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3?HE REPUBLIC': MONDAY," D"ULY 14, 1902.
Six thousand visitors from SU Irais at
Belleville Saenserfest.
Persons of French descent living In St.
Clair County celebrated the fall of the Bas
tile at Central Park. East SU Louis, yes
terday. Flirt mass of new Catholic parish la
Wellston celebrated In tent yesterday.
Pclice find r.o trace of illlo A. Cory.
" Several fatigued men. -who fell asleep on
downtown street comers, were robbed Sat
urday night.
Mrs. p-isminter locked front door on a
butter nt-a held him till police came.
Tt L.terrtate Merchants" Aneoclatlon ex
pects a lars-r Influx of buyers from adjacent
si, ?.
'l.ir,i nvezue property owners oppose ele
vated railroad sebaroe.
"Vlephone cables In residence district to
b pJt underground.
The victims of the Johnstown mine d!s
cte. now number 114.
The v islt to America of the Crown Prince
of Slam will be In simple etyle. He will b2
a- -ompamed only by his brother.
Kloise Brl'ses Erwln, TO years old, for
mers . well-known actress, who traveled
with Jo JefTei-son. died at Kansas City.
Tli President and Secretary Root held
a long onference at Oyeter Ray and de
cUen th.it the Government's demand that
the fr.an must leave the Philippines shall
lir strongly irged upon the Vatican In th?
retiU lo the lope's message.
Kxjw rt appio man from Missouri and I1H
nnls vl III hold a meeting at St. Charles Tues
day morning to discuss the crop situation
and the rondlUon of the orchards.
Thr skelctonlzer has appeared In the or-cl-a
ds about Centralla. 111. This small ln-t-fct
come" In hundreds and virtually eats
iui the fps of fruit trees, causing them to
The A-istiUian dancer Sabaret was at-'
talked by peritonitis while en route to
America and is dangerously ill.
Sei ator Elkins of West Virginia declares
that Cuba should De annexed to the United
Suites Now i3 the time, he says, before the
island it swamped In debt trying to main
tain j national life.
( me thousand shopmen and machinists on
thi- Txas ra.lways are out and the strike
is gr rvni.s mere serious.
Federal olfi'-eholders In Illinois are not
contributing to the State campaign fund,
pr.il thr committee Is disconcerted. In an
swer to its appeal they cite the Present's
order prohibiting interference In politics.
An Evansvillp coal miner, who Is an an
archist, killed his wife, shot at hU daughter
and her husl and and then turned the re
volver on M-nclf, inflicting a mortal
The steamer Windward departs to-day for
the North to relieve Explorer Peary, whom
It expects to find early in August. The Arc
tic Club boiieies he will report that h has
located the po'e. All things favorable, Peary
may return here In September.
The delicate questions between church
and state wl Ich have arisen out of the
discussion ovr the Philippine friars, be
tween Goverror Taft, probably will be
brought up at the next session of Congress.
Paymaster Rates of the army owns the
largest ctcar In the world. It is sixty-three
inches long.
Pension Commissioner Eugene F. Ware,
who allowed his membership In the G. A. R,
to lapse years ago. Is to be reinstated at
his own requtst.
Senator Tillman threatens to oppose the
confirmation of Senator McLaurln as Judgo
of the United States Court of Claims, and
President Roosevelt is said to be consider
ing some other appointment for the South
Foreigners are fleeing from Venezuela.
American war vessels are Inadequate, and
residents are exposed to outrages.
Paris will celebrate the fall of the 3331118
The Cardinals won the third straight
game f rom Lrooklyn by a score of 2 to L
At Chicago the Browns broke even In a
Jeffries will oomplete his training at Oak
land, CaL
Marine Intelligence.
New Tork, July 13. Arrived: Steamers
Palatla. Genoa and Naples; Canadian, Liv
erpool; Rotterdam, Rotterdam and Bou-logne-sur-Mer.
Philadelphia. July 13. Arrived: Noord
land. Liverpool and Queenstown.
