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There -was no relief for the longs In yesterday's grain market. Eoth wheat and corn
were again on the downturn, with no effort to check the declines in evidence. In wheat
the roost depressing Influence was news from the Northwest that favorable weather con
ditions for harvesting and shipment prevailed In that section and that the receipts at
Minneapolis and Duluth were being very slowly absorbed. Millers and export buyers In
these Important centers were playing a waiting game in anticipation of loner prices. Re
ceipts at St. Louis were again comparatively heavy and there was practically no outside
speculative demand for options. The cash Inquiry was not sufficient to form the basis of
hull movement. Foreign markets were generally dull and lower for American breadstuffa.
Bright weather was a dead weight on the corn market. All other domestic centers
reflected the bearish feeling cf speculators and investors and rriccs were even weaker
than those of wheat.
Sept. wheat opened ?Jc off and closed 9c off.
Sept. corn opened c off and closed IVic oft.
Sept. oats closed l-16c off.
Receipts of produce were heavier than for several days, but the buying demand for
fruits and vegetables was good and declines were' slight.'
In local securities Mechanics' National Bank was again the feature. Other Issues
were a trifle easier on light trading.
Yesterday's bank clearings were $5,935,737, balances JSIS.IaS. Discount rates were
steady Between 5 and 6 per cent.
Spot cotton was quiet and unchanged in
Northwestern Advices Show Fa
vorable Conditions for Ship
ping Spring Wheat.
None of the excitement of the last few
days was In the local grain market yes
terday. All hands were apparently of the
opinion that the bearish viewpoint was tne
proper one, considering the weather out
look and the character of the statlsti:al
In the preceding twenty-four hours little
rain had fallen and advices from the North
west were distinctly bearish. Cash prl;cs
for spring wheat In that section were es
pecially weak. Offerings were again free
ruid outside buying orders were scarce.
Trading was mainly In the hands of local
professionals and scalpers. Receipts at St.
Ixmls were on the Increase and foreign
markets were weak.
The Cincinnati Price Current in Its week
ly summary says: Spring wheat thrashing
progressing moro favorably than last week,
though there were Interferences by show
ers early in the week and In some sections
delays by rains havo mado harvesting and
thrashing a little late. Winter wheat move
ment normal and while receipts continue
i to grade low there seems to be a tendency
to slightly improve. The rains in the South
west Interfered somewhat with stack
Sept. wheat opened c oft and sold at:
64UC. 64?64WC. C4Hc. 4c. 64l,c, 64,c. 64U3
S4VJ. 64UC. 64V4SG4ic. Dec sold at 64;4C Or.
HC 6S14 MTic, &4J.Sl6Se, 64ic. 63c. 64Hc.
C5c ic. C4ig4j,c CV.ic Hay sold at CSVic
There was not a gleam of encouragement
for the corn bulls. All other domestic Mar
kets wero sharply on the downturn and
longs here, as elsewhere, were willing to
let go on a declining scale. Aside from fair
weather In nearly the entire belt there was
little news calculated to affect the market.
Sept. corn opened at Sic off and bold at:
54We. B3u;c, 54Hc 54c. Dec sold at C6c. SiTic,
JSc. JSic 35$b8334c, 35Hc. Hay sold at 35Tc
Receipts of wheat at St. Louis were 1SL
276 bu., of which 6.K7 ska and 1S3 cars local
and 2 cars through, against 127,139 bu.. of
which 3.553 sks. and 101 cars local and 4S
cars through, in 190L
Receipts of wheat at primary points were
325.478 bu., against L23S.WK) bu. a year ago,
and shipments were 710.762 bu.. acalnst BSL-
000 bu. The Northwest received 31G cars,
against 460 cars in 1901. Chicago received
22S.431 bu.. and Kansas CItv 11.T&JO hti. The
clearances of wheat and flour were equal to
E19.454 bu. of wheat.
Receipts of corn at St. Louis wero 11,450
bu.. of which 0S0 sks. and 6 cars local and 4
cars through, as against 54.400 bu.. of which
6S cars local and 10 cars through. In 1501.
Receipts of corn at primary points were
ES947 bu.. against C54.000 bu. a year ago. and
shipments were 102.165 bu., against 67S.C0O
bu. Chicago received 50.S00 bu.. and Kansas
Citv 5.700 bu. The clearances amounted to
' ou.
Keceipte of oats at St. Louis -were 40.500
bu., of -which 26 cars local and 4 cars
through, acalnst 3.400 bu.. or which 23 cars
local and 7 cars through, in 1ML Ship-
ments 2X315 bu.
Receipts of oats at primary points rcro
C00.859 bu., against 5S7.00S bu.. In 1901. and
Fhipments were 420.913 bu., asainst 138,003 bu.
The clearances amounted to 17,101 bu.
Caxli Grain, Klonr, Etc.
-Tv-HEAT-Cash Market-IlcceiDts C.SS7 sks
1S3 cars local and 2 cars through. By sample, car
lots, del.: No. 2 red at 66c W. and 66c. H. ride
-.. M .cv. . VI7.1-. maiiiij n ot-A4iiwc tor lancy
"W. and 6o to 65c E. side. No. 4 at 61c to2V5c
rejected at S3653HC; no-grade at E446CSC. Skd.
and switched elevator: No. 2 red at 65c No 3
iv :r -i mi n. ni-.. ...aI i . ,. ..-... .
red at 64Vtc No. 3 red at 6lic No. i at ISHcT
?Iwd lnitrrNS7.B"? deI- flt "87V4c and quo
table at 66c for Nebraska to 6Sc for fancy turkey:
No. 3 sold at CSgeVjc and Nebraska nominally
CJc No. 3 sprlnjr sold at Klic "mijr
COHN 2ah Market-Receipts SSO rks and 6
cars local and 4 cars through. Bv sample del
ICp. S sold at E4c W. and 6Hc E sld- No
, white at Clc an No. 4 white at cSV side. No"
M3 ffiafsoc N" 3 rC"W at A
' OATS-Cash Slarkct-rtecelpU 26 cars local and
cars through. Ily sample. deL: No. 2 soldat c
4 at 2SUe to ffir. nnlv whit An,A54 W .
j 7 vr.V i.. - Du- m elevator: iso.
w5'Si,c"la ?41, 53- - white quota- j
Die at 26n ana Jo 3 nt Slff?-.. s"" I
rtvrij-Ta- v 77.i . . , i
L"-v No. . salable at 0c and No s ni 1
4647c del. E. side.
BARLEY At 65c.
, FI4.XSEED-51.36.
i JfLOUR Quotations are as follows: New soft
.' !v,,Kt.1!20r ln 'wood Patents 53.203.30: straights
Pi?-13'- cxtra "& S3.90S3: clear J2.75SI
i-75 .. K4cs .ii(a--.w: oin io-(fi5o hlghn;
ent 53.40S3.m- hntv
BRAN Soft winter bran sold E. side basis at
Si?i m iH?.11 c ,n small sks. At mill bran
"yjSJJt 653670 and ships at 90695c.
oHa FLOUR-Jobblng at 53 ln sks. and 53.25 In
JrI"aIFAI-CU,v.?1a, - b- : pearl,
crlts and hominy 53.20.
.7AY;7Rflm''. m tons 131 BI"I tonn
through; shlppej 175 tons Quote tlmothv on E.
Nn - tngai : 1 J,,0"-M: - - J'S'io.so;
pV??erDatA.SraI'rEn-a1 at "'
WinSKT At 51.31.
St. Lonls Cnrb JInrkef.
Wheat-pec. sold at C4c and that bid: pufc
5&: f Vi1.8 eJ: svU J7ered .Rt cnc- puts
- S,S:-SS M,c- S?i-Dc sold at S54li!ie;
puta 35?c; calls 35Uc-
Price on 'Change.
The following tables show the rangs of prices
on future and cash grains: v
" Cloed Tlnnea rtA.
Wednesday. Yesterday. Testcrday.
. Wheat Sept,
Corn Sept.
t Oats Sent.
Dec ......
...BJH 61 R64H
64's a I
t-4 1)
2S, b
...6S.b 67.ftC7
...55H t3Ul354'i
,..26726H 26iisrt6U
...26Vib 25325
Cash wheat, com and oats ranged;
Yesterday. Wednesday. Tr. Ago.
Wheat No 2 red.65K(S.... r.Jif?67 f5 e
No. S red 64 B65 64 Q65 tiV,&..'.'.
NO. 4 red 61 g3 62V44i63 64 &.".
No. 2 liard 68 ges 67 C69 ....II"
Ctorn No. 2 mxd.55 w.... St 54Vi 43 W-...
No. 2 white 61 f.... 60 q.... 44H...I
No. 3 mixed... S4 034i 66U ......
No. 4 mixed 60 .... 55 &.... 43 ....
No. 2 yellow....E6 it.... 29 (rti 42Ke'....
No. 3 J-C110W....5S &.... 27 23 ....&....
Oats No. 2 mxd.29 30 21 R294 20 Jr....
No. 2 w'te (old) 42 .... 43 0.... 56 &....
No. 3 wte(new)33 34 331'j4 ........
No. 4 white 2m3354 31 sf-S3i SO &....
. No. 3 mixed... .27H:SIS 27 25 S94$....
Euttet DulL Quotations: CreameiT Extra 20e
lirsta 17eiSc: B-eonds ISSlCc Dairy Extra la
.' 17c; firsts 14J15c: grease 4C Ladle-packed Ex- i
i-ia. iLc; nrsts lfui&c (country uioice. ic; poor
, to fair Bgllc
. Eggs Current receipts 14tfc to 16c. Receipts
J 1.0W local and 2S8 through: shipped 1.S50.
; Cheese Jobbing: Tlna at He: singles lie;
dairies ll,c: Y. A. llttc; lone horn lPac: Llm
' Mir5?" liailt$c Swiss-Choice 16gl7c; No. 2
. 12Jiei3c Brick H412c.
Tork New ManfiaTd $17.43 per 100 lbs. ln a
Jobbing way; 1901 at $17.01.
Lard Choice steam E. side 10.10c per lb. In
a Jobbing way; kettie-rcndcred'at lO'iOllc.
Green Hams-Car lots held f. o. b. E. slda
. thus: Hams 10 av. at 10rc; 12 av. at lOKSiWc:
? 14fl. 16s AHf. Utt at 1fti'!firA'.n. Wt fit lDf
' Eklnnea Tnn.- it. .CiR rt.. mm -C7J- - Ylt- 1
j&Ufornlas sic; New York shoulders at s4c
K:-ium tne block del.: Hams at lOHc and bellies
ET,H 5fc to 114c. as In average; Callfornlas and 1
AJiew York shoulders nt Ec I
i . a MentTo arrive tr 1 f loos cured
1 ure.oSinaT closTngV fevTZx iw !
