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itb Notable Exception of British. Invasion, This Is the Tirst Time
the President and His Staff Have Left Historic Build-
inc to Conduct the Affairs of the Nation.
Tho Republic Bureau.
Hth St. and Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington. July 12. For the first time,
with ono exception, since President John
Adams entered it over a century ago. &
cxecutivo business is being conducted out
tide of the White House.
On occasions almost without number
rres.Menis and their families have been ab
ht.i from the executive mansion for vari
ous lengths of time. but. with the notable
exception of the British invasion of the
rapltal, the occupancy of the house in Jack
son place by President Roosevelt and the
-cntiro executive force Is the first Instance
where no iart of the administrative ma
chinery was In operation In the presidential
residence since Its establishment.
Tho nearest approach to the present con
dition wa d-iring the first few months of
the administration of President Chester A.
Arthur, rollowing his induction into office
on the death of the assa-flnated Garfield in
tho fall of 1SS1 ard until January 1. lssi
when Arthur held his first public reception
in the White House. General Arthur made
his home at the residence of Senator Jones
of Nevada. This residence is perhaps bet
ter known as tho Hen Butler house, from
tne fart that it had been built and owned
bv the statesman from Massachu-etts.
With the President in the Jones home
were his private secretary an a small oi
fl-eforc. and It was here that his nrt
message to Congress was written At the
White House, however, not an inconsider
abV amount of official business wa3 trans
acted the late Mijor O L Pniden betnfc.
ILs exreutiVB clerk practical in charge ot
the official force ther.
Indertrcct llitendv Itcpalrs.
. .. .m.i nf President Arthur
jjuriiu, ""v?" "-.;,.. .!ti" ns the
In th gray heu-c on wje '"'"
inderwem eVve rep and a compete
T?tilft rinilCf r.aq caiiu. .- .... .-- - .
bf foje the shooting of President OarncW.
ard was carried forward during the , sum
ner and fa!! TUth General Garfield at
Klberon during the months subsequent to
the shooting was his private secretary. J.
Stanley Brown, but the remainder of the
forco was at work in the executiv-e man-
'''pr'esident Haves occupied for a time a.
house near tho Soldiers' Home and Frcsi
lnt Cleveland Hent much time at Red
Tcp" and at Buzzard's B-iy. but the ex
ccutlv e mach'nerv remalnd In each case in
the presidential rclJente
Dunne Prcidint McKlnlc's first term
he and Mn McKInlev and part of tre
office taff spent a portion of several aum
rners in the r0ttas home of thj McKin
leisH Canton but the bulk ot the adn.n.;
lstratlon routine bus'-nets was disposal o
li the White Hnus.
President and Mrs Harrison were abrent
from the pudental mansion for several
somewhat prolonged periods, bat the ofnal
business went on In the White Houe dur
ing tln-tr ibsence
firant'n Absence Cnnacil Discussion.
The absence of Presidents of the United
States from the official home of the cflier
executive was the subject of one presi
dential message to Congress, rvear the
close of the second term of General ira.ii
as Presid nt the matter oi nis ir.tiui:i. i"-
"encel from the White House was brought I
up in the House "f ""nhVarc,a,J The Tajloe houe was then rented, and
5?"ef1.0i1 hS1, fnihe CTvU War never the executive office again establish!
iS'ntTi J ? had teen the matt-r. Here President and Mrs. MadUon lived
idh.5. Vt Jl sStled at oncl had pre- I about a jcar. afterwards removing to tho
Sffi.,: whUh showed from the 'house at tho northwest corner of Pennsyl
PL n7 Mm VationtJ P Government the vanla avenue and Nineteenth street, which
beginning of the national uocrnH.uuws- .,,, ,.- p,,nti tv ih. Ttms-
n.... . n cAnrH nnn nil; uuiiuuu
c.u tii n huinivN ana ine auraiun
hrpf nf Presidents from the seat ct
government, and bv the list It was shown
that in the number and in the aggregate
length of time away from the VVhlto
House Grant's had been exceeded by a
,numlr of his predecessors. The matter
wa3 never heard of again.
The Tayloe mansion, better known as:
"Th Octagon." because of its peculiar
hnT. nt the corner of Eighteenth street
B . . . . .. nnfl In.A , A
housp at the northwest corner of Fenn-
i e ..,,! am "Xinerpenin sireet
were seatrof the admlnistraUon function
of the Government following the bumins
of the White House In 1S14. the executive
mansion being r. paired only In JJT
the entrance or Mr Monroe, who suc
ceeded Pres'dent Madison March 4. Isli.
