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cunQosiKtf ae icash or credit i iaactaa-
You Gan'i Fit Your Eye
WiSh a Tape treasure.
It has to be done b- a person who knows
how. If you went out to measure off
a mile stretch and came within an inch
or two, your mistake wouldn't signify.
But in fitting- your eyes it would be ex
tremely dangerous. Improperly fitted
glasses produce HEADACHES and
cause you much pain and expense in
after years.
Henry Itueckerl, Seventeen Years Old. Expected l'arental Wrath,
but Instead Js Forgiven and Will Have si Big Celebration His
llride, Who Was .Miss Bertha Smith, Is Eighteen Years Old.
The Optical Authorities of America
, i i XlL
But in every rae where
tlif service of an oculist
are neresvary we fraiikly
irll you .
(PS and
I Cp 1 Upward
Many Visitors Expected for Event
at Belleville Fair Grounds
To-Uav Programme
The Saengerfcst. for which many prepara
tions have been mode, will be held at the
Belleville Fair Grounds thl afternoon, and
will be participated in by singing societies
from cities and towns within a radium of
mKes of Belleville. It is expected that
the attendance will be larger than wax ex
pected on June 21. on which date the Saen
gerfest was to have been held, but was
postponed because of the rain.1
Tnc programme will besln with a parade,
which will start at 1 p. m. from the public
-ouare The column will march to the Fair
Urourds. and there the muIcal programme
ill be given. The programme Las lieen
arranged In two parts', and 'n the evening
there will be dancing and a concert.
Members of committees appointed from,
the Ucllcville local societirs rc.
Llederkranz-I'hillp Gats. Victor Gaus.
Albert Goetltz. Louis Grai. Ad Kel. Henry
JCuhu. Solomon Mueller, uustav Nahm. C.
J. Schocner. Kdnaid Stephanl, Albert Steu
dle. George fctollxrg. Louis Wangelln.
William Stark and William AlthotJ.
Kronthai-Liedcrtafel-Fr.il G. Wehrle.
George Gruetiewaid. William Glaer. August
Kbel. Louis Gottscnalk. Don lamer, lrvln
Wangelln Wii'iam I l'!rcr. George Krug.
ilugu lioppe. Frank IleiT. Frank Gruene
vaid. Aug. ia,,B and Will'am llemktr.
The prBiamme follow? t
Van I Overture. e'.-emile;rs Lleder. "Suppe
"KeMgesumjen die KwnMler." Mena!min .
Uedciicran: and Kronihal Ltedertafei. II-Hevllle
lt-Kruisungeude. by president f me St. Louis
ltzlrk. fun Leibnitz. "Gebet vor dr SchtacM."
Measenchore a capelle. M'irrh. Rede, llanna
letter. president or tin Nordamerikanisher rfaen-gerhundes-
"Am Altare d-r Wahrhelt." Mas
tenchor rait orchesteroeKieitung. Mohr.
Part II Overture. Marrh. Gounod. Massnrhor
a tspella. Lotelie. "llki.lf; (h) llalden
irslein. Werner. ci S"hlnil'ed. Kekert. Over
ture, rotprvirt. BunJM'lied." Maencbor. mit
rcheteibeie.tuni:. Ijvrner r-Ingie number by
the different ing.ne o.'lH". pir-wnt.
lien! I3tnle TraiMfrn.
Tlal estate rrarfrf"- filwil for record in nelle-
.V. II. Hahmann 'Jind tctfe to J. A. Kurrua.
lot II. block t Forest Lavtn: qaltclalm deM- II
Th"o- Voat and wife to B F. Ward. tait of
!t St. block 8. Anw adJItlca. Eatt St. Lout,
warranty deed. J1.V
n. f". Wanl to Star rtrewen- Co.. Mm prop
c't . warrantv dwd. Jl.lw.
jenme Hardtnc and tiifbaml to J. F. Hardlnc.
3"t 1J4, tib. Motkr 1 to i. IoTlnsMoiTii ad
dition. E't Pu Iui. wananty deed: JI.9.
Tbo' !I inline and tkl to Jo. IlardlnK. part
Jo lit . above: wdrrantv rtM-i.
Ht 1iir -ountv U ilh to A II. Bacbmanu.
!! Kl-si; N Ath: taxed
Tar Allen et al to N. P. Allen; part ur.
J".", cl. si I. fr. du Pont: warranty deed Ji;w).
1- I Orlne to Clara Albi'tz. lot H. b!-ek il.
"vrin:anle I'ark: ivarrantv deed: TW.
I'hllln GaiH-h to Jotin I.mvert. It li part 11.
smltr-ton. qultr'alm derd. )
51. T Renhaw and wife to W. K romptnn.
l:s 1 and 2. Ioek J. Ken!haw place. tist 5t
lul.. uarralty deed- fA
John TfeO ard nife t" Tyulw Ifo. undl
M ed half lots S to 104. Mo k JO. fourth addl
t' r Millatat. Barrantv deed. tSi
P II Br.deef to Fannv H. l-ark-r. ran lot
ST". Illinois Otv. war-nntr ded- ri.30J.
K. WofWlln i II N. I.vm et al.. lor.
i z: and 2. Kekete plaip. narranty di.
II T Kenrtrar- ar.d wife to J. C. Otto. ot 9.
tI'ick 1. Hcnohaw tdace. warrant v deei; Uk
Ja. MKenrll t Tn- Fierce, let . block I.
lient er"e varra-jly Jet: XXI.
Autrn flekVrt to Sol' Strack. lot X.
l:ock S l!lllct3.1t aMlthn. Frebnnt: warranty
iW: sn.