Prawl Point. July LS. Passed: Steamer
Minnehaha. New York, for London.
Lizard. July 13. Passed: Steamer Zee
land, New lirk, for Antwerp.
Liverpool. July 13. Arrived: Celtic, New
York, via Queenstown.
Hamburg. July 13. Arrived: Graf Waldcr
sce. New York, via Plymouth and Cher
bourg. London. July 13. Arrived: Menominee,
New York.
Queenstown. July 13. Sailed: Urabrla
(Irom Liverpool). New York.
Southampton. July 13. Sailed: Frledrlth
der Grosse (from Bremen), New York.
Yokohama. July 13. Arrived (previously):
Gaelic San Francisco, vl Honolulu, for
Hlogo, Shanghai and Hong-Kong.
Slew Wife, Shot at Daughter and
Her Husband and At
tempted Suicide.
Evansville Miner Threatened His
Wife's Life and She Took Ref- f
uge in Daughter's Home, '
Where He Found Her.
nErur.uc special. - .
Eyansvill:, Ind., July 13. John Fenlnger,
a. coal miner, aged 46 years, shot and kllHd
his -wife, shot at his daughter and his son-in-law
and then mortally wounded himself
this morning.
Fcnlnger and his wife separated several
weeks ago. While under the Influence of
liquor last night he went to the home of
his wife and tried to gain admittance. He
fallrd. This morning his wife, -alarmed
over- alleged threats made by her husband
to kill her. went to the home of her daugh
ter. About D o'clock. Fenlnger went there and
breaking Into the house began to shcot
at lib "ife. She escaped into the Vreot.
Fenlnjrv followed and fired several shots
at his son-In.law and daughter, but the
shots. did not take effect.
The infuriated man overtook his wife
about a b ock from the home apd .hot hr
In the left temple, killing her Instantly.
He'lhen turned the pistol on himself and
shot himself In the mouth, breaking both
Jaws and severing several small arteries.
He was removed to police headquarters
in a critical condition and is not expected
to live until morning.
Two years ago Fenlnger tried to kill him
self by taking an overdose of morphine and
a year ago he tried to hang himself, but
-was cut down by a neighbor.
He is an anarchist and It is said has of
ten threatened to kill various public of-HcIaIs.
Sermon by the Xoted Preacher
.Was the Feature of the Day
at Chautauqua.
T. n. Perrin of St. Louis Presides
Over the Sunday-School Serv
ices Many St. Louis
Persons Present.'
itErrrsr.ie special.
Chautauqua, III., July 13. To-day was a
quiet Sunday at the Piasa Chautauqua, not
withstanding the fact tnat several hundred
visitors came in to near Sam Jones preach.
The Spread Eagle broiijht a. large number
of visitors, and the Chicago, Peoria and EL
Louis, the only railroad running Into Chau
tauqua, brought extra coaches on all their
regular tralni. The upper end of the valley
was crowded with vehicles of persons who
drove from near-by points. Numerous bas
ket picnic parties were held at the noon
hour, and tne IMasu Spring Hotel served
dinner to 200 guests.
Axlde from the s-ermon by Sam Jones
there was very little effort made at provid
ing a. programma for the visitors, the only
other exercises of Importance being the
Sunday school preceding the sermon, over
which T. II. Perrin. president of the Perrin
& Smith Company of St. IxjuIs, presided.
Vesper services were held this evening, the
leader being Reverend. Doctor Jay A. Ford,
pastor of the First Baptist Church In Jer-ses-ville.
Joseph L. Stevens of St. Louis ha.! .- party
of friend with him on his yacht. Phi
Alpha. The party consisted of Mlisses
Ethclwynne Chittenden and Edith lee
lirenholt of Alton. Edith Le of Edwards
ville. and E. Fledesholt of St. Louis. E. C
Haagen of Alton and N. C Hardin, Jr..
of Hannibal, Mo.