Uurnlng of V.'lilte Hnnsc.
The burning of the White House by the
British took place on the night of August
S The battle of Bladensburc had
be'en fought, and the American forces,
largely made up of raw mllltUraen. and
fitted acalnt 1-C0 marines and 3 SOU vet-
. i-rans who had se. service under vv eiiai,-
ton, had suffered repulso ?nd falle-i bacK
on Tennallvtown. riusnea iui i'.Xl
the British entered Washington, and In the
White House, one historian states, they
jt - .vin t rr.y fnrtv euests. in ex-
pectation of the victorious return of the
' defenders of the city This however. Is
not borne out by facts and by the letters
College of Cardinals Is Said to
Wish to Honor Anglo-
Saxon Kace.
Believed That Selection of an Enj
lish-Born Pontiff Would Yield
Great Access of
London, July II. A prominent British
Catholic layman, who recently returned
from a lengthy tls't to the Vatican, de
clares that Cardinal John Vaughan, Arch-
3T bishop of "Westminster who la known to
a bo ono of the Pope's favorites, and a per-
1 iona crata to his fellow Cardinals may be
Gi .o-n n: one of the "stroncest possibili
ties" for the succession to St. Peter's chatr.
The announcement, coming from the
source that It does, is of significance, as
it has hitherto been considered Inevitable
that the Italians, who preponderate In
the College of Cardinals, should once more
exclude foreigners and select one of their
own number to be the next wearer of the
papal crown. But It Is sfnted. and with
aome show of authority, that a majority ot
tho Italians are favorable to the placing or
the papal crown on the head of an EngliEn
roan when tho present aged prisoner of the
Vatican" shall have laid It aside forever.
To the world-dominance of the Anglo
Saxon race Is due the departure from con
servatism of the Italian members of the
famous "seventy." For long the keen ob
servers at the Vatican have been watch
ing the rapid onward march of the all-conquering
race, and It may well be that the
lesson of the decay of the Latin races has
not been lost even In the Eternal City It
self. CothollcUm in England.
Then again, the rapid growth of Catholi
cism In this land and in Britain and Can
ada, and the supreme importance to tho
Church of Its Anglo-Saxon members win
have been reckoned among the Influences
which have Induced the Italian Cardinals
G$sals3 ctuaped C C C It ever sold la bcSc
Bemre ox the dealer who tries to sell
"SESSthloSr JCSt 63 fOOd."
of Dolly Madlscn of that time and of that
very day. mese letters snow mat -
and Mr. Madison, who was at UladsnsburK
during the first half of the battle, wtre
fearful of the outcome. The soldiers found
food and drink there In quantity, however,
and alter retailing thtmstlves and plLusint:
the mansion the torch -was applleJ onlj
the walls were left standing.
The battle of HIadnsbui(r. where tho
American troops had hurried to mett the
Krltlsn, under General Koss and Admiral
Cockbum. began at 1 o'clocK and ended at
4. The British entered Washington about
8 p. m. In addition to the burning of the
White House and the Capitol, lncluuinc the
Congressional Llbrari. the Treasure, the
State. War and Navy departments, the
house of General Washington, a. notel
building of Mr. Carroll, and other propcrt.
was destroyed that night.
President'" l'Mmllj Crossed I'ototnnc.
For several dajs before the advent of the
British carts loaded with public documents
and private pioperty were ftrcarotng across
Lone; 13 nil Re into Virginia, the English In
the meantime hailn; polled up the Patux
tnt Klier and landed at Denedict. thirty
milcs from Washington. The movement of
valuables began on Sunday, and was con
tinued Monday and Tuesday, the dy of the
battle, and tho entry of the Invaders. Mrs
Madison remained at the White House un
til the afternoon of the 14th. when about 3
o'clock. James Smith, a colored servant,
caire ridlm; In from Bladensbursj- calllns
out. "Clear out. clear out. General Arm
strong has ordered a retreat." The day be
foe. Mrs. Madion had received a note from
the President to be ready to enter her car
riago at a moment'r notice and leave the
city. One carriage nad been filled with
official document.", and now. getting Into her
own and accompanied by two servants, she
was driven rnpidlv to Georgetown Helshts.
With her she took the family plate and a
painting of Washington, which was hastily
torn from Its frame.
