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Almost Every Nationality Was Represented and Children Trooped Forth by the Hundred from "Kerry Patch' "Little Italy" and "Little Jerusalem.
The solicitation of Andy Gazzolo. Delegate
from the Fifteenth Ward, has secured the
use of a portion of the appropriation for
concerts In the crowded tenement district,
for which Carr Park is the sole open plot
of around tho only place v. here the
cramped humanity of tha neighborhood can
get a breath or fresh air and a sight of
Ereen grans.
Well's Band gave a concert at Carr
Square a week ago last night, and will give
another the latter part of this month. It
was a noe!ty to that section of the city
The exhilarating refinement": of Mfe aro
seldom enjoyed there, not from lack of ap
preciation, but from lark of monj bread
and butter first, then pleasure Th'n Is tho
inexorable rule among tli2 poor, and the
margin for enjoyment I very mrrow In.
the region north, south and east or trr
Park. They do not often seek muIc Tha
opera and the orchestras, to hear which an
admission fee Is necessary, arc almost un
known to them, partly because they havs
not the admission fee. and partly because
they have not learned to consider the
pleasure given by music -north the sacrlflca
of enjoyments which now take Its place.
Consequently the Salvation Armv musi
cians are the only ones with whom they ar1
familiar, and, in the majority of cases the
only Instrumental music which they bear
reaches them through the bands In the
various parades which they see In the
course of a j ear.
To have a full-fledged brass band dis
course lesonant themes for three noun,
immediately contiguous to Kerry Patch.
"Little Jerusalem" ard "Utile Italy." was
n novelty. It was the first concert ever
given In Carr Park.
Novelty of the Occasion '
'Attracted Many Visitors.
It had perved Its purpose as a playground
for the multitudes of children which swarm
in the locality and had been a blessing to
the tired workmen whs. of evening.", rat
upon the benches, smoked their pipes nnd
breathed In the nlr which was considerably
cooler In tho unobstructed block than in th2
choked streets. But It had never served as
a resort where mus'c could be heard
The concert had been advertised. A
great crowd went to hear. The newness of
the plan attracted many persons. Unfor
tunately, In the open air, where pounding
boards and limiting wall were absent. th
full strength and completeness of saund
were dissipated and did not carry far
nough to satisfy all of the lmmene
throng. But It reached many and was suf
ficient. The members of the band sat In the
open, near the center of the park, and
were roped in from the pressing ciond.
Powerful gasoline lamps afforded tho
light. There were four of them, and they
enabled the musicians to read their scores
with ease. Tho audience, pushing In upon
the ropes, was brought Into the full bril
liance of the light, and the multitude of
faces on the four rides of the inclosare
were in strong relief.
Children predominated. The little ones
trooped forth by the hundreds. It was a
tnost variegated assortment of boys and
girls. Their clothing was of every descrip
tion, and beggars description. Tho only t re
of youth that was lacking was Little Lord
Fauntlerov In his starched collar and vel
veteens. But every kind of street urchin,
from the sturdy, aggressive newsboy to the
frail, thin sufferer from Inherited disease,
made up for the absence of his lordship.
Children's Faces Plainly
Revealed Their Nationalities.
Picturesque Is the word for the Juveniles.
Nationality waa proclaimed distinctly by
their faces. Round-faced, full-lipped,
tanned and curly-haired were the young of
f "Little Jerusalem." and their eyes, big orbs,
jet black for the most part, shone like
gems. Young Kerry Patch was decidedly
different. His hair waa very apt to bo red.
His face bore that defiant "what's-it-tcr
yer" expression. His scant trousers were
supported by one makeshift suspender. .He
The Mounted District Station in St, Louis
is the best appointed police Jail in the
United States.
Located as It Is on one of the hills of
Forest Park, said to be the most beautiful
natural park in any city, the handsome
red brick, stone-trimmed building shows
to advantage from all sides.
