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Head of tlic Opposing Forces to the
Great Eastern Lines Com
ing to St. Louis.
J. P. Park Is Appointed General
Freight Agent of Cotton Kelt
Frew Made Assistant Train
men to Demand Increase.
George J. Gould, president of the Mis-
Fouri Pacific and Iron Mountain and at
the head of the great Gould sjstem of rail
roads, will have a record-breaking ride
to St Louts from Detroit this week.
rrom Missouri Pacific hc-idqunrters it is
announced that Mr. Gould probably will
arrive in St, Louis the latter part of the
week or Sundaj. But Joseph Ramsev. Jr.
president of the Wabash, will depart for
tho East to-daj. and it is understood that
he will meet Mr. Gould at Detroit to-morrow
From Detroit tho two presidents will de
part In a special train and probable stop
over at Chicago If this stop Is not made,
ihev are expected to arrive in St. LauLs to
morrow night President Ranuey evadid a
question jesterdaj, but it leaked out thai
tho Wabash pi ins to give Mr Gould a ride
to St Louis equal to anj" in speed and
comfort that ho could get in the East.
The coming of the president of the Mis
"ourl Pacilie and Iron .Mountain, in view
of his expected meeting with President
Ramsey, and the fact that these two men
nre now loading one side of the greatest
fight the railroads have known, is awaited
with Interest. It is, oxpA.ted that the head
of the Gould lines will hold a general con
ference in St Louis with Vice iTesidcnt
varner. General Manager Harding, and
the other officials of the Gould lines with
headquarters In St. Louis
President Gould will inspect all the lines
of the Gould system. Ho will bo accom
panied bv Mrs Gould
Mr. Gould will go over the new lines of
the International and Great Northern and
look over the proposed extensions on that
road. Plans have been made for the ex
penditure of several millions of dollirs in
extending and strengthening the Gould sjs
tem In Texas
' The new Fort Worth extonsion of the
International and Great Northern will soon
bo completed into Fort Worth This is re
garded as being one of the most valuable
of the Gould Southwestern railroad im
provements. Contracts havo been let for a
number of other extensions and construc
tion work lias been besun in some in
stances. The nctlvity of tho Gould interests in
Texas is apparently for the purixise of off
setting the new Texas projects planned by
the Southern Pacific sjstem. the Rock
Island and the Frisco Although George J.
Gould and E. H Harrlman are on friendly
terms, there, is vigorous traffic rivalry be
tween their respective ralload sj stems,
especlallj for the rapidlj growing freight
business to and from the Gulf ports.
The Missouri, Kansas and Texas to now a
much-talked-about road. It Is generally be
lieved that ono of tho Central State lines
will take it in or mako a traffic alliance
with tho road. It Is well established, an J
the present plans for feeders will place It
among the great systems. The Goulds hava
a big Intel est and so has Rockefeller. It
has been Intimated that Mr Gould will ta
pped the Katy, but no official confirmation
of the report ha3 been given out.
The Gould trip into Texas and over tho
general system In tho Southwest is expected
to result in announcements of extensions
and acquisitions of a number of important
connections and feeders The policy of ag
gression In the East is to be extended to the
West, and to the fight with the Pennsylva
nia may be added another In the West.
TarU In Mailc General Frctsbt Agrent
mid FreTT Assistant.
The Cotton Belt Route announces the ap
pointment of J. P. Park as general freight
agent, with headquarters at St. Louis. His
promotion Is effective September 1.
Effective the same date T. C. Frew will
be made assistant general freight agent,
vice J. P. Park
The St. Louis Southwestern Railway Com
pany makes these announcements over the
fdgnaturo of H E. Farrell. freight traffic
manager, with the approval of F. H. Br!t
ton. general manager.
The position of general freight agent is a
new one on the Cotton Belt. It Is stated,
that It lias been made necessary to relieve
Sir. Farrell of part of his heavy duties,
which have becomo very burdensome lately
on account of the great Increase In South
western traffic Mr. Park is promoted
from assistant to Jlr. Farrell, ana, having
filled a position under the latter fcr soma
time, he Is expected to be able to handle
the situation successfully.
Complete Set of Odleern nrnl Officials
jMi-ned for Each Line In State.
L. P. Parker, general solicitor ot the
Frisco system, jeaterday announced the
election of officers and appointment of of
ficials for the separate lines of the Frisco
system In Texas.
Paris and Gnat Northern: B. F. Yoa
kum, president, St. Louis; S. J. Wright, vice
president. Paris; J. F. JlcRevnoldo, secre
tary and treasurer, Paris; J. N. Baliey.
auditor, Paris, Charles Griffith, general
manager, general freight agent and gen
eral passenger agent. Paris: J. II. Haworth,
che f engineer, Paris. C. E. Best, master me
chanic, and J. A Gartland. train master,
Paris. Parl3 will be the headquarters ot
this lino of tho Frisco in Texas.
This complete set of officers for the Paris
line of the Frisco In Texas is made neces
sary by the laws of that State, which re
quire separate headquarters for each sepa
rate line Into the State. The Frisco has
given the lino a. complete list of officers and
officials, and tho announcement is made
that their duties will be more extensive
than appears. ,
The Puns line undoubtcdlj will be ex
tended to the Gulf, potaibiy to Galveston.
There Is a report In circulation to that
effect, but the Frisco officials will make
no statement.
The officers and officials ot the St. Louis,
San Francisco and Texas are. B F. Yoak
um, president, St. Louis, Tom Randolph,
vlco president, Sherman. Tex , C. B. Dor
chester, secretary and treasurer, Sherman;
F. R. Griffith, auditor, Sherman; w. H.
Upton, general manager, general freight
agent and general pabsenger agent, Sher
man; W. N. Huffman, chief engineer, Sher
man; H. C. McKelvej-, master mechanic,
Sherman; D. F. Griffith, trainmaster. Sher
man. Headquarters will be in Sherman.
The other Texas Frisco lines, officers and
.fflMii irhlr-li have been named are the
Red River. Texas and St. Louis and the
Fort worm anu mo uranue.
AVnbnali Carried 950,000 Shipment to
St. PanI From St. Louis.
