S3.30 Sale. Price..' -
Ruffleil Xsts. woith Jt.23-S.ile Prlce-.l
Ruflled Xet-v. worth St.30 Sale Prlcc.fi..
Ruflletl Xeis, worth $3.00-Sale Prjce..C-Ji.
. r.-m - a . . . ( VI Onlu DpIau t till
nut e Xc: w-o.th !w-sale Pricesa.-.o va Fancy Covered Pillows: worth J1.30.
Ituffled Xets, worth J10.t0-Sa!e Price. .?l,OU 12.00 and S.M; choice Monday. ..c.
Bi Sale of Summer Dresses
Now Going On in Our
Clok said Suit Deprtmeat,
Fine Japanese Cotton Warp Matting: only
about SO rolls: sold for J12.0J per roil of
10 j-ards; Monday, while it lasts. ?.-n
per roll-
Boys' Clothing.
$5.00 for $10.00 Young
Men's Outing Suits.
Young Men's OutfriK Suits, 28 to 30 chest
measure; gray and tan crash and home
spuns; panis'made with turn-up bottoms:
coats skeleton lined; regular C' Cif)
510 value (see cut); Monday.. P - Uu
1,000 pairs Boys' Wash Pants, ages 3 to 14
years; several styles to select O C
from; Monday U3K,
White Duck Pants, with belt
Sailor. Suits, ages 3 to 12 years; light
weight serges and crashes, made very
plain, in four or five shades to select
from; some of these suits sold formerly
for 86.00 to SS.00; only a few of each
kind left; all sizes (see cut); 02 HC
Monday 40. D
Young Men's Outing A11.Wool B,ue Serge Trousers. 3 to 16 Sailor Suits. 3 to
Suits. 2Sto36 chest, years, with belt loops; recu- ( 1 nt 12 years; Mon-
, tls X VVx
M"onday, S5.00.
lar 1.25 value; Monday.
day, $3.75.
Over 1,000 Summer Costumes, Dresses and Suits Being Sold at Half Price.
This time the loss falls on the manufacturer and importer, whose season being- over are induced to accept our
offer of just half for all garments remaining on hand. We now offer them to you at the same rate and just at the time
when you need them. An endless variety of beautiful costumes, in Linen, Organdie, Lawn, Duck, Pique, Dimity, Net,
Point d'Esprit, etc., all in this season's latest styles and colorings, to be sold as follows:
Shirt-Waist Suits.
500 Sbirt-Waist Suits, in chambray, duck, linen, lawn
8 n.ns for Summer Costumes and Dresses, worth W.
? turn 'for Summer Costumes and Ilresses. woith S12..
$ 7.":o for Summer Costumes and Drcsse. worth S15.-'-flfl.oo
for Bummer Costumes and Drcs.e. worth $20.fA
l".T." for Summer Costumrs and Dresses, worth $2..
fftS.no.fur Summer Costumes nnd Finesses, worth J.W.
iUS.75 for Summer Costumes and Dresses, worth J33.W.
HSO.imi for Summer Costumes and Dresses, worth J-W.C.
A Clearing Sale of Wash Dress Skirls, Shir.'-Waist Suits,
Wash Wrappers and Girls' Wash Dresses.
Wash Dress Skin's.
An immense stock of Skirts, in crash, linen denim and
polka-dot duck, to be sold as follows:
r-e for Wash Dress Sklits, worth ?!.".
r.oc for Wash Dress Skirts, worth S2.W.
75c for Wash Dress Skirts, worth KM.
Wash Wrappers.
Our entire stock of fine lawn and percale Wrappers
bcinpr sold now at half price.
K(e for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth 21.1).
Dc for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth J2.H).
?l.li( for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth $2.70.
t Jtti for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth T2.73.
Hl.lO for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth SZ.UX.
s.1.7."", for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth t5.
ft. OS for Fine Wash Wrappers, worth C73.
ii .L vvIV ,
C iCftNJi dresses
13 rt 9 T Af
A Stmmtr l'04tmelt!cAil at JSarr't.
and pique all new, fresh goods, to be sold as follows:
Sl.oo for Wash Shlrt-Waist Suits, worth J 3.W.