JJST'l " 10-074C. 40-av. at 10.10c Locally, 3
"saifl.av rnt .i.l- .! .. rt-a int in
fSt-lI!4c Dealers charge higher on o
SISt111- " c- treats in a lobbing
--.T - - " liicaia .(( ix ..uuutiiA j '
to ftTV"reaKra bacon at from 1234c ior ncavy
Tto9loifnVms al1:;SIiHc aF01.
5Svi?e. N. Y. shoulders ct Sc. Plain
aolcM ltSrV-r-. H snuiaers 3& i.'""
k -satliu1,? ''cribs0 unilMcf -Sorrta? at
. V- XX
": JOODUnr . n-Ari. r.- .nnrta -t itiX: . Trhes aun-tinni " --. ...
50S N-5c. short cle-S at lOKc. be!Ue at LUMBER-Frora first hands a0""-?.g
SSf-Hlales at Sc. fat hacks at BUc standard t as follows: Yellow- pine FJnlsaal : WI.-J. Maras
the local market.
ll'.ic bellle at 12'ic.
plates at 9;c fat backs
at 9:f;c. tandard backs at lVsc.
UlEhcr cnarsed
on o: tiers.
Country Tard Choice at SUgS'jc.
I'ountrv Hacon Sides O.
Tallow Dull. Xo. I country at 6SUc for cur
rent receipts and Gc for winter; No. 2 at 5c.
1'ackerp tuUble at 7Tgi;1c. but held hishcr.
Oleo Stearlne-Quote at lifiltc.
Grease- Counto : ilrown 2c, ellow Vic ond
white 40: packers' stock, brown at &38j5Vc yel
low .V;4i.'.Sc. white at 7',;'jC.
VroT L.ffs Iirse JI.50: medium U: small Mc
Vrals Choice Mnall fat at 6o per lb.; ebole
heaw at Sc; heretics at 4gll3e. Sheep 21G.tc
I'r lb , thin ewes and buclo, l',i8-c. Lunbs
dull at 3'-He.
:eefon ird-rs: TIbld. 1'latc and Ijlton Mar
ket and roll nt l.S": mess at 111.62,2; firled yets
at 12':c; toncues ll'c per lb.; illiidcs 14c;
knurkles 14c. outside 10M.!l!c
l.le IVioltry Heavy ana lirht hens at lO'c;
rcoters r; fiprlnic chickens, per lb.. averaRe re
ceipts 12c. Sprtnc ducla at StiHSc. Sprin.T
secae at 7c Turkeys Average tectlrts 12c for
old. Fprlnic at 12m;. Ducks 7"Ac. Ue pigeons
and Fcuab 11 per !oz 45ee;e 4c.
Drenwl Poultry Scalded and undrawn, with
heads and less on: OK chickens steady at lie;
fprlng chlckeny 12':13c: roosters 6c. Turkeys
Choice at 13313-c.
Game Woodcock 18 ner doz. ; plover 11.23 per
Kreah Fish steadv "note: Punilsh at 4c: crap
plo at 6c for small to Sc for larse; bass lie;
dressed cat Se- spoonbill cat SHc drcsel bull
heads S'-c: buffalo, gross 3c; drcs-sed bun"alo 41-g
lie; dressed German carp -4c: white perch 3c.
Dry steady. Dry flint Tcsas hea-y ISc; Texas
average 134c; fallen Wjiyc; natnc and Arkan
sas 13c; .No. 1 natHe 13ic; So. 2 nati-.e 12c
Wcht weights 12c; bull 10c. culls or slue 7c. Drj
Balted llound heavy 12c. round light 13"-c; salt
ed Xa 1 12Uc; salted .No. 2 1'-C Horsehldes
Dry 7Jc Green-salted Wes em Sic. Southern
Sc: selected .No. 1 t'tc; selected No 2 7?c: part
cured !jc less; uncured lc per lb. lef. Hull lc
Ier lb. less than cow hides, llorce No. 1 12.75:
horse. No. 2 11.25; uncured less.
Kas.. Neb.. Dak ,Wy. 1 Tex.. 1. T. and Ok.-
jujKiiL nieaium.i (ci'a .leuium lc &17
Dark 14 ui:
?oarse and low. 13 &15
Heavy sandy.. .lu rll
Ucht line 13 4ri4i
Ueavyand buck 9 Sill
Missouri and Illinois
Cliolce combing
and cloth med IS iJISli
Urald KWaV:
Hurry and clear
mixed 15 C17
Hard burry w till
Hurry 14 &144
Ucht fine 15 fcl7
Heavy 4ine 12 iZ
la.. Wis. and Minn.
Urlght medium. 1G W17
Dark 15
Licht flne ii ei5
"am ime 13 wi
Ark. and Southern
Med. (fleece). ..17 a IS
!,u7- 12 ru!4
Med. (loose). ...IS fctl7
Hard burry a g 91
No. 1 26 6254
No. 2 20 K22
Hurry 15 U17
Angora Goat Hair
Clear 23 24
Misllt burry.. ..14 Sil7
Hard burry 11 ui....
Fruits and Vegetable.
The Republic quotations are for car lets In
first hands, unless otherwise spccilloi. Small lots
on orders are charseu higaer.
GKAPnS ii250c per H-bu. basket for black
and 3U&S5C for white; Ctncords" ISo per climax
V"ATEItJIELOS Missouri 125350 per car; In
diana UGOffis per car for choice and 16212 per
10O In a. Jobbing waj.
CANTALOUPES IIome-ETOwn 40S50o a bu.
box. itocK) rora reinsrator car at 11. 5u pouy
crate and J2 standard crate.
I'EACilEsV-Michlgan 11&1.15 per bu. baskel:
Missouri express receipts, 4s, (w&"0c; Arkansas
4s at 75US0c.
APPLES Good to choice i:52.25 and fancy up
to J2.5W a bbl.; poor to fair 75c to 11.25. On lyvee
ws icr bn:.
1'i.UMS Home-itrotm and near-by Newman at
Mo pr Vi-bu. basket. Damsons at 70fflSoc per '
bu. Michigan at 11S1.10 a case.
I&HI''',U SOASr KRi'IT-Bartlett rears at
Ji.5j(Sf2 per box. gross prunes at ll.255il.ii and
C.tr??''i5 an1 lt;l"n at tl.tC91.5i), sllier plums
at 11.2a. and Grand Duke nt il.6ugl.75 a. case.
Peaches at 11 05ST1.20 a cas.
PEAKS Common nearby 255Mc per u-bu.
basket. BarOetts. Howell. Le Come. Seckel'and
r jemlSh beillltV. iU' rin)llh.m Illlnnt. U... v.n..
fieiiagaj?'- u,i- luch'- "
1 CRAB APPI.PSMnCTin tv. IZ-Vo, v.-.
I LlMES-tsecnc pot luo. v.
' . LEMONS-Callfornla on trk. at 12.25 for choice,
1 jp-59 0F, ranw Pr box; in a Jobbing way
. JrWtr:slcily at K-S and Verdill at 4g4.50
front ttore.
i(Jil'7:,;GEfTCar Iots on trk-! Late Valencia at
54.50 for choice and 51.75 for fane)-. On orders
25KuJc per box higher.
Jf4XAS-12 a bunch on orders.
waKr''3-5 for a labblnS
I pOTATOES-Near-by Ohio frcm farmers1 wag-
stnefc " """"" BtccK l0 "" Ior hlatt
r ONIONS Weathcrsfield 3S943o and globe 450
' E0g',,r. choice; fancy as high as 53c
SQUASH Home-crown 15i-ne r. hi. Kn. e-
summer; Hubbard 40c.
STRING BEANS Home-grown MS50c per bu.
box loose.
,.'sA..iRAGE Home-grown from farmers' wagons
4i.ei.5-iC per 100 lbs.; on orders, crates 90c.
A.VSiKR,AI'T-Xew J1;o Pr half bbl-
OUJIBO Home-grown 20S25c per p-ck.
CUCUSI11ERS - 15&25C ptr bu. law; plckltas
stock at SOcerSl per bu. loose. "".
5?J?.SR- COHN Home-grown 710j per doz.
SWEET POTATOES-Home-grown 85cn5l per
mi. box for Bermuda and 5191.25 per bu. for
TOMATOES Supply good; home-grown 30340c
tier bu. loose.
CDL.ERT Michigan 2s 7390c and 2s 6Q'S75c
Chicago flat cases 50fiBc and square J1S1.10.
IJEKTP-51. per bbl. for home-grown.
CARROTS 25c per doz. bunches and 51.25 per
ljT'k kl l ' "ome-grewn ijinoc per bu. box.
iprpr;n!tiinm.Sw jir.n ' :.'.
PEI'PERS Home-cmw-u 4ler.1e r hn
EGG 1'l.ANT Home-grow n 40e per bu." loose.
WIVMrll !!..-. . .. .-rwrt- l
.V.AV. iiumc-fiiiiiii jj--w; ier uu. uox.
rURNirS New home-grown 50C0c per bu.
HORSERADISII-S3.50 per bbl. on orders.
KALE Home-grown lOfflSc a bu. box
OARLIC New Orleans (new) 5S6c icr lb.
Jllsccllnneous JInrkcts.
FEATHERS In demand; steady. Prlmo llvfl
geese in small rks. 4Sc: In large i-ks. 43c: gray
c in small. 33c in large sks.; old white 2SJi40c;
X 2Mj3lc; XX ise2ic: XXX lO&llc; XXXX Ec:
chicken 3c. Tare 20 per cent on small sks. and 2
per cent c-n large. Duck White 35c: dark 25c.
DEERSKINS. ETC Prime deerskins 25o per
lb.; blacktall 22c: Texas at ISc: antelope 15c per
lb.: goat 30c each; damaged out.
BEESWAX Quiet nt 2Sc per lb. for prime.
SHEEP PELTS Full-wool pelts nominally EOj
to SOc; shearlings at 5c to 15c; dry stocks, fallen,
etc. c per lb.
ROOTS-Ginsene at from 53.50 to J4; lady slip
per at Sc; scneca at 3Sc: pink at 14c: golden seal
at 4634. c; May apple at 2V:. wahoo bark of root
Sc; lark of tree liic: blood at 2!;c; bluo nag at
1 sassafras bark at Kc; wild ginger at 5c; snake
30St32c: angelica at 666c.
SUNFIaDWER SEED At 51.25 pr TOO lbs.
LINSEED OIL Raw at E3e: boiled CCc; prices
CASTOR OIL Lots of 200 gals.. lOtJc pr lb.
for No. 1 and 10lic for No. 2; small quantities lc
per lb. more: 10c for No. 3.
COTTON-SEED OIL Summer yellow at 43c:
white 44c: winter yellow 47c; winter white 4Sc;
cooking 46c; salad 4Sc
'T "-minal; no prices until new market
next month. ; i -,-
c.ji..- side: Medium at 90c: granulated S5o
per bh!.; 5c per bbl. more this side.