Judge B. R. Burroughs of Edwardsvllle,
one of the Judges of the Appellate Court
of Illinois, was an Interested visitor. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Burroughs and
Mrs. Eliza A. Barnett, also of Edwards
vllle. Two other well-known Illinois Jurists
were Chautauqua visitors yesterday. Judge
A. M. Slaten of the Jersey County Court,
at Jerseyville. and Judge Thomas Henshaw
of Carrollton.
The Reverend J. G. Klene. pastor of the
First Baptist Church at JersewlIIe. who is
the Chautauqua chaplain, was called to
Sparta yesterday by the death of Mrs.
Klene's sister. Mrs. J. H. Todd. The
funeral will take place Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Todd died Saturday evening. In the
absence of the Reverend Mr. Klene. the
position of assembly chaplain will be filled
by the Reverend Doctor C. O. Kimball, pas
tor of St. John's M. K. Church at Cd
wardsville, who, with his family. Is spend
ing the season In the Lemen cottage in
Bluff avenue.
Among the St. Loulsans who registered nt
the Piasi Spring Hotel to-dav were: Mr.
M. B. Alvey, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Galll
gan. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. William. George
O. Hall. Mrs. Henry Voelker. Mrs. Jams
Perry. J- L Stephens. E. F. Weedetholt.
John R. Boddle. Edgar Wlggeman, W. B.
Dean. Jr.. Charles H. Johnson. MUs Clara
E. McKlnley. William 8. Mills. J. W.
Leckrone, E. C. King. T. P. Hawes, James
O. Morris and Mrs. Morris. William F.
Zlnk, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tusler and
Miss Tusler. and J. Edmund Goedde.
Among the arrivals from other points at
the Plasa Spring Hotel were: C. W. -Moorman
of Edwardsvllle, Charles Bralnard of
Grafton. 111.; Charles D. Haagen of Alton.
George R. Malnwarlng of Ann Arbor. Mich.;
J. B. Maxfleld of Alton. Mrs. Snyder and
Miss Snyder of Belleville. C. C. Hender
son of Ruston, La.. George Hlcpard of
Belleville. Mrs. L. B. Smith of Greenfield,
111.. Mrs. M. G. Dale of Greenfield. J1L.
Theodore Klstner and Attorney Thomas
Stalling of Granite City. Miss Jane Pogu
of Edwardsvllle. MIs Charlotte Nelson of
Edwordsville. W. W. McKce of Alton.
Doctor T. L. Foulds. Miss Crowe. Frank
Moore, all of Alton: W. E. Ingham and
Lathy Waggoner of Upper Alton, O. Voor
hees. T. F. Voorhees. L. J. Cory and L.
C. Landon. nil of Jerseyville; W. H. Jour
ney and Mrs. Journey of Jacksonville. 111.;
Doctor F. E. McCIane and the Misses Gra
de. Franke and Cora C. McCIane of Al
ton: G. A. Stratton and Mrs. Stratton of
Alton. Mrs. Clara A. Coats of Melville.
III., Roy McCracken and Scott C. Bowyer
of Waverty. I1L
Manager W. M. Sauvage of the Temple
Theater at Alton, who. with Mr. Sativ2;c.
is spending the season at the Plana Spring
Hotel, to-day entertained B. B. Hsrrls and
F. F. Ferguson of Alton.
F. P. Van Hook of the Bloomlngton 111..
Chautauqua -was the guest of Secretary O.
B Hamilton.
C. P. Squire. Postmaster at Batchtown,
III., was a visitor.
Russell Gardner of St. Louis entertained
a party of friends with a cruise on the Mis
sissippi this afternoon on his yacht Annie
J. K. McDavld. president of the Rank cf
HUlsboro. of Hlllsboro, III., is here for ttc
C 'J. Bruner, n business man of Rock
bridge. IIL, was a Chautauqua visitor to
day. James Moore, a capitalist of Fidelity, 111.,
was the guest of Chautauqua friends.
Member of Home Expresses Intention
to Cnll for Correspondence II e-
tireen Taft nnd Vatlcnn.