Greater care of grounds and building
could not be taken. Doctor William H.
Faulkner, superintendent of police prop
erty, is proud of the structure. He has
given orders to gardeners and Janitors alllta
L i ii i -
M& ilk lralilM -
to observe taste and cleanliness In caring4
for the property, which Is seen by nearly
every visitor to Forest Park.
Flower beds, in which the choicest blos
soms grow, are now1 resplendent with
bloom. The closely-cropped lawn Is like a
green velvet carpet. The graveled drive is
smoothed oyer after.' each horse trods on
it and the stone coping Is scrubbed on!
kept Immaculately bright. Trees are not
yet plentiful near the building, but growing
maples promise to some time enhance the
already beautiful spot. On the hottest days
In St, Louis employes of the Police Depart
ment work comfortably at the Mounted
District Station.
There is a royal love story, which !s
very human and very tender, of which very
few persons know anything. When P'!n
cess Beatrice was quite a joung glrU E'l
gene Louis Jean Joseph, who ivai sot of
llmperor Louis Xapolcon, came to Windsor,
and the two fell Instantly In love Willi each
other. For months they kept the etret
but the day came wh-n their affection w is
ulsvovered. Then fate proed very unkind.
Th engagement was broken off, and the
Listening to the band.
Prince Imperial went away, fil'-ed with ue
spair. With sorrow in his heart he went
out to the Zulu war-, where, after fighting
with lare-dell desperation, he was rnhap
piy killed on June 1. 1ST3. and a mtion
mourned his loss. The Princess; who lov.-d
him. waa heartbroken, and with hr own
hand slie placed a w reath of porcelain upon
his cotan.
"I want It ta last like my love for him."
These were hqr only words. And he
went away sorrowing.
The two women- love each other, ani wh"i
Eugenic dies Princess Beatrice will Inherit
ail the fortune whl h would have been ghen
jo the dead Prince, whom King Edward de
clared had "lived the most spotless cf lives
and died a soldier's death."
A prominent member of the protective
For mutual protection the farmers of Ma
coupin Covr.ty, Illinois, have organized a
protective society for tho capture of horse
thieves. Its object Is to causa the arrest of
all persons stealing stock from members of
the organization. It came into existence
about three years ago
The society meets once a month at tho
Prairie State Grange, located about six
miles from Plisa. It has no resular ofll
cers, but special meetings can be callol by
any member of the organization w hen thero
is business of Importance to dlscuvs
When members of the society Incur ex
pend In tracing a horse thief, an assess
ment Is made and tho amount quietly paid.
Members have grown accustomed to being
called from their beds at an early hour of
the morning by a neighbor who has suf
fered from tho depredations of horso thlees.
A few minutes later the two farmers will
be ridinn rapidly toward the house of an
other farmer, and long bafore daylight a
By Miss Jessie D. Worstell.
During thl3 sultry weather, when the
Dor Star reigns, one's thirst 13 likely to
keep pace with the appetite and more. We
crave something to drink that is at once
refreshing, cooling and satisfying.
A certain risk is involved in partaking
too freely of ice water, when one la over
heated, as well as when traveling. Tho
germs of typhoid lurk In Impure water, and
even sometimes in the inviting waside
One cannot be too careful. Thcreforo
.simple beverages are more apt to be safe,
as well a3 healthful.
Root Beer Flvo ouart3 of lul.e warm
water, two ounces cf bruibed ginger root,
,beer extract, two and a half cupfuls of
granulated sugar. Reserve one cupful of
the water in which to dissolve the jeast.
Mix all the remaining Ingredients and last
ly add the j east. Stir all well together nnd
set in a warm place, well covered, for
twenty-four hours.
When possible use the beer bottles with
,pgto ,
posse will be following the tracks of tha
stolen animal.
Possessing an expert knowledge of ani
mals, they can follow the tracks of tho
stolen horse almost as unerringly as a
bloodhound follows the scent. The thief run
to earth, the proper authorities are notified
and his arrest and trial follow. Since the
organization of the society, it has beei
found that horse thieves shun that county
as they had not done before.