DRIED GREEN PEAS-Jobbing from store:
Ordinary at 51.75; Scotch 51.53; split 52; blackeya
WHITE BEANS Hand-picked beans In a small
way from store Sl.bS31.92 per bu.; screened at
JI.S0S1.S5 per bu.; machine-picked at 51.93; Lima
beans at 4X8.: per lb.; biackeye at J2.23; Cali
fornia pink at 3Uc; lentils at 4Uc; New York
kidnevs nt 414c
HONEY Comb: Dark 6Sc: bright amber 103
lie; fincy white clover 13c; Southern in bbls. at
4Uc4c; In cans 5G5J4c; California cn3 6ft6Uc.
5IOSS Brown and black mixed 2g2Uc: machine-picked
X at 3ff3ic: XX at SHB4c: XXX
at 4HS5e: XXXX at 5g5c; inferior picked
les: extra black 6c.
EMPTY BARRELS Coal oil. turpentine and
gasoline 95c; vinegar 70c; black oil SOc: linseed,
light oil and varnish 75c: sugar 15c; whisky 65c
do. half bbls. 55c: wine 95c; sauerkraut 2fc"
pickle 45c; salt Ec: flour 15c: molasses 30c; lard
tcs. 35c: 15c off for each trokea head. 2c oft for
each hoop missing.
BROOM CORN Nominally firm. Quote ir ton
Fair B5Sp7Sc: common 50ac: choice at fcOgsSc
RAGS. ETC. Per 100 lbs.: Country raes at 5Cc
old rope. No. 1 manlla 51.50; No. 2 at 50c; rubber
BONES Choice bleached at Jll.M per ton; c!h-
er itxnaa irom ? 10 i.t.
Wrought Iron 70c; heavy cast, malleable steel and j
breakage Sic; stove 42Vc: burnt 25c; light brasi I
$6; hoavj- brass $5; copper $3; line $2.30; lead
$3.50 pewter $12.50.
POP CORN (On Cob) Choice white $2 per 103
lbs., rice worth $2.50. mxd. $1.50; new $1.5032.
PECANS Av erage receipts about 8ffl0c
PEANUT5 Wc quote: Farmers- stock Red at
lUftle per lb.; white 242-lic,
WALNUTS Selling at 2 per bu.
CIDER Quotable per bbl. la Iots at $334.50.
HICKORY NUTS We quote per tu. at 3tte for
large and 50! for shellbark.
SORGHUM CANE SEED Best bid at $1.23 per
100 lbs. . . ... .
SORGHUM I'nmo new quciauie at jjyc per
sc per w uuau.au .-. ...!,. .uW at wgi
93c per gal. ,,,, . .,. ,,,
GRASS SEEDS Millet nt .agsoc; tlmothv at
20ff3.70; clover $7.SWT9: new redtop $487.5).
KDV&ZZUl?3h0 &
Cc fer sun-dried quarters and at 3E-C for cyapo-
ien nnKa. wi'.- - -;- ---. - ..
i5coi7 Tlar-i-lnch at W331 and 121: 10
; in-h 130334 and S23B24: Z'i-incn ana iiuccr at
. . " 'JAIT
2 incn y"-'------.-l -. --.320 and J1S
.v.?,- to 7x7 at $30332 and $20322: Sad and up .
traSx to .H ww ' t wod -hlte !
"VMsti .S SMI Oak-Plain sawod.whlte J
toV - htt a?7 SiiliStfi Hi to S Inch at $25S3j
r. - 2V-
. i . ... . eiKtrAiT yinoriir ltih a. .v.i.-w au't
ana S15&M: 2U to 5 Inch at S21S32 anii JIlgM;
nuarter-xavved white I-lnch at W3H and J24ij26;
Ud'i Inch at 43fr47 and S23S27; quarter-eawe I
J-lnth at $32 and ll!: l'rl' Inch at 33(r.1
and S22ff21: bolsters and reaches at 5-6ii21;
tongue at f:iU33. Ah 1-lnch at 128 and JiS;
l.ftuJK Inch at ran anil lWil' -- tn 4
Inch at S31&32 and 8:1122. Mack walnut at IT".
it: common at 130 and culls at 112. HicKory at
smttS and S1321: hickory axles at $3.".fi37 and
116. Cedar at $2M?26 and SiSSlS. posts Jl(3.". per
1.10 feet each, according to size, Sycamore at $10
for merchantable stun; do. quarter-sawed at Ji-.
327 and J1310. Cottonwood Mill inn at J1JI16;
box boards (12 inches and over) at 521823: gum at
VJIrt for srp. 11SS2) and S12 for red chol-e
i,!.!f!lE:rl,hIa?,Jrn,Jt,r;3f jSWand
I uim?l. Maple at j'12 for soft". "
COOPER-STUFFS Ounter Cottonwood flnnr bbl
at JS 23BC.r.fl: do. meal bbl. at 11.75: No. 2 ut S3;
Vblil. at 4.23: mill run fruit bbl. at S3-30; beer
Keg at S12&I6: lard tierce at 127. pork bbl. at lis.
Headings, per set No. 1 fiour bbl. 5c. mill run;
17-,-inch stock for apple bbl 4Ac: No. 2 do.
2'tc; lard tierce ISc: pork bbl. 12'ic. Shaved
hoops Flour Tibl. H'iH.'J) for cooper: 12 3-)lf3 for
Jloo-ier: ,-bbl. 12..7): colled elm 13; oak lard
tierce, cooper haved. IMiS; nork bbl. 13.
COOPERAGE Lard tcs. 11 15 for wood and
51.23 for Iron-bound bbls ; perl, bhls. at 50S32,c
for wood-bound. 11 for Iron-Lound: oleo tcs. at
ii...",. Mack work Ftound-lioop flour bbls. 3lc;
Hat-top do 31e: li-l.hls. rr.r: meal 27c
RAGGING. ETC Ragging, per vard. li-lb. at
C r.-ir-; 2-lb. at 6 3-lGc: 21i-lb. at 7 1-lCc. Iron cot
ton ties at 11.07";. Hemp twine 9c.
St. I.oufs Col to n Market.
Prot market steady. Sales 6 bales. Quote:
Ordinary 714
Good ordinary 7TB
l.cv mlddlinir Si-IS
Good middling S !;-H
illddlinK fair 1 5 1C
Tinscs and stained at 'Kff'.c below- white.
Gall eston Spot market sleadv; quote middlings
S S-1&-. wilej 1.122 bales.
New Orleans Spot market quiet: quote mid
dlings Sc; aley 825 rales.
Jlemphl- Sjwt market quirt: middlings S'ic
JEeceipts at princljul points:
Galc--ton. 4,i5l bales.
New Orleans S13 bales.
Mobile. C5 hales.
S-nannah. 2.bV bales.
1iarlf-:tcn. T.S2 bales.
Norfolk. 31 bales.
Houston. 5.437 bales.
Memphis, ai bales.
The net receipts at all United States ports for
sit das were 4i.C4s bales, acalnn 13.711 bales a
week apo and 41.235 a ear aeo: exports 1.014
bale", as apair..t 15,125 a jcar aco; stocks n.VA.
as. aEainst 2:5.404.
St. Lculs warcnouse statement:
TliK Last
Year. Year.
Stocks on hand Sept. 1 34.37S S.S03
Net receipts since Sept. 1 1T3.6SI 242.E6S
Net shipments since Sept. 1 105.1C2 215.t3.)
mocks on nana to-aa ii&n sj.v
t;rosa receipts 10-aay
Gross rectipts since Sept. 1
Gross shipments to-day
Gns shipment since Sept. 1....
165 207
S47.k-.) D43.&27
1C5 n
S70.22'l 33.037
11 TcICKmiih.
New York. Aug. 2?. Spot cotton closed steady:
middling uplands Do: middling gulf lil4c: sales b4l
bales. Futures closed steady; Aug. s.40c: Sept.
SJt; Oct. S.Sue: Now 4.32tc; D.c. S.25c: Jan.
S.25C. Feb. !s.2Cc. March S.lsc: April S.2Ic; Jtay
.23c. The market opened weak, with prices 5
fcl'i points lower under lffrous selling of long
cotton by the commission-houses and some of tho
more daring bear operators, all brought on by re
ports of light to soaking raln3 over important sec
tions or me central ana eusurn oeu. .v iorecast
for continued precipitations to-night and to-morrow
oer the country and iossltly oer the north
ern portions of the western belt, with ery dis
arpemting laerpool cables helpeil to weigh down
the eany market. Not long alter the call, how
ter. all street bM the whole list up with a
rush, the near months net stopping until a net
advance of 3 to 5 itoints was recorded, whlie
the distant montbs worked nearly up to th
final bids of yesterday. There were fre-ruent
sharp tluctuaUons during the balance of the res
slon. but the general tendency was downward,
under i-crsiMcnt selling by commission-house
longs and absence of public bulng which hereto,
fore has been an important factor. The late
tainfall bulletins gate more general and ex
tensive rains than the- earlier reports had indi
cated and the printe wires stated that this
moisture would greatlv berelit the parched crop.
Near the close. Europe, the South and smaller
longs sold, bull leaders gave some support, but
maiie little attempt to rally prices. Aug. dropped
from 8.67c to 8.4)c In the absence of strong sup
Iort. The close was- steady, with prices net 8
to 22 points lower. Total sales estimated at 4)'),90
bales, or less than half the business reported jes
terday. Llcrpool. Aug. 2S. Cotton Spot moderate busi
ness: prices sleadv: Amtrican middling fair 5nd;
Rood middling 5'd: middling 5 l-32d; low mid
dling 4 l".-lbd: good ordinary 4 13-16d: ordinary
4 3-1 id. The sales of the day were 6.000 bales, of
which 500 were for speculation and export and
Included 4.7W American. Receipts 2.GM bales, in
cluding 1.800 American. Futures opened quiet and
steady and closed steady: American middling g.
o. c: Aug. 4 53-16l 56-04d s.: Aug -Sept. 4 43-U
4 50-S4d b. : Sept -Oct. 4 41-64d s. : OcU-Ncv.
4 35-d s.: Nov.-Dce. 4 31-MS4 22-64d b.; Dec
Jan. 4 30-64B4 31-C4d s.: Jan.-Ftb. 4 30-C4d s. :
Feb.-5Iarch 4 23-6434 30-C4d s.: March-April
4 23-6W4 20-eid s : April-May 4 29-CW4 3"-64d s.
New Orle.-ins. li.. Aug. 2S. Citton Futures
barely teady: Aug. S.25c. Sent. 8.1333- : O-t-X.llc:
Nov. 8.07iiS.0';c; Dec. 8.07c; Jan. S.SgS.u9c;
Fh. S.nRS8 10c: March S.CSft 8.10c. Stmt cotton
quiet and easier: sales 825: ordinary 7 i-Wc; good
ordinary 7 3-ICc: low middllne 8 3-16c; middling
S4c: r.co.1 middllne 8"ic: middling fair SUc. Re
ceipts S15: stock 32.515.
Xcvr Torlc Curb Market.
