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The Unhappy Burden Bearer
Must Make Choice.
a amaamamamaas aaaaaajai
I 1
I x
FrigMfnl Detonations, Surpassing Anything Yet Heard, Strike Terror
to Inhabitants of Martinique Tidal Wave Washes Away
What Remains of the Village of Le Carbet and Does1
Slight Damage at Fo rt de France, Where
Kefngees After -wards Gather.
Castries. Isiand or St- Lccla. British TVest
ladles. Sept. L The British steamer Korona
arrived here yesterday evening from Fort
Ce France. Island of Martinique.
The reports that a terrible eruption of
Most Pelee occurred at 3 o'clock Saturday
eight, and that persons who arrived at Fort
de France, at the northern part of the.
Island, report that the village of Morse
Bonce, near the district previously devas
tated, had been entirely destroyed, and
that 2 Carbet. a village on the coast that
was destroyed by the other, eruption, had
keen swept away by a tidal wave.
About SO persons lost their lives.
A sloop from the Island of St. Vincent
which arrived here this morning reports
that Mont Pelee's crater Is now quiet, but
that the Catenations Saturday night were
the loudest heard up to that time, and that
the inhabitants were terribly alarmed.
Mont Pelee has been In constant eruption
since August 15. There was an enormous
fall of ashes from the volcano the night of
August 25. There was a very severe erup
tion the night of August .5, when the vol
canic rumblings were heard at a. great dis
tance. The mountain burned fiercely that night
and out at sea passing vessels were cov
ered with ashea. The night of August 33 i
there were three separate eruptions.
It Is Impossible to approach the mined
town of St. Pierre from the sea.
The people of the village of Le Carbet. on
the coast, are terror-stricken and flying to
the Interior.
Hot water Is pouring down en Lorraln
and Basse Points, villages to the northeast
of the crater.
Horrible detonations" were hard. the
ground rocked and quaked and articles on
tables were thrown to the fioor.
The Governor of Martinique has ordered
every available beat to remove the people
from the coast villages to Fcrt de France.
At S o'clock In the evening of Saturday.
August a. the sky was cloudless.
Suddenly one-half of the horizon was ob
scured by a pitch black cloud of dust.
Thfc cloud as the center of most mag
nificent electrical effects, the flashes of light
surpassing the mot elaborate fireworks.
Flames and flashes continued to burst from
the cloud until nearly midnight.
Columns of flame shot out of the crater
of Mont Pelee to escape about the cloud
In showers of balls of golden Are. which
fell through the darkness in myriads of
Three large aureoles were seen In the sky
ever the opening of the crater.
A tidal wave rushed upon Fort de France
and the terrified Inhabitants fled in large
numbers to the Interior. The wave was
not severe and did but slight damage.
At midnight of August 3) Mont Pelee was
quiet. Shortly after this hour there came
another shower of ashes, accompanied by
vtvid sheets of lightning.
In addition to the 200 perons reported to
have lost their lives at Le Carbet and
Morse Rouge, many other persons are said
to have been killed aU over the northern
districts of the Island.
The Governor of Martinique Is believed to
have started for the scene of destruction.
"When the steamer Korona arrived here
yesterday she was covered with ashes and
I i -T
fc ' - -
G. J. Barrett, Secretary of Spring- --v . g-
Held Savings and Loan Associa- XT dlllW O VJCICI V
tion. Comn its Suicide.
Takes Away the Load of Dis- f
ease and Leads to New Life,
Health and Happiness.
The unhappy victim of disease and saffeiw
lag who has Just dragged through the sum
mer, and who Is now racked with suffering
and almost a physical wreck, must make
Immediate choice of two paths. One leads)
to increased miseries and certain death, the
other to ncv life, health and hanclnesj.
REPt-BLIC SPECIAL. Th. . z,.-. r.,. r- i. .
i . ..... ... - . ... j. -J .-.. l - .-. j w-.v. m m.
?rJS:io. 1U, cpi. l-mt mu oin.j u. EM-M.!tT. f. aii w ..u. th. ..u Su
Aa. T !!. a.abakbi.. !& Cnv(n. I 1
lic -. i.. ci u. n.. ' , ' tea"o ad long years. Victims of rheusa-
neiu .uy zyiziks azu
was found In a washheu'
home. Xo. C3 North Save:
or.ocKtniamorng. , ms ngnt nana . aRi Itrenst3 ,B pi.el ,. mtilcal pi
claped a K-csliber revolver and a bullet J ICription-PaIce-. Celery Compound. It
wound above the rigtt ear told the remain- buU(ll ,-j, jj.e syste:a purtnei the blocd.
der cf the story. ' bracrs the nerves and regulates digstlon
.sir. uarrett caa on rusensg irom sieep- i as no other medicine can do. Mr. John C.