Washington. July 13. With the Enlled
States facing the friar lands negotiation,
a problem Involving the delicate question
of church and state more than any ever
before encountered. It is doubtful If the
next session of Congress passes without on
attempt to make It an issue In either the
House or tho Senate.
Already a prominent member of the
House has cxprejsed the Intention of .in
troducing, as soon as Congresj convenes, a
resolution calling for all the corrcfpondence
.exchanged . between Taft and the Vatican
and between Governor Taft and the War
Department officials.
The Friar lands negotiations will not
come up In Congress unless called up by
resoIuUoln. The Philippine Government
bills gives power for final action in the
matter by authorizing the Philippine Gov
ernment to negotiate for the lands of the
religious orders and to create a fund to
pay for them by Issuing bonds.
The Vatican, in answering Governor
Taft'snote containing the demand that the
Spanish friaars must be withdrawn forever
from their parishes, expressed surprise that
the United Stataes should call upon the
Vatican to withdraw the friars from the
enjoyment of their rights to follow their
profesnslon conferred by the treaty of
Parts. 4
At the same time, the Vatican proposes to
reach an agreement that the friars are to
be permitted to remain In Manila, a privi
lege they are entitled to enjoy as.. Spanish
citizens under the peace treaty. Indications
are that Governor Taft will be able to con
clude the negotiations by July 21. the time
to which his stay In Rome was extended.
Secretary Root Is expected to return here
some time the latter part of the week, but
Instructions regarding the answer he is to
make to the Vatican will doubtless be sent
to Governor Taft before Secretary Roat re
turns to Washington. He will go to West
Point from Oyster Bay.
W'omnn Killed In Rnnairay.
Cairo. 111.. July 13,-Mrs. fcT.h Martin
Ellis was killed to-day in t 'Tmaway ut
Villa Ridge. In company wli her motht-r
and daughter she drove to Villa Ridge to
visit a friend. In going down a steep in
cline the horses started to run. Mrs. E11H
became- alarmed and Jumped out of the
buggy, lighting on her head. She lived onlv
a few minutes, dying -from concussion of
the brain. She was Z8 years of age and was
well known In musical circles. One daugh
ter survive her.
Brcadicay, Olive
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Sailor Suits and Norfolks, in serges, Scotch cheviots, rray mixtures, shepherd checks and other'stout all-wool cloths, for boys 3 to 14 years. Some sailors
arc soutached in white silk and in black with silk-embroidcrcd shield. A few dozen only of each style.
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A great convenience
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be adjusted any
where. $3.50
Mrs. Elisabeth Parmlnter gTappled wl:h
a burglar In the hallway-of her house at
No. 102 Xorth Twelfth street, yesterday aft
ernoon, and after subduing the Intruder,
locked the front door and kept htm there
until a policeman arrived.
At the Central District Police Station vhe
man gave the name of Thomas Dunn and
raid he lived at the Swan Hotel. Sixth nnd
Market streets. Vnder hla arm he carried
a coat and vest, which Mrs. Parmlnter de
rlared lie had Molen from her husband's
roonv Dunn did not deny the charge.
Mrs. Parmlnter was on the third Coor cf
the houe when rhe saw the roan coming
cut of hr husband's room on the second
floor with the garments under his arm. She
hastened down the Flairs, and when she
reached the second floor the man had
started to the outside door. She ak'.d li'm
what he was doing, but he made no re
sponse. HurrylnB down the second flight of stair
Mrs. Parmlnter grabbed the Intruder as he
was about to open the front door. He at
tempted to strike her. but she warded of
the blow and pushed him against the wall.
Dunn, she says, made n second unsuccess
ful attempt to strike her. Mrs. Parmlnter
Is a strong woman, and as Dunn is much
iledorn. 111., Has Looking-Glass
Passed Down Seven Generations.
Medora. HI.. July 12. What Is supposed to
be one of the first mirror? made Is In the
possession of Mrs. S. M. James of this city,
who 'is district and-county president of the
W. C T. U. The glass was made In England
la the year-KOO and was brought to tho
and Locust Sis.