French L. Nelson, contracting freight
agent of the Wabash, jesterday issued a
statement, showing a shipment of a train
load of stoves from a St. Louis manufac
tory to St. Paul. Minn. The Wabash pro
vided a special train to carrv this consign
ment, which amounted to SoO.OW The run
was made in three days by daj light.
This shipment is one of the first of the
kind to go Into the great Northwest since
the merchants and manufacturers of bt.
Louis began to bid for trade in that sec
tion against Chicago The fact that St.
Louis has gone into the North, or Chicago s
territory, for trade has been made the
basis of a new line north and south through
Missouri and Iowa, now under construction
by Gates. The Iowa and St. Louis is ex
pected to roach St. Louis by next spring.
The Wabash Is securing branches and feed
ers, with other traffic connections, and ex
pects to carry a great trade Into that sec
Proposed JFrlaco Extension Asks Do
nations to IluIId In Arkansas.
The Salem and Eastern Railroad Com
pany has been incorporated in Arkansas,
the line to run from Salem, which is near
the north State line, to the Frisco. The
new road will be wholly In Fulton County.
This line will mako a link In an extension
of Scullln's St. Louis and North Arkansis
to the Frisco, and via that road to Memphis
ard the Mississippi River, which outlets
would give the road from Sellgman, on the
V.t.n. C ,,- . f !.,, ,1 n linn t h i-rti 1 cr Vi
Arkansas with connection for St. Louis
and the Gulf.
The Incorporators of the SalPm line are:
R. A. Youngblood, F. M. Youngblood and
H. F. Northcutt. R. A. Youngblood. pres- l
-Went, has asked the citizens of Salem for
donations of money, timber and real estate. I
and a guarantee for a rlcht-of-way. Palom I
is a town of about SOd population, and is
the county seat of I'ulton County, with a
population of 13.VK) This countj is located
in the heart of the great fruit and mineral
belt of the Ozarks A donations commttt;
will report to a public meeting September o
Concerted Movement liv 11(0.000 E
plojes Inaugurated.
Milwaukee, Wis, Aug 27 The Sentinel
this morning sajs
1H September 1". the large railwav svs
tems of the countrj will be confronted witll
a demand bv 100 vl numbers of the Broth- i
crhooil of Itailwaj Trainmen lor an in
crease In uage. which will mean an atlll
ticral outlaj of Jl.OOO.OvO a month for wages
by railroads in the countrj or the alterna
tive of a strike vvhlen will eclipse in its ex
tent all previ-ui strike", including the dun
onstration ot the American Uailvvaj Lnlon
in 1S91
The demands which have been formu
lated but net jet prefer t'd. are for an In
crease of 2u per cent in wage
St. Louis, Cliicnfro and Western
(hrn Cut Kates.
PassengT representatives of the St Louis
Kansas Citv lines met at the olhc" of As
sistant ficm-ral Passenger Agent P.iMie of
the Missouri I'ntitic vestero.iv aftt-rnocii
and agreed upon low roand-tnp and onc
aj fares for Labor Diy
The ratis are as follows Tietwecn St
Louis and Kinsas CItv. itlier waj. on fare
of J7 ,7j for the round trip, one v iv, cut rate
cf $4 Between St Louis and L ive-iworth.
one waj. straight faie of $t To. Atchiijn
Kas . and St Joseph. Mo . $5, Council
Bluffs. JSTj. Omaha. $1 Tickets on -ale
from August 29 to September 1 '1 he round
trip rates will be on sile the tirst da
The rates now stard as follows ior the
large cities in the triangle St Louly and
Chicagb. JTi for the round trip. Chicago and
Kansas Citv. $10 for the round trip, with a
straight fare by the Santa Fe. and other
fares as named
nonil I"uriilln-d nnil Cae et
Henrlnjr on September :t.
w.i. .,-.!., .xun , 1 ueu me ca-e cu cres- j
Railroad, charged with rastricting the lib
erty of -tnke-breaker. was called in the
Pclice Court to-dav hli attornevs, Ldson
Rich and Charles Dundy, furnished a 1 ond
of 5S00 on each of the ten complaints
The case was set for trial on fceptemberG
Grand Maxtor Lee's statement.
Cleveland (J. Aug 27 Assistant t., rand
Master Lee of the Brotherhood ot Railway
Trainmen said to-dav
"It is true that a concerted movement has
been inaugurated by trainmen and con
ductors emplojcd on the railroads west of
the Mississippi River to -cure uniform
rules and compensation A v ote of the men.
which will probably result in the officers of
the two organizations being authorized to
present requests to the various ronds for
these concessions, is now being taken. It
will, however, be at leapt nlnetj davs be
fore the vote has been completed f hero -is
absolutely no talk of a strike and the pos
sii'i.itv of such a movement is extremh
That such a movement was under waj
mnr Th 'Vely an"ound "' The Republic
more than a month ago. It was formallv
naugurited immcdlateTv following a Sit
ing of trainmen at Kansas City. The move
ment is widespread and is ciplctoj to p?ove
sti onKetrhSL .AraonF railroad oftlaals in
fat. Louis tho opinion is expressed that the
No strik l wiiI?'?"nen nn.d ' railroads,
the raJIroidi hfi fT- as th9 fainmen and
sSme iSfd" .VMJa "". SOCd terms for
21'! .toe?t -i" fair demands. Thpnfi
demands. The move-
mamLeV 1" of oroad
PennKylrnnln Official l St. I.nnls-
Mexlcnn Central EarnlnK.
DiGJ.er " "a" ay Company, vice TF
Mather,, resigned, with headquarters at
Childress. Tox. The official notice was ef
fective last Monda,. and wis signed by Cvl
proved bv n nnrai- s"Pert",'endent. and7 apl
F X. , "y D B- Eeler, vice president
coionei ii. a a n,3t.. i .
s oner for the Missouri ac flc andiron
Mountain, with headquarters at LttfeRok
was at the St. Louis office yesterday In wn
ference with general officials. J'"11"
rrIes "na.tts- general superintendent
of passenger transportation, and E W
Westlake. superintendent of the dining car
?H?'? f,ht Pennsylvania lines, were at
the -vandalia headquarters in St. Louis yes
terday, in conference with J. M. Ches
brough, assistant general passenger ag'ent
or the vandalia, repressnting the Pennsvl
vania lines in St. Louis. The meeting cov
ered the proposed Inauguration of a tast
limited passenger service between St. Louis
and New York.