It Is Reported the Inspector Dis
covered Several Inaccuracies,
but There Was Xo Large
a - . ntt2raasU u&ntr disease. Urer troub
e In the rear of his , dvsr.nia ni-rr.n, .. htr-vi ai-
2th Street, at i . . ouleklv an A t!v fn r-.w l!f Hv
1 'J ' - . ".w.
New Tork, SepL L Ctterances of James R. Keene on the ngwMi situation last
week recall those mads two years ago while In London. A comparison Is made:
July 2S, 1S00.
American railroad stocks are not, in my
opinion, low; In fact, I consider most of
them quite high In price.
Here Is one fact which must never be
lost sight of in Tnavtnc investments that
is the enormous overcapitalization of
American railroads so far beyond the ac
tual cost of their construction that at a
moderate estimate 33 per dent of such
capitalization is absolute water.
The necessity Is always rresent for fresh
capitalization, which comes frequently
enough to warn the observing investor
that his dividends come from this new
tAUKA. fid nfit fnwn TiH!ma.t Hti.'ts.
In two years that have gone by records show that fully three billions of new
securities have been created. Prices have advanced from SO to 300 per cent above
those that prevailed when Mr. Keene thought rallrcad shares were too high.
Angust27. ISCt
The fundamentals of the market are
good. Although prices may work high
now In contrast with past quotations, I
believe prices are relatively lower and
stocks Intrinsically more valuable than
they were sir years ago.
I know of no false dividends, but I do
know of railroads that have been earn
ing 13 per cent and paying C per cent.
outsico or gome great and unexpected
calamity I can see nothlne which mleht
disturb the upward trend except a possl-
bio money stringency.
"s uslrg a rubber stamp. It is applied to duced a few Individuals appeared at the
Instead of firing pass-out checks. Fred
Hashagen at the park known by his name.
the hand cf every person who jroes out and
w.shes to return to the thtater or dance
hall. af:er a sircl! through the grounds.
And if one happens to wash the hand the
"pats chtck" Is lost. The color of ink used
U ch-ugtd dall.
Hashagen says that necesty prompted
th.s fi'iic Before he hit upon the happy
thought entire famil e.. cr great aggrega
tions cf rirU'and boyi, were In the habit
of making a single admission ticket go
around. One would purchase the ticket, go
in and e a part of the show, or enjoy a
stnzle dance, then come cut and pass the
pas checU" to the next one. This con
tinuous performance sometimes lasted aU
afterroon and evening.
When the stamping process was Intro- i
box cmce and stated that they had Inad
vcrtent'y w. hcd their hands. Tre rus
was unsuccessful. X"w It Is understood
amour Hashagen patrons that If hands are
to be washed while at the park, the spat
upon which the rubber stamp leaves the
letters "H. P." must remain dry.
John Burns, the slag- manager, says that
the stampir 5 miht be applied to some cf
the amateurs who call for a trial. It is
the only way one could tell they are ac
tors A notable exception was offordid by
the Vaushan Sisters last week. They are
pretty Flrb. graceful and have good voices.
Hashsgen has elver mxny amateurs a
trial, but, as a rule, one "turn" places them
tack in the class where they have to pur
chase a ticket or show a &tam;cd hand at
the cate.
Rowan. 137 E. Winifred St.. St- Paul. Minn,
"iksme six j ears ago I suffered with rheu
matism la my knees so painful I could get
no relier, and I had to rub them for a mo-
Opportunity to Buy From Indian
Heirs Furnishes Prey for
Combinations to Secure Lands and
Prevent Competition Among
Purchasers Are" Formed
One of Them Announces That He
Is Gus Hyatt, an Escaped
Tennessee Convict.
Xashville, Term, SepL 1. Early to-night,
between this city and Franklin, Tenn
eighteen miles south of here, the local safe
on the express car of the Louisville and
Nashville through train, northbound, was
rifled of its contents by two masked men,
while Messenger A. B. Battle, covered by
B. revolver, stood In the corner of the car
with his hands above his head.
The robbery occurred Just after dark, and,
according to his own announcement, one of
the principals was Gus Hyatt, who made a
sensational escape from the Tennessee Peni
tentiary here on August 4 last.