Tho most prominent members of the so
ciety are Charles E. Low Is, who Hve3 near
Piasi, and his brother-in-law. Roy Blrken
maer, who lives twelve miles west of
I'iasa. Thcv have figured in nearly all the
chases after horse thiecs in the last year.
One of the longest chases that the society
had was about a jear ago, when a horse
belonging to John Beebe of Piasa was
ftolen. The thief, fearing cipture, wrapped
sicking around the hoofs of the stolen ani
mal. Mr Lowla had the criminal ar
rested at Madison two daja after the horse
was stolen.
the cork attached. This amount will fill
tweHe bottles Allow them to stand in a
PC,eetf.e,y Wafm C',0set for about we
Place the number of bottles desired In the
refrigerator for several hours before serving-
Ginger Beer Four quarts of boiling
water, two ounces of b.-u!;ed ginger root,
juice and rind of one lemon, one and a half
pounds of granulated sugar, one-quarter of
a yeast cake, two ounces cream of tarter.
Preserve half pint of the water, and
when it becomes lukewarm dissolve the
yeast in iu Put all the other ingredients
Into a large bowl, adding the yeas. In
seven hours strain and fill the bottles.
Keep in a cool place for several days.
Maple Beer Two gallons of boiling
water, pint of maple sirup, half a table
spoon essence of spruce, half a pint of
yeast. Mir the boiling water, syrup and
spruce together and when lukewarm, add
the j cast. Let it stand until it begins to
was nt the concert simply because there
was "something do'nV
Young Italy was dark and swarthy Ills
ces were snapping black.
At times he was islbly Interested in tho
muic. lie or she, for the masculine pro
roun i used In the general sense lent an
element of tasteful color in dress Jinny of
the little Italian girls were pictures m
themselves. Bj some indefinable art they
seemtd to hae secured a relation between
the rich brovvn of their tlesh, the blicK
brillancc of their hair and the tint of their
(Irenscs which many who study the art of
dressing could not emulate. Their faces
and their bare legs were undeniably dirt ;
their hair was in a tangle; their skirts were
cM and in cut were evidently the product
of their own untutored notion of what
dressmaking should be Yet the effect was
harmonloa'. At the Carr Park concert the
aud once called to m.nd ihe old truth that
then is no price on btautj that this is ono
of the few things which it dl tributes aa
frec.y among the pcr at among thj rich.
Isolated Groups That
fit' of Particular Intoicst.
Isolated groups there -n er of p articular
interest. One massh e-f rametl Ilolicmlan waa
e-cortir.g no les- than seen chiUrtn Two
wire Inf mts In one taby carr.age. and both
were cr:. Ing their loudest. The rest were
ali under 10 and were as attl-.c and as
oeiferous a quintet as ofen is seen Their
ar.oas excursion-. Into the crcvwl were
causing the parent no end of trouble. He
w.u.d temporarily leai e the biby carriage,
to return a moment later with the culprit.
Tii.ie i.c from the expres'ion of his face
lie ImiI In his ni.nl the IsIon of an angry
wife shouM he fail to return the baby go
cart't load In salety.
Ihe tjpicai "nigger" and her "tlddj"
wtie also in eUence. They whistled "a
shrill accompaniment to every bar of rag
time iht was pi lyed. Among old mn
ure sirjng tvpr". from tfe JuwWi rabbi
n the seared Usage of the Irish "tarr'cr."