H. V. Lujster, traveling passenger agent
for the Denver and Rio Grande out of Kan
sas City, was in confe-enco with general
officials or the Missouri Pacific, Iron Moun
tain and Rio Grande at St. Louis headquir
ters jesterday.
The Southwestern Passenger Eureau an
nounces a rate of one and one-third far
for tho round trip to the annual reunion of
the Ninth Missouri Cavalry Association at
Columb'a, Mo , October S and 9, certificate
plan, from points In State.
Frank Gildersleeve, assistunt general
passenger agent of the Baltimore and Ohio
Southwestern, yesterday received from the
Missouri Pacific a special train of 235 sol
diers and nine officers from San Francisco
for delivery at Columbus. O The special
passed through St. Louis last night.
The Mobile and Ohio's new schedule
goes into effect next Sundaj, and at the
same time a dining car service will be inaugurated.-
Meals will be served between
St. Louts and New Orleans and Mobile At
anj- hour, which is a special feature of th"
service. Headquarters of the superintend
ent or d'ning cars and commlssarj- have
been located at Jackson, Tenn.
The annual report or the Buffalo, Roch
ester and Pittsburg slxiws a largo increase
in net earnings, notwithstanding heavj- ex
penditures for construction in reaching into
the soft-coal fields
The directors of the Reading Rallwav
j csterdaj- announced that thej- had declared
a semiannual dividend of 1 per cent on the
llrst prettrred stock or the companj-. paj--able
October 1 This cuts the dividend in
half, and has the effect of prolonging the
voting trust now controlling the affairs of
the company for two jears.
General Manager Dixon of tho Gulf.
Colorado and Santa Fe states that the
striko of the machinists in the companj 's
shops at Cleburne and other points has
been declared off. About TuO men are in
volv ed.
Mexican Central earnings for Ajgut,
in Mexican currencj, show a3 follows:
Third week, J340.4S6. an increase of J73 7S3,
for the three w eeks of August, tl.OSti 22,
an Increase of SSlS.fK'S. Statement has been
isued bv Gabriel Morton, vice presdcnt
and comptroller, from the St. Louis head
quarters. The Burlington has Installed a telephone
svstem at St. Joseph, which practically sup
plants the telegraph for the management
of the companj 's business in that citj- The
company Is using the telephone for business
over the greater part of Its lines, and ex
tensions or service are under waj.
Mrs. J. M Chesbrough. the wife of J.
M Chesbrough, assistant general passenger
agent of the Vandalia at St. Louis, repre
senting the Pennsylvania lines In the Wet.
has Improved wonderfully within the lat
few daj's, and her phjslclana now hope for
her recoverj"
The Baltimore and Ohio has just pliced
an order for 100 locomotives of the 230 which
It proposed to buj The companj- has re
ceived 1.E0O of the 4 000 steel cars ordered.
The Baltimore and Ohio will expend a total
of about J12.COOO0 for equipment and about
K 000.000 for line and j'ard Improvements
this 3 ear.
H. G. Allis has been appointed contract
ing freight agent for the Burlington at Chi
cago. Alfred A. Wild, chief clerk or the Kan
sas Citj- Transportation Bureau, and John
A. Wilson, rate clerk of the Missouri Pa
cific commercial office at Kansas Citj'. hav e
resigned, effective September 1, and will
open a millers' agencj' and traffic bureau
at Kansas Citj'.
Matt Schulter. Industrial commissioner
for the Frisco, departed for Kansas Citj
last night, to locate capitalists of that citv
in Southwestern cities on the Frisco sj's
tcm. The Illinois Central will put In a weeklv
steamshlp serv ice betw een New Orleans ami
Havana, and for this purpose has purchased
of the Morgan Line the steamships Excel
sior and Chalrrctte. This is another movo
bj- the Central to increase the export busi
ness from the North via the South port.
The road will also increase Its import traffic
rrom tne new irpuuuu
Tk. TJiirHrnrfnTi will Ht. It- .rf
weeks nco.
Th.wuMln has m.ide a. tB f .
cenf a mile for round trips on the G. A. r!
excursion date3 between St. Paul and Chi-
"" . . ... . ... ,
-On account of the water on the Pitta-
Popular Comedian and Manager, Tnio Was the Idol of the Theater
Going Public in the Early Da ys of St. Louis, Died Twenty
Five Years Ago To Day Conducted Opera-IIouho
Which Boie His Name for Many Years.
I ; d- 3,
i i$m jtt iff:' '
Ben DeBar, the famous comedian and the
atrical rmnagor, who, it is clilmed, did
more to promote high-class drama in St.
Louis thin anjr other ono man. died here
twentj-llvo vcars ago to-daj-. Throughout
his long career as an actor and the iter
owner, DeBar hid gained the estimation
and love of his fellow actors and tho the-ater-lovlng
public. He left behind at hi?
death a host of friends. Mime of whom still
live, and to the present daj' never tire of
telling of the virtues and talent of the
great artist.
The first appearance of DeBar in St
Louis was In 153S In the role of Sir Benton
Backbite in "The School for Scandal," he
scored a great success, and from that time
his popularitj- with St. Louis theater-goers
was assured. So pleased was the joung ac
tor with his reception that he formed an
affection for this citj' that lasted through
out the balance of his life.
It was not unt'l seventeen jears liter that
DeBar located permanently In St. Louis
During those years he plajed with marked
success in all the large cities in tho United
States and in London Late in the fifties
he became owner of DeBir's Opera-house,
which was situated on the north side of
Pine street between Third and Fourth
This house soon became the best and most
popular theater In the West. It gained na
tional renutation. and manv of the lead
ing actors and actresses of the dav plijed
in it. DeBar managed it and plaved in
some OI tne greatest prouueuons given m
it He appeared with Lotta and a com
pany of stars in an engagement which Is
still talked of In theatrical circles.
Through this venture and an lnterost In
theaters In New Orleans, Memphis and
Montreal, Canada, De Bar amaiswl a con
siderable fortune. While at the pinnacle of
burg division of the Baltimore ond Ohio
being impregnated with acids and waste
from the mills and factories, plans are
tinder consideration for hauling or piping
water to tanks from the distant mountain
XV. S Haines, superintendent of motive
power on the Baltimore ard Ohio lines west
or tne unio taver, nas resigneu c i. .uc-
Dermott. master mechanic, is reported
Mated for the position. F. S Rogers, elder
train dispatcher at Pittsburg, has also re
signed, anu win go .win tne uock isianu at
Des Moines. He will be succeeded bv P. S
Rhodes who In turn will be succeeded by
Joseph Moore.