Express officials estimate the loss at about
J300. the contents of packages taken in einco
leaving Montgomery, Ala.
Tb? two big through safes were not mo-Jesled-
The men forced the messenger to ring
the train down Just before it t entering
South XasivUle yards and qtly took
their departure.
The robber who did the talking was about
ff81 I0 lache ta and weighed perhaps
ISO pounds. When ordering the emrw
messenger to pun the beU cord the last
time, he said:
ToU them yoa saw Gus Hyatt."
Prominent St Louis Young Lady
Passes Away While Abroad.
Ada Lewis Caldwell, a years old. daugh
ter of Mrs. Ada W. Caldwell of Xo. Sl
"Westminster place, died at Boundbrook, X.
J- yesterday morning from heart trouble.
Last. June she went to Atlantic City with
ler mother and sister and has been spending
the summer at Eastern resorts.
J m ear? trouble, but her physicians
thought she would completely regain her
health belore the end of this summer.
Miss Caldwell was a social favorite amonir
the younger set of West End society anl
wa to have made her debut this winter.
The body wiU start from Boundbrook. X
Jj, to-morrow and will reach St. Louis
Wednesday evening, accomranled by the
T -"-- -iJi. int lunerai w:n take
place Thursday from the Caldwell home in
)Vi?tn,5sterT,IIca t0 BeUetontaine Ceme
tery. The Reverend Doctor Short of St.
Peter's Episcopal Church will conduct the
Several Passengsra Are Injured,
and One Chases the Motonnan,
Whom He Blames.
lands without paying enormous prices to
the combines that sem liable to secure a
large share of these lands, unless radical
measures are taken to prevent them.
Since It requires the consent of the Secre
tary of the Interior to make the sales bind
ing It would be an easy matter for the In
dian Department to require an heir desiring
to sell his inheritance to make request that
the Secrery dispose cf the lands for his
beneht by advertising for sealed bids. By
adopting this plan the Indian OSlCd wi.l
tuve itself from untold annoyances and
scandals that are bound to accompany the
present plan.
Only a Small Vote Was Polled
Counting Slow.
Hot Springs. Ark.. Sept. L It Is impossi
ble to obtain the results of the election to
night, but there Is scarcely a doubt that
the straight Democratic ticket thtoughout
che State nas bcn cectod. Sam Talc, In
dependent candidate for Constable cf llat
-springs Tounship. Is generally conceaeu.
Tnat the election wcula all so one way in
this county has been a foregone conclusion
for some necks, since no lormidubie up-
Tfce P.--hlii. HLrn JJ"'Ha S5 " i" " .Ic-"""."". .
nth St. anl I'eaaVrtvtSa A?. niie uovernpr uau nas cameo, uc
Washington. Sept. l-lteports of a svte- I ffff.SL S JESSES' 'Z.liiXVZi
matlzed effort to grab large quantities cf Governor, has received a most nattering
Indian lanes through the opportunity to buv vote, and the indijatiens are that he has
from the heirs of deceased allottees without SSJrlS 5?
competition have been mado to the Gov- t dtement.
The Indian Rights Association has been
fafrtrg a study cf the matter for some time
and two months ago sent an agent of the
society to a number of the Western reserva-
try nineteen years ago and brought him to
Since then he has had practically closer
personal relations with Mr. Gould than any
other of the lattr business associates.
Mr. Mess's wife died several tmm nM-
!aving two little boys and a daughter now
1 years old.
!essnes3 for some time. At 10 o'clock last 1
night he arose from his bed and. ging into
his wife's room, kissed her good-night and j
v.nr rinTr.i:alrf. Sfc thoci?hr T-nrhlfrt- of i
the incident, for It was a common thing for meVe.dica'lhrmy
Mr. Barrett to go to his library late at night j tern. I had ajo teen afflicted with kidney
when he was restless and spend the night In disease as mo?t rallrcad men are. and I
reading. She fell asieep and did not notice tad catarrh so bad that my head ached and
that her husband failed to come upstairs ? my. "e inCamed with continual pain,
again. At 6 o'clock In the morning George ! 1c0!i,5,tai3 otM2 tt HLf00?
J. Barrett. Jr.. found his father", body in I g.SJ S2&(ftfcvUTaS? .?
the washhouse. as isr nan tMr ". - , -,k.