Tho .President and the members of his
Cabinet, all of whom had left Bladenfburg
,r of the disastrous result, crossed the Po-
- - ,., . t . T-lt- ...-
tomac into Virginia at Little Falls, recrosa-
inc; It at the Great Kails. airs. -Mamson
spnt the night of the "1th at Mrs. Lowe's,
two miles beyond the Potomac. The next
night she stopped at Mrs. Minor's, a few
miles farther on
During the reveral davs spent away from
Washington. Mrs. Mcdlson was joined by
the President. Their reception at several
places durin; their flight was In a number
of caves far from hospitable, and some of
their experiences were most unpleasant. One
night was spent In a hut In a wood, and
they were drenched In two rainstorms.
Drltluli Barn Property.
The British stajtd but twenty-four hours
In Washington, leaving on the night of th
Sth. Burins that day much property was
burned and otherwise destroved bv them.
Havimr applied a torchto numerous build
ings, it was thrown by the British Into a
dry well. In which the Americans had pre
viously thrown large quantities of gunpow
der and other military stores. In the explo
Flon which followed, nearly 100 British were
killed and wounded. On the heels of this
came a tornado, such as Washington has
never known before or since. Great dam
age was done. It is not unlikely that the
explosion and the tornado had much to do
with the British retreat, the disasters serv
ing to prey upon their superstitious fears.
Vith the departure or the enemy. Mrs.
Madison and the President and members
of his Cabinet returned to the city. Mrs
Madison went to the home of her sister.
3 adlscn w
. ...w-. .. . , -,
urv Denartment.
President Slcn. Treatr of react.
It was to "The Octagon" that the news
of ceace came six months after the flight
from the White House, and It was there
that tho treaty of Ghent was considered by
the President and his Cabinet, and signed
on December St. IS14. The treaty was rati
fied bv the Senate Fohruarv IS. 1S15. During
I the occupancy of the building as tne presl-
. ... -. . M .1. . l-M
ilant of stato functions of those times were
The wanton destruction of the White
House, the Capitol and other public build
ings was before two weeks had passed
avenged by the death of the Britirh com
manding General, the repulse of the Kng
llsh troops at Baltimore: their defeat at
Plattsburc. and the surrender of their net
on Lake Champlaln. To the credit of the
English. It may be said that the outrage
was stigmatized in Parliament "as an en
terprise, of all recorded in all the annals
of war which most exasperated the people
and least weakened the Government.''
The corner stone of the White House was
laid October 13. 1732. and when occupied by
President John Adams upon his arrival In
the capital. November 1. 1S00. was not
quite completed. It was modeled after the
palace of the Duke of Lelnster. and after
the fire was rebuilt upon plans furnished
by Captain Hohan. the architect of the
original building.
to consider an Englishman as the possible
head of the church whose spiritual sway Ik
owned by nearly IiO.000,000 people.
This selection of an English-born and
Ei gllsh-speaklng Pontiff would yield to the
church both here and In greater Britain an
incalculable access of prestige, and give to
her various activities an Immense Impetus.
To bring back to the fold the English "sej
aratcd brethren" has been the darling wish
of the "Mother Church" and the pious aspi
ration of every Pope since the Reformation
days. A long step will have been taken to
the desired goal by the elevation of an
Englishman to the popedom.
These considerations will not have been
lost sight of by the astute politicians ot the
Vatican, some of whom are conceded to be
second to none among the diplomat-) of tho
That Cardinal Vaughan Is the most con
spicuously lit possible successor to the
Papal chair among English-speaking pos
sibles, is admitted by manv. He would. It
Is predicted, be a great Pope as be Is a
great (cardinal.
He linn rvo Enemies.
Wholly without enemies, a deep thinker,
an accomplished scholar, with the gift of
a fluent and elegant pen. and an eloquent
speaker, his reign would add a luster to the
church. HLs presence Is strikingly hand
some and Imposing earning for ilm the
description, "the handsomest man in Lon
don'sand he would make a regally im
pressive pontiff.
The Cardinal is a militant ecclesiastic ot
tho finest tp& Masterfully strong, with
the strength born of unfaltering convic
tion and of that ability that will out. he Is
withal gentle with the gracious gentleness
of tho strong, and his courtly court sy Is
unfailing Possessed of a remarkable talent
for organlzntlcn. he Is a striking contrast
to his predecessor, the late Cardinal Man
ning, who was more attracted by l.ubllc
affairs and social questions than by the
administration of the Archdiocese ot Vest
minster Manning was of an easy-going disposition,
while his successor Is an Incessant worker,
full of restless energy and painstaking al
most to a fault. Vaughan. like all born
organizers, has surrounded himself with a
tod guard of clever, strenuous men who
serve him with rare .fidelity. "One can work
forever for such a man." enthusiastically
Bald ono of his trusted helpers.