Cambric, tucks and hemstitching.
Special Cambric, deep umbrella
flounce, tucked, deep ruffle of tor
chon, 73 c.
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Elaborate with vertical torchon lace
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oth?.- with bias lawn bands, gath
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Greatly Reduced.
English Koulardetles The S3c
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Silk Ginghams Best quality, usual
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reduced to 75 c.
Dresden Bordered Batiste An ex
quisite sheer fabric, all 'very small
llgures, usually 13c, reduced to
Shamrock Dimities, 6c.
Foulard silk designs In black and
white, on delicate lilacs and laven
ders Dresdens tiny polka spots
and bowknots stripes.
Hand-Carved Teakwood.
A tie cSolcr tnditi&vil pl'ctttaUfi. thalrt,
ptdtitatt and tabovrriial Import prleet.
Amongst them are $13 pieces for
$10; $1G for $9; a few stands at
$B; some $12 pieces for $7.50, and
$33 pieces for $35.
This Is an unusuaL opportunity to
secure a beautiful example of Ori
ental handicraft.
smaller, she ezperlinctd but littla difficulty
In subduing him.
A second time she pushed him away from
the door and then, turning the latch, lockrd j
the door. There was no escape then for i
Dunn, except to Jump from one of the up ,
per windows. Meanwhile Mrs. Partnlnter J
husband came to her assistance. H; hed
the man In the hallway. Mrs. Parmlnter
asked some men who were parsing the
bouse at the time to notify the police. Pa
trolman McCormack of the Central Dis
trict placed Dunn under arrest.
Mrs. Parmlnter's husband was asleep In
his room when the thief entered. The gar
ments were hanging on a chair by the bed.
Parmintsr awoke as Dunn was goln ojt
of the room. When he reached the head of
the stairs he saw his wife grappling wl'h
the man. Dunn entered the housi.by the
front door, which was unlocked.
This !s the third time our houss has
been" robbed." said Mrs. Parmlnter. "I was
coming down from the third floor when I
saw the man coming out of the room wi:h
the rlnfhe nnri,- hi itrm T ran sffer him
I and grabbed him as he got to the hall on
ine ground noor. I was not atraia oi mm.
He tried to strike me twice, tut I gcefs I
was too quick for him. I knew wnn I
got blm away from the door I had him, for
he could not get out.
United States by Mrs. James's ancestors,
who located m Virginia. Since then It has
been used by seren generations of the fam
ily. Including her grcat-great-grandmother.
grtat-grandmother. grandmother, Mrs.- Sa
rah Bishop, and mother. Mrs. Delilah C
The heirloom has been owned by Mrs.
James rtnee 1S71. having been passed down
upon the death of her mother. The mirror
has also been used by Mrs. James's chil
dren and grandchildren.
The members of the family are lineal
descendants of General Robert E. Lee.
The glass Is 17x21 Inches In six. It la well
Men's Sample Hose.
A manufacturer's sample line.
Cotton lisle thread solid black all
the fashionable shades and combina
tions black lace effects black beau
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Xotcd Ernncellut Prrnchm ta an In- !
asunlly I.nrgr Audience nt the
Ila,n Chnatauqaa.
Chautauqua. HU July li The Reverend
Sam P. Jones, the noted Georgia evangelist,
preached nt the Plasa Chautauqua this
morning, and ".W) persons crowded Into the
Tabernacle to hear him. The evangelist
took his text from the last chapter of the
book of Joshua: "Choose you this day whom
yon will serve. But as for mo and my
house, we will serve God."
In pait. he caid:
"Now. brethren, wo may have n very
profitable service this morning. It we aie
thankful and stau.