Mental aberration is said to be responsible
for the suicide. A few days ago an exam
iner from the State Auditor's oSce made aa
examination of the affairs of Mr. Barrett's
It was found to be perfectly solvent and
In good financial shap. but the secretary's
books were in a tangled condition and
containd many errors. These had ap
peared since the books were posted up for
July and lead to the cocc.u-lon that Mr.
as any man that stands on the globe."
Delmar'a Card of Small Fields Should
Result In Profitable Speculation.
Delmar's card for this "afternoon offer
many Inducements for heavy speculation.
The first two races are no: spedaUy attrac
tive. The last four should be easy to beat
and the play on them will be heavy. Small
ceios ana good horses and ridera wfll pa-
Barrett's mental trouble dated from that j tify it.
the book! may show arTtaiccurecv butl a I " U Geore h" a twmendow on of
tleVToramoTwm SS.S til! ?. ' T rLi.
,-., 1-t.. r ..,,.1. -.. .V?j 1 first race. He may not stay, but he may.
He wil. be at a price that win attract aol
Is Reclaterrd to Serve on Clti-
Central Committee.
At a meeting of the Twenty-fifth Ward
Republican precinct organization last night
at the St. Louis ReputLcan Club George P.
Weinbrenner. who has teen a member of
the City Central Committee for fourteen
Jfcara, aa requestea to serve on the re
organized committee. A resolution to this
eect was rasMrd unanimously.
Indorsements In Trrentj-EIshth Ward
,AUa ttlc3 of the 1'rrtlr.ct Committee
rLt"f T.Tw.e.nty,shtJ Ward Kepublican
Club a petition was sgned by all the m-m-ters
o. the committee. lnaorsJntr Fred A.
me. a local attorney, as ihir tjr.u.!.t.
Minneapolis, Minn, Sept. L Gen-
eral Ell Torrence, Commander-In-
Chief of the G. A. R., has Issued aa
appeal addressed to the Grand Army
veterans asking that they contribute
funds to aid In the erection of a
borne for Confederate veterans now
beinff built at Mission Creek. Ala.
The appeal la lengthy, and in It the
Chief pays a high tribute to the
bravery of the men who wore the
Several passengers were Injured la & col
lision between cars Xo. 2m and Xo. 2119 or
the Clayton division of the Transit Com
pany shortly before midnight Sunday on an
incline about midway between the Sklnker
road and the Country Club. Afterwards one
of the passengers chased the motonnan.
whom he blamed for the accident.
About twenty passengers were on the
westbound car. All were badly shaken up
and one of them, a man named Mertz, who
lives at Althelm. Is thought to have been
seriously Injured. He was sitting la the
front seat and was thrown head first
through the front window. His head and
body were badly cut by the glass. He was
taken to his home.
Deputy Sheriff John P. Ossenfort of Clay
ton was also sitting la the front of the
car. end had his knee and leg bruised. Ld
Van Cioostere. an expressmin. living la
Clayton, was Injured In a similar manner.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jacaty of Clayton, and
Mra. Frank 8tratman and her daughter.
fClara. of Price Post OfflceTNrere
TnftT TJOta i
tSoundi s& Se.ss'Hsasar s wt.
iff fn " ftont platf ormTbut mS!
"h.,t0J.u,n:L before tha u came to
Ertuofi?" bt ,aw tht the coVtloa
C& wjth-e SSSSJST& h!.f
i&and -SftheMmotorm
n.A si?.cI? track "JO" between Clayton and
nTlhl i? fi".,!1.!116 'hes. Sunday
2.5?- iLJ31 the of one of the
cars was trying to steal a switch when the
collision occurred. The track is wlndlns
and runs up and down hill u the way b
tween the points mmtlcned. '
It was claimed ihat the motormen did
. ,"V . approact log cars unUl It was I
too late to stop, although dohaS ,tJiJ25
that he saw the eoetbound car mmin r I
ptnedT hunared feet Uton smash hap
The westbound car was demoIUfcei nd
scketl13 la frCt Were W"thS?
Th cars always make fast time at nlcht.
A. f'L aKO Iast Sunday nlht Ed Bartold
of Clayton ordered the conductor of ar
on which he was riding to either go .lower
or stop and let him get off and walk horneT
Willie Wilpening Burned Seriously
Starting Fire With Gasoline.
uons to inquire Into the progress cf the
movement to get the Indian lands Into the
bands of syndicates and he has returned
here xrem a month spent In Indian Terri
tory. It Is estimated that there are over J10.