The Lo-lsville and Nashville is more
than a hair million dollars ahead on earn
ings for the first seven weeks of the fiscal
vear. the third week of August showing an
increase ot $101 :o.
Plot of Prisoners at Jefferson Bar
racks Discoveied in Time.
Sin. pnsoners at the Jefferson Barracks
guardhouse attempted a Jail deliverj lato
Monday night, and had it not been for tha
timely dlscovcrj of the plot bj- Lleutemnt
A. Jurich, ot the Fourth Cavalrj-. seventeen
long-term men would have gained their lib
erty. When discovered the six men were at
work sawing through the roof of the guard
house, and In fifteen minutes more wou'd
have reached the top of the ballding
lieutenant Jurich was olhcer or the
guard, and as he piss"d the grated windov.
of the prison, on one of his rounds, he no
ticed the six Inmates standing on top of the
Iron cage in the center Thej had fofeeJ
a way through the bars Calling the son
tries. Lieutenant Jurich entered the guard
house and surprised the men
Besides the long-term prisoners, tho jail
held twenty-five other men, none of whom,
however. Is suspected of having been 'n
the plot. Lieutenant Latrobe, officer of the
da begin an investigation, and will report
to Colonel Ruckex This is the first attempt
of its kind ever made at the Barracks, the
officers saj.
Pontotoc County Will Have Xo
Voice iu Legislation.
Ardmore, I. T., Aug. 27. In the Moselj
Bjrd Chickasaw governorship contest in
Pontotoc Countj-, Judge George Colbert, of
that countj. declared the vote of August XI
void because of the failure of the judges
who held the election to sign the poll books
certified to htm.
This means that Pontotoc County will
have no representation In the Legislature.
Moselj- now claims 17 votes on joint bal
lot. To BjTd is conceded seven Pontotoc
Countj 's vote, claimed bj- Bjrd, has been
declared Illegal. Indian police are arriving
at Tishomingo to be present when the
Legislature canvasses the vote and declares
the result. .
Services Will Be Conducted by
the Eeverend Doctor Holland.
The funeral of Mrs. Eleanor Knapp,
widow of George Knaut). who died Tuesii.iv
5"c'? l 'e xauui re-iueuce. o. -iu.su
1 m. v-.-. m , ,. i..xj . ., -.
f"e P" K?. " T V,"V.""5U . xPe
pallbearer will 1 be , tar grandsons Henry
ltoelle. G. P. Knapp and Charles Mullikln,
j the latter of Page Brook. Pa. ' i
his fame, however, he launched several en
terprises which proved failures and wer the
cause of his losing almost his entire for
tune He died a comparativelj' poor man
In 1S73 De Bar sold out his theater to a
sjndicate and bought an interest in what
la now the Grand Opera-house.
Do Bar was an Englishman by birth and
was early trained for tho stage His Initial
appearance was In the Theater Hoj-al of
Margate. England He came to this coun
try in IS! I and the following jear appealed
in New Orleans at the old St. Charles Thea
ter He opened the National Theater In
New York In 1S3S and later became manager
of the Hamblln. at the Bowerj-.
One of his greatest roles was that of Fal
staff After the death of Hackett, who ex
celled in that role, the stage lacked a great
ralstair Several actors attempted It, but
soon relinquished the effort. De Bar under
took Its representation aod made a specialty
of the character.
Among the famous actresses and actors
with whom De Bar was associated were
Thomas S. Cooper, Laura Keene, Julia
Dean, W E Burton, Tyrone Power, the
elder John Drew. J. W. Wallack, J. R.
Booth, Charles Burk, Edwin Forrest, Susan
Denin, John XV. Scott, Ben Williams, D.
Marble. E. Lo Davenport, John Collins. Lu
cile Western, Anna Cora Mowatt, XV. R B.
Lake, Charlotte Cushman. James XV. Wal
lace. Jr , and James Hackett.
The funeral of De Bar was one of the
largest ever seen In St. Louis up to that
time. The remains were exposed in state
for two dajs and were viewed bv thousands
ot people. A post-mortem was held on the
bodj' bv Doctor Jerome K Bauduy nnd
Doctor Lankford. Death was caused bj- a
hrain tumor.
The brain was round to weigh
I ftrtj-one ounces.
Fatnlly llnrt bj Train.
riipublic special.
Evansville, Ind., Aug. 27 A passenger
train on the Evansvlllo and Terre Hnuto
Railroad struck August Krause. aged 10
j ears, this morning. He was fatally Injured.
Circuit Attorney to Take Deposi
tions in Snyder Case.
Circuit Attornej Folk departed last night
for New York. While in the metropolis ho
n.nlinlilii ,. Ill nttoml tn ihn tallnn ft
! Hnr.r.,.1, (,,,. i ta r-1 nf nnlmrt M SnvJer
. wnn is under indictment charged with
Mr. Folk intended going to New York on
the same mission several weeks ago, but
other business prevented his departure. He
stated j-esterdaj- that he probablj- will be
absent a week. He has not had a vacation
this summer, and If possible mav remnln
two or three daj-s in the East after the
depositions arc taken.
Jcrse vllle Xiiten.
Alfred Flggen of Qulncj. Ill, la a visitor in
- The Jerpeyville college students who are at
hom on vacation cave p dance last evening at
Bulls Hall, In Veat Pearl street A special
programme was given by Mrs James Colean
and Mbs Juliet Itothwell.
Flftj-four members of the Jersey Countr
Domestic faclenee Clcb went to Vvhite Hall
jesterday. where they were the guests of the
Greene Countj Domestic Science Association at
the innual meeting of that craginzatlon.
The Jersejville Citj Band gave, a public
corccrt list evcrinir, the band stand being placed
at the intersection of Pearl and fctates streets.
laac D SnedeKer of Jersejvillo went to
Plainvlew, 111 jeterdav.