New York. Aug! 23. The curb market was de
void of special feature to-day. The volume of
business was smaller than on any previous day
for a week past, and although the general tone
of tho market was steady, price changes were,
for tho roost part, confined to the small frac
tions. Vnrlhern 5eriirlile advanced In the earlv deal
ings' to lliu on continued buying by Insiders, but
aDout micaay mere were sales 10 realize proms
which resulted ln a reaction to 110. buuse
quently, however, there was a rally to 111 and tho
price ended the day with a straight gain oer
vesterday. About 2.VQ shares were dealt ln.
There was a marked falling off In the transac
tions in the Rock Island Issues and especially in
the new fours but prices showed very little
change from tho final bid quotation of Wednes
day. About 500 shares of the common sold at ft
down to 424. and a few hundred shares of the
preferred changed hands at 7S. The bonds sold
at S9SSS for about 540.000. A few hundred
shares of Greene Consolidated Copper changed
hands at 26T27. The bond department was un
usually quiet, but firm. Sales were as follows:
225.0W Oregon Short Lino new 4s at 95S4'-41.
16 000 New- Orleans 4Hs at S7!i. and 55,000 Dis
tilling new Cs at Ii.
New York. Aug. IS. Live Poultry Receipts to
day were 4 cars Western and 1 Southwestern,
with a moderate quantity by express. There
Vv33 quite a gocd demand from the East Slda
markets, and while a clearance may not be
possible less stock will be carried oer to next
weeli than expected. Fowls cleared at 12c and
chickens at 13c. Two cars more are due to
morrow morning, which will wind up the receipts
for the week. (Juotatlons unchanged.
Dressed I'oultiy Receipts to-day MS pkgs. The
fresh receipts to-day were not heavy generally,
although 5 cars arrived on tho htar Union that
were due esterday. but comparatively little stock
due to-day arrived by that line, 'mere was a
moderate demand for spring chickens, which
ruled rteady to firm at WzC fer scalded, while
llnest marks of Wci-tprn commanded He Strictly
fancy dry-Picked fowls wen in no surplus, and
such commanded 13H;C, rarely higher, but to sell
fowl? straight 13c was all that coald be realized
on best average marks, while some houses of
fered chickens and fowls straight at 13Sc, while
the chickens when scld serarnle commanded a
premium. Chickens. Western. mall to medium,
scalded 12S13c: Southern, smill i:?12',ic Fowls.
poor to good l'JSHc. Other quotations unchanged.
New York. Aug. 28. Receipts to-day 7,250
cares. The receipts were moderate and a wcll
suFtalned demand notleeaH'e for all grades of
fresh-gathered stock. The situation on storage
goods seems to be developing, with offers to pell
at 13Vc Sept. delivery and no takers, the business
bein:; restricted to that between Jobbers and
their retail trade. Fresh-gathered checks at
mark St?13c Other ouotations unchanged.
Chicago. Aug. 2S. Es steady; fresh VHic per
Philadelphia, Aug. 2S.Egg3 Fresh ncarhy tlo;
fresh Western 21c: fresh Southwestern 15g20c;
fresh Southern 16SWc
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 28. Eggs firm: fresh
Missouri and Kansas stock loc doz., loss eff,
cares returned.
London. Aug. 23. At a sale cf sheepskins here
to-day 3.223 were sold. An average number of
buyers were in attendance and there was fair
competition for all grades. Merinos and fine
cros3breds showed no change from tho last sale,
but coarse wool rules slightly In buyers' favor.
Following nro the sales ln detail: New South
Wales. 73 bales: clothing and combing 4yi94'd.
Victoria. 831 lalcs: clothing and combing 2'
7lld. South Australia. 734 bales: clothing and
combing 3S5f7Vid. West Australia. 537 bales:
clothing and combing r;C7I4d. Tasmania. 424
bales: clothing and combing 3i4(S73id. New Zea
land. 27S hales; clothing and combing 337d. Cape
of Good Hope and Natal. 103 bale; clothing and
combing Sd. Falkland Island. 17 bales: cloth
Inc and combing 4s(f?5d. Punta Arenas, 217
balo3: (.Isthing and combing D&SUd.
New York. Aug. 2S. CofTee Spot Rio steady
ron Aurr. only) to a net decline of 5 nolnts. Tntal
sales amounted to 41.. .0 bags. Including 1,000 bags
cash coffee "at 5.40c: Sept. 3.4g3.50c; Oct. 5.43
3.00c: Nov. o.Mc: Dec 3.55S5.60c; Jan. 5.55iT3.CSc;
March 3.634?3.f0c: April 6.73c: May 5.83S5.S0c;
Juno B.Elc: July S.SGGlic
feu par. .
New York. Aug. 2S. Sugar Raw steady; fair
refining 2Tc: centrifugal.. 96-test, 2?Jc: molasses
sugar 2'jc: refined firm; crushed 5.15c; powdered
4.73c. Molasses firm.
New Orleans. La.. Aug. 25. Sugar strong: open
kettle 24t?3 S-lCe: open kettle centrifugal 333V:
centrifugal yellow 3434 5-16c: seconds lU33c.
Mclasses dull; centrifugal 5315c.
Batter and Cheese.
New York. Aug. 2S. Butter Receipts S31 pfcss.;
firmer: creamery 15317"-c: creamery. Imitation.
14ug;i74c: factory 13154c Cheese Receipts
5.474 pkgs." weak to steady; fancy large SSlOtc:
fancy, small S-610c
Chlcaro. Aug. 2S. Butter steady; creameries
lSflS'ic: dairies 13&S174C. Cheese steady at
Philadelphia. Axis. 2o. Butter Extra Western
creamery 134c: do. nearby prints 21c Cheese
New York- full-cream prime small lotiSlOVc:
New York full-creams fair to good lOffWic
Dry Goods.
New- Yorfcl Aug. 23. The demand from tti
home trade for cotton goods is Improving In
staple lines una me tone tor crown ana coarse
colored cottons U gradually ratherlnr- .triTvJth
Print cloths are farm, "with sellers disinclined to
do business at previous prices. Silks and rIbbo.
do business at previous prices. Silks and ribbons
are very llrm, with a fair demand. ""
$ v::'JX&jz -&41Z&
rj. .vfc
No. 7 invoice ssc: mna nrm; lV)rdova SSllhc ' -JLrJ;"lKZ' ","5; V. v - , Tv"i'"i". $2.73HI.t5; canners $102: bulls $2.5033.a: calves
i-oiTca futures opened steadv. with nrie-7 s-io spring firm at 6a 5Hd: No.- red V, estern winter -i.73 Hn.nr.-.A. 3 .i. miTi.t - X:. V, I
. ---- -- -, ,,.-- --.- .-- -- --- n.t e &t Co- r. T f'n 1 ! Trm 1 strnnfr a E. Ka. ..- --".- --r" -V -." .r--'- "" -. fwruuv n. .
points lower unuei- rmuunB ana anectea By ,"" .".'. 2, 7; iu j. ni. t. im Ti;J. uc "er- top ...; duik o: sales !7.45..n:
easier Primary markets and European cables and J."9 in"Le,t, ?We7i l-eldV --.ii-S?.- JrSZZ hca,' 7.S7V47.6S: mixed packers $7.87.13:
ruled very Irregular, though comparatively quiet ,?. 7?'?" KSfrv, ?S-,?,iU: fu,ures "ght $7.23S7.ku: Yorkers $7.4597.524; pigs $j.2J
all day. Wal ar.d Baltimore exporters were fair SuIl';nfj;t- ,"i "' a, k ri?Ji..Ja wilh. c-.. 7-,s- I-"-ee:pts 10.0CO; market Aeady V,
buyers all day and Europe had a fair number of .-J'nL. VY&m-A": Srti h?rae?'-7?i: w"ak: rfltlve arehs -MS5 SO; Western lambs 13
orders on the long side. The usual speculative - r-?HS?2?.iCtlu?S..2v?r3 feJ?SHc i3: native wethers $3.4)94: Wefterrl weth-rs
activity from outside sources and after a tem- - ?,:iE-?nS4-eo?-S;?iC5j -e.4offS.9S: " ' $3.33S4.1S; Texas clipped
porary rally around midday realizing again set ifSrK1--'SiVe5." Vn a sS? UZlfH jearllngs $363.S3: Texas clipped sheep J2.J35
f. M-l nrli.- rfltln u -. ni r -a ..i.t. .4-c: No. 2 White KlC. i0. a oc IJatS NO. 2 - l.l. ..-1 a na 4.&.-- - n. . -.-v-
Later There Comes a Reaction,
Especially in Oats, hut Close
Js "Weak and Lower.
Chicaso, Aujr. 2S. Brlsht wtathcr ECner
ally was the bearish factor in grains to-day.
All cereals suffered recessions at the start,
on general and free liquidation by longs and
for some time bears h.ul free rein. Later
there was something of natural reaction,
especially in oats. The close. howeer, was
weak in the main, Sept. wheat "s'i'lc down.
Sept. corn lj.sc lower and Sept. oats ':C
higher. Sept. provisions closed loc to C2',o
Wheat ruled weak and was active only In
ipots. With lower cables and weather the
best that could be desired there was a good
amount of long telling eatly and prices took
a quick tumble. There was con-tant talk
of a 1)1 movement of spring w.neat soon
and god propecis for a little better grad
ing. Active thrashing of the new v.hcat
was repotted under way. Following weeks
of .idvtr.-e weather, the unFMnr turned all
the crowd to the bearish view, and stop-losj
selling orders came out. Alter the break,
however, there was good bujmg at times'.
Sfpt. felt tho most strain, because of poor
( euprort. Late cash business wa.s fair and
poit. In scner.il. the nsreet of the wheat
market lnuicatcd tli.it the big lonps, wanted i
to get out of the market reiore it found si
loner level, and the support was largely by
those who covered for a profit. Sept. start
ed '-o lo 3c lower, at ifr'sc to 7o'ac dipped
to toc, and then fluctuated very narrowly,
closing weak and :ltlc lower at i3vi70c.
L.ec3l receipts ivere 2Ci) cars. 2 of contract
grade; Minneapolis and Duluth reported 21G
cars, making a total for the three pointii of
Z55 cars, against 500 lasrt week, and 7SS a
vcar ago. Primary receipts were 550.000.
agalns 1,243,000 bu. last ear. Seaboard
clearances in wheat and flour equaled 501,
0CJ bu.
Corn felt the effects of fine weather, low
er cables and reports of freer offerings.