OW.0CO worth of lands that are now In the
position of becoming the prey of designing
operator?. The Indian Office has-complalnta
from many quarters of what Is going on
and Commissioner Jones has decided to take
steps at once to put & stop to the aoquisl-
uon 01 lanes in the way attempted.
"If it Is not etopped." says Commissioner
Jones, "we shaU have the biggest scandal
on our hands that this office ever had to
ceal with."
It Is said that a number of Indan agents
have been co-operating with the land sharks
and striving to so conduct the sales of allot
tees' lands as to prevent compeUUon and
cloak the transactions with secrecv. Th
disposition of deceased allottees' lands is
conducted by the Government, which is the
guardian of the heirs' under a law of Con
gress. Lavr Governing- Sales.
The law authorizes the heirs to ll ihHr
Inheritance, with the provision that the sale
haU be approved by the Secretary of the
Interio- to become operative. Rules gov
erning the sales were promulgated by the
Indian Office, which provided that an ap
praisal should be made by the Indian agent,
superintendent of school or other official la
charge cf the lands, and that the price at
which the heirs dispose of the lands must
equal the appraised price fixed upon.
All sorts of schemes were at once used to
secure ine maiaa lands at less than the
actual value. Attorneys Immediately dis
covered an avenue by which to enrich them-
The Kev. IthanHV EL
Passes Away at ilattoon.
Mattoon. UL. Sept. L The Reverend
Ithamor H. Aldrich. one of the oldest
Methodist Episcopal ministers la Illinois,
died here yesterday.
He was received In the Xorth Indiana
Conference in 1K7. and was one of the most
widely known clergymen la the Middle
Has Xearly Tiro Hundred Plurality
I Over Orchard.
Cabool. Ma, Sept. L la tha Democratic
primary, held In Texas County Saturday,
the heaviest vote for a good many years
was polled. For United States Senator.
William J. Stone received Lizt voles and
WiUlam H. Wallace. 14S.
For State Senator James Orchard. 15;
A. J. Summers. 71L G. It. Xonnan SZ7.
For Representative Louis X. Klmbrey,
Ssl: A. T. Bush. liS, C. E. Peter, 3H.
For Recorder R. L. Sandidge. 561; E. K.
Lylea. 775: T. B. MitcheU. Hi.
For Circuit Clerk T. W. lUckley. 542: J.
F. McKInney. 77;: D. M. Alley, au.
For County Clerk J. M. Denney. Gfi; John
ueweese. vsj; Jesse A. ariiion. .su.
For Collector-F. IV. Taylcr. 7; F. P.
Hubbard. S3; WUlls C. Murphy, GL
For Probate Judge T. J. Haie. 5M; R, P.
Hubbard. 51S; R. D. Gobble. S1L
For Presiding Judge County Court L. C.
Simmons, iii; Jacob Huff. (Zl.
For Judge County Court. Western District
W. D. Beck. 3: J. M. Cunningham. L
Addresses Crowd on atIonaI Iiinri
at Montleello.
Montieello. Mo.. Sept. L Congressman
Jas. T. Lloyd opened his campaign for re
election at the Courthouse this afternoon.
Jewelry Store Robbed.
Vlncennes. InL, Sept. L The Jewelry
store of J. 8. Hobba was robbed of several
hundred dollars' worth of watches and dia
. xnonds to-day. Hilburn's brace of blood
J bounds traced the thieves to the Wabash
River and lost the scent. The thieves es
caped la a skiff to Illinois.
WUUe Wilpening. 10 years old. was se
riously burned by the explosion of a can of
gasoline yesterday morning while at play
at his home, Xo. njg Morgan street.
The boy had struck a match to some kind
ling and raised the can over the blare to
Y2SL3P5? "2S!i The blare shot up and
caused an explosion, which stunned him.
As the oU did not splash In his direction
Xln 0nly t?4" Prtln btoctotS
seL Hi.h5n "sulsh this hta
seL His arms. neck, breast and left ear
were Injured by f ragmenu of the can and
he was taken to the office of JorTJ
Upsaw. a short distance awayThe Dhyl
sician says he wttl probably recover
18 Totes Vfall.
Palla ijRa.
WrignfcniriaryV-HW2lt of
-RSitar?" 6tate" Senator-Stone. :
ir sute
Xorman, .
selves and rtl.m. -m.. . 11 ... P r. "" " "
. uuuxa w ine inoiaa attentive auaience. ss spetca was occu-
Department had only to connive with de- Pled mainly with national Issues, and was
signing purchasers to enhance their Income. clear- convincing and forcible, presenting
rt 1. thnV,-t,. .v . c , "ncc ulelr income. tbt position of the Democracy upon the
It Is tWht that a single attorney in Paw- great quesUons of the day.