Although not afflicted with any-serious
malady, the Cardinal Is by no means ro
bust and he his frequently of late jcars
been laid aside by illness for brief periods.
Hut "they live longest who are oftenest
111." and his Intimates declare that he U
good for at least twenty more years he Is
70 of mental activity.
Ills Many Service.
Among the outstanding services which
Cardinal Vaughan has rendered to his
church are: The erection of a superb cathe
dral In London (near "Westminster Abbev).
the thorough organization of the prtmlcr
archdiocese and the invlgoratlon of the en
tire church In Britain. The new cathedral, i
built at a large cost, supersedes the pro- !
cathedral. Kensington. I
Bernard Vaughan. the celebrated Jesuit 1
pulpit orator. Is a jounger brother of th I
Cardinal. The "enchanting preacher," as I
he has been described, was transferred from I
Manchester last year to London and as- j
signed to the Church of the Immaculate I
Conception In Farm Street, an offshoot of 1
Berkeley Square. 'I
That famous sanctuary, which adjoins 1
Lord Roscbery's townresldence. Is that to
which Lord Beaconsfleld went with Robert ,
Orange (according to the "School for ;
Ealnts"). Readers of that book will rexnexn- i
ber the vivid description of the great Jew-
Ish statesman's feelings during the service ,
of the Bona Mors (Happy Death). ,
The church is situated In the center of the '
most aristocratic section of London. Is mtn-
lstered to by such distinguished and schol- I
nxly men as Father Gavin S. J., and at- J
tended by many of the nobility.
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be marched cut to the quick time of cut prices! Values that will
La.dics' Fine Oxfords "Worth S2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 a
pair sizes 2J to 4 some are samples, some are short lots from
lines, and all ar made on stylish, neat
hundreds of pairs of them, nnd hardly
two pairs alike. To make a clean sweep wc pile
the entire lot on bargain tables and otfer, your
choice, Monday, for.
Ladies Fine Strap Sandals In beaded
patterns, with Optra acd French heeH all made
kid and worth $1.75 to $2 50 a pair. They were
designed especially for party and evening wear
all sizes and widths. To make a clean sweep we
offer them Monday for only
ot tnemami jourcuuK.T:. jiuiiuj.u -
CIea.rirtdSa.leof Children's Fine
Pique Reefers
AND CLOAKS for little children
of 1 to 5 years. Our entire stock of
pretty Reefers of pique and grass
l'uen. three-quarter length and
full-'ength cloaks, handsomely
tnmmed with English embroid
eries, and in the very newest aud
most fetching styles! All sacri
ficed on second floor Monday In
four lets.
73c and Jt.00 Reefers have 40-
been reduced to rrj'
J1.30 and CCO Reefers have
btren reduced to
98c I
.! and SS.O Reefers and CI OS J
Cloaks, now j.7"
JLSS and S3.9S Reefers and
..$2.98 I
Cloaks, now
I Sheet Music,
I Please Let He Sleep
J Just Next Door (Harris's latest).l-e
I Cymbellne 1T"
Josephine. My Jo l"c
Way Down Yonder In the Corn-
fields 17c
Princess Zulu Lulu 17c
5 Aunt Mlnervy Ann,, Ragtime.
I Two-Step ISe
J Dreamy Eyes 17c
i Smoky Topaz 17c
Peaceful Henry I0
'Neath Southern Skies lc
3 Bonlta Waltzes 17o
XinWMSnMMsll lllO'N'fl'KWOllMIl
Clearance Prices en Vseful
lis. vil and &
Co.' Frcn ch
China, plain
white Hotel Cup
and baurcrs:
irorth lazo per
dozen: at, 1C.
per pair.. ... w
He.vita.nd & Co.' French China
plain white H-lnch Meat nattera;
worth J1.73. Monday "23c
Plates French China Decorated
Dinner Plates also Tea Cups and
Saucers: worth to J1.50 J7
dozen: choice
Js.rdinieres 8 and 9 inch highly
glazed blended color effects; Q
worth to 79c: choice MJ
Chambers Plain white covered
Chambers, large size, fancy XC
shape: each. .. . s'.'