Superintendent J PIl.e of the Jerervill
publie schools is entertain'ng Carroll Bush
i-on of ndltor Push of the Pike Countj Democrat
cf PHtsfleld III
Tt-e Board of Education at Jersejville Is con
structing a new brick sidewalk in front of the
Jersej-ville Hl?h School
Profeor T A Roach of Jerej-v ille has been
.-elected principal of the Kemper school to
Fucceed lrofegor Barnes of Fajettc. Ill, re
signed C Smith has been apiminted acent for the
Chicago. Peoria flnd &t Ju! Railroad at
Dow to succeed A K Thompson resigned.
Charle Tvson of Pueblo. Colo., was a visiter
In Jerevillo vcterUa.
Major V K Oirllr of Jersej-ville president
of tho Terey Countj Trait Growers' Association,
has called a mectlmr of that bodr for the
Courthouse en Saturday evening at which the
condition of the apple crop will be discussed
The fourth annual picnic of Schlev Council
No IIS. rf the Mutual Protective league, will
lie held at Fidelitj- on IVedneMav of next week.
The prlrclpal address will be delivered on "Fra
ternalism" hv K B. Uurson of Utchfield. 111.
A special music programme will be rendered by
the Fosterhuor 111 band
Robert Ste.nmann of Grafton, 111 . was a visits-
In Jereyv ille jesterdaj
Nathan Cole oj Springfield, 111 , was a visit
or In Jerejvll' jestenlij
Kllzabeth C Frost of Fidelity yesterday sold
twelve lots In that village to Jacob Rodell
Doctor George rennington of St. Louis was
the guet of Jersejville friends yesterday.
The Jersev Count Gmnee will hold a meet
ing at th Tralrle Union Grange Hall, east of
Jerseyvllle, on ctember 5
Trl-Clty IVoten.
Arrangements are being perfected bv the
labor organizations of the TrI-Citles for th Labor
Daj- parade Th" route has not yet been se
lected, but probab'y will be along the B!wari
ville road and State street through the three
The public schools of Vnice will not be
opened until Octolvr 1. as It has been found im
possible to complete the new school In tlms
for the regular date of opening. September 2.
Ten -t-oiinir men. residents of the TrI-Citles.
have taken examlratlon for snice in the TTHJLliton-Brown Company Is yet consid
Cnlted States ICavy A recruiting station has fJSr'ihc "largest in the United States, and
oeen openeu at wnotiuuiK.
H. P. Wjatt, who was injured at the shot
tower at Granite City several weeks ago, is
slowly improving at the Deaconess Hospital in
SL IvjuK
Charles Grey of East St. Louis has purchased
the old Coonce place, southeast of Madison; S3,
910 was the purchase price.
Mrs. James Johnscn and Mrs. Thomas Barco
r, rV. SartSrs in Granite CItv this afternoon.
will entertain the lacies cncrm at ine .u. r
m?aTlMt?6mt t0n.aDA
gS'nvUl" Monday fcm h
"wilEun Klppe of Alton was a business vls-
j iiufa PStx setteSls.
Jumps From Fifth I'lace in 3Iuuu-
facturinjr Sim e the Census
ofl !'( Was Taken.
J. S. Goudfellow Gives Keaf-ons for
Phenomenal Giowth and P.i.s
This City Will Soon
Lead the World.
rif;iiti:- showim; citvs. O
t.itouTi: is.iMioi:ii:vu:n.
, Ceps us IlgU'is for lDi ! 1 b 151) r
A Incroa ever previous ceT-us i.O'VOO
rj-timate cf manufactu-ed
s goods foi lrfjJ lfifi-'OOTO ?
s Increases ove- lis iImoM. &.000''0) &
Position a cording to 13J) cenub, sp
O fifth in the 1 nited States
O Present po-itlon. -ucordirg to es- -
J timate. third in the United fctatcS $
The repert of the United Stilus Census
Pureau upon boot and tho manufacturing,
which pi ictd St Ijouis fifth ainorg in
cities of the United Mates in the m mufac
ture of footwear, as published In jester
daj's liepubllc, d'd not do -full justice, ill
the opinion of Iocil v.holeale sl.ee dealers,
to the industrj .is it now exists in th citj,
almost two jeirs after the census was
The report was grat'fjing enough in that
it showed a luo per cent 'ncrease for the
citj' in the v llue of goods manufactured
But hlnco 1S00 it is estimated in round num
bers that another HO per cnt jump has
been made, that the value of St. Louis's
output was last jcar close to JlGtXXUOO. In
stead of is,2S';,15o, as shown bj the cen'su
This estimate was made bv- Flewelljn
Saunders, secretary- of the Business .Men's
League, who has been compiling ligures on
the subject
The value of the jearlj- output for the
live leading cities, according to tho cenMis,
Brockton. Mass JU.Stf.S37
i.jnn Mess . i.ol.TAI
liave-hlll. Miss 1S2.MW
Cincinnati O ... ...4i4
St Ljuis. Mo . . S.,1M
This report showed decreases over tho
census of IS! for the "li-sachuse-tts man
ufacturers. decrtMse-s for Chicago and Pnil
adclphla and Increases for fct. Louis and
The knowledge of thos. familiar with lo
cal condlt'ons in legard to the boot and
shoe business goes to show that the jump
made since lBOo in the est has been phe
nomenal, th it the tendencj to center a
verj' large proportion of the country's man
ufacturing planti in the West and partic
ular In St. Louis has been growing
IlensoiiH for Remarkable Growth.
The reasons as given bj- shoe manufac
turers seem convincing.
"I am quite rendv to believe." said J.
S. Goodfellow, president of the Goodfellow
Shoe Companj, last nlsht nt his home. No.
667 Washington avenue, 'that the manu
facturing buslncs of St. Louis has in
created 100 per cent, or thereabouts, within
the last j ear I think, also, that tho citj'
stands third as a manufacturing center, in
stead of fifth, though the latter was prob
ablj' the case when the census was taken.
"The principal cause for the increase In
manufacturing the city has for some time
bet n flrst in the countrj' as a jobbing or
distributing center is that it Is a distinct
advantage for the dealer to manutacture
his own goods When abaolutelj- dependent
upon buj'ing in the New Hugland States, or
in the Bast, the dealer out here has to
Judge the conditions too far in advance.
He must anticipate his trade and place his
orders before ho knows what tho trade Is
going to be.
"For Instance, last jear we had a drought.