Louis Oofs and wife to Wllllim DIttman. part
Kt 4 Hraon ilrllvl-ion. Hellerllle; warranty
deed. SIS.
Fell I mler nn nnglne.
riiarle. th H--ear-old on of M. M.
Uottrher of Hell'Vllle. anI employed an
FWltchlight tender bv the Ix)uiville and
NasbvHle Itailrood at Blle'lIIe. yesterday
afternoon attemplel to jump off the pilot
of a locomrtlve and fell across the railroad
track? The wheals cut off his left lg. He
was taken to St. Kllzabeth Hospital,
where his leg wan amputated. Ill con
dition Is serious
KdTrnrdsvlIlc Notes.
- The Madison 'ounty Board of Rerl-w will
hold Its flrt tneetlnK to-moirw morTiInz In
EdnatdsvHle and organize for the purpose of te
v twlng the tax assessment The boird I late
in gettinx to work int. rear, one of ih thre
members, tvilllam Wevh of Venice, hartnr been
-A nebeksh lxz will b- Instllnied at Wor
den Julv- 1 hT Edwardsvllle iAice. No. 309.
-A special train will convey Caracticns Ln-ig.
Knlght of Pythias, to Alton to-morrow nleht
for a river exenrlen Fleur de Lys Lcdse w II
Bve on the Mill dry A return train will N
n:n in thf owniv seat. Oparilng frcm Alton a
mMnleht The local committee of Arrsnemnts
is crtmnoed 0f . pierke. Frank Gnvcelle,
S H Liniiam T r Rclllr Frank Horp-r.
Ie i(t a. i,ventnr and J f GIMham
-Mr and M's Ilenrr Stnllken have snt oat
invitations nr the marriage ef th'lr daughter.
Important facts have been recently discovered which will be of the
greatest value in the treatment of Diseases of the Stomach.
The only absolute cure for dyspepsia and indigestion is
It is now universally conceded that
faulty assimilation is the real cause of
more suffering than any other disease.
Eminent physicians declare that imper
fect digestion is one of the most frequent
causes of anaemia and urge that not
only must we see that there is an ade
quate and suitable supply of food, but
we must also loot to its assimilation.
To overcome unfavorable conditions, it
is necessary to re-enforce nature by sup
plyingtheproper agent. Until EUPfPSU
TABLETS were placed in the hands of the,
general public there seemed to be no
reliable specific. The formula from
which EUPtPSU TABLETS are compound
ed emanates from a specialist of long
and tried experience.
Cured After Twenty Years' Suffering.
"For more than 20 years I have suffered
from dyspepsia, and my family doctor
laiiea lOEiTcmereiiei. j.incuwuici
remedies, bat none of themdid meany
-a &,,.,.;. i.t,t.4. .fcr,n4 T
STIS . ZyAZ.Z""' - T 2S re,cfei
mane oblitrations to Ton
H. TT Tottkcov.
Dowell, Tex.
Two weeks' treatment at your dmgifet' or direct for W cerla. Toih1 money bsefe If xSwrjr
falL A treatise on Stonach TronMe and three daya" treatment mailed FREZ. Z
yJEfP 74'tt5r eSatDhriv. -
SII. usnta :nllken to llr. II. TV. Schaale.
Ttje neddinc will take place on Thursday af
terroon at 3 o"cloek.
-Frank IJIe or (Jranlte lltv AIM uit far
dlvorc frcm hN wife. Axne. iJle. at Elnard:.
ville Saturday.
rir rtarteil In the residence of Jits W. K.
L Hadley In th Wt tind e?terdjy. but irai
evtlnral.hej tfAre It calne.l IimiIujv T
I iljc l .ne of the niot lieautiful in the city
arw iraa erected tnree years aco at a vot
of IH.
The Hexerend C A. O'ltellley.- parlor cf St.
Mart catholic Cburch. Ilni; In i anada up.n
hl tacatlon. tlw neerfnd J H Jletaler will
conduct low mm this morning at !:7t. llfgli
aiafs at St. Bontfac' at S:3i.
The Pacnunent f th Lord-. Supper will I
admlnlFtered at the Firjt Ilefbyierun 3iurrh
this moraine and several n.w tnemb-rs lll N
received In the evening rvxtor E Safford will
take as his theme "Conscience, the D.vlne Voice
In Human Affairs
A citizens' meetinc ill be heU at th El
wanisrHIe 1ub Tuevlav nletat to consider thf
advisability of having a carnival or rail cele
bration. Evidences of the wealth of farm crops this
year are becoming more and mere evident as the
harvesting and marketing progresses. Edward
Kiamer. Uvlnr wet of the county seat, ha.
mentv-two acres In potatoes Th- tract has
vlelded .i buhel of potatoes and Mr Kramer
ha. marketed one-half of the crop at an aver
age price of Z cents a bushel.
Transfers of Real Kstnte.
The following were among the transfer
of Madison County real estate recorded sit
Edwardsville this neck:
r . Nel.on. trustee, to Patrick O'Toole war
ranty deed. lot II. bloik S. Iclalre. conditional.
fusan V Steele to Franc, f. Steele, warranty
deed, south half lot s. block ?. Granite city.
t'lhj-rt. ji
Thekla M Rernars to Clemens Mettler. war
ranty deed, north half northeast quarter and
northeast quarter nonhwet quarter sectlun 3-4-S;
Ewald A. Hover and wife to J. if. IPjesch'r
and wife, warratty d-ed. st half southvrrrt
quarter sectiun 33-f-e; I2.
F. O Xledrlnghau et al. to Charles n. Me
Ca.land. warranty deed, lot U. block C. first
addition Granite City. KM.