Receipts were still light, at 29 cars. 1 of
contract grade, but promises were for a
much better showing. The crowd turned
uniformly bearish at the opening, and on
the Initial slump Sept. was at one time 2c
depressed. Almost every one in the pit had
stuff for sale. In general, the speculators
in this pit thought manipulation in Sept.
was at an end, but a latent fear that such
might prove the case held this option some
what nervous and subject to quick fluctua
tions on any definite news. Kansas City
sent out conflicting reports to the effect
that plenty of corn would be offered there
within fifteen days, but that new corn
would not grade there until Oct. 13. There
was no doubt, however, that there was
sellins: pressure on the Southwestern mar
kets because of news of new offerirgs. Sept.
sold from 57c to 55t2c In the first few min
utes of trade, but rallied to np.-c on fairly
good covering. Late fluctuations were nar
row, and Sept. closed weak, le lower, at
Oats displayed the best strength of the
grains and ruled strong, after an early dip
Tho n-wnlnr l.ro-ilr v"! in -v-nnitliv with i F0'"1 ln I'-Mllty as they should. Good to choice
ine opening ureal, v.as in sjmpatiij witn -amb9 wer(. f(-,rc.. xi-.e market epened a lutle
the other Brains and en line weather. Ex- slow, but -alues wero not raaterially changed, al
cclltnt buying by cereal concerns, however, though In places some cf the fair to medium
put a llrm tone ln the pit. Short- covered lambs were logiSc lower. Mutton sheep- ware
to some extent, and prices reacted sharply, i --teady and sold teadily. and the stocker trade was
5ent nW from "Vn tn ""i,-- enrlv ail- a,5 'n "a shape, except that tho supply was
SL t -ir nmllnVLl Arm i?o ii'n -tt i -,ma-1- Infenor and cull 'lambs were as liard as
anced to33TsC, and. closed firm c up, at cl,r t0 seM at nmthing like satisfactory nricts.
c. Keceipts were iiDerai at --w cara
e oi I'tiiurcs.
Corn Dec. ..
Iiw. Close.
Gl1; 69:iI7
f.6-, 64-,
CS'i 69
.701 H703,
...tn S' C3ViU
Kept, fold)
pt. new)
Dec. (new)
Hess Pork
. 17.62W
. 17.12(i
. 14.10
. 10.73
1 77.
Lanl Sept. ...
Sh. nibs Sept
Oct ,
14 bu
lo'w "
s .,.
Receipts nnil Shipment.
Articles. Receipt"!. Shipments.
I'lour. bbls. ....
Wheat, bu. ...
Corn, bu
... 17.(0)
232 000
Oats, bu.
.-. uu.
Barley, bu.
Weakness ln the Iior and grain markets
worked acalnst Drovlslons. Earlv In the
day there was an effort on the part of pack-
era to support tne marKet. nut iree oner
lnjrs resulted from the general bearish sen
timent on the floor, and there were marked
dumps all along the line. Sept. pork, which
sold at 117.17. closed 15c down, at J1G.K:
Sept. lard lost 3ZV:C and closed at $10.39, and
Sept. ribs closed 22!2c off at J3.S7H.
Estimated receipts for to-morrow: Wheat,
273 cars; corn, SO; oats, 320; hog?, 21.0CJ
New York. Aug. 2S. riour Receipts 24.277 bbls.;
exports 13.136 bbls.: quiet and easier at a plight
decline on top grades: winter straights 13. 4093.30;
Minnesota patents I3.S0p. Use flour easy anil
dull. Commeal quiet. Re dull. Barley dull.
Wheat Receipts 134.575; exports 210.300: spct
easier: No. 2 red 7474c elevator: No. 2 red TSVt?
75Hc f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 Northern Duluth Wc
f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard Manitoba S7Sc f. o.
b. afloat. Reflecting a bearish weather map and
a favorable forecast for Friday, wheat attained
still lower levels to-day under moderate selling
for both accounts. Fentlment was also affectel
bv lower cables and One weather in France. The
market closed weak at J.i-via net lower: May
74iic: Dec 7tUB72 7-lCc. cioanl 72';c. Corn-Receipts
3.200: exports 2.221; spot easier; No. 2
fCHc eleator and fiT'-c f. c. 1. afloat. Option
market broke sharply on the fine weather news,
especially Sept under lgorous liquidation and
rumors of large receipts, closing weak at "iSIc
net decline: Mav 43641,c. closed 43c; Sept.
62;SJ63Vc. closed 63'ic: Dec. 4iV474c closed
47Vic Oats Receipts 2M.5CO bu.: exports SSt
bu.; spot dull; trk. white 3JS43C; trk. mlxsd
Western 31ff35c. Option market was likewise
affected by weather conditions and general un
loading: Oct. closed 2S$,c: Dec. 33U35aic. closed
SS'ic: Mav clo-ed 33s.c. Beof firm. Cut meats
quiet- Lard weak: Western steamed 510.73; re
fined weak: Continent 510.5); South America 112;
compound 7TeSrJc. Pork quiet. Tallow quiet.
Cotton-sred oil casv; prime crude 4lfi41Hc Rica
stendv. Molasses firm.
Minneapolis, Aug. 2S. Close: Wheat Sept. S'J
fieiM; Dec. 6 Pi; en trk. No. 1 hard TlHc: No. 1
Northern 71Hc. No. 2 Northern 70tc. Flour
First patents 33.SOS3.90: second patents J3.65
3.75; first clears S3Q3.10; second clears 12.20.
Bran ln bulk 111.60.
. Chicago. Aug. ZL Cash Flour steady. Wheat
No. 2 FUrine- 73c: No. 3 63c: No. 2 red 7M1G
71V1C Com No. 2 0c: No. 2 yellow )ic. Oats t
No. 2 29S30c: No. 3 whit" KgSGHc Rye
No. 2 Wi&SlUc. Barley Fair to choice maltlntr
E382c. Seed No. 1 flax J1.41: No. 1 Northwest
ern $1.43; prime timothy 11.40; clover, contract
grade, 13. S3. Provisions Mess pork, per bbl..
11C.9O01C.SJ; lard, per 130 lbs.. J10.45il0.5O: short
ribs tide- (leo-) 53 KS0 IK; dry-salted shoulders
ihxd.) IS.75B8.S7tJ: short clear sides (hxd.) J10.7S
10.7H. Whisky, basis of highwines, $1.31.
Peoria. Aug. 2S. Corn dull: No. 3 Mi Oats
Irregular: new No. 3 white 33',c. billed through.
Whisky on the bssls of 11.31 for finished good.
Toledo. O.. Aug. 21. Wheat dull ana. weak:
cash 71c: Sept. 71c; Dec. 70rc: May 72Hc. Corn
dull and weak: Sept- 53c bid: Dec. 41c. Oaf.
dull and steady: Sept. 3334c: Dec 31c. Closer
seed dull and easier: Oct. $3.43: Jan. $3.rS; No. 1
aliks S7.4337.47H; No. 2 timothy $1.30. Rc D2c.
Liverpool. Aug. 2S. Bacon Cumberland cut
tlrm at 37s fid; short ribs firm at 59s 6d: clear
lollies firm at C2s. I.ard Prime We-tern In tc.
firm at 51s; American refined In pails firm at
13i Sd.
Milwaukee. Wl.. Aug. 23. Flour steady. Wheat
lower. Cloe: No. t Northern 7lg7Cc: No. 2
Northern 74WS73c: Sept. C9Kc Rye steadv: No.
1 32c Barly lower: Nn. 2 6SS63c; pample 40
gjic. Oats lower: standard 33334c Corn-Sept; .
white 34333c nj-e No. 2 4S44147c Hav rholce
timothy $9.f0310: do. pialrie $5.5.536.73. Receipt-
Wheat 120.000 hu.: corn 11.0: oats 15.000. Ship
ments Wheat 128.000 bu.; corn 13,60); oats 27.000.
Native Receipts Llsrht Deef Trade
Qtalet Hoc" Close Lower.
NATIVE CATTLn-Cattle receipts In the na
tive division were hardly so large as last Thurs
day and the proportion of beef steers was not as
many, though there was about th- same supply
nf Westerns, which made up the principal supply.
Trade was on the quiet order and lacking In spe
cial Interest with sales made at no particular
change ln prices.
Representative sales:
No. Av. Pr. No. Av. Pr.
3... 63. ..$3.10
133.. .1109... 4.40 23.. .1050... 4.40 SO...I037... 4.4)
43...10S4... 4.M 23...1CS9... 4.45 S1...10SO... 4.1)
1...W10... 3.30 1...1000... 3.50
Late yesterday:
14... SCO... 5.40 40... 7S3... 2.SS
47... 1037... 4. 59
Ttttfeher Cattle. The
supply of butcher
stuff was light and of plain quality, with no
strictly good cows or neiiers. wnatever available.
Most salesmen reported the same slow movement
that has prevailed the last several days with
nrireH about steady: soma others thousht the
general trade around steady with some scarce
ftronr spots. Csnaers showed no change. Ther.
- XSfr 'Sjyn .?r-'- ??-0?&-U-.- &
: .-.:: .... ... - . o. -. . J . cm tea steers u.jvtra.tu: Texas and Indian steers
were no good bulls and trade was rather mean
on the class offered ejalves were stead).
Representative sales:
No. Av. Pr.
1... ... 3.90
8... 837... 3.M
1... S10... 3.;
2... CC)... 3.10
2... 5'K) .. 3 25
7... 831... 3.D
1... 50... J.i)
5... 610... 2.S5
4... 475... 2.75
1... 730... 2.4.)
2...1KXI... 3.50
1...II3I... 3.:.)
1... !)... 2.30
32... 7S7... 3 25
1... 3J0... 3.'l
1...1240... 3.")
2... OT... 2.T5
3.. fit. . 2.K".
1... 710... 2.50
7. . ?1. -4:1
No. Av. Tr.
4... 7I5...S4.U)
1... 5C0... J C
3... h,6... 2.6.
5... 7-6 .. 3 41
1... 71U... -.2.
9... CIO... 3.00
2 .. 735... 3 O)
I... 610... 2.1.1
3... 673... 2.W
2... 5")... 2.CI
l...:03i)... 3.61
32... 8'5... 3..)
3... -S6... 3.2.
1 ..Ids-)... 3.ii
IS... S71... 3 ll)
5... S1... 2.RI
2... 815... 2.75
11... ... 2.51
4... 747... 2 65
12... 7T5... 2.4)
1... r... 2.'
I.. 3J4... 2.0) 1... r... 2.'
1 7l)0 1.50
e.?.'1!' ,:,n r??d-anTI'"? "a?. another good
! thV'fflSS.",- Zr ' IZSTZrrS?.
the run was men- than adequate for the demand,
Trade was Liil.v nf a cAtih-as-.vi.c.'wan ni-
lure and snles were decidedly uneiei. tcm
raiesmn did as well as the rxiected, whil
others could not do so well as Wednesday, an I
considered the stotkr trade another dime lower.
A" a rule, r-owewr. anythin decent In th
feeder line wan tailed ;tady. tnouzh there were
j wine er- slow tpsts for kick of competition.
I At a late hour rnpj-lde'able stuff had not been
I sold and a tr-iders wer woll supplied and ther
was a ira-ntnte attenuan e ci uu:siik nuei,
many of whom were tilled up. prospects wrj
not iorable fur a. clenrancp. All topether. the
.. ' v i "'"" '-
was Force drnawl ff'r k-iI helfrs. hut common
.rn i,ited. ItnlN c. ntlnuca Mow and m lc
diriana than a wctrlt aso.
l.cp.entatle Mb:
No. Av. IV.