The inickanlnnv was tumbling around on
lil hnwleet without s gn cf escort, and
rfW-.irid to be enjojing thu gala event Ira-mcnselv-
nie character of the music wia adjusted
to Ihe audience. Sme pure mtlodk's w re
introduced, and a little of pyrotechnics. Just
n shun that the bini .uuld manipulate
e .mplic.ited scores. But dance music und
the sjnccp.ited im farce was given a place
There as "The Liann of Love," the walu
"I-azarre." "Songs pf Ireland." "Yankee
Doodle." "A. bum Lt.aes From Popular
Song-i." aid a good o!d-tme galop. Also
one pictorial scene entitled "In Defense of
the Kiag " Its tull explanation na3 as fol
lows: War Is Threatened Rcmorstrance of the Na
tions "Undo fan's" Ultimatum Approaca of th
Troops rartlrc Semes All Aboard for the fcouth
A Southern cen Life on the Ocean "IlockeJ
In the Cradle of tie Deep" ilornplp- by the Jack
les "Tcps" .Viiht on Southern Water" Vision
cf Home 'To Arms" lursalt of the Enemy
The Majestic SiuaJton ' Coznmencc Firing Hat
tie Scene "Star-Spar.sled Banner" the Brnblea
of the Tree
This appealed particularly to Young Ker
ry Patch When the "battle" began, the
bass drummer deserted his post and dis
charged a battery of pistols In quick suc-
Kcrry, dallghtcd, was all attention.
I'oet and the Atmosphere.
Once upon a time a poet composed him
self to write some stirring verses on the
building of the great tunnel, but strug
gled In aln to get an Inspiration worthy
of his subject.
"I cannot do It now." he said. "I must
go where the men. like gre.it moles, are
burrow irg, and imbibe the influence of tho
environment. I need the atmosphere. I
must be moed by It, and drink it in for
He went, nnd the moment he reached a
point of vantage there, was a tremendous
explosion, which hurled him Into the air
and out of sight. The poem was never
Moral It Is possible to have too much
Who conceived the Idea of a telephone sys
tem connecting neighboring farms.
Mr. Beebe heard the horso going out of '
the barn, but could not get dressed befor
the thief was out of tho gate. He soon
notified the other members of tho society
and within an hour ther were on the
thlers trail. A slight rain the night befora
made the trail visible even In the darkness,
and they were so close behind tho thlet
that the methods he adopted to throw them,
off the scent proved ineffectual.
Besides b!ng prominent in the Hors
lnieves Protective Society. Mr. Lowls Is
the originator of the farm-to-farm tele
phone system of Macoupin County. H
-eaw the advantage of a telephone system
controlled by the farmers themselves, end
about a year ago began to Interest his
neighbors In the scheme.
A line was run from his home to Ptass, a
distance of two miles. Other farmers be
came Interested In the Idea, and a central
office was established In the grocery store
of Ahn,er Stratton at Piasa.
Fidelity. Medora. Birghton and Shlpman.
other towns in the neighborhood, were soon
connected by the farmers' telephone line.
ferment. Bottle It nnd in three days It will
be ready for use.
Grape Juice Add one quart of water to
three quarts of grapes free from the stems.
Let then come slowly to the boiling point,
then strain through a thick cloth. Return
the liquid to the lire, let It again come to
the boiling point, then pour into hot glass
Jars or bottles and seal at once.
A wooden spton and a porcelain-lined
kettle should be used In preparing this.
The best grapes for this purpose are tbs
blue varieties. The grape Juice mixed with
a little soda water makes a pleasant and
Invigorating drink for a sick person.
Blackberry Cordial Two pounds of sugar,
half an ounce of allspice, half an ounce of
ground nutmeg, half an ounce or ground
cinnamon, quarter of an ounce of ground
cloves, two quarts of blackberry Juice, one
pint of best French brandy. Boil the sugar.
Juice and spices for two hours; strain;
while hot add the brandy; cork, seal and
set away.
Cider Cup One pint of cider, one sherry
glass full of sherry, one sherry glass full of
brandy, one llquer glass full of Curacoai
half of an orange, sliced: piece of Ice. rind
of one lemon, one sllco of cucumber, specK
or nutmeg and sugar to taste. Mix in ttt
order given.
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