Mar)' K Ijwe end husband to Henry Hen
drlci.s. warranty dc"d. reuthast quarter north
east quarter sectlpn IT anl west half nortliwett
quarter sectior Ct--. except, etc : $I1.2bA.
F G Beralus and wife to Henrietta Coir
company, warranty deed, coal under tract to
nonhsett corner section 1I-1-S. in.
Martha A. Gilliam and husband to tV. C. Had
ley. warranty deed, part northwest quarter
southwest quarter section S and part northeast
quarter southeart quarter section 7-5-9: U.C3X
l TV. Grahr.m end wife to II. M. Needle.,
quitclaim deed, east th'ee-qnarters south half
routhwet quaiter section lt-5-: 11.
11 M Needles and wtfa to J. H Johnson, war
ranty deed, same as above. $l.oj
J S. Pers to (Maard Burmter. warranty dee!,
lot 11. Mfc i. North Lawn. CMIinsvUle. except
val. $:ia
Jane Ijie and husband to R. M. Stanner. war
rvnty ilee.. part Mts lo. is;. IS, mj. 3 an-l St.
Whitney II. & L. addition fpner Alton: K.K3.
W Kelsllng aat wife to T . Henderson, war
ranty deed, northwest quarter routhtrest quarter
section 31-3-10: ClCa.
rinlntlrf la n Jnstlce.
Tony O'Farrel of Colllnsville has brought
suiil for JS,(W damages against (". A. Am
broFiuH. D. Jeckstadt. Anton Dellamjnn.
Victor Boue. Anton Galzat, Harrj" C
Stram and W. W. Chandler.
The case grows out of a petition signed
bv the defendants, together with about 3.0
oih-r citizens, asking the City Council to
Instruct the City Attorney to take city
cae to othor courts than Tony O'Farrel's.
The plaintiff Is represented by Allen and
Atterbury of Litchfield. Line and Cooper of
UUIsboru. and Charles Neustadt of Hast
St. Louis
Jersey Hie Xolea.
The Reverend J. E. Lsrton 'f Great Bend.
Ka . will preach to th corgreiratlon cf the
Ilrst Christian tTiurch at JeryvUl to-day at
loth roornlnx and evenlnK services. The services
will be held In the Jersey County Courthouse.
In th morning the Reverend Mr. I.urton will
preach on 'The Gates of Hell" and In th"
erenins m "Th" Supreme Need of Jers-yrllle."
The Social I'nlon of Jersevvllle held an In
teresting meeting with Mrs. George Van Home
vesteiday afternoon.
The following real estate transfers have been
.j-ct orded In Grene Count : James Cuchran to
Ada J. England, warranty deed. lots s and IS
In Cochran & Tunlson's addition to Vhke Hall,
consideration. ttCTS. Emma Malxtrrv to Atle
C Tayler warranty ded. three-fourths lot It
and If. In Woodvllle; consideration, jrs. Samuel
II ;reaves to Emma Maberry warrants' deed,
one-rourth of let S In Farrowtown mow dredl,
and lots 31 and Is In Woodvllle. consideration.
1174. Alice TaIr to Emma Maberrj. warranty
deed, one-fourth of lot 3 In Farrowtown (new
E'drdi. consideration. II2S. George Gardiner
to Junes Ballard warranty deed. 2.Ct acres
south of let li In Piper's idJItton to White
Hall- consideration. i. Wiser Akin, to Eliza
E. Sponsler. warranty del. part northwe.t
southwest section 14. it IJ. consideration, VZO.
William Hldlnes to William P. Lowenstein. west
half, northeast half, northwest and north end
west half, and north end eat half, s-rathwest
section 18. east "Ids. southwest southeast sections
7. 11 IS: consideration. .!. Charles Qulcley
to William P. Lowenstein, warranty deed, north
end west half, eoutheast section. 1. 11.
IS. consideration. SI: F V. Knight lo
Elizabeth Boyd, warranty deed, west half lot
2fl in Roodhoue's third addition to Rondhouse,
consideration. JtW. JaitiM Spencer to Charles I
Bmcewell warranty deed, tract li sections J!
and 33. 13. 1": CNislderatlon. SI.. Robert.
lAvery to Chris Dosle. warranty deed, cne-half
of lot In CarroIIton Cemtsry. consideration.
Mnn Scalded to Ilenth.
Mound Ridge. Kas., July 12. The boiler
or a threshing machine exploded near hro
to-day. killing Aron Grippen and :erl
ouslv injuring Charles Mlppleton and John
Friesen. farm hands Grippen was literally
roasted alive
The President of a Prosperous Glue Cora
peny Cured.
"The first dose of Enpepsia Tablets
gave me immediate relief, and after tak
ing a two weeis treatment I considered
myself cured. The truth is, I would not
take $1,000 for the good Enpepsia Tab-
... , . . . ..
lets have done ior me. No one bn : the
suffering ones can realize what torture
there Is In imperfect digestion. I now
ca Mt what deslre'
President Reardon Glue Co., St- Louis.
Eh 8 lmr; - U l-mm&r 1
Y.'ho uai Mls-t it.'rtb.i Smith.
Youthful couple who eloped to Clayton, outwitting the bridegroom's parents.
Fearing that h! parent might object to
hit marrying to young. Henry Rueckert of
No. 2701 Cas- :ti-nue. IT ye.tra old. and Mips
Bertha Smith of No. 1M7 KHiot avenue,
age IS. stok- tjuietly away to Clayton Thurs
day and yecu.ed a license. After keeping
the license for a day the youthful couple
decided to gtt married at St. Leo's Clmrcli.
of which young Hueckert has be-n a mem
ber since childhood.