Sherbet Cla, Footed Glass for
Sherbet or Ices plain crystal:
worth J1.50 per doxen: TO-
rt of 6 for only '"'
Dinner Set American Porcelain
under the slaze decorated border
desi(rns-10O pieces worth CC QB
JS.50. at JJJ.JO
All nrlc-n-nrae nt 1-3 off.
AH Cat Gl at 1-4 off.
AH Lamps at 1-3 off.
All Onyx Tables at 1-2 off. f
, All jBeer Steins nt 1-4 off. 5
St. Louis, Mo.
India Liner 120 pieces of 38-inch Sheer White India Linen
19c quality from 8 to 10, in basement, . fif
per yard V
Persian Lawn-SO pieces good White Persian Lawn, fl ff
usually 30c from 8 to 10, in basement, per yard . . avflv
t. T 1 1tVrA 1?ra.nMi Tl
Ginjham Finest Imported Madras Ginghams and Cham
brays, for dresses, waists, men's shirts, etc., worth every
cent of 25c from S to 10. or as long as it lasts, A
on main floor, at, pcrjard 4lv
500 Odd Lace Curtains, including real hand-made Clnny,
Arabian, Renaissance. Irish Point and Cable Xet, worth up
to $6.50 a pair from 8 to 10 Monday, on third 7
floor, per curtain .. ....................-.. v
here to-morrow!
litung lasts.
and plain
of fine French
s V
,W JM g-
J J y
Children's assorted Slippen and Oxfords sizes S to 15
elcht or ten different styles, worth ILCO to Jt.M 7Dc
Clearing ale Price
Infants' and Childrea's fancy Colored Shoes sizes up to
TM-worth!l.l5toll.- 49c .0 69c
Clearing Srale Trice 7"u " "
Misses' and Children's Shoes -sizes S to 2 worth $1.50
ami JLT3 and tiCO-asjorted styles-a bargain table full OH.
.a - . V. t- . fnA nw . - "
A Fan
Decorated Parchment Fans-a pretty
assortment, worth to 10c,
Nicely decorated Parchment Fans, in
colots, black or black and white, C
worth to 15c, at J'
Pretty Japanese Parchment Fans, all
kinds of decorations, in colors ftn
and black, worth up to SOc, at.lUt
Beautiful assortment of new patterns
in Japan Parchment Fans, all colors
black, black and white and sil- fl P
ver embossed worth to 35c at JLSl
Fans worth to 75c,
Bi Clearing-Sale Bara,ins for Monday in
Our Cloak Depadmeni
Ladics Shirt-WcList Suits.
Ladies' Chambray Shirt-Waist Snits Skirt and
walstnlcely tuckedand lace trimmed blue or CI CQ
oxblood formerly sold at 6X00-reduced to- v',w
LadieV Shirt-Waist Suits of Lawns, Percales and
Chambrays. In olld colorsorstrlpcs-formerly S1.98
soldatrA50reduccdto v-"'
Ladies' Shirt-Waist Suits of Lawns. Mercerized
Chambrays and IJnen. In white, linen colors, blue or ox
blood, variously trimmed with tucks, embroidery CA OC
Insertion or lace-formerly sold at JlOJO-red. to . F"''
Ladies' Handsome Silk Waists.
Ladies' White or Black China Si'lk Waists tucked
and lace trimmed-formerly were 13.00 S2 98
reduced to..- ...... -- ..........."
t ,!,-. nf Taffeta. Peau de Soie and Louis-
i lne Silks, t'ickrd and hcmtltched elTects -
5 ors-formerly soid up to S3.0U reducedto
LadicV swell Waists of Taffeta. Peau de Sote. Peau
de Crime. Crepe do Chine and Persian Silk-tucked, hem
stitched and lace trimmed-all colors. Including M QQ
black-formerly sold up to . jo-rcauceu ta f -
Ladies' Bathing Suits Special. Xon-Shrinfeablc Linen Wash Skirts.
. . ., all-over tucked and strap trimmed for
Ladiei' Flannel Bathing Suits; in blue raerIj. vw np to -. n
or hUck-whltc sailor collars and CI QQ reducedto ipi.uu
shields-braid trimmed. .ch . '?'" ...
Imported White Pique box-pleated
Ladies' Bathing Suits of blue or black Wash strts (wk,nc ,nf.th) Cach ix
nrllllantlne-fancy sailor collars 57 7C pieat inserted with embroidery- CA OC
braid trimmed, short sleeves, each ? " " formerly sold at tTJO-reduced to ?"''
Ladies' Bathing Suits of Mohair Sicil- Vr.. m.;,, w. .t W ;i.
ian in blue or black-fancy tucked sailor " "' "a-sh Waists.