SS.no for Wash Shlrt-Waist Suits, worth $ 3.00.
cxtH for Wash Shlrt-Waist Suits, worth J 7.30.
?i.04) for Wash Shlrt-Waist Suits, worth J10.60.
Girls' Wash Dresses.
style, material and coloring, for srirls from 4 to
one and two piece suits and dresses, sailor and
blouse suits, also the new sleeveless and jjuimpe
all to be closed out as follows:
. die for Girls' Wash Dresses, worth J1.3V.
JKc for Girls' Wash Dresses, worth $2.50.
$1.2.' for Girls' Wash Dresses, worth 53.lt).
S1.SO for Girls Wash Dresses, worth $3.50.
S1.7S for Girls" Wash Dresses, worth Jt.CO.
fll-ns for Girls' Wash Dresses, worth J3.W.
Ye are selling at S6.75 a
Black Taffeta Silk "Coffee Coat,"
worth $13.50.
Paris. July 12. (Copyright. 1902.) M. Gas
ton Dervs. author of one of the most au
dacious boolis published in Parts lately, the
"title of which may be roughly translated
"School for Kissing." was attacked while
Fcated at the terrace of a cafe In the Ucs
do Boulogne by an elderly soubrettc, who
thought she was caricatured In the book
as Ida de McDtmedy. a fading beauty
, She brandished an umbrella, upset the
tsble and glasses, screamed and flnai
falnted. A friend accompanying JL DerjJ
rec-Ived a violent blow from the umbrella.
THinSTnn'S Cafe anC ncstaurant.
,,?Icant service, popular prices, -303-301
Washington avenue.
In China Department.
English IorcelaIn Dinner Sets, neatly
necoratid In pink, green and blue
flowers, consisting of 112 pieces, worth
JU-T.0: reiluced to SS.75.
Austrian Cliina Dinner Sets, in dainty
decorations, with gold-traced handles,
consisting of 101 large and useful
pieces, worth flu.M: reduced to $11JK.
Knglish I'orcelaln Dinner Sets, under
glazed printed decoration". In pink,
sistlng of 112 pieces, worth J15.W; re
duced to l?:i.no.
Knglish Porcelain Dinner Sets, In under
glalzcd printed decorations. In pink.
Hue ana green, set containing 1W
pieces, worth JSKJ: reduced to ?7.4!.
Uaviland China Dinner Sets in beauti
ful dainty di-corations, stlpnled gold
handles, set containing 10) pieces,
worth i?25.tt: reduced to $22.50.
Watermelon Sets, neatly decorated In
hlue. with link border, consisting of
13-inch round dlslt and 12 S-lnch plates;
price !?..imi.
ZO bbla of Jellv Glasses, with tight-fitting
covers, worth 3?c doz.; Sale I'rice l0c
English Porcelain Decorated Toilet Sets,
consisting of 12 pieces, new phapes. flow
hlue decorations, worth $S.50; Sale Price
Toilet get. beautiful decorations of pink
flowers, gold tracing on edge, set con-r.IsUnc-of
12,rleeei worth $3.S0; Sale
Price $5.75.
American lorcelaln Toilet Set. floral dec
orations, with rich gold tracing, set
consisting of 12 pieces, worth $10.50;
Sale Price ?0.50.
Trunk and Bag Specials.
A visit to our Trunk and Bag Department
will convince you that we are showing
the best, largest line cf Trunks and
Bags in th city. Prices the lowest.
Cowhide I-eathtr Dress-Suit Case, sterl
frame, hand-sewed and riveted, shirt
fold, linen lined, spring lock and catches,
re-enforced corners, worth (7.30; Sale
Price 51.05.
Woven Web Trunk Straps, patent catch:
'Shawl Strapr. solid leather. 23c.
Canvas Telesccpes. Ifathcr-bound. straps
all around
K-Inch 16-Inch lS-Inch 20-Inch 22-Inch
?1.0O $1.25 91.511 51.75 JfS.IIO
Household Needs.
Linn Mowers, high wheel. 4 steel blades,
self sharpeners, hickory handle. We
have made special low prices.
11-Inch 16-Inch lS-lnch 20-Inch
$.1.75 JJ-J.OO M.50 l.75
Lawn Swings, made of hardwood, partly
painted will seat four persons; only
Cotton Floor Slops, 16-punc.e, worth 15c;
Sale I'rice J 5c.