When they arrived at the church Father
Lloyd, who Is well acquainted with the
bridegroom, asked him If he had obtained
his parents' consent, to which Hueckert re
plied In the ainrmatlve. and the priest
married them In the priest's tvarlor without
further questioning.
When Mrs. Hueckert heard of her ron
marriage "he was much displeased, but
John Rueckert. the f.ither of the bride
groom, who is proprietor of one of the
largest establishments In North St. LouK
favored the union very much and at once
increased Henry'." salary.
After the cerrmonv was performed the
youthful bridal partv. composd of the
newly wedded pair and their mutual
IVif Msircy, Cure of the Little Church at Home Kougc, I Serines
S.itnaists of St. rierri', Their Impious Kites
and Their Destruction.
"In all the world ther was no city where
Satanism." the worship of the devil, had
gained so strong a foothold In St. Pierre."
Dramatically lifting his right hand to heav
en, as he gazed toward the whitened ruln
of the Pompeii of the Western world, far
down the mountain side, Pere Mary, cure
of the little church at Jlorne Rouge, the
"Flower of Martinique." seemed glad that
the city and Its SO.'Ai souls had been de
stroyed. "DIeu punll!" he exclaimed.
He was the stern minister of God express
ing his conviction of the unerring Justice of
the Divine Being.
For Its exceeding wlckednesf. declared he.
St. Pierre has been swept Into eternity by
a hand of Are. as by the same hand, a mo
ment befote. measured by the great cycle
of Infinity, the cities of the plain had been
made as If they neier had been.
But an Instant later Pere Mary was the
minister of the God of Pity.
"Poor soulsr he exclaimed, "they had not
time fvn to r-pent or their slnsr
This, and more, the old priest, who re
trained steadfast at his po-t whll Mont
Pelee wrought Its dreadful havoc all about
him, willingly facing a temble death sJ
Icng as) tho old and crippled of hW (lock,
who could not nee. might need his priestly
offlces-thls the old priest told a party ot
American newspaper men. who had jour
neyed to Morne Rouge from Fort de t ranee,
"toclnllsts Were Blasphemous.
"Why." he told them, "you can have no
conception of what went on in ttint nicked
city. The Satanlsts and their black masses"
he shuddered "the terrl6te people who
worshiped the devil and made their horrible
offering to him instead of to the d:vme
God. were not the only onj whom God
has punshed."
Influenced Imorant People.
Ho could not even mention the name wltn
out a look of pain coming over his face.
H.s days had been spent In trying to coun
teract their evil Influence, and his nights
In prayer that even they mght be saved.
"No "" he said, "they were not the only
ones, though they were the worst. There
were many social sts In tne city who blas
phemed God and scurrlllzed nlrn on the
walls of the town. And tho women who
lured men on to their destruction I have
heard men call some of them marvelousiy
beautiful the men who helped to make tha
women evil!
"Tou ask me about the Sitanlsts. the wor
shipers if tnc oevlir 1 can tell ou for I
know them. Why shouldn't IT Have I not
led processions atout th streets while they
were holding the.r blasphemous sen-ices.'
Have I not held many missions in the chap
el of Trols Foots, and tried to draw tne
poor Irnorant people away from their in
riuenccT .... .
"The wall of that chapel alone remained
standing In the part of the city wncre it
was situated after the first eruption. You
may not think. God had a hand In that!
"And they had a paper of their own, 1st
Proletalre. Gulllaume I do not know his
other name was Its editor. It had lived but
a year, but In that time what had It not
published lo offend the eyes of God and
"This Gulllaume was an artist, who came
here from Paris a few years ago and
brought with him the doctrines of the Lucl
feriahs. Why should he nant to corrupt our
poor people? I cannot tell, unless It was
through him that the devil sought to com
plete in Martinique the ruin that hurricanes
and pestilence had begun.
"Gulllaume. In his paper, snld: 'Do as you
like an'j fear nothing. The devil, who Is all
powerful, docjn't care."
"Oh. how ray brethren and I have strug
gled against the Influence of this wicked
man! And with u have stood many of the
most moral and Christian men and women
you could find anywhere in the world. Oh.
yes! There were many of them In St. Pierre,
desi.lte what I have told you of the city's
wickedness. There were selMenylng. pure
lives by the thousands, but. alas! they had
to rasa Into eternity with the others."
Mora the good cure could not tell his
auditors about the Satanltes. though he had
heard of that Diica Vaugharf. the high
priestess ot the order, who. after her con
version to Catholicism, wrote a series of
memoirs, in which she exposed the secrets
and rites of th strange cult.
iiirii j-riearesa nentaeKX wonan. f
Diana Vaughan. high prletes. ChcVal- I
lere-eirct I'aiiamc. jiisiress jempiar, ana
with numerous other titles, the Jargon of
which is to Incomprehensible for reproduc
tion, was bcin In Louisville. Ky on March
1. isftl. Her father and her uncle were
prominent Iiclferlarrt, her father being one
of Albert Pike's lieutenants, when Pike was
roverelgn pontiff of the Luciferians in the
Sanctum Kegnum at Charleston. S. C.
5h6 Is the only woman, except one Sophia
Walder, who vras ever admitted to the high
est dejrees of the Luciferians. The latter I
the woman ot whom the devil Is supposed
to have spoken In the famous Interview h
was said by Diana Vaughan to have had
with the late SIgnor Crispo, Premlr of
Hair, designating her as one who would be
come the grandmother of the mother of
This interview, which Diana Vaughan de
scribed In her Book. "The Secrets of HelL
was supposed lo have takn ilr nn Oc
........ . - .