1... 40... 11.50
I... 670... 3.75
3... ... 3.75
1... 710... 3.5)
2... 5X5... 3.40
2... 655... 3.25
115... 631... 4.W
1... 740... 3.iD
4... 452... 3 0.1
3... 3S0... 2.70
10... H2... 2.65
1... f1... 2.C5
2. ..lit",... 3.J3
1... MO... 2.30
1... 921... 3.21
1... S0... 3 Oi)
17... 710... 2.'M
5... 74S... 2.!)
1... 530... 2.75
2... SSI .. 2.W
1... SOI... 2.25
2... S15... 2.25
5... 740... 2.00
:. Av. IV. N". Av. rr.
2U... "21...JI.25 25... -,:.. .JI.25
1... ?0... 4.25 3...1'-i... 4.i'l
22... Mil... 4.O0 10... f23... .
2... 520... 4.10 ;...h"5... 4.'"0
12... 723... 4.fl 1... 970... 4.0)
2... 77S... 4.W 14... S."4... 4.01
6... tils... 4.") 1... SW... 4.0i
3... 973... 3-D) 13... 7S3... 2.S.
SOUTHIIHN OAT1 1.B Qua.-antlno cattle t
clnts ere 6S cry. com llr.ins 2.15 head. :u:ain-t
1W oars and 3.3i h'ad lit Thurs lay and 143
cars an.l 4.327 head t.o weeks ago. Arrivals
vrreiTottj nell divided tetwen cows and st-.r
and as competition ua.i iirettv cood. prices on
the farmer were vll ruijlnel and the peiirl
trade was calleI strong ta amuad a dime h her
than a w.cl; apo. Hulls were steady and fhuw no
I articular ihance for the week. Caies Tei
sleadv and .V'fo75c nr head lov.-er than th. close
f la-t week.
No strictly choice steers were ofFerel. the best
on sale only rcachinc l The demand w is jroo.1
and the movement was actie with a co-! strfinrr
to c li'nhcr market as a rule. Cjmpared with
a wefk a;o. the bulk" f the teer Ti lc di-?-tdajed
no particular change. The yards were
thciouchlv cleared
Iteprcsentat'e sales:
No. Av. IV. No. Av. IV. No. Av. IV.
!S... SIS.. .$4.00 4... 545. .51.70 1... J.20...W.6'.
No. Av. IV.
11... VWJ...J4.C5
2...10SO... 4.2".
23 .. a-6... 4.25
2... 740... 4l
11 .. SV... 4.1.)
3... 720... 4.rl
IS... S27... 4.0)
3... M6... 4 00
117... S03... 2.6) 1...1K0... 3.5) 13... S.5... J.i.)
30... S23... 3.5 11... . .. .:.4) 21... 2 .. 3.70
2.. .1000... 3.70 ITS... 7i- .. t ) 31 .. l33... 3.)
32 .. S25... 3.6) ii... 792... 3.60 35... S17... 3.4)
Ite vefeleniay:
f2...1iv;... 4.15 23... 975... 4.0) 16.. .1071... 4.0)
Si... 923... 3.W 23 .. 920... 3.3 18... S55... 3.53
12... Ml... 3.5) 91... 9-0... 4.05 11...10"... .C)
22... 953... 3.90 22... 9S2... 3.M 219... 933... 3.7J
2.. .1145... 3.55 6... 913... 3.5)
25... Ml... 3.20 10... 556... 2.90 ... 576... 5.23
2... 57J... 2.13
1... 511... 3.77 1... 1000... 3.5) 1...10V)... 3.0)
CO... 730... 3.0) 20... 763... 3.O0 4... 72... 3.O.)
1... 610... 2.90 2... S20... 2.70 2... 8C0... 2.7)
1... 70... 2.70 14... 720... 2.70 9... S31... 2.1)
2G... S3... 3.27 1... S4) .. 3.0) 2... 790... 3.0)
!... 751... 3.0 5... 9.6... 3.') S)... 745... 2.8)
2)2... 711... 2.70 2... e-J)... 2.70 1... 7M... 2.70
11... CS1... 2.70 1... SjO... 2.25
Cows and heifers:
9... 920... 3.30
SHEEP Again about half of the saetp receipt
were shipped in by packers. leaving cn a sinall
supply on sale, and tney dia not aerage as
Fair .tr good lambs sold at Sl.5oa5.50. the bulk
at 5-lia.o'); cull lambs at 53 .jffi; mutton sheep
at 53.75; Etockers at 53.30S3.40, and bucks at
HOGS Only about half of a good moderate run
of hogs arrhed. the receipts amounting to around
3.C-) head. The quality was fair. and. while a
few loads of good heavy licgs were on sale, the
proportion was not as large as two or three weeks
ago. The market opened quiet, with buvent In
clined to be a little bearish, consequently trad
ing was slow. Howecer. the market showed but
little change. In general prices wero considered
about steady with the clote on Wednefdaly. or
5c lower than early Wednesday morning. The
good-weight hogs suitable fo-- the butcher trad
Showed the le-lS-r decline while thr frmaipet n...
i ... .. r . ""--. -"r .""""-n-. v"
' "-1 l,lr crumaiy pacKcra and mixed nogs. Lights
! M,Id ,m,ch tho same as they did on Wednesday
. The close was weak, howcer; the clearanco was
lights. 100 to 130 lbs., at $.50f7.33; pigs at HST7:
roughs and culls t is.saar.ri.
The top of the market was $7.53. and the hulk
of the hogs above 130 lbs. average sold at $7.60
07.73. against a top of $7.93. and the bulk at
l..M7.S'ic.n Wednesday.
HORSES The native supply of horses during
Ihc week was only moderate, but with the Iarg
ctierlngs of range hordes which arrived, tne
total supply was iery heavy. The market was
not as good rs last week. The chief reason
was that the supply was confined principally to
tho medium anu plain grades, which were not
ln especially actiie demand. The best kind
were wanted and held to a uniformly strong and
tho medium anu plain grade:
MU3.tH.iur- loiie, nut tney were comparamety
few. Eaftem bmers sought the best chunks
and drivers assliuously, but were only able
to obtain about oae-third enough to fill their
wants. There was some Southern demand. But
It was not sufflclnt of Itself to uphold a steady
basis on the plain and medium classes. The
market was weaker, but there was- no radical
brtak and 13 closing In ery good condition, so
far an the disposal of offerings Is concerned.
The ranse horses sold very satisfactorily.
Horse quotations:
Heavy draft Common to good $120813-): choice
to extra $160glS3 Chunks 1.130 to 1,310 lbs.,
fair to good. $C3SSJ; good to choice $S3C1110.
Coach horses and cobs Fair to good $140ftl75;
choice tn extra $2C0S30i). Horses for the South
Small, light drivers, fair to good. S30f?45; choice
to extra $JOE70; Southern drivers, large $U612".
Export chunks 1,200 to l.Jft) Ih., plain to good.
1755JS'): choice to extra $1CO!?120. Business driv
ers Fair to good $&110; choice to extra $I23f
l.V). Saddlers fer Southern us- Fair to good
$731390; choice to extra 11WS133; fincy galteil
and New York stddlers $:3Mi3 Inferior horse
Common, tmall plugs, J208M; heavy work
plugs JlOgCO.
MULES Ultimately the market has not proen
as good as last week. It startettout in good, active
shape, but the continuance nf a liht exterior de
mand and liberal offering- h.ue finally had their
eiteci. me weeK s receipts thus far are about ai
large as a week ago. The dealer, have reccled
a lair number, but the bulk of consignments
have been directed to the commission market.
One class of mules had held to a steady and
firm tone throughout, and thee were the choice
big ones, which, howeier. were so few as to fur
nish hardly any basU for quotation. The other
elapses dragged somewhat, dealers showing 1-si
eagerness for them, ami In most case asking
for concessions to effect tran-actlcns. In short,
the local necessity for medium mules Is not as
keen as during the two weeks Just past, and
with the exterior demand showing Itself in rather
small limitation, the outlet did not justify fne
malntainance of so strong a dealing demand.
Sellers hae been unwilling to accept easier
prices for the arrivals, and as a reult quite a
few unsold ones were on the Thursday market.
Tho tendency Is weaker, at least, for the time
Mule quotations (for brcke mules, 4 to 7 years
old ):
11 hanls. extreme range.
.$ so.cas 70.O)
14 hands, bulk of sales
14t- hands, extreme range
It1?, hands, bulk of sales
1 hands, extreme range..
13 hands, bulk of sales ....
15 hand1, extreme range
15H hands, bulk of sale-
15 to 16 hands, extreme range.
16 to 1GW hands, bulk of sales
53.00a S0.00
E3.llft GS.C0
73.00 tillO.tO
73.() "M.r-0
The first line of quotations ln each class Is cal
culated to represent the full range from common
to extra. Dealers, however, often classify super
latle bunchs (all tops) for bucrs. which -emetines
sen considerably above the highest quota
tions. The second 1'ne of quotations signifies the
bulk "f rales and generally represent the arl
ous clashes as they are sold on the commission
market, more or less mixed.
By Telegraph.
Kansas City. Mo.. Aug. 28. Cattle Receipt
S.50) natives, 1,500 Tcxans; calves 3C0 Texan-. 973
natives; v stern grass steady lo 25c higher;
quarantine steady to higher: native and Western
cows steady; stockers and feeders strong; choice
& $3.:87.: sloe k"S 'ar.dfee deVwet-
exporx ana urcsrea neet steers
St. Joseph. Mo. Auc. 2S. Cnttlr rr-ine T,-vrt.
steady; natives $1.3333.33; cows and heifers $1.73
SC.13: veals $336.CQ: stcckcrs and feeders K
3.35. Hogs-Receipts 5.500; steady; light and light
mixed $7.3037. V); medium and heavj- $7 4037 70
nigs $3.f5S7. Sheep Receipts 5.J0); lambs steady:
sheep steady to 10c lower.
Vm. "VV..-1J- A...- n......n t. ...
..vw u.. ..... j. ui.c. llctCllin frb; C( I
m!m renorten? dre;Hl heef yteHv- i... .--h.
native sldea $S12c per lb. Cables 'l.-ntrelvr-1
quoted American steers at 13314c dreed weight-
refrigerator beef at UHc Calves Receipts -Vr
dull and weak; about 273 head unsold: veals srll
at 13S8.3 per 100 lbs.: gras-ers and butte-milks
at $3.23; city dreis"d veals general sales 10312-ic
9 97L, .-J-1,' twt uuitiier ana neavy nogs so:a at
nfi7i- li'i'tV'-Wl good medium weights and packers at
1 T.t n 1 . 1....-I . . ..
7.6TI, ! V-"X'-iv- the bulk a' 5" 'aT.:3; lights. 130 to
3 1W lbs. at J7.30rr.70. the Imllt nt IT.sarT F5-
per lb. Shep and limbs Receipts 3.725- sheep den is overdue down
rlow and steadv; lambs verj- dull. Ueiic lower: I Chester. III.. Aug. 2S-
best grades suncring tne most: about 11 car of
stock unsold: sheep sold at $233.50 pr 10) lb-..
a few head at $3..o: culls at $1.50; lambs at H.7J
Sf 6: c"" R.l; dresied muttcn 5gP,:c per lb.:
dre-sed Iambs general sale3 S410c Hogs Re
ceipts 1.156: market about ste.idv; state hogs sell
at $7.S0 per 1 lbs.; Western at $7.20.
nicago, 111.. ivujr. x. davits iteceipts h.j'.