Our customers, perhaps, had manj- of them
placed orders, large orders, with us, but the
drought killed the corn, and It was evident
that there would be hard times. So the
customer!) wore forced to countermand or
ders, and of course we had to accept the
countermand, for It would be foolish to
ship them goods for which they would not
bo able to paj
"But when manufacturing our own goods
we can produce just the quantity to suit
tho market, and are not In danger of being
caught in the manner I mentioned.
""lhi, and the advantages consequent
upon the saving in freight from New- Eng
land here, have prompted almost all large
local houses to do as much of their own
manufacturing as possible. Several who
formerly did not manufacture have begun
to do eo on a large scale The houses
which formerly were manufacturers have
been Increasing their plants greatlj-.
Doubled Cupnctty In a. Year.
'Tirms are beginning to put out new
'lines' never before manufactured here The
old Kellv-Goodfellow comnanv. which has
now become the Goodfellow Companj-, be
gan bj' manufacturing out one or two lines
of goods XV o have been gradually Intro
ducing others, and w.ijhln the last jear
have becun tho manufactuie of 'chean'
shoes on a large scale though prevlouslj
these were almost auogetner manufactured
In the East.
"Our cap.icltj- to turn out manufactured
goods has been doubled in the last twelve
Robert, Johnson &. Rand have Increased
their output in the same manner, also the
Peters Companj- and the Hamilton-Brown
and Brown companies. Dittman has begun
the manufacture of a 'new line' and La
Prelle is manufacturing, though he did not
"Of course, I cannot speak authorita-tivelj-
for others, but it is a fact. I think,
that nearlj every firm in St Louis has
increased its manufacturing capacitv with
in the j ear. One hundred per cent does not
beem too much to claim.
"Tho increase will continue. I think, or
course, all the trade Is not jet supplied by
our own manufactories. The Out Trades.
..uch as Hanan's, are still made in the Kast,
and a large proportion ot tno cneap goods
But I think that, eventuallj-, by far the
major portion of the latter grades distrib
uted by St. Louis firms will be manufac
tured here.
"In the past it has been difficult to get
'cheap labor' That is a term appljing to
the hands who manufacture the cheap
giades. But as we have been growing as a
m.inuracturir.r; town we nave ueen educat
ing our labor, and this process of educa
tion win aio continue to nave us enects
"The workers who are beginners at tho
trade can be used on the cheap shos at
small paj for the price going to labor can
not be verj' large, on 11 anu $i.u gooas
Mobblnc nrlce) The skilled hands, who
work on the higher grades, are gradually
becoming, so to speak, graduates of tie
factories in which the cheap shoes are
made. The labor situation is bettering
Itself, which promises a continued increase
in manufacture
St. I.onls Flrxt n n Distributer.
The prevailing impression that St. Louis's
shoe business is the I-irgest of that of anj
citj- in the world need not be dissipated bj'
the census report, cr bj the estimate tl at
its position in manufacturing is now only
third or fourth.
As a distributer a shoe market, St. Louis
is jet acknowledged to be llrst. As a hip
ping point, prioritj- Is claimed by Boston,
but this, saj local shoe men, is mer.lj' be
cause goods manufactured in small Massa
chusetts towns are billed from Boston, be
cause a -better freight rate is obtained in
that waj-.
The industry Is also more concentrated in
St. Louis than elsewhere. The factories of
local firms are wun one exception that or
v. -nnVierts. Johnson & Rand faetnrv nt
Hannibal In the citj-. This will still be the
cae as Mr. Goodfellow Indicated, so long
asthe labor conditions remain good, and at
nrosent the relation oecween tne utous ui
shoe workers and the manufacturers is
zonrK-'.all the Washington avenue whole
sale houses now do a business amounting to
more than s-.ixw.w a je.n. j-uu ieuvj
local houses dispose of $1,000,000 worth of
roods ner annum. Hamilton-Brown Cora
S. VT,,inl business for 1901 was I6.G37.-
532. the Brown Shoe Company J4.250.000.
It is estimated uwi .i.vw.uw pains ..
shoes were distributed from St. Louis in
1901? at a total valuation of $43,500,000. The
. liitni a larirer annual business.
This Is Rice-Hutchins of Boston, who are
said to have dispqscd of $10.000000 worth of
shoes In the last jear. But this company
operates ix houses in different cities un
der different names, whereas the Hamilton
Brown Company Is centered here and does
all distributing from here.
EVANSVILLK, IND.-The creditors of
Berridge & Newman at Cynthlana, Ind..
filed a bankruptcy petition In the Federal
KeMilents nf tho Vicinity of Ilartford and Juniata Ptroots Arc Snr-
prifci'tl When the 3Ien. Accompanied ly Policemen. Ueuin -
niovinir the Accumulated Filth of Tlntv Years' Standing
TI.e unexpected app'irance of a garbage
wagon in the vicinltj- of Hartford and Juni
ata streets Tuesdav- morning caused great
su-pns to the residents of that neighbor
hood It has been several jtars s.nce a garbage
v.agcn has been -een on the streets In that
section ct the citj' So thick had the filth
accumulated in the all"js th.it it took all
daj to remove the piles of dirt and rubbish
The garbage men were accompanied bv
tvvo p-Hrolmen. who took pains to show
them v here tie d'rt was plentiful Neigh
bors saj the patrolmen had to accompanj
the garbage m i, as tl.j were in danger
of loosing their path in the henps of ashes
and among the piles of tin cans.
Women of the neighborhood vestenlaj
held informal msetings at which the sub
jec' ef d'seusslon was the visit of the garb-
CrJrTCr feM3
Garbage rmn is showered with th" offering"!
of a thankful multitude when his work is
ago wagon Plans were deviled to encour
ago the return of the alley cleaners
Dan XV. O'Connor, who patrols the heat,
was in srrlle" ye-tcrdaj- as he viewed with
pride the results of one v'slt of the cleaners
George L Zimmerer of No. 2SOI Hartford
vmib . ;.-! j.
sk JkS&"sV
Reorganization Effected and Ar
rangements Made for Ju
dicial Election.
The Citj Central Committee and the East
St. Louis members of the County Demo
cratic Central Committee met in the Demo
cratic headquarters In the Arcade building
list night to effect reorganization for the
fall campaign and complete arrangements
for the judicial election, which takes place
Tuesdaj , September 2.