I friends. George Silence of X) J(C Howard
street and Miss Mabel Hrlter. secured a
carriage and drove about the city.
When the young people of the neighbor
hood learned that Henry Hueckert and
Bertha Smith were married they Immedi
ately repaired to the home of the bride,
and when the party arrived then so dense
was the crowd that they could hardly vusti
their way Into tho hous. The entire gar
den in front of the brld'H houie looked a
though a miniature cyclone had struck the
place. Rice, old shoes and other emblems
of superstition were scattered over tho
Mrs. Rueckert. the mother of the bride
groom, has become reconciled to the
mutch, and nev,t Saturday and Sunday the
vent will be celebrated at the home of the
bride In a lavish manner.
Young Hueckert went to work to-day as
usual on his father's delivery wagon.
When asked as to how he managed to
secure the license at Clayton he utated that
he gave his age as E. to the license clerk.
As he Is nearly six feet high, and very
athletic in appearance, weighing close to
ly) tiounds, he can easily pass for the ag
given by him. The bride is li. but she
looks much less, and it required the evi
dence of her brother. Fred, who accom
panied the party to Clayton, to convince
the clerk that she was old enough to get
tober Is. ISSi In thj Free Masons' lodge in
Home, of which I'rispi was u member. In
testimony of his pri-Ulctlon with regard to
Sophia Walder a document was drawn up.
Diana Vaughan declares, at the end of
which the devil wrote his title. "Sanctus
Daemon. Prlmarlua Praese." which might
lie translated "First Presiding Devil." His
Satanic Majesty did not write In words, but
In symbolic siens. such .is u. rooster, a
three-pronged lire-fork, a pair of horns and
a caudal nppendnge. using for that purpose
a pen which 'lay In the lodgeroom.
This and the other writings of Diana
Vaughan were suppressed as far as pos
sible, anil liought up as rapidly at they
were published, but a few copies are still
In existence, and most or the little that
Is known of Satanism outslila nf the mem
bers of the secret order has been learned
from the-e strav copies.
"5ntnnlsm" Practiced In ctv York.
Satanlm. Luciferi.inlm. DaUilIsm It U
all the same thing- has ramifications
throughout the civilized world, and. It 1
w hlspcrtil. has It votaries even In New
York. Its members despise self-restraint,
and. It Is declared, practice such orgies as
cennot even be hinted at.
For their black ma.. says a. French writ
er, thev rob Roman Catholic churches "f
their clialles nn-1 host, which they pro
fane In s most blasphemous manner. The
ceremnnles are safcl to be based on the
authority of Lrchlel ami VIntras
In a thick cloud of perfume the priest
ascends the altar at Satan's tirnagogue. On
tha table Is seen a giot with a human face,
already excited by some preliminary hom
ages and Intoxicated by perfumes and ndor
atlon. The priet opens a box ami takes out
some hosts, such as are ordinarily used by
the falthfu1
The rites performed and the words spoken
during the magical ceremony are blasphe
mous !n character, and the sacred vessel
and Its contents are subject to Insult and
mockery The goat plays the Infernal port,
cursing and reviling, and the conclusion ot
the rites is an orgy which cannot be de
scribed. VIntras was an unfrocked monk, who in
troduced the cult from somewhere Into
France, whence It spread to Martinique,
as If the Island d!d not have troubles enough
without this added curse.
Children Killed for Sacrifice.
Another writer, one Jules Blals. of Paris,
has this to say about the Satanlsts:
"The principal among Satan's disciples Is
the woman, or 'sorelcre.' as she Is called.
To her Is delegated the awrul duty of kill
ing the children Intended for sacrifice and
whose blood Is drunk by the fanatics. T.i
her is also given the task, after a certiin
novitiate, of enticing men to Join the order
and enroll themselves under the devil's
"Then there is the 'sorcler.' who Is what
might be called a doctor. These men of
ficiate at certain ceremonies, but not at the
highest; that honor Is delegated to th
Magi, who Is the head of the whole society.
He stinds alone and omnipotent, at once
superhuman and Inhuman. Import tinnte and
unapproachable. The last Magi was Doc
tor Johannes, considered the greatest exor
cist of modern times and an ardent follower
of VIntras. who Is looked upon as supreme,
and Is believed to control the actions and
thoughts of the faithful from the Great
Whether Diana Vaughan was spared the
Ignomy and the degradation necessary, ac
cording to her testimony, tor other novi
tiates Into the order. It Is difficult to deter
mine from her memoirs. She says she was
spared through the expressed wish of her
father on his deathbed, but In another place
she conveys n contrary Impression.
With herself, she says, will perish the last
of the race of Thomas Vaughan. the Ros
Cro!x alchemist of mediaeval days. Her
uncle has no children and will have none,
and she has consecrated herself to the
church and will die childless.
Vaugban'a Compact With Satan.
"There will also die with me." she has
written, "a secret known only to the Mages
Klus. of the Luclferlan sect. That secret M
the compact signed on March S. 1615. be
tween Satin and my ancestor. Thomas
Vaughan. To gain the knowledge of the
philosopher's stune. thirty-three years ad
ditional life and the secret of making gold.
Philalethe (Vaughan s name In science and
Luclferianlsmr-obtained from Cromwell the
favor of behesdlng that noble mirtyr Laud,
the Archbishop cf Canterbury- Having
soaked up some of his blod. Philalethe of
fered It to Iuclfcr In exchange for a com
pact the strangest and wlerdsst ever en
tered Into between a demon and a human
Vaughan himself left memoirs which tell
the rest of the strange storv better- ihm
does his descendant.