$aedsUrt 5.50 Ladies' White Lawn Shirt Waists,
Q - trimmed with 2 and 4 rows of laces and
Ladies' Bathing Caps; lJC, 35c, 4"C tucks-fonnorly were 75c OQ-
redncedto .. i.
Ladies Stylish Wash Skirts. LadIes, vhite Lawa Waistsopen
Polka Dot Duck and Cotton Covert front orbck-tucked.hemsUtched and lace
Wash Skirts-flounces with double ruHes or embroidery trimmed - lomj or abort
and braid trimmed-formerly sold OS.
at IL73-rcduced to
Wide Wale White Pique box pleated
or side pleated Wash Skirts 2 48
formerly 13.C0 reducedto..
. -
Suburban Tickets.
With every purchase w give free a
ticket admitting lady to scat at matinei
performance of the Suburban Garden (ex
cept Sundays and holidays).
I Clea-ring Out the
I Boys' Clothing'.
Boy'Ptos years better grade Linen
Cra-h or Fancy Colored. Light Weight
Gulatca. s.allor blouxf. fancy collars
and embroidered shield, regular
S1.3 suit, cut to
Boys' IS to 15 years) Fancy Choviots. In
medium colors, coat made double
breasted broken sizes of our C5,
MOO and JXM suits your q. m,m
choice for ? D
Boys P to 10 years) All-Wool Home
spun Cheviots. In six colors, sailor
blouse aud knee pant some have col
lar trimmed with braid were 4C
IjOT and 1400: reduced to ....V''
BKimw""' '"
Furniture, Etc.
At Clearing Sale Price. 4lh Floor.
Lawn. Folding
Chaira (like
cut), made of
best maple
wood, covered
with heavy
canvas, light.
and durable
well worth Z2S3
Sewing Rockera Box seat, solid
oak er mahogany finish worth C J 25
Upholstered Chairs of Golden Oak
and Flemish, pretty designs. QRr
worth M. Sale price uu
Medicine Cabineta Oak, large size,
with mirror, worth H.SQ, 7C
Our price ,JC
Solid Comfort Chairs, for cq.
lawns, worth S3c.at ,.t
PIa.te RiLcks Oak and Flem- C-
Ish, were 63c. now A,C
OUR SAnPLES of Oo-Carts and Rclrlz
erators will be closed out at ONE
Carpet Dept.
Remnants of Brussels Carpets,
worth from 63c to Sl.W. choice, Afl f
per yard ,"7UU
Remnants of Velvet and Axmin- 5
ster Carpets, worth from JtOOto C. t
tL3S,peryard u,l- J
Short Lengths of Velvet and Ax-
minster Crpets. worth up to II .33, from 5
BtoSyardslnpieco. Choice. LQ, 5
per yard u-i- t
Short Length of Linoleums, ma
worth 73c. Sate price, poryard...1-
27x6 inch AxminsterRngs,e orj
worth J3.0O. Sale price vjja.u s
35x72 inch Smyrna Ruzs, ffiqjj
worth WOO. Sale price SP"'a
36x54 inch French Wilton m en C
Rugs, worth Sr.3). Sale price....Fww
28x6 inch Fur Rugs, com- CJ fin 5
blnatlon colors. 53.73, Sale price.f7''
Grand - Leader has closed out, from the
W ? . Mllll.l Ml
well-known local jobbers, L. Herzo O.Bros.
Dry Good Co.. 715 Wtvahiniton Ave., their
entire stock of this season's Fans at less
than EOc on the dollar! Ris?ht at the thresh
old of the hot season wc offer these extraor
dinary Fan bargains!
SPECIAL A rma.II quantity of pretty "f
Japanese Parchment Fein whilo Iff
they Ie.si. e.ch
Japanese Flat Photo Fans, made of
silk ana well wortn due, p
choice selection of Fancy Silk Fans
and fine Japanese Parchments, in
beautiful styles and decorations
fans worth to 69c , 15-
One lot of fancr decorated FlatParch-
ment Fans never sold for less than
5c in this sale at
Black Parchment Fans, that always
sell for 5c in this sale at C -
3 for Jl
all cot- Cf QB
St-SS-S "- " - ' " 30C
Dainty WhitelndiaLinen
Pleated and bemstitched-for- CI51)
ocny sera uu iruoccu mj. .,... y
rsianMWMwrwtwawrswis nmmm
- fajc'ft
.i .;

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