"Did you ever sit down glad and thank
ful, r.nd read the book of Joshua. In the
Bible? This Is a marvelous tcck. It Is re
ally the history tf God's goodness to u.
laau. A man like you and I. When we read
thu flrst nnJ second chapter of that rsa
velous book, we begin to sit and wonder S
God's unfailing goodness to us. We reid
on another chapter or two. and ask our
selves the question. 'Was God ever so ?ool
to any man as he vrhs to Joshua T And
then. why. aj you read. stop, and say to
youridf. 'Will Joshua allow God Almighty
to heap heaven upon him and not one v.-nrd
of thanksgiving or gratitude from him?
And on and on you read, and every chap
ter la but the history of God's mercy an-1
goodncs.' to Jcshua. until you stop end suy.
'Of nil the Ingratcs that ever lived. Joshua
was the greatest." and on and on until you
read the very last chapter of the Ixxftc be
fore Joshua, ever opened nls lips, but when
he did speak be said the grandest thing
mortal man ever said: Chcoe you this dny
whom jou wilt setve. But as for me and my
house, v will serve Gcd.'
Has Been Thankful Thirty Venn.
"When I read these words of Joshua. I
stopped and said, 'Good for Joshua; you arc
the man to say what you did.' When I
waked up morv than thirty years ago and
began to look around me, and see how good
God was to my sainted mother, how good
God was to my noble father, how good he
hail been to me. in spite of mr xin and way
wardness. 1 said to mslf. I.ook here. Sam
Jones, If there Is another man living sr
dead that ouxht to say what Joshua dt-l.
you are the man. Thirty years ano I said
It. and by the grace of God I have been
sticking to It to this hour. I like the run
of the text. There l pure Independent rul
ing and history about It, and I want tn sy
to you that this world craves no ruling o
much as It craves for the r.ced of sol, In
deptndent manhood. We nil know t -oor-s
iind schools, squads and numbers In thU
country, and evidently heard the old saying.
Jur. as well be dead as nut of ihe fisn
lun.' If It Is the faihbn to gamble. 'curse
and drink liquor, you have to curse, gamble
and drink liquor to be a gentleman. But, If
surh Is the casf. I would rather be -i bob
tailed yellow dog than be a centleman. I
am candid when I say to you I would rather
be dead than in the fashion, nnd then, with
God. fight what everbody thinks Is all
right, what a majority of this country do
like, and so I will da that way. too. When
I am In Rome, do ps Rome does. When
in St. Iouls. do as St. LnuU doe. Rut. br
the grave or God. when I am In SU I,sul t
do as God want me tn .to and not ns
St. Louis wants me tn do. I thank GM a.
man can b an honest, upright, intelligent,
godly gentleman In St. Louis the year
round. Why. he.ran even be a good man In
Alton ir he wants to.
"At the conclave In St. I.-uI n few mnnfis
ago. and a finer body of men never met on
this earth than the Knights Templars of
America, from one of o-r Southern tmrn
came two gentlemen. Ka?h hrt the most
spltndid wife and some royal chiWrn: both
were also well-to-do business men In this
town. They spent five days, got a Pullman
sleeping car and went hom. The following
morning one of them go: up. went over to
the other, sat dawn and said- 'Gcnrse. I
m ashamed of mystlf. George from the
time you kissed thnt sweet Christian wife
of yours aood-by and imprinted the kia of
love on her lips, you have been a, true,
steady, upright Christian gentleman. If I
had a million dollars casa In my hands
right now. I would not take It In exchange
for being able to ;, back to my wife and
children as clean and upright as you are
going back to yours.' .
"A million dollars a week difference Is
notbliur. 1 love the fllow with the Inde
pendent spirit, who believes right la right
St. Louis,
Bargains for To-Day From the
Summer Sale of Housekeeping Linens.
All-Linen Crash, regular price 12ic,
sale price 10c.
Fine Huckaback, regular price ISc,
sale price 15c.
Extra, heavy Barnsley Crabh, 20
Inches, regular price ISc, sale price
2j,x30 Fine Hemstitched Huckaback.cpen work, regularly $1; to-day 50o
Irish Damask Table Linens.
Damask by the yard.
ftl-Irich Cream. All-Linen, heavy
quality, regular price C3r, sale
price 50c.