"Six days before the death of Laud," h
wrote. "I was praying for light, after hav
ing carefully re-read the letter of the sover
eign master of the fraternity. I asked God
to end me the Prince of Celestial Light.
whoe Instructions I awaited. I saw no ap
parition, but a voice naia to me: 'A secret
partisan of the Pope Is about to receive a
well-merited punishment. Our Ood wills
that it shall be thy hand which shed this
traitor's blood. You will dip up his blood in
a llr.cn cloth consecrated lo the eternal
enemy of our God. You will then prepare a
compact according lo yonr desires', and upon
the day when .Christ was conceived In the
womb of the Mrgln Mary you will burn this
blood-stained cloth and call upon the Eter
nal Lord Lucifer. He will come to thee: he
will consecrate thee himself, and he will
crart thy requeat.
"On the day appointed i j?ad fasted all
day. and for three hours after sunset had
devoted myself to silent nravsr and rnediu-
Quick Meal Gat Ranges like
cut four burnersthe best In Iho
world ga conr.ee- (IT flfl
tlous made free . .. QlJiUU
Oak Center Tables
ciactly lite cut - II-
Inch top Mon
day onl.
tlon. At the end of this time I threw the.
blood-stained cl- th Into a brazier, and when
It was consumed I cried out. as I prostrated
myself to tho ground. 'Lord, Lord, great
IxjitJ, deign to appear and consecrate me a,
ma;l to tmr service. Kternal Lord Lord
Lucifer! Eternal lerd Luclf.r! Eternal Iird
Clulmrd Aslnrte for Spouse.
"When I lifted my head the room was
filled with llghtnlnvr and deep rumble-t of
thunder were heard from alar. Suddenly
the great Ixird stood before me In the third
circle Inside the triangle. Finally the God
suM to me: 'You will cross the ocean at
once, and tliere you will llnd the Venus Aji
tnrte. who shall be thy wife, and who will
live with thee ele.'cn days upon this earth,
after which time ou shall have a daughter,
who will bear thy name and mine."
Vaughan. according to his own statement,
crossed the ocean to America, and among
the Indian.! a daughter was born to him In
the manner that had be-een promised him.
According to command, he left among tha
Indians the child, who was the flrat Diana.
Once the Diana Vaughan of latter days
t lis us she had the Mipreme pleasure of
w...,fffl!r thuilvtl filrr.Alf n4 h.rlitnn .,,i
der the kindly oftlces of Albert Pike. '
lie a Pi area to me Jut as I had pictured
Mm." she say. "His manly beauty, unfor
gotten even to this day. Is Indescribable. I
can And no expression adequate to make his
Imposing aud ravishing aplendor compre
heuslble. Front hU head to his feet, which
were alone visible in fleh. unless I except
hi." hands, he was clothe.! In gold, dazzling
gold, whose varying; colors rendered his gar
ments stilt more magnlilcent."
Alton Notes nod Personals.
The funeral of RJward S. Xlrbols. fh mmp
son uf Mr and Mr .ll-rt Nirliuts. lo.l; ptacv
ve-terday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the NicAols
nme. as .m fi lieiw vrei. me w:ral was la
tec 1ty Ciit t,
William KwhUeben of Alton an. I Parld lien.
Sr. of North Alton. deartrd sestertii) for Cbl
oraJo Srlnts. Colo., tj spend rne summer.
-The Ittvereod U. Jl. Waterman, pastor ef
th- First Haptlst lliurt h at Upper Alton, will
hold services this rvrnlng oa tae rhuith lawn.
TTe lisTereod Mr. Waterman will preach vn
"Having the KieM God."
The annual meeting of the Madison untv
ltard ot Krl-w will begin at E-lwardsville en
M'rtidjy Jolin Clble, chairman of the Madison
(Vunlr Hoard of Sup-rv Isurs. Is its- Alton mem
ber of tlw Ihard of Ktvltw.
Alnbonse Dur of New Turk City Is a visitor
In Alt--n.
Th Itevrend J. II J. Itlce. pastor of th
Church of the HetWmer In Alton, will occupy
the imlpll or the Mith Street M. K. Church to
day at loth roaming an J evening services. In
th- absence of the pastor, toe tcevereod t. v.
Shepherd. bi Is at Sumner. III.
1ty Attorney Jam's A. Lynn has relumed
from Itikaxo.
The Voung I'eopte'a I'nlon of tbe First Bap
tist Church in trier Alton gare a social last
evening at th- bs-nie of Mr. and Mrs. F U. Tit
tun tn Leverett avenue.
The Itethaltt. Lielfn of the Independent Or
der of Odd Fellows will rle their annual picnic
at Mrlalde CSrove on Ausun 9
-John liartmai of Alton departed yesterday
fvr Mount ilemefte. Mich.
Robert K. Il-vs-ett of the Burlington Rout
Is maklnc a our of the system.
The second special met line of the Alton
f'ommercbd 1ul has lieen railed for IurrUr
erenlrr. at scMrti the proposlilon for twMIng a
street fair srlll he dennitely deetded.
-Ch-ster Martin of Chicago Is a viMtor In
lrofessor W. D Armstrong, director of ti
sShHrtlerT H-hool of Mush- of l"pir Alton, has
returned fntn Iut-ln-IUy. srhsre h attendeit
the annual meeetlng of Ihe Music Teachers' Na
tional As"-tat(on. l"ro'essnr Armstrong was
honoreil by being re-elected vice president of the
association from llHnols.
Several All"n young persons still glre a
dancing party at itock Sprints Talk on Tues
day evening.
Justice Harnett Nathan of Alton yesterday re
reived notice that WIlKam Brandt of Uelletrees
had been granted a pension of ss a month, dating
from Marrh li. 1-sK.