"Get together" is to be the slogan for
the coming campaigns, and this meeting
was noted for its complete harmonj-.
An examination of the court records for
the last four jearg shows that thirtj'-nlno
cases were appealed und"- Judge Canby'3
regime, of which twentj -seven were re
versed and twelve affirmed. During Judge
Cook's term of service twentj -seven cases
were appealed, of which sixteen were re
versed and eleven affirmed. These figures
from the court records give Judge Cook a
slight advantage over Judge Canbj-, whose
ability as a conscientious and competent
Juror has never been questioned.
costs sionn tihv jcijgmet.
AVomnn Gets A erdlct for (! Cents in
Kast St. I.ouls Court.
Two suits were tried in East St. Louis
jesterday in which the costs wre manj'
times the amount sued for
Jake Burgdorff. proprietor of a saloon at
Sixth street and Trendlej avenue, hired
Flank Hermann and wife to work for him
last week. Thej- were each to receive 51
a month. After working two dajs the
couple became dissatisfied and Burgdortf
gave them each 50 cents. The woman
charged a balance due of 65 cents and .h.
man claimed that Burgdorff was still in his
debt to the amount of $1. Suit was brought
jesterdaj- mornirg and in Justice Bojii's
court Mrs Hermann was given judgment
for 65 cents and costs.
Later, in Justice McKane's court. Her
mann was given a judgment for $1 and
costs. Tho costs in eacn case amount to
more than 10. After the trial Burgdorlf
swore out a warrant for Hermann, charg
ing him with disturbing the peace.
FrlendH of .John Ilenlril, Jr., nnd Mrs.
Cnthnrlne Holtfoerster Surprised.
The iriends of John Beaird. Jr.. the well
kno.vn Kast St Louis politician and busi
ness man, were surprised to learn of nis
marriage at Los Angeles. CiI . on August
22 to Mrs. Catherine Holtfoerster, widow of
F.H. Holtfoeister
The couple nave Known eaun nine, ;
childhood, but they were never suspected of
. i,inn mn.A thin ffionrlc In tne
" ,. .... Mnmla tH(V fit-
compinj til u puio ui ''"""' -"''' ex
tended the coiention of the Klks in Salt
. - . . - . I onbo nrrt nn1 at
the close of the convention started on a
tour of the coast States
.vir. iseaira s ue UCu .i i.im 7
and Mrs. Holtfoerster's huband was killed
in a street car aci-iuem co . -.ia ...
Kast St. l,oui Item.".
GorKe Willis and Henry Klisworth wero
nlaccj under bond rach bj Justice Borne
vttrdai. Thej a'e charged with stealing eight
cases of shoes and one case of hats fro-n a rail
road car . ,
-Thomas Hog.in. nscd 1. jcare. was bound
over to the tlraml Jurj in th- sum cf ) t.y
Justlce Ilcnder jotrrdaj He is charged with
iteVlIng s'vtral triple- valves from an lllinow
Central box car
rhe Ea-t St. Iuis Bartenders' Protectlva
Iai5uc .N" "3- v-ill give Its first annual picnic
at oirs Iark on Augt.t 31.
An Ice-cream social will be given at the
Park school. In Winstanlej. on Friday evening.
An unknown man became delirious at Cen
tral Park jeterday. and for a f'-w minutes gave
the park Vmplojes fa hard trugsle to keep him
f "om doing himself and others boolly injury, boc
to" Dot e was sent for and the stranger became
iomewhat quieted. Ue seemed to be suffer ng
frini a very hittl rever VVh-n the phjsician
inace his appearance the fick man broke away
from his captors and is still at large.
The Kast St Louis High School Alumni foot
ball team met laft night and o-ganlzid for the
coinlne reason Ch-ules I'.ing was elected man
ager and A. M Kggmann was chosen captain.
Doctor llertel will coach the team
-The cornerstone o: the school building of
the new sacrea niw in m w '.'M, ,,,
BDiiroprlate ccremonie" en Sunday. Ausuat 31. All
rvfle" The Right HeverenJ John J. Tans-cn
of Belleville Will wiuciaitr, auu .tct..L. . ,....
O'llkl'S- ot bt. Lou's will preach the dedicatory
-Doctor XV. It. Tuttle of Bnjn. O . has been
appointed teacher of history In the nigh fcchoo .
-The parochial school of Sacred Heart Parish
will openon September 8. in the temporary hcad
Sarten. of the parish on North Seventh street.
More than 1W pupils have been enrolled. Sisters
of the Order of serv lies, designated as Serv anu
of Mary, will teach.
-Comt Cahokla. No. 31G. I. O F.. met last
fe"K " "bTgilS vssr SSS1!-
the near future.
Itlo Grande Causes Alarm.
El Paso, Tex., Aug. 27 Fcr the first time
In many months the Rio Grande in this
section is full of water. Hitherto it has
been absolutely drj'. There was an eight
feet rise last night at San Marclal, .. AI ,
and much damage has been done by the
overflow. Considerable trouble has been
experienced by the Santa Fe Railroad be
cause of tho -Ise, and traffic may be im
peded at La" Crucea. The river is rising
alarmingly, raid the rise there Is due to
reach El Paao to-nlsU. t
street, savs when he w ti.e avn?o
wagon headed for his alley, he t aht he
was dreaming.
Jlrs. JI. !. HouN said she had r t se2
host lJ
wckthyi '
1 Jl Wr-x r
Heartj- welcome greets the garb-ige corps
upon its arrival in the long-neglected dis
trict a garbige man in the neighborhood for
three v cars.
So astonished was llrs. Swift of No 3S
Hartford stret. that he wrote a friend of
her a letter bearing the glad tidings of th
garbage man's visit.
Rleetrle Railway Orcnnizcil.
Paxton. Ill . Aug 27 Articles of Incorpor
ation for the Danvi'le. Paxton and Wil
mington Klectrlc Rail waj- Comranj" have
ben formulated and Mtmed I"ominent busi
ness men of this citj- Piper Citj- and Rob
erts. Ford Countj-. Potomac and D-inville.
Vermillion Countv . are interested The firs;
Board of Directors consists of John V
Montelius of Piper CItv - J K. Butz of Po
tomac. J. W Dale of Danville. T XI King
W. O. John-on. George G'ove. W T Pat
ton. J. P. iliddlecoff and Charles Bogardus
of this citv The beard organized by elect
ing J. P. Jllddleenff as president and J. K.