Bleached. 04 Inches, regular price
03e. sale price 50c.
70-Inch All-Linen, regular price $1,
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Turkish Towels.
Heavy Quality Unbleached. 23x40.
regular price 13c. sale price 12Uc.
Bleached. 2itx43. regular price 17c,
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SlxCO, best, roguiar pries
Needle Books and the Like.
Needle Voo'is. with all sizes and sorts ot
nci-UIo, Z5c to SI.
Climax Tin Uook. different sized pins
and !afi-ty pins. 10c.
Scissors 23c to SIZ5. Jewel Safety
l'ockctv chamois or silk. ISc to 50c.
So-Xo-Moro Dre Shield Retainer; no
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Cravrii Dress Shield Pins lOcacard.
WhLk Broom. 10c to35ceacb.
Sanitary Wash Rags, la waterproof
pocLct. 25c and JJc.
New York,
Stop-Over at Detroit and Niagara Falls,
Ticket Office. Eighth and OSive Sis.
and is going to do It; If but twelve are do
ing right, he will b one of the twelve: If
only six are doins rlgr-t. be one of the six:
If but two ar' doing right, be one of the
two. and if one Is doing right, then be the
one and stand alone.
Knahlon Is Itnlnlnir Mothers.
This Is what is ruining you. mother',
keeping up with the fashion. The average
mother now In this country is afraid her
diuchtertf will be old maids all their llvr.
The best, good mother, that you can do for
your daughter. kceD her by your side. In
:mct hr in purity and Christianity and
then you are raising for some noble man
tho best gift God ever gave to man. a good,
sweet. Christian wife. And unless w ccn
break up this state of affairs, unless we cau
trip up the course and get a good intelligent
spirit of manhood to serve us In this coun
try. God alone knows where our world .will
be. Joshua was the sort of a man wa all
want to be.
"Everybody In America nreds s poor
father a father who cannot help him a
particle, but a father that he has to help
then you have a treasure In this hoy. and
develop him Into a grand man. Gentlemen,
do not take vonr boys and let them down
Into the water Inch by Inch, but take him
out on some bluff and throw him about
fifty feet out Into the water, and he will
swim. su'e. So many cf us stand '. the
banks cf the rlxer of Decision and onJrr
and ponder and try to decide whlc way to
-o to he carried the easiest way to th
other shore. Don't stand and lln;er and
wait for something to turn up. Tne inde
pendent fellow goes and turns It up.
"We run with the crowd that Is fashlonr
able that is the Ilea of to-day. I want to
say that thre Is a lay coming when we
will need the Independ-nt spirit, so take
cne or It. I heard n prtachfr sr the othe'
day: 1 bellve I will quit preaching and get
Nine good pcsitlon and get a home. When
he rets the authority that God Almighty Is
dead, then be skoald go to work for a home.
The only way to do In this world Is Jast
?ltch Ir and do like God te!I- us to do.
God will see a straight man clear through
heaven. There Is no trouble If you ar
straight. We need Independent, spirited mco
In the lllinol Legllature.
Men Mast He Independent.
'The pure independent spirit of manhood.
Joshua had that, and having that he Just
turned to th? multitude and said. 'You can
run your own programme, run your own
rrachinc. Just as you please, but I'll tell
you what I am going to do.' A fe'o-r that
has something to say to a crowd, that Is the
style of msn I Uke. Take thse great law
yers who stand up before a mob of law
;?. people and defy the whole business and
state lo the mob. 'You will never lynch
this man until vou have shot the life out
nt me: I ttIU die here.' Give me the fellow
that stands for something. Most of you
fellows rtand. but vou are no good as a
majority. You are not ae good as a mile
oot down there on the railroad track tell
ing the distance from one station to another.
Olve me the fellow that stands for some
thing. Tou are a temperance man, but
CASTOR ! A rsftfcstsdcaiK
JfeaKiid YsuHa.e Always Bugfrt
17x32 Hemmed Huckaback, regular
price 12Uc, sale price 10c.