$2.5086: csnners $1.5032.50: bulls $2.2335.30;
calves J2.7337.25: Texas fed steers $233: Western
steers $I33.S3. Hogs Receipts to-day 18.C")). to
mcrrow 2010O: slow; closlns lower: mixed and
butchers' $7.2337.S3: good to choice heavy $7.50
7JV): rough and heaw $7.2337.53: light $7.33I7.7:
bulk of sales $7.4Sfi7.65. Sheep Receipts 23.00);
sheep and lambs 10c lower: good to choice v eth
ers $3.5034; fair to choice mixed $2.5033.50;
Western sheep $3.5086; native lambs $4.5005.60.
Official yesterday: Cattle 13.8)2; hozs 23,3(0;
$, v '
:J?.1-". - 'l-ft - - -
sheep 27.7S7. Shipments Cattle 4.6C3: ho;s 3.375;
sheep 5.611.
llcnuumikc OH (ock Sales.
itnrriiMC spkciau.
Iaunont. T?t.. Au?. 2S. Rumors of pending :
coiiioUdatlcn an-1 mergers, as well as other :
Iro3irctt ccmrarcial ireiamorpiose.i affectlrR
of! Lmianls haa much to til today with mak
ing tfce call on ihc xchanj; nrous anl r
strirtlns the actual trading. Ma .ha Kan rec"d-d '
rftphtly Irom Us retent price of iOc. the i.i ,
fhare-i chanclnir hands eclne at TSc. Hiectns ,
was tUU lov. jol belne paid for 5 shares of ihe
nwk. i;rckent icfuse to consider this a- th
real pri- of the stock. iioweer. a3 they areue
that it Is worth more and will brine more. Tn
t-hnre- of Producer wre so!d at JS0. Pales: 2.CW
t-hares Manhattan at tf. 5 shares lltglns at SM.
!. shares Kort Wwth at ic. -" snares Pal-estinc-IIfaumont
at SCv. l.OW "shares Drillrrs at
the, lit share Producers at IS"), Iio shares
Ihknd at lc. OH quotations unchanged. jh!p
ment. bv rail. 24.316 bbls.; bv water. U.ltl bbK
Shipments for the month. l.OaT.3.5 bbls., or t,')42
IIonMun Oil Stocli Sales
'" T.. .."..- -A-Thl. w. .he dullest
x ln;.ai stfcks for long-time. Sajes: Reat-
ii-.j aliic' , 7S... .., : ,, , 2
' National. 4 0i at 10c: Minhattan. I'M at 26c.
Victor. 8.) nt l;e: Palestlne-ISeaumont. Zft) at
5c: Independence. 2,000 at 134C. Gober, 5,0- at
Dried Fruit.
Nw York. Auk. 2S No change Is noted In th
markt fer eaporatel apple and spot a1ucs
continue nominal at il-V for common to gnod.
lOil'tijC for p-ime. llftlPic for choice and
lP-Sxlic for fanev The market for ?pot prunes
maintatns its recent atrensth. especiany on th-
?. '! Quotation, nmB from. 3--.tr
,ie lor nil praaes. spot apneots are quiet ana
nur(tf,i at TMMDUr in boxes and fiVrSIOe n bar
j 7"atchl,a,arJ! inSrti,'" a'SlThere ismtle 'fcamrV.
No lrall h arriMnc. but rriccs arc held at
alwut th- icnt lel. Peeled are quoted at 12
ISO and untfeled at a'lWIO'c.
Turneallnc and Rosin.
Saiannah. Cla.. Aut:. 2S. Turpentine firm at
45c Itoiln llrm. Quole: A. H. C. I. 51.15. K,
S1.2-: F. 51.25: G. 51.30; II. 51-70; I. 51.95; K.
52.55. JI. J3.K,; N. 53.5); V. O. 53.60; W. V.
Toledo. O. Aug. 2S. OH North Lima i3j;
Soutli lama ard Indiana Mc.
Oil city. Pa., Aus. Credit balances 5t. ;
ccrtlGcates. no bid; snlpments 1.5.73: averase. $.
4j3; runs K2.2C7: aitrae. 77.30L
Rise nntl I'nll of (he Uhcrj.
For 24 hours, ending at 7 a. m.:
St. Louis, 'i nun-day, Aug. 2S. 19)X
Stations. Gaugt- Danser. Chanse.
l'ittsburc .o 5.9 -0.2
i'arkeraburg 56.0 3.7 -0.2
Cincinnati 5.l) 5.9 0.0
Loulscille 2S.0 3.6 -0
Nashllle 41.0 1.9 '0.1
Chattanooga 33.0 l.a 0.0
1-Iorence 16 0 .. .
John-unrllle 21.0 0.S o.l
Ecanavllle 35.0 4.3 -0.4
St. Paul 14.0 1.5 -o.l
Duburiue 15.0 1. -0.2
Datnport 13.0 2.4 -0.1
Keckuk 15.0 ..2 -O.i
Hannibal 13.0
Ptorlu .............. 14.0 .... ....
Beardstown 12.0 .... -.
Grafton 23.0
Omaha M.u 0.1 "0.3
Kansas city 21.0 12.2 '0.6
Boonville 2O.0
llagnell Sa) .... ---;
Hermann 24.0 12.9 !..
St. Louis 30.0 19.3 0.9
Chester 30.0 13.6 ).4
Cairo 45.0 17.7 0.2
Memphis 33.0 W-S '-i
Little Rock 23.0 3.3 -0.1
Vlcksburc 45.0 13.. -.-
Sh.reeport t9-0 ..- -0-
New Orleans 15.0 6.4 0.0
Rise. -Fall.
Local Forecast Official.
Illvcr Forecast.
The river at St. Louis will rise.
River and Business.
Hartor gauges yesterday marked 19.5 feet. In
dicating a rise of .9 of a foot during the last 21
Business along the. river front yesterday wa3
slightly above tne atcraite.
v caiher generally fair.
To-Da)'i "Weather.
Generally fair and warmer.
Cape Girardeau .
Peters Lee
City of CUfton..
bpread Eagle ...
...Cape Girardeau
..Tennessee lmtr
bpread Eagle ....
W. H. Grapevine.,
...Cape Girardeau
.....Missouri Kler
Departures To-Day.
Cape Girardeau Commerea
l'etcrs Lee Memphis
City of Clifton Tennessee R"er
bpread Eagle Alton
River Itlalto Brevities.
Captain I. P. Baker, an old St. Louis river
man. Is now general manager of the Benton
Transportation Company, at Bismarck. N. D.
The company operates four packets out of that
port to different points en the Missouri River.
The Cape Girardeau arrived jesterday morn
ing from Commerce with a good freight and
stock trip, bringing In 1.500 sacks of wheat and
12 oacks of corn. She will dejyart on the return
this afternoon.
Colonel Hunter Ben Jenkins returned yester
day from Lexington. Mo., where he has been
impending his vacation. The Colonel brougnt two
ears of corn nearly 3 feet long raised at tho
Confederate Home at HlgginsvIIle. Mo., presented
to htm by Dick Doyle of Bledsoe's Battery tame.
The Chester arrived yestcrdjy afternoon from
Cape Girardeau, having been ae.ayed by fog on
the lower rUer. fche ueparted. howeer, almost
on time on the return in the afternoon.
Captain B. C. McCloud, agent of the Tennes
see Ruer Packet Line at Chester, was a visitor
along the river front yesterday. He departed ln
tne aiternoon on me i.nteier.
The Columbia arrived jesterday morning from
Chester and St. Mary's and departed on time ln
the afternoon en the return. She took out a good
Captain J. E. Massengale of the Tennessee
RUer Line will represent the City of Sheffield
that enters the Calhoun County trade to-morrow.
The Peters Lee arrhed yesterday afternoon
from Memphis with her cabin crowded with pas
sengers and a fair trip of freight. She will de
part this afternoon on the return.
John M. Seymour, mate of the Columbia, was
forced to stop off. owing to a rpralned ankle. Hla
place was taken by Tobe Ray.
The City of Clifton arrived yesterday after
noon from the Tennessee River and will go out
on the return this afternoon.
Captain E. A. Shebe. the veteran rlverman.
arrived jesterday from Philadelphia. Pa, where
he has been spending the past month.
The steamer Weherh3euser of Rock Island,
which has been at the foot of Dock street, will
depart this afternoon for Warren, Ark., with a
cargo of 40 hcrees. Pilot Joe Gibbons will take
her out. Captain Charles Reed Is master.
The Sidney will depart to-morrow afternoon at
5 o'clock for St- Paul. Many passengers have
been registered for the round trip.
The W. II. Grapevine departed yesterday
afternoon for the Missouri Rler. taking out a
hcay cargo for landings as far as Woifa Point.
The Grej- Eagle Is due to-msrrow from Com
merce and will depart on the return ln the after
noon. '
Ry Telesmph.
Iioulsville. Kj. Aug. 23 River stationary; In
canal 3 feet 6 inches: on falls 1 foot 4 Inches;
below locks 5 feet $ Inches. .Clear and warmer.
Memphis. Term.. Aug. 2S- The river here
stands 10.8 feet on the gauge, a rise of .4 of a
foct In the last 24 hours. The Avale-L arrived
last night from Cincinnati with 125 tons mer
chandise for this place and returned at noon to
day with a fair trip. The Kate Adams departed
at 3 p. m. for Arkansas City with a good trip.
Receipts by river to-day were 2 bales cotton and
17 sacks cottcn-seed.
Cairo. HI.. Aug. 2S. The river gauge reads 17.S.
showing a rise of .2 during the last 24 hours.
The, Government boat William R. King departed
for St. Louis at 4 p. m. The Wash Honshell ar
rived from Cincinnati at a. m. with 3 loaded
barges. She departed for the Unper Ohio at 12a)
p. m. with tow of emptle. The Dick Fowler
was ln and out on time. The Frits arrived from
the low-r river at G n. m. She denarted fnr- thj
lower river at 7 p. m. The Fred Hartweg arrived
from the lower river at 6 p. m. and cleared for
Jcppa at 7 p. m. The Georgia Lee Is due from
Burlington. la.. Aug. 2S. The river has fallen
f4 Inches In the last 24 hours. The gauge regis
ters 4 feet above low-water mark. Weather clear
and warm. The Ottumwa Belle brought up a
large excursion from Fort Madison to-day. The
steamer Qulacv came up this mornlmr from Kr
I Louis with a good trip of passengers and freight
and returned for that port this afternoon. The
FJolse was in and out with good business. Th"
Helen Blair cams In this morning with a fine
I5nfcr lis.