Butz as vice president.
Publication of Marriage Licenses
Spoils Plans of Couple to
Keep the Affair Secret.
Joseph Fohr, Jr.. 19 jears old, and Miss
Meta Geiger, 15 jears old. surprised their
parents and friends bv cloplrg to St. Louis,
where thej- were married on Tuesd ij". They
Intended to keep their marriage a secret
for several weeks, but the appea-ance of
their names in the marriage license column
I spoiled their plans.
I The voung couple have been keeping com-
pan j- for several j-ears, and declared their
I intention to marry some daj-. The declara
tion was treated as a joke bj- the parent-
of both The plan to elope was decided on
two weeks ago.
The joung man is emplojed as a clerk in
his father's furniture store on West llalu
Btret. He told his father he wished to go
to a picnic on Tuesdaj', while the joung
ladj- informed her mother tint she had
some shopping to do.
According to arrangement the couple met
In the West End, where th"y boarded a
suburban car for St. Loul", going from
there to Clavton. Their jouthful appear
ance was against them, and a license was
refused Tliev then applied at tne St.
Louis Citv- Hall and were successful in get
ting a license. The couple returned to tnelr
respective homes in Belleville and sal-
notning until jesterdaj-, when thej- aomitted
being married.
nellevll!e ws otes. '
The Reverend J B l!ou of Eat St. Iy-ulT
will piejch at the Kitt St II Church on Sunday
alterroon and evening.
Joeph Schilling has tiled ult In the Circuit
Court tor j:,001 damage ag-i.r.t tho Cons II
.t..t,.4 r-.i f nm.rtni.' r r t.,ni for Tiero-ul
! injuries sustained In an accident in one ot tho
ccrnpanj- mine.
JlrJ Sophia schwoelel h."s filed suit for di
vorce from l-rerterlck Schwcebel. to whom she
was married on Janu fy 27. ItST. nn I witli whom
he lived until UlS l5. !"0i Sht charges him
with drunkenness and neglett 'u provide for hcr
telf a-ld eMId.
Mr? Theresv Jiccbs on jesterday filed sul
In the Circuit Court for di.crve fron. Valentin
Jacobs win ra slie chi-gs v.ith erucltj They
lmve live children. Sir" Jacobi aNo a'ks trie
court lo restrain 1 er huiband t rm el'sio'inir ot
their propert ;.erid'ng the trial of ti.e suit.
Sirs llaibari Welerhach a. for Jlorc
from Albert Wcle-rbach to .thorn he was mcr
riid on Starch 10. 18ST. the iharges him w.th
repeated drunl.enne ard crueltj and failure f
provide for herself and children Sh a-ks fpr
the custody or the children th- uve ot the
household furnltu-e ard alimonj cuiliclent to
provide for the children
A mvterious society K-iown as thf S. S. S.
S S. .vas orKa-uz"d mo, g the v-unis ror
of the I'lrst II. ! L'mrcli lat night The mem
Ler cf the club refu e ta dlvulse wh t the ll
Rials nvan. but admit that th" oblect ot th
organization i3 to promote a good time r r
the members
Ccnrad riveter, the 10-j ear-old son of Mr.
am: Mr Murtln l'ither of But -trect. was
struck on the h ot bv a piece ot g.a thrown
b a companion nnd an artcr, veaa severed.
Doctor Henry Relii dre-sed the Injury.
John Schrumm. aceo ) jears. who cl-jlms
Eat st l-nalt as his r"-'dence attempted tn
obtain a marriage licene vestenlaj to weit
Ida VUlcn a n'ro woman from Brooklvn. He
seemed virv anxious to marry the woman, and
told the clerk h was part negro himself. He
had none of the featu.es of a negro, however,
am: the clirk refused to iue the lleenre. lie
clalmeil to have rccentlv come from the soutn.
Roy Mei-.fr a rounrt-man for the water com
ranj. was held uo last night while on hi rounds
and relieved of his watch and eieral dollars In
cah The hlghw lyrrai was a negro About twn
weeks ago M-lser was l-eld nPbJ- a white man
at the ame tprt a lat night's rob!ry. nad
separated from mc Iwr-e change at the point
cf a revolver. Yesterd-iv he applied to b herlfr
Klckham for an appointment as Duty. and
will in the tuture carrr a revolver on hl3 rounu.
John R Railer ot Kast St. Louis odoptel
Veille DoilV aged 10 jears. In the Countv Cou-t
feV "irta? The icTrl s rvther. n"j'',D?y'e'A11
about a week ago He left a policy in tlio A. O.
V VV. Lodge, or whk.h the girl is the bene-ficlarj-.
Democratic Candidate for Congress
in Fifteenth Texas District
Corpus Chri-ti. Tex, Aug. 27.-Jonn :N.
Garner of Uvalde was nominated a3 the
Democratic candidate for Congress from
the Fifteenth District by the Democratic
Convention at Laredo to-daj-.
One bottle of the Texas Wonder. Hair
Great Di-covery. cures all kidney ana blad
der troubles, removes gnvei. cu-e sb.
slmlnal emissions, wreak and lnrne backs,
rheumatism and all irregularities of the
kIdnSs and bladder In both men d wom
en regulates bladder troubles- in children.
If 'nototd by Vour druggist, will be sent
tv mail on receipt of SI. One small bottle
Iswe.montns' trPeatrneat and will cure anj
case above mentioned. Dr r 4. HaR.
sole manufacturer. P. O. Box 6. St. Louis
JIo. Send for testimonials. Sold by all
druggists. Office 2331 Olive street.
nnAD Tirjs.
St. Louis. Jlo.. Aug. 23, 1902.-Dr. E. XV.
Hall: Some four years ago I had. serious
kidney and bladder trouble. I ordered a bot
tle of your Texas Wonder, half of which
cured me sound and well. Have recom
mended It to manj-, who ha e used It wltti
satisfaction In every case. I think that
jour remedj- has no equal, and can con-sclentlouslj-
recommend It. Tours truly.
TSrlVl fefiii.
si -- j?-j&s-&m.
. -?- ,w fjn ?w --wy ,
L i& &4P - s.

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