Miss Roth C. Mills of the Alton Conseme"
torv and brother, rjfclonel C F. Mills, of Sprlnj
rVht. 1IU will leave ibis evening for Pt. Iul
ami other Northern points for three weeks"
Joseph M'ibrman of Brighten died yesterday
momlnc after a Hngrrlnc Illness. He was l
years oh and l-ves a wife and eixht chiMren.
OT.e funeral will take place on Monday from M.
Mary's Church at Alton.
The Alton IMoes vria play the Moberly. Ma.
baseball team Ibis afternoon at Randolph
brln(. Mo
A. Nerman of Alton departed last erening
for Atchlsoc Kas.
-It. It. Neat of Dallas. Tex., was a visitor la
Alton yntenJar.
I'rslliousr IlurneU.
The Bjst St. Louis pest house was burned
esteniay afternoon. The fire was or
dered by the supervisors, who came to the
conclusion that now that there was no
more smallpox that Ihe temporary wooden
sheds which served ns a hospital, should be
burned and thus all danger of Infection
would be destroyed. The quarantine sheds
were located Just Inside the city limits on
tbe prairie along tho Air Line Railroad
Prisoner Taken to nelletllle.
Charles Gage, alios Russell, the negro
whom the Cast St. Louis mob attempted
to lynch Friday night, was taken to Belle
ville yesterday morning for safe keeping
after having been held to the Grand Jury
In P.0 bond.
Marriage Licenses.
Two marriage licenses were Issued in East
St laiuls yesterday. The nm was to John
It. Hardy 3. and Annie it. Koch. 19. both
of Hlllslle. Mo. They were married by the
Keverend Mr. Temple. The second couple
was C. M- Slpperly. S3. 0e Rochester. N.
Y.. and Mrs. Tansey mine. 19. of East St.
Louis. They were married by Justice of the
Peace McKane.
m m
Att Illinois Corporations.
Hprlnafleld. III. July Z. Certificate of
Incorporation were Issued to-day by Secre
tary of State Itcse as follows:
Tbe Docfw Madison Medical Association. Od
raxo capital. Jl .) to conduct a sanitarians.
Incorporators P. Cheater Madison. U. J. Vlllot
aon and Grant NewcU.
1-- The Eiecxnc dubs vansHrrr. axisroere cvi-
aJ- ! II "V
vS fit
i an
H Straw
a yard
Strong Durable Iron Beds like
cut with brass knobs ami full angle
Iron frames any color and any sin
a bargain worth (J I CO
prompt attention wlaUO
Nottingham Lace Cnr
tains worth S1.7S flf.
a, pair for... 9Ub
Portiere in newest
F colorings worth $f Eft
I . S-50 per palr...viiUU
K Kim HE
Ingrain Carpets
JJte 4v per yard-
iur..... .. .
nifrtiTiHtUVMif I J
i tvw wav, i'rt
Brussels Carpets-
I 'I to 1 "i-U L
worth 75c a yard
" 10 P. 4
Alattlnz worth ISc
Oil Cloth regular
lor ..
0Pin Safnrda, KijMs Until 9:30. jaSftaftiffll
834 Hours to
1 B. & O. S-W.
9:00A.M. 8:05 P.M. 2:05 A.M.
Cth and Olive njid L'nlon Station.
lil. r.S.WJ; gnarrylng sad dealtax la bjllldlng
and crushed tune. Incorporators John G. Tripp,
Omar II Wrlaht. Jr.. and Sarah U. Wright.
Tbe Ilancuck-Goemana Comiany. Chicago, cap
ital. $3,t"- dealing In grata and farm produe'it.
Incorporators Harry L. Guemann. Joseph L.
IJlP-rt and Oscar Kausrhr
Imnrlmlo du Courrler de FOuest. Chicago: cap
ital. J2.K9. prlntlcg and publishing. Incorporators
- Louis 1. Demers. Albrrt M. Itourneau and
Philip R J-"rasr.
The Kcval Gasllaht Company. Chicago; capital.
X-.tr); mar.uracturtng gas and aas burners. In
corporators T F Laramie. Oscar M. Wolff anj
O'r-arR Rothschild.
The Industrial Legislative I'nlon of America.
Vlrden; mutual iirotectlon. Incorporators C. A.
lturloo. W. A Thomas and John J James.
The rCpauldtng Sure. Ctdraga; social and ath
letic. Incorporators Louis Novy. Frank Tordek
and Otto llaark.
Tho American Wrlilng Machlno. Company, lo
eate.1 at 1 1 Ion. ?." T . with a capital stock of
l').('r Is licensed to transact business la Illi
nois, with a State rapital ot Sl.Oyi.
Increases In capital stock aro cerjlfled to hy
the following corporations- The Galesbarr Cor
nlre Works, loraled at Galesburr. from liOOfl to
JiS.we the Qaeen 'hemlcal Compar.r. I orated at
Chlcaao. from ." to fHHCXM. the Holman
Soar, evimpany. loralM at Chlcaio. mm tio.enj
to JJ.f. the American Speelaltv Manulaeturtrrr
Company. located at Cblcaro. from J. 000 to iZX
"9, and the name char.iceil to Henry Xewgard &
Tbe Mercantile Credit and ColteetLm Com
pany, located at Chicago, eertlfles to a -hangeot
name to the Mercvntlle Adjustment Com-sny.
The Illinois Hotel and Apartment Comcarr. lo
cated at Chicago, certlnes to a change of nuh
to the Vendome Apartments.