Paducah. Kv.. Aug. 2S River gauge reads 4.3
feet. The Dick Fowler departed on time for
Cairo thli mcrnlrg. The John S. Hcpkins from
Evansville arrived at 5:43 this evening ar.d leaves
m return trip at 7 p. m. The Marv Stewart left
for Golconda at 1 p. m. Th Charleston changed
owners a few day ago. She will continue in
her same trade between here and Rlverton. arriv
ing hero Sunday and leaving here every Tuesday
Vicksburg. Miss.. Aug. 2S. The gauge showed
. .. ".
I&.t. A tall or
rae iieiie or the Bendi cleared
The Elk Is in port to leave to-
for Greenville.
morrow for Davis Bend. The Senator Cordlll li
due UP to-night from Natchez. Captain Donovan
"ce',:Tt,. a telegram from Captain Knowland that
,he Mcxsbunr lea Memphis en tlm- last night
to arrive to-mcrrow evening. The City of Cam-
Chester. III.- Aug. 2S. Down boats? J M.
Rlchtman and barge. S last night: Orev Eazle
4 a. m. Up: Chester. 11 last night. PeUrs lye.
9 a- m. J. M. RIchtman and barge. 11 a. m.
Cleir end cool. Gauge 15.3 feet, a rise of .4 of
a foot.
G-and Tower. III.. Aug. H. Peters Lee up at
10:20 last nleht. Grev Eagle down at 12 noon.
She was delayed by fog several hour". General
King uo at. 2: p- ja- The gauge reads IS feet
a' -lng. We.ther eica and warm.
Warsaw. 111.. Augu 25. Stage of water 10 2 feet,
a gain of .4 ln the last 24 hours. Cloudv- and
warm. The Sliver Crescent In and out on time.
PIttsbunr. Pa-. Aug. 21 River 2.5 feet: sta
tionary. Clear and hot-
Evansvllle, Ind.. Aug. 28. River 4.3 feet; fall
ing. Clear and warmer.
Wheeling. W. Va Aug. 23. River 2.8 feet;
falling. Clear and warm.
Cincinnati. O- Aug. 28. River C.3 feet: rlslnr.
Clear and warmer.
UPfEix Mi.ssxssi rn.
The only regular Ciilhoun County racket,
I--ae wharboat. tot of I-ocust street. vcrT
Wrdnejulay and Satunlav at 4 p m. for Ham
burg. Mozicri and nil Calhoun County Lmdloss.
Phone Main 1Z10. Oenenl Agent.
f - - """ '- ZZz
Rccnlnr S. Lenin and Cnllioun Couutr
S , Will leive wharfbeat. foot cf Pin
st.. eery wecresuav ana &aturoay
at 4 p. m.. for Hamburg Ray and all
ay landings.
I'hones. Main 46A and KInloch A 112.
JNO. E. ilASSENviALE. Agent.
Meals and Berth Included.
Every Saturday to Keokuk,''
Iowa, and Return, S6.00. -?
Every Tuesday to Burlington,
Iowa, and Return, S8.C0.
A delightful three and four days' outlne;.
For roppleton. Hamburg. Mozier's.
Ciarksille. Louisiana, HanmbcL
Qulncy and Keokuk.
Lcius Saturday August 30, at 4 p. m.
And "Intermediate Feint
STI1. SIDKY. Satuida), August r, 4p,n.
From wjiarlboat. loot of vVasrunglor. uvccU
Phone ilaln Z447A. I. F. LUSK. Gen. Art-
riri"rii"iirnifi ii " rTi ri - n n i ii-iir.r-irMiiii
. . -i
Every Saturday, o p. m., '
Returning Monday Morning
S4.CO Round Trip, including
Meals and Berth.
The Only Side-Wheel Steamers fa
And all way landings. Leave foot of Vine st
fctr. CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mondays and Frldayo,
i P. m.
Mr. GREY EAGLE. Wednesdays and Satur
day. 5 p. m.
Round trip to Commerce. K.09.
Str. Bald Eagle for Peoria and all way last
ing. Wednesdays and Saturday s. 4 p. m.
f txne Main 233. H. W. LEYHE. Agent.
T Uemphls, 37.00 Ronnd Trip, ?10.00
Including Meals and Berth.
For Chester. Grand Tower. Cape Girardeau.
Cairo. Memphis. Helena. Greemllle. Vlcksburs
and Natchez, taking freight for all way landings
this side of New Orleans and landings on -Arkansas
River ta Pine Bluff.
Str. Peters Lee. Friday. Actust 23. S p. m.
Stacker Lee. Tuesday. September 2. 5 p. m.
From wharrboat. toot or Olive st.
P.:ones: Main 1C83A: KInloch A 7H.
W. E. Albltz. Com. Agt-: D. M. Connors. Gen,
St. Laais and Tsnnsstu Rnrar ?&M Csniiaj.
Great Tennessee River Route.
Excursion Season Now Open.
Only $12 round trip.,
Will leave wharfboat. foot cf Pins
street. Friday. August 23. at s
P. m.. for Cape Girarueau. Cairo. Metropolis.
Paducah and all landings on Tennessee River, to
Waterloo. Ala. JNO. K, MASSENGALE. Air.
Phone Main 4SA and A112.
Fart freight and fine passenger accommodations.
The only regulcr Ste. Gene. I've st. Marys sad
Chester packet.
Leaves every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday
ct 4 p. m. from Lee Line wharfboat.
Round trip. $3. Including meaia and room.
Phone Main IOCS: KInloch A73.
St. Loui-Ghesf9r-Cape
iirardeau Line,
t XStBi Railroad time Elegant steel hnU.
M&Sml Steamer CHESTER will leavs wharf.
bss boat, foot Pine street. Tuesdays.
Thursdays and Saturdays at 3 p ra. for Caps
Girardeau and all principal landings; only $3 fox
tho round trip Phones: 45A and A 112.
Official Forecast Announced for
To-Day and ToOJorrow.
Washington. Jan. 25. Forecast:
Illinois Fair ln south, showers and warmer In
north, portion Friday. Saturday, showers and
cooler: Increasing southeast winds.
Missouri Showers Friday. Fair and cooler Sat
urday. Kansas Showers and cooler Friday. Saturday,
Eastern Texas Partly cloudy Friday, with local
rains In the interior; tresh toutherly winds. Sat
urday, fair.
Western Texas Showers Frldaj and Saturday.
Indian Territory and Oklahoma Showers and
cooler Friday. Showers Saturday.
Arkansas Fair Friday. Saturuay. showers ami
Local Report.
St, Louis, Thursdaj- Aug. 2. 1902.
6:3) a.m. 6:53 p. re
Thermometer, degrees 2
Relative humidity 7S ft)
Direction of wind N E
Velocity of wind 4 t
Weather at 6:a a. m... clear: at 6:59 p. m..
clear. Maximum temperature, 7 degrees; mini
mum temperature, 61 degree. River. 13.3 feel.
local Forecast OftictaL
Government Report.
Department of Agriculture. Weather Bureau.
Meteorological observ ations received at St. Ixu!s
August Is. 1302. at 6:33 p. m. local time, aad !i
p. m. seventy-fifth meridian time. Observations
made at the same moment of time at all stations.
DIr.Tp.Mx.RaIn. Weather.
Atlanta ..........
Charlotta .......
Chattanooga ....
Cincinnati ......
Concordia ......
Dea Moines ...
Dodge City
EI Paso
Fort Smith
Grand Haven ...
-Grand Junction
Huron ....
Indianapolis ....
.N S4 S
..SE 71 SS
...V. . is
...N 7S 91 .
.SB 6 76 .
.SW 6 74
....S 72 74
.01 Fatr
.73 Rain ,
... Clear
... Fair
.01 Clear.
.16 Cloudy
... Clear
... Clear
... Clean I
... Clear
... Falr
. Cloudy
... Clear
... Cloudy
... Cloudy
... Cloudy
... Cloudy
... C7oudy
.01 Cloudy
... cloudy
... Fair.
... Cloud;
... Clear .
... Clear ,
Talr A,
... Clear
... Fair .
... Clear )
... Clear '
... Fair
. . Clear
.07 Cloudy
... Cloudy
... Fair -...
... Clear
... Cloudy
... Clear
... Fair
... Fair
... Fair J
... Fair
... Fair
.. Clear
... Cloud?
... Clear
.. Cloudy
... Fair
.. Cloudy
.. near
.. Fair
10 Clear
.. Clear
.. clear x
32 Cloudy
.. CTear .
.. Clear
NE S2 SS .
NK 71) 72 ,
70 72 .
76 81 .
NW 64 65
K 2 .
74 76 .
66 68 .
75 82 .
75 K .
74 SO .
70 fS
Si t&.
K S4 )
K 78 i2
....SH S4 f-S
N 70 0
E fO S4
.S 76 SO
SW 68 70
NW 66 Et
N tH
N 73 SO
N ?4 W
SW 71 W
NE 78 SO
S 70 W
SW 73 82
FJ 72 82
E 72 4
SE K 90
......SE SO !f?
SB 7 S2
SE 76 SO
B 84 SS
E 72 82
.".".".V.V.S ) 94
SB 80 84
B so s;
E 78 S3
SW 62 63
NK SO 85
S 78 84
NE ! M
SB 73 84
B f2 J-i
SB 78 SO
NE 78 81
SW 76 73
SE W 1")
S 82 ii
SE JO 84
S 72 84
SB 76 80
Jacksonville ....
Little Rock ....
Montgomery ....
New York .....
New Orleans .
North Platte .
Omaha .........
Philadelphia ...
Parkeisburg ...
Rapid City ....
St. Paul ,
Springfield. III.
St- Louis
Springfield. Mo.
Salt Lake
1 Santa Fe
-san Antonio ..
Washington ....
Local Forecast Official.
Indicates precipitation Inappreciable.
Joseph Cosgrove Hurt in .Contest
With Edward Terrell.
Edward Terrell, age 17 years, of No. 510S
Page avenue, and Joseph Cosgrove. ago 13
years, of No. E145 V.'ells avenue, foiight ln
an alley hack of No. SCSI Minerva avenue
Tuesday night to decide which ivas fthe
better at flctlcnffs. Terrel landed a blow
on Cosgrove's Jaw, while the latter had his
tongue between his teeth, causing a gastrin
the tongue which required four stitches.
Policeman Jaeck separated tho boys, but
did not arrest them. Doctor TV. J. Davis
of No. 5C13 Page avenue sewed ud'Ods-
grove's tongue,
:.".-- -j.v-fct -Jvrv -r'r.&iifrjh&

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