-.. . uu ocu-rru contracts with over la aweumg upon otaie mun. jir. i-iuju
half the heirs to the lands that n.,v K- declared them to have been created largely
offered for i.i- rt.r!-l i 1 y bv Kcpubllcan efforts to conceal from pop-
oaerea tor sale In that tribe, fcfnrtin. ,- .. :. ..- .... i!.,: r,t ih. ritinniifi.
- iu iu omy mmugn this attorney or
pay to him a handsome fee fcr disposing of
the lands.
Contracts are usually secured by alluring
the heirs by a small cash payment at the
time of the execution of the contract, and
when once bound the Indian feels obliged
to complete the deal through his attorney.
In this manner csmpetlUoa Is eliminated
and the lands sold at much less than the
actnal value.
3Iaay Combinations.
Combinations or associations have sprung
up all over the Indian m.intr-r tr,r tk. ...
pose of securing these lands and to prevent ' c. .M-v,?Sht': ?!5atnoiS?f 'court!' JSUm"
mnviithn it ... j,.- .. v ... nett: Presiding Judge County court. J. 31.
Johnon: Associate Judgj vim . uisinct. J.
"W. Walker: Associate Judge Second Dis
trict, W. D. Tone.
oncnAitD cAnniEs onEcox.
Him sse
Democrats dominate Local Ticket at
Saturday Election.
Steelvllle. Mo., Sept. L The Democrats
nominated the following ticket at their pri
maries Saturday:
Representative. Doctor J. H- Martrn;
Sheriff. W. R. Taff: Collector. L. D.Mc-
man: Treasurer. Eugene A. Ferguson: Pros-
x-iitt, TrZj. -..-- -- ."""""twai-
...m w.iic a came nu Be filed with
Ljection Commissioner to be oted for at
ht 5Smrie? i0.i nPJnat1on to represent
iSLnii?cirla e. Stat sWaf-rc. and
Joseph L. Martin for State fcenator. John
A. Hyde received the club's mdonement
for Just ce of the Peace. Benjamin R.
Bonner Is the club's candidate for City
FCtJ?,1 Committeeman and Archibald Carr
for Cierk of the CircUt Court, criminal
Segro Democrats Hold Election.
h,e Twey-tfcrd Ward Xegro Demo
2?" Club met last night at xS. &uS
HSi?? aven? and re-elected the follow
ing officers: Clarence L. Renaker 'resi
dent; John H. Dandridse. vlceSrkni-
-tarxon s. Kobinson. treasurer: Isaac J.
Ldwards, secretary: Henry L. SmlthTscr-geant-at-arms:
Frank L. c! Hurt, cha&maa
of Execuuve Committee. There wereflfty
members present- '
PopnUst Senatorial Convention.
Salem. IU, Sept. L-The Populist Senato
rial Convention of the Fortf-second d
t-.5Kcmp,sjDff tne "unties of Oay. Clin
ton. Effingham and Marlon, will be held at
Odte on Friday. X. G. Huff of this counfy
H, thc..?5,,y andWe for the LesisUture
and will doubtless receive the nomination.
In Honor of David Warner.
in honor of the iaTe DartdWaer of Ca?!
ton. former Jntz. t ... c-..r". "i. "p
SSrSS! Se Court wasTe?ues1edCto
SttSt body.thC reJolaaon tato Se records
XegTO Killed by Ascasiln.
,?a5' Tex" SPt- 1 At 10 o'clock to
night a negro man. whose Identity has not
ret been eaUbllshed. was killed by an un
known assassin who tired through an open
window. The assassin escaped.
Five Thousand at Klnmnndv.
Kinmundy, III.. Sept. L-The Labor Day
celebration held here was attended by 500
"""" n.usiiM orator 01 tne cay
was Thomas E. Merrttt of Salem.
- Si, Jo?ePh. JIo.. Sept. L Michael Curry.
f8' sf.ra' a brldSe contractor, wis
found dead in a woodshed at 9 o'clock tonight-
It Is believed he fell dead frSnVheart
failure some time during the day.
Murphysboro. I1L. Sept. L-MIss Margaret
Ryan and Mr. Christopher P.eroa we-e
quietly married last Saturday night. The
marriage was intended for a secret, but th
fact could not be kept from the reportersT"
ST?AD convenience of revelations im
plicating the chief Macedonian Commute
and its new President. General Zontcheff.