J II. Clark & Co.. located at Mazon. certify to
The stream whose csaseless rushing seems
to drain
The land of all Its life-blood and Its worth
Shall come again In showers to banish
And flitt the myriad springs with saving;
The lonvly death or molderlng burled grain
That bursts its heart out under crushing;
. .- .mm. --. -st. Arc tn
af 3 SLw St, aVY 3 an(1 this
with washes and salves, because the Reims of Cancer that are multiplying in tholl
rt1rvet1 ittil stvo. noY ffVetcoT' r-olle Yi.t:,.!. nv& MA-.SrtHf.. .tH.nf AnfM. 1-u .... St.'1
irritation and discbarge, and at last sharp shooting pains -announce thejj
approach of the eating and sloughing stage, and a hideous, sickening cancer." j
oussorcDCginsicaesirucuvewori: In February. 1SW. I noticed a .mall
io Ulcer or sore can exist without lump on my lower lip. Tho doctor caa-
SOmc predisposing internal cause that teriaed it but another came and broke)
has poisoned the blood, and the open dis- UoIa,to u? cn ra: , to
t,: .,!-, ,!, ,; ., S.S.S. and after I had taken aavenbot-
charging ulcer, or the festering sore on tie, tho placo heoied sntireiy and no
the lip, cheek or other part of the body signs of the disease have been seem
will continue to spread and cat deeper ! w. P. Brown, Hollands, S.c.
into the flesh until the blood has been purified and the Cancer germs or morbid
matter eliminated from the circulation.
S. S. S. cleanses the blood of all decaying effete matter. It has great
antidotal and purifying properties that soon destroy the germs and poisons and
restore the blood to its natural condition. And when pure blood is carried
ii you nave
write us about jt, and medical advice will cost you nothing. Books on Cancer.
and other diseases of the blood will be s-ait free to all who desire them. . , ,
Two burners. Ilk o Refrigerators --If you
j: . .i.i wantagood refrigerator at
cut-special a n.martably small price,
value 0 AC Metlies-at l Cfl
at ClirU Tho People's at yWtOU
Handsome Rockers like
cut with leatbercohblerseat
heavy gloss finish and richly
emhovsed top full of comfort
a nd service and Al JO
worth CXC0 s9li40
b I U
NewYorK"' Atlantic City
(St?0Tcr at Wuiiagtog Retamio?.)
TICKET OFFICES:, 6t& and Olive and Union Station.
Plert3ect. flcrair7 5
Office. No. TIT Chestnut St.. St. Louis, Ma. si
PolieiM are mTitten'oBalther stack or outaai sj.
Henry C. Rairstlclc J.O.C Loraa.
M. K. Orthweln. D. D. Walker.
Angmtns Nedoerhut, Jas. W. Bell.
Wm. r. Bomaa.
Everf Woman
isintenstrdaBdthoaldknow' I
about xSie wondofal .
MARVEL WlurCag Spray J
Tke,rwwTntaIS7rlr. Wee-
riffn ana arnoo. new ear
est mom LonTemecu
II us saws Iausam,
lik Tsar imStl br tt.
Jf heeannoisapplyth ,
J.l.v KL.. acreyino
lastraled book-i-i.lt sires -
fnU psrueuiari ana oireeHcns in
smrasblatobbUet. Jrl tnVK1.ce..
Itcom.ls Tl-soaB-g...-i Ysrk.
Fcr sale by:
WoIK-Wllon Drue Co.. C2 'Washington aTo.
Judao Dolph. SIJ Olive st,
Rabotsau & Co.. Broadwar and Lucas ays.
Pennyroyal pills.
0-saTsw rtx-al su4 Oaly Csaataa. ,
ruirR.Mi a h- vrvrr.Tssa I. WC.-2
ss-t e siwimi . Msiei ra immsi.
Tako a oCAse. Bsraso Dasvgseosw las
UtBtlM as.- Tsillstl.M Ssr s( -sr
SnttKt. .i il Xil ta nuwl Sf Siaovss.
Te.U.sll sal "mUUT tmr iavils-. 1
Ok lAtter.ftf eiir ktsli. lO.OM -arrtfMS- i
alsls. 8U r sU Brs 1-at SssUstflusy-s-s.
erCksstUsICa K4lM Sq ruiIL. vaW
? tac-.v:-!
st w- "-: i asb
-aSSSi-e3 ?"
w -rat--
l ,
&ur'iLJr I
tt "B
V"-. Jp
snail make new life arise in mynaa Dirin. i
And cover all tho land with countless gain, j
T--ti so tho nn" thsr flotr from fleenest j
Th wonl that bursts from bitterest dJMi
Ing mold
Of tears. love. longing. Joy. or passion ,
Shall flood men's hearts and make then
weep and sing.
Shall bear Its fruit tn kind, a, myriad
fold: And this shall be. till song and passion ,
-Curtis Hidden Page in the Critic
If you want to buy a horse or buggy,
read over the one hundred and sixty
"Horse and Vehicle" ads In to-day's Re
public. Brown-Stone Front.
"Rrown is patting on a great front thesa
"Ves. It might be called a "brown-stons
front.' as he wasn't able to do It until hd
married that rich Miss Stone"
ttinnv rfrwrtn 1.1r rxthrr ntrt-rci nr corc
resemblance oltcn proves fatal. Valuables I
to the. ulcer or sore the healing process begins, toe
discharge ceases and the place heals over and new skia
forms. S. S. S. is a strictly vegetable blood purifier
r-nntmninse tirv mtmnri? nr stittiml rvf nrit.- riecreiTvtinn .
j v . . .r... t.
an uicer or cnronic sore' 01 any Kino.
tnc. awirt drbuiriw uue, nnuu, jgJ ji

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