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20x40 Hemstitched, regular price
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22-inch, vtry nice quality, regular
price $1.25. sale price $1.
24-inch size, regular price $2X0,
sale price $2.
22-Inch Silver-Bleached German
Damask, regular price $3.23, sala
price $2.50.
Pillow Cases.
42x3G and 45x30. regular price
12te, sale price 10c.
Hemstitched, regular price 14c, sala
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42x30 and 45x36. fine cotton, regu
lar price 13e, sale price 12e.
Low Prices
SlxOO. bleached, regular price Got.
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00x00. bleached, regular price 70c,
sale price 55c.
73c, sale price GOc. i.Jilij"
Japanese Telescope
So much used for short trips or
where very light-weight hand-bag Is
wanted; all sizes, 14 to 24 inches,
50o to $1.75.
Straw Satchels for luncheon baskets
ot bathing suits 11-inch size. 35c;
13-Inch, 50c; li-lncb, 65c; lG-Inch,
The Osteraoor" Patent
Elastic Felt Mattress.
Is hygienic and the most elastic
mattress made. It docs not become
lumpy nor uneven, the patent felt
being everlastingly springy. We
will be glad to explain its good
points to you. Prices $11.70 and
515. Sold in St. Lonis by only
Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney.
$20.00 Hound Trip
Atlantic City,
ton t stand for It. I believe in a rellow
startdlng for his people and when his whola
party comes down the road, be like old
JMmbo on the railroad track. Rather thsn
move out of the way at the signal of the
whistle, go down Into the ditch with it.
This. Is the style of fellows wa need now!
We want men who ore going to make some
thing of themselves. 'Choose you thoso
whom you will serve!'
What la Meant by Choice.
"What do I mean by choice? There Is
where the whole thing Is breaking down. It
is choice. Wo will take common sense and
peoDle both this morning. I believe in the
omnipotence of God as much as any man.
alive, but 1 say to you to-day we want to
make every man understand what we mean.
The question is not a thing of desire or
preposition. It every man was good that
firoposed to be good, we could all b good;
t every man was good who Intended to be
good, we would all be good. But proposi
tion, inclination or desire never made a
man good. It rests alone slmplv upon the
choice of the human wo-ld. When God
comes up through Intelligence to the human
world, he can stand on the step and knock.
Oren the door and he will come la and
shout with vou.
"When you give a fellow a nice collere
education, on finishing he must have a high
position, or be will stay with his mother
until he does. A college Is to a man what
a grindstone Is to an ax. If vcu leave It on
long enough thero will be nothing left but
the handle so with a bov. Leave him In col
lege long enough, and there will be noth
ing left but the handle.
"You ar? Just the kind of a Christian to
day that you choose to be good or bad.
tenth-rate or flrst-clas". There- U not a,
man in heaven to-day that ought not to be
there, and there L not a man In hell to
day, and never will be one. that ought rot
to b there. The man tlmt chooses to be
good and settles It In his will. Gol bless him.
and If. when h Is called to his eternal
home, re hrs lived true to hW principles, ha
will have earned the reward."
Two Hundred Local Politicians De
part for Judicial Convention.
About XO St. Ix)u!s Republican politicians
started last night to the Judicial Conven
tion to be held at Joplln. beginning to
morrow. Both the Missouri Pacific and th
Frisco trains were crowded and attached
to the Missouri Pacific train was an extra
car chartered by the St. Louis Republlan
In the delegations were: William H.
TTahn. Augustus Fllley. Theodore Kalbfell.
Charles Nagel. Charles C. Allen. Allen C.
Orrlck. J. C Taussig. Charles E. Carroll.
Doctor lax C. Starkloff. Clinton A. Welsh.
John B. Owens. John P. Smith. Vincent
Kerens. Norman L. Florshelm. R. C.
Kerens. F. W. Schautte and Charles H.
Bears tha
. Eignatcro
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. ?!' uraJw f j-a i W''-Cj
jmmmimiiarr-t-imfntm- mrtuiwi
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