In a. recent attempt of a band cf revolution
fu?..?0!. Macedonian frontier, the
authorities have searched the committee's
headquarters. The Government of Bu Igarfl
mitt determined to dissolve the com-
:ertalnly not such a sum as would have
embarassed a man la Barrett's financial
Mr. Barrett was 52 years old and was a
native of Xew York. He was a man of
wide Information and had traveled over a
good part of the world, having formerly
been connected with the United States Xavy
as paymaster's clerk. He came here from.
Xew York In 1S77 and had been employed
with E. A. Wilson, a real estate dealer.
ever since. He was the possessor of a good
library and was a reader of good bocks,
his ranse of Information being wide and
his Uterary tastes highly cultivated. He
leaves, besides his widow, sx chJdren.
Exhibition at Murphysboro, 111., WIU
Open To-Day.
Murphysboro. HI.. S?t. L Egypt's b!y
fair will begin la Murphysboro Tuesday I He I gamer than Hilee and wid beat him.
and continue through Friday. There are ' Hilee is not good, even if he beat such
aa unusually large cumber of entries In all
ttA W.f.h. .... I...M .. .(.!.
On his last race. Hyland has this won
now. He ran a great co'.t under a bad ride
Off last, he was beaten a nose for first
money by Leila May and Ruth L. In a
short race. Sid Silver was right there front
a. bad beginning that day. but Hyland casta
from behind him - nd had mm la his pocket.
Floyd K. will lixe the we.ght- Hetzel and
Jean Gravler have outside chances.
Wolfram will go well In the thrd and
Pickles should be with him A Lark to
show will be a good bet If be has a rider
jrp. Two Liek has ppeed, but she will not
stick over a distance.
On her good races at Delmar and at Kin
loch, where she should have beaten Bum
mer away off Ethylene should win the
fourth race. She Is awfully good Just now
and tfc small field will suit her. Bummer
beat Hilee every time they tied up. The
sharp turns of De!mr will suit the handy
Texas horse, who can kia around a barrel.
h3ur.il? as Joe Gos and Sinfi at Klnloca
vlr.A . . . . . - I en out that day to beat Goss. who eot off
The exhitlts In the agricultural and fancy I last while jii's nrr -t h -. 10
art departments promise to be much larger soeed or stavinc saner then. StUL h should
than at any prevlcu fair. The race are ( beat Ed L. and Van Hoorebeke. The latter
such inai prominent norsemen say tne . is not reaay. ta l. wnue a rast norse.
speed-ring attractions wiU surpass any ever L probibly needs a race cr two to get clax
given at a Southern IUlnols fair. 1 ready to do his best.
Thoughtful People Buy
Life Insurance!
The Republic Has Arranged With the Provident Sav
ings Life Assurance Society of New York
to Furnish Life Insurance at a
How th Saving Is Made.
The Republic enables policy holdira to aava halt ef every premlnm uader a It )taa
of life Insurance, tecaui Its methods cat flswa the cost of getting and earryitr ymmmL
This is accompllsQtd by dispersing with aa expensive force of tasurance ipllilti. 4t&
lectors, managers of offices, etc. The Republic ragular force of subecrtptloa eurrmmtrs
and collectors attend to this work, thenby saving half the cost of admmtetratlaa. TMI
saving Is effected for the benefit of the policy bolder. It la a larfj economy raftwf W
tha application of modern methods ef organlxatloa and system. Tha yolks holder srsta
the whole benefit due to the great reduction of the tasurance premium. 1
Some Unusual Advantages.
The Provident Bavlnrs policy prevldea far rayment of the full laeot f
from the very beginning ef the policy term. In the case of policies for asal
Issued by other companies, there Ja only a partial payment In case ef death d
first year of tha policy. This policy caBa for full aaymsnt at caca, area If death
the day after the policy Is delivered.
Cash surrender value are allowed under tha polloy after the first three yaara.
rally tha holders of poUafaa for staall amewsta caa get a cash paymant aa iiiiwd
a policy only at the and of fiftaas r tweaty yaara.
Tha policy holder has to pay so faa for medical axarataatJon. his entlr tla 1
covered by tha monthly premiums; aad aU the arrangements for aSaotlna; poHde hr -1
been mad as almpls a It I possible to asah them.