Nlckel-plattd Double Towel Hod" IS
Inches long, like cut. worth 9Jef 'sale
Tarker's Coffee 31111s. Iron hopper, double
grinders, worth t'.H.-. Sale Price 27c.
Polishing Irons, lone wrought-lron handle.
worth Cc: Sale ITice 2nc.
Nickel-plated Sleeve Iron, polished, worth
SJc"; Sale Price 5c.
Corkscrew, with good, strong handle,
worth 33c; Sale Price 10c.
Canvas-Covered Waterproof nat-Top
Dress Trunk, brass bound. 4 hardwood
rlats on top. two all around body. Ex
celsior lock, two heavy side bolts, sheet
steel bottom, corner rollers, strong
handles, deep set. up tray 'and hat box;
a bargain.
22-lnch SMnch 26-lnch 33-lnch
$5.1)0 $5.50 $0.00 $11.50
Canvas-Covered Brass-Bound. Leather
Trimmed Ladles' Dress Trunk. 4 hard
wood slats on top. 2 all orcund body,
heavy corner bumpers, strong handles. 2
leather straps il around, heavy bolts,
sheet-steel bottom, deep set up tray and
hat box. extra skirt tray, brass Ex
celsior lock.
31-Inch 36-lnch 3S-lnch
$10.00 $11.00 $12.00
Xiekel-PIated Toilet Paoer Holder, ebony
roll, worth 13c; Sale Itice 20c.
Blu-Kan F
Fl-or Wax, one-pounl car.s;
Ioor Wax, 1-lb. can: 20c.
Bath-Tub Seats, made of polished hard
wood, nickel-plated ends, rubber cov
ered, worth J1JI: Sale Price osc.
Glass Wash Boards, the best made, worth
S: Sale Price 20c.
fry """'W
rf2Gic i?
BImelli Grand Kiplds Carret Sweepers.
cyco -ufanng. gooa nrusn; s-i.
Polished Steel Fry Fans. Xo. 7. worth
3"c: Sale Price 25c. No. , worth 3ac;
Sale Price noc.
Chi mplon Carpet
make; $i.4u.
Sweepers, Blsscll's
Toilet Set neat floral underpld rt
orations of pink cr green, fancy shapes. Solid Leather rre-Knl
f!Lnf V1"-. ,"f large, pieces. TheVe -fffl, "steil fm6
j-ci.- reiie Migni manuiacturcm im
perfections. Thex rets are worth $7.50.
We rloe them cut at $:s.5 set.
.iM IIM.. .
, nx;j CM7Z3T STOtZ.
Case, lin.n
lined steel frame, harness stitched and
riveted, ehlrt fold, spring lock and
catches. 22 Inches long, worth J3.W; Sale
in Jcl!Ci J
'1 i
fl 1"1 TtC"fJ UlT")
1 I
W . I
Cuban Parrots, from the Isle of Pines.
These are all young birds, and will not
take them long to learn to talk; price
only $.i.4'.
cn i i nsjj
Natural-stone Water Filters
No. . niters 2 gallons per day; $1.75.
No. 7 filters 1 gallon? per day: $2.0O.
. No. 8, Alters 6 gallons per day; $2.23.
Ilennls Fruit or Potato Press, worth 23c:
Sale Price 10c.
Fancy Japanned Covered Dust Pans. Jc.
Fancr Japanned Spice Cabinets,
drawers, worth n r.- s.t irt. vm
ttiM Back crubolng Brush, worth 12c;
tale Price lie.
Iron-Handle Wash Tubs, well made
Small size, worth 33c: Sale Price 42c.
Medium size, worth C9c: Salt Price 55c.
Iarge size, worth SSc: Sale Price c.
Kxtra large size, worth $L25; gale Price
Chira Salt Boxes, with lift cover, worth
ac:SaIe Price 10c.
Duplex Ironing Beards, the acmeof per
fection, like cut, worth $UX: Sale Ptlce
wHli Sixl11' 0live an1 lml Sls, sn Lois-to2SixHi, Olivs and Locust Sis,, St, m.ffjffl j
ffmiiianii fit
-. d

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