Assets $5,116,873.84
Surplus $764,086.27
bowedlt-ll rt. a rue it JfcflVnl
uh "?? t &'??- Tte Senator COtIiii.
rtTjd and cleared fcr Natchez. Th Ktk is In
V. H. Clark: County
ecuung Attorney. - -" V""" " waitr, can rco up and sown at tliw
Clerk. John E. Summers; Circuit Clerk. 0- .tare efthe river, which pT-aS? thS"v " mei!
car J. Stewart; Kecorder of Deeds, MUs Ef- . l?.1""". !W!.r to5r"i3
compeUUon. It will readily be seen that
with oil the machinery la the grasp of the
Government official an Intelligent descrip
Uoa of the lands and the necessary knowl
edge pertaining to heirship, etc., might
readily be made a close monopoly.
The genera public has little concepUon of
the magnitude of the transactions In these
lands under the law. The Pawnee. Sac end
Fox, Shawnee and Pottawatomie bands o
Indians, In Oklahoma, have the most valu
able lands tn their districts; worth from HO
to CO per acre. The allotments of the de
ceased members of these Indians alone at
the present time, at a fair valuation, would
exceed two and a half million dollars.
Commissioner Jones believes that as the
Government 1 the guardian 0f the Indian
under the statute, provision should be raada
for ccmpeUUon by advertising the lands for
-. .""" nairo mua. xw would a.
taits of new cctton. went acuta.
ST. PAUL-The forty-third annual Mlnne
scta State Fair has opened. XaConalUve
!loi.sl50'rs 0J- e. Naoal Hereford and
Shorthorn associations are belnr held In
connecUon with the fair.
rnoSIeial Iletnrna Give
Alton, ilo Sept. L The unofficial returns
from the DemocraUc senatorial primaries
held Saturday Indicated that James Or
chard has carried Oregon .County by 'a plu
rality of 36. Norton received 212 votes and
Summers Hi
Xeir YorV Cm 1 Affer manv vanf
ervlce as confidential man to George J. I SARATOGA. "WTr. Special Acent ir n
Gould. Fredrr1-V J Mmi died suddenlv at Camslln of the tntrrlnr nviS ..'- .-
his residence. No. 13 East Forty-eeventh has been fighting fires In the Enearnnn!?
ZSZZ-rr. f 4WUWUU .,.-. w --. ---. -. .--v.u.u u mmtnmi...!,.
rnnr.,i I jnnn, .Tt i . . .. . ---
NTtTnr TORK-The Associated Press has
rtS.elreS ,et.ter fr0In Gnerl Anderson la
which he denies the published KMrti tha?
1, S inlU he Pke dlSfuKy to
Admiral Dwey. cr that he ew bdUttlfS
the Admiral' victory on Maalla BayT
WATERTOWX nTtV-A sUtue of the
late ex-Governor Roswell Flower has be?n
unveiled. Tte statue, which lTof heroS
sine and made of bronze, was erected by
popular subscripUon. eciea oy
I h. jm. . zzrr. .?
.-. i -. uu.e ui Hcunnr r.!- wu i
rur ciaie anuinr HnfnmMw .. .t.-. .. ... tju. t. . --- fv . .. . ..- m. -. . m - ,-t - m.iiii nr ina
X: Nerntan. t ' "' "l-' "' .? rr" ne5r' " weu M ! the 2, L.t.,ic,L??a- "f;,.: ?,. VfL,U iSuJ?Sh.?Jaj Agent .O'Brien, who
I . yuuuc an opportunitr to Mxr. i ." "!( r " x-"'1 r1". -" wi.uu ug arvoa creek fire t
vw w..y io sscnr the fcat tnada hU accraalntaaeelntheoldcoua- pert that the flames arorjownndarcMtrat
The Provident Savings Life Assurance So
ciety has paid to policy holders, including
amount now held for their benefit,
aaaaaaa-a-aaiaaaa aaaaBaBaBaBaa.a...a--aaaaaaaaaaBaBBaaaaBBBBaaa m
The new nlan I ntv-n tn U Cnmnti-t itiforaaation
nrll! Kja fllff-l la fomA anu .- iall Thai. E-.t.Ktl,.. n4trm -J..
.. ... Uw luinuiihu nj uuc, ait aa. int. ivuuin' i""
and ask for an application blank, or drop a pestal
a representative will visit you at your home or flacs el
employment. '
-x,. REMEMBER...
The Republic Enables You to Save
Half of Every Premium.
f i w m. j j i

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